Okay, but painting

I considered posting a picture of the banister, but you guys would give me tips. Not in the mood.

So, painting.

That’s all.

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  1. No Pictures Means It Didn’t Really Happen! [Crazy Grin]

    Seriously, Take Care Sarah! 😀

      1. Maybe the Supreme Court will nip this in the bud (as it should), and we’ll dodge an immediate bullet.

        Based on something that Ace said, though, I suspect that the administration doesn’t really care whether this thing stands or falls. They’ll insist that they do, and will shriek bloody murder if the USSC strikes it down. But the most important point of this announcement – according to Ace – probably isn’t the vaccination requirement. The most important point is to make sure that the administration has a ready explanation when the general public sees what the administration is probably already aware of – i.e. that the economy is about to crater. The Dems will *need* to blame all of that on SARS-2, and the mandatory vaccinations is an attempt to get that idea back in the forefront.

        Also, it will give the news media an excuse to stop talking about Afghanistan (which they already seemed to be inclined to do).

        1. Given the extensive “othering” of the unvaccinated the media’s been running for the last while, and how the admin has been exempting many D allies and donars from all of this, I’m thinking they’re looking to make a convenient kudgel with which to beat upon the deplorables, for our own good.

          And they are going to use the vaccines as the wedge to keep the people they’re making war upon divided to sweep them up piecemeal. If you’re vaccinated, you wouldn’t want to be in with those filthy plague bearers, would you?

          And the evergreen “Well, you say you’re vaccinated, but you’re also been hanging around with those dirty deplorables, and the Good People all know they’ve been lying to the system. Surely if you’re a Good Person, you wouldn’t want to be associated with such subhumans?”

          As I recall, many people have been suspecting the state would turn the gwot system on internal opponents, looking for a “short victorious war” after the debacle of Afghanistan. Looks like were here…

          1. If you’re vaccinated, you wouldn’t want to be in with those filthy plague bearers, would you?

            If I’m vaccinated, then I don’t have to worry about the “filthy plague bearers” since the vaccine is supposed to work, right?

            Pity a lot of people haven’t thought that through.

            As it is, I have been getting some cold-like symptoms off and on for the past few weeks. Might be “delta” or “mu” or whatever and the Moderna vaccine I got earlier this year is providing some protection…or might be my allergies flaring up since things like that have happened to me long before Covid got out. Then again, that “allergies” could’ve been a flu virus and my immune system is more robust than I give it credit for.

            1. “Bbbbububut those who are vaxxed are getting it and dieing!”
              and at least in the UK with it’s grand NHS, dying at a higher rate than unvaxxed (somewhere around 1550 deaths, 35 were unvaxxed, over 1500 were at least one, most 2 shots)
              So what you’re saying is, now it is better not to be vaccinated and get it, than it is to take the vaxx and have a higher chance of dying, but you want everyone to have the higher chance of death from Delta and whatnot? (p.s. not really valid stat since no word on Co-morbidities or other factors but when has that stopped the leftoids?) You [the leftoids] really want folks to die and can’t come out and say it. Right?

              1. >> “(somewhere around 1550 deaths, 35 were unvaxxed, over 1500 were at least one, most 2 shots)”


                Holy crap. I’d heard that covid was killing more vaxxed than unvaxxed – and in Israel as well as the UK – but I had no idea the numbers were that lopsided. If I recall correctly the Israel hospital numbers someone threw out on Twitter, the split was something like 3:2 or 2:1. If yours are correct, that’s almost 45:1. You almost don’t even need a breakdown of manufacturers, covid variants, etc. at that point.

                Does anyone have trustworthy stats on this?

