I Do Not Consent

We are under a very sophisticated form of attack, using techniques developed by all the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century.

Just so you know, you are not crazy. They REALLY are trying to get in your mind and change it to validate their insane assumptions and their plans for you.

You could say all societies do this to some extent. It used to the way patriotism was instilled, in children too young to object, and it was part of the left taking apart that building block of functional countries or families or whatever.

A culture is by definition a group agreement on “how things are done.”

The problem is that the gaslight being pushed on us isn’t even solely for the purpose of making us obey or to keep them in power forever. That would be bad enough, at least if we have any wish to continue having a representative government.

The gaslight is being pushed on us by a culture that already considered itself external (“of the world”) and an occupying culture that needed to “civilize” the rest of us, and which now is full of hate for us and wants us destroyed, dead, reduced.

That thing we say? They’re not after Trump, they’re after us? Well, they’re actually after both. Trump because he dared run against It Was Her Turn Hillary, and us, because we propelled him to victory.

You see, they thought they had everything under control (that alone should tell you what the amount of fraud ALREADY baked in was, by 2016.) They thought we were irrelevant. (They also think we’re all very old, etc. It’s part of their bizarre cultic system that they’re the future. No, they’re not. But they believe all sorts of shit. That’s just one more bit of it.) And they had power forever. And we thwarted them.

Think of it as the victim of a serial killer that gives him the slip. The left has that left of crazy detachment from reality, compulsion to believe themselves superior, and absolute belief in their right to treat the rest of us as objects. That victim is likely to get tortured, humiliated, “erased” before being killed. Because now it’s personal.

Which is why I’ve been in a sweat of panic since September, and I still am. Because at this point I think our corrupt institutions will let them get power, and they will treat us as a conquered land to be “reduced.”

I’m not saying this to scare you, though a little fear is prophylactic. Make sure you are equipped to survive for at least a little while, without being able to buy food, without having power, without transportation. Be prepared for the worst your imagination can conjure up.

Only a few of us will get hit with that, mind, and honestly, they might not even get to me, because the only thing these people are GOOD at is gaslighting. That’s the only thing that totalitarianism, Nazi or communist, or the soft socialism of Europe who did the same thing through tsk tsk and demanding you have certain opinions to get ahead in life, ever managed to do well.

They suck at everything else, from keeping people fed to running a country at any level. And part of this, at least for our current — heaven help us — idiots is that they believe if they can make everyone believe something it will automagically be TRUE. This is why they want novels and movies where minorities are superior, because in their deranged minds, it will make every minority into a super-human. It’s why they’re so obsessed with crazy, irrelevant crap like pronouns. It’s also why they think the government creates value by printing money. Don’t go there. These people have a hole where their thinkum should be. They might have started with perfectly functional brains (AOC excepted. I mean, I’m sure she’s right her teachers thought she was retarded. No, I don’t think it had anything to do with her being Latin.) But they were trained and educated not to think. Our schools are really not any better than the madrassas, where you memorize irrational and contradictory things, and are trained not to question them.

It is in a way the way institutionalized, mass education goes. I’m glad and hopeful that it’s falling apart under the covidiocy. I’m suspicious of all the wringing of hands from the left about how our children are falling behind. And I hope that out of this a completely new model emerges, where the parents actually know what their kids are learning and exert some control over it. Seriously, when the boys were in elementary and middle school it was a full time job to re-teach them after school. I spent years NOT sleeping because I was teaching them, writing, and renovating a falling apart Victorian. (I’ll sleep when I’m dead.)

But what it means, in practicality is that all their crazy schemes and dreams fall apart in their hands, and they can’t figure out why. And when we resist them, it’s our fault, and…. we’re all kulaks now, my friends. Which is why there isn’t a hole deep enough to bury the Turtle for effectively joining the invaders. And oh, the same goes for the supreme court with two notable exceptions, and I’m sure we all are watching in horror as what should be our bulwark against tyranny folds like a cheap umbrella and begs to be eaten last. Never understanding what they’re doing is telling us we NEVER HAD A SAY.

Well, I don’t know how the future holds, or or how long we’ll continue in this vile, gutless submission to a barrage of lies. The crazy coviodicy sh*t was bad enough, but now the continuous barrage of “there’s no proof of fraud.” when everyone is dismissing the case without allowing discovery, so no one official has looked at the proof, THAT is the outside of enough. (And there’s proof. Dear lord, we’re swimming in proof.)

And I’ve seen this shit push into right wing blogs, where in the middle of an otherwise completely sane article they’ll drop in “but there’s no proof of fraud.” or “President elect Biden got more votes than any candidate ever.” or whatever the idiocy of the day is. And you (and I) know that “It’s because Trump is mean, and we should only nominate Romney like squishes” is just around the corner and is why Romney is acting like the puffed up asshole he is.

Well, I won’t say that I don’t blame people, but I do UNDERSTAND why theyr’e falling for this and falling in line. Part of it is that they’re social apes, and not naturally contrary (mom always said I’d break before bending from the day I was born. She wasn’t wrong.) Part of it is that this is an EXTREMELY sophisticated gaslighting operation. Take the thing reported in the NY Post of all places, about someone killing an airconditioning worker, because the murderer thought they were there to tamper with the elections. The murder happened in OCTOBER, so we can probably guess the murderer was flying on broken brain and maybe drugs, and had nothing to do with Trump. Actually, considering in October, it was the left screaming and hollering that Trump would steal the election, you know? the guy is probably a hole-in-head lefty. But it deserved printing now, because of course, it makes those of us who believe there was fraud cringe and wish to distance ourselves. Same btw with a lot of fly by night started up yesterday outfits that are publishing crazy theories with no byline, stuff that’s either obviously insane or gets immediately discredited. (I’m not convinced Sydney Powell and Lin Wood aren’t this kind of outfit, btw.) Yesterday I dropped out of all the Stop The Steal groups on Mewe, because they were flooded by that stuff. Just flooded.

All of this makes people start thinking “Oh, maybe there wasn’t fraud.” BUT THAT’s bullshit. There is no way there wasn’t fraud. We ALL watched it happen in the middle of the night, and Epoch times has more on it every day.

And what I want you to understand is this: right now they’re in people’s heads. They got in there with the covidiocy. Everything from lockdown to wearing masks is created to stop casual conversation and any contact between casual acquaintances and/or strangers. That is the reason for this new lockdown, for banning dining out (which has almost no incidence of infection) for screaming about the holidays that get far-flung family together.

Their illusion, their gaslighting is so flimsy, both on the “we’re all going to die from Winnie the Flu” and on the “there was absolutely no fraud, believe us” that normal contact between human beings would dispel it. Which btw, is the reason for Biden’s “100 days mask mandate and probably lockdown, peasants!” I mean, it also makes us beggars and kills people, but the real reason is that people can’t talk to each other in passing and say “I know the election was stolen.”

100 days and they’ll have cemented their hold on our minds, they think. For all I know, they’re right. This year has shaken to the core my belief in people’s ability to penetrate lies.

And see, once they have that hold, they can start selling you that no matter how bad THEY are, others would be worse. Part of this of course, is casting the blame on a highly exaggerated death toll etc. on Trump for not magically banishing a virus.

This is how countries actually die. When they start believing the tyranny is the best of all possible worlds. This is why places like Russia and East Germany STILL HAVE COMMUNISTS.

So whatever else you do to get through the undilluted SUCK that 2021 will bring our way, it’s very important you dont’ consent to letting them f*ck with your mind. Because they’re going to try in every possible and imaginary way, from false statistics, to false news, to screaming shaming.

Refuse to accept their screams over your lying eyes. Refuse to let them in. Refuse to use their terminology.

It’s not alleged fraud. It’s fraud. It’s not President Biden/Harris/Chtulhu, it’s the Fraudulent China Joe and Commie Lawhorish. It’s not “Oh, but we have to go to war now.” It’s “We’re going to war to distract us from their dumb f*ckery at home and justify violating our rights some more.” It’s not “the virus caused this” it’s “Crazy governments caused this overreacting to a perfectly average virus.”

Don’t give an inch. Watch what you say, and don’t let them in your head or out of your lips.

