I’m All Out of Brain

I seem to have woken up without a brain, its space replaced with a massive headache.

I really want to work on bowl of red, and will if brain comes back later.

For now, have this, the snippet of what I’m afraid has become Tom and Kyrie’s Wedding, Enter the Dragon.

Bowl of Red

Sarah A. Hoyt


Atop one of the highest mountains of the world, there lived a dragon.  And the dragon was the most powerful beast in the world, able to listen to and control all of the magical animals everywhere.

And the dragon said to his bride, “Are you sure it will be all right? Closing the diner for a whole hour?”

Kyrie Smith, the dragon’s bride, a panther shifter and co-owner with the dragon – her very beloved and permanently worried fiancé, Tom Ormson – of the George Diner in downtown Goldport smiled while shaking her head, and pulled back a strand of curls that had worked free from Tom’s  pony tail.  “It will be fine, love. It’s just an hour, after lunch hour.”

Tom still looked worried. Well, Tom always looked somewhat worried, it was part of what was so endearing about him. But Kyrie had worked hard at blocking the time three to four pm, so they could get married in a modicum of privacy.  Well, the right kind of privacy.  Though every table was occupied these were their friends – a lot of them from the police department – and people who mattered to them, not whatever random might wander in from Fairfax avenue.

Rafiel Thrall, one of Goldport’s finest, and a lion shifter, patted Tom on the shoulder, “Come on. You’ll fine.  It’s actually impossible for the diner to go under in the time it takes Anthony to pronounce you man and wife.”

Anthony, server extraordinaire – he’d taught both Kyrie and Tom a lot of the tips and tricks of table service – stood nervously between the salad station and the corner booth, wearing a dark suit.  The bridal cake, four layers, created by Laura Miller, the Diner baker, who waved away any attempts at payment, was topped with a couple, created by another diner regular – by bashing gaming figures – and didn’t look particularly like Tom and Kyrie, except for haircolor, but they were both attired in aprons that said “The George.”

Kyrie thought that all in all it was a very fitting set up.

Conan Lung, former enemy, and now friend, sat at one of the small booths by the window, dressed in the western wear he’d adopted when his country and western singing career had started showing signs of life.  He looked a little lost between the ten gallon hat and the cowboy boots, but no one had the courage to tell him, and at any rate, his fiancé Rya liked him that way, so who were they to say anything?

Kyrie herself had just switched her normal jeans and t-shirt and apron for a short formal dress in ivory. This had been done at the insistence of everyone else who said she should have a wedding dress. It was just that wedding dresses rarely came in maternity sizes, and she was aware of her belly bulge showing rather indecently.  But Rya and Bea – the dragon shifter who was dating Rafiel – had pinned a short veil over her hair.

Rafiel pulled Tom towards the front, near Anthony, and Kyrie backed way back, to near the cash register. Tom’s dad, the only parent in attendance, came up from where he’d been waiting at the door to the annex, and gave Kyrie his arm. Because she didn’t know who her parents were – having been found, newborn, at the door to St. Anne’s Catholic Church, one Christmas eve, and having been raised in the foster system – Tom’s dad had agreed to do the honors.

She couldn’t say the man had matured much, since he was a lawyer working for the Triads in New York City, but he’d… Grown in different directions.

Tom said that his father was trying very hard to be a good father, and prospective grandfather, it was just that he had never really learned how to be an adult, or any of those things, so he mostly got very excited about the idea of being a father or grandfather, but forgot the day to day work. Still, he was the best they had, and he was wearing a very handsome tuxedo, and looked the part.

Even better, Kyrie thought, he’d stopped showering them in the weirdest baby gifts ever, from little squeaky mouse toys, to little nets, which he thought would be necessary since he was quite convinced that Kyrie and Tom’s babies would be born as “kitten-dragons.” Kyrie hoped she had finally got it through his head that the ultrasounds showed a human baby, male variety.

But she’d rather not make any bets.

With Conan playing the bridal march softly on the guitar, she walked up to the salad station.

Tom turned, and still looked slightly worried, but beamed at her.

A ray of sun came out and gleamed off the polished surface of the very expensive frier that consumed most of Tom’s worry.

It was going to be all right, Kyrie thought.

She realized her mistake immediately afterwards when something behind her exploded.

39 thoughts on “I’m All Out of Brain

  1. Sorry you have a headache. Not fun.

    Story OTOH. Thank you. Can’t wait for the rest to be available.

  2. And this is where Tom’s Great-Great-Great (etc) Grand Father Dragon decides to attend? 😉

    1. I did, but they have to be put into an activation device. (And that does NOT mean a certain police department’s explosives disposal vehicle! Talk about being the horrible warning.)

      1. Rocket’s red glare, bombs bursting in air…

        By a technicality, they can be considered fireworks.

        Integration was a b*tch.

        You do have all of your electronics turned off, and secured in the deep Faraday cage of your underground storm/fallout shelter, right?

      1. Which would be a surprise to her as she doesn’t know that she has any relatives.

        Tom should have invited Great Sky. 😆

          1. Yah, the fairy may or may not have been evil, but the fairy would be badly insulted if he/she wasn’t invited and you Really Do No Want To Insult one of the Fairy (or an arrogant Dragon). 😈

          2. Of course, you have to check which Sleeping Beauty variant you are in. Often there are no fairies, good or evil.

    1. Had that problem. If you can get them the good pseudo-feds work on it (damned WOD).

  3. My headaches have gone done in quantity and severity since I got the Kenelex? Keneflex? the allergy steroid shot. My bones may be melting as I speak. Worth it. I note that it is typical of the BBESP that the poor couple can’t even say “I do” before the explosion. PS, hope y’all can get to a lower altitude soon.

  4. Migraines are not fun. Since I started using Vit B-2 daily I have less of them. Not everyone have low B-2 so it might not work with everyone. Anyway, this morning it was severe drain pain. Means I had to lie back down with a low dose tylenol. I felt better after a few hours. Hope you feel better. (Also I find caffeine helps with migraines when I am in the middle of one.)

          1. And proton pump inhibitors can cause low magnesium levels. I don’t know if that can cause headaches, but it can definitely affect the heart. Cardiology told me the arrhythmia (which was bad enough to wake me up occasionally) was completely benign and offered no solutions. The naturopath looked at my med list, handed me a bottle of magnesium, and the arrhythmia, which I was just supposed to get used to because I would always have it, went away within two weeks.

            Apparently, magnesium deficiency due to PPIs is a not-at-all uncommon side effect, but little known by cardiologists and GPs.

  5. Me and the kitties hope you feel better soon! Take all the time you need. The story was a fun read, too!

  6. That’s okay, Sarah. If I’ve learned one thing from reading this blog, you can still do more with no brain than some people can with one.

      1. Depends on the wedding. Fairytale weddings tend to be sedate, because revealing the bride or groom was an imposter happens just before or just after the ceremony. If indeed the villain does not wait until the birth of their first child.

        Hmmmm. And now I envision a bridegroom crossing thrice ten kingdoms to find his bride is marrying the false hero except that his true bride was turned into a bird and it’s a false bride.

  7. (sung to i’m all out of love)
    I’m all out of brain
    I’m so lost without you
    I know you were right for living so long
    I”m all out of brain
    I can’t live without you

    …. so on and so forth…

    Terrible brain fart I’m having right now

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