I Don’t Know What To Say

But this calls for something. So, here it is. And yep, the songs are from lefty scum. I like doing that. Let them be used as they use others:

633 thoughts on “I Don’t Know What To Say

  1. but but but following the results of the election is more important-er than actually stopping massive voter fraud!

    1. Had this been a way to stop massive voter fraud. All that’s going to happen is Congress will reconvene elsewhere and hold the vote there.

          1. He was always going to declare it. And if he does it, it will go even worse for him.
            Look, my feeling in prayer has always been “Calm down. if they win this it will be worse for them.”

            1. I agree. They stole the election(s), and nothing ill gotten like that ever works out for the bad guys.

              I’ve been watching my governor (the Patrick Bateman clone who wears too much hair gel) whole career and world be torn down around him. I have no illusions about the success of the recall (see previous stolen elections—plus I truly believe CA went red, but was stolen by our Chicago-rivaling statewide fraud apparatus) but he thought he had the W, and now he’s clinging to a rotting log in the ocean.

              But as you’ve said many times, it’s not going to be good.

              1. In fact, I think Jill Biden is going to be way more trouble than they anticipated.

                A b**** who will fight that hard to be called “doctor” isn’t going to walk away from being “First Lady of the United States” quietly.

                And that could be fun to watch.

                1. I’ve been saying for a while that we could easily get, “I, Claudius,” levels of intrigue with Ms, Biden and Kamala fighting for primacy.

            2. “Begging you, please, with dears in my eyes, don’t make me kill you.”

              Every chance to do the right thing… and they haven’t…. this is going to suck.

              1. There’s a Golda Meir quote that comes to mind:
                “When peace comes we will perhaps in time be able to forgive the Arabs for killing our sons, but it will be harder for us to forgive them for having forced us to kill their sons.”

                Notice she refers to Arabs, not Palestinians. Because at that time Palestinians had not yet been invented.

        1. Yes, and they will turn covid lockdowns into martial law by Friday, the same day the Senate votes to remove Trump after the House impeaches him tomorrow.

        2. Interestingly enough, that was Scott Adams’ take on this. Basically that it was an appropriately measured response to the absence of a credible election, and consistent with the protests that the media have lauded.

          Aside from the Capitol Hill police apparently killing an unarmed woman, that is. That appears to have been a grade A+ screw up by the police, but we’re still in the fog right now.

          I’ve noticed the two of you tend to be the most consistently right about this whole thing.

        3. I gather that the rest of the world is laughing at how America holds “elections”. Forget what went down with today’s protests – even Putin has been smirking about November 3rd, bragging “I run more credible elections.”

          1. Yup. Everybody knows the election was stolen, or if they don’t they’re uninformed or dishonest.

            Foreigners aren’t bound by the rules of Things You’re Not Allowed To Say, though.

            1. Liberals deny any election fraud. They’re horrified that white supremacist extremists attacked the capital. And they classify all conservatives as white supremacist extremists. I don’t know if we’re looking at revocation of free speech, revocation of the 2nd Amendment, or revocation of the right to travel first, or all three at once.

              The smart old communists (if that’s not an oxymoron), understand the boiling a frog in cold water principle. If the Biden-Harris Administration goes that route, they might actually accomplish it. These new Prog-Socs aren’t that patient. They’re likely to push for all of it, right now; and that would likely make tipping into revolutionary war rather easy.

            2. Yeah – but I’m so old I remember when “The whole world is laughing at us” was deemed a serious argument and a credible defense of what went o i the Oral Office.

        4. It’s going to take more direct action against those congress critters. They’re slower learning than I am, and I’m no instant genius. Threaten their revenue streams for one. That means identifying their corporate and lobby sponsors, and killing their ability to make a profit

      1. It didn’t stop voter fraud.
        But they realized they’re vulnerable. Perhaps this counting coup will be enough to give them second thoughts.

        I don’t expect that degree of wisdom, but there have been times when I’ve been pleasantly surprised by someone’s self-preservation instinct kicking in.

        And if not…
        They can’t say they weren’t warned.

        1. I’m seeing that they don’t understand that they had their scalps taken. They are trying to make it more difficult to be Trump supporters and the “influencers” are crying that we have lost our moral values.

          1. Fuck any moral values that demand I submit any man’s will.

            Fuck any influencer who promotes it. Yes,even our hostess’s friend Stephen Green.

            1. THIS.

              The time to make pious noises about the dangers of abandoning the Marquis of Queensbury rules is not umpteen years after 1/3 of the people in the ring have been groin-kicking, eye-gouging, and smuggling in shanks consequence-free for nearly a quarter-century.

              After the apocalypse that was 2020, claiming that said eye-gouging, etc. doesn’t exist takes “useful idiot” to the level of supine treachery.

          2. There are some “influencers” who are always thrilled by the opportunity to condemn the right for some failing. See the Covington kids for another example. I don’t understand where that comes from.

            1. I saw a video yesterday where someone was talking to liberals in NY. They wanted unity and compromise, but didn’t want to unify or compromise on any issue. They all agreed that Republicans were evil. So there it is… to them anyone who isn’t THEM is evil and must be purged for the righteous to prevail.

                1. that’s exactly what Barack Hussein Obama meant by compromise. You agree to agree with him.

      2. Notice how once the BLM riots started they kept on spreading? One occurrence is permission.

        I have seen demands for putting them on trial for treason — except that in this case, I think the reaction will be that they didn’t even slap BLM rioters on the wrist, and make people angrier. (Hmm. Was who was rioting, or who was suffering from the riots that made the difference? Both could be a factor.)

        1. I think you are going to see a lot of equal protection and discrimination defenses raised by those who saw the B:M/Antifa rioters get off without any consequences and punishment while being lauded by the Democrats as “mostly peaceful protestors”.

          Don’t get me wrong, the people who actually broke into the Capital Building were wrong to do so, notwithstanding the Democrats’ theft of the election. If they had simply stayed outside waiving flags, it would have made it very tough for those demanding they disburse given what was allowed this summer. But breaking in violently at this point in time will have the consequence of the electoral college hearings being in the dead of night when the general public is asleep and thus will not get to hear the evidence and arguments regarding the theft of the election. Simply put it was, at this time. better for those opposing tyranny to show that we are better than the leftists when we protest and “resist”, knowing that even the smallest incident of violence would be blown up by the media.

            1. Over/under on how many prosecutors and judges involved find themselves on people’s shitlists when the boog starts?

              1. The list of “conservative” pundits on it will be longer. Even Tucker Carlson and Glenn Reynolds are trying to get a spot.

                1. It’s interesting (in the Chinese interesting times sense) the way that pundits and people in public positions have a *much* stronger tendency to go with the quisling squishy lines than us rabid patriots. Oh never mind. It makes perfect sense.

                  1. It is baked in to some of us. Thirty years of living in a populist state and married to a native, and I still have to slap myself down on that front. Probably the Brazil side of the family since I didn’t get it from the Maronites et al. on the other.

          1. Look, I’m sorry, but that’s the same “lose peacefully” strategy that got us where we are now. The protesters were absolutely right to go into the chamber. ALL of the Washington politicos must be afraid of American citizens or we get the ever increasing abuses we’re suffering now.

            Being better behaved than your opponents is worthless if your opponents want you dead. You can either be a very polite corpse or you can show them that the horror of political violence can be visited upon them as well.

            Calls for civility have gone only one way for too long to be heeded anymore.

            1. THIS.
              I don’t understand why even my colleagues are convinced it’s better to lose with dignity.
              I CHECKED. I’m 58 and female. And I don’t condemn the protesters at all. They were incredibly restrained.

              1. They broke in the glass doors (glass doors are not security.) They pushed the police out of the way. I haven’t heard of them actually beating the police. I haven’t heard of any fires, or police cars overturned and burned. I think the media is inflating this for sales purposes, just as they deemphasized the violence of the protest riots this summer, except when some conservative fought back.

            2. It’s actually pretty damn easy to be better behaved then our opponents. All it takes is not targeting innocent third parties (like, say, neighborhood businesses).

          2. Point of information: there is video of the police opening the barricades, and of the protestors just opening unlocked doors and walking in.

            From what I hear, several of the interlopers had the presence of mind to go around collecting hard drives.

            I think there are a lot of things going on below the surface.

          3. You know, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of the violence and inappropriate behaviour was actually commited by insurgents posing as right wing protesters. Here in Germany, we have a similar problem. Any time groups like Querdenken and allies protest the idiocy of the government and herd of sheep, the left comes out in protest against them, claiming that they are evil because they don’t cancel their protests when right-wing groups or so called Neonazis show up supporting their cause. I don’t know if the Neonazis are for real or if they are insurgents, but either way, it would be stupid to back down only because people you may not like agree with you on something. But good luck getting this point across to the leftwing extremists. They refuse to see reason or seek common ground and understanding with those they deem their enemies.

            1. No, the neo-nazis are real. And they support conservatives and the right because we are pushing for half of their goals; the ones beneficial to everyone. If we could get them to renounce their anti-Semitism and superiority complex, they might even be respectable allies. Unfortunately, they remain the oil in our wake, and the liberals will continue to point and say all boats are bad like the eco-freaks do.

              1. I’m certain some are real, and agree with your assessment, that conservatives have some common goals. And maybe in the States that’s more true than here. Here for example, there’s a huge, growing resistance against the extreme left from, believe it or not, people who otherwise fit right in with the ecological hippie persona… I guess in some ways, my self included. Although there isn’t a box big enough to contain me! 😉 So that’s basically the demographic that makes up much of Querdenken. It’s definitely strange times when Neonazis or so-called right-wing extremists show up in support of a lot of organic/vegan hippies! But that’s what’s happening.

                1. The Law of Implied Reciprocal Endorsement only applies to people on the right.

                  So: David Duke endorsing Trump means the press blares that Trump loves the Klan. Richard Spencer endorsing Biden means nothing because it’s totally ignored.

                  (This is similar to the Law of Invidious Metonymy, in which crazy wacko individuals on the right are taken to be exemplary of all and must be vehemently denounced, but crazy wacko large groups on the left are taken to be one-offs and unrepresentative and can be completely ignored.)

            2. “Niven’s Law: No cause is so noble that it won’t attract fuggheads.”

              To cancel protests because of who might show up grants a Heckler’s Veto to the worst of folk.

              When the Left cancels protests because Marxists — whose record of death in the 20th Century well exceeds that of the Nazis — show up, THEN they will be in a position to criticize.

          4. > Don’t get me wrong, the people who actually broke into the Capital Building were wrong to do so,

            Why? Because some asshole said they were banned from their own halls of government as it was being stolen from them?

            1. Thank you TRX. Tried explaining that to spouse and got the “I don’t understand you any more” response. /sigh

                1. They’re trying. With our GOP majority in all three branches, The Granite State is probably good for the next two years. Which is why we need to make the most of it now.

          5. It’s all over with any way. Congress accepted the electors and the votes on each objection were pathetic.

            1. It’s not over until Trump concedes. He has both the grounds and – as we saw yesterday – the public support to cross the Rubicon.

