Global WHAT????

Because the left lives in the stupidest world — the one inside their minds — their new pet concept they’re dying to inflict on you, me, and our unsuspecting kids is “Global Majority”.

What the heck is Global Majority? Well, you see, the lizard people who are incredible racists, keep track of all gradations of skin color. Except, of course, when people of darker skin colors disagree with them, which makes them white.

Lately they’ve become obsessed with the idea of “white supremacy” for instance, which might make some sense if they were living anywhere in Europe up to the early 20th century, or in South Africa till the late 20th century. What it doesn’t make any sense, in fact in fact is in the US, the only truly multi racial, and mostly peaceful society in the world. I mean, I don’t know about you, but except for some very isolated areas, pale blonds are as rare as dark Africans. Most of us are a shade of mutt.

Ah, but you see, “White” is defined as…. well, having a job. Going in on time. Paying your bills. Or what we call “being a functional human being.”

But that’s because the lizard people are bizarrely racist. They think if you’re functional you’re white. Which means they don’t know (or understand) Americans.

And in that, we’re in good company.

You see, since we’ve started rejecting their insanity — okay, we have rejected it for a long time, but now we can fight back, and they’ve gotten crazier — they now pin their hopes on the world.

And they pin their hopes on the world, because the world — you see — is … wait for it: not white.

Therefore, the rest of the world is going to defeat the west because… They’re the majority. The GLOBAL majority.

First, I want to point out that the great thinkers of the left — referred to as “lizard people” because I’ve given up on their understanding people — are pulling the impressive, amazing gambit here that is known as “My big brother is going to come and beat you.”

Second, I want to point out they have to be aliens. Because they’ve never met a human, in the history of ever.

Look, there is no Global Majority. Only the most arrant racists could believe that. These people of extreme and insane pallor (and privilege) look around the world, see tan people, and say “Ah, all of them will band together and be a majority.”

Who was it who talked about ideas so stupid only an intellectual could believe them?

Look, even countries in Europe don’t consider each country a single race. I was born in a country so small you need a passport to swing anything above a day old kitten, but there are at least three distinct “races”. And no, they’re not the ones that the US considers races, though, yes, these days there’s immigrants from various places. But here I’m talking about groups of people who were around since say, the early 20th century. Portugal is at least three distinct cultural/physical “groups.” Great Britain, let’s not go there. France– never mind.

And then there is Africa. You know what? Africa has tribes, and each tribe considers itself a separate race. (Just one of the many reasons that “African American” is a multi-level lie, starting with “no African identifies as “African”” and ending with “Most African Americans are genetically what’s known as Caucasian and have never been closer to Africa than watching Black Panther.”

Asia is a multitude of tribes even more fractured than Europe. Possibly as fractured as Africa.

Then there’s Central and South America where — I hate to break it to the left, truly, I do — not only do most people there identify as “white” no matter what they look like to you, but they also are, for real, white supremacist, preferring paler people and looking down on the dark skinned.

In fact most of the world considers themselves as “white.” The only people who think only blond and blue eyed people think they’re white are naive and stupid American racists leftists.

Global majority my sore patootie.

Dear leftists, if you knew any humans who don’t live inside your head, you’d have noticed the only thing more human than screwing and — if at all possible — making babies with anything that looks even vaguely human (witness all the variety of fossil humans whose remains we find in caves, just before realizing they are also in our DNA) is to point at your brother and claim to be a totally different race/culture/species than your brother.

Global majority! If the world in general understood these idiots, they’d be laughing too hard to speak. Or beating up on the left for calling them non-white.

You know what, left? Keep screaming for Global Majority to come and beat us up. They’ll come right after they’re done exterminating those weirdos in the next village over who are clearly a different race.

The truth, dear idiots, is that you’re locked in here with us.

And the voices in your head aren’t going to help you.*

*No, not even if you give the ‘reality divergent” status as an oppressed minority.

250 thoughts on “Global WHAT????

  1. awful convenient that their latest boogeyman showed up rights when they needed one…

    “known to the police”

    “investigated by the FBI”

    “Publishing threats online”

    awful; convenient.

    1. I wonder how much of the ammo as well as the firearm and magazine were purchased from a “dealer” who worked for the FBI, much like the bomb in several terrorism cases.

        1. The 4chan provacefags are a balanced mixture of security services, not purely FBI.

      1. Looks like they’ve filled in the Underpants Gnomes’ Part 2:

        Find some wackos
        Wind ’em up and get ’em to commit atrocities

    2. Also an avowed Leftist (who rejected Communism for not being radical or racist enough) who blasted Trump, FOX News, Conservatives, and Big Business, and who chose his weapon because it would motivate the politicians to enact further gun control. Expect the asshole and his motivations to be memory-holed in very short order.

      1. Technically, Buffalo and the wacko have been memory holed. As soon as someone posted his manifesto with highlights showing wacko was left of the squad, Bernie, and S-f-B Brandon. Also noting that New York has, along with California, has the most radical gun control and red flag laws, yet the NY wacko was able to legally obtain a gun in New York. I think the California wacko also should have been red flagged under CA red flag laws, but since it was memory holed so fast, not sure about that.

    3. Watched several people on the Al Sharpton (side)show last night demanding that those who enabled the Buffalo shooter to commit his heinous deed be ‘held accountable’. I wonder if that includes the generations of politicians who enacted gun safety control measures who ensured that his victims couldn’t, y’know, shoot back.

      1. Bet it also doesn’t include the ones who allow your “youth” issues to suddenly disappear at your 18th birthday so they don’t show up in a background check.

      2. This is of course the same Al Sharpton directly responsible for people in riots he stirred up in Crown Heights, NY and who has been very open about his support for those who murder Jews. The fact that the Democratic Party establishment grovels to him and their media arm gives him a platform tells you everything you need to know about the Democrats.

        1. I’m old enough to remember how Al Sharpton built his grift game with Tawana Brawley‘a little shit show (so to speak), back in the late ‘80s.

    4. And nobody’s talking about the church shooting that happened the next day (and which the parishoners stopped through basic chair-fu and dogpiling). That was at a Taiwanese Presbyterian church and the shooter was… of Chinese descent, specifically targeting Taiwanese due to rising tensions between the countries.

      Funny, that.

      1. Shortly after the attack the NBA got back on CCP state TV and the establishment continued their appeasement and support of the Chicoms. My questions is how long does it take them to blame the churchgoers.

        1. I dunno, but the NBA and every franchise in it can FOAD. Can’t wait until they actually do. I haven’t watched a game since 2020, and I don’t plan to see one ever again. I laughed when someone told me that the local NBA team fell apart in the playoffs. And this is coming from a lifelong fan who had followed said local franchise religiously since the early 1980s.

      2. Saw it on Twitter. The late hero was a doctor….sec….


  2. Linguistically, Africa has about one-third of the world’s identified languages, but New Guinea—a big island, but not a continent—has about one-fifth. New Guinea’s a big island, but it’s an island, not a continent; the estimated population is around 11 million. And of course language doesn’t equal genetics, but there IS a correlation—and under the social conditions on New Guinea, those thousand or so distinct languages probably each consider themselves a distinct “race” or “people.”

  3. Yet another example of how leftists, having replaced thinking with The Feelz, are now unable to use basic logic. Because, well, even if we, arguendo, accepted their extremely racist premises as true, their argument would look like the following:

    Extremely Racist Premise #1: Being competent (holding down a job, etc.) means being “white”.
    Extremely Racist Premise #2: Everyone who isn’t white is one race, known as “non-white”, and will naturally band together to defeat the whites.
    Extremely Racist Premise #3: There are a lot more non-whites than whites in the world. (Note: if you accept their definitions, this one might actually be true, and not just treated as true for the sake of argument).
    Conclusion: The non-whites will defeat the whites.

    Let’s do a bit of elementary logic, shall we? From Extremely Racist Premise #1, it follows that if you’re non-white, you’re (the leftists would claim) not competent. (This is modus tollens. If P, then Q. Not Q, therefore not P.) Which means that Extremely Racist Premises #2 and #3 are irrelevant, since a small band of competent people can easily defeat a large band of incompetent people. So even if you accept their extremely racist premises, their argument is totally illogical.

