I’m Going To Bed

Remember, as Heinlein exhorted, to keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.

And those of you who are believers, PRAY like there’s no tomorrow. Because there might not be.

And now, maybe Benadryl will make me sleep (but I doubt it.)

Those of you in obviously dangerous zones get the f*ck out and go bunk with a friend for the foreseeable. I mean it. You have no idea how crazy this is going to get. I have some.

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  1. That’s the beginning of an excellent plan!

    The results are unlikely to be known before noon, so get a good rest before the bug out.

  2. As it seems likely the MSM Sock Puppets cognoscenti will credit Trump’s “mishandling” of WuhuFlu for the close election, here’s a handy talking point:

    Joe Biden, not President Trump, is the ‘leader’ who spells COVID disaster
    Trump may taunt “COVID, COVID, COVID,” but actions are what count. He marshalled private companies to produce massive supplies of ventilators, erected field hospitals and swept away regulations to speed up the development of treatments. The COVID death rate in the United States has plummeted 70 percent since March, according to data from NYU Langone, largely because hospitals are equipped and doctors have more tools.

    How does that stack up against the rest of the world? A COVID patient in the United States has a better chance of surviving than in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy or many other countries, according to Johns Hopkins data. Not just slightly better — often twice as good a chance. You don’t hear that from CNN.


    Biden says he’d consult the scientists and shut down the US economy if “the scientists” recommend it. Hey, Joe: How about consulting working people, who don’t get a paycheck unless they are allowed to go to their jobs?

    Lockdowns are an elitist scam. Trump reminds voters that government officials, teachers and executives who support lockdowns get their paychecks no matter what. Some “even hire private tutors for their children,” Trump adds. It’s working people who suffer from “crippling shutdowns.”

    Last spring, Trump heeded scientific advisers and closed the US for some 45 days. That cratered the economy, led to 40 million unemployment claims by late May and caused drug overdoses, suicides, alcoholism and other deaths of despair.

    Trump saw the disastrous results and pivoted fast to a better strategy: opening up the economy, getting people back to work and school, targeting the elderly and other vulnerable populations for protection and letting people make their own decisions.


    What would a Biden economy look like? Look at states run by pro-lockdown Democratic governors. Including New York. Unemployment is double what it is in red states. Many Democratic governors are petty tyrants. They put their boot on the necks of small-business owners, forcing them to close and lose everything.

    Forty-four thousand medical and public-health experts have signed the Great Barrington Declaration warning about the “damaging physical and mental health impacts” of lockdowns.

  3. Sarah,

    See my post on Facebook. The odds are stacked against Biden. It’s all done except for the cheating.

    Trump got a LOT of grief for his “stop the voting” remark, but I see it as a stern “pencils down!” warning at the concousion of a test.

  4. A lot of people get their news from social media and the big news networks, which are essentially an arm of the Democratic Party. Trump performed better than the polls indicated but if I had to take a guess, I think Biden will squeak through. At least they didn’t get the Senate, so the damage can be minimized.

    1. Damage can be limited but still great. They won’t be able to pack the Supreme Court for at least two more years. They’ll still probably be able to restore the Iran Pact (probably with a significant cash payment to Iran.) They can still reverse Trump’s Middle East achievements by resuming pandering to irredentist Palestinians. They can reimpose Obama administration regulations effectively banning fracking, enriching Russia & Iran in the process. They can reimpose Obama Administration Department of Education Title VII policies, returning to men accused of sexual “crimes” are denied due process.

      They can do one Hell of a lot because they can get judges to “rule” imposing rather than blocking national policies.

      I could go on but why dwell on the terrors?

      1. “They can do one Hell of a lot because they can get judges to “rule” imposing rather than blocking national policies.”

        Until the lawsuits hit SCOTUS.

  5. yeah, certain urban areas seem to have sent all the vote counters home at midnight… or, turned off the counting machines or something. seems a bit fraud-ish

  6. My county had something like 73% turnout, and it’s probably a tad more than that (given imperfect clean-out of the election rolls, although there was a bipartisan effort to get rid of known dead people and those who had moved away without maintaining residency).

    I think that if it weren’t for fraud in the big cities, it wouldn’t have been anything like close.

        1. Husband spent a good 20 minutes growling about some of the very obvious fraud, in the form of battle ground states having truly improbable rates of voting.

                1. Even Nelson is pointing out that Trump can and will go after machines. When is the last time he and I agreed against your black dog?

                  1. A sign of the Apocalypse if ever there was one. 😎

                    More seriously, Trump flipped the Rio Grande valley. Even in counties that are 95% PLUS Hispanic. That’s a miracle, right there.

                    1. *grins*
                      All the “accidents” are going in one direction– and several of them have already been “oopsed” out of existence.

                      Just thought of something– how many folks in the ‘deep state’ were like McConnel? They’re not behaving as expected, anymore, because they’ve realized the Progressives were masked before, and now they’re not?

                    2. What you’re going to see, with Latins going heavily for Trump, is the left suddenly hating illegal immigration.
                      Of course with them in charge, no one will want to come.

                    3. Actually, they’ll want more, as long as the illegals can vote. Abbott and Paxton have been enforcing voter fraud laws.

        2. We get to see if Trump had the foresight to get ready for this. In his place, I’d have been quietly gathering evidence of patterns of Democrat fraud since 2016.

    1. Yeah, I looked at the cities in Ohio, and you had crazy results like 66% Biden. Nope, don’t think so. OTOH, the supposed “turnout” by percentage was actually a lot lower than in the rural counties. So people were overwhelmingly for Biden, _and_ they weren’t enthusiastic about going to vote? No, that doesn’t make sense. What makes sense is people (possibly only in some precincts) making up voters, and throwing away votes they don’t like.

