Quo usque tandem abutere, Bidentia, patientia nostra?

WE THE PEOPLE. WE. WE THE PEOPLE OF THESE UNITED STATES, having suffered a long train of abuses and infringements, Biden Junta, are at our wits end with your fuckery.


But your FICUS (Fraud in chief of the US) is not a we. He’s probably not even an I, being an empty shell of a depraved, self-serving, immensely stupid, bizarrely short sighted, blatantly corrupt, insanely malignant piece of shit man. Which is why I’m not in the least chagrined that you’re using him as a demented meat puppet who mutters and mumbles about having his butt wiped. It’s like a Victorian play where bad people come to rotten ends.

BUT YOU malignant Junta of a malignant pretend-president installed by China over our fair land are NOT a we. Not unless you’re a we in the sense that you’re a hive creature, full of malice and evil and with no resemblance of humanity. If that’s what you’re saying, then let us hear it. Because we know how to deal with hive minds. We’ll bring DDT back into use!

Or in other words — and in case you can’t tell my fingers are almost shaking too much to type — get a load of this bitch:

“Our patience is wearing thin?” Our, you scrofulous bitch of a Xi dog? OUR?

Who the holy fuck do you think you are, you evil bastards?

WE THE PEOPLE ARE SICK AND TIRED of your shennenigans. You hell hounds, you filthy spawn of the ass of Mao, you disgusting magots on the corpse of communism. Get back to the hell that created you, before we send you there.

To quote a friend in chat a few minutes ago:

“Yes, yes. Strife, death, societal collapse. If my options are those things vs a fascist or communist, I’m on board with strife and death. Hell, I’ll invite Death to tea and serve him fancy cookies.”

I might even serve him the fancy store bought cookies.

Do not threaten Americans. Do not threaten Americans when our patience is already thin. OUR patience.

You’re not our father, you’re not our mother, and you’re most certainly not our president.

You are at best a demented and corrupt despot manipulated by overgrown children who don’t know they’re playing with nuclear fire.


We suggest China for your (very brief) retirement.

You leave us a terrible mess, but Americans will cope. We always do. Which you would know if a single one of you were Americans in your minds and heart.

Now go. While you can.

We the people have had it with you.

444 thoughts on “Quo usque tandem abutere, Bidentia, patientia nostra?

      1. Only the Poles would be crazy enough to dress up heavy cavalry like Victoria’s Secret Angels…and turn them into the most feared warriors in eastern Europe. I love it.

        1. I’ve heard a story that the wings were to prevent a lasso wielding enemy from pulling then off their horse. A claim, I find dubious to say the least. Another story is the wings made a sound that frightened horses not accustomed to it. However, anyone who has heard a number of horses running at a gallop — or even a trot or canter — has to wonder if the sound of the wind whistling past the feathers could even be heard over the drumbeat of the horses’ hooves.

          Nope, there were historical precedents but I think they wore them just because it made them look badass and scary. That itself is a big advantage in battle.

        1. I keep thinking about writing a modern-firearms version of the lyrics.

          Shotguns rack, marksmen keen!
          More rounds in the magazine!
          Iron sights with golden bead
          Shoot those bastards, make them bleed!
          Rifles black and .45
          Fight to keep freedom alive!
          Something something something-y

          Or has something like this already been done?

          1. If it’s already been done, I’ve never heard of it before…. but regardless, _KEEP WORKING ON IT!!!!!!_ It’s shaping up to be freaking AWESOME!!!!

          2. Submitted for your consideration, a possible refinement:

            “…rifles black and .45
            Fight to keep the light alive!
            Bullets keening as they fly,
            “How many of them can we make die!”

            1. Shotguns rack, marksmen keen!
              More rounds in the magazine!
              Iron sights with golden bead
              Shoot those bastards, make them bleed!
              Rifles black and .45
              Fight to keep the light alive!
              Bullets keening as they fly,
              “How many of them can we make die!”\

              Open eyes, watch for your chance
              Make them need to change their pants!
              Keep your cool and choose your mark
              Know that this won’t be a lark!
              Close your mind to fear and doubt
              Turn their raid into a rout!
              And if they make another try
              “How many of them can we make die!”

              1. Arm your women and children well
                To fend against the slaves of Hell
                Now go prone, control your breath
                Make yourself the new White Death!
                Then preplanned move to your next lie
                “How many of them can we make die!”

                The slavers fire; their weapons rend
                But we’ll not break, we will not bend
                The time has come to water the Tree
                We’ll not take less than victory!
                Rifles black and .45
                Fight to keep the light alive!
                Bullets keening as they fly,
                “How many of them can we make die!”

          3. m
            Cannons Roar, Rifles Sing,
            Trak’d Armour Rumbles ‘neath
            Helicopter’s Beating Wings
            sound the Siren and call the cry,
            how many of them can we make die!

            Rockets Glare, Mortars Thud,
            Enemy Screams at Sight of Blood
            Grenades Bang, Machine-Guns Clatter
            What the Enemy Does, Does not Matter.

            Cannons Roar, Rifles Sing,
            Jet Fighters Soar on Flashing Wings
            Blackend Smoke now Fills the Sky
            sound the Siren and call the cry,
            how many of them can we make die!

            Sunlight Dims at Atom’s Flash
            Enemy Stares, no Time to Scream.
            Statues Stand, made of Ash
            Shadow’s Cast as if in a Dream

    1. I’ve seen sanctimonous pronouncement about their not being good role models.

      Apparently a man whose peak accomplishment was holding a pregnant woman at gunpoint so his companion in crime could ransack her home without bother IS.

  1. Except that my better half claims Cateline was framed. Whereas Biden et al. have convicted themselves out of their own mouths.

    1. Catalina was a proto Bernie Sanders, or at least that’s the passed-on-legend. One of his followers led the rebellion in the peninsula, so I tend to believe the stories.

      1. Quite likely. I haven’t researched it for myself. I just remember that some twenty-odd years ago Himself was reading yet another book on Roman history and suddenly shouted down the hall, “Hey, Catiline was framed!” I didn’t check, just told him he was lucky to be married to the only woman in Texas who would be shocked and surprised by the information.

        1. He might have been framed. He was still a proto commie. So to hell with him.
          Eh. Dan has gotten used to this sort of thing.
          A shout of “hell no.” can relate to tudor history. (and often does.)
          um…. It occurs to me our guys would probably get along.
          If I read map right (probably not) we’ll be half a day’s drive from you or so. There might be a writing weekend up your way.
          Dan lost his best friend/blood brother six years ago, and hasn’t had an non-shared friends since.

          Oh, and incidentally, Just saw an add for a book about Anne Boleyn claiming to “dispel the lies of the last 50 years.” Eventually I’ll look it up. Wanna bet it’s bullcrap?

          1. It’s possible to frame the guilty. Likewise it’s possible to whitewash the innocent. Both are forms of injustice, and it’s dangerous to let them slide by as “no harm, no foul.”

          2. I didn’t buy it, but skimmed the reviews. Which were 60 percent “bullcrap!”, 30 percent “bullcrap, but well-written”, and 10 percent “stunning and brave”.

              1. Stunning and brave is just code for “It is a load of hooey but I was well paid for the review…”

          3. I’m always ambivalent about Cataline. On the one hand, all we know about him is what his enemies said about him and Cicero was just another ambitious lawyer and Sallust a thief. On the other hand, Cataline was Sulla’s guy and I have a real dislike of Sulla, even more than my dislike of the Roman’s generally and I hate the bloody Romans. Gripping hand, Cataline’s supporters were the poor bloody infantry who were left impoverished after the wars while his opponents were the rich ones who had stayed at home. The Biden/Obama party is emphatically the party of the useless rich.

            Cataline died well at least.

            Mercutio then, a plague on all their houses.

          4. It’d be great to see you in person, and Steve would love to have somebody else to talk to about obscure history!

            As for Anne Boleyn…. Hmm. Trying to guess which set of stories the writer is going to attack.

    1. Mandated experimental vaccinations for political opponents, only. They’ve exempted themselves from the requirement.

      I think this has all the hallmarks of a false justification to ‘legally’ target their political opponents, and has nothing to do with Covid.

        1. It is on us to make sure they notice.

          Someone said this is the hill to die on. I don’t know that, but it’s certainly looking like the one they’ll kill us on.

            1. THIS.
              Taking the jib jab after being sick is insane, but people are so confused and desperate they just want to be left alone.

              1. I’ve made it through two infections. The first was very bad, the second was lousy but not much worse than a bad case of flu. Why the *Bleep* would I get a shot of mRNA to mess with an immune system that’s apparently got it down?

            1. Eh. They get a vote. We get a vote. We’ll see what happens.

              I’m more pointing out, I don’t think we’ve got a choice of whether or not this is where we make our stand. This has all the hallmarks of a final solution to those “troublesome rubes who disrespect the gov’t”. Their patience with us and our unwillingness to give them their due obscience has worn thin after all.

              1. It is a question of attitude.

                The attitude of them dying on the hill they insist on taking is better that the attitude of dying on the hill against an endless and unstoppable foe.

                1. True. I’m more responding to the people who think this is not the hill to fight for. Surrender is not going to lead to a happy peaceful life, or likely even a miserable beaten dog life, at this stage.

          1. Screw dying on hills, make them drown in their own blood trying to take the hill, then find out you were never there and detonate the 200kt scuttling charge while they’re scratching their heads. 😉

        2. I have a new three sided Arkansas stone that is a beauty to behold. Three swipes and it’s razor sharp.
          Just did my hatchet.

