We Will Work Until We Can’t

The Republic has fallen. The Republic is forever.

Look, it’s just that it’s now obvious. They’re rubbing our nose in it. It’s all Potemkin elections from now on. They think they’re building a kingdom of a thousand years.

Remember they are always wrong, the totalitarians. Their kingdoms of a thousand years last ten. They are toddlers. They understand tantrums and screaming and, if normal people are stupid enough to let them, scamming. They don’t get that food doesn’t come delivered to the table. They think famines will only hit the right, oh, and their vision of the world froze circa the 1950s. And even that is a MOVIE 1950s.

They think that all religious authorities are right wing, after they took the churches. They think only the very elderly — the ones who watch and believe the television indoctrination — vote for the right. They think they’re being transgressive when they don’t get married.

In the end reality always wins. And we are reality.

DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR HEAD. Do not let them these…. things…. were elections. Do not let them win by default. In 2020 and 2021 there was no evidence of election in the fraud. No one runs potemkin campaigns with the worst possible candidates if they don’t KNOW the election is in the bag in advance.

Get books on the revolutionary war and our heroes. Make a point of reading part of one of them every day. And keep your scrap of flag. (Yes, mailing them out, promise. I was…. It’s been a concatenation of circumstances.) Don’t let them defeat you where it counts.

Maybe your role is to carry the flag till you fall and someone picks it up. Trust. Someone will pick it up. The republic will return. The republic will endure. It must. Or humanity falls.

It’s going to get very very rough. It’s going to get rougher and rougher till the rough music plays.


If nothing else the fallen caryatid will make someone in the future wonder why she fell, rather than resign the burden.

And then that person will break indoctrination and start to think and see reality. And then we win.

Because reality always wins.

As for me, I’m going to write like a demon, because in the end? Maybe even one page of the silliest fluffiest thing I write survives, but it’s enough to break through someone’s bleak despair, and bring reality back.

In the end we win, they lose.

But we might pay for it in advance, in blood, sweat and tears.

Don’t forget to sound your horn at noon EST. If you’re not in a safe neighborhood — Mine might be less safe than I thought. Someone keeps taking my Betsy Ross down — drive to a major road and sound your horn.

The walls of totalitarianism WILL come crashing down. May G-d will I see that day.

352 thoughts on “We Will Work Until We Can’t

      1. I’m an optimist. You’ll be able to hold on long enough, because enough people aren’t worried. Even the housing bubble crash took years, and that was a fairly sharp financial inflection point.

        1. Yeah. Most of the country is going on as if nothing much has happened, business as usual. There’s a lot of ruin in a nation.

          The way I feel reminds me of when I was in elementary school and they did the “duck and cover” and nuclear bomb drills. I had dreams for decades that I was in my backyard and saw mushroom clouds in all four directions. I keep getting this image of sitting on a big green hill in a lounge chair with a fruity drink with an umbrella, and watching the world crumbling in all directions. Like the towers coming down…

          Must cocoon and focus on things in my home and family, writing, music, and painting. Because politics is now such a stressful hobby that it’s going to take a huge amount of balance. But I cannot and will not close my eyes to this evil, so I can’t give it up now. I feel like it’s my duty to do what I can.

          1. For most of the country, nothing has happened. They’re still under the gaslight. As Sarah has cautioned, this is a slow avalanche — it will take time for them to roll their agenda through the nation. You don’t cook a goose in fifteen minutes.

            So long as The Resistance does not give them cause to crack down hard they’ll boil this frog slowly. Expect two years to get Harris into the ten-year widow and to increase majorities in Congress. Right now they havne’t votes enough to ram through anything truly nation changing, although they will be playing regulatory games as soon as their rubber stamps are confirmed.

          2. Rising up is a choice. Following along is one, but it doesn’t look like one.

            If there is one freedom most people want it is freedom from having to choose.

        2. I’m an optimist, myself – maybe because I have read so much history I can take the long view and be guardedly optimistic? I’ll look for a lot of sullen compliance, a hell of a lot of underground economies, and possibly even vigilante organizations, in certain localities.
          And I will keep writing … I had the conviction a dozen or so years ago that I had to do something with my writing historicals to teach people our real American history, that we were decent people, striving to do right by our neighbors, and that our Republic was a breathtakingly bold experiment.
          I honestly didn’t think that it would get this bad, though. Oh, well – interesting times, interesting times.

      2. This is why I moved two years ago. The writing was on the wall and I have grown weary of trying to stand up for people who don’t appreciate it and hope that they will be eaten last.
        I’ve warned my family that they’re going to lose everything if they didn’t get out, and well, it’s too late now and it’s on them.
        I’m just done.

            1. I wanted/needed to be near my sons, so couldn’t do Texas. New Hampshire was the best I could manage and stay in their vicinity. Sigh. I suppose if they did split up the country, this would go along with the rest of New England. At least the governor is a nominal Republican and the legislature flipped Republican in November. I guess they were over-focused on frauding in Jeanne Shaheen and the reps to bother with local contests.

        1. RINO’s and ‘moderates’ try to appease the crocodile in the hope that they’ll be eaten last.

          Patriots shoot the damn crocodile and fire up the barbecue.
          The Democrats are willing to burn America to the ground, so long as they wind up squatting on top of the ashes.

          1. When I was lying in bed totally not sleeping last night I kept having fantasies about removing certain people with great prejudice.

        2. I escaped Chicagoland/the 10th circle of Hell probably just in time. Still not in the greatest place, since I’m temporarily in a city and can’t really dig in and homestead, but at least I’m in a deep red state, and a surprisingly red city.

      3. What I would give to get out of Virginia. Parents retired here to care for their parents. I came when the state was till kinda red to find work. Now Mom needs me and my sister. At 82, she doesn’t have another move left in her; everyone and everything she knows is here. The minute I can, I’m heading back to Tennessee or Alabama. I’ve kept up with a few friends there.

      4. Just do what I do, Sarah. No bumper stickers, no flags, no lawn signs. Be like smoke in the darkness. It’s easy for me, being that I don’t much care what other people think and I’m out in the boondocks anyway.

        Let the other assholes self-identify and strut around. Makes them pretty easy to see.

        1. somebody’ll know, think to incite, or maybe deflect, and then it’s Cambodian Farmers all over again, except, so far, they’ve been unable to disarm us.

          1. Not the entire strategy, you know? One does make other arrangements, and obviously Leftists are known to randomly go after people for no reason at all. Your rainbow flag isn’t big enough? They’ll go at you. You stopped applauding too soon? Uh oh.

