Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring

To quote Leonard Cohen, “Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering.”

Sure. Trump could be better. For one he could not have fallen for the Covidiocy and enabled the the hell that was 2020. Of course, we don’t know to what extent that was possible, because we didn’t get the same information.

On the other hand, his information was probably — okay, certainly — corrupted, judging by his hires and even his nominees for the SOCUS whom we were all assured were of the highest constitutional pedigree. And I’m sure he was too…

Be that as it may, the other side wishes to deliver us bound to our foes. They stole our election and corrupted our institutions by dint of Chinese fraud and Chinese bribes and Chinese use of kompromat.

The Chinese are the same as they ever were: the most racist people on Earth, viewing themselves really as the ONLY people, the Middle Kingdom at the center of the world, whose birthright it is to enslave the rest of the world.

The left, on the other hand, wants them to win, because they think China, the place that is doing Nazi Germany one better in genocide and crimes against minorities, and destruction of its own environment, is the vindication of their communist dream, and will make things perfect, besides giving these losers and terminal weirdos an opportunity for revenge over the rest of us. Revenge for what? Well, for not bowing down to our leftist “elites” and ULTIMATELY for daring have functional lives and be happy.

I don’t expect anything to happen in DC, other than one big final rally for people to take with them to the dark years ahead. Our system has been corrupt and traitors sit in every position of power.

For the retarded and you poor Europeans reading this: Yes, there was fraud. There was massive fraud. In fact, the Zombie and the Whore (such wonderful candidates your side gets!) had planned fraud so EXTENSIVE and everywhere (including TX, yes.) that they felt no need to CAMPAIGN. They could hide in the basement, because they had no need of any votes.

Only Trump surprised them, by getting more votes than expected, and they frauded in open view of everyone.

Proof? Well, there is extensive proof everywhere, including the fact that they got 90% Biden votes in when mysterious pipes broke that didn’t wet anything, and the observers were sent home. We have video in fact.

So, why isn’t this vindicated in court? Because the courts have refused every case, including the SOCUS refusing a case they’re constitutionally forced to take. Because apparently TX has to take the “pseudent” that other states frauded into being. No recourse. No “standing.”

And here we are. If there were no fraud, the left would have joined the right in demanding that courts take the case, so this thing called “discovery” would take place and the claims of fraud would be proven wrong. Instead, they’ve been sweeping the evidence under the rug, refusing to report it, and counting on people to believe in the bullshit snow job.

Some will. Too many.

I don’t think that’s the end. You see, I’ve seen the countries where communism succeeded in taking a hold. And even in Venezuela, they weren’t one tenth as spoiled as we are. No, seriously. Like every Latin American country they had a considerable underclass who lived in dire need, and for whom the communists were only a small step down, combined with a feeling of revenge on those who were formerly better off. (An illusory feeling. Those have long since run off.)

America is not like that. The only envious class are the college graduates in bullshit studies, and the races who were told the man is hiding the stash. And both of those live way better than … well, anyone else on Earth.

The thing is, see, once they’ve taken the government by corruption and they know they have, they know they don’t need to pretend anymore. So, you know, it will be like the day of judgement, when the secret of every heart will be laid bare. They’re going to drive full speed into communism. They have actually proposed the retarded bill for South African style land redistribution to “African Americans” which is a level of retarded that goes with A-men and A-Women. They apparently have no idea that black people are not a MAJORITY in America as they were in South Africa or mostly rural, as they were in South Africa (or of course that even there it was a florid disaster.) I have no idea why they think mostly urban black people in the US will want to have farms. Or where they’re going to find black people to take all the productive land of America. Or–

The only thing I know is that the answers to all of these will be a combination of illusion and mental deficiency. I fully expect them to do what was done in Mozambique and round up black medical school students and physics majors and force them to go farm. Because they’re following a playbook and f*ck real people.

And there will be a lot more idiocy. More idiocy than even you or I can anticipate. Even with all we’ve read. Because these people are next-level stupid and cult-level detached from reality. And because the only way communist/socialist societies survive is by despoiling and parasiting free societies. Only the US cannot — CANNOT — parasite other countries. There are none rich or big enough to keep us in the style we’d condescend to. The left thinks China will support them, but China can barely support itself and is enslaving vast swaths of Africa to keep its population at a “barely surviving” level.

Prepare, prepare, prepare! And if possible, get to where you’ll be safe, away from urban centers. And pray for me, please. I’m stuck here for another year. Getting our investment out of this place would be nice, and getting out of here with family, cats and computers intact is essential. Yes, we’ve scouted out a landing place. No. I’m not telling anyone where it will be, not even the state.

For two or three years we’re going to eat the bread the devil baked. All of us. There will be incidents, and minor rebellion events, but I don’t expect we can get this boot off our necks until they OBVIOUSLY fraud 2022 and have reduced the living conditions and safety of most people to things we never imagined in America.

But here’s the thing, Americans are spoiled. No, I’m serious. We’re spoiled to an almost supernatural level for humans. We don’t expect our government to not give a d*mn about things like clean water being available. We don’t expect our government to allow foreigners to destroy vast swaths of our land with strip mining (wait for it. I bet you.) We don’t expect to be taxed at insane levels, and the money sent abroad. We don’t expect to be treated like peasants.

We had a taste of it in 2020 and we’re ANGRY as heck, except for a few bleating sheep. Not angry enough to do anything drastic, but oh, angry. Very angry.

The fun part of this, friends, is that without the Covidiocy and the year from hell, the commies could have pulled off their coup, and kept their boot on our necks for ten, fifteen years, till we were broken, and so tired we couldn’t fight back.

But they’re starting out with us pissed, tired, and the feeling that the people at the top are acting like insane tyrants.

It won’t last long. But I do expect two or three years.

Which is why if I could I’d be in DC tomorrow. It will be dangerous at all, but it would be a feeling of not being alone to take into the very dark years ahead.

So, there is something we can do. We can ring the bells that still can ring. As the liberty bell was once heard, its sound reverberating through the centuries to us, we shall sound the horns of Jericho.

The objective is for people coast to coast, regardless of their location at Noon ET on Wednesday, to blow their car horn in support of President Trump and the rally taking place in Washington DC.    Let the sound of our patriotic message carry with the same intensity as the Horns of Jericho.

There’s a graphic you can copy and share at the link. I’m not putting the graphic in because FB is less likely to censor content buried in a blog post, in words.

BUT I beg you to do this. And I beg you to share the event as far and wide as you can, in all your blogs, in all the social media, everywhere large and small.

Let us sound the horns, loud and clear enough that they will reverberate through the dark years ahead and bring us to the other side of them in freedom, when the walls of totalitarianism will come tumbling down.

Let’s roll.

344 thoughts on “Ring The Bells That Still Can Ring

  1. Hate to tell you this, but the Biden/Harris inaugural committee is planning that all cooperating churches will ring their bells to celebrate the Marxist takeover during the ceremony of the potted plant and the Dying of the Light commie Harris.It is going to be dark for many years after they change the demographics forever by making most of the population dependant on Commie handouts.

    1. With services to be concluded with Awomans all around.

      And I’ll bet not a single lightning bolt.

      1. Seen this morning:

        “Anyone who follows amen with awomen is amoron.”
        — Chicks on the Right

      1. I’m not so optimistic about the quality of people. I’ve got family members who are most definitely NOT of the far-left persuasion. Couple days ago I heard them going on about “those damn Trump voters are so obsessed with their ‘rights and freedoms’ they’re going to get us all sick!”

        1. get us all sick

          Some of us are cursed with having a Memory Module where the Official Narrative Lookup Circuit is supposed to be.

          I remember when it was generally understood that everyone would get it eventually.

            1. You might have. Me, personally? I was killed by supersonic planes doing overflights of grandma’s house, complicated by the ice age because we weren’t sufficiently socialist.

              1. I can never keep straight if we were suppose to die because of an Ice Age, caused by man, because of: Nuclear Winter, Environmental Pollution, because goddess Gaia (spelling?) is pissed and she caused all her volcano’s, or maybe just the super volcano versions, to blow and spill ash into the sky, or/and gods of the Galaxy decided to toss a pebble into our tin can (dinosaur world killing asteroid). Just know that we were freezing to death (if one wasn’t bulls eye center of the devastating disaster).

                Don’t get me wrong. Environmental changes initiated over the last 60 years has, for the most part, been good for the vast majority, and has spawned additional industries. The wildfires this last summer has reminded me of summers/fall growing up in southern Willamette valley. I’m glad the field and slash burning are heavily curtailed. I’m glad Recycling is an option. I’m glad the Willamette, Columbia, and other tributaries, are now healthy enough to fish from and actually eat the fish with no health consequences. I’m glad wolf, cougar, and bear, can’t be hunted with dogs, in my state. I’m glad wolves are again roaming in more areas in the lower US. I’m glad strip mining is limited (at least locally). I see the Left throwing all of this away once they are in power.

