It’s Going to be Tricky – A Blast From the Past From November 7 2018.

*I’m not saying I told you so. Oh, hell yes, I’m saying I told you so. And I’m saying also that the fraud was MUCH bigger than even YOU suspect. In fact, the left got almost all votes by fraud. AND that you can’t beat fraud like this by working harder and volunteering. We need to clean the Augean stables, or America will remain an OCCUPIED country. (In the spirit of always telling the truth while lying, the left’s favorite movement was “occupy”. Because that’s what they’re doing.)- SAH*

It’s Going to be Tricky – A Blast From the Past From November 7 2018.


Who knew? PT Barnum was right.

Apparently it is possible to win the House of Representatives in America even in an extraordinarily prosperous time (though I’d argue most of us haven’t recovered from the debacle that started with the Dem legislative take over in 06, so it doesn’t FEEL prosperous yet.) by promising to raise people’s taxes and to throttle energy production.

Or… of course, we have a fraud and an MSM problem.

I’ve talked about fraud here before.  In CO in 2012, when I both poll-watched and was in touch with poll watchers throughout the state on a party line, we were counting 1/3 people being told they had voted before.  On the party line, I learned that in Denver it was 2/3.  You can’t beat shit like that.

Yes, the people turned away were allowed to vote a provisional ballot, but you see… the thing is that that only gets counted if they come up short — ie. if the difference between the winner and loser is less than the number of provisionals — but the other ballot just gets counted.  It’s already in. It’s already in the system.  Do. The. Math.

Even so, 12 was tight, and they had to find boxes of votes up in Boulder county.  Which is why the first thing the dems did when they captured Colorado legislature was to go all vote-by-mail.  To save money.  You know how fiscally conscious dems are, right?

I’m told something similar happened when Oregon went all voteby mail.  We’ll never win another election here, unless this is reversed. Period. Dot.

And now the architect of this change, which most people who aren’t really involved think was some super duper way of campaigning, is our governor.

Pray for my beloved Colorado.  I don’t want to HAVE to move.  It’s in the cards, in ten years or so, mind, since likely the boys will settle out of state for various reasons and we love our friends here, but have only two sons and would like to be near them (with our luck that will mean I need to make a lot of money indie, and we need two pieds a terre one near each boy.)  But then one boy or the other might stay here, and we WANT to stay here for ten years at least.  In this house.  I love my eagle’s nest house, where the eagles fly at my office-window level.  And we’re doing stuff to it, like put down wood floors, to make it my dream house.  I don’t want to be forced out by Colorado going California fast and hard.

I have ideas on how to get around it, and an article for PJ about vote by mail and early voting (And btw, US born and raised people are all ADHD or short term memory loss.  Every time I come out against those, everyone piles on that I want our military not to vote.  Not a problem. They always had vote by mail.  Or they tell me I don’t want them to vote because they’ll be busy/not in country on election day.  Oh, please.  There was always SOME early voting, but you had to show you needed it.  One year I voted two weeks early, because we were going to be in Portugal on the week of the vote.  I had to show my plane tickets, is all.  And a friend who could not vote because she worked all day every day, and wouldn’t be let out, took a letter from her boss.  What I oppose is vote early or by mail for “convenience”.  Will you sell your franchise for convenience?)

And we have an MSM problem.  A BIG MSM problem.  Not a single democrat would have got the vote, if the MSM had, you know, reported on them and their actual agenda.

As in, if the MSM had shown them chanting “No America at all”, if Louis Farrakhan were shown shouting “Death to America,” (Since that’s all right with the MSM, let’s all shout “Death to Louis Farrakahn.”  No? Why not? What’s the difference?)

If the MSM had reported on how well the economy is doing without trying to credit it to Commie Barrie. Etc.

Mind you, millenials might still vote commie, because they are profoundly misseducated, particularly on history.

As is, with those two advantages: the unchecked fraud and the MSM wholly on their side, they managed to get the house by a razor thin margin.  Yeah, it’s not impressive.  It’s certainly not a blue wave.

But it’s enough.  Look, somehow, people think health care is the most important thing right now (it is, but not for the reasons they think. Obamacare forced a lot of good doctors into early retirement rather than deal with the crazy. I know. Friends and I lost doctors that way. (And a lot of the ones who stayed are wholly invested in the Obamacare “force you to lie to us” questions.  Which, yeah, is what it is.  If one drink a night with dinner is alcoholism, then I’m going to tell you I don’t drink that.  (Note that this makes whole countries alcoholics. Also, now that I’m on a million and a half meds, I don’t drink much, really.  But I lied to them for YEARS.)  Let alone other things.  Half of my mental answers to the stupid questions are “none of your business with bells on.” Which frankly means a lot of the ones left are social workers and busybodies at heart, and not the best doctors.)  With Nancy Grey Goose Pelosy (seriously, her alcohol bill a taxpayers expense when she was speaker was gargantuan.  Speaking of alcoholics, she seems to have one tied on AT ALL TIMES) in charge, the solution to this worry, as she already hinted, is Single Payer.

Now you’ll say we have the Senate and Trump.  The Senate has squishes and healthcare is Trump’s least conservative stand.  He simply fails to get that Single Payer is bad.  So we’ll likely get that foisted on us.  As I get older, and yes, my body being tricky, this worries the living crap out of me.  I’d like to live another 30 years, as is customary for my family. I have books to write, damn it.  This will not happen under single payer.  Not unless I make a lot of money and go private as soon as it’s available.  (Okay, so I see a lot of writing in my future.)

That I’d say is our biggest danger.  That and our inability to clean out the inky stuff in the FBI, CIA and federal bureaucracy with the House in enemy hands.  And of course, the ever-present possibility they’ll find ways to institutionalize fraud as they did with CO.  But for that they usually need two chambers and a complicit executive.

Oh, and the possibility they’ll screw us financially. And that their constant drip drip drip of investigations on crazy sh*t — they are already demanding Trump’s tax returns — in conjunction with their MSM amplification will create such an image problem that they can elect whoever they want in 2020.  If you thought Obama was bed, wait for the Kamala Harris administration.  You’ll die laughing.

Of course Americans are slow to fight, which is why we got here, but if that goes on… there will be blood on the streets.

So, is all lost? No. Despite the fact that I woke up with a splitting headache and a sense of doom.  (No, not hangover.  I actually ended up not drinking, because… mostly because not indicated with meds.)

