Attention Please!

Recently, a lot of you who told me I was insane when I said that Winnie the flu was all theater and though it existed and was a flu and would probably take “severe flu, no vaccine numbers” it was and is stupid to lock the sick and the healthy in, destroy the economy and make everyone wear a mask, have come back and ask how I knew. And apologized.

Well, attention in the isles, my friends on the right: you are falling for the same king of bullshit diversion. You are being spun like a top. And you’re falling for it and falling in line.

I blame you and I don’t. You didn’t grow up with the constant-pretend-reality of communist psi-ops, and you haven’t learned to smell it.

Over and over again, you condemn Trump and the “rioters.”

NO ONE RIOTED. Not compared to this summer. THERE WERE NO RIOTS. And the protesters were treated with an iron fist and live ammo, btw.

There are videos. I don’t know which ones are still live. They keep removing them. There was no riot. There was a protest. You know, those things that are vital for public health?

Did they go into the Capitol? Yes they did. You know what? It’s a public building. WE PAY FOR THE F*CKING CAPITOL’S UPKEEP.

But, but but…. the congress critters ran. They were scared!

Were they now? WHY? No, seriously, why were they scared, if the people they work for want to watch the deliberations. They’re in our presence all the time. You know the worst thing we do — or used to do — we called them traitors. That was it.

But they vandalized Nancy Pelosi’s office! Oh, my stars and garters? Evil people. Was that before or after she vandalized our constitution and sank a knife in the heart of the republic? Is the evil bitch dangling from a lamppost this morning? No? They were civilized beyond all hope.

But Sarah, you’ll say, this will give them the excuse to avenge themselves on us.

Dear idiots, you’re like the wife with her arm in a sling and both eyes blackened telling her husband “Please don’t say anything to Joe. He’ll be mad.”

In other words, are you out of your ever loving little minds? These people STOLE two elections — it’s now absolutely obvious the nominal right is fine with this. They hope for crumbs from their masters’ tables. The left is more likely to kill them, but never mind — in a row, in full view, and refused to let us have our day in court to show the evidence. Because the American people are now peons with NO STANDING and can be disenfranchised with no punishment. But you’re afraid that largely (truly) peaceful protesters “made them mad?”

Withdrawing the objection to the fraudulent votes due to the riot? That only makes sense in the mind of an abuser. “I stole your thing, and I was going to maybe give it back, but you cried, so now you don’t get it back.” Are you all actually out of your ever loving minds to blame the protesters and Trump for this?

These people are saying “You peasants dared to show up in our presence. We’re now going to take away even the illusion of franchise.” And…. you’re cool with this? It’s the protesters fault?

Get up off the floor. Wipe the blood from your lip. KNOW WHO YOUR ABUSER IS.

And BTW it’s not Trump. Trump thought maybe if congress saw how ad people were, they would play straight. I said before that’s all the protest was about, and that’s all it was. He told people to go home when it was obvious it had failed.

And I hope to G-d someone with access to him reads this and tells him it’s time. Take the family NOW and go to an undisclosed location. As much as it hurts me to say this, because I want him to continue harassing the left, he has to realize this is no longer the sweet land of liberty. This is now a tyrannical third world shithole. Or will be within months from the way our occupiers are behaving. They will find a way to kill him and his whole family, or kill him and turn his family against him. Go Mr. President. G-d bless. You’ve done all that you could. If the so called right in this country will pearl clutch and blame even people who engage in a very mild protest, they deserve what’s to come.

He now promises an orderly transition. I will tell all of you that DEAD is the most orderly of all states. And right now the Republic is effectively dead. There might be a hope for CPR, but I’m not sure there’s the will to apply it. Pence has joined the rats fleeing to the lefty rotten ship. because he hopes that will save his life. Spoiler, it won’t. The left will kill all the right who turns their coat. Because they can’t trust them. Good. They deserve it. I shall eat popcorn.

Do we ever get the republic back? I don’t know. I think the most likely thing is that we fall apart into separate states while around us the world falls into chaos, famine and misery. We’ve been feeding the world for a century. The world had better look to itself now.

What do those of us who’ve sworn an oath to the constitution do? I don’t know. Most are still busily doing a Peter in Pontius Pilates Yard “I was never with him.”

Oh, and there’s talks of rounding up Trump supporters. Of denying them flights and hotels and the ability to engage in commerce.

I suppose that’s the “protesters” fault too? Except that that, like the paper to withdraw objections because of the “protest” were already written. They would have found an excuse.

I don’t want war. But I liked having a homeland. To everyone who, like me, came here as the last place of refuge: I’m sorry. I don’t even know what to tell you. We need to fight this, but even if we do, unless the natural-born citizens see what they’re losing, it’s unlikely we’ll ever get our country back.

This morning, in DC, the police are beating down what remains of protesters. A young woman was murdered in cold blood yesterday.

And our side is pearl clutching and tut tuting, and hoping the abuser won’t get mad. Oh, and talking about 2022, because seeing two elections frauded RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES and courts refusing to let anyone see evidence of it is not enough. They need to be stomped on some more before they believe they’ve lost the franchise.

Me? I’ve seen what happens when your votes don’t matter. Elections will continue as a form, possibly for fifty years, if we let this bullshit go on that long. Your next president after Commie laWhorish is Michelle Obama, because the ignorant bitch hasn’t shit on us enough. She felt stupid and inferior at Harvard, and by gum, she’s going to make you grovel to pay for your sins.

But your real masters are now Winnie the Pooh and his merry band of fascists. And we know what they do and how.

I can’t get the order, but we’re about to see: social credit; the banning of conservatives from the internet; branding us as terrorists, just as they’re doing to innocent protesters; show trials; people disappearing; our money confiscated; our houses confiscated; more lock downs, to prevent revolt; more masks to promote alienation; more lies.

When people die in the famine to come, it will be Covid-19 and Trump’s fault and you’ll be required to repeat it publicly.

It wont’ last. These commies are industrial-level STUPID. It won’t last. I give them ten years, maybe, before most of the country is starving, and they have no clue what to do about it. And then it all falls apart, because unlike Venezuelans, we have no one to help and no place to run to.

Or, you know, we can stop pearl clutching and say “Hell no.” and “Molon labe” and stop repeating the lies the left wants written into history.

To lefty idiots: yes, the election was stolen. Because if it had NOT been, the left would have joined the right in demanding the courts take the case, and that it be shown to all as an honest election. Also, to lefty idiots, what the protesters — and all of us at home — want? ANOTHER ELECTION with minimum accountability. I mean, we can’t even clean the roles. There wouldn’t be enough time. We just wanted to make sure each person voted only once, and the votes were counted with full supervision.

Instead, you’re handing off the country to China, via their bought and paid for man, Biden. Yes, I know you heard good things about China. You’ll find out, along with the craven right that the leftist press makes Pravda seem honest. Enjoy the ride.

As for you and me, my friends. We’re going to eat the bread that the devil baked. Save what you can from the ruin. It won’t be much. And don’t let them into your head. NEVER let them into your head. They’re invaders. They’re oppressors. They’re thieves. Treat them as what they are. Do not comply unless you have to, and then engage in malicious compliance.

Keep the republic in your heart. Maybe there are enough of us left that it will rise again. But in the meantime, this is going to hurt and hurt badly. And the longer the restoration of law takes, the higher the butcher’s bill.

Most of you have no idea how bad it will get. Imagine your worst nightmares. Then double them. Prepare for that as best you can. You won’t be able to do much. If you’re lucky they’ll leave you your conscience.

Your country was invaded (even if the invaders were born here, their masters aren’t) and is about to be raped. The least you can do is not cooperate.

856 thoughts on “Attention Please!

  1. Biggest lie in the media was that they were armed and exchanged gunfire. Show me pix. All the ‘gun violence’ was from police.

      1. Yeah – I guess to achieve “mostly peaceful protest” status they would have had to light the place on fire.

        1. It was incredibly peaceful, there wasn’t enough burning things to count as mostly peaceful.

    1. Yep…right after Ashli Babbitt (Ashli Babbitt = Crispus Attucks unless compelling evidence to the contrary arises) was shot there was a claim that she was an “active shooter.”

      I saw the video (someone on Instagram had it) and I seriously doubt it. She was attempting to climb through a window and both hands appeared to be fully occupied in that task. Even if she were armed she hadn’t filled her hand at that time.

      1. Hm – the one I saw she was back from the window – maybe the’s where she fell.

        I guess she was an “active climber”.

        1. Say her name?
          I’m building a fecking memorial cross to place by the roadside.

          The only people I’ve seen clutching their pearls are corrupt politicians and nominally “right wing” opinion columnists applying for the position of capo.

          Ice cold rage.
          That’s the thing.
          Pence has earned his right to replace Cassius.

          1. Need to find the nearest police precinct and put a memorial cross in front of it.

            And offices for my congress critter and my two supposed Senators.

            We also need to hound all three to say her name in the street like the leftards did to Ron Paul.

      2. There were armed (and armored) people outside that door. “LAW ENFORCEMENT” people. Several videos show their shock when Ashli was shot from the OTHER SIDE of that door.

        I read a tale by a “former Texas Sheriff” who is now a Representative (R) and (oh so bravely) rushed to man the barricade held by the Capitol Police, and claims to have been there the entire time. Can he, will he, identify the murderer? Probably not. Which makes him an accomplice after the fact, to my mind.

          1. Daily Mail has pictures and video from a different angle. They show the guy who shot Ashli Babbitt, or at least his arm.

            Daily Mail is a shitshow today, as you would expect. But they do actually have a lot of info and video, unlike the US news.

            They also show that, after the protesters left, apparently somebody damaged some of the furniture and a couple of the statues. But they were still fine when I saw video of all the protesters leaving the Capitol, so who was it who did the damage?

            1. DM (Beeb at one time, as well) once tended to actually have most of the facts and whatnot, but could be counted on to take the commie point of view. It tapered off so much I stopped paying much mind.

            2. Was talking with my mom, she was pissed at the idiots who got into Pelosi’s office and put their feet on the table and stuff– and stopped to *think* when I said “yeah, snuck in with their professional photographer, too.”

              After a bit, she said “what I’m hearing is I need to look at other places to find better information. Whatcha got?”

              Which is how I found out they subscribe to a physical copy of the Epoch Times.

        1. Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla. supposedly talked to the shooter. And sounds like he encouraged him to shoot. And now he’s saying the man had no choice but to take the shot. Having seen 3 different videos of the shooting, I can absolutely guarantee that Mullin is a coward, and a liar.

          1. Definitely. The only one close to that door on the other side was the murderer. Also, he was not the “first one” to cry “shots fired” – that was the citizens outside the Speaker’s Lobby (yes, it was that, not the entrance in the other picture).

      1. Yes. Unfortunately for them, folks have not trust in the media at least the folks I’m talking to. Oh yea and of the dead– cop is still alive, one had a stroke, one had a heart attack… The only true death was Ashli Babbitt (shot), and the other girl (trampled)

        1. This morning’s report was one shot (as noted) and three that died from unrelated medical issues. One was early in the day — people were complaining that they had to carry out this heart attack victim using a barricade as a stretcher, because the ambulance refused to come close enough.

      2. Epoch times just sent a message out about a cop dead from injuries, my husband–I’ve mentioned he’s a geek for this stuff— looked at the only -one person with cause of death and now three more civvies and a cop and said “so, heart attack?”

        Given the median age,is to be expected.

        1. Yep the officer that they were “honoring’ died of a heart attack. Gawd the stupidity. Poor guy and poor wife… but the stupidity of making him a hero by the crazies.

      3. How can we expect to sell any fiction when we have to buck such overwhelming competition??

  2. Those who know nothing of history are bound to repeat it; pity those of us who do know and are aware have to be dragged down with them. These past few months reminded me of the six hours I had spent in East Berlin (literally 5 months before the wall came down). Streets deserted but for the few souls venturing out, by necessity, to obtain what goods there were in the few shops that were open; grand facades with darkened windows staring blindly into the empty avenues, populated by cars that had every appearance of not having been moved in months.

    No, they don’t see what is coming, and when they cry out about how no one had warned them there will be no one stepping up to save them from their folly for a long time.

      1. I saw it years ago when people were blocking childhood friends for simply having a different political view. When people start calling others evil that’s a problem. I hope the good guys have a plan and don’t just let the bad guys take our country and freedom. I’d be out there fighting if I wasn’t gimped out by my hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and serious pain. 😦

            1. I hear you, brother.

              I tell my wife all the the time that I am not a nice person. I just get to choose every morning what kind of person I will be that day.

              1. The most recent episode of The Expanse had the line:

                “That is not something good people do. It’s not even something bad people pretending to be good do.”

                Well, some of us are ready to stop pretending. I’ve noticed even the fantasizing has gotten uglier. Much uglier.

                1. My ideations of doing harm to other people have increased by a ton over the past month or two. It’s regular, at least once a day. And like yours, mine are becoming ugly and vicious beyond what I’ve imagined before.

              2. It’s like something in one of John Ringo’s ‘Kildar’ books, where a girl rescued from a horrible death says, “You’re a good man, Mr. Kildar.”

                “No, I’m not. I’m a very BAD man. I just try to do bad things only to people even worse than me.”

      2. I see the Russian side of what’s coming–the cops at night, the neighbors being people too afraid to do anything about it, but I also see a lot more shooting. a LOT more guns here. a LOT.

        But Sarah, please, can you tell us how to prepare in more detail? do we pay off the mortgage using retirement funds so they can’t take our home, because those funds won’t matter anyway? do we hold cash even though it will become worthless? do we keep everything and give away nothing because we may need to wear it or burn it? Do we buy more maple syrup because never again will we have such a luxury as real maple syrup if we don’t live in VT itself? Is it worth buying 5 years of advil? Do we hold as much cash as we can? Hard to swap gold for food.. and That second freezer is worthless if they are going to turn off the power. The generator can’t work that and the rest of the house.. Or do we plan to get out to anywhere we can, knowing England has no freedom and neither does Belarus, and we can’t take the guns with anyway? Or send the kids to welding school now even though it’s, yes, I kid not, literally virtual?

        1. There’s as many answers to that as there are personal circumstances. Stashing away inconspicuous at checkout but accumulating amounts of canned goods is never a bad idea, but everything else depends on you. Who do you know? What skills do you bring to the table? Suggestions are great, but no one else can really tell you your own way forward.

        2. First of all, it always pays to have a useful, manual skill, even if it’s only at the apprentice level.
          Carpenter, woodworker, mason, plumber, electrician, auto mechanic; these are the basic builders of our infrastructure. Farmers and ranchers are the start of our food production. Miners and oil workers, Butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, etc. are the middle class craft people and traders who convert raw materials into usable goods. All of these people are necessary for production, be it a normal economy, or a black market one. And black markets require organizers just as much as regular markets.

          1. “First of all, it always pays to have a useful, manual skill, even if it’s only at the apprentice level.”

            Indeed. But then, there are some of us whose nervous systems are sufficiently defective to so impair our fine motor skills as to put all of the jobs/fields you mention out of our reach.

            1. *Waves* Speaking as someone whose fine motors are variably cooperative, one of the next best options is to know lots of odd stray bits of info. If you can’t do X, but you know how X is done, what tools and supplies are needed, where to find them, where to find instruction books, where to find someone who knows how to do X – information broker is a thing.

            2. You’re writers though, yes? Lots of good stuff in the noggins? And good a researching things? There’s a whole lot of ignorant Americans who are going to need more how-to books for dummies in the next couple of years. Or you could try to improve on the real history books of our country. And my aunt had gnarled arthritic hands that shook more than a cat 9 earthquake, and she still could knit and crochet like crazy.

        3. Yes and Yes. Except the US $ as known today to disappear, lose value, or be replaced. Or all three. As you do this…
          1)expiration dates are BS. A way to get you to throw good stuff out and buy more. US ARMY opened WWII stockpiles a few years back and found food and meds while degraded some still edible and useful.
          2)Arm up, ammo up, gear up. you will need it to protect your stuff…not so much from govt as from your local thugs and neighbors.
          3) Prep yourself with ref manuals and training.
          4)stock up tradeables for barter.
          5) get cash on hand, some gold/silver.
          6) leave blue states/cities for redder zones. But avoid certain cities and areas. Google census data for racial makeup.
          lots of books on this topic. read.

          1. And just as important… Do it quietly! As soon as times start to get hard, the Left is going to start freaking out about “hoarding”. Mostly because they know anyone who stocks up like that aren’t believers in their Leftist cause.

          2. Alcohol is always a good barter item. But bottles are fragile. Oh, and you can build your own stills to brew your own alcohol. Which won’t be any more illegal than half the other things they’re about to un-Constitutionally outlaw.

    1. I know history and I’m scared.

      Because I don’t know what’s coming.

      That’s a big part of why I’m so scared. It’s the compliment of what I said last night about every institution and leader having so trashed their credibility I don’t know what is true. Was it an Antifa false flag? Was it Trump supporters? Was it both? Was it neither and staged by the police?

      Hell, was it Grays?

      I know what I believe, but I also know of no one credible enough to give me information I will trust.

      Are we headed for a Spanish Civil War circa 2022 after a year of Leftist being more Leftist? Will people stand up before then? Will they round us up one at time?

      Don’t know. Can’t know. Anyone, anyone, who has any degree of certainty is a fool and will probably do something stupid based on that certainty that gets them killed.

      That is the price we are all paying so Granny Boxwine can have her freezer full of ice cream while lording it over us peasants.

      1. Because I don’t know what’s coming.

        The Fourth Turning theory is that from this side we have no idea what America will look like on the other side, and we have no guarantee it’ll be better.

        The Strauss & Howe generational cycle tells us that the Millennials are in the place of the G.I.s (aka Greatest), that they’re the foot soldiers in the peak of the Crisis that comes every 80-100 years, driven by the aged fanatics of the Progressives/Boomers and led/managed by the disaffected Lost/Xers.

        So it could go both ways: the stereotype of the Millennial is the woke idiot still living in their parents’ basement and making catty comments on Twitter. If they’re the foot soldiers fighting to the new America, well, we’re f***ed. But on the other hand a metric f***ton of Millennials have cycled through the military in the last 20 years, or have worked serious jobs in the serious economy (fracking, trucking, whatever). They might give us a chance if they stand up.

        (Remember that the Boomers weren’t just the hippies and SDS traitors and Aquarians, they were also the soldiers who volunteered for Vietnam, and the big wave of Evangelicals who filled the churches in the ’70s. Every generation has its stereotype, but that’s a stereotype of the visible and vocal minority.)

