Why We Can’t Allow The Left Near The Levers of Power


I’m seedy and running a fever.  It’s self inflicted and it will pass in a day or two.  I had the booster on the shingles vaccine. But the reaction is kicking my behind five ways from Sunday. I wasn’t going to post today.  And yet a friend’s text early morning made me realize there’s something I SHOULD say.  To you, and to the world in general. My friend lives in a liberal enclave and is getting scared.  As you should be.

It’s not that there aren’t good people on the left.  Of course there are.

It’s that they’ve bee indoctrinated, spun and guilted into believing a lot of things that just ain’t so.  So many things that just ain’t so that the end result is that their attempts at fixing or improving things (particularly since they think so many things are broke that aren’t) result in profound disaster for everyone.

I’m not going to argue with a lot of you that the results they get are what some number of their leadership wants.  This is definitely true.  But the rest of them, and the overwhelming majority of the followers think they’re doing good.

It’s just that their education and entertainment and media has weaponized their altruism against them, so that they feel guilty for things they’ve never done, they feel like they should punish people who never did them any harm, and they think this will lead to a better world.

My beat down on the idiot woman in the Washington post did not have time to get into the worst part of this: they honestly think all men are guilty.  That there is some sort of patriarchy in which all men participate.  The idea is bizarre and impossible — even in real patriarchies, the women are part of what keeps the other women down — but they’ve been told it’s so by “very smart” (indoctrinated or propagandists) people and they believe.

They don’t expect the results they get, because their whole picture of the world is based on fables, part Marxist theocracy and part “things the media feels good saying.”  Obama might have meant to — did mean to — immiserate America, but he honestly believed it would make the rest of the world better off, because no one in his circles ever questioned the closed pie fallacy (for some reason my fingers wanted to type fappacy. Let it stand.) So he thought if America had less the rest of the world would be better off.

They are sincere, or at least some number of them are.

Which doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Giving them power would be like putting Martians in charge of our polity.

All this to say don’t get cocky.  Work and vote like your life depends on it.  It very well might.

284 thoughts on “Why We Can’t Allow The Left Near The Levers of Power

  1. I ended up unfollowing several friends during the Kavanaugh insanity. And they *are* good people (which is why I didn’t unfriend them altogether). Even worse, more than one of them have sons, and I was utterly floored by their apparent inability to grasp the problem inherent in the Kavanaugh “trial.” They have drunk so deeply of the Koolaid that “all republicans are evil sexist misogynist etc” that they refuse to see the long-term consequences of supporting what the dems were doing.

    I even seriously considered posting something regarding this–but I knew it would not have swayed them, and I would only have lost friends instead. Or maybe it would have, but I admit I did not have the spare energy to deal with the inevitable arguments/shrieking/hysteria, and so I didn’t. And was offered a very nicely-timed out, in that the president of my church suggested a ten day fast from social media/Facebook, so I’m doing it. Technically it ends tomorrow, but I find I’m not actually missing most of Facebook… (And as a bonus, I avoided Doctor Who spoilers, because we’re waiting for just-home-from-a-mission-sibling to catch up on the season he missed.)

    But it is deeply worrying and disheartening to see how many of those friends–who are otherwise decent and good people–so blindly swallowing the dogma of the left.

    Look, I consider myself a devout member of my religion, but I don’t blindly swallow everything that is said. (And, indeed, one of the cornerstones of my particular–and odd–faith is that we SHOULD question everything, and find out for ourselves. Sure, there’s still lots of the blind-faith types out there, but ain’t no one in high leadership saying they should be doing that, but rather the opposite.) I find it worrying that there are so many who treat the leftist worldview not only as a religion, but so blindly adhere to even it’s greatest insanities.

    1. I avoided Doctor Who spoilers

      Here, let me help you with that! The Dr. ends up being a Sea-Monkey ordered by a fat kid from the back of a comic book, and then accidentally irradiated by mal-adjusted television set.

      Oh… SPOILERS! (not)

    2. I’m actually surprised about how quiet some family members have been about Kavanaugh, given their (much) more liberal bent.

      Gee, hmm, I wonder what might have been the tipping point?

      I’m guessing with the holes in the claims anyone can drive a semi, or Juniper through, their stance on this have been the Left has gone absolutely nuts.

      AND they have husbands, brothers (however much a PIA they may consider them, because well, siblings …), & more importantly they have SONS!!!

      Siblings – the ones you can torment but lord help anyone else who does.

      1. I think they are also trying to ignore it right now because Kavanaugh was confirmed and they are very worried that continuing to harp on the issue would endanger Keith Ellison’s run for AG in Minnesota, as he faces more credible accusations (backed up by 911 calls) and is not only a far-left icon (who is unfit for the job regardless of the accusations given his open support for cop-killers) but is also the Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee. The polls show the election is close and that a big reason is the accusations against Ellison. So they are going to bury the whole issue until November 7.

    3. *Sigh*

      It’s not *dogma* if it’s not religion. /sarc

      What I observe is a complete disconnect, one thing from another. (Which right there is good enough reason to never ever let people who view issues and events that way near to power in any sense.)

      So there is no connection between one thing and another. No connection between the treatment of Kavanaugh and their sons. No connection between the need to take women’s reports seriously and the use of that, and of Ford herself, as a political tool. No connection between the need to support “marginalized” people and the fact that there is an inescapable assumption of inferiority of their “clients” and superiority of themselves.

      It makes me entirely nuts because I don’t understand brains that work that way, that *can* work that way.

      A friend was posting and reposting all of those things mocking the fear of men of being falsely accused and insisting that women always be believed. I didn’t respond and didn’t quite get upset enough to unfollow, but later I posted a link to a story about a school boy who’d been expelled and convicted of sexual assault on the basis of testimony of several girls. One girl admitted that they’d all lied because the boy was weird and they didn’t like him. So charges were dropped and his parents are suing the school. (I don’t recall if they won or if it was ongoing… they’ll probably win.) And this same friend responds that this was so wrong and the girls should be punished, and that she NEVER said that she approved of anything like this.

      Except that I saw no indication whatsoever that she realized that she HAD said exactly that. If the stories were made up, then there was *never* any evidence. Not even a wee bit of evidence. There never had been. Never *could* have been. And yet… the boy had been arrested, convicted, expelled. Branded ETERNALLY as a sex offender!

      There was never any putting one thing together with another thing. Never any connection or “playing out” of how and where and why things could go horribly wrong.

      I don’t understand it. I only observe it.

      1. At the visceral level I have serious trouble understanding that other people can look at the same things I see, and not analyze them the way I do, with the information I have, following the train of ideas all the distance that I follow them.

          1. I hear something, and by instinct I make those assumptions, and start getting angry because I think people are knowingly telling me an utterly transparent falsehood. Then I remember that I can’t assume other people think as I do. This is a very well known false assumption of mine. I usually catch myself well before I get the ball rolling on a response.

            1. I have considered that this is why so many on the left assume that those who are not with them are ignorant, mislead or evil. They believe that what they see as truth is obvious, and therefore to think otherwise must be the result of some inherent fault on the part of others.

              Having come out of the left I can tell you it is a profound shock to discover that what you based your beliefs upon is wrong. It is like having a cosmic rug pulled out from under you.

      2. *sigh* as well. I saw that story, too.
        And yes – I have friends and family who are totally thinking on this kind of thing with one part of the brain utterly failing to connect with the other part of the brain …

        And I’ve decided to pull ahead with my next HF being set in in the build-up to the ACW, just so that I can start to make sense of all this.

      3. I don’t understand people whose brains function (or don’t, heh) that way, either. I admit that I tend to prefer logic over emotion (which makes me a weird woman, I guess? I’m not sure I buy that…) and that an astonishing number of people I know regularly have equally astonishing logic fail on a regular basis over all sorts of things ::eyes beloved–but frequently illogical–father::

        But frankly, the level of disconnect I see in regards to leftism is far beyond even the usual kinds of human logic-fail.

      4. These are the same people who would decry the Salem Witch Trials but they see no problem applying those standards to people they have been told to despise.

      5. And you know, if that boy had gone all Jack-the-Ripper on that group of girls; I’d have said they all deserved it. I’d have voted to nullify in any capital murder case against him.

        1. It’s strange– for all that the news keeps insisting every @#$@# mass murderer was bullied, they’re awful quiet about those cases of “brought a gun to school” where it turns out the kid had been brutally bullied for years, often physically, had reported a threat to his life by the bullies…and the school did nothing until he (occasionally she) brought a gun to school and pulled it on the thugs.

          Notably, they almost never SHOOT the bullies. They just get cornered and pull the gun.

    4. SaratheRed said: “I even seriously considered posting something regarding this–but I knew it would not have swayed them, and I would only have lost friends instead.”

      I’ve been seeing this sentence an awful lot lately. I don’t mean to tell y’all what to do, I really don’t. It isn’t like I am this huge success at having and keeping lots of friends. I’m old and weird.