                1. Every leftist-run country has been an environmental disaster, with penalties for investigation, and state media gaslighting the rest of the world about it. Every. Single. One.

                  Expect versions of the Gold King Mine disaster, or that giant raft of Chinese dead pigs in the river, because it benefited some member of the Amerikanski Nomenklatura and the MSM will always tell you not to believe your lying eyes.

                  1. Tangentially, I recall a “conversation” elsewhere that claimed that capitalism (in the sense that Marx meant it) was the cause of all environmental disasters. I replied that I didn’t know the Soviet Union (citing the Aral Sea) and East Germany (citing the billions [pick your currency] spent for cleanup of industrial waste post-reunification) were capitalist countries.

                    Oddly enough, they never again responded…

                    1. When Chernobyl is like the *3rd* worst environmental disaster a country causes…

                  2. I have come across one instance of communism being good for one species.

                    In central and eastern Europe, the practice of farmers making and stocking fish ponds continued into the 20th century. Now, a river otter than finds one of the ponds goes on a killing spree like a fox in a hen house. In Austria where the farmers owned the fish ponds, the farmers exterminated otters, with the species being practically extinct in Austria by the 1980s. In Hungary, however, only Communist Party officials were allowed to fish out of the fish ponds. Since the locals weren’t allowed to harvest the fish, they didn’t give a rat’s hindquarters if the otters destroyed the nomenklatura’s fun. As such, Hungary’s otters thrived and have now started recolonizing westward.

                    Though I suppose we can also credit communism with creating eastern Europe’s and eastern Asia’s biggest nature preserves, aka the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Apparently the birdwatching in the DMZ is spectacular.

                2. Think it was the population bomb that got me. Made worse by the ice age and nuclear winter. Could’ve been when Reagan got us into nuclear war with Russia, and the nuke plant downriver let go. Or it was the demonic cults that popped up in the 80s. The CME just made everything worse. We kept hoping for SMOD to save the day, but no such luck. GMOs and superfund sites probably were just icing on the cake. Superstorms brought on by climate change might have stirred the ashes a bit.

                  But the end of Blockbuster video was probably the last straw. *chuckle*

                    1. When I was very young, my mother’s obstetrician slapped me until I took a hit of oxygen, almost 21%, cut with 78.09% nitrogen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide, and small amounts of other gases. I’ve been hooked on the stuff ever since. I’ve tried weaker blends and thinner ones but I’ve never been able to give up that great shit — I get to jonesing something terrible and it’s just so great when I get back to my customary dose.

                3. Just a small selection of the disasters I’ve lived through since leaving high school.

                  1970 – Decaying pollution killed all the fish in the sea.
                  1970 – Killer bees ravage countryside.
                  1975 – Worldwide famine — billions died of starvation.
                  1980 – Acid rain kills all life in lakes
                  1992 – World ran out of oil.
                  2000 – Ice age
                  2000 – Last snowfall ever.
                  2006 – Super hurricanes.
                  2012 – Another famine because we didn’t give up eating fish, meat, and dairy.
                  2018 – Last of the arctic ice melted

                  1. My list is the same. Only “since HS graduation” doesn’t start until ’74.

                    But I’d just have to add one prior to HS graduation: ’69 – Start of the next ice age because Willamette Valley got 49 – 59″ of snow. On the banks of the Willamette River (so in the flats).

                    Note, further south, still valley, they got more snow. Grandparents car, smaller 4 door sedan, was buried. Not a lump of snow can tell it is a car, but 100% buried.

              2. Kate Paulk accidentally impaled me, while Grand Strategikon Kratman was simultaneously accidentally crucifying me. Fortunately, it was about that time that Brad Torgersen found the flamethrower and put me out my misery.

                Good times, good times…

              3. It was Net Neutrality what done me in. I expected it would be Nuclear Winter that got me, but it turns out wallabies are very chill.

        2. yeah. The propaganda created a mental health crisis.
          BUT note after they “do things their way” and take us to hell, and the obvious lack of covid piles of dead is obvious….
          People HATE having fallen for a con.

  2. Everything will seem tolerable until — deending on how deeply on the take the Dems are — it’s decided that protesters need to disappear. Then things will suddenly become very, very intolerable. I don’t see it going full-scale Venezuela because the police and military don’t have nearly the same level of corruption as your typical socialist breeding ground. Legal fig leafs will cover the disappearances and jailhouse suicides of political protesters. It’s already starting in New York.

    The goal is power and money for the political establishment. Make sure they get hurt trying to get it. They absolutely have to hurt. I have no problem with that.

  3. I don’t expect anything real to happen about the stolen election in the short term. There are too many people burying their heads in the sand, trying to pretend it didn’t happen. But I do want the overwhelming evidence of massive fraud to be as well known as possible, so that the Thief in Chief will always always always have an asterisk by his name.

    I’m still trying to figure out what to do personally, hampered by the fact that we moved at the end of March in full blown covidiocy, so we have almost no local connections. A lot of the things I planned to join are still not up and running, particularly since we’re above retirement age (though I’m still working full time remotely). I guess things will play out.

    1. I think the biggest barrier to fighting back against the commie takeover is that there are far too many people who have the mindset of “it can’t happen here” which will prevent them from taking action until they themselves are being loaded on to the cattle cars, by which time it will be too late.

    2. It’s scary to think that a significant portion of the population is either actively participating in the fraud, or okay with it.

      And they hold the positions of influence and the primary means of communication.

      1. Most are unsure of it – they are accepting the gaslighting.

        Always keep in mind that a majority of people are barely aware of the election, more interested in the Kim/Kanye break-up.

        1. Out of (morbid?) I started to watch ‘Gaslight’ and.. well, the husband is such a piece of work that I couldn’t stand more than a few minutes. Even if he gets the what-for he deserves in the end, I am NOT suffering through the whole damned film.

          1. Actually, I was referring to the break-up Res mentioned as ‘the what?’ Because while I think I have figured out what he was talking about, that’s how much such frivolous ‘news’ means to me. I’m not even going to bother to find out anything about it.

            1. That is what I understood your comment to be. I do my best to ignore such frivolous news but I scan the NY Post‘s excellent editorial page daily, and this is their front page:

              In fairness, I believed politics was downstream of culture well before Andrew Breitbart pointed it out – and Kardashian did work the White House on sentencing reform, and West ran (well, hobbled – but had a better campaign effort than Kamala Harris) for president, so they are not entirely outside the politics box.

    3. “There are too many people invested in burying their heads in the sand, trying to pretend it didn’t happen.”

      Fixed it for you. If they were just burying and pretending they might change with new evidence. This is more like what we’re seeing with Trump’s Russia policy and the Chinese Virology Lab origins of COVID19 – only once nothing can be done about the matter can they admit what was obvious from the start.

      We see similar effects with dead Republican presidents and “statesmen” when it becomes safe to praise them without risk of elevating their principles.

    4. There are too many people who don’t want to see the fraud because then they’d have to do something about it.

        1. Because, my darling, they still have our institutions.
          They’re going to force this one. They’re also, as CSP says going to regret it. Those who live, that is.
          BUT they’re going to take us down into their hell for a couple of years. And it will take a generation to recover, materially.

          1. Do remember that the left are almost entirely cowards.
            Look at the righteous indignation and outrage every time someone on the right fights back.
            And I watch with amusement those on the left who suddenly rushed out to obtain firearms.
            A gun is not a magic wand you wave at folks to force them to carry out your will.
            Try it and pull back a bloody stump, or lay down and die if your opponent deems you enough of a threat.
            Remember that everything they know they learned from movies, TV, and all those really good ideas that circulate inside their leftist bubbles amongst their fellow travelers.
            Yes, things will get ugly and dangerous, the level being very much dependent on your location and your level of preparation.

            1. The majority of the left’s experience of guns is based on what they see on TV and movies. Anyone can pick up a gun and immediately hit something 1,000 yards away with a 9mm handgun causing an instant fatality with 1 bullet.

              I think many of us suspect why the DC softball shooter wasn’t as successful as you would assume he would have been based on the event and we’re not saying anything because we don’t want those who have no idea to figure out what he did wrong and correct it.

    1. And of course the little yellow pills from Mother’s Little Helper

      I still wonder if the song used that description purely for scansion or attempt thereat, or if it was some particular yellow pill. Librium? Valium? Methaqualone?

  4. The Left power structure is going to regret this, if they have even a tiny smidgen of sense. If they had left it alone and accepted four more years of Trump, they would have come back to power in four to twelve years; no matter how good Trump and a successor might be, the electorate would have switched brands sooner or later, and very probably in not very long. This idiocy is going to leave them in a deep hole. Most countries taken over by this kind of corruption have a population of people accustomed to being treated like peasants. That won’t fly here. The Police and Military are nowhere near as corrupt as the Left needs them to be to control and armed and restive populace. And when the mess is over, the Left will be broken for a good long time.

