A Poxy, Diseased Lot

For reasons known only to the psychiatrist he doesn’t have, last night most beloved husband subjected me to songs from Mama Mia! (As if growing up in Portugal in the seventies I had been insufficiently punished with ABBA.)

This might explain why this morning I woke up with “Mama Mia, here we go again!” running through my head.

Well, it might but it doesn’t, not really. Because what caused it was the “Monkey Pox.” And I know I’m not the only one to remember the “overturned truck of monkeys” where they were being hunted down and anyone touching them was supposed to report because well, they carried some virus. I know I’m not the only one, because a reference was made at Ace of Spades.

So, I assume this is attempt 354 to “reduce the world population” by the idiots who drink their own ink by the bucket. But I’d like you guys to note they’re not particularly competent. They are in fact, drawers at pretty much everything. They are where they are because they’re good at power seeking, but that’s all they’re good at. Science evades them. (They only say they love it to get it into bed.)

I read the articles on the Monkey Pox very carefully. It’s identified as a “very dangerous” disease, but not a LETHAL one and people identified as having it, seem to be okay after a set of antibiotics.

Also, whispered around the edges is that it’s propagating mostly between gay males, and I don’t need to tell you that it doesn’t spread that easily given the very few cases detected outside Africa.

So, why has the establishment set its hair on fire, and started running around like mad people?

Well… Mama mia, here we go again!

Remember despite the unmitigated disaster that was the covidiocy, the left got what it wanted which was to steal the election, to lock people up, to control the economy and determine winners and losers. (And yes, they are indeed doing such a bang up job of it.)

So, yeah, they want more of it.

Expect the panic ramped up to 11. And expect them to try to force “monkey pox” (I understand it’s like small pox) vaccine at us. Yeah, it’s an MRNA vaccine, looks like.

I had small pox vaccination. I also had small pox, back in pre-history when I was actually apparently 2 and a half. (I thought it was three, but the spread map says 2 and a half. Or just before 3 at any rate.) Which is why the small pox vax left no scar.

Your mission if you should choose to accept it is to be obstreperous and difficult and loud right now, right from the beginning.

There are always diseases going around, it doesn’t a plague make. Right now, there’s no proof this is dangerous to humans in general.

They don’t get to force me to take injections of anything, unless I get to inject vinaigrette into ten politicians of my choice. (I have a little list.)

No, they don’t get to lock us up. Oh, they want to. As I told you before, when governments lock up or curfew their populations, it’s never because they’re scared of whatever the excuse for it. It’s because they’re scared of the people. THEY SHOULD BE SCARED. They’re not locking us up.

It’s time to make “Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, and your head goes on a pike” a thing.

Go forth and be ornery.

240 thoughts on “A Poxy, Diseased Lot

  1. Are they trying to make monkeys of all of us? [Big Crazy Grin]

    More seriously, I’m thinking that it won’t work. 😉

    1. There was a Cowboy Bebop episode where some eco-terrorists had developed a virus that did turn humans into some non-sentient ape-like being. Supposedly it “filled in” the genetic differences between humans and other primates or something like that.

          1. I saw a post on Gab with screenshots and documents purported to be epidemic/plandemic (meant to type pandemic, but this came out instead) contingency planning around monkeypox outbreaks…with dates of the hypothetical future outbreak in May through August of this year.

            It’s all starting to look somebody took a look at the plot of Twelve Monkeys and said, “You know, that just might work…” The global left seems to have taken Orwell’s and Huxley’s dystopian fiction as a challenge instead of a warning, so why not?

        1. No, I’m pretty sure progs are grown in vats, not transformed by a virus.

      1. Probably the first good episode in that series.

        And immediately followed by one of the best.

    1. Just like the fuel costs suddenly skyrocketing 10 days, before, … um, it was just there … Oh Yea. Naw. It wouldn’t have a thing, not an ounce, to do with Memorial Day weekend. Not a chance.

      Okay. Sarcasm officially off.

      Brandon’s oil policy is causing high prices. But the long weekend that kicks off summer travel isn’t helping and contributing to the current spikes.

      1. $SPOUSE had to go into town Friday because reasons. I filled Monday at $4.89, while she filled at $5.09.

        We have a travel trailer that hasn’t been sleep tested yet, but the driveway by the house sounds like a really good idea. The Ridgeline is really unhappy towing that trailer.

        1. $6.39 for diesel on Saturday here in NH. Over 30 bucks for a 5 gallon can for my tractor. And heating fuel prices are a crime; hopefully they’ll be more reasonable come winter, but I doubt it. This Administration doesn’t give a damn about the American people, and see it as a way to force “green energy” down our throats, despite the fact that green energy can never replace all the fossil fuel energy we need. What did someone say the other day? Oh yeah, there’s not enough copper to replace all the IC engine driven vehicles in the world with EV ones.

          1. They’d run out of lithium long before they ran out of copper.

            But that’s a feature. They don’t want the Great Unwashed to have cars. Reducing the number of privately owned vehicles by 99% would make them swoon with ecstasy. Only the elitists should have the freedom to travel where they want, when they want. The rest of us Kulaks should be crammed like sardines into trolleys and buses, to travel only where and when they allow.
            There is no shortage of people convinced they can create the perfect world. They just have to eliminate all those imperfect people who don’t fit in it.

  2. I plan to point out that 1) it seems to spread very much like HIV, meaning intimate contact or at least close contact with bodily fluids, and 2) antibiotics are effective. And possibly 3) Fauci started his career with HIV/AIDS and bollixed that to an amazingly impressive degree.

    1. The Gay Mens Health Crisis organization was founded specifically by gay men who realized that the Fauci was getting them all killed.

    2. Wait, what? Antibiotics are effective against this monkeypox strain? WTH? Monkeypox is caused by a poxvirus which is related to the Variola (smallpox) viruses – that’s why the smallpox vaccine is thought to be effective against it. Everything I know about biology and medicine says that antibiotics are worthless against viral infections.