      But really, if you’re literally stifling yourself and not posting things you find important and interesting, if you can’t admit who you voted for, if you’re constantly biting back comments because those people will become angry and cut you off without a backward look…

      … then I’d say you already know they’re not your friends. A person who will cut you out of their life because of how you voted is a raging dickhead.

      Personally, I do not associate with people who are like that. I don’t go out of my way to bait them or behave badly toward them, I just don’t hang out with them. It’s not acceptable to be that way in civilized society.

      1. Sometimes, they’re just having a mad-fit.

        When an entire portion of your family is going insane, you can generally figure out that it’s not going to be long term– and you look for a way to defeat it, rather than feeding into the madness.

        Even if your tongue bleeds.

        1. Yeah–this. Some folks get so emotionally twisted up by this stuff that they literally cannot see sense. This does not make them bad people, nor does it make them not my friends–it simply means that they have become completely irrational about one particular subject, and I find no value in cutting off a friendship over this one thing–and it’s not something that I find to be at the ‘this is my moral break-point and we can’t be friends’ line. (Appalling as it is.)

          And it isn’t because of how I voted. These friends–most of them, anyway–already know how I voted. And in 99% of the things, they are a case where a liberal (them) and a conservative (me) can in fact see eye to eye on most subjects. So it isn’t that. It’s That One Thing ™ that they’ve temporarily gone insane about.

    5. Rather than unfollowing them – which they can see – try HIDE – only you know that you are ignoring their blather. Less confrontational, good for long-term friends and relatives. Tell them that you are not always following every feed, and that, if it’s important for them to reach you, they should Message you.
      Saves a LOT of junk feed.
      Also, periodically clear out the Feeds in your settings. Amazing how they creep in.

      1. Or… quit supporting an enemy institution, and don’t use Facebook or Twitter.

        They hate you. They hate what you stand for. And every time you click on their site, it adds to their profits.

        If your “friends” won’t communicate with you by email or phone, exactly how close are they, anyway?

        1. Well, truth is most of my friends and I actually hate talking on the phone, save for a few exceptions. And day-to-day communication IS easier via facebook.

          Now, if an alternative to FB rises that’s less insane, I’ll happily take it.

  2. Fappacy… that does (all too) well describe the Obama administration fandom.

    “It was a Democracy.”
    “No, a Republic.”
    “It was supposed to be a Republic, it was more of a-”
    “No, more of a-
    “No – and LET ME FINISH, DAMNIT! – it was more of a.. Fappacy.”

      1. Yes. There was a sexual deviancy themed webcomic that used a certain sound effect for an act of masturbation. Fappacy describes the Obama administration and cheering section very well.

  3. There have been three Democrat Presidents that don’t make me feel ill. James Polk, Grover Cleveland, and Harry Truman. JFK would get a pass except for the nauseating hagiography that has grown up about him.

    1. What about Chester Arthur? I’ll credit the man with the foundation of the modern United States Navy.

        1. In fact, in the 72 years between the election of Abraham Lincoln and FDR, the only presidents elected* from the Democratic Party were Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson.

          * Andrew Johnson was a Democrat, but not actually elected as a president.

      1. Hell, Clinton’s later six years would be considered as such. Even the first platform of Das Furher Obama would be questionable.

          1. A good chunk of the social side was not the sexual prosteletyzing but the maintain equality pablum made to sound good to the cleavers

  4. The Left has wanted to use me for a scapegoat and whipping boy all my life. They’ve declared war. So be it.

    Oh…I’ve got a lot of Scots-Irish in me. We annihilate.

  5. It’s made me break off most contact with family, given up hobbies, and give up on doing anything to be honest. I work and sleep. I’ve accepted I could be executed by the usg for not being the proper lil drone. My level of control in any of this is pretty much zero, partially because of my choices, partly because I fear the government.

    I will not donate or volunteer because that will put my name on lists that will be used to harm me. Same reason I will not register with a party. The likelihood of my congressman or senator being anywhere near deciding is pretty much zero.

    Sadly it seems that the bile that flows everywhere from the ruling class has made enough impact to infect and sicken the populace. If the exact same political successes and economic environment had existed 8 years ago the only question would be how big will the blue wave be. Today, most people I know think they’re losing thousands to the tax cuts, that trade is in the toilet and that the market is teetering (true but it’s as much or more from the zirp than politics) on a recession. And just to get the bad news the stop they want a change. So once again the government will be weaponized against private citizens in order to support our ruling class and remind the peons that they are worthless, powerless, and being replaced.

    1. You really need to move someplace less… horrific.

      You’ve got a lot of depression symptoms. Stop that, you’re worrying us.

      1. I’m in Oklahoma. Not much more non-insane area anywhere. I don’t have skills in desire to emigrate.

        1. I’m in bleedin’ El Paso and we don’t have that much crazy. Even on Facebook, and around the Beto-Bots, or even on the college campus.

          1. Family all in northeast or California. My father, youngest brother and I do not speak any politics at any family gathering while the others do. Seen even the formerly sane ones go completely nuts over the lies and smears foisted about Trump.

            Plus I’ve been transient most of my adult life so hobbies were not really local but stuff that traveled. In it, I’ve been threatened, had friends labeled as sexual predators with no evidence, and straight up told I was unwelcome in the last two years.

            About only two I still have are diving and fire/EMS

          2. Some of it may be the workplace. I’m afraid I’m a recovering hermit, and don’t know of any circles in that area that would be healthy enough to offset. I’m trying to help advertise an event next week, but am not certain of this specific event being a good match.

            Aacid, I’ve been having trouble getting my act together on this, and will shoot you an email.


            1. TBH while work is work, other than working on usg projects the only thing that drives issues is more the concern that the economy will get hammered and that will harm my bonuses. Even with how they are screwing around with benefits I’m one of the less harmed for now.

              I’ll admit that the garbage that this month has been has definitely helped make me more likely to look for the cloud in every silver lining. Been kicked three or four times already (Between sewage leak, musical expectations, and having to put my dog to sleep right after my vacation) so my pessimism has been being proven too optimistic recently.

            1. Thought of a possible reason why– Acid might be one of the folks that gets Assumed Liberal.

              The reaction when you don’t fulfill the expectation is extremely nasty, as I’m sure you know, Wyrdbard.

              1. It’s much easier coming out as gay than coming out as Republican. Slapping an NRA sticker on the front door helped make that less of a shock.

                1. Female, not wearing NRA or similar gear, from Seattle…and I’m a traitor as soon as they see how many kids we have. (It was only 3 at the time!)

                  Or heck, back in bootcamp another gal during inprocessing assumed I was there to subvert the system. REALLY upset her when I said I’d joined to serve my country.

                  Don’t get me started on abortion related stuff…..

                  1. Try female “artistic” (Not just writing. I don’t seem to be able to help myself) and “craftsy”, middle aged, with an accent and a graduate degree in languages and literature. Yeah….

                    1. Some people have the weirdest assumptions. I recently had a friend of long standing say, “You talk more than any other introvert I’ve known.” I stared at him in disbelief and said, “You think I’m an introvert?

                      I’m going to pick on him about that for YEARS, I tell you. (Female, artistic, highly crafty, and also, oh yeah, “the most practical creative person I’ve ever met.” My dad was an engineer and my mom a geology nut. I was BATHED in the scientific method when growing up.)

                    2. The best definition of the difference between introverts and extroverts is that introverts use energy to interact with people, while extroverts gain energy when interacting with people. And it’s so true. Put me in a conversational situation and eventually I get wired. (Unless I tone it down, which I do make an effort to do if I’ve been isolated with the SAHM thing. Don’t want to scare people.)

                    3. It just means you’re expending that energy with the interaction and on getting wired. I don’t crash afterwards, and I sometimes even have trouble getting to sleep unless I consciously calm myself down first.

                    4. Exactly.

                      I sometimes come across as “wired” because I get so exhausted.

                      Any length of time dealing with people, I always have to take a bit of break during the process. Some sort of withdrawal whether I can do that physically or not, for a short “recharge”. Which is never enough so it ultimately the overall is an energy drain.

                      These are almost always Family gatherings, nothing else can get me to try, anymore. It is just too draining. I’ll go. I interact, but minimally.

                  2. A co-worker (also from the Seattle area) got that ‘traitor’ reaction just because she liked to wear skirts and found them more comfortable. She’s adapting slowly but surly out here.

                    1. LOL 😆

                      And here I didn’t think typo but a comment about her attitude at being called “traitor” for liking dresses. 😉

              2. It’s not as much the assumed liberal as the fact that I spent too much time in the milleau and still have not really been able to transition out of it. But since 2016 I’ve had dozens of folks I was friendly with that I have had to break ties to preserve my sanity. There tends to be a pronounced far left gatekeeping tendency in the major social groups I was involved with since I was too transient to really be local with anything. Most of the issues are not solely local (although I’ve been at gatherings in OK where I was possibly only one that had voted rep) but more general. Reason why I tend to generalize it.