We do not consent. We will not buy the lies. We will not allow them the ultimate victory.

It’s work but it’s work worth doing.


I do not consent.

251 thoughts on “I Do Not Consent

  1. (I’m not convinced Sydney Powell and Lin Wood aren’t this kind of outfit, btw.)

    Weird how the GOP hitpieces on them started the moment they suggested that no one could trust an election if the GOP refused to back Trump.

    Just another of those random coincidences. I really need to teach my eyes to stop lying so much.

    1. On the other hand, Wood apparently has a history (pre-Covington, of course) of supporting the Dems. And he’s been yelling that Republicans should sit out the Georgia run-off even while Trump holds rallies for them.

      Maybe he’s legit. Maybe he saw the light as a result of the cases he’s representing. But it does make me think “Hmm…”

      1. I can’t speak for his past, though I will note that Jenna Ellis hatedTrump in 2016….

        And he’s been yelling that Republicans should sit out the Georgia run-off even while Trump holds rallies for them.

        The threat of sitting out the runoff is directly tied to a demand that they attempt to fix the fraud in the runoff. The only possible way for that threat to trigger is if the candidates implicitly say “We *want* fraud”.

        It is a brilliant bit of game theory.

        1. Very pretty game theory. But as realpolitik its bat crap insane. You cheated so we aren’t going to play so this time you won’t have to cheat (or at least cheat so blatantly). We’ll just fold up and die, not even going down as martyrs or kamikazees, just fold our hands and pout because you won’t play nice. Feh. Just like saying to bullies I’m going to ignore you doesn’t work, they just torture you all the more. Make them work for their cheat.

          1. ….. Go back and read it again.

            The way the runoff is boycotted is for the candidates to prove that they are as bad as Democrats.

            The ball is entirely in their court.

            1. I believe Ian you are referring to this in your post:

              The threat of sitting out the runoff is directly tied to a demand that they attempt to fix the fraud in the runoff. The only possible way for that threat to trigger is if the candidates implicitly say “We *want* fraud”.

              That assumes there is someone that will give a rats patootie if the the Dems stood up and screamed “We want fraud, give us fraud lots of it”. No one will notice and no one would report it. Although its a very clever logic trap the voters on the other side are either of what was referred to as ‘Low information Voters’, or they do not actually exist at all. This will NOT change their votes in either case. The logic is elegant but is based on a flawed supposition.

              By even putting the words “Boycott” and “runoff election” together there may be some votes suppressed (some of the folks on our side aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer either).
              The authorities (Governor, Secretary of State, both branches of the legislature) have shown a truly amazing lack of wanting to do anything about the fraud, and may even be colluding with it for some reason. They are totally abrogating their duties with respect to the issue. The only hope is a turn out so decisive for the R candidates (no matter how bad a crap sandwich they are) that any attempt to fraud it will be to obvious even for the current folks running the elections in the city(ies). Its a darn thin hope but it’s what we’ve got

              1. That assumes there is someone that will give a rats patootie if the the Dems stood up and screamed “We want fraud, give us fraud lots of it”.

                It is assumed that the Democrats want fraud.

                I wasn’t talking about them.

              2. The demand isn’t the DEMS denounce fraud, but the two GOP candidates.

                I find it curious that Perdue, who wouldn’t even be facing a runoff sans fraud (Loeffler was always doomed to one by candidate count), thinks everything is fine.

            2. Today there was the claim that Kelly Loeffler paid $56,000 for an Andy Warhol print of Mao, and had it hanging in in pride of place in her home.

              I don’t know if it’s true, but I’m shocked she hasn’t yet pushed back on the claim.

              So, it may be that she is as bad.

              The other R candidate has been quite outspoken in his desire to betray us. If he weren’t running against an actual communist, I’d be joining the chorus of bleep this bleep in particular.

              1. If I had Loeffler money I might consider buying a Warhol print of Mao to hang in my den.

                The old dart board’s gotten a bit ratty.

                  1. I don’t live in Georgia, so it’s not my circus. I’m stuck with Wyden and Merkley as senators. Sigh.

                    Doug Collins would be ticked, though. There are reports of some interesting stock transactions with Loeffler and Dominion just before the primary vote. (I think there were copies of the stock transaction statements; I’m not involved enough to have kept notes as to when or where.) Not sure if Dominion values Red or Blue more, or if green is simply their favorite color.

                    1. Talk about stuck – here in Glorious Gavin’s Bear Flag People’s Imperium, he’s going to get to reward two faithful imperial cronies with interim appointments to fill out both failing-fast-DiFi and rising-fast-Veshya* seats.

                      Whoever gets them would best be sure to wipe down both seats with disinfectant, though for different reasons. Jus’ sayin’.

                      * How much of her Jamaican parentage was from Africa after all? ‘Sun Never Sets’ and all that. and there’s the one-drop rule of which the left is so enamored. So in honor of her Indian heritage and chosen avocation I have decided to call her Veshya Harris, from the Hindi वेश्या.

                  2. Seeing as how that Andy Warhol is showing Mao’s face covered in blood, I think Doug Collins is full of it.

      1. To continue the game analogy although there’s unforced errors the sports reporters and refs are either blind, compromised or bought. Thus we are in a really bad position.

        1. I meant to ask you, could you send me the thing to download your audible content, to email. first initial, middle initial last name at the hot mail?
          Thanks. Just saying, before I forget, because it was tired yesterday and I didn’t save it.

          1. Dear Hostess I think you have me confused perhaps with another Lensman. I have no audio content for you to the best of my knowledge. Although it seems likely the Word press is playing its usual games and has attached your reply to a random post. In any Case Word Press Delenda Erat…

              1. Not that I don’t do facebook (use it for some games) but that’s under my actual name. I don’t think I’ve ever visited the diner… Perhaps someone is impersonating a blocky Rigelian L2? Might be Worsel he’s a card like that.

    2. That wasn’t Powell; that was Wood. To my eye, he’s an upscale ambulance chaser. Notwithstanding that he’s defended some on our side.

      1. If we can’t support people who have defeated people on our side, why did we all vote for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012.

        And we’ll be expected to vote for Jeb!, or the close facsimile the GOP runs in 2024.

        1. Assuming we even have elections in 2024, the GOP side is likely to look like the GOP in 2016 — everyone and their dog, mostly crap candidates, but one or two outliers who are more like Trump. And a fair bet the outlier wins, unless the GOP has since figured out how to cheat like a Democrat.

          And then we WILL have to cheat like a Democrat to win the general election.

          1. Oh, we’ll have “elections”. Even the USSR had elections.

            I’m thinking they might let a tame enough Republican be president now and then.

            But the GOP Establishment will learn from the Dems in 2016 and 2020 and make sure only “acceptable”, “responsible”, “adult” people of proper behavior and thought are put up to fall to Harris.

          2. They figured that out long ago. See 2014 in MS and AL in 2016 for the latest Senate examples. Vichy Mitchy takes out oppo and then invites Democrats into the open primary.

          3. I think your assumption is false.
            There will be no more elections after this one is stolen. The idea that there will be, or that we’ll have a chance to win one, means you haven’t read history.

            1. Should I have said “elections” to make my point clearer?

              We will not have elections that have an unknown outcome, but the form will continue at least 2 more cycles.

      2. Alternately, he’s seen enough corruption that he’s asking God to send his cleansing fire to scour the earth of the stain.

        I’m not entirely sure which possibility bothers me more.

  2. I, for one, will not wear a mask unless in a place where I myself determine it’s reasonable. If that means I can’t enter your store, fine, you’ve forfeited my business, and not just this time, permanently.

    As for staying home, only if I feel like it, son. And don’t even think of trying to shut down our church–we refused the first time, what would ever make you think we’ll do it now?

      1. I was supposed to give the message this Sunday since the pastor is visiting his grandkids. But the church (older folks, not curmudgeons) heard there’s a spike in cases, so it’s been called off.
        I am somewhere south of “bummed.” Very far south. Suspect I have officially met the black dog in the last day or so.
        Actually managing to get out and buy a present seems to have helped.