                  1. Can’t remember if the author is still alive.

                    But if he is, I’d love to get more of those characters. 😀

            1. My upper body workouts have to have some sort of outlet, dontcha think? 🙂

              I have a folding knife/saw combination that’s huge, legacy from my Papa. That blade in one hand and the hatchet in the other? Hoi poloi!

        3. more like time to start drilling holes in your vehicle’s trunk… with respect to those two dudes in dc.

      1. The Universal employer response ought be: When the USPS takes it, get back to us. ‘Till then, have some sand to pound.

        Yes, I’m being generous. For now.

      2. None of this was ever about public health (Covid). That has been obvious since April 2020.
        It’s all about power and wealth (when it’s not about sex). The unvaccinated must be brought to heel, because they disobey. Disobedience cannot and must not be tolerated. Examples must be made.

    2. Mandated experimental vaccinations? Hell no.

      Given how many unions are agreeing on the “oh hell no” response, we may have a lot more allies than we thought.

              1. 100%.

                It accurately developed the characters in a way that could be shown in the new format; that’s one of the problems with adaptation, getting that *right*.

          1. How about The Rocketeer? The FBI and the Mafia fighting side by side against Nazis.

            There’s even a double-take scene when the lead agent and the mob boss end up next to each other.

            1. There was a DC/Marvel cross-over comic that teamed up Captain America with WW2 Batman.

              There was a fun scene when the Joker realized that this guy in a red mask was a Nazi (ie Red Skull).

              The Joker wasn’t amused. He may be a lunatic criminal but he was a Loyal American lunatic criminal. 😆

              1. My mind went INSTANTLY to that scene, yes. 😀

                That, with Rick doing a voiceover about certain areas of New York one would be advised to avoid….

                1. Even today, traitors, even if they don’t actually meet the Constitution’s definition, need to be in protective custody in prison or else they suffer the death penalty- sort of like child molesters.

            2. > The FBI and the Mafia fighting side by side

              In our timeline, it would be hard to tell the difference…

          2. See that scene in “The Rocketeer” where the mob guys and the FBI guys are both firing at the Nazis. Leader of each backs up, they stare at each other-

            Go back to shooting the Nazis. …Darn, I see junior below beat me to it. 🙂

        1. Be cautious about that. I’m expecting them to use those same unions to enforce it against everyone else. Note that it has been his supporters getting the exemptions.

          USPS, but not UPS or Fedex.

          1. That is because the USPS are the ones handling all the fraud by mail ballots in the ongoing California recall and will be handling more fraud by mail in the November 2021 and 2022 elections.

          2. That does make it harder for the government to claim a compelling public interest that justifies trammeling on employer’s rights. If the problem doesn’t justify FICUS overriding the agreement with the postal union it certainly doesn’t give them the power to dictate to private employers.

        2. War makes strange bedfellows. For the rest, for too long it’s been divide at impera. The Union leadership are them, the union members, other than the teachers and public employees, which admittedly is most of them now, are mostly us. I

        3. Keep in mind that they are going to use their opposition to the mask mandate to extort massive amounts of cash into their pockets along with exemptions from all of the onerous stuff the Dems impose on everyone else. The members may not be on board with it but the leaders will be and they will simply get enough federal bribe member to pay off the rank and file membership.

        4. As my Grandmother used to say ” Even a stopped watch is right twice a day”, usually when Grandad got something right …

      1. All the ‘teachers unions’ are on the enemy side, though. They’re really education bureaucrat unions. Most of their members never deign to set foot in a classroom.

  2. In think I pointed out in yesterday’s thread, by exempt img wide swaths of the democract’s core constituencies, it appears they built a legal framework for tat getting the deplorables with force. And I don’t think it will matter whether or not one has actually taken the vaccine or not if you’re in the target category.

    Remember, the “proof of vaccination” is a pair of paper cards. It’s easy to destroy them, and easier to simply ignore them, but it is also a great way to divide the targets up against themselves, too.

    We need to make sure we don’t get duped by it.

  3. Won’t “Like” this post especially since I agree with it.

    However, The Fraud In Chief’s actions remind of something C. S. Lewis said.


    Of all tyrannies a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

    End Quote

    I thought of this when reading about certain Governmental Reactions to the COVIN-19 “Plague”.

    These people are claiming that their restrictions on our Rights and Activities are for “Our Own Good”. While some of us doubt (perhaps correctly) that they aren’t “honest” about the necessity of their actions, IMO it is worse to think that they are Honest about what they’re doing. I’m not sure if they are honest or not and I doubt their restrictions are truly necessary.

    In any case, the full Lewis article is worth reading. He was talking about an idea debated in England at the time he wrote the article. As the title implies, there was a belief that criminals shouldn’t be punished for their crimes but should be cured of the “tendencies” that lead to their criminal activities.

    The article is IMO especially relevant today because the Lefties who claim to believe that Conservatives (especially Religious Conservatives) aren’t Evil (or Wrong) but are Mentally Ill.

    Thus we need to be “cured”. [Frown]

    Oh, somebody else reminded me that Lewis goes on to talk about People-In-Power who really aren’t interesting in “Doing Good” but use the “For Your Own Good” as an excuse for tyranny.

    1. Well by declaring “dissidents” as being mentally they’re just following their Soviet tendencies.

    2. The notion of “curing criminals of their tendencies toward crime” was popular here too. It even shows up in pop culture, viz some of the Doc Savage books having the titular protagonist dabbling in it as an “improvement” over traditional methods of punishment.

      1. I vaguely remember that at least of his “patients” returned from the “hospital” and wanted revenge. 😈

        Of course, we never heard of “the operation was success but the patient died” about Doc’s “treatment”. 👿

        1. IIRC, Doc eventually stopped doing that. Probably because it was an infringement on their freedom and free will. There is no virtue in coercing goodness from someone; although it might make it easier for you to stop having to police them all the time, or outright kill them.

          1. May have been an out-of-universe reason — readers didn’t like it — if they didn’t put his change in the books.

      2. This notion also showed up in classic _Star Trek_. For example, in the episode “Dagger of the Mind”, a penal colony is run by psychologists whose duty is to rehabilitate the criminals in their care.

          1. Scientific, therapeutic penology was a standard trope of Golden Age science fiction, corresponding with the trend toward rehabilitation in modern American prisons. The rise in vicious random street crime, and the surge in drug offenses filling the prisons with a new and less “professional” class of inmates, put paid to that.

        1. It’s been a while since I saw that episode, but I remember it as the prisoners were Actually Insane by our standards.

          But then, around that time, it was common for insane asylums to attempt to cure the insane.

        2. Didn’t the psychologist turn out to be the baddie of that episode? Or am I misremembering (it’s been a looooong time since I’ve watched any Trek, let alone TOS)?

    3. Looking at how completely, unhinged amok the reaction among the Left was after Tom Selleck outed himself as a Christian makes me believe you, alas.

    1. Naw, that “we” is for all the people telling him what to say and do. He’s just the avatar of the deep state/elites/evilnasties/pick your own label.

  4. I read that last night and went into shock, I can’t believe the shit he was saying.

    Who still is buying this shit? Who listens to him, watches what he does, and thinks he’s right?

        1. If the asteroid hit the NW corner of Oregon, the rest of the state would be pretty reasonable. Looking at the county by county votes for certain candidates and/or initiatives can be very instructive.

          Portlandia Delenda Est.

            1. Prior warning. Get off the island, head for the foothills till things settle.

              Or, climb up into the Olympics, someplace high till the water recedes.

              1. You need to either have a contracting ring of fire, or thoroughly trash all of the major exits first.

                Lancing a boil doesn’t work so well if you poke through to a vein and get the pus in the patient’s bloodstream.

        2. I empathize with the thought.

          It might be time to call in friendly fire on my position, though, and that I surely can do.

          1. I’m told there’s a small memorial in Korea to the spotter who called in a all battery reload barrage on his own position because it was getting overrun by an overwhelming force of North Koreans troops.

            Not the preference, but sometimes one doesn’t get much of a choice.

            1. I recall hearing of a similar situation in Vietnam, while still in highschool. Prior graduate got his platoon trapped by a vastly superior force, and called for a napalm strike. They had made it to the top of a hill, and popped smoke to mark their position for the F4 Phantoms. When asked where they wanted the strike in relation to their marker, he replied “hit the smoke, we are being overrun”. A few of them survived, and the NVA bodycount was several hundred.

              That kind of action tends to lead to applications for a MOH, but since he didn’t succeed in his mission, and lost most of his men, it was downgraded two levels to a Silver Star.

        3. Nah, go right ahead. Hell, I live there, and there are times I think an asteroid strike would be for the best. As long as the Seattle metro and/or Portlandistan get vaporized along with me, I’m good with it.

              1. You skipped ahead.

                Mollari: “Mass drivers are forbidden by every civilized planet!”
                Refa: “These are uncivilized times.”
                Mollari: “We’ve signed treaties!”
                Refa [dismissive]: “Eeenk on a page!”

    1. At this point, based on the way they’ve been exempting supporters, and ignoring acquired immunity, I think the vaccine mandate is a ‘fake because’.

      It gives them a legal veneer for targeting their opposition, and they can pass it off as public health.

