This That and Low Carb


I woke up feeling 80 years old, and since I’m fairly sure none of you have an aging ray (if you do and you trained it on me, I’m gonna give you sych a kicking.)

I think it’s the result of late nights, unwonted activity (both trying to understand the science behind the talks and honestly sitting still in a classroom (meeting room) all day, a thing I’m singularly bad at. Oh, yeah, I was here.

I have zero idea why I felt the need not to disseminate our whereabouts, but when I get subconscious imperatives like that I obey, even if — particularly if — they make no sense.  Most of the time it’s just paranoia, but the few times that they’ve been right… well… More than paid for the false alarms, in terms of safety or not being bothered.

We drove out. We’d falling out of the habit of long drives when we had the kids, but as with so many things, we’re rediscovering them.  It gives us time to talk and I firmed 2 of the grossly overdue short stories in my mind. Hoping to get them written today.

My health wasn’t helped by the fact that both the conference provided lunches and what we could find were both full of carbs I couldn’t resist.

This is fairly rare, since I usually can withstand anything but corn chips.  Oh, yeah, Wichita has a Mediterranean place that sells fried pita chips. So HAPPY I don’t live there. I’d never be able to stay off them.

Anyway, we left a day early, partly because we didn’t think we could CONTRIBUTE anything to the last day, partly because I thought long days, late nights and not getting exercise were making me susceptible to the thing that was making everyone cough.

It might have. Or I might be just ahead of it. At any rate, I’m going to do a very perfunctory cleaning (Cats shed!) then write.

The only low carb thing was something I attempted before I left. People are now making and selling pasta from heart’s of palm.  I wasn’t particularly impressed by the linguini. It’s no more linguini-like than zucchini strips that are way cheaper. I mean, it LOOKS more like pasta, but that’s obviously not the point.  However I bought some canned for “lasagna” and plan to try it later tonight.  Will report.

We’ll resume regular schedule tomorrow, and hopefully by Monday the cold trying to land will have given up and moved off.

Oh, yeah, Greebo, obviously KNOWING I’d died rejected the impostor who tried to impersonate me until I cornered him and he smelled me.  He’s now acting very clingy. He also lost a lot more weight than the thyroid condition warrants. I suspect, as on previous trips, idiot-boy stopped eating.  I’m not sure exactly how I ended up with a dog in a cat suit, but there it is.  He’s been extravagantly petted this morning, and will sit at my feet while I write.

Oh, NANO: I finished a short while in Wichita. Not a ton, just 6k words. I still need to do a novel.

Who Is That Masked Villain


If we’re going to be honest the masks started falling well before this year.  But I call this year the year of the great disappointment.

Let’s for instance talk about Eric C*aramella whose name is being spelled like a swearword and deserves it: did I go overboard with memes. Sure. I did. Sometimes genetics is destiny, and when I get the Latin up, the legions of Rome go marching through my emotions and…. everything gets red and I become weaponized.  Or as I told Dan: Behold the power of Portuguese autism. It’s like other autism only louder and ruder.

The proper way to deal with that in a society with free speech is to let it be. Of course, if FB hadn’t deleted my very silly meme, I’d never have got that mad.

However how the left deals with it is by trying to stop the speech.

It is a truism that we want them to talk louder and they want us to shut up. And that’s fine.

But that they are trying to shut up A NAME everyone knows (with associations everyone at this point also knows) is a step beyond.

And in personal experience I blocked THIS ONE PERSON who btw should understand free speech since he swore an oath to the constitution.  And I stopped getting suspended by FB for older memes. I had hoped, honestly, nothing would happen, and I could just unblock him.  I am disappointed.

And yes, I know FB is not the government, but his desire to suppress speech tells me he would do it by government fiat and not see anything wrong with it, so long as it was “wrong” speech.

Again, we’ve always known the left wanted to silence us, but that they’re willing to do it on something so trivial and stupid, tells me they want to use people as meat puppets only allowed to say, hear, see and think the “truth” promulgated from the top that day.

Perhaps they wish to live like that. But most of us couldn’t.