      1. With how many trillions of transistors that have been produced in chips, I won’t say that it is lacking, just rarer in organic form than I might wish.

    1. Size is a quality all its own. Given a large enough group of suicidal idiots, they can defeat any group of well-trained, well-equipped opponents. You just have to be willing to spend the required number of bodies. Of course that IS in line with typical leftist thinking; provided the ‘thinkers’ aren’t the ones supplying their own bodies.

      1. Not really. That is where nukes and VX come into their own, primarily as area denial weapons.

        1. In the small town we’re currently in, 200 Confederate guerrillas armed with revolvers attempted to “storm,” sparsely manned Union strong points.
          The Union troops had rifles.

      2. It depends. For every Islandlwana, there’s a Rorke’s Drift. Merely throwing bodies at a problem will only get you so far.

      1. Ugh, I ran into a round of that yesterday about the Dying Earth books where Dedodands, who are full absorption black (as opposed to dark brown and thus black among current humans) humanoids with razor-sharp teeth who eat humans and are specifically said to be the result of magical experimentation in a prior aeon, are clearly stand-ins for American blacks and thus reeeee.

        Oh, and the description of a powerful and elderly magican as having yellow skin and eyes like knot holes ina board is clearly “Yellow Peril” coding and not jaundice and withering away from the effects of a century of magical research and experimentation.

        F^@& these people. If they see Africans and Asians there it isn’t Jack Vance who is the racist.

              1. “The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read. It isn’t even that Johnny can’t think. It’s that Johnny doesn’t know what thinking is, he confuses it with feeling.” Thomas Sowell.

            1. I’m still trying to work through the alleged logic of “If you say you’re not racist, that proves you’re a racist”. My inclination is to ask the morons “Are you a mass murderer?” and go from there.

                1. I disagree with the author on one point. He says the logic of the trap convicts the trapper because by the logic, there can be no innocents. Au contrair.! The trap operator, by acknowledging his evil, by admiting and confessing it, has been purged of his sin. His confession and renunciation of evil has given him clear sight, so he is now uniquely qualified to root out the sins of others.
                  Is this true? No. But it’s an obvious rationalization that plays nicely on the trapper’s pride.

                  1. Yeah, like self-righteous self-satisfied rationalizations never bit anyone on the butt…

                    And as someone (Heinlein?) once remarked WRT Cassandra, Kafka never got the kicking around he deserved. Different reason, of course.

                    My take: “Have no truck with the senseless thing” et seq.

        1. And then there was that episode of “If the Emperor had a text to Speech Device,” where they were discussing the Salamander Legion.

          “They’ve blacked themselves sir. It makes everyone uncomfortable.”

          “What. I’d did not create you to become the next wave of racist bigots charging across the galaxy. What do you call that?” Telikenetocally yoinks off the guys armor. He’s African skin toned.

          “Sort of a brown sir? Could I have my armor back? This is really rather drafty.”

          “Then what the —- are you talking about if not that?”

          “Well, they use hot magma to chat their skin all over, with great big rifts running through it all over the place and blood everywhere. It’s really quite disturbing.”

          “What. The. ——-“

        2. What the actual….

          Next you’ll tell me they think Vorlons are stand ins for whites. What does that make the Drazi, I wonder?

          1. Green. Or purple. There was a bit of an argument over that in season 2, you might recall.

            1. Until Ivonova took charge and marched them to the quartermaster for a vat of dye, iirc


            1. Lords of order imposing their will. Using the younger races as sepoys.

              Also, any time we see one out of an encounter suit, it is white and glowing.


              1. I wish I could think you’re kidding, but I’m sure you either read that somewhere or could sell it to leftists if you made it up.

                1. The last line is pure sell-to-leftists. The first is from a really good (and long) fanfic that starts out with the Minbari grabbing someone other than Sinclair, thus not surrendering at The Line. It proceeds to have the alliance win the Shadow War militarily, so the Shadows leave, but the Vorlons stay.

                  The Vorlons are… not pleasant senior allies.


          2. Just started watching Babylon 5. It should last us a few years at the rate we watch television.

            1. Ooooh, you’re in for a treat. The only thing I regret about watching Babylon 5 is that I can never watch it for the first time again. 25 years later, it’s still the best show that’s ever been on the idiot box.

              My Babylon 5 DVD sets are right at the front end of my video shelf.
              “I have looked into the darkness, Na’Toth. You can not do that and ever be quite the same again.”

            2. Word of warning – the first season is hit or miss, and the 5th season was an add on (they had been told that s4 would be the last, so they wrapped up the major storyline, and then were given a 5th).

              Also, the movies (especially In the Beginning) need to be watched at the proper time in the show, or spoilers will abound.

              That said, s2-s4 was some of the best TV I have ever seen


              1. Yup S3 and S4 of babylon 5 are probably some of the best SciFi TV thats ever been bar none (and I was a BIG fan of Star Trek as an 7-8 year old). S1 is slow, s2 picks up. S5 is okay in spots but made me want to genocide the telepaths even though the lead was a pretty redhead.

                1. Yeah, and apparently JMS’ recent slide into woke came because he ditched his wife and moved in with said actress. The hot/crazy matrix is always in play.

                  On a better note, the DVDs have been remastered to todays graphics and look even better.

                  1. That explains why she got such huge hunks of season 5.. Though honestly I can see the issue… Luckily I already have a Red Head and she’s not crazy :-).

                1. The Gathering (doubles as a pilot episode)
                  In the Beginning (the Earth Minbari War). Suggest watching it sometime after the episode Babylon Squared.
                  Thirdspace (takes place between shadow war and earthwar). Middle of Season 4.
                  River of Souls (sometime during S5)
                  A Call to Arms (post-S5)

        3. Honestly, the time scale of the Dying Earth books is such that any of our current “races” wouldn’t be applicable anyway.

          1. Yep. In fact, the idea that at that time (4B years in the future, perhaps?) there might be creatures recognizable as “human” is so wildly unlikely as to be essentially impossible. But I still like the book(s). 🙂

    2. You are forgetting, the lizard people get to be the benevolent god kings of their incompetent tan majority in their racist plan. They believe that they will be worshiped and raised to high office by the tan people because of their competence and benevolence and pale skin.

      There are numerous examples of minorities being imported and tribalized by the democrats, then when they have enough power, electing their own groups leaders and discarding the lizard people, and the lizard people being very surprised.

  4. Ah yes, once we destroy America which is necessary for the glorious socialist world order to prosper, everyone will live in peace and harmony under our benevolent guidance.
    Simple question, how well did that work out for the Bolsheviks?
    Side note, appears that quite a few of us are a very short step shy of the line where we tool up and start hunting lizard people and rewarding them for their seemingly ceaseless attempts to force what they deem “good for us” down our throats. My personal guess is that line gets steam rollered over sometime later this year, probably early fall.

      1. My guess is that Democrats working with the HarrisBiden DOJ are going to manufacture bogus criminal charges against numerous Republican members of both the House and Senate and use those to get an Obama appointee to disqualify them from standing for election in a manner where they will hand the seats to Democrats, thereby assuring themselves of retaining control of Congress (in their minds anyway that is the plan). Democrats are fully aware that in an honestly election they get crushed, and they do not intend to allow a genuine, honest election to take place.

        If their efforts to rig the election so they can keep power fail, I fully expect the Democrats and Team HarrisBiden to declare the elections invalid and attempt an outright coup to retain power. They have already set the groundwork by declaring the entirety of the opposing political opposition to be “domestic threats” who are a “fundamental threat to ‘our democracy'”, by which they really mean to unfettered Democratic Party totalitarian rule. They project like crazy and their constant use of the word “coup” is a blatant tell as to their own plans .

        1. “If their efforts to rig the election so they can keep power fail, I fully expect the Democrats and Team HarrisBiden to declare the elections invalid and attempt an outright coup to retain power. ”

          What I expect is that the current House and Senate may try and refuse to seat the replacements on the grounds that they deem the member unsuitable. The last time that was used was after the ACW.

        2. That’s probably plan B (or parallel plan). Belgium has shutdown for Monkey Pox and rumor is last year’s Gate’s Foundation pandemic wargame was Monkey Pox this May (that is unconfirmed rumor).

          I figure September Monkey Pox shutdowns with that requiring mail in voting again everywhere.