            2. I recall a conversation on what might be the most leftwing university campus in Oklahoma where it was simply assumed that no one present would have voted for Trump.

              I think part of things is the circles one has spent time in.

              I’m recovering from a near hikikomori state, and don’t have many circles I’m active in. The most conservative one still has a few fairly strong leftists in it, and I’m trying to keep my politics quiet for a period of time that has yet to finish. So I think I can see where he is coming from, and don’t have any idea of a safe healing place for him.

              1. Fair point. Honestly I don’t know enough about where he currently is (in various aspects of that phrase) to be sure what I can do. Most of my contacts Tulsa side are Church-based which may not be useful. I’ve got more in the City (advantage of currently living and working there.) I may be able to find something. Even if it’s just a gaming night.

        2. Aacid. I’m in Oklahoma as well and not seeing what you’re seeing. If I may ask, where are you? I’m currently out of OKC, but I have some contacts in Tulsa still.

          1. Twenty minutes from TAFB, so metro. As I said above, much of it (other than seeing two dem signs for every rep one even here) is both generalized and a function of family and social circles that I grew up in and am withdrawing from. Fire has helped me personally and helps distract me and thankfully is taking up a lot of time, especially this month.

            Apologies for the delayed response. I had planned a bunch of these yesterday but when I got home from work I had a river of sewer water coming from my back yard and no obvious cause so my attention went elsewhere.

              1. Also because there’s no penalty and some boost (still) for having them. Not so for GOP. All it takes is one Dem nut in the neighborhood, and they’ll vandalize you.

                1. I can’t help but think that this backfires on the Dems. They convince themselves that they have more support than they really do, so it comes as a surprise when they lose elections. “But the support was overwhelming — I didn’t even need to vote! We should have won!”

                  Of course, like all things, this is a double-edged sword (Repubs can convince themselves that they are losing, so they might as well not vote), but in the end, I don’t think they are doing themselves any favors, *particularly* when Repubs realize what’s happening and come out to vote anyway…)

            1. My turn to apologize for the delayed response, and I don’t have nearly the good reason. Only that I had to go digging for the e-mail.

              I live a ways north of you and work down town. (Hubby works in Edmond at the moment.) On the campaign signs. I’ve seen a mix, and they can change pretty regularly. Honestly the ones I see along Lake Hefner and NW expressway and out towards Bethany trend Republican. They’re out there. Have hope.

              On other things. I can recommend a good church if you’re inclined. If you’re of the table top gaming inclination, the hubby and I are looking to put a small gaming group (Pathfinder probably) together probably after the first of the year. In person vs. online will depend on schedules.

    2. Today, most people I know think they’re losing thousands to the tax cuts,

      I have a friend who is a TAX ACCOUNTANT who still believes this. Whenever the subject of the tax cuts comes up, she just says “We’ll See come tax season”, with the connotation of course being that she believes the numbers will end up with only the very most richest getting any kind of tax relief.

      1. Ya. No interest in actually looking, just assuming. Almost 2k before looking at state refund but thays crumbs.

        Problem with we’ll see is that the election will be first so the lies get their payoff. Part of what hurts. Last two years, particularly last one has been one of best financially I’ve had. That is much more questionable under speaker pelousi

        1. Even if the Democrats take the House – which I think is more wishcasting on the part of the Progressives – they almost certainly won’t take the Senate and there’s no way they’ll have a veto-proof majority in either house. Which means that the worst-case scenario is stalemate until Trump is again on the ballot. And I don’t see the Democrats putting up anyone significantly more likable to the general public than Hillary.

          In other words, hold fast. We’re in for some wild times but we’re on the winning side.

          1. My concern falls to the point of first giving cover to the executive branch resistance once more (full cover as opposed to the partial currently), second that the economy will be crashed again, and third that the socialists have both more discipline and more leeway to drop poison pills in everything. Too many opportunities for pushing a fatal embolus.

            Want ICE to have a budget? Sign this amnesty or else there will be no immigration laws. Want this crime bill? Sign away the peons right to defense.

            And as far as I can see the media still has enough power to whitewash it.

            1. 1) There will still be Senate investigations into Deep State corruption. Don’t forget that even if the numbers don’t change much, several softer Republicans are retiring, so the Senate is going to be even more conservative that it is today.

              2) The economic recovery since the election stems largely from the fact that Obama no longer has the power to strangle the economy through the regulatory state. That won’t change if the Dems take the House.

              3) Poison pills are really hard to get through a divided Congress. They might shove one into the House bill, but it won’t be in the Senate bill and it will be hard to keep it in through the conference committee. Most likely any attempt will spawn a shutdown crisis that is resolved with a continuing resolution, which necessarily doesn’t have a poison pill.

              If the media were as powerful as you think they are Hillary would be in the White House.

              1. Hopefully I am as wrong as I was about Kavanaugh,

                I’ve just had one of the best financial years and hear nothing but the joys of taking away my healthcare that is already a royal crapshoot for the important stuff, increasing taxes, and how people ought to be hounded from public because of blurry screenshots if they believe wrong. Just cannot wrap head around people and gotten jaded enough with politics that I assume the worst. And as I’ve noted, I have a number of former friends and family that are pod people from that media.

      2. My lefty tax accountant friend is basically convinced they messed up the W-4s, so that even if people have more net overall, they’ll still wind up in trouble at tax time due to under-withholding. (Even if you keep more, you’ll still feel screwed, in short.)

        Which seems likely enough, I guess. (I… never really looked into it; I always just wind up going “I have no idea what my husband makes!” and putting down 0 exemptions on the presumption I won’t be arrested for over-withholding.) I just find “because Trump is an idiot who ruins everything” to be a weird explanation for why a supporting form would be wrong.

        1. So basically ‘you changed the rates and deductions so people will have to check again as opposed to coasting on last year’. Granted it’s true since people are lazy and trusting but it’s idiotic. I do the math every year. Hopefully this year my owed is under $100 (I end up repaying part of my state refund which makes w4 inaccurate). It takes 10 minutes.

          I know it’s more a pain for variable hours or self employed but it is always.

        2. If you’re giving advice to others in a professional capacity it always makes sense to go with “better safe than sorry”. Our taxes got SO messed up as I went from college student to employed and this year I’ve absolutely set my withholding to zero. Just mentioning it is making me paranoid and wondering if the accountant filed the change but with two months to go I’m either screwed or not screwed in any case.

          1. Yes. Our first year was interesting. Not only “2nd” year married (filed prior year married, Dec 16, so …) but our first jobs out of college for both of us. We were also conservative & put zero for our exceptions.

            After that we set the exceptions so we paid them. We finally gave up when, no change in income or deductions, no change in exceptions, what we ended up paying swung back & forth. First year we figured we’d had a major up swing in income, but withholding should have swung with it. We paid a lot extra (about .05% “fine”). Next year, without changing a thing, we got a lot extra of money back. Then came the years where either we got enough back from the state to pay the feds, or enough back from the feds to pay the state.

            Right now we are getting a lot of money back from the State that just goes to pay the Feds. Retired. Hubby has money withheld from his retirement & what he pulls from the IRA’s for both Feds & State. But not SS (his) or my retirement (my retirement is $121/month. Would they actually bother?). Probably need to file quarterly estimates once my SS kicks in. I qualify Saturday, but I think we are holding off until Jan 2022, when I have to start paying for medicare … we’ll see how it goes.

    3. I may be whistling past the graveyard, but I really think the ‘blue wave’ is more wishful thinking than anything else. I think the bubble-dwellers have NO idea how the undecided voters who swing elections view the antics of annoying little fascists like Antifa, or the imbecile pronouncements of somebody like Maxine Waters. They’ll hold on to their ‘safe seats’, but they have been steadily losing since two years into Obama. Congressional seats, state assembly seats, Governorships. They have lot a LOT of ground, which is why they are so frigging desperate.

      1. I may be entirely wrong, of course (I really expected Hillary to win), but somehow I’m expecting that instead of a blue wave, we’ll have a red ride. With all of the negative imagery that goes with it.

        1. As the election night came here I had the feeling that Hillary was not doing that well, all was not roses in Clinton land. The press assumed she was going to win in the end, but what did that mean?

          I stayed up and watched the British coverage of the Brexit vote on C-Span.  The utter shock on the faces of the newsreaders when it became apparent that Brexit had past was priceless. 

          These people do live in a bubble.

      2. I’m personally betting it’s like the 2016 election: the pollsters are going to tell us what they want reality to be, in an attempt to have the narrative drive reality. And then at the very last, there’ll be a sudden swing as they attempt to correct to what reality actually is, so they get hired by people who look at their track record in the future.

        So “blue wave, blue wave, blah blah… oh, shit, that’s not what flyover is doing! Beto the hit&run driver is down in the polls!