  2. …is it just me being paranoid when I see the images of folks storming the Capitol and I notice how they look like the antifa types? Granted, there’s always some overactive idiot(s) in any group of angry people but the thought still comes to mind. 😮

    1. It isn’t antifa, it’s just that good protest outfits are the same no matter your ideology.

      Also antifa would have destroyed the inside of the building.

    2. You can tell it’s not Antifa because no graffiti, no random vandalism, no looting, no fireworks, and the building didn’t go on fire.

      Imagine how Inauguration Day is going to be if they don’t take this hint.

        1. Viking guy apparently was Antifa, or at least he’s known for showing up at BLM rallies as well as Trump rallies. He’s an out of work voice actor.

          Guy who broke some fake leaded windows in the House antechamber apparently was Antifa. He’s the guy who got the woman shot.

          Nothing known about the woman. Alex Jones interviewed a guy who apparently talked to her. She was doing something medium stupid — ie, climbing up on a table to peer through a window — when she got shot. I don’t know, maybe she’s Antifa, maybe she was just hyper. I don’t think they knew she was a woman, as she was skinny from the back view. But she got shot in the neck, on purpose or not, and that was pretty much the end of her.

          1. Nobody is saying who shot the woman, but it was from inside the chamber. Possibly Capitol Police, possibly Secret Service. There’s a really stupid picture of some guys in the chamber “holding off” the protesters, right before the shooting happened.

            1. I’ve had Laura Ingraham’s show on while catching up after a day spent offline, and she’s just finished interviewing Tayler Hansen, who captured the shooting on video, and he was arguing this was the actions of infiltrators, probably Antifa. He asserted specific individuals were fomenting violence and provoking police. He also said the use of ropes to scale the capitol walls was much more of an Antifa thing than anything he’s seen at Trump rallies. You don’t bring rope for a peaceful protest.

              I do not know who Hansen is, nor what his bona fides.

              1. This seems to be the Twitter feed:


                1. In fiction, “I’ll tell you the big secret tomorrow” is a 95% guarantee (some works avert the trope) that the character will turn up dead before he meets with the protagonist.

                  Hopefully Mr. Hansen is aware that even by sending that Tweet, he’s putting himself in danger, and is properly paranoid for the next little while.

                    1. Shades of ‘The Curse of Fatal Death’. There’s a running gag where the Doctor’s companion keeps asking him to explain all the plot points that make no sense, and he always replies, ‘I’ll explain later.’ Of course he never actually does.

                    2. I still want to know what the watermelon was for, but Rawhide had to go and get himself killed.

                    3. They explain in the novelization (which was by the screenplay guy) that the watermelon is being developed for strength in air drops to feed the hungry. Which was why I thought Red’s post about Australian produce drops for forest animals after the fires was hilarious.

                    4. >> “the watermelon is being developed for strength in air drops to feed the hungry.”

                      …Why do I feel like this research project started with someone saying “As God is my witness, I thought watermelons could fly?”

            2. > There’s a really stupid picture of some guys in the chamber “holding off” the protesters, right before the shooting happened.

              “In every stage of these Oppressions We have Petitioned for Redress in the most humble terms: Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated injury. A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”

              1. If you watch the video, the cops weren’t “holding off” anything. They and an equal number of protestors were standing around intermingled — i.e. the cops weren’t trying to defend the door — and there was some jostling and loud voices going on but that’s it. And then you notice that a woman in the background is trying to climb through a broken window and Bang.

        1. Or, maybe you both are! 😛

          If what I saw our ‘representatives’ do last night in the hallowed halls of Government is sanity, count me among the nuts too.

          1. Yes, maybe we both are. Nice to be with crazy friends though, eh? ~:D

            But I’ll tell you what, watching CNN (for maybe a whole minute, tops) leads me to think that everything on television about this is horseshit. The Twitter videos and the blog posts of non-media people who were there indicate this was a peaceful and fairly orderly event, despite the cops over-reacting the whole time. No looting, burning or murdering in evidence.

            Compare and contrast with #BLM.

    3. And if they were?
      So what?

      They’re vile.
      They’re enemies.
      But if they strung up a few select members of “the system” that they want to destroy…
      I would find it hard to object

      1. That’s because us older folks move slower. And we share the nemesis of the Kung Fu Panda:

  3. Oh and apparently those who object to the election are nothing but grifters and their dupes… except I haven’t really given anyone any of my money. *eyeroll*

      1. The 1 to 5 billion he’s lost (depending which business rag you believe) by doing this job? some grifter HE is!

        1. It’s called projection. Look at all the wealthy Democrats who have spent a lifetime in government jobs.

      2. They talk about his election campaign organization donations, and donations to the election defense org it morphed into. MSM has had some articles about how his campaign closing funds are greater than any previous candidate’s.

  4. Spicily Interesting Times Ahead….. Keep EVERYTHING close-in all senses of the phrase.
    Watch out for New Friends. And maintain situational awareness at ALL times. Now is NOT the time to blunt yourself or to miss cues that may well be important.

  5. I mean…given the events of this last year (and particularly the “mostly peaceful protests” of this last summer/fall) I’m not *surprised* at this…but I am still horrified and scared. Not surprised. But now it’s really all in the air as to “What’s gonna happen.”

    And never so glad to live in the middle of nowhere as I am right now. Yeesh.

    1. Yeah, much as I liked L.A., I’m sure glad to be back in the Northern Wastes.

      I’m a bad person, but I just saw Biden’s little speech, and could not resist tweeting at him…”Great sentiments, Joe! Where were these calls for order when the BLM riots were burning down whole cities?”

      1. The calls for order hadn’t been given to him yet by the people who run his life these days. 😗

      2. As I recall, he and the Ho issued press releases about how they were donating money to Burn, Loot, Murder.

      1. This is a friendly clearing of the throat. “Ahem. Excuse me my good man, would you mind taking your hand off me? Presently I may become irritable.”

          1. There’s video out there of the girl they shot in the “riot” where the “rioters” STAYED BETWEEN THE RED ROPES in the friggin’ capitol building when they were walking in. There’s video of the MAGA guys literally staying between the crowd control ropes crossing this large room.

            But the sons of bitches still shot some skinny girl with an American flag on her back. For what, I’m sure we will eventually find out, was a failure to realize those cops were really going to kill her just for standing there. People don’t generally understand that about cops, but you know what? They really will.

            I’m sure she died because some half-trained IMBECILE did not keep his goddamn finger out of the trigger guard. One twitch and it is all over, gun carriers. Shit for brains was probably issued a rifle that he’s handled twice in his fucking life, and he saw her move and twitched. Bang. Dead. I’m pretty glad not to be that guy right now, let me tell you.

            So, Lefties, flopping camel and Bonnie McDaniel and China Mike, all you other appalling assholes who don’t seem to grasp life very well, this here shit is what we’ve been warning you about. People generally are not going to put up with the theft of their money and freedom.

            Today so far, with the exception of the appalling stupidity of the DC police shooting a skinny girl for no good reason, things were pretty civilized. I think, knowing my friends in the USA the way I do, is that this was the polite request that DemocRats knock off the bullshit. Probably the only one there’s going to be.

            1. @Phantom – where is the video you are seeing? I’m getting oh no condemn the violence this is un-Ameican from my *reasonable* friends.

              1. Tell your reasonable friends to put it up their jumper.
                THEY DIDN’T BURN THE FUCKING CAPITOL. These are pissed off Americans. And if they continue dismissing us, I’ll join in, and no one wants me to join in.

                1. I’m seeing video on Twitter of the storming rioters be -let- in by cops who moved the friggin’ barriers for them.

                  And they shot that lady through a door.

                  1. Or from behind, from down the stairwell. There was a four man element right there, fully kitted out in swat gear

                2. “That would make Sarah angry. You don’t want to see her when she’s angry!”
                  “We have the government!”
                  “We have a Hoyt!”

              2. I responded to one of my “reasonable” friends with a comment stating that until the concerns of Rasumussen’s 47% are addressed (and they won’t be), this will keep happening. And I also noted that there’s a simple way to address those concerns – audit the vote in five cities and one county.

                That doesn’t touch on any of the Dominion stuff, of course. But it does deal with the big issue that first caused people to sit up and say, “Something stinks about this election…”

              3. This “rioter” who “stormed” the Capitol in a “violent rioty riot” was Ashley Babbit of San Diego. 14 year US Airforce vet, four tours. Shot through a door apparently, so even less excuse than I previously assumed.

                RIP Ashley Babbit. Died of her wounds in hospital.

            2. not with the triggers on most police firearms. got have a 12 lb trigger for safety reasons, you know…..

                1. She was shot climbing through a window next to a door (that had a window in it). So it’s not like they shot blind.

                2. Yep. THIS. Shooting when you can’t see your target is armed? Someone had an order to shoot at anyone trying to enter that room.

                  1. How about shooting at a lady trying to climb through a friggin’ window?

                    She’s got both hands on the window frame, there’s no gun in her hand, there’s no gun hanging around her neck, and she’s exactly zero threat. What’s the excuse this time? She didn’t follow the conflicting bellowed instructions of the trigger-happy shit heads on the other side of the door? It’s okay to shoot people now?

                    What about the cops on her side of the window? They couldn’t have yanked her down and cuffed her? They were right there.

                    And you notice they didn’t shoot the next person who climbed through that window? Because somebody else did, for sure.

                    It’s fucking unacceptable. It’s a flat-out political assassination.

                    On a related note, Lon Horiuchi is still a free man.

        1. Heh. My mother texted me a while ago to comment that a.) the media hysterics are actually really funny because b.) this is actually, from the video she’s seeing, what could ACTUALLY be termed a peaceful protest (with maybe a little bit of stroppiness and definitely some rudeness occurring.)

          But she is with me, in that the real concern is what the REACTION from the dreadful so-called powers will be. THAT will determine what comes of this.

        2. I commented over on the PJM liveblog: “This isn’t CW2. This isn’t even Bleeding Kansas. This might be Harper’s Ferry, but it’s too soon to tell.” But on reflection I think this is more like the Boston Tea Party. If the protestors (and let’s remember that 99.something% in attendance are protestors not rioters) are defying curfew, it might turn into the Boston Massacre, but I certainly hope not.

          1. The Boston Massacre was actually a pretty minor affair, as such things go. Only a few people were shot and killed, iirc, but Sam Adams went nuts and used it to great effect for anti-British propaganda.

            So yeah, you might actually be able to compare it to that.

              1. Given that Sam’s own second cousin successfully defended the British soldiers in question when the case came to trial, yeah, I suspect Sam went a little over the top with the propaganda…


      2. One guy is saying the plan was to disrupt the session, and they’ll do it again tomorrow, but “nothing bad is going to happen here, democracy will be restored”. And “metro police are not our friends”.

  6. I was just writing a friend in Japan; ‘Good morning. Rome is burning (literary reference not Rome today, as far as I know.) and there’s a lot of fiddling going on.’

    Is it a riot or is it the shot heardd around the world? At this point damnedifIknow, have ta wait and see.

    Interesting times.