      Because there isn’t any robust tracking of who has received the vaccines either, it becomes trivial to revoke one’s vaccinated status too, if they don’t toe the line.

      It’s, frankly, evil, what they are doing here.

    2. People like my co-workers believe it.

      I had a conversation with one of them earlier in the day yesterday about SARS-2. It was largely pointless. I could tell from what he was saying that even my points that he was nominally agreeing with were not really sinking in.

  5. Thinking more about it…the reason that the Powers That Be are absolutely pooping their diapers about January 6 is because a few thousand people actually stood up and said “Enough!” And they said it in a way that the Lincoln Man-Boy Appreciation Project and the GOP establishment didn’t approve of because MUH NORMZ. They do fear us, they just think we’re not going to do anything about it. I hate to say it, but what this country needs right now is January 6 times thousands, at all levels. Millions in the streets saying “Enough!” again. They need to fear We The People. I’m not saying violence, I’m not saying burning stores or ripping down statues or even vandalism (we’re conservatives, we usually leave rally sites cleaner than we found them). But they need a solid dose of fear of what COULD happen if they continue to push us.

    “Oderint Dum Metuant”. Let them hate, as long as they fear.

    1. It’s beginning to happen, somewhat quietly, at local levels. We keep hearing about school boards that are getting inundated by enraged parents, to the point where they either start listening to said parents or get thrown out on their ears. Look for this to continue and grow, with the ruling class not noticing till it’s too late.

      1. Can you tell me again, please, where you are in TN? To the extent you feel comfortable?

        The reaction to the tyranny in my State has me rethinking AGAIN where to move. I want to stay and fight but it might not be prudent, or wise.

        1. No problem. We’re in east Tennessee, south of Knoxville (don’t move there, the small towns outside of there are much more desirable socially). If you want some help looking around here for a place to land, I’ll be happy to do so. Ask Sarah for my email address, that’s probably best, if you can’t figure out how to contact me otherwise.

            1. 🙂 Really appreciate it.
              I’m pulling up some maps, doing some due diligence.

              I have to fish, hike, and climb regularly or I’ll be impossible to live around.

              1. FWIW, I have family living in the Uwharrie foothills, maybe an hour north of Charlotte, NC? Good natural stuff, remote, and pretty independently minded. I’m further south but very much love my small town and its attitude.

              2. I have family in that area as well. The Cumberland Mountains are gorgeous and the Appalachian Trail runs through there to meet all your hiking and climbing needs.

              3. I’ll put in a vote for Florida, except for the climb part. Tallest things down here are the phosphate mine’s tailings piles.

                1. Love to visit Florida, doubt I’d want to live there. Hurricanes and cockroaches that can carry you off while you sleep. And alligators.

              4. Smokies are a bit commercialized and crowded. Unless you’re doing the AT portions. Other side of the Tennessee River valley is the Cumberland Plateau. Lots of all of those and not as big for tourists.

          1. I’m serious enough to ask Sarah “Can I please have his email address? Mine is Kathy.leicester@comcast.net.

            Thank you so much, I really appreciate just being able to talk to someone about this. No one around here…. well, there’s no one to chew the fat with about this. So thanks.

        2. Gee, why do I see all the tax/bond bills for those “throw ’em out” districts failing and failing and failing and failing…. and a THOROUGH housecleaning wherever such can happen?

        1. Ouch, I just got a flash of ‘Hallelujah’ with different lyrics:

          Fuuuuuck Joe Biden!
          Fuuuuuck Joe Biden!
          Fuck Joe Biden! Fuck Joe Biden!
          Fuck Jo-oe Bi-den!

          1. Oooh.Catchy!! And alt last line:

            And Kama-la-la-la!

            [Some of this shit smells like Her Spitefulness.]

      2. Look for the government to try and overrule these sorts of things with more top-down directives. If the Feds don’t, then the state governments will. Lists of approved textbooks, etc… will be used in an attempt to deal with dissent.

    1. quite simply, yes, immediately after people refuse to go cower in their homes when the ‘fall surge in covid rates’ hits

        1. Yep, out with the military officers, in with the Political Officers.

          I favor Aral Vorkosigan’s solution to the Political Officer problem.

          1. Rumor mill has it retirement requests from those eligible who would normally go another 2-10 years are way up. Reenlistments are way down, Initial enlistments down further, and officers who’ve fulfilled their minimum service requirement are resigning their commissions.

            If you see the Pentagon issuing a stop-loss order- you’ll know things are bad.

            1. They won’t, because they will view it as simply furthering their purge, confident that those who remain are fully committed to supporting the leftist party line and acting as partisan political muscle for Democrats against their domestic political opponents. Further, it weakens the USA, which is exactly what the Democrats want, because they think the USA is the world’s great evil, and gutting the military so it cannot be used to defend the USA against foreign threats is a feature, not a bug for them. Indeed, it is simply advancing the whole San Francisco leftist ideology of “we don’t need a military”.

              1. Nah, I’m pretty sure they will end up doing a stop-loss.

                ….mostly because a couple of our buddies are doing the just-finish-it-out, and getting hit with a stop loss the week before he’s finally out would TOTALLY fit the luck of Engineer Geek.

  6. I’m glad I’m not alone in my cold rage.
    I can’t think of anything else to say about this horror, other than we know who we are, we know where we stand.
    We knew this would probably come to blood, and this is a hill to die on, so here we go.

    January 6 was fake. What we’re going to bring is very, very real.

      1. B.O.O.M.

        POTUS Trump’s last rally began with the opening to Patton with George C. Scott. Made the hair stand up on the back of your arms. The crowd was silent.

          1. YES. He was so perfect for it, it was as if the director waited until he got old enough to play the part.

            There’s another movie, called The Submarine or some such, where George is the sub commander. The enemy is forcing the sub too deep, so it blows, killing the crew. George has his hand on the level to stop the descent. The last scene in the movie is him flipping the lever to stop the descent, and a gunshot.
            Super intense.

            1. Wait, is that a film old enough to be B/W?? flashing on a submarine movie with a tragic ending. Can’t locate.

              Scott was also Scrooge in the 1984 adaptation of A Christmas Carol, and was awesome. (With Edward Woodward as the Spirit of Christmas Present.)

              1. One of my favorite adaptations of A Christmas Carol. Scott was absolutely perfect in the role.

                Another great Scott role is as a juror in the Twelve Angry Men remake that Showtime did, one of the few remakes that matches the original, in my opinion. It had an ousttanding cast and apparently was shot in scene order with minimal breaks, so as to maximize the tension.

                1. Ooh. Knew about the Twelve Angry Men remake but haven’t seen; sounds like I need to go find it. The original play is one of the things that’s stayed with me from my high school literature classes.

                  I had not really cared for Scott (or perhaps for his previous roles?) before the Scrooge role, but there he was so *right* that any contrary opinions immediately evaporated.

                  1. Scott has the Lee Cobb role and Jack Lemon the Henry Fonda role, among many others in the flat out outstanding cast. I highly recommend it.

  7. Meanwhile, Team Biden is racing unvaccinated, unscreened and unknown Afghans to many lkocations in the US as fast as possible and then just letting them go. Further, he is bringing in untold thousands of covid-19 positive invaders through the Southern border and sending them by plane and bus to infect more Americans. The US government is in enemy hands and intends to enslave or kill us. They are terrorists themselves.

    1. This. Mentioned in my blog post for tomorrow. To me this is the clearest proof of malice AND stupidity on their part. You can’t say “We’re doing all this to stop an epidemic!” and then keep spreading it by accident.

    2. Michael Yon keeps saying tuberculosis is rampant in Afghanistan and that’s what is being brought in – way more serious than covid.

      1. Tuberculosis and polio.

        And far as I know, kids are no longer tested for tuberculosis before being allowed to attend school.

        Some years ago (Before Internet) there was a tuberculosis outbreak at Long Beach Harbor. By the time anyone twigged to it being more than just a persistent cough, half the employees were infected. It was eventually traced to infected migrant workers from Mexico

      2. For Democrats that is a feature, not a bug. Thus why Team HarrisBiden loudly proclaimed that they are still not going to screen illegal immigrants coming accross the southern border for the CCP Virus or require them to get vaccinated, at the same time they seek to impose a multitude of mandates on American Citizens via totalitarian decree.

        Their actions are not because they think the CCP virus its dangerous. Its because they think the freedom and liberty of the masses are a danger to their quest to obtain absolute rule.

    3. It’s not about the CCP Virus, It is about asserting totalitarian control over Americans and setting a precedent for asserting more such control, all by decree. It is why they are rapidly completing the purge of the military Obama started, including patently violating federal law to purge the boards that oversee the military academies:


      This does not end well, because either they succeed, as unlikely as that may seem due to their lack of intelligence and incompetence, or they trigger a civil war, brought about by a real life Starship Troopers “one day the veterans had enough” moment (with the second alternative preferable to the first if we get stuck with an either/or choice).

      Have no doubt, the Democrats are actively and aggressively pursuing obtaining full CCP style dictatorial power and intend to do so before the next presidential election (if not the next Congressional election).

      1. They can’t allow elections to take place next year. On some level they know they would get flushed like yesterday’s dump. “Hey, somebody forgot to flush!” WHOOOSH

      2. Read the Federalist article and… had the thought that the Ficus Cabal is trying to reconstitute the military into one that will back their side, if in the future they lose control over D.C. and feel obliged to attempt a coup.

