Sounding the Tocsin

Sound the tocsin. Mayday. Mayday. Sauve-qui-peut.

If you heard those cries in the night, what would you do? Would you turn over and go to sleep again?

If someone rode to your door, their horse all a-foam or their car boiling over and screamed “the English enemy is coming” would you fluff your pillow and think “I’ll just give them a warning and call them back from the ledge. They’re stupid and misguided. Once they are informed, they’ll be fine” and go back to blissful sleep?

And no, not us: THEM. Our side is prone to its own mental issues, mostly depression, so we actually — like Zero Hedge — have predicted a hundred out of zero instance of the left actually trying to herd us into camps (note I didn’t say wanting. I said TRYING) and a hundred out of every one instance of them jailing us on political grounds. (Used to be zero, but hello January sixth 21.) Hence what I think is my curious calling: a profound and unremitting pessimist who has the duty and honor and (shakes fist at sky) G-d given mission of reality checking for conservatives.

I’ve never believed in Freudianism. Not really. I find it mostly a foundation of just-so stories that only fitted one extremely disturbed individual.

But a friend recently reminded me of the old joke “Freudianism is when you say something but you mean your mother.”

I’m not fond of that “This is what you really meant” because I’m sick and tired of the left pulling that nonsense. They seem to have forgotten that to psychoanalyze someone you need to have a set of data that makes sense, or, for that matter, a set of data that’s applied equally. Instead, they just decide that we “really” are racists, sexists and homophobes (there is an epistemological reason for this, but it is rooted in their philosophy, not ours.) And when we fail to sound/act/do anything as racists/sexists/homophobes, and in fact are much more tolerant than their side, and more interested in helping individuals of any shape and color and inclination, they decide we must be speaking in code and that it’s a “dog whistle.” It apparently never occurs to them that communicating such codes and dog whistles would take a 24/7 effort, a vast network and…. oh, yeah, individualists following a plan. My friends on the left, je suis desole, and I agree with you that this is frustrating as heck, but the individualists always fail to organize. You’d actually know if we had a code book, and dog whistles, not because you’d intercept them, or because you’d have to look for them, but because all over this great land of ours people on the right would be shouting at each other in offices, getting in fisticuffs on the street, and hair pulling in supermarkets and the great sound going up would be “Damn it, Bob. I told you Purple Ant means immigrant. Why do you insist on thinking it means gay?”

The only reason I can imagine for them not to perceive that is that they are locked in a philosophy that denies the validity of all other philosophies. Or if you prefer, in a cult.

Any philosophy that says “and it’s invalid to disagree with us. And if you express an opinion/idea/analysis contrary to ours you are a hater who hates” is a totalitarian philosophy. It might not have armies or the control of governments (spoiler, it does though in the US…. well, you’ll see) but if it had them it would already be stacking bodies several deep. And in Europe, where they rule in a velvetish way they’ve taken apart a centuries-old civilization and are in the process of killing entire countries slowly, through denial of care to the elderly and discouragement of births. Because nothing must exist outside it.

You see, their philosophy tells them that destroying civilization is CARING and that after they do that, everyone will be free, the environment will be perfect, we shall study war no more, and it will be paradise. How could you be against that? (Kind of like the puppy kicking morons who thought the only reason we could oppose the craptastic shit they’ve been giving awards to is that we oppose the “inclusion” and “diversity” of the awards (which mostly translates to white, well-off females, sometimes with an Asian female, a white female in a bad perm and fake tan, or a guy in a fright wig) and are afraid for our “privilege” as “White males” — since only one of us was a white male, none of us ran publishing houses and only one was a best-seller, you’d think they’d see the problems: we had no privilege, and frankly I’d like a hell of a lot more diversity than their stultifyingly white and Marxist circles promote. But I’d like it naturally, and for good writing. Good writing doesn’t even enter the equation for them, because they’ve been told that “good” means “Preachy” and “diversity of authors.” Bah.)

Again and again, even as they control society and for the last 20 years at least have been brutally ruthless about suppressing anyone who disagrees with them, they tell us the only reason we disagree with them is “privilege.” And since we have no privilege and they know it, they are now desperately hunting in the weeds for “systemic privilege” which is an invisible thing that only they can see. If they could they chuck us in ponds, and if we drowned we wouldn’t have privilege. (But still be dead.)

Anyway, so I tend not to believe in “coded messages.” Or saying one thing over and over without realizing you’re doing it. Life has very few messages from Fred.

But there are some. And holy hell, I can read print when it’s six feet tall and written in indelible ink.

Which this is.

Look, they’ve gone rabid since 2016. They didn’t see the loss coming. They were planning for everything to go smoothly, as the narrative in their head (The future belongs to them, you know) and what they’ve been taught told them it would. And then…. WHAM.

I don’t know if they realize that the internet totally changed the game. I suspect not, because if they did, they wouldn’t run around doing the world’s stupidest shit while trying to control it.

I suspect they know something has changed, but they have no idea what. And I don’t think — at least consciously — they know they’ve pushed too far, or that they’re at the edge of a massive preference cascade, or that the more they push now — and 2020 was already an excess of panicked pushing — the worse it will get, the faster the flip will come and the harder and more violent it will be.

Subconsciously. Well, there is a reason for a while there they were running around on social media trying to keep the word Romania from being mentioned, or the flag of Romania from being posted.

And that’s what this post is about. The left KNOWS. Subconsciously they KNOW. They’re getting more and more scared that they are about to get a Ceaușescu Christmas gift.

But because their conscious can’t process the threat — because they know — know, I tell you — that they have the majority of people with them; that the youth particularly is theirs now and forever; that those of us who oppose them are poor, ignorant and stupid as well as very old (we’re also rich, machiavelic and full of power. No. Don’t ask me how. Shape shifting?); and they know they’re the good people, and if they question any of those assumptions they’ll stop being good and will be shunned by all the good people — they are acting like rabid weasels in a trap and snapping and pushing ever more loudly, like that will save them.

Save them from what? I don’t know. I mean, the crap that Hunter was up to, in and of itself is bad enough, but one gets the feeling as panicked as they are, there must be far more terrible things hiding in the shadows, things that if they came out would rob them forever of credibility and power, if not outright get them that “Christmas gift.” (Honestly for them losing power and face is worse than death.)

And so–

And so looking at their actions gives you a curious double vision. I said before that I feel like they’re trying to establish the Soviet Union as the Berlin wall is coming down. That’s still true, but everything they do is like that.

Look, they believe they have the majority of people, and yet they massively rig elections. Then they run around telling us we can’t investigate, because that will weaken belief in elections. Yeah. Because “shut up peasant and believe the impossible numbers” builds confidence. They locked the entire country down for a severe flu, on nothing much. They are trying to get everyone to take a vaccine that is not needed for most and makes little sense for anyone but the most at risk (and maybe not for them, since I suspect we already had herd immunity); they are destroying the cities they hold; they are amping the indoctrination in schools to the point even suburban parents finally see it. They are demanding loyalty oaths and Maoist struggle sessions in corporations.

They are what can only be classified as completely and thoroughly insane.

But their subconscious keeps sending out signals. They rigged Jan. 6th but they still were really scared. Scared out of all proportion by a group of patriots carrying flags and signs. At the same time they were also using it for propaganda. I’m sorry, I’m using meme pictures because it’s easier. Also because yesterday a friend posted this meme:

And someone said “Who is taking the pictures? If they were that scared, how come the photographer wasn’t?”

Again, it’s a duality of mind. Their own side was using this for propaganda. For propaganda the representatives needed to be scared. And they were scared. Particularly the ones on the supposed right, which is amazing (and probably means they know better than anyone how pissed their constituents are). But at the same time the photographer wasn’t, and this meant nothing to them.

Because their terror has nothing to do with a group of people they knew were inoffensive and set up for a fall. It has to do with the reason they felt the need to set up a fake “attack” at all. Because they are scared. They are terrified. Despite their philosophy that tells them they can’t lose, they know their loss is inevitable, and are insanely, haphazardly, in a panic, trying to delay it. When each attempt backfires, the panic and the double vision increases.

This all became clear in my head today when I saw this meme:

Ignore the joke. Okay, you’re allowed to giggle. But ignore the joke. I haven’t received the dire warning yet, but all my friends have (yes, I know) always on the “right wing” content.

As far as I can tell, having seen some screen caps my friends have done…. the wording is spot on.

Look at that wording. They admit enough people are angry to warrant this warning. ANGRY. And they of course put disappointment in there, because since we’re pre-ordained to to lose, we MUST, of course, be disappointed, right? That’s their sop. But they know we’re angry. Angry enough they’re trying to silence us.