      OTOH, Montgomery County (Dayton and suburbs) was actually quite close. The turnout and the voting was closer to what one would expect from that county in an election. If there was fraud, there wasn’t much, and I suspect a fair amount of urban Democrat voters voted for Trump.

      The Soros/blue flip candidate (who hadn’t set foot in Dayton for fifteen or twenty years after going to college, but who basically said in her commercials that she knew better than everyone in Dayton what they needed) lost big time, even though people were somewhat mad at the incumbent for being a twit on some important votes. Since he lost his only son in the Oregon District shooting, people also resented on his behalf the nastiness of the Soros commercials. So the results weren’t even close, even in Democrat areas.

      Ha! It is amazing how the national party keeps running candidates that nobody likes, in any way. I’m not a high-charisma-score person, but this is ridiculous.

      1. Cuyahoga County (Cleveland and suburbs) is smaller in population now than Franklin County (Columbus and suburbs). Different industries, different settlement patterns, different move-ins.

        But the voting results were also exactly the same, on the Democrat side, and the voting percentages were almost exactly the same. Which is silly. It doesn’t happen.

        Meanwhile, Hamilton County (Cincinnati and suburbs) at least has a more believable set of results and percentages. Same thing with Toledo and Akron and Dayton.

        There’s a blue blotch in Athens County, which is all Ohio University. (Yeah, they have a lot of crazy lefties down there, who insist on voting in a county that they don’t otherwise care about. It used to be a fun campus that was all about recreational drinking and gentle amounts of studying, but no more.)

  7. Tommy Tubberville, former football coach, got two thirds of the vote for Senate, soundly booting out Doug Jones sho the Democrats manipulated in a special election to fill Jeff Sessions vacant seat.
    That whole thing was a classic bait and switch deal, so some justice.
    Waiting here dressed and armed to see how things shake out at the national level.

  8. Husband just passed on that a co-worker’s buddy went in to vote in Virginia and was informed he’d already voted, in person, at an “undisclosed location” in the county.

    1. I tell you, the fraud was massive.
      We had a comment I spammed, quoting the NYT about how the media is supposed to call the election and how Trump attacked the Supreme court. The narrative is afoot. They’re going to destroy US.

  9. Just going to say, I’m going to try to continue to avoid the news today about the election. I don’t need that kind of stress in my life, because at this point, there’s very little I can do.

    Got a stock of food, got a stock of ammo, and am thankfully far enough out from a major city to not likely have to deal with “peaceful” protestors.

    I think all I can do at this point is cross my fingers that they can’t fraud up enough votes to push the state blue, that the R challenger for one of our Senate seats holds on to his lead, and that the Rs hold on to the Senate…

    Frankly, I think this thing’s not going to be settled for WEEKS yet.

  10. Listening to the radio this morning– remember how we were freaking out about Florida?

    They are now calling it a “huge win” for Trump, even the guys who go on to complain about Trump not conceding. (top of the hour news)

  11. This morning they’re showing Wisconsin and Michigan as …barely… (about 9000 votes each) for Biden and Arizona as a win. That would put Biden at 270 and Trump at 259. They’re still updating that count; the maybe-Trump states counts are still stuck where they were last night.

    You can bet WI and MI “discovered” ballots overnight, as last night Trump had a substantial lead in both.

    …and what Razorfist reported about Arizona. How’d that turn out?

    Only way this gets settled within screaming distance of accurate is a full recount with one warm body required to be *confirmed* for each ballot.

    1. 100k+ “new” ballots in Michigan. ALL for Biden.

      Gosh, that’s totally not suspicious at all and “democracy” at work, or at least some of the gaslighting trolls on Twitter are proclaiming. *eyeroll*

    2. WI jumped 100k votes in ten minutes.
      See my post today.
      ACTUALLY the only way this is settled is cancel the election, have everyone re-register. Have the election again in a month. One man, one vote.
      But it won’t happen. Because they own the deep state and the media.

    1. Review: Though damage was very minimal,Noise level very high, low constant 6-10 Hz Rumble that would shake foundations. Much prefer Gojira’s loud cries or Mothra’s supersonic squeals. Also made a heck of a mess in the sand piles at the local concrete provider. 7/10

  12. “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” – Joe Biden

      1. That -will- come up again. That will be put before SCOTUS at some point.

        Do please pass it along.

  13. It ain’t over till it’s over as a wise man once said. It would seem that more people voted in Wisconsin than were registered to vote and that the only evidence of some of these votes is a thumb drive that sorta showed up. At this point it’s still all to play for and I refuse to despair. I do think they might have been too clumsy since they had to move in a hurry. I don’t see Trump giving up, he has sufficiently deep pockets to force the recounts and certainly has the determination to see this through to the end. Remember that the last step in a contested election is a vote in the house by state so we have the tiebreaker, sorta.

    I had the great good fortune to be living abroad back in 2000 and so missed all of the day to day madness. I’ve taken what steps I can to hedge the result and suggest that everyone make sure that you’re as resilient as you can be. I am emotionally unable to deal with the second to second volatility and so am going to put my head in the sand for a couple of days until there’s a bit more clarity. There’s nothing any of us can do at this point and we need to have our strength up for the future.

    And Sarah, don’t make yourself sick. I have all over eczema from the stress too so I sympathize but getting yourself sicker won’t fix it.

  14. Don’t panic.

    Never quit.

    We are -Americans- . We -win-. It won’t be easy, short, or one-sided. Did anyone think the Swamp-Monster was going to just roll over and die? This is a generational war.

    Americans -win-, for over two centuries, because we fused the DNA of every winning wont-quit sonofabitch that could get here. And don’t get me started on the -daughters-.

    So suck it up and keep to the plan,


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