    1. The ONLY THING these people had to do was ride it out. You know, the way we did with the Anointed One.

      But they couldn’t do that, so ammo prices are sky high.

    2. Think about the mindset of the typical lefty though. They don’t want to wait, they don’t want to allow things to be done well, they want them done NOW if not sooner.

      They’re the living embodiment of the golden goose girl from Willy Wonka, the “I want it now” girl…

    3. Feh – if the Left power structure had welcomed Trump, given him a figleaf for his wall and a few carefully vetted “conservative” justices they could have rolled him bigly on infrastructure and emptied the Treasury into construction union pockets, with generous political campaign contributions to the Left’s patsies. Paul Ryan would have got nothing (and the Left could probably Donald “repeal & replace” Obamacare with something eve closer to single payer.)

      With proper management Trump would have been the leftmost Republican president since Nixon – and they’d still have had a very good chance at grabbing the reins from Cruz or Rubio in 2024.

  5. Rumblings are that the lock downs are going to keep going. Had a thing for work where we might need to send people to an area that’s currently enforcing two week confinements for any incoming people, and brought up the vaccine roll-out,and whether that might change that dynamic.

    The response was they’ve been told you can still get it after vaccination, so we shouldn’t expect the lock downs to end.

    Fun times…

    1. OF COURSE the lock downs are going to be kept on. And the Pseudodent wants to wear masks everywhere, including at home and (alone) in our cars.
      You have no idea…..

      1. I have yet to see anything at all justifying masks for people with resistance, either gained via infection and recovery or gained via vaccination.

        Literally nothing.

        Just ‘wear a mask because we say so’.

        Why does Rand Paul or President Trump or the First Lady or anyone else who beat the communistchinesebug need to wear a mask? WTF?

          1. Wearing a mask to stop a virus is like using a chain link fence for mosquito netting

      2. True. This is just the first I’ve directly encountered it at the general populace level.

        I’ve been wondering for a while if they were going to go all in on the” Lockdowns Today, Lockdowns Tomorrow, Lockdowns forever!” angle, or do the magical vanishing Covid, now that they’re getting into power, like the Chinese did early in the year, but it looks like we’re going down the “papers please” path.

            1. I know the German asking for it. Just want the passive aggressive response that’s not obvious I’m pissing on the jackboot asking for id

          1. The closest I can get quickly from online translation is ‘Geheren fich du’ 😛

            (Go f*k yourself)

      3. I found it sad looking at all the people who think the lockdowns are magically going to end because there’s a new year on the calendar pages. 2021 is probably going to be bleak, much as I would like to think it won’t.

      4. There will always be a “new strain” that requires lockdowns and totalitarian control, regardless of how many people get vaccinated, no matter whether the new strains are any more lethal than the common cold, etc. They are NEVER voluntarily giving up the power they have already seized and they are looking for ways to acquire and keep even more power.

        Especially if the two Georgia Senate seats are stolen I simply think we are past the point where liberty can be restored through the elective process. Even if the Dems somehow don’t steal control of the Senate, between the power of the administrative state and the use of “sue and settle”, the Senate will be as meaningful as the Roman Senate under Caligula or Domitian or a whole host of other Roman Emperors.

        1. That SO sounds like it should the title of a They Might Be Giants song.

          Or maybe a Bob Hope knockoff, if you are aware of his sponsorship history.

    2. They love the power. They will not give it up voluntarily. If the covid virus were to magically disappear all over the world tomorrow, they would pick another virus to be the the focus. They will locks us down for colds. They will claim it’s a “health emergency” that somebody somewhere might get a virus, any virus, the kind that humanity as been getting for hundreds of thousands of year.

      Sometimes I think that life had gotten too safe, that a certain percentage of the population *wants* there to be an emergency. It provides drama and interest to their lives. So the politicians who want the power and the population who want the drama are feeding off of each other.

      1. It’s going to be the “climate crisis,” because lockdowns mean less CO2 and will save the planet! But it will take decades to reverse the damage caused by Evil Corporate Powers and their Republican running dogs. (This IS sarcasm).

          1. Read it to spouse and his comment was to ask why it reminded him so much of Rahm Emmanuel.

    3. And now one of the counties, in one of the states, with the strictest lockdowns, is finding out (OK, not really, that would require them to be self-aware enough to look at themselves as a possible problem) why classifying anyone who remotely tests positive as a “COVID case.”

      “Los Angeles County ambulance crews told to ration oxygen amid surge in COVID-19 cases: report”

      AND some of them will point to this as a reason to go to “universal healthcare,” because, you know, the government would do SO much better at handling this…

      1. The LA County hospital system is designed to be short of ED treatment bays – that county is the only place in California that has hospitals routinely on ED Diversion, under which EMS is directed elsewhere.

        Per reports things are bad now in SoCal. They are somewhat bad in NorCal. My question is, what have hospitals and regional health care authorities been doing for the past 9 months to get ready for the universally predicted “second wave”? In Santa Clara County, the number of ICU beds is actually lower over the past month than it was from April through June when we first locked down. Where did those ICU beds and the ICU staff go?

        Where are the emergency authorizations for in-training nurses to staff the low-level jobs so the highly trained nurses can staff ICUs?

        Where are the increases in surge beds and staffing based on the lessons learned from the Q2-2020 first wave?

        If it’s that bad in LA, why have they not deployed the USN Hospital Ship to Long Beach again?

        What resources have been allocated to increasing ICU staffing over the past three-quarters of a year statewide? What med-tech training programs have been accelerated to get more trained-enough-to-help staff?

        Yeah, I thought so.

        1. Our county’s ICU availability went from 19% to 7% over a matter of two days. But there are no stats available as to how much of that is transfers from heavily impacted counties.

          Not that it matters, because as expected the goalposts have shifted to “projected availability” over four weeks, not actual availability over three weeks.

          1. The trick I keep seeing is that they report projected availability– so it’s what they have, minus the seasonally adjusted level (that is, take away the expected flu load– on a year with no flu!), and then report that.

            So you can actually have “available beds” go down at the same time that number of people go down, because the expected load for that week goes up.

            1. Here’s the chart I’m talking about:

              Note that Santa Clara County’s hospitals total (top of the grey bar) ICU capacity never dropped as far as the “standard max ICU capacity” red line since the period from June, when the ICU-with-C19 number was in the 20s, all the way through the first wave until late in Nov 2020.

              But when the orange-bar count of ICU patients who happen to have C19 positive test results started to climb, the top of those grey bars representing available staffed ICU beds started to drop.

              Odd coincidence, that.

              Also note the top of the “possible surge bed” grey count did not rise at all in 9 months, in fact trending down.

              If this is not what gross mismanagement given everyone was predicting a second wave in the fall looks like, I don’t know what does. Unless the people who would normally be in ICU during seasonal influenza are mostly the ones in ICU now – except some fraction of them test positive.

                1. And the primary determinant of what color-code level restriction a county is under is (drum roll) the % of ICU beds currently available.

                  The State continues to record an unprecedented surge in the level of community spread of COVID-19. The Regional Stay Home Order, announced December 3, 2020, and a supplemental order, signed December 6, 2020, will go into effect at 11:59 PM the next day in regions with less than 15% intensive care unit (ICU) availability.
                  (from https://covid19.ca.gov/stay-home-except-for-essential-needs/#icu-capacity )

                  If Santa Clara County had that June 2020 max of 400 ICU beds staffed, today’s numbers would yield over 25% ICU beds available.

          2. ICU occupancy is largely determined by whether someone can be billed for it. Or they might plan to write it off as charity or a loss.

            I’ve personally seen patients who had no reason to be in ICU kept there, until replaced by someone who actually needed the “higher level of care”.

            And again from personal experience, just because they’re billing someone for ICU, doesn’t actually mean they were there.

            Many people never even see their hospital bills; they just get a statement from their insurance company eventually.

            1. We see our hospital bills … We believe in comparing what was billed VS what the insurance actually paid or the hospital was forced to write off. Ditto for the doctor’s bill. Then we understand numbers. We’ve even questioned billings. Who knew they required two certified surgeons to replace hips, for the same price. Most the second backup surgeon’s fee was discounted by the insurance, but it was on the charges list. It isn’t that the charge wasn’t warranted. We do not like surprises. Doesn’t matter that we only paid X and no more than X, X was met with or without this charge. Not the point. I think that surprised the people in charge of billing.

              In 42 years we’ve been in the hospital five times. 1) Miscarriage. 2) Son’s birth. 3) Son’s eye surgery when the hard ball cracked the lower orbital bone (got lucky there). 4) Two hip replacements 4 years apart.

              1. ER in El Paso waited until the insurance paid…and then sent the claim for the doctors, which “just happened” to be the amount they’d agreed to not charge for the ER visit. To the dollar. (Doctor being separate from ER.)