        1. They planned to have tickets for Christmas mass at our church so they didn’t have to turn people away but it turns out that only some masses have enough for that. sigh “We should not stay away from our assembly, as is the custom of some, but encourage one another, and this all the more as you see the day drawing near.”

      2. You’re always welcome to stop by my church if you ever swing through Cleveland, Ohio. No masks or social distancing required. We’re back to drinking straight from the xommunion cup, even.

        1. we might at that, at some point. We have family and friends in Ohio. Unfortunately the mostly likely reason for us to go up would be my FIL’s death, and I’m hoping he holds on a little longer.

    1. Same here.
      The only people who have any right whatsoever to tell me to mask are my employers, as a condition of employment. I can tell them to buzz off and quit at any time, too. And so far, they have made no effort to fire ANYONE for non-compliance.
      Businesses that attempted to force compliance upon me lost my money forever. So far, it’s only been 3, since March.
      As for church, we have a bunch of old folks there, all of whom have also refused to put on facial diapers. If they’re not concerned, neither am I. And the pastor is a bit of a curmudgeon himself, and has flat refused to shut down.

      1. Retail employers force their employees into slave diapers 24/7, full shift, regardless. If you can’t, you get to request a leave of absence. Then go on unemployment because every single employer insists on the slave diaper. OK. File for unemployment and food stamps. Oh. Heavy load + incompetence = months of no income for retail people who have zero cash to begin with.

        Pastor and elders insist on the slave diaper, though we are allowed to sing. It’s terrifying, not knowing anyone well, and seeing zombie slave diaper faces. I pretended it didn’t bother me, but it does. I can’t go till we remove these beastly things.

        This is a time of great opportunity for those of us shoved to the curb for whatever reason–

        I wanted to illustrate that there are millions at the bottom of the barrel who are looking at this opportunity very, very differently. And feeling very, very desperate much of the time.

      2. I’ve been wearing the face shield. Oregon Covid-stasi have let OR_OSHA into the mix, with them treating “customers without masks” as a violation. NW reporter says there has been a spate of complaints of that order in Eugene, which sad to say can be Karen Central. Sorry for you, d.

        The Kroger affiliate has a big sign saying “Mask or face covering required for entry”. The machinegun nest hasn’t been staffed since Summer, so there’s usually a small (but increasingly larger) contingent of people who don’t bother. The larger farm and ranch store has a gatekeeper, but that didn’t stop one maskless family from being in the store.

        $SPOUSE didn’t like my idea of the apple-bag mesh face mask. I’ve been using the face shield (officially allowed in Oregon, regardless of the Chinavirus-Karen’s wishes), tilted up high enough so I can breathe properly. This is conflicting with wearing a hat, so I got the thinnest bandana I could find, and will rig that as a single layer for when it’s too damned cold to be without a hat. (Seriously, 15F *is* too damned cold.)

        Places out of the mainstream seem to be considerably more, er, casual about following the mask dictates. Some of those are in areas where the state people would want combat pay to do spot checks. “Sorry, sir. I never heard of 3-S. Could you hand me that shovel, please?”

        1. NW reporter says there has been a spate of complaints of that order in Eugene, which sad to say can be Karen Central. Sorry for you, d.

          Thank you. I think … 😉 I haven’t read that. Not surprised.

          The Kroger affiliate has a big sign saying “Mask or face covering required for entry”. The machinegun nest hasn’t been staffed since Summer

          Hadn’t been locally either, at least the one on Division (don’t shop the other local two often enough to know). They are now. Don’t know if that is because they got hit with complaints or OSHA; embracing the AND. Their cart spraying station isn’t always manned … or not visibly (neither is local Costco).

          An aside, son’s work has gotten hit. An entire day side department taken out, at first because of one positive result. He called last night said they had 10 of 10 positive results. It was a matter of time. Not even as supervisor of a crew in the same division does he have direct contact with that crew. Maybe during the supervisor meetings, which occur once a week, with that crew’s supervisor and manager. Otherwise, well the work carts are shared around. Guess it comes down to how well the virus survives on surfaces in non-climate controlled covered environment.

          It’s not like they don’t wear masks. It is a standard OSHA job requirement. They wear better quality industrial masks because it is a Cabinet Making company … Heck he showers immediately when he gets home, always has … it is called Dust. Depending on how cold it is, they even use gloves. Conclusion … if the face diapers actually worked … (I know preaching to the choir.)

          This morning he asked if he should take a test before Christmas gathering. Just mom, us, and sis and her husband. But they are the ones who babysit the grandchildren for their immune compromised daughter. Told him probably yes, but wait until Monday, so at least we’ll know he is good then.

        2. Several months back I was exiting a local grocery, one serving a (largely) college neighborhood, and noticed the parking lot was generously littered with discarded face diapers. Presumably lots of folks toss them as soon as practical upon leaving.

    2. “Seriously, when the boys were in elementary and middle school it was a full time job to re-teach them after school”

      Sarah, if you ever write a book on what issues to watch for, how to spot them, and how to deal with them, I will buy the hell out of it.

    3. If I refused to shop at all the stores that don’t let me go in without a mask, I’d unfortunately never grocery shop locally again. There is one chain restaurant which I’m expecting to see fail.

      1. This is my situation right now. My acts of defiance consist of my walking across the parking lot with my mask in hand until I reach the entrance. And doing the same when walking across the parking lot after leaving the building that I work in for the day.

        1. I have purchased and wear these:

          I have no problem with people who need to see me wearing a spit guard, and this allows me to do so safely without endangering my health or conforming to the mask sharia.

          Give them a try. The only business that has refused me entry is my employer, and I am on record telling them that the fabric face fetishes are both unhealthy and ineffective.

          1. I prefer to wear a mask with the logo of The Division. That comes from a video game of that name (and its sequel) in which the US (and presumably other parts of the world) have been devastated by a man-made virus (called the “Dollar Flu”, since it was released by putting samples of it on twenty-dollar bills that were put into circulation on Black Friday).

            I get grins and laughs whenever someone recognizes the emblem on my mask.

            1. Work has mandatory use rules and I wear mine as little as possible, and most of the time the nearest person is within distances easily measured in acres, but I bought a 5-pack of the Sonovia masks because they at least are not trying to kill me if I have to wear one for longer that one should. I had fitted N99 ones at home, but the last work in the attic killed those off (Vermiculite insulation lying about up there) and been going through my N95s in the basement doing a kitchen cabinet and routing Bamboo (Nature’s Fiberglass!). So soon I will need to actually buy masks for their intended use. hope the good ones are in stock when I do.

              I was watching an out of work roadie on the YT who got to work for the first time since March. He said he didn’t realize how much the mask took out of you until he did his semi-low activity job for a few days while forced to wear one most of the time. Exhausted him and gave him a headache.

                1. Yeah, one of the reasons I went with Sonovia’s was theirs is slightly easier to breath through than the other model that is possibly a bit more effective at not killing the user. But it was even higher priced than these, too. Mine were $45 a piece as it was. Luckily, after a hour or so wearing it my Oxy% is not below the 90% level on my meter. The N99 was about 84%, but it was after working in that vermiculite loaded attic, and was dark brown with debris. The bamboo sawdust laden N95 is a bit higher but I also was working less physically and I pulled it on an off a few times.
                  Free and clear I hang around 97% or so

      2. At Kroger the other night a woman was wearing a “Fuck You” mask.

        I liked her style.

        Thinking of an “I stand behind Joe and the Ho” mask.

        1. Seen at the sporting good store: Another customer had one with a caption: “This mask is as useless as our governor”. That would be good in several states.

          My personal favorites are the masks worn by the Texas A&M marching band. Complete with holes to they can be properly masked up and play their instruments. For various interpretations of “properly”, of course.

  3. One of the callers into Rush today summed the parties up pretty well (paraphrased): “There is a family of a husband, wife, and daughter. The husband rapes the daughter every night. The wife does nothing.”

    He is right.

    Which leads us to a problem. After the wife has known and refused to do anything for 10 or 15 years she can’t say “he threatened me!” anymore. Her position (“fuck my daughter”, uh… literally) is clear and she abandoned her duty as a parent. She can fry in the electric chair right next to her husband.

