Here We Stand

It’s 7 in the morning, and I did not sleep even five minutes. I don’t think I dozed. Which is a problem, because I need to get some stuff done today, including paying work that’s been delayed by all the illnesses since the beginning of the year, and I need to buy at least cat food and litter, since we have the world’s fussiest female waif about both. And, well, you too need to go shopping, I know.

Because– well, you know.

But instead of sleeping like a normal human being, I sat here having stomach pains, because my anger has to go somewhere and went to my stomach.

And no, it’s not any of your fault, though I will make a reference to…. things. It’s … I’m hearing Green Acres at the back of my head. And because we’ve been sick, not everything is in place yet, as it should be. But I have that feeling in the pit of my stomach. Like I’m standing on a very very thin crust of ice.

The reason I have a sick feeling — and again I emphasize it has nothing to do with you, and even if it did it wouldn’t be a recrimination — is that yesterday I went looking through links for insty and holy heck, people.

The right is having a low-key civil war between the hot heads and the “hold on a minute.”

And there’s at least two group blogs — neither mine — having loud “marital” fights in public. in front of the children commenters, and everything. I’ve never seen anything like this. We’ve had this argument off and on through the ages, but not like this.

So I thought I’d make very clear why I remain a “hold on” and it’s not that I don’t understand you guys. I was ready to go hot Nov. 2020 at the blatant, in your face fraud. I had no clue how or where or when, but I wanted to break heads. And it hasn’t got easier. I haven’t got any less angry. I understand the blinding anger, and the fear we’ll just “take it.” Sometimes, not often, I have that fear. But I doubt it, because people can’t endure the unendurable, and it’s getting there.

So I’m going to try to explain:

First, I think of all of you except those who served, I’m the only one who has been shot at multiple times and not by accident, and also who had machine guns pointed at her and not by accident.

I say this not to pull rank — the only thing it gave me was a certainty that there are things you don’t run from, at the age of 16 — but to try to explain what is mostly a feeling. (Sometimes I think I don’t process things like other people. A lot of it is “I sense” and the sense is usually right, while the rational isn’t.) So bear with me.

You guys are looking at ‘doing something’ (And for the love of Bob, really? Other than glowing, what does it accomplish to declare in public?) as: we go out, we fight, done and dusted, either win or die. (And at least one of you is looking at this as a glorious way to commit suicide. And I don’t know what’s driving it, but would you for the love of all that’s holy just TALK to me?)

Maybe it will all work that way. Who knows? Miracles do happen. I rather doubt it, though. Because this started over a year ago. That’s why there are political prisoners in DC. Heck, I’d argue the entire covidiocy was the first salvo leading up to the color revolution. That was the “active” phase, and it’s been going on A LONG time.

What you have to understand is that every one of the times I got shot at or threatened, I did normal every day things before and after. Like get up and eat breakfast, and get dressed, and take the train, and go home to dinner with my family. It’s not glorious anything. It’s often shocking, and sudden and when you’re least ready.

I’m angry. I’m as angry as you are, but throwing yourself up as a glorious martyr does nothing, except give them a chance at propaganda (which might or might not work) and expend your life. And we might need you later. (Telegraphing it on the net gives you a chance at really committing suicide. Have you guys heard of Signal? Figure it out.)

Unless you’re a trucker, or own a truck, and have NO OTHER OBLIGATIONS and realize exactly what you’re getting into and what might happen, your job right now is to prepare, prepare, prepare. Whatever your station in life, prepare for a year or so of really bad stuff and whatever. (And a year is optimistic. For one because this is global. Canada lit a fuse. When it blows it’s global. The mess will be unimaginable.)

If you are desperate to do something, and the truckers do roll (Seems like they will, but we thought so before) find a way to join and work opsec and figure out when Antifa will attack and/or mingle, and try to have contingencies — without provoking it — for self-defense. Because we’re not Canadians. And because our shitweasels are already calling on the National Guard. That’s a worthy job, and one that will have all the danger you might want, and not pointless.

Danger? Well, remember Jan. 6. And that’s not the worst that might happen. But arguably it’s needed work.

If you’re just being an ant, well, next week we’re all supposed to call in sick, if we can.

Now, obviously — OBVIOUSLY — makes no difference if a lot of us do. I mean, we will just have to make up the work. For those that it does, and who can (because you’re not quietly embedded) DO SO. But be aware it will provoke even more of a reaction, because it will scare the *ssholes trying to be in power. Remember, sane people who aren’t terrified don’t barricade themselves behind barbed wire and national guard units for months because a guy in a buffalo head dress sat at the Speaker’s podium. These people KNOW they don’t have the right to be where they are, and they don’t understand Americans and we TERRIFY THEM.

They are like the other international socialists. Trudescu didn’t pull the world’s stupidest jackboot trick because he’s secure. He pulled it because he’s the kind of guy who sleeps with 13 year olds: insecure and not very bright. And he’s terrified other people can see it. (We can.) And also he’s an evil man and thinks if he doesn’t have power we’ll do to him what he would like to do to us. (Well, you know….. Canadians might after this one.)

So we’re dealing with cornered feral humans who are terrified. Arguably the entire thing from the lockdowns till now is their knowing what’s coming (They see polls you don’t see. 39% approval my sore ass. More likely 9%) And they know how much they cheated, and it wasn’t enough so they had to cheat at the last minute. Oh, and all of them are criminals, steeped deep in horrible crap. And they can’t afford for it to come out. In their little pin heads, they have to keep control.

Only they can’t keep control, because they have no idea how things work. Not even vaguely. And everything they do makes the wheels come off, and smacks them harder.

Look, if our truckers roll and if even a small percentage of them parks for 2 weeks — and the anger I’m seeing out there and as panicked as the junta is, it won’t take two weeks — do you have any idea how many things break? How many industries lose stuff that won’t come back for years, just because of the loss of shipping on time?

And yet, yes, I think they’ll roll. (I also think it’s needed.)

But the left has no idea of that. Nor that truckers are essential to the economy. H*ll the only thing they think is essential is flapping their jaws. I mean, California is — they say — going to replace a nuclear plant with solar. Socialists. Before candles, they used electricity. But oh, they were assured the Earth would burn up — 20 years ago, but never mind — so it’s super-urgent and they must live off “renewables” even though the tech doesn’t work.

This is how their heads work. It’s all posing and preening. They have no bloody clue. In some ways a smart villain would be preferable, though perhaps not to the cause of liberty.

I sense, and I can’t explain it — and because it’s a sense, it means I’m taking in account factors I don’t even know I’m taking in account, which means, yeah, I could be wrong — I sense a high probability it all tips into the pot this week. Maybe next.

I’ve never seen this much anger around. And it’s been many years since I felt that much anger.

If what I sense is right, most of us will be okay, but there will be opportunities for danger aplenty. And for sure there will be a lot of pain and suffering.

Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. You ain’t seen shortages yet. PREPARE. Trust me, as someone who went through shortages, and the wheels coming off: however well you think you’ve prepared, you haven’t. I mean, I forgot the dry catfood SHE likes, and her litter. PREPARE. If you live with someone/are married, gather around and ask “What will we be in trouble without? How much do we have?” Coats? Socks? Underwear (I can make some in a pinch, but yeah. Which reminds me, thread.) SOAP? Shampoo? Tooth paste?Your meds? Ammo?

Yes, you’re angry, and you’re gonna do something. The first thing you’re gonna do is not flap lips in front of G-d and everyone. Seriously. Have all of you lost your minds? Hasn’t a single one of you played chess? Or poker? (Unless of course, you wear polo shirts to work at a tree letter agency, in which case it’s your job, I guess. Perhaps get another one? Some prostitutes retain their self-worth.)

Then prepare, prepare prepare. IN ALL SENSES.

Don’t blackpill yourself, but also don’t go off half cocked. Remember it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

And I’m not singing.

681 thoughts on “Here We Stand

  1. I woke up at three a.m. Said a bunch of Hail Marys to calm down. They used horses to trample people. It’s the horses, you know. Taking a beautiful animal and training it to trample people. The horror.

    Saying a few prayers for your health right now, and all your family. I hope you get some rest today.

    1. Compare and contrast with how the mounted Border agents were acting at our southern border, spinning their reigns to keep people clear of their horses.

    2. For what it’s worth, horses will usually avoid stepping on people if they can. Which means that being thrown under a horse is considerably less dangerous than being thrown under one pulling a carriage (and thus constrained) or panicked. Or for that matter, it’s less dangerous than falling in a packed crowd.

      I mean, not cool, but the horse is trying to avoid issues.

    3. They used horses to trample people.

      That’s just medieval. Literally. War-horses were trained to fight in battles. A good solid kick will break bones right through the strongest armor. Horses can deliver a nasty bite, too.
      He’s a lumberjack, and he’s OK.

    4. Based on that bit of footage, it did look like the poor animal was trying to avoid stepping on her, but given the situation it was in, it didn’t have any choice. The rider, by pushing into the crowd, hadn’t given it anywhere else to go.
      In addition to their other crimes, I’d love to see the horse officers joking about using their animals to inflict damage on people charged with animal cruelty.

  2. I’m going to take a wild, tired-eyed stab and say the blog feuding is mostly Covid-idiocy-exhaustion, mixed with actual terror from people not used to having their entire lives upended. As you say, most of us have never had live weapons pointed at us in anger (same, though verbally threatened with such); many of us haven’t even been dragged into a physical fight we weren’t sure we’d survive (this one I have been through).

    And the vast majority of people go through life either not knowing or not really thinking through how many sadistic, cruel, truly evil people there are in the general population.

    Trudeau and the freedom truckers are making it blatantly obvious that there are vicious, evil, stupid people out there, and they’re in positions of power that can destroy lives, livelihoods, children, and even beloved pets. I imagine for even a lot of die-hard conservatives who think they’d believed that, this is the first time they’re faced with the reality of it.

    And that reality is horrifying.

    I’ve lived this, personally. And I truly sympathize with the impulse to just kill something and get it over with. Because the prospect of facing these levels of fear and pain for years, maybe decades, is more than a sane soul can bear.

    I did it. Twice. This one’s the third time and it’s society-wide, and… honestly, if I were less rational and a little less tired, I might be baying a la lanterne myself. As it is I’m just trying to fend off the Black Dog with my fingernails.

    1. Concur on that component of the blog arguments.

      I’m finding, again, that my intellectual understanding is apparently a bit short of the ‘reality’ that I feel.

      I’m not ‘tracking’ as well as I would prefer, and I’m not happy about it.

      1. And how many of the firebrands are actually federales trying to incite?

        Like the federale who stirred up the Jan 6th thingy.

        1. “And how many of the firebrands are actually federales trying to incite?”

          Yeah. Safe to assume ALL of them. The guy at the back of the room screaming for blood is a cop. Every. Single. Time.

        2. I’ve read some claims that that thingy would actually have been a federal operation to make sure that Biden would be confirmed because they were a bit worried there might have been enough senators to challenge the results, and the “insurrection” nicely interrupted the process before they could.

          Well, if that is true maybe there then was something real behind that “Q” thing too, maybe at least part of it, with its “trust the plan” admonition as an effort to keep Trump supporters from falling to doing something like that. Who knows. Might explain why that seems to have mostly died out afterward. But if so even if the actual supporters had all stayed away that invasion would probably have happened anyway, only then they would all have been Antifa and glowies and so on. As it was I presume a lot more of them than just the main instigators were.

          1. From a basic security stance, the scaffolding going straight up to (republican) congressional offices makes me think they were very well prepared for Up To No Good, and have since before that BLM/Antifa guy’s name got out. (The one that was arrested in DC and in… Utah, I think.)

      2. I find myself agreeing with Bob.

        But with an extra side on impotence.
        I’m watching it happen, horrified, and I can’t do a bloody thing to stop it.
        I’m screaming into the wind, raging against the dying of the light, But I’d rather be doing something more effective.
        Worse, a large percentage of the population has collectively stuck their fingers in their ears, and is singing lalalalala to drown out the warnings.

        1. I find ‘preparing’ really settles the mind… Whether soap making, food storage, long-term ‘iron rations’ making and storing, or firearm maintenance, big out bag construction, working out… Rucking… It all matters. Your opponents train everyday, to subjugate… You should notake it easy for them. ‘journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step…’

    2. I think that a lot of it comes from people’s nerves just being scraped raw over the deliberate panic generated by the Covidiocy. They’ve been scared to death for two years now, AND OUR MEDIA AND POLITICAL CLASS ARE NOT HELPING!!! (sorry for the shouting.) There’s only so much that people can handle without going around the twist.

      But we can’t let the hot-tempered or the gullible get stampeded by a radio-actively-glowing government agent provocateur. Prep and store food and necessary goods, keep on good terms with neighbors … and slip the shiv of derision into the backs of the powers-that-be, every chance you can do safely. We’ll get through it – and we have been through worse, all along.

      I lived for almost three years in Greece, where the threat of anti-American terrorism was ever-present. Many of my fellow service personnel and their families lived under a blanket of stifling fear, which quite ruined any of the pleasure they might have felt in living there. My daughter says that her first coherent memory is of standing on the apartment house steps and watching me kneel down and check the underside of my car for a bomb. For her and I both – that was just normal. I loved my time in Greece, and took every opportunity to explore and travel. Still, I did feel a certain amount of relief when we left. The next assignment was in Spain, where the terrs mostly focused on the Guadia Civil…

    3. I think part of the feuding comes from incurable cases of TDS. There are some people who just can’t let the opportunity to say something nasty about Trump pass by. I can understand thinking that Trump should not be the GOP’s candidate in 2024 (I’d prefer DeSantis…but wish I had the funds for a run myself)…but the incessant snark is off-putting.

                1. They’ve been doing it since at least 1960, if not in the exact same fashion and places. The difference now is more people are finally waking up to it. But I think you’re right, if they try what they did in 2020 in this year’s midterms, and it isn’t successfully defeated in the courts or by some small scale actions at the counting places, I think it all blows up. It may still blow up if the Republicans win the House then offer no real resistance to the Biden* Regime.

                    1. Instead of shipping in preprinted ballots from Red China, they will register the 8 million border illegally crossing during the Biden Regime voter registration cards.
                      And the Republicans will be caught flat footed again.
                      We are not going to be able to vote our way out if this.

                    2. As long as they have operatives in the polling places (and poll workers are selected by the county elections clerk), they don’t have to issue jack:

                    3. Anyone paying attention to the Christine Gregoire and Al Franken elections expected massive fraud in 2020. It was telegraphed in bold capital letters. I’m not convinced they aren’t dialing it up again. It’s a favorite look of the left, the Obama-era gimlet eyed stare into the camera, “What are you going to do about it?”

                      Nancy Pelosi didn’t decide to run yet again so she can be minority leader. Either she has something going on that she can’t depart without her house of cards coming down, or there’s a game afoot. I see another nation-wide fraud played out as a final challenge, winner take all.

                      I don’t comment here often (so I’m not really an active part of your community), but I love your writing here. It’s a breath of fresh air, and it reminds me a bit of Kathy Shaidle’s Five Feet of Fury writing. I miss her voice, especially with the Canadian drama playing out.

                    4. I expected it. I expect it. What I don’t think they get is that the ONLY reason they’re not already decorating highway ramps is that the people think they can get rid of them by election.
                      IF that fails, well…..

          1. I highly doubt that. HRC couldn’t even get her own party behind her. There’s no way the crazies that the left needs to cheat an election would back her.

            1. Yeah the Demoncrats devotees are now way more left than HRC and failed them miserably last time. They’d like someone Like Bernie but he’s older than dirt. Most of their “Elder statesmen” Make Bernie and the turnip in chief look like spring chickens. Want to know something really terrifying AOC was born 10/13/1989. She will be 35 before the next Electoral college meets in 2024. Of course we need to get there first and that looks more and more weird/terrifying. If I were a snail I’d have pulled everything inside the shell and hung out a nobody home sign…

              1. She’s making a lot of money selling “Abolish ICE” shirts. Do you think I could make money from “Abolish AOC” shirts, or what that get shot down by the censors?

                  1. No, wait, do an “Abolish Occasional-Cortex” shirt.

                    I wonder how far that nickname has spread beyond this blog.

                    1. It’s seen light outside of here – if only at my work a couple of years ago. Got quite a chuckle out of the other guys there…
                      I make a point of using it whenever I can.

            2. That’s why Kaine or whomever didn’t win against youngkin… Rumint was they (dem party leaders) wouldn’t exercise their ‘vote generating machine for old Timmy’s campaign… As he was a Clinton cast off… So she/he, Hillary likely have a hill to climb inside the party.

              1. That’s okay; enough arkancides and the rest will come around.

                Although, at some point I suppose she’d get that treatment herself…

              2. There seem to be two major factions (Bolsheviks and Mensheviks?) in the main of the democrat party, The Clintonistas and the Obamaites. They hate each other passionately, but can work together to deal with real threats like the Bernie Bro’s or AOC’s folk. With TiC there the Obamaites seem to be in the ascendant, But judicious use of Arkanacide (both actual and career based) can change that in a flash. And neither side gives a rats ass about the USA or where it ends up, they just want their goodies…

        1. I would prefer Rand Paul.
          But watching the heads explode after a Trump win would be a glorious thing to watch.

  3. It has always been a peeve to see ‘Keyboard Commandos’ Swearing oaths of blood and thunder. Given what we know now of how the DS operates, I’d say plethora or more of them are agents provocateur; AKA Zombies for the FBI. I forget who said to keep your own counsel, but it’s good advice. The Canadian truckers will all be ruined by their government. If we have a similar movement in the US I fully expect the same will happen here, Because as Ms. H says, these gov’t types literally know nothing. I’m no wierdo prepper with a beard down to my belly button but It doesn’t take one to see that if they run the trucks off the road things are going to get icky. I would add trade goods to the list of items indispensable if you can swing it. Cases of Ezra Brooks Double-shots make great wampum.
    And also:
    Miz Hoyt, you ain’t fat.
    You wear the weight of experience,
    Just like me!

    1. The thing with the Cannuck truckers is if the government goes atomic on them (and riding folks down with horses certainly SEEMS like they’ve moved toward that and little holds them back) their victory will be at best Pyrrhic. The trucking provides much of the needed food and other necessities in Canada as it does here. On top of that the OTHER blue collar types will note the jack boots came out and the wooden shoes are going to be going in the gears left right and center. The Quebecois will go Vichy/surrender monkey (heck they’re Francophones it is traditional), the west provinces go freestyle, the eastern provinces sit where they are and soil themselves except well outside the main bodies of people. Beyond this where this goes beats me. If we had reasonable people in control of the US the western provinces might be headed for statehood. With our own government insane and egging Treaudescu on I think he keeps going thinking Turnip In chief and his friends will help. Unfortunately for him TiC will renege on any promises he makes and say Treaudescu is on his own. He’ll be thrown on the mercy of the Blue Collar types and if he keeps this nonsense up Ceasescu’s fate is the best he can hope for.

      1. I’m increasingly of the opinion that the government elites in North America are largely uncaring of the fates and opinions of those they nominally represent and serve, so long as they stay in power and keep getting a cut of the graft.

    2. From various articles I’ve seen here and there online, the security fencing around the White House is already going back up in anticipation of either the US Freedom Convoy, Biden’s SOTU speech or both. And they’ve already alerted the National Guard, both in DC and at least some of the surrounding states.

      I have no doubt that the measures (particularly financial) being taken against the Freedom Convoy’s participants and supporters – they’re even targeting business owners in downtown Ottawa that stayed open during the protests, serving the truckers and other protestors – are a dry run for something similar in the US. For that matter, given the state of US asset forfeiture law, and what’s happening to the J6 defendants, a lot of that is already happening here.

      Not to mention that they did a lot worse to Ashli Babbit than trampling her with a horse.

  4. It’s escalated, so that is one happier path that has closed off.

    They seem to have found more idiots than I had expected. I still think the amount is probably just enough to get them into a lot of trouble.

    I think it is likely that there will be trouble.

    Everyone I contact here, I contact over an insecure channel. If you are not thinking clearly enough for opsec, then I have to suspect that you aren’t thinking clearly enough to have targets that much of the public will accept as justified.