        1. … that’s a stereotype of the visible and vocal minority.

          Somebody chose to shine a spotlight on those people; identify those persons to understand the purpose.

                1. Now now, don’t be bigoted. Those that formally identified as breathing can also vote Democrat.

                    1. We recommend taking the wallaby’s humor in small, occasional doses until you’ve built up resistance.

                    2. Caution: The wallaby has been accused of sarcasm and of cynicism. This is untrue – wallabies know not the meaning of either word. I once looked them up i an online dictionary ad only got this: “See wallaby”

                      Also be advised: resistance is futile.

      2. While we don’t know exactly what’s coming, we can hazard some safe guesses. All energy prices are going to rise, taxes are going up, costs of everything are going up. The big remaining questions is how hard and fast are the Dems going to go full on fascist and start charging people for daring to criticize their policies and ideology and what the reaction is going to be. Not only to that, but how removing so many productive citizens working in vital jobs (whether the Dems realize this or not) is going to effect everything else. Also, all those cities that remove police? How long before all the stores are closed and no delivery truck dares to cross into the city border?

        I’m with you on the not knowing, but the problem is what I can picture as even the best case scenario of this mess is really ugly. The worst case? We start heading that way and I’m seriously thinking about vanishing into the furthest reaches of the wilderness and taking a chance on my rusty survival skills.

        1. In states run by Democrats, they are already criminally charging people for exercising their right to free speech; just look at all the people charged for protesting the lockdowns. Harris has a long track record of using her prosecutor role to go after political opponents, including Project Veritas, and said during the primary debates that if elected she would seek to punish the Democrat’s enemies.

          1. I’m in my thirties, no wife, no kids, and I have to take medication every day to not die. I am expendable. If my death can help restore liberty to our country, I’ll pay that price gladly.

            I just need to find ways to avoid going out in a blaze of glory until it would actually matter.

            1. Every patriot has their role, I think. And this next isn’t a suggestion. Maybe it’s just my weirdo mind working.

              Remember that dude in Breaking Bad who was in a wheelchair? He thought he was powerless, too, till Mr. Meth loaded him up with some BOOM. Then he destroyed a really, really bad fellow. It was one of the best scenes in the entire series.

              You’ll have your day, I’ll bet. You’re willing to do what it takes, so I think you’ll know what to do.

            2. While suicide bombing, or it’s equivalent, is a rather effective way to take out a target, it’s a waste of human resources if it can be avoided. Muslim radicals hold life to be pretty much worthless. Westerners do not. Which is one reason why they like to suicide bomb, and we are so horrified by it. And that’s why we approach war differently. General Patton summed it up rather well, “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

        2. It is going to be harder to be censors as witness the alternatives to twatter and faceborg already coming around. It’s also going to be harder to load cattle cars (I should think) because we are not as urban as Europe and we are better armed. But the elites are going to have to run stupid enough long enough to piss off the true believers first so short term expect ruinous taxation and $10 a gallon milk. And keep your own damn self healthy and look into home remedies.

          1. That and the chances of people turning in their guns is about 0. If they try to start rounding people up, I wouldn’t want to drive around in anything with Government plates.

          2. Beware of who’s funding or hosting those alternatives. I’m seeing indications of some of them about to enact bans on Trump similar to the Twit and FB ones.

            1. I said elsewhere that any social media app/environment is a walled garden. As such it is vulnerable to being suborned. Today’s great “free speech platform” might look different a year or two out, when Apple and Google boot it from their app stores and/or Zuckerberg swoops in to offer the founders a few hundred mil he dug out of the sofa cushions. I don’t think even Gab is immune.

              1. Exactly. Like What’s App. I was using it for a couple years, then Facebook snatched it up. Unfortunately, I’m stuck, because most of my friends and family back in the States only use what’s app, and not the alternatives.

        3. There are two kinds of survivors: the ones who stand their ground, fight and win; and those that run away and manage to avoid the predators. The predators don’t have to worry about surviving, they’re on the top of the pyramid already.

        4. Has anybody* asked the farmers how their planting is going to go? Are they planting large or planting for friends, family and loan payments?

          *Anybody likely to get an honest answer from them, that is.

      1. I’m pretty certain that if Trump had marched to the capital building with the protestors, he’d have shared Tiberius Gracchus’ s fate.

        He’s deviating from the script.

    2. There is a fairly large Russian community here that is very nervous. Hell even the Amish are a bit on edge about all this. That should be your sign.

    3. You’re the first person I have *met*, ever, who has also been to East Berlin, when there was such a thing. Remembering my experiences–I was there twice–has a knot in my throat.

      “Doll eyes” was how the dude in Jaws described the shark’s eyes. But that’s what the East Berliners’ eyes looked like, too. Empty. Like they’d run back inside themselves so far just to be safe they were looking at you from a million miles away. Horrifying. They were too scared to even answer a question if you asked them one.

      This sounds arrogant, but Americans are f’ing children when it comes to tyranny and the barbarism of the rest of the entire world. I got lucky and got to at least see some of it.

      1. Well, now you’ve met two. The future Mr. BTEG and I were in East Berlin in December of 1989. Fun time to be there, obviously. We have some chips from the Berlin Wall as souvenirs. Biggest thing I remember is the filthy streets, because they were burning brown coal as fuel. Second is someone at a university actually saying the “This time we’ll do it right” line. Also spent a short time in the Erzgebirge mountains.

      2. *waves hello* Yeah. Lived there as a kid. I had one particularly disturbing experience that I don’t know if I’ll write about any more, given that this is how America went.

        Well, several, when you look at it from an outside perspective. We were housed in an apartment that was the government-assigned housing for Stazi and military family for a while, before getting moved to a set of apartments right across from the North Korean Embassy (which are still there.)

        1. Enthusiastic return wave!
          I’d love to hear/read any stories you have at all about your experience. I think it would be enjoyable, and also useful because of the current situation here.

            1. Thank you. I’ve got it queued up and ready for when I finish with the conversations here.

        2. Putting together experiences behind the Iron Curtain, or in other socialized/Marxed societies, perhaps mildly fictionalized, may be something that would be good to pass around.

          Because while I have read much, I’m still a soft Westerner

          1. There was this guy on Twitter called Rex Vallochorum who used to document his experiences in Romania. With pictures. He got banned from Twitter no less than three different times because ‘democratic socialists’ liked to argue with him, then cried to Twitter when he refused to give. Unfortunately he seemed to not have a blog, so every time he got banned, all his writing was lost.

  3. Has anyone come up yet with a plausible explanation for the shooting of the unarmed woman Air Force veteran?

      1. And in contravention of what they were saying, there’s the video, where she was shot several feet back from any door or window.

        The videos are being swept, but they can be found – I was able to get the link Sarah posted up on Insty to eventually work, though that server appears to be under DOS attack.

        And I see now Variety boasting that the alien lizard robot droid has banned the President of the United States from Zuckerbook permanently, as has been forseen.

        And in reply to the mantra – what violence? Destruction of windows? Does not the Capital building have insurance?

        The only violence on video was murder by police, which has been cited by the three letter media as justification for widespread looting.

        And the body count stands at cowardly tyrannical government agents 1, mostly peaceful protesters 0.

        US government web monitors reading this, I hope you are just so, so proud of your employer today.

          1. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have no problems fighting for our own, I will not lift a finger to help those who enabled and cheered this on. They will not be receiving a helping hand, they will be on the receiving end of clenched fist to the face. They were warned repeatedly for years and chose not to listen.

          2. Well, you only get a five year sentence for doing nothing.

            (Was that the punchline to the old joke?)

            1. Man on the train to the gulag being asked what he got — twenty-five years — and what for — nothing at all!

              “You lie! The sentence for nothing at all is ten years!”

              Numbers vary

          1. I can’t be banned from a site I never joined. Not going to join to get the honor of being banned.

            I think POTUS will switch to Gab and GabTV. I don’t know if Twitter has permabanned him yet, but I see it coming.

          2. The only reason I still have it at all is for livestock sale pages (which is 100% against their stupid leftist rules and frequently cracked down on). Piece of shit site, but there’s nothing like it to find a good local dairy buck.

              1. This is no time for half measures. Stick both thumbs in their eyes!

                What those protesters should have told the Congresscritters: “This is OUR house! You’re just the help.”

                    1. WeeFree — I was in grocery store today. The have Ruth Ginsberg in the cover of Time, with “A principled life” I kept reading it as a “Privileged life” which is actually right.
                      I don’t think she had any principles besides “the peasants will obey me.”

                    2. Now I’m envisioning a program called “Dagon Unnaturally Speaking.” Not for dictating, but for summoning.

                    3. Whatever it’s written from your dictation, when you read it back don’t read it out loud.

        1. Dunno about that server, but ATH has been mostly unavailable or simply timing out for me, for most of today.

          1. Curious. It’s working fine, beyond the usual WordPress gubbage. (Occasional delays in updating comments.) Gab, on the other hand, is struggling, but at last count, their traffic went up 100% yesterday and last night.

          2. Internet seems overloaded today. Really noticeable on my crappy slow DSL… everything is way slower than normal. This morning, my cellphone could not hold a connection, which usually means the towers are overloaded. (That, not jamming, is why phones didn’t work around the protest. Cell towers were overwhelmed, and then they throttle low-value accounts.) Which basically means there’s way more chatter than normal, everywhere. Gee, why could that be??

      2. How in the world is what could only, at worst, be called trespassing, “obvious treason to her oath to defend the constitution”?

        Especially when she was defending that very constitution BY “trespassing”.

        1. She wasn’t trespassing. That is OUR house; the politicians are only there by OUR permission, to conduct OUR business.

          Unfortunately, the place seems to be full of squatters now, and rather than throw the squatters out, the cops keep the owners out. We’re getting somewhat irate about the situation.

          They don’t want to see what happens when we decide to foreclose…
          A politician is worse than a toilet. They’re both full of shit — but at least you can flush the toilet.

            1. They’re pushing the theme that “the mob,” was desecrating the sacred space of the Capitol. (For Sarah).

          1. Y’know, I am pretty sure I caught a number of “commentators” and “analysts” last night referring to the Capitol as “The People’s House” — and I am pretty confident that originates from “We, the people …”

            I guess it depends on what they mean by “united states.”

        2. Yeah, the nutballs have kind of contaminated the ‘sovereign’ label, but during the China Joe Muppet Show basement speech I was wondering how the Sovereign People could commit sedition against themselves.

      3. By that logic, I can shoot without penalty pretty much every DA in a major Democrat-run city for violating their oath to uphold the law.

        Are they sure they want to go with that?

        1. They don’t think we’d ever go that far. As far as they’re concerned violence is their tool and they can use it with impunity. Much like fraud and all the other BS they’ve gotten away with for far to long.

      1. My guess is that someone in our oh-so-professional Secret Service got nervous and had poor trigger discipline. Whoever did the shooting could see her perfectly well because the glass in those doors was transparent and the window she was climbing into was already broken out anyway.

        1. Capitol Police plainclothes, not Secret Service. The Secret Service works for the executive branch so having them protect the congress would be a potential separation of powers issue, so Congress pays the Capitol Police directly. Reputational background noise is the uniformed Capitol Police are basically armed mall security level of competence, while the plainclothes Capitol Police are significantly higher caliber, more US Marshals or Secret Service.

          For similar separation-of-who-pays-the-Praetorian-Guard reasons, the protection for federal judges up through the Supremes is handled by the US Marshals Service, who are regarded as very, very good.

          It will be interesting if we ever learn who actually fired that shot.

          1. We never will, but I suspect by tomorrow CNN and Fox will have “evidence” it was a Trump supporter while MSNBC will claim it was Trump’s KGB protection detail to create a revolution.

            Am I joking? I don’t know, am I?

                1. While I wasn’t alive at the time (I barely postdate the fall of Saigon) I am familiar with the song.

                  For a long time now I’ve also thought “that’s a decent start, anyway”.

          2. Secret Service protects the Speaker, because she is in line for Presidential succession. You’re probably right, though; I was assuming that the Speaker’s Lobby meant it was private space for the Speaker, and it turns out it’s just a fancy corridor for Congresscritters to lounge in.

            1. I did not know the speaker got a Secret Service detail, but it makes sense – though that would only be her close protection detail, thus the beefy fellows personally hustling her drunk botox butt down to the bunker.

              1. They had a picture of three Secret Service guys crouched down waiting, and they have a picture of the arm of the shooter over at the Daily Mail. So I think it would just be a matter of comparing known Secret Service guys to the guys in the pictures.

      2. Depends on where that window led. Images showing broken glass and reporters saying they heard shots show lots of guns pointed out through a barricaded door with broken glass onto the floor of one of the chambers.

        One panicked coward on that block-the-door crew would be all it took.

        I now await the filing murder charges against that Capitol Police officer, as is the modern enlightened standard for any ‘defund-the-police’-involved shooting.

        Hah! I kid, I kid, he’ll get a decoration and a raise.

        You government monitors reading this have absolutely no idea what just started.

        1. In the two different videos I saw and posted here yesterday, the doorway was clearly marked “Speaker’s Lobby” and was NOT I repeat NOT the door directly to the House chamber.

          The Speaker’s Lobby—situated directly outside the House Chamber in the U.S. Capitol—is a long corridor featuring portraits of past Speakers of the U.S. House of Representatives. In this video, House Curator Farar Elliott describes and recounts the history of the space.

          These are very different doors than the ones shown in photos of Capitol Police barricading the doors to the House Chamber: single door with two full size sidelights instead of double doors, clear glass instead of translucent mullioned glass, and so forth.

            1. OK, based on that still, the shooter was one of the half-concealed cops in the various doorways down the hall, and given what can be determined from their poses she was likely shot with an issue AR-pattern carbine.

              And from that, I wonder what use-of-deadly-force justification they can possibly come up with using it on an unarmed woman climbing through a window when officers are many, many yards away.

              And I also wonder that no one else was hit when the 5.56 went through her torso.

              1. Upward angle of fire, so the bullet would have gone into the ceiling. Doubt it was a 5.56, though, because the videos sure didn’t look like there was any overpenetration, and she was reported to have been shot in the neck so through and through would have been more likely than a torso shot. I think.

                1. Handgun. Search for Ashli Babbitt on Rumble or Bitchute and there’s a video of the officer shooting her.

                  1. There’s plenty of video of her being shot, but it’s all from the reverse angle, we have no footage from the inside of the Speaker’s Lobby where she was shot from (nor will we, unless someone manages to hack a security camera or something).

                    1. In the view I saw the gun is seen being held sticking out from what looks to be the first doorway on the left, the officer steps out into the hallway and fires and you see her fall from the window on the right side of the door. Interesting, it’s now disappeared from Rumble. There’s a large watermark on it that says JAYDENX.

                    2. Red State has that vid now too – suit guy, black mask, short haircut, standing in the first alcove to the left immediately past the door/window with his duty handgun at full extension, takes at least two steps out and purposefully and carefully fires one aimed shot into unarmed veteran Ashli Babbitt when she climbs through the plane of the doorway/window.

                      I guess he forgot his handcuffs and taser and pepper spray that morning.

                      I also did not see that black mask move at all as would be expected when he issued any verbal warning.

                      Clearly climbing through an already broken window satisfies the deadly force threshold when you are a coward GS puke with a gun and a Federal badge.

              2. She wasn’t a person, she was a Trump supporter.

                That’s their justification.

                Oh, the paperwork will have some bullshit reason, but that is the real one.

        2. You have the Capitol Police, the Secret Service, the Sergeant at Arms and his security people, whatever agency is in charge of security for Federal buildings, *and* some percentage of the Congress were armed, because they voted themselves a special privilege most of their constituents don’t have. Plus whatever random “LEO” were present.

          Despite all the security cameras, C-SPAN, and other video, so far everyone is playing Sergeant Schultz.

        3. Hah! I kid, I kid, he’ll get a decoration and a raise.

          I’d rather see him BE a decoration…

    1. There is a video of it, I watched it many times. She was climbing through a broken door, unarmed, by a man in a suit that had literally no reason to shoot her. It was horrific and that man needs to be prosecuted.

      1. Meanwhile the leftist mob, including many of its celebrity and media members, are using Twitter to call for the shooting of all Trump supporters; i.e. mass murder of political opponents. Twitter of course has no problem with these calls for violence by leftists.

          1. I disagree – although I suspect you’re thinking of “hanged by the neck until dead.”

            What I’m contemplating involves fish hooks set into body parts not normally mentioned in this venue. Nancy Pelosi by her flabby crone dugs, or Chuck Schumer by his … well, I don’t guess he’s got testicles, so improvisation might be required. Let’s say … ears. Yes, we’ll call them “ears.”

      2. He needs to be prosecuted, and then executed. But the Adams defense would get him off with just a few lashes, and deported back to England.

    2. I’m curious as to who issued live rounds (and to whom they were issued) for what was “expected” to be a “few hundred” protesters.

      Hell, even if they’d anticipated the crowd size accurately there would be greater reason to eschew live rounds in favor of rubber bullets, pepper balls and similar “crowd control” loads.

      Any idea on the over/under of her being declared one of “theirs” eliminated to ensure the story’s spin?

      (Sheesh – I’m going to have to up my budget for scare quotes if this persists.)

    3. So far it’s a vague “Whoopsie!” and the police person who killed her is on administrative leave, sans weapons, till it can be sorted.

        1. I fast forwarded through that and saw her on the ground near the end. What I am most surprised at is how generally peaceful it was-mostly just a march through the halls of the Capitol, some were exhorting the others to “not break shit”.

      1. I just watched the whole thing. Here you go:

        00:00 – 35:56 large boisterous crowd enters Capitol building through doors with cracked but not broken out windows. they walk through various corridors until coming to a sparse line of cops where they stop. after a bit a crowd surge from behind pushes everyone forward and through the cops without any violence other than jostling. then more wandering through corridors until they reach the Rotunda. then more wandering. no property damage or graffiti at all, no broken windows or doors other than the entrance door until the end.

        35:56 we see doors that look like the other side of the House Chamber doors (double doors with no sidelights, opaque mullioned glass). people chant “break it down” but we don’t see that happen as the cameraman turns away and goes back down the hall.