      3. The former leaves you with the “Blue” USA’s military from Kurt Schlichters Kelly Turnbull. I’ll take Starship Troopers, or “A Desert Named Peace” over that any day of the week. I think I’d even take Caliphate…

  8. Gloucester, ’tis true that we are in great danger;
    The greater therefore should our courage be.
    – William Shakespeare, Henry V, Act 4, Scene 1.

  9. No words were spoken
    To bring them all.
    No words were spoken,
    Wasn’t that kind of call.

    One by one they came forward
    And got outcthier guns.
    Not one word was spoken
    So the Beast didn’t run.

    The laughing Goliath of paper and straw
    Crumbled to pieces at the sight of them all.
    Not one word was spoken.
    They knew it was war.

    So down came the rifle from the mantelpiece.
    Out came the ammo. Boots on the feet.
    Not one word was spoken
    When they killed the beast.

    Not one word was spoken
    Until they walked away.
    Until each was returning
    To rebuild the new day.

      1. Take heart. There is a light at the end of this tunnel and it is day. I do not know how far it is, but it is there. And we are not the beast. The beast cannot build only steal. So the beast cannot win.

        1. It helps that you understand. Thanks!
          It’s a grieving season and that’s affected me as well.
          I will take heart, and the more I can find to do to move myself forward, the better I will feel, and the more useful in the battle.

          Thanks again, it’s a tough time for lots of people.

  10. You predicted that the communists would go too far, too fast. They are. And they selected the wrong meat puppet. Biden is ugly and mean. He is a terrible public speaker. He can barely read a teleprompter.

    Listening to him read out “our patience is wearing thin” elicits laughter. The people behind this man are Chicoms, or paid by them, and the Chicoms don’t get America. Not at all.

    1. yeah, but if not him, it was likely gonna be Bernie the Commie who is not their prefered puppet and would not let the cool kids run things, so wasn’t likely to get the fraud machine worked up to ensure his win

      1. This is just the gringo ploy. Ficus needs a crisis to distract from his failures and rally the troops by providing them with an enemy. . Even the NYT and WAPO were noting his weakness. That had to be stopped, much as Trump needed to go as soon as it became obvious that he was actually popular among many black voters, who were doing better under him. There are trillions of dollars at stake.

        On top of that, they’ve all broken the law with impunity for decades. Not just the pols but especially the bureaucrats and the secret police. The least that should happen to them is hard time for the crime, what they ought to be is hanged for treason,

        The thing is the they’ve made out that the white working class Trump voter is the gringo here, which considering that the three most unvaccinated populations are blacks, poor hispanics, and rich Northern California hippies is going to be interesting.

        Evil will oft doth evil mar. They’re really not that bright and they seem to believe and be operating on their own propaganda rather than the facts. Nolite timere. Numquam cedendum. Non ducor, duco.

        1. According to a new paper by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, the largest decrease in vaccine hesitancy was among the least educated — those with a high school education or less. Meanwhile, hesitancy held constant in the most educated group; by May, those with Ph.Ds were the most hesitant group.

          So not only are the most educated people most sceptical of taking the Covid vaccine, they are also the least likely the change their minds about it…

  11. During my routine physical, when my Dr asked if I’d been vaccinated and I responded in the negative with a “I don’t react well to flu vaccines” I was informed “This isn’t a vaccine, it won’t stop the virus, but will mitigate the symptoms.” Ok, so in January (I was never tested, so cannot attest to the veracity of my case) I had extremely mild flu-like symptoms. That said – I never had a fever, never had a sore throat, never had a cough, but I did experience some mild fatigue. I say this because nearly 100% of staff where I work was out in January with the dread-pirate virus. While they were out, they were hunting and fishing (yes, January – these gentlemen are die-hards!) so even those who tested positive were not very ill. I came to work every day and no other person in my home experienced any symptoms, not even fatigue. I’m pretty sure had I been tested, I would have presented positive and had a paid two week vacation. I didn’t. This rather shaggy-dog explanation is all to say: why would I take a shot to “mitigate symptoms” when I experienced NO symptoms? The people who are being blindly obedient and taking the shot are still getting sick AND still spreading the virus (and are possibly responsible for the delta variant). I am ignorant of virology, but if I have no symptoms is not my viral load too small to be infectious? (serious question there)

    I’m waiting for the day when my physician tells me I won’t be seen if I haven’t had the vaccine. I wonder how the insurance companies will deal with this going forward. It seems to me if something is helpful and does no harm, that we wouldn’t be inundated every hour of every day with the plethora of celebrities, politicians, and “influencers” who are urging this jab.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but there is something that feels completely evil about the way this jab is being foisted upon people. Also, it does seem quite suspect that the same people who are saying “trust the government, the FDA, the CDC” now are the same ones who were spouting off how little they would give their trust last year. What has changed in the past 8 months, exactly? The makers of said vaccine? The approval process? What? I didn’t trust the process last year and now, with the absolute pushing of this thing, I trust it even less.

    The edge of the precipice is getting closer…

      1. Prediction: HarrisBiden will coordinate with Twitter and the rest of the tech oligarchs to ban Rep. Crenshaw from social media and big finance to close his access to funds in order to thwart his ability to run for re-election or higher office. I also expect Democrats in the House to use the tweet as a pretext to try to expel him from the House, or at least kick him of all of his committees, for “inciting rebellion”.

    1. My experience is almost everyone around me coming down, not just test-positive but actual “can’t smell/taste right” symptoms… and I felt… nothing. But then I’m one of Odd folks who was taking the vitamin D3 and mineral Zinc (and a few other things… and not HCQ or Iv, fwiw). Had a later reaction to the ‘vaccine’ that indicated “you had the real thing.” $HOUSEMATE asked if I had it, how come no effect? Gee, asymptomatic, can’t pass it on. $HOUSEMATE vaccine reaction was “minor injection site soreness for bit.” My concern is NOT about any further exposure I might have (I keep up on the supplements for various reasons) but figure $HOUSEMATE might be at some risk The Real Thing.

    2. Went back and forth with my dr about the shot. It was like a tennis match. He was trying to walk the line in the middle. In the end he said pro of having the shot is that if you get the dreaded flu it probably won’t be as bad. Con is that we can’t be certain about effects of the shot, short or long term. Told him no thanks.

  12. And I see the Puppet isn’t even doing a live 9/11 anniversary address. Which makes sense. You don’t want him ranting live about how he’s going to send the troops into Vietnam to hunt down the lying dog-faced pony soldiers responsible for this outrage.

    1. Actually, he and his handlers are probably afraid he would receive the same reception as he got in NJ earlier this week…X1,000

      1. That is reason number 1, as many of the families of 9/11 victims have been very vocal about not wanting Biden at the NYC remembrance. The second is that as with most public appearances, the junta is terrified that their John Gill President in name only will show how mentally infirm he is, in front of a far more massive audience than his barely watched press conferences and appearances.

      2. Or the reception Trudeau got at a few of his campaign stops up in the Demented Dominion. Small rocks, some trash, and lots of vitriol.

        1. Or Team HarrisBiden is expecting their Taliban friends to attack the ceremonies, and indeed are counting on it so they can use it as a pretext for even more power grabs. At this point it is rather easy to believe that they have a deal with the Taliban to do exactly that.

  13. Dollars to donuts this “mandate” generates one or two assassination attempts. This is so far outside his window of authority that every member of Congress should be filing impeachment charges against him.

              1. That and he wasn’t Hillarycided because Hillary thought she had being his successor already fixed in.

                1. Hillarycided after officially out of office. Wasn’t Hillarycided/martyred because Biden was the vice president and Hillary wasn’t. As clueless as Obama is, Michelle isn’t. She has her blind spots, but what would happen to dear ole hubby, and likely her and the girls, should Hillary had the #2 spot, she was very much aware of.

                  1. Even Obumbles who was working hard to get a 2 digit IQ knew what his fate would be if he let the black widow of Chippaqqua be his running mate. So he chose Joe “Effs even getting an Ice Cream cone up” Biden, kind of like having a pet rock, but less emotional attachment.

                    1. Well, yes. Once Michelle gave him the “this is the way it is” clue two by four. As in “The girls and I will survive this, or else, and I’d prefer not be a widow, the girls fatherless. Oh, I’m bringing mom as backup.” I also think Michelle took dear old Hillarycide aside and stated “I know where the bodies are buried. This information is safeguarded. Biden stays alive.” Because if Biden had died in office as VP, guarantied Hillary believed she then got confirmed for spot #2.

      1. Even if the MAGA hat wearer has Antifa flags in his basement bedroom and mugshots from $GENERIC_BIG_CITY riot arrests.

        FWIW, this seems to be a hell of a way to change the subject from the Afghan Bugout Fiasco.

        1. Suppsedly he’s coming to Boise. Supposedly.

          Makes no sense. Unless he’s tryin’ to be a target.

          From what chatter I’ve seen, there’ll be protestors. May not be anyone else attending. Gal I know involved said “Fortunately I don’t have kids.” Her plan is they’ll just turn their backs, like the utility workers did.

          I expect it’ll be streamed, and I’ll try to get links in the usual places.

            1. The protesters need Kilts and a 100 place pipe and drum corps. That way when the Ficus starts his nonsense the Pipe and Drum corps starts “March of Cambreadth” or something similarly rousing to drown him out, and the rest of the protesters can moon the FICUS as needed. I think we need a set of devoted patriots to do this anywhere he goes…

                1. As far as I’m concerned March of Cambreadth hasn’t come into its own until it is singled out for condemnation by the enemy.

