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  1. Oh NOES !!!! Soon you will tell us that you were torn away from the chains at your desk to go out to dinner ! How will we ever survive ?
    John in Indy

    1. The aardvark wishes to remind everyone that some doors open to worlds where ladies have been known to chain themselves down to keep from floating away. Always verify before tearing away chains from strange women.

  2. MomRed wants to see The Northmen. DadRed’s . . . not so enthused. If Mom and I go, I’ll wear my “Crazy Einar’s” tee-shirt.

    1. Our friend Jane Sibley wrote, “Norse Mythology According to Uncle Einar.” It’s very much worth reading. Imagine Asgard as a very ritzy gated community and Thor as a not-terribly bright biker…

      1. Ha! New book! Thank you, Ms Dorothy.

        I had wondered if I could read these to my grandchildren. Unfortunately, no – Uncle Einar has his coarse moments, over which I can elide, but there are too many cultural references opaque to 9, 8 and 4.

        But I’m enjoying it; rationing at 2 stories per day.

  3. I’m rereading Odd Magic and I wonder how much trouble Rietta’s & Oscar’s boys would get if they did NOT do tax preparation for witches.

    After all, turning witches down might insult them and insulted witches can be quite creative in their revenge. [Big Crazy Grin]

    Take Care Sarah and enjoy yourself! 😀

  4. Whadja see? Last time we went to the cinema, it was for the last 007 picture. Very loud, and the popcorn, which is essential, tasted like it came from a microwave.

    I coulda did that myself.

      1. The original comics weren’t long on logical consistency. Though, having been brought up firmly Southern Baptist, Dr. Strange, Thor and Wonder Woman were not welcome at my childhood home and I’ve never read a lot of them.
        I wonder if “the multiverse,” is not simply the newest Hollywood fad/plot device but the latest way for militant/evangelical atheists to explain our existence and devalue it at the same time.

        1. meh. I was raised on the multiverse in pulp sf, and can’t fully understand what you mean. I always thought it would like G-d’s mind.
          But then for two branches of Christianity mine and yours are as different as two religions can be.

          1. Me too, when it was called “parallel universes.” I meant that what little I’ve seen of the Hollywood version is chaotic, rather than the “leaves in a book,” or “levels,” analogies that imply structure. The story that says what I’m thinking best about devaluing individuals is probably Niven’s, “All the Myriad Ways.”

            1. I read that Niven story and it isn’t a “fun” read.

              Oh, S. M. Stirling’s The Peshawar Lancers (an Alter-History) has a character thinking on the lines of the POV character of Niven’s story.

              He quickly shook out that chain of thought.

          2. I recommend Paganism in the Roman Empire by Ramsay MacMullen to get a more realistic view on how different religions can be.

        2. Well, the “Multiverse” has existed in Written Science Fiction/Fantasy and in the Comics long before the current woke existed.

      2. That tracks with the other reviews I’ve heard. It looks awesome but the story varies between “boring and predictable” and “WTF?!”

      3. Saw that last night with my daughter. Onliest marvel comic movie I’ve ever seen. I like that there was some bits and pieces of comedic stuff here and there. I’d have been shocked, shocked I tell you if there had been no stupid.

  5. None of us can blame you for doing much needed recharging so no worries!

    1. Doesn’t come out until the 27th. Only know that because I was CONVINCED it opened this past weekend and I REALLY want to see it.

      When a retired Tomcat RIO who was hypercritical of the first Top Gun says “you have GOT to see this movie!” I’ll take his word that it’s good.

  6. At long as it was not kidnapped by the Good Folk, we’ll cope.

    Or a portal to another world — unless it was one of those where you can be gone for years and come back the same age and at the same time, we can cope with that, too.

  7. I just had a friend tell me how to make movies fun again: Active Noise Reduction earbuds.

    Whether I get a custom pair fitted for the range or just grab a “one size fits most ear channels”, this promises to make the next time I hit theater or concert much more enjoyable!

    1. I have been taking ordinary earplugs to movies for decades. Also big parties, and any other big gatherings, and anything with a sound system.

      Active protection is of two types, impulse (shooters) and sustained (pilots). They don’t work the same.

      1. I keep meaning to get a pair of the special musicians’ ear plugs. I keep getting parked in close proximity to the brass. Which means my ears ring for a day or so after each full rehearsal and performance.

  8. Just so people know… Apparently the Roger Rabbit-like movie that they made of Chip and Dale has a lot of fun fannish references… but they also decided that they should blend the real life sad story of a Disney child actor/VA into the book/movie character he played — and then make him the villain of the story.

    It’s apparently not all that suitable for kids, and a lot of Disney fans feel like this is not so much edgy as re-exploiting the dead under the guise of “telling his story.” It’s even meaner, because I gather that the VA’s family has been trying to make his story known in recent years. But not this way.

    It’s a great pity, because everything else I’ve heard about the movie (other than the stupid “Chip and Dale aren’t friends anymore” premise) was good. But those people were not hardcore Disney fans and didn’t have an attachment to the character.

  9. Glad you had fun! The delightful Mrs. and I plan on going to the new ‘Top Gun’ flick just because airplanes. We re-watched the original at home and are prepared now for the ‘update’ to the myth.

    I looked at Doc Strange and figure I’ll wait until it shows up in a do-it-at-home version and will thus be able to zip-zip past any really stupid parts. Did see the newest Batman and it seemed like just another one of the dark and anxiety filled tortured hero and they had to cut way back on lighting… meh the comic book version is/was better.

    Funny thing about movies and me anymore – I’m watching a lot of older flicks “The Detective” with Sinatra and “Hell Fighters” with John Wayne for example. The old stuff is still entertaining to me and a good diversion for the afternoon. The Sinatra movie was very interesting as it’s from the 60’s and had a lot of the plot about gay life and social reactions to it… Not really “woke” but boy was it interesting viewed in these times.

    1. Saw a movie about the defense of Westerplatte (Poland) this weekend. Polish language with subtitles. Special effects a bit cheesy but otherwise not a bad effort about a battle I knew little about at the very beginning of WWII (amazon prime)

      1. Rewatching Stargate SG1 (Netflex, free through T-Mobile), and Stargate Atlantis (Pilot, free Xfinity TV). I’m sure I’ll find more. Also get couple more apps “free” through Xfinity base TV.

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