On Second Thought no Post Today

Errands run, but I’m very tired. I tried to do witch’s daughter but I’m simply not awake enough.
Post tomorrow.
Have a picture.

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    1. She is like that. I used to try and tell her that if it came in as a post and people were responding to it as a post it was a post.

      I have determined that it was a waste of time. She feels obligated to serve substantial meal meals no matter what we tell her about being satisfied.

  1. Wasn’t that a hit for Herman’s Hermits?

    No post today, my musee has gone away
    The blog it stands for lorn, a symbol of the dawn
    No post today, it seems a common sight
    But people passing by don’t know the reason why

    How could they know just what this message means?
    The end of my hopes, the end of all my dreams
    How could they know the palace there had been
    Behind the door where my blog reigned as queen?

      1. uh, be absolutely sure, please.Don’t get the CCP virus and have it take you out because you think you’re ‘just tired and having asthma’

            1. I figured out what brought this on. Kaboom. No, seriously. It’s a really harsh cleaner, and I can normally use it, but not when I’m having autoimmune issues. So I got militant on the shower. because I’m an idiot.

                1. Tilex is chemical warfare
                  Gallagher had a bit about Tilex having “Use only in a well ventilated area” written on it.
                  “If it was well ventilated, I wouldn’t need to clean my grout.”

              1. You used a product called ‘Kaboom’? Seriously!?

                You’ve spent time at Ace’s blog! You know how foolish and reckless that is!


                (though, admittedly, the meme at that site refers to an old breakfast cereal with the same name)

        1. Laura Loomer has posted on her website that she has been stripped of her 2nd Amendment rights without any sort of court proceeding or criminal conviction. The FBI put her on the NICS list after she asked Comey some very pointed questions about his book and the claims made therein as compared to his actual testimony under oath before Congress. The FBI took revenge against her, as they are the only ones who could have put her on that list.


          (Hat tip to Michelle Malkin)

          1. Great post. People don’t see the deep state because mainstream media will now cover. Now that Skelator is the Leader I expect any restraint on abuse of power will be gone. The fish stinks from it’s head.

            1. Yep. Chuck Schumer again emphasized today that Democrats are all-in on turning the USA into a totalitarian Marxist state and becoming America’s CCP:


              No matter what means that they don’t care about the Constitution or any limitations on power as they seek CCP style power: They are all in on fundamentally transforming the USA into a one-party rule totalitarian Marxist state. And note he appears with Jew-hating riot instigator Al Sharpton.

              The “legislation: to undo Supreme Court cases they don’t like is Court packing, because the decisions they refer to held that the restrictions on individual rights Democrats seek are unconstitutional. They want government to regulate speech and ban/confiscate all privately owned firearms, except those owned by the ruling party elite.

              Schumer proves yet again that when Democrats talk of “unity” and “cooperation” what they really mean is complete and total capitulation and obedience to their agenda and conformity of thought.

  2. Perhaps “you look tasty, keep me entertained or I may snack.” Really though, it’s time for rest rather than a magical trail.

    1. Fluffy and Dog do BBQ. You have to get different dragons to deal with the quality of smoke that DC will put out.

      (Especially since the aardvark told them that they are cleaning anywhere they get the smoke in.)

        1. I believe it is a clutch of dragons, but it might be a net (as suffix: a dragonet).

          A little searching suggests it varies according to what regioin the dragons inhabit
          a) a swarm
          b) a weyr
          c) a clan
          d) a flight
          e) nobody knows but the dragons and nobody dares to ask them.

    1. Sure, the dragon doesn’t look threatening . The dragon is explaining that she (I assume) will toss the guy up like a peanut and gulp him as he comes down

      1. Which is why it’s less threatening. We’re in the bottom 5 states for Chinavirus problems, so Kate keeps us locked down because of some “Science!!!!eleventy111” she claims to have. Not that she’s willing to tell anybody what it might be. She’s close kin in spirit to Wretchen Ghitmer, the Wicked Witch of the NE Midwest.

        1. When Democrats say “the science says” what they are really saying “shut up and do what you’re told because I said so”.

  3. It’s not the size of the post, above a certain minimum, that makes the difference. The determining factors seem to be good tamping of the dirt around the post and did you wrap the wire on the outside of the post (as applicable).

  4. “Look, Sir–”
    “Squire. Ma’am.”
    “Er. Squire. Right. Anyways. I need a way to launder the damsels.”
    “Call the dry cleaners?”
    “You realize I could just bite your head off, right? Literally?”
    “But you’re not going to, are you? That’s why you’ve got an entire flock of skirts nagging you.”
    “…I’ve got philosophical objections to deadly force….”
    “If I had to deal with those ninnies, I’d be considering deadly force on myself.”
    “I thought knights were supposed to be mannerly?”
    “I told you, I’m a squire, and even then not a proper one– the idiot decided that if he called a horseboy a squire he didn’t have to actually pay me.”
    “Oh. Dear. … Maybe their families would reward you for their safe return?”

    1. “Most of the families would pay me to keep them,” the dragon grumbled. “As long as it was less than their dowries, anyway.”

  5. Where’d you find a picture of me explaining something to one of my students?? That whole “Professor Jones will bite your head off” is just a highly exaggerated rumor. I never bit anyone’s *head* off…

  6. “I can’t wait to tell everyone,” thought the young knight. “I, the very-recently knighted Sir Skippy Diphthong, sat in the paw of a mighty dragon and faced the beast down!”

    “I wonder,” thought the mighty dragon, “where I put the steak sauce.”

    Do feel better soon, Mrs. Hoyt! 🙂

  7. “Damn,” thought the dragon, “they just don’t make knights like the used to. I was expecting a beefy young guy, but now that I’ve peeled the metal off he looks tough and stringy and I’ll bet he tastes like an old boot.”

        1. If true, I’m a little surprised that Big Tech hasn’t started banning mention of failure-to-deliver.

          Some plausible explanations why not.

          a) China is calling Big Tech’s actions, China wanted to obviously fraud their guy in, but is rooting for injuries here.

          b) Whoever is calling Big Tech’s shots doesn’t have a decision cycle fast enough to act on this.

          c) Setting up behind the scenes shenanigans uses back channels. You can’t know all the back channels you might want to use in advance, so some nodes will find that they need to communicate in an emergency, and are unable to.

          d) They have a senile pedophile running things, and now the people around him are his incompetent disturbed friends, and not the relatively competent people his funders surrounded him with during the campaign. (Note that I recognize that this scenario is fantastical.)

        2. That user has linked to some of his scientific publications.

          He is at Berkeley, has a CV that includes renewable energy stuff, and has been published in Nature.

          There is a possibility that he does not want to consider Biden affair corruption, and is reaching for an extreme alternative because of that.

    1. After all, it isn’t like they did what BLM/Antifa did and used spray paint to spray on Marxist slogans and symbols or painted anti-Jewish slogans on synagogues and Jewish businesses (like in LA, NYC and elsewhere). Those acts were praised by the Democrats and their media arm.

  8. I may have just figured out some of this strange stuff.

    Remember, the believing Dems seem to think that the NRA causes interest in gun rights. NRA has just gone bankrupt to reincorporate outside of New York.

    If things worked the way Dems believe, it would be a good opportunity for registration/confiscation.

    Throw in vastly underestimating resolve, and numbers…

    Things are not as grim as I have been letting myself feel they are…

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