        1. Thanks for the link. I had the sound off, so I might have missed something. But it’s not really clear what happened. There are people milling around – some passing directly in front of the camera – and then a few seconds into it, people are standing around something on the ground (that turns out to be the woman who got shot). There’s a man (security) with an assault rifle standing over her. But his rifle’s pointed toward some shattered glass (looks like inset glass in a door) on the left-hand side of the frame, and it’s not clear whether he’s covering the direction that the shot came from, or just keeping alert in a tense situation.

          I do feel sorry for her. Hopefully the press doesn’t turn her into a white supremacist, or something similar.

            1. Okay – so the rifleman was probably watching the direction that the shots came from. Interesting, though probably not significant.

              1. Other angles (graphic):


                If you don’t want to watch: Protestors are milling around with Capitol cops in a stairwell/hallway, the protestors are loud and unruly but the cops aren’t doing much. We see the woman starting to climb through a sidelight window of a barricaded doorway marked “Speaker’s Lobby” when the shot rings out and she falls back. Seems clear that the shot came from inside the doorway because nobody screams “OMG you just shot her” or anything, but no shooter is visible. Nobody ducks, and the cops don’t seem too alarmed. Cops huddle around her and try clearing the protestors or pushing them back. Oddly, they don’t visibly start doing first aid, although I see one cop pull out some latex gloves. We see some other cops come up on the other side of the doors. Then the cops pick her up and start evacuating her.

                Speculation: The Speaker’s Lobby is more protected than the hallways and some cop took his “don’t let anyone through” orders too literally, and shot an unarmed woman instead of arresting her. Not good.

                1. Yes, there was someone trying to say she was shot in the back, but one of those videos shows that there was no way someone could have gotten a gun up to shoot her in the back without being absolutely obvious and identifiable. The shot had to have come from inside.

    1. Close, but as yet I don’t think so. If word that a woman protestor was shot by police gets around while the mob is still energized, that’ll likely tear the lid off it.

      1. Someone told the Epoch Times guy something about “that woman who got shot” so I doubt it’s presently a secret.

        Trump just put out a message “I know how you feel, fraud etc etc. but go home in peace.”

        Couple little smoke bombs on the Capitol steps. Looks like there were more upwind. Mood seems otherwise lightened, tho.

          1. Trump didn’t really sound like that was what he meant, either. More like “this is your home too, don’t bust it up.”

          2. Just tear-gassed the steps and cleared those out, tho the wind is blowing so hard it had less effect than it might. A few thousand remaining people down below appear to have taken root.

            Just fired more. Yeah, that’ll calm things down… crowd response was to start chanting “USA”.

        1. And then Facebook censored his video, and now Twitter has suspended his account unless he deletes three tweets including that one. It’s like they don’t really want him to quiet down his supporters, so they can scream that he isn’t.

          1. Wasn’t Trump’s Twitter account ruled to be an official government channel that has to be open to all? I don’t think Twitter can legally do this.

              1. Looking forward to Trump’s response. Assuming he even waits for it to happen; I wouldn’t blame him if he just released all the dirt, invoked the Insurrection Act and started taking scalps first.

                  1. Jefferson told Burr to get the hell out of town. That’s a nice precedent.

                    I’d have staff go through Pence’s office, box his personal belongings, change the locks, and tell security not to let him into the White House or the Executive Office Building. Maybe Mistress Nancy can find an office for him somewhere.

                    1. Apparently Pence’s Chief of Staff is persona non grata at the White House.

                      I’m seeing articles about Pence being aware of/going along with the Russia Russia Russia collusion attempt. Apparently Rosenstein wanted Pence to be POTUS and didn’t much care how he did it. There’s a 3 part article by Neon Revolt. Links to parts 1 and 2 are in the beginning of the post:


                      Saw another article where Priebus and Pence were getting ready to kick DJT off the ticket in October 2016 after the Billy Bush tape. Trump “persuaded” him to abandon that plan by threatening to expose it.

              2. An impeachment would be targeting GOP members of the House & Senate more than Trump. Their vote against – Hell, insufficient enthusiasm for – impeachment would be item #1 in their next campaign for office.

                1. Their votes to certify the electors of those states already shows them to be spineless Dem drones.

            1. The ruling was that because it’s an official government channel, he can’t block people. (Which wouldn’t prevent them from reading it since he never took his channel private, so that ruling doesn’t actually make sense.)

              It could be argued that the ruling is for a different situation… but I think you’re right that Twitter can’t legally do this. They have done it, and the Democrats aren’t going to punish Twitter in any way for doing it, so they’re going to get away with it. But I do agree that they don’t have the right to shut down an official communications channel used by the President of the United States.

              1. >> “They have done it, and the Democrats aren’t going to punish Twitter in any way for doing it, so they’re going to get away with it.”

                You’re assuming TRUMP will let them get away with it. You’ll excuse me if I don’t bet the rent on that.

                1. Whatever Trump does, Biden will reverse in two weeks. That’s what I’m thinking.

                  That’s if you meant anything he does as an executive order. What he could do, though, is announce that he’s switching to a different service. THAT would be the best way he could hurt Twitter. You’re right about that.

                    1. If he doesn’t, today’s events (and the way they’ll be reported on in the media) will be enough to persuade at least 17 Republican Senators to vote to impeach him, at which point it would be a two-thirds vote in the Senate. (That the articles of impeachment would pass the House is a foregone conclusion).

                    2. P.S. I am not saying that those Senators would be RIGHT to vote to impeach. Trump did not instigate the storming of the Capitol today, and he told people not to do it and to go home. He has done nothing impeachable. But there will be at least 17 Senators that will go along with the Democrats because they’re idiots who can’t foresee what’s coming down the pike, and that will be the end of that.

                    3. You misunderstood me. Even if the election is “officially” given to Biden or Congress votes to remove him, I’m still not convinced he’ll step down. Nor would I blame him if he didn’t. There are worse potential outcomes than Trump crossing the Rubicon.

                    4. If you don’t have an actual legion at your back, you’re just wading into prison. The legions in this country aren’t personally loyal to Trump, nor should they be.

                    5. >> “The legions in this country aren’t personally loyal to Trump, nor should they be.”

                      Enough of the rank-and-file might back him, and not necessarily out of personal loyalty to him. They can see what’s happening, too.

                      Plus, I’m sure Trump realizes that if he’s deposed the Dems will railroad him and anyone close to him. How much does he have to lose for trying at this point?

                    6. That he can’t stay on, not without their impeaching him. I don’t know who wrote the comment. It’s been long, and I feel like I’ve run for miles today.

                  1. Then Trump needs to cause Twitter enough damage that they hurt even if Biden does reverse it.

                2. Andrew Torba has made it clear that President Trump is welcome on Gab, and they are currently adding more servers. (It’s been crazy watching my feed slow down; just the few people I follow are getting boatloads of messages and comments.)

                  And courtesy Gab, here’s the President’s video where he’s asking for peace. (I can’t get it to play on my machine. Arggh.)

                  1. As you doubtless now know, Apple has announced intention to block Parler and Amazon is contemplating dropping (disallowing?) advertising on the platform.

                    Wrongthink will not be tolerated.

    2. I’d be inclined to say, at a minimum, those that have a 4th box are fingering the key to the lock on the box, that they keep on a chain around their neck.

  7. Frankly, I’m not quite ready to condemn the occupation of the Capitol. I think it’s just about time that the seriousness with which the American people take the leftist f*cking of American society gets explained to said leftists in the only way that gets their attention–violence.

    I’m very close to importuning my state assemblyman and state senator to take us out of the current federal structure and establish a new structure, along with other truly American states, based on the US Constitution. And TWANLOC need not apply.

      1. You are also welcome in our small town in a generally red state. Very welcome. Houses are cheap here, especially for someone moving from CO.

          1. Wyoming. Nebraska. Kansas.

            There are small towns in NE that will _give_ you a house, if you’ll start a local business.


            They’re going to resume counting in a bit. or so we’re told. Cops by the hundreds (and some in FBI gear) are pushing the remaining protesters away from the Capitol in no uncertain terms. — Right now they’re replaying the breach (and various bits from afterward)… there’s a guy with a bullhorn saying “If we get through this door we can… [something about getting inside]” who I’d bet money is a pro agitator.

            1. Yep, and Bitch McConnel, Schummer and PENCE have all postured against “domestic terrorists.”
              My guess is they certify the votes in the middle of the night.
              I HOPE we won’t stand for THAT.

              1. Yeah, it’s becoming clear that the ‘breach’ was orchestrated to give everyone a way to blame Trump (for “sending the mob to the capitol”) and to gracefully back away from this fraud thing and pretend it never happened.

                And that perfidious bitch who just got usurped in Georgia started the parade of congressional piety. Woe is me, I can’t support an objection after the events of today!! the mob must not win!!

                Oh, and the current congresscunt is calling it an “armed insurrection” (no arms in evidence) and “attempted coup” and “treason and sedition” that should be “prosecuted at its root”. Well, there you’ve got what they plan to use to arrest Trump.

                Gah. If they wanted CW2.0, they’ve just ensured it.

                  1. They were definitely going to do it anyway. But I think what Reziac might be alluding to is the possibility that the Capitol outer defenses were deliberately undermanned but overprovocative, with the intent to draw in protestors until they did something stupid. Considering reports that Capitol PD was told to only expect a crowd of hundreds when that was clearly ludicrous, it makes you wonder.

                    1. I should have said, “the bosses’ intent to draw in protestors”. Hanging the regular cops out as bait, so to speak. Yeah, they got rolled over, but at first it was only a few cops getting rolled over by a couple score protestors, and then the successful few were joined by more and the pursuit was on until thousands were walking up the Capitol steps.

                      This is all pure speculation, and grants a level of malignant competence to the Other Side that is probably unlikely, but you never know.

                    2. No. From talk with friends, they just underestimated how many people would be there. They were terrified.
                      They still are, which is why they’re going to do stupid shit.

                  2. Didn’t get rolled over. The cops OPENED the barricades (and there was already one civilian inside said barricades, and watch how he acts). There’s video showing this at one of the tweets linked by Zerohedge (my link somewhere else on this page). Maybe we don’t have context, but methinks there was a certain amount of “stand down and hope someone hangs themselves”. And arranging for some rope.

                    Tho I don’t doubt the elector count was already a done deal (the final count was too lopsided not to be), this just gave ’em plausible deniability. Which they needed to prevent 1776 v2.0.

                    I wonder who the lone honest Democrat vote was. And when we’ll see a list of the perfidious among the GOP (tho even with 100% solidarity, they were outnumbered).

            2. I never thought I’d say this, because this little valley I live in is where the Ents and the Ent wives found a place where both their hearts nay rest, but… I might be looking at Montana or Nebraska. All but one of my friends has left or is planning on leaving, and the neighbor friends are getting antsy.

              The state just put in bus lines (we had locally run mini-transit that went -round the valley. Buck a ride.) and a high-density housing community. We’ve fought the cityfolk rules and won in the past but now… I just do not know.

              I hate giving up these beautiful places to those parasites.

                  1. I don’t think we’ll have the time. I’d have to convince my husband our savings are now worth nothing and we should pull them and buy a place. And I can’t.