      1. I may actually be erring too far in the direction of passive.

        A local daycare had a BLM sign up. Batshit insane target selection would be blowing up that daycare.

        One daycare bombing, or glowie run ‘attempt’ at a daycare bombing, would convince a few people that the dangerous lunatics are the ones complaining about the arsons and murders of BLM.

        The sane targets, if you reveal the timing of your interest in attacking, the security forces may have a look at your internet history, may figure out the place, and may catch you in the act, before you actually get the target.

        Trudeau is obviously a sane target, if one is positioned to pull it off, but he already has good security watching all of the time. I obviously do not have the skills, equipment and access to take out Trudeau.

        Most of the types of targets that I /could/ hit are ones that I would not be successful in hitting if they knew to have heightened security.

        If you are in your right mind, and have thought it through properly, you aren’t talking about this stuff on the internet, and you will have avoided a discernible pattern that would get one selected for deeper scrutiny.

        So, I use this logic to identify people talking about this stuff as either people without plans, or people who are having a mental health crisis, and need counseling instead of encouragement.

        1. Yet I look at different businesses, like a daycare, with “BLM lives matter” sign outside and think “that sign is up to protect the business from being a target of BLM and Atiffa”. Not that I think it’d help, but whatever. Also if they only use the initials, unless they spell it out is it the normally perceived definition in context of “Black Lives Matter”? Or is it “Blue Lives Matter”, referring to law enforcement? Or the traditional BLM, related to resource land management? I’m sure there are others I’m missing, but point made.

                1. No they don’t. They never do.

                  My daughter got pestered by a bully on the way to the bus stop the other day. The school intervened and took him out of any of her classes, so that’s good. But I had a talk with her and straight up told her that showing weakness just provokes the bully to do more.

                  And I straight up told her that if he touches her off school grounds that she has my permission to f*** him up and I will deal with any consequences, and then gave her some pointers on how to effectively f*** him up (as well as the book Hands Off! Self Defence for Women, which I’ve had for a while but hoped I wouldn’t have to give her for a couple years yet).

                  If he lays a hand on her on school grounds, I told her to fall over and wail like a professional soccer player. 😀

                  1. If he lays a hand on her on school grounds, I told her to fall over and wail like a professional soccer player.

                    What! Not Fall On Him? And Flail around, in panic, on purpose accidentally hitting and kicking the bully?

                    We told our son (well past this age now, thank goodness) that we’d deal with any fallout. He had the right of self defense off OR on school grounds. We do not believe in the No Fault, or rather everyone is at fault, rule. Now as far as defending someone else, it was make dang sure there was no other option. We’d back that too. Or be creative (which was his take). “What? They were fighting? I was just walking between them!” True story. Story that we got from the bullied parents, not our son. There interesting discussions with teachers during teacher/parent conferences, K – graduation. Then too we were older parents. Generation where more often than not a bully was invited back behind the stands, after school (usually) and “taught a lesson” by another student or students. Also from times where it mattered “who started it and how”. Not “it takes two to fight, both are at fault.

                    1. Remember that I do not have unity of purpose with her mother, nor can I afford private school. So “not getting expelled” is an important condition on my advice.

                    2. it takes two to fight

                      O how I HATE that particular piece of fluffy-headed bullshit! A few seconds’ thought would lead you to the truth: that it takes two to make peace; it only takes one to make war.

                      But still they repeat it, because they never take a few seconds to think. I like to ask them how that applies to the events of September 1, 1939. And then answer their blank, bovine stares with, “The day the Nazis invaded Poland? Were both sides equally to blame then?”
                      Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!!

                    3. O how I HATE that particular piece of fluffy-headed bullshit!

                      Us too. Trust me. Son has been out of the local school districts now for 15 years. Out of college for 10. We still think it is the stupidest rule ever!

                  2. When my daughter started going to public school I gave her two rules and a promise:
                    1) Never hit first.
                    2) Always hit back.
                    * If you knock them out you get ice cream*.

                    When she started jujitsu that became “If you choke them out you get ice cream:.

                    Mostly to let her know that if need be I had her back, and the school would go down in flames around us.

                    1. That was what I told my daughters too. I didn’t want to hear that they had thrown the first punch/kick/whatever, but if someone else started it they had my blessing to finish it, and I’d back them all the way.

                      Funny thing, they never really had problems. Though the fact that elder child is an aspie with, not a resting bitch face, but rather, a resting-I’d-rather-kill-you-than-deal-with-you face, didn’t hurt either. When she was a high school freshman, she found out she had at least one senior boy scared of her, and she’d never even interacted with him.

                  3. One of my earliest conscious memories was walking or driving along Woodburn Avenue in Cincinnati after the ’67 riots and seeing all the plywood in window frames spray painted “soul brother” and “soul sister.” Black-own businesses are the first to be hit. Apparently Black Livelihoods Don’t Matter.

                    1. Legislation puts black businesses in “opportunity zones,” where businesses can get massive tax breaks for investing. BLM and Antifa burn down black businesses. Investors move in, bulldoze the whole thing and build malls, or business complexes, or golf courses, and don’t pay taxes for 20 years or some such thing. Investors actively petition to have other areas designated as opportunity zones. It’s an asset acquisition scheme, from beginning to end.

                      While I suspect it has more to do with money than racism, much prime real estate is being held by black neighborhoods, black businesses, black homes. These things have been there for generations, and in order for the money makers to take it they need to drive out the current occupants. Look at what happened in NO after Katrina. It takes time for someone to come up with a detailed plan that requires leveling a good portion of the poorest part of the city–someone had that plan on a shelf, and within a week out it comes.

                    2. 2 things on the mobs view of this
                      1) Black owned businesses are the nearest to the rioting
                      2) Any black running a business is in league with “The Man” and deserves it
                      It’s the Crab bucket writ large

        2. I already know they watch me. They’ve proven it a couple of times. Much as I’d like to be someone taking out the trash, I have more utility requiring them to assign resources to watch me. It’s a fine balance. Heck, just posting a list of key words is enough to pull resources to look at it.

        3. “I may actually be erring too far in the direction of passive.”

          Nuh uh. Assume every single glow-worm is a cop. You may as well, the cops follow glow-worms around.

          Presently we just wait, and let the politicians keep digging their own political graves.

          How frigging fast is the Liberal Party of Canada digging right now, Bob? Warp factor eight. Are they going to be a federal party in six months? Is the Shiny Pony going to stay out of jail?

          LET. THEM. DIG.

      2. Being sane in an insane world, is madness in it’s own right.

        Bob’s advice is good, but we’re not all starting with a blank slate. (Shrug) I’ve been on a watch list since at least the mid 90’s. (It came up at the “moment of truth” when enlisting.) I know I got pencil whipped by my Lt when I mustered out, because it made passing background checks “interesting”.
        Of course, there was Oblunder’s “signs of a potential domestic terrorist“ since then, which was clearly a Boolean search string. I regret not quite getting a perfect score, but have no illusions that the government lost the results.
        Naturally, I’m on record saying the 2020 election was stolen, which according to the current occupant, makes me a domestic terrorist.

        All that being the case, I’m pretty sure I’d get more attention if I dropped off the radar, than if I continued flapping my gums.

        1. I’m certain that I must be on a list, somewhere – as I started milblogging in 2002 or so.
          At a certain point in my brief career with the local Tea Party, one of the other board members (who was a corporate lawyer himself) warned us all on the board that we were likely to become the targets of oppo research. Anything embarrassing on a personal level was likely to come out. (It did, for at least two other members, but that is a different story – and yes, it did come out, likely not through oppo research … only their own self-destructive impulses.) At the time, I told him that – eh- all my most embarrassing life choices were already out there. In fact, I had put them all into a book, and all the oppo goons had to do was to buy a copy. I didn’t mind in the least, as it would goose sales.

  5. Sarah, I’ve been on a list somewhere since I became a Life NRA member in the 90s. After a while, you realize that the modern surveillance state knows who the troublemakers are already. The only question is how many they can handle at once.

    1. Which is why turning loose 16,000 unvetted “Afghanis” outside the nation’s capital at once is another example of STUPID. They only hope they’ll go after the MAGA supporters, without realizing that the “Afghanis” hate them too.

      1. It’s a cluster B thing. “How far can I push the boundaries before they snap? How much pain and suffering can I bring on other people and still look like the Angelic Martyr? This is so much fun!”

      2. It’s truly amazing how many of those ‘Afghani translators’ don’t speak any English, ennit? Why, you’d almost think the government was lying to us.

        1. More like the State Department was grabbing any Afghan who wanted a ride out and stuffing them into the C-17s. “Vetting” was nonexistent.

          1. They had to pull out the same number of people who worked for the US. Didn’t. matter that they weren’t the same people., Even if they were from the prison next to the airport.
            It was all about optics for the propaganda machine

            1. As far as they’re concerned, all brown people are alike anyway…

              Get Outlook for Android ________________________________

                1. So are an awful lot of “Hispanics” like our Hostess. So? They all look “brown” when convenient to the Left.

                    1. Speaking of which, yesterday I had a chat in my driveway with my 2nd-generation Mexican-American neighbor (the conservative gay one), and he volunteered that of all the thousands of Spanish-speaking or Hispanic-heritage people he knows, including everyone who goes to his church, NOT ONE uses “Latinx”. ZERO.

    2. I mean, think about it, folks:

      Want to support a political candidate? Election laws say they have to gather your contact information and the name of your employer if you have one, to send to the FEC (Lois Lerner’s first stop). That includes PACs. That makes opensecrets, and sites like the one mentioned at the link, feasible. And yes, that one was pulled down; does anyone think they aren’t still using it “privately”? My address was on it.

      Same thing if you donate to a charity. Does anyone think that Samaritan’s Purse, which I regularly donate to, is not considered “wrongthink”? Even St Jude Children’s Hospital (which I also donate to regularly; receipts available upon request; I’ll send them to Sarah and she can post them) is suspect, because the Trump family is known to support it; one of his sons was forced to leave even though he was one of their most effective fundraisers. I claimed both of them on taxes for years.

      Opsec can still be maintained at the tactical level, but strategic and operational? If you’ve exercised any of your rights, fuhgeddabout it.

      1. So you’re on a list. Were all on a list. And everything you do and say is watched. And will be.

        But you weren’t going to do anything bad, anyway, were you? No, you were not. The things they’ll grab you for are the good you do if it comes to that. So be not afraid of the good you do and recognize the serious possible consequences are coming for us all anyway. The truthful and honest man will be put in the gulag, if it comes to that.

        In other words, be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

          1. sure. No. They’re not. But they can give the left another ten years.
            WHY do you think they salivate anytime there’s a shooting and scream “Right winger!” (It never is.)

      2. One way to avoid the lists is to skip the national orgs and go local.

        We gave to Salvation Army after one of the disasters a few years ago (a hurricane, I think), After which, we were getting way too frequent letters begging for more money. I guess they spent more on letters than we gave them to begin with. Sigh. (We were putting money in the kettles until this Christmas season, at which point we stopped even thinking about giving them anything.)

        What we do is to donate to the local Gospel Mission. Not money, food. Every month, we’ll drop off a 50 pound bag of Pinto beans and 50 or 100 pounds of rice. No checks, no credit card, and if somebody really wants to know who we are, they’ll have to use surveillance on the ground to find out. It’s as anonymous as practical.

        1. You’re right, for charities. I do Second Chance SPCA, and they put up a list of what they need so I can buy it and give it direct.

      1. I have a grip…. on what’s been happening. Read my follow-up; I’ve been on a list just because I’ve exercised my Constitutional rights.

        1. Being on a list? whoo hooo.
          If all you’re talking about is “it’s high time we talk on the internet.” Sure, Steve. Have been doing it.
          If it’s anything else, you’re talking about it on the internet WHY? “Let’s you and him fight” is not a good look.

      2. Oh, and that site? Wasn’t just for the “official” government; it was for the convenience of local chapters of SturmAntifa and BurnLootMurder. Of course, it’s a two edged sword as long as anyone can access the source data, as I pointed out when it appeared.

      3. They can’t.

        There is no such thing as someone who isn’t on a list. And anyone not on a list is on the list of people suspiciously not on any lists.

        1. I wonder what kind of list I got put on when I posted a picture of a high capacity (hair) clip with a spoon for a flash deflector and a match?

  6. Keep your clothes at hand, cash in your pocket, and be prepared to dump anything you can’t carry. And family comes first.

  7. Beware of false flags. Best way I can think to identify a false flag is someone encouraging you to do something stupid that gives the other side an excuse. Unfortunately, they get the first shot. That’s just how it goes.

  8. I . . . think I’ve sorted out what I’m supposed to be doing. Let’s just say some things on my music rotation, and other stuff, clarified a hunch of two. Fasten your seat belts and secure all loose items in the cabin, please, we are about to encounter some turbulence.

  9. “Like I’m standing on a very very thin crust of ice.”

    I’ve felt like that for many years. Lately, it seems to have manifested in bad dreams. Me and my wife go down to the family homestead in the country–and someone else is building on in.

  10. This is why I never have and never will get a “thin blue line” flag and I shake my head at those that do.

    It’s like I saw in the meme: they kneel and bow to the people who burn down cities, and haul unjabbed children out out of restaurants.

    In some sense I can’t blame them. Like Tim Pool said in his vid a day or so ago, a bunch of cops got indicted for harming some BLM rioters.

    At this point, I’m assuming all the good ones have bailed or are lying low. Those that are left are just musleboys for the likes of Brandon and Fidel Junior.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they put on blue speedos and dance for them in the evenings, like good little whores.

      1. Justin will probably personally pin medals on them after this.

        One wonders how they could bear the shame.

        1. China, 1989. The soldiers weren’t Peking locals, but from elsewhere. It looks like a lot of the poli-thugs were imported from Quebec, so (as best as I can tell), there’s a sense that the Anglophones deserve anything that can be dished out.

          Tyranny 101–chose the actors who won’t have any empathy towards your victims.

              1. They might well think back to the French and Indian war when the Milices Canadiennes shot up Braddock’s men in the Ambush on the Monongahela, defeated the Brits at Ticonderoga, and held the line against the British regulars on the heights of Abraham outside Quebec when Montcalm fell.

                It just means militia in French, whatever connotations it might have for us.

                All that said, the PQ is the wildcard in all of this. Who knows what mischief they might cause for spite, what advantages they might expect in elections and offices should the government fall, and what dreams of independence it might engender?

            1. There are reports that some of the police don’t speak English. Nor French. Apparently, even some of the Anglophone cops are from out of the area.

              There are also reports that the UN was sending planes to Ontario before things got sideways.

              OTOH, I saw a multi-page post of leaked RCMP chats. They were a) happy to have jackboots on the ground, and b) somebody thought the horse trampling was awesome. Nobody rebuked them.

              Any yes, the woman who was trampled is alive, but in bad shape, and also a “clan mother” (respected elder, I assume) of the Mohawk tribe. Oops.

                  1. Several of these airframes are both old, and recently transferred to the UN. Flying back to a manufacturer facility for service is not impossible.

                    20-30 years isn’t /that/ old by US military standards, the Air Force keeps the B-52 in service somehow.

                    You do have to change out aircraft electronics systems every so often, or you can’t get the replacement parts to keep them operating.

                    I guess that the same applies to propulsion, but is simply less rapidly changing than electronics can be.

                    20 years is definitely starting to be old enough that the mechanical reliability of the airframe structure is important to look at.

                    Unlike a nation state, it isn’t really practical for the UN to build a base somewhere, and do all their significant aircraft maintenance at that base. A manufacturer in Canada would actually be a somewhat attractive option.

                    I definitely won’t promise yet that the actual explanation is that innocent.

                    1. We called it “depot level maintenance” when I was in, not sure what civies call it.

                      Since it’s only a 50 seater…innocent gets more likely.

                      I know the website I linked lists the UN planes and where they’re at, and there’s at least one formerly-UN plane around, someone could use one of those look-up-flight-routes-of-planes sites to check.

      2. Only safe assumption at this point is that they are. They are hit squads for the government that signs their checks and are allowed to commit murder as 1/6 showed.

    1. It wasn’t every cop in Ottawa, much less Canada, that went in knocking heads. As for “Well, if they were good cops they should resign in protest,” for one thing, that’s always a hell of a lot easier to say in the third person, for another, there are tens of thousands of innocent people in Ottawa who still need protecting. The good cops will feel an obligation to protect them, it’s what makes them good cops.

      Are there bad cops out there? Of course. In fact, since the police are a power center it probably attracts people who just want to exercise power. But you don’t fix that problem by just assuming that all cops are bastards.

      When this is over we’re going to have to go through the records and purge some people. But we’re also going to need people to walk a beat.

  11. Here’s the problem, say we go do the thing. We shoot those we’re going to shoot, we blow up the system we lay waste to our enemies, drive them before us, and hear the lamentations of their “women”. And their men, because thats the kind of trash they are.

    What’s next?

    Do you think we just go home, and pick up our old lives? Go back to work? Go back to clean elections, and honest government?

    Like we’ve *ever* had that?

    There may come a time when the shooting needs to be started with no plan for what’s next, because it’s either kill them or die.

    But if you really think that YOU need to be the one to start shooting, not urging others to do so.

      1. Thing is, /words/ are not the most deeply persuasive tools for that.

        The big thing, that has swung a lot of people over to that position, is the left being utter raving fruitcakes in deeds.

              1. Bob always made more sense than those…things…in their human skin suits.

                Sure, he’s hard to follow sometimes, but always has hold of a relevant thread. I’m convinced he’s almost on the order of a seer. Like a version of Sarah that thinks with circuitous logic instead of syncretic insight. Yeah, he’s maybe a little bit crazy; the kind of crazy most of us have somewhere inside, but that gets filtered out before it can ever reach the surface. His is unfiltered, so we see him talking through it.

                And now, times have tilted far enough toward crazy that he’s seeing much straighter and clearer than most of the rest of us. Straighter and clearer than I can, anyway.

        1. IIRC it was Napoleon (may have been von Clausewitz) who said “Never interrupt an enemy when he’s making a mistake”. Seems appropriate here, with the left making so many, and so visible, mistakes. Generally time for popcorn, not fire teams.

            1. …or Sun Tzu. Sounds reasonable, but I was curious enough to do somne digging. Appatrently it’s been attributed to quite a few over the years (, this seems to agree that Sun Tzu probably said it first: But whoever said it first, it’s good advice.

      2. How many people do YOU want to see die?

        There is aboslutely no point in shooting people until you answer the question “And Then?”

        Beacuse then you’ll really get a tyrant. And it won’t be police officers going door to door, it’ll be soldiers, with soldiers armor and soldiers weapons and ROE that would make Stalin blush.

        1. This is why I’ve long said, “YOU will not survive the zombie apocalypse. Your energies are better spent staving it off than preparing for it.”

        2. Pretty much the entirety of the Biden* Regime’s corruption and coercion forces – State, Justice, FBI, ATF, CIA, IRS, White House, etc.

          1. Actually, I’m not sure all of FBI and Justice need to go against the wall – but certainly the euphemistically-name National Security need to go.

            1. Though I would be willing to settle for their immediate retirement and a permanent ban on any further government or political employment.

            2. The FBI has needed to be razed to the ground and the soil planted with salt since at least Waco, if not Ruby Ridge.

    1. The American Revolution was an anomaly. Most just switch who the totalitarian dictators are. Very few revolutionaries follow the precedent set by Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

      1. Yes. I know of no case where revolution has not descended into “worst elements take over, and now things are worse than before”.

        Ours was different because it wasn’t a revolution, it was an insurrection.

          1. I believe “the ancient rights of Englishmen” is the quote.

            So yes, but the King wasn’t interested, and it combined with a bunch of existing English political theory that hadn’t succeeded in the old country.

    2. There’s a salient quote that’s been circulating for a few months (anyone know the origin? I first saw it, in some form, back in the Heinlein era.)

      “The most terrifying force of death, comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know, that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.”

      1. Oh, when it’s actually time it’s going to be a bloodbath, and it’s going to be near impossible to stop because WE NO LONGER TRUST ANYONE.