        37:23 the camera gets to the Speakers Lobby entranceway (double “half-light” doors with full size sidelights on each side). the left sidelight window and door windows are already cracked, three uniformed cops stand in front and a plainclothes cop to the side (who seems to be in charge). more chants of “break it down”. seems to be one protestor trying to calm it down.

        38:17 we see a glimpse of Ashli Babbit on the far right side of the entranceway next to the plainclothes cop.

        38:27 riot police with helmets and rifles start coming up the adjacent stairs but do not engage.

        38:51 people are trying to break the door windows. original three cops head down the stairs away from the doorway, plainclothes cop stays behind.

        39:03 a man with glasses pushes in the right sidelight window with a helmet. camera turns away towards the staircase and the cops.

        39:10 camera turns back to the doorway. Ashli Babbit is seen standing up climbing through the right sidelight window. she appears to have cleared the frame and is leaning forward with both hands not visible from this side.

        39:11 shot fired, Babbit falls backwards into the entranceway. the plainclothes cop and a protestor pick her up and move her back a little bit.

        39:26 one of the riot cops can be seen in “guard” position with rifle pointed toward the doorway and the lobby beyond.

        39:37 all the riot cops are shouting “back up”.

        39:53 a protestor looks like he is beginning to administer first aid but then doesn’t.

        40:14 a uniformed cop in a baseball cap comes to the right sidelight window and appears to talk to the plainclothes cop on this side.

        40:25 cop on other side goes back to a different position to the left. various cops and others can be seen down the hall.

        rest of video: lots of cops yelling “back up” etc., rumors that Ashli Babbit may already be dead, etc.

      2. The cops who were previously standing blocking the door left and started going down the stairs. Some bearded kid broke the window. The lady got shot from the opposite side of the doors, in plain view, when she was squatting in the window, unarmed.

        Execution. No excuse. And the shooter was firing into a crowded room half full of cops, let’s be clear about that.

        Also the cops on the stairs were useless at first aid. What a bunch of fucking sad-sacks.

          1. From the way she was moving and holding her hands all weird, I suspect spinal cord compromise. You don’t have to hit it to mess it up, from my reading. I also met a guy who was shot clean through the neck from side to side with a 9mm and ran for blocks, which also makes me suspect Ms. Babbit got it in the spine. So, probably having a full surgery right there where she got shot wouldn’t have saved her.

            What bothered me was that her breathing was obviously compromised, and they didn’t know enough to get the backpack off her. Are you kidding me? Plus no attempt to maintain spinal positioning, or clear her airway, nothing. Idiots.

            Not to mention the asshole who just fired a gun AT THEM and they didn’t seem to notice all that much.

            Pretty much what I expect from big-city American cops, really. Half-trained apple thieves.

              1. None of them had a clue. The cop, the first thing he did was go to put his gloves on while her head is flopping around. Really? The gloves? Come on.

                  1. I had an AIDS scare because I was exposed to potentially infected blood. Speaking from experience, I carry gloves in my 1st aid kit for that exact reason. I do not want to go through that again.

                  2. And then he never puts them on!

                    Seriously, they all just sit there and stare at her. One guy kind of plucks at her bandanna but that’s about it. Granted, she was probably already a goner, but don’t these guys have any first aid training? I’ve had virtually none since Webelos, and even I know that “put pressure on the wound” is the first thing you always do.

                    1. It occurs to me that it would be easy to put these facts together: 1. Only one of the cops showed even the mildest alarm at a gunshot and nobody ducked, 2. The plainclothes cop on this side of the doors had an earpiece radio, and 3. They all just sat there and nobody rendered assistance.

                      And come up with “the cops planned in advance to murder whoever first came through that particular door; the plainclothes cop had warning that the other plainclothes cop was about to shoot”.

                      I don’t really think that; rather I think the whole event is an example of “a sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice”. But I expect I won’t be the only one to follow this path and come to the stated conclusion.

                    2. Jesus. And then I go listen to Scott Adams’ podcast and his theory is that shooting a man will just make a mob mad but shooting a woman will make the mob re-evaluate, and that speculating that someone had orders to do so, maybe because they were Secret Service and some high-value target like the VP was down there.

                    3. I have heard the theory. It’s stupid. But that’s fine. Shooting a woman mine make a mob hesitate in the moment. But women martyrs drive revolutions. TRUST ME.

  4. In the 1700’s the British Crown desired more money from their American colonies. The colonies peacefully demonstrated, they petitioned the Crown but what they got was troops in the street. The colonists finally gave up peaceful, declared independence, and started a war. The words of the declaration were pivotable to the later structures of government that the colonies adopted. To wit:

    “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security…”

    Entirely too many people are abandoning Trump, using the excuse “he egged on violence.” We tried the Tea Party protests, entirely peaceful and got the back of the hand from the government with the cooperation of the GOPe. After six years, Trump rose and became President. Democrats fought him tooth and nail from when he was running for nomination, after he was the nominee his campaign was the subject of spying, scurrilous accusations and resistance from every level of government. It continues today… Anyone with even a saintly disposition after years of abuse will get a little grumpy. Watching the reelection being stolen…a lot of men who have led their followers and manned the barricades.
    But, the Left in this country has sabotaged the education system, the media, the academy, the bureaucracy, the courts, and his own party.

    Why does the Left cheat? They’d lose otherwise. Now they have cheated their way into power. I think we have had the last free election…the one in 2016. The Left will never allow the voting laws to be tightened, they will loosen them. I think the 2022 election will see such widespread cheating that it will be our last, before the nation vanishes in a civil war that the Chinese will win.

    Even now I hear person after person who should know better condemning Trump and welcoming Joe Biden. Well, unfortunately, it won’t only be those who reap the whirlwind…a lot of the rest of us will be reaped as well.

    1. I’ve commented to some Brits in the past that if Great Britain had just allowed the Colonies the right to send their own voting members to the House of Commons, there likely wouldn’t have been a revolt. That’s my take on it, anyway. But Colonies didn’t get representation at the time. So the Colonies left the Empire.

        1. Oh, wouldn’t that have been rich? Britain winding up a colony of The Colonies. 😀

      1. The colonies didn’t want MPs. They wanted to be governed by their own legislators. They would surrender all but a proportion of their power to govern themselves in return for an equal small proportion of the power to govern people they didn’t want to govern.

        It’s like wanting to buy your own lunch instead of democratically voting on it. No one not insane with powerlust considers occasionally depriving other people of what they want to eat for lunch worth anything, let alone giving up what you want to eat most days.

    2. And here is the mystery I will never understand.

      It was entirely unnecessary.

      Trump, even the Trump of the past four years, is a classic 80-90 NY Democrat. He only seems conservative because the average GOP House member today is roughly where the average Democrat under Tip O’Neil was.

      Trump is also a deal maker who likes to look like he is winning.

      The Dems could have gotten much more out of him than the GOP ever did out of Obama. They could have taken credit for moderating his tone and hailed him for moving beyond the hateful GOP. He might have retired after one term. Even if he hadn’t, they’d be moving forward which might have killed his re-election. If they hadn’t, it would just be four more years of deal-making.

      Either way, it would have relieved a lot of pressure building up, still gotten them Congress, and neutered the GOP (to the degree it isn’t already).

      But two terms of a mainstream member of the Democrat party just two decades ago was too much to sit through. In that, they are the Leftists of Spain in the 1930s. They couldn’t wait for what they claimed (and lots of conservatives who aren’t surrender monkeys, but just very black pilled agreed) is their demographic destiny to rule.

        1. This. Exactly This. China was about to go into a depression and economic collapse because of Trump.
          Now they will take their revenge.
          Bets on how many WEEKS until Taiwan is invaded? I’d say before the end of February.
          China is highly opposed to the 2nd amendment. Expect to see a lot of anti-gun laws by summer.

            1. Well, that will give the Democrats the war they need to distract us from their domestic failures.

            2. A war requires two sides.

              Joe and the Ho will let them have Tawain and, as long as they bomb a red area, accept the Chinese claim it was a mistake.

                1. Well, maybe Bill Whittle’s Army can go fight it, since he is now declaring yesterday as bad and, quite openly, the Boston Tea Party as wrong as well because they are “not who we are”.

                  There aren’t enough of us left who would rather be free than be “good people”.

                  1. If you mean this video… well, I guess watching the whole thing might be needed. I believe he mentioned something about being disciplined vs a mob more than once. He doesn’t sound like he’s giving up, at least.

                    1. I didn’t. He did. He talked about he could imagine all of them at Lexington or Concord. Then he said he couldn’t imagine them at the Boston Tea Party.

                      So yes, I tapped out at that point because I don’t need another “we’re not like that lecture”.

                      Much of the right today is demonstrating why I left Protestantism.

                    2. No. He’s just stupidly sure we can get it back in 2022 at the ballot box. WHich is why I’m sure no real fighting will happen before then. And then…. never mind.

                    3. I enjoy Bill’s videos, but it’s interesting to me how he goes off on the major problems he’s experienced in his life due to is own ego and immediately follows that up with “I’m the only person that understands this fight”.

                      Mixed, part of this I enjoyed and parts I thought were ‘meh’. The thing is, when the other side is using mob violence, you run into the basic issue what to do when the mob comes to your area, and that’s most likely coming soon. Your options are reduced to ‘run, fight, die’ and whether you run or fit, ‘die’ is still a highly likely option. Unless you’ve trained with people and your all on the same page, you’re at best going to a slightly higher functioning mob. Also, we’re not the ones driving the violence. I think it will be rather obvious if our side reaches the point were we are become violent.

                    4. He desperately wants to be a filmmaker and he figures popular films with conservative values will turn the culture around. I’m doubtful about that. He recently talked with Boreing of Daily Wire, I suspect about funding, and got rebuffed. He figures talking up his abilities is the only way he’ll get enough members to get the funding. So it’s not just pure ego.

                    5. Years ago, I think around the time Andrew Breitbart was just starting his empire, Wittle and Boreing tried to do a movie making company, by subscription. The idea was great, and many of us contributed. They made one short film that was reasonably OK, then quit. I quit listening to / watching Bill so I never investigated why they quit.

                    6. Yeah, Declaration Entertainment. I was a member there and, after that ended, a member on his website until about 6 months ago. I don’t recall if anybody ever said why they shut DE down.

                2. No, no, we’ve always been at war with Eastasia this week! We were never always at war with Eurasia last week. Report for re-education!!

                3. Proxy war is my guess. Chinese generals don’t want to be *in* a war, but they want a win. Badly. Because every major war China’s been in except with itself, they’ve lost for a good long time now and that is always in the back of their minds. Chinese government wants control. They want one big Chinese sea, and they’re developing the navy to do it with. Chinese navy doesn’t quite have the complex the army does, but they are new to their toys and it shows. Japan is tooling up more than we’ve seen in decades. Expect that friction to escalate. Jo and the Ho most certainly ain’t gonna back our allies.

                  China may go the financing our enemies route, too. If we get dragged into another stupid Middle East brushfire, expect our titular foes to suddenly become equipped with better material than the standard Russian trash they’ve been flogging each other with. This would be in character with a lot of their successful ploys of the past: “Let’s you and him fight.” Having your enemy or enemies waste their strength against each other is what they do.

                  Ideally for China, the US and Russia would get into it somehow as they hate us both and Russia is closer (and weaker). Get the enemy in their backyard and the behemoth across the pond focused on each other again. Meanwhile, trade shenanigans and African colonialism. Their economy is in the dumps, and the dump is on fire.

                  Expect the administration to sell essential bits of us to China, because that’s what they do. Expect Israel to have a bad time, hope they’ve used the last four years wisely. Heck, all our allies.

                  Pray for our boys and girls in uniform, because they’re getting the sh*t end again. Pray for all of us back home, because we are being looted and pillaged. Keep your friends close, and do what you can to stay sane. We aten’t dead yet. But we sure as hell are ailing.

                  1. Some odds and ends –

                    The Chinese generals do need an actual war. The last time they fought a real war was against Vietnam. And it didn’t work out very well. The Chinese have no idea what the quality of their own troops are, whether their equipment works, and whether the tactics that they’ve developed work. The only way that they can find out about that sort of thing is by fighting in a war. That might be part of the reason for the recent border clash with India. The PLA needs to get some actual combat experience under its belt.

                    The PLAN isn’t ready to get into a fight yet. Shandong, the PLAN’s second aircraft carrier, was only commissioned thirteen months ago. It’s a direct copy of Liaoning, although it was built locally. The original designs start with the third carrier, which is believed to still be under construction (as is the fourth carrier, which – according to a leak – will be nuclear powered). PLAN focus for the time being will likely be on developing the operational tempo to properly manage carrier operations with a minimum of accidents. I could see some power projection, including perhaps airstrikes against a distant target overseas. But I would imagine that the admirals are hoping that things stay relatively quiet for at least another decade. At that point in time, the USN will no longer be the only institution operating more than two aircraft carriers.

                    I think I’ve already heard about some of those coming into power bragging about the wars that they’re about to get us into (in the MIddle East, iirc).

                    Having Russia and the US fight would no doubt greatly amuse China. However, Russia’s very unlikely to want a direct confrontation with the US because it’s in very bad shape. I would imagine that Vladimir Putin will do everything in his power to avoid a direct confrontation with the US.

                    I’ve heard that The Republic of Korea is starting to build up its navy, as well. There have been discussions of acquiring one or more aircraft carriers, though I don’t know how serious those discussions were. Note, however, that the Koreans also dislike the Japanese.

                    1. This is why the USN’s accelerated submarine construction program makes me happy. I want enough attack boats out there that 10 minutes after onset of hostilities, all the Chinese carriers at sea and their one boomer all go kablooie/glub at once. Now who’s got regional seapower, suckers?

                    2. Kinda damning with faint praise on that last bit, eh? The RoK would happily cheer if the whole island of Japan sank with every person on it eaten by sharks. They did *not* take things well back then, and haven’t forgotten much since. The whole “comfort women” thing in particular.

                      I absolutely agree Putin does not want a fight in the slightest- he knows how eff’d he’d be, even with our generals hogtied with RoE. The last time they poked the bear, the lost an arm (not too many years back, in fact). That said, they’re in deep in their desire for a warm water port. I highly doubt they’ll want a fight, but China is a slippery bastard. They have been getting other folks to fight their wars for years.

                      The admirals have been pushing the envelope, seeing what they could get away with wrt to the waters around Japan and the south China sea, but yeah they’re not ready for anything major. Screws would come loose too quick.

                      The army, while it does need to be blooded, also needs a *win.* They can’t guarantee one against the US, not yet. So proxies, dust ups in the dirty beyond, and suchlike are more likely than anything with a first world power. India has its own worries, and doesn’t want a fight on that border either… But I don’t see them backing down without one, if it comes to it.

                      That said, I’ve been out of the loop too long to do anything but eyeball the news and pick out bits here and there. One thing for certain, though, is things aren’t likely to stay calm forever. Too many willing hands looking to stir the pot.

                      Or drop a grenade in it.

                    3. RoK and Japan have been doing joint naval exercises. THAT shows how dangerous China is being. (Though I have literally read a Chinese troll claiming that doing so was Japan and RoK being militaristic.)

                    4. “But I would imagine that the admirals are hoping that things stay relatively quiet for at least another decade.”

                      So did the admirals of the Kreigsmarine. Their Plan Z, which Hitler had approved of, didn’t envision starting a war until 1943. The best laid plans of mice and admirals…..

                    5. PLAN focus for the time being will likely be on developing the operational tempo to properly manage carrier operations with a minimum of accidents.

                      That is going to clash with chicom culture in hilarious ways.

                      Hilarious for us. They won’t be so amused.

                    6. The Koreans’ next to last empress was hacked to death by samurai swords. And then the Imperial Japanese took control of Korea to maintain order, yup. There’s a lot of justified grudges.

                      But OTOH, South Korea likes anime and jpop, and both China and North Korea have done a lot of horrible crud to both modern Japan and South Korea. There’s been a lot of careful diplomacy, and they are willing to respect each other from a distance. and some of the Japanese buy South Korean goods now.. And of course, it helps that South Korea is beating Japan’s butt in trade and has a higher birthrate, so they can feel like Japan got theirs.

                    7. The subtlest problem China has in a war is that it cannot afford to lose, nor even have much difficulty winning. It is so much larger than any probable opponent that anything less than the Far East equivalent of Germany through Belgium would be a PR disaster.

            3. Personally, my expectation is that they hit the territories — Guam and the CNMI are close-by and relatively low-hanging fruit. Has the added benefit that most mainlanders don’t realize that the territories exist (or are even associated with the USA), other than Puerto Rico, so it’s easy for the Dems to spin as not being a big deal.

              Not sure how I’m feeling about my employment having taken me out there right now….

              1. I think it’ll be a while yet before the Chinese are brazen enough to directly attack US outposts (even as far outlying as Guam or Diego Garcia).

                1. Here’s hoping. As much as I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees, I’d much rather I (and those important to me) live on them.

                  But places like the CNMI, which is somewhat independent but in a covenanted political union with the USA, might be less protected than Guam with its large military base. After all, Saipan has a long history of changing hands between parties interested in this area of the Pacific, and lots and lots of Chinese travel (prior to the covidiocy, anyways).

              2. Yes, I think they’ll go for Guam first. Easy target. I don’t know if the base there is still functional. I heard rumors that they were shutting it down.

          1. February is too early for China to invade Taiwan. Weather will be a potential problem until mid April.
            The Chinese Navy doesn’t have a good invasion support fleet, and so will need to do a reverse Dunkirk, taking a landing groung / port and shuttling troops and materials in. Hence the need for good weather, and to be done before typhoon season.
            Japan will recognize that they are on their own, and will probably announce a regional nuclear missile capability with multiple warheads within three months.
            This protest will be used as the Reichstag fire, to suppress anyone to the right of Stalin, but the Demonrats forget that German gun registration was by then universal, that the SA ruled the streets, and that the German people had no long tradition of individual liberty to protect. We are not them.
            We have learned from history. No boxcars, no camps, no surrender.
            The problem with an awareness of history is the pain it causes to see the signs of disaster coming, knowing that most others are unaware that the dark waves are coming.
            If we fail, sorry about the Europeans, who will fall to Russia and Islam, and the rest of the world, who will starve and fall to China, and then starve some more, all without our agricultural surpluses.
            We who have learned must both remember and teach, lest the light that is the idea of America be lost.

            1. Japan has some really nice carriers these days, and a surprising amount of fighter and helicopter capability. Bomber capability is something nobody is talking about.

