And All The Devils Are Here

Hell is empty. And all the devils are here.

I’ve sensed this coming for months. I could see it/feel it. I didn’t know how to explain what was making me scared, but I could sense it.

We laughed at the empty Biden rallies and gloried in the enthusiasm for Trump, but it should have sounded the alarm.

The Dems were running someone who was barely sentient, and it wasn’t a problem. They barely ran a campaign, and it wasn’t a problem. They were still talking of a blue wave, and of winning.

And all of you were like “oh, they think because of their propaganda machine…”

Sure, their propaganda machine handed them a lot. A lot of idiots — traitors is too strong a word, because truly, they had no clue what they were doing — believed that “Orange man is so rude” and “We need someone like kindly Uncle Joe, who whored our entire country to China.”

And that was what put this within reach of cheat. Mind you, I think at least half the votes for Biden are fraudulent. The vote harvesting, the motor voter, the mail in vote. The last one particularly is basically a fraud machine, and it was intended to cause this.

The military ballots, too, apparently were indecipherable and included a craft project you had to do just so, to create a sleeve for your ballot.

There’s fraud written all over this.

But, and I’m going to quote a friend, because he put it more succinctly than I this is basically what happened:

I am watching something amazing unfold. Something truly bizarre for America. The media and the dems, but I repeat myself, basically just called a time out on the election. An indefinite time out when the other team was on the 5 yard line and had the ball and the clock was running out.

And it was so coordinated, so universal, it feels entirely planned. Stop the momentum, work on where and how we get the votes. And almost all of this is going to come down to PA. And there’s absolutely no reason for it. If Florida can count the vote, so can PA and AZ and everyone else.

I hate to say “I told you so” but I told you so. The lackluster candidate and campaign, the near zero ground game, even to the point of not opening offices in major cities, all indicate that this was always the plan. Virginia stopped counting the vote and hasn’t posted anything in over two hours. There is no real excuse for this.

Damn. I was feeling pretty good this evening, but now I just don’t know.

Fortunately, it looks like Trump will fight.

Look, the fact they were so sure, means the FRAUD was what they were counting on. Which is why I’m calling 50% of stolen, faked and otherwise fraudulent ballots.

But unlike my friend, I’m not reassured because Trump will fight. You see, the left (and this is really the GE, the Global “elites” we’re dealing with. This is not just our dems. This is a play for global control) have circumvented that. Because they were so sure, and they knew they’d fraud, they put forth the Red Mirage lie, about how Trump was going to try to “start a coup” by claiming there was fraud and refusing to concede.

You know they project. They are accusing him of exactly what they plan to do.

And now what comes next?

Very easy. Some of our idiots on the right, the soft heads and fools that they are are already turning on Trump and siding with the left.

More importantly, the swamp will turn on Trump. All the unelected functionaries in all the agencies are going to side with the left and say Trump is trying to steal the election. They are going to order him removed from the White House.

We have maybe a few months, TOPS. Two, perhaps. And then it’s curtains. We’re going down hard and the idea of freedom will be lost except in our hearts.

Our future is to be Hong Konged and Venezueled.

And btw, our left is profoundly stupid. They already say things like there’s no reason we shouldn’t only have electricity two hours a day, look how good Cuba is for the environment. Half the country can count on freezing this winter. Fortunately for the left we’re surplus lives, so they’ll be happy.

Who is running the show? Oh, Soros is helping for sure, a man that wants to hide his hideous visage among worse crimes.

But mostly? Xin. The lab that unleashed Covid? Dr. Fauci helped finance it. He’s Xin’s creature. As are the tech lords, blinded by the idea of the “huge Chinese market.” Our politicians and media are all bought with Chinese money. They’re stupid, short sighted and have no moral compass. They were raised on stories where everyone is crooked, so they’re just “getting their own.”
They will die screaming, but that’s very little consolatioon.

Btw that Chinese Market is the true mirage. They dangled it before our eyes for indie, but of course it’s not real. China does not respect IP and even if they did their huge market is mostly penniless and illiterate masses.

And in this I’ll say we libertarians were wrong. We thought free trade would corrupt China. Instead, it allowed a very ancient, very evil regime to take us over by corrupting our institutions.

May G-d have mercy on our souls.

I’ll continue posting as long as I’m allowed on line. I’m sure it won’t be a full year.

No, the dems won’t be able to hold us, but what comes next only G-d knows. And with the world involved the chances of it being anything like our Republic are minimal.

Make what preparations you can for the hard crash. Don’t think I’m being pessimistic. This is your warning. Sauve qui peut.

619 thoughts on “And All The Devils Are Here

  1. They THOUGHT they had Florida.

    This morning, it’s “A big Trump win.”

    Last night they were– over what Iowa’s on site says!– saying Iowa was going to go Democrat.

    I am listening to how Iowa is no longer a purple state, but a red one, as we speak.

    We KNEW they were going to cheat.

    They’re doing it so you can see the strings.

    We can DO this.

        1. Honey, we already had a comment saying only the media can call the election. And a lot of people believe this.
          CORRECTION: The media WAS less trusted. Now people have bought into the psi-ops whole sale and are going to let it lead us to hell.
          THIS IS NOT A TEST: DO MAKE PREPARATIONS. I don’t want to lose you.

          1. Of course we did– because that’s what the idiot media was putting out yesterday. I think Insty posted a picture, laughing at them.
            Like we won’t get at LEAST one of the guys who hangs out on Insty just to whine about how the books you post have girls on the cover decide to come over and troll?

            Our house has been prepared since folks went nuts back in March.

                  1. You realize most of us are extremely unclear on what the Cathars believed or claimed to believe, right?

                    (I vaguely remember they were the ones that said they were for perfection on earth, and tended to go “can’t manage it, so to heck with that” and go the opposite way, but it’s EXTREMELY vague and I’m halfway sure that’s gnostic, or one/several of the other heresies.)

                    1. The Cathars were basically Manichaean-heavy Gnostics, yes. They had a sort of laypeople, who were permitted to do anything they felt like to anyone they felt like, because the material world doesn’t matter and is evil. And they had a sort of clergy or monks/nuns, the Perfecti, who didn’t have sex, fasted a lot and ate vegetarian, did ascetic stuff, owned no property, wandered about, and told everybody else what to do.

                      We have a surprisingly number of transcripts of heresy court proceedings, where we meet some lovely people, like the family of four priests who were brothers, and who were already secretly sleeping with a lot of their parishioners before the Cathar teachings came into their ken. So then they started sleeping with even more of their parishioners, because they were able to tell the girls that it was all perfectly okay under the new Gospel. In other accounts, there’s shenanigans from financial to secular treasonous, and everything in between, because “everything is permitted” to those who know.

                      It was sort of like a cult, sort of like sex grooming groups, and sort of like the Mafia, because secrecy in areas not controlled by the Cathars was important.

                    2. who didn’t have sex, fasted a lot and ate vegetarian, did ascetic stuff, owned no property, wandered about, and told everybody else what to do.

                      Very Karen-y.

                    3. Is it just coincidence that I saw this after my comment about Arnaud Almalric? Or a sign from God I should be imitating him?

                    4. The infamous quote was made up. At one point I had all the stuff on it, but the short version is that it’s slightly more accurate than Mr. Washington saying “I did it with my little axe.” He may have actually been alive when the guy who wasn’t there put it in a story….

              1. That’s the whole thing about the vast majority of Cultural Elites throughout history. They are self-selected. They elect themselves.

                In a few cases, the progenitors of an Elite performed some necessary and/or risky services, but as the Elite passes from generation to generation it usually comes to rest on the justification “because”.

                1. The definition of an Expert is somebody recognized as having mastered a particular body of knowledge — by those who have previously mastered that body of knowledge. Like a fraternity or country club you gain access only by the acceptance of present membership.

                  1. No, the definition of a Expert is the holder of an Expert Credential. It makes no difference whether said Credential is worth the paper it’s printed on or not. Most of the Expert Credentials issued by today’s colleges would be best used to light your barbecue grill.

                    That’s what happens when granting The Right People membership in the guild is more important than them actually KNOWING anything.
                    A lawyer? That’s for when you get so notorious that nobody will believe your lies anymore, so you have to hire a professional to lie for you.

                    1. “ Most of the Expert Credentials issued by today’s colleges would be best used to light your barbecue grill.”

                      Nonsense; the ink imparts a truly foul taste, and it LINGERS.

                      Much better use it to wipe your bum.

            1. Ditto. Though not as much as we need to be. I hate that my family is scattered, and most of them are deeper into the Blue than I am. And I’m in purple. So many beautiful things, and so fragile.

              1. And if you became a Perfected one, you couldn’t back out. So the common believers tended toward deathbed considerations. Of course, if they experienced a miraculous recovery…well. they weren’t screwed. Ever.

            1. The problem of course is that even with the NY Times deleting its tweet, the social media companies have made it clear they are doing exactly what the Times had said; they have made themselves and the establishment media the arbiters of the election and any statements contrary to the party line narrative is censored.

          2. Now people have bought into the psi-ops whole sale and are going to let it lead us to hell.

            Who told you that? How reliable is it? Perhaps the claim that “people have bought into the psi-ops” it, itself, part of the psi-ops.

              1. Watching what? Whatever you’re watching can only be a minuscule fraction of the population, how is this fraction being selected and presented to you? I’m just urging you to consider that what you’re seeing might not actually match what’s actually happening.

                If the psy-ops were really that effective, they wouldn’t need to chance such blatant fraud.

                  1. Some lefties are all-in, some people are lefties but skeptical or in love with liberties, some lefties realize that they’re in the wrong leftist faction and are trying to get away, some are low-information about everything, and some are just keeping their mouths shut.

                    A lot of people seem to be centrist but willing to vote Trump, just like a lot of people are sarcastic about the masks.

                    Trump has a lot of enthusiastic supporters, both quiet and loud.

                    Young voters are either all-in, crusading for Trump, or really really keeping their mouths shut.

        2. What is said and what people do are two vastly different things. If people weren’t half as swayed by media we would have ended lockdowns by easter, BLM would be either a fringe rather than running the companies or hopefully actually helping make them better by attacking the contagions within their communities that serve to harm them, and we would have only been asking how big the margins of victory were going to be last night.

          Face it. No matter what people say about trusting media (and that includes those that think fox is hard right) it still has immense control over them and can still create this alternate reality we are living in.

          1. That’s not trusting the media, it’s trusting their childhood indoctrination and going with what fits it best. That leaves only a slim wedge to reach them, but it is there.

            1. “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”
              — Vladimir Lenin

              1. Thank God, that psychopath greatly over-estimated the accuracy of his philosophy– which is why they had to keep killing off those who pointed out the emperor had no clothes, and pretend THAT meant everybody agreed.

                  1. They’re better at it than we might hope, even if not as good at it as we might fear.
                    If international socialists were bad at education/indoctrination, then we would see them being treated with the same level of respect, consideration, and seriousness as national socialists.

              2. And yet, despite the threat of the Left that unless we joined the great Leninist/Fascist experiment in Europe, the US and its antiquated Constitution would be trampled by history — here we are!

                Even if this is the end, it outlasted them both.

          2. Only if people also believed that NOBODY ELSE was believing the news.

            Sure, it still has control/influence.

            Doesn’t mean it’s going to work like they think.

            1. They just managed to make a disease maybe 10x deadlier than flu (being generous) and the death of 10 or so men at hands of police be the consuming reality of an election. They made the inaction of mayors against riots as well as the tyrannical actions of governors who have locked down their states on the shoulder of a man who had moved heaven and earth to support them and was constrained by rules as to what he could do. They made a man whose mocking was directed at politicians and press the mean one compared to one who would regularly insult constituents and said that they had no right to know any of his policies.

              Looks like it works pretty damned well still

              1. They just managed to make a disease maybe 10x deadlier than flu (being generous)

                Which they could only do when the World Health organization was helping China hide that it had been an outbreak for at least several months, rather than a couple of weeks– AND it required folks’ ignorance of how very bad centralized health care systems are, and is in no part because folks have no freaking clue what the death rate of the flu is.

                and the death of 10 or so men at hands of police be the consuming reality of an election.

                They’ve been building up the riot thing for…when did that Martin thug get killed while he was attempting to beat the dude to death? About a decade? And their chosen martyrs keep getting exposed as terrible, faster and faster?

                They are TRYING.
                Doesn’t mean people believe it, although it’s a safe thing to repeat if you’re a liberal. Not your own statements, after all, and you can be denounced if you don’t.

                    1. *points up* This.

                      I’m actually surprised that the US is allowing this insanity with the ‘hang on wait we have to couuuunt’ happen.

                      I thought that people would be up in arms enraged at their disenfranchisement by now. I have barely kept up with the news (it’s too depressing, and I feel that war is coming regardless) but even I see the giant vote spikes and go ‘really? Only an idiot buys this shit.’

                      It’s banana republic bullshit.

                    2. The Americans with the awareness, ability to act, and personality to act, are also closely following this enough to know that the fix is still contestable.

                      a) a lot of the violent unstable lunatics on the right have been given lots of incentive to pull stuff before now. There are relatively view of them. b) Anyone who is not simply an unstable lunatic, who has decided on violence is not talking about it on the internet. If you don’t advertise, you can kill more before you are stopped, and you also deny the left RICO based measures against the right. So, if violence of this sort is occurring, we would not know yet. c) Someone can realize that violence is now necessary, but not have a good list of targets yet. “Well, I know some local Democrats that I am mad at” is not good enough. c1, Anyone who says out of prison has a lot of people they are mad at. c2, Just about every Republican knows some Democrats who are literally harmless, or who they could not bear to kill. c3, if one is going to be killed or go to prison for killing someone, one wants to make sure that the act is worth it. There are definitely high value foreign influenced adversaries who haven’t put in sufficient effort for security, but most people do not have the time to maintain a list of such locals, and keep it up to date. d) America has been really blessed with a nice security situation, and I think you underestimate how much people take it for granted.

                    3. if one is going to be killed or go to prison for killing someone, one wants to make sure that the act is worth it.

                      Very, very, very much this.

                1. Oh its believed. I work for a company that has had a half dozen quality issues in last 3 years, including deaths resulting. We have no continuing education hours for engineers. Meanwhile they are giving a half day of paid time for racial grievance mongering after multiple struggle sessions earlier this year.

                  And they managed to use those two issues to drag a corpse across the line in election and we will be seeing ham sandwich indictments against family and supporters and people are cheering it.

                  1. There would be more funding for engineering training, and ‘engineering training’, if one of the professional organizations was dedicated to suing and doxxing companies and persons found wanting in their ‘training’ investment.

                    1. Reason I don’t feel bad about the political persecution/scapegoating they’ve been hit with on last 2 years as well as the revenge that will come from nlrb soon

                  2. Meanwhile they are giving a half day of paid time for racial grievance mongering after multiple struggle sessions earlier this year.

                    That’s LAWSUITS.

                    The Navy did the same thing, yearly, back in the early 2000s.