        There’s going to be “cells” that keep popping up, and the left will claim they’re “extremist right wingers”, whille the non-left will be absolutely certain they were false flag. And about half the time each will be right.

        It’s like the “hate crimes” that keep bubbling up. Some–mostly the ones we hear about nationally–are fake. But there *are* nazis out there, there *are* a small number of white supremists, and they do stupid shit.

      2. I don’t *know* the origin, but a quick DDG search turned up about a zillion hits. Only *one* of the hits I checked had an attribution, and it was Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Maybe; maybe not. But almost certainly true no matter who said it.

      3. It was a normie in response to Larry Corria’s rant on election F*****y at Monster Hunter blog. I saved on my desktop for later use. Really empathize with that sentiment.
        Solzhnitsen spoke about the regret of not confronting security forces at the outset so that THEY would fear going out to round up the latest wrong thinkers.

  12. I’ve never been shot at, but I have had a mugger with a knife threaten to cut out my liver. It teaches you something about yourself.

    1. I’ve had a gun put to the back of my head and I agree. You find out a lot about yourself. if nothing else you know all about the subjective nature of time, which moves oh so quickly then oh so slowly.

        1. I was seventeen, place I was working in got robbed. Machine guns came earlier, I was 14 and I threw a rock in Belfast. Ran like hell.

          Speaking of the police, and I’m related to a lot of policemen going back generations, I remember talking to my son when Ferguson was going on, before the Soros pros got there, when the police turned out in tactical gear with APC’s and machine guns and saying “these are our fellow citizens, they haven’t done anything violent yet, and the police are all armed up, You’d throw a rock, you would do.” Now, once the Soros pros turned up and the looting started it was different, but overwhelming force has become the go to and it just leads to escalation and atrocity.

          What I fear now is a Bloody Sunday. The March in Derry that started the troubles up again was a peaceful one, yes the commies were there, but there were an awful lot of others. The Brits sent the Para’s, and that was a blunder. Consensus among the soldiers in the family is that had they sent a standard English county regiment, the worse that would have happened is some broken heads. What they got was an atrocity. The British commanders on the ground kept saying they shouldn’t treat UK citizens as a foreign enemy, but the REMF wanted heads broken, how dare those Teagues disobey. Well, they got them. All it takes is one itchy trigger, One more widow, one less …. Yeah.

          1. If that happens, I reckon we’ll also have oul’ Mick Collins version of Bloody Sunday. Wait for the day when they shoot up a stadium like the fookin’ auxiliaries.

            1. Just so and then we have the tans firing through the door of the house because a shinner lives there and at the end of the day after the brave, honest ones are dead we’ll end up with DeVallera and later with Gerry fecking Adams. You start to ask yourself, what was the bloody point of that. All that blood and pain just to sell their souls to the Germans.

    2. Having a bunch of guns pointed at you focuses your mind immensely Knowing they’re loaded, and the people holding them could shoot at any moment, you’re going to listen carefully, and comply instantly, unless you’re out of your mind, or have a death wish.

      The Boston Massacre, and Kent State shootings happened because the people pushing up against the gun holders made very bad judgement calls.

      1. Your knowledge of Kent State is out of date. Commies shot first.

        Boston Massacre…… well, it needed a little creative writing to make it a good propaganda piece.

              1. I saw them do just that on one of the live streama at the Ottawa Police line. They were talking to the police from a mere inches away. They then put up the fences and moved back about 10 feet.

    3. That little hole, about the diameter of the end of my (intact) little finger, at the business end of an AK-47 looks about the size of the Holland Tunnel when it’s pointed at your nether regions and the irate little brown man holding it is idly stroking the trigger guard with his index finger.

  13. Oh, and if you *really* think this sort of thing is going to happen you need to get off your butt and start getting into some sort of fighting shape. Because if you stroke out we’re just going to take your ammo, break your gun and leave your carcass there.

      1. That shirt goes back to SOG teams in Vietnam.

        4 Americans and 8 or 12 Vietnamese carrying nothing but water and bullets going over the fence into Laos and Cambodia to go look for VC and NVA. And often finding them in battalion or regiment sizes.

        The ones that died out there were absolute STUDS. The ones that made it back are NOT men to take lightly.

        1. Of course those men, if still alive, are in their 60*s and 70s now, Still not anyone I’d want to mess witth.

          *Checks calendar, looks in mirror. *cough*

  14. Is one of the blogs PowerLine? What’s the other?

    Regarding PowerLine, it needed to happen. It was partially Covid exhaustion, like someone else said, but the one of the writers was so sneering toward Trump that it changed the tenor of the entire site.

    1. I agree about Powerline. I would get to paragraph 2 of an article and say, Oh it’s him and stop reading. Condescending doesn’t begin to describe it and he kept using that we, our, and us thing English football supporters use, and for Everton yet. No Liverpudlian he.

      1. Exactly. I did the same thing, and kicked myself for not checking the author first. Dropped it out of my rotation except for TWIP.

  15. Actually, last night was my first good night’s sleep in a couple of weeks. We know it’s coming, can’t stop it, and just need to be ready when it hits.

    I have, by the grace of God, faced cancer twice, divorce, layoffs, and spent the last 63 years learning God is in control.

    If we trust Him, we’ll be in the right place at the right time with the right stuff and even the right words. As it says in Psalm 91, even as thousands are dying all around us–some very close by–we’ll be protected because He promised it.

    Like Sarah writes, “We win. They lose.”

    In the meantime:

    The Lord bless you, and keep you [protect you, sustain you, and guard you];

    The Lord make His face shine upon you [with favor],
    And be gracious to you [surrounding you with lovingkindness];

    The Lord lift up His countenance (face) upon you [with divine approval],
    And give you peace [a tranquil heart and life].’

  16. Sarah, please don’t destroy yourself. We need you too much. Every voice of reason and sanity is precious in these times.

    If you need catharsis, try Mahler. I recommend the Eighth symphony.

  17. I’m just tired of all of this crap, tired of a world that runs of a logic that makes no sense to me at all.

    (Actually it does. It’s the kind of logic of the worst stereotypes of “blue bloods” pull off-“I’m clearly smarter than you, because I was born in the right family, went to the right schools, know the right people, and have the right job. So, why are you not doing what someone that is clearly smarter than you is telling you to do?”)

    I’m trying to convince one of my doctors to let me get a mail-order three month supply of my medications, claiming a full-time school and work schedule. It’s difficult because it’s a controlled substance and she had to authorize every refill. I’m in the cycle of buying a little bit more of stuff (i.e. getting the next biggest size bag of rice, an extra can or jar of whatever I’m getting otherwise, etc, etc, etc) so I have some margin in case of issues. Keeping the gas tank at least 2/3rds topped off, rather than half. Other preparations, just in case.

    And, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this issue is resolved with as little blood as possible. I’m hoping that what we saw in San Francisco with the recall election of the school board and the upcoming DA recall election is a good sign. That a lot of people were just mouthing the words because they had jobs and families to worry about, careers they were trying to build, debts they had to pay off.

    Is it going to be rough? Absolutely. Watch them lose their minds if there’s a massive red wave this year, especially as a lot of people are resigning from Congress. But, there’s this feeling in the air, just a suspicion. There’s this feeling that a lot of these organizations are starting to fail and fail badly-

    Viacom/CBS released a “oh, we’re going to make a Star Trek 4 movie this time, honest.” Their stock price cratered. Paramont Streaming is, according to reports, holding even at best.
    The Disney theme parks are reopening and they’ve cranked up the ticket prices because they want an “exclusive” experience. There’s unconfirmed reports that a number of these “exclusive” experiences-from Avengers Academy to Galactic Starcruiser, are bombing. And, after the end of The Book of Boba Fett with its confirmation that the Disney Trilogy is still canon, people have been canceling their D+ subscriptions in droves.
    People are canceling their streaming accounts, Netflix has seen at least two months of numbers holding even or declining.
    Unconfirmed reports that there’s a lot more sailing on the high seas. Enough that governments are trying to crack down on it.
    The massive backlash against the changes in The Rings of Power are getting the Ghostbusters 2016 treatment (i.e. “it’s all cranky man-baby trolls living in their basement”) and the weaponized autism is getting fired up in a number places.
    Unconfirmed reports that they’re going to try and rewind the Chibnal/Whittaker Doctor era somehow (it can be done, but it’ll piss off the BBC leadership and the diversity trolls), because everybody hates what’s been done with the Fourteenth Doctor and the ratings numbers have dropped like a stone. It’s bad enough that there’s reports of people not renewing their TV licenses in the UK, which is how the BBC gets paid.
    CNN and MSNBC viewership numbers have dropped, and are dropping even more rapidly. This means that they can’t raise ad money, and that’s how they get paid.

    Take care, cross your fingers, think happy thoughts, and stockpile what you can, when you can, how you can. I’ve even bought an extra package of underwear and socks and stocked them in the back of the closet, just in case.

        1. Where Could I Go?
          by J. B. Coats
          Psalm 22:27

          Living below in this old sinful world,
          Hardly a comfort can afford;
          Striving alone to face temptation sore,
          Where could I go but to the Lord?

          Where could I go? Oh, where could I go
          Seeking a refuge for my soul?
          Needing a friend to save me in the end,
          Where could I go but to the Lord?

          Neighbors are kind, I love them ev’ry one,
          We get along in sweet accord;
          But when my soul needs manna from above,
          Where could I go but to the Lord?


          Life here is grand with friends I love so dear,
          Comfort I get from God’s own word;
          Yet when I face the chilling hand of death,
          Where could I go but to the Lord?


      1. In Canada, they could pull that off…maybe. I’m suspecting that they’ve reached the limits of what they can do, and anything else is going to backfire on them badly.

        In the US? They’d have to do a massive, blatant “false flag” to justify it. The sort of false-flag operation that would require an external enemy, and on a scale that would require a military mobilization. The thing is, Russia might be that enemy, but I don’t think even Putin wants to set off the kind of firestorm that would be required to perform a proper false-flag operation. The next best choice is China, and that has about the same issues.

        A domestic “false flag” would probably be the trigger event of massive civil insurrection, because nobody trusts these people anymore and trying to pull that off would make things worse in ways they can’t control. And hopefully people are telling the leadership that.

        But, I also note that most of these people are so stupid that they can’t pour piss out of a boot with instructions printed on the heel…

              1. “…Drunk with talk, liars and believers…”

                Robinson Jeffers, “The Stars Go Over the Lonely Ocean” — as quoted in “The Survival of Freedom” edited by Jerry Pournelle. The poem is from the early WW-II era, much of a century ago now; but perhaps still… somewhat comforting to re-read, these strange and dynamic days

              2. they are in a cult, they cannot wrongthink, it scares them
                my Pop had to deal with a cult trying to split college age off once. it is a cult, and we aint volunteering to drink the koolaid

        1. The domestic false flag operation leading to major civil unrest scenario IMHO would be the first step for a foreign invasion of outlying U. S. territory (not continental U.S.). Even that scenario is very unlikely.

          1. I suspect that far too many of them want to have “fellow travellers” in the UN or EU come to serve as “peacekeeping” forces. The problem with that is that most places in the US are better armed and better shooters than most UN or EU units.

            We also can’t forget that enough of our enemies have long memories. If they were to seize territory during civil issues in the US, I suspect that Americans would demand it back. With interest.

            1. The problem that I see with bringing UN units into the US is that those blue helmets would very clearly identify the wearer as a foreign enemy.

              No need to worry about if the person is a legal resident or and illegal one, no need to worry about shooting one of your countrymen who looks different than you, no need to worry about maybe shooting someone who could be on your side if they got to know you.

              IOW, none of the factors that are keeping us from shooting each other would apply.

              I suspect a whole bunch of people would go blue-helmet-trophy-hunting just for the stress relief.

              1. The other problem with the blue helmets is that a lot of them are from countries with poorly disciplined and trained militaries. They’d be all but guaranteed to start engaging in looting and even worse activities against the nominal friendlies that would quickly turn pretty much everyone against them.

            2. Oh. If Blue helmets show up in our country it WILL be time to begin shooting. I would consider that a foreign invasion, even if the “regime” backed it.

          2. Oh, I wouldn’t count on that, either.


            “These facilities would give China control over the world’s best tuna fishing grounds plus swathes of deep-sea mineral resources, and a presence near the US bases at Hawaii, Kwajalein Atoll, Johnston Atoll and Wake Island. They would also be positioned directly across the major sea lanes between North America and Australia and New Zealand. “

        2. I find myself wondering if there were a false flag episode, whether it had any credibility or not to anyone, that there’d be a certain percentage of the population who’d say “EF it, they’re going to come at me anyway, I’ll be hung as a sheep or a goat” and they’d be hoist by their own liberal petard.

          It almost doesn’t matter who or what triggers the shift.

    1. Yep – we still have command of our attention, our eyeballs and our disposable entertainment dollars. We can direct them where we like – they cannot strap us unto a chair and prop our eyelids open… Not yet, anyway.

      1. I’m very happy that all of this woke crap is out there, because now I don’t have to buy any entertainment at all. I don’t have to support these people’s lifestyles at all!

    2. The hilarious bizarre thing is its sounding like part of the problem with the Amazon LotR series is they managed to only get rights to use the material in the appendixes of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, and just sort of forgot to get rights to use any of the rest of the universe.

      Have to wonder who thought that was a good idea…

      1. “African American Dwarves”. They can’t even realistically claim they were thinking svartalfar with that one.

        No, this is just more woke nonsense.

      2. Or, somewhere in their diseased, mutated hearts, they know that there is no reasonable way at this time to exceed the creation of the Peter Jackson LotR movies and they would dare not profane that kind of icon.

    3. “I’m trying to convince one of my doctors to let me get a mail-order three month supply of my medications, claiming a full-time school and work schedule. It’s difficult because it’s a controlled substance and she had to authorize every refill. ”

      Good luck with that one. I stopped being able to even think about taking Em with me on long-term consulting gigs, because the DEA regulations meant she had to physically show up at her doctor’s every 30 days, and then take the paper prescription to a local pharmacy. The local Walgreens wouldn’t take a paper prescription from anyone but a state licensed doctor, and none of the local doctors would see an out of state patient for that prescription. Doctors are way more motivated to avoid DEA issues than to take care of patients.

    4. Husband’s doctor at the VA got annoyed with their mail-order “hiccup” about a month back (short version, renewals either didn’t show up or two showed up, or both) and did the paperwork so he’s got three renewals, plus roughly two weeks ahead of scheduled refill.

  18. It is interesting that the globalists are looking to utterly crush the most necessary support element of their globalist enterprise.

    It the truckers behind the scenes that make it all work. And their dream of replacing the truckers with self driving robot trucks is Decades away and may not really be possible at all.

    They are ripping out the heart that gives their globalist enterprise life.

    1. Yes the globalists believed their own hype about the singularity/transhumanism/AI.

      Thought they’d be able to shunt aside truckers by now.

      It reminds me of the fiasco re wmd and Iraq. In the end it appeared Hussein believed he had WMD the way GWB. Did. our CIA lied to us, and so did everyone who worked for Hussein lie to him. They all told him they had WMD.

      Thet believes their own lies and cannot see what’s real. That is why they are so dangerous–not because they have so much power, but because they have lied to themselves that they do.

        1. They never imagined how much people would buy online when shipping was made into a set monthly or annual fee. (which suggests they have no concept of “might as well get your money’s worth”).

          But that business model depends on their cost of shipping being relatively low. That goes up markedly and we’re not going to be seeing all those Amazon Prime vans zipping around our neighborhoods any more.

          1. Amazon Prime works when shipping costs are low and can be eaten up by volume.

            When the cost of gas and shipping goes up for any numbers of reasons, it starts lose the company money.

              1. The sad things is, for a lot of stuff, it’s still the best option. If I want to send stuff to friends, get stuff my local game store doesn’t/won’t carry (it’s all D&D 5th Edition/Pathfinder 2nd/Starfinder and European board games), books that won’t show up in B&N…

          2. We used to order from Amazon maybe once every other month; now it seems like every week just because they are relatively likely to have it. I don’t see them being ready for that. Same thing goes for grocery delivery like Instacart.

            1. Used to order, maybe, once or twice a year. Now, while not once a month or even once a week, a spat of ordering is occurring now and again, because gas prices it doesn’t make sense to drive all over town looking for who has what.

              Though I have noticed that, if they have it, “Fancy Feast Appetizer Chicken” cat food is 1.9 to 1.6 percent higher, at Amazon, than at Petsmart or Chewy.

        2. I rather like some of the kids’ shows on Amazon Prime.

          I did realize that the only “adult” programming I’ve watched on Amazon Prime is The Legend of Vox Machina, which wasn’t developed by Amazon, just picked up as a “holy $%#, this made HOW much on a Kickstarter?” moneymaking bet.

          1. There’s been some issues with some of the adult shows on Amazon Prime. The Wheel of Time-which was pretty feminist to start out with, went massively woke when it got brought over. The Expanse had the same issue-massive retooling to emphasize female and POC cast members, even if they had to be shoehorned in.

            1. I watched the first two seasons of The Expanse; they were pretty good. When they put it behind a paywall, I didn’t follow. Sounds like I didn’t miss much.

              1. The first three seasons were through SyFi Channel (Amazon picked it up because SyFi cancels any show that isn’t cheap to make after three seasons). That’s when the woke-ness and plot changes really began. They were especially bad with Holden, who went from playing it low-key to yelling every fourth line.

            2. Can’t WAIT to see how much they’re going to lose on their Tolkien bastardization “Rings of Power”.

              1. I suspect that there will be a lot of people saying how amazing and brave it is, and they’ll hide the poor numbers in the Amazon Prime subscription numbers, because if you’re like me (who uses Amazon a lot), you need Prime. That, and The Parents watch British crime dramas on Amazon Prime streaming.

    2. For those paying attention over the past 6 to 12 months, we’ve already seen what disruption of the distribution-transportation system has caused with respect to food and other items you would normally find in grocery and hardware stores, and pharmacies. Not to mention there is now a greater than 6 month backlog for durable medical equipment in this country – you know, medical stuff people need to keep on living. Some of those COVID and transport policies are what’s driving our fuel prices up too; not just the pipeline closures and reimposition of regulations on energy plants.

      Now multiply that times 10, and you can get an idea of just how bad it can get.

      1. And yet, they KNOW they’re smarter than everybody else. That’s what they’ve been told all their lives. They’re on The Right Side Of History. All they have to do is support the Right Causes, repeat the slogans they’ve been indoctrinated with, hate the people they’ve been told to hate, and they’ll be welcomed into Paradise by their Glorious Leaders. It’s all so simple, those Deplorables have to be complete idiots not to see it.
        The Democrats trust violent criminals and terrorists with guns more than they trust you.

        1. “The Arc of History bends ever closer to us!”

          Yes. Yes it does; hissing, popping, and sizzling all the way.

          And if you-all don’t step back from that Arc pretty dang soon, you’ll be, what was the old ad copy, “Quick Fried to a Crackly Crunch!”

          Image search term: Jacob’s Ladder (electricity)

    3. They have to cow the truckers. The Globalists have no choice in the matter. If the truckers believe that the truckers have a voice, then the Globalists are screwed. So the truckers must be forced thoroughly cowed to the point where they don’t dare question.

  19. I’ve read stories, and more often I’ve heard from gamers, the idea of finding a portal to another world, and stepping through it to have adventures there. And I’ve thought for years and years that I wouldn’t even consider doing it. Not just because I’m poorly prepared for a life of adventure, and my natural talents don’t lie in that direction; but because it would mean abandoning C, and I will not do that while I’m alive. I know where my responsibilities are. And getting involved in an uprising would be another way of stepping through that portal, and I have responsibilities. I’ll get through whatever happens with her, or both of us will fail to get through it.

    1. Oh, all this. In my Firefly fantasy, Mal needs two new crew members. In my Gay Deceiver fantasy, Lazarus Long needs two as well. I can’t go adventuring without him. There is no adventure without him.

