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This is a perma open open post page for links. That’s it. I’ll see links posted here and might link them, but more importantly, y’all can find them.

49 thoughts on “Perma Open Post For Interesting Links

  1. Get out the zombie vote! Check your county for details on how registrations exceed 100% of the eligible voters:

    I note that in Montana, the zombie vote is centered around Bozeman, where a few years back the city council tried to closed-door-session sneak in one of those “refugee resettlement” plans that have worked so well in Minneapolis. Gallatin was also one of the two counties that goosed along Tester’s reelection in 2018. I conclude that the local Dems are more corrupt than average.

  2. Lawyer does a deep-dive on the USPS whistleblower’s interrogation. Notes that he did not recant, and calls out all of the various coercive techniques the interrogates are using to bend him:

    Very good read, especially for understanding the ways tilted authority figures may try to lean on you to change your stated position.

    1. IF everything shown here is true, the scheme would be nearly brilliant, in that it looks very much like [inadvertent] human error. But put it all together, and *someone* is deliberately treating GOP and DEM poll watchers differently – and I presume that the laws/regulations on this require that treatment be identical.

      Of course, getting rid of GOP poll watchers is only *useful* if there are plans to do … something … while they are not observing.

    2. I wish I could — I registered but for some reason I cannot log in, nor can I reset password. And I can’t message mods unless I’m logged in. When I try to re-register I’m told “username is taken” confirming that yes, it did register me (this happened immediately after registering, so yes, it’s me). Could someone there message mods and have ’em look at username “Reziac” ??

      1. Clarification: Sidney Powell, the attorney who took over and reversed Michael Flynn’s case, is female.

        She’s a tiger. Unlike those wusses at Porter Wright, she won’t back down.

        1. Okay – an update to Power Line’s post asserts that the withdrawal was only one of the cases they were prosecuting, was by mutual consent due to Trump wanting to take it in a different direction, one Porter Wright lacked requisite expertise to pursue, and that they found a firm with the necessary expertise.

        2. Further, from Judge Jeanine Saturday evening:

          I want to get my marker down immediately: Sidney Powell DID NOT kill herself.


    Insty linked this, but it’s worth preserving. This guy is a prototype Hari Seldon. He predicted our current mess a decade ago, based on the idea that we are producing more elites (college grads, in effect) than our economy actually needs. The surplus elites become discouraged and transform into anti-elites, fighting the system for the cushy sinecures that they think they deserve. He doesn’t say this, but the other effect is that the successful elites become nervous, even paranoid, about losing their status, which causes them to school together tightly, like so many minnows, requiring constant purity checks and viciously expelling those who fail. Sarah’s post “Is that a ship on your head?” describes this behavior in the court of Versailles, just before the French Revolution.

    The linked article doesn’t say this explicitly, but this may all trace back to the “all kids must go to college” push that started in the 1980’s. That was based on economic data from the previous couple of decades, which showed that college grads wound up much richer than non-grads. But in those decades, only kids who were really smart and driven went to college, so of course they prospered (on average). The use of that data to push everyone into college is an example of Reynold’s Law: giving the trappings of success to people who didn’t earn them does not make those people successful.

    I think his comment about “too many elites” may be too broad. It’s definitely possible to have too many lawyers, or professors of grievance studies, or even people doing basic research (it’s a luxury good, whose budget is not unlimited). I’m not sure it’s possible to have too many people doing applied R&D. Wealth grows by trade and innovation. More innovation means the pie gets bigger, faster, and we can afford more of the rest. But applied R&D is mostly STEM, which has inherent barriers to entry.

    (Just realized this post may be reserved for links about the recent diaper dump of an election. If so, I apologize.)

  4. Video that goes over the congressional races; of particular interest are the red vs blue by district.

    I will also note that as of close-of-day Mike Garcia was way ahead in his CA district but since then the Dem has somehow come within 104 votes… in a normally very red area. (I would hazard that ALL blue wins in the Central Valley are illegitimate.)

    [wonder what WDE will think of me posting from a different PC.]
    [A: the usual cussing ensued.]

  5. Dr.Shiva lays this out as normal vs abnormal patterns, and issues an open invitation to math-and-stats types, or anyone who can help (see end of video):

    He also notes that the Trump team has been in touch, so they’re very aware of all this.

    Also, WPDE.

  6. Rudy and Sidney hold a press conference… the way they lay it out makes you want to stand up and cheer. This is Presidential Medal of Freedom stuff.

  7. Alex Berenson indulged in BadThink about COVID.

    “When the first pamphlet in his series was published this past June Berenson had a close encounter with Amazon of the kind with which we have become all too familiar. His pamphlet was rejected by Kindle Direct Publishing. And then ensued the familiar dance:

    Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk criticized Amazon’s decision in a tweet that said, “This is insane@JeffBezos.”

    Amazon later said in a statement that “the book was removed in error.”

    On Friday [June 5], the self-published booklet was No. 2 on Amazon’s Kindle Store bestseller list.

    Berenson published the third pamphlet in his Unreported Truths series this week and went through the same routine with Amazon. One had to follow the story via Berenson’s Twitter feed. This was my favorite tweet after Amazon pulled his pamphlet.”

    1. To be fair idiot bezos told us not to say anything about Covid that wasn’t “Approved” in his instructions. TO ALL OF US, including people doing SF.
      Also to be fair, they periodically remove the Dyce mysteries because they decide I’m pirating them from Ace.
      Yeah, I’m fairly sure he was a victim of malice, but incompetence is bad enough.

      1. Which is the point people keep missing.

        “Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and the third time is enemy action.”
        “Weaponized incompetence IS malice.”

        And Bezos and crew are doing the same thing that is getting our election stolen: “We’ll rewrite the rules and make everything electronic so you CAN’T contest it because by the time you get it close to a court the TOS or whatever will match OUR story and you won’t be able to prove jack.”

        Yeah, I get that he’s got his fist wrapped around authors’ throat. Get used to it. I’m quite certain that I just got turned down by a project lead within my company last week because the project was with the State Department and I’m a Republican. Not a blessed thing I can do about it….. but I’m not gonna shut up.

        1. No. Look, I see your point, but they actually do the same to the left.
          I see signs of the programmers running with the bit between their teeth and trying to automate things that shouldn’t be automated.
          As for his fist? WAY less than the publishers, STILL. Not even comparable.
          As for your getting turned down…. I don’t think so. I have reasons to believe it’s not your political affiliation. (No, I can’t explain in public.)

      2. Of course he did. From the article:

        “Do you think it’s a coincidence that @apple – which has much less to gain from lockdowns and arguably does better in a normal environment because phone use may rise with mobility – is far more willing to sell my books than @amazon?

        Yeah, me neither.”

        Never mind that the plague panic porn is based on a lie — as you well know — when suppressing the counter argument as the Commies demand is profitable too.

  8. Looks like last night’s wail of woe from a Biden staffer on /pol/ was real:


    Links thereon to Michigan and Georgia complaints.
    (The latter is CJ Pearson vs… probably to show standing, but OMG I cannot stop laughing.)

    Happy Thanksgiving, USA!!

  9. Trevor Loudon: America’s ‘Unfolding Socialist Revolution’ & Connections to China’s Communist Party
    Names and details of how they’re taking over American politics

  10. Quick overview of players in the CCP’s “Seed the Vote” project to flip red America blue:

    Also, the website cited at the end has many more articles and videos.

    [Addendum to above: I’d not previously heard of Trevor Loudin, but turns out he’s a friend of a trusted friend who is vehemently anti-Democrat-shenanigans; they’d worked together during the Obama era.]

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