They Have A Cunning Plan

The left has a plan so cunning that if it were a person, it would be teaching cunningology at Oxford. And the ones who get the reference will also know that their plan is about to go pear shaped in all sorts of interesting ways, and at the end of it there might very well be a turnip or two involved, but not as the only item available in the shelves of the grocery store.

Look, someone pointed out in the comments the left are trying to follow the “plan” for other communist revolutions round the world.

He’s right. They’re trying to follow it to the letter. Partly because it’s worked before, and partly, because to be fair, they’re a cult, and cults don’t know the reason for the ritual, they just follow it.

…. but it’s already going wrong. And it’s only going to get worse.

You see, part of the problem is that the cult of communism and the procedures for “the revolution” were set in the early twentieth century. And it’s designed for the early twentieth century. To the extent they worked in places like Venezuela, it is because the underlying structures of the society were still very much “early twentieth century.”

The US? Well, not so much. In fact we never were much like the early twentieth century in Europe, which is why they’ve had a hell of a time getting a foothold here.

The communist revolution is designed to work in a country that is mostly urban, with a vast urban underclass that can’t rise above for reasons both internal and external despite working unreasonable hours. It’s designed for a country with a firm aristocracy of the hereditary sort (even if that aristocracy is often from trade), it is designed for a country with a conscript army where the plum assignments go to the “good families” as a matter of course, it is designed to work — most of all and very importantly — in a country where they ABSOLUTELY control all the means of mass communication and do so without the vast majority of the people being aware of it.

The last time they could have pulled that off in the US was in the mid seventies. And my guess, honestly, is that they tried. I don’t know for sure, since the news of the time were all reported by biased sources, and besides I’m too lazy and too busy (yes, it’s weird. Often happens to me, though) to spend my day chasing down hints. I bet they did try, though. I bet they gave it a sporting try. And I bet part of the issue back then — as now, btw — is that they were pinning their hopes on a race war, having both not realized how much of a minority people of African descent are in the US (last estimate is what? 14%? Sizeable, sure, but not a large minority and certainly not a majority. Also, and seriously, a lot of that minority is middle class and whatever they voice from the mouth-out as uninterested as the rest of us in having the apple cart overturned. Apples are tasty. Genocide not so much.) Mostly because that sh*t was so successful in Africa, and again the left doesn’t think. It ritualistically applies “what worked” without being able to account for changed conditions.

Anyway, that was the last time they could have MAYBE credibly have followed their little red map to revolution and have it work. And even then Americans were just too darn contrarian. Why everyone and their parents were telling us that Republicans were so dangerous, that they were going to start the nuclear war, that– And we went and voted Reagan in. (Well, not me. I only worked towards it. I didn’t vote. I wasn’t a citizen and I’m not a democrat.)

In fact, America could have engraved on its door lintel “authorities can go f*ck themselves.” The left keeps forgetting that. And sometimes justifiably. Take their Covid-psy-ops. It worked. And it was all run on the “experts” and how important it was.

Uh uh. So, they think their control is back! They’re golden again, baby!

Yeah, not so fast. That one worked because a) even the most cynical Americans (born and raised) couldn’t imagine that anyone would be so evil and unprincipled as to cause famine in the third world by crashing the American economy solely to win an election. (The rest of us laughed in “man, you don’t know commies.”) b)it was coordinated and orchestrated all over the world, and they had a little help from China (and for the love of Bob why isn’t anyone questioning those “leaked” videos of people collapsing and dying in crowds that stopped coming from China the moment the virus hit America? HAS no one asked why these scenes haven’t happened anywhere in the west.) And Americans kept going “other countries wouldn’t close up only to manipulate American elections, right?” (Laughs in “you really really don’t know commies, do you?”) But of course they would. It’s the same elites in control everywhere, and Trump scared them.

The other thing they miss is that this is a trick that works only once. As it’s becoming glaringly obvious that the danger was grossly exaggerated and that this is utter and complete bullocks (yes, yes, people died. People die of the flu every year. And of other things too. “Tested positive on ridiculously high-gain test known for false positives” doesn’t mean they died OF Covid-19) the media has just burned another huge chunk of their credibility, even bigger than what it took to attempt to force us to vote for Hillary. Oh, and by the way, to the extent that Biden had real voters (a distinct minority of his counted-votes) and that those were lied too and told reassuring pap by the press, the press is already burning its credibility with them, like gasoline soaked paper in a bonfire. Mind you, for now the utter idiots might still believe that “ORANGEMANBAD” but the cognitive dissonance won’t long remain.

The media has been burning increasingly larger chunks of its credibility since it put everything on the pot to get the messiah, Barry Soetoro elected. Even they, with all their devotion, slavering lies and knee pads, couldn’t make people believe him a great president, or convince people they were prosperous when they were not.

They could convince people the Clintons were brilliant and their tenure a time of great prosperity WHILE THEY WERE IN OFFICE even if it crumbled afterwards. But with little Barry the simple, they couldn’t even keep it going while he was in office. (And partly this was, nota bene, because Clinton does love America. It’s a bit like a vampire loving humanity because humans are tasty, but he does love us, and he didn’t want to destroy the country as such. Barry however wants to punish us because in his deranged red-diaper mind, we’re responsible for his cool African daddy leaving him. People sense when they’re hated.) And he was an utter economic disaster, and that’s hard to hide. So, in the face of the greatest press in history, and the push for his handpicked successor, people shrugged their shoulders and voted for Trump, a dangerous wildcard as we thought at the time.

In fact, people did it again in 2020. The fact that they had to fraud massively at the last minute, and that the fraud was so blatant they won’t let any court investigate it is your million watt flashlight shining a danger sign to them in the night.

But they won’t heed it.

I’ve come to the conclusion most of the people manipulated by the media manipulation of the social and mass media are at this point…. the left. Which is kind of important to them, because at this point, the vast majority of the left (which are a minority in the country already or they wouldn’t have to fraud, fraud, and more fraud.) are not even useful idiots. They’re “go alongs.” They’re the people who — humans being social apes — instinctively attach to the strong horse, because it’s the ‘nice’ thing to do and they want to be in step with their times.

But their big problem is that the play they’re running with requires them to have FULL control of the means of communication and be able to sell — in full — their version of reality. And have people take it, unquestioningly forever.

It’s already falling apart. Oh, how they must have cackled and danced with glee as the 6th of January became tainted as “riots” even though compared to BLM and the rest it was barely bad behavior. (And even though there’s indications it had already gone massively wrong, since Trump started his speech late and spoke later than they expected, and didn’t lead people to the capitol. ALL of which they counted on. Oh, also, buffallo man? not a credible insurrectionist or revolutionary.)

You can tell that’s not sticking in various ways. First, they immediately got the expected reaction from the Republicans, which was to cave all along the line and start talking about the disgraceful riots. (Look, it’s not QUITE uniparty, Bitch McConnel notwithstanding, but the right are ABUSED SPOUSES. They reflexively cower when the left flexes its muscles.) But even as the left, hysterically, pushes the rhetoric to “attempted coup” and impeached orangemanbad for having a golden weasel for hair (unless you can come up with a better explanation) and having more votes than they could dream of, thereby forcing them to fraud in plain sight, the right is finding its spine. Don’t bitch slap Rand Paul. At least he’s saying our lying eyes are right.

The left is no longer controlling the narrative. Their lies are increasingly crazy and less credible, and people see that. At the same time people are losing trust in the press over the covidiocy and in the left, because six days into the usurper’s reign it’s becoming obvious the junta not only doesn’t have the best interests of America at heart, but doesn’t LIKE America much.

Sure, they have their five year plan. It includes purging the army of dissidents, and demanding their personal loyalty. In their echo chamber this is perfectly reasonable, you know. All the upper echelons who attend parties in DC will tell you this is perfect, and the grunts will do as told. Yeah.

And they’re going to confiscate guns. No, they’re really, really, really going to confiscate guns this time. Look, on facebook some weaselrat crawled out of the wood work to yell at us a propos nothing that everyone laughed at our redneck love for guns. (head desk) You see, they really think what works on them — insults and social shame — works on us too. Hell, I can’t claim to be a redneck, but my instinct was to smile and say “why, thank you kindly. We’ll see how they laugh when those guns are pointed at them.”

Gun control might have flown — did to an extent fly — in the seventies, but hell, these days we know what happens when you give up your guns. Again, they missed their window by, oh, fifty years or so.

Then they’re going to destroy our farms, our factories, our lives in the name of Global Warming, because, well, all their friends are scared sh*tless of Global warming. Except that well, we’ve been told we were all going to burn up so often even the short-term-memory bunnies no longer buy it. Except for the exquisitely indoctrinated and the media, it’s become a joke. “Excuse me, I have to go shovel some global warming off the driveway so we can go to work.”

They need FULL control of the press for this. They ain’t going to get full control of the press. In due time even Parler will be back, and besides most of us have already flown to different arrangements (I’m so fortunate to have kids in their twenties. There are so many places the left doesn’t expect us to be.) And people are ACTIVELLY working on alternatives to Amazon, to social media, to hosting sites. Because they “done pissed us off enough.” and Americans are always prone to trying to wade into the problem, even if all they have is a rag and a bottle of windex. (“Well, at least it can be a clean dumpster fire.”) I guess in world terms we are the guy. We see a problem, we solve, instead of sitting around the UN bitching and emoting.

SOME part of their addled, brain-damaged cult gets that it’s already not working, hence the brazen, bizarre attempt to pass all vote by mail, no challenges allowed, do as we say, peasant.