      1. The test of an adventure is that when you’re in the middle of it, you say to yourself, “Oh, now I’ve got myself into an awful mess; I wish I were sitting quietly at home.” And the sign that something’s wrong with you is when you sit quietly at home wishing you were out having lots of adventure.
        — Thornton Wilder

        Adventure is somebody else, having a difficult time, a long ways away.
        — Brian Stableford

      2. Sort of like going to the opera put on by the kids at the middle school. It’s only fun when it’s over.

    2. “What?! An Isekai?! *sigh*” 😀

      (Apparently a lot of anime in the past decade or so is what’s called “isekai” which is some “totally normal perosn” ends up in some different world and much wackiness ensues.)

        1. Satou is pretty decent. If you’re looking to read decent isikei, that’s a good one to start with. Avoids most of the more annoying tropes. Though the MC is a smidge OP from the get go. Teensy bit.

            1. Yeah (pesky goddesses!). I appreciate that Satou doesn’t fall into the uber idiot MC trap. He helps people out, but he’s not an obsessive about it. He has female companions but isn’t looking for a harem. The first few books are pretty much hobo-ing about with occasional evil fighting. Makes for a different kind of story than your typical isikei.

      1. Well, sure. A lot of people can relate to that.

        I’m working on a story that’s sort of the opposite of an Isekai, where somebody from another world appears in ours. And much wackiness ensues. Along with a load of drama. She’s got something a lot of powerful people are going to want — and can’t take from her by force.

      2. Konosuba is amusing. I wouldn’t want to live there (the story doesn’t even try to pretend that the world isn’t horribly dysfunctional). But it’s amusing.

    3. Whenever I get asked about what fictional world I would like to live in, I ask what time and place, and whether I would be naturalized as a character of that world.

      I can’t think of a fictional world that would be nice no matter where I landed, and many where I would have be a denizen to have it work.

            1. Yeah, that would be endurance as a naturalized character not as myself.

              One notes the isekai generally make you native if only by giving you a character class.

        1. Narnia doesn’t even tempt me. It’s not so much that it’s theistic, though I do prefer a godless world such as I believe ours to be; Aslan’s fairly benign as gods go. It’s more that most of the things I enjoy in life are things I couldn’t have there. There doesn’t appear to be natural science, and it’s not even clear that the methods of natural science are applicable, since it works according to something closer to a medieval paradigm. There’s not much of a publishing industry, and I don’t think there would be science fiction to read, or scholarly books in fields that interest me (the ones Lewis mentions seem to be parodies of scholarship), or literary classics of Earth (I might never read Jane Austen or Rudyard Kipling or Dorothy Sayers again). I don’t think they have the musical diversity of Earth. I don’t even think they’d have the range of cuisines I’m used to. And for that matter, I might never run a session of GURPS again . . . I suppose those are things I could live without if I were driven there as a refugee, in fear for my life and C’s, but it would always be “By the waters of Babylon . . .”

          And does Narnia have anything remotely like constitutional government? Yes, they’ve had good kings and queens, and the list of things the Pevensies did sounds promising, but what is there to restrain a bad ruler? Not that our constitution is doing a great job, but things might be far worse without it.

          1. Narnia seems to be super-decentralized, with the kings mostly having power only for war, national defense, international diplomacy, and high justice. Everything else seems to be run by the local peoples/Talking Beasts. Weak central government means that local charters are more important than constitutions.

          2. You kind of remind me of the painter from the Great Divorce (just re-read it last night) who had stopped wanting the thing itself and wanted the process surrounding the thing. Pretty sure “run and find out” and “make art” works over there.

            And you know your belief in a godless universe pretty much puts paid to the science you want to do, yes? In order to work, this has to be a rational universe.

            1. The universe doesn’t need gods to be rational. And the existence of an omnipotent god, specifically, would mean the universe isn’t rational.

              1. The two are not mutually exclusive, unless the god refuses to observe his own rules. One reason for the irrationality that is Islam is its’ teaching that Allah continuously creates everything in the universe, and that therefore any adverse event suffered by a believer implies that believer’s “lack of faith”. Proving that faith is all too often explosive.

                1. That conception of creation is hardly peculiar to Islam. It’s also a standard Christian one, or at least a standard Catholic one. The Catholic Encyclopedia says that

                  since the word creation in its passive sense expresses the term or object of the creative act, or, more strictly, the object in its entitative dependence on the Creator, it follows that, as this dependence is essential, and hence inamissible, the creative act once placed is coextensive in duration with the creature’s existence.
                  However, as thus continuous, it is called conservation, an act, therefore, which is nothing else than the unceasing influx of the creative cause upon the existence of the creature. Inasmuch as that influx is felt immediately on the creature’s activity, it is called concurrence. Creation, conservation, and concurrence are, therefore, really identical and only notionally distinguished.

                  I think your argument about God choosing to observe his own rules actually implies such a view. That word “choosing” is important. Because if everything that happens in the universe happens because of God’s rules, and God has a choice as to following those rules, than at every instant, we only exist and we only act as we do because God is actively choosing to follow his rules. Nothing can compel him to follow them: he’s “without body, parts, or passions,” meaning that he cannot be acted on or suffer (except, in Christian doctrine, through the Incarnation). And so he must be actively choosing for us to be, to do, and to suffer, at every instant, rather than choosing for us to violate those rules, or to cease to exist. That seems to be enough for ongoing creation.

                    1. I’m sorry, but I don’t even see how this relates to what I said. I’m not talking, here, about whether the universe is “rational” or not; I’m talking about the meaning of the word “creation.” If you see a connection that I don’t, perhaps you could explicate?

                    2. Hobbit: the universe must be rational
                      DGM: No need for gods to be rational, and all powerful means it can’t be rational.
                      Snelson: only if the rule-maker doesn’t follow his own rules, that’s what makes Islam so problematic
                      WHS: that’s not just Islam, that’s Christian as well, long quote saying God has a choice in following his own rules.
                      Fox: wait, you’re defining rational not as following rules, but as couldn’t be made to not follow the rules?

                    3. No, I’m sorry, I still don’t think that has anything to do with what I said.

                      What snelson134 said was “unless the god refuses to observe his own rules.” They said this in the context of an argument with DGM over what is required for the universe to be rational. And if my focus were on “his own rules,” then I might have been talking about that issue. But my focus was on “refuses”: specifically, on the point that if you envision a god as refusing to follow a rule, or as being capable of doing so, then you are implying that when it does follow the rule, it does so by choice. And if a god is actively choosing, from instant to instant (as we see the matter), to follow the rules that imply our continued existence, then it is actively creating us from instant to instant. That is, I’m talking about what is meant by “creation” and suggesting that snelson134’s wording implies the view of that meaning that they (inaccurately) describe as purely Muslim. My whole concern is with the technical philosophical point of what “create” means as a theological term.

                    4. And if a god is actively choosing, from instant to instant (as we see the matter), to follow the rules that imply our continued existence, then it is actively creating us from instant to instant.

                      Choosing not to destroy is creating?

                    5. gets out the NO RELIGIOUS arguments crap, hits Imaginos over the head.
                      Then chases him around the blog, because this is the fun rubber carp that makes a oink oink sound and both Imaginos and Sarah are laughing too hard to stop

                    6. Do not wind them up.
                      And meanwhile, Stay safe and remember there are places to host you and yours this side of the border, where at least some states will remain safe.

                    7. Thanks, Sarah. I will always appreciate that statement, though G-d willing I never have to take anyone up on it.

                    8. >> “You do realize this is religion.”

                      Let me guess: you’re going to insist I drop the non-religious aspects of this conversation as well. Again.

                    9. On the serious side, everyone is on edge as hell. We all know/sense the crap is very close, okay? And the rotating object is speeding up.
                      There might be a time this argument is productive without people just going crazy. Now is not it.

                    10. >> “On the serious side, everyone is on edge as hell.”


                      It’s always SOMETHING. If not on this end, then on mine. Which is why I’ve largely given up trying to have serious discussions here.

                      But yeah, I get it. Subject dropped.

                    11. >> “At least nobody brought up 0.45 vs 9mm….”

                      Super NES vs. Sega Genesis, anyone?

                      [ducks and runs for cover]

                    12. >> “8-bit NES is the One True Game System”

                      Bah, you’re a caveman. We don’t use B.C. in our dates anymore, dude!

              2. No, made by someone who can do anything doesn’t mean irrational. Otherwise there could be no rational systems at all, because they were made by someone who could’ve made them in any manner.

                    1. Yes, I know. Unfortunately, the forbidden topics sometimes get tangled up in other subject matter, effectively shutting down the discussion.

            2. It seems to me to be a fallacy to suppose that there is an order to the universe, but that if there were no god to be the source of that order, then there would be no order and the universe would be without form and void. If there is a god, we have no way to observe a godless universe and see that it lacks order; if there is no god, then we have no way to observe a godded universe and see that it has some greater order. (Or that it lacks order, being disrupted by divine interventions that a godless universe would be free from.) “Universes are not so plentiful as blackberries.” We observe only one universe, and it has order.

              Though I must note that “order” is ambiguous. On one hand, we can say that there are certain ways things behave, and that their behaving in those ways and not others is itself an “order”; for example, the molecules in a gas move and interact according to certain laws of mechanics, from which by statistical analysis we can derive statements about the behavior of macroscopic collections of molecules (or we can derive different statements for other sorts of particles). On the other hand, that analysis points to increasing entropy, which is a sort of “disorder.” But even the notional heat death of the cosmos would not result in the basic mechanics of its particles ceasing to be true.

                1. On one hand I think that Sarah is mistaken in calling this discussion religion: I would call it philosophy. But on the other hand, she has been explicit in not wanting it to continue, whatever we call it, so I cannot offer a response.

                  1. Oh dear. I’m sorry about that. I’m re-reading Pilgrim’s Regress just now, so this topic is very much on my mind. My apologies for treading into rough ground. It’s rotten that you don’t get to answer me. I was rather looking forward to your answer (though if you had brought up locomotives for any reasons, I’d’ve bust out laughing.)

    4. I love to read the stories. I wouldn’t want to live in most of my stories, because I suspect that my author is a sadist that loves to see what kind of suffering I can get myself out of, somehow with a bit of comedy, rest, recover, and just about when I think things are going to be okay for a while…a new disaster.

      But, if I had to choose…I’d rather bring some of the things I could do in other places here. Just for the chance to see my sister walk on two legs that are the right length and have the right size feet.

      1. My characters would murder me. In a heartbeat. What do you do when you meet the guy that has destroyed the world… at least twice? Yeah, I’d be dead meat. Good thing they’re fictional.

        1. One day, Adelaide is going to meet Solomon, who is the author of about half of her issues. In fairness, she gives him a fair hearing, listens to his explanations, and asks on-point questions.

          Then she tries to beat him to death with a teapot. What’s worse is that Solomon is trying to help her beat him to death with a teapot.

  20. Some people need to remember one of the oldest American traditions: Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes.

  21. I’ve see the organizer’s page. They’re expecting roughly 1000 trucks. That will make for an impressive demonstration, but it’s not a significant portion of the 2 million or so here in the US.

    As for being grateful to truckers, I will believe THAT when the major urban areas make it easier to find safe legal places for them to park when their on duty and driving clocks run out and they legally MUST find a place to park for ten hours. (My brother is a trucker.)

    1. The truck stops don’t have enough space, never mind the rest areas. An I know a lot of rest areas near cities are closed due to drug deals being done there. We’re the G-dawful big slow things that are in everyone’s way and why do we have to get in the way of the people trying to get their morning coffee. Never mind that I’ve had those same blessed coffee cups on the back of my truck trying to get them to said store.

      1. Huh. I can see that being a viable idea. Large parking lot off major thoroughfare, striped and signed for trucks only, restroom at the back. Low concrete divider from the front (curb height), traffic lanes, drive-through coffee location at the front. (Dutch Brothers for preference, heh.)

        Put it right next to a police station or sheriff’s dispatch and you don’t even need to hire extra security.

      2. Most east coast truck stops are stuff, but the midwest and plains states not as much. That said, they often are filled anyway, and the convoy will screw things completely out of control. I end up sleeping at Cracker Barrel and Walmart far too often already.

  22. I actually volunteered to join the Army in 1969. Prior to that, I had gone to the University of California at Berklely in fall of 1968.

    I was wrong, in both my ideas of how to “stop communism,” and my ideas of what it meant to “fight for America’s ideals.”

    While I totally agree with Sarah’s suggestion that we “prepare, prepare, prepare,” I suggest that is not enough.

    I am now of the opinion that it wasn’t enough to go “COIN” in Vietnam. If we were gonna commit troops, then we should have put in divisions to roll into Hanoi and kill Ho and crush the North Vietnamese Army.

    I was there. The Viet Minh and the left were gonna kill and harrass civilians forever until they were stopped.

    Now, to the current stuff:

    It’s not enought to say, “Oh, look, Trudeau is bad.” We saw bad governmental behavior from New Zealand a year and a half ago. Bad behavior from Australia for several months now. Bad behavior from Italy, France and the United States.

    So. Sarah, Fox and others. I agree, it’s bad. I agree, you can’t go off half-cocked. But, I believe Trudeau, Biden (et al) and other governments ARE going off cocked. I do NOT want to go back to a world where indoor plumbing is the exception, but if we sit around on blogs saying “we win” while rights are quashed and patriots are jailed without consequences for tyrants, then we are losing.

    Bill Whittle and others say that Trujerk is losing, somehow. HOW? If he’s arresting the protesters, stealing money legally, coercing others to never rise up, and . . . .NOT BEING EXECUTED FOR STAMPING ON THE RIGHTS OF FREE PEOPLE, then, how is he losing?

    We thought Russia is asshole. Then China is asshole. Then North Korea is asshole, Then Cuba is asshole. Then Venezuela is asshole. Now, Biden, Trudeau and maybe Australia jerks and even New Zealand tyrants are asshole.

    But we haven’t stopped it, have we?

    Sarah, I know what you mean when you say, “If we go violent, they win.”

    But there is an awfully strong case to be made that, they’ve been winning as we haven’t gone violent. And they are still winning, no mater how “mad” we get.

    1. He’s losing. He’s losing people.
      Look, if the truckers had gone in and started gunning government functionaries down, would they have won? Play it through in your head.
      You are looking at a very temporary win “I can force them to do this” that is horrifying the world and getting more people to fight him. AND you think that’s winning? Who are you, really? Trudeau? Because that’s how he’s thinking.

      1. But . . well, it seems like the most obvious OTHER result is 70 years of poorly educated students bening quashed by a tyrannical system.

        BUT WAIT! Without an educated poplace – free of the Duranty NY Times, who will be around to stand up for individuals?

        I mean it. If, Australia, NZ, England and the US are under Biden’s “Covid says we must all bow to government,” do you really think Merkel, Germany, Japan, Thailand, China or Bolivia will step up?

      2. Sarah, I think maybe you are thinking the entire species of humans is evolving to freeom, individualism, etc.?

        I don’t know that. but I bet a case could be made for that.

        But, if the . .. evolution could be interrupted by power-hungry tyrants with control of education, media and employment?

        Where would the ideas of individualism come from? I’m asking.

        It’s one thing to say it would be innate. It’s equally (maybe) to prove it’s not, and that we will perpetually need NOT to trust our own selves.

        1. It will take a village to raise children. You are not a family. WE need to understand that we are a cilture, and your ideas are not more important than those of US.

          In our past, we did horrible things as individuals. We don’t understand everything, but we must stop individuals from making mistakes.

          We have created mechanisms to prevent wrong behavior. If you protest that, it is wrong behavior.

          Little writers like Sarah or Jerry can be deplatformed. You knew they were wrong in the first place. In fact, it’s proved by the wrong things they said.

          You can say what you believe. We are a free government.

          But if you spread disinformation, we can freeze your bank accounts, put your children in a “better” home, hide you online presence and jail you.

          Now. You want to say, “prepare, prepare, prepare?” Ok

          Last thing: The idea that the British in the mid 1700s were like today’s left, and we were “preparing,” is wrong.

          Today’s tyrants are prepared.

            1. Sat through my part of the Cold War on a SAC Bomber base as a B-52 Gunner. Sat nuclear alerts in the 70s. We won because we didn’t get impatient and childish and destroy ourselves.

              You cannot bludgeon people into righteousness, St. Cuthbert. Not all square corners can be pounded round. You have to give God the opportunity to work them over.

          1. The actual holy hell. WHY ARE YOU QUOTING HILARY CLINTON.
            I’ve done entire posts about why it does NOT take a village.
            Please stop glowing so hard, I don’t have my sunglasses on.

            1. I wasn’t quoting Hillary. I said that as an example of the fascist, silly arguments being used against us.

              But, yes, my fault for not being clearer.

              1. Suggestion? Mark it with “sarcasm” JIC. 🙂 That is HOW I took it. But probably shouldn’t have.

            2. Um. Granted *furball* didn’t add the sarcastic tag. Could have meant as posted.

              Not a poster’s name I recognize so maybe didn’t realize the tag sometimes needs to be added. But I couldn’t take the comment seriously. So figured it was intended as sarcasm. Could wrong. Benefit of doubt?

          2. We have to destroy the country in order to save it? If it’s a broken as you say the there’s nothing to save and I am tired of lost causes.

      3. It’s reached the point where I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Canada staged a Romanian recall “election.” Surprised, yes, because it takes a lot to overcome Canadian politeness, but it feels like Trudeau is trying to find out just where the line is.

      4. I suspect that Canada has fallen. Viva Frei has said that if they don’t get rid of Trudeau that Canada is over politically.
        If the vote goes for Trudeau Canada as it currently exists ends. It won’t come back from this.
        In response to the people singing the national anthem and telling the police that they love them, the police fired stun grenades. Watching the live streams I can attest that when ever the crowd started to sing O Canada, the police attacked.

        Best case scenario is that some provinces break off.

        Otherwise Trudeau will use the next few years to consolidate his Regime, and the next election will be a farce show election, equivalent to those in any other Communist regime during the last 100 years or so.

        Canada will go into a totalarian system and it will last for a long time.

        1. Yeah. It’s all lost. ABANDON ship.
          Look, there will be reverses, but no, Canada hasn’t fallen. THE WORLD hasn’t fallen.
          Stop expecting “it’s all clear sailing, or we’ve lost.”
          WE ARE NOT IN A MOVIE.

        2. a) succession may be as bullshit an assertion for Canada as for the US
          b) ‘this didn’t work, doomy doom doomed forever’.

          Trudeau no doubt thinks he has a plan. However, it is this easy to freak him out.

          His plans, or his supporters’ plans, are not perfect and invincible.

          He is trying to terrorize folks into willing compliance. If just this is enough, then Canadians have been weak enough to be problem for some years.

    2. We know our enemies are deranged. Too many people are still trying to pretend they’re not. The ‘squishy middle’ that like their comfortable little lives and will resist anything that disturbs them.

      The tyrants have to be provoked into parading their derangement out in the open, where nobody can deny it. They have to be the ones that disturb the squishy middle. Declaring martial law over a street fair with music, dancing and bouncy castles is so clearly deranged, few people can go on clinging to their denials. Sending in the Stasi riot troops from Quebec is deranged. Beating and arresting people for taking video of their misdeeds is deranged.

      And they keep trying to cover up what they’re doing by telling bigger and bigger lies. More and more people are unable to avoid seeing the true nature of our ‘best and brightest’.
      When police arrest violent criminals to protect innocent people, they are Jackbooted Fascist Stormtroopers.

      When police arrest innocent people at the behest of corrupt politicians, they are National Heroes.

      1. Everything you say is true.

        But when the government DOES send police to enfoce martial law and/or jackbooted infamy, if no one opposes it – with some sort of “my life is on the line” – then they win. And it doesn’t matter how much writers say, “oh, look, they lost because they proved they were tyrants!”

        (Which I think is what Bill Whittle and – to a lesser extent – Sarah are doing.)

        1. When the ‘squishy middle’ turns against them, then we can join in. Until then, we look like the problem. Until then, it’s mockery, disobedience and bouncy castles while they foam at the mouth.