      1. If you don’t use a wimpy little gun, you can line ’em up and shoot ’em both with that one bullet.
        “He’s been sitting up there all morning, just waiting for two of you idiots to line up in his sights.”

  4. I agree that there is baked in fraud. Plus tons of evidence. Can’t prove it because we can’t get it in court to prove it. Plus the Dominion machines???? We have a bunch of non-technocrats in the judges so even if you can prove it, they don’t understand and it is to digital for their minds. They wouldn’t be able to judge it anyway. It is so entirely frustrating.

    Interestingly– Trump supporters who are more left are also talking about teaching their kids at home and calling the education system– propaganda machine. We pay to be brainwashed. What a system.

    1. We pay to be brainwashed. What a system.

      Technically, payment implies a willing exchange of moey for goods or services. The monies for public schools are extorted; we “pay” for them in much the same sense that members of Fulang Gang “pay” for the bullets with which they are executed.

        1. Oh. Well, the brainwashing is largely complete by that point, given the influence of schools of education and public teachers’ unions. He’s a Fifties Lefty but Tom Paxton’s song aptly describes the situation when Progressives control communications and education as much as when the Old Right had the upper hand:

          I believe, I do, I believe it’s true
          I believe exactly what they tell me to
          I believe, I do, I believe it’s true
          I’m a simple guy, I believe

          Oh, the building inspector came around
          And he poked his head inside my door just as the
          Plaster missed his head, then he smiled and said
          “Well, the building looks quite safe to me.”

          And I believe, I do, I believe it’s true
          I believe exactly what they tell me to
          I believe, I do, I believe it’s true
          I’m a simple guy, I believe

          The politician told me just the other day
          That he really didn’t want the job at all
          But he would make this sacrifice for me
          If I would only place my trust in him

          And I believe, I do, I believe it’s true
          I believe exactly what they tell me to
          I believe, I do, I believe it’s true
          I’m a simple guy, I believe

          And the labor leader told his membership
          That his limousine was no extravagance at all
          His cocktail parties at Miami Beach
          Merely helped him roll the union on

          And I believe, I do, I believe it’s true
          I believe exactly what they tell me to
          I believe, I do, I believe it’s true
          I’m a simple guy, I believe

          The Commissioner of Public Safety called
          On the people to support their local cops
          Who never ever use any extra force
          When a kindly word would do as well

          And I believe, I do, I believe it’s true
          I believe exactly what they tell me to
          I believe, I do, I believe it’s true
          I’m a simple guy, I believe

  5. Don’t know if you’ve been reading Michael Yon lately but he’s been bringing up some interesting points about the way things are going lately:

    Michael Yon: America’s most experienced living combat correspondent is creating Dispatches about American Situation | Patreon

    Basically, have good hiking boots, and beware of being out after 10pm. When protests die out without having the core problem being resolved, that is not the good sign.

    And, always beware the New Moon of Spring.

    1. Michael Yon is also here: https://michaelyon-online.com

      Though direct support via places like Patreon is of immense value, and is the model I expect will finally kill off CNN and Faux and the three-letter media as they all so richly deserve – I mean, really, how much Patreon support would Jim Acosta get?

      1. True, though he posts a lot more of his unedited thoughts on his Patreon page, and I find it easier to navigate than his current website.

        I’m not actually signed up as one of his patrons, but I’m thinking I should.

      2. Unless you have nowhere else to go, Patreon censors free speech. Jordan B. Peterson and Dave Rubin both left a couple of years ago because of that–I can’t remember the issue, but I could look it up if needed. I haven’t supported Patreon since, unless it’s the only way I can bless someone’s work.

  6. This whole thing is frustrating. There are clear signs that – in the immortal words of Mr. E. Fudd – “theah’s something vewy scwewy going on awound heah!” But the deluge of supposed information (much of it seemingly either bad rumors or intentiinal misinformation) on one side, and the complete cut-off of information on the other, is ridiculous. And there’s no real way to know what’s what. We heard about a server in Europe, and we heard all sorts of things regarding it. But nothing authoritative has emerged, making me wonder if it even really happened. And there are lots of similar stories.

  7. the only thing these people are GOOD at is gaslighting.

    They’re not actually very good at that, else they wouldn’t first gaslight themselves. Good gaslighters maintain awareness of reality so that it does not intrude.

    1. I think it says something on my mood that my first thought on seeing the illustration was that there was a rope or two missing from the lamp post.

  8. Are you in my head? I just came from somewhere else where I said, “I withdraw my consent to be governed by bandits.”

    And listening to the U.S. Senate committee hearing…. time to hang all the Democrats. “Disinformation” is their version of “shoot the messenger”.

    1. I just realized (yes I’m slow, probably slower than certain Minotaurs) that this goes to this pretty piece of prose:

      Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

      I hope the Founding Fathers are not watching me condemning me for being a coward.

      1. I distinctly recall Washington exhausting every possible alternative first, and then some, even as the firebrands were raging at him for doing so.

        One of the most important lessons from David Drake’s books is that, even when it is the least bad option, wars are still extremely ugly things.

        Does not mean one doesn’t sometimes have to fight them, but that doesn’t make them pretty, just less ugly than the alternative.

  9. And part of this, at least for our current — heaven help us — idiots is that they believe if they can make everyone believe something it will automagically be TRUE. This is why they want novels and movies where minorities are superior, because in their deranged minds, it will make every minority into a super-human. It’s why they’re so obsessed with crazy, irrelevant crap like pronouns. It’s also why they think the government creates value by printing money.

    DERP = Didn’t Engage Reality Processor

      1. At a tangent:

        “In my opinion it is a mistake for the government not to issue the larger denominations ($500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000) that are authorized by law.” – Milton Friedman.

    1. Just started listening to The Prince on tape. It is striking that the incoming administration seems to be doing most of the things wrong to retain power over a republic.

      That said, I do need to also look at it from the likely hood they are simply a stalking horse for Xi’s efforts.

      And I also need to consider things from the aspect that the US is also a coalition of states, federal powers, and federal officials as well.

      I kind of suspect our current government would make Machiavelli’s head hurt, and that that was by design…

      1. Not so much on the hurting.
        The Prince has a very strong subtext of “you fools! This is how they’re controlling you!”
        He was almost as fond of princes as he was of mercenaries.

    2. It comes back to their relativist view of reality. They do NOT accept that there are absolute truths. To them truth is just opinion. So if you get all the opinion pointing in the same direction Voila its True!!!! Time to find a helicopter and show them that there are absolute realities like acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/sec^2 and believing it is otherwise will not make you hang in mid air like Wile E. Coyote…

  10. Via Breitbart:

    Omar: Biden Should Rely Heavily on ‘Executive Power’ to ‘Create an Economy that Works for Everyone’
    Pam Key
    December 15, 2020

    Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Live With Ayman Mohyeldin” that President-elect Joe Biden should rely heavily on executive orders to “create an economy that works for everyone.”

    Omar said, “We’re asking for the incoming administration to come into this with eyes wide open. We recognize that the Republican Party will do everything that they can in their power to make sure this president is not successful. They have said they might begin to work with him in six months. We know what gets accomplished in the first 100 days are important for an administration.”

    She continued, “We’re asking, you know, President-elect Biden and Harris to use their executive power in increasing the minimum wage to $15 for federal workers. We’re asking them to use their executive power to declare the climate crisis as a national emergency. We’re asking them to use their executive power in strengthening OSHA protections. We’re asking them to use their executive power in, you know, reinstating things like temporary protection status for so many people in our country. There are so many things that need to get done in regards to undoing the damage that’s been done in the last four years. Also, in stabilizing our country in regards to the economy and the coronavirus. We also have an opportunity to leap into the future as we look at what it means to create an economy that works for everyone.”

    Cardshark note:

    Democrats spent the last four years calling Trump a dictator and now want Harris/Biden to rule by decree: Note the now standard language that Democrats are using to push socialism. Also note the clear reference to it being really a Harris presidency, via “President-elect Biden and Harris” and the use of “their executive power” on multiple occasions. (the VP has no executive power and cannot issue executive orders or directives). The use of “their” was consistent, and shows that the Democrats KNOW that Biden is a figurehead and that Harris will be the real in office by fraud President.