  5. Here’s a good question for you. And yeah, I could be just a conspiracy nut, unless it’s true.

    “How many of the “elites” actually got the COVID19 vaccine, and not a placebo just to look like they got the shot?”

    Considering the reports on ineffectiveness of the vaccine from actual preventing the disease (see the number of ‘breakthroughs’), cancers, cardiac events, infertility, and other major ailments drastically on the rise since the shots were given; and considering the Left’s preoccupation with population reduction and control; this was a perfect opportunity for the Left to exterminate 90% of the human race over a single generation.

    1. At this point, how many “boosters,” are actually distilled water? Safer for the drug companies, and given stories on how quickly the effectiveness of this type of vaccine fades away…

      1. /laugh
        You know how many health problems disappear with proper hydration? Not that 5 ccs of distilled water is likely to have much effect.

        1. Not distilled water, sterile saline or Wringers lactate, distilled water MIGHT cause issues.

    2. There was a fair amount of video clips/screenshots on (whispers) Gab showing various powers that be getting their vax shot with the syringe needle protector in place.

      I have to see my standard doctor and Not-Vax pusher in a few weeks. It’s getting harder and harder to keep my temper when he tries the song and dance about the Covid clotshot. OTOH, he’s a runner, and if he actually got the mRNA shots, he might not be my doctor for much longer. (We’re in a very rural county; not many options when it comes to medical care. Shortages of alternatives is the biggest downside to living in BFE.)

    3. Forget the elites, how much of the early shots were placebo.

      Maybe the Brandon tweet about no vaccine before he came into office was true.

    4. Gov. Newsome suddenly dropped from sight several months ago. Rumor at the time was that he’d gotten the latest SARS2 booster, and it had paralyzed half of his face. Or something along those lines.

  6. I took me thinking through the character generator on Eve Online to understand how Europe views race. Each faction is not just its own race, but each has three different races, one dominant and two secondary.

    And the thing is, they are all typographicaly immediately recognizable, even with the range of face modifications available in game. You can tell, at a glance, the difference between a Caldari Deteis and a Gallente mainline. And both are, by US standards, completely vanilla white, yet they are also visually completely distinct. (The Deteis are space Germans and the Gallente mainline are space French)

    1. Well, there really is such a thing as inherited differences in human beings. Call it race, call it breed, call it whatever you want. You see it in family resemblances across generations all the time. The problem is, it doesn’t always hold true. You frequently get a morphological presentation that doesn’t match what anyone recognizes as part of the family, even if they absolutely know the father and mother were the real genetic parents. Whether that means a far distant, forgotten, ancestor is popping up, or a brand new combination happened is beyond me.

      How many generations does it take to set a genetic appearance? What factors do you need to have present to provide selection of traits? It supposedly took about 1000 years of selectivity based on financial/business success for Ashkenazi Jews to get their 7 to 15 points higher on the IQ tests than the rest of the population. Sure, you might be able to pick out someone of Jewish ancestry out of a random cross section of old Europeans; but if you plopped one down in a bunch of Middle Easterners, good luck. The Middle Easterners might be able to tell who was who, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

      1. So, I’ve got some facial features unique from anyone else in the family, (enormous lips). I have some features from either parent, but no one else has these lips. From the extensive family of siblings, aunts, uncles…nothing for three generations.
        Then I found a picture of a grandfather from five generations back; and there were the lips.
        Apparently it was a gene that skipped until it fell on me.
        Genetics are a weird thing.

    2. YES. And yes, in Europe, you can TELL. Drove my mom nuts that she couldn’t tell what subset of Europe/rest of the world mix each American is. It literally made her uncomfortable.

      1. We certainly are more used to “blends” here. Might make a trip to Europe fun, since I’m reasonably strong on the Polish look and my husband reasonably strong on the Danish—but we’re similar enough that the kids would drive folk nuts trying to pinpoint why they looked “weird.”

        1. Wife and I got mistaken for German tourists all the time, when we were in Spain. Granted, I’m about a 1/3rd German descent, a third Irish, and the rest a mix-mash of Welsh, English, and who knows what from northern Europe, but my wife is more Brit than their Royal family.

          1. Portuguese shop touts are very good at this, because their livelihood depends on it, in a country that’s now 99% dependent on tourism. THey address each person in what at a glance they identify as their language.
            So, Dan was Portuguese. I was (often) English, though occasionally German, Older son was Italian, younger son Spanish, DIL French.

          2. I get mistaken for German or English. Which is a bit odd, since my coloring is not German (this is before I start speaking). If I speak German, I get pegged as a native speaker about half the time. But I’m also dressing to blend in, so that makes a big difference.

            1. In Odessa, everybody thought my mom was an Odessan Jew. Which was kinda correct, because a lot of the Heyer side did move from France to Germany to Odessa. Just not our part of it, which went the other way, toward the US.

              And my dad in Ireland — everybody picked him out as an O’Brien. And my mom as black Irish, which is also correct.

              1. I don’t look like anybody, except one of the O’Brien side relatives in the 1500’s, who outlived something like six husbands. Yeah, genetics are weird.

                1. Meanwhile, my younger brother looks like an Irish Spring commercial, and my older brother looks exactly like one of the German guys with our surname whom I saw online, right down to unusual skin tones and feature shapes.

                  1. Our son could be a twin of his cousin on his dad’s side for the same age, when son was younger (cousin is 18 years older), based on pictures. Kind of disappointing nothing from my side. THEN was going through older pictures to have scanned, including some of paternal grandfather, and my dad, taken in their 20’s and 30’s. OMG son could be their Twin, through his 20’s and into early 30’s. Genetics is weird.

                    Me. My hair has turned 100% multi-color, mostly white, some little gray, and back (actually comes across as white blond – I call it Covid Blond, since I had to quit coloring). Maternal grandmother was pure white and I’m figuring I get it from her. Then mom’s SIL the other day said my hair looks like paternal grandmothers … Huh? Hers was more black than white until she died at 80. Although I did get the early white/gray from paternal side (first white hair was 24). Hey the maternal side loses their hair before they are out of HS (guys) and women have very thin, including mom’s, and one sister. I was perfectly happy to keep nice thick hair and start coloring early at 30.

                    1. Dang it. Didn’t close tag properly. Meant to only bold “their Twin”. Sigh.

                      I’d blame WP. But my fault.

                    2. The wife calls white hair, Irish blonde. She started to go Grey at 12, which was late for her family. My family was a bit later, I think I was about 19. Number one son at 32 is mostly grey.

                    3. Both my youngest sister and I were white blond as infants to small toddlers. She never really outgrew it settling into blond with tinge of brown. I went full on Auburn, dark brown with slightly red highlights. It was the red that went white 100% before I was 40. By then I was coloring it. But even then the goal was to “tone down” VS eliminate. Pretty stark against the natural dark brown. The hilarious part was, when done, my hair had at least 8 different tones depending on how each “natural” element took the color (brown, white, gray, black, and how faded from the last color session for each). My response to “How do you do that?” was “My hair dressers are very patient, they deal with each individual hair.” 😉

                  1. Back a few years ago I had a run in with Chemo and decide to cut my mustache off before it fell out at 52. Looked into the mirror and there was my dad staring back. It was seriously creepy. And my paternal Grandmother thought we both looked like her brother (Dad’s uncle, my great uncle) Oscar. The pictures I saw of Oscar in his 40’s looked like my dad in late 40’s and me in my 50’s. And yet my elder daughter matches a CD picture I have of my mom at about 20 except for the nose. Daughter lucked out that side of the family has a big wide honker of a nose, she got the Irish side…

                    1. I have a first cousin whose nephew, my cousin once removed, is a dead ringer for his uncle. Worse can’t get a clue from what they are wearing either. Both are farmers. The uncle is 19 years older.

                      Today, as we were driving in, my mom made this comment “Why is J leaving? Isn’t he president?”, my response was “Yes. But I bet it was T, not J.” Sure enough. Pulled in and there is J talking to his dad.

                      Today was the annual meeting and clean up for the Jesse Applegate Historical Cemetery between Drain and Yoncolla Oregon (not the Applegate Cemetery IN Yoncolla). Dang “Bucks” didn’t show, it was ordered, it just didn’t get there. Luckily it isn’t an all day event anymore. The cemetery is mowed regularly by a family member that has a yard service; paid a token amount. This helps immensely on clean up day.