                    It’s cheaper to have the paper to wave around than to deal with the shake-down artists.

                    1. They have lost billions with a B because they don’t train employees in their actual jobs sufficiently and keep standard assumptions updated. But they are tossing millions after this and adding in the affirmative action in hiring going on.

                      This is over and above the standard yearly harassment training.

                    2. Bet they put “policies” in place to fix the expensive foul-ups, didn’t they?

                      It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work. It matters if the lawyers will accept it.

                      As Sarah has pointed out for years, now– they’re using talismans.

                    3. I think every large organization that does engineering may have management filled with fuckwits who cause messes or create useless programs, because they confuse symbols with reality, and have an MBA level understanding of engineering processes and quality.

                      Acid, I can make some pretty shrewd guesses about places you have worked at or are with.

                      I’m pretty sure I applied to a couple, and did not get a job. Years of depression, because of not having work.

                      Right now, I am feeling that I was probably lucky not to land a position at those two places. This is heavily because of hearsay from you over the years.

                      My current place, reservations about the high level leadership. But, I’m happy about the relationship with my direct superior, and while I’m not satisfied with my level of effort and productivity, at least I don’t have a nagging suspicion that the bureaucracy is able to force judgement of my advancement on any basis but my own screw ups.

                      You have me counting my blessings, and I have recently been very unhappy with aspects of this organization.

      1. What remained of our republic is dead. The dhimmicraps drove a spear through its heart yesterday and are now busy twisting the point in its entrails. Now, jsut like any banana republic, if they ever get their hands on both houses and the executive branch, they will NEVER willingly surrender power if it looks like they will lose an election.

        If this all continues until Kamala Harris gets her hands on the presidency, she will use her power to go after Trump and his family first, then after us. it will be a shooting war by spring, if not sooner, because if the courts decide to stop their blatant fraud, the democraps WILL unleash their soyboy(girl) legions along with the weaponized state and federal bureaucracies they own on the rest of us.

        If Trump is sworn on for a second term, their antics will make the last 4 years look placid.

          1. Note that among the 16 states that called out the National Guard, one was Wyoming. (Which makes Alaska look poorly armed and far left.) Well, look at the map: Denver is a short bus ride to the south of Wyoming’s only significant population center. Yeah, they’re thinkin’ shooting war too, but it’s gonna stop at the state’s southern border.

    1. Larry Correia posted some screenshot tallies of (I think) Michigan, where the new votes ONLY went to Biden. Thousands upon thousands of votes, and none of the other tallies changed.

      I hope someone lawyers that up right quickly. That’s not even trying to hide it.

      1. Remember something from 2016:

        Jill Stein demanded a recount, and MI couldn’t provide one because the couldn’t verify over 30% of the votes in Detroit and multiple other counties.

        “The partial statewide recount that ended Friday by court order did not change Donald Trump’s victory in Michigan, which he won by more than 10,000 votes. The fresh tally of 2.1 million ballots turned up a net difference of 102 more votes for Clinton.

        The new audit is aimed at finding out whether human error, fraud or negligence is to blame for the mismatched irregularities in Detroit. The investigation could take about three weeks.”

        Jill Stein couldn’t afford / was bribed not to fight. Trump won’t have that issue.

        1. FRAUD.
          Yes, but Steve, the deep state will stop it and try to remove him by force.
          I won’t say you were right. Going hot then would just have brought hell on us earlier.
          However, you were also sensing something you probably couldn’t quite explain, so I apologize for being harsh with you.
          At this point, the Balkans is the BEST case scenario.
          May G-d have mercy on our souls.

          1. It appears that Arizona gap is only 10,000 votes with about 20% of rural Arizona votes, which are heavily Trump, to count, which means Trump can easily take Arizona, and if he is able to stop Dems from stealing PA, Arizona and PA would be enough to put Trump over the top, albeit barely.

            It should also be noted that the Supreme Court has not ruled on the substance of some of the challenges to the late votes in those states, but simply would not grant a stay because it was too close to the election. ACB on the Court gives Trump a chance to win the inevitable litigation.

            This is going to go on for weeks.

            Of note, it appears that Republicans will keep the Senate, absent something utterly outrageous by the Dems, so the worst of their excesses to bake their power in (new states, packing the Court, may very well be DOA, and if the House and Harris go crazy like Obama did, flipping the House and gaining in the Senate, when many more Dems are up in 2022, is quite likely.

            1. “Of note, it appears that Republicans will keep the Senate, absent something utterly outrageous by the Dems,”

              Which is another fraud indicator if we win the Senator for a state but not Trump.

              1. Like in Michigan where if you check the vote tallies (not percentages, which are significantly easier to find than tallies), there are something in excess of 100K more votes for president than for the senate race.

                1. I should correct my above. PJ Media numbers show all the other candidates, not just the big 2, so from their numbeers the excess is “only” ~56K votes for president that don’t show on the senate race. NBC was where I got the larger value and they only show the Democrat and Republican candidates.

                2. Or where there were more votes counted than actual *voters.* Wisconsin. Won’t be the only one by the time all’s said and done, I’ll warrant.


                  Do recall how it all works. You DON’T get 100% of all, actual, live, legal, registered voters out for anything noncompulsory enforced with serious intent. And even then, you’ll miss some. It. Will. Not. Happen.

                  The fraud line sits somewhere north of 93%, I think. Somewhere. Fudge it, say 6% fraud, of counts reporting 100% of voters in a STATE showed up and voted. Parse that out. There’s a good chance your fraud starts there. No bets on who those fraudulent votes went to, I’ve no money to bet with.

                  We *know* its there. Now it needs to be ferreted out and some folks need to be investigated, and the guilty punished. For the common good. That thing the other side is so concerned about so often, yes, it has a point. Insecure elections are not free.

              2. Also note that mid-terms tend to swing to the opposition party. That is, of course, assuming true elections which is part of the miasma.

            2. You’re the second person today that I’ve seen to offer that last ray of hope, which seems eminently reasonable. When that smirking **** Harris finally manages to shove Biden into the Senile Folks Home and goes hog wild on her communist plans, the political backlash will be intense. Assuming of course that the Marxist evil doesn’t more immediately thrust us into the seemingly inevitable civil war that has been brewing for lo these many decades since the days of the Russian Revolution and leftist labor upheavals in the United States. Not to mention the first, preparatory, waves of leftist terror bombings in the sixties.

          2. “When you’re going through Hell……”

            “The only way out is through.”

            It was actually that I’d been seeing this coming since right after the 2000 election. 9/11 solidified it. I forgot that not everyone had seen my individual explanations step by step.

          3. I’ve seen a few smart people suggest that the Spanish Civil War may be the most relevant historical parallel. Of course, one shudders to think of any civil war, regardless of what future historians scribble into their notes. So many good people will die, and I gravely doubt that I’d survive it myself. 😦

            And yes, you should get more sleep. Catch it in quick naps if you must. Persistent lack of sleep is terribly destructive to the body and mind. I learned this the hard way myself. O_O

      2. If Trump hasn’t already got his people starting to book long-term rentals in Michigan and Wisconsin for his legal team, I’d be disappointed.
        Both states look like they have suddenly large numbers of Biden votes overnight. Almost entirely-if not entirely-for Biden. And they have the same almost-vertical “bump” of numbers that happened about the same time frame (before 6AM local time in Wisconsin and just after 6AM local time in Michigan). I can’t find them except in one or two FB postings, so it’s still not confirmed yet.

          1. Breitbart reported it also and Trump has remarked about on Twitter. There can be no doubt that Democrats introduced a massive number of bogus ballots in order to try to steal Michigan. The only question know is if they will be allowed to get away with it.

            1. See my comment about 2016. They’re going to end up pinned against their own election laws in MI —- which SCOTUS has been reluctant to let them ignore completely.

                1. Additionally:

                  More Info on the Funny Numbers in Michigan, Thousands of Votes May Now Be Coming Back to Trump, James
                  We reported earlier about some of the problems going on in Michigan over the tabulation of the votes.

                  One big issue was in Antrim County, a heavily red pro-Trump county, that suddenly was reported as having gone heavily blue. Local people and others familiar with the make-up of the county knew immediately something was screwy in the reported totals. It immediately prompted an investigation today, as we reported earlier, with the county clerk admitting that something was clearly “skewed” about the totals.

                  The investigation is ongoing but they did obviously discover that the votes were wrongly given to Biden, that the actual vote tabulations didn’t match that.


                  Trump did not lose #AntrimCounty in #Michigan. It is now confirmed that 32 other counties use the same software as Antrim County. He will get 6,000-plus votes out of Antrim. What about the other counties with the same software?
                  — Dennis Lennox (@dennislennox) November 4, 2020

                  UPDATE: The Antrim County Clerk’s Office in Michigan told me the election program it used (Election Source) had issues and the office is now reviewing 16,047 total votes. The source I spoke with said she believes 33 other counties used the program. #postelection2020
                  — Joe Gumm, MSc (@JoeGummKXXV) November 4, 2020

          2. I got a link to the Michigan State’s unofficial count website ( and they’ve got Trump ahead 52/46 with 76 out of 83 counties counted. If you go with the AP numbers they’re posting, if Trump wins Michigan, it’s all over but the shouting. Georgia and North Carolina are pretty much counted and in Trump’s pocket, so assuming a Michigan flip, he’s got 281.

            There’s also been some Twitter rumors that several locations in Arizona had ballots that were marked with Sharpies rather than the official pens and the machines couldn’t read them, requiring a manual recount. It would take about 100,000 votes to overcome Biden’s lead there, but it would be nice, giving Trump a 292 count.

            And, if the numbers get closer, I would like to think that somebody high in the Democratic Party would suggest to Trump that they’d concede right now, in exchange for no fraud investigations. I wouldn’t take it myself, but who know? If that jump is true and it was a case of “we got caught and ‘fixed things,'” it should be investigated.

            1. sharpies were handed out by the poll for the voting in AZ, and was A: someone being a moron, as they are NOT to be used, or B: done intentionally to have votes discounted.
              Michigan has a massive jump in votes tallied, after counting a carp ton of votes, ONLY JOE gained, and no other Presidential candidate? sounds legit..

              need to make some more handloads.

              1. Seen the Sharpie story showing up on Twitter as well. I could believe stupidity last night-now, it’s starting to look like malice.
                And, the Michigan website hasn’t updated for about an hour, added with rumors that Trump poll observers aren’t being allowed in.

                Look, I’ve said this before on several occasions. Trump’s two big motivators are money and revenge on people that cheat him from getting money. This isn’t money, but they’re cheating the f(YAY!)k out of him, and that is more than enough to piss him off to several degrees. He’s not the average “would rather lose than cause harm” E!Republican candidate. He’ll bring the whole temple down on his head if can get all of his enemies as well.

                  1. Judy and I noticed the ink was soaking through and used corrector to fix – that may have invalidated our California ballots. This seems a pretty obvious glitch that should have been fixed long ago. #3 pencils folks!

                    Once is chance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.

                  1. And as of now, the MI elections results web site (at the link Author in Charge gave above) still has 77 of 83 counties results timestamped 11/04/2020@03:14 PM showing Trump 2,010,030 Biden 1,773,404, which is where it’s been all day.

                    I don’t know where the vote tracker sites are getting their numbers, but it’s not the publicly available unofficial results source for MI.

          3. FB is saying Politifacts is calling it a fraud. The odd thing is, the screen shots shot ONLY Biden figures changing. There were zero Trump vote changes, which is highly unlikely. But more interesting, there wasn’t a single change in any of the 3rd party candidate’s figures either. None, zero, exactly the same. Now that screams fraud right there to me.

            1. I’ve seen claims that the Biden-only jump is “the state noticed an extra zero had been put in a result, and updated, and the screen shots are reversed.”

              …which doesn’t do much for the two different charts with a jump at like 4AM, does it?

        1. I’ve seen those unverified reports. Without strong supporting evidence, I’m loathe to interpret them as anything but gleeful shit-stirring by Interwebs trolls. There’s enough real fraud around as it is. Those reports might even be purposeful psychological operations meant to get people all excited over fake fraud and therefore more likely to overlook much more subtle, pervasive, and genuine ballot fraud.

          1. Democrats bringing to life and living by Stalin’s mantra that it “it is not who votes that counts but rather who counts the vote”. Of course given that the Democratic Party is the Maoist/Stalinist Party, that should surprise no one.

            1. Exactly so.

              Also just read in a comment on JihadWatch that BLM types have been heard saying “no more presidents.” IOW, “Us in charge.”

        1. Eric Trump and Rudy Giuliani did a presser earlier and said they were filing lawsuits in every disputed (by our lights) state. And you can bet this will be Spare No Expense.

        1. The Englewood area on the Gulf Coast is nice. Rather conservative leanings and not touristy at all.

          Only downside is that July-August feel like you’re walking on the surface of the sun.

                1. you sound like the girl who takes the temps every morning (the wuflu kabuki)
                  hates cold snow and chill and humidity. Lives on the Green Bay at the Menominee river , , , “I know, I know!”
                  Well the humidity does go away some, once the Lake and River freeze over, and while it’s about it isn’t South Louisiana or Houston humid, so there is that.

                    1. she freaked out because I rode my motorcycle yesterday morning . . . I rode it all last week too, and instead of low 40’s it was 25 or so, but she was rushing so hard to get in the door from her car, she never noticed it(~_^)
                      So, not gonna try for Ice Fishing here in the hinterlands?

            1. I’ll put in another vote for Polk County, western central Florida. Middle class conservative, not spendy like the Villages an hour or so north. An hour from the Gulf, so the sea’s a bit less likely to come visiting with the storms.

            2. It’s not the heat that kills you, it’s the humidity.

              Seriously, in the summertime you don’t breathe the air down there: you drink it and then spit it out before it scalds your innards.

                1. Under the beneficent new regime, in furtherance of its efforts to maintain caps on power usage so as to avoid further heating of the climate, only those for whom air conditioning is a party-approved necessity will be permitted air conditioning a full twenty-four hours a day. For all others the air conditioner ration will be increased from eight hours a day to six.

                    1. It’s Common Core New Math, straight from Jimmy Carter’s Department Of Education. They’ve spent forty years and $2 TRILLION ‘improving’ our schools, and this is how good they’ve made them!

                2. If you do decide to come to FL, a few pieces of advice.

                  You want a house either built pre-1965, or post 1980. Aluminum wiring was used in between those years, it’s a fire hazard, and very expensive to replace.

                  Consider a place with ductless air conditioning. Some houses were built with heating in mind, but did not consider insulating the cooling ducts – and the humidity buildup can be murder on everything inside the walls.

                  Check the roof. Check any woodwork especially. You’re looking for wood rot, mold, termites. If you find any mold in the building, AVOID.

                  Determine if you’re allergic to gas heat before you move into any place that has it. Electric costs more in money, but the allergen-free status is, to me, worth it.

                  Look at the trees nearby. Planted mulberries are pollen sources. So are oaks. So is grass, darn it.