Well, maybe it will work. Bitch McConnel will try to help them, that’s for sure. But if it works, I declare it a wonderful opportunity to play the game on them. Let’s see, I have….. Counts again…. 300 characters in my head. Most of them are voting age. Do you discriminate against the differently existent? Then there’s the cats. Dead relatives. And– What? If they’re going to make the voting a joke, they should get a taste of their own medicine. And one of the things we are WAY better than they are at is COMPETENCE. At anything.

My guess is that an election under such rules will end up with a billion votes and nervous breakdowns on the left.

IF they’re smart, they’ll backoff before we get there, but alas, I’m very much afraid they ain’t smart.

I predict the next move on their part will be trying to make an example of someone like me — in fact someone exactly like me, you know, not big enough that everyone knows me, not willing to shut up under any circumstances, and …. weird. I.e. most of the people won’t get the science fiction thing–and my guess is they will fail, just as they have failed to sell us that Kyle Rittenhouseis white supremacist. In fact, our response to the Kenosha Kid should have served as their warning. And it sort of did, but only very briefly.

Mind you, we’re taking steps to be physically out of reach and hard to find, but my guess is whomever they attempt to destroy will instead become a folk hero.

Oh, and they will try very hard to purge the army.

And it really does seem they’re going full speed ahead with attempts at gun control.

And they’re going to attempt impeachment part two, while the nation looks in awe at how ridiculously insane they are. Because they really really really need to sell us on the idea that orangemanbad attempted a coup. But the more they poke at that narrative, the more it falls apart. And no matter how much they’re going to try to demonize Trump, they’ll also been dragging him to the limelight. Only idiots think this is a good idea.

From here on it only gets crazier. Their response to “well, that didn’t work” is NEVER “maybe I should examine why not.” Their response is always “double down.”

Am I saying it will be a piece of cake? Well, no. They have all the structures of government, and until they go far enough they have the force to enforce it. Besides, they’re importing more “caravans” which are mostly military age men, and by the way, from research Bill Reader did, members of communist organizations in their native regions.

But my guess is “real” immigrants, the vast wave they’re counting on, will fail to materialize. They’ve seen this show before, and they were already leaving under Obama, for the same reason.

And gang members and commies simply aren’t used to Americans. Nor are Americans about to turn in their weapons like good boys and girls. That doesn’t happen even in the North East.


It’s going to get chaotic and very very ugly. Briefly. On the good side, they’re continuing the good work that Donald Trump started. When this is done, it will be a clean sweep of both houses of congress, the courts (all of them) and yep, the agencies. Because the FBI and the CIA have revealed their hideous partisan faces.
On the bad side, so have most mainline churches. I don’t know what comes next, but I know that at this point a snake-handling pastor who is not afraid of having in person meetings or preaching from the gospel has a good chance of capturing a vast chunk of America, no matter how strange his theology. Bad? Well…. maybe. A religiously unified America would be very scary to the rest of the largely atheisticworld. Never frighten a little nation.It might kill you.

However, a word to the wise, if there are any, in the corridors of power, from the so called legislators, to the judges: Turn back now. You’re living in an echo chamber. You don’t know the real opinions of real people, because you’ve made it impossible to tell the truth without losing your livelihood, your family, everything you hold dear. And you have absolutely no clue how quick the preference cascade turns when the “go alongs” realize the majority isn’t where they thought it was.

If you throw your lot in with the left, you’re going to lose.

I grant you the most likely follow up to this is a Generalissimo Franco, but I bet you that too is temporary. Americans are too American for that to stick. Yes, even those of Latin ancestry. Only bloody racists would think otherwise, and the entire country isn’t the left.

Contemplate the fact that in the face of a barrage of demonisation and fear never before seen in the west, Americans hunched their shoulders and voted Donald Trump in such numbers the left had to fraud hard at the last minute and in plain view.

Contemplate that in no other country, not even the other anglophone countries is political blogging a big thing. (And it has to do with us being the citizen-rulers of this country.)

Contemplate that the people — THE PEOPLE — refused to turn on Kyle Rittenhouse.

Contemplate the fact that the narrative on January 6th is already in such tatters even lefty publications are admitting it wasn’t a riot, much less an insurrection.

Contemplate that the left put all its cookie chips on the right showing up to burn things and throw a fit at the FICUS Fraudoguration.

Contemplate that the public opinion is such they keep having to turn off comments on White House videos on the tube of ewes.

Contemplate that we’re really, really, pissed and you have our attention. And that the leftist narrative and that of its captive media are increasingly either ignored or seen as a contrary indicator.

And then go look at pictures of the Ceaușescus.

That’s what happens when a preference cascade occurs. In the morning, beloved leader on the balcony. In the evening, cooling meat.

We don’t want it to get there, but heaven knows the left is bound and determined to push the nation there. And they have absolutely no idea what they’re trifling with.

They’ve convinced themselves America is just like every other nation they destroyed.

They are wrong. And they’re creating mortal peril for themselves akin to driving blindfolded towards an abyss.

Throwing one’s lot in with theirs is highly inadvisable.

Not only is their map not the territory. Their map is written in crayon, includes imaginary lands, and is signed “turnip.”

Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike and Book Promo

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FROM CELIA HAYES: My Dear Cousin: A Novel In Letters

When Peggy Becker married Englishman Tommy Morehouse in San Antonio in the spring of 1938, her cousin and best friend Venetia “Vennie” Stoneman was her bridesmaid. After the wedding, Peg and Tommy traveled across the Pacific to Malaya, where Tommy managed his family’s rubber plantation. There they expected to raise a family and live a comfortable and rewarding life among the British expatriates in the tropics, while Vennie returned to Galveston to continue training as a nurse.
The start of the Second World War changed those comfortable, settled lives: Tommy Morehouse became a prisoner of war, Peg barely escaped the fall of Singapore with her small son, and Vennie Stoneman was a nurse in the US Army Nurse Corps, tending to battlefield casualties in North Africa, Italy, and France. In Australia, Peg waits out the war, wondering if her husband will survive brutal captivity by the Japanese, and Vennie risks her own life as an air evacuation nurse. Throughout all, the two women write to each other, of their lives, loves, of Vennie’s patients and comrades, and Peg’s children and the woes of running a wartime household among rationing and shortages of shoes for her children.

FROM PETER GREENWOOD: Fog of Peace: One Dad and his Army.

John Richmond and Frank Smyth have a hobby: they and their friends are WWII re-enactors, touring nineteen-forties festivals in the guise of the Home Guard. So, when Smyth’s daughter is trapped with some other women in a hotel siege abroad,
he turns to Richmond and the others for help.

Their first idea seems doomed to failure, or even to make a bad situation worse. They need to find a Plan B.

FROM BECKY R. JONES: Academic Magic: Academic Magic Book 1.

Zoe O’Brien has found her dream job at a small liberal arts college teaching the history of Medieval witchcraft and magic. Academic life is exactly what she expected it to be…until the squirrels stop by to talk with her and her department chair and best friend turn out to be mages.

Zoe discovers a world of magic and power she never knew existed. She and other faculty mages race to stop a coven from raising a demon on the winter solstice while simultaneously grading piles of final exams and reading the tortured prose of undergraduate term papers. But first, she must learn to master her new-found powers.

FROM FIONA GREY: Glitter: A Professor Porter Short Story (Professor Porter Paranormals).

Professor June Porter is worried. Her daughter Medina has shown no signs of magic, leaving her defenseless and isolated among magicians. Unless, of course, everyone’s about to discover just how special Medina is.


Rosette studies magic, tends a long spell of her father’s — the drudge work of turning lead into gold — longs to know what is happening at war. . . .

When she realizes her studies hold a spell that will let her learn, she learns more, and worse, of the war than she had expected.


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Trapped Underhill, in the land of the fae, Anna has to remember everything she knows about fairy tales. Not the sweet happy ones: the stories where Baba Yaga boils you alive and giants grind your bones for bread. Her skills as a hunter and her good manners might be all that keep her alive. At least, if she can keep the Wild Hunt at bay!


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Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike.

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Build To Last

I bought a set of two very large cups from Calamity Ware.

It was completely unnecessary and frivolous spending and I shouldn’t have done it (in my defense, Christmas presents this year were odd and also I went to their site looking for two wedding gifts I’m almost a year late on. Because it’s what my life has been like.

Those will be sent, but I couldn’t resist the idea of mugs that are sold with “It could be worse.” And what those mugs show are multiple catastrophes happening at once from UFOs destroying cities with death rays, to Godzilla coming from the sea, to dinosaurs rampaging– And it’s all done in beautiful, stylized, formal and traditional willow ware.

It’s such a perfect representation for our times, and such a reminder that we can and will survive and make something beautiful out of this that I couldn’t resist. (And some of you know the very weird relationship I have with my coffee mugs.)

I’ve been hitting my head to try to clear it, in the metaphorical if not the actual sense. Because what we’re seeing makes no sense at all and has the feel of a double exposure. (I need to write on that at length, and also why I think this time Obama actually is the puppet master behind the insanity because we p*ssed him off enough to overcome his laziness. Of course he forgot — or perhaps never new. He was very maleducated — that he’s industrial grade stupid and he never realized he’s pig-ignorant. But that’s another post.) But at the same time, I get a feeling like everything we’ve been living in is a lie. Like everything I believed is a lie. And I don’t mean what I believe about the US (which — hoists middle fingers to the FICUS — was and is great, even if it exists mostly in our hearts and minds.) I mean what I believe about humans and life itself.