Here are our strengths:

The MSM is less believed every year.  The full court press, the crazy sh*t they’ve been spinning should have seen them win 60 seats in the house and flip the senate.  It would have, even ten years ago.  But they were so openly corrupt during the Obama years that people lost faith.  Most of the people still listening to them are my parents and inlaws ages, and I’ll be blunt, most of them won’t be around much longer.  (And a lot of them are only voting because of democrat “helpers”in nursing homes.)  And their audience is skewed more to those who are sitting and listening to their propaganda all day, which is not the healthiest segment, at that. Remember working out makes you conservative? (My parents seem to bear that out)

In another 2 years, their influence will be smaller. In four, even more so.

And we are finding new ways to reach people, in news and in entertainment.  This blog took a step into more serious reporting with Bill’s posts.  There will be more like that (though not necessarily from Bill.)  We need more of that.  Our penetration is small, but there are ripples, and ideas spread.

There isn’t a hell of a lot we can do about vote fraud — except report on it, ceaselessly — but we can do something about information.  And about entertainment.  In fact, my friends, that’s my particular trench in the culture wars, and I MUST — for various reasons some personal — amplify my efforts.  Those of you who can, should too.

The other sign of hope, and not so much statistical but among the kids we knew while the kids were growing up, is that millenials started moving away from all the crap they learned in school, as the rest of us did, when facing the real world.  The fact that there are JOBS under Trump has exploded all their preconceptions.

Yeah, they’re squishy and occasionally they still fall for “Orange man bad”or for “commie so cool.”  If you have contact with them, educate them.  Don’t bludgeon them.  The young are prickly.  TALK to them.  Explode their preconceptions and the crazy economics and history they were taught in school.  Do what you can.

And while at it, if you have kids, homeschool.  No, I don’t mind homeschool fully, though of course if you can, do it.  I never could.  But I homeschooled AFTER school.  Read their books.  You’ll find most of them are based on Howard Zinn’s bullshit.  So, buy other books. Teach them world history.  Explain why the establishment lies to them.

Teens are naturally rebellious.  For generations, the left has sold the idea they’re anti-establishment.  Make sure people understand the left is the establishment.  They have such easy-to-mock types, and a lot of them will be on display in the House of Representatives.  Encourage the kids’ right and just rebellion against the sclerotic establishment.

This is not the end.  It’s not even the beginning of the end.  It might not be the end of the beginning.

We’re starting the long work of turning around a leftist narrative and governance that is now almost 100 years old.  No one promised us a rose garden, and in a long war, the other side will win some battles.

Yes, I know, the other side is SO unhinged it’s scary when they get any power at all.

On the other hand, it will happen.  We must harden, we must survive.

The next two years will be tricky.  We need every single one of you to fight for the cause of liberty and continue the work of freeing us, mind and body, from Marxist shackles.

Go on.  Go work.  Be not afraid.

187 thoughts on “It’s Going to be Tricky – A Blast From the Past From November 7 2018.

  1. I tried to post this SIX TIMES!! on the ‘Keeping Your Feet’ post and WPDE ate them ALL!

    Oh, it gets better. I just watched a short segment that showed the Georgia early voting starting today…

    …on Dominion voting machines. They haven’t corrected any of the…irregularities, from last month’s election. It’s like they believe all the fraud will just go away if they ignore it, while the Democrats laugh at them and crank it up past 11. There are 1.2 million absentee ballots already, including at least 85,000 that didn’t vote last month. How many voters typically skip a Presidential election, and THEN get up off their asses to vote in a Senate run-off?

    Trump is still yelling at noodle-spine Governor Kemp to ‘call the State Legislature into session’ — why won’t he do it? Why can’t they get together on their own initiative, and assert their Constitutional authority over this election? What is WRONG with those idiots? Are they TRYING to throw this election, AFTER what we’ve already seen? Are they sitting there with eyes shut and fingers stuck in ears pretending it’s not happening?

    It just don’t make no fookin’ SENSE!!!
    My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

    1. Watching the live Michigan Legislative Hearing… Dominion CEO testifying. Lordy, I have seldom seen so much plausible deniability on display in one place.

      I’ve also developed an automatic suspicion of “that’s a good question” and a variety of other catchphrases.

      1. Epoch Times reporting:

        Fraud Analyst Finds Average of 2 to 3 Percent Shift for Biden in Counties That Used Dominion
        A man who’s made a living developing fraud detection algorithms has discovered a curious phenomenon: Counties that started using Dominion Voting Systems machines have on average moved by 2 to 3 points to the Democrat presidential candidate from the Republican compared to counties that didn’t adopt the machines.

        The difference persisted even after he controlled for a number of factors, including county population and various demographic characteristics.

        “I recommend we audit the machines,” he concluded.

        The man is Ben Turner, who used to be the chief actuary at Texas Mutual Workers’ Compensation Insurance. He now runs Fraud Spotters, a consultancy specializing in detecting insurance fraud.

        The Epoch Times replicated his initial analysis using the same data he used and arrived at the same results.


        He looked at how, county-by-county, election results changed between the 2008 and 2020 presidential races, measuring whether adoption of Dominion would have any overall effect on the changes. He picked the 2008 election because, at the time, only New York State had widely adopted Dominion, according to data from VerifiedVoting.Org. He excluded New York from the analysis, leaving him 657 counties that have adopted Dominion and 2,388 that have not as of 2020.

        He found that Dominion use was associated with a 1.55 percentage point decrease in the Republican vote and a 1.55 percentage point increase in the Democratic vote in the presidential race.

        He controlled for the differences in county population, the number of votes cast, urban/rural population split, population growth, international immigration rate, low-education population, high “natural amenity” areas, high “creative class” population, and manufacturing dependency.

        Later, he added seven more control factors to the analysis, including race, voter preference, and population. Not only did the “Dominion effect” persist, but the probability of his results being a fluke decreased.

        The effect somewhat decreased, to a 2.84-point shift, when he also controlled for age.

        The probability that the results occurred by chance or due to some unobserved factor was about 1 in 1,000, the analysis showed.

        [END EXCERPT]

    2. It sure looks like they are trying to lose and hand total control over to the Democrats. Maybe they are getting extorted or bribed (or both) by the CCP.

      The Senate candidates should be in Court BEFORE the election to try to be put a stop to the massive fraud the Democrats are going to commit.

      1. At least one court already ruled that you can’t have standing as being a harmed party until *after* the election.

        1. And afterwards a bunch of courts are dismissing the cases as being filed too late because they were filed after the election, rather than before. They need to file before, so that if they get dismissed for being premature, when they refile they can argue that they did file the suit, but were told it was premature and had to wait until after the election.

    3. One obvious thought is the governor has been told if he tries to stop it Atlanta will go up in flames.

      1. If that is the case, he should let it go up; threats of violence by the leftist mob can never be acceded to for the mob can never be appeased. Those who submit to the brownshirts/blackshirts/red guard end up in gulags/re-education/concentration/death camps.