And you know what? I wouldn’t WANT to.

Bite me, big brother. I have two middle fingers.





I have not forgotten the blog

Obviously not continuing Stephanie’s series today. Will do tomorrow. Will do something later today.

Late night. Got mildly tipsy. Enough to walk in circles for a while, looking for the elevator.

But am very much alive and okay. Just kind of of slow this morning.

When It All Comes Apart


One of the things that’s puzzling hell out of me is how the democrats are acting this election.

I always assume they have better on the found intelligence than the republicans, because they know not just who is voting for whom, but also all the dead who’ll be voting, how many illegals they can commander, and precisely how many votes they can “harvest.”

Between the “human wave” of illegals, which they credit with flipping Virginia (no, seriously.  The left is saying this. Which makes you wonder if they’re even AWARE of the difference between residence and citizenship. They seem to be convinced if you cross the border, you can vote.  Perhaps that’s why they think our opposition to this stuff is “racist” since they’ve lost the concept of citizenship.) and the fact felons now vote in FL (which means we’ll never win it again. Not until after the troubles.) and btw the same for another state, though I can’t remember which right now, I’d think they’d be sure of victory.

But they’re not acting like they’re sure of victory.  Unless they’re very, very stupid — which, I grant you, is possible.

The candidates they’re running are the people you run when you expect to be trounced, and the impeachment is a last ditch effort.

Now, it’s possible they’re stupid.  They have this autistic tendency to assume that certain things are immutable when they’re not.

They might not realize Obama borked the economy so badly that la grand salida happened, which is why states that had always been dem — hello illegals! — went republican without their expecting it.

You see, economics is a closed book to them. They don’t understand wealth creation nor individual action. So what you get is that “rich” countries stole their “resources” and are now “rich” forever. And the poor people of the world come over to share the wealth, immutably.

So they still don’t GET 2016 and might think the same situation applies.  This is QUITE plausible because their clients, both illegals and Californians, always vote to repeat the conditions they escaped from.

Of course, it’s possible they know they’ll win but are afraid Trump will call foul and start investigations.  I’d be more sure of that if the recently started drumbeat of “he’ll refuse to leave” hadn’t been applied to Bush and Reagan and…

Assuming they win, and their victory is unbeatable — look, the fraud we saw in 18 was BREATHTAKING plus this other stuff — it’s not the end.

I’m not going to lie to you, whether they win or not, we’re going to see some…. sporty weather.

But here’s the thing: ever see a dog catch a car?  it can’t hold it.

The Marxist ideology has never captured anything as COMPLEX as the US.  As large, yes.  As complex? No.

Remember my children that Obama the Clueless was ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE more in touch with reality than the current clown car of candidates. Or at least his handlers were.

Which is why it took him four years to stop the economy and even that not thoroughly enough. And initiated la grande salida which doomed them.

They fail to get this.  Any of the current candidates will have people streaming for the border within a year, maybe less.  You see, they suck at economics. That’s one. And they suck at people, that’s two.  They don’t get that South and central Americans aren’t coming here to live the exact same way they do back in their homelands. To them America is rich, those countries are poor. That’s it.  And they might actually think it has to do with race.

As for the economics, the wheels will come off in a spectacular way.  Which will create interesting…. reactions.  For one, the world goes down hard, and the EU might get physical internally. Trust me on this. a broke US breaks the world.

For another, in some areas internally things will get interesting too.  Probably interesting VERY briefly, since the dems remaining after the economy crashes are not what I’d call “good strategists”

So: reports of our demise are most certainly exaggerated, though I hope we learn from the debacle.  I also hope we don’t go apeshit into totalitarian ideologies that are just as bad, though that’s definitely possible (but not inevitable. I trust Americans.)

In the meantime: preparedness is a thing.

Have supplies for a year, even if you’re not Mormon.  Stock up now.  Have at least a few months of extra meds, if like me you are dependent on them to stay alive. Take whatever defensive measures you need to, in case your area is one that goes… sportive.