            1. It would be truly wonderful if, after the midterms, Congress passed a law mandating Real ID for Federal elections, proving citizenship. Which would then have two years to make it through the courts before the next election…

              *cackles maniacally*

              1. You must provide proof of citizenship when registering to vote and you must provide a government-issued photo ID when requesting a ballot (either at a polling place or absentee). Provide federal funds to states to pay for a free voter ID to stay within the 24th Amendment. Attach it to HUD funding.

                1. Ummm … it doesn’t appear to work that way, at least in practice, in California. Unless they’ve tightened up the rules and the practice since 2014 when we left.

                  Get a driver’s license there, you get signed up as a voter pretty much by default.

                  1. If you’ve been watching the news out of California, they’ve been averaging an ADMITTED 4k “disallowed” registrations a month.

                    1. I believe it based on the number of ‘provisional ballots’ what i saw given out while waiting to vote in 2016…

                    2. Not only that, some cities like San Francisco, either have or are moving towards, allowing illegal aliens to vote in local elections. They claim that they will not be able to vote in State or Federal elections but once they are in the voting booth, how are they going to stop them from doing so. Further, they have no incentive to stop illegal aliens from voting in such election because they believe those votes will be overwhelmingly for Democrats and thus their goal is to enable illegals voting in such elections, so they can win close races, such as some of this year’s House races, so they can gain control of Congress, or at leat the House. This all about Democrats trying to gain and keep power “by any means necessary”

      3. See, they’re blaming their loss of seats on “gerrymandering”, “voter suppression” and other such things, rather than taking a hard look at themselves.

        1. I still maintain the “undecided voter” is a pollster myth.

          The “undecided voter” is apparently someone intelligent enough to “vote the issues” while simultaneously dumb enough not to realize candidates lie like rugs.

          1. The “undecided voter” may just be someone not willing to break cover or answer a stranger’s questions.

    1. I grew up back in the dark ages when patriarchy still fully ruled the lands and there wasn’t even any real resistance to it yet, unlike in the enlightened today – or so it is now claimed. But in spite of being a poor downtrodden woman I’m afraid I never really noticed much. Okay, there was some mild floccinaucinihilipilification of my skills, opinions or abilities by older men occasionally, and it may have been a bit more likely for me than the young men, but other than that, nope.

      (Okay, I hope I wrote that word right. Not exactly something I use daily. It’s just that I’ve been looking for a place to use it since I first saw it.)

      1. Well done, I’ve encountered a word I’ve not seen before! (A somewhat rare occurence.)

        And I shan’t even make an attempt to pronounce it.

        1. I actually know, since a bunch of us discovered it in college and worked it out. (Because bored college students do weird things, like looking through the dictionary for the longest words.) “flox-ih-noss-ih-ny-hill-ih-pill-ih-fih-cay-shun.”

      1. There’s some meme about a guy name Chad going around. I think they might be with him. 😀

        1. If Chad is anything like that guy Jodie I kept hearing about in Army basic training, he’s a real jerk.

    2. Ah hell. So you’re the one? Been carrying this pack about nearly a year

      Here’s your card.
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      And The Zapper ( tm)

      Little Miss Cant Be Wrong gets out of hand, just press that red button to shut her down. Green to make you a sammich. Blue to adore you.

      And we apologize for the mix up and delay.

  6. The Beto ads on the radio up here are not pro-Beto. They are “Cruz has a bad personality! He’s mean! Don’t vote for him!” The first one I heard was “soccer moms,” and the second one was a “Cruz campaigner” who admits that Cruz is a mean jerk. Those don’t exactly sound like ads run by a campaign that feels confident about their candidate’s message and ideals.

    1. It’s like the election in 2012. Pollingwise Romney was preferred in many of the technical aspects of economy, policy, etc. But Barack was more likeable and someone people would want to have a beer with. We all know which way that went.

      Sadly the US electorate is very susceptible to niceness qualifications and interpersonal as opposed to ability. Could I work with him? As opposed to ‘can he do the job’

        1. He and the media had done a good job of controlling his image as hip and not in the political fray. The ‘i won’, middle finger scratching and such were downplayed. Meanwhile the reps entire convention is designed to humanize Romney because he had been well typecast and pigeonholed by media.

          The problem is that it isn’t the folks who get varied news that decide elections but the ones that glance at the times in the supermarket or in breaks over the radio station.

        2. Dr Pepper does have caffeine, but there’s apparently a caffeine-free variant that Romney could drink.

          1. If I recall correctly the disapproval is not of caffeine, but of hot drinks. I am sure that Sarah (as a white Mormon male) or one of the other LDS people here can correct me if I’m wrong about that.

              1. Larry had a piece on it a few years ago. Iirc Brigham Young disallows all caffeine and many of its grads continue (coffee addiction starts in college at least for me). The official stance is hot caffeine.

                1. I decided to do the coffee-all-nighter study session once when I was in college back when. It seemed romantic or something, like hey look at me being all collegiate and sh*t.

                  I discovered that being awake and being functional are not the same thing.

                  So I never did it but the once and stuck to Mt. Dew thereafter.

                  1. Pulled an all week my fall of senior year of undergrad. Pulled more all night than can count. The latter suck but could be worse. The latter was bad idea. Especially when you have to drive half hour to get home.

                  2. I tried it once. That’s when I found out I was allergic to coffee. Ten minutes later I had a pulse of 150 sitting down, tunnel vision, hot & cold flashes, and the shakes.

                    Oddly, I can chug industrial straight tea all day and might get an upset stomach.

                  3. I pulled an all-nighter once for fun. I did all my homework on Saturday and stayed up that night at a party — long story. Peak sleepiness was about 3am and I wasn’t tired the next day until night — albeit early night for a college student.

                    But I couldn’t write Sunday.

        3. Obama actually drinks BEER?? I don’t think so. It is WINE all the way, and none of that cheap stuff. Remember he NEVER lived in the Hood. He NEVER had a 40oz, TBIRD or MD20/20.

      1. Yes, but 2012 was probably the last time that the media was able to do that. Look at what they tried to do with Trump, and they failed miserably. Despite the fact that they didn’t have to make anything up (well, except for the whole racist thing, but that was pretty much reflex once he declared as a Republican) or even exaggerate nearly as much as they did with Romney. The media’s been losing power for decades, somewhere between 2012 and 2014 they crossed the threshold where they couldn’t control the narrative, and somewhere between 2014 and 2016 they got to the point where they can’t even really influence the narrative.

        TwitGooFace is trying to fix that, but their efforts are necessarily too transparently partisan to do any good.

        1. I’m just not certain that it will pass from Trump to a normal rep. Trump was a known quantity while new reps are easy targets for polarizing and demonizing. Meanwhile actual crimes of their opponents are ignored. Think Ellison and Menendez.

          As I’ve said, a number of Trump’s positions I’ve heard from liberal family members for years (e.g. charging for bases and defense) but because he’s an evil sexist racist (Not sure what is beyond that. Be me.) he should be overthrown.

          1. Ellison and Menendez are both in trouble. They might still win, but by nowhere near as much as they should in deep blue states.

      2. “But Barack was more likeable and someone people would want to have a beer with”
        Now, liking beer means you are a serial rapist.
        “We have always been at war with Bud Lite…”

        1. ” liking beer means you are a serial rapist”
          Only if you are HET, that lets Obama of the Hook.

    2. I don’t watch much TV, but from what I’ve seen (and what $SPOUSE relays), the desperation from the left is somewhat beyond hysteria. I refuse to look at Oregon polls, mostly because I don’t trust ’em, but I’m wondering if Despicable Kate might actually be in danger of getting de-elected.

      Similar story on the initiatives, there’s maybe one left-of-center one, and the anti-prop ads are way over the top.

  7. … they honestly think all men are guilty. 

    Accept when they don’t.  A headline yesterday led to a story about a woman apologizing for reporting that she had been groped by a nine year old boy while shopping in a Brooklyn bodega.  The store camera had caught the incident and it turned out that the boy had simply bumped into her. 

    Now the story is all about how everyone jumps to wrong conclusions and make dubious claims accusing blacks.  What happened to ‘believe all women’?

    1. It’s on camera. She doesn’t have a choice but to apologize and hope beyond all hope that it blows over.

      If she’s anything like that horrible woman in the op-ed that Sarah wrote about, it’s still groping and assault because the boy, at 9 years, hasn’t been taught to be unfailingly deferential to all women yet. Because if he HAD, he wouldn’t have *failed to see her* and bumped into her at all.

    2. Jemele Hill wrote a piece after she was flabbergasted to discover that black men don’t believe all women. And, in fact, quite a few of them were upset over what was happening to Kavanaugh.

      Neoneocon had a piece up about that on her new blog site, including some analysis of why black men might think that way.

      1. It’s not like white supremacist terrorists have ever used a white woman’s false accusation of a black man as an excuse to kill black people by the tens and hundreds.

        To be so ignorant of that history is particular is scathing indictment of Hill’s seriousness.