                  Make sure you get an elevation map. If you’re only a few feet above water, it doesn’t matter how far inland you are – a good hurricane or severe storm can still flood you. (Some years back in April we got 22 inches in 12 hours. Houses just a few down the street flooded. We were a few feet higher, and didn’t.)

                  And always know your hurricane evacuation routes. We’re looking at Eta hitting the state sometime next week….

                  1. And you kinda have to keep rice in your freezer. But yeah, parts of Florida are pretty nice. My grandparents lived in Ocala (getting more Hispanic, but also very superduper Catholic, and you can get season passes to Silver Springs and glass-bottomed boats and a nice park, plus there’s horses, plus they don’t usually get hurricanes and you can still drive to the ocean, or a zillion waterways). I also had relatives who lived in North Port, which is also pretty nice but further south and less sheltered from hurricanes, and has a more annoying bishop (IIRC).

                    North Port – tiny cute house lizards.
                    Ocala – no house lizards.

          1. I really like the Athens area. Spent 2 years living there working on Watts Bar Unit 2 startup testing in 2011-12

        2. lemme know when you’re ready to pull the trigger. Small town ~2K people and all you have to worry about is the mayor/council in-fighting, heh, heh, heh.

        3. You’d like Texas Sarah! It’s your kind of people. Just avoid Austin! Why Florida in particular?

    2. Iowa had to fight the ___ person in charge of the Trump team, finally she was promoted (really) and for a month Iowa conservatives have been trying to make up the time lost. Trump’s 2016 run was an amazing sight- I noticed the machine tracked every trend in people’s thoughts and responded within a week. This time around the campaign was out of touch and just holding private parties.

      1. Odd, the last month I’ve watched the Biden guys trying to make up in Iowa. Including taking a week after everybody finally noticed the Trump signs that have been up since last winter and getting their guys to put stuff up.

        1. I only know that county chairs were pleading for signs, some dug in their own pockets and bought signs (ours were close to $60 each). One person painted signs. I made 4-5 sign transfers myself.

      2. The only “catchup” I saw from the Trump team in the last month is that they started being obnoxious about doing phone calls/texts.

                  1. Will be interesting to see if any of those ballots are recovered intact and have both a sharpie mark on the Trump oval and a ballpoint mark on the Biden oval. Instant valid ballot, just add ink!

          1. Also today, just after Noon:

            UPDATE: Secretary of State Urges Caution; It Appears There Was a Major Vote Counting Error in Arizona
            UPDATE II: The office of Governor Doug Ducey tells Townhall final vote tallies may not be completed for a number of days.

            UPDATE: The Arizona Secretary of State is urging caution on the state being called.

            ***Original post***

            The Trump campaign remains adamant this morning Arizona is still in play and that when all of the votes are counted in the Grand Canyon State, President Trump will be the winner.


            Now, according to a reporter for the National Journal, there may have been a major vote counting error.

            Jeff Dufour@dcdufour
            The latest plot twist comes from Arizona, which had reportedly counted 95%+ of its votes. NYT notes that “due to an error in an Edison Research data feed of results … the actual estimate is that 86% of the vote has been counted.”
            11:04 AM · Nov 4, 2020
            21.5K 7.8K people are Tweeting about this

            Jeff Dufour@dcdufour
            Replying to @dcdufour
            This gives some credence to the Trump camp’s argument in a call with reporters that it expects to pull ahead in Arizona, because most of the outstanding vote is in Trump-friendly territory.
            11:04 AM · Nov 4, 2020
            13.6K 2.6K people are Tweeting about this

            1. MEANWHILE …

              So that would seem to be turning Arizona Red — which is no surprise as Republicans took majorities in the State House & Senate.

              Additionally, AZ Secretary of State Twitter feed assures that no ballot will be disqualified for having been filled in with a Sharpie (or even a Shar-pei.):

              Secretary Katie Hobbs@SecretaryHobbs
              IMPORTANT: If you voted a regular ballot in-person, your ballot will be counted, no matter what kind of pen you used (even a Sharpie)!

  2. I lived in Yugoslavia in 1997 during the tail end of their civil war. Now all I can think of is a sardonic phrase people used to explain the inexplicable.
    “Welcome to the Balkans.”

          1. Rockets.. to go to Mars, etc.
            Tunneling… to get shelter on Mars, etc.
            Electric vehicles… to get around on Mars, etc.
            What’s missing? Power generation. And it really HAS to be nuclear.

  3. I am still remaining optimistic. There’s far too many guns out there, in circulation, to make this an easy process for any takeover.
    We’re still seeing massive criticism if what’s going on. I think that if there’s even a hint that BitChute’s “technical difficulties” were deliberate or reasonably “preventable,” there’s massive lawsuits waiting there.
    Trump will turn loose everything against FB and Twitter on Section 230 if he loses. He doesn’t have any reason not to.
    And, Trump has every reason to go after the election at this point.

    In the worse case? If all the Devils are here?

    It just makes it easier for us to know who our enemies are when the time comes. It won’t be pleasant or happy or anything else…but stark choices do make life easier like that.

    1. And the actual rulers of the country in the bureaucracy have all the incentive to ignore him, even more than already were

        1. Only if he can find a nonextradition country. He’s gonna be Beria’d worse than any of Mueller persecutions.

                1. No amount of bakshish will counteract the presence of a carrier task force lurking off your coast.

                1. Yes, this. I have often wondered what the justification was for sending in Delta Force or Seal Team 6 to either capture or extract a foreign national who has never stepped foot on American soil for violating a law, much less some rule or regulation promulgated by our Fe(de)ral goobermint (other than terrorism). Or an American national (other than official military or diplomatic personnel) who have run afoul of foreign laws.

                  1. Delta Troop is mythological, so they use mythological reasons.

                    The Teams get sent to do things like extract that US hostage in Africa, or the raid to take out Bin Laden. They either operate under one of the trans-border “authorization for use of force” thingies or one time agreements with a local nation, which most are fine with since the SEALs will be offing what are basically bandits no matter their ideology.

                    So basically what aacid14 said.

          1. I have a different thought. Flyover Country is going to need a President.

            And in four more years, Trump will be no older than Biden is now.

            1. Flyover country will get the boot heel slammed in so hard that their grat grandparents will feel it. Every rule, every regulation will be enforced. Never mind that stasi agents are increasingly intermixed as the locusts flee so be a question of who do you trust. I don’t see this huge wave of anything but maybe noncompliance to ineffective laws, but once start getting enforced they will be followed

              1. If they push hard enough in rural areas, every Fed not arriving in an armored convoy with air overwatch will get the 3-S treatment.

                1. And after the first few are identified and their homes drones in middle of night killing them and families what will be response. Especially areas that are not fully behind the fight. These tactics were well honed in the wars in middle east and there won’t be calling home to jag to be allowed to strike but encouraged weapons free

                  1. They can’t drone all of us. And a whole lot of those military personnel came from here in flyover country. Plus our territory is defensible and self-sufficient; theirs is not.

                    The second part of my remark above refers to the fact that if the Dems pull this off and it doesn’t all go hot, Trump will still be eligible for a second term come 2024. And frankly I don’t see anyone better in the wings.

                    1. No, but just as there was no compunction against firebombing Tokyo and dresden there won’t be when the victims are made into religious fanatics and terrorists in the mission briefs

                    2. You’re letting your fear control you.

                      That’s nonsense on a pogostick, in no small part becasue if they DID find someone dumb enough to do it– he’d die.

                    3. Sorry, but I remember the stories of all the fibbie patriots wanting to go against the leadership, the spooks against Brennan and co and everything else. All the various cops protecting antifa and blm riots but arresting and persecuting anyone that tries to protect their property. The one whistle-blower has been at a national lab.

                      Only have so much trust and by now its gone.

                    4. So you’ve been paying attention exclusively where the media points and shrieks, so it’s all over?

                      Nevermind all the cities where Burn, Loot, Murder showed up– and then left, because they didn’t get enabled by the mayors?

                      Nevermind the repeated examples where folks like Reason claim that they’ve got something that shows the cops are evil, but when you look at the actual situation you find out they were arrested for 1) something else, or 2) they’re quoting the defense attorney exclusively? (Not a trick I appreciate in the mainstream media, and not one I like being ported over to the right.)

                      Things getting to whistle-blower level is really bad. That means that the sane levels of prevention didn’t work.

                      For about the millionth time– being the grown ups is a lot of hard work, and if there’s a big, dramatic win it’s because SOMETHING WENT VERY WRONG but you managed to save it.

                      If your depression was correct, we’d have a pile of patriots dead by cop by now. By mid-April.

                    5. It doesn’t matter if the operators buy the mission briefs or not; if the drones don’t have fuel and munitions they can’t fly and they can’t strike.

                    6. We’ve already proven can perform operations on the other side of world. Fuel is worldwide and plenty of people would sell munitions to support a
                      US rebellion putdown

                    7. Yeah, but the victors didn’t want to have their servants alive afterwards. And what you describe will make Lenin’s “The worse, the better” work against them.

                    8. It isn’t a situation where the military equipment is designed in China, manufactured in China, and serviced in China. However lunatic the maintenance bureaucracies get, however sociopathic the operators, It doesn’t change the logistical problem, or how much technical capability is floating around the population loose of the bureaucracy.

                      US Federal defense bureaucracies are working to close off problems with Chinese supplied items. They would not do that if they were wholly suborned. They are also working to develop suppliers of advanced technologies. They would not do that if everything they had was sufficient, and could be handled entirely in house.

                      The DoD bureaucracies are probably not ready to switch over to PRC direction and supply, even if the PRC could ship the supplies.

                    9. You’re being just as bad as the Gun is a Magical Talisman types.

                      Fuel, and munitions, still have to get from where they’re produced to where they’re needed; and you have to have people willing to drive the trucks and offload the trains.

                      If you don’t have faith in the Armed Forces, have a little faith in the rest of your working class brethren.

                    10. a) As target, US pop is not 100% identical to mideast pop. Calling the mideast ‘illiterate goat herders’ would go much too far the other way, but not 100% identical, and the task is potentially different in difficulty.

                      b) US pop is much, much, too mixed. Empires traditionally used troops from one area to put down rebellions in other areas. They could do this because their peoples did not travel, mix with, trust, and like one another. US pop is too mixed to permit extermination of blacks, because of precisely the institutions that CRT claims are not woke enough. Where civil war is concerned the options for federal military forces are 1) low tech war, maximum collatoral damage. but requiring spending vast manpower, possibly beyond what can be recruited overseas 2) air strikes on isolated locations, but combined with a lot of infantry work, because of all the delicate targets 3) a pure high tech air war, for very limited target lists. Because if you flatten one of your twenty reasearch institutions for critical defense topic x because a researcher there likes to post on Reddit or 4chan, people at the other nineteen may be slow to jump on your next problems with x.

                  2. And where are the factories that make the drones? Or the missiles? Hard to run them without workers. Or power.

                    1. If I remember correctly, Hellfire missiles are made by Raytheon Missile Systems, in Tucson. Power for that facility would come from a combination of TEP’s local coal fired plant, and the Palo Verde nuclear reactor up west of Phoenix.

                    2. The US probably designed half the weaponry used by China given their ip policies. It will be the world vs deplorables

                    3. Feel free to surrender. Sam Adams had you pegged. So did King Henry V.

                      “He that hath no stomach for this fight, let him depart.”

                    4. Oh I know. Its not completely different on core stuff on rural, just with added gun issues in states. I refer more that if the deplorable are put down it will not be the sort of fight where other countries support the guerrilla army

      1. The executive order about policy making bureaucrats may have been a declaration of war, timed so that the bureaucrats not already in the fight wouldn’t have time to join the fight effectively before Tuesday.

    2. I have optimism for guns, nullification, and sheer noncompliance; Men of the System so very rarely realize the difference between ordering a thing and it actually happening.

      But… oh, all the room for ugly in that.

    3. All of us are reluctant to fire on our neighbors in LE. The question is, will the people in blue do as they are ordered, or will they do the right thing?

      1. Damned good question. I think they’ll do what they’re least at the beginning, if they think the authorities above will cover them. Some of them will not, one way or another, and if the orders start to get stupid it becomes a free-for-all.

          1. I’d be curious how many of those officers had to do it, in the sense of “immediate supervision was nearby and if I didn’t do it, it would be obvious.”

            Still sucks.

            It’s still wrong.

            I don’t want to start stringing people up for it, because it’ll be a mess.

        1. That’s a shame. I like some of our town officers. Really hate to have to kill any of them in self defense.

  4. All my prep died on an operating table last week. I won’t be recovered for two months.

    Then I’ll just have lasted long enough to be surplus. I may not even make it home.

    1. Don’t despair, or as Kipling said “and stoop and build it up with warn out tools”. You have a good mind, you can figure out how to at least get a huge honor guard for your trip.

  5. Add to that, multiple people I know personally are hand-wringing about how “half the country voted for the Nazi!” (Well, only one said nazi, but all the handwringing.) So, not random bots.

    This… is giving me closer-to-home feels than I’m used to about how soon I figure they’d cheer for a Truth and Reconciliation Committee and reeducation for the deplorables. (That I guess I’d be pretty soon signed for, given I responded to my sister’s with a lengthy rant and a link to writerinblack’s Trump v Hitler Year One Retrospective.)

    I weirdly think my Mama Bunny comics are still the best things I can be doing. But I need to up the political speech as well while I can.


    And look at the CPS manual again, I figure if we’re going all out threatening to take Republican’s kids (particularly homeschoolers) away is a really early step.

    1. I expect my brother, mother, and half of my extended family would have no qualms putting me against wall and putting the bullet in my head.

      1. I don’t expect. I know exactly who my brothers voted for. They have no idea I and my sister voted for Trump, and we will not be telling them, in case either of them wants to pick up our father’s bad habits with firearms, threats, and maybe-not-a-threat.

        1. You know, I’ve been thinking about your backstory, now that you finally feel free to talk about it more.

          You know, you could do a heck of a not-Pokemon or not-Fantastic Beasts universe. The person who doesn’t trust animals for perfectly sensible reasons, and somebody who’s either a really good Ranger or an apparently-but-not-really-crazy Steve Irwin.

          Not this year, for sure! But think about it. Could be therapeutic. You have a gift for writing monsters and making them cuddly.

          That said, I’m still having trouble figuring out why the Leftist Universe has decided that it’s inherently evil to have “forced labor harvests of coconuts by monkeys.” I mean, either you’re treating the monkeys decently, and doing monkey falconry with an activity they would perform for themselves in the wild; or you’re being cruel to work animals and/or overworking them, and the exact nature of the work doesn’t make it worse or better.

        2. Oh, I know who they voted for. I probably should have reported two for assassination wishes just to make things painful. I just mean that I don’t know if they are the bloodthirsty enough part of mobs to commit violence on behalf or outsource it to the more militant.

    2. Well, they’re right; almost half the country DID vote for the Nazis.

      We’re just not talking about the same Nazis.

          1. That’s about my eyeball estimate too — around 20% Dem fraud. Which means the honest vote would be something like 60-40 for Trump.