      1. True… However, antibiotics are indeed effective against bacterial infections that occur with weakened immune systems caused by viral infections. That’s why HCQ+Zinc+antibiotic was suggested for the Sino Sinus Syphilis of recent memory. To manage the symptoms until the body defeats the virus.

        1. With a lot of the diseases, it is not the initial virus that kills but the secondary bacterial infection. This is especially true in supposedly sanitized and sterilized hospitals where bacteria, particularly staph infection strains, run rampant.

          My guess is that it will eventually be discovered that this variant of monkey pox originated in a CCP lab as well, and that the alleged ‘covid” lockdowns have in fact been for monkey pox variant that they were testing on their own population before releasing it against enemies. After all, they had such success in getting a compliant government that is essentially on their payroll into office in 2020, why not try for the repeat in 2022.

          1. I don’t think they’re that competent.

            Its sounding like the outbreak seems to have kicked off from a big pride event in the Canary Islands.

  3. The only way I would trust a Democrat is if they said they were sorry as the hangman pulled the lever. After a completely fair trial and assorted appeals, of course.

    And then they’d be a good Democrat.

    Otherwise, I wouldn’t trust them not to steal the TP off the roll and nick all the towels at their own grandmother’s house.

      1. Then take it to the logical conclusion: anyone that untrustworthy is not anyone you can live with in a civil society. They will have to be removed from it.

    1. I’m with you. Same goes for communists, though these days that feels like a distinction without a difference.

  4. I’ve heard the smallpox vaccination also prevents monkeypox because the two viruses are closely related.
    A good Zombie Apocalypse novel is at least as believable as anything we’ve heard out of the ‘Publick Health Authoriteez’ over the last two years.

    1. I’ve heard the same – that the smallpox vax is protection against the monkey-pox, in which case the daughter and I are safe enough. And also – that it’s apparently spread in Europe by homosexual intercourse … well, then.
      But I expect Flip-Flopping Fauci will bollix this one as well.

      1. I had the small pox vaccine too.

        Fauci wants to rerun his experiments on gay men again seeing how well they worked the first time. Who will write the Myth of Heterosexual Monkey Pox, I wonder? More importantly, who would dare publicly challenge the wisdom of Fauci the Great?

        1. We’ve got thousands of people, including those with medical degrees, publicly challenging “the wisdom of Fauci the Great”. MSM and the Left ignore them at best, and silence them, or take away their licenses as part of the worst.

        2. Yeah, got the vax when I was a little, back in the late ’50s or so. I’m waiting for the push to get a booster.

          1. I got the small pox vaccine as a child too. So did my sisters. But the small pox vaccine has not be administered now since ’80(?), started stopping in ’71. Because small pox is extinct in the world, except for a few labs. There are doses of the vaccine for emergency, but no where enough stockpiled to cover those never vaccinated let alone require boosters.

            1. Why do people keep saying smallpox is extinct? Some Canadian laborers contracted smallpox when they were digging and found bodies of smallpox patients that had been buried for 200 years.

              So we know the smallpox virus can survive at least 200 years when buried in a cold climate. Where are the bodies of EVERY SINGLE PERSON who died of smallpox in the last 200 years? Or longer. How much longer? We don’t know.

              I’m just glad I got vaccinated for smallpox before they decided the disease was ‘extinct’.

              1. “Extinct” in that it isn’t being spread? I knew about the labs, but didn’t know that small pox is still contagious in bodies buried decades ago. Guess that is why the preferred method of disposing of those who died was burning them and their property. Unless they were at sea, then it was “overboard you go” actually dead or not.

                1. Notably, while I’m familiar with folks getting the pox from corpses, I’m not familiar with either a full outbreak or folks dying of the same.

                  To the point that I have an Insufficient Data To Move Beyond suspicion that small pox may be one of those things that is more dangerous for secondary reasons, rather than primary ones; none of the “infected by corpses” stories I’ve read mention if the folks who caught it had been vaccinated or not.

            2. I got vaccinated for small pox before I deployed because one of those lab samples (russia IIRC) went missing and they thought Al Qaida got their hands on it (which dates it handily). So the vaccine’s still out there.

              1. :nod:

                If you were active duty between ’02 and ’06, roughly, you’ve probably been vaccinated; also first responders, depending on risk. I seem to remember my father in law doing ER for the fire department was at least offered it, though he got it in the Navy in one of the last-available rounds.

                Part of why it’s not offered is that it’s DANGEROUS. About one in a hundred have serious reactions not resulting in death, including my husband– he was in medical for a week. (That’s WITH selecting for healthy young folks.)

                1. It’s not like it’s hard to establish. My mother remembered that my older sister had been, and my younger not, but not about me.

                  I figured it out one day while looking at my shoulder: I had.

              2. Yes. I know there are doses of vaccine stockpiled. I know that service members, depending on where being deployed and current conditions, still can be issued the vaccination. But, my younger cousins (20 years younger), our children, and their children, have never been vaccinated, unless they have been in the service. They were born after 1975, just before 1990, down to current great-niece. When I was vaccinated, small pox was still a plague even in the USA, let alone world wide, not even close to it is now for measles which it is if a case found in USA then an illegal migrant slipped across the border with it and infected an not vaccinated, as a base cause

      2. I never majored in biology.

        Maybe I could be something enough to believe that you and your daughter could in fact be homosexual men.

        More seriously, I never took any law courses, so perhaps my reasoning is expected to be very different from that of a JD.

        1. The closest thing to a biology course I ever took was 7th grade life science. Everything I know about biology, especially DNA, RNA, genetics, and vaccines is from my own reading/self education. From what I have seen over the last two years, I’m pretty sure I have a better understanding of the scientific method and how to interpret results than the talking heads with MDs at the CDC and NIH.