A conversation last night with Bill Reader kind of brought it into sharp relief. (Not the full picture. that’s still a double or triple exposure. More on that in another post.) He pointed out how people are still congratulating themselves on all the judges Trump appointed, even when it’s been proven those judges don’t give a hang about the constitution and let the incredible fraud go by. But he used lists from the Federalist society. Well, yes. Which tells you exactly what has happened to that institution. It also tells you what has happened to our legislative bodies. Yurtle the turtle fought for those judges because they were his kind, not ours.

The entire system reacted badly to Trump because for all his faults he is American and he loves America. Our system is, and it no longer in any sense respects the constitution other than lip service.

Between the Marxist poison, deliberately trickled into the culture for 100 years by the USSR (yes, it fell but the poison went on) and the after WWII creation of a faux elite we’ve destroyed our culture and started aping the sick ways of dying Europe, convinced those were “sophisticated.”

Sending people to college and teaching them to do something — back when colleges did that — doesn’t make them smarter than the rest, or more capable. What it did was convince them they were much better than their peers, and make them behave in “cosmopolitan” ways. And that got silly ideas in their heads, like that people couldn’t really govern themselves and that “social scientist” or “social engineer” are meaningful terms.

In other words, by swallowing a lot of crap from increasingly inefficient and out of contact with reality academia, people became convinced they should destroy the American system which is indeed an abomination to the rest of the world, and instead build a clockwork technocracy.

This, because it was unexamined and came with the remnants of the USSR despondency-propaganda manifests itself in shows and movies (and books) where no one and nothing is clean, individuals have no agency and it needs a government or an ubermench to straighten things out.

If you wonder why we’re behaving a lot like Germany when it fell to the Nazis? It’s because our kids have been fed the same claptrap in post-modernistic clothes, with the racial hierarchies upended, because the one thing our overeducated morons are absolutely sure of is that their own country, their own civilization, their own (largely. I mean, sorry, even Obama ain’t black. Not where it counts, and how he was raised) race are wrong, wrong, wrong and must be completely upended.

Because if it weren’t, well, there would be no glory in tearing it down and building their clockwork kumquat. Look, they wanted to shove Commie LaWhorish into power (and they tried to get people to vote for her in the primary. She was the chosen one, with all the fanfarre) not because she is wonderful, or capable, but because she’s a broken down whore, ugly, with dead eyes and — from people who have worked with and for her — the mind of a sadistic child. They want this because their glory in getting her to ‘rule’ (with the “great minds” behind her, of course) is greater. And we, the common people they think are all corrupt, evil and hypocrites will have our own evil — they think — rubbed in our faces by having to submit to her.

So, we have a detached, broken, insane would be elite in power, who are desperately trying to run a movie that obliterates reality, because we keep scaring the crap out of them by acting in unscripted ways. Do you know why the capitol rally scared the heck out of them? Remember in their heads everyone is like them: empty nihilists animated by the will to power. Well, they knew there would be hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters coming to DC and they seeded the crowd with rioters and in fact started the break into the capitol before Trump was done speaking. If this were their crowd, coming to the capitol and seeing the broken windows, etc, not one stone would have stood on another. The capitol would be on fire. There would indeed be dead cops. And they would have their bloody shirt. Instead what they have is thin gruel, which they are trying to bolster into “the FBI can find you anywhere” but…. nothing happened and people increasingly know it, and their screams of “riot” are farcical. Their screams of “insurrection” and “attempted coup” are even crazier.
And that’s why we scared them. Because they behaved off script. They fail to get that we will at some point again behave off script, but what we’ll do will not be the Burn Loot and Murder show riots, but something that will be unstoppable and will only terrify them …. briefly.

No I don’t know when, because I can’t tell you that. It’s a matter of crowd psychology, and that’s tricky. What I can tell you is that it’s coming, because what these crazy people are doing and trying to start has absolutely no contact with reality. And I don’t mean no contact with reality in America. I mean, no contact with reality. None of it makes sense. And honestly, with Obama behind their grand fraud ascent what is going on is both evil AND stupid. As in, he hates us more than he ever did (and he always hated us, because we disappointed daddy. If we hadn’t daddy would have stayed and raised little Barry Pooh in his inscrutable authentic African ways. Or something.) but he’s also now convinced he’s some sort of mastermind. So everything they’re doing is transparently designed to punish us and hurt us, and it’s a toddler’s revenge fantasy, in which he throws his evil toys around and they stay thrown or do exactly what he plays them doing in his head. This won’t end well.

So, here, now, America, the short term — it’s going to get very very bad. Partly because it’s important that people see through the lies of the media and the indoctrination they were fed in school to how evil all of this nonsense is, and how “rule by the elite” is a nasty and anti-human thing. It’s important for our indoctrinated youth to realize that it’s not evil because it wears hugo boss uniforms and swastikas or even because it thinks whites are the ideal humans. Rule by the elite is evil because it treats humans as things and superimposes crazy theories on reality. Meanwhile our founding documents harness the imperfections of humanity in a way that makes us all rise.

And I was thinking that what I felt last year must be akin to what happened to the English under Henry VIII. I mean overnight, one of the pillars of their lives — the church — was gone, and what had been good was now bad and– And the common people couldn’t help but see that this was all insane nonsense and people were getting executed for doing what was lauded the year before, and hell, everyone knew it was all so he could lay that Boleyn whore. (She was not at all popular.)

But they submitted. And I’m sure sane people in England were going “what’s wrong with you?” which is what I’ve been screaming all of the last year.

What was wrong is that all their institutions and everything they believed in were not what they’d thought they were. Had they been, none of this would have been possible.

But it didn’t mean everything was lost. Eventually the executionpalooza and ‘you’ll be this religion because I told you to’ receded, and troubled Tudor England gave birth to America. Which built anew ideals of freedom for the common man, partly through having seen how bad it could get.

And yes, I know we don’t have colonies to go to. That must be fixed. Though i will point out if we manage to rebuild to some extent, shortly (and the difference is Americans still love America. Dying Europe threw over their heritage for socialism) in a hundred years our grandkids can colonize Europe. It will be mostly empty ruins and howling wasteland. They forgot how to have babies.

However, part of what had to change before civilization could be built anew, on firmer ground, was the story in people’s heads.

Now, look, history goes fast now, and also — technically and unless it takes another fricking two hundred years of convulsions and executions — America isn’t what Tudor England was. But their narrative was also broken, having come apart with the black plague, and then gotten worse as people got cynical.

I have a book somewhere about how Shakespeare invented humans as we think of them. It’s right and wrong. What Shakespeare invented to an extent was the common man. Sure, his kings wear crowns, etc. But they’re costumes. Shakespeare wrote good self-actuated English Yeomen.

Before him a lot of the stories told — unless in penny pamphlets on execution day — were about the “inevitable movements of history” and the elites and maybe the Deus ex machina no one could understand.

Shakespeare wrote people. Individuals. And some were very very bad, true, but some were very good. One thing the man didn’t have was the flat greyness of “everyone is horrible” or “everyone is a pawn to kings and queens and great people, and only created to pour out buckets of blood on the stage.”

And sure, he was a product of his era and of a middle class upbringing.

But what he did was get in people’s heads, as people went out to form colonies, and tell them stories in which they saw each of them and in which they mattered.

So, ladies, gentlemen, dragons, minotaurs and the occasional echnidia: we have our work cut out for us.

If civilization is to survive beyond the very bad no good containslivebobcatwouldn’torderagain two or three years ahead, we need to rebuild.

Not just rebuild our systems of government, our systems of culture and civics: though we need to rebuild that, but rebuild civilization. (Yeah, I know. And I was hoping to have an evening out to wash my hair in the next decade or so.)

So, roughly and whatever else we have to do to survive with dumbass idiots who hate us and are tripping on power in charge we have three long term points of action. And they must be done. Must. If we’re to come out of this with HUMANITY surviving. (And while humanity is a pain in the ass I think well of it. I mean, the ideal of rocks and empty space the left embraces is pretty, but it’s not a good story.)

-Have children. No, I mean that, have children. If you can find someone willing, or lay hands on the amazing tech of the 21st century (yes, I know the moral dangers. But life is better than not-life. Period. For me. You cut your cloth to fit your your garment) have children. At any rate, with crazy lockdowns or whatever going on (and they will again, when the “elite” gets scared what else were you going to do with the next 20 years? Play parchesi solitaire? Don’t be silly.
If you can in any way have children. Because the future belongs to those who show up. Have at least three, because if your grandkids are going to colonize Europe (you only think I’m joking) let alone space you need far more than replacement number.

-Raise your children. Look, heed Peterson: don’t let your children become someone you hate. This means to an extent a lot more work (you don’t even like parchesi, remember?) because you can’t — can’t can’t can’t — offload them on the education factories. Because they don’t educate, they indoctrinate and they create nihilists and people who think individuals count for nothing. And sometimes the poison is so subtle you will not see it until it’s too late.
Homeschool. Create co-ops with like minds. GET INVOLVED WITH YOUR KIDS’s MINDS. Virginia Heinlein once told me that the most important work was forming children’s minds. And she was not wrong.
And if it’s absolutely impossible for you to have kids, remember there are a lot of kids out thee that have no functional parents at all. While adoption is difficult to impossible and all men are suspect in our broken society, find a way to teach, to pass on wisdom and to make sure we’re not raising yet another generation of unparented children. Sometimes even a passing influence makes a big difference. Trust me on this.

