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    1. Dog stopped by and he and Fluffy are making BBQ.

      If the Diner doesn’t survive, neither will the BBQ.

  1. Hope you get lots done! I need to hire myself as a cleaning person and bustle around doing things too, but here I am instead.

    I thought of a good name for the current administration :). I hate even reading the phrase “Biden Administration” because the potted plant is not administering anything. What about “BiHoBama Administration”? Has a nice ring to it…

    1. I’ve been using the “FICUS Administration”, though I’ve been known to slip up and say “Biden”. Oops.

    2. The Biden affair encompasses the preliminary fraud, possibly back to 2018, and definitely back to initial Covid Lockdown theatrics.

    3. I’ve been using “Biden Regime.” It has the appropriately nasty kleptocratic, banana-republic, third-world dictatorship ring to it.

      1. I was using that term but then saw BidenReich somewhere and have adopted it, even if he might be nothing but a demented figurehead for the actual tyrannical dictators.

        I don’t like
        the BidenReich.

        The fraud in chief
        deserves much grief
        for he’s a thief.

              1. If only Boss Tweed were their role model. Boss Tweed’s machine left people alone to live their own lives as long as they kicked up a cut of the pie and voted for the machine’s candidates at election time, and provided reasonably efficient basic services, to the extent that any government can do so.

              2. There is a courthouse in NYC, the second oldest government building there still in use, and it only cost twice what it should have.

                Boss Tweed had more principles than these guys.

        1. “BidenReich” gives it too much credit. The “fundamental transformation” the Left seeks is into something closer to Vichy America rather than Imperial America. Not that a Socialist Imperial America would be a good thing, but the Left is more focused on diminishing and destroying America than seizing America’s power and making use of it for their own purposes.

    4. Another consideration might be the unofficial, somewhat vulgar ‘BOHICA’ administration.

      (Bend over here it comes again)

  2. My posting has been irregular, but I hope to be more ubiquitous in the near future, along with my writing. School and looking at a new career has been taking up far more time than I thought it would.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I’m working on not only creating a schedule of posting for myself, but actually sticking to it. Will wonders never cease.

  4. I’ve been online discussing and arguing water, oil, and mineral rights in the West and particularly in Nevada. You can own a mine on Federal land– although the “federales” can also try to make it impossible for you to get to your mine. Anyway– for some reason this has been a bone of contention between me and a few Easterners who don’t understand the West.

    1. Ooh boy. Yeah. Mining law, mineral law (they are not always the same), Federal land law, conservation regulations, antiquities regulations . . . Those make water law look simple. [Law #1 “Water flows uphill toward money.”]

      1. Oregon is a bit different. Water flows towards political power, slightly uncoupled from money. It particularly flows away from entities out of favor with Our Betters in Salem.

        The same thing is happening with the magic totally-not-dangerous CCPvirus vaccine, which is flowing to favored groups and is being diverted from rural counties to the Glorious People’s Utopia of Portland. Seems that vaccination rate just might be part of Despicable Kate’s calculations for letting us out of her gulag.

          1. Excellent PR move as well, I think.

            My self-imposed rules are that China has to be someplace in the name, and it ought to make a statement beyond just that.

            Like “china virus brack rung.” [I hope to be able to actually say this out loud soon. So far I get one syllable in and I’m laughing too hard to finish.]

    2. Try discussing farming with city folks. Or Texas to Californians. Or construction to desk jockeys. Or voting record analysis to Leftists.

          1. I happened to be in Switzerland once when everybody got done with their annual training. Every single person in the city had a rifle slung over their shoulder, and people were shopping, drinking coffee… No big deal.

            I never talked to a Swiss about that whole “everybody must have a weapon” thing.

            1. Mice, no matter how carefully you talk to them about Mozart, will never understand what the @!#$& you are trying to explain.

        1. If you are on a range with a Japanese, leave. They love firearms, but get their ideas from the movies.

          1. I have seen this. Japanese tourists in Arizona at the range, grinning from ear to ear, shooting the biggest bazooka they could rent. Didn’t care a single damn where the rounds went, just loved the idea of being able to pull that trigger. BOOM baby!

            Although I must say they did follow the range rules very well. Very nice manners.

