TANSTAAFL DAY 14 –the day before the day before the end! free sf picture, and …. are you guys batty?

The results are in. Post cute bats, get around $3k. Post hedgehogs, get $300. You guys are batty and have brought this on yourselves! 😉

(Or I want an excuse. It’s one or the other.)


I love you guys.

THE GOAL IS $50,000

the counter stands at: $$30,830.81 USD* uh uh, past 30k. Tell me it’s not the bats. go ahead, lie to me! (Updated at least every 8 hours, more often if i happen to be here.)


*The total is probably at least somewhat higher (maybe all the way up if some billionaire donated ) because we’ve been informed there are several envelopes in the mailbox. We’ll try to get them before the end of this, but if not, I’ll report afterwards.

The reason I’m doing this:

I have worked for …. 15? 16 years at this blog, providing new content ALMOST every day (A bit less through the crazy move, though that was a lesson in what not to do, I guess) for…. very little. Even after you guys got me to put up a donation button, the most I ever got in a year was 4k, and lately it’s been around 2k, counting the commission from Amazon.

Now, I know times are tough (here too) but since the reason I started the blog didn’t work out, (the intersection between those who read my fiction and those who read my blog is sliver-thin) and since I’ve put my family through contortions, on weekends and vacations and all because “I have to put up a post.” I figured I owed it to them, more than to myself, to get something back for my effort.

Also, I’m trying to do too much in too little time.

I’m trying to get a fund that will allow me to hire (mostly friends) to do some of it for me, so I can both write more and make more money, which in turn will (maybe) allow me to get through what’s staring us in the face. (And it ain’t pretty.)


Tier 1– $10 or more – A shout out on my blog, all with all other the supporters, by name, in one massive “Thank you” post. [Jokey or offensive names will not be included at author’s discretion.]

Tier 2– $25 or more – Email jpg of certificate with funny fish saying “I Was Carped at according to hoyt.com” and a Certificate of being a member of Hoyt’s Huns, cultural wars sapper battalion, in good standing.

Tier 3– $60 or more – Exclusive ebook collection of USAian SHORT stories. (Including a new, original, never published story.) Estimated delivery August 2023

Tier 4– $100 or more – Your name will appear in a mass death/other mass event/list in one of Sarah’s books. [estimated delivery up through July 2023. All indie books, as no others are guaranteed.]

Tier 5– $150 or more – A sound file of Sarah saying “Moose and Squirrel.”

Tier 6 – $250 or more – Will send a signed copy of trade paperback Gentleman takes a chance and one large postcard with book covers, also signed. (USPS- continental US only. All others, let’s talk.) [estimated delivery Sept 2022]

Tier 7 – $350 or more – Three signed books (of our choice), plus two extra items from “Sarah’s Garage”, (also of our choice) which might very well be a small rubber fish. (You’ve been warned.) USPS only. Continental U.S. only [estimated delivery Sept 2022]

Tier 8 – $500 or more – Personalized tuckerization. You will become your very own zany character, with at least a line or two of dialogue, and physical description. Physical safety and life of character not guaranteed. If you perish, it will NOT (repeat not) be in a mass death event or a list of other kinds.  [estimated delivery up through July 2023. All indie books, as no others are guaranteed.] [Jokey or offensive names, descriptions and personalities will not be included at author’s discretion.]

Tier 9 – $1000 or more – A CHOICE OF:

Option 1 -Will read the first 10 pages and outline of your novel and provide timely critique, with the understanding that I am not infallible. (A skype, zoom or other video call to discuss the work for an hour or so.) [estimated delivery Winter 2022 – Spring 2023]

Option 2 – Large box of ten signed books, plus items ranging from a con badge, to a mini dinosaur skeleton or a print of Sarah’s original art, or other items from Sarah’s garage. USPS only. Continental U.S. only [estimated delivery Sept 2022]

Option 3 – Signed copy of Sarah’s old copyedited or page-proof manuscripts. [estimated delivery Fall 2022] (5 limit.)

Tier 10 $5000 or more – You will become a major character on one of my books, and I’ll try to reflect your appearance, and chosen personality.  [estimated delivery up through July 2023. All indie books, as no others are guaranteed.] [Jokey or offensive names, descriptions and personalities will not be included at author’s discretion. You don’t get to have someone else be an offensive character. (Sorry!) Your actions will be altered to serve the plot if needed.] – Limit 5. (You’ll be informed if this has been claimed, and given a chance for a refund or of a comparable reward.)

Tier Insane – $25000 or more – My husband and I will travel to a city in the continental US and have dinner with you and your plus one.  (Continental US only.) – Limit ONE. [Delivery up to July 2023.] (You’ll be informed if this has been claimed, and given a chance for a refund or of a comparable reward.)


If you want to be thanked/mentioned by a name different from your regular one, please email to: bookpimping at outlook dot com.


DONATE TO ACCORDING TO HOYT TAANSTAFL DAYS (The previous words are a link!)


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I call this one “Till daddy takes the flyer away!”

This Picture was created by Sarah A. Hoyt and is released under CC BY

Did you ask for this? I don’t know, but I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH.

You’re as adorable as this little guy.

I’d wiggle my ears for you if I could.

See you tomorrow, for a batty update!

46 thoughts on “TANSTAAFL DAY 14 –the day before the day before the end! free sf picture, and …. are you guys batty?

  1. Well, I hope Dad didn’t take her flyer away because she got somebody killed. [Crazy/Batty Grin]

  2. Okay. The second day of bats convinced me. This is really the very best blog on the planet and worthy of my ever so meager support.

    Any blog whose fundraiser garners 10 times as much in donations for cute bats as it does for hedgehogs is a blog that is run by and for kindred spirits.

    I wish I could have sent more but you certainly deserve every penny I could spare.

  3. That young lass should have eye protection.

    And I’d hate to see the welts left when she takes a large insect in her cleavage.

    Yes I know, I sound like an old grandma. But an old grandma with riding experience.

      1. Oh of course.

        I imagine she has the same bullet proof skin that Lara Croft has. The kind that let’s her run through a hail of bullets in the jungle wearing a tiny tank top and shorts while the men are forced to cover head to toe in heavy canvas clothing.

        1. GURPS had an actual power called “protective nudity”: The more skin showing the less likely to get hit.

      2. Obviously, the flyer projects a special force-shield that protects the rider from bugs, too much wind-in-face, etc as well as making the flyer more stream-lined.

        While some “wind” gets through to give a “better experience”, only a fool flies without the force-shield.

        Of course, that may be why Dad takes away her flyer. 😈

        1. Thank you, honey. Remember that when I write this stuff, they wear goggles and oxygen. 😀 I’m not stupid, but I didn’t want to cover the face.

          1. What! Science Fiction Art doesn’t Reflect the Story’s Reality! Say it’s not true, Sarah! [Crazy Grin]

            More seriously, Science Fiction Art like Fantasy Art exists only to sell the story so I never expect it to be “Realistic”. 😉

        1. Full support, with no pinching, binding, chaffing, or unsightly lines. Removes all pressure from neck, back, and shoulders. Wicks away moisture and temperature adjustable for warmth or cooling. Fully adjustable opacity/transparency, and color coordination. A better friend for women than mere diamonds!

  4. (10 year old me, to “Wonder Woman” at some publicity event. )

    “Make the wings flap!”

    (Yup, still feel that slap….)

    Tune in tomorrow! Same Bat Time! Same Bat Channel!


  5. So far I think the bats are my favorite, but the hamster munching the carrot and the kittens were a very close choice. The hedgehog getting a bath definitely rates an honorable mention. Congrats on getting so close to your goal with some time left to go!

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