-WRITE. WRITE STORIES. Write stories about individuals. The left can’t you know? Increasingly it’s all about how the archetype does this or that.
The stories of the left, winding through the culture, have destroyed it. If you can write write stories about people. Flawed people, sure, but make sure you don’t fall to the “no one is clean.” Sure, nobody is perfect, but individuals (and cultures, I’m looking at you America!) still achieve towering goodness despite their abysmal failures. People tend to have the virtues of their vices, and sometimes they can overcome the vices enough to make the virtues shine. Write some of those people. But write normal people too: silly, ignorant, but self-actuated and worthy of having their say in their own lives. We need to rebuild the idea of who and what they are in people’s lives.
Oh, and write blog posts too. Heck, create memes. The important thing is to replace the old rotten narrative with the truth that individuals are what matters, that they have agency and that even when silly and bizarre they can be — and are — admirable.

-CREATE. I know not all of you are writers, but anything new you create, particularly if you create something magnificent, whether it be a cabinet a dress, a ballet production, a painting, ANYTHING YOU CREATE gives the lie to the left’s bizarre, oft propagandized “inside story” that nothing matters but the masses and the forces of history and that everything must be produced by committee.
YOU CAN BUILD THAT. And you will. Go and do it.

– And in that vein, not because we need frontiers (we do, but they can be frontiers of the mind. Truly. It’s a lie to believe they can’t) but because humans were born to strive, and because having all your eggs in a basket is wrong, if you can and have the mind and the training to, go work on getting us out of this rock and giving us new horizons to colonize. Yes, we’re descending to dark days, but I’ll remind you Von Braun, rightly or wrongly made use of one of the most evil regimes in history to find us a way out of this rock. Do what you have to do, but get us the stars, okay? (Younger son says every engineer wants, ultimately, to do that. Well…. makes shooing motions with hands, what the heck are y’all waiting for? WHY don’t I have a shuttle to the Mars colonies, yet? Why are there no Mars colonies for that matter. GO and do it. Sure, it might take a lot of money, or who knows, maybe you can build a gate like the ones in Tunnel in the Sky. Yes, I know scientists say it’s impossible. And? Go. You have work to do.)

– Live your best life. Be a decent human being. Help the suffering, bind the wounds, sure, but also learn new stuff, do stuff, be good to your family, stick to the oaths you swore. Create, and live and be joyful.
It’s important to look at Commie laWhorish and the corrupt, bought and sold old pedophile and realize the left thinks this is the best of humanity. The best we have. They’re just not “hypocrites” and not “hiding it” like the rest of us. Because they don’t believe it’s possible to be good or joyful or to build.
JUST being something they think is impossible is a kick in their rotten, pumpkin heads.

Yes, I’m very afraid we’re going to have to fight in other ways too, but the thing is those ways won’t rebuild civilization. These will.
Go and be excellent. Make a leftist’s heads explode.

In the end, we win, they lose, and on the way there we’re going to be very very busy.

It’s okay. I don’t like card games and I don’t want to learn parchesi.

Go forth. You have work to do.

I Wake Up Screaming

Guys, we’ve been thinking about this all wrong.

We’ve been thinking like these are normal American grifters and idiots. In other words, Democrats and their useful idiots.

And then I figured it out.

Okay, so you guys remembered how we laughed during the campaign when every one of the democrats raised their hand and said he would tax us higher to pay for health care for illegals?

And you know how even a week ago, I was scratching my head and going “Why the hell do they think naturalizing every illegal who is here will work? Most of these people come from countries where this type of bullshit is old. MOST of them will already be beating feet towards the border at speed.”

Ah, but I was thinking in terms of their replacing the population. I was being, what do they call it? Naive. Also American.

Shake the snowglobe of evil. Again.

Now let the dust settle.

Like this: They make illegals citizens. They don’t care if they stay here. This is their chance to send money AND ballots abroad. FOREVER. So the rest of the world can vote them into power in perpetuity FOREVER. While Americans are kept imprisoned, working themselves to death to feed, clothe and pay the third world to keep these people in power FOREVER.

And if you complain? You’re an insurrectionist and enemy of the state and everything good and proper who must be destroyed.

And they think that will work. And it will. Five, ten years before Americans discover what’s really going on. Which is long enough for everyone involved in this at the international level to be rich beyond the dreams of billionaires. And if they play their cards right for our army by then to be composed mostly of people born and raised and speaking the language of those third world countries.

So, no matter how well armed Americans will be fighting back against a — granted third world and therefore poorly trained — army equipped with the best armament in the world.

And with luck, they can make us like Imperial Rome with them in power forever. (Americans would never devolve into imperial Rome, but this won’t be America. Or largely Americans.)

This is the most extraordinarily well planned invasion in the history of mankind. The Trojan horse is nothing to it. And they did it co-opting our institutions, already destroying our election process, and using as stalking horses some of the most corrupt politicians the world has ever seen.

So, who is behind it? EVERYONE. Ever single bien-pensant Euro asshole, Winnie the Xi who doesn’t want us stopping his enslaving of Africans and South Americans and who can in fact get us to feed their slaves, international billionaires who will suck us dry as we die.

There is a lot of ruin in a nation, but best of all, with a little care, you can take that ruin and make yourselves beyond unimaginably rich.

AND you can do it while turning off the gas of the peasants (note the keystone pipeline and the ban on fracking) confiscating their food for what is soon to be a world famine (Don’t you care about starving people, you evil man) and in general destroying America to make sure it never rises again.

And our media will applaud, and — already — talk about the godlike qualities of the invaders. Our courts, including supposing conservatives, will facilitate this. Our congress, both parties, will roll over for this as they have for the fake election.

And our army will stand by because — oh my — we can’t expect them to do anything about it. Why, that would be evil. These aren’t invaders, and we’ve had crooked elections before.

<Applauds in the direction of hell.

Well played. Amazing gambit.

Looks upwards. And now, what do we do?

Keeping The Candle Lit

In haste and probably not very coherent, because I woke up really late. You see, I have a sinus infection. This is fairly standard for me this time of year, and being in the house all the time (mildly allergic to cats & very allergic to household dust) doesn’t help. (Yes, I know, cats. shut up.)

Actually that allergy to cats is a good starting point. I’m mildly allergic to cats. As in, if I share my house with a particularly fuzzy one — Pixie first, now Havey — and I don’t vacuum or dust for a little while, I’ll be stuffy. Not very stuffy, just a little.

It’s annoying, but I’ve always (except for between around 18 and 25) lived with cats. So a little stuffiness is normal. And it’s not so bad. I mean, it’s not really uncomfortable. It’s what I’ve always known.

Which relates to the times we’re going into.

None of this is normal. And it’s important to remember none of this is normal. It’s important to not let ourselves be gaslighted. It’s important to keep our own little candle lit, to see things clearly.


Look, they grossly over-hyped a virus, shut down the whole economy in order to crash it and, more important, in order to keep people panic-tied to the TV as they were after 9/11. This allowed them to fraud an election in plain sight and slander President Trump in ways reminiscent of Emanuel Goldstein in 1984. People hate him without any clue WHY they hate him.

Try this with one of your liberal friends, if you still have any: ask them what Trump did that was “shredding the constitution.” They’ll probably come up with something like “children in cages” at which point remind them that a) the constitution applies only to citizens. b) the pictures the saw were from Obama’s day. Then ask what else. The brighter ones will say something like “sent federal troops into cities.” Say “to defend federal property, like you know, the Naitonal Guard in DC.” At some point they’ll snap and start yelling at you that you’re a racist/sexist/homophobe (even if you are a black, gay woman, promise) because you’re endangering their indoctrination. That was the point of having people stuck in front of the TV.

Even so, most Americans hunched their shoulders and voted for Trump. Which is why the left is so terrified. Because they had to fraud in plain sight. In untold numbers. Which isn’t normal and also is not a good look.

Those who expected the Pyrrhic victory to make America normal again are all hopeful today, and we’re in fact probably going to see a temporary easing of the covidiocy restrictions. Why temporary?

Because they need these restrictions on forever to keep control of you. At the same time they need to lift them now because their ideas for the economy (and the bullshit the FICUS already signed) are terrible for us and the economy, and to sell us on “we’re better than Trump” they need the economy to be better for a little bit, before the terrible scourge of Covid or something like it comes back and they have to lock us all down again, destroy our lives.

I expect about six months. Eh. Probably just me, but I expect a second “more deadly” Covid (or third, since the Great Britain one is fizzling out) to kill the FICUS and that will mean we all have to be locked, this time harder. And for as long as they need to get the rebellion under control/from arising.

Look, it can’t last. It won’t last. They’re not very bright. They don’t have even a modicum of support. And they aren’t even disguising they hate this country and their entire purpose is to browbeat us.

Look at that article too, as “don’t do this.” Biden did not become president. There are ways to become president in America and lying, frauding and getting the suborned courts to look the other way is not a LEGAL way to become president. He’s an usurper who acquired the powers of the president. …. for a little while.

But here’s the thing: they’re already starting with the laws and framework to punish dissent. And until they can make them legal/operate, until they weaponize the corrupt structure they stole against us, they’re going to try to browbeat us into submission with “reasonableness”. Which of course isn’t in the LEAST reasonable but will be repeated everywhere until you wonder what’s wrong with you that you don’t believe it.

I saw this after Clinton won the first time, which was bad, because my only outlet was letters to the editor. But suddenly all the newspapers and magazines and everything, including the Mensa Newsletter (or why I dropped out) were selling the 80s as “the decade of greed” and explaining away the fact Reagan had destroyed their narrative of “things get continuously worse and less free, because that’s needed and the way things work.”

After Reagan a whole edifice of lies from the need for price controls, to the need for unions, to a lot more idiotic crap was swept away and never came back, but they tried. Oh, Lord, they tried. And they invented Global Warming as the new stick to beat Western Civ with. (Want to know what we’d have been like without Reagan. Look to Europe.)