    1. As Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris said, sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

      Events have quite interesting implications.

      Am I happy? No. Am I nervous? Yes. Do I know what the hell is going on? Hahahaha. (No.) Is this going to go quite badly for a lot of the people who were utterly confident in their ability to escalate in a calculated way without reprisal? Seems likely.

      Unauthorized persons have apparently had access to congressional offices. This implies a need for a more complete security audit of the information systems after physical control has been recovered. Is that a process whose outcomes can be fully controlled?

      1. I hope the electoral votes were burned, and a few dozen Dem Congresscritters, as well.

        1. Thing is, fighting groups apparently tend to have to live together before you can get a lot of cohesion and determination in an assault.

          The living together results in a paper trail, which makes the forward thinking members of the group cautious.

          I’m skeptical that a group that can get past congress critter security to get at the congress critters would choose to do so now.

      2. In other words, do they now have a plausible reason to henceforth conduct all business behind closed doors, away from the watchful eyes of suspicious patriots? Sure do…

    2. Violence isn’t the only thing that gets a narcissist’s attention, but it is the quickest thing.

      Thing is, the only thing that gets their attention is the imminent threat of permanent consequences that they think they can’t talk, con, or threaten their way out of.

      As soon as those consequences back off, they’re back to their old behavior.

      …I tend to be a quiet person, mostly because I’m tired. But I’m having to sit on the berserker snarl today.

      1. Especially since they often think they can escape long after they have irrevocably incurred permanent consequences.

          1. The problem is not that they escape from irrevocably incurred permanent consequences. It is that they generally escape from anything less and never recognize the real thing when it comes.

  8. Thank you, Sarah. I really appreciate Henry V, and the music.

    I don’t much know what to say today, either.

  9. Good thoughts for the times. Aragorn’s speech at the Black Gate from Tolkien comes to mind, too.

  10. There’s not really much that you can say, except perhaps “Maybe they’ll get the message this time.”.

    Though even if they do, they’ll likely dismiss it.

    We live in uncertain times. And the only thing we can do is be like Frodo – i.e. say that we wished we lived in better times, but will nonetheless square our shoulders and move forward anyway. And realize that even if we live to the end, we likely still won’t be able to go home again. Just like Frodo.

    1. Yeah, I think they’ll dismiss it. I don’t believe any of them got scared enough to alter their behavior. Except they may actually see it as an excuse to double down.

      1. Yeah. My single greatest fear regarding this occurrence is: nice shiny excuse for the Commie Harris administration (because really, who actually believes Gropey Joe is gonna be in charge, like, ever? Even if they DON’T have him conveniently get sick and die) to start rounding up political opponents. Because us evil conservatives are dangerous and stuff.

        (Although if THAT starts revving up, I think the fourth box will be blown wide open. As has been mentioned many places, as worrying as the current parallels are to places like Russia/Weimar Germany are right now, the biggest difference is we do in fact have a heavily armed populace.)

          1. Yup. If the administration starts arbitrarily rounding people up, then people will start figuring that they’ve nothing left to lose. And then, well, why not?

            Sure, the first few will be played off like the Weavers. But that gets less believable if it happens over and over again.

            1. Gotta watch for patterns. Such a plan would aim for maximum plausible deniability that they can muster.

              OTOH, in NY they had that law allowing the governor to detain people and subject them to medical treatments on the grounds of being contacts.

            2. IF the are so stupid as to try to employ boxcars… the nation rail network will cease to exist within hours once word leaked – and it would. (Hope those blue cities didn’t that freight… ).

        1. I don’t know if Harris is going to be running the show, but I don’t believe for a second that it’ll be Biden. They’ve probably got two or three years at most before they can’t let him be seen in public at all. They might manage something with deep fakes though.

          There are parallels with Weimar, and also with the French revolution, with the politicos and their lackeys playing the part of the perfumed aristocracy.

          1. (Not that the French Revolution is one we want a rerun of either, heh.)

            Actually, I’m mostly hoping that Dr. Jill and the Ho will spend all their time slap-fighting each other over who is gonna be the power behind the throne, and therefore not manage to do too great an amount of damage as a result. That’s best-case scenario for me, really. (Or even better, get two or three more into that mix–I’m sure they exist–and let ’em all backstab one another for the next four years.)

                1. Well, imagine a photo of John Gill stiffly sitting before a microphone on the viewscreen repeating his script in a drugged voice.

              1. You need the link to end with an image file extension. So cutting off everything after the “.jpg” gives:

          2. I’ve convinced myself that it’s actually Obama’s handler running things. I think he’s pretty much bone lazy, but he likes the power and the “Obama team” has taken a bunch of the positions in the Fraudulent One’s administration.

            1. I really really really hope they appoint Jay Inslee as Secretary of Who Gives A Sh**, just to get him the hell out of Washington.

            2. I agree. There are so many former Obama people in various positions. Some that they held previously, and some got shuffled. But, it’s almost all the same people. I’m betting Obama or Rahm Emmanuel is running things and even Harris is taking her orders from them.

          3. There’s no question that it won’t be Biden. The man devolves into nonsense words at public events. He says stuff that’s highly incriminating in public (I’m hoping he’ll say something horrifyingly revolting about his personal conduct with his family – like possibly talking about making a pass at his granddaughter, though I would feel embarassed for the granddaughter). Nearly every single day during the campaign (with exceptions for important events, such as the debates) ended by 9:30am.

            There’s no way that Biden is running his presidency.

        2. I was in a retail store in Silicon Valley today with CNN on and the customers were ready for a complete crackdown on conservatives. The clerk had on a mask so all I could see were his eyes – pure rage.

          People like Romney seem to think they are getting back to normal with Joe Biden.

          1. Maybe not normal, but “business as usual”?

            They’re all in for a return to business as usual.

            Can’t buy the expensive toys an a mere congressional salary, after all. /sarc

        3. And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.
          Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago

          If possible makes sure your escort to Hell is at least four strong.

        4. Assuming Jill Biden doesn’t get too much of a kick playing Edith Wilson, Biden will be in office long enough so that when Harris takes over she’s still eligible to run for two terms.

          1. Edith Wilson is exactly the name I was thinking of, too. Except that Wilson was well on in his second term when he lost his marbles and left her Pooh-Bah.

      2. I don’t know. Politicians are remarkably thin-skinned when it comes to their personal accountability. I think they’ll remember this. Only the truly clueless will double down, I think, although that might be a high percentage of them.

        1. Based on the pearl clutching from the right-wing commentariat I’ve seen, I wouldn’t be surprised if the percentage is high.

          1. Based on the pearl clutching from the right-wing commentariat I’ve seen, I wouldn’t be surprised if the percentage is high.

            I wonder if they will ever figure out just how much of the population is as mad as the people in D.C. were?

            1. I’m guessing, no they won’t. There’s video of Romney in an airport (DC, I think) and confronted by a woman who asks him why he doesn’t support Trump and why he doesn’t pay attention to his job. He keeps dismissing her. She says, you work for us, you know. He says, I work for the people of Utah. She says, I live in Utah. No answer. And, no, I don’t think he or any of the others get it.

        2. I would LIKE to see their morale break. What I expect, sadly, is fanatical bitter-end resistance. We do pose an existential threat to the political power that they love more dearly than life itself.

      3. Yeah. I’m worried about more laws that creep or jump up on free speech. And not just cancel culture, but arrests for speech.

            1. Exactly. Hate speech is protected speech and even this SCOTUS knows that. The issue is that if one gets charged under a bogus hate speech law one must, as Instapundit says, punch back twice as hard. That is the ONLY way they will realize that we ain’t gonna take it. They have woken the sleeping tiger. They should not be sleeping well themselves.

      4. I’m also afraid they’re going to double down. The double standard is real; unlike leftist protests this will be seen as an excuse to crack down harder. The more I think about today’s events the more negative they seem. I’m honestly wondering if it was set up.

  11. This is my first civil war. Do we claim victory first, and then shoot? Or do we shoot first and then claim victory, regardless of the outcome?

    1. When I looked last night, with something like 80% reporting, both the Republicans had slight leads. I see the fraud machine must still be active down there.

      1. Right before the part of history with colored arrows and maps.

        Or the fall of an empire and its ignominious burial

        1. No colored arrows coming. Colored arrows are for armies. Armies require some kind of nation-state to create them.

          For the first time, I really understand my father’s insistence that the Late Unpleasantness between 1861 and 1865 is more properly titled “The War Between The States.” That kind of war gives you things like Bull Runs; a civil war means things like Bosnia.

          1. Admittedly i prefer northern aggression as a mass hole. But something will coalesce. Otherwise its not Bosnia but Poland

      2. Although it might be the Boston Tea Party. The British response to that led straight to Lexington and Concord.

        1. Yeah, I think it’s gonna be the response that will determine things. Technically, their hands SHOULD be tied, if they were smart–since they let the antifa/BLM-ers riot all summer and it was “just getting people’s attention” and “protesting injustice”, and someone with half a brain cell would know that only idiots would respond to THIS with “EVIL TERRORISTS HOW DARE YOU ARREST/KILL THEM ALL”…but given the mainstream media hysterics happening, that’s where they are currently trending. But then, we knew they were idiots, sigh.

      3. Heck, this may even have been an Antifa false flag – there’s photos up on the net of some of those who stormed the Capitol side by side with photos from Antifa events, and they look very similar. And video of police letting them slip through the first layer of fencing. Not sure, personally.

        1. There might have been provocateurs, but no it’s not. Why not? No cops injured. And the capitol didn’t burn.
          No. don’t discount the right actually getting pissed. That will ONLY empower the left.

    2. Embrace the power of AND! We do both up front, of course. Everyone likes siding with a winner.

    3. Shoot until you’re out of ammo, swing until your sword breaks, wield that bat until the wood splinters. Punch , kick, bite, until the enemy can, and will, fight no more. Because until then, you have not achieved victory.

  12. I’m happy my family and I live somewhere physically removed from the craziness (small town Texas), but as a military officer I am very concerned about where this is going to put me. Right now we’re praying and preparing as best as we can.

    1. It’s going to stick you in the middle; and you’re going to have to rely on your moral background, your knowledge of U.S. History, your judgment of the current situation, and how much personal courage you have to defy your tyrannical government. And yes, the risk is your life, your reputation, and the lives of your family members. Just remember, Joe Stalin didn’t give a damn about people’s family members when he shipped them all off to the camps.

  13. Did they think it could never be?

    Did they truly believe their hyperventilating at “You suck!” catcalls would be their frontline battle?

    Did they think a group quietly walking into some offices and then quietly leaving be the terror they would face?

    Push far enough, hard enough, pushback WILL happen.

    Not sure I condone this, but a fiercely burning corner of my heart is saying “Yesses….”

    I’m reminded of a movie scene (people who know me are rolling their eyes):

    In Thor Ragnarok, Loki watches his brother get slammed around by Hulk in a manner similar to his beating in Avengers. He then leaps to his feet and shouts “Yes!!! That’s how it feels!”

    To all the supporters of libs, probs, Dems, Antifa, Burn Loot Murder and all the other ‘voiceless’ who were just trying to have their moment? THAT’S how it feels.