      2. That’s what rumor certainly claims. And that the GA legislators were threatened with bodily harm to themselves and their families if they didn’t go along.

        1. They used threats of violence in Michigan, not only against the Republican election committee members, but against their families as well, and they doxxed them. Yet, still no indictments for blatant terroristic threats and intimidation.

          1. The Governor called out state police to prevent Republican electors from turning up to cast their protest vote Monday.

            That needs to be remembered come appropriations discussions.

        2. Governor Kemp had his youngest daughter’s longtime boyfriend blown up in a multi-car accident with a huge explosion, totally coincidentally, while Kemp was on his way to see Pence. Total coincidence, no message there at all.

      3. Dorthy Dimock said
        “…governor has been told if he tries to stop it Atlanta will go up in flames.”

        Not like that’s novel or anything.

        1. Yep, the Republicans did it 156 years ago; time for the Democrats to take a turn! After all, it’s only fair… 😛

          1. Given the Democrats they will probably do a (pardon my language) half-assed job in comparison to Gen. Sherman’s army, though likely there will be much more looting.

            1. Aw, hell, Sherman’s boys outclassed them in every way. These useless wankers won’t even get rape, loot, pillage, burn in the right order!

      4. The rioters will have to wait a few weeks. With Trump still in office when the election results get announced Georgia’s governor has a very good chance of support for a call out of the state National Guard.

        Subsequent trials of rioters would be a great route toward exposing leadership and financial backing, too.

      5. For Kemp we are far beyond any justification of that sort, however weak it might be.

        He is a traitor pure and simple.

        It also raises uncomfortable questions about whether Stacy Abrams might have been right…..

  2. Sarah,
    I think that I’ve come to the conclusion that, with possibly very few exceptions, there is not a whit of difference between either party. This election was rigged way before it started. It started when we went from the old mechanical lever voting machines and possibly hand counted paper ballots to machine counted ballots and computer screen voting. And both parties went along with this. Then there was the complicity of no voter ID needed to vote. Everybody has ID. You can’t cash a check, borrow a book, ride on a plane, see a doctor or collect any government benefits without ID. Yet, both parties went along with this BS for certain areas of this country. I have always been required to show ID and I’ve lived in 3 different states. But, forn certain populations or areas…NOt needed. BS
    Our House needs a complete cleaning. Maybe Trump can be the Janitor when he leaves in January. But I don’t think so. Maybe, it’s someone still or recently in government. I don’t know. But, I do know that if a complete and honest overhaul is not made very dark and terrible days are coming.

      1. The key ones didn’t, or put in place measures for large sections of the population to vote without it.

        Of course, no-one could challenge it prior to harm being done, and once the votes are cast, well that’s to late to challenge it too.

        Between the corruption of the institutions, and the perfection of mass brainwashing, I’m wondering if the era of widespread individual freedom has ended, and we are now moving into an era of teaching our children how to avoid being the ones getting eaten by the beast?

        1. nope, the presence or absence of voter ID wouldn’t have made a single difference in this kind of fraud. a completely fraudulent ballot with no actual person associated with it isn’t going to need any I.D. or ever have I.D> asked for. Just ask Spambooger about her thumb drive full of votes…

          1. As I understand it, the other method on the electronic vote count machines was to force some proportion of valid ballots into “adjudicated” status which would then have to be shown on screen to “adjudicator” humans, who would simply assign all those ballots to China JHoe votes no matter what they actually showed. Thus the adjustment and vote switch would be through what would normally be a valid resolution of an unclear scan or slightly out of the bubble marked vote, and he cheat code would be in the recognition – maybe even something as simple as turning up or down the contrast so more ballots failed to machine-read as valid votes.

            1. Yes, that is reportedly how the “conversion” works. While Dominion’s president may claim the machines are designed to accurately count ballots, that does not mean they cannot be used to “accurately” count ballots, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

              The beauty of it is that even flooding the polling with mass-manufactured mail-in ballots does not require the ballots be noticeably for Candidate A — they can be flawed in such way to go into adjudication where they can be “properly” tabulated without observers being able to see inside the tabulator’s black box. Poll watchers are thus helpless.

              Hell, even if every scanner is initially “zeroed” with a test pile of known quantities the adjudicator can produce desired results.

            1. A whole variety of ways to insert fraud have been built into those Don’t-minion machines. They were originally intended to rig elections for Hugo Chavez.

      2. Texas definitely does.

        Not that this prevents poll worker shenanigans…..

        Which is why I volunteered as one.

      3. I had to show ID to give blood.

        So yes, enough Americans approve of easy election fraud because it gets them the pols they want. Or think they want.

        David Cole has an interesting article about such thinking in 40 Acres and a Mall over on

        On a related note, Mr. Cole, like a lot of the Taki writers (including Ann Coulter) have soured on the President. Perhaps because the God Emperor joke did not turn out to be real. I’ve seen the numbers reported that Mr. Trump increased his turnout in every major demographic but white men. I am dubious, myself about any claims made for or against the man (except: he won, Biden lost) based on any election returns reported. For obvious reasons.

        As ever, it is not so much the claim being made as what would need to be true for the person making it, to make it. If you catch my drift.

          1. And the same demographic most inclined to report sad losses in a boating accident. So, yeah, methinks there was a lot of “none of your damn business” in the white male exit polling.

        1. You also need to show ID under Federal law to buy cold medicine. And just try getting into any Federal building or government buildings in most states without an ID, usually a picture one.

          The ONLY thing Democrats don’t want ID for are elections. Since they require ID for other things on the basis that it is necessary to show the person is who they claim they are, but are adamant that ID not be required (and indeed want to ban requiring ID to vote), the logical conclusion speaks for itself; they very much intend that there be election fraud and seek to bar ID to vote in order to facilitate it.

          1. Re the no ID to enter Fe(de)ral buildings: I get called in to a court hearing, and I don’t have a REALID-compliant document with me. (No, MN has not yet gone all RID.) Myrmidons at security checkpoint don’t let me in. “*You* go tell itzonner why I am not in their courtroom, please.”

      4. In CA, back before this year when it became all votefraud-by-mail, voters had to show ID the very first time they voted (ever) if it was a federal election, but after that state law says voters did not have to, and the poll workers were trained that they could not ask for ID.

      1. The ones who absolutely refuse to fight even in such an open and shut case as this — or outright stonewall — I see no reason to separate from the traitors.

        Except maybe to put them at the top of the list when the firing squads go to work.