          2. You know, I’ve never seen an Asian at my gun range. Not ever. I don’t go very often at all, but still.

      1. I’ve tried that– Sadly I’ve gone off my rocker. They have NO experience or idea… same folks who believe beef comes in those convenient packages in the grocery store. *sigh

        1. They’ve never had the beef walk up to the schoolyard fence and stick its head over for pets and bits of grass. (Small town school, one of my classmates’ family farm was right beside the grade school, and some of their cattle, both the dairy herd that was their livelihood and the two beef steers they raised for their own freezer, were very friendly with children who were kind to them).

        2. Well, beef does come in those convenient packages. The silly ignorance is about where those packages come from and how much work it takes to produce the original beef on the hoof and then cut it down to those convenient sizes.

          From time to time I’ve looked at getting a deal by intercepting the process somewhere upstream from those convenient plastic packages, but I don’t have either the freezer space or family-to-feed that would make it worthwhile for me. The best I can do is little stuff like cutting up cheap roasts rather than buying the overpriced “stew meat” at the supermarket.

          1. I’m in that stage too. I tried to convince my brother and nephew to buy a half cow or something like that and have it butchered. It would have had to stay in my brother’s freezer. But both of them moved out of State from me. I can’t help but take that as an added insult. LOL

  5. Guys and Gals; I’ve just gone over the edge into complete insanity.

    Somehow I agreed to running for Select Board Member for the town as a Republican.

      1. “And…. IT’S INSANITY FOR THE WIN!”

        America is worthy anything we have to do to keep her, friend. We’re all being called.

        What can I do to help your campaign, and help your administration once you are in office? Serious question.

        1. I’ll be one of 5 select people. Two others, both Democrats, are also running for the single position. I was literally a last minute entry when the country GOP chair called me up because nobody else on the town committee was willing to run. (I know, flashbacks to being last picked for the baseball team.) I don’t see how I can do any worse than the ultra-PC feminista who’s stepping down did. Let’s just say her fellow board members aren’t “quite” partying over her leaving. At least they managed to keep ze and zer out of the bills. I do need to sit down and do a position paper though; which should be fairly easy.

          1. So long as none of those positions involve preemptively putting your head between your knees you should do okay. I feel confident you will eschew any positions Vice-president Harris might take.

          2. Now I really admire what you’re doing. Good night, what a group.

            I would really love to see your position paper, if you don’t mind sharing. I’ve never done the thought experiment “What if I ran for ‘x’ and had to tell people the foundational ideas I hold dear, what would I say?”

    1. As long as you are not having me write some of your PR campaign, you are relatively sane.

  6. The number 39 figured prominently in a dream last night, so I’d like to buy a spot in the 老年疯扒殿周 pool for 39 days.


      1. The last three a transphonetic and with China Joe’s surname as the first two, so phonetically Bā Diàn Zhōu, and elderly crazy is correct.

        I think it’s humorous that 扒殿周 (Bā Diàn Zhōu) comes back as Pickpocketing Week on Bing translate.

  7. Anyone who lets this into their home or anyplace else is an utter idiot:


    I fully expect the Bidenreich to mandate installation of such technology in everyone’s homes and businesses for the purpose of monitoring energy usage in the name of “saving the Earth from climate catastrophe”. They WILL find a pretext with the purpose of imposing massive constant surveillance of everything. Leftist Judges who uphold all sorts of rights that are found nowhere in the Constitution will rush to declare such actions by the Bidenreich as constitutional.

      1. Max Headroom also had screens not allowed to be turned off – which is what allowed Max out into the world.

        Kinda like the gamestop thing, where Robinhood was supposed to result in “more suckers at the tables” – unintended consequences, and all that.

        1. Let’s hope there are a lot more unintended consequences, as their intent is very clear:


          This is the rhetoric of people who intend to send millions of political opponents to reeducation camps/gulags and ultimately mass graves and is the exact kind of rhetoric used by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler and every other of histories mass murdering totalitarians.

          Take it as the warning that it is as to their intent.

          1. Oh, they mean to destroy us, I do believe.

            WA State is going to come down on whitey pretty quick. BLM has declared waycizm as a public health crisis, and is forcing Jay Jay the Vagina to issue mandates, edicts, and diktats to end the public health crisis of waycizm.

  8. Just want you to know I’m fine.

    That’s not news to me.  I already knew that.  It is one of the things I like about you, but I am not so sure about this tooting your own horn thing.  😉

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