            But on a day like today, when MAGA demonstrators are having guns pointed at them by the Secret Service through the doors of the Hall of Congress, I don’t have to worry about some sniveling hipster puke keying my truck because it has an NRA sticker on it. He has to worry about -me- because he doesn’t know where I am. I might be that random old guy with a cane, standing on the corner minding my own business, watching him key some other guy’s truck and covertly taking video of it.

            I’m pretty interested in having all the yahoos and assholes stay off my lawn. Rule One of keeping assholes off your lawn, don’t be a target. No flags, no flashy lawn furniture in the front of the house.

        2. Ditto on the no bumper stickers. When confronted? We don’t mark up our vehicles. Ever. Period. We’re enough of environmentalists, outdoor enthusiasts, plus the know we hunt with cameras, so certain presumptions are made. Incomplete to inaccurate presumptions … Including that we are anti firearms. No we don’t expect to be eaten last. But we also aren’t anywhere or in any shape to step in personally.

          Truth is. We aren’t leaving Oregon. Have no desire to go to the red side of the state. High Dessert is a nice place to visit, don’t want to live there. Our other area that we might have considered went up in smoke (actual) this last summer (Hwy 126 east between Springfield and Blue River). We might consider further west toward the east side of the coastal mountains and north toward Benton county.

          Mom isn’t leaving her home, that they built in ’63, other than feet first and toes up, as the saying goes. Otherwise we’ll stay where our one and only is. If he moves (away, away, not into his own place locally) … we’ll follow (hubby doesn’t know that yet, but that is what will happen). We can afford it. (Well okay, maybe not if we actually get off our asses and find that 1/2 acre lot and build OUR dream home … yea, that’s happening anytime soon … NOT!)

          1. The no bumper-sticker thing is simple self-preservation. I live in Canada, and people here are pretty covert about everything. Until they get on the road. Then the berserkergang takes over. I have seen it. 😡

            People screwing with me on the road I do not need. People screwing with my truck, I don’t need that either.

  1. I pray to God for all of us to be in his hands. And may he have mercy on the left, because reality will certainly not.

  2. That alleged Georgia election insider at Larry’s, ‘Nemo’, if he is genuinely involved in the Georgia fraud, and not Raffensperger, is evidence of desperation on the part of the Georgia fraudsters.

    So, I’m sensing vulnerability, but don’t exactly know how to go for the throat.

      1. It involves stopping trying to have reasonable disagreements and civil compromise with the Left.

        The cow does not compromise with the wolves at dinner time. She puts her head down and gets those horns working.

  3. My Betsy Ross wore out during the Obama reign of error. I haven’t replaced it yet, but if I do it will be the Pine Tree flag with legend. We were always going to have to work until we can’t any more, and that’s okay. If we have to be Rooftop Americans, that’s okay too.

    Whatever may be: ¡Numquam dicere mori! and Aurë entuluva!

      1. I’ve posted this before. I’m posting it again.

        “Our petitions have been slighted; our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned, with contempt, from the foot of the throne. In vain, after these things, may we indulge the fond hope of peace and reconciliation. There is no longer any room for hope.

        If we wish to be free—if we mean to preserve inviolate those inestimable privileges for which we have been so long contending—if we mean not basely to abandon the noble struggle in which we have been so long engaged, and which we have pledged ourselves never to abandon until the glorious object of our contest shall be obtained, we must fight! I repeat it, sir, we must fight! An appeal to arms and to the God of Hosts is all that is left us!


            1. Until you see that movie at the end of Army Boot Camp as I did, or with someone who was IN within a few years of its release (I went to Boot Camp in ’99), you’ll have little idea AT ALL how badly it got things. But it’s still better than Dead Poets.

          1. And may those who would rule us discover their own Agincourt — from the French side.

      2. In the name of Heaven, Kamala, how long do you propose to exploit our patience?

        1. We will be, but I think we’re gonna be needing a new Republic.

          Tho Trump is on fire, actually called this crap “bullshit”.

          Maybe that “No More Bullshit” flag I was sent by mistake wasn’t such an error after all…

      1. Something about “spits on his hands…” from St. Mencken, I believe?

        Wife told me there was a ragged Old Glory in the closet on its flagpole: I folded it away properly and hung my Gadsden this afternoon.

        1. Some musical accompaniment for that?

          Here is fire and bloody slaughter
          Written on the leaves of water
          Here is a ship with all hands singing
          Here is a dock with dark men swinging

      2. I fly it for the month of October as a break between the Gadsen and the Betsy Ross.

  4. There’s a Talmudic dictum that says, “You’re not expected to complete the task, but neither are you allowed to desist from it.”

          1. Yes! I always feel better, and make better decisions, when I’m actually doing something in the “fight” category.

            I’m starting to do encouraging videos, even though I’m shy about my skill, because I think if we can keep heart, we can think more clearly and act more wisely.

  5. K, this morning the news was saying that the Dems took Georgia, in standard amazing surge of ballots style.

    Then it was that it’s close.

    Now it’s one is a projected winner, and the other is up in the air.

    Been praying that God makes this work, whatever “work” looks like– not like me being “decided” changes anything, I’m going to keep swimming no matter what, but I’ll be open to a miracle like always.

  6. I am feeling a bit despondent this morning upon learning of the Georgia election results. A blatant, lunatic racist and a bought by the ChiComms turd. Fantastic. I do not recognize my country and worry that I may never again. Your post helps, a little

      1. You knew it was coming.

        I’ve been rather pissed at the doomers this morning acting like some new and unexpected disaster has struck.

        Dumbass, everyone knew this would happen, if not weeks ago then by midday yesterday.

      2. Yeah. It’s one thing to know it intellectually, but it’s another to feel it in the gut.

        We will see what tonight brings. Bowser wanted to bring out the guard, and I doubt it was because she did not intend to use it.

        1. The Guard belongs to the President of the United States, not to a mayor. And she knew it. She was either making a show, or trying to usurp while the usurping was good.