                      Then just as I am getting everything out of the car, a friend of mom’s calls, bless her. She’d called because she’d been calling mom, who hadn’t answered or called back. Wanted me to go check on her. Just sweet. Nice to know someone other than sisters and I are checking up on mom. I’d just dropped mom off at home. The cemetery has limited cell bars. Texting works. Call connections, not so much. This despite 4 towers being on the hill top on the property that surrounds the cemetery, way, way, on top. Neither Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile have call reception.

                    2. Looked into the mirror and there was my dad staring back. It was seriously creepy.

                      My husband joined the Navy shortly before 9/11, and mid-2002 went to the Naval Archives and saw his dad’s photo…. with which he could have shaved.

                      At which point he went to his barracks room and shaved the ‘stache until he could grow a beard without violating regs. 😀

          3. I was in Greece years ago when I still smoked so I spent a lot of time outside. Everyone spoke to me in English, which was somewhat surprising since I had been living abroad for several years at that point so my dress, shoes, haircut, etc. weren’t American. I asked some colleagues and they laughed and said that I didn’t look American, if anything I looked German — I have no German blood at all — but they all agreed I didn’t look Greek and Greeks spoke English, if they had it, to all non obviously Greek.

            With Americans it’s usually the shoes that give us away, that’s the way the wife and I spotted Americans when we played “spot the yank” whilst we were living abroad. Cut of clothes, hair, brands, and make-up would fill the rest. We got really good at it.

            1. I wear English shoes (Hotter) or SAS walking shoes, which look like every other leather walking shoe. As you say, it’s the shoes.

      2. When in France, some of the people I spoke with in my very rusty french thought I was from Belgium. Could have been the accent. Could have looks since my ancestry is roughly half Czech and half English.

    3. Might be worth noting that one of the secondary races in each nation is Asian, instead of European. And each of those Asian races is immediately and obviously distinct from each other, just as is the case with the eight European races.

    1. You know, Portugal is currently ruled by a coalition of socialists and communists (Yes, fraud, but nowhere as much as here. MOSTLY procedural shenanigans.)
      I’d say they deserve each other.

  7. This started being visible on my Twitter feed when the (presumably Brown, capital B and don’t you forget it!) woman stated she’d abort her child, as “an act of love,” before she’d see it adopted by “white evangelicals,” who would teach it to hate itself.
    Talk about racist…

    1. I would never teach my child to hate themselves. But the public and higher education systems in this country do a real good job of that.

      1. Quibble: of course there are Evangelicals who would do that. There is always some weird-ass cult off to the side that nobody else want to deal with.

        The question is whether the hate-teachers are part of the mainstream of a faction, or “ew, why are we getting tarred with their brush”. And they are most certainly part of mainstream leftism.

  8. Case in point, the Sunday church shooting in CA: Chinese national, now naturalized Americn citizen, tries to shoot up Taiwanese church congregation. We’d have trouble telling shooter and victims apart.
    Or do Asians count as “white,” now?

    1. Chinese Commie, who headed up the local Chinese Commie-funded chapter of the “grab back Taiwan” association. Who apparently decided that it would be awesome to shoot up some Taiwanese-Americans for the cause of grabbing back Taiwan.

      But OTOH, there’s Dr. John Cheng. Greater love hath no man, than to give his life for his friends. He was his mother’s plus one at the banquet, and at 52, he was one of the youngest men there. His neighbor was a Persian guy named Reza Shirangi, who thought they were both black belts, and was stunned to learn at his death that Cheng was a kung fu grandmaster. There’s a nice story in the Orange County Register about how his kids went to Santa Margarita (a Catholic high school) and how the parish there said a requiem Mass for him.

      1. Cheng’s best friend from elementary school on, Brandon Jones, recalled that they were both big comics fans in fourth grade, and spent hours drawing their own Batman comics.

        One of his martial arts friends and students said that Cheng loaned him the money for a house. A. House.

            1. Apparently the issue for the NY Times was that his mom and deceased dad went to the Taiwanese church hosted at Geneva Presbyterian, but Dr. Cheng went to a different church which they couldn’t bother themselves to find out.

              Baylor talks about him:


              There’s a GoFundMe for his family, and a lot of the messages talk about his life. Apparently he was in Adventure Guides with his kids (the new YMCA name for Indian Guides/Indian Princesses). And he apparently was team doctor for any freaking sports team that asked him.

  9. “Who was it who talked about ideas so stupid only an intellectual could believe them?”

    George Orwell – the exact quote is “One has to belong to the intelligentsia to believe things like that: no ordinary man could be such a fool.”

    In fact that whole essay, “Notes on Nationalism”, is about a common pattern of fallacious reasoning that now comprises everything the “woke” say and think:

    “By ‘nationalism’ I mean first of all the habit of assuming that human beings can be classified like insects and that whole blocks of millions or tens of millions of people can be confidently labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’. But secondly — and this is much more important — I mean the habit of identifying oneself with a single nation or other unit, placing it beyond good and evil and recognising no other duty than that of advancing its interests. … Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power. The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality.”

    1. It appear to me that in our day, the attitude or habit that he describes as nationalism is more frequently manifested in connection with political parties.

      1. That was true in Orwell’s day, too – half the examples in his essay are political movements, not nations. He says outright that he chose the word because he couldn’t think of a better one. I think “collectivism” would be apt for the purpose, myself, but since Orwell made it clear what he meant it doesn’t do any harm.

    2. Nationalism is pretty much necessary when you’re fighting against another nation or group of nations. When you go to war, you have to classify to enemy as “bad”, and you nation of people as ‘good’. Doing anything else is a good way to lose and end up dead. Even in our own war between the states, the North and the South differentiated each other, even though many were from the same families. That means the millions of an entire country get labeled that way. After you win, then you can take the chance and be merciful and magnanimous.

      But nationalism is like a lot of things; too much, or too little, isn’t good. You need a middle balance point or range. National Socialism or Fascism isn’t good. But Universal Globalism is the extinguishment of nationalism, and it damn sure isn’t good.

        1. Fascism is a national socialism with some slightly different Marx removed trying to make it work. Benni was trying to make his ideals learned when a full on Marxist workable when he realized Marx was mostly a moron.

  10. Too many witty lines to quote. Thanks for a good start to my day.

    When Trump asked a crowd of mostly black Americans whether they preferred being called Black or African American, I only heard loud shouts of “Black!” When Muhammed Ali, who had a lot of first-hand experience with American racism, went to Zaire for the “Rumble in the Jungle,” someone asked him, “What do you think of Africa?” he responded with, “I sure am glad Great Grandaddy caught that boat.”

    As you say or imply, the heart (or maybe the groin) wants what the heart wants. The only thing keeping racism going was stigma enforced by “all the right people.” America finally won the battle on racism, so the Left has to invent new ways to tear us apart.

    1. Oh, the left is working hard to restart racism by “all the right people” enforcing it, they’ve just switched who is good and who is bad.

    2. The left has also memory-holed Ali’s admonition that ANYONE who hates someone else because of their race is a racist, because it goes against their narrative that only whites can be racist. Of course Ali faced more genuine racism, discrimination and oppression than the Ibram Kendri’s and Stacey Abrams can imagine.

    3. Whoppi said during her stand-up act HBO special (’80’s or ’90’s) that she was black and American, “I’ve been to Africa, and I ain’t from there!”

  11. Interesting viewpoint and reactions in comments! Earlier this morning I read this blog:

    That is just an example of how this “insight” by the ‘left’ is just not working. When the ridicule of ideas such as these has become so common that I run across it as often as this example – the lizards are in real trouble. Will it be easy to defeat the crazy? No… but defeated it will be. (sorry, just had a Yoda moment)

    1. More on point – did more racists fall out of the trees in 2017? Or is it suddenly in the interest of the political class’s narrative to not only focus on a tiny class of deviants, but to try to create more of them, so they could have a boogieman to wave around to scare the ignorant into line?