          1. But the political hacks and credentialed eye-dee-ten-tees at those three-letter orgs have a narrative to maintain…

    2. Hell, Corrieas’ Black Tide series is at least consistent in its’ selected science, but then, fiction has to be.
      Government can say anything, andvdo damn near anything, no matter how ridiculous, and the .gov Courts will then decide that because everyone is affected in general, that you as an affected individual, or as an affected State (Texas) have no standing to sue the .gov for the injuries.
      The .gov says “it’s a big club, and you aren’t in it.”
      They may soon find that there are several meanings for the word “club.”
      John in Indy

      1. John, that’s John Ringo’s Black Tide series. 😀

        1. It might have been in honor of the ‘pox that I just started reading Ringo’s series. Right now, I’m at where Faith is showing off her hunting skills, and proving that you don’t need a firearm for a negligent discharge. (“AD” was a verboten term at Gunsite, and I keep remembering that, many years later.)

          1. That’s because in almost every case (actually, in every one I’ve read of) it was “ND” (Negligent Discharge), and Cooper knew that; the institutional memory held true. And the ones where the perp was ignoring the 4 rules tended to end less than well.

      2. Don’t feel too bad; I got John Ringo and Michael Z. Williamson mixed up last week. They all write such good books, one can be excused for occasionally forgetting who wrote which book.

        Unless you blame ‘Ghost’ on Larry Corriea… 😛

        All together now: “OH, JOHN RINGO, NO!!”

    3. For a disease that was supposedly eradicated a while ago, it sure is curious that smallpox vaccine just happened to have been produced in large quantities just recently. Possibly even a coincidence.

      1. It’s “extinct” in the wild.

        We know it’s got a crud ton of viable samples, here and more importantly in the former USSR.

        …. if folks have looked at Russia declaring that basic bio research for pests is “bioweapons” and not realized they’re working on bioweapons with a plan to release them, they should not be involved in national defense.

    4. Now I wonder if the smallpox vaccination done to me 60 years ago is still good.

      1. I talked to my parents about this, to make sure that they don’t get pressured into getting some weird not-vaccine. And it turns out that they both had multiple smallpox shots back in the day: childhood, overseas travel, college, army….

        So if anything, they would seem to have too much immunity, and I think the poxen all would take one look at them and run away.

      2. Your doctor can run a panel of tests that test whether vaccinations (smalllpox, DPT, etc.) are still effective. I have it done every 5 years.

    5. Well, I’m allergic to the smallpox vaccine, so if the viruses (and hence the vaccines) are related I won’t be getting the monkeypox shot either. I’ll have a better shot surviving the actual disease, especially if monkeypox responds to antibiotics.

      Besides which, as has been pointed out repeatedly by commenters here, they already lied – and are still lying – to us about the Kung Flu.

    1. If you’re running an AR variant go and get you a spare full upper. After 500 rounds in quick succession that barrel needs a break in order to rest and cool off. And a full spare upper is a one minute swap on a slow day.

  5. “I know I’m not the only one, because a reference was made at Ace of Spades.”

    Did you know that Victor Davis Hanson recently said that one of the blogs he visits often is Ace of Spades. If he mentions you, Sarah, I’ll just kvell with delight.

  6. One whole case of Monkeypox in the US, only a handful in the western world and we’re supposed to be scared…Monkey business…

    1. “Cases in England have doubled . . .” From 9 to 20. And I wager those are all in the London area, and that 90% are from a certain social demographic.

      1. There was a superspreader event in Madrid during Pride week, and a related one at an “adult sauna” elsewhere in Spain. I haven’t tracked the case counts, but the panic mongering is over the top.

        1. The panic level and the case count are related only vaguely, if at all.

          “Economy In Free Fall!!! Gasoline At Highest Price EVER!!!”
          “Release The Monkeypox!!!”

        2. Gee, I wonder if they will be as eager to contact trace and quarantine those exposed as they were with the WuFlu?

        1. Really? That’s so sad. It’s a pity that these guilty POS won’t ever be punished for the fear and harm they’ve caused.

            1. Sarah, both my parents are 90 and they were eager to self-isolate, get vaxxed and boosted, etc.

                1. My folks only watch various MSM including Fox, and have all their doctors preaching vax Gospel, and who grew up with vaccines that actually vaccinated, they just can’t overcome that mindset.

  7. Speaking of idiots, ‘W’ recently opined that Putin had launched a “wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq”…

    1. Eh, he corrected his verbal gaffe a second later. Now if it had been Biden, he wouldn’t have realized anything was wrong and just carried on as per usual.

      1. And more or less made a joke of it. I have my issues with his policies and philosophies, but at least GWB isn’t afraid to laugh at himself.

        1. It’s just as well he can laugh at himself. The rest of us were laughing with him until he shut down the border fence right after being reelected…

      2. Well, the Bush family voted for Obama and Hillary, so I’m not likely to cut them any slack…

  8. “A plague a’ both your houses! ” – Mercutio, Romeo And Juliet Act 3, scene 1

    As always, I’ll believe it’s a crisis when people actually act as if it’s a crisis.

  9. Uber dangerous ‘leftist cooties’ justifies public health mandate to confine leftists, and then burn them alive. Film at 11.

    Breaking news: This just in. Scientists report that news media are generally filled to capacity with stools when it comes to science reporting, and that on the specific topic of public health, news media has been filled beyond capacity, and burst, scattering feces over a wide area.

    We are stupid enough to think that this is a compliment, so stick with us for the next three hours as we praise ourselves in response to this very topical breaking news.

    1. Somebody check on Bob, please? If he keeps making sense at this rate, someone is going to threaten to revoke his fool registration.

      1. I was getting a bit too spun up on jokes.

        You maybe should have seen the notes for joke comment number three, before I came to my senses enough to make myself take a break, and chill.

        My management of mental health this past half week or so has gotten a bit more out of hand than I prefer. Getting a bit too fixed on being angry about certain matters.

        Parts of today, I’ve been a bit more effective at going to mellow.

        Anyway, I was a bit too charitable towards the media, particularly on public health. Some of them seem to be very likely manipulative jerks, and would spend a lot of words praising themselves simply as a manipulation strategy, to persuade people to ignore their ‘lying’ eyes.