      3. It may become a race to hang enough of them before they put too many of us up against the wall.

    1. Now, now, turds have their uses, and can’t help being messy, stinky pieces of shit. Don’t denigrate them by comparison to one like Ossoff that CHOSE to be.
      “What? You’re a Betan! You can’t do—“

  7. I’ve had a blessed life. I’ve been so incredibly fortunate.

    And so I don’t know how to deal with this. All my grandparents died when I was too young to understand. Even my childhood cats waited until I was at college to pass, to lighten the blow. I don’t know what to do, or what to think. All I can do is keep moving forward, that much I know. But the idea that I’ll never get back what I lost, that the only hope is for generations yet to come? It’s not making it easy. I’ve had no training wheels on how to deal with great tragedy. I’ve gone from happy and comfortable to sad and helpless.

    I’ve always agreed with Sarah. In the end, the good guys win. But I never could quite look past all the people who die on the way to that victory. And knowing that I would almost certainly be one of the extras to suffer or die, rather than the hero who survives, or at least gets to make a meaningful sacrifice. That things end well eventually is a small comfort. It’s better than nothing.

    But I’ll likely never see these traitors face justice. Many of them will die of natural causes without ever having to pay for their crimes. And I worry that I’ll break in some way before we see this through.

    1. You won’t because you have comrades (yes, we’re stealing their word. They deserve it.)
      Have my hand. Lean on me if you have to.
      In the end we win they lose.
      This is why despite the massive time-sink I’ve never shuttered this blog, and I won’t.
      If you need me, lean on me.
      I’ve been fighting from the day I was born. (In that case just for survival, because I was born so premature) I hate it, but it has to be done.
      And G-d being merciful, we’ll see victory.

      1. Sarah, we will all need to lean on one another, to varying degrees and at varying times. So stand up straight, everybody, lock your knees if you need to, and let’s show these usurpers what Americans are.

      2. As I recall, comrade was used to refer to a fellow soldier well before the progs stole it. Thus you are not stealing the word from them, you are recovering it from thieves.

        1. Utterly unrelated (I think… and I might have asked before) but once upon a time when usenet was still a thing and even still possessed some utility, I knew of a person who had in their .sig ‘ACAG – Always carry a grapefruit.” Eventually I asked about this and got the reply that it was from some story no longer recalled save for that line, which somehow must’ve really struck and stuck. Anyone here recall such a thing? Web search… reveals nothing enlightening.

        1. When I search puca, the results say it’s a goblin or ghost? Is that about what you mean? Unfortunately, English is my only language.

          1. Pooka (phonematically) is the water horse, sometimes headless horseman, and sometimes Black Dog, flame red eyes optional. Hound of the Baskervilles was identified as a pooka in at least one book I read during my major Holmes fangirl stage.

              1. *small geek voice*

                And I am so freaking glad that the new Frozen movie has a water-horse that is not a seafoam my little pony, but more of a pooka…..

                1. I still haven’t watched it. I don’t like giving my money to people (or systems) who hate me (boring believer type person) when I still have other options. And my husband and I have been quoting that one back and forth for a while now. Even if they write some fun stories. 🙂 Maybe I’ll thrift it sometime.

          2. An púca is transliterated pooka. Himself is one of the Good Folk, although in his case it’s an aphorism, to be sure. Sometimes he will come out as a wild black stallion, and take people on rides across the fields and hills – sometimes as a big black dog – one of the <cú sídhe. Some times himself helps, sometimes he hinders. It’s best to be wary of him.

                1. I’m not convinced Greebo was all ….. real. But he wasn’t one of them.
                  And I miss him horribly.
                  His urn? Heaviest cat urn ever. Like he was bigger than he seemed on the outside.

                  1. Reminds me of the Diane Duane Young Wizards book, where the Protagonist’s dog turns out to have been … Bigger. Same letters, even.

                    Reality is not always what it seems. Some days – it’s very soft, and more Real things come through.

                    Which reminds me of an illustration my pastor used a few years ago, talking about miracles: “God gently ‘boops’ reality on the nose” (paraphrased, because long time ago).

                    1. It ought be acknowledged that the best known pooka in “literature” manifests as a well-dressed six foot three and a half-inch tall white rabbit.

                      Wilson: [reading from an encyclopedia] “P O O K A – Pooka – from old Celtic mythology – a fairy spirit in animal form – always very large. The pooka appears here and there – now and then – to this one and that one – a benign but mischievous creature – very fond of rumpots, crackpots, and how are you, Mr. Wilson?

                      “‘How are you, Mr. Wilson?’ Who in the encyclopedia wants to know?”

        2. “eye” s “kay” acou “at” that proton mail thingy. Maybe coordinate further through that? My husband is available too.

        3. At least 4 of us here in Oregon, counting you.

          Not saying we’re particularly close, mileage wise. We are in Oregon.

          1. 4? I knew of only three, and while I stop in Eugene every year on my way to SO for to visit the parents, it’s not a frequent thing. And KFalls is bit of a drive, to be sure. 😉

            1. I know the distances aren’t exactly close. I mean what is 300 miles, for a shoulder to cry on? 🙂 Sure, then you’d have to drive home again.

              aAlabamaDill is probably closer in SW WA.

              I think someone who doesn’t post much is in Salem/Corvallis/Lebanan area, but not 100% sure.

            2. Would you email me? I think I might be driving distance from you. Friendly faces can be a comfort indeed.

                  1. Well, it’s going to be a bit. Probably tonight. I’m gonna investigate protonmail. Make an account, but that wont be until kids are in bed tonight around 9, as I’m at work. 😉 Life as a carpenter… 😉

        4. Very south west WA in a surprising to me , inside hating small town. Hang in there! There are more of us than they think!

    2. Well, friend, you’re not alone. Remember that, please.

      Sarah is correct. We win. We won. We will prevail.

      I’ve decided this: because God knows America is a precious, beautiful place, her restoration must happen this way. The cancerous rot of Chinese communism, cowardice, greed…. have to be exorcised. And we did it. We started the process. And we will finish it. The prize has to be fought over. We won. We win. We will prevail.

      This agony makes us stronger for what is to come. I hate it, but it’s true. We’re the light for others to follow, because we have agonized, and fought, and stood up and kept walking.

      Keep walking. Stay here. You’ll most always find a willing listener, and often kind words.

    3. If you are a believer, take consolation that death does not save them from justice, it delivers them to it. Personally I am agnostic, but there are some times that I envy believers more than I can say.

    4. “I’ve found that evil usually triumphs…unless good is very, very careful.” – Dr Leonard McCoy, ST:TOS

    5. Almost all of us who lived in the late 20th century and early 21st century have been incredibly fortunate, especially in the US. Whethere we continue to be fortunate or not is up in the air. The Democrats can split into a centrist faction and a socialist faction, and deadlock themselves. Or they could try to do too much, too quickly, and lose the support of most of the people on whom they rely to enforce their laws.