      I’ve noticed this myself. After all, modern white supremacists consist largely of federal provocateurs and a handful of losers of no influence. Look at the weekly “racist backlash” whenever a black actor is cast as anything. I don’t know what forums these reporters are hanging out at, but all I ever see in the wild is some people pointing out that, say, there weren’t a lot of Africans in medieval Norway. I guess that’s the “racist backlash”, if you define “racist” and “backlash” down to a ridiculous extent.

          1. Maybe, but how long to shake off that image.

            When I managed a Dominos circa 2005 I had people demanding free pizza because it wasn’t “thirty minutes or less” despite that being canceled completely in 1993 and dropped to $3 in 1987. Despite being by franchises to bring back the ‘Noid in advertising campaigns at that time the company refused because the ‘Noid was associated with the 30-minute guarantee (Bad Andy was an attempt to create a new ‘Noid).

            How long before people stop assuming “oh, it’s on Netflix, it’s going to be woke box-checking”.

  12. Is this talk about the “Global Majority” supposed to convince me that by virtue of having been politically and culturally dominated in modern centuries by folks with sailing ships and guns, folks with darker colored skins are somehow morally better and more fit to rule than those of European descent? My reaction to that notion is somewhere between helpless sniggering and bust-a-gut laughing out loud.

  13. The whole original idea of the United States of America, the rest of the world can go f&ck itself.

    We were happy being peaceful towards our neighbors, who were also peaceful towards us.

    Everyone else can keep their nose out of our business, or have it removed from our business.

    We did not want to be ‘managed’ by a British Empire that had no regard for our own considerations of mutual peace.

    The other populations of the world operate crap empires, when they operate empires, and they could not manage us in any way but an imperial way. Because they probably can’t grok our deal enough to be party to it.

    It is morally licit to try to exterminate a foreign population, if it makes a sincere effort to have imperial rule over Americans. Or maybe simply if it raids Americans, and won’t be coerced to top.

    Enemies domestic who have repudiated our deal, who have betrayed and violated it, and fear the punishment for doing so, and want foreign populations to rescue them with an empire that will protect them? They can f&ck right off.

    Democracy is not a legitimate moral principle. ‘Global majority’ is based on nutjob democratic thinking.

    The only moral force is between those party to republican values. For a majority vote to have meaning, it has to be ascribed meaning by shared republican values within a population, that support internal deals within that population.

    It can be shown that the populations of ‘the world’, can not, in fact, share values enough to deliver on an agreement of common government. This is mostly an exercise for the reader. However, the only way to do world government would be as empire, and it would have to be one capable of forcing obedience from massively dysfunctional cultures, and massively disobedient cultures. Functioning, potentially obedient cultures do not have enough in common to support the agreements required for the fighters and the bureaucrats. ‘Killing everyone in the world who is not American’ is at the same time hugely unfeasible, and one of the more feasible ways to accomplish a world empire. Democracy at global scales breaks down immediately. We don’t even have enough common language to agree enough to deliver on a single vote, even if we could hold it. A republic at global scale would become a monstrous horror very rapidly, and we should hope that the practice of it breaks down as quickly as the level of actual consensus supporting it disappears. (The transnationals, one world government types, etc., are actually a small minority of the world population. There are people who in the abstract support it, but would not support it once brass tacks were being discussed. Every other supporter is a ‘educated’ bureaucrat who thinks that they would be on top, and expects to be treated the way their native culture treats ‘elites’.)

      1. The best quality that America brings to the business of empire, is the number of Americans who realize that other countries are a complete waste of time, compared to minding the personal business of the American in question.

        Those Americans are /not/ the ones who are having, or are likely to have, anything to do with foreign policy and the actual management of American empire. The ones we have doing that stuff, are so terrible that they are both making the rest of the world worse (to the extent that this is even possible), and actively making America much worse.

  14. Therefore, the rest of the world is going to defeat the west because… They’re the majority. The GLOBAL majority.

    I see the Left is adopting my (humorous) proof of WHAM (white heterosexual able-bodied male) supremacy.

    If there is truly a global minority it is WHAM. Using Leftie figures whites are 10%, able bodies are 85%, straights are 90%, and males are 49% (which is why women are a minority). That means WHAMs constitute 0.10.850.9*0.49= 3.7% of the world’s population of which at least 10% are WHAM traitors (the lefties pushing this BS).

    So, somehow 3.3% of the world can keep the rest down. If that isn’t proof of supremacy I don’t know what is.

    That is what the left is implying when they say “The Global Majority” will defeat us eventually by outnumbering us.

    Out numbering 24:1 isn’t enough. What will it take?

  15. “Most African Americans are genetically what’s known as Caucasian and have never been closer to Africa than watching Black Panther.”

    So 23 and Me results reaction videos are a thing on YouTube. For a while, there was a cottage industry in reposting black women (it was always black women) finding out just how white they are and losing it.

    For example:

    1. Well, now, that’s not fair. Haplogroup H is from the Middle East, from Syria. There’s a lot of Haplogroup H in Europe, Siberia, and Asia, and there’s also a fair amount in Egypt and Sudan. And a lot of US black people have roots in Sudan and East Africa.

      So it’s not really “being white.” It’s “being Middle Eastern-ish.”

      Although it was also in those weirdos in the Cucuteni-Trypillia culture that liked to burn things. (Hi, Alma!)

        1. Anyway, the video did lead to the woman finding out that she was actually descended on her mom’s side from a white woman who married a black man, so the genetics company wasn’t incorrect.

          But they did kinda overstep it, because “Magdalenian Cro-Magnon” is a lot of people!

      1. She took it as being white and horrified at the idea.

        That’s the fun of it. She is genuinely more invested in her genes than her actions. It’s also the sad of it.

        1. And the irony of it is that a generation or so ago she would have been desperate to pass for white and her lighter skin color would have raised her status in the black community.

  16. “Global Majority.”

    This is where the Oppressed Masses rise up to overthrow the White slave masters, right? Because they are all in miserable circumstances -only- because the White Man keeps them down. Right? If it wasn’t for the White Man, all of Africa would be Wakanda!

    Yes, Wakanda! The Super Science country where black men (and women!) have white lab coats, use computers, write code, and make big important machines. As if they don’t ever do that anywhere else. (One of these Hollywood idiots should go to US Steel in Pittsburgh some day and count the white faces.)

    Yes, Wakanda! Where guys show up for work on time, study hard for their exams, don’t take dangerous and exotic drugs, look after their own children and don’t beat their wives. Oh, and they don’t steal or run corrupt scams on infrastructure projects to the point where the project fails and kills a bunch of people.

    But wait, isn’t that all Whiteness? Why yes friends, yes it is. Showing up for work booted, spurred, on time, with your tools, and not drunk or high is a White Man thing according to the Insane CRT Left. It is White Oppression! Unless black men are doing it. Then it’s okay, because it is Wakanda!

    Yes, Wakanda! A nation ruled by an absolute monarch, with a succession ritual involving trial by combat, where the average code-writing, labcoat-wearing Wakandan has ZERO (0) input into the governance of his/her/Xir’s nation.

    Sorry Lefties, the current Global Majority is China, a nation which KEEPS SLAVES and whose Belt-and-Road projects are impoverishing Africa and S.E. Asia. And thanks largely to the US DemocRats and Bill Clinton, they have nukes with ICBMs to carry them.

    Also India, which is doing better these days because they’re following along with some of the more enlightened British Colonial practices such as ending Suttee and also ending the unsavory practice of slavery, not to mention ending some of the more outrageous excesses of the Hindu caste system. But India still looks like they might like to nuke Pakistan, and they’ve been fighting the Chinese so they might nuke them as well.

    Global Majority = return to slavery as an economic force and probable nuclear war. Because where are you going to get all those slaves if not by conquering other nations?

    1. One thing that bugged me about some of the “Wakanda” raving that people were doing? They were talking about Africa in absence of colonialism, when the whole fundamental explanation for Wakanda is basically colonized by space aliens.

  17. Have you heard the latest? The Biden* Regime has been quietly getting changes inserted into the W.H.O. ‘pandemic’ rules that will allow them to suppress ‘disinformation and misinformation pertaining to a declared pandemic’ in all ‘member countries’ — that is, all signatories to the treaty that established the W.H.O. decades ago, including the U.S.

