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Because today is the day in which it is not safe to be on the net, and because when I play April Fool’s pranks I do so in a manner everyone knows they’re not true, but are funny — and this month I’ve not had the chance to think up anything — I thought I’d just post some April Fool’s jokes by other people.

Return to San SerriffeReturn to San Serriffe (note a lot of the funny here is the Guardian’s bias even about a fictional nation.)

And of course:

Announcing A Major Upcoming Release

And this is the comic strip from when #1 son pretended his web comic had been taken over by a Japanese based company.

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    1. Only this (Announcing A Major Upcoming Release, followed by blank space.) was showing when i wrote that.

  1. I’m reading The Collapsing Empire right now and I’m really impressed. The complete lack of character description is a brilliant move on Scalzi’s part, freeing the audience from the tyranny of authors creating mental images for them. The characters are all well-drawn, covering the gamut from snarky to unlikeable. When Kiva screws her subordinate, I felt as if I were being screwed along with him.

    I look forward to the impending TV adaptation.

      1. Not April Fool’s:

        “John Scalzi‏
        Verified account

        Watching the new Ghostbusters again. It improves with each viewing. Also, Kate MacKinnon is the goddamned best.”

        1. Seriously.

          They removed pretty much *everything* that was in the two popular Stargate series, and expected the result to succeed.

    1. I think there’s a parody out called Corroding Empire by Johan Kalsi and Vox Day. I just saw another one called the Rusting Empire by Joann Skallsee. Someone is laughing and making duck noises.

      1. They are all taurs, there ain’t a cents worth a’ difference between the two. It’ll only take him a minot to change.

  2. History records the single greatest April Fool’s joke as being perpetrated by Pope Gregory XIII when he successfully persuaded the world to adopt his new calendar, thus ensuring that nearly nobody was entirely sure when April 1st rightfully occurred.

  3. I don’t know… Thinkgeek’s swim-desk (for people who want a treadmill desk but need a no-impact exercise) is pretty tempting. And then there’s the new fabrics from Recollections, including custom engineered silks from silkworms in Michigan, and their new cotton prints, including kitty cats and hearts and skulls (for the goth-clothing line, I trust).

    I still wish I’d gotten the wireless, transparent DAS Keyboard. That would have really messed with the students’ (and my boss’s) minds.

    1. There would be some advantages to the swim desk, but it seems like it would be impractical until they made computers that were truly waterproof.

      Me, I’m holding out for a bicycle horn of Gondor…

      1. Even if you had a truly waterproof computer, I have two words for you…

        Casual Friday.

  4. Breaking news, everyone.

    Dr. Melanija Knavs, who holds a Lieutenancy in the KGB, has been discovered to have been an Obama donor. The Russians stole the 2008 and 2012 elections!

    1. They wouldn’t have known. In both 2008 and 2012, Barack Obama disabled ALL donor verification checks on his campaign websites, allowing anyone to donate essentially without limit. I personally tested this both times, donating $5 under an obviously false name and address. No problems. Republican sites flagged me every time.

      Hamas ran an actual fundraiser for him in 2008. The estimate is he got a third or more of his money illegally. Complaints were filed well before the elections, and the FEC (Lois Lerner’s original lair) did nothing.

  5. Thank you for the flying penguins. Beautiful, as well as funny. And great reminder of son’s stunt. Hope you feel better today.

  6. In response to the announcement by representatives of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire at the end of the current Court’s term, officials in the White House report that President Trump is considering maintaining the ideological balance of the court by nominating as her replacement Ninth Circuit judge Stephen Reinhardt.

    Spokespersons proclaim this a “Twofer”, a “Win-Win” in that it removes Reinhardt’s influence from the appellate court where his decisions had proven to many for the SCOTUS to reverse and moving him to the SCOTUS where his influence will be very limited, affecting at most a handful of decisions a year and as likely to embarrass other Liberal Justices into distancing themselves from his ideological jurisprudence.

    In response to questions about whether Trump might consider a more Center-Right judge, such as the Seventh Circuit’s Judge Posner, the spokesperson dismissed the idea by declaring, “Judge Posner is a moron.”

    1. I am so glad it’s a only a glass of not-new-enough white wine priced at “get this out of here”…. *and* that I was not in the exact process of drinking it while I read this.

    2. “…likely to embarrass other Liberal Justices into distancing themselves from his ideological jurisprudence.” It seems unlikely to me that Liberal Justices CAN be embarrassed.

      1. That’s why the traditional symbol for peace in the classico world is a bundle of spaghetti.

      2. How high do you have to go to harvest the top branches? As a bit of an acrophobe, I’m afraid of a farfalle.

  7. I just want say thank you to all the Huns and Hoydens for being a real safe space. Spending a lot of the weekend with very inclusive progressive people who make sure routinely to let me know they are so inclusive I damn well better stay in the pokitical closest makes me appreciate all of you.

    Also sold me on LibertyCon over any leather festivals this year.

    1. PS: this is Sunday…so this isn’t April Fools…that was the idea that i was welcome among these people i felt yesterday.

      1. It seems to me that if you find it necessary to proclaim your tolerance, to shout your tolerance from the rooftops … you aren’t counting on it being observed from your daily actions.

        Sorta the same way that virtuous people rarely feel compelled to proclaim their virtue.

        I disagree about this being a safe space. Anybody expressing an opinion or a view on anything had best be prepared to support that with logic, facts, argument. We’re not terribly tolerant to the unthinking, to those whose sole measure for any idea s whether or not it is correct.

        That applies even for Judge Posner.

        1. Hence “real safe space”…at least here i know judgment is on my thought and their quality not “oh, not exactly like us thus evil.”

          1. This is safe space for people who need to be able to go anywhere in discussion without someone telling them, “No, you can’t go there!”

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