And start now (I’m looking at me) to get in the best shape you can get.  No more skipping the gym because it’s cold and you feel yucky.  Sometimes running is the fastest way to avoid death. (Mostly if you walk into something you weren’t expecting, around a street corner.)

So, stop treating it like this is the end, and we’ll die gallantly or whatever.  Just get to survive and shape what comes after.

No surrender, that goes without saying. But also no stupid. Stupid only gives us one less sane person to shape the aftermath.

Be not afraid.  In the end we win, they lose. Because reality is on our side, and reality always wins.









Never Give In


I woke up late and have a million (and a half) things to do “right now” besides still being late on six short stories.

So, I figure this will give you something to discuss for the day:

“Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
Winston Churchill, Never Give In!: The Best of Winston Churchill’s Speeches

I’m Alive

Doing the promo post in a little while.

We’re on the road this week, so posting times will be …. whimsical.

On Second Thought, postponing Promo


You see, I caught a second 24 hour ban for an OLDER post.  Considering how many times I posted Mr. Caramel’s name, it’s going to be a LONG time.

Anyway, I can post in groups, and comment on other pages — want a comment from Sarah A. Hoyt on your page? Tag me, do — but I can’t approve new posts on my timeline (I turned them to approval-only during a similar kerfuffle, but not with FB.)

So, until I can promote the promo, there’s not much point doing it.  Maybe tomorrow.  We’re going to be on the road with irregular hours all week.  And frankly, I’ve passed Deep Pink to readers, and am now trying to write a full-length space opera in the next couple of week.  Also, I have SIX short stories overdue.  Spent the long drive talking them over with husband, I now just need to write them.

As for why I’m not abandoning facebook?  Because we can’t guys.  That’s what we’ve been doing wrong for seventy years or so. We’ve abandoned their spaces and silenced our own voices.  It not only makes us unheard, it gives them illusions of invencibility and has brought us to the brink of civil war.

This is what I’m posting in comments, all over:

Oh, also bake me a cake, Facebook. An Italian Caramel cake.
Are you a publisher or a carrier? Are you a wave or a particle?
What you are is a corrupt idiotic cabal. Maybe you think I’ll get so annoyed I’ll leave.
Only I’m not self-cancelling for your pleasure.
(And yes, curiously, I have a right to the motto. Tenuous, but there.)

And now I’m going to go write.  Send me a file baked in a cake 😉

Coordinating harm


It occurred to me yesterday that all the command and control left are like a dog chasing a car.  They really want to hold the US. But when they get hold of us, they find they can’t and they’re the ones hurt when they try.

I came home to my computer this morning to find out that I’d caught a 24h ban for “coordinating harm.”

Now, by the point I put that up I was just in full rebellion mode. I didn’t verify the statement above, for instance, because I’m just pissed enough.  I know he talked about impeaching Trump way before this and of course he IS NOT an impartial “witness”.  (For one he didn’t witness anything. It’s all hearsay. WRONG hearsay. Which he coordinated with Schiff of the “made up memo read in a hearing” fame.)

And I know the left is making a bizarre effort to protect him, which is enough to tell me that no, this is not a bona fide thing. Then there’s stuff like this.  And this.

And I wouldn’t even be this mad, it it weren’t so fargin stupid.  The son who is all mine, couldn’t be more mine if he’d emerged whole from my head keeps getting this status deleted:
Screenshot_2019-11-08 (6) The Family Room

Note despite manipulations, those numbers are way higher now.  And I’m tired of this nonsense. I’m so tired of this nonsense.

Sure, Facebook is a private platform, but it’s also a public venue, and it should damn well bake that cake already!

Also “coordinating harm” is idiotic. Unlike antifa which does use FB to coordinate harm, I’m just passing on information.  I’m not suggesting anyone do anything to the unindicted coup conspirator Eric Ciaramella. I’m just exposing him as a traitor and a disgrace, which he is. That’s not coordinating harm. Unless it’s the harm the citizens of America could do to the Dems quest for unbridled power.