        1. I think it’s necessary to separate the compromised from those who’ve had their lives and families threatened, and don’t presently dare object. The cowardly, unfortuntely, can swing either way.

          1. That is understandable but there is a small problem:

            Upon entering office they swore a certain oath. There is no “unless I’m scared” clause in that oath. Any more than there is for a soldier that shoots his squad-mates in hopes that the enemy will spare him.

            If they were unwilling to face this problem they should have never put their name on the ballot.

            1. It is an age-old observation that it is not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man the oath.

              and they are still politicians.

              1. sigh

                I’ve been clicking the box and it keeps reappearing as if I had not clicked it. So if you don’t get notifications, it’s a case of WP DELENDA EST.

                1. Haven’t you heard? There’s a shortage of ammunition, and some places have stopped selling rope.

                  On the other hand, I’ve got a sledgehammer and an axe…

                  1. On the other hand, I’ve got a sledgehammer and an axe…

                    shhhhh They’ll quit selling sledgehammers, and axes … just saying …

                    1. This method also provides ready food for coyotes, crows and other carrion eaters. Will no one think of the animals?

            2. True, but at what point does even a courageous man set aside his explicit oath to his country for his intrinsic oath to his family, and which is the greater oath?

              Perhaps country is greater, but if enough people think that way, pretty soon that demographic is extinct, and then where are we??

              And when they put their names on the ballot, there was no expectation that someone would stick a gun in their ear and demand compliance.

              Hanging them is perhaps more destructive than helpful. But they certainly should need to earn their way back into trust.

              1. And what happens when it is generally understood that you can abandon your voluntarily entered in to duties to millions of people, possibly getting many of them killed as a result?

                And when they put their names on the ballot, there was no expectation that someone would stick a gun in their ear and demand compliance.

                ……..exactly how much history or basic logic does someone have to be lacking in to not know of that possibility?

              2. Hanging them is perhaps more destructive than helpful. But they certainly should need to earn their way back into trust.

                I’d be perfectly happy not executing or even imprisoning the threatened. But they should never be allowed near anything sensitive ever again.

                  1. Per Byron York (see my post at 3:14 this date) Wisconsin senator Johnson was prepared to support House Republican challenges to electors but Mitch shut him down.

                    Although, having seen footage of his contretemps with Senator Peter (Dumbfuck, MI) at today’s hearing Ron may buck his leadership. It will be after the Georgia vote, which might embolden some.

                    The Dems and MSM (but I repeat myself) will be desperate to suppress evidence of electoral shenanigans until after the January 06 acceptance of the Electoral College vote — and will afterward dismiss any such evidence as “too little, too late” and demand we “move on.”

                    Don’t care, will never pretend Counterfeit Joe is a real president.

      2. Even when they’re both heading for the cliff… the Dems gun it straight for the edge; the GOPs drive in circles a few times first, giving us a chance to head ’em off.


    1. Ok, hold ti. The ‘there’s no difference between the parties’ Narrative is something the Fascist Left came up with when it became apparent that their main line of drivel wasn’t gaining acceptance. There is JUST enough truth in it to make it a very effective tool for surprising popular interest in politics, thus allowing the established panjandrums to do what they damn well please.

      Are the parties neatly divided between Good Guys and Bad Guys? No. Never were, even during the Unpleasantness Between the States. But at the moment, and for the last several decades, the factions in the Democrat party are about which KIND of authoritarian batshit crazy they want to push. The Republicans have factions that collaborate, factions that are satisfied with being the Loyal Opposition (standing on Principle, never getting their hands dirty, and seldom winning), and factions like Trumps that are ready to get down and dirty.

      Of course this election was,rigged. Every election you have ever voted in was,rigged. Some of them came out ‘wrong’ anyway. The election of a Populist scared the Establishment into being obvious about it this time, and if we can weather the backlash we can perhaps break a good deal of their power. It’s overdue; the ‘Top Men Must Be In Charge’ cabal has been in power in Washington since the election of FDR, and only started to slip with the election of Reagan. The cabal probably won’t be entire,y broken in our lifetimes, and is likely to be replaced by another just as objectionable. That’s life among the social apes; one hairy, smelly, violent, flea-ridden alpha gets replaced by another. But over the centuries, progress is made.

      1. “The parties are completely the same in every way” is bunk. But only ‘tards were claiming that anyway.

        Kindly explain the practical difference between Governor Kemp and a Democrat.

      2. THIS.

        But “There is no difference among the party leadership” is correct.

        Think it through and you’ll spot why we squeaked through with a Trump in 2016, and the Dems had their version of Jeb! rammed down their throats in 2020.

        The Tea Party was founded by a Seattle Democrat after all.

          1. “There is no difference between Party Leaders”, say, “Politicians are politicians.–”
            Knob over at the previous worksite is one of those always dem voters who will say stuff like that, and add “All of them are Lying Crooks” and then demand those same “Lying Crooks” take over healthcare, because you can’t trust them to not rob you blind but of course they can do care better, because reasons.

          2. No. Not all politicians are equally awful, indeed, in a republic such as ours their awfulness is a direct reflection of the people they represent.

            This is a bit of gas lighting that we need to add to the IowaHawk’s dictum.
            1. Identify a respected institution.
            2. kill it.
            3. gut it.
            4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect

            5. Once the skin suit starts to stink and sprout maggots, convince everyone the institution was always rotten.

            The current state of affairs is pretty bad, and I’ll yield to the claim that there is no difference between the DNC and the RNC. But no farther.

            There are good men out there. And some of them are pols. And most of those are Republicans.

            (I have to watch myself on the aristos. There is too much à la lanterne in my heart. But. Yes.)

            1. Also note the difference in the upper level appointed jobs and the GS schedule bureaucracy. 8 years of R top level usually only results in slight pruning, while the bureaucrats are forever, while 8 years of D leaders yields vast overgrowth and heavy recruitment of true believers into the GS ranks, who as noted are there forever until they retire out.

            2. 5. Once the skin suit starts to stink and sprout maggots, convince everyone the institution was always rotten.

              What percentage of the people in a discussion have to have been born after the skinsuit rotted before we can shift to always-has-been mode? Or do we have to wait for everyone alive today? We only have 10-20 years left on that clock.

          1. Those of us who have been reading Codavilla for a while know how accurate the term UniParty is.

            1. Yeah there seem to be a LOT of compromised Republican pols (and judges). One wonders if Fang Fang or her equivalent was working overtime…

      3. Of course there’s no difference between the parties! Why, I can hardly tell AOC’s platform from that of Can Crenshaw, nor Ilhan Omar’s preferred policies from those of Matt Gaetz. Mike Pence versus Kamala Harris? Hardly a dime’s worth of difference!