They’re going to do the same with Trump.

They won’t win. The battle is in fact already lost– for them. But they’re going to do it, and they’re going to be really loud and demand you repeat the lies.

Some of you might need to. I wonder if some professions are as penetrated as they seem to be, or if the majority is keeping quiet and engaging in compelled speech in order to keep their position, not realizing they’re a majority.

I suspect in the convulsion that’s coming we’ll find out.

For now:
Don’t let them in your head. If you have to say things, don’t let them in your head. The election was a fraud, the majority of people DO NOT want socialism, and criminalizing your opponents’ speech is not acceptable. Oh, and disagreeing with the government is not a crime. It can be punished as one, and cost you your life, but it’s not and will never be a crime. Individuals exist. Seeing things differently is never worthy of punishment.

Harden and diversify. And by that I mean online.
Part of my very hard work the next few months is to make sure that there are other venues where I can continue selling/being paid, in case I’m not allowed in the mainstream ones.
Yes, I do know worse things can happen. Yes, I know I might end up dead. I don’t think I will, but that might be the bias of normality. Well. I like living, but there are worse things than death.
Anyway, harden and diversify in everything, including not keeping your wealth in only one form. Not keeping your food in only one place. Keeping your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark, and YES taking care of your body. We all fell into our vices in lockdown, but it’s time to work. You’re more important than you. You’re a vessel of freedom, damn it.

Get Safe. I can’t give specific advice on this because it depends on who you are and what your problem is. For me and my family it means getting out of state. Partly because the state is blue, but honestly we’re in a red pocket. It’s just that–
We don’t know how this resolves. A separation by states (which won’t last, but well…) is likely. Being in a blue state could mean being dragged unwillingly to the enemy camp. On top of that, starving Colorado or at least the area I’m in would be easy, because nothing grows. NOTHING. Well, cows, but after they make those illegal….
BUT more importantly, while our address isn’t public, it’s discoverable because we bought this house under our legal names. And that’s a liability when the death-throes left considers it their right to silence anyone they don’t approve of.
Even without death squads, I have some very …. specific breaking points that make it unlikely I’d survive incarceration. Hence, we’ll move to an undisclosed state. Huns dinners will happen only in “cannonball runs” which we do need to make places where we have family a couple of times a year. (And yeah, it’s going to cost us.) OR they might happen online. I’m trying to set that up, okay?
The people I worry about are those married to CONVINCED leftists. I pray for them a lot.

Don’t raise Stasi members. Get your kids out of public school. They will re-open and the indoctrination is going to crowd out all learning.
Stop that. Even on this blog there are people who will give you ideas on how to keep the crazy left out of your kids’ minds.
Yes, I know some of you MUST work. Investigate forming a pod with other people in the same situation. IF not for the fact we must keep our place secret, I’d offer. I always wanted to teach. Did for a while. Anyway, prioritize teaching the basics. Start now collecting books on history, etc.
IF you absolutely must give your kids to the indoctrination factories, as hard as this is, and as dangerous, you MUST teach them at home after school. YOU MUST. Teach them the real stuff. Enough they don’t grow into Stasi members, but also so they’re functional. Make sure they have the basics of math and reading. Even in my kids’ time that was becoming iffy.

NOT ONE RED PENNY: In the new definition of “red”, not one red penny should go to a blue cause/state/artist/business.
Of course that’s impossible. I’m not stupid! They made themselves indispensable by outright cheating to keep everyone who disagrees with them from succeeding and by incentivizing each other. So, you’ll have to spend some money with them now and then. BUT always evaluate. If they’re not of us, try to find a source that is.
And if you must buy a writer on our side who works for a bad house? Pirate or buy used, send the author a letter with a couple of bucks. THAT is fine.

A RED NET: The opposite of Not One Red Penny is support the right. Hire to the right of Lenin preferentially. Buy from people to the right of Lenin preferentially. Form business alliances. Promote each other.
The left is going to make it as impossible as they can for us. It’s time to fight the way they did to get where we are. No, it’s not wrong. if one side hires preferentially their own, and the other ignores membership in the side in hiring/buying, the second side will lose. AS WE’VE FOUND. Learn.

CREATE: by which I don’t mean ONLY artistic. We need techs to build “alternatives” to the lefty structures. Yes, most of them will fail. Which is why we need many. I’m working on some, and growling as I hit walls (and I’m making shameless use of lefty friends.)
Yes, I know we all have full time jobs; we’re very busy. BUT it’s time. They also fight who create alternatives to paypal, amazon, good reads, facebook, etsy, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. (Just harden all of those.)
Or if you’re a social person? well, we need someone to organize (as Spero pointed out) swarms of letter writing and social media posting so the corporations don’t always fall to the left.
Other things we need: People who understand money and can figure out how to keep or people in business/supported when the left makes us illegal.
REAL journalists, who know how to do investigative journalism, and who might have to start their own sites to report the REAL news. Like, say about what happened in the Capitol.
We need, as the professor coined it, An Army of Davids. Because no Goliath can stand before us. If enough join in.
As with not knowing what will make you safe, I don’t know what you CAN do. This blog is however open for blogs, however pseudonymous, where you go “I think doing this will help” and explain your plan, and we’ll see what people think.
I suggest you sit down and tag what you CAN do that will help us and others in the tough times ahead. Be aware for the beginning it will be extra work on top of what you MUST already do to survive. And it won’t pay — it’s more likely to cost — up front. But it might be the difference between surviving and not.
Yes, the left is going to try to make us eat the bread the devil baked. And they’ll try to make sure we suffer the most.
So? Let’s not let them. Let create structures and alternate paths to survive and thrive. DO IT.

In the end, we win they lose. Because otherwise HUMANITY is lost. And I will not accept that.

As an addendum: I’m considering promoting a “shut your purse February.” As in, other than food and gas and other absolutely essential perishables/consumables, buy nothing for the first few month the Economy is on the FICUS shoulders.
I just don’t know if there’s enough time to publicize it. But I’m willing to consider your opinions on this.

Most of all, if do nothing else, don’t allow yourself to forget. And trust your lying eyes over their proclaimed “truth.”

Be not afraid. We’ll win this. It’s just, as someone said, it’s going to take a lot of sweat, blood and tears.
But anything worthwhile always does.

Not Today! – A Guest Post by Amie Gibbons

Not Today! – A Guest Post by Amie Gibbons

They say kneel. They scream it. They demand it. They threaten our lives and livelihoods if we do not comply.

And do you know how we reply?


I’m shocked the Captain Americas came out of leftist Hollywood like they did. With a hero who stands for patriotism, truth, justice, good, the American way, freedom, individualism, and fighting until your last breath for those ideals.

One of the points of fiction is to get you to think through a story. The Captain Americas tell stories of ideals the left can not allow to flourish. And yet, they’re out there. Look at The Winter Soldier. The whole speech computer Dr. Zola makes is exactly what the left is pulling now, and Zola was the bad guy.

“HYDRA was founded on the belief that humanity could not be trusted with its own freedom. What we did not realize was that if you tried to take that freedom, they resist.

The war taught us much. Humanity needed to surrender its freedom willingly. After the war, S.H.I.E.L.D. was founded, and I was recruited. The new HYDRA grew, a beautiful parasite inside S.H.I.E.L.D.

For 70 years, HYDRA has been secretly feeding crises, reaping war. And when history did not cooperate, history was changed… HYDRA created a world so chaotic that humanity is finally ready to sacrifice its freedom to gain its security.

Once the purification process is complete, HYDRA’s New World Order will arise. We won, Captain. Your death amounts to the same as your life, a zero sum!”

A lot of us are feeling that last line. Everything we’ve done to push back leftist policies, every fight from the local level to the federal added up to nothing. A zero sum. We’ve lost. The socialists won. They rigged an election, took over two branches, and the Supreme Court can be threatened to let through socialist programs against the Constitution with a court packing plan, a la FDR.

So how did they do this?

Through fear!

They sowed fear and chaos through our cities on and off for years. Then 2020 hit, and they grabbed onto a molehill and turned it into a mountain to scare the shit out of all of us.

Some disease that’s basically a bad cold came out of China, contributing to the deaths of many of the elderly in countries with bad, socialist healthcare systems, and the political class in America picked up the ball and fucking ran with it.

Yeah, I’m saying it. Covid is nothing worse than the Swine Flu, actually, it’s probably less bad because it hasn’t taken out very many young people, which a nasty flu does. We as a country could have told people about the disease, the risks to the elderly, what could happen to younger people, like with the flu, told people they should wash their hands well, wear a mask, gloves, stay away from others, etc., and went about our lives. Just like we did in 2009 with the Swine Flu.

How many people did the Swine Flu kill? Oh, you don’t know off the top of your head? THAT’S BECAUSE THE MEDIA WASN’T FUCKING BLOWING IT UP FOR A YEAR!

Yes, people died, we do that. It’s kinda part of that whole being human thing. Especially when we get old. Hey, I hate it too. I’d love to be a vampire. To stay young and healthy forever, or until somebody staked me because they thought vampires were evil. (I’d be a good one, like still me, not one like a Buffy vampire where the souls are gone and there’s a demon in its place.) I sure as shit don’t want to get old and die.

But they blew it up over media. Every single death that was due to respiratory issues, or where the person had the covid when they died, even if they died from injuries in a car crash, even some people officials just reported as having covid because the person died and was old, all were counted and spat out. Every single day. On every news site. Everything on social media was around it.

So the public was afraid enough for the governments to step in to “help.”