  14. Their first response is always “no fair!” Bullies are always amazed when victims resist.

      1. Amen to that!

        Hey, Tom, can I get a link to the “superversive” essay, if you’ve still got it about?

        Yesterday, before I knew Q and the misguided pissed were letting Antifa lead them into the Capitol (I still think the enemy started it as a false-flag to discredit us), I put in a disk of old Merle hits to help me set my mind in a better perspective.

        Track 5:

        1. Here is a follow-up piece I wrote for Jagi Lamplighter, to help her kick off her own ‘superversive’ blog:


          Makes some of the same points and some additional ones, in a smaller package.

          Please feel free to share the links, and I give permission to reproduce and repost as long as you (1) do not alter the text, (2) credit it to Tom Simon, and (3) if feasible, link back to my site.

  15. Has to be said:

    DC PD and Capitol Security had -months- to prepare for this. There was a huge crowd by 9am. Folks were clearly not happy yutzes watching the Cherry Blossoms bloom.

    Layered security. Lots of extras. Plans that go back to the 1960s and -real- social upheaval. National Guard support.

    So how did a bunch of yahoo rioters make it all the way into the House chamber? Hm?

    Just a screwup?

    No freaking way. -no- freaking way. They let it happen. Deliberate or criminal negligent remains to be seen, but no way was this happenstance.

    Qui Bono? We shall soon see.

    1. Perhaps after months of being ordered to leave “protesters” alone they fell into habits?

      1. No. Seriously, it was the numbers. TALK to law enforcement. At certain numbers, they’re going to roll over you, no matter what you do.
        They counted on hundreds, and antifa was ready to roll and create trouble.
        And then they got…. welll Some estimates say a million, and I can’t deny it.

      1. so you’re saying they expected the fake media numbers for Trump rallies instead of the actual numbers?

          1. If those above believed that they were criminally stupid/incompetent. If they knew otherwise and misinformed those below they were criminal, period.

          1. Heh…

            …but to a Houston Oilers fan, the Pittsburgh NFL team will always be known as the Stealers.

      2. > didn’t burn

        I don’t know how flammable the building is. After the Canadians lit up a bunch of DC in 1814, including the Capitol Building and White House, the Fed has had a thing about fire. And it was a consideration during the Cold War era as well. At the very least I’d expect a righteous sprinkler system.

        Of course, the Cold War ended a long time ago, and they might have got lazy since then. Pols like their carpet and wood and comforts, and there’s no reason to expect that DC Code Enforcement would be any less corrupt than the rest of that polity.

    2. Also, dude, they used live ammo against the protesters. There are films.
      THEY’d never fire on Antifa.
      These were ours. Stop the stupid.
      Doesn’t mean Antifa didn’t have stuff planned. but these are people who’ve had ENOUGH.

      1. Not saying that the folks who went in were left, just unwise. This will be exploited and didn’t gain enough for the fluster it inflicted.

        I an saying that they didn’t apparently lock the -very- secure doors, and they didn’t try too hard to repel boarders.

        Note the ease with which the security drove them out and the crowds back. Much easier to stop a crowd before it gets jacked up on success.

        Epic screwup is always a possibility. But they did not try hard to stop this easily foreseen event, and they could and should have kept them out. And -that- fail was a major contributor.

        And got a woman killed.

        1. They were going to do this anyway. They’d make up stuff if they had to.
          Are you going to never do anything, because “it might be exploited.”
          No. We have to fight back.
          One of my writing fledgelings yesterday in a group. Someone said something about “some fool starting something”
          And he said “Well then that fool will walk into glory, because Death is better than Venezuela.”
          He isn’t wrong.

      2. This is the key insight. I don’t think the folks in DC truly understand the true depth of the anger from those who have Had It.

  16. I do not know what it means, but I hope it means that the police is just as upset as the trump supporters and are willing to hold back using the excuse that they were ordered to hold back in previous demonstrations. All true Americans, even those who voted for Biden, should be shocked by the obvious fraud and unwilling to tolerate it.

    In an unrelated topic, only in that I want to change the culture, my book is up on http://www.scifiwright.com with an opportunity to win $50 Amazon gift cards.

    1. What it means is that you don’t want to provoke a crowd. Period. The Thin Blue Line can only maintain control up to a certain size of crowd. The further you go beyond that crowd size, the more tenuous the control of the Thin Blue Line gets. And if a big enough crowd is sufficiently provoked, then the crowd will steamroll that Line.

      1. I was listening to people there. And Trump supporters were provoked over and over again the day before and the day of the rally. 1- police stopping people from going to their hotels, 2-BLM banners on every building, 3- told over and over again that they were scum for the last five years and longer.

        Yes– nice to have the morals to revolt without violence, but it is NOT happening because every time we say no– our leaders inch further left. Did anyone expect anything different. Finally it was a Trump supporter that was killed– no Congress scum or police. No real damage. Notes left for Pelosi… oh I think documents stolen.

        But Congress used this to stop all objections. And it will get worse physically for anyone who does not bow the neck to their masters. Why? Because the Trump supporters showed gumption.

          1. “Don’t Hurt Me signs” in Heather Heying’s formulation (Bret Weinstein’s Dark Horse podcast).

          2. They asserted support for terrorists in the vague hope their property might not be vandalized?

            Sorry, I stopped listening at “support.”

            They made their choice. Now they can live with the consequences.

            1. Meh, we should distinguish between our enemies and cowards. Yes, the people who put up tokens of assent to protect themselves are not our allies — but they are not reliable allies for our enemies either. If ever it looked like we were the stronger horse, they’d switch sides. Do not underestimate the power of a preference cascade.

              1. Mostly they will be dead, as soon as the left takes power. Because the left doesn’t trust them.
                But the highly placed ones like Pence? They absolutely are our enemies.

              2. They put up the symbol of the enemy, that means they took a side and announced it in public. Their reasons are not my concern.

                  1. It’s not about mercy; it’s about prioritizing active threats over passive ones. And it’s better to steal your enemy’s sheep for your own use when you can manage it instead of slaughtering them outright.

                    1. Such people are of no use to either side, except as camouflage; and the time for camouflage is past.

                      The best thing to do with them is treat them as neutral and let them alone. Recall the lesson of the Roman civil war after Caesar crossed the Rubicon. Pompey announced that everyone not actively supporting him would be treated as an enemy. Caesar announced that all neutrals would be treated as friends. That was not the sole reason Caesar won, but it was a huge contributing factor.

                      Don’t go charging about proclaiming people your enemies. Let the Left do that; it’s what they do best. Speak of and to your uncommitted countrymen with soft words, so you may recruit them after the Left proclaims them enemies of the state. The well is bottomless if only you do not poison it.

                    2. That’s why I don’t play the “just unfriend me if…” game, or the “why are you still friends with X, are you a $BADTHING too?” game. I don’t want to declare people who are probably just mouthing off or jumping on social bandwagons as my enemies, I want to stick around and hopefully be the one who presents the one bit of evidence that kicks off their personal preference cascade.

    2. There was that video from last night of the former Marines calling out the police for being on the other side, that they used to say “back the blue” but no longer. I wonder what the effect on the police was and will be.

      1. Police are showing their true colors as oathbreakers. Sadly. They already showed that they would rather fight Trump supporters or at least throw them to the wolves and protect Antifa and BLM.

        1. They know who their bosses are. And who pays their paychecks. And it’s not “we the people”.

          1. To be honest I haven’t had much problem with police in rural areas, which is a low percentage of the police. So I agree what you say about the rest.

              1. I feel that Lawdog (a now-retired police officer in a rural part of Texas) would disagree. Rural, Herb. Rural. I know where you’re coming from, but keep in mind the vast gulf between rural and urban in the USA.

              2. Sorry, Herb. I spent 17 years on the street as a volunteer medic, working side by side with cops, day in and day out.

                Yeah, some are assholes. The vast majority are out there because they want to help people, pure and simple.

                Don’t tar the majority of them with that brush.

                1. When they start treating Leftist criminals burning and looting with the same level of violence for a woman at worst trespassing who was surrounded by officers who were behind her who could have pulled her away from the window she was shot through call me.

                  Of if the “thin blue line” parts enough for her murderer to be identified.

                  Too many police nationwide have taken too much glee in enforcing face diaper and ten foot pole rules without any push back from their fellows while standing down for Burn, Loot, Murder, and AlternateFasicsts riots for me to wonder who are all these majority of good cops who are happy to associate with the few bad apples.

                  LEOs chose a side today. LEOs who didn’t want to chose a side can get out now or endorse that choice by remaining.

                  1. Why? I don’t expect the wars to come to reach my little town in rural southern Minnesota. Yeah, there was a surprising number of Biden yard signs here, but there’s not the groundswell of wokeness to be found even 50 miles away in the closest big college town.

                    If the war does come here, though, it will at least find me a hard target. That’s about all any of us can promise at this stage.

                    1. Why?

                      Not your physical location, but the steadfast pro-cop position. While the American people are rapidly turning from “back the blue” to “they changed their red coats for blue ones, and nothing else”.

                    2. Ooh, I didn’t know I could reply this way (via the notification icon in the upper right corner when you’re logged in.)

                      Ian, see reply above.

                    3. I’m perfectly willing to admit that some of them have turned their coats. I’m not ready to say they all have.

                    4. They’re small town, and as much “rescue” as anything else. I mean REALLY small town. So, no they’re not.
                      But they say in the face of that the only honorable thing the cops could/should do is stand aside.

                    5. Well, my recent experience with small town law enforcement is the cops won’t arrest an obvious murderer despite her selling the deceased property and enough blood on the garage floor to saint Dracula. Meanwhile the local courts keep continuing the theft case and let her reside in another state despite acknowledging she had planned to use property seized to flee.

                      So, yeah, maybe it all need to burn. Perhaps the whole world should be viewed as Béziers.

                    6. SERIOUSLY, I have at various times demanded to have the left drawn and quartered, to the point people send me complaint emails, but Glenn never did.
                      He kind of allows me to be the voice of the crazy dissenters, because I have my own fans.
                      I MIGHT be Thomas Payne…. I don’t think I’d support the French Guillotine, but then…. Depends on how mad I am.
                      Again, I don’t think he’ll kick me out.
                      If he does, though — shrug — I said what I had to say at this time.

                    7. Then Jay, I have to ask if you’re comfortable living among people who irrationally hate your guts with an inclination to beat you half to death and burn your house down around your ears.

                      I got the message loud and clear this election campaign. Democrats are not my friends, and they mean to do me harm. Doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not.

                    8. On the whole, my town is a conservative place. I’ve gotten to know the mayor a bit, and while she’s a Democrat, she’s not rabid about it and deals with conservatives just fine. I don’t think the folks here are inclined to burn my house down with me inside.

                      As I said, though: if they do come for me, they will find me a hard target.

                2. Cops are not greatly different from anybody else. They try to do their jobs but what they know for sure is who will be the people doing their performance reviews, considering their promotions, assigning their duties and otherwise controlling their working lives. Where their sympathies lie often matters less than what is going to make their lives Hell.