        1. Yep, and there is also a distinct difference in how the Executive Branch gets run by one side and the other – see how the Sotoero administration did campus sexual assault guidance vs. President Trump’s team, or fracking.

          Now if he gets off the ball and submits both the Iran nuke deal and the Paris climate treaty to the Senate in the remaining weeks so they can kill them off, I will be in a slightly happier place than otherwise.

          Oh and he should pardon China Joe.

    2. I think we’re seeing that voting can’t clean the legislature any more. Not even with a happy accident like Trump experienced in 2016. That leaves the 4th box, and no organization for it.

  3. snelson134 says:November 7, 2018 at 12:44 pm
    I agree. Actually implementing any sort of election reform (as in one party doesn’t openly defy the requirements) will require “blood in the streets.”

    1. Not necessarily. IF Trump pulled it out, AND the Republicans who seem to have grown a spine don’t backslide, is should be possible (not certain. Not easy. Possible) to arrest enough of the fraud operators to make opposing reform look dangerous.

      Not saying that it WILL go that way. Just that it could.

      1. You have to have more evidence than an affidavit to make the arrests; the courts won’t give you a warrant without it. Which means the standard for election fraud arrests is an entire level higher than for any other crime. You’ll need twice as much proof to get it past the Grand Jury, and you’ll need 4 times more proof to hope for a conviction in court. That’s where Trump and the GOP failed, and failed miserably. And unless state electors issue challenges for each contested state (both a Senator and a Congressional Representative for each state) when they meet; it’s all over with except the shouting and the banging.

        1. Widespread election fraud has been effectively baked into the system (see Sarah’s many comments re motor voter); the lack of an effective mechanism to overturn demonstrably fraudulent elections, such as the 2020 presidential election, means that those who are willing to use fraud to achieve permanent power have very little that stands in their way in their quest for absolute power, as their will never be another honest election again.

          The republic is dead. The Democrats will hold the funeral after stealing the two Georgia Senate seats. A reign of terror against all who disagree with leftist dogma will follow.

          The only question is what come’s next and whether some semblance of the republic can be recreated or revived.

  4. OT: I remember this post especially well: It was originally posted right after Nemo was diagnosed with canine lymphoma.

    The original estimate was he had 15 months at most. He’s beaten that by almost a year, and is still going strong. I take heart in that.

    “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”

  5. If you thought Obama was bed, wait for the Kamala Harris administration. You’ll die laughing.

    Holy St.Neot’s carp guts, Mrs. Hoyt. You were right. Please stop being right about this kind of thing!

    1. Picture this; Kamala Roundheels and Shrillary Clinton (two unelected bitches) fighting for control of the Party over Nasty Pelosi’s political corpse, with AOC sniping from the sidelines.

      1. Kamala’s got Silicon Valley financing her. Clinton’s been out of money since she lost in 2016. There’s no contest between the two if they get into a power struggle. Plus, there are questions about Hillary’s own health, and those questions have floated around since even before she was unceremoniously tossed into a van like a sack of potatoes.

        1. Apparently Commie Lawhorish is so popular in her own party that Democrats are already floating a Michelle Obama run for 2024 with the expectation that Biden, if alive and still in office, won’t run for re-election.

        2. There’s a frightening credibility to this, and an obvious conclusion:

          Biden’s Cabinet Picks Are Good News for Kamala Harris’s 2024 Presidential Bid
          Kamala Harris is the odds-on favorite to be the Democratic presidential nominee in 2024. Joe Biden would turn 82 that year, and it’s unlikely America’s first octogenarian president would seek a second term. And so far, none of Biden’s cabinet nominations has created a serious potential threat to Harris’s 2024 nomination.

          Former South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg — who finished a click behind Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary — could have helped himself gain stature and foreign-policy chops with an appointment to serve as ambassador to China or the United Nations. But Buttigieg has been relegated to the Department of Transportation.

          Meanwhile, Keisha Lance Bottoms, the impressive female African-American mayor of Atlanta, was reportedly considered for some not very impressive jobs, as either ambassador to the Bahamas or head of the Small Business Administration. She won’t be joining the Biden administration.

          Susan Rice, the former Obama national-security adviser that Biden considered as his 2020 running mate, has been given a behind-the-scenes job running the Domestic Policy Council.

          Stacey Abrams, the 2018 Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate who lost to Brian Kemp, has not been offered a job in the administration.

          Biden’s top advisers and cabinet picks are people who have never run for elective office and appear to have no interest in doing so: Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Treasury secretary Janet Yellen, Defense secretary Lloyd Austin, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan.

          Any way you look at it, Biden’s cabinet picks have been good news for Kamala Harris’s 2024 campaign.

          Now if only the vice-president elect can find a way to box out Michelle Obama . . .

      1. Does that mean we can stuff her full of preservatives and put her under a sleeping beauty glass coffin in the Smithsonian?

      2. I think Iron Joe would have worn a skirt better. And he definitely wouldn’t have had that incredibly irritating laugh.

  6. Our gracious hostess’s discourse on Story yesterday inspired this thought;

    (It’s PURE Story, won’t happen in a million years. But think how it would set the cat amongst the pigeons!)

    Biden’s handlers forget to give him his medication one night, and he wakes up earlier than usual, with a clearer head than he’s had in a couple of years. He foresees that whatever the Party Panjandrums have planned for him, his life is likely to be short and unpleasant, and he will be remembered as the stooge that presided over the death of the Republic. He slips out a side door, and makes his way to the White House, where he hammers out a quick deal with Trump. Then they call a press conference, Biden concedes, and asserts that his ‘victory’ was a fraud, and names major Democrat figures that he KNOWS are involved up to their ears. Trump steps in and says that agents of the DOJ are arresting those persons as he and Biden speak. Biden retires under federal protection, and the ructions begin.

    1. Doubt Joe has been that clear headed ever in his life. AOC is dumb as a brick because while not totally stupid, she’s been educated especially to keep her that way. Joe is dumb as a brick because he is dumb as a brick, and that is an insult to bricks. And a career liar, who has to steal all “his” ideas from others, often without filing the serial numbers off.
      I still think the Powers That Be are aiming for Joe the Slow to be in orifice for 2 years and a day. iirc That allows Harris the Red to run for election as Prez twice.

      1. Joe’s also pretty arrogant, as well. And he’s shown a definite inability to take even the least bit of criticism. Trump’s got a (deserved) reputation for being thin-skinned, but Biden is much worse. And on top of that, Biden’s a petulant braggart.

        If he ever gets the impression he’s under threat, he’ll start lashing out.