  10. I must be sheltered…here in east Tennessee no one has even mentioned this silliness at all. I suspect that if anyone did, pretty much all the normal folks would just snort at him and walk on by…

    1. Same in North Idaho.
      At my new job orientation at Walmart today everyone, including our trainer, volunteered to be the concealed carry people when (and if) the store allows a trained team of employees to carry in the store.
      Free America is very different from the coast/cities.

      1. Jaysus. It’s like one of those movie scenes where some idiot tries to hold up a bar that’s a cop hangout!

        I think about that Buffalo grocery store. What can one do but throw canned goods, which is better than nothing. It’s not a surprise he chose a state where nearly no one can carry. If he tried it in Arizona, where odds are fair that someone in the store is strapped, he might catch one behind the ear at the end of the aisle.

    2. I saw it on my yahoo feed when I checked my email. Big whoop. The feds didn’t treat Ebola in the US was a big deal a few years ago, this shouldn’t even be a blip on anyone’s radar.

        1. It’s more in the way of battlefield prep for their efforts to steal the 2022 elections. They know that not enough people will buy into the covidiocy to enable them to override state election laws again and fraud their way into remaining in power, so they need to come up with something new. If they can’t get Putin to start tossing nukes around, they will use monkeypox.

          1. If Putin has such a wild hair, I would remind him that Switzerland is beautiful this time of year.

          2. I saw something where lefties are trying to blame Putin for the monkeypox outbreak. Supposedly, the Soviets tried weaponizing it in the Congo years ago, and it must, MUST, I say be a repeat.

  11. This has a very strong “here we go again” kind of flavor.

    And I’m not sure how accurate they are, but I’ve seen claims that terms of an existing treaty are being modified to allow the WHO to declare emergency measures and lockdowns with the force of law in all the signatory nations. And of course the Biden Junta is going along with it.

    I really need to stop reading the news. It isn’t good for my state of mind. Unfortunately, living in Clown World and pretending everything is fine isn’t a tolerable situation. It’s a bit of a catch 22.

    Will you all just wake me up when it’s time to defenestrate some politicians?

    1. I feel your pain. Part of Day Job requires me to keep up with politics and the federal government. I really do not like that part of Day Job. Even with a score card, it strains my brain cells.

    2. I’ve heard about it, and the America First Legal Foundation just sent a letter to Biden and Blinken reminding them that major changes to treaties actually have to follow constitutional rules, and ceding sovereignty isn’t something that the Constitution allows.

      I’m not familiar with the AFLF.

      1. Unfortunately, the current regime cares nothing for the Constitution.

        And of course this sounds as though treaties could effectively amend the Constitution:

        The second paragraph of Article VI of the U.S. Constitution states: “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.”

        However, the Supreme Court has found that:
        “no agreement with a foreign nation can confer power on the Congress, or on any other branch of Government, which is free from the restraints of the Constitution.” The Court also stated that: “…an international accord that is inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution is void under domestic U.S. law, the same as any other federal law in conflict with the Constitution.”


        So I guess that this at least can’t destroy the country if the Supremes don’t backtrack on it.

        1. I suspect that people who think that treaties can override the Constitution because of that article are hung up on the phraseology “any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding”. They seem not to understand that that refers to state Constitutions or laws.

          Or that’s how I would argue it. The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land. State Constitutions can’t override it, nor can they override treaties agreed to by the United States.

    3. Where the hell is the opposition to this? For all the noise I hear about the Constitution, I have heard nothing from the professional commentary about the blatant illegality of this. Any delegation of legal power to anybody outside federal, state and local governments REQUIRES A TREATY, RATIFIED BY THE SENATE. Biden cannot unilaterally commit this country to obey WHO regulation.

      Where’s the legal opposition?

      1. We signed the treaty, a long time ago. The Biden* Regime is ‘merely’ ‘proposing’ changes to the W.H.O. regulations referred to under the existing treaty. They’re not changing the treaty itself at all.

        No, it’s not supposed to work that way, but like everything else they’re just going to do it anyway and pretend it’s not blatantly illegal. If the Supreme Court rules that it IS blatantly unconstitutional, they will ignore the court, just like they’ve ignored other court orders they didn’t like. Then they’ll stack the court with 13 left-wing radicals so it never disagrees with them again.

        1. Where’s the suit from a congressional group? If SCOTUS rules it illegal, Biden may try to ignore it, but his minions are going to have to try to enforce it. There’s a lot of people out here who will feel no compunction about shooting said minions.

          1. Or their sock puppet leader. However, since it seems evident that a significant number of those minions are the ones pulling his strings, removing them would probably be more effective, and less traumatic to the snowflake crowd. Other problem I see is that his puppeteers are mostly following the playbooks of their backers. THAT is the group that needs to be dragged into the circle of light under those lamp posts before being used as decorations on said lamp posts.

    4. You have heard correctly. It’s being pushed as a “regulatory extension” so they can claim it doesn’t have to be ratified.

  12. Someone more knowledgeable about 21st century microbiology may correct me, but my understanding was that that antibiotics are only effective against bacterial infections and do nothing against viruses.

    1. Right. Anti-VIRALS are sometimes effective against virii – ‘Tamiflu’ is a common one – but a virus, it is often argued, is not really ‘alive’.

      1. The apparent effectiveness of antibiotics in cases of viral infection may have to do with reducing opportunistic bacterial infections preying on a weakened body.
        John in Indy

        1. Exactly. The last time I got an abscess was definitely an opportunistic infection taking advantage of a beleaguered immune system—and both the dental assistant and my kids’ nurse agreed that my explanation was not only sound, but quite likely. (I’d JUST gotten a crown replacement, so “this abscess has been forming for months” was a definite non-starter, as was the idea of my dentist somehow missing it in the multiple x-rays taken during the process.)

          1. Which is part of why masking for covid is so obviously and inherently risible.

            Viral respiratory infections cause opportunistic bacterial infections, and bacterial respiratory infections cause opportunistic viral infections.