    Also, as predicted, the CCP Virus lockdowns and decrees are a mere preview of the absolute totalitarian power Democrats will seek through declaring a “national climate emergency”. Note also the reference to the Great Leap Forward (‘to LEAP into the future”)

    1. Their version of ‘equality’ is to ride us all down into abject poverty. Presto, equality achieved!

      Except for them. But, hey, somebody has to be in charge of all those government programs, right?

  11. A meme I saw over at GAB, basically read; ‘1776
    How the revolution started, we met in taverns, we met in restaurants, we met in churches.

    2020, understand the closures now?’

    1. yeah. They’ve done their best to weaken the bonds betqeen people, leaving too many people adrift and susceptible to gaslighting.

      1. This is the cherry on top. They’ve worked on it for years what with divorce, cohabitiation, welfare, etc.

  12. All of this makes people start thinking “Oh, maybe there wasn’t fraud.” BUT THAT’s bullshit.

    Well, maybe there was no fraud. I don’t believe it but, for sake of argument, will so stipulate.

    Then screw this election! This ain’t America, “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” I want America to be great again and this fraudAmerica will no more be great than the Roman Empire became great.

    I want no part of their “America” — even if they put “New & Improved” on the label.

    *Is it just me or does the Lady in the Green Kyrtle bear a striking resemblance to our vice-fraudulent-elect? In bearing and expression, that is.

    1. I came to love Puddleglum. And that moment is magnificent enough that, if I’m in the proper mood, will make me cry.

      If I think about America my beloved at all it makes me cry these days.

      BUT, not from a lack of resolve. Grief, and pain. And cold, raging anger. You get artists mad at you, man, and you’re done. Just done. Those deep feelings? Yeah, they’re going to erupt like Vesuvius only dreamed of. Berserker? Lightweight compared to the eruption that will come when those with empathy, the healers, the storytellers have finally said enough.

      1. ” Grief, and pain. And cold, raging anger. ” so much this. Though I AM a berserker, and so I keep depressing myself to NOT kill people.
        I try to not inflict that on you guys, but it’s affecting the work.

        1. I’m of Norwegian descent, so I assume there is berserker in there somewhere. I used to think of myself as even-tempered, but too many people told me that I have a bad temper for me to keep that delusion. But when I do lose my temper without anything to expend it on, it makes me feel kind of sick. It might be a good thing that certain people’s necks are not within my reach. But those free-flowing stress hormones are not a good thing.

            1. Just waiting to set things on fire.

              Working on methods.

              Speaking of, two fire-related questions: where can one easily obtain medical oxygen, and are there medical oxygen masks that are very high heat tolerance.

              1. I believe many of the cylinders come from places like airgas, but medical grade oxygen is controlled substance technically so need to jump thru hoops. But welders and such do use.

                As far as masks, they’re all lightweight plastic. Maybe modify an SCBA mask

              2. Bernz-O-Matic torches are sold a Tractor Supply and some department stores. They use MAPP or propane with oxygen cylinders. Pay cash and walk out.

                Medical-grade oxygen comes from welding supply stores. And in my area, even getting my welding bottles refilled requires ID after 9/11.

                1. Yeah, I’ve got MAPP gas and O2 for brazing. When I welded the Navy supplied gas, so never bought it (my welder if flux wire).

              3. As I recall, industrial oxygen tanks have the same content, oxygen, but are sold in a different supply chain, and with differently threaded fittings.
                American Standard is that pressurized fuels and pressurized oxidizers use different threaded connections (left hand and right hand threads)
                Look at the McMaster-Carr catalog for industrial fastenrrs and fittings.

                1. I was briefly on an ambulance service (shouldn’t have been due to my own medical issues…), and we got oxygen tanks from the welding supplier (Airgas, I think. Norco also does retail in town.) The gas tanks we used for the ambulance are compatible with welding equipment.

                  I can’t speak to the tiny bottles that people used for walkabout oxygen. Those are more-or-less banned, in favor of oxygen concentrators. At least one of those suppliers also sells DME (durable medical equipment) and the medical oxygen bits and pieces.

                  OTOH, for home equipment, Linde has trucks that go around the area. They don’t have a retail store in our area.

                  I’ve been welding so little I’m out of touch on the current regulations. No surprise if ID is required for gas purchases.

            1. Hehe. Actually, through the accident of fate, I’m 100% Norwegian, though all of my ancestors came over in the 1845-1880 timeframe. My great-grandmother, who died in 1972, was born in this country in 1872, but her older siblings were born in Norway.

                1. I’m like eight times the Viking you are!
                  (Or, given that most of the rest is Scottish and Marcher English, probably considerably more.)

                  1. 25% for me, though the ancestors came from the area disputed between Germany and Denmark. “If it’s Saturday, we’re Danish. Get back to me next Tuesday.”

              1. Impressive! You’ve got more viking blood than I do!

                One of my grandparents immigrated from Sweden, which is how I originally came up with the idea.

            2. Under the one-drop rule so am I, since i”m descended in a straight line from a Norwegian woman in the 10th century. 2% of my DNA. And yet, you know,she apparently led a war band after being widowed, so…. she’s in there somewhere.
              Spero, what you describe is classical berserker let-down though not very intense. When I get it, I’m literally ill. If I had to pull back at the last minute, and it was very hard (Or Dan had to get between me and whatever I wanted to obliterate, that being the only way to stop me, when I’m past the point of no return) I can be sick for an entire day, like a severe flu.
              Unfortunately the higher the stress the more likely I am to flip to berserk. And my only way to dampen the chances of happening to someone is depression.
              I’m trying not to inflict the depression on you guys. It’s not even rational, it’s just an attempt at not killing anyone I don’t want to kill.

              1. My genealogy is interesting that way…

                Mom’s side is all Norwegian; came over from Trondheim in the mid-1800s. (Goes back to Harald the Great, but so do all Norwegians.)

                Dad’s side came over on the Mayflower; all Assorted British (mostly Scot and English but some Irish and Welsh) but go back far enough and we find a Norman knight who came over with William the Conqueror. Elsewhere that lineage goes back through Charles Martel and eventually, ca. 350AD, thence to a minor Roman functionary, and to the first king of Trondheim, Norway.

                So like as not we’re umpteenth cousins, much as are my parents’ lineages.

                1. I’ve done my geneology back to about 1700, which is when the parish records start. Before that it’s private or village records, some of which are collected in village geneology books. From Sandsvaer, Hallingdal, and miscellaneous other parts of Norway. I identify most with Hallingdal because it’s the female line. Hallingdal is a valley 1/3 of the way from Oslo to Bergen.

              2. It must work for you kind of like how it did with Mr. Prosser (the government bureaucrat) in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The novel mentions that he had distant Mongolian ancestry, which was the cause of the strange dreams he would have about riding across the country as the leader of a band of horsemen, looting and pillaging all in his path.

                1. If you met my mom, all would become clear. She has scandinavian facial structure, her natural hair color was about walnut-shell, and she’s green eyed.
                  And I’m a pale reflection of her on temper. PALE.

        2. If they successfully convince us that we’re crazy, we are likely to start acting like it.

          I don’t think they’ve thought this through.

  13. They also think we’re all very old, etc. It’s part of their bizarre cultic system that they’re the future.

    Which still amuses me, when it’s a baby boom generation person lecturing a come-of-age-at-the-millennium me. 😀

    1. The other amusing thing (to me at least) is to see the families in our quite conservative American church. The young parents (millenials at the oldest) tend to have families of at least four kids. We don’t segregate our kids into nurseries during liturgy (we believe they should experience corporate worship from infancy), so sometimes it seems there are more kids than adults in church. Yeah, we’re all very old [wink].

  14. While we’re discussing gaslighting, please take note that the MSM is lauding Pete Buttigieg as “first openly gay cabinet member” which sorta kinda ignores Ric Grenell — who, I guess, being Republican is deemed not truly gay.

