Ladies, Gentlemen, Dragons, Weapons of War

There will be post (probably Grant) later.  However I want to remind you that the Hoyts senior (the boys are busy, so the two of us) will be at Pete’s Kitchen today from 4:30 to around 8 pm, if enough of you show up early enough to hang out with us, otherwise we’ll leave at six or so.

Anyway, there will be cover cards TM to sign (suitable-for-framing) and probably ten copies of Darkship Revenge to give away.  And of course, our sparkling conversation.

62 thoughts on “Ladies, Gentlemen, Dragons, Weapons of War

  1. Not a lady…
    Not a dragon…

    Alas, will not be there. Too far away and too much work to do. So for those who are able: Have a great time!

    And something tells me that should I ever get the chance, that a stop at Pete’s Kitchen is a Required Thing.

    1. Just a little while ago, I had the idea of calling a crowd to attention by saying “Ladies, Gentlemen, and my fellow Americans” — implying that Americans aren’t ladies nor gentlemen, and further hinting that Americans are happy to be that why. I have no idea why such an address amused me so….

      Perhaps it’s a mixture of disdain for aristocracy and titles of nobility, along with the notion that even many of the most refined among us generally aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty every now and again….

      (I remember someone commenting on this blog a while ago about how army officers can lose face among Korean soldiers if they are seen doing grunt work…while army officers will lose face among American soldiers if they *aren’t* willing to do a little grunt work every now and again…)

  2. Grumble Grumble

    It’s too far for me to drive this month.

    Maybe I can plan on doing it next month. 😀

        1. You have my sympathy. Although The Daughter was a good traveler from the beginning, road trips became much easier once she was post nappies.

          1. Oh the Squire is a good traveller. We have done “short” road trips by car and intercity bus (do not recommend the latter on the start of a holiday weekend BTW). Had to do a recent rush trip to Ottawa and didn’t bring him with us due to the length of trip and his age.

              1. Heh, I think he would remember a bit more than that. 🙂
                It was a bit of an “emergency” trip and there would have been no time or space for him.

        1. I hear you brother…but I have wanted to visit my brother and grandparent’s graves…I’ll just have to make sure it is around the first weekend of the month.

      1. You tempt me mightily, ma’am.

        “Dear, we’re going out to lunch on Saturday.”

        “Okay, but why tell me this Thursday morning?”

        “Because we have to leave by this afternoon to get to the restaurant.”

  3. Dangit! I’m working today!
    Well, I hope plenty of Huns show up to represent the rest of us.

        1. Oh well. It took us three times to learn all the tricks about shade, hydration and the like..
          It got a lot easier once we built my wife an off-road wheelchair.

          1. And if you dress “Rennie” you buy yourself immunity from “make fun of/with someone in the audience” type acts. And if you dress “Rennie” with something beyond Minnitonkas with the fringe cut off, you might get asked when your act is or where you booth is. Yes, voice of experience.

            1. Oh, yeah. Although, I have lately learned that the “Exhausted, pale, looking slightly ill, and leaning on a cane while smiling at the act” mode of dress makes one even more invisible to the “make fun of the audience” acts. Because entertainers who make their living off crowd feedback are wily and wary.

              I liked the “Indistinguishable from the cast” version better.

  4. Too far too drive, alas.
    Looking forward to seeing you at LibertyCon.
    My daughter’s been gradually assembling a costume that she’s thinking of wearing to it.

  5. Alas, too long a drive. I will be there in spirit (the spirit of putrid puns passed) haunting the conversation.

    Conversations don’t sparkle, vampires do. At least, they do after a good spritz of Holy Water or Willy Pete.

  6. I dearly wish that I could be there. But unfortunately there’s this big pond in the way, it’s called the Atlantic.

      1. Alas, no teleporter for me – my wheelchair wouldn’t fit in one, and since waling 50 feet without a rest is a struggle and 50 yards demands a rest…..
        Anyway, I have to stay at home and look after my little dogs.