          Because they have to crank up the oppression until those unruly Kulaks submit. Every time they fail to achieve complete subjugation, they have to reach for a bigger hammer. Their egos won’t allow for anything less. Look at how the Petulant Child-Emperor of the Great White North is losing it, and why.
          Pacifism will, at best, get you a nice peaceful trip to the slave pens. At worst — tell me, have you ever heard of the Aztecs?

            1. Sarah, there’s a fair amount of distance between “can’t hide it” — which they can’t — and “can’t get away with it”, on which the jury is still out.

                1. So far, the most hopeful sign I’ve seen is that the actual live footage of the trampling (and yes, that’s what it was), assaults on reporters, etc. still got out. They should have been able to shut off the cell towers, deploy Stingrays, and then flood the limited zone with jamming on the mesh network frequencies. Starlink frequencies, etc.

                  They were either too arrogant to think they needed to, or too incompetent to manage it. Neither one is a point in their favor.

                  1. Not sure how they got the signals out; one gets the impression that TPTB had parts of their plans in place, but managed to leave parts up in the air.

                    OTOH, if they did as you described, there are still ways to get a signal out. Jamming screws up reception, but a well-focused transmission could make it to a satellite regardless. There are some huge limitations, not least the lack of mobility of the earth station, but if you don’t stay with off-the-shelf equipment, there’s lots of options.

                    (And yeah, the options might not be legal, but with ex-post-facto “justice” in place, that’s a minor detail.)

                  2. Can’t stop the person making the video if storage is local. Most modern phones let you use a wireless connection to make calls and transfer data, So. If there is a free wireless at the nearby coffee shop then video can be uploaded even if the cell towers are down, stingray is running, and sat frequencies are being jammed. Maybe even in real time depending on the bandwidth available. Yes, that can be blocked too but jamming wireless and/or shutting down commercial accounts is much harder to hide.

                    Heck. If nothing else works, transfer it to a USB stick and send it by sneaker net.

                    1. Wi-fi is why I mentioned the mesh networks. If it’s broadcast, it’s jammable unless it’s something like a laserlink over LOS. Physical smuggling is always an option, but risky if the opposition is in a position to do physical search with detectors. Apparently, Vladimir Poutine’s boys couldn’t manage any of it.

                2. In my experience, assholes certainly seem to like being assholes. If I screw with an asshole, he will use that as an excuse to be an even bigger asshole next time. That is an important aspect that so many on our side are having a hard time understanding: Screwing with the assholes prompts them to even greater extremes. In a fight like this one, that is good thing for the resistance but remember: No first use of force.

                  I think Mike Vandergoegh summed it up pretty well when he said there can be no Fort Sumters in this fight. The enemy must cede the moral high ground.

                  1. No, you don’t have to wait for the other guy to attack. You have to be effective enough to prevent him from being an even bigger asshole next time, either because he can’t or doesn’t want to. This isn’t a call to release the rage beast within. You let your adversaries know that if they assert power over you, things will go bad for them. It puts them on defense. That’s one reason NOT waiting to be attacked (if planned and executed well) before making a move can work wonders.

    3. We thought Russia is asshole. Then China is asshole. Then North Korea is asshole, Then Cuba is asshole. Then Venezuela is asshole. Now, Biden, Trudeau and maybe Australia jerks and even New Zealand tyrants are asshole.

      But we haven’t stopped it, have we?

      Is the USSR still there?

      Has Russia taken over all the escaped countries that have mostly recovered from being mauled and looted by them for much of the last century?

      Has China been handed control of the China sea, as they have been working on for… oh… a decade and change at the very least, much less able to use the NorKs to take over the rest of the area? (I think I remember them doing some very obvious trespassing when I was a kid, but too tired to chase it down; I know they were working on the fake islands when I was in the Navy, though.)

      Have the NorKs managed to gnaw even a few cities off of the growing-ever-healthier Republic of Korea?

      Venezuela is in crash-and-burn, after decades of trying to work it up to a totalitarian state, starting from a rather fertile setup for it and with a culture that is, ah, not America.

      I keep having that old Catholic joke, where a very upset fellow goes in to confession and finally says “Father, I can’t stand it! I just keep confessing to THE SAME SINS, every time! Why can’t I just fix it?” To which the elderly priest says, after a long moment’s thought, “You think you should be inventing new sins, then?”

      These guys are living out a weakness in human nature, and they spread by exploiting the same; you’re not going to “fix” that. The best you can do is catch up on maintenance and repair the damage done. Heaven knows that the but-it’s-so-easy method of educating the population with public daycare school has not worked out very well, it eats the seedcorn to limp along.

  23. I have been thinking that we are now at:

    Preference Cascade or Gulag

    The preference cascade, lead now by the truckers is gaining immense steam. It seems everyone except the most deluded left can see it now. But the f***ers backing Gulag are going all out to save their future of murder and subjugation. Trudeau MUST fall or the gulag movement will have a lot of power going forward. There are many ways he can fall, but the easy ones all depend on him or the people around him coming to their senses and realizing that leftist globalism is indistinguishable from complete satanic evil right now.

      1. That won’t stop them from trying, nor will it stop them from ramping up persecution of political opponents. There is a reason Democrats want another 80,000 IRS agents, and its NOT to get more tax money from the wealthy, who for the most part already finance the Democratic Party’s efforts to gain totalitarian power.

        1. My cynical little voice opines that the true job of those desired 80k IRS agents is to identify anyone who donates to a non-approved cause.

          1. Among other things. They will also be used to file demands to freeze the accounts of anyone who is a political opponent of the regime; no matter how bogus it is, it takes a LOT of time and money to fight back against the IRS doing so. The financial institutions will cooperate (remember Operation Chokepoint?). Democratic Party and their Communazi comrades around the world are going all-in in their quest for absolute power.

          2. Believe me, they don’t need 80,000 IRS agents for that. What they WILL need those 80,000 IRS agents for is to send around to the people who should be living in cardboard boxes but aren’t because of using crypto.

  24. On request, quoting a sarcastic comment:

    “Fellow Glowie, do you not agree that we should warn our targets in order that security may be ready to stop us prior to success.”

    I will say that it was a frustrated summary, and very much does not describe every position I have been disagreeing with or noticing.

  25. Yep, I get it. I’m angry enough that I not only want to kill things. But to do it in horrific, painful ways and to taste the blood of my enemies. The sort of thing that I generally disdain.
    However, having said that, not being an idiot, what I’m going to do is drive on with my life and cause no harm in anything other than self defense. Take care of business and secure my AO. Not going to fuck around to find out.

  26. I’m sitting at home, I haven’t written a word in two weeks. I’m watching some of my worst fears being played out on Television, live and in colour. -Actual- terrorists attacked a drill site in western Canada this week and caused millions of dollars in damage, but the people getting trampled by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police horses are the ones who “attacked” Parliament with bouncy castles. Gives a whole new meaning to the Musical Ride, eh?

    What to do? Nothing. All I have to do is be brave and wait. The way the Liberals are covering themselves in glory right now, it’s a beautiful thing. They’ve hit bottom and they are now digging their political grave. Pretty soon they’ll lie down in that hole and start filling it in themselves. The marker will read “Here lies the political aspirations of The Shiny Pony.”

    When your enemy is screwing up, -let him.-

    1. And bring popcorn. Sometimes literally.

      Once upon a time When Things Were Very Different, two of my friends and I gathered at a local eating place to watch the “Democratic Party Primary Debates” on TV — with actual popcorn, multiple times, because all the amazing asinine stuff they were saying was that crazy. Then, not one of us would likely have thought they were going to steal, rig, whatever, the general election. (Okay, but they did. And now, the popularity of their Glorious Leader is ~30% in the halfway-honest polls, and 30+ of the House De-mock-Rats have already deserted their sinking ship before primary season even starts. None of the three of us would’ve been crazy/brave enough to hand them power… but they do not wear it so well.)

      Justinian Trudeau and his party now make Bernie the Radioactive Purple Dinosaur look sane. I’m not sure what you call something that’s beyond Epic Fail, politically; but they’re surely there now.

      Bringing in their “We Hate Anglophones!” Faceless Goon Squad, and all. (Louis The Last of France might’ve done a better job at this stuff. NO, seriously.)

      Maybe tomorrow something will require us all to Do Our Part… possibly not cheaply, and to one side or the other of the border with the Great White North.

      But until then, oh yes and exactly as you said, let’s sit back and enjoy the show!

    2. Let’s hope so. In my darker moments, this is kind of how I imagine things going…. Hopefully we’re as steadfast as the defenders in this vid.

      Kingdom || Warriors

      (The heck with Netflix, I’m looking for this on DVD….)

  27. A trusted source who keeps tabs on low places (eg. Kiwifarms) said this to me:

    “I hear the convoy to DC is starting to glow, based off some of the people supporting it.”

      1. Aaaand now I have this mental picture of three big-rigs, driven badly, in jeans-shorts and dark glasses and polo shirts. *facepaw*

        Yeah, I’m punch-drunk from edits and uploading.

      2. Apparently Ali Alexander, the Stop the Steal guy, is supporting this. So… yes, it glows.

        1. Well, that’s interesting… yeah, he’s more than a little fuzzy, and sometimes downright slimey. Not to mention on visible means of support.

          1. Oh, it might. I hope it does. But I suggest people be especially careful if they want to get involved.

    1. If it’s the convoy group I’ve seen (are there competing groups?) they’re calling it “The People’s Convoy.”

      After following the Gab group in an initial bout of impulsive enthusiasm and briefly entertaining visions of following the big rigs in my little pickup truck, the significance of the name started sinking in. I might watch from a discreet distance if it passes nearby (no convoy would, given where I live), but join it? No way, not that one.

      Words matter. I work for my family and stand for principles that are best described as freedom — not for “the people.”

  28. Well, here we are, in the 3rd day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, still waiting for the Russians to actually, you know, invade. Seems they’re still just standing around in Russia while the Biden* Administration loses their feeble grip on sanity.

    They all *know* exactly what Putin is planning, which is several different and incompatible plans all at once.

    I suspect his only plan is to help Biden look stupid. Easiest job in the world.
    Most days, I suspect that we could get a better government by picking 537 people at random. On bad days, I’m certain we’d get a better government by picking 537 people at random from lunatic asylums.

    1. Putin seems to be doing everything he can to rattle Joe, except actually attack. One suggestion is he will pull back and Joe’s handlers will spend the next six months blaring, “He Kept Us Out of War!”
      Found a button this morning. It says, “History doesn’t always repeat itself. Sometimes it screams, “Why aren’t you listening to me?” and lets fly with a club.”

    2. I’m guessing (underlined!) but I don’t think Putin intends to invade Ukraine. I think his endgame is a written guarantee that Nato will expand no further. And by expand no further, I mean both the Ukraine and Sweden and Finland, both of which have been snuggling up to Nato with joint military exercises and acquisition of Nato common hardware for a while. The Baltic would become an unhappy place for Russia if Sweden and Finland were no longer neutral. Getting a written guarantee would humiliate both the US and Germany and probably fracture Nato. All for keeping his troops cold in the field for a couple of months.

      1. My daughter and I have the feeling that Putin is playing Biden like he would play a cat with a laser-toy. Just point the dot and belly-laugh, watching the cat rush here and there.

      2. Team HarrisBiden WANTS Putin to invade Ukraine; they don’t care what happens to Ukraine, but they are geared up towards using it domestically to silence political opponents and to nationalize vast swaths of the economy “because there’s a war”.

        It will be used as a pretext to impose the Green Leap Forward, explicit government directed censorship, financial restrictions, restrictions on movement, and arrests and indefinite detention of political opponents, particularly those who were victims of the ObamaHillary Russia Collusion Hoax. They will swoop in during the middle of the night and “arrest” Trump, his family, and key allies, for “treason” .

        Anyone who voices objection as to government overreach will likewise be targeted, the exact same way Trudeau is doing up north right now. They have been preparing for this since the November 2020 election and prior to it.

        1. This makes a horrible amount of sense. They want any excuse they can find to repress their political opponents. I kept asking myself why they were trying to foment war between Russia and ùn Ukraine.

          1. Sure you can, you’ll just lose, probably fairly badly. And for these people, at this time, that is most assuredly a feature rather than a bug.

        2. At this point if Russia doesn’t at least try and invade, certain parts of the US Deep State are going to look like complete morons unless they can somehow convince the world that they prevented that invasion by publicly warning about it.

            1. Yes, but if Putin has the smarts to hold off until say next November its going to set off such a firestorm that the Iraq invasion intel will look like a work of genius. I’m not sure that he will, but he might because he’s certainly smart enough to realize that a one year delay doesn’t hurt him much and the distrust sewn between intel agencies, governments and allied same is a big big benefit for the next time.

              1. Putin is waiting for the CCP’s Genocide Olympics to end because Putin either knows or is hoping that Xi will launch an attack on Taiwan at the same time Putin goes into Ukraine; they intend to put maximum pressure on HarrisBiden, to show the world that US and Western security pledges and commitments are worthless and that the USA should be completely ignored, except for being ridiculed, going forward.

      3. Yeah, the “stop NATO” seems the most likely to me, too– buys time to chew of more yummy bits of the escaped countries, and ratchets things so that next time he can get something else.

    3. Is anybody watching Russian twitter for more “look, ma, I’m in the Ukraine” tweets from “local insurgents,” or did he take their phones away before they went in this time?

  29. I too have been having difficulties with concentration and with persistent stress dreams (although having been in a traffic accident a week ago has probably contributed to it). And I agree on that feeling of Can We Just Get It Over And Done With — we used to have a doctor whose office would regularly call and leave a “the doctor needs to talk with you about your test results” message late on a Friday afternoon, such that we couldn’t get hold of him for actual answers (good, bad or otherwise) until Monday. The past year and change has felt very much like one of those weekends, except that it’s going on and on and on, with no way to tell when “Monday” will actually arrive, which only makes it worse.

    I’m doing what I can. A week from today I load the business van for our first show of the season, and hope we can get there and back again without Unexpected Unpleasantness. I have my seeds for this year’s garden, and in a few weeks the tomato and pepper seeds go into pots to start indoors. I just put another e-book out on KDP, and I need to get out weekly newsletters with promised promotions to other writers. I’m trying to pull together a lead magnet for the retail business list, but I’m having trouble getting the words to flow. I have a dozen different fiction projects I’d love to work on, but when I try to actually produce prose, the words jam up and just won’t come — which makes it worse when I feel like this time really needs them out there.

  30. And because they lack imagination, Epstein’s pimp has been found hanged in prison. Funny how that keeps happening, almost as though it’s an organized ring of perverts, but that’s crazy talk.

    1. First as tragedy, then as farce. The cameras in Epstein Pimp Brunei’s cell were not running when he was hanged.

        1. Apparently someone named Jean-Luc Brunel. Based on a quick glance at the preview paragraphs that came up from my search, he appears to have run a modeling agency, and was financed by Epstein. It seems his body was found hanging in his cell earlier today. Aside from that, I’m not familiar with the name.

          1. He’s said to have supplied over 1000 girls to Epstein. He had access to young girls because he ran a modeling agency and like so many such it was just a grooming gang for pedos, like Hollywood.

            Wonder why they haven’t unsealed the Ghislaine Maxwell testimony, hmmm.

      1. We infer two things.

        First, that this is not a situation where they are worried about plausible deniability.

        Second, they are afraid of something.

        Some bit of evidence or testimony that they don’t want coming out. Interesting, because a) are they worried about a schedule b) are they trying to make us believe things are more locked down than they really are?

        This sounds hopeful to me right now; I was, maybe am, pretty blackpilled about the formal legal system.

        1. I am still waiting for someone smart enough to dead-man switch that sort of thing. “I have copies of what could be my testimony in multiples places, if I die under mysterious circumstances or ‘commit suicide’ they all get sent/published. Your move.”

          1. I actually think Ghislane Maxwell has something like that set up. What I think she has to wonder is if she actually set it up well enough.

            1. Multiple copies on every continent save Antarctica would be a starting point, I’d figure. But then maybe I’m paranoid. And then maybe I’d be that right to be.

        1. Which is why Ted Cruz’s first question was “Does anyone know where Hilary is this weekend?”

          I like him.

        1. That’s for sure. I can think of more than a dozen books that would make amazing movies, but the Hollyweirdos will never look at them. Even though some of them have ‘woke’ type elements…

          How about a 30 year old man who volunteers to be transformed into a 14 year old Magical Girl to save the world from Eldritch Horrors? In a mall and a high school, no less. That’s Princess Holy Aura by Ryk Spoor.

          The Monster Hunter International series, of course. The Apocalypse Troll. The Grimnoir series. Special effects have reached a point that makes Roger Zelazny’s Amber series practical. Not to mention some books by our very own Space Princess.

          1. Heck, they could have done something on the scale of Jackson’s LOTR with “Rings of Power”….. if they hadn’t tried to check off every woke box they could think of.

            1. Most of the fannish YouTube channels I follow (aside from those that are franchise-specific) have been ridiculing it for the past week or so. Not just the woke box checking, but lots of the visual aspects.
              Poorly composed publicity stills, totally generic fantasy costumes, the “Dorito necklace” costume the black dwarf woman has, the lack of beard on the female dwarf, etc. Then there’s what they’re speculated to be doing with the story, for which they only have rights to use content from the appendices of LoTR. My big fear is that the rest of the Tolkien rights are up for sale for $2B and it is speculated that only Apple or Amazon would have the cash available and desire to purchase. Ouch.

            2. After seeing what Amazon did with “Wheel of Thrones” – no, that’s not a typo – I have absolutely no desire to watch them tackle Tolkien. With WoT they tried to re-create Game of Thrones using some of Robert Jordan’s characters from Wheel of Time, dirtied up out of pure spite – what they did to the character of Mat Cauthon, in particular, was a crime – along with some of the plot of “The Eye of the World” and a few bits from the later books.

              With a thick layer of pointless wokeitude slathered on top, since the already richly diverse peoples and cultures of Jordan’s novels wasn’t nearly diverse enough for a bunch of Hollywood idiots who apparently thought an out-of-the-way peasant village like Emond’s Field ought to be as diverse as present-day Manhattan.

              So now Amazon is going to bring us Game of the Rings, or perhaps the Silmarillion of Thrones. No thanks; I’ll just re-read the books. And NOT on Kindle.

          2. A couple of my own local fans for the Adelsverein Trilogy have said that it would make an absolutely awesome TV miniseries. And I originally wrote To Truckee’s Trail as a movie treatment, but the fan who loved it and referred me to a professional writer of her acquaintance advised me to make it into a novel first, (So I did, and he held my hand over doing it that way. It would also make an amazing movie, too.)

  31. I’m not a vey deep thinker. I thought I was, but years of finding myself on the short end of the logical stick disabused me of that.

    To the point:

    In the 1700s, malcontents like Sam Adams and the misanthropic and smuggling American trouble makers had about the same weapons as George the third’s red-coated gestapo/protectors-of-the-realm. No discussion of, “Do you need that kind of weapon to hunt?”

    George, though part of England’s long history of a conversation between the lese majeste of government and the rights (?) of the governed, was at least a step up from, “Apres moi, le deluge.”

    That is, he at least recognized (or said he did) that the “people” had a right to a parliament. And parliament at least gave the people he required money and troops from the right to have SOMETHING to say about what happened to them, the money and the troops. (I’m not sure Biden or Trudeau even recognise this.)

    And those land-owning privileged members of parliament, having decided that England would pay for the 1763 war over in the American colonies, decided that, hey!, the colonies benefited from England helping them, so . . . shouldn’t the colonies help pay for it? And, by the way, the privileged members of parliament thought that the folks over in America were just like them – British loyalists, happy under the protection of the crown. So why would they disagree?

    Now, recognize that the members of parliament and their families and so on probably figured, “We helped them. It cost us money. Shouldn’t they help pay us back?” But probably the great majority of the English people, when asked by the Jay Lenos of their time about what responsibility the American colonists should take for the debts incurred by the war of 1763 probably said, “Huh?” (This is important.)

    Fast forward a few years and we get the long list of usurpations, etc., etc. And the “etc.” is probably exactly how George the third thought about it. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, ‘Unanimous declaration, when in the course.’ Who do these thieves and rabble think they are?”