(What are the scariest words in the English language? Anyone? Buelur?)

First it was 2 weeks to flatten the curve (Gee, it’s been a long 2 weeks.)

Then came the mask mandates.

The governments shut down business, established curfews, dictated the businesses they “allowed” to stay open to not let people in without masks on, thus obscuring our faces, and dehumanizing us.

And yes, the governments did dictate that to businesses. So if you’re one of the people saying businesses can require masks because they’re private businesses, then yes, you’re correct. The part you’re missing in that little logic circle is the part where businesses decide to do that. They didn’t. They’re doing it because the government threatens to yank business licenses, liquor licenses, and/or fine them up the ass, if they don’t establish these rules.

Even businesses that are all about freedom. A particular America loving brewery in Nashville that we hold a lot of conservative events at because they’re awesome, is one such place. They will not play mask police. They think it’s a stupid as we do. But the last time our group had a meeting there, someone called the health department to tattle on all the people not wearing masks, and the health department actually parked officials at the door for a bit to make sure people were wearing them.

(Luckily they were gone by the time I got there, because I refuse to wear a mask. And I would’ve been an asshole about it. But, really. I won’t do the mask thing. It’s my line in the sand. I’ve worn one on the plane to see my family, and that was because they really wanted to see me and I love them, and I wore one when visiting the hospital. That’s literally it.)

Some people told me and bf after the talk at that event that if the health department shows back up, just hurry put on our masks if we’re not sitting at a table, so it looks like we’re all complying. Do you know what I said?

“We don’t have masks.”

Yeah, read what the person said to us again. Masks have become so prevalent, so normal, so expected in our society now, that even patriots assume everyone has a mask on them, and are surprised when ya don’t.

Because you’re supposed to have them, even if only to give the appearance of compliance.


Say it with me now. NO!

Stop complying! Stop letting this be normal. Go to stores, restaurants, recreational activities, walking around town, and don’t have a fucking mask on your person. Just don’t do it. (I’m not saying this if it’s required for your job. We have to get it less normalized before y’all can risk that, because now you’d probably just get fired.)

If the store says you have to have one to get in, ask politely if there’s exceptions, if not, don’t shop there. Go to the grocery store in the next county if you’re in a commie one like me (don’t worry, I’m moving in May 😀 ), or to the next one down the street if you can’t get out of the commie central quickly or easily. Figure out what places (or what times they have workers not playing mask police) are available to you, and go there. Same for restaurants saying you have to wear one to your seat (which is so stupid on so many levels my brain burns from the idiocy dripping onto it through my ears whenever I hear such bullshit).

There are so many people who comply because they don’t want to be a problem, or it’s not a big deal so they’ll just wear one, or whatever. People who don’t believe they should have to wear them, but comply anyway.

Stop it! All of you. Stop it today.

It became normalized so fast because almost everyone against it went along with it anyway, so they didn’t make waves.

Make. Some fucking. Waves.

If half the people in the grocery store are suddenly not wearing masks, it’s going to be a hell of a lot harder for the mask police to tattle on all of you. If this becomes more normal in stores, bars, restaurants, and so on, the governments won’t be able to cow businesses into submission, because they’ll be so many with people not wearing masks that they won’t be able to park officials at them all to watch all of us.

This is why they made up the whole, if someone else isn’t wearing a mask, they’re putting you in danger even if you’re wearing one thing. Yeahhhhhh. It wasn’t enough to say people need to wear masks to protect themselves. No. They had to have the public convinced that the person next to them could kill them, put them at risk, so they report on each other.

See the brilliance there? The authorities don’t have to spread themselves thin keeping an eye on everyone, the Mask Stasi does it for them. And they can do this easily because most people are going with the flow and following the rules, so the ones who aren’t are easy to spot and take down.

So, I say again, stop following the fucking rules! It’s not harmless to follow the crowd. It’s not you trying not to be difficult. And it does make a fucking difference.

In less than a year, they scared the public into dehumanizing ourselves by covering our faces, staying home and cutting ties with our social circles (which social creatures need, trust me; I’m an introvert who is happy to be working from home because of the convenience and because my cat’s here, who is severely hurting because of the lack of human interaction in everyday life), and reporting on our neighbors and friends. Not only that, but they made it normal. They made it “the right thing to do.”

Oh my god, how brainwashed are you when you think screaming in someone’s face because they aren’t wearing a mask, or turning a business you go to and like into the authorities is the right thing to do?

We are not going to take back our country in a day. We just aren’t. There’ll be damage that it might take something extreme, like war breaking it all down, to undo. But it’s time to take a page of the left’s book on some of this.

  1. Don’t comply with the dehumanizing and over regulation. That’s the first one for a reason. Because that’s what started the 2020 steal and I’m fucking sick of our side going with the flow and trying to be polite. Walk into the store or restaurant without a mask. Just don’t mention it. Some places will ask you to leave, some won’t. The former ones lose your business permanently.

Don’t be a Karen and scream at retail workers (No, really, don’t do that) but start being unruly!

  • Teach. The left took over society so completely because they infiltrated important, next generation affecting areas for decades. Education, journalism, and entertainment. Start with teaching your kids and others the ideals America was built upon. Equality, individualism, hard work, reaping the fruits of your labor, and freedom.
  • Report. The main stream media can’t be trusted. They proved this all year by blowing up a virus, during the summer by portraying domestic terrorist attacks as peaceful protests, on the 6th by blowing up one riot like it’s the modern day 9/11, and probably will have something else they twist and lie about today. (I’m writing this a few days in advance, so if something happens in the next few days, that’s why it’s not addressed here. But I am predicting leftist shenanigans on inauguration day.) So follow local and/or small time sites reporting what’s going on, watch things streamed live if you can, go to the site of the action and stream live for the world to see so it can’t be covered up and edited out so easily later.
  • Entertain. Yep, this is where us writers come in. Entertain the masses, with our own subtle little messages, portraying liberty, thinking for yourself, freedom loving Americans as normal everyday people. (Don’t go overboard into message fiction that trumps all plot and characterization, that’s where the left went the last decade or so and that’s why those books and movies suck).

The left didn’t brainwash millions of people overnight. They did it over 40 odd years of movies, TV shows, and books subtly portraying the right, conservatives, gun owners, Southerners, religious people, those in rural areas, and so on, as backwards idiots, rich fat cats keeping the little people down, psychotics, and bad guys.

And they didn’t start out shoving it down our throats like they do now. They had a character say a snarky comment about Republicans in an otherwise completely non-political, funny show, like Gilmore Girls. They had episodes of Frasier where guns were portrayed as wild things that went off on their own. Any shows in the 90s and early 2000s showed people who were home schooled as inbred idiots.

They made those labeled as Democrats the normal, everyday people you watched because it was good entertainment. And then they took that label and moved it further and further left until you have the socialists we have today. And people not paying attention to real politics, just to the media, still think of Democrats as the blue collar, for the little guy, wanting equal rights normal people they were portrayed as in those shows. Because the average person on the street, is the normal, hard working, wants a better life for their kids American, who thinks politics suck and has no clue it’s the democrats going socialist that fucked up our country because the media keeps saying it’s conservatives messing things up.

We have to slowly take things over, take them back. (Assuming we don’t completely lose America in the next few years and have to go to war to get it back.) We have to play the culture war. That starts with you. Yes, every single one of you.

Today, stop complying with what they say is normal. Stop accepting it. As Sarah says, build up, build around. We have to. This is the fight of our lives.

When they tell us to knell, say, “Not Today!”

As for my part, I write entertaining, character driven urban fantasy series where the characters are everyday people like you and me, who work hard, believe in love, loyalty, truth, justice, and the American way, who carry weapons, fight evil, and are heroes for it.

My Elemental Demons series is one such series, and coincidentally, Book 2, Scorpions of the Air, came out on the 19th! (No, really, the book was finished in December, and got through editor and beta readers at the right time for it to come out right before the inauguration.) It just worked out that way. But damn, is it timely! Check it out 😀

There are more things in Hell and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

*This is Sarah Hoyt, and I approve of this message. I too refuse to kneel. I can’t do much, but what I can I’ll do. There will be more USAian fiction coming, to help those of you who are more useful than I.
Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor are all worth it to live in a Constitutional Republic once more, to go home to America. I gave up everything I was and knew to live in America and be American once. And I’ll do it again. As many times as it takes to go home to America.
May G-d bless us and help us in the dark days ahead. G-d Bless America. We don’t kneel and we don’t bow. Congenital trait. We inherited it from our founding fathers. -SAH*

Reading Suicide Notes

Of all the things the last 12 months have robbed me of, the illusion that I’m a good person might be the one I cherished best.

Oh, I’m not a bad person. But it’s becoming very weird to read suicide note after suicide note from the left and not to growl “do it already. And stop trying to take us down with you.”

How can people hate themselves so much, at such a deep and disturbing level, and keep projecting it outwards?

Years ago I realized that was at the root of their issues. It’s the only thing that makes sense of what I’ll call, for lack of a better term, their hierarchy of hatred.

They hate those most like them — since most of them are actually white and fairly well off, and often from anodine and exceedlingly well mannered cultures — so they hate white people most (to the point they’ve now decided that “whiteness” comes in many colors. “D*mn white people and their — spins wheel — diversity!”), followed by what they perceive as white culture — even though they assure us white people have no culture — i.e. the sort of nicey-nicey middle class culture that they grew up in, followed by “capitalism” i.e. the free market that allowed them to live and prosper despite being rather sad sacks, followed by whatever country they originate in (seriously, it’s not just America), followed by countries they perceive as similar to their own, followed by countries more distantly related to their own, followed by humanity, followed by mammals, followed by …. life.