                When I called up to point this out they discovered a policy of not charging the doctor’s fee.

                Biggest advantage of insurance is that the crooks don’t want to mess with them. -.-

                1. I don’t remember the extra charges now (it was 41 years ago). Got up to start dinner one Sunday. Got hit with a headache that felt like someone hit me with a two by four, and collapsed; did not pass out, would have preferred to. Hubby rushed me to the ER. Was not admitted. Given a shot (which did put me out, oops, it wasn’t suppose to be that strong, but with my reaction to the “good stuff” …). No known cause. Anyway we got the insurance summary, then the physician bill from the ER. I called the insurance playing the “I don’t understand … is this legit?” card. Got told to send a copy of the bill and insurance summary, to the insurance. We got another “bill” … funny, bottom line net owed, $0.00. I let the insurance handle it. Worse, I let the Union Insurance handle it. I’m a bad person.

  6. This is when not having “elsewhere” to go to really shows up, especially in what the other side expects the reaction limits to be. This level of fundamental political disagreement in the past would have led to a wave of outmigration.

    Since Elon has not yet got his Mars colony up and running, and those Luna colony tunnels remain undug, there’s no elsewhere to go to at the moment.

    And the other side’s expectations and planning are all calibrated by that historical reality of a pressure relief valve being available.

    I think that is the main reason why it’s to going to go like they think it will.

      1. Note, my disagreement with Ia Bruene is on SPEED. I’ve seen these things in real time. They’re always much slower than you expect.
        I think the pseudodent gets fauxinaugurated.
        BUT I also think civil disobedience starts day one, and their insanity on minute one.
        I just thing real overthrow will take 2 years. It needs people with money/power to realize they were rooked and have nothing to lose.

        1. My timing bet is based on how long Zucker and that homeless troll who runs TehTwits and whoever is up top at TehGoogIsEeevil this year to notice that neither China Joe* nor the roundheels Indian chick who is pretending to be black will stay bought nor any congresscritters or permanent bureaucrats will stay bought.

          I expect massive Federal regulatory action against the techlord companies this spring pitched as an attempt to “reach across the aisle” on “common-sense reforms” to co-opt the RINOs, which the techlords will assume they can soften and deflect. When they don’t and can’t is when I expect the light bulb to go on for them.

          My fear is the ChiComs will make the same mistake, thinking those they bought will stay bought, and kick off an invasion of Taiwan which the Harris Administration will be forced to counter, and we’ll be in a hot war.

            1. If nothing else, a war between the ChiComs and the TechLords would certainly be entertaining.

              1. Yes, still reported missing as of today. NTD mentioned something about him having been removed from some of the company literature after falling afoul of CCP’s idea of stock market, or something off in that direction (I wasn’t really paying attention). I expect he’s been arrested and unpersoned.

                    1. Maybe, maybe not. There have been others in China who suddenly disappeared without a trace after having known disputes with the government in Beijing, only to appear alive and well a few months later. Actress Bingbing Fan made the news even here in the US when it happened to her over a tax dispute.

                      My personal guess is that if the founder of Ali Baba isn’t released, then there will be an announcement about corruption charges against him. Xi Jingping has used that against powerful individuals in the past, and it’s not exactly uncommon on many who have done well in business in that country.

                    2. Perhaps he’s holding out on the passwords. Noticed this in the (paywall protected) Wall Street Journal today:

                      China Tries to Get Jack Ma’s Ant Group to Share Consumer Data
                      Beijing is trying to get Jack Ma to do something the beleaguered billionaire has long resisted: share the troves of consumer-credit data collected by his financial-technology behemoth.

                      From that same source, this totally unrelated story:

                      Hong Kong Police Arrest Dozens of Opposition Politicians
                      The arrests, part of an investigation into alleged subversion under a national security law, targeted much of the opposition camp’s leadership in the biggest sweep since the legislation was imposed by China six months ago.

              2. Google helped China create its social credit surveillance system. The other tech companies will gladly do whatever the CCP wants in order to have access to “the China market”. They are purely tools of the CCP, which is fine with the Democrats as they themselves aspire to become the CCP for the USA.

          1. Except if you look at what the Democrats consider “tech reform” it actually entrenches the existing monopolies and outright calls for them to censor broad swaths of speech and activity that is considered politically incorrect by the left. What Democrats want is Scotland style “hate speech” mandates that effectively ban saying anything that government does not like, EVEN IN ONE’S OWN HOME (yes, Scotland’s hate speech law does this).

            I think this will happen a lot faster than people expect because the left has been preparing the battlefield to achieve this for decades, and know full well who they want to “vanish”.

            1. Cardshark, you’re crediting them with competency they don’t have.
              Yes, they’ve been preparing for decades, but they’re fourth generation retards, whose sole competency is mouth the received verities.

              1. Except the tech oligarchs who share the same ideology, i.e. the Jack Dorseys and Mark Zuckerbergs, are NOT incompetent, and they are the ones who will be charged with carrying out a lot of the agenda. It is just as dangerous to underestimate the enemy as to overestimate them.

                1. Actually, don’t give them undue credit. Both ended up in possession of something created by brighter people by more or less accident.
                  They ain’t that bright.
                  I’m not underestimating them. They’re going to make us hurt. But they are not their grandaddies in ideology.
                  The chances of this sticking aren’t zero, but they’re WAY less than of any other outcome. And would take some amazing miracles on the way there.

                2. mistaking them for their counterparts in the thirties and forties ONLY causes us to despair and give up.
                  THESE are completely defeatable.*
                  *Not edible, though. You have no idea what strange substances are in there.

    1. Yep. They expect there to be a US to both keep us from starving and to provide a place to run to.
      THEY’RE REALLY STUPID. They are a cargo cult, with no logic.

      1. Some of them are the equivalent of a cargo cult. But I think the Davosians would like to be like the rich all-powerful heads of cities in your books. Eery similarity there. Except some of them are the rich all-powerful heads of corporations which we’ve seen in other SF novels.

        I would rather not be living in a dystopian SF novel. But it looks like I don’t have much of a choice right now. Usains unite!

          1. Empirically the Davos types don’t have any idea how anything works – and they don’t have to, as they have people for that.

            I think aping of the very, very wealthy, just with no money, is a major locus of the crazy years craziness, such that “defund the police” and “call 911” coexist in the same brain, as do “tear it all down” and “order groceries from Amazon”.

            If you have Bezos-level money you hire your own armed private security, your food just suddenly appears out of household budget allocations that you never see, and your environment is mansion-to-limo-to-private-jet-to-Davos.

            If you don’t have that kind of money, but ape those who do, and what you ape is what the wealthy tech or Hollywood types say instead of what they actually do, I think you get much of the nutball that is currently on display.

        1. They are like people who believe in reincarnation who were always artisros, never the laundress; courtesans and duchesses and not the street where. Or who play act in costume role playing where there are more earls and admirals than garbagemen.

      2. “Yep. They expect there to be a US to both keep us from starving and to provide a place to run to.”

        When I was a kid there was a really dumb left-wing cartoon called Captain Planet and the Planeteers where evil cackling villains pollute the Earth for the sole purpose of…polluting the Earth. I remember one episode had the villains laughing about how they were going to destroy the Earth and one immediately stops laughing and asks “Don’t we LIVE on the Earth?” The other just basically says “Who cares Bwahaha!” Even as a small child I thought that was idiotic. Now I’m watching leftists cackle about how they’re going to totally destroy this evil country and when I ask them “Don’t you LIVE in this country?” I’m watching basically the same ridiculous response I saw on Captain Planet as a kid.

        1. I recall that… excuse for a cartoon. It made the Onceler of ‘The Lorax’ seem at least somewhat sane – Onceler was productive, if poorly so and the rest was side-effect and neglect. I know, tale for very young kids (and those with similar minds..) but “Hey, let’s not run out of our feedstock.” and “Say, don’t I breathe the air and drink the water here?” Not to mention that quite often ‘waste’… is unrealized feedstock for some other thing.

                1. Ah.
                  . a Canada – France co-production. That explains it, a bit . . .

                  Still, I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

        2. Eh. Even when I was a kid I took the villains as exaggerated emboidments of trends that the writers didn’t like, sort of like the cartoonishly evil villains in Atlas Shrugged. I don’t think we were supposed to see them as real people.

          But ironically, it’s the Atlas Shrugged-type villains I’m seeing in real life.

          1. “Atlas-shrugged villains in real life”
            THIS. It’s been scary and enlightening.

          2. In a later essay Rand made the point that every last evil law and regulation that she used in “Atlas Shrugged” was already on the books when she wrote it.

        3. I admit to a soft spot for these kind of Man vs Nature fantastic/sci fi stories, particularly when neither side is entirely in the right and neither is wrong, and human thriving isn’t seen as a complete negative and the natural world has it’s scary and savage side without the safeguards of civilization. Like the guy said, the Oncler had some good points. The Japanese have come out with some nuanced productions.