Look, our side has been coming out of depression — partly because the depression needed the continuously reinforcing push from the information entertainment industrial complex. We’ve largely escaped that and found each other. The reason the gaslighting was so needed is that look, guys, there was never a reason for collective depression, because we’ve had two transformative presidents in the last 50 years: Reagan and Trump. And the left never recovered and will never recover — and the first stage of coming out of a deep, suicidal depression is (TRUST ME ON THIS, chilluns) raging anger. I’m seeing the most quiet and sweet people posting things that even the hot heads didn’t post five or six years ago.

And that is the tip of the iceberg. Because the left’s grand-unified-plan to steal all the things involved destroying the economy and giving us more than enough reasons to be righteously pissed — IF WE HADN’T BEEN BEFORE — so the anger I sense, just off common people on the street is… well…. the very quiet and eery calm before the storm.

Which is why the left is trying to… stop the signs of anger. As though that would stop the anger. Because we can’t be angry at them, right? They are the GOOD people. And if they just do this one simple trick, and don’t allow our simple minds to realize we’re NOT the only ones angry, this will all pass.

They can ignore the screaming outside the window, the bells ringing in the distance, and the smell of fire, and turn over, and go back to sleep. And it will all be all right, because their win in the end. Their philosophy says so.

Wait! It’s not working? They must tamp down on the signs of anger from those very stupid people harder and with more force, and explain their philosophy louder, and make up “lying but true” stories about out history, so that the stupid people will see the invisible demons they’re seeing.

There is only one, very narrow path in which they don’t get a (probably early, if I’m honest) Ceaușescu Christmas gift. One that, yeah, sure, will destroy them, but will also leave a scar in this nation’s psyche that will take centuries to wash off if ever.

And that’s to shock them enough that they realize their philosophy isn’t inevitable, their victory isn’t fated, and that at this point they need to stop being “woke” and actually wake up and engage with the rest of the nation on equal terms, and actually talk.

Before I’m accused of blowing smoke up y’all’s asses, no I don’t think it’s possible. Someone here described the reaction of his autistic son to having his lefty beliefs questioned. But it’s not just the autistic. This is the reaction of cult members. They can’t question because if they do they lose their identity as the “good” and, oh, yeah “the smart” people. And they can’t face that. Just can’t. Or at least most of them can’t and won’t.

Maybe. I mean, they are very scared, and there is a point at which programming breaks. We know that from doomsday cults.

Yeah, okay, it’s a million to one chance but miracles do happen.

And anyway it’s the only thing we can do right now, when the birds have gone silent and the clouds gather in the horizon.

298 thoughts on “Sounding the Tocsin

  1. Anyway, so I tend not to believe in “codded messages.”

    Of course not! Your messages are transmitted by Carp! 😛

      1. Damnit everyone Ms. Sarah has a long standing exemption from any obligation for copy edits for her posts either here or at MGC. We alpha, beta, and copy edit work for pay not the freebies she dashes off as the ideas flow from brain to fingers.
        Uncle Lar bees cranky this morning, only four mugs of java so far.

        1. If you expect me to let a perfectly good Typo Pun go to waste, you don’t know me at all. 😀

          1. Oh of course not, I’d do the same. I was tweaking herself for taking it too seriously.

        2. People who point out irrelevant typos have something wrong with them.

            1. There’s a bit of a difference between hunting puns, and tripping over them when they’re left lying about.

      2. I used to have a screensaver that said “Out of caffeine error, now entering sleep mode.”

    1. And if anybody starts yammering about ‘dog whistles’ my answer is “That’s just the ringing in your own ears.”

        1. I’ve asked people that before; “If I’m the dog and you’re not, how come you’re the only one of us hearing this “whistle”?”

          Surprise (not), they can never give me an answer.

      1. Actually I have gotten pretty good results from observing that the certainty that there are hidden coded messages in what people say, revealing their true evil, is normally diagnosed as clinical paranoia.

  2. Your comments about Europe destroying itself made me think of the Anasazi civilization in New Mexico and all of the learned conjecture about how it ended… i would love to hear what people far in the future would say about this period in Earth’s history, would they even believe what is really happening? Would they believe the reality?

    PS I stole your last Meme!

    1. The Anasazi didn’t realize that they were deforesting themselves into disaster (Chaco Canyon) or that the Little Ice Age was messing with their weather. The modern Progs don’t have that excuse.

      1. Modern progs don’t have the excuse of ignorance?

        As Reagan said, it isn’t that they don’t know anything it is how much they know that isn’t true.

      2. The downfall of the Progs is that the weather *isn’t* messing with us?


  3. Very clear that they are using January 6th as their very own Reichstag fire. They regularly use Goebbels’s propaganda strategy. Just look at their gaslighting on “defund the police” which they are now claiming was something that Republicans were trying to do and that Democrats opposed. Never mind the Democrats marching next to people with abolish the police signs and actually drastically cutting municipal police spending.

    How to do we know it was Democrats-the places they did have had solid Democratic Party rule for well over 50 years and in some cases closer to 100 years. The Minneapolis City council has zero Republicans on it. Same for Portland, Seattle, Oakland, etc. Yet Democrats and their media arm are blaming Republicans for the cut in funding, because they voted against the CCP Virus “stimulus” which had no funding earmarked for police whatsoever.

    This is the same kind of gaslighting that occurs when they accuse Republicans of creating a “cult of personality” around Trump or indeed any other Republican. Never mind that it was Obama whose first nomination acceptance was on a stage made up to be Mount Olympus (thus portraying the Democrats as the Greek Gods with Obama as Zeus). Never mind that it was Democratic Party media who declared that “Obama is a kind of god” and who know run interference for and slavish sycophantic praise on the Bidens.

    They KNOW that the majority of people don’t agree with their radical agenda. If a majority did, they wouldn’t need to destroy the filibuster so they can impose national electoral fraud and the rest of their radical leftist agenda. Their intent is to rule AGAINST the will of the people, because in their view “the people” are ignorant rubes who must be told what to do by their “betters”, and that those who resist must be inherently evil because who wouldn’t want to be ruled by the “wise all knowing elite”. They are the ones whose motivation is he will to power and who seek to achieve that power by “any means necessary”.

    They sympathize with the Mullahs of Iran so much because they want to be the secular equivalent of the Mullahs, with their religion identity group Marxism and their god the Almighty State. They want to be the Mullahs and the CCP. Indeed, they want to be Oceania’s Inner Party.

    Their efforts will only become more brazen and over the top as people reject them and their agenda. Ultimately they will attempt outright force, because they are all in. All who want and cherish liberty must resist their efforts every step of the way. (Insert Independence Day’s Independence Day speech here, with Democrats substituted for rampaging aliens)

    1. Look at all the stuff about “fearing an extremist action on the July 4th weekend.” Meanwhile, the academic heart of “right extremism,” Hillsdale College, is asking people to read the entire Declaration of Independence aloud as part of whatever they do on the 4th. Wow. How radical. {OK, the part about having a duty to overthrow a government that don’t respect inalienable rights was d-mn radical in most of the world in the 1770s, but still.}

      1. From the Democrats/left’s view reading the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are proof of being a “right wing white nationalist extremist” because they view both of those declarations of individual rights as fundamentally evil. They despise that individuals have rights as they see all people as being solely defined by their group membership. It is why they spend so much time trying to undercut both the Declaration and the Constitution, starting with delegitimizing and unpersoning the people who wrote it.

        This was at the core of Obama’s “bitter clinger” statement, Hillary’s “basket of deplorables”, etc.

      2. I suspect the warnings about posible extremist action on the 4th is preparation for a false flag attack organized and directed by the Leftists to provide a justification for a further crackdown on patriotic Americans. The Left are very good at this and people should be very wary of participating in anything that could be manipulated to justify more Marxist actions.

        1. Ah, but if we don’t participate in something that could be manipulated, then we likely wouldn’t do anything, which I am not about to do. I have flags up along my fence, Betsy’s flag flies by my front door, I am going to light fireworks with friends and family and eat BBQ and drink beer and Love America, My Home.

          They can stuff it. We will not not comply!

          Fág an bealach!

            1. Clear the Way. It’s the Irish war cry. Riamh nar Dhruid o Spairn Lann, who never fly from the clashes of spears.

              1. New York’s Irish Brigade repeatedly shouted this during the Battle of Antietam and other battles they were part of during the ACW.

                1. Faugh a ballagh, is how you’ve probably seen it spelled in Civil War books. (Which pronunciation probably tells you which Gaeltacht’s natives were yelling it the loudest.) “Clear the way” is the polite translation, “Get out of the way” can also apply!