      2. Black men also haven’t accepted that they’re a horrible human being if they have a libido.

        1. We touched on the troubled state of education in regard to writing yesterday. I could really go on a tirade about the miserable state of history education — more properly described as a lack thereof.

          1. Tawana Brawley?

            Did you know that Crystal Magnum has since been convicted of stabbing her boyfriend to death and sentenced to jail?  I would note that when her accusations toward the Duke Lacrosse team first surfaced the Durham prosecutor was far too eager to rush to judgement to have the facts thoroughly checked before going public.

            1. Yup. “Schadenfreude” is not quite an accurate depiction of my reaction there, but it’s at least a close cousin. I’m not sure even German has a word for “I told you so and I was RIGHT butkindawishIweren’t.”

              And Nifong was using that case for political advancement, so obviously that he might as well have wrapped himself up in neon lights.

        2. Toward the end of the Kavanaugh mess, one of the co-bloggers (“cobs”) over at Ace’s blog posted a picture tied to Emmet Till. IIRC, it was a meme referencing him and Believe All Women. He took it down before long, though, since there were complaints in the comments about it being poor taste.

  8. In looking at the various reports of these comments from Lindsey Graham the headlines indicated the divide in this country.  From one side it is described as a breakdown or melt down, from the other it is a take down of the Democrats.

    ‘Boy you all want power.  I hope you never get it.’

          1. I don’t think it was any secret, I just think McCain was more than willing to throw anyone to the right of him under the bus to get adulation from the media. For some Senators like Cruz having McCain as an enemy was a selling point, but there’s the centrist wing of the GOP that is afraid of being portrayed as an extremist a la Goldwater. I think that wing is beginning to wake up to the fact that the media doesn’t have that kind of power anymore, especially now that McCain isn’t there to beat a path to the TV studios to cut the legs out from under the caucus.

    1. I read an article stating the the K hearings had divided the American pollitical landscape.
      I’d contend that the divide was there already – the hearings just brought that divide into the light, showing what a lockstep jackboot group of thugs Schumer is leading, and convincing the moderate Rs who followed “we can cooperate and get along with the reasonable ones on the other side” that there are no reasonable ones on the other side, so they’d best haul up the battle ensign and issue cutlasses all around, because it’s going to get messy.

        1. As an example of how much of a lockstep party the Democrats are, when the Republicans first took the Senate in 2010, the Democrats introduced a resolution to effectively repeal the entire Bill of Rights because they didn’t like the Citizen’s United decision. Every single Democrat in the Senate voted for it. If they ever had the power to gut the Constitution and its recognition of the primacy of individual liberty and rights, the Democrats would do it in a heartbeat. That is why it is important to keep voting against them and to keep them out of power.

          1. It would require an Amendment under Article V of The Constitution to repeal any part of the Constitution.

            The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.

                1. Aside from how repugnant Hillary was and is, this was a primary factor in voting for Trump, regardless of his personal foibles. A Clinton, or any Democratic Party President, would appoint Justices who would rewrite the constitution to find that the First Amendment allows banning of hate speech and government control over political spending, and rewrite the Second Amendment to eliminate the individual right to bear arms. They have been rather open about it. Indeed, there are those on the left who openly espouse appointing enough leftist judges to use it to not only impose their radical agenda but to punish those who oppose it. These positions are now considered “mainstream” among the Democratic Party.

                2. And at the center of a penumbra… is an outright umbra. Great for a eclipse of the type celestial, to be avoided at anything approaching an eclipse of liberty.

                3. Griswold v. Connecticut may eventually get listed alongside Dred Scott v. Sanford in the Top Ten Terrible SCOTUS Rulings.

              1. You really need to find something more cheerful to do with yourself. 

                Find an old movie that makes you laugh. Consider reading a good book that has nothing to do with politics or current events.

                Might I suggest Our Esteemed Hostess’s shape-shifter series — Draw One in the Dark, Gentleman Takes A Chance, and Noah’s Boy.  You check them out via her MY BOOKS links.

                1. I can also recommend TXRed’s Familiar series. Wonderful reading when it’s been a hell of a day. (No freeways on my routes, so no Offramp Of Doom.)

            1. That is exactly what they proposed. They think if they can get it to the states they can finagle its enactment.

            2. Notice the word “effectively”. All they need is to control the Supreme Court long enough to have it ruled as constitutional. Which is why they went bat-shit on Kavanaugh.

      1. … convincing the moderate Rs who followed “we can cooperate and get along with the reasonable ones on the other side” that there are no reasonable ones on the other side …

        This may be part of it. We can hope so.

        Sen. Graham has known Justice Kavanaugh for a considerable length of time and was aware of his character. Therefore this attack on Justice Kavanaugh’s character added to his ire.

  9. My beat down on the idiot woman in the Washington post did not have time to get into the worst part of this: they honestly think all men are guilty. That there is some sort of patriarchy in which all men participate.

    It is in line with the rest of the Left’s incorrect understandings of mass psychology and the practical effects of various kinds of organizations. In ascribing cause to large distant factors that are difficult to measure, and directing attention away from factors with proximity, cause and effect are uncoupled.

    When a black boy does something extremely stupid, and dies, we are not permitted to talk about the lack of a father or grandfather. A father or grandfather who might have been able to say “Don’t do that stupid thing. My friend did it, and died.” The only acceptable cause is an inchoate white supremacism. A white man somewhere, or ten, or a hundred, put their pants on with a different leg first, and thus deliberately, willfully, and knowingly caused that boy’s death. The white man is not given a simple, unchanging list of rules to follow to cause or to avoid causing the unnecessary deaths of young black boys. So he cannot comply, he cannot be anything other than a ‘white supremacist’ even if he wants to. Because fault is distributed after the fact, according to rules made up at that moment to spread the blame widely, so that no one man shares enough that he can and must refute the claim.

    1. What I’ve been finding appalling lately is the notion that because I “support the systems of oppression that have raised white people and maintain their power” that I’m guilty because I’m not attempting to destroy the foundations of civilization.

      Because I rather like rule of law? I like a full belly and modern medicine? Because socialism and communism doesn’t scale up from “tribal”? Not that it even works at that level either. Is it because the concept of property ownership, if it’s a field or if it’s your own paycheck, makes it possible to have a civilization at all? Is it rule of law? Is it the constitution? Faith in a god that issued the law?

      And I look around for some civilization that is run differently, that is run without these “systems of oppression” and I don’t see any. Not in Africa. Not in the Middle East. Not in India. Not in China or Japan. Not in Brazil or Argentina. To whatever extent any of those “non-white” places prosper it’s because they’ve adopted systems of order and expressions of freedom to reward those who build and create and protect private property and allow social advancement. To whatever extent they fail it’s because they adopt socialism or maintain kleptocracies or tribalism.

      Show me a *better* system and I’ll happily tear this one down.

      1. Show me a better system and I won’t tear this one down; I’ll adopt the best parts of that one and graft it onto this one, while keeping the parts of this one that are better than theirs!

        Because building up works better than tearing down, and I love civilization. I’m addicted to hot running water, and I have no intention of giving it up, nor giving up the society & culture that maintains all the infrastructure to make it appear at the turn of a tap!

        1. That’s cultural appropriation and also Very Bad. 😉

          Seriously, you are entirely correct and I should not have been so sloppy in my thinking. I’m probably safe, though, because there’s never an actual suggestion of an alternative in any case. Not unless it’s some wishywashy implication of socialism, because that’s what all pure and uncorrupted cultures follow (right straight into starvation) or something, which makes no Historical or logical sense at all. Oh, the ideology is based on equality bla-bla-bla and that has to be better than the Free Market which is based on… absolute equality and absolute access to the market, except when freedom=fascism, which we know it does. /sarc And despite the fact that every single attempt at socialism/communism ever involved hierarchy, authoritarianism, and oppression of every possible variety of “minority”.

        2. Personal exercise of authority. Oppression requires organization. Give a government the ability to delegate decision-making, and you have a recipe for trouble. Require senior officials to exercise power in person, and you can moderate just how much damage they can do.

      2. “Whiteness” is how neomarxists spell “Bourgeois.”

        The goal is to identify every successful habit and personality trait with whites, which implies that they aren’t available to minorities. That will result in minorities remaining unsuccessful, which will make them resentful and vulnerable to manipulation by those who want to destroy society.

    2. The Left’s constant harping about White “Supremacy” is also counterproductive.

      In this 40 yard dash, if the race authorities are constantly slapping 10 pound ankle weights on the same sprinter, and he continues to win anyway…. ?

      I always thought of myself as a mutt. Any racism I expressed was directed at the bloody Norman’s. (spits) We shall speak of them no more!

      But every year the Left picks, isolates and freezes the white race. And every year I identify a bit more with tribalism and the White race.

      Have they thought this through? I’m a former United States Marine. I can hit center mass at 500 yards 9 of 10 shots. I can build IEDs in my sleep. I’ve been trained by the world’s most lethal instructors in MOUT (Military Operations in Urban Terrain). And I’ve been conditioned to respond to threats pre-emotively and with disproportionate force.