They never seem to realize what they really hate is at the center of that hierarchy, and is themselves.

Seriously, if you listen to them, this becomes very obvious. They pretend to lionize foreign cultures, but only until something even more foreign — animals, say — is juxtaposed, and then all humans are bad. And if they’re waxing poetic about an ape, they’ll throw it over for a kangaroo, and then the kangaroo over for a fish.

Their continuous eruption of signs against H8te and H8ters is bizarre if you don’t decode their obsessions. Because you can be sitting there going “Dude, I disapprove of illegal immigration for a host of reasons, including how it hurts the immigrants themselves and their countries of origin, and yes, our country and culture, but I don’t actually HATE anyone. Why are you so convinced the only reason I think differently is that I hate people or things?”

(Actually one of the weirdest moments of my life was realizing I don’t hate anyone not even people like Obama and the Clintons who objectively want to do/have done things that hurt me and my family and destroyed my country. I don’t hate them, not because I’m a good person, but because I don’t care enough for them to hate them. I just want them removed from any even remote ability to hurt me. It’s kind of sad to realize you’re not so much a good person as really, really lazy.)

I see them as turning in a circle of mirrors, and accusing people of all the hate they feel, but they know it can’t come from them.

Oh, and the suicide notes? The Biden administration isn’t even hiding they hate us all and want to destroy us.

The left used to be slightly more veiled. It was all about “care for the working people” or “poor children” or whatever the cause du jour was. And sometimes they were even convincing, at least when I was in my teens (then again I was in my teens.) I mean, their ultimate policies always hurt the people they were going to “help” but at least it had plausible deniability.

Now? Seriously? The “Stimulus” meant to help Americans went mostly abroad, and often for bizarre things, like you know gender studies in Pakistan. And Biden can’t stop himself from telling us all how much he loves Xi and wants to help Xi to world domination, and they really want to pay Iran to nuke Israel and eventually us, and–

Each of the cabinet picks from hell is basically a suicide note penned in America’s stationary, and signed America, but really from the left. (As my friend Bill Reader put it the other day “D*mn it, we didn’t even vote ourselves into socialism.”)

You look at that stuff and think “They really, really hate us.” And you’re not wrong. Of course you’re not.

But what you might not get is how much they truly hate themselves. Which is what is driving all this, in the end.

The dime finally dropped when I was reading an article (okay, the headline and skim) in the Washington post about how the FBI fears — I SWEAR I’M NOT MAKING THIS UP AND THIS WAS PUBLISHED IN A MAINSTREAM NEWSPAPER — “invasion by an army of violent and armed Qanon followers.”

Look, most Qanon followers, if my very brief dip into their twitter threads is exemplary, just say “G-d bless” a lot, and seem to be mostly people in precarious positions who have fallen off the ledge and are being held up by false hope.

I saw more signs of organized militia in my kids’ kindergarten class.

But like with their panic fear that Nancy Pelosi was to be assassinated with buffallo-man-tics, I suddenly realized “They’re telling us what they want.”

All the troops, and all the hysteria, are not so much part of a grand plan but the real and fervent hope that someone, someone, please put them out of their misery.

This conviction, btw, might have to do with the bizarre troll-invasion of my page. Those I clicked through to block? OMG. No, seriously. OMG. I don’t have words.

Some of them are fake profiles, fronts to be able to attack people inpunely. But just as many are their real pages, and they’re a continuous lythany of bitch and moan. Oh, not about politics, or half-joking about their cats, or whatever. I mean, I’m aware my postings haven’t been ecstatic the last year. But even on the most bleak days, there will be a joke, or I’ll like a friends joke.

These people? It’s all about how someone or other is doing them wrong or how they hate, hate, hate, hate living comfortably int he — so far — most prosperous society the world has ever seen, and how that society must therefore be obliterated. And it’s not hard to realize they hate everything because they’re so miserable, and in the end what they hate is that they can’t be happy/can’t find happiness.

What is wrong with them? I don’t know. I really believe they’re in great pain, but I don’t know what caused it. Is it the fact we’re in our third generation where parents hand their kids over to be raised by strangers? (Kids are pretty good at sensing love, and no strangers don’t love them.) Is it that they were told that constant happiness is the objective? (When it’s really not only more or less impossible, but usually a happy byproduct of doing something worthwhile.) Is it that they were raised to have “self esteem” meaning an inflated view of themselves, without being taught anything that would actually sustain them? Is it that they’re just pampered, bored and medicated and have never had to work for their next crust of bread?

The truly bizarre thing is that this seems to extend all through the left. Well, maybe it has something to do with Marxism sanctifying envy. It would attract a certain type of personality.

But still, really? On the rare occasions I buy a lottery ticket (mostly to have the chance to dream of all the absurd things I’d do with it) I’ve been known to joke “I just want a chance to prove it won’t spoil me.”

But the fact is I’ve known very rich people who lived, basically, normal human lives. Sure, they never had to sit in the cleaner isle agonizing “do I buy the good detergent, or can I make do with vinegar, baking soda and the cheap stuff again?” and they might have domestic help, at least of the “come by once a week and make sure I haven’t died under my collapsed TBR pile,” but they’re essentially normal human beings.

So, take the Bidens, the Clintons (please. We don’t want them) or Commie LaWhorish, or Nancy Grey Goose Pelosi.

They’ve each of them stolen, purloined, frauded and in other ways made off with enough money to support third world countries for decades. And they’re miserable. Their kids are on drugs, there’s whiffs of inappropriate sexual behavior all through their relationships, their eyes are dead and their faces reflect deep hatred of everyone and everything.

I know money doesn’t buy happiness, but surely it affords some searchlights to find it, no?

So why are all of them so miserable? So angry? So full of hate for everyone and everything that’s most like them?

And why are they penning suicide notes in all our names?

Honestly, I know I’m not truly a good person, because I should be weeping and praying for them. Well, I do both at times. But MOSTLY? If they were on a ledge, I’d be one of those people rhythmically clapping and shouting “jump, jump, jump.”

Only we’re standing right below them, and they mean to take us out with them.

How To Resist

Yes, I know. Some of you are going to say something more forceful is needed You’re not even wrong. If we get out of this without a butcher’s bill we will know not only that There is a providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children, and the United States of America but that we’re Himself’s very very spoiled and undeserving children.

But here’s the thing: a) I’m utterly unsuited for the kinectic stuff. Maybe not 20 years ago, but now? Not an option. b) the communists everywhere else have fallen, if the US didn’t actively prop them up. And there’s no one to prop them up here. I think the idiotic, vaguely hopeful bunnies think China will. But that’s because they believe what China says of itself, since they think the only totalitarian/lying country is the US.

Well, they have taken the structure of America. They haven’t taken AMERICA. Because we’re America, and they don’t even fully understand us.

They’ve spent…. 4 years cosplaying resistance, with yard signs and pins, and stunningbrave mouthing off, when no one was actually doing anything against them. Well, and that’s fine. That’s their style. The base of the left in the US is solidly affluent and/or mentally ill and often also indoctrinated into uselessness. They have a certain style. It ain’t good, but it plays in their limited circles and the structures they’ve captured. They know nothing about the world, but they can express it in convoluted sentences. They have no knowledge of world history, but they know the US is uniquely unjust.

So how else, were they supposed to “resist” a non existent threat but with stupid yard signs, the fist of communist oppression, and a bunch of ridiculous tautologies on a poster? That’s all they have. Though their paid for brownshirts are more destructive. But note they are destructive. Not constructive.

Either by natural mental and emotional inclination, or by indoctrination (which seemed to have that effect in many communist countries) they are not creative. In fact, they’re unable to find originality with two hands and a seeing eye dog, hence the rather bizarre products from traditional publishing and Hollywood which remind me more and more and Elizabethan preachers screaming opacity to the convinced and scared.

So. They’ve captured our institutions, and they hate us. They are going to make our life very difficult. They are going to throttle back our energy production, send our food to China, educate our children in a bizarre and distorted racist credo. They use worse propaganda against us than any country used against the enemy in any war.

They’ve convince ourselves we’re not fully human. That we’re disposable. That we don’t do anything worthwhile without their input.

Their plan for the “great reset” (And yes, it’s a thing. If you understand foreign languages, world leaders talk openly of it) is mentally retarded. Remember that video on how you own nothing, not even your living space and people use your living room for business meetings while you’re gone? Yeah. WHAT BUSINESS MEETINGS if no one is allowed to own anything, and we all have access to the same things?

The problem is the very very rich (and useless) who come up with these plans have never HAD to work. What they do is usually for the pleasure of ordering others around. They don’t even understand what’s in the minds of the normal human being who would rather sleep another hour but has to go to work and do the best he can so his children can have a better life.

The communist countries going completely and suddenly to shit and famine makes no sense to them. They’re sure this time they’ll do it better, and life will go on as always, but they will be able to tell everyone what to do and reap the rewards of everyone’s increased effort.

However until they can reach that dream, this is their short term plan.

And yeah, they’re going to try to ram this everywhere. They’ve gone a long way towards doing it in any field they control/any profession that requires licensing.

So, what can we do?

Well, if everyone were like me, we’d all, collectively, in one voice go “Well, fuck you. You acquired the government? Bully for you. we’re just going to collectively pretend you don’t exist.”

Unlike the left, though, I’m aware most people aren’t widget-like copies of myself. And things like the armed forces complicate this majorly.

But hey, we CAN do things.