                  “Bealach” technically is gap or breach — “mouth-like thing.” In Scottish Gaelic, it’s usually the word for a little mountain pass. In Irish, it means an opening or channel along which things can pass, so it means all kinds of things like “road,” “route,” “path,” “stone fence gap,” “channels to pass information” or “methods of getting things done,” as well as “mountain pass.”

                  One of the Irish names for the Milky Way is Bealach na Bo Finne, White Cow’s Way.

                  Gaelic is such a fun language!

                  1. Actually the specific Antietam reference came from one of the battlefield guides during a tour of the battlefield way back when, but yes, if I recall correctly you are correct as to the spelling most of the books on the ACW use.

                    One of the “ghost stories” of the Antietam battlefield is that there are times when people have claimed to hear the Irish Brigade shouting that in the area they fought during the battle.

                    1. Antietam is beautiful but sad.

                      The sad thing is, if I ever heard ghosts on a Civil War battlefield, I’d just assume they were really really enthusiastic reenactors, plus beer. But apparently I’m as ghost-blind as they come, so I’m not too worried about it.

                  2. The Irish Regiments in the British Army used and still use it. My Uncle Paddy was killed while serving with the Royal Irish Fusileers at Casino, it’s the regimental war cry and the title of their Charge on the pipes. They called them the old faughs or fogs. The regiment took an Eagle off the French.

                  1. :::Thinks of MANY stories of Obnoxious Authorities who decided that THEY didn’t have to get out of the way when security, engineering, etc, had authorization to do the ‘make a hole’ thing, and found out what deck-plate tasted like:::

                    *all tooth grin* Oh, yes. Definitely implied threat.

                    1. “Obnoxious Authorities” = Ensigns, LTJG, and especially Annapolis grads?? 😉

              2. I prefer the Finnish battlecry, used widely during the Thirty Years War: Hakkaa päälle!. Rough translation: “Hack them down!”

          1. They don’t need us to participate. They call Antifa, which is mostly white, to do an attack, massacre their own people so no one can say who it really was, and blame the right.

            It’ll happen soon if not on the 4th.

        2. I’m pretty well expecting some kind of false flag; they’ve been coming Fast and Furious (IYKWIMAITYD) since the FICUS inauguration, though one would presume they’d go for a mass casualty event, like the Las Vegas one.

          We’re staying away from cities and parks, and plan to attend a neighbor’s BBQ/picnic. County officials haven’t banned fireworks here, but they’re an extremely bad idea right now.

          Need to get the second flag bracket remounted, so Betsy can fly. (Though the Snek flag will get its own pole as an alternative.)

          1. I’m on the road 12ish hours. Until I get to Atlanta the only major cities I go through are Charolette, Greenville, and Spartanburg (unless Harrisonburg, VA counts), but using their logic from 1/6 I’ll have CC receipts close enough to DC for arrest.

            1. It won’t be much longer before anyone who refuses to call January 6 an “insurrection” will be charged with insurrection.

            2. I hope you wave and give a middle finger to my alma mater JMU in Harrisonburg. Nice spot but they’ve gone woke like the rest of them.

        3. Indeed. It’s been bruited about in many a comment thread and message board, a warning that anyone talking big and urging violence was probably an agent of the feral government traying to start something, or entrapping a hothead element into agreeing to commit violence.

          1. I still remember the ‘Right-Wing Radical White Supremacist Group’ that got busted — and turned out to consist ENTIRELY of FBI, DEA and ATF ‘assets’. Not a single native ‘Far-Right Extremist’ in the bunch. They had all spent years informing on each other and patting themselves on the back.

            At least it kept them out of worse trouble.

            1. Wait, that really happened? I’ve been trying to remember where I heard the story of the late-1960s “student terrorist group” half of whom were really undercover cops, but I keep coming up empty. Or an old Law & Order episode, which is almost as bad.

              1. I have heard of instances where everyone when a place was broken up were compromised by different agencies, post 9/11– in those cases, a couple of the agencies got smacked hard because they hadn’t followed the procedures in place to keep that from happening.

                They still got associates in the arrests, but it is a little funny to have everybody in a meeting that’s busted being doing the “work for us or go to jail Right Now” for different agencies.

        4. It’ll be in some deep blue area, and similar to the “white extremists….holding BLM signs….” burning down black neighborhoods, it’ll be in hard blue areas that have been blue for decades.

      3. Good on yer & good on Hillsdale!
        I just posted on Farcebook: Read on the net: “Hillsdale College, is asking people to read the entire Declaration of Independence aloud as part of whatever they do on the 4th. ”
        Great idea!
        Here is a transcript of the original document (Assuming, of course, that facebook doesn’t blank this out as an extremist post.), just in case you don’t have it on your shelf:…

    2. We’re seeing a lot of walk-back of the various agendas that directly hit people-police, gas costs, that kind of thing-if they think that they can do it and not bother their radical base. Because people are not happy and they’re wanting to have things go back to something that looks like “normal.”

      The problem is, the radicals think that they got this administration into power, and they want to be paid for their services. With the added bonus that they probably know enough that just sending the FBI in for their crimes and some quiet trials would not be helpful to the (E!)Democrat party.

      1. They are willing to backtrack short term on things like gas costs and crime in service of forcing through their larger agenda of enabling election fraud, packing the Supreme Court, etc. The other stuff they think they can get back once the large items are forced through.

        There is a reason that they are using the Arizona Supreme Court decision that ruled against ballot harvesting (among other things) to scream that the Supreme Court needs to be packed because it is suppressing voter rights”. Never mind that ballot harvesting destroys voting rights by allowing the cancellation of legitimate votes with mass fraudulent ballots harvested and stuffed into ballot boxes in ways that would shame any sports fan voting/ballot stuffing for his favorite team’s players in the annual all-star game.

        1. Oh, I know that, known it for years. That they even think that they need to dial back things so quickly is an indication of what they’re worried about. I mean, it took the ’94 mid-terms to cause Clinton to pivot from his agenda, and 2010 to see Obama not talk up some of his previous ideas.

          1. Obama never pivoted. He just simply changed the spin and as quietly as possible had the bureaucracy impose by decree what Congress explicitly rejected enacting.

    3. I’ve been watching the WWII YouTube channel’s War Against Humanity subseries. It’s kind of depressing to see just how similar the current American Left’s attitude towards the rest of us is to the Reich’s attitude towards the Jews. And the Romany. And the Ukrainians. And the ‘mentally unfit’. And the [insert group who weren’t them]…

      As the host says at the end of every episode “Never forget”.

        1. Well, of course they are. Never mind that it might disagree with their narrative. It has nasty, disturbing images that might make us uncomfortable!

          I have to click a “Yes, I know that this may be unpleasant, I still want to watch it” before at least half of the episodes or they won’t play and it kicks me straight to the next episode in whichever playlist I’m in.

          1. I’ve seen that on the Gorn fight from Star Trek. A scene from a TV show that was on in primetime in the 60’s is a little too rugged for the censors of youtube.

            1. So you can just imagine the pearl-clutching at photos from the holocaust. God forbid people see photos of pits filled with people who have just been executed for the crime of merely existing.

              At least YT isn’t trying to tell us that what is shown in the videos is only “claimed” to have happened, and can’t be proven….


  4. We can only hope that the miracle will happen.

    I suspect that most people aren’t as “woke” as the people in charge of quite a few places are. It’s the Overton Window thing-the popular culture is migrating and people follow because they don’t want to be seen as not a part of the crowd with their particular bunch of Cool Kids.

    But, I think we’re seeing people wondering if the Cool Kids are actually Cool-in general or in specific.

    Think about it-we have a female sprinter getting banned from the Olympic Games because she was doing pot…but a guy takes estrogen for a year and he’s allowed to compete in women’s weightlifting. Who actually did something right or wrong?
    We have a “controversy” about Batman in which people wonder if he’d go down on Catwoman (yes, btw). And, nobody is asking why in a time when comic books should have been selling like hot-cakes, American comic books are a massively weak third-place to manga and crowd-funded projects. Or, at least, nobody that has been un-personed on Twitter and YouTube and the algorithm.
    San Francisco has a major crime issue. Robberies of garages, in even good areas of the city, are going up fast. Yet, the City is deploying more cops to…the SF Airport. Because they need to make sure nothing happens there.

    I think more people than our opponents care to think about are not happy with this. They just don’t want to talk about it because they’ve been pounded and trained and conditioned that if you disagree with the Holy Narrative, you’re a bad person and a basket of deploribles. The thing is…when that breaks, it breaks bad. Think what happened in the early days of the French Revolution, or when Romania got a Ceaușescu Christmas gift. There was this long, long roll of anger…then, for a brief moment, silence.