    So parliament hears these punks and rabble complaining about taxes that are required to pay for THEIR protection and decides, “Shut up! But wait, we’ll try to work with you, but you gotta at least help pay for your own defense and let us put the soldiers who are defending you in your homes. (to save money. Isn’t that reasonable?) Meanwhile, as I mentioned, most of the English people could care less about American taxes. But wait. Is our son over there in uniform? What?

    Nope. The rabble-rousing Adams brothers keep rousing the rabble and most of the English people respond with, “zzzzz.” It’s government, right? The sun never sets and Rule, Brittania, what? huzzah! ?

    Fast forward just a little bit past the Boston Massacre (read about it, it wasn’t as one-sided as you might think.) Now, here comes Lexington and the shot heard round the world, and POW!

    Now. Tell me. Those few hundreds or a couple of thousand colonists back then with no communication – they were probably mostly individual farmers or whatever – decided to take up arms and risk their lives against the British empire. Granted, they were almost as well equipped as their adversaries, unlike now, when Biden and Trudeau can call on jets, tanks, etc.

    And most of the people in England, Ireland and Wales couldn’t have cared less.

    King George and parliament doubled down.

    But the point is, the colonists didn’t know the deck was stacked against them, so they trusted their friends and were willing to STAND IN FRONT OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE and say, “no.”

    They didn’t have “media” on their side, or Facebook. Of course, they didn’t have media and big tech AGAINST them, either.

    Now, all the politics, all the media, all the logic aside: Do you think Trudeau, the Canadian leviathan will be turned aside; do you think Biden, American leviathan, NZ, Australia, WEF will be turned aside WITHOUT you putting your life on the line?

    And, unlike the British Prime Ministers of the 1760s and 1770s, Trudeau, democrats and Biden are willing to call those who disagree with them “racists,” insurrectionists,” “right-wingers,” “terrorists,” or any other lie that they think will get ignorant people to allow them to be tyrannical.

    Do you really think all that will crumble just because you think it is incompetent and/or can’t last?

    For whatever reason, and whatever the odds, the American “minutemen” put their few lives against the British empire. George and paliament did NOT back down just because people decried the government for being unfair or anything else.

    In the end, it was a showdown of arms.

    “I will kill you if you disagree with me, and I am ready to die for what I believe.”

    Discuss, but that’s it, really, isn’t it?

    1. Dude, what is your purpose here? You want to go -do- something, that’s your business. I advise against it, because I’ve seen some shit in 65 years, but hey.

      Please note that of all the techniques used in Ottawa the last three weeks, the bouncy castle was by far the most effective. That’s what broke the Liberals. Fun street parties, road hockey and bouncy castles.

      Gangrene from frostbite is not awesome. Look out the window. You want to go play Minuteman in that? Settle down.

      1. Mo, I do *not* want to play Minuteman. Nor do I want to lose indoor plumbing. I just don’t think the bouncy castle was very effective when you consider that Truedeu is more “in charge” than ever.

        1. Turd-o may be nominally ‘in charge’ for now, but has completely lost control. The proles are not doing what they’re told. Every act of repression brings greater defiance and the protest is spreading. High government officials are being forced to resign. The ground is shifting, the palace is shaking and the Petulant Child-Emperor is all in a panic.

          This is not going well for them.

          1. My impression of the tyrant in the north is that he is currently rearranging furniture on the Titanic.

    2. Furball, you might want to look at some of the histories that have come out recently about the lead up to the American Revolution. People had been talking since the start of the First Great Awakening. There were serious arguments in Parliament about taxation and the Prime Ministers corrupting the system, arguments that got picked up as the Gordon and Trenchard letters and then spread (_The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution_ is an older classic, but still a classic.) You had people in the colonies who didn’t like what they saw going on in the high politics in England, as well as locally. T. H. Breen’s _The Will of the People_ is a good one. Also his _American Insurgents, American Patriots_ and _Marketplace of Revolution_. That one was ground-breaking in so many ways, and is really well written.

        1. You’re welcome. A number of historians have been taking new looks at the American Revolution in light of recent observations about insurgencies and belief systems. Especially “why did things take so long, and then move so quickly?” Breen, Wood, and a few others produced some really intriguing work, especially looking at the role of religious networks and leaders (ministers, but also church wardens, deacons, and others as local leaders). It’s a different take on the bottom-up stuff that the labor historians and others were doing. And most of it is readable, unlike some. _The Ideological Origins_ is probably the driest, or it was for me, but intellectual history tends to move slowly anyway.

  32. I don’t have anyone throwing money at me. Book sales have tanked, so I drive for a living now. Gotta take some rigs west next week, so I guess I’m at the whim of the mobs.

          1. Is it in Twelve Rules or another one of his works? I’m wondering how many of my problems are from me trying to put mine aside for practical reasons…

          2. I may need to try and get 12 Rules from the library to re-read. Just started a job to make sure bills are paid, and it only seems to have fueled the Black Dog’s taunt of “of course there’s no point in writing, it never pays.”

              1. Geh. Mostly I need to get warm. Have today off, feeling a bit better. When my ears get cold, it sets off a cascade of other nasty effects leading to a lot of pain.

                Also need time away from low-grade stupid. Fine, you come with a full handful of kids as a parent on your own, wrassling them is a handful, I get it. But why did you also bring the dog?

                (Dodging a large dog and 4 kids and their unhelpful father and trying to collect all the pieces of the flashlight one of the kids disassembled before somebody with two or four feet swallowed a battery, not fun.)

                    1. You could try tactical ear muffs — the ‘Mickey Mouse Ears’ hearing protection worn at shooting ranges. 😛

                      Keep your ears warm, AND make a statement.

            1. Try hitting it with this– Agatha Christie, most famous for coming in third behind Shakespeare (2) and God (#1) for sales of books in English, had a normal job when she got started writing.

              (She started writing detective fiction while working as a nurse during WWI.)

        1. There’s ways out. A podcaster, Paul Lathrop I listen to quit his driving job last year to work for the Second Amemdment Foundation. He started the Polite Society podcast just recording it in his bunk. You can still write, even if it’s while sitting waiting for a dock.

                  1. her name is Candyce. I did not name her after the random name generator. She showed up fully formed. What that means…. is something else.

                    So a random number generator made out of candy then. Odd choice, but I suppose that was her business.

            1. Dictation programs don’t do well with accents. Worse than Otto Carrot (auto correct). Sometimes, rarely, you can do the painstaking work of training the program to recognize your voice… And then an update/OS change/hard drive failure destroys all your work. Nah. I gots fingers. They work.

  33. Hmm… Some of my comments are disappearing. Maybe it’s my phone. I want to explain why I think waiting is not the right course, just so you don’t dismiss my sentiments as the rantings of a keyboard crank. I understand Sarah’s view because as she explained, most people don’t encounter direct violence and your views about it are affected by it. She had normal activities before and after the violence she experienced. I fortunately haven’t experience anything as frightening firsthand but someone very close to me has, and her experience was a lot different. With her, things were normal, then got progressively worse until it got irrevocably bad. Things never got better and she eventually came out of it with literally nothing but what she was wearing. That’s the scenario I’d like to avoid, and seeing things get gradually worse while no one thinks action is necessary sounds familiar.

    I know I might be wrong so I try to not be strident about it. But eventually there is a point when action must be taken to prevent tyranny and destruction, and if you wait too long, the action you take is to overcome the tyranny that has already taken hold. We may already be past that point and if we are (and I don’t know if we are), what’s the point of waiting?

    I’m only explaining my opinion and am not trying to convince anyone.

  34. It’s only a viewpoint linked to a metaphor — and so has all the lack of generality of a viewpoint and all the imprecision of a metaphor — but it’s been bouncing around in my head since sometime before midnight last night, and it might be useful in this sort-of debate on “timing.”

    You can’t rush the geyser.

    You have to wait until the deep, deep water is almost hot enough to boil on its own, even under all that pressure way down deep… then it becomes even possible to trigger that eruption. Before then, even with a really big “nudge” to the system, all you get is a “burp” — mild, and useless.

    Wait a little longer, and the gush becomes inevitable, no trigger needed. (And some do feel it coming.)

    All you have to do (though it might cost you everything) is, then and only then, go with the flow (as in not against it). Though giving the geyser a well-timed kick might be quite useful, too.

    One point that a lot of the “let’s go hot now” people seem to be missing is… why are you so sure you’re doing the “right” thing? And I mean, in the sense that the large mass of people (assuming you still care about all that “representative democracy” stuff) really want what you’re aiming to get done? (Because if you don’t, then the rest of us might have to go through you and the Trudesceaus of the world, to get one worth living in back. Don’t think we won’t, if you don’t care what we want. And this is what had me yelling at the walls about 3 A.M. last night… do you lot care about anyone else?)

    There’s this thing, that the 19th century used to call “the psychological moment” — like perfect timing in humor, it’s almost always a mixture of skill and instinct and less-obvious things. It’s important. A lot of those ancestral Americans probably even knew it, talked about it, used it, once upon a time.

    So then, maybe we should too..?

    1. A good point. We’re probably not all operating on the same timeline, though. The thought calms me down.

      1. The interesting thing for me is, as the… *moment* gets nearer, there’s a tendency for people’s inuition, instinct, perception, hunch — whatever you call it — to get more and more in-sync. “Something in the air” as they used to say. A more literal and implicit — and useful — form of “Solidarity.”

        I’ve been in situations — not where literal violence was “on the menu” though — where a whole group of like-minded people basically just up and did the same thing at the same time exactly as if it had all been pre-arranged somehow. And the “thing” just plain… *worked*. Sometimes spectacularly well.

        But nothing was prearranged at all… “not a word was spoken.”

        Perhaps Sarah’s (far greater) personal experience might include something to add, here..?

        1. This isn’t experience, only theory, and perhaps incorrect at that.

          American history has a lot of a) little quiet wars and large fights that get dropped out of the history texts b) lots of communities formed initially from groups of strangers of mixed ethnicity.

          How did they did which fights to take on, and who was on what side?

          Obviously, a lot of Americans picked losing sides, etc.

          My general contention is that there is some element of American culture that involves figuring out which side of a fight you want in on.

          1. “Obviously, a lot of Americans picked losing sides, etc.

            My general contention is that there is some element of American culture that involves figuring out which side of a fight you want in on.”

            The thing to remember, Bob, is that up until WWII, we still had the concept of a “frontier” where people could go, avoid the fights they left, and start over, with even a new identity. You didn’t even have to travel far; you might be able to manage it in a large city.

            We started losing that in the computer age; the “signature reconstruction” scene in the original Highlander shows what that looked like and how it died.

            Now? you literally can’t get away from casual conversation that someone wants to make trouble over. There’s no way to gracefully lose. O. Henry’s “A Retrieved Reformation” is impossible.

          1. Yes, it sounds very much like we’re talking about the same thing. A rare experience, which seems(?) to be most common when a number of people are very close (and passionate) in their thinking about some thing that they find important enough to be passionate about. (Present circumstances would count!)

            It’s very visceral and instinctive — so not really abstract or intellectual or theoretical at all, Bob — so very clear and present a feeling, when it’s fully “turned on” and running. Which generally happens when a few (or more) people are together Just Doing Stuff and it all Just Works Right. (Hard to describe more vividly or accurately than that.)

            And yes, by that point, “compelling” would almost be an understatement. You’ll know it fits with you and your intentions and ethics, and with everyone else’s (almost?) as well; it’s nearly obvious what to do.

            If there’s such a thing as a contrary “light side” version of the “dark side” of the ugly mob mentality, this is probably it.

  35. IF/WHEN they roll, this could be the breaking point that a lot of us have been expecting (although not this way)… sigh

  36. Very impressed at how many Canadians came out to protest in Ottawa and in other Canadian cities. Apparently the trampling just torqued people off.

    Apparently the lady with the mobility scooter who got trampled had a dislocated shoulder, but got out of the hospital and came back to the protest in Ottawa. Haven’t seen footage myself, though.

    1. And that isn’t merely a very hopeful sign, it’s also — just like the Freedom Convoy — an experiment.

      How will The Regime React? Are people out for a stroll, not “blockading” anything now, going to be identified and treated as “terrorists” — still and more, after all those long months of “don’t worry, just another ‘mostly peaceful’ (if somewhat fiery) protest”..? (It’s too late for it to “just” sit back and watch.)

      Even if something doesn’t “work” on one level… it still might on another. Or on several.

      1. “Are people out for a stroll, not “blockading” anything now, going to be identified and treated as “terrorists” — still and more, after all those long months of “don’t worry, just another ‘mostly peaceful’ (if somewhat fiery) protest”..? (It’s too late for it to “just” sit back and watch.)”

        Apparently that’s the exact plan.

        “Bell acknowledged that like the FBI with those who were merely caught up in the Jan. 6 chaos, that those in attendance in Ottawa were being recorded on video and will “absolutely” be identified and tracked down “for months to come” and their financial lifelines will be severed along with being charged criminally.”

  37. The way I heard it somewhere a few years ago is like this:

    “If you get mad as hell and run out on your front porch with your rifle, and you look around and everybody else isn’t also on their front porch with their rifle, go back inside.”

    On the other hand, I have sympathy for the “if not now, when” types here and around the non-left internet. Sometimes it feels like the score is 57-3 and there’s 60 seconds left on the clock and we’re on our own 4-yard line and the coach is saying “don’t worry, God has a plan”.

    Or I can imagine kulaks in the Ukraine in 1920 saying “geez, these Bolsheviks don’t know what motivates people and don’t know how the real world works. Don’t worry, in the end we win and they lose.” Yeah, they were right … eventually. But we all know what happened in the intervening 70 years.

    I wonder if people in the 1930s or 1850s felt this sense of tension, of feeling that’s something’s gotta break. Because this is getting to the “unbearable” stage. Maybe the preferences cascade and there’s a red wave and a President DeSantis and woke liberalism is discredited and we all breathe a sigh of relief. And maybe they don’t, maybe the surveillance state just gets more and more totalitarian and the preferences are permanently suppressed and we all go to gulag. Can’t tell right now, and the years-long process of being able to tell is hard. Very very hard.

    1. I too, despite my caution here, very much want to run up the black flag, two things hold me back, first I don’t trust the hot heads not to be agents of the regime and second the absolute necessity that the regime fire first.

      To take an example, very few people actually supported the Irish uprising in 1916. It wasn’t until the British blundered and shot the rebels that the country turned against them. It was a blunder, one of many atrocities inflicted on the Irish. There was nationalist feeling in Ireland, but there was also a Irish troops in the Great War. What shooting Pierce and Connolly did was show that it didn’t matter, we were just dirty paddy’s like we’d always been.

      From WB Yeats.

      O but we talked at large before
      The sixteen men were shot,
      But who can talk of give and take,
      What should be and what not
      While those dead men are loitering there
      To stir the boiling pot?

      You say that we should still the land
      Till Germany’s overcome;
      But who is there to argue that
      Now Pearse is deaf and dumb?
      And is their logic to outweigh
      MacDonagh’s bony thumb?

      How could you dream they’d listen
      That have an ear alone
      For those new comrades they have found,
      Lord Edward and Wolfe Tone,
      Or meddle with our give and take
      That converse bone to bone?

      The rebels absolutely need to maintain the high ground versus the regime and the regime must be seen to be tyrannical.

      1. What happens if we don’t get our Bloody Sunday or Amritsar Massacre? What happens if they manage to keep their heads and just keep on salami-slicing our freedoms? If the trucker convoy is one-by-one intercepted by blue-state Highway Patrol and quietly disappeared? Ottawa wasn’t cleared by police charging the crowd and breaking heads, it was cleared by a line of police advancing one step every ten minutes. Trudeau is an idiot and Biden is a drooling moron and Pelosi is the Wicked Witch of the West, but the guys running the police forces aren’t.

        We have to make them fire first in order to sway the middle, but how far are we going to have escalate to get them to do that, and if we have to escalate really far how do we insure some hothead doesn’t step over the line and screw it up?

        1. Trudeau’s lost his head, and the Biden regime might not be willing to do a fast disavowal.

          More broadly than that, there seems to be something seriously disturbed in the thinking of some undescribed opposition decision maker.

          The basic and fundamental mystery of these current events is: What the hell is going on?

          We’ve either got a crowd of lunatics who’ve been talking only to each others, and are not in contact with reality, or we have a smaller number of leaders who made the call on timing and what to do.

          BLM has clearly been race war nutjobbery, but summer 2020 was not the call of someone who likes blacks as people.

          The whole of the 2020 election was nuts, and almost certainly the result of someone with extreme ambition.

          The likely profile includes a) thinks in lefty shibboleths b) in a hurry c) not planning to coast on usual SOP d) thinks in terms of organized grass roots e) thinks in terms of federal programs where having the ‘correct’ people officially in charge ’causes’ the lower level bureaucrats to do exactly what is demanded.

          Timing wise, either we have domestic politicians of advanced age who fear mortality, or the PRC insists that their US influence be used.

          Most likely, for a federal programs, they figure that funding and the middle to upper management are all that is necessary for desired results.

          Every federal program makes a lot of promises in exchange for funding, and whoever this is seems to take the promises at face value.

          We’ve had two of their idiot politicians outright say that nukes make rebellion impossible. That probably means that more believe it, are holding their tongues, and are what the people leading have to operate through. IC would have internal budget fights, and a bunch of stuff that they tell to congress, just like the DoD community. If these people are buying the ‘air power’ promises from DoD elements about infantry being unnecessary, they may also be buying the ‘we have super awesome agents provocateur’ promises from the folks who want congress to cut satellite intel collection funding, and spend on agents provocateur programs instead.

          1. They also serve who as agents provocateur do an exceptionally clumsy job. 2. They are almost certainly counting on those programs /working/. 3. They are not patient, they are not smart, they are not paying real attention to the effectiveness of their tactics. 4. There’s some evidence that they have the same issues Trudeau does, and will react as Trudeau has.

          We’ve been sitting on our asses a lot, because we have stuff left to lose. Truckers did The Honkening because they calculated that they had little left to lose, and as soon as they did, Trudeau went apeshit. That wasn’t a calculated reaction to a potential logistics crisis, that was a lunatic freaking out because his social environment wasn’t entirely manipulated to taste.

          We might get results from bouncy castles in /state/ castles.

          1. The bouncy castle, and things like it, are brilliant. It ‘screams’ HARMLESS to The Undecided. It’s not going to be nice or easy to simply endure, but it is necessary. Sure, I’d like this garp over, but forcing it with force hands the enemies of Liberty a gift on a diamond-studded silver plate. Nope. They must be the ones to set it off themselves.

            That doesn’t mean being silent, but there is a difference between putting a brick on the safety valve and warning that putting a brick on the safety valve is not a good idea. Trudeau & company are busy upping the boiler pressure. We’d be fools to toss dynamite in with the coal. It’s their bomb, let THEM explode it all by themselves.

            “We told you so.”

        2. Comes now the interim Ottawa chief of police (spit) promising to track down everyone who was at the protest and punish them J6 style:

          (Hat tip Simulation Commander)

          Is this the overreaction of a terrified regime, or another salami slice that won’t annoy the so-called “middle” under conditions of media air supremacy?

            1. I’ve read it, and re-read it recently, and I love the book and it’s absolutely inspiring in its philosophy. But it is not in any way a template for our current situation, tactically, strategically, or logistically. Also note that even with the literal high ground and deploying weapons of mass destruction, they still took really horrific casualties by the end. And they were aiming for secession and independence, not a revolution.

              I’m not blackpilled and I don’t think I’m a doomer. It’s just really hard watching Canada pull a J6 and “legally” make their PM a dictator, when we here in the Land of the Free haven’t been able to do jack squat about remedying the real J6.

              I guess we’ll see what happens in a couple days if the Canadian Parliament overturns the Emergency Act. Reading Viva Frei’s Twitter feed isn’t filling me with much hope for that. And I keep hearing rumors of protests in Quebec City and Montreal and Edmonton, but will they have any effect? or just provide more faces for the jackboots to stamp on?

              Heaven is high and November is very very far away, to mangle a phrase.