            I checked voting patterns around the riotous urbans (USAToday had Handy Charts by county) and was appalled to learn that the worse the riot, the bigger the blue vote, all going 60-65% Biden.

            Which is either “Please, sir, may I have another??” or a whole helluva lot of fraud.

            BTW, kinda lost in all this is that a whole lot of local races were also affected by suppressing the GOP vote, and those candidates need to likewise jump all over it with lawsuits and bad publicity.

            1. Or “we can’t even walk down the street to the store; what will the routes to the polling places be like?” combined with “fraud by mail isn’t a secret ballot, is it?”

  6. Oh, hey, another amazing “oops”– Arizona was in the 80s, not the 90s, for counting.
    And it’s mostly Trump districts.

      1. I’ve read the uncounted AZ votes being counted now are breaking 2-1 in Trump’s favor.

          1. May have been IMPROPERLY marked as invalid– sharpies are legal for use, now the yelling is if the machines “accidentally” rejected them and they need to be counted by normal “machine screwed up” type means.

              1. At least Arizona has a Republican governor who will help fight the fraud. Wisconsin’s, Michigan’s and Pennsylvania’s are all active co-conspirators in the vote fraud effort.

                1. Handwiggle. He probably won’t help the communist sos with the fix but stood by and did nothing against sinema. And now the space case(s) too.

                  1. Yep. Was better than most at start, giving power to cities and counties but thats damning with faint praise.

                    At least bars are open so I can have interactions with people

              1. Per the lawsuit, the sequence was:
                1. R voter is handed a sharpie.
                2. Sharpie marked ballot goes through vote scanner into lockbox and scanner goes “BZZZZT votes not recorded”.
                3. Poll drone says no, my orders are you can’t get a new ballot, get lost. Zum befehl!

                1. Not only that:

                  4. Volunteers warn voters outside the polls, and hand out the proper pens.

                  5. Democrat ‘poll workers’ try to take those pens from the voters, sometimes by force.

                  6. They call the police to arrest those folks for ‘interfering with the election’.

  7. I’m still here. I still have a job. I’m still working behind the scenes and keeping my head down in one of last conservative areas of the government. But I’m deep in Indian Country at home, so we’ll see.

      1. I’ll be fine, though. My wife is squishy, but loves America. My sister-in-law, I’m not sure. She is same, but believes the MSM. My father-in-law and mother-in-law are gone. MSNBC every night. And my MiL was telling my 6 yo daughter that she hopes Biden wins over the evil Mr. Trump yesterday. I’m pissed, but am trying to quietly nip that in the bud with my daughter since I’m forbidden from saying anything in public in the house. C’est la vie. If it all goes to hell, I have battle buddies I trust that I can go to.

  8. I am…discouraged, but far, far from despairing. I have often said that Trump could beat Biden handily, but I did not know whether he could beat the “margin of fraud” (kind of like the “point spread” in sports betting). And, as of this morning, the jury still seems to be out on that.

    You may also recall how very skeptical I have been of “fourth box” answers to government tyranny so long as we appeared (which, perhaps, may have been manufactured illusion) to be losing the culture war. Without popular support for ideals of liberty a “fourth box” change of regime just replaces one tyranny with another. See, pretty much every other “successful” revolution in history. (“Pretty much” because there may be exceptions of which I am unaware.) I’ve gotten into it with others here on that very topic. 😉

    However, the “margin of fraud” being invoked–required–for Gropey Joe and Heels Up to “win” the election (if, indeed, they manage to pull it off) demonstrates as clearly as a message written across the sky in letters of fire that they are losing the culture war, that we are winning it. And if we are winning the culture war, then much of my objection to a “fourth box” answer to an illegitimate regime put into place by fraud goes away.

    This does not mean it would not be ugly, horrible in its course. Some of my objections remain in that there is a certain inevitable logic to revolution even when it’s justified, especially when it’s justified: those in power will not “play nice” and will use every dirty trick possible to remain in power and since the cost of failure will be too high, the revolutionaries will be forced to respond in kind. One of the first casualties will be all “laws” and conventions regarding “civilized” warfare. Some people delude themselves into thinking they can have a “clean” revolution with minimal collateral damage. I suffer from no such delusions.

    Further, no reasonable person wants to be part of a “false start” at revolution. The colonial era had numerous such, starting with Bacon’s Rebellion (if, indeed, that was the first–I haven’t constructed a timeline). And so everyone waits, looking to the right and left, wondering if “now is the time” and waiting for some “sign” that it’s “the real one.” So no one wants to get the ball rolling early (or not enough to actually, you know, “roll the ball”).

    And so, I reiterate my earlier prediction. Political violence is going to keep ramping up–and it doesn’t matter, really, who “wins” the election–until we look back and see that not only are we in an actual civil war (of 4th generation type) but have been for some time. We might already be there; I don’t know, where to draw the line on that can be fuzzy. It will be nasty. There will be truly dark times ahead.

    But that all indications point to us actually winning the culture war–a big indicator is how blatant the Left is having to be with its fraud–gives me more hope for the eventual outcome than I have had in a long time.

    As a wise woman has been wont to say: Be not afraid.

    1. Thoughtful remarks! I read them closely. I wonder how culpable are ordinary Americans, including myself, for having more or less ignored for so long the march of the Marxists through our institutions and having thus arguably gotten ourselves into this fine old mess of sheer, pervasive corruption and looming civil conflict.

      It may be fervently hoped that the obstructionism, if it comes to that, of a Republican Senate and originalist Supreme Court would be enough to delay the violence for one or two more years at least. If Biden slimes his senile way into the White House, followed closely by Harris with a shiv hidden up her sleeve, we might even hope for a strong 2022 turnaround in the House and two or three more Republican seats in the Senate and then a 2024 Republican revolution that retakes the White House with a hard-line anti-communist who makes Trump look like a boy scout.

      Yeah, if wishes were horses, we’d all have eight-horse teams dragging our heavy buggies over the bodies of our enemies ….

    2. Yes. Check Bleeding Kansas for what happened before.

      Something I am only just now learning: A popular justification for slavery at a time when the U.S. was going through a great Christian awakening, was that slavery was necessary for the new socialist utopia. The improved conditions for enslaved blacks need only be spread to theinferior mass of wage slaves of all races. Free from want, free from having to make choices…

      There is a problem with bad masters of course, but overall, the black man was happier and safer (they said) under a benevolent rule, and the plantation was a model socialist state.

      There is nothing new under the sun.

      1. Holy crud, that is evil. Our local socialists were anti-slavery (Yellow Springs) or living the Protestant proto-Pentecostalist monastic life and anti-slavery too (Shakers).

        1. One understands that the Shakers were part of the Underground Railroad. It’s just that they didn’t even bother to have secret hideyholes, because nobody invades a large compound with slave hunters, and there were a fair number of black Shakers. They gave fugitives Shaker clothing and acted as guides and escorts — just one more Shaker in the middle of a bunch of Shakers on a sales trip.

          (The Scottish socialists in Yellow Springs did have some hideyhole houses.)

          The Scottish socialists turned Shakers in old age after their kids were grown and moved away, at Watervliet, actually included some incidents in their community logbook, so obviously they weren’t too worried about prosecution.

          At one point early on, a black man named Prime Lane joined the Shakers with his daughters, left without them, and then sued the Shakers in court for “stealing” his slaves (ie, this black man claimed to own his daughters as slaves). The New York Supreme Court ruled that the girls were free, and that as they were no longer minors, they could go wherever they wanted. A couple of mobs attacked and managed to kidnap one of the girls, but she got away. Both girls stayed lifelong Shakers.

    3. It would appear that the GOP made some significant gains in reaching “minority” voters — which means there’s a chance they’ll learn and reach out more effectively.

      House Dems lost seats in spite of predictions of significant gains. Tensions on that side of the aisle will be great over the next two years, whoever is president. House Republicans ought be murmuring to their moderate Dem colleagues about how it is a shame to have AOC’s Squad pulling them over a cliff.

      Kim Klacik lost (as expected) to Kweis Mfume but does not appear to be going anywhere, promising to remain active and to hold Mfume accountable. First time candidates often lose — voters like to see a challenger show tenacity.and prove they’re not simply “one and done” candidates, so she ought do better in 2022 (assuredly Baltimore will be no better.)

      John James appears to be the junior senator from Michigan and should prove to be a featured performer for the party. Expect him and Tim Scott to be forceful presences and to be re-submitting Scott’s anti-crime/police reform act.

      It will be a rough few years but the ability to do damage is not as bad as might have been — and maybe Mencken was right about people needing to get what they voted before “good and hard” in order to learn to be more careful about what they vote for.

      1. There’s talk of the knives coming out for Dem House leadership after this mess of an election. The Dems might still end up holding the House (it’s *very* close right now), but last I checked not a single Republican incumbent in a confirmed tally race had lost, while some supposedly “safe moderate” Dems had. Those losses include at least one member of the current Dem House leadership, incidentally. There are a lot of fingers pointing among the Dems in the House, and a lot of those fingers are directed at the leadership. I expect Pelosi will once again be challenged, and this time the challenge will be stronger.

        1. I expect Pelosi’s crafting an “Ask for the Moon” stimulus bill and the dicking around on negotiations did not end up playing well in her caucus. It is something the GOP ought to be able to hang her with but, as they’re the GOP, never will.

          When the GOP ran the House and tried to pull those kinds of stunts on Democrat administrations the halls of government rang with denunciations of failure to submit a “clean” bill and the nightly newscasts mourned the “poison pills” they insisted on inserting.

        2. The problem is that the new “leadership” will be from the even more Marxist “squad” section of the party; don’t be shocked if they give it to Omar so they can declare they have installed the first “Muslim woman” Speaker of the House.

          1. Ilhan Omar’s already under investigation for corruption issues involving money funneled to her new husband’s company. Picking a new Speaker who has a good chance of being the defendent in a corruption court case might not be a good idea. Plus there’s the whole “married to her brother” thing. If the Dems are smart, they won’t make her even more high profile than she already is.

              1. Omar isn’t worried about getting voted out. But some supposedly safe Dems did, which is why the House Dems are unhappy with Pelosi. Picking someone as openly corrupt as Omar to lead the House contingent is not a good survival move for the remaining House Dems.

                The ads for the various 2022 House campaigns practically write themselves if Omar is the Dem leader, especially since most people will imagine it as even worse than it actually was (since there likely wasn’t any actual incest in her marriage to her brother).

    4. ‘ And so everyone waits, looking to the right and left, wondering if “now is the time” and waiting for some “sign” that it’s “the real one.” ‘

      If Trump ever says GO, *that* would be the time for real. Because of all men he’s in the best position to see the whole battlefield, and he’s probably the least likely to go off half-cocked or without the whites of their eyes in sight, while at the same time holding it back as the last resort. “Stand back and stand by.”

      For anyone who still thinks he’s not a master at self-control, ask yourself how well you’d have done with the entire Left daily shitting on your head and most of the government actively sabotaging your best efforts, and now being cheated out of what he’s fairly won. But when he’s really angry, that’s when he puts on that poker face and silently walks away. And that’s when our enemies had best beware.

        1. Reportedly it’s already been attempted, and quietly stopped, numerous times. Hence Trump always wears a bulletproof vest in public (even at press events), and the one time a threat happened during a presser, when the secret service said we gotta go, he went immediately.

          But yes, I’m surprised there haven’t been more obvious attempts already, and methinks Trump had best be cautious about ever being out of the immediate reach of his security. (Have heard he has his own private security in residence too, so not just secret service.) No doubt there are assassination conspiracies brewing even as we speak, and more to come.

          BTW looked like Tony Bobu-whistleblower was wearing a vest at his press conference, too.

    1. I should note that your guide on how to pray the rosary the other day was a spur for me (Episcopalian… for now; the bishop is “voluntarily resigning” on Feb 1st and I suspect taking most of my parish with him) to try it myself, so thank you. It was comforting.

      1. Thank you.

        I wasn’t really sure if I should post it here or not– figured we all need all the comfort we can get, especially as a LOT of us don’t have any holy friends with skin on who are close to talk with, face to face.

        I think I need that comfort right now, myself.

        1. The son of a friend of ours is a recently ordained Catholic priest (May 2020) and told me today many are very concerned about the state of the church as most of the hierarchy are communists and those that are not are being frozen out. They are also concerned that Frankie the red may be being blackmailed into supporting the LGBTQ agenda.

          1. I’m not surprised by either. I’m comfortable with the liturgy and rituals; but aside from a handful of priests, I don’t trust the entire clergical hierarchy as far as I can throw them.

    2. I’m not even a believer, and yet for the past 3 days my resident earworm has been alternating between Lee Greenwood and Hail Mary full of grace. Whether there’s anyone listening or not, the words are good.

  9. Sarah, speaking as someone who loves you as an aunt, I’m telling you to get some sleep. Everything is clearer with sleep. You’re no good to anyone stressed out.

      1. *grumps* That’s not sleep, that’s a nap.

        Says the person who got a whole five and a half, and is shuffling around mumbling about “for the sake of his sorrowful passion.”

          1. The “I really should go to bed, I have to be up in six hours” responsibility limiter kicks in, and then we fuss around for a bit?

          2. Me too.

            I stayed at the in laws’ without remembering that I haven’t slept there since my back went, barring one miserable night on the sofa before it got Cold.

            When I got too tired to keep standing, laying down hurt. I wound up wandering around playing cell phone games until MiL woke up at 5 and stole the former guest bed she’d been using. But there were three other adults to mind the kids and I got til 10.

            Still paying for it all. Owwwww.

            I should realize that being in intense pain and underslept probably isn’t helping my mood.

    1. It does help. Not sure it will be enough for me today but at least its taking planning my death from forefront of my mind.

  10. Democrats must think their efforts to steal Michigan and perhaps Wisconsin may not hold up as they are now adding to their games in Nevada:

    Yes, they are simply not going to provide results until Thursday, meanwhile they are still adding new votes for a week after election day.

    This is yet another one that sounds like it will go to the Supreme Court.,

    1. The Democrats might be thinking that the more fraud the better for them, under the Big Lie principle.

      1. “You aren’t dumb enough to think a landslide this big could be fake, do you? Come on, man!”

        1. More like: “Look at all those Big Blue landslides in all those states! Even in the – highly unlikely! – event that one or two of them are due to vote fraud, they can’t all be!”

    2. A week or so ago I saw somewhere that Nevada was a planned fraud target, so, yeah. Right now it’s the final six votes staving off that Dem declaration of victory.

      When Nevada first started reporting, the initial 4000 votes were 78% Trump. But soon those votes disappeared and for another few hours, Nevada was not yet reporting. Then when NV results came back, they were initially there but quickly swamped out. And that’s when I started saying yep, it’s going on in Nevada too, just like someone predicted.