And by the way, even if Trump were as bad — he’s completely not — as I thought he’d be when I held my nose in November 2016, I’d crawl over broken glass to the voting booth to vote against the outright communists in the Dem ticket.

I’ve seen it, I don’t want it.  We don’t need a third of our population in mass graves. Fuck off Marxists.

These are my middle fingers.  And as for Facebook: BAKE ME THAT CAKE MOTHER POCKERS.

I have a big pocking wrench. And I intend to continue using it.

Facebook, go eat a bag of dicks:


If you’re on Facebook, please share this on your page. Be assured what shows is the last image.  You see, Facebook decided we could no longer choose which images to show, so now they show the last image by default.  Which is why the last image is as rude as it is.



Stop Trying To Stampede Us


The left has lost their bloody minds.  No, more than usual. You see, having lost control of the information stream, they are now trying to stampede us in the direction they want us to go.

Obviously their only knowledge of stampedes is from the lion king, and they didn’t spend their childhood watching cowboy movies, so they neither know how uncontrollable stampedes can be, nor the essential rules of creating the stampede:

1- To create a stampede you must have full control  of the situation.

2- You must know the “cattle” you’re stampeding.  For instance, stampeding elephants can be difficult because they are smart animals. (Coff.) And if you’re a city person from Europe who knows nothing about elephants and tries to stampede them, you’re gonna end up flat.

I woke up this morning with the phone ringing. When you’re someone my age with aging parents, and particularly when it’s been a week of deaths and bad diagnoses, this is a really bad moment.

As I sleepily reached for the phone, a million scary things went through my head.  This wasn’t improved by seeing younger son’s number, he who was born with a heart defect.  But the “emergency” wasn’t, and son only called me at that hour because he weirdly thought that I would be awake for other reasons.  That was his confusion.

The reasons he called me was the following: one of my posts had not only been removed from a Facebook backroom, but the mods had been alerted the post was removed for “trying to coordinate harm”.

Screen capture of the post, below:
Screenshot_2019-11-08 (50) Facebook

Of any of you can figure out which harm I’m trying to coordinate and with whom — Adam Schiff, perhaps — you know more than I do.

BTW and in passing, I LOVE the Epstein didn’t kill himself memes.  Are they getting tedious?  Kind of.  OTOH they are legitimate popular insurrection.  They are us waving the flag in the faces of the idiots and going “We can see you.”

I won’t go on whether Epstein deserved to die or not, because I don’t think we have the death penalty for under age sex slavery.  He deserved to be locked up.  But the rest of us know he died so the Empress can run for president again.  And we want to make sure they know it too.

Other things we need to start screaming about is motor voter and vote by fraud mail. They need to know they’re not invisible.  It’s the only hope we have of avoiding blood on the streets at this point.

BUT back to the meme above: Obviously it was throw away snark.  So what do they mean with “trying to coordinate harm?”

Well, there’s only one logical route to THAT.  It goes like this:

We know Eric Ciaramella IS the whistleblower (duh, duh, duh. Everyone does, guys) and we know that Epstein was killed so Hilary’s candidacy can live.  Therefore when this person says this, she wants the same thing to happen to Ciaramella that happened to Epstein.  Which is ridiculous, since I — thank heavens — am not Hilary Clinton.

I mean, I completely get if they’d marked my post as fake news, but even that is not justifiable because, well, Ciaramella is not really a whistleblower. He’s an unindicted conspirator in the world’s stupidest attempted coup — which really makes me think that “national intelligence” is a gross misnomer when it comes to the US agencies — and … no, wait, Epstein DIDN’T kill himself.

There might, of course, also have been a trigger on the name of Eric Ciaramella, because the frigging idiots THINK they can keep it secret, after Schiff for brains forgot to redact it.