              1. The usefulness of big bombers against a modern opponent (and that opponent’s air defense network) is one of those open questions. The US has them because we can afford them, and there are situations in which they’re useful against lower-tech opponents. And the stealth systems on the upcoming B-21 might just work if things go bad. But I’m not sure if anyone else still operates big bombers these days.

                1. Just about all of our planes are F/A multi-role; they can serve as strike bombers, launch air-to-ground missiles, and hold their own against enemy fighters. The need to unload wholesale Armageddon on our foes has largely been replaced by precision weapons.

                  Of course, we do retain the wholesale option, just for completeness.
                  John Sheridan: “If more of our so-called leaders would walk the same streets as the people who voted them in, live in the same buildings, eat the same food instead of hiding behind glass and steel and bodyguards, maybe we’d get better leadership and a little more concern for the future.”

                2. Stealth systems do not have to be perfect, they merely have to work well enough to confuse the missiles’ on-board targeting radar. My understanding is that most “lock-ons” fail upon the transfer from Ground Control to the on-board system.

                  There’s not a lot of space for radar systems on most anti-aircraft missiles. OTOH, nobody wants to explore how much space is in that gap.

        2. Bingo… China is basically propped up by selling cheap junk to America. (Recall hearing a report that’s about 40% of their trade.)

          Report this morning (IIRC on China Today = Epoch Times) that China is doing a big military prep. Gee, I wonder what THAT is about…

          1. Still had it up on the other machine. Aren’t I clever.

            China’s Xi Orders Military to Prepare for War ‘At Any Time’ | Epoch News | China Insider

            “With tensions rising along the China-India border and a looming crisis in the Taiwan Strait and South China Seas, Chinese leader Xi Jinping commanded the military to train in preparation of a “real war scenario.” Xi’s move, according to some critics, is intended to flaunt China’s military, but it also reflects the weakness of the CCP. ”

            1. … it also reflects the weakness of the CCP.

              When the military is fully occupied in war of offense they aren’t occupied in “defending” the nation from internal threats.

      1. The Dems could have gotten much more out of him than the GOP ever did out of Obama.

        That assumes they could have gotten what they wanted out of him. Try looking at the last four years through a different lens: the Democrats wanted an enemy, wanted a “Just-Like-Hitler” to enrage their base and distract from the failures of Obama. (Okay, what they wanted was Hillary but since they had Trump the question was what to make of him.) Trump gave them an excuse for their failure to deliver their promised candy canes and caramel apples. (Except he fooled them by proving the economy, in spite of Paul Krugman’s predictions, could achieve greater productivity, greater output and, worst of all, greater job and wage growth for blue-collar workers. The bastard.)

        They could have had all you say – but that wouldn’t have sold papers or earned clicks. The NY Times was failing until they grabbed ahold of Trump as boogeyman. Same thing with MSNBC, CNN and other of their outlets. Every torpedo they launched circled back on them, from pound-me-too to he’s-going-to-start-a-war. But they survived and prospered because they had found an endless demand for Trump-hatred.

        Now they’ve done to him what their predecessors did to Grant: so frame him that historians will blame Trump for the failures of Blue-State Covid vaccinations, for the Biden/Harris regime and everything else bad coming our way. They’ll even find a way to blame him for China grabbing Taiwan.

        Remember all those news items about the Left media-sphere fretting over how to keep eyeballs once Trump left? Solved!

        1. The papers are still failing. Perhaps they’re not failing as quickly. But they’re still in the red.

          As for Trump…

          I don’t know that it really matters what the leadership wanted. To a certain extent, the reviling of Trump was driven by the base.

  5. I wonder if I’m still on the ‘list’ that I got put on back during the Clinton administration and that good old ‘compassionate conservative’ Bush LEFT me on?
    Cause I’m too old to survive a ‘re-education’ camp.
    Just happy I moved to Texas where I might have a chance.

          1. Hm, a loan-from-401k might not be a bad idea to buy something tangible and fungible before the 401k balance gets appropriated for the good of the collective.

            1. Bingo. I could have nearly emptied it as a COVID emergency withdrawal. Still kicking myself I didn’t as I’m sure it’ll be appropriate, but “replaced” with a government “guaranteed” retirement by Christmas.

              1. I just went and looked up the rules on that, and the 401k or IRA withdrawal up to $100k without penalty, if one was “impacted” by the bug, expired on 12/31/20. At least to my initial search there is nothing in the new encyclopedia that President Trump signed on 12/27 which extends that 401k/IRA withdrawal exemption.

  6. I can’t argue with any of this.
    It is depressing as hell that the Soviet Union followed me here. But at least I know how to survive in it.
    But as much as it would be schadenfreudelitius to see leftist and rinoish native born citizens get what they have wrought, good and hard, the country does not deserve it, and so many good, naïve, well meaning people will suffer without a clue of what is happening and how to deal with it.

    I also want to point out that the “slowly, and then all of the sudden” trajectory is already moving into the “all of the sudden” phase.

    1. I’m sitting here crying for my kids. Honestly.
      And yes, I know how to survive. BUT I’m not going to do any of this. EVER. I’m not staining my soul any further. I became an American and an American I go out.
      I”m not going to sit down. I’m not going to shut up. I’m not going to behave. I’ll go out middle fingers aloft, singing the star spangled banner.

        1. It’s times like this when the family issue that makes me mixed on considering my nieces and nephews my heirs has a silver lining.

        2. Mark 13:17, ESV: “And alas for women who are pregnant and for those who are nursing infants in those days!”

        3. I’m crying for our son, his cousins, and my cousins who are their age (inter-generational thing).

          I’m thinking it is time to push for finding that almost-perfect lot and building our dream forever home. Doesn’t matter if we sell our current home or just turn it over to our son. But as far as I’m concerned, we structure the new house so that he has a wing, we have an “in-law” wing, so that we are living with him as elderly parents.

      1. It’s…. funny? I guess? Yeah, we’ll go with “funny”.

        Back in early-’17 when I was reconfiguring my head to see progress and movement forward one of the thoughts I had was “there is a good chance I will be married and have kids by the time Trump leaves office”.

        Well crap.

      2. Here’s the thing no one ever addressss about China: China only has what it has because we buy their shit.

        If we fall, or become essentially an extension of their regime, we have non wealth to give them.

        So they fall. They’re already collapsing, but it will become impossibility to hide.

        The Chinese are evil, but not stupid. They know this. So why do it?

        Why condemn themselves (the party guys who live well) to losing their wealth?

        Is it because they know this and want to watch us burn? Is it as simple as that?

        I value your opinion, you’ve been prescient about everything.

        1. Even Walmart and Amazon can’t make money selling chinese slave labor output when entire economies are locked down.

          1. I see a LOT of Harbor Fright’s newer “improved” stuff has “Made In Taiwan” on it and the cheaper Sino made goods are often missing (bar clamps especially “they put them on sale and we haven’t had any in months!”), same with the Middle Kingdom B.S. from Menards.

            1. The biggest initial impact of the lockdowns in China itself was a wave of realization that China is Asshole, and as a result Chinese factories are not dependably under company control.

              It’s a lot easier for Apple or Nike to exercise influence with the government of Vietnam or Taiwan or East Fumbuckistan than trying to get God-Emperor Winnie-the-Xi’s bureaucracy to do something they have been instructed by the throne of heaven to not do.

              1. Chinese businessmen were screwing over Western counter-parts in August-October 2019. When questioned as to why they were taking tiny gains by that method now that eliminated all future business they responded “there is no future”.

                I figured at the time they meant the trade deal. Then I wondered if they knew about covid, but the timelines didn’t mesh with the “outbreak due to a leak at a lab/poor sanitation in a wet market.”

                But “planned release and propaganda campaign to make it look worse than it was”? Yeah, they could know about that.

                1. Well, Chinese Bizmen have always screwed over counterparts. The former owner of my employer was one of the few to pull one over on the Reds. He knew they’d try a bait and switch so he sent someone unable to sign off on the switch, so if they wanted his tech, they had to pay the bait or get less than nothing as they paid a bit in to help with the bait. And of course, most are high up in the CCP so, who knows what they know and when.

              2. HF was transitioning a lot to Taiwan even before the WuFlu. Some was Trump’s trade war, a goodly bit was wanting a better line of goods, complete with new names for branding, etc.

            2. Some months ago I was looking at tortilla presses on Amazon. They were all from China. They all had an unacceptably high level of reviews that said theirs broke in days, obviously because of bad casting and cheap cast iron. I still don’t have a press and am careful that anything else that I buy from China won’t matter if it fails due to lousy QC.

              1. We’ve had a large recall for bad crap from the Chin in 2019. Saddest part is even with that there is little QC on the incoming parts on our end, and some is paperwhipped. 3 types of valve come in and all 3 are to supposed to be tested, but one gets delivered to the manufacturing building and does not go through the testing the other 2 get that arrive at the test building. Also the 2 tested iirc are used in gov’t contract stuff so they have to have a longer paper trail, and markings. Unsurprisingly there are often messes when the untested valves are installed and fail.
                Other items that come in are often so bad a large “skip” is full of small parts unusable and scrapped, ranging from semi-complicated valve bodies to simple screw-on caps. 1,000 pounds of near milk cap sized screw-on covers, or fire extinguisher valve bodies at a time are often dumped as useless.

              2. Don’t forget the bad dog food causing kidney failure in dogs which came from China. First time during Obama’s reign… and I heard of another one a week ago. (Sport food?)

                1. Bad people food, bad drugs, bad cosmetics, bad TOOTHPASTE fer crissakes!

                  Chinese quality control: Somebody used it, and didn’t die.

                  Chinese companies mix cheap chemicals into food, drugs, and many other products to make them pass simple quality tests. The bad dog food was spiked with melamine to make it seem to have higher protein content. Melamine is mostly harmless to humans, highly toxic to dogs. It does not contain any protein, it just fools the test. That’s good enough for the Chinese.

                  Chinese companies use polyethylene glycol as a cheap substitute for glycerin in a wide range of products. If they don’t maintain careful control of the process, other glycol molecules form, including diethylene glycol (mildly toxic) and monoethylene glycol (downright poisonous; also known as antifreeze). Last I’d heard, more than 600 people had died from consuming badly formulated glycol in a wide range of China products including cough syrup and mouthwash.

                  Quality control on Chinese heparin and insulin is OK-to-lousy. Made from pigs, which are not raised in the best of conditions to begin with.

                  Bill Clinton needs to be fed those Chinese products. A lot.
                  People can make stupid mistakes, but only the government can force everybody to make the SAME stupid mistakes.

        2. Because they think they’ve been promised the Earth. They are LITERALLY the world’s worst racists. They MUST have dominium over us. If you prefer, we must pay for what the English did in the Opium war.

          1. Opium war can also be considered a Han fuck up.

            Manchu were the originally foreign government of China at the time. Manchu government was weak enough for the British to coerce because of prior Han rebellions.

            Earlier the Han rebellions against the Manchu were justified, and Opium war was simply one foreign regime against another foreign would be regime, or the Han can be butt hurt about the British, and concede that they should have accepted being forced to shave part of their head.

        3. Why did they crush Hong Kong?

          Because their collapse is getting bad enough that an immediate injection of a couple half-formed golden eggs is more important than the continued supply of golden eggs.

        4. Trump was winning the trade war he invoked. That was a direct threat to Beijing’s ability to push the country forward. Previous administration’s made attempts to tie trade status with human rights, which the Chinese could object to (and always did) over sovereignty claims. Economics would inevitably win out over human rights in those disputes. Trump upset the apple cart by going after unfair trade practices by the PRC. That made the debate purely about economic practices, and removed the biggest arguments against getting into a trade war with China.

        5. Because China collapses no matter what within a decade or so because they have killed their next generation for three generations now.

          China cannot build an internal market and right now cannot source what it needs externally on its own (the reason for all the roads and pipelines they are building through central Asia). They will be old soon as they quit having kids for the most part and then skewed the kids they did have heavily male. The one-child policy went beyond one child and pushed fertility past 30 even more than the US. Xi’s predecessors committed suicide for China forty years ago.

          For the Middle Kingdom to be a major power after 2030 the US as a unified nation has to disappear. They want the Balkanization of the US. A US puppet state that is still intact does not work, as you cannot keep a nation more powerful than you a puppet for long. They need us to fracture and just the West Coast versus the West, they need the Mississippi River plain from the Rockies to Appalicians down to the Gulf shattered into at least two nations.

          1. Because China collapses no matter what within a decade or so because they have killed their next generation for three generations now.

            When you look at it, it’s kind of infernally brilliant, though short-sighted.

            Look, the Nazis got a boost by killing off their short-term liabilities. Basically, the disableled. So the ill and injured had an amazing accidental death rate.

            The short term expensive without obvious long term pay off.

            What is there, after that?

            …. the short term liabilities with long term pay off, of course.

            Like females, or second and on sons.

            Girls simply don’t have the short term pay off of that first boy, and if you limit it to first boy….

          2. Report earlier this week (probably via China Today) that China says no covid vaccine (for whatever it may be worth) for people over age 55 — apparently they’ve noticed the mortality curve and decided to get rid of their aging deadweights.

            Interesting point about balkanization vs overlords.

            I’m reminded that Vancouver is basically Chinese-owned nowadays… is that a beachhead? depends how many are infltrators and how many were just trying to get their money out of China before the coming collapse.

          3. Twenty years ago (maybe less) I actually met some Chinese students in Germany. The female shortage was so bad by then, that one of the students (engineer btw) mentioned looking for a wife somewhere other than China. The political one glared at him and he shut up. I hope the techie survived. He would have been one of us. I’m sure China makes sure those types don’t survive. China for being such a old empire,,, this group running it seems very short-sighted.

            1. China is a “old” empire only if you tilt your head and squint really hard, and buy the official imperial historiography package. The emperors since the Tang have wanted everyone to think that China has been an unbroken series of emperors with the occasional hitch or trouble here and there, because that increases their prestige. In truth, while China may have kept the province/county/prefecture division of the real estate for a very long time, each “dynasty” has been a separate historical empire with different laws, philosophies, and militaries.

              “China takes the long view” is just the 21st century version of “inscrutable Oriental”. Chinese history is as chock full of stupidity and short-sightedness as any other human culture.

              1. Was reading a paper the other day that pointed out — about every 800 years, China commits suicide. And they’re just about due to do it again.

        6. The basis of my theory:

          The author has been talking about this since 2015 and seems to be on track about how fracking allows the US to do new isolationism and why we don’t need world trade.

          Now, you’re China. What is your strategy to handle this so when the US looks back out again circa 2040-2050 when you are Japan/Italian old to keep the leadership position in the world? Make sure there is no US to look back out again is one option.

        7. If they attack us, the party head honchos get to live longer. If they fail to attack us, the party guys will be ripped apart by their own peasants. They’re willing to lose millions of Chinese lives to avoid internal unrest. Famine, pfft. They think they can always buy food from someone.

          1. Directly attacking the US is dangerous because as others have noted above, China can’t afford to lose its trade with the US right now. Also, if China directly attacks the US, there’s nothing to prevent the US from arbitrarily declaring that all of the T-Bills that China holds (and they’ve got a lot) are suddenly null and void. If that happens, then the Yuan collapses overnight (there was a guest post a while back that explained *why* China has a lot of US T-bills). And in this specific instance of the US invalidating its debts, most of the world would likely shrug its shoulders and say, “Okay, works for me.”

            So, subtlety is the rule of the day. Direct action isn’t likely right now.

            1. Question – Given CCP gave the US the flu and is behind the demorats election thetf. What is to stop Trump from declaring the CCP T-Bills null and void on his way out? Can he? Then tell #46 … “Fixed this for you.”

                1. It would have to be done in an not able to reverse method. OTOH they’d just ship them a whole lot of cash. They have experience doing that …

            2. I’m thinking foreign entities shouldn’t be allowed to buy land … I know this could hurt some people, but it would slam the door on what we are seeing today with China.

                1. I am simpatico but doubt it is viable: corporations can own land in the US; foreigners can buy into corporations or buy corporations outright. Corporations can buy corporations which buy corporations who can buy corporations who can own land in the US. All we would do is establish how many shells they have to work through to own the land. It is especially problematic when you get to partial ownership shares of holding companies and other entities.

                  China Peoples Army LLC buys 40% ownership (but 60% of voting shares) of three companies each owning 25% of American Land, Inc – and owning 51% share of two companies each holding 10% of AL, Inc.

        8. Flies can live large on a rotting corpse.

          There are still rich people in their villas in Venezuela, you know.

          1. Well, most spend as little time as possible in country, and are often out in the Isles or Europe. but they are in with the PTB and keep the villas well guarded.

        9. China could sell stuff to us, or disorganize us to the point they can claim most, if not all of our natural resources. If the Democrats create enough unrest, which they surely can, and they are unable to deal with, like, they most likely can’t, who do you think is on their speed-dial to call and come help? Invading us is a losing issue, they have to transport troops across an ocean our Navy still dominates. Instead they’d be invading with the Democrats holding the door open and, yet again, not realizing exactly what they just did and the most likely consequences.

  7. The Democrats have been aiding, abetting and instigating political violence for a year. NOW they are oh, so outraged about it?

    You reap what you sow.

    When those in power ignore peaceful protests, they will get un-peaceful protests. The Democrats and their lackeys never tried peaceful protests, and consider us weak because so far, we have.

    Our enemies do not have a clue who we are, and are incapable of understanding that we are not like them. They have neither patience nor self-control. Violence, vandalism, looting and arson are their FIRST response to not getting their way. Conversely, we see violence as the last resort. To them, overrunning a few cops and breaking into the Capitol building would be merely be an act of lighting the fuse; maybe just waving a match in the general direction of the fuse. When we do that, it is a signal that the fuse has burned down to its last inch.

    They believe that we have just begun to get upset, that they have plenty of time to impose their tyranny on us before that fuse burns down.

    They will remain in their happy ignorance until main charge goes off.
    Pacifism will, at best, get you a nice peaceful trip to the slave pens. At worst — tell me, have you ever heard of the Aztecs?

      1. And one wonders what they’ll call it when it turns to violence.

        “That’s not fair!”, whined the bully. “He hit me back!”

    1. Not sure if this is going to be entirely coherent, but I’m going to try.

      The mindset of the left is “violence until you get punched in the nose, then it’s the other guys’ fault,” they’re like a gang-banger spraying-and-praying at a house hoping to hit the guy who dissed him and if anyone else gets hit, well, too bad. Then when they get caught, it’s never, ever their fault.