          1. The Lorax was also a demonstration of the tragedy of the commons, and ends with the hope spot of someone having *ownership* of the seed.

            Unfortunately, we have entire generations so removed from the realities of life that they don’t realize that nature is red and tooth and claw. They envision Disney cartoon scenes, to the extent they think about it at all.

        4. And the American kid was the idiot.

          I saw part of one episode, and it involved the American kid telling the Russian kid that they could park their vehicle in the park. That was why it was called a “park”, after all.

        5. No, the Left just thinks they’ll be immune from the consequences. It’s just those horrible Deplorable and Non-Essential people who’ll be hurt by their actions (and moreover they WANT us to be hurt).

          And our Left will end up like Ernst Roehm’s SA troopers during the Night of the Long Knives, or those formerly “good Communists” rotting in Stalin’s gulags or waiting in a Lubyanka cell for their nine grams of Socialist Justice, or even Robespierre being dragged to the guillotine, wondering why this is happening to them because they’re on the right side of history and all that.

          Welcome to Joe and Ho’s Amerika: Snitches get stiches. Bitches get ditches.

  7. Slightly off-topic but looking for some advice.

    I’ve been actively avoiding the news for months now. The national, political stuff at any rate. I just assume it’s all lies, “breaking news” that’s apparently damning to Trump, followed by endless circle-jerk speculation by talking heads, inevitably it turns out to be debunked a day or two later, ala the leaked phone call snippet and Trump’s “treason and sedition and voter fraud.”

    Trouble is, I’ve got family who buy into all of it hook line and sinker and worship at the altar of CNN and Maddow. I point out the truth of what was done with the Covengton kids and they still go on about how they bullied that poor old Native American. They repeat the Russian prostitue bribe hoax like it’s gospel but when I bring up Hunter Biden’s laptop they start going on about all the ways that can be faked and tell me not to fall for conspiracy theories “did you hear that on Q-Anon?” they say with a laugh.

    I haven’t talked to any of them about politics in more than a month. But should I give it another go? Start watching the breaking news and propaganda so I can confront them with the lies in real time?

    I’m fortunate enough to still have a job, I don’t want to waste what little time I have playing fact checker.

    1. I’ve been struggling with this myself. I think it’s important to not leave people thinking that everyone agrees with them, because many people adopt what they perceive as the “social consensus”. But so many people are not really susceptible to any sort of arguments, *particularly* so-called “fact based” arguments. Everybody picks their own facts these days. I personally prefer logic based arguments, or arguments based on human nature.

      So if you think about it as a matter of rhetoric, which it is… I think just dropping flat statements into conversation, but not giving or participating in actual back-and-forth. Attack the sources of their belief, which is that “everybody” knows the things they believe. Maybe say things like “everybody knows that elections in Philadelphia have been corrupt for decades”. Tries to think of a list of other things that can be tossed in in passing, that don’t present overt chances for argument, but that undermine their certainty…

      1. My mother told me: “But all the people on TV are saying the same thing in the same way!”

        And she thinks that’s evidence it’s true.

          1. At this point, I don’t know.

            She calls a lot of these news talking heads by their first names, like they’re trusted friends.

            I exploded at her once: “Those people HATE you!”

            Blank look.

            “They WANT these riots!”

            “But…it’s Bunker Boy’s fault…when Biden’s in office, everything will be normal again…Rachel and Andrew said so…”

            1. I bought my parents a subscription to the weekly version of the Epoch Times. It is good, and I get free access to the e-version (my parents don’t have the Internet, so I use the daily app part of the subscription). Plus they like the puzzles.

              My parents were already smart about what was going on, but they like more truth and detail than they can get from lamestream news.

          2. Then there’s my sister, who acts like she’s been liberated from The Handmaid’s High Castle or whatever the series is.

            1. Man in the High Castle … man, does that series perfectly typify the “stronk female that everyone loves for no reason” writing. I did watch the whole thing, but for Rufus Sewell and Joel de la Fuentes (John Smith and Inspector Kido, respectively) Oh, and I love the fact that a guy with a Jewish first name and a Spanish last name is Japanese enough to play a Kempetai agent. That’s an “only in America” thing.

        1. Oh lordy.

          I have a degree in broadcast studies, and you could be completely honest and completely deceptive at the same time. For example: a class where we had to do 2-5 minute pieces on various topics. My group decided to do one bit on the theatre ghost, and went to interview actors for memories of the theatre ghost.

          Actors. RIGHT after the bi-weekly improv group practice.

          I honestly have no idea which of those stories actually happened and which were made up on the spot.

          And that’s a topic that doesn’t matter in any real way. Nobody cared except the professor, and he wasn’t looking for the “truth”, just how well we put a segment together. But there’s no oversight in the real world, just slander and libel laws, if the instances ever make it to court.

          1. And slander and libel laws mean less and less these days. The fact that the news media lied about you to the public means that you’re a public figure, and therefore a much higher standard is required in order to prove libel and slander against you by the news media.

        2. That’s the way that Pravda, Tass and all the other Communist propaganda outfits masquerading as “news” did it, so why should the American versions be any different.

          1. Yep. “Pravda, Tass and Izvestia all said exactly the same thing in the same way. Does that mean it was the truth?”

            Unfortunately, even if the Leftroid recognized the reference, they’d probably say, “Must have been.”

        3. If they’re all saying the same thig, isn’t that evidence of collusion? Usually eye-witnesses differ as to just what occurred.

    2. I need to get my husband to give me the link to the self-updating charts he made of actual COVID deaths, compared to say motor accidents or flu in a normal year.
      ALSO yes, you should. Go read Monsterhunternation and start there, but even Page one did a thing on election fraud.

    3. Treat the national political news like the weather reports: you cannot do much about the weather other than batten down and ride out the bad spells. It affects you but you can’t do much about it.

      Alternatively, treat national politics like a sport you don’t particularly follow even though you’ve friends and family who do. Maintain sufficient awareness to nod and make polite noises without investing yourself i their mania.

      1. Recently someone on Twitter did a ‘challenge’: Without politics, start a fight.

        “Designated Hitter Rule”

        (And I do NOT follow baseball, nor any sport, really.)

        1. Longbows vs. crossbows. Ginger vs. Mary Ann. Pineapple pizza: good food or Kill It With Fire? Cats vs. Dogs. AR-15 vs AK. Anything involving battleships, pro or con. Maple syrup on french toast- no, seriously, there are heathens that argue for it. Somewhere. Is a hotdog a sandwich?

          I don’t follow Twatter, so I cannot join in. Those who do are free to steal any and all, though. *chuckle*

          1. I was unaware of ANY argument regarding “French toast” – and I’ll not say where I’d appear on that one.

            I did NOT mention vi vs. EMACS (Since here I am a heathen and have no love for either).

          2. Longbow (if practiced) Mary Ann (R.I.P.) Fire! (it irritates my mouth anyhow) Yes (though I have only felines atm) AK variant in .308 please (I see Kalashnikov now makes one) BB’s are mobile arty now and only useful in a few places or they are just non-mobile reefs soon enough (carriers are in danger of this too) and the DuRoy/Gagnon portion of my background says Maple Syrup is made for French Toast (with lots of butter . . . Granted the Gagnons be part French-Canukistani so YMMV) and only if the bun is two piece (otherwise it is a post cooking assembled Texas style Kolache).

            1. Depends on how you set it up– you can make the omelet part basically syrup tamagoyaki, and then liberally butter the resulting french toast, but it’s harder to get the inside cooked without burning the egg.

                1. Gak. French toast with cinnamon is revolting.

                  I don’t know why. I like French toast, with maple syrup. (Hey, Michigan is right next door to Canada) I like cinnamon. Somehow the combination synthesizes itself into a stomach-turning slab of corruption. Keep it far away from me! 😛

                  1. NO maple syrup in Portugal. Though I brought grandma a maple seed, and the woman who could make anything grow had a sappling in her backyard when she died.
                    Yes, that’s me. Mistress of invasive species.

                  2. My mother (from New Hampshire) made the French toast with the cinnamon in the toast, and then we put maple syrup on it.

                  3. As a kid we some times were served it with confectioners sugar (powdered sugar) which may or may not have had ground cinnamon blended in. Give my carb-limited diet I don’t eat it with anything these days, mainly because I live with two vegetarians and thus eschew bacon or sausage (link vs patty?) on the side rather than endure the wrinkled noses and eye-rolls-of-tolerance that accompany it.

                    I think maple syrup (pure, no corn syrup dilution allowed) with “Canadian bacon” or a good Country (salt) ham accompaniment would be workable.

                    On the matter of Country ham, there are those who think it is salt-flavored ham; they are wrong. The very best country ham is ham-flavored salt.