      I’m not happy, but there’s a song they made us sing (the Hebrew translation of it, anyway) every Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel as I was growing up. I just have to think of my grandparents’ generation and realize how much better things are now.

  8. their winning or losing is irrelevant. The body count that is racked up is the annoying part, and win or lose for either it will be a body count in some form.

  9. Oh yes.. may God have mercy on the left because I have none. I see very clearly this morning and it is so sharp that my brain hurts. May the left and their stooges have “interesting times.” May we survive and thrive.

      1. Yep, except this time, WE have the numbers. “We many, we happy many, we band of brothers…”

      2. And I’m listening to POTUS speak of the happy people, the courage, the truth. I can’t decide whether to cry or shout.

  10. OK, here’s the deal.
    The left are and always have been and will be incompetent eff ups simply because when faced with reality they retreat into their fantasy bubbles.
    Their coalition is already fraying at the edges. I fully expect it to begin to tear by the end of this current month.
    Now they will fraud the midterms, I have no doubt.
    And with their dying gasp will attempt to do as much damage to this nation as their stolen power lets them.
    What we do for now is hunker down, stock up on essentials, create new lines of communications and develop and extend our support networks.
    Protect you and yours from as much of the inevitable violence and disruption as possible
    And at every opportunity from the sidelines with minimal risk to yourself do mock, ridicule, and most certainly quietly point out each and every time the emperor strolls about in his skivies.
    I certainly do not advocate sabotage of any form nor fashion, but anyone with the least bit of common sense and an interface into the workings of society already knows that there are many ways to perform a task, some much more straightforward and efficient than others. To put it bluntly, none of us are under any obligation to make it easier for the usurpers to carry out their takeover and attempts to run this country we still love into the ground.
    Be safe, be careful, and above all do not let the sumbeyatches grind you down.

    1. I am, personally, going to make our writers as effective as I can.
      I will be teaching workshops for which Andrew Breitbart scholarships will be available. I figure that’s as good a way as any not to throw pearls before swines.

      1. Still waiting patiently for a couple of manuscripts in need of a final scrub my fine young Portagee.

      2. And though it scares me icy inside, I will be your student. And I will not remain silent any longer.

        Never again.

      3. Pardon me, Ma’am, but what makes you think any writer not authorized by Our Infernal Underlord will be permitted to reach an audience? ALL the paying channels of distribution are in Our Infernal Underlord’s hands.

        This is what I’ve been staring in the face for months now. If I try to publish, I get cancelled. If I don’t try to publish, I might as well not write at all. It’s a great recipe for total writer’s block.

        1. I’ll manage it. TRUST me, I’ll manage it.
          Yes, I too was like that.
          Look at substack newsletters and there are other things popping up. AND to be honest, if all this shuts down I’ll annoy husband till he works 24×7 and builds a thing in three days where we can do this. (He’s done it in the past.)
          THey’ll try, but fiction is difficult to parse. THey won’t get to us for a year or two. And we’re small and flexible.

        2. For what it’s worth I love what I’ve read of your work and very much want more.

          1. Pardon my curiosity, but was that a reply to Our Hostess, or to Uncle Lar? (I wasn’t aware that he was one of us inkstained wretches, but I’m clueless.) It’s so hard to tell with the indents on these comments.

            1. Pretty sure it was directed at Sarah.
              Full disclosure, I help out for a number of our group of writers by doing research, beta reads, and copy edits for their indie manuscripts. I am also a subject matter expert on both firearms and manned operations in low Earth orbit. Former FFL dealer/gunsmith and 25 years with NASA, mostly out of the Mission Operations Laboratory in Huntsville.

    2. With the Democrat’s policies? There is already nothing that isn’t going to be destroyed anyway. Health care, power, transportation, food. Anything we can do is redundant and would only be destroying it slightly faster then the Democrats planned.

      Nor do I think they’re going to go slow, they’re going to chomp the bit and gallop toward the edge of the cliff as fast as they can go.

  11. “At last the work of generations is complete. The great error is corrected. The day of victory is at hand. The day of revenge. The day of the Sith!”

  12. Looking at the options to getting out of here.

    I have family and most of my friends in California. I don’t want to live in Texas. But, I know one of the reasons why I’m going back to school is so that I can go somewhere else and have a marketable skill. (Ironically, in marketing.)

    Bulking up my savings in several places and have some other things going.

    My hope is that we’re just going to get a repeat of the worst part of the ’70s-shag carpet, polyester and all.

    1. I’ve been bulking up my savings for about 40 years now. Assuming the Geranium and the Rugburn Queen don’t steal it, I can probably retire to Arizona in a year or two. Hope it doesn’t rush further into the fascist end of things. I’m looking at some places near Tuscon and also in Cochise County.

  13. LIVE: Trump joins ‘Save America’ rally; Trump supporters hold multiple rallies—Washington DC | NTD

    Trump is at the podium right now. The place is PACKED.

    1. I saw pics from a higher elevation. Guesses were from 0.5 to 1.0 million people.

      Not sure how many are/were in the Capitol building. Wow!

      1. Yeah, heard a WAG of a million later, tho haven’t seen those better shots myself. Hopefully enough to keep this going long enough to have an impact.

  14. My “horn” was a bit louder than a car horn but I made my statement. My US flag comes down and the Bonnie Blue goes up.

        1. Trump started speaking just after noon, so I think it got lost. A lot of people were planning to go out right after his speech and honk, and it didn’t work out that way.

          1. Take a gander at the patriots crowding the Capitol’s steps. Right now you couldn’t get in or out of the building except via the roof. Too bad they didn’t bring some rope.

            Presently in recess because of some “disorder” beyond the power of the gavel.

            — Those who rise in opposition speak of evidence and broken procedures.
            — Naysays all boil down to the emotional appeal of “Move along now! Why do you hate Our Democracy?”

                  1. A couple of folks who are there gave evidence that made it look like around a quarter million people.

            1. They’re in the building now:

              Begun, the rough music has.

            2. One comment’s in moderation; here’s another tweet:

              It’s the opening song of the rough music.

              1. They stormed the chambers (well, got inside the door) and Congress ran away to the Longworth Building. Someone outside has a trumpet and is blowing what might be taken as a call to arms; others are occasionally chanting “USA” and “Stop the Steal”. Reporter says he can smell tear gas; someone who was inside said pepper spray and rubber bullets got used on them before the cops “ran away”. Some of the “protesters” are reportedly breaking windows and making a mess; speculation is they’re disguised Antifa.