    What happens when this breaks will hopefully not be as bad as we fear. I suspect that one of the big things will be a huge flushing sound in 2022 in Congress when a lot of these people-Democrat and GOP(e) and RINOs-get their walking papers. And, hopefully, they will have enough wisdom to know that any kind of massive fraud to prevent this will be like pouring warm nitroglycerine on a fire.

    I don’t want the explosion. Nobody who is sane wants the explosion. Often, when the explosion happens, it’ll be a disaster all around.

    But, there’s this feeling that it’s getting close-there’s a live round in the chamber, the magazine is locked and loaded, the hammer is cocked, and we’ve taken up the tension on the trigger. Maybe, if we’re lucky…we can let the tension off and maybe decock the hammer.


    1. Maybe is right. Having gone as far as they have, I can’t see them letting 2022 elections proceedi without massive, obvious fraud to assure their preferred outcome. Also, if there is any real form of organized opposition (hard to believe with informers and double agents everywhere) they would welcome the use of their Woke military on American patriots and become an open, Marxist dictatorship. Sorry to be so pessimistic, but the Left won’t back down IMO.

      1. There’s some “woke” senior officers. here isn’t a “woke” military.

      2. They won’t back down, you are correct. But that’s OK, as long the Right doesn’t either.

    2. In Romania’s case, it was a very literal brief moment of silence. The big event that effectively spelled the downfall of the regime was when the audience for one of Ceaucescu’s speeches didn’t applaud on command.

      That’s the thing about these. You literally cannot predict when the bottom will fall out. You can get clues that it’s getting closer and more likely. But you cannot predict when exactly the trigger event will take place. And trying to artificially create a trigger point is almost always disastrous.

    3. Last week my fuel pump died and I found out there are no new ones available. I called the Honda dealer and they said no ETA for that and many other parts – she said they couldn’t even get keys! The warranty company said this was happening a lot now. Months for a new fuel pump, maybe a year. No one had any idea.

      If these shortages keep getting worse, I think it could be what sets things off. Basic society is going to start breaking down. I was able to get a fuel pump from a junk yard, but think what happens when those are gone.

      1. This is why I’m telling people to get anything big they need to get done right now or as soon as possible. Car repairs? Now. Disaster prep? Picking up an extra can of peas, corn, and beans every time I go grocery shopping. Dentist? First chance I can get in. Meds? Filling them ASAP.

        1. When I wasn’t working from home, I would occasionally get out on the road and find out I had left my prescription meds at home. There was a process where I could get a refill wherever I was. I now have a 6 months supply of all of them. I just take the oldest bottle and get fresh refills.

          1. I get 90 day prescriptions, but the pharmacy will refill early. It’s officially 7 days ahead of run-out, but I’ve pushed it a few days with success. For medications that I’ve been on a long time, doing that regularly means I have quite a stash. Two meds have a 6 month supply at a minimum, with the third about 45 days or so (and I have an alternative if that ran short). I’ve heard that doctors are (sometimes) willing to prescribe an emergency supply of meds, too.

            I’m not surprised about the fuel pump issue. I’ve seen a lot of out-of-stock everything on the shelves, with emphasis on anything unusual from China, and also semiconductors; Taiwan Semi picked up the load when Silicon Valley stopped making semiconductors, and it looks like they’re at capacity.

            1. Meanwhile, here in Alberta, pharmacies are only allowed to fill prescriptions 30 days at a time. This supposedly as a Covidiocy measure. You see, making people go to the drugstore three times as often (they used to give 90 days at a time) will reduce everyone’s exposure to the dread Kung Flu. Because reasons, so shut up, peon!

              1. Kindof like how forcing everyone through the same door is supposed to reduce COVID by concentrating it in a single area, I suppose.

                And how going up and down the isles one-way only is supposed to reduce COVID by making sure anyone who had it, and needed to get only one item from one end of the isle, would have to go down the entire length, coating the isle with COVID.

                (I thought the “one way” lanes in supermarkets was so stupid, I would deliberately go the opposite direction whenever I could, unless it otherwise inconvenienced me. I was relieved when those stupid signs were scraped off the floor, because I no longer had to put in effort making sure I was going the opposite way.)

                1. Or limiting the number of people allowed in a huge barn of a store to about 50. So, to save people from catching a cold while waiting in the checkout lines, they made us stand in a line outside the door in the rain.

                  Then, when we finally got inside the store, only 4 checkouts were open, they were going e x t r a s l o o o w for some idiotic reason, so we spent another hour waiting in that line.

                  Half the people had their carts piled high with bottled water and toilet paper. What apocalypse were they stocking up for?
                  A good Zombie Apocalypse novel is at least as believable as anything we’ve heard out of the ‘Publick Health Authoriteez’ over the last year.

      2. I’m also glad I’m driving a 2001 Nissan Frontier, because Nissan has been making that vehicle ever since and the parts are compatible for pretty much anything.

      3. Most electric fuel pumps are very similar nowadays. There are three basic types: the naked pump, the same pump in a sealed housing that just splices into a fuel line, and the same pump in a big plastic wossname including the fuel filter and sender. You can replace the actual pump part in those.

        Pumps are classified by volume and pressure. As long as those match, the fuel line size and electrical connectors are 99.99% interchangeable between them. The “correct” pump for my Yamaha was almost $400; a Chevy pump interchanged for $35.

        If you don’t want to track the specs and pump bits down, try calling one of the Honda performance vendors. They will be selling “uprated” pumps, but they may be competitive in price, and likely to have some in stock.

  5. A little something to consider. Two very notable clashes of the past were the US gubmint vs Randy Weaver and David Koresh. AKA Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian compound. Both cases where the full weight of our government was thrown at what in fact were both extreme fringe and not all that bright folks.
    And the memory of that level of murderous force used against American citizens will forever be a stain on all the good members of law enforcement.
    So, why bring this up? Because Uncle Joe and all those around him appear to be making a concerted effort to shove some 75 or so millions of us into the self same category as Weaver and Koresh.
    Should they keep pushing and they could very well get exactly what they think they want. And it will make January 6 (undoubtably instigated by agents provocateur of our government) look like a cub scout meeting.
    Insurrection? You incredible fools have no idea. You are bullies picking on the quiet ones in an attempt to cow us into submission, but we’ve all watched for several years now how your side operates, always in blue cities with a free pass and get out of jail free card. You really want to know how things will play out when all those quiet ones finally reach their boil? Do a bit of digging on the French Revolution and educate yourselves on how safe the powers that be find themselves when things turn ugly.

    1. They just don’t understand. THEY are Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. THEY are the Romanovs.
      Those who do not remember the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes. Those who do remember are doomed to watch everybody else repeat them.

      1. And, the deposition of both of them gave those countries things that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies.

        But, I just hope that the disaster will be over quickly.

        1. I must be a terrible person, because I DO wish those things upon some people. There’s a small set of so-called humans whose screaming deaths would make me very happy.

          The problem is that the sociopolitical events that lead to those people receiving their terrifyingly just desserts tend to spiral out and snare too many others who don’t deserve it, so I can’t and won’t ever wish for that kind of thing. The idiots that spout off about a “restorative war” are just that: idiots.

            1. I used to always hew to the idea that good people shouldn’t/wouldn’t wish harm on anyone, but it was actually quite freeing to recognize that I am not that kind of “good.” With the possible exception of my mom, I think no one really is. And that’s okay. I’d rather recognize that reality and try to understand what I’m wishing upon whom than get blindsided by either my failure or everyone else’s to live up to an impossible ideal.

    2. So much this – and trying to shove half the country into the same category as Koresh and the Weavers will not work. And will probably rebound, horribly. My daughter and I have talked about what will kick off the revolt. Something stupid, something initially minor – but some federal bureaucrat will decided to make an example of someone’s relatively minor defiance … and the local authorities will tell the feds to pound sand … and that’s when the defiance goes kinetic. Don’t know where, don’t know when, or what the initial specific issue will be … but it WILL happen.

      1. That’s pretty basically the conclusion all those in my family who talk about such things have come to.

  6. We actually have two widely understood code words, Sarah. One is “Zombies,” which means lefties. The other, related, one, is “Zombie Apocalypse,” which means, “Open season at LAST!”

    1. Yes. The really FUNNY thing is that those they don’t get. Like, you know, at one time we were discussing the coming war with Zed (oh, five years ago) and a lefty came by to mock us, because we believed in Zombies.
      But is it a code when it’s OBVIOUS?

