Not on paper yet, because there was an error between chair and keyboard, or between gray matter and fingers. I think. Amazon tells me to fix the highlighted, but I can’t find anything highlighted. Will try again today.

But anyway, ladies and germophobics:


Lily Gilden has a half-crazed cyborg in her airlock who thinks he’s Nick Rhodes,

a fictional 20th Century detective.  If she doesn’t report him for destruction,

she’s guilty of a capital crime.

But with her husband missing,  she’ll use every clue the cyborg holds,

and his detective abilities,  to solve the crime her husband was

 investigating when he disappeared.

With the help of a journalist who is more than he seems,

 Lily will risk everything to plunge into the interstellar

 underworld and bring the love of her life home!


    1. So, which is it?

      Just kidding. That’s a very heated topic of debate/argument/politely heated back-and-forths among historians of the late Classical – early Medieval period [aka Late Antiquity or the Dark Ages].)

  1. Other Rhodes??? First in a series?

    I look forward to subsequent entries, with titles such as Cross Rhodes, Rhodes Not Taken, Rhodes to the Stars, and Rhodes Between Worlds.

    I also look forward to you figuring out what Amazon has highlighted because I remain resolutely committed to paleolithic reading of the blood of berries impressed on the rent, crushed corpses of trees.

          1. >> “NO”

            You have my sympathy. All these puns must feel like Rhodes to Perdition for you.

      1. Rhodes to Nowhere, Long and Lonely Rhodes, and Country Rhodes, Take me Home.

        No Rhodes Is An Island.

        King of the Rhodes.

        1. Rhodes Ease Ya’.

          Rhodes to Hell

          The Rhodes Back

          Still not available from Bezosmart on macerated tree carcass.

    1. You must be hetero. The thought police will now monitor you for any precrimes crimes and possible DVE tendencies.

  2. Congrats Sarah … ordered on the spot! I look forward to Rhodes Scholarship under your guidance.

  3. It’s ordered. Goes along with a couple of RAH eBooks and Sir Richard Burton’s Arabian Nights. (All 4500 pages. Yikes!)

  4. All Rhodes lead to truth…Portuguese Government data shows only 152 Covid deaths, not 17000 as previously claimed…

    1. Do you have a link?

      Similar data (massive revisions downward) from other countries would also be appreciated, if anyone has it.

      1. Tazmanian Writer — Today at 5:09 PM

        Click to access Fwd-Sentenca.pdf

        [5:09 PM]
        As Dr Dias writes (via auto-gen Eng translation):

        Since March 2020, 152 people have died of covid in Portugal, formally indicated by the Ministry of Health and confirmed by a court. All the “others” died from everything else that kills and only had a useless positive PCR test!

        The data are from SICO [Sistema de Informação dos Certificados de Óbito], the only death certificate system in Portugal. The reference to “under the tutelage of the MJ is spurious, all are issued under the tutelage of the MJ, which is the only institution that issues them.

        We live in a fraud of unprecedented dimensions.

        In response to a popular action, a court summons was required for the ministry to respond, desperate not to denounce the fraud. All those responsible for handling data from “cases” and “deaths” can, thereafter, only be tried for the crime if there is any dignity remaining in the rule of law.
        [5:10 PM]
        A citizen’s petition has compelled health authorities to reveal autopsy details of deaths attributed to Covid-19 from January 2020 to April 2021. From this, a Lisbon court was forced to provide verified COVID-19 mortality data, reports Andr^eacute; Dias, PhD in Lung Diseaes Modeling and a background in epidemiology and Medical Statistics. On 19 May 2021 the court ruled that the number of verified COVID-19 deaths from January 2020 to April 2021 is only 152, not the 17,000-plus claimed by government ministries.

        1. I am not the least bit surprised.

          There will never be any such admission of the truth here, unless the liars are completely removed from power. There are more liars than the claimed ‘COVID19’ deaths.
          A good Zombie Apocalypse novel is at least as believable as anything we’ve heard out of the ‘Publick Health Authoriteez’ over the last year.

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