Quoted from the David Blackmon daily update:

The utter mendacity behind that scheme becomes crystal clear now that we know who this guy really is:

– Ciaramella is a long-time associate of senior staff for Adam Schiff;

– Ciaramella has worked at various times for John Brennan, Susan Rice, Joe Biden and other Democrat skunks;

– In 2015 and 2016, Ciaramella worked on Ukraine policy with Biden and never raised a peep of alarm over Biden and his son’s obvious influence-peddling operation there;

– He was an Obama holdover on the initial Trump NSC staff, led by deep state snake H.R. McMaster, serving there until mid-2017 when he was revealed to be a serial leaker of classified information;

– While working at the NSC, Ciaramella was in fact instrumental in creating the false “Putin fired Comey” narrative that helped create the rationale for appointing a special counsel;

– Instead of being fired on the spot, McMaster intervened on his behalf and sent him to work at the CIA;

– Ciaramella was not on the July 25 call between President Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky, and has zero first-hand knowledge of anything that was said on that call;

– All of the allegations made in his false “whistleblower” complaint come from second-and-third-hand hearsay accounts, with much of it very likely coming from fellow deep state functionary Alexander Vindman, who is most likely the second fake whistleblower in this impeachment scam.

Ciramella is, in other words, the classic example of the sort of anti-American deep state functionaries who remain embeded throughout the federal bureaucracy, especially in our intelligence community, Department of Justice and at the State Department. Obama literally filled our government with this kind of disloyal hack, people who have no respect whatsoever for our nation’s electoral process, and who place their their political ideology above the good of the country.

No wonder Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi and the disloyal hacks who infest our national news media outlets were so desperate to keep his identity a secret. Paul Sperry and the editors at RealClearInvestigations deserve medals for breaching that wall of conspiratorial silence.

You  can see PRECISELY why they wouldn’t want Ciaramella’s name to be out in the open, right? It endangers their little coup.

Of course, everything endangers their little coup because they’re hothouse flowers.  The conspirators grew up and came of age in a system where the only information flowing to the people was via the press. And the press was a wholly owned subsidiary of the leftist/progressive/Marxist/remnant Soviet propaganda machine.

You know how some novels are awful, because the main characters are stupid assholes, but get away with it because of course they do, because after all, the author is on their side?

Our left came of age and political maturity in that environment. They didn’t have to be good. The author was on their side.  I wonder how much that fed into their impression that the future came with an arrow and their victory was “inevitable.”

Must be a shock to realize that they’re not infallible and that people don’t believe them.  And they’re so stupid they think they can stomp their feet and get us to “shutupshutupshutup.”

Also they have no idea WHO they’re dealing with.  No, seriously. Not one single fricking clue.  They simply don’t know who their opponents are.  They know the straw versions of us, but they’re not even aware those are wrong.

You know when they say we’re racist, sexist, homophobic for instance? That’s not just a tantrum. They really believe that crazy shit.  And if we’re proven not to be, they come up with some psychic bullshit about what we “really” think as though they were in our brain.

I.e. they’ve set themselves up an IMPENETRABLE bubble of unverifiable assertions.

This is not the work of a reasoned, planned, or even vaguely in touch with reality group/faction.  And the only reason they could carry this sort of shit off is if they had total power and were honestly pulling this off in China. (Hence their constant jonesing for China.)

Because one of their things is that they think we’re THEM: i.e. highly social, and raised/conditioned to communitary  action and belief.

When I posted this on FB:
Screenshot_2019-11-08 (7) Sarah A Hoyt - Apparently mentioning the whistleblower's name

Someone in comments pointed out that the left is complaining that FB is too right wing.

Yeah.  remember how I told you I can see their little coordinated campaigns start (the next one is “we’re running out of water in [some ridiculously short time]” in a planet that’s mostly water.)

Well, their “FB is right wing” is based on the idea we’re just like them.  By doing this, they’re going to convince the right that FB is actually trustworthy to the right.  This will give them back the FB advantage they haven’t had since 2012 (and at that time impaired, since the full advantage was 2008) when people didn’t know they were playing with what you could see and trying to manipulate your voting behavior.

This is not just bloody stupid. This is crazy of the first order. Because anyone over 30 who is not leftist is used to reality-testing their perceptions and isn’t going to believe the leftist drumbeat anyway, except for looking at them, scratching our heads and going “They really are nuts.”

