Let’s Stop Pretending Any of This IS Normal

All through the lead up to the election, everyone told me if we have a big enough margin, their fraud will be obvious, and then it will be stopped.


The fraud is OBVIOUS. Really obvious. I’ll be honest, it’s been really obvious for decades, but it’s now in plain view of everyone.

But because the left disseminated that WE’d say there was fraud, the f*king stupid duckies are buying it and falling in line.

I’ll be honest, if people ON MY OWN F*CKING side don’t stop patting their backs about how great it is that we have a divided government again, I’m going to rip their arms off and beat them to death with them. (And this is why I’m not on the PJM live blog right now, because I’d go profane.)

Yeah, because the GOP was so good at fighting back without Trump. And will be without Trump. And President Ho won’t start truth and justice tribunals on Trump and all his associates. And she won’t use a pen and a phone.

HAS EVERYONE LOST THEIR F*CKING MINDS? Asking for a friend inn a saner reality.

Yeah, I get it. People like to pretend there’s no fraud, because that allows them to think things are still working and so are “normal.” (The “new normal”, you know, the one where kindly uncle Joe locks us all up and makes us all wear the face rag of submission. Because Winnie the Flu is going to kill us all, and also, oh, yeah, the Earth is basically baking.)

People want to go about their lives, and live and do their things. Good Lord, you think I don’t want that?

But the fraud is not normal. The fraud is at levels none of us actually knows if more than a few insane people voted for Joe and the Ho. (Yeah, I know that moniker is my ticket to the re-education camps. Molon Labe.)

Any moment now, they’re going to declare Nevada for Lying Biden, a man that without the fraudulent help of his party never got more than 1% of the vote for any national office (except when tied to the clean and articulate black man, as he would say.) A man who is now deep in the throes of dementia and whose running mate is a communist. And then the media, and the deep state, and probably a lot of columnists on the right will start talking about how unseemely it is for Trump to keep challenging the results. Or the SC will think it’s in the best interests of the nation to not hear the case. (Sometimes I think they all take mescaline, all the time.)

And then what?

Because at that point, America is DONE. It no longer exists. And none of the electorate, but those hooked to big brother’s boob tube 24/7 can believe that voting will make any difference.

And seriously, guys, it’s NOT a matter of Trump. IT REALLY ISN’T.

He is our flag of how pissed off we are, and he has unique abilities, but really, it’s not “we must make Trump president.” The left will think so, because they’re f*cktards (yes, sorry, that word will be used a lot because it’s that kind of day.) who project their emotions onto us. Specifically they tend to cult of personality, so they think we do too.

But this is not about Trump. This never was about Trump. And btw, inchoate and often grabbing hold of the wrong philosophy by the shirttail, the “deplorables” and “chumps” the world over are rebelling. Those who don’t agree with the agenda of the global elites have been revolting for the last 4 years, nonstop. You don’t know that, because the media won’t report it.

Kind of like they don’t report the multiple, glaring acts of fraud all over the country. and have now seized on “if a reporter says it didn’t happen, it’s disproved.” (F*cking psychotic high priests of Marxism. Couldn’t they just be respectable satanists?)

So, it’s not about Trump. What is it about?

Well, the left has been frauding a LONG time. No, really, DECADES. And they fraud all over the world (though less massively in countries that have some sort of A election security apparatus.) But they fraud there too. And everyone more or less knows. Also, they’re really good at rules lawyering their way to power.

So, what that has caused is this:

The left, untied from the voters, and not needing their approval, has gone more and more off the reservation. Those they are trying to impress are the rest of the international media and other Marxist theolo– theorists all over the world. And to do that, they keep going further and further left (which explains the f*ckdinglebells screaming “no borders, no wall, no America at all.” I.e. fighting for the dissolution of their own country.)

Honestly, I think the only thing that saves the republic, right now? Is a hard reset. It’s the Supreme Court saying “uh, no. This election is way too corrupted at every possible level. Electors will meet two months later. EVERY state must purge its rolls completely. All new sign up with proof of citizenship, and then a national day off, where EVERYONE votes. If you can’t vote in person, request a ballot x time in advance, and drop it here. NO MAIL. If you must be absent on the day, vote a day or two early. BUT shows us proof you can’t.” And then people would vote and there would be federal observers at every poling place. And the counting would be done in public.