      To be honest, I’m ready to get this over with. I feel like every skirmish we stop short and let the Marxists get up off the mat. We would save so many lives if we just hunted the Post Modern Marxists to extinction.

      1. Ugh and double ugh.

        You know that list of things that prove “white privilege?” Included on that list is the fact that white people *don’t think of themselves as white*.

        So this was supposedly a “bad” thing?

        And now it’s getting corrected! Oh, yay! What a fIcking improvement! /sarc

        1. That’s the closest the whole idiotic idea of “white privilege” ever got to the truth. Because we don’t view the world through a racial lens, we don’t assume that the setbacks and slights we encounter in life are due to our race, even when they are. We just chalk them up to bad luck or some asshole and go on with our lives. That course of action is far more successful that festering resentment and hypersensitivity, which means that whites generally have a leg up on minorities.

          Of course, there’s absolutely nothing in that attitude that is exclusive to whites, anyone can cultivate it and enjoy the same success.

          1. A culture that invented the bumper sticker commentary of “Sh*t Happens”… and the oft unspoken answer or completion is, “So Deal With It.” NOT “..and it’s a conspiracy against me/mine.” The idea is something can be done. Problems are things that need solving, not wallowing in.

          2. Jeff, yes so much. Yes, it’s easier to get ahead when one doesn’t decide that any set back is more than running into that one jerk, that one employer who’s just horrible. Feminists do it too.

        2. A random observation that’s been floating through my brain of late: the people who preach cultural sensitivity are *barely* aware of different cultures among brown people, though if pressed they might admit that Maasai /= urban Nigerian /= rural American black person. They’re utterly incapable of perceiving different cultures among white people, so it’s all one floating undifferentiated mass of Whitey.

          I’m quite fond of my rural Southern culture (which is not exclusively white by any means). I am very tired of people trying to impose northeastern white culture on me.

      2. Heeeey . . . Some of my ancestors may have been Normans. Half of them certainly were Norsemen.

      3. When someone like Fen says something like this, I will be praying for the hand of the Lord to be outstretched in protection over this country tonight and I am agnostic. I will do this because I cannot disagree with him and my understanding is that his training includes a lot of emphasis on NEVER doing something like this. If that is breaking down, God help us all.

      4. A lot of people think that we’re in the runup to another civil war. I disagree. I think we’re in the midst of another civil rights movement. For years the Democrats have been treating conservatives like second-class citizens and now we have the tools to rebel against that.

        The key difference is that there is a large chunk of the population that just doesn’t care that much about politics outside of of the general campaign seasons. Whichever side can win those people over without fatally alienating their base is going to win. The antics of the Democrats the past two years, and especially the past two months, have been alienating middle America like nothing since Bull Connor let loose the police dogs. If we step up the violence we run the risk of alienating the Silent Majority and even justifying ex post facto the Democrats’ treatment of conservatives. So while it might be more satisfying to hunt the Progressives down (trust me, I know the feeling) it would not in fact be easier.

      5. The Left identifies important intersectional identities — sort of. Guess which one is the White Supremacist?

        1. If you look at how inner city blacks define “acting white”, the picture is quite accurate at least as far as the skin tones go. I have said for years that most white supremacists are black.

  10. Thinking more about some people not putting one thing together with another thing…

    That’s deliberately *taught* in universities. The whole idea of “theory” is that exact sort of disassociation of events from each other. “Theory” is the interpretative lens. The Patriarchy is discovered by deliberately ignoring the larger picture to exclude context or comparisons of, for example, the life of the average man, or even other forces on society, and certainly anything that might lead to other sources of stress or oppression.

    When a non-scientist uses the term “theory”, run away as fast as you can with whatever is left of your brain.

    1. I was reading about early medieval clerical writers and how they invented ways for the chestnut tree to stand for Christian doctrines and teachings, because Scripture was to be seen as metaphor with multiple levels of meaning. And realized that post-modern textual criticism and “theory” is no different. Although the medieval scholars only saw four levels of meaning and exegesis in Scripture and I think the post-modernists would say that the number of levels is “rock hyrax.”

  11. I think I figured this out awhile back on Facebook. My liberal friends kept posting their (false) talking points, and no matter how gently I corrected them, they would respond with pure hatred.

    It finally dawned on me that they were not posting their opinions as an invatation for discussion and debate, they were posting to craft an alternate reality – landscapes, narratives characters – where they were the courageous freedom fighters holding the forces of darkness at bay. Thou Shall Not Pass, Fen,!

    My corrections to their fake news was viewed as an attempt to dispel their carefully fabricated illusion and bring them crashing down to a reality of impotence, shame and gloom.

    No wonder they hated me.

    1. I think it is useful to think of Leftism as a religious practice. A core of animism based on wrong abstractions from history and economics. The actual practical ritual attempts to alter reality by manipulating symbols. Forex, if enough people say they are helping the poor, and care enough, poof, reality alters and the poor are helped. Raising consciousness is pretty much an emotional intensity ritual. And so forth.

      This isn’t just an emotional attack, or an attack on their very identity. This is going to a Catholic Mass, loudly denying Transubstantiation, bringing up Trent, and otherwise denying Catholic theology and trying to start a debate. Catholics who would be fine with discussing it at an appropriate time and place would be very much not fine doing so during Mass.

      The difference is, that asshole Frank aside, Catholics mostly mind their own business, and perform their important rituals in the privacy of their own time and space. Frank may not be a proper Catholic, he shows some signs of practicing the leftist faith. The left performs important rituals in public, and demands that everyone participate. Coercing everyone’s participation is a significant point of doctrine.

      1. Yes. This. So much this, “Coercing everyone’s participation is a significant point of doctrine.”

        And the “raising consciousness” thing. omg. I recall a lengthy and very earnest discussion where a friend of mine was imploring me to accept the ideology of “white privilege.” I kept asking at what point the acceptance of this ideology involved a *mechanism* to enact change. How did “white privilege” as a concept and public confession lead to a society where racism was a thing of the past? The person I was talking to is certainly every bit smart enough to explain what that process and mechanism was, if it existed. It doesn’t. It’s not about change or improvement, it’s about CONFESSION. It would be, in fact, all about ME. Personally, I think this is toxic and awful and will have nothing to do with it. Why? Because I actually care about getting rid of racism.

        1. You’ll have as much luck getting answers on the physical mechanism by which Christian Science alters metabolic pathway x when treating disease y. For much the same reason.

          If reality is an illusion, generated by mental processes, and somehow averaged between several minds, then hold outs could be causing some quality of reality that is disliked.

          1. There are some ways in which belief or “narrative” creates reality. Fake it until you Make it, right? Someone who is confident that they are attractive is often more attractive because of the confidence, partly because they behave differently and partly because they take care of themselves better. People who are friendly and expect others to be friendly toward them more often meet people who are friendly toward them than those who expect people to be horrible or who expect others to be untrustworthy.


            So ‘splain to me (the general you, whoever you are) how a *negative* narrative does anything but create a negative reality? If we’re going to create reality through mental processes and the reality we *desire* is one where equality, acceptance, and access is normal, why are we creating through a mental process and a constant message of hate and animosity, a “reality” where no one can *possibly* succeed if they aren’t a recipient of unearned privilege and pretty much everyone hates you and wants you to die?

            Who is served by this? Because some people certainly ARE served by this. They’re horrible, toxic humans, but they exist and they are benefiting from this narrative that they insist upon promoting.

        2. The coercing is the killer. Wanna play in fantasy land? Have at it. Force everyone else to by either having to pay for it or by what is effectively exhibitionism (possibly worse) and it is not only evil, but corrosive

          1. How many lights do you see, Captain? Four or Five? How many? Choose carefully, the wrong answer will bring years of torment, the correct answer will be rewarded with a life of luxury, leisure and scholarship.

            Moving along. How many genders are there Captain? Is Bruce/Catlin a he or a she? Again, I caution you to choose wisely….

            And this is EXACTLY why the Left is playing the transgender card so seriously. It’s not silly or petty, it is a very dangerous threat to us. The Left doesn’t care about tranny bathrooms or gender pronouns, their goal is to coerce us to deny reality. If they can pull that thread, they can define our reality. That’s game over, Ripley.

            1. And the direct intent and result of these efforts is that “The Party is always right” and 2=2=5.. That way, you will cheer that the chocolate ration has been increased to 4 ounces from 3 ounces (but wait, wasn’t it 5 ounces and they cut it?). They are using 1984 and Animal Farm as “how to” guides.

            2. It’s important that trans people not deny their biology so pretending that biology isn’t real does not *help* them. Even if someone is supportive of any individual’s desire to live life as the other sex they still have to care for and deal with their actual body. Even *more so* if they have surgery. Denying biological sex and reality is not *caring*. That’s not what caring looks like! That’s not what compassion or acceptance looks like. It HURTS those people who wish to live as the opposite sex to pretend that’s not what they’re doing.