      The right, the patriot side?
      They’re going to be more like the CCW holder. Very slow to draw, but when the weapon comes out, keep firing until the threat is stopped, no matter how many magazines you go through.

      1. The left’s mind? It’s the same mentality of “Choirboy’s Mama” in NOLA:
        CB locks up the 2nd story apartment, Baby(3 or so years old) was locked into the bedroom, bars doors, and then shoots Babbymomma in he back and then head, walks into other room and then eats one himself.
        Baby then opens a window or it was already open, and drops into the shrubs, and tells the first person to him “Daddy shot mama and himself. Cops ladder into the baby’s room, muscle open the door, and find him , then her.
        CB’s Mama to the News Camera “My boy’s a good boy and would never do this! He been set up!” witnesses be damned, let alone her grandkid’s statement.

      2. “The mindset of the left is ‘violence until you get punched in the nose, then it’s the other guys’ fault,’

        That’s what they were taught in school!

        1. It’s certainly what I was taught in school. If I was bullied, nothing happened. If I fought back, I was punished for, and I quote verbatim, ‘taking the law into my own hands’.

          If I had had then the sense I have now, I would have said to those teachers and principals (most of them bullies themselves), ‘Whose hands should the law be in, since you dropped it on the ground and left it there?’

          You folks could (and should) say the same to your Congress, your courts, and your unspeakable election officials.

          1. I hear ya.

            When I was in the fourth grade, there was a group — can’t really call it a gang — of sixth-graders that were the Lords Of The Elementary School and they made sure nobody ever forgot it. This was not about race. It was an all-white school in a New Jersey town. Not because of segregation; there just weren’t any non-white families in that school district.

            One day they decided it was my turn for another ‘lesson’. Now, I was a small kid. My whole family is kind of on the short side, plus my birthday is in late autumn. I started school before I was quite five years old. On that day three of the group caught me out on the playground, which was huge, filled with over a hundred kids, and watched over by one or two teachers. I tried to run, of course, but they were used to smaller kids running away and caught up with me in short order.

            Well, I remembered the other times, and how useless it was to report their attacks, and this time, it didn’t turn out the way they wanted. I managed to grab a busted piece of a baseball bat and conked two of them over the head with it, and they ran crying to the teacher.

            O the horror! I didn’t completely understand most of what happened after that, just that there were police, the principal, people in suits, Mom and Dad dragged in from home and work respectively, and a lot of Very Serious Talk going on for hours. I do remember mention of at least one concussion.

            Nobody wanted to listen when I told them what happened. That was the first time I remember hearing that asinine saying, ‘it takes two to make a fight’. I instantly knew it was bullshit, but at barely nine I was unable to effectively articulate my objections.

            In the end, I got expelled and sent to Special Education, and the bullies went right on beating up little kids. Yup, I rode the Short Bus for a year and a half because I used an equalizer to defend myself from three punks twice my size that sought me out for the sole purpose of beating me up. I hope they all wound up dying in prison.

            I learned a few things from that incident, but I don’t think any of them were what The Authorities wanted me to learn. I learned that 1 little kid + weapon + willingness to use it > 3 big bullies. I learned that most bullies run crying if you do unto them what they’re doing unto you. I learned that The Authorities are usually not there when you need them, nor were they much interested in truth or justice. They just didn’t want anybody making waves in their little pond, or forcing them to see things they didn’t want to see.

            I did meet some interesting folks in Special Education. I could have done without meeting a few of them.
            It takes two to make peace. It only takes one to make war.

            1. They tried to do this to older son, and Dan and I stood by him. And he quoted Starship Troopers at them.
              And the school folded like a CHEAP umbrella. But I did it partly because my parents ALWAYS believed the teachers.

              1. When I was in 3rd grade I was out of school for a week for Strep Throat. Not an unusual as this was a regular occurrence for me to get Strep. Doctor finally allowed me to go back to school but no PE for another week. Mom sent a note to the teacher, but to enforce that note she kept the PE Gym shoes at home (remember those days?) First day back PE was in the GYM (it was E.ugene in January, so wet/cold was SOP). As “punishment” the kids that “forgot” their gym shoes had to, not sit, but lay down on hard cold, with cold air coming in from outside, benches. Bad enough sitting there, but worse with head on arms on bench as it put my head directly in that cold pocket. Two items: 1) I hadn’t “forgotten” the gym shoes. Mom refused to send them to enforce her note. 2) I was more afraid of not follow mom’s edict of getting sick again and putting my throat down in a cold draft was darn near a guaranty that’d happen. I got *swatted, by the teacher, for refusing to comply (I’m that old). In her defense she did ask 3 times. I refused 3 times. I won. Even with swatting she’d have to have held me there, and I was willing, at 8, to fight that, screaming. Naturally things escalated to the parental level … with a note home. Normally a swat at school = swat at home. Not this time. The only lecture I got because I was “more right” than the teacher, was it “was Their job to deal with teacher and administration”. I wasn’t part of the Parent/Teacher/Administration discussion that occurred at school the next day. But while the “bench” policy wasn’t changed. My position was. For “punishment” I was sent to the Library … um … Punishment? I’d discovered, what is now called, chapter books by then …

                * The swat was not only physical punishment, done in front of the class, it was suppose to be embarrassing. Not when I’m in the right. Not when I know the consequences of giving in. At 8. At 64 I haven’t “learned” any better. Just FYI.

                1. At six I realized the parents and teachers couldn’t get into my mind or control my body. If I thought something was unfair, stupid or unjustified, I said “No. You want me to do it? Drag me.”
                  It got me beaten A LOT at both school and home (except from dad and his mom, who never hit me, but discussed things with me. They also rarely brought up my “no. Make me.” If I still thought it was bad/stupid I explained why. I won some I lost some) BUT I still did it. It earned me “she’d rather break than bend” from mom.
                  I managed to be a thorn in the side of a major school system until they hid me away in the attic with other…. er…. deplorables, and didn’t require us to/ask us to join the ah…. consciousness raising sessions. (we mostly didn’t know when they were. The coupe of times I found out…. well I broke one apart by going in, standing up ten minutes in and saying “This is bullshit. I have studying to do” and leaving with all of my peeps. Other people saw and left too. :D) The other I broke the glasses of the communist youth leader with a punch (He didn’t remove them) when he refused to let me out without “literature.”
                  I really haven’t changed. I just acquired some principles. I’m lazy. I’ll give in on little things. But this? This ain’t a little thing. This is my country.

                  1. I really haven’t changed. I just acquired some principles. I’m lazy. I’ll give in on little things. But this? This ain’t a little thing. This is my country.

                    Picking the battles.

                    Doesn’t just apply to raising a child.

            2. What is it with bullies and playgrounds? When I was ten, a group of girls would kick, hit, and spit on other girls and yes, because GIRLS there was a lot of verbal abuse. There was never more than one teacher on the playground who would sit and read on the bench. So one by one the bullied girls (I was chased by them a few times, but I was much faster than they were and could reach safety faster) would go to a classroom until there were at least twenty of us that would sit and read there during lunch.

              We started to talk to each other and realized that this group of girls had had run ins with all of us. So I suggested that we go together as a group to the playground. And if the girls came and started the BS we would join hands and trap them in a circle. We used to play “Red Rover” as a kid and you know how hard it is to break through people’s hands if they are determined.

              So of course we were playing (a note: I am also an August baby and was younger than all of the children there and smaller at the time.) and one of the bigger girls in that group came running at us. We encircled her and when she tried to get out, we bounced her around the circle for about ten minutes. She started to cry and we let her leave.

              When asked what we were doing, we just said we were playing red rover. However the girls NEVER bothered us again.

              1. I am also an August baby and was younger than all of the children there and smaller at the time.

                Late October baby. I was 5 when I started elementary school (Kindergarten wasn’t a thing in ’62). Always one of the smaller in my class, even through HS (although not by age by then). I’m only 5’4″.

                Only remember one incident of flat out bullying. I was oblivious to it, I suspect (son definitely gets that honestly). At lest until after HS graduation and I started working seasonally for the USFS field crew, mid-’70s. Not local, young adult female, forest service field crew, late ’70s, and my maiden name is Lovelace. Bullying or Harassment? Why not both? They are NOT the reason I switched careers (stupid owl). Have I mentioned “stubborn” is my silent middle name?

    2. Who, whom?

      And because we really agree with them about principles and are just against them because we are evil haters, they think we also think their violence against us is justified, but not vice versa.

      1. I can imagine, Sarah. It was hard reading it. Living it is a nightmare. I want to slap people and scream at them to wake up, but it’s too late. They *want* to sleep. By the time most of the mushy middle sees the dagger hidden in the pretty lie it will be far too late. Just waiting now for the Bread Lines, and the “Emergency Acts”, and the neighbors happily informing to the Stasi for a slightly larger ration next week.

  8. Take the children and yourself
    And hide out in the cellar
    By now the fighting will be close at hand
    Don’t believe the church and state
    And everything they tell you
    Believe in me, I’m with the high command
    Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
    Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
    Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
    Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
    There’s a gun and ammunition
    Just inside the doorway
    Use it only in emergency
    Better you should pray to God
    The Father and the Spirit
    Will guide you and protect from up here
    Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
    Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
    Can you hear me, can you hear me running?
    Can you hear me running, can you hear me calling you?
    Swear allegiance to the flag
    Whatever flag they offer
    Never hint at what you really feel
    Teach the children quietly
    For some day sons and daughters
    Will rise up and fight while we stood still
    Can you hear me, can you hear me running?

    1. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

      ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn , The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

      1. Should be required reading. Solzhenitsyn had such a clear understanding of the evils wrought to his own country he tried to tell the world.

        The world should have listened better.

        1. The problem is a high percentage of those that did listen treated it as an instruction manual and after action report to do it better next time.

          1. There will always be goblins in human skin. I do not expect that the battles will be easy, or that the light of reason will land upon the foreheads of fools and reveal to them their wickedness.

            I do think it is our responsibility to teach our children well. And for those of us who do not or cannot have said kidlets, to teach others. Be an example, belike. Solzhenitsyn, Bteitbart… Who else can we put up as an example?

  9. CHARLES LIPSON: “And now this, far worse than anything that came before”

    And another mask comes off. Actually, this IS what a constitutional republic looks like when the constitution is violated and the fundamental right of the representational vote is violated so egregiously. You sow the wind, you get the whirlwind. Thomas Jefferson said it from the beginning, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” Yesterday the blood of an unarmed patriot was spilled by a cowardly “officer” who shot through an opaque glass that they could not even see what it was they were shooting at. It was just a person, an unarmed woman, Air Force veteran who had sworn to protect the constitution and was doing just that. You all know what comes next and it is exactly what a constitutional republic looks like when it sheds off the corruption that has for so long attached itself. The tree of liberty is about to clean itself.

    1. I have not watched the videos carefully yet, but I have heard that she was shot from behind and that the person behind her immediately ran. My next question is “Was she pregnant?”.

      1. I am not a ballistics expert, but I have watched the videos (multiple from different angles) and I would swear that she was shot from the front (i.e. inside the doorway she was climbing through). For one thing, none of the other several protestors intermingled with the cops in the immediate vicinity yelled “OMG you just shot that woman!”

        1. Our side doesn’t, but I had assumed that there were people from the other side mixed in.




      2. She was going head first through a window in a door… That’s how she got shot in the back of the neck. She was NOT a false flag *sigh Ashli Babbitt.

      3. I’ll admit my first thought was to run back to Sarah’s “they’ll shoot a pregnant woman” but that would have to be a real person, not someone to the right of Mittens

          1. The one benefit is that the jackboots in most protest cities tend to be blue all the way up. They’ll wait until its in a red area

  10. I’m on the run this morning, but had to stop and say thanks for this: “you’re like the wife with her arm in a sling and both eyes blackened telling her husband ‘Please don’t say anything to Joe. He’ll be mad.’ ”

    Spot on Sarah and really helped me out of the funk that tends to hang around these days.

    1. If I can just keep thinking clearly in spite of the tears and rage it’s a win. These posts are like lifeblood, manna from heaven.

      1. I cannot help but recall that eventually the Hebrew refugees got tired of that manna and went back to griping.

        “Manna again? Sure, it’s Heavenly but we’ve had every day for three years! We miss the free fish & onions we got back in Egypt.”

        1. You just described every one of my slave diaper wearing neighbors: “We had cucumbers in Egypt! I want my cucumbers back!”

    2. I cannot believe anyone would be mad enough to abuse their wife and then sleep with them. I simply cannot. I guess it was my Mother, I was with her out deer hunting (1 was 9 or 10) when she blew the heart out of a deer at about 150 yards with an sport 8mm Mauser. I helped her clean it. No really, I held her knife while she pulled the guts out. I also helped her drag it back to camp. She shot birds with my Dad and his friends, fished and such. I think that she taught me to treat women with respect. There is just NO WAY I will ever abuse a woman then sleep with her. A slit throat would be the kindest thing, a little gasoline or a Bobbitt. I am sorry, I am NOT Brave/Stupid enough to do that.

      1. That’s why they abuse them before they beat them.

        My aunt is a bow hunter, has been a deadly aim since my mom was in single digits (mom’s little sister), and came in second for a national Karate meet against her husband in what we’re 90% sure was a loss because she would not embarrass him that way.

        She also only left her first marriage after her dad was nearly killed pulling the bastard she married off of her, where he was slamming her head into the bumper of their vehicle, and her mom almost let her dad bleed to death where the bastard had thrown him into the barbed wire fence because it was that or abandon her baby girl. Granny faced down a guy twice her size with a freaking kitchen broom, while her heart-child baby was bleeding on the ground, and her husband was dying behind her.

        Both Granny and my aunt believed my grandfather walked on water, for how highly they think of him.

        It took that to break the level of self-hate that my aunt had taken into her heart.

        It was all her fault.

        If only she was better, if only she’d not messed up, if only…..


        There’s a reason that Sarah’s metaphor of the beaten wife resonates so strongly with those who know the kind of mental abuse that goes into prepping the battle space.

        1. If you’re not already familiar with it, look up the Duluth Model of Family Violence. From what I remember (and this is from damn near 3 decades ago), family violence follows a cycle. There is abuse, the abuser repents and life is really good as he/she tries their best to be a better person, the better person starts fading away. Now, here is where it gets interesting, they documented that in many cases the person being abused will work to trigger the abuser so they can go to ‘happy times’.

          1. That sounds familiar, but only via the response– that like 2/3 of the victims NEVER SO MUCH AS RAISE A HAND against anybody.

            Yeah, there’s the feeder system, too– but messy doesn’t even START on it.

            1. Human psychology is a mess. I also don’t think our society and culture has been geared to raise healthy and functional adults for decades and now we’re seeing the costs. Unfortunately I think we have far to many that have something like psychological rabies and there are no solutions available to fix them beyond the final one.

              1. Unfortunately I think we have far to many that have something like psychological rabies and there are no solutions available to fix them beyond the final one.

                Insert rude motion here.

                Seriously, we’ve had more cultures that thought it was cool to sacrifice obvious babies than not; this ain’t shit, though it sure as hell ain’t roses.

                1. In those societies, that was functional behavior. I’m aware that different societies, even now, have totally different standards. The ones they have learned were not suited to be functional adults in our society. They are effectively useless and have no purpose other the one they are currently serving, violent political agitators and otherwise whiney assholes.

                  1. In those societies, that was functional behavior.

                    *facepalm* Dude, way to show that you are not aimed at the whole actually functioning thing.

                    Seriously. You just excused killing innocent kids.

                    And not incidentally.

                    In job lots, here.

                    Like, totally, not cool,

                    1. There is a reason that Carthage got the closest thing the ancient world could get to nuclear fire.

                      As messed up as the Romans were they at least had some semblance of something that could be called morals.

                    2. Abortion wasn’t even on my mental radar when I posted my comment. Nor do I consider abortion a functional part of our society. I wasn’t even referring to things like drug use, abortion, or any of the other myriad of social problems we have. I’m specifically referring to, can they fulfill the typical responsibilities of an adult in our society, things like hold a job, keep a roof over their head, not assault people because they don’t like the political message on their hat, stuff that before 2016 wasn’t controversial.

                    3. Yah, I was at the busy time of work when I replied to that last night and should have waited a bit and read it again before replying.

                2. Another nasty thing about Carthage. It turns out that Tyre, Sidon, and other Phoenician cities mostly changed their minds about sacrificing babies to Moloch, and substituted lambs, turtledoves, et al.

                  About the same time that people moved to Carthage, and started sacrificing babies more again, and the rate increased over time while Phoenicia continued to decrease their baby-loss.

                3. Seriously, we’ve had more cultures that thought it was cool to sacrifice obvious babies than not

                  While I agree with the literal point….. who’s to say we aren’t? Taken a look at the inside of the school system in the last few decades?

                  The one thing we can say with absolute certainty is that it is not designed to produce healthy people.

                  1. I’m old enough, and from a different-enough society, that many of the successor generations might as well be lizard people for all that I can follow their thought processes. They are often not just starting from a different and risible set of “givens”, they will freak out if those givens are questioned.

                    As long as they leave me alone we can coexist, but alas, the “do as we say!” meme seems to be part of their package. And I’ve never been much for taking orders, particularly from fools who somehow have the idea they have some kind of authority that applies to me.

                    1. I’m old enough, and from a different-enough society, that many of the successor generations might as well be lizard people for all that I can follow their thought processes.


                      As long as they leave me alone we can coexist, but alas, the “do as we say!” meme seems to be part of their package. And I’ve never been much for taking orders, particularly from fools who somehow have the idea they have some kind of authority that applies to me.


              2. There are certainly issues, yeah. And the amount of stuff aimed at complicating and out and out destroying virtuous behavior would take more page space than anyone here would want to read- and this is a blog chock full of bibliophiles that many of us would read cereal boxes if we’d cleaned the house of books and the library was closed. But. We are not beyond saving, and more than that, the violent idiots, abusers, usurers, and monsters are in the minority.

                There exists a darkness in *every* human heart. Every single one. If you believe as I do, then you know that sin. If not, call it rage, call it greed, call it envy, call it what you will, it’s there. Every one of us has the *capacity* for evil. That, I believe, is not in dispute. Flip side is also true, though- the capacity for great good exists in every human soul, realized or not in life.