                  This is a goal anyone can help achieve.

      2. DC is apparently prepping for some conservative protest on the 18th… that no one on the right had heard about before TPTB started talking about their preparations to keep the protest from getting out of control.

        1. The word on Gab is “Stay the F Away!”. Looks like it’s set up (in more ways than one) by the glowies in the Feds, presumably the Fibbies and CIA. One expects violence and arrests where the undercover and false flag types get freed and anybody on the right foolish enough to show to get hard time before trial.

          1. Now if only the glowies would start drawing their weapons on each other not realizing that its a glowie convention. In the words of former Sec State H Kissinger ““It’s a pity both sides can’t lose “. Given the Keystone Cops/Gestapo cross that seems to populate much of FBI and ATF, as well as Capitol Police one can hope. And if there are CIA folks involved someone should be on their ass. My understanding is that the CIA is NOT authorized for operation in the US from their charter. Of couse if you believe that I have some magic beans to trade with you…

    1. Surely the FBI has been prepping their ‘White Supremacists’ for months.

      If they wait much longer, when they ask, “Who shot Joe Biden?” the answer is likely to be “Pick a number between one and 200 million.”

      Last night they showed more polls. If the FICUS really does still have 38% approval, people are even stupider than I thought.

      And I thought they were really, really stupid.

      1. Polls can’t be trusted, even (especially) if they say what you’d like to believe. This is especially true with poll response rates dropping toward and into the single-percent range.

        The people who do answer will often lie and troll, which is how you get those shocking poll results where a majority of Americans supposedly believe that Winston Churchill was a fictional character and that the US Civil War was fought in the 1930s as the result of the election of President Ben Franklin.

      2. Polls don’t exist to take the public pulse. Polls exist to sway the undecided to the “winning” side, especially when that side can’t win on its own.

        Consider that 38% was probably ginned up in some bright blue district….

        1. I didn’t think 38% of the bluest Democrats could be stupid enough to approve of the FICUS at this point. Either they are even stupider than I thought, or the polls are as crooked as a Chicago election.

          Or both. Could be both.
          I used to live on a farm. I know what bullshit smells like.

          1. If you are gambling with mere money, ALWAYS figure the humans will find a way to be more stupid.

            If you are gambling with your life, NEVER count on humans being stupid.

            It’s crazy, I know, but them’s the rules.

      3. People lie like rugs to polls in part because they don’t want the caller to think badly of them. Also, I’d want to see the raw numbers and methodology on any poll now.

        1. And these days only a fool believes the poll is anonymous. People realize that they know which numbers they dialed at least.

      4. Yeah 38% approval indicates that slightly more than a third of our fellow “citizens” have an intellectual capacity comparable to that of a bucket of cut rate wall paper paste. I know despair is a sin but I wonder if some parts of this country are worth the effort to save.

          1. I sometimes wonder why the Author bothered to grant immortal souls to creatures to ones such as these which would think the FICUS is doing well. I’m certain He has a purpose but this is one falls into the class of Deeper magic Before the Dawn of Time. Either that or the story we’re in is a farce somewhat like Candide or perhaps He found Sartre and Kafka amusing. The ways of the Author are definitely a mystery to me.

            1. They couldn’t be so evil were they not possessed of souls. Wolverines, for instance, couldn’t pull it off.

              1. Point Taken. Although in my youth the barn cats would catch and play with baby bunnies. It may have been playing only because we fed the barn cats (we kept Purina Cat Chow in business) but still you were correct, it wasn’t evil but just Cats being cats. Though Wolverines and the other folks on the weasel line of descent make me happy they never achieved intelligence.

                1. Cats “play” with their prey so that the prey is dazed and weakened when the cat goes in for the kill. Otherwise their victims could hurt them.

                  1. I’ve heard that theory and it makes sense. Certainly a rat (2-4 lbs) or a buck bunny (8-10 lbs) would have been formidable prey for the barn cats where a big male topped out at 12 pounds. But these were 1/2lb or less nearly newborn bunnies. I think the cats just really weren’t that hungry, but as soon as the prey ran their hunt instinct kicked in and they grabbed the escaping prey. Sadly rescuing the bunnies was pointless, they seemed to be in shock and if taken away from the cats would die in a few hours anyway.

                    1. I’ve always heard that domestic cats play with small creatures because they’re bored and want to stretch out the experience.

                      My one cat who had been a feral never played around with catnip mice and other toys; she would just shake them to “break their neck” and then sit on them.

                    2. Our 3 younger cats play with ropes/shoe strings. One, Tj, 18 months, drags them around (to the delight of sister Amber, and newer kitten Freeway). The other night, he was playing with, tossing, packing it around, about 6″ of rope. Bit smaller than the ones we have for them. So “where did you find that …” small scream … dang baby garter snake. They are NOT outside cats, yet … that’ll happen when it is thoroughly rainy season again, and Freeway is fully vaccinated and spayed. Near we can figure, is it came in under the garage door (slight gaps with concrete when door is down) and he pounced on the moving “rope”. Dad rescued it and put it outside. It, or something else, moved it from that spot; all our cats and dog were inside. (I’m a bit snake phobic. If I had to, I would have coped. But I don’t have to. That is what hubby and son are for.)

          1. I did specify cut rate, but if I have offended any wall paper paste I hereby profusely apologize, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa Mea Maxima Culpa…

    2. Democrats are lining up to defend the mandates, basically declaring that the people who refuse to get vaccinated and otherwise “do what they are told” are deplorable vermin who have no rights and should be treated as “enemies of the state”. Indeed, they are screaming that such people don’t get a say because they endanger the health of others.

      So much for these leftists who constantly scream “my body, my choice” when it comes to abortion. Of course when their hypocrisy is pointed out they screech “that’s different”, because fundamentally they are fine with murdering unborn babies because they don’t see them as being human. Recall Nancy Pelosi’s infamous “it’s not a baby until you take it home from the hospital”.

      Of course abortion ends the life of a baby, while not getting a vaccine creates a personal risk to unself while presenting a minimal risk to those who chose to get vaccinated, if the vaccine works; if it does not, then getting the vaccine is pointless of course.

      Note however the primary screech from the left is that it costs money because of the cost of treatment if people get sick and taxpayers/society should not be responsible for that cost; which of course is only a factor because of socialized/government medicine, and thus exposes that if they get their wish to fully socialize medicine in the USA, British NHS style, they will use that socialization of medicine to assert totalitarian control over people’s every day lives.

    3. IMHO, governors of states he’s declared war on should activate their National Guard and send units to DC to arrest him and bring him back to the state to be tried for treason.

    4. Not an expert on these things, but seems that crooked Joe could/should be nailed for dereliction of duty and/or treason considering his track record.

  14. Just as it wasn’t about President Trump, it was about We The People that supported him, it ain’t about biden, it’s about the criminals that appointed him president.

    It ain’t about America it’s the fall of freedom and civilization world wide, you’ll own nothing and be happy!

    OK, we, me & thee, can’t save the world, we might, however, be able to save the Republic, re-create that beacon of hope, that America was and should, must, again be, for the rest of the planet.

    Is it 1776 America or 1917 Russia?

    This day, today, there are political prisoners detained and some, according to reliable sources, tortured in the District of Columbia.

    If we don’t drain the swamp today we must be prepared to bow, kneel, grab our forelock as the snakes, the rats, the alligators are carried past on the backs of their slaves, our children, tomorrow.

    1. https://www.poetryloverspage.com/poets/kipling/russia_to_the_pacifist.html

      “God rest you merry gentlemen, and keep you in your mirth!
      Was ever Kingdom turned so soon to ashes, blood and earth?
      ‘Twixt the summer and the snow-seeding-time and frost–
      Arms and victual, hope and counsel, name and country lost!
      Singing:–Let down by the foot and the head–
      Shovel and smooth it all !
      So do we bury a Nation dead . . .
      And who shall be next to fall, good sirs,
      With your good help to fall?”

  15. …but, Great Aunt, how do you really feel?

    People that I know that have been happy that the “adults” were back in charge are pissed and I’ve only held myself to a single “I told you so” every…half hour or so. I know four people off the top of my head (transplant, two with thyroid/hormone issues, one with a screwed-up immune system in general) that can’t get vaccinated with the current run of Crow Flu vaccines. Not won’t. Can’t. No exceptions for them! Either they take something that could kill them relatively quickly, or they can die slow when they get fired, denied health care, etc, etc, etc…

    It’s almost like these idiots want people to start getting stupid angry. Which is an act of lobotomized stupidity, because we now have twenty years of veterans that have been on one side of an insurgency. And you damn well can believe that Tommy sees!

    Just…tired of the stupid. Can I be tired of the stupid? Having to live with it and around it and not have other people see it? Even after it runs over their toes?

      1. I certainly am. I just can’t shake my fears that those of us who are tired of it are a tiny minority…

        1. I think we’re just the loud ones. The ones that can see things going off a cliff and don’t want them to go off a cliff.

          And, have you noticed that every time in the last few months somebody in the Biden administration has screwed up, Crow Flu requirements have had a “sudden” change? Might be coincidental…

        2. Seconding AAIC– we’re the noisy ones.

          Remember that line in the new Star Wars about the tighter they grasp, the more it slips through their fingers?