              1. Wanna LARP as something else? Your life to screw up. I’ve enough on my plate trying to deal with my own hellswarm. But you gotta make your own effort, not just order everyone to refer to you as special without any outward sign.

        3. I once was in a very funny argument about racism where the person trying to get us to accept her decrees on it kept using arguments that made just as much sense if you substituted “invisible pink unicorns.”

          Really. She actually propounded that we should “accept that racism exists” which logically is as solidly grounded as “accept that invisible pink unicorns exist.”

          1. Accepting that racism exists is such a weird thing because I think it’s more like saying that one has to accept that air exists. Well, of course it does. Who possibly denies that air exists? Who denies that racism exists? So a thinking person asks themselves what this person is talking about if they’re not talking about air or racism, but are talking about something that people *deny*?

            What you’re being asked to accept and confess is that “racism” in the weird way that doesn’t involve actual thoughts or actions not only exists but at the whole attendant ideologies and *solutions* (or non-solutions) are necessary and also accepted by you. Like, admit air exists and therefore potato. Or, I suppose, air exists therefore invisible pink unicorns.

            It’s on the level of those “Love is Love” signs. Yeah, who can possibly deny that Love is Love? No body can or would. Except that’s not what accepting that “Love is Love” involves at all. Or “Science is Real.” Ur, dur de dur de dur. I’m an actual for real scientist who is employed as such and who evaluates and interprets new data on a daily basis and I *still* think your climate “science” is religious bullsh*ttery… sorry, Doris.

            Racism is real. We see it daily spouting from the mouths of entitled idiots who explain that those brown people over there are only marginally functional people and can’t do any of the things that a white boy with fetal alcohol syndrome, an IQ of 75 and a gift high school diploma can do, because of their race.

            1. IIRC To most “modern” Liberals “Racism Exists” really means “Whites Are Racist” as they define “Racism” as “Hatred Of Non-Whites”.

              And of course, most “modern” White Liberals appear to think that they “Can’t Be Racist Because They Are Awoke”.

              Then there are the Non-White Liberals who tell all Whites (including their White allies) that “To Be White Is To Be Racist” and even their White allies “have to accept that fact”.

              1. No no no… they *are* racist, because it’s no longer something that you think or do, it’s because you’re white. So there’s no personal responsibility for it at all anymore. This lets anyone off the hook entirely for doing anything or solving the problem. It’s not by accident that there is no current modern *plan* to solve the problem. What there IS is this great opportunity to be the center of attention and to earn status and social capital though CONFESSION.

            2. This person, when I said that not the sort of thing you can accept without concrete examples, certainly gave none.

          2. From what I remember from high school debate, the first step after stating the resolution is Definition of Terms. That’s what gets people on things like “Racism exists”… make them define racism.

            1. And after “define terms” comes “accurately describe the opposing argument in a way that your opponent agrees that you’re representing it accurately.”

              That don’t never happen no more neither.

      2. “This isn’t just an emotional attack, or an attack on their very identity. This is going to a Catholic Mass, loudly denying Transubstantiation, bringing up Trent, and otherwise denying Catholic theology and trying to start a debate. Catholics who would be fine with discussing it at an appropriate time and place would be very much not fine doing so during Mass.”

        With many of todays Progs, I think it goes even beyond that. Any challenge to their ideas is received as a threat to their SAFETY, to their very LIVES, in a way very similar to that in which a Muslim extremist would regard blasphemy against the Prophet. Note the frequent use of the term “unsafe” in attempts to shut down Wrongthinking campus speakers.

        1. A guy posts a comment ridiculing the very notion of God. Someone else responds. Somewhat later I speak of the first guy’s ad hominem. His response was that he was the one attacked, by the other guy’s fairy tale.

    2. Which is why there is no debate and no compromise possible. The only question is how many conservative bodies will it take to justify fighting back?

    3. Have you seen the NPC memes? They are very funny and very on-point – so of course infuriating the the SJWs being mocked.

      1. And therefore of course being banned by Twitter at breakneck speed. They are being banned as “hate speech” by the same Twitter that has no problem with Louis Farrakhan’s patently anti-Semitic screeds and who yesterday on Twitter referred to Jews as Termites. According to Twitter however, that is not in their view hate speech that warrants any sort of action under Twitter policies that are used to ban conservatives and libertarians. So for Twitter., memes mocking leftists are hate speech, Nazi style rhetoric about Jews is not. Twitter’s symbol should not be a bird, it should be a Swastika.

  12. They whip up mobs with claims that we’re threatening them.

    And then we’re bad because we respond…like the mobs are threatening us.

    So at best we’re “no different.”

    Unless you bother to look and notice that their mobs were responding to false threats.

    1. I think they are in for a nasty shock, because there IS one way the Deplorables are drastically different from the Antifidiots; when push amd shove turn to blows, the Deplorables are better at violence.


      I hope to hell it doesn’t get that far, but if it does…

      1. I hate to say it, but if it Goes to the Gun, we may have a very long row to hoe. Modern firearms are not difficult to learn to use and maintain. Being able to do so effectively is a different kettle of fish with a *very* steep learning curve. Those who survive the first few encounters may prove to be very tough nuts to crack. I suspect we won’t be ‘home by Christmas’.

        1. The question is whether they are willing to learn. Kent State drove most of them out of the movement entirely.

        2. Unless, you’re sniping, using a firearm effectively isn’t very hard and doesn’t require that much work. it requires ages less time and practice than, say, a bow or sword does. This is why modern armies spend more time polishing boots and floors and doing paperwork than practicing sword-and-shield or bow techniques. This is why National Guard and Army Reserve troops can be expected to be able to use a rifle, when they see them once a year.

          1. I think ammunition is more the reason. Its expensive. ~:D

            80 rounds for a High Power match, one day of shooting a bolt gun for one guy. High Power is fun, bit its bad infantry training. Proper day of shooting for modern infantry, more like 500 rounds each. Full-auto eats ammunition.

            That’s why militia units shoot annually, every year they have new guys in the unit. Otherwise it would be every two years I’m sure.

            Same with cops. We notice that cops “in the wild” can’t hit a barn from the inside. They never practice. Because ammunition for practice is a deferrable cost. You can always put it off to next years budget.

            1. 115 gr WWB 9mm, $37 for 200 rounds at wal-mart, gives plenty of practice thru my 9mm AR, and other assorted pistols.

            2. oh, and i should point out that at commercial prices, 500 rd of 5.56 NATO 62gr is $160 or so.

        3. I disagree, basic small arms tactics isn’t all that hard to learn. Cover, concealment, moving, covering, fields of fire. None of these concepts are hard to understand. “Che” went from knowing nothing to being (from what I’ve read) a fairly competent tactician (albeit an insane, blood thirsty, violent one) simply by reading a book or two on the subject. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for some Antifa goons to read the same books as Che, he is kinda one of their heroes after all.

          1. With Antifa I think its more that its fashionable and they’re looking to work out some angst on the general public. As soon as the general public starts to pull together and beat their asses every time they show up, and as soon as it becomes uncool to be Antifa, 99% of them will melt away into the night and go back to Mom’s basement. The hard-core 1% will be trying to heal from their wounds.

          2. Hard to learn? In the sense of repeating back what you read or were told, no, not hard.

            Doing it… that requires discipline, in the old non-punishment sense.

            Yeah, they’d be dangerous until their ammunition ran out. Which would probably be by late afternoon…

        4. But the Lefties do like them some bombs. Remember the 60’s. Not many Lefty shootings but plenty of Lefty Bombs. And the Lefties can get help from their Muslim Friends.

          That is why in Sweden they are having a give up your Grenades until Jan 11.

          The Muslims use Grenades not because they don’t have AK’s but because they can’t hit the broad side of a Mosque with an AK.

  13. I keep some Facebork feeds from lefty/regressive acquaintances just to keep an eye on what the left is thinking about things.
    sure enough, the Kavanaugh kerfuffle happened, and they were all up in arms about believing women, and making sure that everybody knew that they were with the victims, etc.
    I really wanted to post to one of them, a male, the following thought experiment:
    What if my sister said that you had raped her?
    Would you follow through with your principles and believe her? You’d be willing to go to jail, or be branded as a sex offender, and lose your job, just because…#believeallwomen?

    1. Everyone agrees that women sometimes lie about rape and sexual assault, even the hard leftists admit that 2% of accusations are false. But somehow they never get around to explaining why we should think that Ford’s accusations weren’t part of that 2%.

    2. I can’t use the “What if my sister said that you raped her?” thought experiment on any of my friends. They would just answer “I wouldn’t have to do anything, You’d just kill me and it would be over”.

      Turns out there is a “down side” to being a “babyKillingHateMonger”… I mean… someone who believes in liberty (and gun rights).