                Methinks the mayor’s newly-announced 6pm curfew will be an exercise in futility.

                  1. LOL, good for him.

                    National Guard now on the way. Powerful evidence that Trump supporters are WAY scarier than BLM and Antifa…….

                  2. LOL. I haven’t seen that, but I’ve seen quite a few Pepes on various and sundry bits of clothing and … armor.

    1. What??? We’ve been gaslighted all along… The shitblizzard has been very intense this election season. does he mean that some of the “others?” will finally see it? I can’t find any mercy in my soul for them.

        1. Oh I know they can do more bs. what’s next is action– i.e. education camps and other BS … They might night have the ability to break our backs but they will sure try. and they have so many examples of how to do it.

    1. I started just a brief skim of Powerline about a month ago, and skipped everything written by Paul Mirengoff. John Hinderaker wasn’t that bad, but is apparently one of those squishy “well I never” Republicans who just can’t tolerate “unseemliness”. But I read that article and was nodding along at Trump’s tweet and going “what!” at his objections. It’s like he thinks being polite to the fraudsters is going to get Republicans somewhere. Not only No, but Hell No.

      1. Yes. I’ll look at their site a bit, looking for specific topics. There’s something about Oregon I’ll read shortly, and the CCPvirus crap in Minnesota is all too familiar. (Not sure the latter is worth reading any more. Ever since the CDC managed to “eliminate” influenza with the same techniques that have caused COVID numbers to skyrocket, my BS tolerance for that has ended.)

        I also put Rick Moran in the never read bucket. IIRC, he had this thing where he was an out-and-proud RINO. Life is too short to pay attention to his drivel.

        1. I just saw the lead paragraph on the rally/Occupy Capitol. It’s All Trump’s Fault, says the writer. Well, that bookmark folder just got a bit smaller.

          I know their approach was the Dems stole it fair and square, but really?

            1. Yep.

              And Andrew McCarthy is on Fox News saying he prosecuted people like the protesters for “terrorism”.

                1. The way things are going, we could use a Sikorsky CH-3 Jolly Green Giant to speed things up a bit.

    1. We’ve had our first Objection (accompanied by some applause), against Arizona’s electoral votes. “The Senate will now retire to its chamber.”

      Well, this is gonna take a while….

  15. Two thoughts / themes come to mind:

    1. 11 Sept: “Let’s roll”

    2. Nightwish, “Last Ride of the Day” — because we ARE the candle in the dark.

        1. If you’re going for Muse shouldn’t it be “Knights of Cydonia”:

          No one’s gonna take me alive
          The time has come to make things right
          You and I must fight for our rights
          You and I must fight to survive

  16. So about that “end of peacefulness on the right” thing…

    1. I don’t want to watch. Any minute I expect the SOBs to start drone-striking them, dropping bombs or otherwise mowing them down with lethal force.

          1. Congress used the storming of the Capitol building to stop all objections to the EC vote. May God have mercy on our souls. May He have known for them.

      1. Apparently the DC powers that be asked for National Guard support, and the DOD said nope. The mayor is calling for a curfew as of 6PM tonight. I suspect it’ll be completely ignored.

          1. The woman who was shot in the Capitol building has died. DC Police get that one.

            Ted Lieu is whinging about having Pence do a 25th amendment coup, while Omar wants an impeachment.

            You think that with the tolerance to the BLMifa riots, they should have expected people to do a bit more than say “more abuse, please”. Do you have to fail an intelligence test to become a leftist? (That’s leaving aside knowing nothing about economics, or history, or biology or physics. Sigh.)

              1. She’s claiming it was because of the protesters (several of whom have been ID’d as the BLMifa types from previous incursions), but folks noted that her memo was dated *yesterday*. Clever, that.

                  1. I was going from this message: (screen shot)

                    My face recognition stinks, but they look similar.

                    There were messages on the antifa coms that were talking about infiltrating the rally (in MAGA gear) and causing violence.

                    I do find it darkly amusing that the same people who brushed off objections to BLMifa rioting are now comparing yesterday’s events to the start of WW II. (Well, they might be right, though Civil War 2 would be more accurate.)

                    At least we know who’s on what side.

              2. I’ve seen something like this before, in the military.

                Officers who were junk ended up in situations they couldn’t deal with, usually with no notice, usually with life in the balance. (I was in the peacetime Army, so it wasn’t shooting.) They would lost their shiite and start acting crazy just like this because they’re brains were overloaded and all they could do was emote and bleat weird crap.

                That’s what this sounds like. I think the enemy in many cases has lost its mind.

                1. Yes– I have to admit that my mind is crazy too. But I’m angry crazy and that is not good because when I am hot too long I go cold. Maybe the other side will start making mistakes because their crazy is unsustainable.

    2. Someone else points out in a tweet:

      3 U.S. Code § 1: “The electors of President and Vice President shall be appointed, in each State, on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in Nov…” This did not happen in several states, making each of those certifications illegal and meaningless.

    3. Looks like I’ll have some work to do. Just arrived:

      Congressman Van Taylor, 3rd district: “In accordance with the Constitution, I will vote to accept the electoral votes certified by every state.”

  17. If your house was on fire you could move, be out of there, in 5 minutes, including the cats.

    Most folks have a reasonably detailed fire exit strategy, routes of egress, and what to grab and take, priorities. Also a far more nebulous where to go and stay while the ashes are cooling, but they do have such in mind.

    OK Rome is burning. Leastwise the tinder is smoldering. Folks don’t want to lose everything so they’re sitting tight until. Tain’t nutthin’ wrong with that but same as a house fire, need priorities and a plan, even thought nothing ever goes exactly according to plan.

    Last time my house burnt down was 1967. Actually it was flooded, not burnt. The 1967 Fairbanks flood.Had enough warning I, as I’d planed if such happened, brought all my tools up out of the basement and went to work. However the water kept on rising. Tools, books, etc. under more than 3 feet of water. Got the family out, and the clothes they were wearing but that was about it. In the 9 or 10 days before we could boat (rubber raft and paddle, not drive the pickup truck) down the road to the check the property, I realized that was the important thing, The family was safe and anything material, we could (and did) rebuild.