          Group dynamics works that way, too. That’s why one complaint or atta-boy reflects so very many MORE people, and you need to look for them– because most folks won’t bother, they’ll just avoid.

          So it can look like things are just quiet… or they may be in the “never coming back, set it on fire first” phase.

          1. Like the thistle emblem for Scotland; the harder you grasp it the more the thorns pierce your flesh . . .

    1. That’s driving a lot of the, “Stupid, selfish anti- vaxxers, just get the shot!” fever. What some of those folks are really saying is, ” Just get the shot so they’ll leave us alone!” People are exhausted.
      Also noted that the angriest,”Shut up and get your shot!”types are almost all in overreacting blue states…and already vaccinated.

      1. Indeed. The unspoken reason is really “so the tyrants will be satiated”. They just don’t want to admit to themselves that they’re being ruled by tyrants.

        1. So the crocodile won’t eat them today.

          But the crocodile is always hungry, and when they run out of enemies they will eat their own. One of the reasons the Democrats don’t want anybody to be taught history.
          Those who do not remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes. Those who do remember are doomed to watch everybody else repeat them.

          1. “Those who fail to learn history
            are doomed to repeat it;
            those who fail to learn history correctly–
            why they are simply doomed.”

            Achem Dro’hm
            “The Illusion of Historical Fact”
            — CY 4971

          1. Speaking of tyranny, I am still stunned that Australians haven’t risen up in mass and dragged their tyrannical rulers out of their offices and onto the streets to wherever lampposts and trees can be found….oh wait…they allowed their government to take away their guns.

      2. “Why are you making it political? It’s just a mask!”

        I hear that another time or two and I may let loose.

        1. I’ve been saying all along that the reason they’re mandating masks, is because ball gags would be too obvious.

          Although after a year and a half of conditioning, half the nation would obediently wear the ball gags by now.

          1. Now, now, if you’d read ‘Ghost’ you would know ring gags are safer than ball gags…

            All together, now: “OH, JOHN RINGO, NO!!”

            1. One wonders if there would have been dirt on Joe and the Ho in that trove Mike found…

      3. Yep. We were talking with a friend and she was bemoaning the fact that Wisconsin won’t mandate masks for kids in school. Based on a couple of comments she made I could tell that she was pushing for that so that everything would just finally go away and life can go back to normal. For whatever definitions of normal. Yes, that is driving a lot of the screaming at the unvaccinated.

        Based on the Klain tweet or retweet, the USPS exemption, the union objections, etc. I would not be surprised at all if in a week the “mandate” gets walked back with “we aren’t ordering anybody to do anything, we just want OSHA to make sure that businesses are being safe” or something along those lines. I’m not optimistic, but one thing that the FICUS administration has been doing with pretty much everything is reversing course as soon as possible.

        1. Ask that dingbat, “You believe putting useless, suffocating masks on children for eight freeking hours a day is NORMAL?!! What have you been SMOKING?!”

          The Democrats have succeeded. They’ve dragged this ‘crisis’ out long enough that their Useful Idiots can’t remember what normal looks like any more.

          Children under 18 are more at risk from side effects of the STILL-unapproved experimental retrovirus-based inoculations than they are from The Dread COVID19.

          1. It was mentioned that kids are far less susceptible and we were given that point, but still pushed the “for the community” bit. We let it drop because this is an old friend and if we were ever able to get face-to-face the situation would be different (we were over Zoom and really there to celebrate the end of Rosh Hashanah so didn’t want to mess with that).

            What really bothers me is the inability to have real conversations with people if you aren’t in the same town. This has become so supremely emotional that you really need to be face-to-face to even consider a discussion.

        2. Well, except for “guidance” on what a safe “private” business that isn’t endangering its’ employees and customers would do. Look for lawfare in friendly jurisdictions; Hawaiian judges first.

  16. I have no intention of endangering my eternal soul by getting jabbed with abortion tainted anything because a jackass, who’s sole aim in life has been to enrich and empower his family by selling out to the highest bidder, says His Patience is Wearing Thin.

    My patience is NOT wearing thin. I have all eternity to resist. And resist we much.

    Not only that, but I have decided to speak up at work. Quietly, but with great conviction. I started this morning.
    I can go on disability if I have to but I have always wanted to set a good example and contribute. So if my days here are numbered there is no reason to keep my head down. My husband will most likely lose his job too. And we are looking at losing everything we have worked a lifetime for. But so did the founding fathers. ‘Murica!!! We are at this point because we didn’t stand up sooner.

    If I inject some distrust into an eminently distrustful situation, so be it.

    1. I respect your convictions and sincerely hope it doesn’t come to the point of you and your husband losing your jobs over this.

      My current plan is to delay, delay, delay at work (I’m a fed employee, so it’s coming,) and when I can’t delay anymore either let them start things rolling on their side (hey, I’m a feddie, unless FICUS EO somehow works around the process to “rid them of these troublesome” employees) which I figure will probably keep my paychecks rolling in for a few more weeks / months.

      And, OK, I’m cautiously hopeful my team lead / supervisor / division chief mean what they’ve said about me being someone they don’t want to lose. But I sure as heck ain’t gonna count on it.

      1. Good tactic, I think. I also think it will keep you there till retirement.
        Federal workers cannot be told to do this. They can’t. And they won’t stand for it.
        As long as you force them to actually try to fire you, you’re home free.

        And you’re wise to disbelieve that anyone in the system will show courage like a real leader.

      2. I wasn’t a union member, but this is what they’re for. Wonder how OPM would handle a million or so grievances?

      3. I’m a first level supervisor, my plan is to ignore/refuse any question about my vaccination status and to neither ask about my employees nor pass on their status.

        Late yesterday the shipyard CO sent out an email that basically said “The directive is unworkably vague and we’ve asked for clarification. Some of you are relieved, some of you are angry and frustrated. Don’t do anything rash and respect each other.” I was strongly reminded of Babylon 5’s Captain Sheridan.

      4. We are doing the same. I retired last year, so I’m okay. But husband is facing a mandate from the city which includes public universities. He’s going to see if his doc will give him a medical exemption (he has good, valid reasons). If that fails, he will wait and let them make the next move. He will not be resigning (unless one of the jobs he’s applied for comes through). But, we’re prepared for all eventualities as best we can be.

    2. You’re a match, lighting the fire of liberty where you are.
      I’m proud to know a real USAian.

  17. They have turned up the rheostat again, but they don’t realize that our fingers are on the switch… sigh…

      1. I’m actually quite a bit more optimistic than either of these.

        Short term, I’m tired and wired.

        Partly, bed time.

        Intellectually, I somewhat understood what I was getting myself in for, emotionally. Sarah’s warnings and all.

        Definitely did not really grok what it was going to be like.

  18. So. If weekly testing is required for the unvaxxed, does it matter what test?

    I mean I know it is pass/fail. But can it be written test?

    Do you have COVID? [ ] Yes. [ ] No.

    1. I’m a truck driver, my skills are tested daily by the people who try to kill themselves under my wheels.

      1. I’m an uber driver my skills are tested nightly by drunk people operating motor vehicles and truck drivers that needed to stop for a break an hour ago.

        1. Unfortunately with the computer systems in the trucks now, you’re not only penalized for driving too long, but you’re so structured that you cannot take a 20 minute nap or you’re going to run out of time to get to a truck stop. No good answers

        2. Objection, the truck drivers are that bad when they just got started.

          In their heads, they’re driving a car.

          A small car.


  19. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
    ― Samuel Adams

    1. A number of private groups, most run by veterans, are trying to get our people out. The U.S. State Department is doing everything in its power to stop them.

      Biden bragged about the Great Airlift that brought over 100,000 Afghanis straight into our country en masse, unchecked and uncontrolled, but now they’re nit-picking about flight manifests, passports and visas for American citizens and their families flying to OTHER COUNTRIES such as Qatar and Uzbekistan, threatening ‘consequences’ if those countries allow planes with American citizens on board to land.

      Stupidity and incompetence are no longer adequate explanations; this is out-and-out evil.

      1. On a positive note, I’ll point out that each of the privately run efforts only went to the news AFTER it was blocked/had finished its effective life.

    2. National top of the hour news yesterday was being loud about how “over 200 American refugees” were flying out.

      Shifts to the regional news, it’s something like “up to 150.”

      Shifts to local, it’s “dozens.”

      This morning, it was “over a hundred international passengers.”

      1. If I were stuck there, I’d not be counting on an airlift out, but considering which border is most practical via ground transport or even on foot, in a group too large, armed, and bristly for the locals to fuck with.

          1. Murdering them. Execution is a process of law.

            Never use the enemy’s terms for themselves or what they are doing. Never say they ‘claim responsibility’ or (gag) ‘take credit’ for the atrocity du jour — it must always be ‘they admit guilt’. They are not ‘freedom fighters’, they are goat-raping terrorist savages trying to drag our civilization back to the 7th century.

        1. All of the borders in Afghanistan are bad. Iran’s on one side. Pakistan’s on another. The remaining border areas are former Soviet Republics. Those are probably the best choices, but they’re not pleasant places. And it’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll let US citizens cross the border unannounced.

          1. Pay enough and they’ll let you through. My regional Congresscritter helped ease the way for a few to sneak out that way, and he’s not saying who, how many, or where.

            1. And if you can plausibly pass for Russian, tell them you are of Russian heritage and that Vladimar “will be very upset if something happens to someone who has roots in Mother Russia”.