      1. Which puts a certain Heinlein story title (“All You Zombies…”) in rather a different light… but not, I think, an infelicitous one.

        And if it ever Comes Down To It, Absent Friends like R.A.H. will continue to be a strength and an inspiration — even to those of us who never even got to share a state with him.

      2. Believing in zombies is stupid.

        We all know that the government is run by lizard people, with jellyfish people putting up a token resistance!


        (Ok, maybe not as stupid as I thought: the lizard people depend on the zombies for getting and keeping power ….)

        1. No zombies? Are you going to pretend NecroNancy Pelosi isn’t some sort of undead horror?

    2. Last night one of the channels had the movie Captain America: Civil War. That “open season” comment makes me realize the movie’s moral dilemma in personal terms. Will those of us with friends and family on the dark side allow “open season” on them? My sister is definitely left -we come from a strong union family and she got a degree in sociology- but I will protect her. We argue, sometimes angrily, but when we say goodby we say “Love you,” we mean it.

      I’d ask, keeping the “hunting” theme, that we remember that there are still rules: minimum antler size, no fawns, etc. Let’s not conflate righteous protection of our country with “free fire zone”.

    1. Dear Mr. Suckerbird & Co.,

      No, I am not worried about becoming an extremist, at least not by a definition (see below) it seems quite likely that you(-all) and I share. Instead I find myself (along with some others) more and more comforted by it as time goes on. Do continue to share your concern, however mis-directed and mis-applied, for it remains a useful window into the abnormal psychology of our adversaries.

      Much as your clumsy attempts at Soviet-style political “psychotherapy” work mostly to your discredit and our disdain.

      “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And… moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”
      — Barry Goldwater and/or his speechwriter, 1964

      Disclaimer: I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of The Facebook.

  7. For propaganda the representatives needed to be scared. And they were scared. … But at the same time the photographer wasn’t, and this meant nothing to them.

    Remember, in that famous photo of Buffalo Hat Guy standing at the Speaker’s rostrum, there was a uniformed, armed Capitol Police officer standing (conveniently) just out of frame (but visible in the much-less-seen video). That might be why that photographer wasn’t scared; you think maybe that’s why the photographer in the Senate chamber wasn’t scared either?

  8. Second thing: I think the tenet of Marxism (although I think Engels invented it post-Karl) that I hate most is that of “false consciousness”: “oh, you would really embrace Marxism if you understood what you really thought”.

    Condescending much?

    And we see this cloaked in plenty of other guises: What’s The Matter With Kansas, for example. Or, why do the rural proles vote against larger welfare payments when it would be in their own (exclusively monetary) interest to do so? Well, it must be because they’re just benighted and brainwashed by Eeeevul Capitalists or something.


    1. I read enough of that book to be able to discuss it with people who liked it but also saw the flaws in the author’s argument. I never went back to finish it.

    2. When Obama was in office, we heard repeatedly that the big problem that the Dems had was that they couldn’t explain their positions well enough. If they could just do a better job explaining, then we’d all agree with them and fall into line.

    3. Agreed, and it’s always struck me that having that as a part of this ideology shows just how weak it is under actual scrutiny.

    1. Because it’s not fair that Europe has lots of senior citizens die of heat stroke every year while the US does not!

      1. Its as if the left wants to expedite the deaths of all the older people who actually remember the Soviet Union and the rest of the Communist Bloc so they can gaslight people into thinking that those were wonderful places without the nagging recollections of those who actually experienced and/or knew of their horrors.

      2. When they had the terrible wave of heat deaths in France a decade ago or so, it turned out that southern France, which is still family-centric, didn’t have the extra high mortality because people checked on the elderly and took care of them. Many of the dead in the north who did have family, their families went on the usual August vacation and neighbors didn’t call/look in on the frail elderly. Some interviews in France and Belgium revealed that the younger people assumed that “the government” would take care of their relatives, because “the government” took care of everything else.

        1. I am morbidly curious to find out if there was a similar cause to the hundred or so deaths (in WA, I assume more in OR) related to the PNW’s record heat wave last weekend.

          1. I heard 100 in Canada, and four or five in Washington, although that was only two or three days in; looking suggests that they shifted to “possibly heat related deaths” and they’re including drownings so it shot up. Roughly 60 each (including the ‘under investigation’ ones) for Oregon and Washington.

            Washington’s governor took the opportunity to tell people not to turn up their ACs and to declare this is the start of a permanent climate emergency.

            1. Oregon and Washington. At least Willamette Valley the heat didn’t last, when it dropped Sunday, it dropped surprisingly fast. Then too the beach was downright chilly; a lot of people headed to the coast for exactly this reason. Then last week, even today, we’re having a wind blowing in the afternoon that cools things down. Or feels like it does.

  9. -There is only one, very narrow path in which they don’t get a (probably early, if I’m honest) Ceaușescu Christmas gift. One that, yeah, sure, will destroy them, but will also leave a scar in this nation’s psyche that will take centuries to wash off if ever.

    It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future – Yogi Berra

    I’m of two minds at the moment. On one side, I think there might be a rather large switch to the right in the mid-terms (2022). History suggests the party in power loses seats in both houses, and with how close the two parties are now it looks like the GOP should take control of both houses. But the GOP somehow always plays stupid and manages not to fulfill its potential.

    On the other hand, I think the DNC might push even more fraud, open fraud, thinking that, “It worked last time, and there’s nothing they can do to prevent it.” Which if it happens I think we get open conflict, shooting in the streets, with a really deep divide amongst the country, probably deeper than ACW.

    I’m not sure which is worse. The first scenario is likely less physically painful, but will probably last for several decades. The second I think brings more immediate, physical pain, but allows for a quicker healing and coming together as a republic again.

      1. Do keep in mind that with the exception of their useful idiots the ones in charge know exactly what they did. Why else do they demonize every suggestion that the 2020 election was anything less than perfect?
        Every night they toss and turn with the thought that they cheated, they know it was sloppy, and the “wrong” folks just keep on digging.
        I do take some comfort in the obvious truth that they are not nearly as powerful as they would like to be, as if they were several of the talking heads at Fox News would have simply disappeared by now.

        1. Lou Dobbs has disappeared. Haven’t heard a word from him in 6 months.

            1. Lou was on the Eric Metaxas podcast awhile back, maybe a month or two. Lou shares what he’s doing.

              1. I suspect the lack of appearances has to do with his excommunication by the establishment.

      2. You might be a prophet. It does feel like there is great danger now and something has to give.

      3. I’m more than half-convinced that they’re going to do something really awful before November 2022. Something that will make COVID and the response to it look like a garden party. For a couple of years before November 2020, all “the right sort” of people were doing “simulations” (what we used to call wargaming) of pandemic responses and scenarios in which “Trump doesn’t concede”. And look what happened.

        It matters a great deal who is present at these things, and I’m not sure exactly who is who at the moment; but there are an awful lot of groups running role-playing simulations of large-scale cyber attacks on critical U.S. infrastructure, primarily electric grid operators and generators. Given the few things that I know about the…let’s say moral jeopardy…some of them are in if they lose power, they may very well be desperate enough to do this in extremis. We should all pray that someone prevents this.

        1. Christmas probable false flag by the FBI was against a utility site.

            1. Christmas 2020, there was an explosion.

              Obviously, after a surprising event, one tries to collect information about it.

              On twitter, there was a journalist primed to expound with some analysis. The timing and content are suspicious, especially from a local journalist. Journalist’s profile and timeline betrayed contacts with Obama prosecutors and IIRC FBI types.

              Ergo, journalist was probably an information warfare operative for someone who knew about the explosion before hand.

              Surprise surprise, FBI had a report quickly about forensic identification of the body.

              Therefore, it smells like an FBI operation, the FBI knew who to finger so quickly because they had killed him, and planted the body with the explosives.

              Probably a test run for stuff they expected to do this year. But, targeting a utility to cause an outage suggests that it may have also been a test of that aspect.

              1. That sounds like a nutty conspiracy theory.

                It’s a pity that nutty conspiracy theories, in this day and age, have a tendency of proving right.

                    1. It occurs to me that the Babylon Bee is almost like an inverted Cassandra; they keep predicting disastrous things, but instead of disbelieving them the rest of us are saying “Quit giving them ideas. you fools!”

                  1. Akshully, I can make it a criminal offense to defend systemd.

                    Apple and Microsoft are using their centralized power of OS upgrades for ends of greater and lesser evil, respectively. Apple is a bit more enthusiastic for censorship of Trump fans, and a bit worse about destroying stuff with ‘improvements’ and ‘fixes’.

                    So, greater temptation to go Linux, right?