        1. at times Joe has made Trump look thick skinned and mature
          someone was pointing out dementia patients often are belligerent and snippish, but Joe the Slow has been that was since day one. Also, the few times he isn’t outright lying or plagiarizing, he is about as wrong on a subject as one can be and many times all 3 at the same time.

          1. Belligerent and snappish is the default setting for the Fascist Left Panjandrums, at least for the last fifty years or so. By 1970 it was clear that the Common Man was disinclined to acknowledge the natural superiority of the Fascist Left, and the Fascist Left was beginning to get peevish about it.

  7. With all due respect regarding your “Told Ya!” — election fraud was about as hard to predict as snow in winter above the Mason-Dixon line.

    In fact, that predictability was a basis to hope somebody with an interest in winning a election and holding power to act) would do something about this national embarrassment. Democrats having been, one way or another, perpetrating fraud since the end of the War of Southern Secession should not be allowed to continue but the GOP seems determined to reenact Charlie Brown and the football every election.

    Still and all, the magnitude of fraud the Dems are willing (and needed) to undertake is breathtaking.

    1. Funny thing. I used to enjoy Peanuts when I was younger, but seeing it again now, I find that I’m so absolutely disgusted by Charlie Brown’s inaction, that I can’t stand watching it anymore.

    2. They don’t seem to care that the fraud is so blatant. That’s part of what worries me so much. If they’re not bothering to hide it, that means they don’t think they need to.

      1. I don’t think that’s quite the scenario we’re seeing. I think it’s less that they don’t think they need to hide it that they don’t have the ability to hide it, and are desperate enough to try to brazen it out anyway. Yes, they could have just accepted four more years of Trump, and rode it out in the hopes that in 2024 the Republicans would return to form and run a good loser. But for some reason, they went into headless chicken mode just as soon as Trump was declared President in 2016. Either they saw him as an existential threat, or they are simply that deranged. They’ve painted themselves into a corner now; they have to either enact an authoritarian State from which there is no backing out, or they will be torn to shreds and their power structure left in ruins.

    3. I think the Prez got some bad advice about holding off on election fraud actions. The MSM called the election for Biden, again, just because the electors were chosen on Monday. Point is, it isn’t until they vote that a decision is made on who the President is; and we have one last chance for a senator and a representative to challenge the legitimacy of elections in each battleground state to try to send this to the House for the state vote. Unless Trump knows something I don’t, I don;t see enough electors doing that.

      1. we have one last chance for a senator and a representative to challenge the legitimacy of elections in each battleground state to try to send this to the House for the state vote.

        I cannot find where I saw this last night and thus cannot give due credit, but there has not been a Republican president elected in the last thirty years without Democrats in House & Senate challenging the electoral vote.

        So when Republican challenges are denounced as “Unprecedented” in the MSM …

        … and the whore they rode in on.

        1. I am not sure Byron York is the source of that news, but today he dedicates his column to its exploratio:

          Byron York’s Daily Memo: When Democrats tried to block the Electoral College
          WHEN DEMOCRATS TRIED TO BLOCK THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE. The Electoral College voted on Monday to elect Joe Biden president. That is done. But there is one more step in the process. On January 6, Congress will officially ratify the Electoral College vote and declare Biden the president-elect. But now, there is talk that some House Republicans will try to disrupt the ceremony.

          “Even after the Electoral College certified President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. as the winner of the election on Monday, some of President Trump’s staunchest allies in Congress refused to accept his loss,” the New York Times reported, “vowing that they could still reverse the results on the floor of the United States House of Representatives.” The left-wing magazine The Nation wrote, “Republicans will take their assault on democracy to Congress — and it will be awful.”

          Even if some Republicans try it, it won’t work, and by the end of January 6, Congress will have certified the results. One reason we know that is because some House Democrats tried the same thing on January 6, 2017, when Congress met to ratify the results of the Electoral College vote finalizing Donald Trump’s victory. Back then, it wasn’t quite as controversial — no talk about an “assault on democracy.” And now, neither the New York Times nor The Nation even mentioned that it happened. But it did.


          [When the 2017 ceremony began] Rep. Jim McGovern, a Democrat from Massachusetts, rose to protest. “I object to the certificate from the State of Alabama on the grounds that the electoral votes were not, under all of the known circumstances, regularly given, and that the electors were not lawfully certified, especially given the confirmed and illegal activities engaged in by the government of Russia that were designed to interfere with our election,” McGovern said.

          According to the rules, McGovern’s protest could not go forward unless a member of the Senate joined him in challenging the results. Biden asked McGovern if he had a senator on his side. McGovern said no. “In that case, the objection cannot be entertained,” Biden concluded.

          That was just the start. When the count got to Florida, Democrats again rose to object. They objected to the results from Georgia, too. Without a senator’s support, Biden ruled them out of order. Then came Michigan, and Democratic Rep. Barbara Lee rose to object, “because people are horrified by the overwhelming evidence of Russian interference in our elections.” Lee also cited the “malfunction of 87 voting machines” at predominantly African-American precincts. With no senator joining in, she was overruled.

          It still wasn’t over. Democratic Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, rose to “object on the massive voter suppression that included counting ballots that were provisional that denied individuals access to polling places.” Rep. Barbara Lee rose again to object “on behalf of the millions of Americans, including members of the Intelligence Community, who are horrified by evidence that the Russians interfered in our election.” In all, there were five more interruptions before the process limped to a close and Trump’s electoral votes were ratified. A total of seven House Democrats took part in the effort, with others cheering them on.

          Looking back on the day, former Rep. Jason Chaffetz recalled the demeanor of some of his Democratic colleagues: “They were mad, they were angry, they were self-righteous, and they were already convinced that something had been stolen from them.”


          So when you hear some in the media talking about that “assault on democracy” and suggest that it is somehow unprecedented, just remember: It has happened before.

          1. Okay, I was apparently wrong about when the challenge is supposed to occur. I thought it was when the electors voted, not when Congress certifies the vote. My bad. So any representatives challenging a state’s vote has the precedent of 7 Democrats from 2016. What we need, that they did not have, is a Senator willing to also challenge with them. And we need enough to drop Biden below 270 electoral votes before it can be thrown back to the states for a vote. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to convince the two reps or 2 senators from NH, who are solidly swamp creatures and Bernie Buddy Democrats; so y’all gonna have to get your Red State folks to do it.

  8. I think my spreadsheet for patriot entertainers is about ready for data… is there any chance I can ask for your readers’ help populating it? I’d like to have a resource ready for people who say ‘but who do I give my money to now??’ 🙂

    1. I’m wondering if folk are hesitant to comment due to the twin hesitances of “it’s kind of tacky to just give my own info here” and “would XYZ appreciate my putting them on the list?”

