I Am Not Doing An April Fool’s Post

There will be a post after this, but not April Fools.

This one is a brief update on everything: FIL still lingering, though at the stage that you have to check the monitor to make sure he’s still breathing. He stopped being responsive, etc. once husband had left. We don’t wish him death, but there is pain involved and he’s doped out of his mind, and it’s just…. lingering.

Meanwhile cold/flu/wtf I got from younger son (he’s such a SHARING boy) has progressed past the fever stage, which means I slept…. uh…. a lot. I’m sitting here in my nightgown contemplating showering. Right now, the big issue is coughing and my voice going away.

I’m not 100% but writing SHOULD happen today. Fortunately it’s a sitting down and moving only fingers position. So not exactly tiring. And before you all yell at me yes, ma’ams and sirs and aardvarks, I will be taking a midday nap.

Of course, the crazy brain went “No fever! Let’s clean and finish unpacking!”

To be fair both need to be done before the kittens get here, but also I’m not stupid, so no.

I’ll finish this not an April Fool’s Post with links to April Fools of Yesteryear for those with an insatiable apetite.

Shark Dip Thieves.

40 thoughts on “I Am Not Doing An April Fool’s Post

    1. I bet that lots of San Francisco residents are thinking that maybe Emperor Norton might not have been so bad…

        1. I don’t know about that TXRed. If they were rational the choice would be clear. But the Stupid seems very strong with the voters and residents of the Golden Gate City. The last time they elected other than a democrat to the office of Mayor I (a 62 year old man) was likely just finishing potty training. San Francisco has rampant shoplifting so bad that stores have decided they can not afford to do business. It has general theft so bad someone did a smash and grab in front of the City offices. And like the dog in the flames in the meme they say, “It’s Okay”. I sadly do not think we’ll see this corrected anytime in the near future.

      1. Compared to the current San Francisco leadership, Emperor Cartagia of Centauri would be an improvement.

  1. Somebody made a post on Baen’s Bar about a “cross-over” book where Grantville “drops” into the world of Eric Flint’s “Trail Of Glory” series.

    On clue was the use of “Bean” not “Baen” in the link. 😆

  2. Goofy I know. Today’s April Fools Joke: “Yellowstone National Park is changing it’s name effective today: Yellowstone National Park Petting Zoo”.

      1. Or pet by a bear. That is essentially what happens too. Might as well take a dip in the hot pool geysers. (Or “how to be just as dead”.)

    1. I was one swallow away from spray washing my monitor. Good one!

      Mother Nature is siding with Murphy. April 1, no legal studded snow tires, so we get a medium-impressive snowstorm. Had to go into town for a “need it now” prescription, and the drive was, er, entertaining. At least I got the Rx, and am well prepared for the likely side effects. Keflex: for when you’re feeling sh!tty.

      1. LOL.

        I just spent the whole day teaching total novices how to shoot flying clay targets with a shotgun. (Trap)

        In 20-30 knot gusty winds with variable overcast. With occasional drizzle.

        Did I mention “total novices, this is the end that goes ‘bang'”…

        Just, wow.

      2. Hubby & his golf buddies have been in St. George Utah for a two week golf get away (yes, I am a saint). They got chased of a coarse Thursday with 2″ of hail. Called last night for me to lookup travel options. They went over Hwy 58 two weeks ago Saturday to get over the pass before that predicted storm made the passes “challenging”. Today? The passes are all “chains required”, which hubby does not have (planned to get some JIC, forgot). So he is coming home I-84. Called again from Ontario, Oregon to see if better odds to come hwy 126. No. Although the other vehicle apparently is taking their chances. But then that vehicle is a 4×4 pickup. The Santa Fe has All Wheel option but hubby didn’t feel up to finding out it isn’t as good as high 4-wheel, and he knows how to drive in snow/ice. I didn’t see it on the highway camera but Santiam Jct is supposedly closed (where 126 splits between Eugene and Salem/Corvallis (22/20). Plus supposedly “whiteout conditions”. But ODOT hasn’t closed 126 so not so believable. OTOH we’ve driven it when it was open and should have been closed, so who knows? I-84 s/b okay. Weather is not getting better quickly. Storms suppose to move north into Washington next week.