  7. Don’t know about the rest of you, but it would be a few days travel by car for me. It would seem longer, for once over the eastern mountains and the Mississippi the Great Plains do go on forever even at modern speeds. (I want a TARDIS — with a fully functional control system, but right now I would settle for a transmat…)

    Sigh. Yesterday The Spouse found the program from RavenCon 2014 where it had been packed away for safety. I had yet to read it. We only had one day there and actually doing the con seemed more important at the time.

    Did you know that Our Esteemed Hostess ‘has been instructed to say that no genre is safe from her’? Those forays into the diverse worlds of story telling that I have sampled have all proven worthy.

    1. One of my neighbors repainted their front door. In blue. And added signage. The TARDIS-like effect is spoiled only by the presence of the storm door. 🙂

      1. Neat!

        Yeah, the storm door would kind of mar the illusion. When young and silly I might have been inclined to simply do without a storm door. Yet I have experienced how a storm door can make such a difference in keeping out various inclemencies as mother nature throws, that, no, even so I would keep it now.

  8. I also wish I lived close enough to drop in. But, as I live in Michigan, I would have had to start driving last Monday. *sigh*

    1. A carpooling caravan? Although I don’t know, we’d want to include several other Huns from down here, and probably at least a couple from up in the Valley. What’s the seating limit for Pete’s Kitchen?

      Has the name “HunCon” been taken yet?

      I’d better get back to plot plodding, the governor seems to need a reset before it runs completely wild.

        1. Got to doing a bit more thinking while ferrying people around today. It might not be a problem – every good fantasy restaurant always has an infinitely expandable function room. Extra dimensions are so handy…

          1. There is also an undefined variable that makes answering impossible: what would be the capacity of the seats to be seated? I acknowledge that my current seating requirements are slightly broader than was true forty years ago, and my casual observations at cons the last decade or so inclines me to conclude this is a not irrelevant issue. Booths which once held me and seven other people now seem to seat but four.

      1. Well, on LiveJournal, there was BitterCon, which would be scheduled during a large con (often WorldCon) and was basically a bunch of people posting con-panel-like topics on their journals, and then inviting people to come over by posting in the bittercon group. Died off like the rest of LJ — though that would an online thing and not a meeting.

  9. You forgot to represent pineapple, deep offense has been caused.

    *Erfworld spoilers*
    Pineapple being defined as the correct pronoun for whatever it is that is currently operating Isaac’s body in the webcomic Erfworld.

    Also this is your fault: “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a powerful dragon, must be in want of a wife.”

    My pattern matching has just told me that given the setting, it is a waste for Regencies not to involve combat against the armies of Napolean. I haven’t even finished reading P&P, I don’t know the genre well enough. My pattern matching is pretty useless and insane sometimes.

  10. I assume that’s Pete’s Kitchen at 1962 E Colfax Ave, in Denver, Colorado.
    Alas, I was still getting 3 feet of steel poked at me (repeatedly) by youngsters at those times today.

  11. With all of us absent Huns present in spirit, Sarah should expect some heavy duty poltergeist activity tonight.

  12. This is why you should move to Texas. This way we can attend your meetings. Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, Waco, College Station, Houston, San Antonio, Amarillo, Lubbock, any of these would be good.

    1. In August it looks like I’m going to be driving 150+ miles to go see Larry Correia at a signing in the DFW area. My neighbors who grew up here in Texas think this is a perfectly normal weekend trip for groceries. *shakes head*

      They cut me slack, though, because I although I come from a state that’s bigger, if it’s more than a couple hours, I’m used to flying instead.

      1. I was scratching my head over you thinking 150 miles was a long ways… until you mentioned it was 150 miles DRIVING that you considered a long ways. 😉

  13. I was planning on being in Denver last month for a few days. Alas, (or not, it saved me a few hundred dollars) plans changed and I was able to get everything accomplished both closer and cheaper.

  14. Brain, brain, my brain is gone.
    Gone is my brain since I got to work.
    Melt, melt my brain will melt
    Melt will brain if I get more work.
    Brown, brown, my mood is brown
    Brown is my mood since I am stuck here.
    (to the tune of Love Is Blue”)

    [the kind of day I am having.] :-p

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