                    Well, no, a lot of the distributions which are easy migration paths use systemd, which is a similar bit of OS ‘update’ centralization. Systemd is developed by IBM subsidiary Red Hat.

                    If you look at the systemd developers who have wikipedia pages, they are employed by Red Hat, and two live in Germany, and one lives in South America. And we’ve known for a while that under Merkel, the German internal disinformation operation has been a bit interesting. It is far from impossible that the German government would push an information warfare agenda by way of systemd.

                    So, what is the magic phrase? “I think Merkel could be working for Putin.”

                    See Biden’s unlawful, unconstitutional and utterly insane ‘executive order’.

                    Fun conspiracy theory adjacent idea that hasn’t been talked to death yet, “we can use pro se RICO filings to prove that the judiciary is in on the criminal conspiracy”.

          1. I think you might be behind the curve on that. They’ve been talking about another lockdown for some time now, but they’ve lost too much control already to make it stick. It takes time to coordinate these things, but it looks like Plan C is coming together.

              1. Not saying you’re wrong on that, but if so they’ve already announced the backup plan if it fails.

                I’ve never been a fan of comic books, but I have to say that the last several years I keep catching the villain monologuing.

          2. Possibly try and take Federal control of the elections in states that have just passed voting reform laws. Or refuse to seat Congressional Representatives from those states. The states can’t afford to take that sort of thing lying down.

            1. “Or refuse to seat Congressional Representatives from those states.”

              That’s much more likely. They actually have Constitutional text to cite as authority to do that. Frankly, the Republicans could and should have done that in 2020 in exchange for an election audit.

            2. Or refuse to seat Congressional Representatives from those states.

              That would lead us directly to ‘interesting times’.

    1. The second will end in either an amputation, or more likely a radiation treatment. How many cancer cells trying to kill it can the body politic actually tolerate?

  10. My brain has been going nuts for the past week and I think you might have nailed what was going on. Which helps. Thank you

      1. I’ve been doing a lot of baking lately.

        It doesn’t make me feel much better, but it’s tasty and practice at making good things out if simple ingredients.

        Maybe a nice chili would drown out the smell a little better

    1. The Democrats have always hated suburbs, because it stole money and people from the cities that they love and adore. They love cities because they want to organize everything according to their plan, because they know what’s best for everyone.

  11. It’s also easier to round up people who are densely packed into cities in order to load them up onto the cattle-cars:

  12. When I finally learn the truth, and discover I’ve been lied to, my rage is murderous. And there is no apology, no going back, no burying hatchets or letting bygones be bygones.

    Betrayal sharpens the senses. My family situation is a terrific parallel to the Republic’s problems, and the timing is helpful.

    My wish is for us all to remember our business when the time comes for violence or whatever is needed. By “remember our business” I mean don’t hold back–we must be brutal beyond belief immediately and completely. “Niceness” doesn’t work when the shite hits the fan. You have to be a barbarian, no holds barred out for blood. Literal or figurative it’s the same.

    When we’re needed, I won’t hold back an inch. These people are trying to destroy me and everything I love.

    I will not hold back.

    I am so f’ing mad.

    1. Lest I sound like a murderous barbarian, I’m talking about what happened in the Book of Esther in the Bible.

      The only reason Haman and Aggagite was around to cause trouble is because somebody didn’t take care of business and kill all his ancestors, like God told him to do.

      Don’t get softhearted at the wrong time is all I’m saying.

      1. Yeah, the Big Guy gives instructions like that for good reasons.
        I’m actually beyond f’ing mad. I realized I can’t run that hot for that long without blowing a gasket. All I can do is try to talk sense to those who will listen. I caught on to all the crap being pushed a long time ago and there are more people listening now than there were a few years ago.

  13. There is only one, very narrow path in which they don’t get a (probably early, if I’m honest) Ceaușescu Christmas gift. One that, yeah, sure, will destroy them, but will also leave a scar in this nation’s psyche that will take centuries to wash off if ever.

    One of their own projects has made the path less likely.

    Why should I care about the damage done to the country if that’s the price for the pleasure of seeing them like Mussilinni at the end? They worked overtime to create a culture and generation where having kids wasn’t the norm, so they took a lot of us out of the running for our heir to inherit it (one of the things we’re angry about).

    Never get in a fistfight with an ugly man, he has nothing to lose.

    Never push on someone with nothing to lose.

    People without children, looking at being driven out of their jobs while their hobbies are politically cleansed by the leftards HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.

    We look at LA this week and think “hmmm…better handling and we could have a lot of fun on the way out.”

  14. partly because the depression needed the continuously reinforcing push from the information entertainment industrial complex.

    My depression had more to do with over a decade of repeatedly learning people I trusted were my allies were to the Dems like Hunter Biden is to China. That ramped up to warp speed on 1/20/2016 and hasn’t slowed down.

    Hell, I’m waiting for Romney to apologize for the GOP push to defund the police to cement the latest Dem talking point. I’ll be disappointed and a bit frightened if he doesn’t anymore.

    1. Mitt needs to come out with his hands in front of him slowly so he can be handcuffed and imprisoned for that piece of nonsense.

      1. I am convinced that the only reason Romney is a Republican is because he decided he couldn’t ever get the Democratic Party nomination for governor in Massachusetts, and that he simply never switched party affiliation in his subsequent runs for office.

  15. Hence what I think is my curious calling: a profound and unremitting pessimist who has the duty and honor and (shakes fist at sky) G-d given mission of reality checking for conservatives.

    You aren’t wrong.

  16. That warning about being exposed, shades of COVID hysteria there, are they offering help to the “injured” or warning that that they’re keeping an eye on what you’re doing?

    1. Yes. Embrace the healing power of “and”. With Fecesbook, it’s particularly the latter.

  17. Expect the IRS and ATF and feebs and NSA and the rest of the Permanent Imperial Bureaucracy to be fully weaponized after their shellacking in 2022.

    They can’t fully uncloak and activate their “That’s No Moon” Bureaucratic Battle Station before next year because of the failure in the Senate of Pelosi’s HR1 “For The People” “It’s a Cookbook!” bill plus all the individual state voting law cleanups, which just were upheld by the Supremes.

    After they lose the legislative branch, they’ll have no remaining incentive to hold back.

    And for those who will respond “Elections don’t matter anymore! Doom! Cats and Dogs Living Together!” DJT’s state wins were just not enough to get past the margin of fraud applicable in the pivotal Electoral College states. The 2022 House and Senate elections are really different animals, with no schwerpunkt pivotal three or four cities where fraud machines can swing the entire college balance – and thus 2022 will be much tougher to fudge.

    Not impossible to diddle, see NYC, but also see that the NYC voting “accidents” were immediately visible and publicized.

    Be not afraid. Work for and donate to candidates in close races. Recall the words of the prophet Barry the Prescient:

    I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.
    And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

    And everyone should endeavor to have a most excellent High Holy Day of Liberty on the 4th.

    1. “with no schwerpunkt pivotal three or four cities where fraud machines can swing the entire college balance – and thus 2022 will be much tougher to fudge.”

      The Senate is also a state wide race, JUST LIKE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE voting that is the actual Presidential election. The same tactics will work there: any state that has 51% of its’ population in cities can be frauded.

      However, what you’re more likely to see is those open Republican primaries used to put in as many Romneys as possible. Then on to the court packing.

      1. Yes, and no. Yes, the Senate races are statewide. No, however, in that a Senate race in Pennsylvania doesn’t affect the Senate race in Arizona.

        The other question is how many D Senate seats are up for vote versus how many R Senate seats are up for vote.

      2. What’s nasty are the states that did a jungle primary. IE, the top two candidates in the primary square off in the general. In California (I can’t remember if Oregon has it–any bad idea gets adopted), you end up with the situation of two Donks running for a seat in November, unless you have a solid (and fraud-resistant) Deplorable district. (In Flyoverland, we’re pretty solid R, though some of the GOPe should be getting more and more nervous. If we got the jungle primary, it’s recent enough that I haven’t seen it aflicting us. Yet.)

        1. Occasionally here in California we end up with a Democratic race that’s too fragmented. There have been occasional instances in which two Republicans won the jungle primary in a solidly Democratic district because the Dems couldn’t coalesce around two candidates.

          1. Statewide elections in California are assured to be between a radical leftist Dem and an even more radical leftist Dem.

            I consider jungle primaries to be akin to ballot harvesting-they are designed to facilitate the election of radical leftist Democrats. Indeed, jungle primaries, by depriving people of each party the right to select their standard bearer in the general election, fundamentally deprives them of not only their vote but their right of free association (political parties are just as much associations protected by this right as any other group/organization of people).