                We are still a country largely based on Judeo-Christian values. Yes, even now. Largely but not completely (obviously). You look at the media, what you will see is the bad side. If it bleeds it leads and all that. Add to it the way the human brain works, you remember the bad stuff more. Just how we are wired.

                So the thirty some odd people in the grocery store minding their own business, the kind cashier, the nice stockboy, the cute kid that says “yes ma’am, yes sir,” none of that really sticks in your memory, but the arsehole that screams at you for forgetting your face diaper, now that memory sticks around. The arseholes are the minority. But we *remember* those arseholes.

                And the culture as a whole? Not a patch on the racists in other countries. Nor the amoral familists. Nor the out and out criminal rape gangs that are common some places, the feral kids, the cannibals, the slavery, the Maskirovka that passes for daily life there, the low trust, the regular political violence (we’re amatuers compared to, say, Brasil or Mexico)…

                Compared to how we used to be? Well, we’ve had violence on the grounds of DC before. Duels in the capitol, actual riots, burned the whole thing down once (can we bribe ’em to do it again…? Asking for a friend), and so on. Sure, its been better. A LOT BETTER. Ye blobs and little fishes, heck YES it’s been better. What we’ve got right now sucks, and the idiots in power are so dense as to have their own collective event horizon.

                The human psyche is inherently riddled with flaws. Even the best of us fail every single day. The worst hardly even try. And for those worst, even them, I still hold that the first choice is investigate, arrest, try, sentence in court. So long as the cops hold to their oaths, the DA’s follow the laws on the books, and the judge doesn’t try to make their own laws. Because that last box is the final one.

                Be very, very sure of yourself should you pass that judgement on another human being. And always check downrange.

                1. So long as the cops hold to their oaths, the DA’s follow the laws on the books, and the judge doesn’t try to make their own laws.

                  And I thought that I was long-winded. Some 500+ words that boil down to “Open the box.” But, yes, always, always, always check downrange.

                2. We are still a country largely based on Judeo-Christian values. Yes, even now.

                  That’s the trouble right there. You are a country based on the values most of you haven’t got anymore, and that half of you openly despise. That was the problem with Rome, too (pace Our Hostess): they did, too, have a working system of morality (though one with some terrible gaps in it), but as soon as they got rich and powerful, they decided they could do just fine without it. They didn’t saw off the branch they were sitting on; they set fire to the whole damned tree.

  11. Very well stated Sarah. Unfortunately, none of us know how, when or where to fight back. We may respond to leaders, but with Trump gone there are none. Certainly not Pence.

    1. You are, and must be, your own leader.
      Look for that point where what you are able to do may be effective.
      Look up the CARVER matrix, and see how it might apply in your area.
      If all you can do is accidentally drop a pound of roofing nails or a quart of ammonia, at the right time and place, it could make a difference.
      If nothing else, do not cooperate.
      Thanks, John

  12. But, but but…. the congress critters ran. They were scared!

    That’s not a bug. That’s not even a feature. That’s a killer app.

    1. Seen elsewhere:

      white pill-

      Any symbol of weakness from the ruling class is extraordinarily damaging to them.
      The visuals of today can never be undone.

      Of course they will remember that insult and get their revenge. But it will never change what happened on January 6th.

      1. Already started. At least a dozen people are facing charges for yesterday, which is more than everyone in Portland over the past seven months combined.

        But I’m supposed to trust LEOs, DAs, and the courts.

        1. The *types* *deletes* people who currently sit a few cubes down from me were nattering on about how if it had been BLM “there would have been arrests and rubber bullets and…”. I sometimes wish I could afford to stop doing my job long enough to straighten them out, except I know darned well they won’t believe the facts, they’re mindlessly leftwing. They “know” that BLM gets “repressed”, etc. Because the news says it was violence and rioting and an assault on our nation. And XiNN would never lie.

          (Anyone know is there a list somewhere of who “changed their mind” and decided not to challenge the results yesterday? Curious if there’s anyone left in my delegation that I won’t be supporting their challengers if we still have a nation in two years)

          1. I know Kelly Loeffler did, setting the record for the time a Republican got me to wish I hadn’t voted for them at under 30 hours.

  13. I don’t think anyone =here= was calling it a riot. I was astonished to hear a bit of shoving and a broken window or two had become a “riot” when I was watching the whole thing live, and I didn’t see any riot. Not to mention the “improvised explosive” that was in fact a fire extinguisher. Of course by the time the Count resumed, it had grown into an insurrection complete with sedition and terrorism that had been “called for” by Trump, who therefore needs to be impeached and arrested. Do you sense a theme?

    “Did they go into the Capitol? Yes they did. You know what? It’s a public building. WE PAY FOR THE F*CKING CAPITOL’S UPKEEP. ”

    True. So why were people being kept out if the “breach” was not at least partly a setup?

    (Aren’t there galleries for the public? why weren’t they already in use by said public?? isn’t this counting thing supposed to be a transparent process???)

    Oh, and today I’m seeing pictures of patriots crowding the steps labeled as “Trump supporters breach the Capital Building”. Uh… while standing around outside it??

    I guess once you use tear gas to disperse a crowd, even when they’re already drifting away under their own power, it automatically becomes a riot.


    As I watched the count, the character of my anger went from ice cold to …something else.

    “Please don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t LIKE me when I’m angry.”


    1. Exactly. Then I watched a few people on Youtube … I refuse to name them… Saying that the Trumpers had made a strategic error by storming the Capitol building. My rage has known no bounds since then. Cowards… going with the narrative and bending the neck to their masters. I was surprised that these bastions of freedom were chained by Youtube. May they go to hell too.

      1. As for all the “conservatives” demanding yesterday be denounced as the same as the left’s riots all year?

        Necklacing when the time comes. I’ll shoot or hang the enemy, but traitors get necklaced.

        1. A painful way to die. I was in South Africa when they were necklacing. But I understand that sentiment. My ancestors hanged them from the lamposts

      1. J-school dictonary:

        Rioter: Right winger Nazi (ie, anyone who disagrees with me and isn’t to the left of me) expressing an opinion while 1 in over a line I drew invisibly.

        Peaceful Protest: Someone I agree with or to the left of me Burning, Looting, or Murdering.

        1. Which suggests that J-schools should be very high on the Urkel-ing list (“Did I do that?”).

    2. I’m going to have to review my mental list of who to pay attention to on Insty and PJ Media. I get up at 0 Dark 30, and it’s a pleasure when Our Gracious Hostess is doing the news, but some of the commentators belong in the spoiled produce bin.

      I’ve given up on Powerline. Zerohedge *can* be OK. Gateway Pundit, if taken with several grains of salt. You know there’s no pretense at “objective” news. I learned to appreciate news that doesn’t pretend to be objective.

      1. I keep wondering if zerohedge is playing a very clever game, inserting just enough tinfoilhattery to provide cover for their acurate tips.

    3. Aren’t there galleries for the public? why weren’t they already in use by said public?? isn’t this counting thing supposed to be a transparent process???

      Covid. It was to protect the public from risk of Covid – and as we can see, it is fortunate they did so.

      (Shall I pull the other one next time?)

      Oh, BTW: if that had been “an insurrection complete with sedition and terrorism that had been ‘called for’ by Trump” there would be far more dead bodies and the DC police would still be laying siege to the Capital.

  14. Already they are tainting the honor of Ashli Babbitt, 14 year veteran of the Air Force with an HONORABLE DISCHARGE. Better than the rats that have invaded our Capitol. If this was violence, then what ANTIFA and BLM was WAR. My they all go to HELL while I am alive.

        1. My veteran empathy outrage is so off the charts I’ve intentionally kept it at arms’ length until I have the capacity to really feel the event.

            1. I’ve been on simmer for years. When things finally finish going to shit, I’m very afraid it’s going to be the ice-cold rage.

                1. Those of us that have experienced it do. Destruction vs cold-blooded and analytical dismembering.

                    1. Well yes… true. Also Cold rage takes a lot more energy than hot rage. Anyway it might be that I’m female and older, but it wears me out completely

                    2. I’ve only entered that particular state twice in my life. It was more exhausting to control myself than it would have been to act. It was after the first time that I realized I was not a civilized person, though I appreciate civilization because I don’t want to live in a world where that portion of me is required for survival.

                    3. The first time I went into that state I was a child. I have been so careful since. Yes, I’ve gone into it a few times since. I noticed that when I was really ill, I never reached that state. MAybe a blessing. I woke up cold yesterday and I’m trying to come down because it is not good to have this without a target.

                    4. I think it makes sense when you look at Sarah’s books and who they appeal to. Lots of vets from all the different services and many who would have happily volunteered if they were physically capable. Larry’s blog has a lot of the same names and types of people for the same reasons.

                      I’d much rather be needed ’cause I make really good cookies for birthdays and holidays, I’m really good at moving furniture, and I can be a passable fitness coach.

              1. Oh, been the ice-rage for a while now…. I find it oddly relaxing. Perhaps because it reduces the enemy’s significance to that of a cockroach.

                1. Nothing more than a tactical problem, eliminate based on threat level, terrain, and opportunity. Eliminated targets become possible sources of intel and supplies.

                2. I think that when I don’t have a real target that I become the target. Would explain all of the health problems I have … autoimmune and kidney.

                    1. I wonder if this illness problem is more a female problem??? Do the guys get ill? Or do they just become thrill seekers? and hurt themselves physically.

        1. Only possible stain is that she failed to bring an escort.

          Looking at the cold calculus of the situation….. she was a little too old to be a Perfect Martyr. But that is offset by being a mother.

        2. Remember that line from Gladiator “He was a Citizen of Rome! Honor Him!”? I just flashed to that. Now I’m pondering appropriate action.

        3. With thoughts of Citizen Genêt in mind, I am going to respectfully disagree: She died an AMERICAN.

  15. Maybe all of this was necessary. Maybe the Useful Idiots on the left have to actually get what they want, and see it for what it really is. If only they could do that without dragging everybody else through it with them.

      1. Worse, those who don’t want what the useful idiots / left are baying for, will be the ones who get used as step stools to keep their heads out of the turds, slime, and muck.

    1. They’ll kneel before the shallow ditch they just dug with expressions of total disbelief, all the while proclaiming that they’re faithful to The Party, as Beria was purported to have done all the way to his execution after his patron Stalin kicked the bucket.

      It never, ever occurs to them that eventually the beast may turn on them. It’s almost like their heads are physically wired so that they’re literally incapable of following a chain of events to its logical conclusion.

      1. They have been carefully indoctrinated NOT to follow any chain of logic. It’s RRRAAACIIISSST!!! don’t’cha know.

        The universe don’t care what you believe. Darwin Awards await those that believe what they ‘feel’ is more important than the immutable principles of physics.
        Natural selection — making the world a better place, one idiot at a time.

        1. Or, in other words,

          That All is not Gold that Glitters, and Two and Two make Four— And the Gods of the Copybook Headings limped up to explain it once more.

          Sent from Workspace ONE Boxer

      2. Imaginos is absolutely right. They themselves have wired their brains to reject logic; in fact, the sight of logic makes them flee in revulsion to the wrongest conclusion they can reach on foot. (Or the most obviously wrong ideology, if that bus comes along. The Devil is always happy to drive them there.)

        I have known a creature, human to all appearances, who sincerely believed that he could jump off the highest building in town and fly, if not for the bad thoughts of all the terrible people who wanted him to fail.

        Reality itself has no meaning to such people. Tell them two and two make four, and they yell, ‘Racist!’ and decide that two and two make fifty (or chalk, or cheese, or Wednesday after teatime). Tell them fire is hot, and they yell, ‘Fascist!’ and set their own hair on fire, just to prove you wrong. Remember Out of the Silent Planet? Oyarsa would have said that they were not bent but broken, and no better than talking animals. The hnau in them has perished – usually by suicide, heavily assisted by the ‘education’ system.

      3. “It’s almost like their heads are physically wired so that they’re literally incapable of following a chain of events to its logical conclusion.”

        To quote Orwell’s 1984:

        “Crimestop means the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. Crimestop, in short, means protective stupidity.”

  16. There are videos. I don’t know which ones are still live. They keep removing them. There was no riot. There was a protest. You know, those things that are vital for public health?

    Only when it’s AntiFa going up that framework that goes straight to McConnel’s office, because he did the “wrong” thing…..

  17. Oh, and there’s talks of rounding up Trump supporters. Of denying them flights and hotels and the ability to engage in commerce.

    I guess we’ll find out if our mail-in ballots are really secret or not.

      1. Those of us who donated to Republican candidates (including Trump) for the past 20 years already are.

    1. ABC’s political director called for a “cleansing”. They are getting closer and closer to demanding a “final solution”.

      A lot of people last spring and summer were thinking that I was being overly pessimistic. I was not. If anything I was not pessimistic enough.

  18. “And I hope to G-d someone with access to him reads this and tells him it’s time. Take the family NOW and go to an undisclosed location. “

    Have you read Francis W. Porretto’s novel Statesman? I dearly hope that someone with access to President Trump has.

    “She [the Bitter Klingon] felt stupid and inferior at Harvard”

    So, sometimes feelings are an accurate reflection of reality. Who knew?

    1. Trump and the SecDef went to Abilene, to some kind of command center on an Air Force base. Not exactly a super-trusting move, but a very practical one. He’s still president, and he has the right to go somewhere defensible.

      1. I’ve seen 3 or 4 such rumors, one refuted as a regular route for the plane in question. So while I’d deem it wise and a relief, I’d like to know for sure. So I can stop chewing my nails up to my wrists.

  19. Everything crumbled so fast. There’s such a weird disconnection between the “normal” world — stores still operate, packages arrive from Amazon, work goes on — and the sense that the country has disintegrated, just like the two towers in New York. The covid fraud and the election fraud were the two planes that rammed into the country, and everything just crumbled.

    I’m trying to decide what to do with my 401(k) account, which I was counting on to retire with. Is this going to tank the stock market, or will it boom away due to all the crony capitalism and the DemTotalitarians protecting their friends? I have an urge to put it in gold and hide it in a hole somewhere. Maybe cash or bonds?

  20. Trump “temporarily” banned from Facebook and Instagram:

    Mark Zuckerberg
    3 hrs ·

    The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden.

    His decision to use his platform to condone rather than condemn the actions of his supporters at the Capitol building has rightly disturbed people in the US and around the world. We removed these statements yesterday because we judged that their effect — and likely their intent — would be to provoke further violence.

    Following the certification of the election results by Congress, the priority for the whole country must now be to ensure that the remaining 13 days and the days after inauguration pass peacefully and in accordance with established democratic norms.

    Over the last several years, we have allowed President Trump to use our platform consistent with our own rules, at times removing content or labeling his posts when they violate our policies. We did this because we believe that the public has a right to the broadest possible access to political speech, even controversial speech. But the current context is now fundamentally different, involving use of our platform to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.

    We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.

  21. The most informative takes I caught on these events were from Victor Davis Hanson and Mark Steyn. I don’t yet know whether VDH’s is available, but Steyn weighted in here:

    “This Is Not Who We Are…”
    On Wednesday I joined Tucker Carlson to discuss the so-called storming of the Capitol.

    There has been much talk these last two months about the disconnect between Fox and its audience over the events of November 3rd, but they are as nothing to the disconnect between Fox and its audience over the events of January 6th. The media may be sentimental about the Capitol, but in my unscientific survey of my North Country neighbors the people aren’t. Congress has an approval rating that falls somewhere between Isis and child pornographers. Pundits and politicians can wax mawkish about “the people’s house” but you’d be hard-pressed to find one in a thousand citizens who’s ever used those words in a non-contemptuous sense – and most of the other 999 would assume that the phrase referred to some long-term care facility Andrew Cuomo moves the old folks into for his Covid express checkout.

    So I found yesterday’s coverage somewhat trying:

    This is quotable Steyn in rare from:

    ‘People are surprised when a tactic that’s proved effective by one group of people, is taken up by another group of people…

    ‘People say “this is not who we are.” Have you not turned on the tv since Memorial Day? This is exactly who we are…

    ‘Nancy Pelosi told us she didn’t care about old statues. Mitch McConnell said he didn’t care about the names of military bases. But suddenly this old building is important now?”

    I choke on the sanctimonious drivel of the continuing coverage. The political class (represented by a Speaker who flies home to San Francisco by private plane) has been largely insulated from the pathologies they have loosed upon the land. For a few hours yesterday they weren’t.

    Click below to watch:

    [To Be Continued]

    1. “This Is Not Who We Are…”

      During the early evening I found myself wondering why the pundits were so insistent on standing on the Capitol’s dignity. The obvious reason is that, for the most lavishly protected legislature in the world (okay, make that “legislature”), it was a total security fiasco – culminating in the murder of an unarmed woman by a (to put it mildly) totally incompetent copper firing into a crowd (which an American couldn’t do in, say, Kandahar). The rubbish about the “desecration” of the “sacred” “majesty”, etc, etc, peddled by Democrats and Republicans alike is designed to evade the vile reality of that grotesque act.

      There will be more on that later today. You can see the full hour of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” here [ video.foxnews . com/v/6220877697001#sp=show-clips ]. Members may access the transcript of my remarks here [ steynonline . com/10920/tucker-carlson-tonight-this-is-not-who-we-are ].

    2. Victor Davis Hanson’s observations:

      Victor Davis Hanson Provides Sage Advice But Only One Side Listens
      Victor Davis Hanson may be one of the wisest commentators in America. A classicist, historian, and prolific writer, he tends to see things with amazing clarity. His comments on Tucker Carlson Tonight following the melee at the Capitol yesterday were no exception.

      Hanson began by stating that you cannot have a republic or a civilization without the rule of law. He was adamant that the laws should be enforced, and the rioters who stormed the building be arrested and prosecuted. Without differentiating between political allegiance or laying blame, he said after 2020 that the American people are exhausted.

      Then, with clarity, he argued that the January 6th rioting could not be excused in any way, shape, or form. To make a fine point, he added that if you were decrying the nightly left-wing violence in our streets over the summer, principle demands you condemn the rioters at the Capitol as well.

      Of course, this has been a consistent view across the mainstream political Right since the Capitol attack happened. The frustration boiling among conservatives now is rooted in the fact that Democrats and their allies in the corporate media have not and never will heed Hanson’s next caution:

      If you are a person on the left, and night after night, and you quoted Chris Cuomo, but night after night you said we can contextualize the violence. Because ideology trumps accountability. Then you better say the same thing today. Do you really want to say, “Well you know what? These people have ideological causes so they should be exempt. I don’t think you want to do that.