  11. Insty has this thread re the contested states:

  12. The Republic is likely lost. The Dems aren’t even bothering to hold a fig leaf up to cover their fraud this time around. Nearly 140K votes all break for 1 candidate in a list of 5? Not a single protest vote? That’s a statistical impossibility. It doesn’t bear any sort of resemblance to reality. I fear the only way out of this is civil war, a shooting war. The institutions of justice that we depend on for a republic have been too corrupted.

    1. I think the Dems have figured out they don’t need fig leaf – they have their own MSM/Big Tech WALL (look at the blackout on the Hunter/Joe Biden laptop and corruption story), and the people who haven’t figured out how to look around it to see what’s really happening have no reason to suspect anything is wrong (they’ve also heard for months that Biden was over 8 points up – why wouldn’t they believe he won?)

      1. I think the Dems have figured out they don’t need fig leaf – they have their own MSM/Big Tech WALL (look at the blackout on the Hunter/Joe Biden laptop and corruption story),

        That is EXACTLY where we need to look.

        My parents– who get news basically main stream media plus EXTREMELY liberal family friends– heard about the laptop, enough to ask me about it, the day after they tried to kill the story.

  13. I’ll be honest with you, Mrs. (not Ms.) Sarah A. Hoyt. When I first started perhaps a year or two back to become truly impressed otherwise with your keen intellect and insight (and I seldom find folks quite like that on the Interwebs), I thought you were being too pessimistic about the Marxist threat in the United States. I thought you were warped by your early childhood experiences in your home country of Portugal. Not to put too fine a point on it, I suspected that you were a little too quick to see Marxists under the bed and in the closet. And this is coming from a fierce Cold Warrior who hates communists and socialists with a white-hot intensity. If I had the ability to cause every single stinking hard leftist on Earth to expire with a final shriek of agony by pushing a big, red button, I’d instantly lunge for the button to gently but with terrible firmness … Push. The. Button.

    The button. PUSH. Have a nice eternity in Hell, vermin. Assuming Hell exists, of course.

    Now I understand why you were and are so vehement and despairing about the Marxist threat. From close reading over more recent years in hundreds of Interwebs foci such as blogs and reliable news reporting websites, my ever so cautious mind has come at last to accept the ugly, inarguable reality of a decades-long conspiracy of intent by like-minded people of extraordinarily bad faith to ram one form or another of Marxism down the throats of a largely unwilling United States of America. Truly, they’ve now come within a whisker of forcing the great majority of Americans to get, good and hard, what a remarkably small minority truly deserves.

    As I said elsewhere to a cogent, insightful poster in a recent discussion thread, I’m so sad and angry and disappointed in myself for having put off and put off, endlessly, realizing in practice the fruits of decades of evolving thought on memetic networks. They aren’t strictly, absolutely necessary to implementing my decades of thought on slowly, painfully, thoroughly defeating Marxism, but memetic networks damn well make the crusade much, much less difficult. It’s an inarguable confluence of straightforward software technology, unusual but eminently sensible social practices, and multiple overlapping business models.

    There are, of course, the inevitable practical difficulties. Capital, patents, software development, recruiting, management … hell, no experienced businessman would be remotely surprised by any of these hurdles. Plus, there are … um, special difficulties. And still other difficulties beyond those difficulties.

    Pfffttt. That’s life, ain’t it?. You either sulk in the corner and randomly complain, or else you affect a stiff upper lip and get on with it. *sigh*

    Ah, well. Come what dreams or nightmares may, I have no further excuses for delay.

    In any case, thank you for bearing with or possibly politely ignoring my little … what? Declamation? Exposition? Unhinged rant? I won’t bother to rummage through my print copy of Roget’s Thesaurus. 8^)

    Carry on.

    1. > Have a nice eternity in Hell, vermin. Assuming Hell exists, of course.

      It will exist right here if they get their way… never have I seen a group so determined to saw off the limb they were sitting on. And there are things with sharp teeth waiting for them below…

  14. Quirky related thing– we’re re-watching the InuYasha series, from the start.

    A few days ago, the episode was CURSED INK OF THE HELL PAINTER.

    Standard issue drawings come to life thing.

    Thing is, the cranky hero kept getting knocked out because the ink-and-blood STANK so much that once he killed one, he as sick.

    Yes, about that point I was drawing parallels with the often mentioned drinking the ink thing. I’ll make us sick, to, after all.

    But they kept fighting, exposed him, figured out his tactics, and finally broke the ink container.

    At which point the hell painter opened a vein in a last-ditch attempt to win…and was eaten by his own demons.

    1. “Inuyasha! SIT!!!”

      Bwahaha!!! I’m watching the series for the first time, I’m up to season 3.

      Let me improve your day somewhat. There is NEW InuYasha anime! YashaHime, Princess Half-Demon.

      Also, if you have anyone in your house that likes cars, there is Initial D. That’s a street-racing one with 6 seasons, and it’s a blast. In case anyone ever wondered why there are white Toyota Levin 86s running around with “Fujiwara’s Tofu Shop” on the door, this is why.

      I’m alternating between Initial D and Inuyasha, in between watching the new ones this season. Strange hobby for an almost-senior citizen, but then I’m a strange guy. ~:D

      1. You’re in for a treat. InuYasha is one of my favorite animes. I’ve got the whole series on disk: 8 seasons and 4 movies, and recently watched ’em all the way through.

        YashaHime looks good after 5 episodes.

        There are so many great anime series. A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun (two closely related animes), Shakugan no Shana, VanDread, Fullmetal Alchemist, Nadesico, Stellvia, Full Metal Panic!, Date A Live, Angel Beats!, Armitage: The Third…and of course all those wonderful movies from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.

        Hollywood has crawled up its own asshole. Sturgeon’s Law says 90% of everything is crap, but Hollywood is shooting for 100% and they’re getting close.
        In the anime movie Kite, the teenage assassin has to blow her target through a wall with a grenade. He falls through a restaurant skylight ten stories below. The priceless line that should have been:

        Customer: “Oh, waiter! I did not order the burning dead guy!”

        1. Fairy Tail! — which should probably be named something like “how I joined a giant, dysfunctional, but very loving family, and had adventures.”

        2. Shingu: Secret of the Stellar Wars. A bit hard to find, but eminently watchable and rewatchable. Pretty much everything they show you in the first few episodes is true — but deceptive. If you think anything you are being shown is a cliche… hoboy, does it turn out different.

          Same director as Nadesico, Stellvia, and Bodacious Space Pirates (which is a good show until they get to the gratuitous lesbian fan service, which is really “I want to pretend Japanese all-female theater hype is real”).

      2. I’ll pass Initial D on.

        Between the Demon Hamster episode. (the guy who vomits wolves– HE LOOKS LIKE A HAMSTER!!!) and my sudden and vocalized declaration that Inuyasha is a tsundere has meant a lot of fond laugher is going on,

        1. That guy does look like a hamster. ~:D

          I just finished “Stage 2” of Initial D last night, and sitting there watching it I can feel the teenager in me getting excited about the next episode. Typical shonen anime about warriors battling each other and getting power-ups, but with cars.

          Turns out Initial D was a -huge- deal in Japan for a long time, to the point where fans were mourning the passing of the original tofu shop pictured in the manga and the anime (and the live action movie too.)

          Apparently there’s a Fujiwara’s Tofu Cafe in Long Beach. They have merch. I want a sticker for my crew-cab. ~:D

          [Yes, you Asian mountain racer kids, it -is- possible to drift a diesel crew-cab. This is Canada, and we have snow. The Phantom has been known to power-drift said F250 into his driveway occasionally. I don’t know that I’d try it on a mountain road, but it can be done.]

  15. At this point we don’t need to beat them, we need to destroy them so they can never do this again. Decades in jail would work, or exile from the US, or even treason trials.

    1. It comes to my mind that the proper punishment for election fraud is to rescind that person’s citizenship, cancel their social security benefits, cancel any military pensions, cancel eligibility for any and all government programs, ban them from ever working in a government job or running for any government office themselves, and ban any company that employs them from any government contracts, including lobbies.

            1. Why would you think I hate penguins. They have to eat too, and in a battle for survival, my bet is on the penguins over the commies and their apparatchiks.

          1. They would be celebrated as heroes in Cuba or Venezuela, the same way Joanne Chesimard was, and would not face the same deprivation that the non-rulers face in those places.

            Exile needs to be a place where it hurts.

      1. Treat election fraud as “insurrection or rebellion” and apply Section 3 of the 14th Amendment.

    2. Can’t do treason trials. “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” While election fraud is in fact treason against the United States, it cannot be in law considered treason against the United States without amending the Constitution. And given what the Founders were worried about (trumped-up treason charges advanced against political opponents), and how I know the Left would do exactly that if they could, I personally would vote against such an amendment.

      I like Mike Houst’s idea, because I was pondering something similar myself a couple hours ago. Election fraud should be an immediate firing from whatever government job they might hold, permanent disbarment from future employment with the government, and (this one I didn’t come up with, but Mike is right) no government contracts awarded to any company that might employ them in the future.

      1. Depends on a) if Covid was an early phase of a developing world war b) electoral fraud could be reasonably understood as aiding an attempt at foreign occupation/control c) if the charges run through a sane, competent court.

        B, Social Media censorship really needs to be able to document that the whole censorship toolchain staffing is overseen by US citizens, H1B workers are an invitation to it being understood as sponsoring foreign state influence.

        C, You need reasonably trustworthy federal courts and law enforcement for them to retain control of the effective monopoly on prosecuting treason, if they lose that to the vigilantes…

      2. Election fraud is an attempt to garner the emoluments of public office through illegitimate means: thus it is criminal fraud.

        Moreover, as it almost always entails organized activity by a group it should fall under the RICO statutes.

        Not that I think any prosecutor would ever try such a case.

        1. a) Pro Se civil litigation for damages b) if the judges throw it out, sue them, Pro Se, for damages as co-conspirators.

  16. God I feel sick. Ace is reporting a random thumb drive just shows up in a Michigan polling place with 100% Joe Biden votes with just the right amount to give him the state. A THUMB DRIVE?! Really?! I feel like God is telling us that voting is not going to save us and we need to to take it to the next level.

    1. It’s been reported that an extraneous ‘0’ got added to the number of votes supposedly on the drive. So it’s not as disastrous, though it’s still suspicious.

  17. The Georgia Sec of State has apparently called it for Trump. Trump’s confident that he’ll win AZ. I’m hoping this means that he’s got enough EVs.


    If Trump wins, I think people need to take it as a warning. Four years from now they’ll try even harder. And we don’t have another Trump waiting in the wings. We’ll probably have people trying to act like Trump. But they’ll be the appearance without the substance.

    In other news, some good news out of California. Prop 16 (rolls back anti-racial preferences law) failed 55-45, and Prop 22 (partial rollback of AB5 – the freelancers are full-time employees law – but for Uber and Lyft only) passed.

      1. Regardless of if Trump wins we need to fix this, though the methodology may be different.

      2. If Trump wins, that gives us 4 years to fix it.
        If Biden wins, we’re fighting a rearguard action forever.

      3. If. Unlike the Augean Stables, it’s gonna take more than a day and be a lot messier.

        It not, basically we are nuclear hostages and sacrifices to Baal Hammon.

      1. And orchestra musicians. And video editors. And writers.

        Only Uber and Lyft had the cash to put this on the ballot, and they were the real target anyway – the unions really don’t want gig workers competing.

        I think the union hack of an author of the bill has said she didn’t mean for it to nuke the entire Hollywood production model, but I think it does that – and that’s still in place.

        Hopefully the assembly and state senate will get the hint and try to fix it, not taht their main target has been exempted.

  18. I’m feeling so nauseous this morning. I had to go to my doctor to get my labs done and bring in my 24hr urinalysis. I don’t have anywhere to run actually and I couldn’t anyway (dialysis machine and supplies). Since I am sure that NV is perpetuating a fraud right now, I wonder if the Senate and House races in NV are frauded as well. I am so tired of this shit. When I said the “lefts” colonized NV with migration from CA and the east (also done to CO), I wasn’t kidding. If you look all rural areas in NV voted red.

    1. Granted, that’s the same everywhere for both structural and personal reasons. Cities tend to attract the more liberal types who work as either mental creators or parasites. Rural areas usually majority physical producers. The latter have to be more self reliant and usually have more convoluted experience with regulations and taxes. Cities you outsource a lot of work in theory in exchange for taxes and less hassle. Employers take out your taxes and once you do the 1040 ez you get a pile of money back. Food comes from grocery store and can only keep a few days in apartment, no way to have backup generator, infections are more easily spread, etc.

      Urban and rural are two very different animals and that the fight right now is which one gets control is the reason the good solution is Balkan, complete with genocides on both sides and the bad one is Airstrip one. And I expect the latter

  19. Simcha Fisher, who’s usually a Catholic mommy blogger of liberal/centrist bent, saw something interesting at the polls yesterday in NH.

    “Long Lines, New Voters Overwhelm Officials in Rural Swanzey NH”

    New voters, registered that day, showing up at the last minute… in New Hampshire. I mean, granted, a Republican town in New Hampshire… but who is so insecure about New Hampshire that they have to fake a bunch of registrations and addresses?

    1. Mind you, this is the same person who says she’s voting for Biden, even though she’s pro-life and knows Biden is bad stuff. And who thinks that people on the right are violent, so don’t believe anything you’ve seen on the news.

      Sometimes people have a vast incuriosity, because they’re afraid of what they’ll find out.

    2. Durham NH. 1300 same day registrations. I will guarantee you that over half of them were fraudulent.

          1. That would be my guess too. Okay, there might be a bare handful of legit same-day in the more-mobile cities, but not enough to notice, and sure as hell not out in the smaller towns.

      1. And I wonder how many of ’em did a full tour of NH, registering and voting in each town as they went. After all it’s a long drive for just one vote!

      1. …and I’m sure prog trolls will still refer to it as “FauxNews” and never figure out the correct pronunciation of faux.

    1. Fox called it for Biden before they guys who have to stand at the end of the line to turn people away had reached the end of their lines.

      I think that was like strike 3 on “Oh. So that Dem activist Fox hired is still a Dem activist. ‘k.”

    2. And ABC just retracted their call of Arizona for Biden.

      Trump may yet lose, but it will be a hard-fought slog of which we’ve only seen the opening moves.

      1. Pretty much everyone but Fox retraced the Arizona for Biden call; Fox still has Arizona as a firm Biden win. Who ever thought that ABC and CNN’s election coverage would be MORE reliable than Fox.

  20. Just to add to the generally “creepy end times’ vibe:

    The caller ID function on our phones sometimes tags an incoming call, “SPAM?xxxx” , as in “SPAM?PittsburghPA”. Now, I’m not picking up any phone call tagged “SPAM?”. Hell, I only answer the phone when it’s a known caller; anyone else cal leave voicemail. But I a, triple-dog-damned NEVER answering a call tagged like the one we got two days ago; “SPAM?Amityville”

    Just, no.

    1. Encountered a video titled “If Veterans Were In Horror Movies” which had, well, veterans facing various horror movie monsters and utterly crushing them.