    The last time (& the first time) my daughter’s house burnt down was last November. She got her family out and that’s just about all. Pretty much the only thing salvaged was the hole in the ground where the house stood. Now, a few months later, a new CBS, concrete, basement fills the hole, new house framed, sided and roofed atop it. Much much work to do on it still, of course, but it’s closed in so work can continue through our Alaskan winter.

    So Rome’s burning. Save what you can but most important save yourself and yours.

    We the people have experienced an untold number of fires, floods, failed civilizations over the centuries. The thing is if we survive, we can, and do, rebuild, anything, everything, including civilization.

      1. Quite understand & that’s the right thing to do. As I said above; Tain’t nutthin’ wrong with that but same as a house fire, need priorities and a plan. If the flames get high enough be ready to grab cats & son and go.

        1. As soon as we can secure the $ we’re going to buy in “decided place of refuge.” Probably not before summer. Then husband and I are going to alternate month there month here. Go to church (there), go to hardware store (in small towns I’m ALWAYS one of the “hardware store old guys” standing outside talking about the project before it opens. I was a Hardware store old guy at 35 in Manitou. Sometimes someone bought doughnuts and coffee and I was included. Everyone else was int heir fifties at least and male.) go to the grocery store. Walk around. BE SEEN so they know us, our faces, our names.
          Because if/when the flames go high enough?
          <facing locals guarding mainstreet, in the night. Rolls down window, smiles:
          "Hi, Bob. It's Dan and I. We have the kid and the cats. We're just trying to get home, okay? Yeah. Things sure are crazy. We're SO glad to be back home. You have no idea." is much better than "We're unknown refugees from Commierado, and we want to find a house here."

          1. Good on yer!

            It’s hard to do but remember what is essential and what isn’t. I had two friends up here with badly, hideously, scared faces from fire. They’d each ran back into burning buildings to save this or that. For one it was a stack of magazines, Saturday Evening Post or some such. I don’t remember what the other tried to save but it was of little consequence.

            I keep harping on having a plan D, one reason being ’cause such helps establish priorities. For example, in working out my own plans; I have a 1924, first edition, 5th Shakespeare & Co. printing of Joyce’s Ulysses on my shelf. Fire, flood or fit hitting the shan, if I’ve a week or a month and there’s room, it’ll go with me. If I have 5 minutes, heck no, 5 hours probably not, 5 days maybe.

            Point being, working out priorities ahead of time, one limits spur of the moment life taking decisions.

              1. Been doing that for the last few months. Now we have fairly comprehensive bug out bags that include bowls and food for the cat. There’s a feeling of relief.

                1. well, the most important thing is to have the kitty pokeys up so they can go in them.
                  AND the document box. The rest we can buy. I mean, we dress from thrift shops, okay?

          2. I want to see how contagious the DC unrest is on the Left Coast. Since we’re pretty much in a forgotten corner of the area, I don’t expect *much* trouble, though the local (1 mile away) fire during the Great Antifa Arson Tantrum tells me it’s not totally safe.

            We’re good enough friends with some of our neighbors so that if things go pearshaped, we would have backup. OTOH, one new neighbor is raising yellow flags. Not red, yet, but we’re keeping an eye out.

              1. We’re pretty much at a point where there’s nowhere to go. If $TINY_TOWN becomes a target, the rational response is to return fire.

        1. Polite of you to say so, but I shall take care not to trade too much on your saying it. To tell you the truth, I only commented today out of sheer desperation.

  18. At least our depression cycles are not synchronized. Thanks for the (somewhat) upbeat message.

  19. O star of Heaven and Eden-weeder
    by feeding Our Lord in your arms!
    Where Eve and Adam had planted death plague,
    You helped uproot all of their harm.

    O bright star, may you deign to rein back
    This hard season’s strife and death,
    And all the wounds of deadly sickness,
    And all the terror of its breath.

    O star of the sea!
    O most kindly,
    Please set us free
    From this ill. Hurry!

    O save us, Jesus!
    And please do
    What your virgin mother
    Has asked of you.

    “Stella Coeli Extirpavit,” a traditional chant hymn against plague.

    1. The situation is fluid as they say. It appears that there are two different groups. One engaging in peaceful protest *outside* and one storming the building and attacking the Capitol police. Trump has called in the National Guard. It has occurred to me that this protest has been infiltrated by antifa types who are purposefully engaging in violent acts in order to discredit and pro-Trump/anti-steal protests. PJMedia is live blogging things.

      1. Somehow I doubt even Fox will call this mostly peaceful.

        Expect demands for mass arrests including Trump to be made by 6pm.

      2. I saw a note over at Parler that NPR reported the storming of the Capitol and clashes with police at 9:33 a.m. on the sixth. Talk about great journalism, they reported the news hours before it happened!

  20. I wish I had your optimism.

    I cannot shake the feeling that along with the return of slavery to Africa (thanks tot he same crew just elected) and the replacing of the inalienable rights of man with the good of my tribe (BLM types openly reject MLK…” he’s dead” they will yell when he is brought up) the end of liberty is just reversion to the historical mean.

    Only one culture has truly fostered individual rights and even it has only for a brief time in human history. Maybe 20% of history if we are generous and date it all the way back to the beginning of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms

    Maybe it is just time for man to return to an age of monarchs and tyrants.

    In this, the Left has been smart, especially in China but here as well. They have robbed people of children. Men in our nation are as effectively robbed as if we had polygamy. But for the first time in history, women en mass are robbed of that investment in the future a child is. What of the odd things is while men robbed of that investment just don’t give a damn about the future, women robbed of it seem to seek to rob younger women of the same thing. What do you think feminism is but spinsters trying to make new spinsters who validate their choices/share their misery.

    I think I’m going to disappear for a while. I’m setting up a block file on most political and news sites. I honestly don’t know why I should be bothered to fight this further. I cannot shake that most people don’t want freedom, but security. Yes, I know the Franklin quote, but I’m looking at face diaper fetishes. That is about safety, but not how it’s sold.

    It’s about safety from blame. It’s the old “you can’t be fired for buying IBM” writ across the culture at large. Freedom means you are never safe from blame for your choices, but tyrants excuse everything you do because you have no choice.

    We have not successfully sold freedom en mass for a century at least. Hell, the very people who complain about their ancestors being slaves are the first to line up to be slaves, vote slaves kept in rags and violence, to the would-be tyrants.