                1. I do hope my numbers are not right. too many sites, and it was while at work. But the person does say that that was just NHS not the private places, and not knowing the comorbidities numbers or if it was a case of false numbers like much of the earlier stuff where just looking at a test got you a positive

                2. finding various numbers but unvaxxed cases seem to have a .1% death rate and the Vaxxed have a .6% death rate and those come from a MSN/WCNC “debunk” of a 600% claim. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/verify-claim-that-vaccinated-people-more-likely-to-die-from-delta-variant-a-classic-case-of-the-misuse-of-statistics/ar-AALTEST
                  I think the commentor I recalled numbers from might have not read things right, but still not great, and again, not clear on comorbidity rates. they point out how high the numbers getting ill are , but fail to mention the fact you are more likely to survive than not (ffs it is a 99.9% survival rate if unvaxxed)

              1. “Gotta protect the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, you know. They might catch something otherwise.”

                and “(collective) YOU and your children have to get vaccinated to protect MY not-vaccinated family members. No matter the risk.” Which is (Fox News) Juan William’s rationalization, who has grandchildren who have risk factors for getting the vaccine.

                My answer? Goose/Gander. If it is safe for Everyone Else Regardless it is safe for his grandchildren regardless or STFU. (OTOH, STFU Juan, is pretty much my reaction anytime he opens his mouth to speak. He has to be paid to be that stupid, because he is suppose to be intelligent.)

                My response instead is. “I am concerned about YOU. Why are you avoiding the vaccine?” For some it is because the vaccine has proven high percentage deadlier than COVID. Another group, despite COVID being deadly if caught (elderly), their extended family has experienced high death or long term consequences from the vaccine, for no known reason, along with the frustration of no recourse and being silenced by TPTB. I respect their choices for them, for any minor children they have. CHOICE is my byword.

                For those that argue about “required” vaccines. Sorry. Once out of school vaccine boosters are volunteer. Even school required vaccines there are ways to opt out even without resorting to homeschooling. As far as using Small Pox as an example for wiping out via vaccination? Small pox wasn’t wiped out via forcing vaccination on every individual. It was a vaccine offered, taking was strongly recommended, but not required (except maybe for school). Most people took the vaccine and had their children vaccinated, because the visual and known consequences of Small Pox, but not everyone. Which means it was wiped out despite not universal mandated vaccination.

                  1. Okay. Didn’t know that. We vaccinated.

                    Older parent, by the time our child came along, that I knew the risks of the illnesses to young children the vaccines prevented; son was vaccinated. Either me, or one of my sisters, dang near died from one of the illnesses (different one), I remember the parental unit panic attacks, and I remember being damn sick, for the one I got rushed to the hospital for, and others. I never had the measles vaccination (had both, dang near died from one of the measles, *before vaccine*). I’ve had whooping cough twice, once as an infant (before vaccine), and again as an adult (despite being current on booster). We all 3 had mumps (before vaccine), sister almost died. All 3 had chicken pox. I also almost died from Scarlatina, that is a complication of strep throat, despite having just been treated for it (I constantly got strep throat as a youngster), there is no vaccination for strep throat (or I’d have taken it, it isn’t fun). Last time I had strep throat I was 19 (ended up in the hospital too). Our son has only had Chicken Pox (before vaccine), and Whooping Cough (despite having current booster). His constant ear infections as a toddler don’t count (every 12 to 16 weeks regularly. I’d glance at the calendar and call the clinic for an immediate appointment or go to after care pediatric. It was that regular.) Despite that? It is a choice. Some make one choice for their child. We made another for our child.

                    *before vaccine* – Told you I was “old”.

                    1. One of my outreach efforts is encouraging informed vaccination– my favorite pediatrician loved me, because I’d listen to the other moms who were very “vaccine hesitant,” and then walk them through whatever their concern was.

                      It was usually either the listed, known side effects, objections to non-emergency resorting to cannibalistic moral methods, or a desire to space out vaccines but not knowing how to just SAY that.

                      That middle one is the most common reason for “unvaccinated” children, especially among groups like the Orthodox Jewish communities. If someone really, really wanted to boost vaccination rates- they’d push for approval and availability of morally licit vaccines that did not involve humans killed for that purpose.

                      End result being that after I sat and talked with the mother, the kids usually got DTaP, and were willing to consider the MMR because of the actual, specific risks. Didn’t persuade anybody that chickenpox was an emergency worthy of resorting to cannibalism that I can think of, though.

                      People who insist that all vaccines are safe, and that all diseases are of the same risk level for death or serious harm, are almost as damaging as the ones who shriek “anti-vaxxer” when one reads off the complications from the sheet you have to sign before getting the shot.