                  Incentives matter, and before judging cops too quickly we need to consider their icentives.

  17. And if one was a Biden voter and did not care about the fraud as long as “my” selection won, just remember when the primary for the democratic candidate comes around your vote won’t count. Whoever the party leadership decides is going to be the candidate, will become so, because your vote will “disappear” just as easily.

    1. Somebody is going to start competitive frauding. A lot of the techniques they use are not hard to duplicate. If the ballot boxes get flooded with competing ballots for people who moved out of state, died, double registered… It’s going to happen. Also, if those machines are open to the internet, it’s not just the Dems who can hack them.

        1. She didn’t say “our side”.

          The GOP will need to get the occasional seat somewhere. Just a question if they have to fraud it, or if the DNC will do it for them.

          1. And frankly I think that some of the Republicans were probably in on the vote fraud already anyway. It’s hard to explain Brian Kemp and the Raffensperger piece of shit otherwise. And others. So if the price for delivering an election gets too high, there will be entrepreneurs.

          2. The GOP will be controlled opposition and most of them will settle quite happily into that role.

      1. The Dems will simply instruct Dominion to adjust the number of votes as necessary.

        If Biden is sworn in, he’s just the puppet of whoever is controlling Dominion.

  18. Some interesting observations of the press the last couple of days.

    A democratic expert/pundit was explaining how there was no election fraud. On the wall of their office was an LBJ poster. Yeah, talk about irony…

    The press is trying gaslight any Trump supporter as “mentally ill”. Next step will be red flag laws to grab guns from the “mentally ill”.

    1. Next step will be red flag laws to grab guns from the “mentally ill”.

      “Next Step”? These laws are already ON the books. Only it is rarely enforced until a very public event occurs.

      In Oregon someone can anonymously report someone as mentally ill. Police will show up with a warrant and social worker and demand all firearms … pending a competency evaluation and hearing. Then even if the person is found not mentally ill, good luck getting the confiscated firearms back, even if said firearms haven’t been summarily destroyed … “for the good of the community” naturally.

  19. I really don’t think it registers. Most people who get their news from the MSM, still think the US election process has not been compromised, except for perhaps small pockets that won’t effect the overall results.

  20. Speaking of songs by left-wing idiots, there’s always “Killing In The Name Of” from Rage Against the Machine, beloved of lefty punks everywhere (and admittedly a great tune to mosh to).

    They all ignore the fact that the Machine has been the left for at least thirty years, and that the only people saying

    And now you do what they told ya, now you’re under control

    these days are conservatives.

    1. It was a topic that was noted by Berkely Breathed way back in the ’80s, when he ran a storyline in ‘Bloom County’ that had conservative students protesting against their liberal teachers. The students were demanding that the cops arrest them.


    2. Not sure what politics Dee Snyder et al have, but this song seems to fit today…

  21. Re: Lawyer X is profoundly disappointing now

    Situation is not exactly one of the professional strong points.

    There are engineers who can write excellent poetry. There are MDs who can debug complicated programs. But the general trend of the profession tends to have areas where they are not strong.

    There are a couple of specific reasons why this specifically might make a lawyer especially crazy.

    *Thinks to check instapundit.* Yup. Looks like them also.

  22. Notice the lack of any mass arrests? That wouldn’t have served the purpose – it would have been a complication. Want to bet Buffalo horn boy with the Thor’s hammer/Yggdrasil/Valknut tattoos is sleeping at a nice hotel tonight?

    1. Actually there were arrests.
      A lot of them.
      And the kids were beaten.
      And I doubt it. The worst that can be said for buffallo guy is that he’s nuts, but he’s not antifa.
      STOP THIS.

  23. I really don’t like posting this here, but I don’t want to use my own blog, because (1) some of my 3.6 Loyal Readers are not necessarily onside and I don’t wish to infuriate the punters, and (2) my hosting provider is in enemy territory. Please pardon me if I overstep.

    This whole situation reminds me of Spain after the Frente Popular took power in 1936. Our Hostess will know all this forwards and backwards, but for those not up on that particular bit of historical trivia, a potted summary:

    The Popular Front had a razor-thin victory at the polls, confused by the proliferation of small parties in the coalition – fifteen parties won seats in the Cortes under the Popular Front banner alone. The combined total vote for the Popular Front and its coalition partner, the Left Front, was less than 50% of the vote, and the right-wing National Front was only one percentage point behind, but the Popular Front got a working majority in the Cortes.

    They interpreted that as a mandate from the masses for revolutionary action.

    They were wrong.

    The more radical elements on the Left began a reign of terror, believing that the time had come for their revolution. Burning churches and murdering political opponents were two of their favoured tactics. The relatively moderate Socialists in the government made tut-tut noises disapproving the violence, but did nothing to contain it. They did purge the army, dismissing generals with National Front connections or exiling them to remote and unimportant posts. Francisco Franco, for instance, was sacked as Army Chief of Staff and sent to command the garrison in the Canary Islands. Catholic clergy were forbidden to teach in the schools, and there was a general attempt to purge all politically unreliable persons.

    Six months later, all hell broke loose and the play-acting Leftist revolution turned into a full-dress civil war. At that point, the Church was essentially outlawed: all Catholic churches were closed, and about twenty percent of the Spanish clergy were massacred. Franco found his way back to Spain (with the help of Mussolini’s transport planes) and mounted an armed insurrection against the Popular Front government.

    It took three years of appalling warfare to decide the issue, but the outcome was never in doubt. Franco fought a military war with the object of winning on the battlefield. The Republic fought a political war with the object of running up PR victories.

    The Democratic Party today reminds me eerily of the Popular Front, right down to the openly Marxist factions, the extremist rhetoric, and the willingness to support riots and insurrections in the major cities. Now they are in power and think they have a mandate. Earlier today, a Democrat told me in triumphal tones that the election was ‘our revolution’ and that anyone opposing it would be ‘put down’. They don’t know that revolutions succeed or fail not by ballots but by bullets, and they don’t know what is liable to hit them.

    If they keep pushing their agenda, they are likely to find out soon enough,

    1. There’s also the detail that the Republic was its own worst enemy. I saw a comment elsewhere by a Spaniard a couple of years ago that claimed (and I’m inclined to believe him) that if the Republican forces had won, the war would have continued as the victors turned on each other.

      1. That certainly matches what George Orwell saw. Somewhere or other – it may be in ‘Spilling the Spanish Beans’ – he remarks that nearly everyone on the Republican side considered the squabble between the revolutionary parties on the one hand, and the Liberals and Communists on the other, to be the ‘real’ war, and the war against Franco was merely a nuisance that had got to be dealt with before they settled each other’s hash.

          1. That’s what I thought at first, but I couldn’t find the passage when I looked earlier today. I would be much obliged if you could tell me which chapter it’s in.

            1. I stand corrected. It is in “Spilling the Spanish Beans”:

              Meanwhile the war against Franco continues, but, except for the poor devils in the front-line trenches, nobody in Government Spain thinks of it as the real war. The real struggle is between revolution and counter-revolution; between the workers who are vainly trying to hold on to a little of what they won in 1936, and the Liberal-Communist bloc who are so successfully taking it away from them. It is unfortunate that so few people in England have yet caught up with the fact that Communism is now a counter-revolutionary force; that Communists everywhere are in alliance with bourgeois reformism and using the whole of their powerful machinery to crush or discredit any party that shows signs of revolutionary tendencies.

              1. One thing Orwell didn’t notice was that revolutions are overthrows of existing government. With that, their calling themselves the Republic didn’t mean they actually had more claim than Franco: both were overthrowing the original by force. He seemed to think that being Left meant you still had the authority from what you overthrew.

      2. In some ways, the left may already be showing signs of turning on itself. “The Squad” railing about insufficiently “woke” picks for the Harris / Biden Cabinet, the incident with Pelosis’ (I think it was) house getting graffitied.

        In some ways right now, it might be a case of which happens first, the left / Dems imploding on themselves or the left / Dems driving patriots to the extreme and kicking off CW2…

        1. the incident where the graffiti ‘artists’ were nice enough to mask off her brickwork to keep any paint from getting on it?

    2. One clarification. It was a private English pilot hired for the purpose who flew Franco to Spain, not an Italian under orders from Mussolini.

      That said, I have long contended this will look like Spain in the 1930s than the US in in the 1860s.

        1. The Roman Republic’s position of “dictator” was essentially designed for that scenario; to deal with an emergency that the Republic’s structure could not effectively deal with in the normal course and to resolve the emergency so that the normal governance could resume. Of course eventually it led to Rome becoming an Empire with a genuine dictator for life (although in some periods, the life of the Emperors could be rather short as the praetorians became the real power in Rome)

          1. Indeed. If memory serves, on at least one occasion a dictator was named for the sole purpose of holding honest elections, because the elected magistrates had been unable to do so before their own terms in office expired.

            I’ve often thought that one of the weaknesses in the U.S. constitution is that they didn’t quite copy enough from the Romans. For instance, half the stupidity in D.C. would have been impossible if you folks had tribunes of the plebs. And in circumstances like these (or the Hayes schemozzle of 1876), having a dictator appointed solely to hold elections might not be such a bad idea.

            Never happen, though.

            1. Of course, Sulla was a major problem long before he became dictator. He had himself named dictator the second time he led his legions to occupy Rome by force.

              1. You can do an infinite regress of causes, but I think the Republic’s death knell was when the Gracchi figured out how to game the system by violating norms: “Wait, we can veto legislation? Screw restraint! Veto everything!”

                1. Both Gracchi wound up dead for their troubles, and their laws invalidated. The genie was stuffed back in the bottle – for that time.

                  My evil alter ego, the McStudge, points out that the first function of any government is to kill people and break things on a large scale (and the second function is to shake down the people for enough money to pay the killers and breakers). In its heyday, the Roman Republic had an army of citizen soldiers who paid for their own arms and equipment. After the Punic Wars, that citizen army was hollowed out. Some lost their property, some lost their lives in useless campaigns to get some senator a triumph; and a time came when the legions could not be filled even with pressed men. Much of the land formerly owned by smallholders was converted into latifundia manned by slaves, and slaves could not serve in the army. The Gracchi’s attempts at reform ended in failure and assassination, not only because they violated the political norms, but because too many powerful Romans were personally profiting from the latifundia and did not want the problem solved.

                  The Battle of Arausio, the last one fought by an old-style smallholder army, proved that the existing system was broken beyond repair. In spite of several well-meaning attempts, the Romans never found a stable system to replace it until Augustus reimposed the monarchy under another name. There were always too many cooks, and for all their genius at making laws, the Romans had no idea how to write a constitution.

        2. I pretty much agree with Paul Johnson’s assessment of Franco in Modern Times:

          Though Franco was an unlovable man and is unlikely ever to win the esteem of historians, he must be accounted one of the most successful public men of the century. His cold heart went with a cool head, great intelligence and formidable reserves of courage and will.… For Franco, the army was the only truly national institution, ancient, classless, non-regional, apolitical, incorrupt, disinterested. If it was oppressed, it mutinied, as it had done since the sixteenth century and as recently as 1917; otherwise it served. Everything else in Spain was suspect.