      But as far as the first goes… do I read this wrong, or is self-promotion encouraged here? 😉 (Can’t really speak to the other, but I figure anyone here or on Mad Genius Club is probably already “out” … :-p)

      1. We have got to stop hiding. It’s led to me looking for authors and finding reddit threads where people repeat only the same four people’s names and then laugh and say “and all their work is awful, because we all know Those People make awful art.” I am so done with that. We’ve hidden ourselves so well that we can’t even find one another. :/

        So yes, self-promo is fine!

              1. Which itself is a pretty good poll on the public mind…

                …me, in my current situation I’m tolerably non-vulnerable.

          1. It is not an unreasonable fear. During the campaign to end Puppy Related Sadness, authors were brow-beaten and threatened with blacklisting for being recommended by the Wrong People.

            So if a writer is on Team Civilization and still being trad-pubbed, I do not out them on right- or right-leaning sites. And when I recommend them elsewhere (and I do) I don’t mention that pro-USAian bent. Though “fully human characters” and “page-turning plot that hangs together beautifully” is rapidly becoming a dog-whistle for “not kool-aid-drunk SJW”

            But yes, Hogarth, you’re also correct. I’m torn.

            1. My problem here is that we are at very least half (if not more) of the country. They try to make us feel like we’re isolated and friendless, but chances are just as good that any person you meet will think your beliefs are normal and reasonable. Unless we begin to step into the light and profess ‘yes, I’m here’, though, we will continue to have to act like we’re isolated.

              I’ve done that for nearly 20 years of my career, and my silence and my complicity did not buy me acceptance, or insulate me from threats. I’m tired of letting people gaslight me into believing I’m alone. I’m *not* alone. But if this is going to work, all of us have got to be Spartacus. We have to be there for one another.

              I know this feels like a mean thing to say. I get that people have economic and physical safety issues. I do too. That’s why I can’t afford to be silenced anymore.

                1. As I said, I would never suggest people out other people who haven’t made it clear they’re all right with that. I want to encourage people to join me, not force them.

                  1. Joining you is fine. If you wish I can put up a permanent page called Book Club and people can drop links there to themselves or people they know are okay with that, who are not stupid.

              1. I am more willing to speak up in person than online. Harder to form an insta-mob.

                Here are some folks who are out and proud:

                Castalia House
                Cirsova & the pulp fiction Revolution
                Silver Empire Press
                Mad Genius Club authors
                According To Hoyt Sunday Edition
                Monster Hunter Nation Book Bombs

                And if you contact me off-list, as it were I can give you a bunch of modern authors who are not officially “out” as far as I know.

              2. There’s lots out there. I’ve been enjoying Silver Empire ( lately. Also check out

                I don’t know if I can recommend Twitter in good conscience but #IndieFiction gets results there.

            2. Maybe they are not all ‘human wave’ but perhaps ‘reality wave’ or something. NOT ‘Reality based’ which has something of a muddled meaning now.

          2. I can respect this reason, and I would never encourage anyone to “out” someone who doesn’t or can’t bear the consequences. But at the same time, I hear it as a condemnation… of myself, and the people like me, who have allowed other people to be beaten while we were silent and hoped the mob would pass us by. I am increasingly not able to live with myself and that silence. We have to protect one another. Part of that is not allowing any of our number to continue to believe that we are laboring in isolation, part of a dwindling minority.

                1. and they’re trying to use it on the ENTIRE country.
                  Actually before I came screaming out of the closet, I’d gathered a cadre of “comrades” (hey we can and should appropriate their words.) Some of whom are still closeted.
                  But man, the dance would have been simplified if we had an hanky code.

    2. Hello. Unfortunately I haven’t been too up to date on entertainment lately. My reading has been mostly older things, biographies, etc. (My grandmother’s old children’s history books are fascinating, but the authors are long gone.) Larry Correia strikes me as patriotic. James Cambias has also been making some interesting points here and there in his fiction, though usually in a very understated and subtle manner, so not sure if that’s what you’re looking for.

      I’ll certainly be interested in your list when it’s up and running though.
      Also, nice to see you around the internet. Have bought and read a lot of your space-opera.

      1. I’m in the same boat. “I can’t tell who to trust so I’ll read dead people.” -_-

        And thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the writing. 🙂

        1. Karl Gallagher writes anti-tyranny sci-fi. (Not sure what counts as US patriotic in worlds far removed from ours in space and time)

  9. And for today’s random union, apparently Insane Clown Posse face makeup break facial recognition software.

    If we’re going to be masked up for months to come, why not take full advantage of that and get masks in that style? Bonus points if we can figure out how to get them set up for high air flow, so they don’t suffocate you when you wear them.

  10. ” Will you sell your franchise for convenience? ”
    Short answer: yes. America has a deep-seated problem with convenience. For one example, it’s why hardly anyone minds their data being sold to China. Use a flip phone? Inconceivable! Etc Etc Etc

    My dryer just died and I’m line-drying my laundry for the foreseeable future. Offering it up to save American souls, may the Lord have mercy on us.

  11. So, NOW we have to accept Putin’s opinion on the US election. I can’t keep track of this stuff anymore. We need some kind of ministry to tell us what’s true, or something.

    1. OMG, the responses she got…. a few fine samples:

      I don’t know who told you the “You must agree with Putin” ploy is a good strategy, but this ain’t it, sis.

      If you find yourself agreeing with the man you lambasted for 4 years as an existential threat via disinformation, you might have a problem.

      You went from “muh Russian interference” to “we should be listening to Putin” real fast there, commie.

      We always figured the Democrat party took its cues from Putin, the CCP. Thanks for confirming.

      What I find more interesting, though, is the fact that you and @ewarren both said Dominion voting was a “Threat to the integrity of elections”. Naturally, your tune changed when #Trump started making the same assertion.

      and a link to

        1. Saint Augusto of the Whirling Blades, spare us your necessities, but if we cannot be spared, help us be decisive and resolute.

          This thing with the Georgia traffic accident is a problem. Even if genuinely accidental, so much credibility has been squandered that there is little that can persuasively authenticate that.

    2. Dear Senator Klobuchar,

      Has it perhaps escaped your notice that Vladimir Putin, whose main cash export is petroleum, benefit from Mr. Biden’s planned reduction of America’s energy production? I realize that you’re no economist but reduction of American petroleum production reduces supply without affecting demand, thus driving up the price paid to other producers?

      If you think it better for Russia, Iran and Venezuela to get more money for their petroleum, you might have a problem.