For 4 years the functionaries and lackeys and bureaucrats circumvented Trump, to the point of outright lying to him, to prevent him from doing what he’d been elected to do.

Well, then, many millions of us can play that game, to circumvent the anti-we-the-people rule of people who frauded themselves into power. Let’s see if China will save them. (Spoiler, it won’t. It’s looking to suck us dry, which is another reason this is urgent.)

So how to circumvent that:

Chart your course — it won’t be instant — to get yourself to a rural or semi-rural or another place where you can grow your own food.

Figure out what you can do or have that you can barter with others, and deny the government a window into it or a tax for it.

Use cash whenever you can.

Lay in a supply of food. Every tyrannical government ruling without the consent of the governed, sooner or later uses famine. Make sure you have supplies and they’re not immediately discoverable.

Don’t let them in your head. You’l be aware of the lies. Hard not to. They have the megaphone. But don’t let them get in your head. Always read the news with a wary eye. Chances are high they’re lying.

They’re going to try to expropriate you using other people’s plight. They’ve twigged on with the covidiocy that they can use your best morals against you. And to be fair, the covidiocy destroyed our economy and there will shortly be a lot of plight.

This plight will not be aleviated by their taking your house/food/resources to give to people whom they’ve pre-destroyed. In fact, all it will do is make everyone starve faster. Refuse to believe that what they tell you is “the decent thing to do.” I’ll share my house with a homeless family when Nancy Pelosi shares hers with 10 homeless families. And I’ll let drug addicts camp on my sidewalk when they’ve camped all over Pelosi’s gated community.

When possible, shop non-corporate, non-virtual, not over the net. In fact, when possible shop directly from the producers. (I will be doing something about my own production and private shopping soon-ish. Might take a few months.

Yes, for now I buy ebooks and virtual entertainment from the giants. But that’s not what’s making them rich.

So, withdraw your support from people who want you dead or imprisoned or “re-educated.”

Any way you can think to thwart them, employ those.

I think it’s going to come to strikes in the end but I also know how hard those are on everyone, not just those who deserve it.

Oh, and don’t spend more than you have to. Remember, it’s their economy. They need your economic consent.

Yeah, it will hurt, but shorter and not as badly as they intend. And you can, by barter and selective buying (not one red cent to the left. All the red cents to the right) etc make sure it hurts a hell of a lot worse for them than for us.

They want to farm us. They want to make the entire country a vast slave plantation, and subjected to China at that.

But we’re America. We will not submit.

Hoist middle fingers aloft, and go thwart them.

Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike and Book Promo

Book Promo

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FROM MARGARET BALL: Tangled Magic: A Regency fantasy romance (Regency Magic Book 2)

After waiting ten long years for Richart Dalkey to realize she’s no longer the awkward young girl he grew up with, Elspet is thrilled when he finally comes to pay her court . . . until he divulges the true reason for his visit. His proposition? A sham engagement to discourage debutante Dorothea Turvoll, who’s infatuated with Richart and whom his mother wants him to marry. Elspet convinces him to pretend he’s desperately in love with her and actually court her instead, certain that with time—and a little bit of magic—he’ll see they’re meant to be together.
But another woman in Din Eidyn has her sights set on Richert, as well as some dark magic of her own, and she’ll stop at nothing to win the one man who can give her the social standing she desperately desires. Before long, the charade gets out of hand, and as scandal engulfs the ton, Elspet must decide how much she’s willing to sacrifice for the love she’s always wanted.


The Islamic terror cell that was annihilated by the 74 year old Vietnam veteran had a target in its sights compared to which the World Trade Center paled into insignificance. Authorities have given the figure of 50,000, it might have been more.

This book seeks to set the record straight regarding Kurt Langer. He had fought terror in all its forms, from the jungles and deltas of Vietnam, to the Anatolian plains of Turkey, to the NW Pacific coast of the USA. Terror had always come off worse.

His wartime experience had left him disturbed. He was a casualty, one of the walking wounded. He added a terrible stain to his life with the planned killing of an off-duty policeman.

The Islamic jihadis, kayaking stealthily for weeks towards their target could never have imagined that the old warrior, ‘released back into the community’; would destroy them.

His interception of the terror cell was his redemption. The world would call him a savior.

FROM JAMES MAYNARD: Flying on the Wings of Change: A story from Americas Divorce (The American Divorce Book 1)

It was the early part of the Tweens when the political divisions of the United States reached irreconcilable differences. Ted and Jim, a burnt out computer programmer and a double amputee combat vet, reverse engineer the pentagons drone program and create a rebel air force. While traveling the country helping others defend what is left of the country, they run afoul a most evil woman,,,,,

FROM PAM UPHOFF: The Maze of Worlds.

Christophe “Kit” Antoine is determined to escape from Foster Child Hell.

But stowing away on a truck going through a dimensional gate may have been a really bad idea. Or perhaps a good one, as he rescues children in a worse situation than he was in, and joins them in a wild trip through parallel worlds.


“Complete your tasks and you will be released. We have summoned you and you must serve us.”

“Never.” The word caught against the fangs in her lengthening jaw and became a growl. She looked down at her tormentors below her and knew them. Fox ears and cat eyes.

“Never!” She bellowed defiance that started deep within her scaled body and expanded with her to fill the sky.

Vignettes by Luke, Mary Catelli and ‘Nother Mike.

So what’s a vignette? You might know them as flash fiction, or even just sketches. We will provide a prompt each Sunday that you can use directly (including it in your work) or just as an inspiration. You, in turn, will write about 50 words (yes, we are going for short shorts! Not even a Drabble 100 words, just half that!). Then post it! For an additional challenge, you can aim to make it exactly 50 words, if you like.

We recommend that if you have an original vignette, you post that as a new reply. If you are commenting on someone’s vignette, then post that as a reply to the vignette. Comments — this is writing practice, so comments should be aimed at helping someone be a better writer, not at crushing them. And since these are likely to be drafts, don’t jump up and down too hard on typos and grammar.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Your writing prompt this week is: Warn

The Stink Of Fear

I’m mostly posting this so that you know I’m still alive.

I have a chapter of Witch’s Daughter “hanging on the machine” as mom said of half completed work (in her case sewing or knitting machine.) But I woke up feeling out of it and as though I have a hangover — probably the result of taking benadryl last night as eczema has started colonizing my neck now, and this is ridiculous. So I’m being extremely slow, and we have to go out today and do stuff. So–

Look, “how people behave” is a great way to solve mystery fiction, but probably not admissible in court.

HOWEVER the way the left and the media and social media are behaving is like conquerors who think (rightly) the rest of the nation is against them. More, they’re behaving like conquerors who KNOW they can’t hold on long. The stink of fear is roiling off them to the point of choking us. And frankly it’s making the rest of us afraid, because as grandma said “You can’t afford to trust a fool even on the ladder to heaven. They might push you down for no reason.”
Much less trusting a fool that will soon have access to nuclear weapons and the purse and army of the US.

And it fits neatly with the potemkin campaign which of necessity required most votes to be fraudulent and yet still came up short.

They have skipped the glorious reign 1000 years and are going right into locking themselves in bunkers from which they issue increasingly more deranged orders.

And their social media arm is going all in with them, because they are a unit. Behold the wisdom of our tech lords (a friend got this yesterday.)

You have to be pretty darn desperate to go around blocking anyone who questioned your ideas. This person is at about my level, maybe a little lower in influence.

This morning another friend sent me this he received:

FB just sent me a notice stating that I’m blocking from creating new groups, and blocked from creating events…expect more of this behavior.

Guys, yeah, this is totalitarianism, but it’s end-stage, last gasp totalitarianism. When they get to this point, THEY KNOW the whole country is against them, with not a shred of doubt. Hell, even hostile conquerors who just got done killing all the tribe’s nobility aren’t this scared.

Of course, this could be because they’re also not very bright. America fought long enough that when they COULD accomplish this all they had was “fourth generation” which in commie terms is like the 17th generation of royalty who marry their cousins.

In either case, it’s a bizarre thing to live through. Even the Soviets turned a blind eye to jokes about the regime, because they knew it was a safety valve.

Looks at sky When I told You to get a new plot, I meant one that makes sense. And not make live through it, oh, Lord.

I think the only reason I’m at large is, ironically, because I was banned for 24 hours. We’ll see if it subsists after this post, right?

Anyway, I’m okay, but have a lot of driving to do today. Because I’m NOT doing anything tomorrow. Or being anywhere I’m expected to be.

Meanwhile, y’all remember that a wounded pig is the most dangerous creature in the world, and despite their appearance of being in power, that’s exactly what we have: a wounded pig at bay.

Don’t be stupid and fall in any traps.

There will be time, by the by, to set things to right, and maybe — though I don’t see it — a way to minimize the butcher’s bill.

For now, this unfortunately applies to us:
“Everywhere he found boiling resentment, a fierce willingness to fight against the tyranny, but it was undirected, uncoordinated, and in any modern sense, unarmed. Sporadic rebellion was as futile as the scurrying of ants whose hill has been violated. PanAsians could be killed, yes, and there were men willing to shoot on sight even in the face of the certainty of their own deaths. But their hands were bound by the greater certainty of brutal multiple retaliation against their own kind. As with the Jews in Germany before the final blackout in Europe, bravery was not enough, for one act of violence against the tyrants would be paid for by other men, women and children at unspeakable compound interest.” -Robert Heinlein, “Sixth Column”

Except I’d say that the current crop are not nearly as competent as the PanAsians. And they’ll probably manage to do what nothing else has done: organize the individualists, just in sheer outrage and horror.

Be not afraid. Go work for liberty.