                    2. And idiots who argue that no one objected to the smallpox and polio vaccines and Covid is much worse than those don’t help anything.

                      Personally, I would have had no problem with them adding a coronavirus booster to the annual flu shot (which I didn’t get last year, and have no plans on getting this year), if the people pushing it (and I mean really pushing it) hadn’t been the same people who tried to shut down the world last year. And this year.

                    3. If only we had honest public health statistics, it would be very interesting to see the 2021-22 rates of strep throat among students in mask-mandate school districts vs. unmasked.

                    4. Schools just starting in person locally. Yes, I really, really, expect Strep and Pneumonia in kids to spike.

                      I already can’t wear the mask any length of time. I’ve never had panic attacks over anything, before. Pretty level that way. Not much phases me. But now? Debilitating? Not as long as I can take the mask off. Otherwise, … oh maybe I’m only going to pass out because of hot flashes, yea, that must be it. */sarc off/*

                  2. [Notes the quality of education kids get in public school these days.]

                    Why am I suddenly thinking of briar patches?

                    1. The bigger threat is that it removes free daycare– if you bought your house so that the free daycare is not a major threat to physical safety, the threat of losing that benefit while you still have to work overtime at two jobs to afford it is a very big one.

  2. Tips: Buy low, sell high, and don’t invest in internet stock.
    *dodges the carp she knows is on the way! Scampers off, tail high in mischief!*

  3. It turns out that the painting vector is a construct of white supremacism.

    Whoops, sorry, my mistake, the vector in question is one I can neither spell nor pronounce.

    1. That’s barrister. Also solicitor.

      Banister is, IIRC, what they call a type of safety rail when it is wood and installed in a residence.

      1. A barrister is someone who has been admitted to the bar, which is a kind of wooden rail. In the UK they get to wear a little wig. If they’re really important they wear wear silk and carry a red briefcase, and if they’re really, really important they can lay the briefcase of the top of the desk.

      2. I thought solicitors were ladies of the evening. So prostitutes practice law in England? Well, I guess you could say that lawyers prostitute themselves.

        1. There’s a bit in some Agatha Christie movie — “Death on the Nile” maybe — where the detective pronounces that somebody we think is British is actually American, because they said “make a long distance call to my lawyer” instead of “make a trunk call to my solicitor”.

              1. Monty Python barristers wear wigs and robes over women’s clothing. Silk is also involved.

                At any rate, best of luck for house tune up, sale and move.

        1. The difference between sophie and sophistry is the difference between being smart and being too clever by half.

  4. Fingers crossed that you don’t have any surprise major expenses on your old house before you can unload it. (Family member once had to replace a water heater right before vacating a house).

  5. Younger offspring found hidden water damage when cleaning garage; yeoman’s work being done! I opened a handy access hatch to the old garage floor beneath the add-on—almost clean as a whistle and bone dry, so not a major leak. Current theory is a storm blew water into the garage that flooded the floor for a few inches and the fake-wood paneling wicked it upward.

    Ugh; too hours past taps around here—good night!

  6. This weekend I should be able to start painting the built-in wardrobe cabinet that I’ve been slowly constructing for the last several months. Then it’s a couple more steps of installing some trim and cleaning out all the tools and scraps and I can finally move into the big master bedroom I’ve been renovating since June 2020.

  7. From AOSHQ: “I think those that wish for 100% vaccination should remain in their homes until that goal is achieved. They should never make contact with another person ever again, just in case they faked their vaccination cards.” Posted by: TheJamesMadison at September 10, 2021 08:03 AM

  8. Morricone’s theme from The Mission is playing spontaneously in my head today. Guess we all have to choose whether to be Ray McInally (the Cardinal), Robert DeNiro, or Jeremy Irons.

  9. >> “you guys would give me tips. Not in the mood.”

    [Glances at Sarah’s donate button. Thinks better of it.]


      1. And now I’m wondering HOW self-preservation instinct could become vestigial. This blog takes my mind to the weirdest places sometimes.

        Anyway, I don’t blame you for being in a foul mood given everything that’s going on. But I hope it doesn’t last long, both for your sake AND because I don’t want to have to start walking on eggshells around here.

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