              1. Back in the day such worked quite well for citizens of the former Soviet Union. Spetznatz saw to it that anyone who harmed a Russian paid an extreme and immediate price.
                Starting around the failure of the USSR in Afganistan along with the gradual internal collapse this seemed to somehow fall by the wayside.

          2. Yeah, that was my thought… if you have to choose, probably better to take your chances in one of former Soviet ‘Stans, which may be hostile but at least aren’t actively batshit.

            Side trivia: some years back I saw a special on Tajikistan that pointed out how many people in this very poor country drive very expensive cars despite having no visible means of support… because it’s the leading destination for stolen luxury cars destined for the chop shop, but first they get some use out of ’em. Yeah, thinkin’ money talks.

            1. I don’t think that the former Soviet -stans would be actively hostile. But it would be a weird situation no matter how you look at it. The borders are likely being actively watched for Americans trying to get out of Afghanistan, and I’m not sure how the respective governments would react to Americans slipping in.

              Again, I don’t think they’d be actively hostile. But they might not want a lot of outsiders sneaking into the country now that a lot of people are trying to get out of Afghanistan.

  20. Everyone should remember one thing: The ONLY way this works is if hundreds of thousands of government workers stay at their jobs and carry out the enforcement. Those that stay and do so are not Good Guys.

    Oh, and just FYI, my wife got told by her doctor today she “should” get a third Moderna shot. No.

  21. But our patience is wearing thin. And your refusal has cost all of us.

    Yep, our refusal has cost them power. Along with just a little bit of their self-importance. We need to keep working on that.

    I’m writing a story, in which a couple of people gain access to technology thousands of years more advanced than ours. When they refuse to be co-opted, when they turn down offers of money and political power, the Democrats and RINOs can’t understand why. Their answer is:

    “We know we’re not smart enough to micromanage the lives of three hundred and twenty million people. You, however, are stupid enough to believe you can.”

      1. I’ve got the first 15 chapters of Lost Soul up on FanFiction, working on Chapter 16. All are welcome to give it a read.

        So far it’s taken me 125,000 words to get them through their first 2 days, but that’s just because so much happened. The pace will pick up. It has to!

  22. Well, we can always hope that the war on the deplorables who won’t get vaccinated is pursued with the same vigor and competence that the US military leadership displayed in the recent withdrawal from Afghanistan. At that rate, we can shortly expect a victory against Wuhan Corovavirus that’s indistinguishable from abject surrender.
    Politically, I feel like I’m watching a horse race between the Democrats being able to impose martial law by degrees, and their getting turned out in the elections next year. Biden and his paper-thin majority in Congress are no more fit to govern than George III and his Parliament were fit to rule. They seem determined to repeat the same mistakes.

      1. But wouldn’t banning the unvaccinated from the polls be Eeevul Voter Suppression? I thought they wuz agin that. They always say so, anyway.

    1. Unfortunately, Trumpists, anti-vaxxers, etc, are considered the *real* enemy by the resident and his regime, not the goat humping herding Taliban and thus will garner a more energetic response.

  23. More than a month ago I booked a reservation for a cute little hotel in OR on the coast. I needed to use up my vacation time and haven’t seen the ocean in nearly 4 years. I knew that I’d likely need to mask up to go in a restaurant, because Her Majesty Kate the First has so decreed. I can deal with that for a week by the beach, enjoying the coastal fogs and the sound of the surf. But last night I got an email from the hotel saying that starting next week they were going to require proof of vaccination or a clean covid test within 72 hours of arrival.

    When I get home from work today I will be responding to them to tell them that their sudden change in policy and requirement of personal health information, that federal law prohibits them from requiring, entitles me to a full refund of my ‘non-refundable’ deposit and that it had better be forthcoming in a very rapid manner.

    I’ve had the ‘Rona. Almost everyone in my office had it back in Feb of ’20. We thought it was jsut the flu and management sent everyone home for a couple of weeks so it would stop racing through one department after another like a freaking wild fire. We got over it. Haven’t been ill since.

    I am not avoiding the vaccine because of any stupid political reason. I’m not doing it to spite anyone (though we are rapidly approaching that as a secondary reason). I’m not getting the faux vaccine because A) I don’t need it and am already better protected without it, so why would I bother? and B) all the stats show a much higher incidence of negative reactions to the fauxcine if you’ve had the ‘Rona. Tempting…. but NO. Why the hell would I risk adverse health reactions from a shot I don’t need?!

    This mandate thing is ridiculous. The people who are pushing it are either in on the con or have already been duped by it. Either way, I refuse to cater to their ridiculous demands any more.

      1. I used to be left coast, but escaped the People’s Democratic Republik of Commifornistan more than 4 years ago now. Potatopia was not somewhere I’d ever aspired to live, but it’s worlds better than where I was. However, I do miss the ocean, and the coastal fogs, and listening to the rain drip through the trees on an autumn night.

    1. Assuming the deposit was made on plastic, if the refund is not immediately forthcoming do file a complaint with the card company and let them do the grunt work. Denial of service, violation of contract, failure to honor a promised agreement.
      If done by check, sic your bank on them with the same complaints.

    2. March 2020 for both $SPOUSE and me. (I got it first and shared. Oops.)

      I travel to Medford occasionally (was quite frequently when I was getting eye procedures and followups), and have been staying in Hilton properties. So far no vax foolishness, though the Hilton Garden Inn *still* doesn’t have any food service–that went away in the first Oregon lockdown and came back (I think) briefly for a while this year.

      The Homewood Suites closed the fitness center and the pool, for the nth time of covidiocy, but is otherwise almost normal. In July, they had a breakfast buffet–don’t know what it looks like now.

      One of my doctors (who shall remain nameless due to retribution) advised me to not get the shot. When the gateway doctor tried to get me to take the kill-shot, I refused and told him of that advise. Very unhappy Vax-pusher. He *really* wanted to Know Just Who Was Going Off Script. That Pissed Me Off. Unfortunately, it’s a small city in a low population county, and barriers can be put in place. Sigh.

      I’ve been considering another medical practice, but my preferred person is a bit too close to retirement. If a partner of similar attitude is brought in, I’d switch ASAP.

  24. Congress obviously has not taken the vax. No way that many old meat sacks would have no adverse/fatal reactions based on the numbers showing up in VAERS. Of course that goes hand in hand with their not masking at whim. They know it’s not dangerous.

    1. So this is what it’s come to…schoolkids breaking a blockade of THEIR OWN SCHOOL’S ADMINISTRATORS to go to class. Educators, my ass.

      1. They are getting a better lesson than anything they will ever learn from their teachers: that rules are not something which must be followed for no other reason than that they are rules.

  25. Adding to their crimes against humanity: The discovery of the extreme risk differential for teen boys from the pseudo-vaccine vs. SARS-2 (original recipe? Human gain of function versions? Naturally evolved varients? Dunno yet)*

    Hirrible: https://censortrack.org/case/tracy-hoeg-0

    I downloaded the presentation but have not read it yet (see above)

    H/T to Vox Popoli. It is weird how these stories get passed around. The original story is from the Telegraph (VP) got it via an intermediary. Despite numerous links within the Telegraph article to all kinds of trivia, it provided no link to the main claim of the article.

    This is dead common. In the case of the Cloud People / the Expertocracy / Theory tribe (Like Paul Krugman) the circular links are intentionally so. In the case of those from the (soi disant-?) Dirt People / Maker classes / Reality tribe, the paper or primary source is really there but it’s buried deep.

    No idea whyso – an observation.

    *novel corona virus. novel “vaccines”. Hmmm.

    1. Read it, and this analysis in the comments.


      Summary: now is not the time to do anything stupid. They’re just waiting for a sufficient excuse for martial law. Afghanistan looked bad, and we can’t let them deflect and get another narrative going, but I don’t know how. I just know conflict can’t be on their terms and their timetable, not when they have so many force multipliers.

      There must be some ways to support and bolster each other while we weather this.

        1. Yeah, I know.

          But at least make them go to the trouble of doing their own phony standard (Will some algorithm catch it if I write FF?) heck I don’t even know any more.

          1. I’ve made it a practice for many years to think “This is discoverable” before hitting “Send” anywhere. OpSec starts in the head.

        2. Problem with that is if you have the bad luck to be hemmed in by said monkey and all his supporters, you may not be able to get out of it even when you see it coming. And they like being a mob to one odds.

          This will be ugly.

          1. Yes.

            I know YOU already do this– but look out for folks moving wrong– I don’t know how to describe it to anybody who hasn’t been stalked by a canine, it’s just wrong but humans do it too– and get the heck out of the area if your hind brain goes “nope, nope, nope!”

            1. Lord, yes. It’s horrible. Pay attention to fear. Always.

              And if you see The Smirk – that horrible twisted flash of lips, when they know they’ve hurt you and there’s nothing you can do about it – abort, abort, leave whoever that is behind in the dust, run.

            2. This!
              I think I know exactly what you mean.
              I call it going “jumpy toes” – you can see a form of it when you watch a BLANTIFA riot. When the boy is ready to commit violence he starts moving funny, going jumpy toes, bouncing on his feet, back and forth, weird, obviously weird.

              Same thing when somebody is stalking you or walking near you in a way that feels false. IT IS.

            3. Tangentially, I saw a supercut video of multiple B*den kidsniffing incidents. But what struck me wasn’t the kids; it was the parents.