        1. Oregon TripCheck doesn’t have anything other than “carry chains or traction tires” for the relevant passes, but the weather service hazard map shows winter storm warnings across the Cascades barring the Columbia river route. (The warnings there are for above 1500 feet.) Also, lots of advisory conditions along US-20 east of Bend. I-84 seems OK, and I-5 looks good north of Roseburg.

          Ontario to Eugene via I-84 sounds annoying, but better than becoming a statistic. Even with chains I’d give the usual routes a pass.

          1. Hubby & crew with him got home at 8:40 PM, after dropping the other two at home, one guy left his car here at the house. They texted the pickup crew, that went hwy 126, from Salem. The others were just passing Hoodoo. Haven’t heard what hwy 126 were really like. Hwy CAMS were not pretty. I-84, hubby said pretty much drove 80 MPH except over Deadman Pass which was near whiteout conditions (visible black storm clouds obscuring the pass as they approached), but not much snow on the ground. It was 90 miles shorter to have detoured via hwy 126 (not faster).

            Ontario to Eugene via I-84 sounds annoying, but better than becoming a statistic. Even with chains I’d give the usual routes a pass.

            What hubby figured. He was more annoyed that Hwy 58 via K-Falls wasn’t an option. That route is 300 miles shorter. OTOH it isn’t 80 MPH most the way either.

            Oregon TripCheck doesn’t have anything other than “carry chains or traction tires” for the relevant passes, but the weather service hazard map shows winter storm warnings across the Cascades

            What I found too. Very irritating to figure out what to tell them when they called. Did find other sources that said “chains were required” on Santiam, and Willamette, passes. I suspect that varied on/off over time. If hubby had remembered to get chains, he might have tried 126. But he really didn’t want to buy them in say K-Falls, Ontario, or Bend. (When buying Schwab chains can chains be returned other than where you buy them, if not actually used?) Now we have to decide, given weather, should we have chains JIC for our late May – June 2023 trip tour – Banff, Jasper, Waterton, Yellowstone, Tetons. It isn’t unusual to see major snow there into June. This year? Um. Oh dear.

              1. if you live in a place where you occasionally need chains

                Willamette Valley floor. So, unless traveling the Cascade mountains (coastal range very rarely need chains), in the winter, we do not need chains. What Schwab does (local only?) is you can buy chains for the winter. IF the chains are not used, they can be returned after a specific date. We’ve done this for decades. Pickup chains we typically got and kept. Rarely used but we had them. Chains for the cars? Been able to returned.

            1. I do a planned trip over the Cascades each winter, so I have chains in addition to the studded snow tires. We’ve had enough late/early season snowfalls that I’ll have chains outside of summer (and $SPOUSE would like me to do so all year long. Nope, not for the July planned trip when it’s 5100′ at the pass summit in southern Oregon.) I try to carry chains from September through May or so.

              Snow tires go on as early as possible and come off fairly late for the Subarus. Since the barn floor is otherwise occupied with flooring bits, I’m not willing to put the non-studded snow tires on the Honda Ridgeline. (at least for the Subarus; the Honda pickup’s are studless and if I can’t use the barn, I’ll pass.

              1. It was different when we were regularly traveling the passes, either from Longview (Hood) or southern passes out of Eugene. First because inlaws were in La Pine/Bend, later because of scouts. We kept chains for the 4x4s. Rarely used them, because 4×4 and more aggressive tires, but we had them. FYI, chains just help go. They do not help stop any better. So, 4×4. good tires, and cautious driving so you can stop, is usually more than adequate. We just don’t travel where we are going to need tire chains regularly anymore.

                Do All Wheel equate to 4×4? Not exactly. When dealing with hard gravel wash board roads, yes. Plowing through snow build up? Wags hands. Most 4×4 are just heavier than All Wheel vehicles. (Heavy vehicles count. Thus the very astonished, then dirty looks, The Blue Whale would get when going up to Mary’s Peak top, as it passed by chained 4×4 pickups stuck in the snow, back in the day. The Blue Whale was a Powder Blue 1958 Plymouth Power Station Wagon. There were no chains on The Blue Whale. Just the tank of a car, loaded with 10 or so college students plowing itself through the snow.)