      Of course, the problem is the Chris Cuomos of the world do want to do this. …


      Hanson also cautioned:

      By the same token everybody has to take a step back. You can’t have a civilization, a democracy, when the Speaker of the House tears up the State of the Union address on national television like Nancy Pelosi did. You can’t have a civilization when Joe Biden says he’s going to unite us, but when people show up that he disagrees with at his rally he calls them chumps, ugly folk, or earlier, the dregs of society. Earlier he said antifa was just an idea when it’s committing violence nightly. So, everybody on both sides has to take a step back”

      Democrats have taken nothing but a step forward. Freshman Representative Cori Bush (D-Mo.) submitted legislation to have Republican Congress members removed for “incitement.” On Twitter, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demanded Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) resign. It is as if these women forget the roles they played in the riots nationwide this summer. …

      [To Be Continued]

  22. Why haven’t all the Georgia ballots, envelopes, records, Don’t-minion vote stealing machines and accessories been impounded and handed over to a forensic audit group with the command: “Get to the bottom of this. Find the truth!”

    If not by the Georgia legislature, then by federal marshals. That ‘election’ stinks so hard I can smell it out here in Kaliforny.
    There’s statistically improbable, and then there’s ‘violates the fundamental principles of the universe’ improbable.

    1. some where I read that DHS was supposedly trying to sequester the ballots and the electronics from the shredder trucks ; and then the fibbies showed up, took over, and sent the shredder trucks back to continue shredding the evidence.

      1. Don’t believe all that you read – including this.

        Not saying it isn’t possible, nor even isn’t likely, but you’ve no basis for adjudging credibility.

  23. I strongly suspect we’re going to see a lot of relatively small “snap and die” incidents like Nashville, simply because of the overall level of despair, desperation, and outrage. Despair alone wouldn’t do it. It’s the knowledge that we were cheated and they rub it in our faces that’s going to drive some vulnerable souls over the brink.

      1. Sorry not sorry; but you’ve been drafted into the propaganda corps. No berserking allowed.

        Except in writing. Berserk writing is not only allowed but approved of.

            1. *waves fan-trying-not-to-make-it-weird hand*

              She’s the gal who wrote Embers (Vathara), which I’ve praised to the sky and KNOW I got at least one or two folks hooked, and several of the other books I’ve linked for folks to try– including the freaking AWESOME emotional boost of fun from Count Taka and the Vampire Brides and the two-book series that is a little like Deep Pink made of A Net of Dawn and Bones and Seeds of Blood, and the probably different universe Tell No Tales, those are all set in the roughly now and this world, and then there’s the fantasy book Pearl of Fire which was just freaking AWESOME in part because I could see some of the inspired by from Embers but it’s totally different and I can’t say more without spoiling stuff,
              under C. Chancy.

              And yeah this is totally just to gush a bit and jump the gun in case your email eats stuff AGAIN!


              1. Banshee got me on to her direct-paid writing by mentioning that the lady who’d written Embers had an original book out.

                AAaaaaand I got hooked.

            2. She publishes as C Chancy.

              Seeds of Blood, A Net of Dawn and Bones, Tell No Tales, Pearl of Fire, Count Taka and the Vampire Brides.

              Her fanfic is under the handle Vathara, on FFN, and AO3. Loads of fanfic, Foxfier, I and some others are particularly impressed by Embers. However, because over a hundred, if I had to recommend only a half dozen, I would probably pick some of the shorter pieces that I have read more recently.

      2. Oh boy.

        …And in other news, Sarah, everybody, keep up on your vit C, D, and zinc. Apparently the new British Covid can get past immunity to at least one of the earlier virus versions. I’m not as sick as I was back in March, but I’m not having a fun time right now.

          1. I’m leaning more toward “This is the regular seasonal flu we normally get during, you know, FUCKING FLU SEASON! which has been mysteriously absent this year.”

            Maybe COVID19 killed the flu, too?

            Hey, it’s no crazier than most of the other shit we’ve been told.
            How many times do they have to lie to you before you stop believing them?

            1. My husband’s business partner is sick with something that looks like WuFlu but isn’t. I imagine it could easily be real influenza, but we’re all primed now to think of WuFlu first.
              Our HR person is miserably ill with WuFlu and her husband is in the hospital because his case has progressed to double pneumonia. Not good.

        1. Given what you’ve *mentioned* going on– and I’m not so young I don’t assume you keep back some because it’s not our place to know everything about you– you have the additional injury of finally having a hint of breathing room, so your body is doing the “k, not going to die RIGHT NOW, can break down for a bit” thing.

                1. Not sure if this is what she means, but I get an incredible morale boost from just wandering around our “local” Asian store and finding random weird food stuff– mostly coffee related, that’s how I found G7 and a ton of instant Vietnamese coffee, and tomyum ramen variants, and sesame “candy” and such.

                  A lot have health claims, but it’s just a different flavor of the “(cool thing!)” signs.

                  1. When I was much younger, and had a cold I couldn’t kick, the lady who owned the Chinese restaurant I always went to (They were from Hong Kong) gave me some weird powders to take. I have no idea WHAT it was. Tasted vaguely lemony. Seemed to help.

                    1. Coconut aminos! It’ like a slightly sweeter version of soy sauce. One of the wonderful thing about modern America is that things like that exist.

                    2. Asian foods sold in the US have English-language labels, so you can usually find out what’s in them before it disagrees with you. And the folks who run them are usually nice, and they get a lot of Air Force and ex-military business.

                  2. I feel the same way when I go to my local 99 Ranch Asian market. Head to the seafood counter and watch the squid, listen to people haggle over the fish. I love it. I feel like I’m a million miles away from all my daily whatevers.
                    And there’s always cool stuff to buy, too. Funky sweets. And the pottery. Oh, lord, the pottery. And chopsticks.

                    1. Try Saars, if they’re still around.

                      You probably don’t need meat in the units they offer, but oh my LORD are their Asian selections to die for.

    1. Plus another six months of lockdowns at least. His Lordship Jay Inslee just released the vaccination plan for Washington and ordinary folks (people with no or only one co-morbidity) won’t be eligible for vaccination until some indefinite time after May.

      I don’t say this to start the “I’m not gonna take their poison” wars again — please — but as an indicator that they’re going to keep us in near house arrest for f***ing ever. Yeah, I’m sure that won’t lead to any more showy suicides at all.

      (I am going to take it as soon as they’ll give it to me, because I’m sick of being held hostage by the Ex’s co-morbidity paranoia and fear of transmission through Daughter. [eyeroll])

        1. While my auto-immune is nowhere near the scale of yours, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has…questions…about the impact of the vaccine on those of us in this particular category.

          1. I’ve talked to …. people on our side. It’s a definite risk. How high I don’t know.
            But my chances — anyone’s chances of dying from this — are minimal. I will not take it.
            This means I probably will never see my parents again. Then again…. Portugal is its own insanity.

      1. I’m sure that won’t lead to any more showy suicides at all.

        In their mind:

        1. That can’t happen.

        2. If it does any it gives them useful casus belli.

      2. Anyone who thought the vaccine was going to be a ticket out of lockdown, even the people who thought it would be to introduce health passports and gain compliance, were optimists.

        1. They do not expect different results. They would rather cause economic and social collapse than face culpability for the fact of their incompetence to manage a relatively simple problem.

    2. I sat down today and drew up the bucket list.

      I told myself you’ve got 12 months at the outside. What do you want to do?

      Two things are probably non-starters thanks to covid and politics: run a triathlon and swim the Devil’s Pool.

      Need to just work on the others until the knock on the door comes.

      1. Work while there’s light. WORK WHILE THERE’S LIGHT. Maybe a spark will survive to shine through. Even if it’s just a story of a story “My great uncle knew this person who–“

      2. Books to write. If brain will just stop panicking and cooperate.

        I’m honestly having to fight past “It’s not fair!” due to the past several years struggling to get myself into a nontoxic environment.

        Well. It’s not fair. iGrump. iHaulOutChainsword….

        1. I have found that “It’s not fair!” is a fairly reliable marker for the sort of people that you have escaped from. I don’t know you, but you might want to do some internal searching for shards of them that you have not killed off yet.

          1. I’d say your experience is uber valid. For “fun,” find an Op Order template and write one for you, today.

            “SITUATION: The American Republic Has Been Stolen and Is In The Hands Of The Enemy
            “MISSION: Restore the Republic to her former glory and destroy the usurpers.

            Anyhow, your experience was very different than mine was, but very similar in that neato way shared military experience has. I’ll bet there’s something in your internal archives that would help calm and strengthen you.

              1. Then I’m probably talking with a pattern recognition genius. An Old Crow, if you’d been Army. That is incredibly valid, and useful.

                    1. He was very good for me. But yea, it takes a different type of person to be with one. He was a Vietnam War Vet as well and was in country for three tours.

                    2. That is a lot of time in theater.

                      I was married to a Vietnam Vet. It didn’t go well.

                    3. My husband is a Vietnam-era vet. He didn’t go to Vietnam because he was an Army brat and knew how the system worked, so he went to Germany. He was also in Berlin post-war, prior to the wall, in about 1954. So he has stories about that era.

                    4. Spero.. it means your husband was smart. Mine was a foster child so had his 19th birthday in Vietnam. I have a picture of him at that age. The soldiers looked so young–barely men.

    3. I completely believe it. Especially given that we have a fair-sized population that are able to function like a healthy person because of some reasonably simple medical treatment. But if things go pear-shaped, that treatment may disappear or become unavailable to the ordinary person. If you’re already mad about the steal but have been biding your time because you have no clear course of action, the calculus becomes very different if you now have a limited time to be able to act.

    4. I pray more go with the Mr. Incredible option.

      You know:
      “I am not allowed to tell you to go talk to George at 10325. Do not under any circumstances write this down.” *hands notepad* “Don’t fill out form 354, and don’t make sure to CC Walter at Lawyers Inc.”

        1. I just realized– that is what sold me on Mr. Incredible as a hero. Not a dude in a costume, not the Designated Protagonist. A hero.

          If he can do only this, then he does this. Yeah, he’s sneaking around, doing risky stuff otherwise…

          But here, there’s something needed.

          So he does it.

          Fits the character heading out from there, too.

  24. via Twitchy:

    Yep, the same leftist media who praised riots by BLM/Antifa are calling for harsh punishment of people at the Capitol Building yesterday.

    Meanwhile AOC is apparently trying to get Twitter to ban people referencing AOC’s own statements of support for the BLM/Antifa rioters.

    A reminder that Kamala Harris supported the rioters as well and her staff, as well as Bidens, helped provide money to the BLM/Antifa rioters.

      1. Breaking news alert email from the Seattle Times just now:

        Treatment of pro-Trump mob contrasts with strong-arm police tactics against Black Lives Matter, activists say
        Civil rights attorneys and activists said they believed if Black protesters had stormed the U.S. Capitol, the consequences would have been immediate and deadly. “Our activists are still to this day met with hyper-police violence,” Black Lives Matter activist Channelle Helm said. “And today you see this full-on riot — literally a coup — with people toting guns, which the police knew was coming and they just let it happen.”

        So we see that the official narrative is going to be that 500,000 protestors were all “rioters” — with guns, even! Why, it was a coup attempt!

        Show me, please, where these “gun-toting” protestors were — I haven’t seen any weapons other than flagpoles in any of the videos I’ve watched. Show me where the cops anywhere in DC were attacked with deadly force, fireworks, molotov cocktails, rocks, anything other than some jostling and shoving. Come on, there are a zillion videos: show me the “rioting”.

          1. “Might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb”

            (Which ought to be the national motto of Israel, for that matter.)

        1. Treatment of pro-Trump mob contrasts with strong-arm police tactics against Black Lives Matter, activists say

          Well, yeah. Mildly startled they noticed.

          Civil rights attorneys and activists said they believed if Black protesters had stormed the U.S. Capitol, the consequences would have been immediate and deadly. “Our activists are still to this day met with hyper-police violence,” Black Lives Matter activist Channelle Helm said. “And today you see this full-on riot — literally a coup — with people toting guns, which the police knew was coming and they just let it happen.”

          What the ever gaslightin’ DARVO is that crud?

          *shakes head*

          1. There’s a key phrase: “Civil rights attorneys and activists said they believed” Emphasis added.

            There is no evidence for their baseless claims of what they believe having any relation to fact nor actual behaviour. Their assertion is entirely reflective of their beliefs – not others’ actions.

            For example, my belief that “Civil rights attorneys and activists” are effing lunatics who’ve completely lost any contact with reality is not a basis for locking them away in sanitaria. Well, not a legal basis, at any rate.

        2. Well, one guy DID have a 3-tined pitchfork. That’s a deadly weapon, right? RIGHT??

          (Yes, really. Visible as everyone is generally leaving the area. Was using it as a flagpole, tines up.)

          And one yahoo threw an (evidently open) bottle of orange sports drink past the cops, at about waist level so no real intent to harm.

          That was the sum total of the “gun-toting” I saw, and I watched all 11 hours of NTD’s live feed.

        3. I caught a news report (Fox) of one attendee being arrested with a “military grade” rifle* and eleven Molotov cocktails. Nothing about the identity or affiliation of the arrestee. A quick search turns up multiple reports, including Bloomberg and The Daily Beast.

          *A quick glance over the ledes reveals the rifle to have been of the fearsome and rare “semi-automatic” category.

  25. I know some of you will consider me to be hopelessly naive, but I just sent this to my Tennessee state representative and senator:

    “I want to address you both on an issue I consider urgent and possibly concerning the continued existence of our country.

    “We have now witnessed two elections in which the left in this country has blatantly stolen the election, hardly even pretending they weren’t doing so (the November presidential election and the Georgia senatorial election just past). Yesterday’s protest in Washington (which was notably not a riot in the form of the Antifa/BLM riots we witnessed over most of 2020) is already being used as justification for further abrogation of the US Constitution against anyone in our country who isn’t either part of the leftist cabal that is clearly controlling the federal government or a nominally conservative politician who is trying to appease the cabal in the hope of retaining whatever power they allow him to have. It pains me to say it, but it really has become the US federal government against the American people.

    “I urge you to open discussions in the General Assembly about making Tennesee an overt 10th Amendment Sanctuary state, analogous to the leftist pro-illegal-immigration sanctuary states. Make it clear that in Tennessee, all federal government activity will be examined according to what the federal government is given authority to do by the US Constitution, and any federal activity with no Constitutional justification will not be allowed in Tennessee. Not only will state authorities not assist in such activities, they will actively oppose said activities. This would not be secession from the US, just insisting on the proper division of authority between the federal government and the Tennessee state government.

    “I further urge you to open discussions with the General Assemblies of other like-minded states (Texas comes to mind) to persuade them to pass similar resolutions, and to regularize the language of all such resolutions so that a de facto 10th Amendment Sanctuary coalition would be formed. I ask that you do this in the hope of fending off the incipient civil war that I fear we may be coming very close to. I hope this can work, and that it isn’t a forlorn hope action. But if we don’t make the attempt, we might as well start arming up, I’m afraid.

    “Thank you for your consideration.”

    I can’t insist, but if any of you feel like sending a similar message to your state representatives, feel free to use the wording I wrote here.

    1. Unless you can somehow make your letter kick them in the face, it will accomplish nothing. Both Democrats and Republicans consider us dangerous criminals. They now only react to violence aimed directly at them.

      I used to think that targeted violence, including bodily harm, was out of the question. Not anymore.

      The politicians need to really, really hurt. I want them SCARED.

      1. I would say rather optimistic that there may still be some worthies left in the hallowed halls, and a Republic left to save. Naive perhaps in believing the Constitution still has force, and would be followed in the end.

        And in the more …pioneering… states, worthies may still exist. But in DC? you might count ’em without taking off your shoes. Last night Jim Jordan did what he could, by asking for a rollcall vote so we have a record of who is a traitor and/or coward.

        Note that back when Obama firearms overreach was a thing, MT passed a fuck-off-feds law re guns manufactured in-state. (I vaguely recall it later hit challenges and don’t know current status, but they did pass it.)

            1. Me? AHAHAHAHAH.
              I’m in Colorado. Voting is all by mail. AND counted through dominion machines. It’s RECREATIONAL.
              I don’t know. Will there be anything better to do that day?
              I voted only for the popular vote thing. But since it doesn’t matter now….

              1. Make ’em work. Even if it’s only to walk over to throw it in the trash, make ’em work. They WANT us all to stop trying.
                One bad thing I see is that a lot of Trump supporters will not vote, and even a weak R is better than a D. The more people get disgusted and drop out, the easier it gets to do the fraud.

                  1. It is quite true. A weak R is not forced to vote with the Democrats on every issue. A D must toe the party line at every turn or lose his political career.

                    1. With very few exceptions the republican party just actively condemned the country to a brutal civil war. They (and especially Pence) already have Ashli Babbitt’s blood on their hands, it will soon be a drenching of hundreds of thousands of innocent’s blood.

                      * You can tell I’m still being reasonable by the fact that I only want each politician dragged out and killed. I don’t think that their families should be tortured to death in front of them first yet.

                      ** OTOH: they are politicians. I’m not sure they would care outside of the threat to their own skins.

                    2. A D must toe the party line at every turn or lose his political career.

                      Joe Manchin has no political career. He has just this one term, ending in 2024, when he will be 77-years old, after which his extremely RED state (which depends on fossil fuel production for a major portion of its economy) will not return him to office, and the Machine cannot fraud him back. He is a man with nothing to lose but his honor.

                  2. Yes. He may only be a speedbump on the road to Hell, but a speedbump is better than someone yearning to lay the pavement.
                    Otherwise only the “activists,” vote, and it’s even easier for them to claim a “mandate.” Yeah, they may do that anyway, but until we get a party with stronger candidates…
                    And yes, part of the problem with this is the current crop knows it and assumes we’ll choose them.

                    1. but a speedbump is better than someone yearning to lay the pavement

                      Assumes facts very much not in evidence. To wit; that the GOPe are not yearning to lay the pavement.

                      I submit that they might not be trying to pave it. Just paint the stripes.

                    2. Assumes facts very much not in evidence. To wit; that the GOPe are not yearning to lay the pavement.

                      Some of them are, but they haven’t the party discipline to force their own conservatives to vote in lockstep. The Democrats have. If you vote GOPe, you are at worst voting for an incompetent tyrant. Tyrannizing others is the one thing Democrats are actually good at.