    And the same MSM that wrung hands over whether Amy Coney Barrett could take on the duties of Supreme Court Justice while having children at home are now praising … well, here’s The Federalist:

    NYT Reporter Praises Biden Staffer For Balancing Career And Kids, Ignoring These Conservative Working Moms
    After corporate media completely ignored the working moms found in the Trump administration, Biden’s incoming deputy chief of staff gets a glossy magazine interview before she even gets to the West Wing.

  15. Sad. The Emperor is running around butt naked, and those of us who point it out are disputed by CGI/Photo editing magic of those marvelous clothes.
    You have to spend your energy convincing YOURSELF they’re still naked, with nothing left to convince others.

  16. And swamp foxes, I remind you that we should never ever pass along, spread rumors, such as the one I heard today that Camel and her front man, sleazy Joe, plan to, by executive order, nationalize all food production and transport, following the 100 day masked lockdown, to assure a fair share of scarcities such as beef, bread and potatoes reach our highly important brethren in CA and D.C., such vile rumor might upset the fine folks in Chicago, Philly & NYC.

  17. “Proof” is a tell. For the person demanding proof, no evidence will ever be considered good enough to constitute proof.

    1. When tainted, illegally-obtained evidence is introduced at a criminal trial, it gets thrown out. Even if the defense can’t prove that it’s manufactured fraudulent evidence. The evidence might well be true and accurate, but it cannot be trusted.

      Likewise with tainted ballots. They should be thrown out without requiring proof of fraud and despite the fact that they might well have been cast in good faith by persons entitled to vote. Because they can’t be trusted.

      1. Once the ballots are co-mingled with legitimate ones (hence Justice Alito’s “suggestion” that Pennsylvania store all mail-in ballots received after statutory “closing time” separately) there is no way to distinguish them.

        Hence the low setting on the signature match and the destruction of envelopes submitting ballots: that assured there was no way to prove a material umber of ballots were invalid.

  18. “Don’t give an inch. Watch what you say, and don’t let them in your head or out of your lips.
    We do not consent. We will not buy the lies. We will not allow them the ultimate victory.
    It’s work but it’s work worth doing.
    NO SALE.
    I do not consent.”

    Sarah, these words go straight to my heart in a way that very, very few writers have ever done. And I read a lot. (Or, I used to before the world exploded a few years ago. Now it’s touch and go.)
    Anyhow, the whole point is this: The essential element in my wellbeing is my heart (not just me, of course). If I can keep heart, I can do anything I need to do. (With a ton of prayer, and friends, and all the things.) I feel like I can sit here and read your words aloud, and I’m talking to the whole crew of commenters here. Like we’re at the Battle of Stirling and looking at the cavalry and thinking “Dear Lord in heaven above…” And knowing you won’t quit. You can’t quit.

    This is our country.

    1. This is our country.

      I tend to think of it as G-D’s Country, and we’re just the caretakers. Gotta defend it against those who want to strip its resources and those eager to bury its talents.

  19. Oh look! More actions that are toooootally in line with a lame duck president!

      1. In addition to Trump’s confidence there is another detail that has been consistent from day one: anyone who is 1. military-aligned, and 2. in a position to know what is really going on, is acting like there is a 0.00000% chance of a Biden presidency.

        Even if you knew nothing else that should tell you something. And of course we can see a number of the other pieces, if only dimly.

        1. I choose to have hope.

          But I’m still taking Mrs. Hoyt’s (and others) advice about prepping, staying the course, and warning up my sabots.

          They’ll be needed in Trump Presidency, 2nd ed. anyhoo.

              1. I am puzzled … since the oath refers to enemies “foreign or domestic,” I wonder why they insist on evidence of foreign interference? Not asking you to explain their thinking, just expressing my befuddlement.

                1. Because that was the threat Trump identified in the 2018 Executive Order that the DNI report due this week will speak to.

                  1. Exactly. Foreign interference lies directly within the President’s authority as Commander in Chief.

              2. Breaking tonight:

                ODNI Says Report on Foreign Threats During 2020 Election Delayed
                The Office of the Director of National Intelligence announced late Wednesday that DNI John Ratcliffe has been notified that the intelligence community will not be meeting the Dec. 18 deadline set by an executive order to report on foreign threats during the November election as “agencies have not finished coordinating on the product.”

                “This afternoon the DNI was notified by career intelligence officials that the Intelligence Community will not meet the December 18 deadline, set by Executive Order and Congress to submit the IC’s classified assessment on foreign threats to the 2020 U.S. elections,” Amanda Schoch, ODNI Director of Strategic Communications, announced.

                The office confirmed that the upcoming report includes information about “relevant” foreign threats from the recent election.

                “The IC has received relevant reporting since the election and a number of agencies have not finished coordinating on the product,” it said, adding that Ratcliffe remains committed to an expeditious release of the report.


                Ratcliffe said Beijing is concerned that President Donald Trump will win reelection, adding that the intelligence community has briefed “hundreds of members of Congress” to raise their concerns about China “and its increased efforts to impact the U.S. policy climate in its favor.”

                CBS News Catherine Herridge earlier this month reported that Ratcliffe told the outlet there was foreign election interference by China, Iran, and Russia in November 2020. …
                [END EXCERPT]


                1. The bureaucracy is basically obstructing him by refusing to deliver official confirmation of their Chinese paymasters’ interference.

                  They will get away with it because Donald Trump is still clinging to the illusion Sarah (and you) held for so long: that there’s an actual system of laws that are binding on all parties within our borders.

            1. As If! Biden already confessed and they ignored it as “Just Old Joe, garbling his words.”

              No, instead of confession from the Ralph Wiggum of the Democrat Party they’d need somebody who was credibly aware. Maybe the vice-fraudulent, more likely Jen O’Malley Dillon, the campaign manager (who had previously been the genius managing Beto O’Rourke’s presidential campaign.).

        2. It doesn’t matter who is President on 1/21, the Left have been working themselves into violence for four years. They’ll have it either way. If under Biden, they’ll let their pet LEOs take out enough targets to try and scare those who would stand up to them while Antifa cows everyone else.

          Under Trump we’ll see daily Minneapolis and more attempts to take that out of blue cities.

          They will have their blood because they are convincing themselves we aren’t human.

      2. Either he’s up to something, or he’s lost contact with reality.

        Over the past few years, he’s been up to something more or less constantly. (Generally many somethings.)
        And he has consistently had a better grasp of the ways reality could be warped than I have.
        Whatever he’s doing is a gamble.
        And I’ll back his play.
        First, he’s earned the benefit of the doubt.
        Second, the other paths are much worse, even if his effort is doomed.
        Third, if he doesn’t cross the Rubicon, he’s dead. His family’s dead–most likely in front of him for added humiliation. His associates will be destroyed. They say the prospect of hanging focuses the mind wonderfully. And he’s already laser focused.

        For oblique future reference
        Paul Atreides

  20. I do not consent either. We’re still standing and we will be doing our best to keep shouting from the rooftops. Still writing, still working through, still posting liberal-head-exploding comments on FB. Although, I’m ready to move completely out of there (and let people wonder where I went), and go solely on MW. People I really want to talk to know how to find me.

    I keep saying fraud, they attempt to shame me into silence (“I thought you were the PhD, how can you say that?” “Well, I AM the PhD…who studies elections, parties, and democratization…here’s how I say that…”) I am very, very grateful I’m not fighting gaslighting at home like one of my friends.

    We gotta keep going!

    1. Run your own mail server and have PGP or similar setup.

      I’m getting ready to say “don’t bother with email to or from me” if you can do public key/private key encryption.

        1. Protonmail is good. I’ve just become distrustful of services I don’t control. That said, the skills and time to manage your own servers is not a common skillset.

          1. More specifically, the skills to manage your own server without getting instantly turned into a spambot.

            Of the freebies I like GMX; long-term reliable. German. (Friend has been using ’em 23+ years.)

          2. I quite agree however I don’t think servers using the established data routes are the answer.

            We need develop peer to and through peer systems independent of the internet. Line of sight peer to peer is workable now in large population centers however, for folks like me in remote areas, a peer through peer net would be, at the most 10 people.