            Ensuring bacterial respiratory infections ensures that both viral and bacterial respiratory infections will be more widespread, and more severe.

            1. The follow-up bacterial pneumonia was one of the things that made the 1918-19 Spanish Flu so lethal to the wrong groups (people between ages 18-40). Young people would start to improve, then wham down they went with the pneumonia.

              1. Q: If the opposition were agents of a hostile foreign power, what would they do differently?

                A: Well, if they are agents of a hostile foreign power, they’ve done a terrible job of preparing covers, and it is embarrassing.

                  1. One assumes, tho’ not based on recent science fiction, that space aliens would be somewhat more well organized than the absolutely cretinous louts we let take over our country.

                    Human foreigner aliens ARE, in fact, who has taken over. Because they realized how vulnerable our political class is to money, sex, and blackmail.

                  2. What would aliens do?

                    Mangle the language when speaking, or use it weirdly.

                    Totally botch social interactions.

                    Sniff odd “food”.

                    Uh oh.

              2. And some dude named Fauchi wrote a paper about how wearing masks was a significant cause, due the increase in humidity and increase in bacterial load.

                Too bad he wasn’t the one advising the response.

                Oh. Wait.

                1. Cheap cloth and paper masks do NOTHING to reduce the spread of viruses, but they do trap water vapor, mold spores, dust and bacteria, and provide them with a perfect environment. Within half an hour the thing turns into a paper Petri dish strapped to your face.

                  I’m still seeing idiots wearing masks everywhere. 15-20% at a guess. Where did they leave their brains?
                  Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
                  A: To avoid somebody not wearing a mask.

                  I wish it was only a joke.

                  1. In Flyover County, it’s about 5%, and largely the old and presumably infirm who are still masking. Bless their hearts.

                    1. We’re finally down to numbers like that down here, only about 10 or so people at most on the average Walmart visit and only about 5-6 people at work. It’s mostly a mixed elderly and…ethnic, shall we say, thing while out and about and mostly the latter on the job.

                    2. We’re at about 20% in NJ. Below 5% in the parish. I’ve seen a few Unmasked Asians, but that’s still an exception, Indians are more often unmasked than other Asians. The next group in masks is lefties, you can tell by the passive aggression. The rest is a mixed bag of mostly old people. The more Wall Streety area, the higher the masked.

                    3. Seeing masking limited locally. Mostly people who either are vulnerable or are caretakers of vulnerable. After all TPTBE have told them that masks are effective to protect themselves, which in turn protect those they live with. Can’t blame them even if the message has been proven to be a lie. Another group are those who were sick (not CCF), but venturing out, and don’t want to risk still being contagious, but probably aren’t. Okay, appreciate the gesture, still the message that masks make a difference is a lie. There are a few where the response to them being masked are WTH (heck, totally heck)?

                    4. My sister is one of them, but her, I support. Mid-70s, 3 yrs from a double radical mastectomy, and she wears an N95 for no longer than 4 hours.

                      It’s the 25 year olds wearing a strip of decorated spandex that I laugh at.

                  2. The mask both makes you anonymous and signals that you are part of the approved group.

                    Taking it off is both an act of defiance and one that publicly identifies you as the defiant one.

                    I expect they will keep them on until wearing them provokes immediate public ridicule including police responce.

                    1. I hate it, but it’s a condition of my employment. I’ve seen somewhat of an increase in masks on customers lately, but I think it’s because of the flu and bronchitis going around.

                      Apropos of nothing — EWTN choir is singing “Wheat Rising Green” to the tune of Riu Riu Chiu???

                    2. Oh. It’s because today is the first of the minor Rogation Days, so agriculture and anti-disaster blessings, so they are singing an agriculture hymn.

                    3. Oh. The tune is Noel Nouvelet. I don’t know why I thought it was Riu Riu Chiu. Apparently that is the normal tune to sing “Now the Green Blade Rises,” but they’ve got some weird tune in our hymnal and nobody ever sings it because of that.

                      I need more sleep.

                    4. A thin light mask that doesn’t hold moisture or impede airflow is effective at keeping from inhaling blackflies while working outdoors. But I swear they think DEET is flavoring and just love biting any visible skin.

                    5. Ah good to know.

                      There are times when one does need a mask or respirator. I was looking into woodworking and found out when you’re flattening planes you need to wear a sufficient respirator to avoid inhaling all the iron dust you’re going to be generating.

                      Of course that was about the time the run on masks started and wood became super expensive, so I still haven’t gotten around to finding an appropriate respirator and getting started on all that.

                    6. effective at keeping from inhaling blackflies while working outdoors.

                      If I’m ever dumb enough to help with checking beehives on a windy day again (pro-tip: don’t do that), I am definitely going to wear a mask. And wraparound sunglasses.

                      Little buggers can recognize eyes and noses as good targets for attack.

    2. Ditto Confutus. However most recover even w/o treatment. Lot of good information available as long as you avoid CDC & WHO sites.

  13. Seriously? i just assumed it would be ‘new covid strains’ ad infinitum….

    1. Somebody in that bin of idiots is smart enough to know people wouldn’t buy another new covid strains. 😉

      1. especially when so many are getting it, even after booted boosted pokage, and even unvaxxed are saying “hey, I got the damned thing and . . . nada” and those unvaxxed are also not getting it second, third or forth times like those bragging how vaxxed and boosted they are.
        It’s not beating a dead horse when even the bones are dust. Time for a new bloody shirt.

  14. Don’t worry, we just need to allow the WHO to declare a global medical emergency and everything will be under control . . .

  15. A good (but not short) summary and briefing on this emergent Monkeypox Madness:

    uncoverdc dot com slash 2022/05/20/monkeypox-outbreak-what-lies-ahead/

    All in all, looks to me like Some People really are trying to do the advance spadework to set this up as the next wildly-exaggerated Covid Crisis — complete with “we all have to follow the World Health Organization guidelines because they’re the experts” (and not, say, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ever-wobblier China Inc.). Hopefully this will work out about as well as the whole Disinformation Governance Board did (see same site for a very recent update on that, too).