              1. And then by pure coincidence, as I was typing that last the DJ I was listening to on Twitch played this:

                To the songs that sing of glory and the brave
                Are we dreaming there are better days to come?
                When will the banners and the victory parades
                Celebrate the day a better world was won?

                On the day
                The storm has just begun
                I will still hope
                There are better days to come

                1. Strategically it is similar, and dynamically it’s even more so… in the sense of what the Guy(s) On Top do when the People On The Bottom don’t (simply) do what they’re told. Over and over.

                  Pull way back; take what some call the “30,000 foot view” of what Trudeau & Co. have been saying and doing all the way in this; and you get something a lot like a suspicious / paranoid monarch might do and say… overreacting to the (visible to us) objective situation, (apparently) figuring at every stage that “cowing the peasants with a show of force” is actually feasible and furthermore usually a good idea.

                  Except… even in Canada they (mostly) don’t believe they’re peasants, or serfs, or whatever.

                  Now take this to the next level, with the “Moon is a Harsh Mistress” analogy… where the Warden literally is the jailer to the entire Moon (penal) colony. And watch the same, or even slightly more, ah, degenerate dynamics run their course. (Yes, “degenerate” is a math pun.)

                  And note the backstory of that often-used word “lockdown” — recently applying to counties, entire states or provinces, etc., but originally what the warden does to the prison and prisoners. The mentality is, rather clearly, quite similar indeed. And the dynamics of escalation too. People like this believe that your duty is to obey them, and that their duty is to make you. Or keep on trying till they run out of options, or peasants / inmates / whatever.

                  Maybe Trudeau, and henchmen and minions and tools, will be stopped. Hopefully soon.

                  But people like this usually only go downhill once the slide starts. And that was a while ago.

                1. Yeah, I remember that part. But I think he also said something about not forcing your enemy onto death ground unless you WANT them to hit you with everything they have. Like True-dope is doing.

                  Although it has been a long time since I read Art of War, so I could be misremembering.

        3. I understand, still police tactics are failing, so far. They’re still dancing in the streets in Ottawa. Sure, the guys running the police, today, are not idiots but their bosses are and their bosses will simply fire anyone that doesn’t give them what they want. That’s why the Ottawa Police chief was replaced, the old one wouldn’t give the order. The new one is threatening, but the pictures of the horses has gone all over the world. Bad for business that is. They’ll not want to do that again and the most recent pictures I’ve seen is protestors putting flowers in front of the police. The authorities have to be very, very careful.

          Canada has three outcomes that I can see, first is that there is a defection in the left parliamentary party as they count noses and the polls come in. They’ll find some sort of fudge. That’s not entirely unlikely since office is what they crave and in a parliamentary system your opponents sit opposite you but your enemies sit behind you. Second is an atrocity, and third is that the protests fizzle. That last leads to your fear. Notice Trudeau giving in isn’t an option since I see him as a malignant narcissist who’ll burn the country down first. If he does give in, I’ll be the most surprised man on the planet.

          Should your fear come true, well, I suppose my distaste for fighting for lost causes would have to be put aside.

          1. Trudeau is already pushing to make “some” of the “emergency” powers permanent. We saw this play already, in the 1930s.

    2. Having done a lot of research recently for the last novel, into that time – and recalling a long deep dive in the early 1970s into the archives of a national newspaper 1935-1945 when I was in college and had archives to the microfilm in the basement – Yes, they did then have that feeling that something awful was just around the corner. It wasn’t that I already knew that the war was going to happen — the readers and reporters who were paying attention to what was happening in Europe and in the Far East – they knew it, too, even then.

      1. We have hundreds of megaguns, with another megagun added in January 2022 – and that’s with gun sales officially down from Jan 2021. That puts us in completely uncharted territory.

          1. I guessed metric prefix, in which case it is a million guns, also shown as, M, and since I can’t remember if that’s one that some places do funny it’s 1,000,000.

            I’d never run into it, but I do use things like “$5k” instead of writing “$5,000.”

            1. Ah, that makes a lot more sense. For some reason my brain immediately went to METAgun, which was an old Indie Jam game. In which your character has a gun that fires little dudes with their own guns. Which they fire at YOU.

              …Yeah, I’m gonna go with your version.

                1. Makes perfect sense to me.

                  Spaceship girl iteration of Kancolle/Azure Lane/Arpeggio/etc knock off, that uses the megagun conceit as part of handling the absurd power scaling assumptions.

          2. Billion is the number you’re thinking of, where in the U.S. it’s 10^9 (thousand million) and in Britain it’s 10^12 (million million). A million is 10^6 everywhere.

            Some folks use ‘M’ to mean a thousand, because of the Roman system. ‘Mega-‘ is always a million. So, we’re over 600 million guns and counting.

            In all the history of the world there has never been a country where the people owned 600 million guns and over a trillion rounds of ammunition. Trying to take them away from us would be…unwise.
            The Democrats trust violent criminals and terrorists with guns more than they trust you.

    3. An ancestor of mine ran a newspaper in the midwest back in the 1850s, and he was sure the USA was done for. His op-eds depicted a country disunited, about to break, and never to return. About the disunity and the breaking, he was right…about the rest, not so much. It was never the same afterward, but it did come back.

      Now, in our current situation, I’m not sanguine. The not-Democrats we’re hoping might restore sanity aren’t likely to. Republicans created (or at least had an equal hand in) everything that’s currently widening the gyre. “Progressive” Democrats may be driving the car towards that cliff, but “conservative” Republicans fueled it up and handed them the keys. We need to somehow divest ourselves of *so many* people in power…from both parties…I don’t see how it can be done. Every time I come here, I get reacquainted with sanity and hope, but man, they’re hard to hold onto.

      1. The difference between 1850 and now, is in 1850 there was more or less a line on the ground that ran between the two sides. Now that line does not really exist. Sure some states could, kind of easily be split off. Though I guaranty you not all of Washington or Oregon would follow Seattle, Portland, etc., without kicking and screaming. Am I wrong RCPete? Those of us, who in the past, might have just sold, and headed west into the wilderness, have no where to go. Eventually our descendants can sell, buy that Conestoga rocket ship, and blast up and away. That time is not now.

        1. Kicking and screaming would be accompanied by louder noises.

          The move to split rural Oregon away from the NW corner is there. I’m not sure if it would be successful, though if something like Kurt Schlichter’s People’s Republic split occurred, there’d be a state of East Oregon.

          There’s a couple of movements going on. The State of Jefferson would comprise parts of Oregon, Washington and California (NE corner), while Greater Idaho would have red counties in Oregon switch to Idaho. I have no illusions about the success of either, unless things get weirder. Other possibilities exist, which would be considerably uglier.

          1. Kicking and screaming would be accompanied by louder noises.

            The move to split rural Oregon away from the NW corner is there.

            I know. Cousins were raised in Bend. Where we spent hunting season and fishing. Been going on, at least since the early ’60s, probably longer, but 4 year old me wasn’t paying attention.

            The problem is. There are areas along the coast, even along the I-5 corridor (although small) that’ll scream “Don’t Leave Us Behind!”

            Better idea is to take the state back. I don’t have any ideas.

            1. Nuke Portland? I kid. That would be horrible. The Greens would be aghast! Speaking of Greens, the modern Greens are anti-dam. What happens to Portland if those evil Greens blow up the Bonneville Dam?

              1. Well, it will probably end up with a lot of stoned fish downstream when all the Portland recreational pharmacy products hit the Pacific.

              2. Ah heck. What happens to the entire Willamette Valley, clear down to Eugene, and maybe further south? What about Castle Rock, Kelso, Longview, Rainer, Astoria? When Bonneville is blown. Haven’t they kept appraised of what the Columbia Missoula Floods did? Oregon City would be okay, it sits way above the Willamette. Eugene? Gorge water might not make it this far, but where is the water from the Willamette and McKenzie going to go? The dams along on the McKenzie, and all the Willamette tributaries, aren’t going to hold enough water back. Eugene and Springfield used to flood, badly.

              3. Dunno, but it might be interesting to find out

                Get Outlook for Android ________________________________

          2. “…not all of Washington or Oregon would follow Seattle, Portland, etc., without kicking and screaming.”

            True. There’s kicking and screaming already. Here in WA, there’s the Liberty State movement: Realistically, it’s never going to succeed, but reality has a way of changing from time to time. You never know.

      2. We are purging Gopes as fast as we can, limited only by electoral cycle times, and the ever fewer people trying to cast every backstab as being totally 4d chess to help us.

    4. That’s one of the best summaries of the dilemma I’ve seen here, and what keeps me, and I’m sure a lot of others, up at night.

  38. Weapon: Humor

    It is very hard to feel truly oppressed when you are laughing so hard at the opposition you risk leaks.

    It is very hard for would-be tyrants to feel successful when the serfs are laughing out loud at the “boss” .

    Ever wonder why soldier’s humor is so dark? It’s coping and catharsis. Plus it scares the crap out of the enemy when you laugh like a maniac while taking care of business.


    Your assignments:

    1) Funny insulting names for your worst threats.

    2) Make a fellow Patriot laugh out loud about the dingbats.

    3) Laugh aloud before any major challenge.

    They cannot handle us laughing at them. They are screwing up, badly, because -they- are afraid the rest of us are waking up, and are -not- afraid.

    Someone send Inspector Treudeu some Viagra so Canada can go back to normal.

    1. Exactly this – the b*stards cannot cope with being laughed at. So slip the shiv of derision into a soft target where you can do so without being marked yourself.
      They cannot stand being laughed at.

      1. The left is so visibly risible that it beggar the imagination that one cannot laugh at them. This is why the left is so utterly devoid of a sense of humor. They’d be laughing, too, if they were able to. A man who feels threatened by bouncy castles and happy, dancing, singing people has much to fear from their laughter, so he tries to bring them tears. If the Canadian people stop taking him seriously, he and his party are *done.*

      1. Justin, has only got one ball, Lametti has two but very small, Torigian might be alien, but Freeland has no balls at all.

    2. I try but I need to find an employment lawyer. Pretty sure this is going to escalate to a full scale kangaroo court. On the bright side, I was tryly expecting to get fired for the #clotshot, not siding with a mask protester.

  39. If you must do something or you will explode, I suggest buying The Survival Medicine Handbook, 4th Ed. which has copious information about medical care in a scarcity situation. Gives timetables on medicines out of date usefulness, diagnosing and resolving immediate medical issues, traumas, allergies, bites, and so on.

    On tactics to avoid being hurt in riots, you might want to look at copious information on the net about avoiding such in overseas locations–these tell you what to watch for and how to avoid the worst of it by the triple E’s. Evaluate, Evasion, and Escape. Modern Survival Manual Surviving the Economic Collapse is pretty useful reading of the Argentinian experience in the early 00’s. And if you need your blood chilled a bit from getting hot under the collar, One Year in Hell, a true account about a Bosnian family during the recent civil war is useful to understand how bad it can be.

    The other suggestion is to take up where Tatiana McGrath (troll extraordinaire) used the technique of agreeing and amplifying far beyond leftist thought on Twitter streams, and other social sewer networks. Reductio ad absurdum technique. You can also use the classic trolling technique of commenting “I don’t get it” used in repetitive fashion to draw out the leftists to spend time literally spelling it out or repeating some random fact into their thought chain of hate. Bonus points for furry, fluid existence, etc. identifiers.

            1. Detail which will apparently not be forthcoming, if Sarah’s silence is any indication. I can only assume she’s trying to protect the guilty, and by “the guilty” I mean herself.

              On the plus side, if she won’t ‘fess up we’re free to amuse ourselves by speculating:

              “Mrs. Hoyt, can you explain to this committee why you felt it absolutely necessary to infiltrate the Democratic National Convention and spike the punchbowl with hallucinogens?”

              1. If she did, how would we tell?

                Get Outlook for Android ________________________________

                1. Um . . . They start talking sense and suggesting policies that actually make things better for the entire country? That would be a large hint. Maybe. Maybe.

  40. The situation right now is very reminiscent of March of 1861…whoever starts the shooting will probably lose. It’s essential to hold the moral high ground.

    And mind your Operational Security. Assume that anything you put on the Internet is read by the opposition. Assume that ALL electronic devices with wireless capability may be used as bugs. Let me put it this way – when the Department of Defense discusses classified information, cell phones, smart watches, and even car keys with wireless capability are left outside the room.

    1. In March 1861, the Confederates were going to lose no matter who fired the first shot. The United States just had too much population, too much industry and too big an economy for the South to overcome.

      Which means the Democrats were as delusional 161 years ago as they are today. The Democrat party hasn’t changed a bit since its inception, opposing the abolitionist Republicans in 1854.
      The Democrats are willing to burn America to the ground, so long as they wind up squatting on top of the ashes.

      1. I disagree. The Confederates had several things working in their favor. Above all, the asymmetry in war goals – if the South prevails, there is still a United States, Lincoln is still its President. If the Federals win, the CSA is not found among the nations of the world.

        But in March of 1861, both the states of the Corn Belt and the Tobacco Belt were not eager for war. That was limited to New England and the Cotton States. Firing on Fort Sumter turned a political crisis into a shooting war – which drove the Corn Belt firmly into the Federal camp, and split the Tobacco Belt. Virginia fractured, Kentucky voted for neutrality, Tennessee and Missouri had rival governments fighting it out. Had the Federals started the shooting, it’s likely that all those states would have gone out…and possibly Maryland as well. Which would have put Lincoln’s capital well behind enemy lines.

        But the Civil War is Case Study #2 in Why You NEVER Let Democrats Control National Security (Jeffersonian naval policy is Case Study #1, FWIW).

        1. Maryland would have seceded even with the firing on Ft Sumter, had not Federal troops kept the state legislature from acting.

      2. Hmm?

        If they had succeeded in getting the British in (not possible after the Emancipation Proclamation), it was conceivable.

        Also if they had managed to keep the Union from getting any striking victories during the presidential campaign. Replacing Joe Johnson with Hood gave Sherman just such a victory.

        Remember, they didn’t need to WIN the war, they needed to hold out until the Union gave up.

          1. The only way it could have gone the other way was for it to not happen. Regardless, Lee was going to withdraw after, and the Union could spin that as a defeat.

            1. Antietam was essentially a draw, and that was with McClellan having Lee’s basic plan for his movements through Maryland. Without that, the Union could have easily lost that campaign. Without having those plans, they don’t stop the Confederate advance through South Mountain just prior to Antietam and the Union forces are able to be attacked and defeated in detail.

      3. Democrats view burning America to the ground as a feature, not a bug, as they see the ashes as the means by which they will “build a perfect society”.

  41. Various places linked to this article –

    I think it explains a lot of the conflict well, and the likely fatal (for them) vulnerability of the “virtual class”. 100 years ago various trades unions and the like organized “general strikes”. It seems to me that in the current environment something similar could be of use.

    Don’t deliver services or product to the government. Coffee, tires, fuel, canteen food…
    Take money out of the banks and pay cash as much as possible.
    Drive your tow trucks when you take that vacation to the Niagara falls.
    The virtual world is underpinned by the physical world and it will collapse when the physical supports stop.

    Also, and I hate to say this, a little sabotage here and there won’t do any harm, but be sure to leave a few protest notes about “climate change” or “sacred native tribal lands” or similar.

    Note that caltrops are trivially made from stuff you can buy at Home Despot or similar, and a few of them strategically placed will cause immense chaos. I’m sure other mischief is equally simple to construct for the handyman or DIY woman

    1. You and I are basically virtuals in a lot of ways.

      It’s a tempting theoretical breakdown of the groups, but I think might /not/ be an ideal one where fitting the bits together afterwards is concerned. OTOH, an extreme ‘Physical’ might not care at all about some intellectual’s theoretical model of what is going on.

      I dunno. Whole bunch of uncertainty. We shall see.

      1. Yeah. In many ways I’m a virtual. I’ve been WFH for almost all of the last 2 decades. But a lot of what I do is about the lower layers of the stack – Link, Network, Transport in the OSI model or base protocols in the IP one.

        I know (and have had drinks and arguments with) some of the people who invented large chunks of the internet as we know it and some of the people who keep it humming along. [FWIW I was actually shocked at some of the emails from “TechExecutive1” & his co-conspirators, definitely reconsidering some relationships there. ] It wouldn’t take much for the spit and bailing wire that keeps the internet happy to break, or at least to not be as reliable as it currently is. I am not sure what the politics of the people who keep the blinkenlichts ablinkening are but a significant fraction have a military background which IMO makes them closer to physical that virtual. No one has yet used DNS or BGP as a cyberweapon but they could. If they do the virtual world of the Internet will get very interesting

        1. Any peaceful society has a lot of things that could be, but have yet to be, weaponized and deployed.

          More deployed, angrier people will be, and harder it will be to put the war back in the bottle afterwards.

          Speech control was always a bad idea. Easier to shut people up than to change opinions.

          Safer to know when your opponents hate your guts, and sincerely want you dead.

          Speech control, and an initially peaceful society means you can wake up to a weapon you never imagined, used by someone you didn’t know was ticked off at the target.

          Possibilities are quite a bit more academically interesting than I had been expecting. Unsurprisingly, boring looks good now.

    2. The difference between the ‘virtual class’ and the physical workers is like the difference between a virtual reality shooter game and a real gun and bullets. I know which one I’d bet on.

      1. In theory I’m a Virtual. In reality, I’ve worked with my hands, again if I need to, and I identify far more with the Producers.

        1. “It’s springtime, for Hitler, and Germany…”

          “Not those Producers!”
          Leo Bloom: “Well, if we assume you’re a dishonest person—”
          Max Bialystock: “Assume, assume!”

    1. I read she was a Mohawk elder and not actually subject to the decree. If that’s true it would be delicious. “So you dog faced pony soldiers charged a crowd of purported white supremacists and the only person you hurt was a First Nations elder grandmother in a wheelchair, that’ll look good on the reverse of the medal.”

        1. Well, still delicious since the protest took place on un-ceded Algonquin Anishinabe territory so she would, by their rules, have more claim to it than they do and in any case it rather puts the kibbosh on the whole white supremacist narrative. I hope she sues their a$$. They made the rule, make them live by it.

          1. Oooh… now THAT might work, I’m not going to go read it again but I seem to remember the Emergency Act said that the folks enforcing it couldn’t be charged

            Not that the departments sending people in couldn’t be sued to hell and back.

              1. You realize that the Progs NEED your nonsense, and the morons posting pictures that are supposed to be the cops’ kids, in order to GET actually well documented mass outrages, right?

                1. You realize we need to shake their confidence in their invincibility to get them to stop obeying tyrants, don’t you?

                    1. I said nothing about threatening violence. If you inferred that, you need to read closer. Or get your head checked.

                      The thugs just need to get reminded that despite laws protecting them from prosecution, if they commit atrocities they can still be dealt with by vigilante action if the law refuses to deal with them. The Israelis got to a lot of those who escaped Nuremberg. No reason concerned Canadians, or Americans if it comes to that, can’t do the same.

                    2. “Shake their confidence in their invincibility.”

                      In response to pictures that are supposedly the cop’s kids.

                      I don’t care how much you whine about how stressed out you are, that is the nonsense shit that is flat out beyond the pale.

                    3. Until now, I never noticed a tendency on your part to twist somebody’s words then demonize them for those, right out of the MSM playbook. Are you feeling OK, Foxfier?

                    4. You have spent well over a week declaring the need for fatally violent revolution against basically anyone that you currently object to– but pointing out that posting pictures of children related to those you have been screaming should die is threatening children is “demonizing”.

                      The irony only gets deeper when one considers that threatening kids via the “nice shop you got here, shame if anything happened to it” technique was one of the few methods used to steal the 2020 election that you hadn’t previously advocated.

                    5. I’m fine with executing thugs serving a tyranny, but I have no wish to go harming children.I did not bring up kids, you’re the on who keeps bringing up kids. What is wrong with you?

                    6. You know, since folks are perfectly able to read the conversations on this very page, directly above these comments, anyone who can be reached has.

                    7. snelson, I’ve been here about nine years, I think, but until recently I never really noticed this until the past few weeks. I usually don’t follow a post past a couple-three days, though, and I do know some of the more contentious comments can keep going past when I pay attention.