    1. Yes. People natter on and on about stuff like “the body politic” for years and decades… then suddenly something like the Big Steal happens, and it feels a lot like you’ve really been kicked in the guts, and it’s not so figurative at all.

  12. Will you sell your franchise for convenience?

    Oh come on – this is America!

    There are plenty of people who will give away their children for convenience. Whattya think public schooling is about?

    1. Likewise. There are G-d sized things, and Alma sized things. I’m trying to focus on Alma-sized things and praying about G-d sized thing, but leaving them for Him to worry about. Trying to.

      1. Yes. I’m finding the Lord’s Prayer is a comfort.
        Meanwhile, if church goes off this Sunday I’m giving the message. I won’t say my mind’s a blank, but there’s not much in it at the moment.

    2. Yes, this. And “watchful waiting” likely says it about as well as it can be.

      Something somebody (I think it was Galaxy Jane) said here a week or two or so ago has really stuck in my mind, to the point I’ve repeated it to a few other people too… working on “keeping the lights on in my little corner of the world” even in the middle of these, ah, interesting times.

      Something clear and simple to do, while waiting on guidance for more.

    1. Because they said so,that’s why! What’s wrong with you? ( Nothing’s wrong with you; I’m channeling mask Karens).
      Meanwhile, local Covid notes:
      At the food bank, the male volunteers are mostly not wearing masks. I’m seeing more people not wearing them, or wearing them as little as possible. Conversation in the group suggests that everyone now has at least one family member who has had the Wuflu. And the results are all over the map (welcome to the wonderful world of infectious disease). A few hospitalizations, a very few deaths. Most people are getting miserably ill for anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but some are asymptomatic. I heard of one case where the wife was ill for several weeks and her spouse had no symptoms but tested positive. In some ways it looks like our annual outbreak of, “unidentified upper respiratory virus,” has come early this year, aside from the fact that this one actually has a name.
      I’m also seeing the possible emergence of a meme: Yes, you might from Covid. You might get run over tomorrow, too. You’re going to die some day, for some reason, so why get upset about maybe dying from this particular virus?

      1. Actually, most are asymptomatic. 10% are sick enough to be hospitalized. About 5% with Covid die.
        I know of 6 people who have gotten it, 2 were hospitalized, 1 died. One who died was in late 60s, hypertensive, and I think he had diabetes too. Other guy hospitalized was an older guy too, but he pulled through. The other 4 had typical nasty flu symptoms for a week or so before it cleared up..

  13. Regardless of whether Trump’s attempt at overturning the election succeeds or not, I think it’s time to start looking towards the future. The election system in America needs to be fixed. Not because one party might win over another party, but because from 2016 to 2020, roughly half of America (not really half, but work with me here) was crying “Fraud!” and “Not my President!”. No matter who wins this year, the next four years we’re going to have roughly half of America screaming “Fraud!” and “Not my President!” This is what is tearing us apart! The problem is, there is no way the Democrats are going to do it. Why would they? We can’t count on the Republicans to do it either because as soon as they can, the Republicans are going to go squishy on it because they are afraid to rock the boat.

    I think what we need is a grass roots movement. Something like BLM or Tea Party, only we need to be careful not to tie it to either party, because it should be an American effort, not a Democrat or Republican effort. Unfortunately, my skillset does not include building something like this. Anyone have ideas?

    1. overturning

      This must be addressed: we are “overturning” nothing.

      For the rest; yes, the fraud needs to be fixed and will be. Trump now has a mandate to fix that (just dealing with all the traitors will do half the job…). If by some evil miracle Trump fails to stay in office it will get fixed by far less pleasant means.

      1. “overturning”

        Yea, sorry about that, poor choice of words. But make no mistake, should Trump succeed in staying in office, that is exactly how somewhere around half of Americas will see it. Just because you or I might think Trump is the rightful winner of the election, doesn’t mean everyone does.

        “yes, the fraud needs to be fixed and will be. Trump now has a mandate to fix that…”

        Wish I had your confidence. From my perspective, when it comes to election reform it doesn’t matter if Trump stays in office or not. The Democrats still control the House, and the Republicans in the Senate are still melting down to a squishy mess. Yes, there are still a few Republican Senators willing to work on election reform, just not enough. There are NO Democrats (at all) willing to work on election reform. To do so right now would be political suicide for Democrats. So unless he does it by executive order (which are notoriously weak), It isn’t likely to get done.

        That’s why we need to build a movement to push for election reform. Include everyone. Within the last two elections, both sides have seen things that they perceive to be problems with the system. Come up with reasonable reforms that everyone can agree with. Things like requiring chain of custody on ballots, and positive voter identification for all ballot types (in person and by mail). Requiring criminal investigation into fraudulent voting. Better poll watching guidelines. Possibly making it a crime to exclude valid poll watchers.

        The idea is to make the movement popular enough that candidates in the NEXT election can’t ignore it. Change take time, this is important enough to put the time in on.

        1. the Republicans in the Senate are still melting down to a squishy mess.

          OBJECTION! Facts Not In Evidence!

          This assumes the senate Republicans are not, were not and have not long been a squishy mess.

          The senate Dems have long fought “knuckle & skull” – biting, gouging, scratching, kicking and kneeing – while GOP senators have eschewed the Marquess of Queensbury’s rules as too brutal.

      2. This must be addressed: we are “overturning” nothing.

        And it’s amazing how many people (who ought to know better or even consciously do) stumble into saying nonsense like “overturning the election” without even (it would seem) quite bothering to think about it.

        The vote, is what fundamentally matters — the sum totals of legal ballots cast properly and Constitutionally on (or by) Election Day. This is the expressed will of the people. This is what deserves our respect, or even perhaps our semi-sacred honor — nothing else and nothing less. This is the real election.

        This is what, the public evidence is ever more overwhelmingly clear, has been already overturned by the assorted categories of fraud we by now already know about. At most, those trying to (as it’s said) “true the vote” are trying to overturn these incorrect, fraudulent, election results.

        One thing the Big Steal (whether it succeeds or not) makes clear, to anyone who is really paying attention — stealing an election through massive and well documented (even close to proven) fraud and illegality, does not “win” the election or “elect” a fraudster. It may be possible to become a President-Fraud that way (and win power), but not a legitimate President-Elect (and win true authority). And this remains true however many courts and judges choose to play Pontius Pilate and wash their hands of the matter, refusing even to look at what the fraud has done to our real election — leaving us to do their jobs.

        To be confused on this vital point is, as Sarah has said, to keep the wrapping and throw away the present — and given how important that is, let’s not.

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