    They will also establish global ‘Health Passports’ which will be required for travel between and within all ‘member countries’. You will have to show your W.H.O. ‘health passport’ at every airport, train and bus station, even if you’re just traveling to the next town.

    Since they wouldn’t have a snowflake’s chance in Hell of getting a treaty with such provisions passed through Congress, they are instead changing the terms of an existing treaty to give unelected global bureaucrats the power to violate our Constitution in a ‘Declared Pandemic Emergency’.

    Who Declares a Pandemic Emergency? Why, they do, of course! They’re the Experts, after all. Who decides what constitutes ‘disinformation and misinformation’? Oh, that’s the same bureaucrats again. Didn’t they do an absolutely stellar job of helping cover up dealing with COVID19?

    (Don’t mention that the W.H.O. is a sock-puppet of the Chinese communist party. Shhhhh!)

    So, in the next ‘Pandemic Emergency’ the mask mandates, house-arrest orders and vaccine mandates will come from the W.H.O. instead of Democrat governors and health agency bureaucrats.

    Was it only yesterday I said that being forced to give up on their Ministry Of Truth tribunal meant they’d just get sneakier? Even I didn’t expect such a prompt reaction.
    A good Zombie Apocalypse novel is at least as believable as anything we’ve heard out of the ‘Publick Health Authoriteez’ over the last two years.

  18. It’s come to this, has it? Very well.
    Ox give unto you a term: GLOBAL MOOING.

    Ox do ask that you not make ox seem OVERLY stupid with it.
    Ox slow, sure. Ox still get there… eventually.

    Have fun! Also: Moo!

  19. Our Betters, The Liberal Elites need to go watch Gabriel Iglesias.

    I’m serious.

    Our Betters, The Liberal Elites think that Races are all Giant Monolithic Blocs of people who are Basically Identical to Everyone Else In The Same Bloc. Gabriel Iglesias did a bit in South Florida a few years back, asked the crowd if any Latinos in the crowd, then points out “Notice I was non-specific, I said ‘Latinos’ because if you call a Latino the wrong thing, you’re gonna cause a problem. Seriously, we don’t like it. You call a Mexican an El Salvadorian, we get mad. You call a Puerto Rican a Dominican, they get mad. You call a Cuban anything but a Cuban, bro you’re gonna get stabbed!” And the crowd was agreeing. Because they know

    Our Betters, The Liberal Elites don’t get that. And they never will because they won’t ever come out of the echo chambers in their Majestic Ivory Towers to find out. Or, if they do, they’ll decide it’s the result of the Evil White Oppressors dividing people through White Supremacy or Capitalism or some such BS.

    1. And I gather mistaking a Japanese for a South Korean will not be taken well.

    2. Hey, don’t mistake a Romanian for a Bulgarian. They won’t take it well. From what I saw in Romania, Romanians see Bulgaria as Mississippi to their Alabama.

      1. In my experience, Austrians don’t care for it when you call them Germans. Yes, they share a language (and more than a little cultural heritage) but that’s it. And there are still some hard feelings that bit of unpleasantness in the 30s and 40s…

        Austrians also don’t care for their country being mistaken for Australia, though they tend to be good sports about that one: saw t-shirts that read “There Are No Kangaroos in AUSTRIA” hanging in souvenir shops when I was in Salzburg.

        1. Sib had one of those shirts. Much fun was had by all who got the joke.

          I was vehemently informed by a very polite Austrian gentleman that the dude with the Schnurbart was really German and Beethoven was really Austrian. I didn’t argue.

  20. Oh, hey, Hamvention is running, out at the Greene County Expo Center at the Greene County Fairgrounds. This is the 70th anniversary of Hamvention.

    So if you need ham radio stuff, or if you want to amass nerd cred and nerd social time, get on out there. You don’t have to wear a mask unless you want to, and nobody wants to know your vax status.

    1. I’ve been looking for hamfests in the area (preferably those that don’t entail overnight stays), but S. Central Oregon isn’t near to any that are showing on the calendars. I’ll have to try a search for S. W. Oregon.

  21. Global majority?

    Maybe 8 billion people on earth.

    Best scientific estimates; 1 to 2.8 trillion cockroaches.

    If quantity makes non-white right we, white, non-white, dark, light, all humans, skin shade aside, are wrong.

  22. Striving for ‘majority status’ in order to slam dunk a ‘tyranny of the majority’ on (their) ideological infidels is contemptible. Sadly, for Leftists ‘ends justify means’ and their psychosis runs deep, very deep! The Leftists, to quote Michael Walsh, “They never stop, they never sleep, they never quit.”

  23. The truth, dear idiots, is that you’re locked in here with us.

    “We’re not locked in here with them…” (slight paraphrase in using the first person plural.)

  24. So, just a random thing to throw out there…

    I was playing a game demo on Steam last night. It’s the early part of a life simulator/time management game, made by a Chinese company (with an English translation) that hasn’t been released yet. Early on in the game, I was asked to take a vocational test. The test had some fairly simple questions, such as the answer to 1-2, 1+10+100+1000, and similar easy stuff (for the most part; there was a second 1-2 question that put the operation in between vertical bars. I got that one wrong, since it’s been a long time since I’ve had to deal with that particular symbol in a math problem). I blew through the test, submitted it, and then read the note they’d added after you submit it. The test apparently has questions from a real test that was given at a plant in China a few years ago.

    40% of the people who took it failed.

    1. I suspect a similar percentage of today’s U.S. high school ‘graduates’ would fail, too. They’re being taught to be stupid.

      1. The establishment views Ignorance is Strength as something to train entire generations in.

  25. When I was college aged, and meeting more people from other countries, I remember taking note that Europeans identified more with their home region, and less with the country. A friend from Munich identified more as Bavarian than German. A Spanish language teaching assistant from Spain identified far more with Catalonia and the Catalan language than with Spain as his home country. Not to mention the Basque! Of course, Germany, at least, has been a unified country for a shorter time than America, not even counting the whole West/East thing.

    1. So, Lloyd Austin has decided it is time for him to fuck up everything again?


  26. At the invitation of Imaginos1892 (thank you again), I am posting here a continuation of my comments from an older blog post (sorry), about communism as a virus. My point was that just like a virus, as my host remarked, they may eventually lose some of their virulence, but become part of our culture’s DNA forever. To me this is somewhat depressing, but I’ll end on an a less pessimistic note.

    Maybe we are writing about different things. I am writing about actual communists, such as people who take part in Marx study groups or distribute Marxist literature on campuses.
    At worst they’ll take refuge in relativism, i.e. I have my truth (and I’m ready to die for it, rhetorically speaking), you have yours. People will be accepting of this, if it comes with a left-wing opinion, because everyone knows the left are just misguided idealists and mean well. People are polite and they don’t judge (and if you really believe that, I have a bridge to sell you; it only holds for the left-wing ideas they have been trained to accept and espouse).
    Curiously for me and even worse, I have seen people on the right acknowledging this reality and saying that an alliance with the left is unavoidable, that the old distinctions are meaningless and now it’s nationalism vs globalism, etc.. Left-wing ideas are no longer disreputable and have permeated everywhere, now being part of the DNA of the right as well.
    This is not new and I doubt I’m the first one to make such observations. Le Pen is a nationalist socialist, to give one example. I am sure that if there is a states’ convention now, everyone will agree that the main amendment the US constitution needs is a guaranteed basic income, to give another.
    The US have always had a strange (to me) respect for their communist enemies and sometime WWII allies. USSR industrialization was done with American capitalist support, for example. Even people on the right have seen and are now seeing communism as no big deal.
    To repeat: I don’t think being an actual communist or an actual socialist or espousing actual communist or socialist ideas will be stigmatizing again in the US or most Western European countries (go Poland!) for the next 100 years, if ever. Marxist groups also played some part in the independence movements of many third-world countries, so this could be a perpetual reservoir of Marxism too. It’s likely that Marx, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao will remain in history as glorious figures, like Napoleon and other great conquerors and statesmen (the first caliphs, Peter the Great, Cromwell to some extent, even Genghis Khan and Tamerlane for some peoples).
    I see some parallels with the French Revolution too, which to me was mostly bad. The French monarchy was by far not as bad as it is made out to be and the revolutionaries were by far not as good as they are made out to be. The French monarchy was pretty liberal for an absolute monarchy by the standards of the time (it supported the American Revolution, for once), it was disposed to concessions (which proved its undoing), and also see the Vendée. But history is written by the winners. And even when the monarchy came back with a vengeance (not for long) it was permeated by the revolutionaries’ ideas, which had become very mainstream and respectable. Some of the people themselves held onto their positions and influence.
    The same can be seen in many of the former communist countries in Eastern Europe nowadays. I could expound on this at length.
    My hope is that at some point in the future communism will become a toothless, meaningless ritual, a formality, like those old viruses incorporated into the DNA that no longer have a bite. People will pay it obeisance formally while practicing capitalism or even, who knows, democracy. But it will still be there, still appreciated (hopefully with no true understanding), and probably the descendants of the communist elites will still be in the position to formulate its newest, supposedly more humane version (see: China) or rediscover democracy.
    I understand that these ideas are controversial and my host does not agree with all of them. Also, I find them depressing. Still, I made the best presentation I could for now and I think they are realistic.