    2. Careful with that “pettign zoo” meme, or someoen might decide to put you in a New York Gulag for endagering Low-Information Voters.

      The buffalo are safe, right?

      1. Hey. Did not originate with me. Only guilty of passing it on here where low-information voters do not hang out. Right? (Otherwise, OOPS?) FB post (which now I can’t find to link), either “YNP Invasion of the Idiots” or one of the other YNP groups.

  3. Using April Fools Day as a prompt, see the following.

    The Dragon and the Dragon Hunter

    The Dragon Hunter carefully approached the Dragon’s Lair. From the sounds he heard, the Dragon was in a very bad mood.

    Stopping close to the entrance of the Lair, he called out “Hey Sam are you OK in there? It’s George, do you want to talk about it?”

    A grumbling voice replied, “No I Don’t Want to talk about it, but since you’re here I might as well. Come on in, usual rules apply.”

    “Of course, usual rules apply. I’m coming in.”

    George entered the Lair and the place was a mess. Sam’s treasures were scattered around the place as if Sam had been throwing them around. None of them seemed damaged so while Sam was obviously in a bad mood, the mood wasn’t so bad that Sam was willing to destroy them accidentally or otherwise.

    “You are really going to have a hard time cleaning up this mess. Do you want any help cleaning it up?”

    Looking a bit sheepish (if a Dragon could be said to look sheepish), Sam replied “Maybe later. Your usual?”

    “Yes thank you”.

    Much later, after George and Sam had a few of their favorite brews, George asked “What happened a few days ago?”

    Sam replied, “you mean the wrecked village and the destroyed wizard’s castle?”

    George said, “You only killed a couple of villagers but you left the village unlivable. Now the castle is completely destroyed and the wizard & his servants were roasted.”

    “I’m sorry about those servants. They really didn’t deserve killing. But do you remember the calendar date?”

    “It was the first of April… Oh garbage, you mean the wizard…”

    “Yep, that idiot convinced some idiots in the village to pull an April Fool’s Prank on me and I fell for it.”

    “So you “convinced” the idiot villagers to tell you whose idea it was, wrecked the village and went after the wizard.”

    “Yep, the dead villagers were the idiots the wizard convinced. I may have gone too far in convincing them to talk.”

    “Well, I’ll pass the word around again “No April Fool’s Pranks on Dragons”. You’d think that the fools would get the message after what happened ten years ago.”

    “Sigh, what a world. For every fool that gets killed, another dozen pop up.”

    1. Hold mah Coca-Cola and watch the next two months of news.

      Then, ask again in November 2024

  4. Your efforts would be wasted, anyway. The whole world is doing April Fools every day. The most elaborate prank you could pull would be but a blip.

  5. I was just informed this morning that my Aunt (my father’s sister-in-law) had passed away. She’d gone to the hospital on Wednesday, and had refused treatment for the exploratory surgery they wanted to do.

    Her kids called everyone yesterday to let us know the end was near, but I hadn’t expected it to end so quickly.

    1. Well that didn’t work.

      On that note, is there a document telling what HTML-ish commands are supported in this particular instance of WP(DE)?

      I found one with really basic stuff (which works when I can type the tags properly) but it did not mention youtube or pictures.

      In other places, I experiment; since can’t see what works here until I post, and can’t edit after I post, I try not to clutter things with experiments. I try not to clutter things with mistakes, either, but, well, mistakes.

    2. Right-click on the Yoo Toob video and select <> Copy embed code, then paste it into your comment.

      I don’t know of a document. I do know a few tricks, like using HTML codes for characters WPDE does weird things with. Like using asterisks to turn italics on and off, or losing any number followed by a period at the start of a line.

  6. I seem to recall that you are 60 now. That qualifies you to take mid-day, or afternoon naps without asking anyone’s permission, and without apology.

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