                    1. Aye, maple syrup must be MAPLE SYRUP. No contaminants. NO substitutes. “Maple flavored” is all there is? I’ll have something else. Or just go without. It’s come to the point where if I know I am going to need it, I’ll bring my own.

            2. Usually it’s honey from the local bees. Marvelous stuff, actually helps keep the allergies tamed a bit. I’ve tried it with blackberry jam, and once with brown sugar, but I prefer the honey.

              Now if you mentioned french toast with maple syrup in certain places (AoS), be prepared for battle! Those guys have… opinions. *chuckle*

        2. But if the personal is the political, then there is no such thing as “without politics.”

          Anyway, my tongue-in-cheek theory as to why there are “holy wars” over AR-15 vs AK, semiauto pistols vs revolvers, 9mm vs .45 vs .40, etc. is so that the various firearms will be holy and thus effective against vampires.

          1. Blessed be thy name, John Moses Browning
            then again I’d not want to face Jerry Miculek even if he had a 5 shot revolver and loaders.
            Though when S&W came out with their 1911 he did a mag dump that was around 900 rpm, and I think the action was the speed limiter.

  8. Hmm, the heck with the horn on the truck. Might have to make some louder noise. Just another reason to live in rural texas.

  9. Make friends with your neighbors, work together to be prepared. Can’t do this solo.
    Glad I don’t live in the lefty town I used to be in otherwise last year would have been miserable. My life other than Chinese face diaper to go shopping has been unaffected.
    Hope to God it won’t be as bad as you and others predict. Although I’m young(er) I remember the Y2K prep, talk during the Obama years etc but man last year the slope slipped hard.

    1. We do. We’ve gotten through without neighbors.
      We will not need the neighbors, and it might not be safe where we are. (We have a couple, but no one here is close friends. It’s a a introvert haven.)
      PRAY we get time to move away in December. That’s all.

      1. Then it sounds like you need to get out. Thoughts and prayers are with you. My sister and her family are in a similar bind wanting to get out of a big city but finding a job is hard in his field.
        Problem maybe if it goes as bad as some predict is that you’ll need your neighbors when the jack booted thugs come for you.

        1. They won’t. SERIOUSLY. You’re not thinking from experience. THEY WON’T.
          I mean, they would EVENTUALLY in five or ten years. Maybe.
          Do you want me to publish the order the go after?
          FIRST it’s the deviationists on their side.
          Then it’s anyone they think they can rob.

          1. The wolves don’t start fighting until after the stag is brought low.
            If they’re smart, they’ll hold together for a while longer.

            Of course, they’re more cunning than they are smart.
            And most of them are in information silos of their own making, quaffing their own triumphant propaganda.

            (Shrug) It’s likely to happen as you say, but it would be foolish for us to count on it.

            1. No. These people have a frozen worldview. Millionaires and billionaires are “right wing”. They go after them first. When they start on our side? Fox news personaliries and the churches.
              People like me aren’t even on the radar. Not for a long while.

              1. We’re even further down the list from you.

                So, yes. Those with money are the ones who are going to get hit. Heck they are already going after to Pelosi.

                1. I doubt that one. That had all the elements of “staged.”
                  BUT yeah, they will go after “the rich and old” first.
                  BEST part? Zuckerberg and Dorsey and Gates HAVE NO CLUE.

                  1. But Soros has experience as a Nazi collaborator, and his money is the money buying the state prosecutors and state legislators that are making life miserable for so many on a daily basis. If you think Denver is bad, it has nothing on the Taxi Driver/Death Wish sewer that New York City has rapidly become.

                    1. And yet, with all his money, he bought the wet petard that was Russia, Russia, Russia, and all their other fiascos.
                      Remember he’s European and a man of another era besides.

                    2. That Russia, Russia, Russia wet petard prevented Trump from doing a lot more than he actually was able to do, and kept the left riled up enough to help facilitate the fraud that the Democrats achieved this year. And again, the state level impact cannot be underestimated. All those Democrats fleeing the cities because they become unlivable move to red states and vote for the same Democrats and policies they fled from.

                      I just don’t see at this point how this does not end with A LOT of bloodshed and dead people, because the left has made it clear they intend to go all-in on fundamental transformation and are openly calling for purging political opponents, and it is the Democratic Party officials and media who are part of the crowd calling for “getting rid of” anyone who supported Trump. They have pretty much signaled their intention to put people in camps and to fill mass graves.

                    3. Russia, Russia, Russia, was also about all they had on Trump. You go to war with the propaganda you have.

                      Trump 2024 is what will ensure the Dems keep pursuing him, with the NY Attorney-General and Manhattan DA poring over his business dealings looking for muck they can drag him through. It doesn’t even matter if he’s been scrupulously within the rules as they don’t need to convict him, just blacken his name.

                      I suspect they’ll be amazed how well it doesn’t work, doing more to infuriate his supporters and those appalled at the raw abuse of power.

                    4. Soros is getting pretty old. He probably doesn’t have much time left. Bathing in the blood of innocents can only sustain him for so much longer…

              2. I used to be against “tax the rich”, in a libertarian position. Now that I see what a lot of the rich are doing with their money — such as Zuckerberg buying himself a bunch of election fraud — my position is changing. I’m amazed the Democrats still go with the “tax the rich” trope – almost all the rich are on their side of the aisle. But they don’t even try to be consistent; it’s not a value for them, just like not lying.

                1. “Now I will tell you the answer to my question. It is this. The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power, pure power.” — 1984

                  Consistency, logic, honesty — these are all attributes of the weak, you see.

                2. For their rich, it’s less damaging than it is for the folks on the low end of the “rich,” most of whom reach that level from a small business rather than salary or stocks or just have a good year with bonuses or sales. Bezo’s proceeds from covidiocy will probably more than cover all his federal taxes.

                  And for the politicos, if they have high rates to hold over the rich, they can better get bribes…err.. campaign contributions to make sure that there are good loopholes.

                  And the true believers can keep frothing at mouth and be targeted at the enemies of the real ruling class

                  1. I don’t have a single hope for the worst of ’em. Punch in the nose would be mighty satisfying, though.

                    The ones we can save, though? Them I’d spare time for. The percentage of the worst is small. The deliberate ones that glory in the violence and the power trip, the criminals as yet uncaught and the treasonous just out to feather their own nests. Them’s the ones that needs to go. To jail, specifically. Need proper honest courts for that. Policemen that honor their oaths. And legal staff, prosecutors that know the law and have the stones to actually ram it through. With a pike, where necessary.

                  2. I’m for going all Trustbuster on their TechLord asses – if it was good enough for Standard Oil and AT&T, then it’s good enough for Zuckerbook and TehTwits and TehGoogIsEeevil.

                3. They don’t expect the taxes will apply to their holdings. If anything, they’re expecting a subsidy.

                  Bezos and Amazon are in like a tick in a belly button now. The CIA is just *one* of the Federal agencies that has committed to moving all their data to Amazon cloud servers. And when “subsidized healthcare” comes back around, both Amazon and Google are ready, having bought a number of healthcare management companies already.

                  The first wave is capitalism, when people build industries.

                  The second wave is socialism, when those industries are taken over by the State.

                  And third wave is when the State gifts those industries to those it wishes to reward, under the name of “privatization.”

                  1. California has been third wave for a long time. Maybe not directly but money is awarded as the state pleases, which amounts to the same thing as in some industries you can’t survive without it.

                    Perhaps the tipping-point marker is privatizing prisons (CA is about half, last I heard).

          1. Bill Gates and co think they are safe in their armed enclaves … I think they are in for a rude awakening.

          2. I hope that Gates et al. have a getaway with a departing present ready. Not because I love Bill, but because I don’t want the progs to have access to his resources.

            1. Billzebub is one of them. One of the worst. Check out some of the things the ‘Gates Foundation’ has done. I think separating Gates from his money would make the world a better place.

              At least the ‘Clinton Foundation’ is only a money-laundering front for their own personal gain.

          3. And those who expect to be rolling in cash after co-opting the wealth of Gates, the Z’s, et al. will be very surprised when they discover how little of that wealth is liquid assets.

            1. “how little of that wealth is liquid assets.”

              Then how little worth it will have after they’ve pulled their shenanigans. There is a reason why some old home renovators find old printed stock market stocks used for insulation in walls. After the ’29 crash, that is all it was good for. Made lousy kenneling or firewood replacement, and it was to heavy to use in the outhouse.

          4. Bill Gates will get what he has been giving out for years. He’s one of those buy,steal, or put political pressure on his rivals. I saw him start this in the 90s. So if he gets it back I don’t feel bad at all. Yes, I’m not into mercy today.

        1. Yeah. We need things to line up so we can get out by next December. Which means we need our little suburb stable till December.
          Mind you, friend says if our suburb goes up, the state is on fire. This used to be more reassuring than it is….