    Perhaps we should get the Stuart pretender or even the Wessex one (I think there is one, but Wikipedia no longer lists who it is) and get a monarch. Better a monarch who has an investment in their kingdom than rule by tyrannical Mandarins (the worst of all possible worlds) that is technocratic communism. I mean, the later’s 1000 Year Reich will last 30 years, but that means it will last longer than me and my cats.

    1. Unfortunately, one of the lessons of China is that once the kingdom reaches a certain size, you get the mandarins anyway.

  21. PJ Media is being… um… unhelpful.

    I mean, it’s a mass protest, and people are being unorganized, but they’re being good. They’re not breaking down doors or smashing glass, or even spraypainting the walls. It’s not safe, but it’s not a riot. And frankly, the Boston Tea Party and the other pre-Revolutionary War protests were a lot more in riot territory than this.

    It’s a notch more hostile than people visiting the White House to congratulate Andrew Jackson on winning, and there’s a lot less property damage, theft, and dirty shoes.

    What the heck do you want, PJ Media? There are rock concert moshpits more violent than this.

      1. PJ Media prefers tyranny to mused hair.

        At the very least they can forget a VIP renewal, assuming that is even relevant by May.

        1. I’m thinking of pulling my VIP too. I don’t want to do that, and I’ve asked Sarah if she can talk about why they’re scared.

          1. Because we all are scared.

            In chat on picking a vol surface my team lead made a crack about “neither option is storming Congress” when the trader we were working with said they both looked good.

            I put up with that regularly. If I hadn’t been so active in the past I might have piped down the past year, but there is so much I’ve said that is “wrong think” already out there I’ve just accepted at some point I’ll be fired over it (or told to recant it to keep my job).

            I’m mildly surprised I didn’t when white guilt training happened this summer. It was optional so I didn’t do it. Had it been required I’d have refused and been gone.

            I worry being one of the few people on my street without some “don’t burn my house I’m a liberal” sign that I’ll get threats.

            Or they’ll hurt my cats, in which case there will be no waiting or mercy. And if I can do it, no death either.

            They are scared for the same reasons. They just want to hide from the fear and pretend they won’t be herded into the same boxcars.

              1. I cannot claim that. It is taking everything I have to not choose to be quiet until they come get me hoping the bad heart gets me first.

                I’m scared shitless and don’t want to do this.

            1. I replied a bit ago that I’d become so self-focused I didn’t look up and see the obvious. We’re all scared. Of course.

      2. I support PJMedia as a VIP member. I’ve been thinking of pulling my support because…. I didn’t know. I think their being scared might explain it.

        Why are they scared? Or, what are they scared of?

        1. Every business is scared now.

          Quite a bit non-linear now, and the old assumptions about safe choices are no longer sound.

          It’d be one thing if Trump had staffed the DC NG with people personally loyal. They kill some of his political opponents, the eggs stay broken, and things perhaps develop to settling down from there.

          Without things planned and prepared in advance, there may not be any decisive action before Trump supporters withdraw from the field. Or there might be, but of entirely unpredictable nature.

          Nobody who lives on making political statements knows what sort of statements will be safe and profitable.

                  1. This.

                    If I say anything today that isn’t insane dumbassery, it is chance or the grace of God, not by my own ability.

          1. Thanks and I’m sorry. Thanks for the clear explanation, and I’m sorry I didn’t get it because it seems incredibly obvious to me now.

            I’ve been so self-focused I couldn’t look up. If I were PJ, I’d be terrified.

            1. Panic and stress and excitement have a way of making one stupid.

              Well attested in histories and stories of combat. Takes a lot to function.

              Depending, just following some of this combat or near combat situation can cause some of the excitement of combat.

              I’m lucky to have gotten enough time focused on work that I’m not gibbering in a corner.

            2. If I were PJ I wouldn’t be concerned — that particular bed is long since made and they already have the warrants ready to be issued. Dialing back now is evidence of guilty conscience. I think it more likely they’re holding their fire rather than shoot into the fog of war. As we know, the initial reports are always wrong.

              Check Sara’s posts [ https://pjmedia.com/columnist/sarah-hoyt/ ] and you can see that swearing allegiance to the new regime won’t earn her any leniency.

  22. Don’t know if it is a false flag or just people have had enough, but the balloon has gone up. Expect a nationwide crackdown starting tomorrow.

    The pistol is loaded and ready. Remember, I figure you need to have a four-person escort to Hell at the very least in order for us to have a kill ratio that will demoralize the LEOs willing to be the enforcers of tyranny.

      1. I think Antifa wants to do something, but they seem to have been drastically outnumbered. There was some guy on a megaphone trying to proclaim 50% discounts on everything for everyone, and I think he was an infiltrator… but people kinda detected that.

        1. Apparently Antifa did break some windows. Now they are trying to burn media camera gear, but they failed to start a fire with a lighter, and just piled things together. Antifa is moving in as it gets darker and a lot of Trump folks have gone off to dinner or to their hotels, RVs, etc.

        2. I’d guess AntiFa was supposed to use that scaffolding next to McConnel’s office to get in and do something horrible.

          Seriously, that is a HUGE security risk. How the bleep did it get left up?!?!

          1. Delivered and setup by the same people who deliver the pallets of bricks, bats, etc. for BLM/Antifa?

          2. You answered your own question.

            Antifa and the Capitol Police and probably the Speaker’s Office coordinated this through deep channels.

            1. Well, I was pretty sure of the answer… but wanted to check if other folks saw it, too, and make sure folks who mght see and not notice do notice.

              1. Right now I honestly don’t know if I think it was Antifa false flag or feed up Trump supporters.

                And here is how this is so dangerous: because I know no one personally who went, much less who was in the Capitol there is no one I can trust to provide honest information either way. It could have been Grays and the press will tell me it was Trump supporters.

                  1. Sarah, there was one round fired by someone. If they had fired a volley into the crowd, the body count wouldn’t be one.

                    1. No, they did fire it. I saw footage, though I can’t find it.
                      That’s not how it works, Snelson. Not with nervous police, etc.
                      I was once in a coffee shop where we were straffed with machine guns. The only thing they got were the liquor bottles. Though they scared the crap out of us, and it’s the reason I always sit facing the windows.

                  2. Are you sure?

                    That 16 year old girl could be the pregnant woman you’ve told us to watch for. In the modern age of abortion and birth control a teenage girl might be easier to setup than a pregnant woman and almost as sympathetic.

                    1. I don’t think so.
                      The girl was on our side, so that doesn’t count. AND there’s footage (Ace? Maybe?) of the police firing a volley at the crowd. My friends who were looking at it say it’s life ammo. (Veterans.)