        1. And our hostess wrote one, as well!

          Also, horror movie characters like Jason prove to be immune to just about anything and everything. Sure, you dropped a nuke on Jason. Sure, you had a live video feed confirming that he was at ground zero. Sure, nobody could survive that. But I can all but guarantee you that the person sent to confirm that he’s really dead this time is going to be his next victim.

          1. Goddamn it, I snorted loudly at that bon mot. You’re a super-duper comedian for certain. ^_^

            “Captain! The planet-buster atomic we dropped on the grey alien has had no effect.”
            “Dammit. Ensign, drop those braces of tear gas.”
            “Wow, the tear gas is hurting the alien! He’s staggering … down to his feet! We’ve won!”

            (Stolen from a cheesy sci-fi/horror comic book from the sixties.)

            1. And now I think of the “Humans Are Weird” stories and ponder how deadly a treat of some chocolate coated coffee beans might be to otherwise indestructible creatures.

                1. Don’t forget the most popular poison of all — ethyl alcohol!

                  I, for one, do not enjoy the symptoms of alcohol poisoning. That goes double for the symptoms of recovering from alcohol poisoning.

                  1. I disagree that ethyl alcohol beats either chocolate or coffee/tea/caffeine-based energy drinks in popularity. Not singly and certainly not collectively.

                  1. The thing about demons (and Leftists) is that they only know rage and hate. That’s their big deal.

                    Rage and hate don’t win fights. Only start them.

                    Courage, intelligence, creativity, HARD WORK, these are the things that win fights. Demons don’t have that. They’re f-ed if they’ve come here to mess with us.

                    Somebody tries to steal your country, you hunt him down and steal it back out of his cold dead hands. Inconvenient and distasteful, but not impossible by any means.

                    Mr. Trump is exactly the type of guy to do exactly that. Here’s an example of him doing it today:


                    Giuliani is the guy who broke the omerta, the code of silence that covered up corruption in the New York City Police Department. I think he’s up to this job.

                    1. He is also experienced in taking down criminal rackets, which is exactly what the Democratic Party and its propaganda arm are.

                  1. There’s only one out so far. But I’m just finishing up #6. So lots to look forward to. ~:D

                    Now if I could just jazz some life into the artist who’s supposed to be doing my covers (because I really suck at it)…

              1. There was an entire arc of Sluggy Freelance that revolved around Santa Claus being taken overy by a body-snatcher style alien invasion. They were vulnerable to nerf and though he was the biggest weapons dealer in the planet.

                On the otherhand, he did end up getting killed by the Easter bunny….

        1. If Democrats keep up with what they are doing, I suspect they are going to get another of what would be a horror movie, from their view, starring veterans: Starship Troopers

        2. Shamelessly taking an excuse to share something cute here:

          In that first video there’s a scene where one of the guys hooks up with an onryō (the type of ghost girl from The Ring movies). There’s actually a webcomic named Erma in which where a human and an onryō got married The resulting child is… interesting:

          1. Cute kid! When she grows up, she’ll be just right for the Cthulhu Party. “No Lives Matter.” o_o

            P.S. To anyone looking for “The Ring,” skip the American remake and go for the original Japanese flick (“Ringu” (1998)). The underrated “Black Water” (2002) is also … well, disturbing in a very Japanese way that doesn’t translate well to American sensibilities, as may be seen in the poorly received, substandard American remake thereof in 2005.

            1. “Cthulhu saves — in case he gets hungry later.”

              “All lives matter to Cthulhu — they’re yummy!”

              1. Heh. Good ‘uns! 🙂

                BTW, I screwed up one of the titles — it’s “Dark Water” (2002) and not “Black Water.” -_-

            2. >> “When she grows up, she’ll be just right for the Cthulhu Party. “No Lives Matter.” o_o”

              Not quite. Erma’s more like this:

              She likes scaring people – she is half vengeance ghost, after all – but other than that she’s a total sweetheart. Her pranks can be terrifying but she’s not out to actually hurt anybody.

              1. Wowza. That’s … words almost fail. “Terrifyingly cute in a way that makes your hair turn white and fall off as you run screaming into the night with an apple floating behind you.” O_O

                1. It helps that the townspeople know what she is and that most of them – or at least the ones she interacts with regularly – seem able to handle it. The teacher in that video is the exception; as a public school teacher she has to deal with Erma whether she likes it or not. It’s mostly played for laughs (though she’s wrong about how dangerous Erma can be when pushed far enough).

                2. It’s also worth noting that the video comes across very differently if you’ve already read the comic. In that case you know Erma’s a sweetheart and would never actually hurt the teacher. But if that video is your first exposure to the character, then… Yeah, I can see why you’d have that reaction.

        1. Four, apparently… another one so named came up in the sidebar, on their own channel. Not my kind of humor but dang they’re havin’ a good time! Too bad I don’t like coffee.

      1. The husband and I just discovered those videos. They are a thing of beauty. (“Pull?” *nods all around*)

  21. On the bright side, Dimitra’s Dishes on YouTube had a recipe for a savory pumpkin/feta cheese/onion phyllo shell tart. You can also use squash.

    I imagine that our low-carb folks could use extra eggs and make savory pumpkin/feta bars or pudding instead, or maybe savory pumpkin/feta/nut flour pies. If you make the tarts small, like muffin sized, you won’t have to cook it as long.

  22. If there’s one good thing that will come of all this mess no matter the result, is that it has once again made an argument for libertarianism. Ideally, we should have a system where it doesn’t matter much which idiot is temporarily in charge of the country. If every election is a life-and-death existential struggle which dominates your life for the next four years, then the government is too big and politics have way too much power over us.

    1. I’m a fan of rational libertarianism myself, but far too many people simply don’t want to take care of their own lives. They want strong leaders or strong cults to which to belong — Marxism, for example. That’s human nature. Strong-minded, live-and-let-live types are and always have been a distinctly small minority.

      1. Following a guru is a perfectly cromulent option within rational libertarianism. The trouble comes when people want to make everyone else follow their guru, too.

        1. Libertarianism means you can jump off a cliff if you want to (still not recommended), you just don’t have the right to force everyone to jump with you.

      2. It’s not so much a problem with strong leaders, but leaders of any sort that want to control your lives.

    2. Eh…It still fails to account for social costs and benefits, the religious impulse, and… Children. So no.

      But making the case for devolving power toward near and local and away from distant and federal: Very much so.

      If libertarians want to simplify and redefine themselves as such, sign me up. A similar policy worked for the anti-Nebraska party (aka the Party of Lincoln). Sometimes the single issue IS big and all-encompassing enough.

    1. After decades of squishy Republicans who studiously read “Gentleman’s Guide to Polite Boxing,” we finally have a street brawler who fights. The Trump campaign is evidently also paying close attention to Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Sock it to them good, Mr. Trump! Use your brass knuckles, too! Send the fraudsters whimpering to their dens!

    2. [rubs hands] Most excellent!

      Challenge *everything*. Drag it all out into the light. And then start filing charges…

      1. Remedy available.

        Pay attention to local media, especially on Nevada.

        Silence, at this level, is an act of support for the nation’s enemies, ergo, legitimate military targets.

        When legal attention prevents further killing, surrender to the police, and use the defense that they were political/military killings, and that a de facto state of war exists.

        Not at all a good remedy.

        Remember the concern about Twitter cover up with Biden’s laptop? That still got out. And apparently impacted the actual vote. We are still early days with this cycle of coverup, and can probably push peacefully through by not letting them pretend that the counts are finished legitimately.

  23. “There is no vote fraud.” And if the Highway Patrol takes the weekend off, there won’t be any speeding on the Interstate, either. Right?

    If you have carefully dismantled almost all the protections against vote fraud, and almost all the ways in which it might be found — don’t expect me to believe that there is no fraud.

    If a bright six-year-old can figure out how to commit vote fraud and not get caught, because the protections are gone — don’t expect me to believe there is no fraud.

    If you spend months projecting that your opponents want to steal the election — don’t expect me to believe there is no fraud.

    “Avoid not only evil, but the appearance of evil.” Not sure whether that’s actually in the bible, but my grandfather (preacher’s kid) sure said it a lot. Some folks (not y’all!) would do well to listen.

    1. When Democrats claim there is no such thing as vote fraud, they memory hole one of their own, Democratic Governor Brendan Byrne, who famously said “When I die I hope I am buried in Hudson County so I can still vote Democrat”. Yes, Hudson County (home of Bod Menendez) is that well known for political corruption that even their own party openly joked about it. Of course Byrne is a far right wing nut in the view of the Marxists who now control the Democratic Party.

    2. Have you seen ‘How To Steal A Million’ with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole?

      He repeatedly sets off the museum’s alarm, until the chief night guard shuts it off in disgust. After which, he just walks up and takes the priceless statue.

      There’s a vicious analogy there.

  24. This passage came to mind this morning:

    “That is a fair lord and a great captain of men,” said Legolas. “If Gondor has such men still in these days of fading, great must have been its glory in the days of its rising.”

    “And doubtless the good stone-work is the older and was wrought in the first building,” said Gimli. “It is ever so with the things that Men begin: there is a frost in Spring, or a blight in Summer, and they fail of their promise.”

    “Yet seldom do they fail of their seed,” said Legolas. “And that will lie in the dust and rot to spring up again in times and places unlooked-for. The deeds of Men will outlast us, Gimli.”

    “And yet come to naught in the end but might-have-beens, I guess,” said the Dwarf.

    “To that the Elves know not the answer,” said Legolas.

  25. All the devils here? If only. The supply is greater than the mind of man can hold.

    We are our own devils, our own angels and many of us are both at once.

  26. Pennsy AG urging voters to get help, not from a neutral group or party, but from the Democratic Party.

    This should be exhibit A in the court case against Democratic Party fraud in PA, especially since even under the State Court’s absurd ruling, ballots needed to be submitted by yesterday (and thus filled out) even if the had not arrived by yesterday. He is essentially admitting they are still filling out and submitting ballots AFTER election day.

  27. Interesting new tidbit from (suddenly and inexplicably “blue”) Wisconsin, via Rush Limbaugh: their aggregate Presidential election vote already totals a few percent more than the registered-voter total for the entire state.

    Yes, that’s right, their Biden-victory conclusion rests on a truly amazing ~103% (or so) turnout of the entire electorate — also known in some circles as “prima face evidence of voting fraud” (though not, alas, unprecedented in blue-ish places). Don’t expect the Trump people have missed this one (either).

    It’s horrible how badly things have “curdled” over the past half day or so, and also how that does not bode well against further ugly “surprises” — but look at how (despite all those fake-news polls) Donald Trump is still very much in the game — win or lose in the end, for now still in the game. The “Blue Wave!” was replaced by a real Red Wave, plus possible or probable or obvious (see above) barefaced in-plain-sight election theft — Democrats are, believe it or not, very painfully disappointed that Trump was not “repudiated” in a landslide.

    One thing, out of maybe a very few, we do not ever have to do for those who are not and likely never have been Americans, is help them do this. Watching the fake Hillary-Clinton-bought Russia hoax, the whole bizarre impeachment “coup attempt” (Devin Nunes) over a phone call asking President Zelinsky to help investigate Joe Biden’s (openly confessed) suppression of an investigation into his sellout of his office and his country, and now this, has been disturbing in a way I’m not sure I can even well describe. And that ugliness comes at a cost and exacts a price, to any true American. It cannot be dismissed or denied.

    But maybe we should ask ourselves, once more or maybe often… what would a real American do? While remembering our America does, however sorely beset, still exist now after nearly (it’ll be that in 2026, if we’re blessed) 250 years.

    Why is that? Because a bunch of raggedy colonials was uppity enough to hold the mad idea that the British Empire could be beat, or beat back far enough to leave space for something better. And because they didn’t quail at the very odd idea that the British Empire and their Lords Governor (kin to Whitmer, Cuomo, Newsom, Northam, Wolf et al) could be beaten, at all — with so much drive and doggedness and, yes, faith. “Their lives, their fortunes, and their scared honor.”

    We literally cannot do better than our best, nobody can, but remembering they did so much with so relatively little — should we dare to even try so much less than our own, true and genuine, best in return?

    Remember the Fourth of July and its fireworks? Would it really be such a hard or costly thing for say, 5% of America to light the sky or march the streets, or even cruise the highways, in celebration of our rightful President, one Donald J. Trump? Even knowing it likely just a slim down payment on the cost to come?

    1. FB is saying Poltifact has declared the 104% over registered voters a false report. Beats me who’s right.

      1. Given the track records of both Politifact and Facebook, I take this as confirmation the report of the total votes exceeding registered voters is true.

      2. Was corrected by the original reporter (forget who by now) to 93%, but that’s still about as likely as snow on the sun.

  28. For all the lefties who have been screeching for months about the Russians rigging the election for Trump, or the Republicans trying to steal the election, my question is how come they keep finding dubious boxes of votes for Biden?

  29. Hmmmmm … I wonder what it would take to get an independent medical examination?

    Democrats are masking Biden’s frailty
    Has there been a worse candidate in history than Joe Biden?

    When this election is over, the books revealing what went on backstage will be illuminating.

    But the truth is there for anyone with eyes to see.

    Take Biden’s car rally in Flint, Mich., Saturday, with a star-power assist from Barack Obama.

    Awkward barely covers it.

    Obama, effortlessly cool, gave a warmup speech to the assembled cars before ramping up to a dramatic introduction: “My friend, the next president of the United States of America: Joe Biden!”

    Moments ticked by, but there was no sign of the candidate.

    “Joe Biden!” Obama repeated, a little less confidently. But still no show.

    Obama tried a third time: “Joe Biden!”

    Biden at last emerged from a nearby building and did a pantomime slow jog to the stage.

    The worst part came later.

    After Biden had shouted his way through a short teleprompter speech, Obama came back onstage, perhaps to escort him off, because Biden did not seem to know where he was.

    Obama mimed an elbow pump with his former VP to signal they should leave the stage and then quietly whispered to him, after which it dawned on Biden he’d forgotten his mask, not for the first time. When your entire campaign is about mask-shaming Trump supporters, it’s not a forgivable lapse.

    Poor Biden looked like a chastened schoolboy as he fumbled through his folder and all his pockets looking for that pesky piece of cloth.

    He walked back to the lectern and searched, to no avail, before fumbling through his pockets again. Finally, he found the mask in his left trouser pocket, held it aloft sheepishly at Obama, and placed it on his face.

    But then he paused and looked in seeming confusion at the microphone lying on the lectern where he’d left it. He picked it up and held it briefly to his masked face before laying it down again and rejoining Obama. …

    1. The fact that they made *Obama* the face of the campaign in the last week is telling.

      1. The whole time its been this way. Biden reminded people of the “calm” Obama years and all the candidates were there as nothing more than stand ins for OMB

        1. Biden isn’t meat – he is toast.

          And The Ho currently only has to get past the Presidential Candidate Detail and Jill to use that pillow just like she’s been practicing and advance one level.

          Once it’s “decided” he’ll get the full President-Elect detail and it’ll be harder.