              There’s a physical shift. If you’ve had kids, you probably know it. Your spine straightens, your chin tucks, your shoulders go back. I felt it when a perfectly innocuous young teen was hitting on my daughter, who was way underage for him but didn’t look it, and I saw it on about 80 percent of the parents in that video. This totally unconscious “alert!” when you’ve just realized somebody is moving on your kid with Intent which must be squashed. (Also good for communication. Innocuous Young Man withdrew graciously when 1) he got Stance-ified eye contact and 2) I said something about “celebrating the end of eighth grade”.)

              Just a little thing I noticed, which would’ve run me off him had I ever INTENDED to vote that way.

      1. I’m sure they suspect they can’t win mid-terms or 2024, so they will be looking at major cheating, false flags, and a martial law attempt.

        1. Ignoring them just gets them all in a tizzy and ‘inspires’ them to come up with more and more extreme bullshit until you CAN’T ignore them. They’re already preparing to kill us for ignoring them.

  26. Thank you, simply thank you. My nebulous but high expectations were definitely exceeded.

    Albert Einstein (IIRC) once said the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect different results — and yet we see this same failed policy pushed harder and harder, farther and farther. Whether it’s stupidity or mailce or mass senile dementia hardly matters at the top level, what it’s not is something that could ever work. (It’s not mass psychosis; see Australia and nearby regions for that — I can now begin to see how Mad Max’s world got its start, and that’s not funny to me at all.)

    In our real world lurk escape mutants, and especially antibody dependent enhancement, which one genuine expert (Robert Malone) recently called “the vaccinologist’s worst nightmare” — the sorry truth is that being vaccinated, with anything on the market now or soon, and since most of the Covid ‘in the wild’ is a resistant strain (e.g. delta variant)… makes you MORE likely to catch the virus, MORE likely to get seriously sick if you do, and carry a HIGHER viral load that makes you MORE contagious even if you do get only a ‘mild’ case.

    Or so say people like Malone and Peter Mccullough. (Lots of late interviews out there, on places like Bannon’s War Room and Uncover DC’s podcast.)

    “My vaccination endangers me and everyone around me”… check.

    And that’s besides all the vaccine injuries, and spike protein toxicity to you and everyone around you, even if you’re “only” one of the Co-vaccinated and never do come down with the Wuhan Flu itself.

    When I woke up this morning, I found Imagine Dragons’ song “Whatever it Takes” was playing in my head, over and over. Temperamentally, I’m not very much in harmony with that approach or mindset.

    Except, it seems, somewhere way down deep. (Though I’d probably still go with “Et Dona Ferentes” by Kipling, were it my own choice instead of my unconscious mind’s. But the ego, as Jung reminds us, is seldom king even in its own house.) A place where patience will not go threadbare even through Ice Ages.

    Next I’m going to dare to misquote Niven and Pournelle: think of us as evolution in action.

    Because we are the future. Because we have a future, and because they do not. Because Darwin’s Mother Nature is a stone cold bitch, and some of us, over the years and generations and millennia, have learned to work with that. We’re here because we didn’t dare Her to wipe us off the face of the Earth as one more useless failed experiment, since we hadn’t “patience” enough to be worth keeping, or wouldn’t get out of the rain when we needed to stay dry.

    We are evolution in action. Because somebody has to do it who can.

  27. And then there is this worm:

    1. What about the bio terrorist that actually paid the communist Chinese to make this virus? And then helped them cover it up for three months while they deliberately spread it to dozens of other countries? And THEN, when it became too widespread to hide, orchestrated a conspiracy to its origin?

      Conspiracy theories? Fuck off, Frank. We need a whole new helping of conspiracy theories, because all the old ones have come true!
      Only idiots believe they know how other people should live their lives. The stupider they are, the more strongly they believe it.

    2. What do you expect from people who call people who proclaim they believe in MLK’s “judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin” are white supremacists and ‘actual Nazis”. They are utterly irrational and cannot be reasoned with, and they do not intend to stop until we are all dead. They simply cannot abide the very existence of those who don’t think in lockstep with them.

      1. they do not intend to stop until we they are all dead.

        Editing. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

  28. We recognize that the puppet in the White House has made a decision, but seeing how it’s a stupid-ass decision we have elected to ignore it.

    1. Come on, man, the FICUS hasn’t made any decisions in more than a year. Biden barely knows what day it is any more. Gets lost trying to walk out of a room.

      A traditional vaudeville show has a ventriloquist with several dummies. The Washington vaudeville show has half a dozen ventriloquists and one dummy.
      Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

      1. The only Choice Biden gets to make on his own any more is what flavor of ice cream he gets. And Dr. Jill probably has absolute veto power on that.

    2. You do remember what they did after Fury told them that? They loaded two planes with nukes…. and the pilots were perfectly willing to follow those stupid orders and nuke an American city,

        1. Which is why they’ve been replacing them with “Any Way For A Pension” types since 2006 or earlier.

        2. Plus, The Plot Required It.

          Did redeem themselves a BIT with the Shield-is-Hydra announcement where, what do you know, not all of Shield was Hydra.

      1. To be fair, there was an alien invasion going on that there was no reasonable hope of conventionally winning. It took a Bullshit Space Magic ™ deus ex machine to shut the portal

  29. Someone on my class Facebook page posted the rules spectators have to follow for home games at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis. I remarked “Well that answers my question- I won’t be taking my troop to Scout Day at Navy again this year.” One of my classmates asked simply “Why?” If you read the rules and have to ask that question- you have a problem…

  30. Would somebody *please* have these idiots read A Man for All Seasons and God’s of the Copybook Headings??

    I really would rather stop there and not hit City of Brass

  31. “our patience is wearing thin.”

    Did the speech writer check websites on domestic abuse for inspiration, or just spontaneously write like a wife beater?

  32. If something like this is reported in the New York Times, it pretty much has to be true:

    The ‘two ISIS operatives’ killed by a Maverick missile after that suicide bomber blew up 13 American soldiers and 170 Afghani civilians turns out to have been an engineer who worked with American contractors for years. He was loading jugs of water into his car to distribute to people stuck in the mobs around the Kabul airport. Biden’s drone missile blew up his car, him, his house, his family and a few other innocent people. Go Team Biden!

    Will they admit it?


    What I thought. Just the latest chapter in the Kabul Goat-Fuck.

  33. Nothing more I can add to this except that I hope you and the others are right about people taking exception to this and resisting however is appropriate for them. What I’m afraid will actually happen, well… *Sigh*

  34. In case someone missed this video, that documents the patent trail for this covid and vaxx mess:
    Tracks back more than TWO DECADES!

  35. [Over the evening I found I more or less had to write this. Maybe it is, in local terminology here, a “gateway writer” thing.]

    (not by Percy B. Shelley)

    I saw a message from an afflicted land
    Which read — “A sad and clueless lump of flesh
    Stood under the hot-lights… all alone
    Save for unquiet ghosts of words and deeds
    For which he one day must and will atone.
    Whose wrinkled brow, and foggy eyes,
    And artful sneer of cold command betray
    To the cold glass eye and all his clear decay.
    ‘Name me Vacczymandias, King of Things,
    Take all my toxic Jabs, ye Peasants, in despair!’
    All around this sad and sorry Wreck of State,
    History’s Desert stretches far and wide and long;
    Soon only ranked and serried Graves
    Shall yet endure to mark and count his Wrong.”

  36. Ten extra points for using “scrofulous”. It’s a wonderful word. You don’t even need ro know what it means to know what it means.

  37. I’m pretty sure this is satire: https://chrisbray.substack.com/p/the-totem-is-the-people

    Today I have a new origin story. Today I am reborn, remade, a new being. I have been recast, freshly created, newly animated by the word of President Joseph R. Biden, a leader who dared to protect me, to fight to keep me safe. Today I am new.

    Once, in a world loaded with inappropriate and cruel gender-bound terminology, I was said to be a boy, with a mother and a father. Today I am born from new parents, parents free of gender, parents who give life abundantly and joyfully: Today I am born of the mask and the vaccine, givers of the gifts of life; I am a bounty born of the ungendered body of science. My gender is mask; my gender is vaccine. I am science; it is my body and my being, in an act of eternal creation.


  38. If we get through today without an atrocity (so many crowded football stadiums) I may hit the port tonight.
    If we don’t, I almost certainly will be hitting the port.

  39. Periodically I feel compelled to post this old quote from a wise man who survived a somewhat similar experience with a domineering and dictatorial government. Major difference, in his case he and his fellow citizens had been disarmed (for safety’s sake of course).

    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling in terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? […] The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!” —Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

  40. Manhattan to Com K Manhattan to Com K
    Go ahead
    We have a collapse of one of the towers one of the towers has totally collapsed
    Ten four

    I grew up in Staten Island, cop and fireman land. My FIL was a fireman and my family are NYC cops four four generations. I had wondered on John Keegan’s question what was it like in East Belfast the day after the Battle of the Somme. I know now.

    Not one senior official suffered for the complete breakdown that led to this. never forget.

    For the at least 20 people I know who died and Carol’s son who never knew his father.

    1. We lost a friend. Son of another friend was a first responder who was stopped at one of the tunnels. He was griping that he needed to be with his unit at the towers….and was looking across the river at the towers when one of them came down on his unit.

      1. It’s AzureLane, and knowing what I know about KanColle fandom, I can probably imagine.

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