  14. Whenever I have someone say to me about how “white males” have ruined everything, I tell them they must immediately stop using ANYTHING that was invented by white males. You know, things like cell phones, automobiles, trains, planes, etc, even flush toilets! But they don’t even understand what I’m talking about.

    1. Excerpt for the ones that immediately run out and start reading (or writing) stuff that *proves* all those things were *really* invented by approved minorities.

    2. Fire was probably invented by a white male. We invented everything in life.

      Except the table saw. That was invented by a white woman in a Shaker commune. ~:D Happy to let you have that one, ladies.

      1. But it took a lawyer to make the ‘safety” table saw and try to inflict it on the rest of us. (I say this as someone who treats a table-saw the way divers treat hungry Great Whites – with enormous respect and lots of precautions.)

  15. OK, a bottom line note here is in order: Yes, some of those who want to do the Republic harm are in high dudgeon.

    That’s because they are losing.

    In the end, we win, they lose. Do not lose sight of this – their Permanent D Majority at the End of History has fizzled out, and right now they are looking like they will fail to gain the requisite levers of power once again in a few weeks.

    Yes, the price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance, and the danger of their gaining all those levers of power once again is significant, but they had them in 2008 and all they did was pass Soetero-Care.

    And it was exactly those ham-fisted efforts sparked the Tea Party movement, which has a direct lineage to the people who ended up putting the Non-Approved Over-Tweeting Candidate into the White House.

    So recall Despair is a Sin, and remember this is what winning looks like. Be brave. Be Calm, and Carry On. And volunteer and donate and vote and be nice to your idiot relatives.

  16. I would not doubt there are some college lefties who when they are told that there was a book and a movie called “The Hunt for Red October” think it is about a bunch of college lefties heroically striving to bring about a new Bolshevik revolution in the USA.

      1. And a better book: Capt. Ramius’s wife dies because a doctor skimmed the antibiotics in order to sell them on the black market – and this was in an elite hospital for the favored few.

  17. I’m feeling like I’m the last human being in a vampire movie-having to pretend to be one of the bloodsuckers, lest they fall upon me and eat me (in a bad way).

    I have two fears about the upcoming election. None of these is any real form of Democratic win, because I keep feeling like they’re holding on the poll numbers to try and make things sound better (similar to the 2016 Presidential Election)-
    1)There’s a slight Republican majority of wins. The Democrats and their fellow travelers view this as a defeat and a challenge for next time. Their madness is going to not make them double down, or triple down, or even quadruple down. They’re going to tear anyone that doesn’t march in perfect lockstep with them apart, and if you even express the slightest deviation from the norm? Being torn apart by the mob will be if you’re lucky-they will lynch you (and I mean that in all of it’s negative connotations, involving innocent men and trees and insufficient rope) for your heresy and only by a massive show of public indulgence and “proving” that you are pure again after much penance is going to save your life, let alone career or position.
    2)The Republicans make a significant (increases of 10% or more) in the House and Senate. Watch as the Democrats lose their minds over this. “Unplanned civil disobedience” will probably happen in deep blue cities, and in most cases will probably be allowed to fester for a long time as city governments don’t want the bad press or the bad optics of having to deal with this “unplanned civil disobedience.” Watch as a lot of blue cities start going downhill VERY quickly in one form or another.

    Then, things will go even more insane. Watch as most “popular” media dies outside of the deep blue enclaves-movies and TV shows tanking, music not being bought, books not being sold. This will, of course, be blamed on stupid Republicans and racist, bigoted, homophobic, transphobic, sexist, gun-clinging white men that all secretly want to rape women into submission and put them into red dresses like “The Handmaid’s Tale”(1). Anything involving leftist enclaves, such as the Internet or social media companies, will go from shadow-banning to actual banning of people.

    And, even the stupidest Republican in Congress will probably realize that they had better hang together or they will hang separately. And maybe even literally. There will be no bipartisan cooperation because the price of any cooperation on either side is too high to pay.

    And, as the TV Tropes goes, hilarity will ensue.

    My biggest hope for the first scenario is that this is enough of a shock for some people that they actually have a moment of clarity and start actually thinking for themselves. And, start realizing that the people that they are looking up to are idiots. Even if it’s a case of “a plague on both of your houses” sort of situation.

    My biggest hope for the second? That enough people-middle class and aspirational middle class people-that are just tired of all of this insanity, decide to just clean things up by dealing with the loudest groups of idiots. I see many, many autogyro rides involved.

    My biggest fear for both of these? The trigger of a “hot” or “cold” civil war and the people that win this war are great to read about. Two hundred years later as history. Very bad if you’re living in the middle of it.

    (1)-Idle speculation time. Margaret Atwood wrote “The Handmaid’s Tale” as a criticism of Islam and Islam’s treatment of women, but cloaked it in her very Canadian misunderstand of American religious life. Because Gilead sounds more like post-revolution Iran than anything possibly American. I know at least two former soldiers that had to read this book for college class (back when you could openly be a soldier on a California college campus safely) say, “If things started to turn out how this started, you’d be seeing a lot of the rank and file soldiers fragging their officers.”

    She can’t ever admit to that, or she would lose her place as a Cherished Elder of Canadian Literature. And maybe have a fatwa declared against her.

    1. “She can’t ever admit to that, or she would lose her place as a Cherished Elder of Canadian Literature. And maybe have a fatwa declared against her.”

      Too late; as noted in these pages earlier Atwood is now a BadFeminist.

    2. > And, even the stupidest Republican in Congress

      Yeah, well… as I remember it, after the Party congress rejected the GOP’s hand-picked candidates and threw DJT in their face, the GOP spent at *least* as much money campaigning against… their own candidate… as the Democrats did.

      They would rather lose the election than have the “wrong” Republican win.

      Whether it’s Deep State of just Trigglypuff-level fit-throwing, I’m not holding any hope of a collective turn to sanity from the GOP.

      I also remember 1996, when the GOP put William Jefferson Clinton back in for a second term. Because they ran the GOP equivalent of Maxine Waters against him – Bob Dole. Dole lost for the same reason Hillary did – hordes of Party members decided “oh Hell no!” and voted accordingly.

      In 2020 DJT’s opposition isn’t going to be the Democratic Party, if it even exists as a functioning organization by then. His opposition is going to be the same one it was last time – the GOP and its entrenched NeverTrumpers, who’d put *anyone* on the ticket except the upstart who wouldn’t withdraw when they told him to.

      1. Dole, and McCain, were “It’s Their Turn” nominees. Hillary was also, as was Gore. “It’s Their Turn”, also known as “They Lost Previously”, never works out well.

        1. To be clear, nominating by turn never works out well for the nominating party (note I include Bush Sr. in this). I have to give credit where credit is due, though: Hillary’s nomination didn’t work out well at all for her party, but in the end nominating her worked out great for the country.

      2. Here’s the deal: the GOP Old Guard has been under the impression that they could work with Democrats.
        The Kavanaugh mess has disabused them of that notion.

      3. >>”Dole lost for the same reason Hillary did – hordes of Party members decided “oh Hell no!” and voted accordingly.”<<

        In many of the online discussions leading up to the 96 election that I followed the conservative consensus was "Better to be stabbed in the front than the back."

        1. That’s pretty much how I felt about it. Dollar Billy was a known danger and we were dealing with him; Whack-A-Dole, on the other hand…

    3. Margaret Atwood is the perfect embodiment of a successful author in mainstream Canadian publishing. She got where she is by schmoozing for Canada Council grants, and skillfully reading the wishes of the bureaucrats who control arts funding in Ottawa. She stays where she is by careful trend-following, careful reading of the Liberal Party to enable better more-and-better schmoozing, and she’s fun at parties.

      Handmaid’s Tail is how most Canadian Liberals view the United States. They actually think its like that. That’s why Atwood is famous, she figured out what they want and gave it to them.

  18. Someone once wrote (paraphrased) that sanity is adjusting your beliefs so they are predictively sound. As in, when your beliefs lead you to make predictions about reality, and you consistently predict wrong, your internal model of reality is bad- you are not sane.

    The left hasn’t been sane in a long time.

    Also the left thought it was *this* close to achieving permanent and complete power over the rest of us. They were just getting ready to try on the boots they were going to step on our faces with, forever. And then they had it all taken away. Like interrupted sex when you were SO close, but much worse. So they’re much more insane than usual.

    It doesn’t help that altogether too many of them have effectively never been told ‘no’ in their lives, so they don’t know how to cope. Put it all (actually that’s not all but it’s enough) together….

    Insane would-be-tyrant tantrum-throwing toddlers.

  19. Due to women like this, I have had to go back and sort of help my sons and godsons readjust to a world that, by my books is half insane. It is hard to help boys become men in a world where they are naturally drawn to want to bond to a woman through romance and love; but now have to consider legalistic and extensive social caution while courting. Maybe there was always such issues in a different form, but if you don’t prepare them for the world ahead, you are setting your children up for heart break and ruin.

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