    1. The French Revolution was not so much against the monarchy, as against the parasite class of French aristocrats that were doing the actual oppressing. The Aristos collected the taxes and enforced the laws locally (and brutally) while the King mostly held court and partied with foreign royalty. Louis and Marie Antoinette didn’t waste enough money to make much difference to the French economy; there were only two of them, after all. The Aristos were numerous as locusts.

      A few years later, Napoleon showed them what real brutality meant…

      1. Without completely disagreeing with what you write, taxes were collected by the intendants, who often belonged to the high bourgeoisie, and their subordinates, who weren’t noble at all. It definitely wasn’t considered a suitable occupation for the high aristocracy.
        By the time of the revolution, nobles had lost most of their rights to dispense justice. They acted as local judges, same as in the UK, and there were several appeals. Were they really more brutal? Or is it just revolutionary propaganda?
        Other more exotic nobility rights that you might have in mind may never have existed, again it might be revolutionary propaganda.
        There was a lot of social mobility too. Apparently a quarter of the nobles at the time of the revolution traced their nobility to after 1700. Nobles could also lose their status.
        I am not convinced that French nobility was much worse than British nobility, which survives to this day.
        Anyway, think about the stories communists will make up about you (us). Maybe future generations will believe that American capitalists literally ate babies and sucked the blood of the poor.

      2. Oh, and, by the way, the revolution was brutal almost from the beginning, which was the point of my remark about the Vendée.

      3. One more remark: I think it would be hypocritical for neither of us to mention the anticlerical (anti-Catholic) character of the French Revolution. This was one of their main tenets and is what directly led to the massacres in Vendée.
        But everyone knows the French Revolution is good, right, so why trouble ourselves with the iffy parts.
        This is how Communism will be too in the future, very likely.

        1. Uh, no, everybody with a clue knows the French Revolution sunk into utter savagery in a very short time. Madame Guillotine chopped away full-time, until the Revolutionaries ran out of aristocrats and started chopping each other. They were so busy Revolutionarying that they did next to nothing to fix the economy, or unburden the farmers, so the famines that triggered the Revolution went right on. The Church was rich, so taking money from all those priests and bishops would help, right?

          Nobody in their right mind would ever consider the Reign Of Terror ‘good’. By the time Napoleon took over, the people were actually ready to return to a monarchy because the only alternative they’d experienced had been so much worse.
          They kill a lot of people, overthrow their corrupt rulers and replace them with a new batch of corrupt rulers. Viva la revolution! Yesterday’s oppressed become tomorrow’s oppressors.

          1. Sorry for misunderstanding the gist of your remarks then. I thought you were defending the French Revolution from my attacks.
            I’ll insist further, though: the French Revolution was explicitly anti-Catholic. Many of the revolutionaries claimed to be free thinkers and were explicitly not Christian. There was a phase when they created their own mandatory religion, the cult of Reason. Even in other phases, though, they insisted that clergy should take a fealty oath to the revolutionary state and persecuted (even massacred) those priests who resisted. It created a mandatory association of “patriotic” Catholic clergy. This is like what China does nowadays (and there are some parallels to other communist countries, especially USSR) and was motivated by distrust and hatred of Christianity, especially Catholicism. Confiscating church possessions was just the cherry on the cake.
            It was not all bad: Protestants and Jewish people gained more freedom of worship (divide et impera, I guess). But this was accompanied by a terrible persecution of the Catholic church. The worst parts were similar to the persecution of the Catholic church during the Spanish Civil War.

          2. I have heard someone fulminating about Francophibia and how shameful it was that our versions are based on refugee accounts, and they weren’t doing tumbrils full until late, usually they were only executing one or two a day…..

            1. True, initially the French Revolution wasn’t so bad. It looked like it might lead to a constitutional monarchy following the British model.
              However, there were worse things than executing aristocrats, which I think was bad enough. Other than the massacres in Vendée, in which ordinary believers and priests were killed, what really disgusted me was the trial of the royal family, in which all the children were made to confess having incestuous relations with their mother. This was the main charge against the queen. Imagine the methods used to extract such confessions. To me, this is reminiscent of the later Stalinist trials. And then, consider the death of the king’s eldest son in prison, who was probably abused there, around the age of 10.
              People will say that they all deserved it or it was necessary for superior revolutionary reasons. To me, this makes everything that happened disgusting.
              About refugees, sure, they weren’t inclined to be kind to the revolution. The same is probably true to some extent for refugees from the Eastern Block running away from communism. However, I believe what they were saying was essentially correct in both cases. Nevertheless, they were mistrusted and ridiculed by all right-thinking people, of whom I am most familiar with Sartre and his play “Nekrassov”.
              Nowadays the French Revolution is celebrated and seen as a model to follow. I won’t repeat myself at length again, but so will communists be seen by future generations.

              1. I have literally heard a Marxist say that when people say their parents say that the USSR was bad, she inquires what the parents did and finds it’s always something terrible like business owner — as if the claim were the USSR was bad for those people that Marxism approves of.

                1. In truth it was bad for them too, at times, but you’re right, this should not be the standard used to judge it.

    2. The French supported the American revolution because it stuck a thumb in the English eye, not because of any love of Liberte.

      1. Would you say that US foreign policy has been guided by the interests of a monied clique or by protecting and spreading liberty around the world? I’d say a bit of first, much more of the second, but I know that many Americans disagree. Especially communists, but not only. I would be curious what your point of view is.
        I believe the same was true for France at that time. Self-interest and love of liberty are not always incompatible. Benjamin Franklin was quite popular in the salons of the aristocracy and at court. Many French, including high aristocrats (famously Lafayette), volunteered to fight for the US. Of course, it’s easier to sympathize with a revolution from a safe distance, but many aristocrats were also sympathetic later to the French Revolution, so they were probably even more sympathetic to their American allies.
        I’d bet though that many Iraqis, Germans, French, and Italians say similar stuff nowadays about their American liberators, to be free in their minds from any potential debt of gratitude.
        This is the way things are.

        1. U.S. foreign policy does not correspond to actual U.S. taxpayer interests thanks to the commies running the U.S. State department. Thank FDR for yet another mistake that has yet to be corrected.

          1. Funnily enough, French support for the American revolution also did not correspond with French taxpayer interests and the debt incurred by the French state during the conflict was one of the main reasons for the French Revolution later. It was a very bad decision for the French monarchy.

        2. Would you say that US foreign policy has been guided by the interests of a monied clique or by protecting and spreading liberty around the world?

          I’d say if that’s how you’re looking at US foreign policy, the issue is you.

          It’s like looking at aquarium water based on if it’s purple or facing green paper; not only is it not really relevant to the question, the options are so limited as to cause the answer to be nonsense.

          1. Well, my reply was to someone who said “The French supported the American revolution because it stuck a thumb in the English eye, not because of any love of Liberte.”
            I find that is a similarly simplistic view of French foreign policy at the time, as I try to make clear in my response.

              1. I know for a fact that French people, including members of the aristocracy, were enamored with the American revolution and were supporting it partly for selfless reasons.

                1. sure, but that had nothing to do with why the KING was plumping to support revolutionaries. Also, part of the reason they were “enamored” was propaganda.
                  Trust me, I READ THE PRIMARY SOURCES.