Dear left: you’re not going to stampede us.

All you’re doing is destroying our opinion of your sanity and intelligence.  And that was already low.

These are our middle fingers.  You still have the advantage of millions of fraudulent votes, sure, but you can no longer shape opinion.  And at this time if you continue trying to stampede us, you just might find the elephants have turned around, and you’re going to be flat.



Incoming: The Chicxulub Impactor, Part 4 ― The Timeline By Stephanie Osborn

Incoming: The Chicxulub Impactor, Part 4 ― The Timeline

By Stephanie Osborn

In order to best


In order to best understand the details of what happened, along with the speed with which they occurred, I thought it made sense to generate a rough timeline of events. With considerable research, judicious estimations, and a bit of calculation, I was able to put together a table that depicts how events would have happened across North America. I lay NO claim to its preciseness; without knowing a great deal more detail than it is currently possible to know, there are a lot of things I just can’t determine.

Note that the primary distance used roughly corresponds with New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (aka NOLA); this is approximately the distance from the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula to the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Also note that, by some researchers’ estimates, no living thing within this radius would have survived the initial impact.


Time from Impact


0/000/00:00:00 Impact. The asteroid blasts a crater possibly up to 30mi deep.
0/000/00:00:05 The central peak rebounds, temporarily forming a mountain higher than Everest.
0/000/00:00:09 Thermal radiation blast; plants spontaneously combust, animals suffer instant 3rd-6th degree burns at NOLA; all life within that radius dies instantly.
0/000/00:03:00 The central peak collapses, flooding the crater with lava, which splashes and rebounds from the periphery. The lava splash forms a ring of tall peaks as it solidifies.
0/000/00:04:10 Magnitude 10+ earthquake strikes NOLA as the P wave arrives.
0/000/00:04:20 Seismic seiches begin to set up in inland waters.
0/000/00:05:33 The S wave of quake strikes at NOLA.
0/000/00:08:00 Molten ejecta (7500km/hr, 4660mph) begins to fall at NOLA; secondary fires ignite anything that was not burned in the thermal blast; the atmosphere heats back up. An atmospheric shock wave hits NOLA?
0/000/00:08:20 The Love & Rayleigh surface waves strike NOLA (total quake duration:  ~5-6min minimum).
0/000/00:09:00 The atmosphere begins to dim to complete darkness from the combination of rock ash and smoke from fires
0/000/00:20:00 Sea water resurges into the crater, over the peak ring, carrying ~130ft (40m) of impactite debris and depositing it across the crater.
0/000/01:00:00 The peak ring is breached to the northeast by resurge, and another ~33ft (10m) of impactite is deposited; this layer is more rounded and size-graded (sorted), indicating it has traveled further through turbulent flow.
0/000/01:10:00 First megatsunami strikes NOLA.
0/000/01:40:00 Ejecta could reach the opposite side of Earth. Fires may ignite world-wide.
0/000/02:00:00 Ejecta ceases falling at NOLA.
0/000/02:30:00 Secondary mega-tsunamis (from underwater landslides) begin to  strike NOLA.
0/000/03:00:00 The sky gradually lightens to twilight levels; Earth starts to enter a “nuclear winter.” Scientists estimate that the “nuclear winter” effect dropped global temperatures by as much as 30°F (~17°C), for anywhere from a year to decades.
0/000/05:00:00 Acid rain begins to fall at NOLA.
0/000/06:00:00 Smallest animals begin to suffer silicosis from ash inhalation, far away from the impact site.
0/007/00:00:00 The first animals begin to die of secondary effects (silicosis, injury).
0/040/00:00:00 The first animals begin to die of starvation.
1-50/000/00:00:00 “Nuclear winter” ends. The atmosphere begins to clear; temperatures begin to warm toward the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum.
200,000/000/00:00:00 Temperatures begin to cool from the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum.



For more details, check out INCOMING! The Chicxulub Impactor by Stephanie Osborn on Kindle and Nook.


And check out Stephanie’s fiction, also!