            I’m exploring meteor burst transmissions, ham radio links, etc., to dump data packets twix peer to peer nets well beyond line of sight.

            1. I have been thinking it is time for deplorables to revive dial up BBS systems with something like FidoNet or UUCP networks between them.

              On the schedule for next year is adding some phone lines to do that.

              1. Acoustic couplers are still available and today’s ones transmit and receive at a rate far greater than day long before yesterday’s 300 baud. Going digital to audio and back adds at least a bit more confusion for eavesdroppers.

                1. I had not thought about that. I do not think I ever used an acoustic coupled modem unless it was the one for the Atari 800XL/135XE I had in 1986 for a bit.

  21. This guy, these Proud Boy guys, are some of the best men, real Patriots. And I’m grinning and laughing really, really hard. Because this is awesome. And it’s how I feel. And it’s also the first time rap made me cry.

    There is constant foul language. Please avoid it if that pushes you the wrong way. https://youtu.be/x0YNb00xvlo

    And for anyone who watches: I Want Those Gloves.

  22. Cthulhu would be a step up.


    Joe Voter: “Well, at least he’s honest.”

  23. As I keep saying, I don’t know if the media is/are a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dem Party, or it’s the other way round, but it’s OBVI0US that they’re in cahoots. Also, as I keep saying, I despise, detest, and TOTALLY distrust the media, on TV (which I will not watch), the NYT, and it’s little dog WaPoo, too, both of which I will not read.

    1. The Federalist pointed his out. Based on the claimed numbers, we should be seeing a deluge of articles talking about Biden’s spectacular success, and purporting to reveal how it was accomplished. That has not happened.

      Or in other words, the press also believes it’s a fraud.

      1. All I’ve seen along the lines of an after-action debrief is from the “right” along the lines of the Powerline dudes, i.e. “China Joe cheated fair and square, R needs to get a better ground game, do more vote harvesting, also more Indian masquerading as African-American political climber Ho candidates to help get out the Indian masquerading as African-American political climber Ho vote.”

        The three-letter-media stuff that has leaked past my I-don’t-give-a-single-quantum-of-da*n-what-you-say filters is pretty schizo, with “China JHoe lost votes among Hispanics, and African-Americans, and Suburban Women, but gained among Caucasian Men! Racist Victory for the Win!” And those caucasian men apparently voted by mail only in the Presidential race in vast droves in eight or so key precincts like downtown Atlanta, only certain key states, all of whom use Dominion vote counting machines which are totes not susceptible to any possible fraud or error that switches votes, in spite of the documented hand counts in two different states that revealed significant percentages of ballots that were in fact switched from President Trump to China JHoe and never the reverse.

        Oh, and also “Hey, what about this Crackhead McStripperBang son of China Joe’s – Wow, a Federal investigation regarding foreign payments that he forgot to report as income! And he had the Fed investigation ID number in email on his laptop! What a funny coincidence!”

    2. One could say the Dem Party is the enforcement arm of the media.

      Zuckerbot funded the Democrat poll-running machine to the tune of half a billion dollars, and the agreement was full of thou-shalts. (I think I left the vid link on the permathread.) So… another form of media, controlling the Party.

  24. the only thing these people are GOOD at is gaslighting. That’s the only thing that totalitarianism, Nazi or communist, or the soft socialism of Europe who did the same thing through tsk tsk and demanding you have certain opinions to get ahead in life, ever managed to do well.

    No, that is one of three things they do well…arguably the third-best on the list.

    First, they are good at liquidating populations they dislike by intentional acts.

    Second, they are good at liquidating populations they are neutral about by poor policies.

    Only third are they good at gaslighting.

    #1&2 are the reasons they are not to be allowed near power. Gaslighting is bad, but not necessarily fatal. Being liquidated is always fatal.

  25. One outcome from Mitch, building on the SCUS, is I will cast my last two votes ever for a GOP candidate on 1/5. At that, I am only doing it because Trump personally came to GA and asked us to re-elect Perdue and Loeffler. Loeffler has actually been winning me over a bit because she’s actually engaging in a campaign. Perdue is just waiting because clearly, GA is red so he will just get re-elected.

    Or is already paid off.

    But I was ready to quit the GOP six years ago. Trump won me back. The backstab for 4 years because how dare GOP voters not give Vichy Mitchy, Mittens, and company exactly what they want every time has me saying, “same to you assholes.”

    Actually, here’s an interesting thing. I get texts about the campaign on my phone and my table. The ones on my phone are from the GOP. My tablet’s # apparently belonged to a lib because I get it from lib groups. The GOP pretty much only texts to ask for money. When I have texted back about “what are you doing about fraud to make it worth giving you money” there has never been a reply.

    When I ask “Who is Charolette?” to the lib ones, I usually get a polite “sorry, we’ll take you off our list.” The last two liberal “vote for Ossoff/Warnack” messages have pissed me off enough I told them to leave me alone and that their time would be better spent filling out fake ballots because that is how they will win anyway.

    Both replied with a variant of “I understand. Have a nice day.” Even the last one who I addressed as Pigf***er.

    The GOP wants my money and my vote while openly stabbing me in the back while the people determined to run my life will at least leave me alone in my texts.

          1. In Niven’s “The Jigsaw Man” the main character is up for the death penalty. He escapes (temporarily) and does some pretty significant damage before being recaptured. His lawyer tells him that they’re going to ignore the crimes committed during his escape and just stick with the original charges.

            We come to find out that those original charges were basically minor traffic violations. He is convicted and sentenced to death to be “parted out” (his various body parts/organs being used for transplant to those who need them–tissue typing having advanced to the point that rejection is no longer a problem). His concluding thought was that at least he wasn’t going to be killed over just trivia. What he did during his escape rampage at least mattered and gave some meaning to his death.

            Above is as best I remember it. It’s been a long time.

            While I despise most of the “New Wave” as exemplified by the “Dangerous Visions” collection (of which this story was one) there is a point I can agree with for this one: If you’re going to go down, make it count.

            Mind you, still better to make the “bad guys” go down (see Patton’s Dictum), but if you cannot avoid going down, make it count.

  26. I was told once by a friend watching me take my parents’ destructive crazy in stride and keep on going, that he was convinced I wouldn’t break even if someone burned my story notes in front of me.

    I consider that a compliment.

    I too am depressed about the majority of people coming to their senses. Most people don’t WANT to look at ugly reality. They want everything to be fine, just fine. Otherwise they’d have to do something.

  27. It’s not alleged fraud. It’s fraud. It’s not President Biden/Harris/Chtulhu, it’s the Fraudulent China Joe and Commie Lawhorish.

    I’m willing to affirm on request that “I back Joe and the Ho”.

  28. Glad to have you as a cousin 🙂 My grandmother used to talk about the “black Norwegians”, where someone usually brought a shroud to a wedding, because the chance of there being a fight and a corpse were that high.

  29. Anyone else having trouble with WP not allowing you to subscribe and not sending you comments from old notifications? (It claims I’m still notified about posts I know have had comments.)

    1. Anyone else having trouble with WP not allowing you to subscribe and not sending you comments from old notifications?

      I am. Don’t know if it is WP or gmail or both. Started yesterday with yesterday’s blog. Comment went through and posted/showed, but the clicked box didn’t elicit a “please verify” email. Tried 3 times with gmail account. Then try #4 switched my gmail account for the msn one. I mean msn version passes everything not tagged spam on through to gmail anyway … that worked. Normally there is more problems with the MSN account.

      MSN email is for the Windows registration.
      Gmail email is for the Google registrations needed for the Samsung phones & 8″ tablet.

      Haven’t found an auto forwarding feature for gmail. Found it for MSN. MSN is the older account.

  30. For our Hostess and anyone else dealing with the stormcloud of doubt:

    This is a pretty good gathering together of all the threads we see, with a minimum of hyperbole or larping. After reading it will also be clear why it is difficult to explain to those who haven’t been following; because it is a bunch of “small” details, which add up to either a massive plan or absurdities.