    This isn’t, apparently, even cowpox (which is what the smallpox vaccination gives you), not even that bad or that contagious. And there is an effective antiviral mentioned; which we should watch carefully to see if it becomes either the next ivermectin (Horse Paste!) or the next quinine (dangerous Fish Tank Cleaner!).

    Sigh. Even Bond Villains are smarter and more entertaining than this.

      1. @A-E-M:

        Doing the url that way is good for a second link in a comment, not needed for a sole link. AFAIK, the limit here is one true URL per comment without going into the moderation gulag.

    1. Cowpox was mild enough that the very first vaccines gave it to you straight out, not even lessened. (The root of “vaccine” comes from the Latin for “cow.”) Jenner noticed that milkmaids never seemed to catch smallpox, and they’d basically get rashy hands and be done with cowpox when they caught it.

  16. I was told six months ago I’d have to get weekly testing if I didn’t get the Coof vaccine. I’ve yet to see a swab. Best to just stay the course, say “whatever, I’ve got paying work to do,” and keep moving.

    1. Employer put all future Gov’t contract applications on hold when they came up with their wuflu bs rules. Shocked me, but then what contracts we do have are long term, and were not covered by the ruling, and I’ve not heard if that part got shot down or quietly walked back.
      We were, last I heard, less vaxxed than the local average (48% v 51%)
      We do have two mask addicts I know of. One of the R&D guys, and the mail lady.
      Has been some time since anyone has reported getting the damned thing, and I bet some now are not even reporting it, or are not testing when they feel ill because it is now so mild most of the time.

        1. Hmmm, yes… I do appreciate heads on pikes, especially pour encourager les autres, but there are a LOT of rabid leftists out there, and it’s possible pikes could be in short supply. Rope is relatively cheap and can be reused, and trees and lamp posts are literally everywhere.

          1. Either/or works.

            Anywhere bamboo grows has no excuse for a shortage of pikes.

          2. Rope can be reused, but pikes can be reused too, and earlier in the cycle than rope; ya gotta let them hang long enough, while one thrust with a pike and it’s immediately on the the next target. Time and motion studies totally confirm this… 🙂

            Besides, ever try to attach a Gadsden Flag to a loose rope?

  17. Anyone else mildly concerned about the World Health Organization’s new proposed pandemic treaty that supposedly would give them the authority to declare just about any health issue a pandemic and dictate what measures treaty participants would be required to follow.
    Not only do I see terrible potential for abuse, but given the WHO’s track record these past two years I do not feel comfortable giving that lot so much as permission to wipe my hairy behind.
    Of course Old Joe is reported to think it’s a wonderful idea.

      1. I think “a dramatic understatement” is itself a dramatic understatement.

    1. On the strength of my biological expertise from Prototype, Parasite Eve, and Resident Evil, my legal expertise from Judge Dredd, Ace Attorney, and Tears of Themis, and my military expediency expertise from Terminator, the works of Lincoln, and Star Wars: Episode VIII, I declare a pandemic of ‘leftist cooties’, and call the global militia to assembly, and task them with flamethrowering the WHO.

    2. It’s not a new treaty; they’re re-writing the W.H.O rules which apply under the existing treaty. Because even with all the left-wing traitors and RINO squishes, they’d never dare introduce this crap in Congress.

      So, they tried to go behind the scenes and change the terms invoked by the old treaty, only somebody pulled the curtain back before they were ready to roll out their New World Order. Now the light’s on them and they’re scattering.

      Just a few days ago, I said they’d try something sneaky after their Ministry Of Truth tribunal got torpedoed. I didn’t know it would be this soon.

      We all remember the W.H.O. is a sock-puppet for the Chinese communist party, right?

      Soooo many lamp-posts in need of decoration…
      “The Science Is Settled!!” we are told, again and again — but then ‘The Science!’ changes every week, and somehow it’s always exactly what the politicians need it to be.

      1. That’s not the way that treaties work, though. If a treaty is rewritten, then its an amendment, and it needs to be signed again (which would require a new ratification by the Senate). Just like a legal contract (which is what treaties are more or less based on). Though if this actually goes through, then the administration will try and fast talk its way past that.

        1. They’re not rewriting the treaty, they’re ‘proposing’ changes to the W.H.O. rules. That’s totally a different thing, on a different piece of paper and everything!

          And then they’ll pretend real hard that it’s not a sneaky end-run around the letter of the law. Even after being officially informed that it is.

  18. Now is the time for all who can afford it to move someplace where the law can be expected to protect you against forced medical treatments. And against “one size fits all” decrees about what treatments you’re allowed to try.

    I hear Portugal has decriminalized all drugs for the end user; is HCQ available there?

    1. DO NOT even dream of that. Seriously.
      Portugal has gone full-on jackboots over covidiocy and will now do the same for monkey pox. Remember it’s communists and socialists in power.

        1. Well, I can sympathize with the Portuguese there; I also hate Californians moving in.

  19. I had the smallpox vaccination, so I won’t worry about the monkeypox, especially as I don’t come into contact with monkeys in any way during a ‘normal’ day.

      1. Pictures Sarah refusing to serve French-cut green beans to people she doesn’t know No, that can’t be right. Too much blood in the caffeine stream. wanders off to get black tea refill

    1. If you are like me, you were vaccinated many years go — sixty in my case — and I am not sure the vaccine’s effects last for so long. That said, it seems the monkey pox is not much of a threat. It is not at all common even in places like Nigeria where it is endemic. Also, from what I’ve read, it is spreading mostly among MSM (men who have sex with other men) so very little threat to me.

      1. I’ve been vaccinated twice, once as a child and once when I joined the Marines in ’63. Neither “took” (resulted in the usual scar), which I was told (by a doctor) indicated natural immunity, apparently not wildly unusual if your ancestry was in western/southern Europe; don’t know about elsewhere.