          1. I’m hoping and praying for sufficient time to get through having a baby and through the newborn bit before we have to make a stay/move/run now! call. I had another at the same hospital with my ob practice, and it went really well. I already know home birth type birth would take special mercy from God to get me through. Generally, I don’t know if we need to run or not. We may be rural enough to be alright. Or we might be too close to the metropolis. Or the county government might be too liberal. How do you know?

    1. Love it! Pepe on the shield, Mandalorian helmet, flag cloak… Not sure I get the boxing glove, but I like it anyway.

  10. I reassure myself that anyone voting for Biden because they wanted our national nightmare over and to go back to “normal” will be vastly disappointed.

    Biden “won” and got up front and made grunting “unity” noises and all the happy leftist foot soldiers said what?

    Pelosi looks a bit like an ambulatory skeleton and remains speaker of the house and all the commie children said what?

    I think that the geriatric squad will taxidermy Biden before Harris is allowed to rule and the feminists will say what?

    Iran senses weakness and all the Soleimani fanbois will say what?

    1. Pelosi 216 McCarthy 209 means 4 more votes would have put the speakership in Republican hands – though also note that the five Dems who were allowed to not vote for HerDrunkIceCreamNess were show votes to help their next reelection runs in 2022 in tough districts, so the real wins-required number is 9.

      So flip 9 and the #3 in the succession is an R.

      Do not think the vote-stealing scum have not already done this math.

      1. Of course they have.
        But there was only so much fraud they could salvage in the face of a landslide.

        They will make certain that their fraud (now normalized and officially condoned!) isn’t so overwhelmed again.

        1. That and they will use control of the DOJ to force redistricting that eliminates Republican seats and helps entrench a Democratic Party majority, particularly in states where the legislature is Republican but Dems control the Governor’s office (Michigan and North Carolina in particular come to mine). Do not underestimate the power of “sue and settle” to usurp state constitutional perogatives (sue and settle is how Georgia’s absurd ground rules for the election were imposed, and that was with a nominally REPUBLICAN governor).

          I am highly doubtful there will ever be a truly free and fair election ever again in the USA for decades to come.

          1. Not just redistricting; the Democrats will entrench all the foul tools at the state level that helped them fraud themselves to national victory in November: Mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and all the rest. Basically it’ll be California or Chicago politics writ large, bolstered by corrupt media and corrupt tech lords. And nobody who isn’t a leftist Democrat will ever win a statewide or national election ever again. Or at least until the wheels come off the nation, which won’t take this bunch long.

      2. The commie children aren’t concerned about Republicans winning. They’re concerned that they voted for Biden on the belief that the most important thing was to get rid of Trump. Now they’re posting to social media in horror that Pelosi didn’t get replaced as Speaker with a different, younger, more progressive Democrat.

        Next thing, Biden/Kamala will bomb someone and they’ll be shocked, shocked I say, that Democrats aren’t getting us out of wars but putting us in them.

            1. Glad to hear you’re getting out of there. I know, I know, there’s time yet left. But I mistrust the crowds. There’s not a single state capitol or large city I know of that hasn’t dipped at least a toe into the sewage that is leftist madness.

              Best to be in calmer pastures, with friends close by. You’re not alone, you folk who read this. You are not alone. Across this great nation and across the internet, there are many yet who hold the same values. Do not give in to despair. Prepare. Mind your supply and logistics. Plan for disaster, because basic fire/flood planning is better than nothing. Keep your spirits up, because this is not a race, but a marathon that extends past our own mortal deaths. Be kind to children, and good to your friends. We aten’t dead yet. And we ain’t giving up.

          1. Speaking of Harris … has anybody else seen her plagiarism of the MLK anecdote?

            It isn’t bad enough that she wrote herself into that “Fweedom” story, but she tells it so bloody badly. Even were it not stolen it is cringe-worthy.

            In fact, the idea she plagiarized it makes it less awful – her self-conscious giggling at inappropriate points is at least justified if explained by self-awareness.

            The interviewers who play at being bowled over by the quteness are simply embarrassing.

            1. To be fair, it’s possible that it’s her parents who told her that story, and who plagiarized it. I don’t believe it, but it’s possible.

              OTOH, I totally believe that hippie lefties could be so excited about marching that they’d accidentally dump their kid from the stroller and leave her behind. Which is a really appalling window on her life and parents, and what would drive a girl to give sexual favors to an older married politician out of a hunger for love and respect.

            2. The thing is that even the original is folly. Two-year-olds would say “Slavery!” with as much enthusiasm if you got them to parrot it instead.

      3. Leave us not ignore Nancy Freeze bringing Covid-positive members into the House to ensure she got that gavel. Nor ought we forget the Dem & MSM reaction to GOP senators who’d recently recovered from Covid showing up to vote for the appointment of Justice Barrett.

    2. Pelosi was prepping to get rid of Biden even before the election, when she established a committee to figure out what needed to be done to invoke the 25th Amendment.

      Also, replacing Biden with Harris will put both Houses (the House of Reps, and the White House) under the nominal control of individuals from the Bay Area in California.

      For that matter, Biden flat out told Jake Tapper in an interview that if he (Biden) ever had an “ethical disagreement” with Harris, then he’d develop an illness and retreat from the public. Tapper, of course, did not follow up on this interesting statement.

      1. Remember under the amendment, he’s still president, she’s just acting. That could give her twelve years.

        1. Arggh. 12 years of that horrible squeaky voice and braying laugh? I really will have to give up politics.

  11. I don’t expect anything to happen in DC, other than one big final rally for people to take with them to the dark years ahead.

    I hope you’re right and tomorrow’s rally doesn’t go kinetic. But I’ve been having a really bad feeling about this, and it’s getting stronger and stronger. With luck it’s just my subconscious, and not actual premonitions of Things To Come, but I keep getting these flashes of mobs running through streets, of shots and screams, explosions, raging fires illuminating the darkness. Already there’s been reports of pre-positioned pallets of brickbats supposedly for “construction work,” which suggests that Antifa, BLM et al plan to be present ready for clashes with the Patriots and who knows what else.

    And another thing that keeps gnawing at my hindbrain — if we lose this round and they get entrenched in power, what will it take to oust them, and what will come after? Will it be anything resembling what we think of as the Republic, with individual freedom and technological development and movement toward the High Frontier and a boundless future for free people? Or will it be more like the ultra-conformistic, technophobic society at the end of Victoria by “Thomas Hobbes”?

  12. 8 A.M., Alaska time. I’ve 8 or 10 roman candles left over from N Y’s Eve that’ll go up along with the horn blowing and bell ringing. My ‘bell’, BTW, is a 16 inch steel I beam I’ll ring from around 75 yards away. To clarify my distance bell ringing, here’s a link to a video of me blowing out my birthday cake candles last October; http://www.ipernity.com/doc/319805/50408362

  13. Not mad enough to do something about it?
    Are you *sure* about that?

    Right now, there’s still hope that Trump will pull a rabbit out of the hat.
    If that hope goes away, things change.
    That’s *if* the Left restrains itself.
    Which it won’t.
    There will be gloating. (There already is, but it’ll get turned up to 11 if they get away with it.)
    There will be examples made.
    Trump will be dead or a political prisoner by Spring.
    The “Truth and Reconciliation” courts and “covid” concentration camps they’re floating trial balloons for will most likely take longer to truly get going.
    The blue states will start trying to enforce their unconditional firearms laws on their uncompliant rural/suburban populations.

    Tactics 101 is to press your enemy when they’re demoralized, and when you have momentum.
    If they successfully steal the election, they’re going to be of the opinion that both apply.
    (I believe that would be a miscalculation.)

    The Left has been slowly turning up the heat on Pepe for over a hundred years. They’re tired of it, and they’re generations removed from those who set things in motion. They want frog soup, and they want it now.

    1. Yes– if someone has been studying tactics. I’m not giving Trump good chances if he can’t pull the rabbit out of the hat. I hope he goes armed and has his own private guards.

  14. Haven’t read through all the comments yet. Someone may have already beat me to this but …

    In the far future. History will report of the Russian Czar Communism, China Dynasty Communism, Royal Socialism of United Kingdom (so England , France, Germany, Italy, or of the European Conference. Wonder if the first two are cousins. Know that the latter all are. This is the point. The population in these locations are used to having a feudal hierarchy over them. The citizens of the United States? Not so much. What is the saying? “Who is your over lord? That SOB hasn’t and won’t exist.”

    George Washington, our first President, and subsequent presidents since, stopped the royal dynasty cold at the onset over 200 years ago. They want us all to be slaves. They won’t buy or sell individuals. They will tell where people can go, what they can do, how they earn their living, how and a where they live. Europeans call them estate staff or peons, or whatever the lower not nobility class was called. Americans? That is going to go over like the sewer it is. It won’t take that long either. The generations, coming into their 20’s, those into their 30’s and 40’s? The ones who are just as likely to throw a tantrum when told “No”? Or FU?

    Um. I seem to have misplaced the popcorn ….