  31. I think the gaslighting is not working so well as they’ve hoped – which suggests a line of attack on those who defend the recent presidential Charlie Foxtrot. Clearly, the deniers of fraud now bear the burden of proof: they most demonstrate that there were adequate defenses against fraud and that those defenses were effective.

    Emphasis added, graphs and embedded links at article:

    More voters agree there was election fraud
    by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist | December 16, 2020 02:16 PM

    For the second day in a row, a new voter survey has found support for President Trump’s vow to fight on with his challenge to the election, with more believing that it was plagued with fraud.

    While a Tuesday Pew Research Center survey said that it was mostly Republicans who believed that fraud occurred, the new McLaughlin & Associates poll found that all voters, by a 46%-45% margin, believed that there was fraud.


    That surprised the pollsters, especially since they also reported that more in the survey voted for Joe Biden over Trump.

    “Among American voters the majority is not convinced that voter fraud did not occur in their presidential election. It is important to note that the poll model reflects the national popular vote of 51% Biden, 47% Trump,” Jim and John McLaughlin said in a Newsmax column. They shared their charts with Secrets.

    The duo, who polled for Trump’s campaign, also said, “There is one stunning result in the entire poll: Americans believe there was a serious vote fraud problem in the last election.”


    Democrats and the media have dismissed election fraud charges leveled by Trump’s team and supportive outside groups. Courts have also rejected Trump’s efforts to question balloting despite evidence of dead people and illegal immigrants voting.

    In the survey, voters also voiced support for Trump’s continued fight to change Washington, 52%-41%.

  32. The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case about pay for college athletes — days after refusing to hear a case concerning widespread fraud that overturned a national election.

    I guess those are their priorities.
    I used to live on a farm. I know what bullshit smells like.

    1. They’re appointed for life, but if they’re not going to do their jobs, perhaps we should cancel their court schedules and appoint some new justices.

      The Supremes have been a Deep State collective for a *long* time. Their appointments were supposed to make them immune to pressure, but considering how many of them have flipped once they were confirmed, perhaps there are other pressures we should be looking for.

      SCOTUS is a big reason we’re in this mess – all of it, not just the election – now.

    2. I saw video from the Texas people reporting what happened in the Supreme Court, by someone who worked in one of the offices. Normally the room where they decide what cases to take is quiet and civil, but when it came to the Texas case, there was screaming. Somebody said “I don’t care about the Bush vs Gore precedent, there weren’t riots then.” So it was a matter of moral cowardice. The riots worked.

  33. “And I’ve seen this shit push into right wing blogs, where in the middle of an otherwise completely sane article they’ll drop in “but there’s no proof of fraud.”

    Saw that creep into The Federalist this morning in a rationalizing article about the “conservative” justices on the SCOTUS.

    Then Rand Paul, of all people, going all milquetoast and claiming the election was the safest and most secure election from foreign influence to date, bUt WhAt aBoUt tHe DeAd PeOpLe. Thanks Rand, welcome to the 20th century. Apparently the DoJ telling him to pound sand about investigating the group that threatened him in public wasn’t a big enough clue bat.

    I purchased a really nice piece of protective equipment earlier tonight in anticipation of things getting a little sporty here in the near future. Within a year, I hope to be on some significant acreage of family land somewhere down in the southern US.

    1. Rand Paul is fairly libertarian.

      Not being on Team Xenocide might possibly be a slippery slope to being on Team Foreign Interference. 😛

  34. I find it interesting that they’re shipping all those shiny new vaccines on UPS and FedEx. They don’t trust the U.S. Post Office to deliver the vaccine, but trust ’em with our elections.

    1. My local mailman says USPS is about two weeks behind on deliveries. That’s probably a factor.

      1. USPS has been a mess, as have the other shippers. The mail drop I use now has many more packages both incoming and outgoing, with the Monday Christmas rush having a socially distanced (arggh) line out the door. OTOH, even Costco was put on allocation by UPS this season. UPS now has an extra guy picking up outgoing packages from the drop, in his handy U-haul truck. They are that slammed.

        They’ve told me that USPS packages have been wonky; some fall off the tracking list, but show up a couple of weeks(!) later. In our case, ever since they stopped sorting mail in town, but are doing it at a regional center, things got seriously weird. I’m looking at not renewing the dead-tree-only subscription I get because it’s never clear when it will show up. The last screwup, the September-October issue showed up in late October, just after I got the replacement issue. I figure it got confused with a ballot. OTOH, the Nov-Dec issue showed up just after the election. Hmm.

        1. In our case, ever since they stopped sorting mail in town, but are doing it at a regional center, things got seriously weird.

          With tracking this gets fun. We’ve ordered stuff off of Amazon that actually came from Oregon State (Beaver car plate frames), and son ordered something that actually came from Eugene, somewhere.


          Eugene/Corvallis –
          Portland –
          Eugene ….


          Note. This is what the mailed ballots did too to get to the County offices for counting … unless you used the county drop boxes. Used the county box outside the county facility on north Delta. Should have taken it to the county elections office for that drop box … but that means actually driving downtown Eugene and figuring out which ally to use to get to it … uh no …

          1. I see the City A – City B – City A scenario with UPS as well.

            Sacramento (origin)
            Roseburg (truckload, I guess)
            Portland (regional sort)
            Roseburg (city sort)
            K-Falls (delivery)

            Klamath Falls Post Office is now basically a mail drop with parking for the postal trucks. Medford took over the sort duties.

            USPS package tracking seems to be abysmal, though priority mail has good tracking. OTOH, the latter is a bit variable in delivery times. One letter-sized piece took a week to get to my mother in the Midwest, while a similar one to my grand-niece a week later and 350 miles further east took 3 days.

            We use the ballot drop box inside the county building, about 6 feet from the county clerk’s desk. The one at the senior center is a hard nope after somebody torched it during a campaign on whether to allow dope shops to set up in the county. (The growers weren’t happy that the measure was even on the ballot, though K-Falls and a large town allowed sales.) One or two more boxes, if only because it’s a long way to the north county border (100ish miles).

            1. We also could use the drop boxes outside the alternative libraries. But figured at a minimum a County facility parking lot pretty much in front of the building doors was a safe bet. It is the county maintenance, and other departments, like animal control (well at least where the tags are issued), offices.

  35. Everything from lockdown to wearing masks is created to stop casual conversation and any contact between casual acquaintances and/or strangers.

    I fear many of my relatives have already fallen into this trap. My mother seemed rather relieved when I told her we probably won’t be back for Christmas as my wife can’t sit in the car for the 5 hour drive after knee surgery. She’s deathly afraid of catching it, even though her only high risk category is age. She’s in better physical shape than I am. And my BiL is convinced that the Covid vaccine is just so the government can read our minds. While I might believe there might be some sort tracking device like an RFID tag that could be involved, I just don’t see how they would be able to read our minds. I’m tempted to send him a case of tinfoil for Christmas.

    1. One of the totally bat-guano theories out there is that Bill Gates not only wants to sterilize the world but has had the pharmaceutical companies incorporate nanobots into the vaccine which will infiltrate your brain and irreversibly link you to “AIs,” turning you into a mindless slave of the Corporate Elites.

      Now if said elites announced that as part of the Great Reset everyone would have an ID chip implanted which would contain all your financial data, so you could simply swipe your right hand across the scanner to make a payment (or alternately implanted in your forehead for further convenience) I would get very worried, indeed.

    2. I admit that, for me, “stop[ping] casual conversation and any contact” is more feature than bug.

      I also acknowledge I am not normal in this regard (nor many others, but let us not go there, eh? This blog ain’t big enough.)

  36. I didn’t get overly political in the Christmas letter, but I did clearly state my opinions on Wuflu and lockdowns and recommended stocking up on food while we still can. (We have done a bit, but probably not nearly enough).
    Have noted in Christmas shopping there are noticeably fewer items stocked in many areas, and store clerks are apologizing because they didn’t get as much delivered as usual.

    1. We’ve been rebuilding our stocks since moving. Interestingly enough, we had better luck getting stuff like canned soups and vegetables, usually rather thin on the ground, when we did some delivery and pickup-orders at Kroger. Maybe those customers’ orders get picked before other customers usually get to the store after restocking?

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