      1. Yes, this. At prayer group Monday night, one of the participants asked something like, “Really, Lord? Is Joe Biden the Harbinger of the Apocalypse?” No. Lizard woman Komodo Harris a much more believable in that role.

        1. Okay, i don’t say this lightly. When Amanda read her book and I read her excerpts here?
          I got the feeling she IS (or possessed by) a demonic entity. I can’t explain it. Because it’s not felt with normal senses.

      2. I don’t know if even Kamala is a threat. I’ve heard third-hand that when she was CA’s AG, her staff supposedly whispered that most of the time she spent at her desk was used to check her make-up. I have a sneaking suspicion that she’s basically a less telegenic and less intelligent Obama. In that case, the threat she represents is the people pulling her strings.

        1. I keep thinking that if Harris were to succeed Biden she would appoint a VP none of us have ever heard of. He will be presented as a “technocrat,” and, “apolitical,” and the inference will be he’s a harmless caretaker without ambition- someone acceptable to all wings of the Party. That’s going to be the dangerous one.

          1. That one will be their Louis Antoine de Saint-Just. The one that will organize the tribunals and obtain the tumbrils.

          2. Best case scenario: Biden drops out, Kamala becomes the Teleprompter Reader In Chief and the new vice-president is Willie Brown.

            Say what you will about Brown (and there’s a great deal to be said) but he grasps the first job of government is to keep things running mostly smoothly: the checks go out on time, the garbage is collected, the schools run adequately (about as low a standard as can be set, but one that others, such as DeBlasio, seem unable to meet) and the public is minimally troubled by crime..

            1. Brown is from the previous generation of politicians. Corruption is assumed. But he also seems to remember that the voters have standards that go above and beyond leftist ideology.

              Or, at least they should. I’m starting to wonder if part of the problem is that voters are having trouble with that concept.

              1. Exactly – Brown understands the principle of “Honest Graft” i which voters overpay for projects but get good value for their money. His model was Mayor Daley.

      3. Agree. Kamala will oppress, enslave and kill us as she determines necessary. She is a pure communist and will run an old Soviet type government.

    2. At this point, a medical examination doean’t matter. The election’s over. He could take off his clothes and run naked in the streets screaming about elves and fairies, and the only thing it would do is make it less controversial to invoke the 25th Amendment.

    3. Mein Gott. This is the candidate that tens of millions blithely elected to have his finger on the nuclear button? Seriously, what historical precedent is there for this knowing acceptance of sheer physical incompetence? One of the mad kings of Britain, perchance? O_o

  30. I have been saying “He Fights”, but I had no idea how bold he would be.

      1. Yeah it came out early yesterday. Detroit is even worse.

        It looks to me like Trump is running two main lines of attack:

        1. The legal effort, headed up by Giuliani.

        2. Simply drawing a line in the sand and saying “No; you will recognize reality.”.

      1. Sorry, misremembered there: Trump’s people are demanding that Fox withdraw their AZ call. Fox hasn’t yet, but the point is AZ is being contested as well.

    1. Georgia (16 electoral votes) is apparently only short 13 precincts in one county (Fulton County in the Atlanta area – they are still reporting ten precincts partially reported and three precincts not reported at all, apparently due to a “broken water pipe” that “did not lead to any ballots being damaged”, though the press is reporting the only thing uncounted are 63k mail-in ballots). Trump’s statewide lead in Georgia is 84k votes, and Fulton County mail ballots were breaking 18.9% Trump, so if that ratio holds the DJT vote margin of victory should still be ~50k. Even if every single one of these mail-in late counts went Biden in The Michigan Pattern, DJT would still be ahead by 21k votes. There is no mathematically defensible reason not to call Georgia.

  31. ONe approach for retaking our country. It’s a long game — which is what is required — but should establish a sound foundation once more. Most importantly, it can be pushed at the state level, by governors and University boards (and even local school systems, through their recruiting and hiring) and, even more, it is the right thing to be doing.

    We Need an Education System that Unifies Us
    E.D. Hirsch is one of our foremost education critics. He’s a liberal in politics, but he completely dissents from the way the Left has used its control over education to breed national division. Back in 1987, he wrote about the need for school curricula based on knowledge in his book Cultural Literacy.

    Now he has written a new book, How to Educate a Citizen and Jenna Robinson reviews it in today’s Martin Center article.

    What Hirsch calls for is the overhaul of our K-12 schools and that has to begin with our schools of education where teachers receive their training.

    Robinson writes, “Although most of Hirsch’s book centers on K-12 education, reform must start with higher education: Specifically, in our schools of education, where the majority of K-12 teachers learn from the same misguided playbook. Hirsch calls it educational romanticism,’ the idea that education should be individualized to accord with the child’s nature’ and allow them to ‘construct their own knowledge.’ Hirsch is unrepentant in his criticism of ed schools: ‘The dominant, child-centered idea has been so well indoctrinated in teachers-to-be by our education schools that child-centeredness has wielded an intellectual monopoly.’”

    If anything, that understates the trouble with our education schools. They’re wedding not only to romanticism, but to the idea that teachers can and should be “change agents.”

    With teachers preoccupied with student feelings, they neglect to teach them important pieces of knowledge. Hirsch remembers his own schooling when that was the focus of our schools and argues that we need to return to it.

    Robinson concludes, “This kind of shared, unifying, patriotic education is needed now more than ever. Reading Hirsch’s new book is a good starting place.”

      1. The people “protesting” the efforts to challenge Democratic Party fraud were chanting “no borders, no walls, no USA at all” last night.

    1. The education system is majorly messed up. Majorly. It was bad a couple of decades ago when I saw inside the belly of the beast, and only got worse. As Dr. Pournelle said so often about that, we are reaping the whirl wind; a mathematically incompetent populace, a citizenry who doesn’t understand the term citizen or civic duty.

      1. They have been deliberately taught NOT to understand math, economics, history, and the nature and purpose of the United States Government. Most of them can’t read at an adult level. The whole world is being dumbed down to accommodate a populace of illiterates. Icons in place of words.

        1. Most of them can’t read an adult magazine for that matter. They just look at the pictures.

            1. As I approach 60 I sometimes worry, since they say memory is the first thing to go. I disagree, but I can’t seem to remember what the first thing actually is . . .

              1. “Waaall, now, thar’s three things that go out on ya. The first one is yer vision, and the second one is yer memory.”

                “…okay, then, what’s the third thing?”

                “What third thing?”

          1. Don’t I wish! I’ve gotten pretty good at math (passed Calculus 1, 2 & 3 handily) but born with it? Hah! I can still remember Dad drilling me on the multiplication table fifty years ago, up to 12 * 12. I really resented it at the time, but now I’m glad he did. Math applies to so many, many things that would be complete mysteries without it.

            I’m sure Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg and Stephen Hawking would agree.
            “Anyone who cannot cope with mathematics is not fully human. At best, he is a tolerable subhuman who has learned to wear his shoes, bathe, and not make messes in the house.” —RAH

            1. DENYING math education to certain groups IS a tool of systemic oppression. Along with denying them literacy.

              Literacy, math, logic and reason got us from bashing things with rocks to agriculture, industry, modern medicine and space flight. Our poor live better than ancient nobility, AND THEY DON’T APPRECIATE WHAT THEY’VE GOT!!

              Will they miss it when it’s all been wrecked to make them ‘equal’? Will they even understand what happened, and how they brought it on themselves?
              If you don’t want to learn, the best schools and teachers in the world can’t help you.

          2. My mother was a math teacher in Taiwan. I remember her making me memorize the times tables before KINDERGARTEN. She told me my teachers would think I was stupid if I didn’t know them. Then I arrived in kindergarten (Detroit public schools!) and found kids who couldn’t count over 10. Sure, I’m good at math. Tell me it’s innate, and not mom-driven.

            1. My mom also made me do it. Was a form of hell, since I transpose digits, and didn’t know it was a brain glitch.
              This is why to this day, if I’m calculating, I do it in Portuguese.

              1. Holy hell, the girl with a 75 IQ in my class read fluently and learned basic math (enough for accounting.)
                Because we learned by memorization and endless repetition.
                She got married and had (normal) kids.
                She just operated on the …. simple level of life, like a kid.

      1. We should be doing it simply because even a natural EMP pulse could make it necessary, much less the Marxist energy rationing or EMP attacks by adversaries such as Iran or China (for all that Putin is an adversary, he won’t do it because he needs us as a functioning entity to counterbalance both Turkey’s ambitions to recreate the Ottoman Empire and China’s quest for global hegemony).

        1. And speaking of communication channels more widely available than ham radio and less easily cut off than cellphones — so long as we have telephone over copper wire, the dialup BBS remains possible to anyone with even the most minimal computer. As to security… ZIP files with complex passwords are pret’near impossible to recover, and message packets are ZIPs.

          Who knew, Fidonet could be the new samizdat…

    1. Manual typewriter. You don’t need ribbons if you have carbon paper. You can make carbon paper from soot. Not great but any method in a pinch. Paper might be more of a problem.

  32. Right now the vast majority of the USA is unhappy and distrustful of approximately half of our fellow citizens. For just a moment, set aside which half you’re in and consider this: our country will not be unified for a while, barring a really dramatic outside threat. Who really benefits from this?

    Supreme excellence in war is to subdue the enemy without fighting. –Sun Tzu

    China benefits from this. The same China that paid Joe Biden’s son a zillion dollars for … his last name, basically. It’s worth considering how many of the players in the current election-stealing scheme might have been bribed or blackmailed into it, starting anytime since roughly Tienanmin Square.

    Not downplaying the short-term threat of socialism under a Harris administration. But the threat of hegemony is also out there.

    1. That seems like something that a Court would have to direct those ballots be counted, particularly since the Sharpies were handed out by the poll workers themselves. Can’t wait to see what arguments the Dems come up to oppose it given their “count every vote we manufacture in PA, Michigan, Wisconsin and elsewhere” mantra.

      1. According to another tweet downchain, those ballots were also seen disappearing into the back, presumably to be re-marked for Biden with the proper pen so they can be ‘properly’ counted.


        The complicated alternative to a failed EC:

        My brain hurts.

        But if it got to the House, chances are we’d win.

    2. Machines can scan marks made by sharpies. They worked just fine in many districts. The problem in Arizona seems to have been that the ballots were double-sided, and sharpies bleed through. This apparently confused the ballot scanners.

  33. Posting this because this is the attitude we need to have in fighting back against the tyranny that the left seeks to impose:

    “We will not go quietly into the night…..”

  34. Speaking of fraud…

    **USPS Insider: “My statement to other postal workers is that if they see anything shady to report it—they can’t have any integrity in this country if they just let things slide.”

    **USPS Insider: Late ballots sorted to special bin, then collected in Express Mail bags to be “hand-stamped” with bogus Nov. 3 postmark.

    **James O’Keefe: “Like other Insiders, this man is witnessing a wrong so heinous, so toxic to our voter-based democracy, he found himself with ‘the choiceless choice.’”

  35. We knew it was going to get ugly, which is why we elected him to lead our ship through this fucking storm.

    Trump sees the world in wins and losses, and you bet your ass he isn’t going to let himself be put down in history as a loser. He knew this would happen this entire year. He knew he would get betrayed by Fox News and basically his entire fucking party, who has been radio silent since last night. Are you telling me that someone with the personality of Trump knew all of this and spent his days twiddling his thumbs and hoping for the best? Bullshit.

    Something will break, I guarantee you. This isn’t even some QAnon hope porn. Trump has a card up his sleeve and he is waiting for something. He knows more than you or me, he has a birds eye view of the whole board. Have faith in your commander. Have faith in patriots.

    Trump was born for this fight, and so were you. Fuck the blackpill nihilists, follow our leader. Trump Train doesn’t stop, and it sure as hell ain’t stopping for Creepy Joe and his band of treasonous commies.

    1. True. Whenever Trump goes silent, he’s doing “have it your way” in public and working up a surprise attack in private.

  36. HOW can the useful idiots still be in denial with the blatant fraud turning up EVERYWHERE there are Democrats? They’re not even bothering to hide it, or even pretend they’re not doing it! What does it take to wake those dipshits up?!!

      1. Exactly! As I had one tell me in person, as long as cheating is for the correct cause, it’s not evil.

        Good grief, I knew one who told someone that complained that Hobby Lobby had better products, to just STEAL from them, because the company was evil. I was horrified! And this person DARED to say they were my moral superior because they were Progressive and “care”!!!!

  37. And, at the end of the day, regardless of what happens, Biden is not and never will be my president. My state rejected him decisively, and if he gets his zombie shell over the finish line, it will be purely by secret dark of the night counts in states far away from any semblance of legitimacy.

    1. Had same thought exactly. No, Biden is not and will never be my president, and he’s not anyone else’s either.

  38. You know, something’s been nagging at me. You’d think the stock market would take a dive with the deep uncertainty over the outcome of a major electoral crisis. Yet the Dow Jones has soared back to near normal over the past day. What does this mean? How do investors think it’ll all play out in the courts? Do they believe Mr. trump will ultimately prevail, or is the vicious legal battle over extreme ballot theft and corruption simply … not relevant? In what universe does that make sense? O_O

    1. BGE said he was taking a break from following things closely, so probably won’t answer this for a while.

      I’m completely ignorant about what the markets think, to the extent that they do.

      I can think of at least three or four wildly different explanations. All I can think is that something may come tumbling down soon.

    2. I think they’ve figured out that the fraud is going to work, and traders are acting according to that theory.

    3. I think that the stock market dive was set up by large money interests to affect the election. The return to normalcy is them just letting up on the brake. Have you seen what the economy did this quarter?!?!

      1. You know, that’s a plausible explanation. Dinking around with the stock market to hurt Mr. Trump in any way possible. -_-

        Another plausible explanation that popped up on Reuters just this morning is that traders are more confident now that the Senate is very likely to remain in Republican hands. It means that even if Biden slimes his way past the legal system to grab the most corrupt election victory in history for the White House, the freedom of his leftist cabal to ram through large policy changes will be severely limited by both the Republican Senate and the NINE-Justice, NON-packed Supreme Court.

        (BTW, it’s totally trivial, but I missed properly uppercasing “Mr. [T]rump” in the parent comment. Damned keyboard stutter. Or human stutter. o_o)

        1. I think the initial dive was a combination of “take your money off the table” and the manipulation for publicity effect on the election. The subsequent bounce is a response to there being no blue wave, more like a red wave in the House, and the Dems not remotely close to taking the Senate, resulting in gridlock if China Joe “wins”.

          Wall Street loves stasis, and if the GND is DOA, there no path to getting a monster tax hike through, no possible way for “BidenCare” to happen, and there are no remaining zombie Supremes for Biden to nominate commies to replace, then stasis it is.

    4. The GOP holding the Senate is likely what the market is reacting to. That and the probability of Pelosi, McConnell & Trump reaching a stimulus deal now that the election is done.

      1. With more safeguards for Fraud.
        If the market thinks that the SEMBLANCE of divided government for two years is a reason to celebrate, they’re thicker than a cement sandwich.