        1. A lot of my friends are saying that. SO for perspective: this is going to die down. There will be another flare up. That will die down. Rinse repeat for a year or so before it gets serious.

          1. Then the plan to avoid media is probably still on.

            It’s just too depressing to watch it happen and know no one else will act so if I do I’m just pissing away my life for nothing.

            I said over the summer I didn’t expect to see 2022 and I still believe it, but I want it to be with a purpose.

              1. I didn’t know what the Kenyan Marxist looked like for about a year. I couldn’t bear to watch it.

          2. Sarah, I rely on you for this type of info. I’ve never done this before and you have.

      2. RSBN guys at the Capitol are talking about just this. They feel certain that it was “ANTIFA types” with the hammers, pounding on windows. They saw MAGAs pulling the black-clad folks off the walls.

        Hard to say for sure till we read the arrest reports.

        Feed is here: https://youtu.be/vTXOkcwYxvE

        1. You think the arrest reports will be allowed to be public if they show Antifa behind this.

          You think this wasn’t coordinated, though deep channels that are hard to dig up, between Pelosi, the Capitol Police, and Antifa?

          1. I am CONFIDENT the arrest reports will be made public; they probably had them all typed up and just needing correct times entered.

            It is the trial transcripts and disposition records that I expect to get “lost in the files” until the next tragic fire.

    1. Unless something not visible went wrong it looks like Friday is the first SN9 test launch window. The FAA has posted TFRs “From the surface up to Unlimited” for 8am to 6pm local on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  23. Well, we’ve found out what it takes for police in the US to shoot to kill at a “riot”.

    You know, I’m starting to think ACAB and Defund the Police are good ideas.

    1. No, it was always a bad idea to have an elected mayor of DC.

      The whole issue of ‘representation’ for DC residents was a national security weakness.

      That the Democrats and Chinese have taken advantage here does not mean that representative government in other municipalities is invalid.

      The Dems and the Chinese would have had to have been stupid not to staff DC police for the coup, if they knew that they would have one.

      1. So the stand down of police in other major cities for leftist protests is completely unrelated to shoot to kill orders among Capitol police, who work for the Speaker and not the mayor I believe?

        1. Apologies.

          I was obviously not thinking carefully enough when I thought I had read your comment.

      2. I notice Mayor Bowser is using the failure of her management to call for DC statehood complete with National Guard.

        Because DC political leadership has such a sterling record of capable management.

  24. A little reminder that many denizens of the Left can be relentless opponents.


    Do not underestimate them. They are scoundrels in the most classical sense. Unprincipled, dishonorable biological units. Highly skilled sociopaths unencumbered by anything resembling a conscience.

  25. And one of the handful of congresscritters with a spine has confirmed what I suspected — the breach was committed not by “Trump supporters” but rather by people who have been ID’d as Antifa via facial recognition. Which means, as I thought, they’re professional agitators (or they wouldn’t be known faces).

    So, total false flag op, but sure has given ’em that “he called for treason” (one of ’em put it that bluntly) excuse to arrest Trump so he can’t become a patriot magnet.

      1. 4chan came up with an ID of two of the intruders as Philly Antifa. Buffalo hat man is a known regular at BLM ‘events’. So there’s a connection, for what it’s worth.

        1. DEAR LORD.
          Okay, sorry, 4chan is full of shit.
          SOMEONE posted on my FB thread, and I don’t feel like wading into FB just now, the pictures edited to show that “buffalo man” was WITH antifa.
          He was actually being attacked by antifa.
          Hes a bit of a nut, but one of ours.
          This disinformation came from 4chan? interesting.

          1. I dunno, but sometimes they’re right. Could be a wrongful correlation, or mixed bag.

            But I still think megaphone dude at the door (exhorting *others* that !!we can get inside!!) is a paid agitator. The cue is that the agitators are less Doing than watching for others who can be got to Do; it changes their body language.

  26. (Since I have to say this somewhere.)

    Regarding the woman who was shot and killed in DC. I’m not going to assert the shooting was unjustified, because I don’t know enough details at this point and she was with the mob forcing their way into the Capitol building.

    What I am going to say is, that if the left wants to understand the anger of our side, maybe they should compare the media treatment of this shooting to the treatment of various other police shootings or near shootings in the past 7 or 8 months. The two that come to mind most immediately are the officer in Atlanta who was charged with murder for shooting a man who was actually shooting at him (followed by riots over the victim’s death) and the officer in New York who had the Mayor screaming for his badge because, after being beaten over the head by rioters, he stumbled away from them and pulled his gun (but didn’t shoot or even directly point it at anyone).

    Not to mention the general lack of live ammo coming from the cops at all the other “mostly peaceful protests” we heard about all summer.

    1. Been reported more than once that she was trying to come into the chamber via a window, made a head-and-shoulders in plain sight, and was shot from inside the chamber (probably by Secret Service, who would definitely have live ammo).

      Will be interesting when/if the Official Facts are released.

    2. … if the left wants to understand the anger of our side …

      They don’t. In their minds they have a monopoly on outrage, on the use of violence. It is inherent in the mantra, “Their violence is speech, our speech is violence.”

      Draw what conclusions you will.

  27. I was out most of the day running errands and experimenting with my free Sirius XM. It felt good. I love those good moments. I lost my oldest son in February and nothing compares to that loss: having so many things laden upon that means my good moments are fleeting.

    So I learned about the goings on after I got home. I’m smoldering. This is American without the Constitution—which means it is not America. Biden is not my president and he is not the president of America. I have very little concern for the swamp elite as they have proven that have no concern about us. Really, they have proven that they don’t even need our votes.

  28. Thank you so much for your blog posts. I find them to be hugely encouraging. I hope that you will continue to find the time to write.

  29. Dear Mrs Hoyt,
    Best wishes from Poland. I heard you are one of the few who are still fighting.
    Andrzej Czechowski

    1. Poland is an inspiration. I remember when you guys fought for your freedom.
      May you be prepared for what’s to come, as the occupiers of America stab our allies in the back.
      Stay free, my friends. Keep the candles of freedom going.

      1. ….although I’m more fixed on what it took to get those theoretically pathetic, couldn’t possibly do anything guys to DO anything.

        Can’t remember the exact phrasing, but was something like “have you no Fing clue what it takes to get a ton of Polish nobles to agree to do something?”

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