            1. It’s my understanding that ballot-harvesting is somewhat backfiring, though, as Republicans come to terms with it and actually use it. Goose, gander, and all that.

              I suspect the same thing can potentially happen in jungle primaries.

              It’s surprising how often rule changes that are expected to favor a certain Party (or otherwise “fixes” things) ends up backfiring until things settle down into “politics as usual”. Indeed, it’s a major reason why, as much as I like to speculate on rule changes, I don’t have much confidence they’ll actually fix anything.

    2. They have been buying bullets and guns (the angencies you mentioned) in bulk since 2008 btw. They have already been stockpiling. It makes me wonder when they knew what they knew and who knew it.

      1. I looked into those claims– they were multi-year contracts for a reasonable amount of ammo for the annual qualifications.

        Same way that the “cannons” turned out to be the bird-spooker type, not military type.

        Somebody really wanted folks scared.

        1. My late hubby is the one who told me about it. He also looked into it. I only remember what he told me at the time and he was not impressed.

          1. He SHOULD have been not impressed, they got bleepin’ TOOK on a lot of that crud.

            Even for gov’t contracts.

          2. And don’t get me STARTED on the weird billing for sending security forces to basic training stuff that is standard, and definitely not scary, since my husband went through it with the Navy. It’s basic “if you have a gun, don’t shoot your own guys” stuff.

            1. oh yea lol I went through the security stuff with the Navy boot camp– I’m amazed these folks don’t shoot themselves. My late-hubby went through Army boot camp and straight into Vietnam. I miss feeling safe.

              1. There is actually a decent training course, now, which does stuff like “how not to shoot yourself in the foot” and “how not to accidentally shoot the guys from another group a few offices over” type training.

                I’ve shared it before, but I am seriously too tired to look it up right now. It’s one of the go-to scary things that folks share, that is not scary at all, it’s just “sending to another services’ training group” which has been a thing since….probably when we started……

                1. Glad something is on youtube. I found that if I need help or an expertise, I can find it on youtube. I hope if that goes away, we can find some other platform for these kinds of instruction videos.

          1. EVERYBODY has security forces, and has for decades.

            It’s not “law and order,” it’s “any armed security.”

            Which is anybody who doesn’t want to die, these days.

              1. What else are they going to do when morons banned concealed carry on federal property, IE made them a free fire zone?

                Die, because they work for the government?

                Or they are getting services from those folks on the wrong day? (Note, mad props to VA doctors who made sure to NOT notice someone has ability to defend themselves, among others, but the announcement is an invitation to violence.)

                Normal cops were obviously not enough– basically, it was gov’t folks figuring out what business figured out in the 80s. That you actually need to have some sort of security, not trust in the cops to guard you if you’re a target.

                Like the Family Research Council figured out thank God ahead of time, which is WHY we don’t have a “Family Research Council massacre” on the list of horrors. That’s the unspeakable who got owned by the security guy when he came in with a bag of chick-fil-e so he could rub the “hate sandwiches” in the faces of those he murdered.

                Got Pow’ned by the security guy, no gun.

                1. I agree– they should let anyone to carry even the doctors and nurses. But I found that “no guns allowed” signs are an invitation to violence.

            1. 97 I was in Germany so didn’t know about the “armed security” … not sure I like the idea… so easy for these to be misused on normal people.

          1. One of the times.

            WAs that the one where Obama forbid recycling ammunition related items in the government, or another one? There’s been a couple.

            for folks who like recycling, they sure do a lot of forbidding it. *glares at nuclear*

        2. Key thing to look at in the scare articles:
          They’ll say “X agency had no arrest and firearm authority in ’96.

          Budget for 96 is in 95.

          ….in 1995 was Oklahoma City Bombing.

          Yes, after that, a LOT of departments put in requests, and got funding, for security.
          Which would’ve been recorded in ’97.

    3. Trump’s wins were plenty to get past the normal margin of fraud.

      But that doesn’t matter when as soon as the necessary number is revealed, the fraudsters can recalculate, then go in the back room and print/count as many ballots as they need.

      I’m thinkin’ at some point locals are going to have Had Enough Of This Shit, and will start standing over the counting house with guns a-bristle. And then we’ll see how far the fraudsters are really willing to go.

      1. Agreed on the “How much do we need to fabricate?” – totals should be classified and exit polling should be outlawed – but a Reagan-landslide-scale-win would have been not-flippable no matter how many “ballots” they rescanned in Georgia.

        1. Are you kidding? Are you f*cking kidding?
          The ballots in GA were the tip of the iceberg and only because he did have more than a Reagan blowout they weren’t prepared for.
          Colorado: all vote by mail,no privacy sleeves. G-d knows how we voted. Nothing to do with the results. DItto to for Oregon, Ditto for Washington ST. Ditto for CA.
          Those states are zombie states, no matter what.
          ANd then they fucked IN PLAIN SIGHT ON ELECTION NIGHT with AZ, WI, GA and one other I can’t htink of now.
          Reagan blowout? THe man could have won all the states and still “Lost.”
          Pardon my French but FUCK THAT NOISE. If they didn’t know they had it in the bag without campaigning and the most repulsive candidates in history, they wouldn’t have done the crap they did.
          The ballot box was outright taken away, Mike. Jesus himself would have lost to Biden on this one.

          1. Pennsylvania. Full-on, no-holds-barred maximum election fraud fuckery. With ‘Pallets full of ballots in the middle of the night’ trucked in from New York. What were Pennsylvania ballots DOING in Noo Yawk in the first place? How did they send out 1.8 million mail-in ballots, and then count 2.6 million?

            Michigan. A Moslem threatened a Detroit election official’s children on a live Zoom call because she had doubts about the vote count, ‘perfectly reliable’ voting machines had 68% error rates, 8,000 votes for Trump got ‘miscounted’ for Biden, multiple precincts had more ‘Biden votes’ than registered voters…

            Six states ‘stopped the count’ in the middle of Election Night when Trump was way ahead. Never been done before. Hours later, when they ‘started counting’ again, Biden had mysteriously gained the lead WHILE THE COUNT WAS ‘STOPPED’!! How dat happen? You’re a RRRAAACISSST!!! for asking!

            Harris-and-Biden were not quite the most repulsive candidates in history; you’re forgetting Queen Hillary and wotsisname.
            There’s statistically improbable, and then there’s ‘violates the fundamental principles of the universe’ improbable.

    4. ” plus all the individual state voting law cleanups, which just were upheld by the Supremes.”

      Unfortunately, the Supreme Court isn’t the last word on those laws. Because they are state laws, the state courts get a say too. My state’s voting-reform law was just struck down by the state Supreme Court on completely specious grounds. Including the requirement for photo ID.

  18. And someone said “Who is taking the pictures? If they were that scared, how come the photographer wasn’t?”

    Recall from video pushed out the day of the Capital Open House Day Walking Tour that the protective detail inside the chamber itself was firing out through the chamber doors while the member evacuation was still going on.

    If panicking detail goons were capping off their Glocks AT A DOOR I’d be diving under any convenient object as well, and I’d likely have a concerned look on my face.

    1. And re the photographer, never underestimate the photographer’s drive to Get The Shot.

      1. Re getting the shot: April 7 2003, Iraq, guy taking the image is armed with a Nikon

    2. Anons are coming around and saying that the person (and I’m using that term generously) who shot Ashli Babbit was *not* Capitol Police, but a member of Pence’s Secret Service protection detail. Apparently the Glock in question does not have the distinctive marking for the USCP pistols used that day.

      Take it with the appropriate level of salt, but hmmm.

      1. The arm holding the gun was not wearing a police uniform. I saw that immediately.

        Made me wonder if it was one of NecroNancy’s private security goons.

        1. The shooter was plainclothes in a suit and tie, but that could be the security details for ranking members, or the Pence detail, or the Chinee State Security goons assigned to handle Congressman Fang Fang.

          Thing is, the .gov knows, but his name is uber top seekrit because [redacted] and [redacted][redacted] and mind your betters, prole – you don’t want to end up in solitary like the others, do you?

          1. Chinese – above was a typo not the historical slur. I mean Winnie the Pooh’s goon squad.

      2. There were C-SPAN’s cameras, the building’s security cameras, and the Library of Congress cameras, cameras any Congressman’s office might have been operating for their own record, the body cams of various police officers, and who knows how much cellphone video. Yet we’re not allowed to see who murdered Ashli Babbitt.

        Hiding Ashli Babbitt’s murderer is not their primary purpose. They don’t care about Babbitt *or* who killed her. The Left is infamous for sacrificing its own.

        So the big question is, “What happened that they’re so desperate to conceal?”