          1. Yep. FWIW, I have no idea where mine came from (if it indeed still exists), but neither of my parents ever had smallpox. I was also repeatedly exposed to mumps, and never got it. Just lucky, I guess…

  20. The race to achieve 1984’s Oceania is a global phenomenon that has infected all of Western Europe and the America’s, as Ireland’s President declares on government run and controlled STATE TELEVISION that Musk purchasing Twitter is “dictatorship


    Leftists, including the Democratic Party believes that governments should determine what can and cannot be said. The Irish President is yet another example of leftist projection. Of course his problem is not really with oligarchic control of media or tech, it’s the fact that this particular oligarch won’t obey leftist censorship demands. They are perfectly fine with oligarchs who serve the will of the state as its enforcement and implementation arm in classic fascist form.

  21. They [the white leftist elite] don’t possess superior intellectual ability yet, despite the fact that they all view themselves as ‘gifted and talented,’ they are not (gifted nor talented). Fifty-percentile Joe is a fitting exemplar of their generic mediocrity. That said, there is nothing they will not do to gain and retain power and control.

    If defending and supporting the Constitution of the United States paints me as a dissident, then I proudly wear that distinction.

    1. I have a freakish ability to attract left wing authoritians , few years ago, I was trying to get to know a guy, and asked him what his childhood was like, I was hoping to find out what his childhood hobbies were, but he launched into a spiel about his small Ohio town being made up of 50% stupid inferior farmers and 50% smart wise university types. I wish I was quicker on my feet verbally. Because I found the perfect reply the next day.

      So if 50% of your town had disappeared off the face of the earth, no one would much notice, and if the other 50% disappeared the price of grain would rise.

      1. “I wish I was quicker on my feet verbally. Because I found the perfect reply the next day.” 😀 Can relate.

        Also can relate to the rest of the experience, as I’ve lived in one of those university towns for many years. In a town like this, and working in a creative field, finding anyone that hasn’t overdosed on proggie coolaid is a real challenge.

        1. “I wish I was quicker on my feet verbally. Because I found the perfect reply the next day.” 😀 Can relate.

          Also can relate.

          1. Treppenwitz – coming up with the perfect comment or riposte as you go down the steps while leaving the party/meeting/dinner.

            1. Treppenwitz – coming up with the perfect comment or riposte as you go down the steps while leaving the party/meeting/dinner.

              I wish it was that soon. Sigh.

          2. As with a different issue (or several), there are two types of people: Those who say they can relate and liars. (Discounting those in a coma, that is…)

            1. I don’t know. Hubby is quick on the comeback, not caring enough to bother, or biting his tongue, depending. Rarely on the latter. Less frequently on the middle, if nothing else, he is perfectly gleefully happy to stir the pot, so to speak. I’m sure it happens. Just less evident. Son takes after his dad for all that son isn’t very chatty.

        2. Probably a third of the population of southern New Hampshire are university educated idiots. Another third are Massachusetts transplants or those of similar Leftist ilk. The final third are conservative New Englander types, with the standard percentage of common sense. None of which means we’re likely to see intelligent political decisions enacted, ever.

      2. That delayed response is common enough to have a name: l’esprit d’escalier. Literally, “staircase wit” – the retort you think of when you’re on the stairs leaving the apartment.

      1. Good thing it wasn’t 42; I’d hate it if he personified the meaning of the universe…

  22. I don’t think I was vaccinated against smallpox. YMMV. In 1999, Kenneth Alibek spoke about the former Soviet Union’s biowarfare research: https://www.nonproliferation.org/wp-content/uploads/npr/alibek63.pdf

    Of interest: Yes. When the Ministry of Defense realized that it wouldn’t be possible in the future to work intensively with Variola major, they decided to start working with monkeypox virus, which infects humans but is much less contagious than smallpox. So the Ministry of Defense decided to work with monkeypox instead of smallpox to create future biological weapons.

    Am I freaking out? No. However, this outbreak is showing up in people who have not traveled to Africa. It seems to be more easily spread than the original strain. It could also be fortuitous to spread news of the outbreak to increase the supply of smallpox vaccines. Smallpox (the original) has a 30% death rate among the unvaccinated.

    As it is known that the Soviets were experimenting with Monkeypox, among other strains, it is not impossible that other state actors might use similar strains to cast blame onto the Russians. Crispr can edit viruses.

    The CDC is recommending that suspected monkeypox carriers be quarantined with negative air flow: Isolate any patients suspected of having monkeypox in a negative pressure room, and ensure staff understand the importance of wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and that they wear it each time they are near suspected cases https: //www.cdc. gov/media /releases/2022/ s0518-monkeypox-case.html

    1. Unfortunately, that’s the CDC, so even if they are correct, I have a lot of doubts. And so will about half the US, I suspect. It’s the “Boy who Cried Wolf” scenario people started warning about back in 2020.

      1. But it does sound like the sort of “Panic NOW!” story that would be ideal for TPTB to spread for a COVID rerun, and just in time for the midterms! Fancy that…

      1. By ‘scientists’ who lack even a basic understanding of the practical realities of biological warfare.

        1. Be thankful for small favors. Would you want COVID19 to have been an effective biological weapon?

          “If this pathogen were remotely effective there would be a billion dead and four billion dying.”

          1. Positive side, they did not prepare an effective weapon.

            Negative side, they did not avoid researching stuff that is destructive, but lacking in a feasible method of weaponizing in terms of a sane effective doctrine.

      2. Have you seen the latest on Legal Insurrection today, that the Wuhan lab is doing additional “gain of function” for H7N9 (avian flu), and getting a 35% mortality rate in mice? Apparently it’s been ongoing since at least as far back as 2014. They say it isn’t air-transmissible between humans, just as they initially did with COVID.

        “Move along; nothing to see here.”