      2. They are wishcasting about still magically winning both the GA Senate seats that are going to runoffs, which would let The Ho cast a tiebreaker vote to let Schumer run wild.

        Given the R vote totals for the special 2-R-candidates election race and the fact that Collins has enthusiastically endorsed Loeffler, that will never happen, and Powerline has locals opining the other one will keep the same R-winning split in the runoff as well, so that’s 52 R and The Ho goes back to carrying around her pillow and looking for a gap in the POTUS Secret Service detail.

    1. My husband is much pleased by the divided government aspects.

      After over six months of COVID “emergency actions” by governors to declare who can and can’t work, who can and can’t leave their houses, who can and can’t protest, with seldom a fig leaf or care to the palpably arbitrary nature of the restrictions, I’m not sure.

      More prominent than “how could half the country vote for a Nazi???” is “How could anyone support someone who did so little on COVID?” Ignoring the specifics of what was done or not done (I tend to find the assumption in these threads that he bellowed about America’s greatness while fiddling at the window), the idea–the push–is that the lockdown should have been–must be–more stringent, and universal.

      I want to be convinced; I don’t want to spend my birthday doomscrolling. But I’m not.

      1. Then start reading the stuff on

        Most of the conservative commentators are busy trying to figure out how best to surrender. The MSM is running their usual drek. Most conservative forums have their blackpilled members in full strutting mode; anything that could be good is dismissed, every martyrbation fantasy is true.

        None of those places have an even remotely accurate view of the situation.

        1. Many of the “conservative commentators” are closet Kristolarians – they want to avoid overturning the canape cart and keep getting invited to their beltway cocktail parties and paid to sit there as token “conservatives” on the shows, but were not willing to out themselves as nevertrumpers while Trump was in power.

          Some, however, are not, and are writing columns about “But He Fights!”

          If China Joe “wins” you can absolutely bet 100% that Trump will emulate Barry Sotoero and be loud and proud, running rallies, and making statements. I bet Teh Twits cancels his account, though. If the TechLords can deny his direct platform and the media refuses to cover his vast and growing rallies, imagine the impact of that anger in the next couple of elections.

          The only question I have is will Donald announce he will run again in 2024, or simply start campaigning for the Ric Grennel 2024 campaign on February 1st, 2021.

          1. And I’m very very sorry for all the swearing today. I really am not a pen name for Razorfist.
            HOWEVER divest yourself of the idea this is normal, or that the 2024 election will mean anything. Or for that matter 2022.
            If they get away with this level of fraud, from now on we’re in a communist state. The elections and the loyal opposition are for show.
            And I doubt they’ll let Trump or anyone in his family live. COMMIES WIN UGLY.

            1. I hear you, and I am giving great credit to your first-hand insights, as well as the insights from your family who were or still are in Venezuela. This situation is not by any means “oh, well, same thing going forward, all just normal politics”.

              If things go on along the worst-case branchings I’m pretty sure a lot of the Huns have a good idea about what that looks like.

              If Cocaine Mitch and Lindsey Graham 2.0 and Ted Cruz and Doc Paul the rest of the more-or-less-not-squish Senate can keep a lid on things, all while holding massive investigation hearings into the fraud and the China money and the rest, and the House is gridlocked and goes back R in 2022, I still have hope for a better outcome than worst case.

              The no-blue-wave results in spite of all the obvious fraud is the one bright spot in all this.

              I am not sitting here with rose-colored glasses. I have assessed and prepped, and I know hope is not a plan. But looking at all the possibilities and probabilities along all the potential branches going forward has proven to be of great use to me here behind the lines in the Glorious Peoples Bear Flag Republic, so that’s what I’m doing.

            2. And I still think the most likely worst-case branch sets all end up with The Man On A Horse – I think there’s a stronger national immune response to Commie crap than to authoritarian actions to “restore order” – see the Lockdowns, or Japanese Internment Camps, etc.

              But deploying those national immune responses will be a very ugly experience, and there will be lasting damage to the society that results well beyond people writing books deploring all the one-way helicopter rides.

      2. Perhaps a small reframing of the situation will help:

        We won on Nov 3rd. We won in a land slide. Then the fraud kicked in.

        But the level of fraud necessary to match the margin of win was — as I predicted — too large to even attempt to hid. They took their shot at the king, they missed. Now everything is being dragged out into the open for the world to see, partly by legal means, partly by the other side’s incompetence, partly by the power of weaponized autism.

        1. Now it’s a fight between propaganda/willful ignorance and whatever evidence can be gathered. Will the people believe the MSM, or their own lying eyes?

          Frankly, I don’t have a whole lot of faith in (well more than half of) the American people… So I’m bracing myself for the worst.

            1. I’m afraid it does. Once the left declares victory, the media will pile on and we’re FUCKED
              The FBI does away with the laptop and starts taking in people who mention it.

        2. One thing my backbrain keeps whispering is… “Every lie will be revealed.” That the win, followed by the blatant defrauding and the more blatant cover-up… if it can be dragged in front of the People, and the courts, in terms too plain to be rebuked… it could be better than an uncontested win, an unimaginable stroke of luck that we, in our wrongthink, caused them to break–and leave irreparable–one of their strongest and most reliable tools.

          But the unimaginable part gives me trouble, and the squealing of my DC friends and family about how anyone could try to undermine confidence in such an important institution just because he’s losing. (I’ve stopped looking for right now. DC is nuts and I need to ignore it til I’m stabler.)

          How does it go? Save us from the wickedness and snares of the devil…

          I don’t know. I need to stretch my back and draw more bunnies. >_<

            1. You are correct, but you need a great expert witness to not put any jury to sleep with math evidence like this.

              Charging and then leaning on election workers to get some of them to flip on the ringleaders will do more to make the case than the statistics stuff.

              So what happens if the court cases drag on and eventually prove massive election fraud that reverses the election – after two years of the Harris Administration? You know for a fact that the Harris-appointed AG would be filing blocking stuff all the way. Even if the case made it to the Supremes and was decided in Trumps favor, do they send the Marshal of the Supreme Court over to enforce that reversal?

              That was the process question I had for all the “And then Hillary gets Sworn In as President!” idiots for teh past four years – How the heck does that work?

          1. St. Michael,Archangel,
            defend us in battle.
            Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
            May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
            and do you,
            O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
            by the power of God,
            thrust into hell Satan,
            and all the evil spirits,
            who prowl about the world
            seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. .

        1. It really feels like people think if he’d declared leaving your house illegal and mandated full-time making, nobody would have died and things would have been normal in two weeks.

          Which is even stupider than Cuomo’s “Trump forced me to infect the nursing homes.” I mean, I’ll admit that a complete shutdown of business in the US would have “affected interstate commerce,” but that’s about as far as I can trace that line of reasoning

      3. ‘How could anyone support someone who did so little on COVID?’

        The question ought be, “How could the MSM give so little credit for what he did to fight COVID?”

        Emphasis added:

        Joe Biden, not President Trump, is the ‘leader’ who spells COVID disaster
        The lie driving this election is that President Trump is to blame for the nation’s COVID deaths. Democrats have blanketed the country with ads claiming Trump bungled the virus response. Joe Biden blames Trump for 230,000 deaths. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, too, is parroting the lie, even though it’s Cuomo who has blood on his hands, for forcing nursing homes to take in infected patients.

        Trump may taunt “COVID, COVID, COVID,” but actions are what count. He marshalled private companies to produce massive supplies of ventilators, erected field hospitals and swept away regulations to speed up the development of treatments. The COVID death rate in the United States has plummeted 70 percent since March, according to data from NYU Langone, largely because hospitals are equipped and doctors have more tools.

        How does that stack up against the rest of the world? A COVID patient in the United States has a better chance of surviving than in France, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Italy or many other countries, according to Johns Hopkins data. Not just slightly better — often twice as good a chance. You don’t hear that from CNN.

        No leader has full control over where the virus hits. The difference is how they respond …

        1. Well … pooh!

          Close Bold as follows:
          The COVID death rate in the United States has plummeted 70 percent since March,according to data from NYU Langone, largely because hospitals are equipped and doctors have more tools. …

  39. I’ll bet the whole world is wondering what the HELL is WRONG with us. Two days after a blatantly fraudulent election, we still haven’t exploded in a civil war! Many countries would descend into chaos with much less excuse cause than this.
    Everything the left-wingers do makes perfect sense once you realize that they have given up on getting people to want to vote for them, and are putting all their efforts into making people afraid to vote against them.

    1. I’m actually wondering what the hell is wrong with us. But I think we’re waiting to see if it can be fixed.
      I just don’t think we’ll ever trust elections, unless we clean the system up HARD.

            1. Well, yes, hon. But if the courts refuse to hear him, and the secret service moves into transition to the dems mode?
              What if his protests are basically ignored.
              What then?

              1. Ah, that path.

                Then the Biden/Harris administration is invalid, and prediction in any but the broadest terms is impossible.

                Problem is you are counting rotten chickens before you have even seen the eggs.

                1. I’ve seen the eggs. The GOP has gone very quiet. And my fucking colleagues are all patting themselves on the back over “at least the government is divided.”
                  It’s like a memo went out.

                    1. Have you considered they’re trying to pull the “oh, kill us all now, all is lost forever” folks out of their spin?

                      Because it seriously looks like a LOT of people are clawing tooth and nail to drag defeat from the teeth of anything short of overwhelming victory. Good heavens, the enemy gets a vote, y’know? Doesn’t mean that they WIN it.

                      Florida was “supposed” to be blue.
                      They lost that right off the bat.

                      Iowa was going to become blue. They lost that so solidly now they’re talking about us being a red state, not a purple one.

                      Texas was supposed to be blue, especially with all the fraud we KNEW about but couldn’t stop. Nope, they lost that.

                      That squshy Repub who was going to lose her seat because she didn’t join in to drown the Justice’s nomination– nope, she’s back in.

                      The slaughter that was of course going to happen where we’d lose a bunch of our vulnerable House and Senate guys because they’re up for election this year– wait, that didn’t happen, and it’s even possible we’ll retake the House.

                      We spent the last four years bailing like crazy, and plugging holes, and replacing broken support beams where we could– and it appears to be working. Not like magic, but like work.

                    2. No. If we let them get away with this level of fraud, we’re done.

                      Well, we’re not, so kick that damned dog in his rotten teeth, or at least shake a stick at him.

                      From the speed of the lawyer response, it’s very obvious that they WERE expecting this (which mostly shows they’ve got a pulse and aren’t Dem plants) and they ARE fighting, and because of the very cornered rat stuff you’ve pointed out, they cheaters are going to be making mistakes. Big mistakes.

                  1. Everyone who isn’t a) opposition disinfo b) anonymous c) nothing left to lose has gone quiet.

                    I talk so much here, because the audience I trust enough to speak forthrightly to in RL is small, and I have a need to vent.

                    Yes, what I say here is walking a very fine line, especially right now, but is quite a bit more blunt the I am for most audiences in person.

                    I haven’t dug into the reports enough to have a conclusion about whether Trump really won or not. I think he has, but I would not stake what little professional reputation I have on information I could collect, or analysis I could do. For my purposes, litigation will out, and if Obama judges throw them out, then I know.

                    People are not wrong to be hesitant to form conclusions, unless they are in a position to bring a complaint for decision.

                    Politicians who are cowards, and hadn’t thought their strategy through properly, and need to confer with colleagues, have not necessarily gone over to the opposition. Again, first presidential election without the consent decree in decades, the politicians have no clue what to expect, and think they can skate a career even if Trump ‘loses’.

                    If the Secret Service assassinates Trump, they are dead men walking.

                    There are five reasonably honest justices on the Supreme Court, which has some authority over the lower courts. Trump is President, has some right to the attention of the Supreme Court, and Melania does not want Barron dodging assassins for the rest of his life.

      1. You got that right. Pretending we have a viable election system when we don’t is fatal. All other corruption follows corrupt elections. For things to change, the corrupt people MUST be made to hurt. Pretending our way out of tyranny doesn’t work.

        1. No, there’s plenty of corruption without corrupt elections. Corrupt elections just bake it in and make it almost impossible to root out.

  40. Dear Sarah, I do not disagree with your argument. But I still believe that God is in command. Whatever happens, we must pray that we can withstand the coming apocalypse.

    But–/pace/ Bismarck–I long ago stopped believing that there is a special providence for the United States of America.

    And yet.

    G.K. Chesterton observed that there are no lost causes, because there are no won causes.

    And no less than Rosa Luxemburg–leader of the proto-Communist Spartakist Movement in the Germany of the post-WW1 era–once said that “…If the whole world were covered in asphalt, one day, a crack would appear, and in that crack, grass would grow.”

    Like you, I understand a little of what it means to live in such times. I grew up in Belgium and pretty much everyone of my parents’ generation was a survivor of the War, the Occupation, and–presently–the Liberation.

    And of course I am familiar, as I presume you are, with such manifestos of freedom under tyranny as Vaclav Havel’s profound essay, “The Power of the Powerless.”

    And there is a lot of ruin in a country.

    So I offer you these random thoughts as comfort and solace, in the event the worst happens. But you should consider that despite their best efforts and a tidal wave of money, our adversaries still couldn’t quite take the Senate. And without what one might call the Trifecta–House, Senate, White House–there is little chance of the kind of radical transformation we both fear. And of course, the courts will have a say.

    We are in a stronger position than we were in either 1993 or 2009. And there is no reason to believe we won’t be able to mount a comeback in two years.

    So–as you were so fond of putting it, no doubt channeling your inner JP2–be not afraid.

    And as the Apostle admonishes us, pray without ceasing. Pray for our country, for a peaceful resolution of the crisis, for a just outcome…in that order.

    And don’t forget the man who needs our prayers the most: Joe Biden.

    …And why do I not remind us to pray for our President? Well, firstly I expect that I don’t need to: and secondly–as much as we are all sinners–our Lord and Savior pithily pointed out that it’s not the healthy who need a healer, it’s the sick.

    Be strong. Be brave. Be not afraid!

    Peace and grace,

    1. I believe the source of that “No lost causes” quote is ts eliot.
      “If we take the widest and wisest view of a Cause, there is no such thing as a Lost Cause because there is no such thing as a Gained Cause. We fight for lost causes because we know that our defeat and dismay may be the preface to our successors’ victory, though that victory itself will be temporary; we fight rather to keep something alive than in the expectation that anything will triumph.”

      I do not entirely agree, as come Ragnarök (or Armageddon, or Kali yuga) there will be an ending.

      1. That ending is out of our hands. Whether we are doing our duty to keep something alive when it hits is what is important.

    2. Eliot:

      If we take the widest and wisest view of a Cause, there is no such thing as a Lost Cause, because there is no such thing as a Gained Cause. We fight for lost causes because we know that our defeat and dismay may be the preface to our successors’ victory, though that victory itself will be temporary; we fight rather to keep something alive than in the expectation that it will triumph. — T.S. Eliot

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