      1. A lot more people would be if the press were not rushing to praise CCP and Xi and completely ignoring that he gave a speech today in that essentially announced that the CCP was going to engage in a large scale campaign of conquest of everything that they believe is “rightfully China’s” and that they will attack anyone who does not accept their conquest (i.e. anyone who defends the targets of their attacks).

      1. Taiwan has all of 4 submarines- which should be able to sink quite a few landing ships before getting sunk themselves- a near foregone conclusions looking at disparity of forces.

        But- Taiwan is 100 miles more or less from the mainland. D-DAy landings were 50-60 miles from England. Weather and sea conditions suitable for invasion have shorter windows. And- with modern detection gear, any mass gathering of invasion forces will be seen quickly. And, they’re prepped.

        1. Don’t forget about all those artificial islands the CCP has built, which close the gap between the mainland and Taiwan considerably.

          1. Most of those are down off Vietnam and the PI. They don’t see the need in the Taiwan Strait, and besides it’s not as amenable as all the shallow reefs and such down where Yankee Station used to run.

          2. None of those artificial islands are any closer to Taiwan than the mainland is already. They’re intended as threats to Vietnam, Japan, and world trade generally, not as invasion aids.

      1. Do you really see HarrisBiden or Jill actually using nukes against someone who attacks us, even if the other side uses nukes against us?

        1. That’s FrauDoktor Jill “Edith Wilson” “Stunning in Stilletos” Biden.

          1. Yup. At a certain point, the public will start to loudly ask, “Why aren’t we launching?”

            Also, if someone launches a serious attack against the US, Biden is out of office the next day. Pudding Brain can’t be left in charge during a serious and protracted emergency. That promotes Harris, who’s a vicious idiot. And vicious idiots often feel a need to prove how tough they are. Or in other words, she’s probably *more* likely to use nuclear weapons if she feels threatened.

            Or at least that’s my theory.

            1. I maintain Afghanistan should be “that place where the US got angry again that’s paved in green glass”.

              1. …and that’s with me having met very fine people who helped the US military there who got here.

                We got 20 years of wasted effort. the glass option would have been an object lesson in really pissing off the US people.

            2. Given that a successful attack can occur in less than 30 minutes, I doubt the public will have the time to ask any questions as to why we haven’t launched a counter-strike. It also assumes that the people who can launch nukes care what we think, when they have already proven that they do not.

              It isn’t as if some subordinate can release the launch codes if Senile Joe and POTUS in all but name Jill refuse or simply fail to do so. Again all it takes is thirty minutes of indecision, much less malicious self-hatred. You can see them saying about such a retaliation “nuking them won’t fix things here, what difference will it make now” in trying to justify the lack of retaliation, and their media arm will cheer such a response.

              1. I have a vague recollection that some number of silo commanders, acting as a group, can authorize a launch on their own authority. Can someone with real knowledge confirm this or let me know that I am crazy?

              2. You’re assuming that the only sort of attack one would launch on the US would be an overwhelming nuclear strike. If you choose to believe that’s the case, then my counter-argument is, “What does the acting president at that time have to lose by launching a counter-strike? The acting president WILL BE DEAD IN HALF AN HOUR. Nothing can change that.” And you expect the current Dem leadership – which has shown itself to be *extremely* petty and vindictive – will just pull the blanket over its head and say, “Oh well, it was fun while it lasted?” Those nukes will fly. There is an arrangement already set up on the off-chance that an emergency command decision needs to be made while the president is unavailable, and it will be followed.

                In any case, there are varying degrees of “trouble” that other countries can create for the US. Turning the entirety of the US into a nuclear wasteland (which is what you’re essentially talking about) isn’t the only thing that a hostile power can do.

                1. Actually not. See below.

                  Keep in mind that the purges of the military by Obama and now HarrisBiden have focused on key positions, such as those in charge of our nuclear weapons, so that people who agree with the radical left ideologically are now in charge.

              3. All the launch code procedures have to take into account the possibility of a decapitation strike that leaves NCA incapable of issuing authorizations. That would require the ability to fire in “local control”.

                1. I am thinking of a high altitude EMP burst and perhaps limited strikes, not a full-fledged one. Again, I just don’t see the current administration with its “America is the source of all evil” ideology responding to such an attack. Instead, I see them saying that it was our fault and apologizing for the USA driving those who attacked us to do so.

  19. I haven’t seen that “are you angry? you must have read some right wing content. Let us save you from your anger” posts from Facebook. Should I be worried?

  20. I just heard a recent decree out of California. No CA State workers can go to other States that have election laws. hahahahaha If you are in CA … get out fast. They might close down the entire State and starve you’all.

    1. But — you have to show ID to recall Herr Fuehrer Nuisance.

      And of course we’re all Nazis for wanting to vote a rich white guy out of office.
      Elections are far too important to be left up to a bunch of uncontrolled voters. The Party MUST exercise oversight and management to prevent mere voters from electing the wrong candidates!

      1. The same Bernie Bros who scream that the Dems stole the election from Bernie by engaging in all kinds of election fraud are the same people who denounce any effort to stop election fraud. Talk about cognitive dysfunction.

        1. Not all of them… but all the ones whose posts are visible, or who haven’t shut up for Reasons.

          But yeah, a lot of Democrats have suddenly realized that Leftist control of unfair elections means that that Their Guy (or Gal) will never win, unless the Powers That Be allow them to win. And that they don’t have to appease Democrat voters anymore, if they can just make up votes and pay off certain election workers.

      2. They also insisted on meticulously verifying the signatures and identity of every single person who signed the recall petitions.

        1. And double-checked to make sure that everyone who signed the petition really, really meant it.

            1. Especially helpful in saying “really nice house you have. Would be a shame if anything happened. Are you sure you wanted to sign that recall petition?”

              1. Yes, the state government REALLY DID double-check. No, there are no claims that threats were made by the government when conducting those checks. And only an extremely small number (can’t remember whether it was double or triple digits; but this was out of well over a million signatures needed) announced that they had changed their minds.

                1. Not many people would claim that Al Capone’s crew intimidated them either, because staying quiet about the intimidation is part of it.

      3. All of a sudden they changed the explanation to LBGQ++++ … as these states are not doing enough for this community. hahaha

    2. They did that a few years ago, too, when Georgia decided men weren’t allowed to use womens’ bathrooms.

  21. “the first stage of coming out of a deep, suicidal depression is (TRUST ME ON THIS, chilluns) raging anger.”

    Can confirm. It’s s survival response – it’s finally safe to express anger, so it all boils over.

    “This is the reaction of cult members. They can’t question because if they do they lose their identity as the “good” and, oh, yeah “the smart” people. And they can’t face that. Just can’t. Or at least most of them can’t and won’t.”

    Given living in a narcissist-run family effectively is a cult – the only thing that has a slim chance of working is making sure there are reality-based points of view out there that said cultists might bounce off of. A few of them might hit enough walls to say “Wait a minute”.

    A slim chance, but still, not zero.

    1. My depression wasn’t suicidal, but it was pretty severe. And yes, anger (fueled by frustration) was very present as I was coming out of it.

      Ironically – given the topic – most of the lingering effects of the depression wore off just before the lockdown. The frustrated anger still bubbles up from time to time, though.

        1. John C. Wright has links to the original magazine printings on, and thoughtful commentary on Howard and the stories, which I found well worth reading.

          The links are Howard’s original words, less some minimal level of editing. Magazines like Unknown and Weird Tales ran on shoestrings; they had neither time nor money to piss around much in what was submitted to them. The later book collections of Howard’s work… “not so much” as the saying goes.

      1. Repressed anger causes depression. Of course anger shows as people come out of depression.

    2. Huh.


      Would explain things if my current level of relative mellow is a sign of longer term depression recovery.

    3. The gal at Hyperbole and a Half went quite for 18 months, then came back with a long piece about depression, getting treated for it, and the explosion of raw rage that was her first emotion in . . . a very long time. The trigger was a piece of popcorn on the kitchen floor.

      1. I remember that. She posted about turning depression into a super-power, and then vanished. Not even coming back to talk about her book. Her commenters were worried.

  22. Things are getting interesting. Stopped at a rest area yesterday. The door to my stall was emblazoned with prominent “”F*ck Biden” graffiti.

    1. When I was down-state earlier in June, there were lots and lots of Trump 2020 and Trump 2024 signs in yards, in the windows of businesses, or on cars. I saw ONE Biden sticker on a car. No Biden signs. Make of it what you will.

  23. For Saturday afternoon entertainment, ‘Stairway to Gilligan’s Island” (via Insty open thread):

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