33 thoughts on “Promo post tomorrow

  1. No problem.

    Oh, I assume that the “headache” is “somebody” that you can not kill. [Crazy Grin]

    1. I spent much of the day with Amanda Green’s new book. The fact that the heroine is determined to get revenge made it fitting, but it’s still easier than looking at the news feeds.

  2. Rest. Sleep if you can. Gather your strength. The promos can wait. And the rest of it will still be there when the pain has gone and you are in shape to wade into the fray once more. So rest for now.

  3. I’m sorry.

    Hoped with the Colorado house closed your stress would be less and you’d be on the mend. 😦 Events in Canada can’t be helping.

    Feel better soonest.

      1. The state of the world is not on your menu. It will go to hell, or not, with or without you.

        So take care of yourself, write what you can, and keep an eye on the windows. That’s all you can do.

        1. The state of the world is not on your menu. It will go to hell, or not, with or without you.

          This is what I had to learn. Not easy. But I refuse to get down because of what is happening now.

      2. God is in control. Even of the evil ones. He will use every situation for His glory and our good. Hold on to Him and trust Him to do what needs to be done. Re-read Daniel Chapter 3. Even if we are slain we don’t bow down to the dictators. And even if we are slain (serving God) we still win. This life is only the beginning.

      3. Same here. I have personal stuff going on in addition so not here often but I stop by and read, and thank you in my heart. I need the message in the downthread comments from Imaginos1892 and setnaffa. Sending prayers your way, Sarah.

      4. Hey there, it’s all good. What we are going through, and will have to continue to go through, is absolutely necessary sorry to say. As wide and deep is the corruption, of seemingly everything: governments globally, media, education ( well indoctrination, let’s be serious ), corporations, Catholic church/pope, etc etc.; it will not be overthrown overnight. As you and some commenters have stated, the Beast’s invisibility cloak is unraveling, Truth is outing, the normies slowly ( oh so slowly- sheesh people ) awakening. But The Great Awakening will still need time, and we are indeed at WAR, so we have to be prepared to endure pain, upheavals, and yes I’m afraid further deaths ( beyond just the vaxxed continuing to die off as well ).
        One could hope that seeing the vids of rampaging cops ( UN “peacekeepers ” ?? ) stomping granny might be enough, but these normies…sheesh once again, wake up dammit!!
        My tension gets eased as I understand it has to unfold this way, no way but through, no end run hail mary’s I’m afraid.

  4. Well, from the big ripply cold air/ hot air/ cold air thingie on the weather since Wednesday, at least you have a reasonably expectable reason.

  5. Blinding headaches are not supposed to be contagious. Especially over the wires. Sleep if you can, remember to eat. Feel better soon, and don’t worry about this place. Sure it’ll be all catty-wampus for a bit, but the locals are at least practiced at hiding the evidence.

  6. I know why you can’t do anything. Me too. On the bright side, nobody died. So that’s good.

    I’ve not done a damn thing for days. Today I’m getting by with anime. Watching Bleach, specifically. BANKAI!

  7. Candice “Candy” Sero is a Mohawk lady of great spirit, the one with the walker, and also the person with the white truck covered with signatures. She actually had her collarbone broken, but apparently she is okay. Good.

  8. Viva Frei is covering the Parliamentary vote on the Emergency Powers thingy. It doesn’t look good, please pray.

    On the bright side, Korean “army stew” taste tested by UK army guys.

    1. The lower house of parliament in Canada voted for the Emergency stuff to be continued, 185 to 151 or so.

      Still has a chance to get kiboshed by the Canadian Senate, but… this is bad.

      1. This could happen here, and we could be left in the lurch unable to communicate with everyone. On the other hand, shutting down the Internet would be the trigger for full on revolt against the government, because that’s a point of no return.

        “I think statutes that allow presidents or heads of state to invoke emergencies are very, very dangerous,” said Paul during an episode of the BASED Politics podcast that aired Sunday. “We have the same sort of statutes here, and I have long-time been an opponent of these. We actually have in the United States an Emergency Act that allows the president to shut down the internet.” – https://www.foxnews.com/politics/rand-paul-denounces-trudeaus-dangerous-emergencies-act-warns-of-similar-u-s-laws

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