          And he winds up his assessment with these telling words:

          He spent his entire political career seeking to exterminate politics.

          However much the current situation may resemble Spain in 1936, the outcome will certainly be different, because you have nobody comparable to Franco. You have no such general, and frankly, no such army.

            1. If we did, Obama would have fired him.

              There’s also the detail that we don’t let high-ranking officers keep their rank for very long before forcing them to move on (either up or out). Anyone who’s high enough rank to get noticed by the public is probably approaching the mandated end of their career.

          1. Chile, similarly, had Pinochet.

            That’s two — and the number of nations failing to find such personages is, sigh, legion.

      1. Yeah, I’ve been seeing that argument going around for some time. Maybe from you, HerbN! 😀

          1. And, nit, the airlift of troops was not from the Canary Islands, but Spanish Morocco. Franco had been second in command and later commander of the Spanish Legion, modeled on the French Foreign Legion, in the War of Rif in the 20s. The Legion, along with the Colonial Troops (mostly Moors) made up the Army of Africa and were the nation’s crack troops.

            Their loyalty to Franco was a key reason he was brought into the coup, although he was one of the last officers to declare for the military over the government. The death of other leaders along with his place at the head of the finniest troops on either side were a big part of him rising to leadership.

      2. One friend of Ian’s and mine argues that this will be more like the Troubles of Ireland than 1930s Spain. He doesn’t think the conflict will heat up to the latter level.

        I can’t decide if I want him to be right. Part of me trembles at the price to be paid in the Spain scenario…the rest of me believes that we need to exorcise the cancer once and for all.

        1. While I’ve never studied the situation, I suspect that the Irish “Troubles” were kept at an artificially low level by the simple fact that the IRA couldn’t afford to piss off the British too much. If they did, then the British Army would get deployed in force, and that would be the end of any serious attempt at insurrection. And as a result, things had to be kept low level.

          There’s no one in a position to do that in the US. More accurately, there’s no one in the WORLD who’s in a position to try that against factions in the US.

          1. I think you’re right about how many of them will actually fight.

            But underestimating them would be a critical mistake… especially if we decide the price has to be paid in full and it turns out to be much higher than we think.

            Still, I’ve come to the conclusion that the time for appeasement is past.

            1. Yes, but what I meant is that it’s not the sort of thing that lasts forever. It really isn’t.
              I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. And the first ones to step out of line are going to — dear Lord, I was going to say take it in the neck — get hit from both sides. BUT my at this point? My sympathy is with them.

              1. Yeah. There’s one other difference: The Troubles were resolved by a negotiated compromise that was acceptable to both sides. This conflict won’t be: the Left wants nothing less than our total subjugation, and we’re not going to take that. There is no middle ground. At this point, the minimum I see us accepting is fundamental election reform that guarantees only eligible citizens vote, and the count is transparent, secure, reliable, and repeatable – and any elections that do not measure up are summarily thrown out, with any citizen recognized as having standing to sue. We need people walking around holding their ink-stained fingers high.

            2. OT, but you’re a face I recognize. I think this was mentioned the other day but I don’t remember. Do you have any idea what happened to ESR? His blog has been dark for a really long time, and before that he hadn’t touched a political topic in quite a while.

              1. He’s still very much around. (And he sees no way that this will not end in bloodshed, FWIW.) His blog has technical issues that he doesn’t have the access to fix.

                  1. I would miss the site and all of you but if going dark is what you need to Mrs. Hoyt, do it.

                  1. Well, fixing it would require that he actually crack into the system it’s hosted on, and that’s the one step he would never take.

                    1. But why hasn’t ibiblio done anything about it yet? Or at least given him the access he needs? Leaving his blog borked this long seems disastrous for them from a customer relations/PR standpoint.

                      Also, is there anywhere else online he posts regularly? I’ve missed reading him.

                    2. Well, you have to remember that ibiblio is a labor of love to begin with, and Eric (and I; I have a site on there that hasn’t needed changes in several years) is there as a guest. Not sure there’s any PR value, especially since it’s run out of a university and Eric isn’t exactly a model of wokeness.

                1. Thank you for posting this. I came across his blog a couple years ago, very enjoyed his political commentary (until he gave it up on the blog,) and was wondering why there’d been so few updates.

              1. They ARE the Nazis. They just reject the name.

                They have mashed communism and fascism together, and call it socialism. Like two bad ideas together will work any better than either of them did on its own.
                Governments can’t create prosperity; at best, they can refrain from destroying it.

        2. Lots of interesting possibilities, and the factors that would favor a specific one of the more established scenarios may be unknowable.

          Right now, I’m sure I have only bad ideas.

  24. So, the President releases a video condemning the violence . . . and social media platforms ban it.

    Kinda says it all, doesn’t it?

    1. Honestly? I think they didn’t even look at it. They just want to ban him.
      But they might have saved him from himself. WHAT violence? breaking windows? the rest was violence AGAINST the protesters.

    2. I gathered that because he had the temerity to say something about election fraud, they used THAT as a reason to ban him. Because “fake news” and all that.

      Nevermind that the reason he–and all the rest of us–keep screaming about it is because so many red flags and zero willingness from anyone with the ability/authority to do so to actually *investigate* it.

      Just do a proper investigation. Open, transparent, conducted by parties without a real dog in the fight so at least some semblance of neutrality can be claimed. If after all that it turns out that Biden did indeed win (::chokes on sarcastic laughter::) then I wouldn’t be happy, but would at least go “Okay, well, most of my fellows are indeed morons, but at least it wasn’t straight fraud.”

      But of course they won’t, because they KNOW it was straight fraud. WE know it. But they think that by refusing to investigate, they can shut us up.

      1. It wasn’t straight fraud. It was crooked, twisted, warped, deformed, corrupt fraud. It was every kind of election fraud their venal little minds could come up with, and when even THAT wasn’t enough they resorted to desperate panicked fraud in the middle of the night.

  25. On the point of not letting them get into your head… A quote from Theodore Dalrymple has been bouncing around in my head of late. He said that the point of Communist propaganda (and political correctness) is not to convince you, or inform you, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponds to reality the better. When you’re forced to remain silent when being told obvious lies, or (worse) forced to repeat them, you lose your sense of probity. By cooperating with evil in some small way, your will to resist is eroded.

    I’ve been posting his words here and there lately, adding that the best antidote is to be a KAREN. Never, ever, ever, let one of their absurdities (like more than two sexes) or lies (like Biden being elected) pass without comment. Never. Be relentless. You don’t have to be mean, or loud, or blustery. But call them on it, however you choose. Every bleeping time. Become so tiresomely predictable that THEY think twice before trying to pass one of those counterfeit thoughts in your presence.

    It may not sound like much. But that’s exactly how they gained control of the culture–one hectoring, relentless Karen at a time.

    1. Sadly, those Karens don’t have to fear losing their jobs for the even the most vitriolic comments, while accidentally saying “colored person” instead of “person of color” is career death for one of us.

      1. Yep. Everything is forgiven to those in good standing with the party. Nothing is forgiven to those who are not.

        1. Temporarily.

          But as Harvey Weinstein discovered, it often still comes back to bite you eventually. It’s just never as quickly as we might wish.

          1. Thing is, though…Weinstein was no longer of any real use to the party. THAT is the only reason he fell. If, say, Clinton had won in 2016? You’d better believe he wouldn’t have fallen, provided he was still useful in some way.

            And Epstein didn’t kill himself.

            1. Which is why Weinstein’s defense consisted essentially of saying, “I’m sorry I did that and I am going to make amends by pushing HARD for gun control.”

              Clinton & Teddy Kennedy preserved abortion and that gave them byes, so …

  26. Yes, the GOP was on life support. But through valiant struggle they managed to drag the pistol out of the bedside drawer and get it up to their temple.

    Prit-near a miracle that they mustered the strength to pull the trigger, but manage it they did.

      1. It is a catturd tweet, saying:

        Today, the Republican Party lost 70% of their voters.

        And they’re too arrogant, stupid, and out-of-touch to realize it.

        1. Pfui. Those were never their voters to lose. And given a choice between a Socialist Democrat and a Romney Republican most of them will once again choose the lesser evil.

          Never expect the emotions of the moment to last. In politics two years is an eternity, and how badly do you believe Biden/Harris/Schumer/Pelosi can upset folks over an eternity?

          Besides – it is mostly the Republican donors the party is worried about.

    1. I do a lot of board gaming, so I’m very experienced at working through game theory in my head. And game theory says that it’s a bad idea to vote third-party in the US elections, because you split your vote.

      Thing is, that only applies when the third party is smaller than the major party.

      If this tweet is right about the pulse of the truly conservative electorate, the Republican party might be the third party pretty soon, with the newly-formed I-don’t-know-what-its-name-will-be party as the one that game theory says you should vote for if you want a chance at winning the election.

      We’ll see what happens.

        1. Haven’t read any that I can remember. The game theory I’ve picked up, I’ve picked up from examples in programming textbooks. For example, the Prisoner’s Dilemma example that’s often used to talk about game theory strategies (where it turns out the strategy that wins the most is the tit-for-tat strategy, where you start out cooperating but punish betrayal), I picked up from a programming text. I no longer remember the title of the book, or even if it was a book and not an article somewhere.

          Sorry I can’t be of more help.

      1. The *only* relevance the GOP had this cycle was Trump.

        I don’t know how to convey the sheer hatred the base has toward the Party now. When the time came for a clear do-or-die event they sided with the enemy.

        1. Until now, I wasn’t one of the ones you talk about who felt hatred towards the GOP. Even now, hatred would be too strong a word, but I certainly feel betrayed by some of them, and am perfectly willing to jump ship when it looks like there’s a viable alternative.

          If no viable alternative coalesces, I’ll be pushing for lots and lots of GOPe candidates to get primaried. That’s worked in the past, but it’s slow. So if there’s a big jumping-ship that looks like it will actually work, I’ll be happy to join in.

          1. >> “If no viable alternative coalesces, I’ll be pushing for lots and lots of GOPe candidates to get primaried. That’s worked in the past, but it’s slow. ”

            You’re assuming that elections will still be worth a damn at that point. If this steal isn’t stopped one way or another, they won’t be.

            1. It’s always worth making contigency plans, at least until the point where you’ve got a bazillion plans and can’t remember them. So yes, this post did assume there are still honest elections to vote in in the future. That’s one contingency. There are others.

            2. Might as well make them work for the steal, imo. It’s not as if it takes much effort on our own parts.

        2. If that were true then the down ticket candidates wouldn’t have out-performed Trump in so many races. As a national party the GOP has no voice – at present. Frankly, things looked worse in 1976 … except Ronald Reagan was on the horizon. It will be interesting to see who steps up now. Cruz clearly wants to, as do Hawley, Rubio, Cotton and others.

          I’d also look at the governors — there seem to be good reasons the MSM is targeting DeSantis in Florida. It sure as Hell won’t be Georgia’s Epstein – that state is likely to be blue for a few cycles, even as they get what they voted for, good and hard.