    2. What you propose is a good idea and I shall point a copy at my state legiscritter.

      Montana already passed a law that firearms made in Montana are none of the Feds’ business, so may be receptive to this.

    3. “we might as well start arming up”
      You are rather late to say this. Ammo Makers have been running 24/7 trying to keep up and CANNOT!!!
      Prices are very High 556 $700 for 500 and it is selling! 9mm $450 per 1000 and that is being bought.
      People have been arming for YEARS. A couple of years ago you could get a cheap ar15 for less than $500, that is $700/800 today and many shops are having a hard time getting any in at all.
      Americans WERE armed like no other country decades ago, Americans have been buying firearms and ammo like they are preparing for a WAR. It is the Democrat non-Leftist NEW Buyers that are buying everything so fiercely.
      It is NOT the preppers, the gun nuts, the NRA, the usual suspects that are trying to prepare for WAR, it is the normal Americans. AND the 6th is NOT going to sit well with them. They watched over the Summer. They saw the Cities burning and they are NOT amused.
      The Democrats and their Republican lackeys are not understanding what is happening at all! They are completely IGNORING this Arming UP for WAR! They act like it isn’t happening. There is no acknowledgement of the danger AT ALL!!!!! They ALL can’t be that incompetent/stupid, can they???

      There are NO Citizens that have EVER been as HEAVELY Armed as the US Citizens. NOT EVEN CLOSE!
      NEVER!!! What do the Democrats DO?? They continue to oppress, scare, threaten, cheat, Pass 5000 page bills that are SUPPOSED to help US Citizens that GIVE 60% or more to FOREIGN Countries!!!! They expect us to put up with that, when people have been out of work for MONTHS!!!!

      The French Royals were NOT this stupid.

      The Democrats have a rifle pointed at their head and ignore it. They try to piss off the person holding the rifle with everything they do. They don’t believe he will ever pull the trigger because he hasn’t pulled it before. The man has screamed at him, gotten red faced and the Democrats just smile and laugh at him and call him names the do even more to piss him off. That is WHERE we are at. The Democrats believe that the trigger will never be pulled and the poor man knows, if he pulls the trigger the Civil War will destroy everything and the US will NEVER be as wonderful, tolerant and peaceful again.

      1. They figure they can go through NICS and confiscate. But, that only works for relatively few of the arms actually out there. It also doesn’t cover C&R stuff like Chilean Mausers in .308 or the like that, while not an AR10 are still 5 shots of modern military ammo scroungable in a combat situation. and a ton of other items like gandpappy’s shotgun, etc.

        1. Television tells them guns are registered and traceable. In practice, that’s probably less than 10%. And even then, not much use in the real world.

          Prosecutor: “So run a database search of all registered 9mm handguns in this city!”

          IT geek: [clickety] “That’s… 33,406 guns.”

          Prosecutor: “Can’t you narrow it down more than that?”

          IT geek: “Some of those might be 9mm rifles. And of course we’re not including 9mm guns in law enforcement hands. And we just searched on ‘9mm Parabellum’; there are many cartridges that same bullet.”

          Prosecutor: “Cartridge, bullet, same thing, right?”

          IT geek: “In Call of Duty, sure…”

          1. So ignorant of reality, seen all the time, especially when they try to prove how “obscenely easy” it is to acquire a gun and they run into the background checks, leftoid areas’ 10 waits, etc, and it all comes as a shock. Recall one, long ago where the “buyer” failed the NICS while “demonstrating the Gun Show Loophole”. I forget now it was soooooo long ago, but I don’t recall if they got busted for attempting to purchase as a known felon or what.

        2. “They figure they can go through NICS and confiscate. But, that only works for relatively few of the arms actually out there. ”

          More importantly, it only works for the first couple hundred thousand. Even if there existed a 100% accurate, up to the minute database/registry of EVERY firearm in citizen hands, including those war trophies smuggled back from WW2 and Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-etc Grandpappy’s musket that he used at the Battle of Yorktown, there is no way that they can mount a confiscation effort big enough and fast enough to get them before the word gets out.

          And THAT would begin the boogaloo.

          1. Right? The last time I filled out a NICS it was not long after the Clinton bill passed. How much from back then is even correct in their records?
            Then many places the law would tell them to go pound sand.

            1. There can be so many unfortunate boating accidents after almost 30 years. Treacherous things, canoes.

              1. Not only Canoe and other boating accidents. NICS are only kept for a few weeks. Then anything X weeks/days(?) old is purged*. Failed attempts, due to “not allowed” are put into other permanent systems. Someone who regularly buys guns is going to have more recent dated flags on their records. States/cities that require gun permits or registration. That is a gun confiscation list. Other confiscation lists are CCL both state and federal. One can have a CCL without actually having or carrying a gun. That ought to be interesting when whomever comes knocking.

                Us computer techs on the list know that the “purged” records are out there somewhere in backup’s unless they are rotating backup medium, eventually overwriting the backups. So some recovery options are available, depending on how often they verified their backup procedures.

                To the question of “why have a CCL if don’t have a gun?” To make their heads explode?

                1. To the question of ‘why have a CCL if don’t have a gun?’ To make their heads explode?

                  Well, it is, of course, easier to make their heads explode if you do have a gun, there’s also the fact that a) I wanted to prove I could get one b) it is very useful for ID purposes c) they’re very fashionable; all the cool kids have them d) everybody on my bowling team has them – some of the guys clean-up their spares with a 1911 but I’ve never needed to.

      2. A couple of years ago you could get a cheap ar15 for less than $500

        Know of someone who built own AR-15. Took about 2 months to get all the parts. 556 Ammo for it, is about $1.80 each in 10 box lots. Sometimes larger boxes are available but don’t know what was paid for that … I know the 10 box price because when per box per person limit imposed, I get to go get 2 boxes for the individual … Another individual scored a 100 box of 9 mm for $20. Neither individual is arming up to arm up … more to plunk away to fire the firearms. Neither is new to gun ownership. Well one is, but only because of age.

    4. This is the next non-kinetic step … the states still have authority in many ways, that they have deferred to the Federal over the years. Time to re-assert that authority themselves.

      I think South Dakota and Missouri would also seriously consider this, and some other states as well. But Sarah is right … since state legislatures are the “farm teams” for the professional/political complex, the requisite number of men and women, of the requisite courage to thwart the inevitable over-reach of our new feelz-bot overlords in this manner, may come up short at least in some states.

      Even if doing so would prevent a hot civil war.

      1. As for me, I’m in a Republican area of a deep-blue state. That says it all.

        1. Whenever you’re tempted to write off a blue state, remember this map from the 2016 Presidential election. Left is by county, right is by precinct.

          We might have to write off major-metro blue enclaves, but judging by the pre-diddled vote tallies, there are in fact NO truly blue states (probably the bluest is Hawaii). And around 30% of that metro blue is actually vote fraud, not real voters.

      2. This is the next non-kinetic step … the states still have authority in many ways, that they have deferred to the Federal over the years.

        Just like my relatives in “solidly Democrat controlled” states have done– my mom wears a mask less than I do, and I risk a blackout each time I do.

        She’s in *WASHINGTON STATE*.

        RElates in Lake County, Oregon, don’t own masks….

    5. Well, I think it’s really classy and honorable. I’m proud to steal it outright and send it to… Jay Inslee, baby. 🙂

  26. And then there is this.

    No, I have no idea where on the Real/LARP/Glowie spectrum it is. More likely than not it fizzles with half a dozen people showing up…. but then we live in a different world today than we did 48 hours ago.

    In for the popcorn?

    1. That has already happened twice this year, in Michigan and N. Carolina. I will be pretty surprised if the next time there’s a massed demonstration in DC they don’t all show up armed to the teeth. Especially given the response to the peaceful protest yesterday.

      Lefties seem to forget that most men in the USA own the standard three-gun combo. They have the .22 plinker, the shotgun and the medium caliber scoped deer rifle. There are -millions- of men who also own a couple of pistols and at least one battle-style rifle, be it an AR platform or the M-14 platform.

      If you pissed off 10% of them sufficiently to make them show up on the National Mall all on the same day, they’d be a bigger army than China. With the Internet it is easy to do that.

      That’s what the DemocRats are fucking with, now that they killed a woman in cold blood for no discernible reason. When some woman is climbing through a window in a demonstration you arrest her. You don’t shoot her in the neck and leave her bleeding out on the floor.

      1. Posts like the one I linked always have around them speculation that it is one of the Enemy trying to stir something up. Similarly we have people insisting that yesterday’s festivities must have been antifa infiltrators.

        All of these speculations miss a far more important issue. In the immortal words of Her Imperial Holiness: “At this point what does it matter?”.

      2. Lefties seem to forget that most men in the USA own the standard three-gun combo.

        I would argue that the modern three-gun combo is a .22 plinker (rifle or pistol), a compact 9mm (good odds of G19), and an AR-15.

        1. I decided on a 9 mm pistol, a stainless steel shotgun (Mosburg model 590), and a left-handed AR that I built with the HELP of a friend.

          I hope I have enough ammunition for each, and I don’t think so. Plus, the AR still isn’t sighted in. I loathe indoor ranges. But, needs must.

          1. If indoors, with syandard iron sights, sight for a group centered 2″ above point of aim at 25 yards and you should be good for a center-mass shot out to 300 yards or so.
            Have and practice with a sling as a stabilizer, practice mag changes, and practice dry-firing, both aimed slow for target and raise to shoulder and snap-shoot.
            There are laser “shells” that will show where your “shot” went.
            Thanks for preparing to help.

        2. Numerically the preponderance is plinker, shotgun, deer gun. Sportsman’s battery. The Fuds are all about the sporting. Non-hunters go plinker, pistol, evil AR-15 assault weapon of murder/death/kill.

          I’m a Canadian. I have a Maglight. Fear me, evildooers! ~:D

          1. The reason I focus more of the combat firearms here is because — while the sporting stock is much higher — that is what sells like hotcakes these days.

          2. I’m a Canadian. I have a Maglight. Fear me, evildooers!

            In brightest day,
            In darkest night,
            No evil shall escape my sight.
            Let those who worship
            Evil’s might
            Beware the power
            Of my Maglight!

  27. The TEA parties were Martin
    Trump was Malcolm
    What do these idiots think is going to happen next?

  28. Just can’t with all the “conservatives” at Instapundit ready to lick leftist boots today by competing to condemn the “insurrection” and Trump.

    1. There’s a boiler room somewhere filled to bursting with sock-puppets Herb. Propaganda is a thing.

      My rule of thumb, the more noise they make the fewer of them there are making it.

          1. Glenn’s a law professor. I’m not persuaded he isn’t making some of the same mistakes.

            The loss of trust, and the implications, are deeply interesting on a intellectual level, and I’m pretty sure a bunch of people are missing a lot of the nuances..

            I’ve got some essays gurgling, and may produce them at some point.

        1. Those guys don’t understand that the law is over. They’re still worried about the evidence, and the appearance of impropriety. And manners. “Those rioters were so -rude!- you know, they actually said the F word! Out loud!”

          It doesn’t matter what the law and the courts say at this point. They stole it, and they’re happy to kill Ashli Babbitt if that helps them keep it. Like, kill her dead and then lie about her in the press.

          That’s pretty hard for certain kinds of people to accept. Most of them will keep resisting Reality(TM) until they get punched in the face by Antifa and the cops punch them in the face again while they’re getting arrested for being punched in the face.

          I saw the video. I know what happened. That’s good enough for me.

          1. Thing is, if you are a good lawyer, there’s a bit of aptitude and vocation in it.

            They are bent in ways that would normally keep them from making a career ending mistake.

            That is insane behavior right now. You have to be an atypical lawyer to avoid the mental trap, or be very fast to cut off a long deeply held desire.

            Charitably, some of them are just processing things too slowly, and going nuts from the stress of being pulled in two different directions, and at the same time by having their world turned upside down.

        1. The only reason I frequent Insty is for the comments.

          And, I suppose, the commentariat. ^_^

          … I just don’t know what to say to the others as they get discouraged.

  29. Just saw this post on Conservative Treehouse: the intelligence community delivered their assessment on foreign interference just hours after Congress certified the electoral vote. They deliberately slow-walked the process until they could treat the election theft as a fait acompli.

    I’m so angry I’m shaking. Too many old memories are coming back, of losing out on something because someone else deliberately dragged their heels.

    After President Trump announced the call for Patriots to assemble in WDC on January 6, I finally was able to concentrate and work productively again. I had a timetable, and even if I couldn’t go personally, I could at least support those who could. Now I’m back in that limbo of sick dread, of knowing that I’ll probably need to fulfill the civil service oath I swore when I worked for the Census and hoping that I recognize the signal when it comes, of thinking “if it has to be terrible, can we at least make it quick and get it over with instead of putting me through a slow agony of dying by inches?” (It probably doesn’t help that I’m reading Hungry Ghosts, with its descriptions of slow starvation and references to torture — I should finish it tonight and be able to move on to the book on the American Revolution that I just snagged from the library).

    I had a very bad night’s sleep last night, and have been struggling with drowsiness all day long. It doesn’t help that family members have swallowed the MSM line and think I’m the one being gaslit and needing to be brought back to reality. At first I tried to point them to evidence, but every source I offered was dismissed as fake news, so I gave up trying to argue with them because you can’t convince someone who is not convinceable. All I can do now is hope that something will punch past their illusions and get them to see that no, Biden is not the lesser of two evils.

        1. IIRC it won’t work for you because of other sleep issues, but:

          Stuff like this helped a lot with my sleep grinding problem.

          1. That works with a CPAP. Trust me, I’ve reasons I rarely smile.

            Well, I’ve more reasons than ground-down teeth, but I’ve definitely got the ground-down teeth. AND I sleep with an air-compressor attached to my face.

            1. As visual aid: some people have buck teeth; thanks to years of grinding mine are about forty-five cents.

              1. I was chipping the lower front teeth. I ordered a night guard from the dentist, and the lab screwed up and sent the wrong type. After the dentist’s office got in the lab’s case, they sent the right one, and I use the first one for travel.

                I have no conflict with the CPAP machine on a guard; tried a Fit-it-yourself version years ago, and it didn’t work well. The current ones do. And yeah, most of the time my lower teeth hit the base of the upper teeth. When the grinding is bad, I’ll hook the lowers over the upper and make toothchips.

            2. My dentist tried to tell me that I grind my teeth at night and needed a night guard. I was absolutely confident in telling them they were full of it because: 1) I never really bite down because my teeth don’t meet that well. 2) If I do bite down the fit of my cpap mask changes and I get a major leak which would totally wake me up.

              I guess my point is that although I’m sure many people have legitimate teeth grinding issues, you can’t always trust revenue-seeking dentists. And it’s not like they are in your bedroom observing. I’m sure there are other causes of teeth wear (age and chewing come to mind). I do carry tension in my jaw, which is something I need to work on.

              1. Your teeth don’t have to meet at the front to have teeth grinding. I do. Not consistently. Not enough to cause teeth damage. I have a mandibular device because of mild sleep apnea. It also stops the teeth grinding. Kind of. Stupid thing needs to be fixed, again. Probably because it allows some movement which allows some teeth grinding. First night without it, I already feel like crap.

                The one I have is from an orthodontist which is where the sleep clinic sent me. Also where our son had braces treatment 3 times (different issues), including one that forced his jaw to move forward while he was growing. He’ll avoid my diagnosis later in life.

        2. That’s blackpill thinking.

          The Republic has always been a thing of special madness, carried in hearts.

          It does not truly die if you live, refusing to accept.

          Before criminals have prospered who ought to have hung. And some of them escaped hanging.

          We still may yet massacre the barbarians and hang the criminals.

          Sometimes we must spend our lives in service of refusing to accept, but we can not know the true and proper accounting before the end.

        3. Can’t help with the underlying problem, but when I had a teeth grinding problem (due to back pain) I retrained myself to click teeth instead of clenching my jaw. This was after paying $2000 for crowns.
          As far as the other, because of who you are, because of what you have done, many of us look to you for both information and wisdom. Tell the berserker to settle down until there is a target worth you life. We all know that there will be one eventually, probably soon. It would be a sin to waste your life on one not worthy of it.

        4. Yes– I’m having migraines and rapid heart beat. I was just told that my protein levels have dropped probably due to stress. I know it is the cost of holding onto the beserker.

          1. If you can’t have the Vitamin K in cream, you can have the kind in lettuce. (Assuming it doesn’t interfere with any bloodthinning meds you might take, and even then it might be a good plan if you are feeling this bad.) Vitamin K is calming. A lot of proteins are calming, too.

            1. I just crashed this morning. But I am already on a high protein diet due to dialysis. I’ll look for my Vit K. I am not on bloodthinning meds. TG not yet.

        1. Government is comprised of the sort of people who want to be in government. Of course it is corrupt.

          So’s damned near everything else except thee and me and I ain’t so sure about me.

    1. Well, on the plus side my formerly mostly-politically-oblivious sister has completely woke up, and thanks to the wonders of galloping fraud culminating in that fuck-you electoral count, says she feels “betrayed” — and she can’t be the only one from center-right who just got shoved from get-along-to-go-along to by-fucking-damn-patriot.

        1. LOL, yes. Even ran off and made a Parler account so she could follow Trump… she who had NEVER done social media anything.

          Tho I’m wondering why that Parler account is now marked private.

          1. No, I mean me, triggered at use of the word “woke”. 😀

            Can we agree to use “awakened” from now on?

            1. Ah, I see. Yes, “awakened” (…as from a deep slumber beneath the ocean… can you say ‘tsunami’??) would definitely be better.

            2. I do not like the left stealing perfectly good words and putting them in their mouths. What comes out is crap. WokeSpeak is NewSpeak. It is anti-language and anti-reality. And ultimately it will end very, very badly.

            3. I had the same startlement. I strongly suggest we use “red pill” (as in, “I red-pilled my Sister”) because in the 1999 movie The Matrix the red pill means “the Red Pill is a metaphorical term used to describe the epiphany of the unpleasant truth of reality” as opposed to the blue pill, which “is used to describe the act of choosing blissful ignorance over the harsh truth.”

              I’ve no idea whether the Wachowskis intended that as a parallel of red state / blue state, but it certainly helps remember which state we’re in, eh?

              1. I had to watch that movie like four times before I realized that the reflections in his sunglasses are impossible.