                    8. Ah, I see, still trying to imply I meant something other than I did.

                      Um. Take this for what it is worth (it is FREE). Sometimes when this happens to me, my best, and really ONLY option, is to say “I’m Sorry. I think I am misstating, and I don’t know how to make it right.” Most the time it even works (always true, FYI).

                      When it comes to children, anyone’s children, Foxer is not one to trigger. Not in jest, not in frustration.

                    9. Thank you for the kindly meant advice, d. I’m afraid what I’ve learned over the past few decades online is that if somebody persists in saying I’ve offended them, then 9 times out of 10 it because they want to be offended by me, and want to go whine about how offended they are. Not much point trying to apologize.

                    10. That would be highly relevant, if the issue were one of taking offense, rather than moral objection to repeated promotion of, and demands for, explicitly wide-ranging murderous violence for political ends, culminating with excusing threatening the children of a group in order to “shake their confidence in their invincibility”.

                      There is a massive difference between “that which you are promoting is evil,” and “I am annoyed you’re not more polite to me.”

                    11. I’ve not brought up children once, until you brought up children. Stop accusing me of threatening children. Or go get a job at CNN, where they specialize in the type of behavior you’re engaging in. They’re short a few folks, and even you would be an improvement on their current lot.

                    1. I hope you’re right, I really do. The mounted cops trampling that old lady in the wheel chair, and the taking of yet more political prisoners, and the threats of more of the same coming from the interim Ottawa thug chief, suggests if it is having that effect it isn’t having it on a wide-scale basis as of yet.

      1. And in closely related news, at least on Small Dead Animals ~2 days ago

        smalldeadanimals dot com slash 2022/02/17/breaking-convoy-organizer-tamara-lich-arrested/

        multiple people are/were saying that Tamara Lich, one of the 2-3 core organizers of the Freedom Convoy (who were arrested on the eve of the Day of the Faceless Goons) is mixed-race Canadian Indian “First Nations”, a.k.a. “Metis”…

        “If Tamara is Metis, does that qualify her as First Nations so that she is exempt from these rules? A good uprising of Metis against the government would be awkward.”

        “Tamara has stated on twitter that her birth name was Arlene Catherine Martineau. My husband is Metis, and there are many Metis with the surname Martineau.

        From what I can tell from genealogy records she was adopted or fostered. She gets given a very hard time by leftists for mentioning her status (my too white Metis sons do as well if they fall out of line with dogmatic leftist thinking) but I have no doubt that there is no IF about her being of Metis heritage, as she claims.”

        …”white supremacist” much, smart guys?? Suuure.

        They couldn’t hardly do worse for themselves if we got to write their scripts for them.

        1. Since the lady who was trampled was a clan mother (I don’t know the full significance of that title, but I assume it’s high rank) for the Mohawk nation, somebody just trampled on their own junk with cleated boots.

          And apparently, TPTB are trying to claim it’s the protestors’ fault that the horses trampled them.

          1. Then they don’t know horses worth a d***. Horses do NOT like not-ground. Not-ground means potentially going down without meaning too, and that’s a Bad Thing. It’s how to get eaten, etc.

  42. Overall, I have two impressions. First, God will prevail. Second, I personally need to follow the keep calm and carry on strategy.

  43. O crud. It came out that one of the RCMP Musical Ride units is the one doing all the Brute Squad stuff. And they said some very creepy, brutal stuff in their Musical Ride private group chat, which has now leaked.

    This stuff was supported by some of the Musical Ride units not in Ottawa, so there is some serious rot in this supposedly elite group that is supposed to have experience being the RCMP’s friendly public face.

    OTOH, it leaked. So there might be a Benton Fraser-type whistleblower somewhere.

    1. I saw that on my Gab feed–somebody reposted the Rebel News stuff.

      I’ve been friends with a few cops, and know that not all are bad, but the Red Curtain of Blood doesn’t make for a calm attitude right now.

        1. I’m using Kim duToit’s RCOB–when I see red from anger at the RCMP creatures. (I think they’re a bit lower on the life scale than prions..)

          We watched a Midsomer Murders on DVD last night. My reaction to the bouncy castle in the episode was, bemusement. Such a terrible sight of right wing terrorism, in full view of the BBC audience! Who knows what they’d graduate to. Weapons grade ring toss? Oh wait, they showed that, too!!!!!!111eleventy!

          Is my sarcasm dripping too much? I’ll get the towels.

    2. Looking at those apparent screenshots … They very clearly show the name “Brian” at the top … so if these were real then they would all know exactly who provided these, right (which would mean that these “screenshots” must be faked)?

      Or is it that our hypothetical whistleblower/mole provided these screenshots *TO* “Brian” (I may be misinterpreting what someone else’s phone shows)

      1. It would be a *lot* easier to fake the texts than to export them in a way that gets this result and makes sense. (Don’t get me started on the evidence of “I called two numbers and one of them went to voice mail with that name”)

        That said, being not trained for crowd control would explain the “WTF?!?” of the technique they tried– that is NOT safe, and it doesn’t even make sense for the situation– there’s at least two videos of the lady with the walker device thing getting pushed over, and both make it obvious that it is a huge risk for human on human crushing deaths.

        1. I don’t know what the relationship is between the Mohawk nation and TPTB, but blaming the protestors for getting trampled strikes me as a really good way to have a bunch of really pissed off people. Between lawfare and more kinetic means of expressing themselves, the RCMP and the officers are likely to regret participation. (I noted that the riders were volunteers for that duty, so the Nuremberg excuse* really won’t play.)

          (*) “I was just following orders.”

          1. Legally speaking, the reason they did the Emergency Act is because nobody enforcing the stuff can be charged.

            I haven’t verified the legal citation, I think it was on Legal Insurrection (heh, the long standing blog, for those wondering, it was an obvious and silly JOKE when it was named, indicating it was a bunch of noisy lawyers that weren’t full on progs)

            Anyways, the police can’t be nationalized by the act. They are covered by it, for charges, but they’re not activated like our national guard for war or something.
            Again, haven’t verified.

            1. So the jury box isn’t an option. Sleep well, RCMP Musical Riders!

              Damn, I really shouldn’t eat popcorn.

    1. What if: Canada’s Parliament votes to rescind the Emergency Measures Act on Monday, and the Petulant Child-Emperor suspends Parliament as an Emergency Measure?

      Of course, that would be Monumentally Stupid, but when has Turd-o ever demonstrated anything other than Monumental Stupidity?

      I can’t decide whether that would be better for the cause of Freedom than Parliament going all-in on the stupidity, or not. ‘Twould mark the beginning of the end for Turd-o, but the smaller tyrants in Parliament would remain in power to plague the Canadian people.

      What if: Parliament narrowly confirms the Emergency Measures Act, then turns on all the ‘traitors’ who voted against it? That would be something to see. Anybody got a truckload of popcorn?
      Governments can’t create prosperity; at best, they can refrain from destroying it.

        1. This “law” you speak of…

          Actually, I suspect the MPs will lie on their backs, expose their bellies, and approve it. I’m finding that I’m not cynical enough, lately.

          1. If they were going to do so, wouldn’t they have done it— well, sooner?

            It’s possible that they’re building up the pressure to manage to pass it, I haven’t checked since yesterday afternoon when I decided that no, I really didn’t want to listen to yet more yammering, but if they were going to lay down they would’ve by now.

            May not *win*, but it’s not laying down.

            1. I was wondering about this. Does Fidelito have the votes and if he did, why did he cancel the debates? Was he gambling that the police would have it cracked by Monday?

              1. Strictly speaking, he didn’t cancel the debates, they agreed to a different schedule.

                Yes, I am aware of how many ways there are to put pressure on folks to get that result. From the rather elaborate schedule that I saw, so are the folks in the HOuse of Commons, and aren’t playing their part in the game.


                Both of these places have to approve the use for it to go past 7 days, and if they disapprove it ends that day.

                Note, using ‘approve’ in the non-jargon sense, since I can’t remember the correct term from the Emergency Act itself except that it was obviously a specific legal action and “oops, we didn’t meet while the timer was running” didn’t count.

                1. If it expires he just issues a new decree. That is what those issuing CCP Virus decrees did in the USA; many places are into their third year of repeated 30 day state of emergency/public health emergency decrees.

                1. They rubber stamp whatever the House of Commons does

                  Get Outlook for Android ________________________________

          2. The theory going around is that the reason Brandeau is going in hard is because he needs to get it solved *now* and then can rescind the Act and it never goes to a vote.

            Short victorious wars always turn out the way they were planned.

            1. Has there every been one that did? Reagan’s invasion of Grenada seems to come close, but I vaguely recall John Ringo mentioning some Cubans that made things far dicier than planned at one place.

            2. Except for that other “barrel” in their double-barrel approach… doesn’t that financial “de-banking” stuff basically go “poof!” and vanish into thin air, too, if he rescinds his invocation of the Emergenices Act??

              As far as I can makes sense (in the Charlie Foxtrot way they seem to be operating, see their “we used the CBC Web site analysis of hacked/stolen Go Fund Me data to decide this was all a good idea” above) of how that would (allegedly) work, the banks (etc.) that froze accounts would still be protected from any lawsuits for doing it; but they’d also have to unfreeze the accounts pretty much immediately, as soon as the emergency-authority stuff that legalized doing that with no court orders went away.

              All of them.

              Now, all of this depends on a massively better understanding of the Emergencies Act, and regulatory law and authority and so on, than I come close to really having. And no bets on how “we’re following the law, really we are” is actually working “on the ground” with the Trudeau Regime. But it would, for instance, make a sad mockery of all these threats of (basically), ‘if we see your face at a protest your life is over’.

              But maybe I’m just expecting the Regime to make more sense than it, ah, should or ever will.

              1. Well, yes and no. The Emergency Act extended the existing “anti-terrorist” and “money laundering” statutes that required disclosure by banks and allowed account seizure of traditional accounts to crowdfunding sites and cryptocurrencies. Those would expire, which is why Vladimir Poutine wants legislation to amend the previous statutes to incorporate those changes.

                However, those existing statutes are more than enough to harass people with normal banking requirements.

                See also Patriot Act and “Know Your Customer Act” in the US, which work similarly.

                1. “When the Emergencies Act was first invoked on Feb. 14, Freeland explained that the Freedom Convoy’s bank accounts would be frozen: “As part of invoking the Emergencies Act, we are announcing the following immediate actions: First: we are broadening the scope of Canada’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules so that they cover crowdfunding platforms and the payment service providers they use. These changes cover all forms of transactions, including digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.”

                  “Freeland said even on Feb. 14 that “the government will also bring forward legislation to provide these authorities to FINTRAC on a permanent basis.” On Friday, she doubled down on this, saying, with the arrogance, semi-coherence, and logorrhea that is common to so many Leftist schoolmarm authoritarians: “Uh, in terms of the financial instruments which our government is using right now to act against these illegal blockades and illegal occupation, uh, we reviewed very, very carefully the tools at the disposal of the federal government, uh, and we used all the tools that we had prior to invocation of the Emergencies Act, and we determined that we needed some additional tools. Now, some of those tools, uh, we will be putting forward, uh, measures to put those tools permanently in place. Uh, the authorities of FINTRAC, I believe, do need to be expanded to cover crowdsourcing platforms, uh, and, uh, payment platform — and their payment providers.”


        2. The Dips will back Trudeau. Their leader thinks he didn’t go far enough

          Get Outlook for Android ________________________________

          1. In these days of uncertain supply chains, it is good to see one can still rely upon ballistic carp.

  44. Just a bit of advice from almost two decades in volunteer Fire/EMS and more natural disasters under my belt than I care to remember. One of first precepts of disaster pre-planning drilled into us was “if you can’t take care of your family, you can’t take care of anybody else”. Plus under our state law we were subject to mandatory disaster call back—-you don’t get to go home. That was sobering. The other advantage is when sh*t happens you are executing on your checklists while others are getting in fights at the grocery store and Home Depot. Keeping your head while others are losing theirs is the first half of the battle.

    1. If you can keep your head when all about you ….

      Get Outlook for Android ________________________________

      1. To turn off the Outlook ad-signature, you can go to the house icon at the top left, then the gear at the bottom left, go down two sections to the “mail” section and signature is the third listed.
        If you reach contacts, calendar or connected, scroll back up.

  45. And just like that, Ottowa is pushed from the headlines (such as it was allowed to occupy them) by RUSSIA!!1!

      1. I do care about what’s going on, though I don’t think the US should get directly involved. So far as I can tell, President Zelensky was elected in a populist surge, which means he might be less corrupt than his predecessors. And he appeared to be trying to get to the bottom of the Burisma mess. But that’s not really germane to my post. The important thing is that the press will take what little space they were spending on Canada, and devote it (and more) to Ukraine instead. Barring some sudden eruption of bloodshed, I expect the Canadian protests to vanish from the public consciousness

        1. The cities have, what, 3-4 days of essential supplies at most? Maybe as little as half that?

          Frankly, I think the truckers should all just take a week off and stay home. Let’s see how Trudeau’s supporters feel when they realize they have to choose between him and food.

      2. You’re right it’s theater. Biden’s business interests and his need for a win for SOU have just gotten smacked down hard. Huzzah.

        if I’m reading the signs aright, the tough talk was just more sleepy Joe dog faced pony soldier blowhard baloney. They’re saying that prompt, firm action will be neither prompt nor firm. Putin called his bluff and he had no cards.

        What a disgrace.

    1. They’ve found a way to blame Trump and sent Kamala Harris to fix it all. Do they really, in their wildest dreams, think Germany with the highest inflation since 1949 cause by a Green insanity and dependence on Russian gas is going to take any action at all against their only supplier. If not peak absurdity, it’s certainly a local maximum and I’m going to bed. Tomorrow is likely to be a wild day.

  46. Canada’s parliament has passed the enabling act 185-151. Trudeau didn’t even bother coming down to the house floor. Canada is dead and gone. A sad day, a truly sad day.

    Oh, and Putin sent in Russian troops as “peacekeepers” to “Eastern Ukraine”. I’m so glad that we have Joe Biden to go toe to toe with Putin.

    Perhaps the trifecta, China is cracking down on tech again with Baidu off hugely this morning. Oh and Oil, gas, and just about every other commodity opened up 7-10 points higher.

    Tomorrow will probably be a wild one on the markets.

    1. >> “Canada is dead and gone.”

      Canada’s current government may be dead and gone. We’ll see about the Canadian people.

      As I said, all the truckers have to do is stop for a week and people in the cities will have to choose between their leaders and food. They’ve still got the real power here if they’re willing to use it.

      1. Yup it’s time for the truckers to “Go Galt”. Go home and let the cities rot, move nothing for the Treaudescu regime. Encourage other related folks to do same. Don’t destroy anything don’t protest. Truthfully they were darned peaceful before.

    2. I think I’m glad they passed the Enabling Act. Now they can no longer pretend not to be our enemies.

      The next step is to ‘postpone elections for the duration of the emergency’.

      You can be sure Biden’s ventriloquists are watching carefully, and taking notes.

      In other news, Madison Cawthorn is close to being excluded from the North Carolina Congressional election because he has been, not convicted, not even charged, but merely accused of supporting the January 6 2021 protest.

      Meanwhile, a Los Angeles court has sentenced the rapist of a 10-year-old girl to 2 years; probably a year or less of actual jail time before parole. Why? Because after being arrested, the pervert decided to ‘identify as’ trans, and wasn’t quite 18 at the time of the crime — in 2014! It has taken 8 years to get a child rapist sentenced to 2 years or less. This is ‘criminal justice reform’ at its finest, folks.
      ‘Progressives’ will do the wrong thing just because the people they hate do the right thing.

    3. Unsurprising – Canadian votes are almost always on party lines, and the NDP has been backing the Liberals

      1. I didn’t see numbers, but the report I did see said that “most members” of each party went along party lines, with dissenters on both sides. I won’t rant about the Permanent Multipartisan Fusion Party. Not today.

        30 days, they said. Is that like 2 weeks to flatten the curve?

        1. >> “Permanent Multipartisan Fusion Party”

          For a moment my brain read “multipartisan” as “multiplication,” and I questioned how well I really understood politics.

  47. Apropos of nothing much, we just had an hour+ convoy pass our home. Mostly family cars, a few pickups.

    Fbook backroom politics has video by my wife.

    1. Yes. Watching heads explode will be popcorn worthy. Also knowing people are voting for President Trump because Hilary is the other option … OTOH I do not want to risk the remote possibility WWW (wicked witch wins). IDK who I want to have run. Career federal politician? Not really.

      1. Or it could be Donkey Chompers. AOC will be 35 years old by Inauguration day, so she could run against Hildebeeste.

        1. She’d actually be 35 before election day (October birthday, I looked it up in another post). Or it could be Kamala vs AOC and we could see which empty vacuum sucks the hardest… Oh great Author do we really have to live in the Marching Morons/Idiocracy timeline? How have we offended? As for AOC VS Wicked Witch of the East, my money is on WWE and arkanacide. Poor AOC and the tragic “accident” of a fatal mugging in NYC. Truly odd how all the perps hung themselves while the cameras were broken NYC really needs to fix its prisons.

    2. Steve, MY FAMILY lived 7 years, with am mortgage all our accounts frozen and no one allowed to give you jobs.
      It wasn’t pleasant — note I have a motto “I will never eat green meat again” and I would hate to violate it — but neither is it death.
      People can and do survive to fight back.

  48. Bye bye Ukraine. I give Taiwan a month. markets are rallying off the lows Russian market up large. No major banks targeted, no energy sanction beyond NS2 which cut into his friend’s profit anyway, and most important of all no SWIFT payment system threats/action.

    This was all just wag the dog anyway, but my God they are weak. Watching Biden preen at the SOU is going to be horrid.

    Seoul has to be wondering now.

    1. Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan are busy pulling out the wrenches to apply the last quarter turn to the last nut on the nuclear weapons they ‘don’t have’. Biden just raised the odds of a nuclear exchange in the Far East significantly.

  49. “Unless of course, you wear polo shirts to work at a tree letter agency, in which case it’s your job, I guess. Perhaps get another one? Some prostitutes retain their self-worth.” ~ Sara

    “I resemble that remark.” ~ Me, in my polo shirt

      1. Nah. I’m an engineer. I build stuff. Hopefully I’ll be building stuff for a privately owned (i.e., not even publicly traded) engineering firm soon. Prayers, please!

      1. No, not THAT one. And I just had a very good interview at a privately owned manufacturing/engineering firm. Fingers crossed. Either way, you can take my life, but you’ll never take…. my polo shirts!

  50. I don’t stand with witch hunters like you Sarah. You talk about a civil war on the right? I merely asked what our Red Lines were, ie. we’ve always said we will use violence only as a last resort. So it’s a fair question to ask what that really means. And for that, you crucified me as some kind of Fed Narc?


    1. You are correct. I am a witch hunter. For three years I’ve run all over the net yelling about you–
      Oh, wait. That’s you.
      Seriously, dude, you’re not improving your case. The comments listing every sexual perversion in the same spam trap as this are more interesting.
      Thank you for showing everyone why your comments were put on moderation to begin with.
      Again, I repeat, get help. I’m not your problem. You’re your problem.

  51. Seriously, if you are going advocate for a non-violent solution now, it is fair to ask if there is any scenario where you wouldn’t do so, simply to establish whether your objection to violence is based on a set of current circumstances, or is a blanket objection regardless of circumstances.

    And your reply to that was a dishonest ad hom attack? Why?

    1. Seriously, if you’re going to advocate for violence on line, on someone else’s blog, using the kind of crazy rhetoric you’re using in these comments, you’re going to get told to lay off the crack pipe.
      Or assumed to be a glowie.
      And banned.
      To which, of course, as everyone who reads this can tell, the sane and normal reaction is to run around yelling about this evil person and blog who banned you. OF COURSE.
      And threatening violence on that person. Because it’s what everyone would do.
      You realize I have the DIMMEST of memories of this fight. That advocating random violence on someone’s blog is stupid. And that you don’t come across as a sane person, right?
      No, of course you don’t. It’s all my fault.
      I should stop beaming evil mind rays into your head or something.

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