                  1. OK. I definitely trust you. I’ll still try to read them myself (though I shouldn’t).

          2. Since my previous reply wasn’t posted, I’ll try again: please see my reply in context. I was responding to someone with a very simplistic view:
            “The French supported the American revolution because it stuck a thumb in the English eye, not because of any love of Liberte.”
            It’s unfair to ask for nuance only from me.

              1. Here is some elaboration. I think that the politics of 18th century France were almost as complex as contemporary politics. Even though the king was an absolute monarch, he sometimes took his own decisions, but he was also influenced by various ministers. Both the king and his ministers took into account public opinion and opinions at the court. There were also various competing factions at court that had influence.
                Many of these factions and individuals were in favor of the American Revolution. Some even supported it enthusiastically, because they liked its ideas (some of which they shared as part of the Enlightenment). So to say that the French only wanted to get back at the English is completely wrong.
                By the way, the French at that time really supported generous causes: not only the thirteen colonies, but also Poland, which was having similar troubles.
                Concerning contemporary American foreign policy, it’s certainly more complex than self-interest of a moneyed clique vs. freedom torchbearer. Nevertheless, whatever their motivation was, I think that the US have generally spread and defended freedom in the world, even under governments that I dislike.
                It is true that the US were too self-righteous (in my view as shown by the Suez crisis), the State Department was infiltrated by communists a long time ago as someone pointed out, some of the recent US interventions in the Middle East under Obama and Biden (and not only) have made things worse, etc..
                Still, the mere fact that the US maintains a list of human rights abusers, condemns coups d’état and encourages democratic governments is a good thing in general, even though it may be wrong in particular cases. Many countries are not so bold as to call evil by its name and would be even less bold without the US’ boldness.
                And even though the most recent (since the Bosnian War or first Gulf War) US armed interventions abroad weren’t as successful as they used to be, I think they were well meant and still produced some positive effects, after all. Maybe a new approach is needed and then I hope that the one used in the Ukrainian war works out.
                Let’s not forget that the US-liberated countries after WWII established democracies and the US were a crucial support for Korea and Nationalist China, which eventually established democracies as well.
                I could go on like this for a long time.
                Perhaps this is too much detail now and anyway this is incidental to my point, which is that the French support for the American Revolution was genuine, not narrowly motivated by revenge.
                The next step is to go to the primary sources, as my host hinted. I am lazy, but may well do it eventually. However, I don’t see any motivation for it now.

        3. First we would have to HAVE an actual foreign policy. What passes for U.S. foreign policy seems to be decided by a committee chucking darts at a dozen different books and then randomly stringing the impaled words together.

          Maybe that’s where all those books ‘published’ by various politicians wind up.
          Those who do not remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes. Those who do remember are doomed to watch everybody else repeat them.

  27. What the heck is Global Majority?

    An attempt to appropriate the entire world, after the appropriation of women, folks who can tan, folks who ARE tanned, and anybody who doesn’t fit inside of their idea of 1950’s sexuality is just not hitting the spot anymore.

  28. The primary reason I reject the concept of race is that the answer to the very simple question “How many races are there?” depends strongly on whom you ask.

    But even if the lizard people are right they’re just asking for the intellectual (if they’re lucky) equivalent of Rorke’s Drift.

    1. Modern Biology (i.e. since Gregor Mendel) really recognizes two concepts phenotype and genotype. The genotype is the actual encoding of the features, the expression of that geneotype (physical or otherwise) is the phenotype. of course this usually applies to a single gene or group of genes. In addition some genes are not activated until some condition is met. For example the white markings on cats are controlled by the gene group refered to as W. Its a dominant gene if that cat has one of the two genes dominant (Ww) it will have white markings usually on less than 50% of its body. If both Dominant (WW) then it will have up to 100% white markings. But where the markings end up depends on prenatal environment, warmer places (like Stomach, paws, under chin and tip of muzzle ) tend to end up white as the hair cells develop. Cooler spots (back, Tail top of head) remain the cats natural color. Our traditional races are a mix of similar phenotypes, partly because the groups were isolated, partly because humans like to find patterns and here is a pattern that kind of works and partly because humans make us/them groups as a defense . As an read about the Yanomami natives I’ll bet genetically these folks were VERY similar to other Yanomami tribes (second or third cousin or sometimes closer) but to not worry about the other tribe will either end you up dead as a male or captive as breeding stock as a female. This has been the nature of humans for 10s of thousands of years. Pay no attention to the happy slappy idiots that think there was some Idyllic time where there was a matriarchy that ruled in peace and harmony. You want to see how ugly that can get look at ANY society with polygamy (Parallel or sequential) in its reigning class. The infighting for who gets to be Monarch is incredibly ugly. Look at historis of David, Solomon, the various Caliphates, the various Chinese Dynastys . Mr Kipling was not joking about who the more dangerous of the species is.

      1. OTHER color. The white’s natural. It’s not like the cat’s being dyed by angels in utero.

        1. I suppose I was imprecise. The W gene(s) in combination with the temperature at the site of the follicle causes the hair follicle to produce a white hair rather than what that follicle would have produce if the cat were homozygous recessive (i.e. ww not WW or Ww). The white in essence overwrites the base color.

          As for angels painting kittens I wonder sometimes. Our tiger cat Stoick has the usual white tummy and chin, but oddly he has one patch of white just abaft of his shoulder blades a bit bigger than a quarter. The only thing I can assume is that one of his littermates had a paw or nose buried there during much of gestation. It is a pattern I have never seen before in probably a hundred or so random bred barn cats I knew as a kid.

          1. Actually, the base color of every hair is white. The w gene causes whatever pigment genes are present to express and give the hair color. The W gene conditionally overrides the w gene, leaving the hair white.

            1. Fascinating. I would not have thought that. White is NOT a evolutionarily useful color for either a desert creature (felis sylvestris lybica) or a European forest cat (felis sylvestris) except perhaps in winter in the forest. Otherwise you stick out like a sore thumb, and as house cat sized creatures are NOT at the top of their food chain it makes lots of opportunities to end up someone else’s meal. Even partial white barn cats stuck out far more than their all/mostly tabby cousins, even to a crappy predator like me :-).

    1. Then a WHOLE lotta people had better start making better long-term plans. (Had a college buddy who was convinced that Jesus was coming in August of 1994. This was great, because then the individual wouldn’t have to make any career decisions. facepaw)

      1. Sigh. Nobody ever remembers that Jesus said he didn’t know Himself when He would return…..

        1. I would’t say nobody, but I would say too many don’t remember. And too many point to ever problem in the world as a sign of the End Times.

          1. And then there’s the interesting heresy that we should do everything we can to make it worse to force His hand….. :8-(

      2. I understand completely! I am hitting 5 years cancer-free from an aggressive, high-grade, stage 3 myxofibrosarcoma in my head. I am starting to make longer-term plans since it looks like I have the time.

  29. BTW, those people in the next village over ARE a different race! They don’t even go to the same political rallies! Some of them wear Trump hats! And all of them seem to enjoy spending time outside without masks and social-distancing…

    I may need to move over there. Because those USAians are pretty darn fun to have around…

  30. This has that odd little feeling of desperation, as the people currently in charge know that they’re running out of time to really be in charge of things, to run things the way they think they should be run, and they’re grasping at any lever that lets them take things over before they can’t have fun anymore.

  31. I’m getting that feeling things are tottering more. Maybe it’s the company I keep <grin.>

  32. Another bit…currently working with a couple of former missionaries to Africa. The lady was the child of missionaries and grew up in Zimbabwe. She loves Zimbabwe (I have been very careful not to ask her how she feels about Mugabe). She adopted a Zimbabwean boy who is now adult living in CA.
    The joke is, she’s blonde. But yeah, white people are all racist.

  33. I worked with a Kenyan immigrant one summer. One of the things I learned is that over there your loyalty is to your 1. Family 2. Village 3. Tribe 4. County – if you even recognize one. And the unique languages you speak are 1. Village 2. Tribal 3. Swahili 4. English – if you travel to the city.

    From the Vietnamese and Cambodians I have met through church, that seems pretty accurate to them as well.

    It looks like we’re the oddballs identifying as Americans, then Floridians and finally Fargoans. With maybe a religion in there someplace, too

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