            1. Based on the evidence I’ve had the opportunity to see, the reason the down-ticket candidates outperformed Trump is that the Democrats did not bother to fabricate votes all the way down. Trump was defeated largely by a sudden spike in ballots marked only for the presidential race, in improbable numbers, in half a dozen major cities not known for high voter engagement or turnout, but well known for Democratic machine politics.

              1. Traditionally, “outperformed” meant they got more votes, not that they got a higher percent of the votes …recorded. Yeah, I’ll go with “recorded.”

                So, more equivocation.

              2. So now I’m wondering if they *will* bother to fabricate votes in down-ticket races in 2022.

                And it’s sooooo frustrating that nothing can apparently be done about the voter fraud. Are there existing cases that might help? I’ve totally lost track.

                1. That is harder to do — you’ve got to fraud in the right precincts else it’s easily caught, and in small venues like precincts there are fewer “free ballots*” to capture and use.

                  As for voter fraud there is plenty that can be done to reduce it — and the Democrats have been doing the opposite. Republicans run a majority of state governments and can hold hearings and enact legislation, and they need to do so NOW. No covert consent decrees a la Abrams, no last-minute alterations to the laws. In states like Pennsylvania, where Republican legislatures must deal with Democrat governors there is only one route: fight them as fiercely as they fight us.

                  If the right to vote is our most fundamental right then it is a right whose sanctity and integrity must be protected, and any governor or legislature which refuses to protect the “one person, one vote” principle is anti-American, racist, sexist, homophobic, and picks her nose and eats the boogers.

                  *Free ballots, unused/phony voter registrations.

                  1. I keep cycling between VERY AFRAID and Merely Worried. I’m hoping that just like many on this side, the other side is doing basic primate display: we talk about revolution, they talk about gulags, we all wave our genitals at each other and beat our chests, only a very few of us are really deadly serious about it (at this stage). In that case, I commented on Insty earlier:

                    I think what will happen is that red states will crack down on urban fraud and get redder, while blue states will expand fraud statewide and get bluer. Swing states: who knows. [edit: Bleeding Kansas occurs to me]

                    As long as Congress still kinda functions and they aren’t caning each other on the floor of the chamber or trying to expel each other, we might still have a unitary federal government. Whether that government will protect the rights and lives of the minority is anybody’s guess.

                    Add in reapportionment and the blue states will lose a lot of House seats in 2022. If I’m right, the states and the GOP in Congress will push back against any federal vote-by-fraud legislation, and even if they pass it, red states are going to run their own elections, and we just learned that other states have no say, so why shouldn’t they make sure they stay red and get redder?

                    I’m not sure if a more territorially-divided nation is better and more livable than the thoroughly-intermixed nation like we have now, but if it all goes down at least it makes target selection easier.

                    Can we resurrect “cuius regio, eius religio”? That managed to keep the peace in the Holy Roman Empire for nearly 80 years. I want to live in peace in the 30-40 years I have left.

      2. Yea– I have been voting Republican for a long time because of that theory. But then most of my votes didn’t get counted because I was abroad in the military. Anyway, I’m seeing a shift. First a lot of Trump voters did come from independents and disaffected Democrats. Without that lot, the Republicans will soon be irrelevant because they are (like the Dems) beholden to the big donors and not their consituents.

  27. Hey, how do you “like” a comment that isn’t a direct response to one of yours? Is there a secret button or do I need to be admitted to the Cool Kid’s Club?

    1. If you’re logged in and see a WordPress banner, on the left there’s a Reader button. In Reader view, there’s a Like button next to each comment. That’s what I used just now to leave a Like on your comment.

      Or, as Sarah says, you can be the site owner. 🙂

        1. Yeah, I never use it except when I want to leave a like on someone’s particularly good comment, and it’s annoying enough to use that I rarely bother to do that. But it’s possible.

    2. I don’t even know how to “like” a comment that is a response to one of mine — but so long as the Reply button is available it is always possible to use it to post a comment such as, “I like the cut of your jib.”

      Or even just pose, “I wish there were a LIKE button I could punch.”

  28. One thing that worries me about the current state of our society besides the obvious disintegration of our institutions and the fact that we’ve turned into a banana republic is that the stupid “woke” religion of the leftists is gaining a *lot* of traction. I personally believe that it’s because human nature kind of needs a religion of some kind, and if they don’t use a good one like Christianity they will turn politics or stupid intersectional racism into a religion. I see people every day giving rhetorical nods to “diversity and inclusion”; it’s practically a reflex action. And they *believe* in it. They’re outraged and appalled if you even try to mildly argue against it. And it’s very hard to argue against people’s religions. That woke religion will kill our country if the outrageous voter fraud doesn’t. It feels like way too many inauspicious planets have aligned.

  29. There seems a serious question about why the Capitol Police were NOT there in force. There need to be hearings on that since it is reportedly doctrine to not allow people within the perimeter.

  30. There have been several posts claiming that the barricades were open, and even that Capitol Police (or people dressed like them) told Trump protesters that they could go in and visit the Capitol or go listen to the speeches in the Chamber, and that Trump had arranged for this and had okayed it. Also that somebody Antifa told the Trump supporters that the woman had been shot, and then took a Congress elevator down to the parking lot. And that windows were already broken or open when the first marchers got there.

    My suspicion is that Antifa created a diversion during the march that drew the Capitol Police away from the steps, possibly with inside help or false communications; and then they created a trap.

      1. When Democratic Party leaders find excuses for left-wing violent protesters and condemn right-wing protesters, one can understand their motives. They see left-wing protesters as being “on their side” and the right-wing protesters as “the enemy.”

        When Republican Party leaders find excuses for left-wing violent protesters and condemn right-wing protesters, it’s hard not to draw the conclusion that they, too, see the left-wing as “on their side” and the right-wing as “the enemy.”

        1. Next thing you know, they will be declaring their political opponents to be “enemies of the state”….oh wait, MaligNancy did that already even before the election.

    1. Well that is some serious bullshit. It would be a little easier to believe if there hadn’t been about a hundred different streams showing otherwise.

      But there go my lying eyes again…

      1. Indeed. I wasn’t there, but considering that every video so far shows half the people filming the other half, I think we can legitimately say “pics or it didn’t happen”.

              1. Get used to seeing and hearing the phrases “banned video”, ‘banned book”, “banned music” and more as the Democrats with their total control over the Federal government move swiftly to impose European style “hate speech” bans, and getting those bans upheld by a packed Supreme Court.

                The simple fact is that they will claim and act as if they have a “mandate”, which would not be true even absent the massive electoral fraud, given that they lost seats in the House and lost at the state level, and will overreach the way they always do in pursuit of their “fundamental transformation”. As a result, yesterday rather than being taken as a warning as to what can happen when they go to far will simply be the beginning.

  31. To be filed under “Not Fishy At All”, PJMedia has gone Error 521 Web Server Is Down.

    1. If Trump had “denounced the protestors not coddled them”, as a headline I skimmed over just now put it, the protestors would have felt doubly betrayed and just gotten angrier.

            1. Try an incognito window, or a different browser? You may have some cookie cached that’s borking the display. Or something. What do I know? I’m just a web developer. Sometimes this crap is voodoo.

          1. I’m also seeing him, so I think it’s just you Sarah.

            But it’s nuts that someone like Razor being shut out without warning is so credible these days.

      1. the protestors would have felt doubly betrayed and just gotten angrier.

        A lot of people are already feeling that double betrayal for Trump leaving his people out to dry.

      2. Hush – you’re not conforming to the narrative! In the Biden Regime unity will be achieved by suppressing no-conformists. Dissent is racism, except when it is sexism or maybe some kind of phobia.

    2. Trump had no reason to think that they would be able to get into the capital.

      Yeah, the security of it is a problem, and it is really not a precedent we would normally want, but 2020 was a year of really bad precedents, and discoveries that precedents we thought were tolerable were in fact not tolerable.

      I don’t have any idea what the hell Trump thought protest would do, but if he had an actual plan to capitalize on mob violence, it should have either gotten carried out or come out and blown back on him.

      Trump is no more guilty of mob politics than Biden, and probably a great deal less.

      Of course, at this point I would be inclined to condemn Trump for not arranging to have the traitor Democrats strung up.

  32. Social media, without any effort to censor posts the way non-leftists are censored, is flooded with calls to “shoot them all” referring to Trump supporters whom the left wants to see murdered en masse. All of the explicit calls for violence by the left are being allowed by Twitter with no punishment.

    Instead of the Capitol building, they should have gone after the corporate headquarters of Twitter, Facebook and Google.

      1. Thanks, Cyn, I appreciate it.

        That meant in a humorous manner. Yesterday got pretty dark so I thought it might lighten the mood.

  33. Trump is on 12 hour ban from Twitter, and has gone off to Parler

    Pennsylvania State Senate refused to seat the (D) Lt Gov and one (D) senator. Video at the twatter link is just comical — deadpan (R) and raving (D).

    electionwiz DOT com/2021/01/05/pennsylvania-senate-erupts-chaos-after-democrats-throw-temper-tantrum/

  34. No, I take it back. I just realized *this* is what’s been playing all day in the back of my head.

    1. And I’m calling on him to suspend habeas corpus, arrest the Dems, and nuke China, Germany, Qatar, and Iran.

      Fuck the Sun.

      Sticking it out must have some value, otherwise they would not be arguing otherwise.

      1. Forget dick pics. Send them pictures of every public official who denies the election fraud.

    1. Oh, honey child. Sometimes you remind me you’re American born and STARTLINGLY naive. The ones charged will be the organizers of the protest. NOT anyone who committed violence.

      1. I am American born.

        It may not have been clear that that was SARCASM. There will be no lawyers for the organizers. The American legal community is far too cowed. And I knew that then.

        No, I was originally “naïve” for thinking it was time to do something and sounding the alarm. Now I’m naïve for not being pessimistic ENOUGH.

  35. Something I said on Twitter last week or so… I thought of Iowahawks saying about progs infiltrating an institute, gutting it, wearing the skin suit as a shawl and demanding respect.

    My comment was something about it makes their bleating about Democracy!1!! seem… interesting. Something like that.

  36. ABC’s poltiical director tweeted out a call for a “cleansing” the “movement he (Trump) commands”. Massive communist style persecution is coming.

  37. Someone noted, and it appears to be true that twitter and facebook have blocked postings by President Trump’

    There is a note over at Parler that NPR reported, at 9:33 a.m. on the 6th, about Trump supporters storming the Capitol and clashing with police. Talk about great journalism, they report the news hours before it happens!

  38. Some points:

    1) if the Congress has no role in the counting of electors, why does the Constitution provide procedure for challenges to their acceptance? It ain’t as if the Democrats have never employed those challenges in this century.

    2) the same MSM who tell us the MAGA protestors were violent claimed that the TEA Partiers were racist, even absent any evidence of such racism even marginally comparable to evidence of electoral fraud. MSM claims can be dismissed as “baseless” and “without evidence.”

    3) in the past Trump and TEA Party rallies were peaceful and, in the words of Dan Bongino, “sanitation measures” that left the grounds cleaner than when they arrived. This was a major failure of those in charge of security and needs hearings.

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