          1. “The Last Centurion” seems less of a fantasy every day. And Ing’s Quantrill trilogy isn’t far behind, even though it wasn’t about biowar…

            1. We’re moving past ‘The Last Centurion’ and into ‘Under A Graveyard Sky’ at this point…

              IF they did something of the sort, we would ‘win’ by being the least F’d up country still standing in the end, for all the reasons enumerated by John Ringo.
              Jordan Peterson: “If I told you to cook in the bathroom and shit in the kitchen, that would be a new idea. Doesn’t make it a good one.”

              1. He does have a way…

                Check “Into the Looking Glass” for a look at what could happen to jihadists in a real war. Good series, even if “Claws That Catch” was a bit…ummm…strange. 🙂

                  1. Sort of like my comment to a buddy on 9-11, when we watched the second airliner hit the WTC: “I really don’t like living in a Tom Clancy novel!”.

  23. Covid worked as a “panic” because the Right played along at first .

    This time, go straight to mockery and derision.

    Biden has two more years to screw up his own party. Watch him outrage key Left constituents, then the really violent Left ones.

    Then he asks the Right to go along with a crackdown.

  24. I had chickenpox as a kid. Fevers running into the brain-damage level. (For all I know, there was brain damage. How would I know? I’m trapped in this bone box looking out) Ice water baths. Missed most of a year of school, but kept up with the reading and homework. No teevee in the sickroom, but lots of books. FF about 40 years and I come down with TB, and rapidly-developing cataracts. Miss about a year of life, still no teevee, lots of books, plus this newfangled innertubenetweb thing. From these experiences, l have reached these conclusions: Fuck Teevee. Girls are pretty. I seem to be hard to kill. Maybe not on a Keef Richards/cockroach level, but you ain’t taking me out with a bedroom slipper.

    1. I had chicken pox, both kinds of measles, mumps, scarlet fever, scarlatina, all before vaccines were available. Son only had chicken pox, vaccines for everything else. Vaccine for chicken pox came out just before he started kindergarten. PIA with the PTB. Got told “probably mild enough he still needed the vaccine”. Um no. Pretty sure having a rash and blisters all over his body, and high fever (though no to the ice immersion level), did not count as mild case. He does have scars. The two not private area ones are less visible, now almost 30 years later, unless know where to look.

      1. I got a pretty high fever from the Coof, but partly that’s because I deliberately heated myself up with a heating pad on my chest, to kill it with fire. At one point I did put some damp cloths on my head, and I drank a lot of cold water… but I’m one of those people who is naturally coldblooded, so chills worry me a lot more than fever.

        If you know you had chickenpox, it wasn’t a weak case. Geez. Chickenpox was not the end of the world, but it surely wasn’t pleasant.

        1. Yes. We all had it with the sores in our hair, bottom of our feet, between fingers and toes, and everywhere else, including places it isn’t polite to scratch. Pretty much spent most the time in a warm soda bath (remedy back then). Son had it just as bad. Worse he was 14 months, still in diapers, in August. We did put plastic down on carpet, and put a blanket down, with him scans clothing and diapers, for some relief. We also used the soda bath treatment.

          I got fevers with the coof too, both times I got it. I run colder too. Regular temp don’t consider a fever. But if I’m 99.9, I have a Fever. Fever ran just short (barely) of the adult level of “go to emergency room, now”. Or at least it was just short of the level when I got thrown in the **hospital, with a *lecture, when I had strep, tonsillitis, with fever, at the same time (I was one sick 20 year old). Probably should have gone because my normal is a full degree lower. But wouldn’t.

          Actually two lectures. One from the emergency room doctor, and another from medical staff and GP before he released me back for week of office work only, before he’d allow me back into the field work.

          ** Overnight. Mom showed up with “not sure our insurance will pay for this” (they did, but took some paperwork). Got released to grandparents for week of “stay in bed”, then a week at home. There went both summer’s earned sick leave, and that summer’s vacation earned.

      2. There was an outbreak of Chicken Pox at my X’s weekend radio broadcasting job. Transmitted through a microphone. KRTS, the sound of Classical Music in Houston. No shit. They were all ‘eat the mic’ folks, I’m a ‘big voice’ a good foot off the mic. My wife was prescribed bed rest, and some antibiotics. Could have been pills, capsules, but no. Her father was a physician, my old man was a physician. I spoke with both, they both laughed their asses off. Had to be suppositories. Wax based suppositories. Gotta keep ’em in the freezer. So I have to shove ice cubes up my wife’s … ‘Welcome to married life, kid’. We’re apart now, but we got some really good kids.

        1. Getting the Chicken Pox as a child, or in our son’s case as an infant, is scary (no one likes a sick kid) but the probability of bad outcomes are way, way, lower. However, getting the Chicken Pox as an adult can be bad. Very, Very, Bad. One of the reasons, when I was a child, when Chicken Pox hit the school there would be “Chicken Pox parties. That practice had ended by the time our child was exposed. He didn’t get Chicken Pox until the second accidental exposure.

          We are well aware of the Chicken Pox danger to adults. My Aunt caught it, from us, when she was pregnant with their second child. She did not know she was pregnant, mom & dad did not know I was sick. Latter so much fun for mom, small child and toddler, in deer hunting camp, cranky and shows the spots. Then find out that her sister is pregnant (much later), who hadn’t had Chicken Pox. Yes, fetus was affected. Cousin born legally blind, and “not quite” deaf. Glasses and Hearing Aids do work for her, now, but cousin went to the blind school in Salem, until main streaming, and the school closed down.

          1. I swear every other yearthrough high school I had a “chicken pox like outbreak” as did the whole school. Usually leading to a weekend in bed itching like I was covered in itch powder.
            For all I know I have had monkey pox. 😀

  25. Aaand according to the Daily Mail (not an entirely unimpeachable source, but . . .) the monkey pox cases from Spain and Italy are all in men who had traveled to a big Pride festival on Gran Canaria.

    Somewhere, the ghost of Randy Shilts is facepalming and muttering about “Oh [sheep] here we go again.”

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