    1. d – I had an English wife for 40 years; lived in Jolly ol’ England* for several of them. Found the culture and national character very different from the USA/Latin America cultures I was accustomed to /understood. After a few months it hit me — they have been a conquered people since 1066. Still are.

      The last 8 years I’ve lived with rednecks and hillbillies in the Kentucky hills. Mostly Scots/Irish people, but their culture is practically the flip side of the mainstream British/European. As you say!

      *The English dutifully act “hearty” as necessary but are not really “jolly” except during inebriation (evenings and Sundays).

      1. The English immigrants who live here are merry as all get out! I hope they will all be okay. The ex- Lancashire lady looked like she was in better spirits today.

        My “You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me” bib/mask seems to be a success. It hits the correct worksafe amount of plausible deniability, while making a humorous political statement that amuses everyone.

  15. I think with respect to the proposed redistribution of land, that there are a number of things going on.

    Part of it, is that the urban underclass scares them. They’ve tried to condition them to be the footsoldiers of the proletariat, but they’ve mainly made them unpredictable and violent. They would like them moved much farther from them, and much closer to us.
    (The burning down of the relevant neighborhoods and businesses this summer loosened a lot of ties, and provides a reason to actively get away. But it isn’t the productive members we need to concern ourselves about.)

    Second, they believe that we’re Nazis, and because they’re ignorant, that largely means obsessed with racial purity and something mystical about blood and soil.
    Kicking people off of land that their family has owned for generations is seen as good in and if itself.

    Third, both wings of the globalist uniparty are hostile to stable communities. They’re hard to control, especially from outside and thousands of miles away.

    Fourth, they have some vague understanding of Grecian Helots versus English Yeomen/Norse Carl, and know which box they’d like to force us into.
    And they definitely learned in the century following the ACW that sharecroppers are easier to control.

    Fifth, the free-ranging Cowboy, the self-sufficient Settler, and the free-booting Prospector are a big part of how we see ourselves. They want to destroy this.

    I’m sure there are other pieces I’m missing. Including a visceral horror at the thought of manual labor.

    1. You’re giving them WAY too much credit, sorry. You think they know history at your level.
      All they know is Marx’s “Land to dispossessed” bullshit.

      1. This. There are a few maleducated louts in the group, but by and large, they don’t do history, save to cherry pick what suits their desires (1619, lookin’ at you).

      2. They don’t know history that well but they do know that it gave the people in charge of the redistribution, like Mugabe, a lot of personal power and wealth, and that is all they will care about as they push their insane policies. They will use the fear of cancel culture to keep enough people from speaking up about it. Yes it will reach a point where it can’t go on anymore. But without a USA to set an example, because the USA itself is being ravaged by the commies, things will get very ugly very fast, especially as the bad guys around the world will know that they are free to do whatever they want.

        It is no coincidence that Iran announced this week that they are actively enriching uranium to 20 percent, and thus clearly are moving forward with building nuclear bombs. I presume the Saudis have already asked for their first shipment of nukes from Pakistan.

        I predict the first nuclear terror attack/nuclear exchange takes place in less than a year, and that if it does not, it is only because Harris/Biden throw Israel under the bus so hard that they have the US military support the Iranians, Hezbollah and Hamas in their effort to “wipe Israel off the map”.

        Yes this is very pessimistic. Any party that can run and support a Warnock with the intent to fraud him in should be considered no less malevolent than the actual Nazi’s whose rhetoric Warnock echoes.

      3. They know enough of the superficial forms to try to impose them (eg. “redistribution of land”). But there aren’t enough who really understand how those forms work.

        South Africa, here we come.

      4. You’re giving them waaaay too much credit if you think they know history at a second-grade level. Back when they actually TAUGHT history in school, that is. Say, the 1960’s and 1970’s.

        Today we have adults people who have existed for twenty years or more and know less history than a second-grader from the 1960’s.

        People left the land as soon as it was no longer necessary for 80% of them to spend all day, every day in grinding drudgery to eke out a subsistence, most of which was taken by their ‘betters’. Technology and industry FREED us from bondage to ‘the land’ to seek more productive and significant work, and freed the remaining farmers to become fifty to eighty TIMES more productive. American farmers produce huge food SURPLUSES while making up less than 2% of the population.

        And the Leftroids are going to do their damnedest to fuck that up.
        If you tried to run a farm the way they run the government, you would starve in the middle of your barren fields.

    1. Aaaand looks like they managed to steal both seats.

      From…CNN or somewhere like…
      DeKalb County, in suburban Atlanta, began experiencing vote count delays early Wednesday morning due to some kind of technical issue at the election office. Due to these issues, an election official says the 19,000 remaining ballots will be “manually scanned to be tabulated and added to the total vote count.”

      Gee, does that sound familiar??

    1. What was that announcement they cut off at the end?

      “Ladies and gentlemen, we have just turned on the ‘Stop Taunting Mitt Romney’ light.”

          1. The system is being given every possible chance to work without Unfortunate Events. But the problem will be fixed one way or another.

            It is good to see how much of the country understands this.

        1. I agree that he’s on their hit list, but I don’t know about “first”. I’m thinking they’ll keep him around as a “tame” Republican until the next election they can steal, after which he and his are made out to be “responsible” for excrement hitting the ventilation impeller, courtesy of MiniTru (read: mainstream press).

      1. “The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more states will slip through your fingers.”

  16. Started the day off not doomer. Now? I think I’ve had some of my own problems catch up with me this evening.

    My planned video embeds today were sabaton’s shiroyama and hammerfall’s bushido. Don’t really have time to mess with that.

    I wish I had something useful to say, but it is pretty clear the productive part of the day is behind me, and my judgement is shot.

  17. Surprise, surprise.

    Just now there was a big vote dump in GA and Warnock went from 1.5% behind to 1.5% ahead with 97% counted. Perdue went from 1.5% ahead to only 0.06% ahead, and I’m sure they’ll gin up the 6000 votes necessary somewhere in the next 15 minutes or so.

    It was mostly DeKalb County this time, not Fulton, but it’s still Atlanta.

    1. I swear, the Leftroids deliberately picked the two most repulsive candidates they could find, just to rub it in our faces that they could rig the election even for them.

      They’ve got enough fraud in place to ‘elect’ Hitler and Himmler, and they just can’t resist showing off.
      Dark Willow: “Bored now.”

        1. The elected should have “elected”, as we all know it was really frauded, and that they frauded Heinrich Himmler Warnock and Mao Tse Ossoff into the Senate.

        2. No, Ossoff is much too small to be Mao. More like the numerous petty tyrants Stalin raised up, and then purged when they became inconvenient. Or the mob leaders that preceded Robespierre to the guillotine.
          “Good-bye, Citizen Secretary.”

      1. I have pondered many times these last two months which of the two candidates offered up by the Georgia Democrats is the more repulsive and it generally is determined by which I’ve last seen.

        There is a certain amusement in considering the possibility of the Dems capturing both of those seats … and then a Trumpian miracle (“You asked for miracles, Theo, I give you the F.B.I.”) returning the Donald and Race Bannon casting the tie-breaking vote for Senate.

        Oh well – maybe Joe Manchin will decide West Virginians should still be allowed to mine coal, and switch parties.

    2. I’m getting a feeling that this will not end with rage and roaring.

      It will end with “Bored now.”

      And in much the same way.

  18. I’ve changed my mind. Trump needs to be impeached for levels of cruelty in playing with his food that even a cat would find questionable.



    1. If Loeffler and/or Perdue wind up ahead when the vote is 100% counted — what then? 110%? 120%?

    2. I HOPE you’re right Ian. I think it’s possible all DJT meant by the rally tomorrow was to keep the dems from cheating today.
      And that answer thread is a dumpster fire, btw.

      1. Dem cheating last night is the proof that ordinary proceedings of the courts are, because of the combination, not ensuring that laws are enforced. And everyone that matters was paying attention this time.

        Person-not-in-DC to person-not-in-DC, it might be safer in DC to presume as if Trump has made the appropriate declarations, in case of well timed intervention by Big Tech and the Deep State.

  19. The vote for Speaker was a confession to treason on the part of a number of Democrat Representatives. In particular, those Representatives that voted for Pelosi despite that her bringing in members infected with the common cold, and at the same time previously supported her efforts to wage economic war against America using the excuse of the common cold, on behalf of the People’s Republic of China.

    Speaker McCarthy can be asked to to exclude those Representatives from the House, because they have waged war against the US.

    Given that the power of the combination prevents the ordinary proceedings of court from ensuring that the laws are enforced, the militia can be authorized to act, and habeas corpus suspended.

    Treason is not a domestic policy, so Posse Comitatus does not hold.

    Perhaps summary executions are appropriate.

  20. Sigh. Yep. Let’s Roll. And let’s embrace the pristine, beautiful power of “No. And fuck you for asking.”

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