THAT would restore our faith in the elections as a way to tell the will of the people. (And it’s my humble prediction the f*cking lunatic left wouldn’t carry a state. NOT A ONE.)

What are the chances of that? Judging by the preemptive surrender of my fellows on the right, probably none. The chances are they’ll pile on Trump to make him stop being “unseemly” and then they’ll go to work analyzing the election to prove that the only reason the red wave didn’t carry him to a second term is that he’s too “uncouth.” What we really need is someone like Pierre Delecto.

And then yeah, we’ll have divided government for two years. Except all the congress creatures will know the fix is in, so they’ll roll over for the left, so maybe one of their seats won’t be taken, and they’ll be part of the pet loyal opposition.

Is this what you want? Because it’s not what I want.

And the only thing that can stop it now, short of a full conflagration (which is still preferable to commies forever. Look at how out of control they’ve got under the semblance of an American system and imagine what they’ll do when unfettered and knowing they’re unfettered) it is time to STOP PRETENDING THIS IS NORMAL.

MAKE A NOISE PEOPLE. SPEAK OUT. Collect instances of fraud before they disappear down the memory hold.

Support Trump’s fight against the fraud. DO NOT STOP. DO NOT SHUT UP.

Trump trains, signs, banners, or just screaming online. Let them know we will not go quietly into that good night.

For now, it’s our best chance.

The new normal ISN’T and I refuse to play their psychotic games.

“How many fingers am I holding up, Winston?’


‘And if the party says that it is not four but five—then how many?’


George Orwell, 1984

You can let the left fraud itself in, but you’ll eventually have to shoot your way out. In the dark, and half starved and frozen. DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR FRAUD AS NORMAL. AND REFUSE TO LET THEM FORCE YOU TO DO SO.

611 thoughts on “Let’s Stop Pretending Any of This IS Normal

  1. Seriously; if you want to see allies who aren’t folding go to thedonald.win. They are doing what you say.

    “Associate with people who want the best for you”. People like Ben Sharpio do not want the best for you.

      1. It started as /r/TheDonald on reddit. It has been the primary pro-Trump forum since before 2016. After reddit became ever more hostile they moved to their own site.


        The fact that you did not already know about it is prima facie evidence that you are in a bubble and need to expand it. The media has only been running hitpieces against it for the last four years after all.

        1. I am not trying to be mean here; but you are missing half the picture and then wondering why things look bleak. Same as the doomers on arfcom are doing.

          And this is a scenario you have helped to drag others out of.

                1. See what Foxfier said: there are protests happening all over the place. Yes there is an MSM blackout; of COURSE there is. It won’t help them anymore than anything else does.

                  Seriously when I and Foxfier are agreeing and not at each other’s throats you need to take note.

                  1. Seriously when I and Foxfier are agreeing and not at each other’s throats you need to take note.

                    Damn, THAT’S happening?

                    Excuse me, must go check I didn’t somehow take some Apocalyptol.

                  2. Reach is important, which is why the monopolies that Google, Facebook and Twitter have is so poisonous to liberty/ These three monopolies can and do censor links to blogs and other forums where people discuss things that the left considers thought-crime; if they can censor the NY Post, which has the fourth largest circulation of any newspaper in the country, they can and will censor ANYONE.

                    Combine this with the paypals of the world deplatforming non-leftists, a renewal of operation chokepoint of Harris takes power and the next step of Amazon (which is already doing it), wordpress and other distribution and site hosts deplatforming those who question the party line and silencing people, not entirely but enough to limit their ability to challenge things like the ongoing vote fraud is far easier than people think. This of course will make it even easier for them to fraud their way into more offices in the next election. And that is not even considering how the FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc., will be unleashed against those that Nancy Pelosi declared to be “enemies of the state”, i.e. anyone who opposes Democrats.

        2. Obviously you are not being nice to our hostess considering she has been warning about these problems much longer than 2016. You may not want to be mean… and you may not want to BITE our hostess, but apparently you are the one living in a bubble if you do not treat her as an ally. She has been hopeful for a long long time during times when others have despaired. So quit hitting your allies.

          Also if you read any of her posts, you would know that she deals with several problems … in a graceful way. So I wonder how much of a troll you are… It would be helpful if you were kind… but you are not so I have to think of you as an enemy come here to cause more havoc.

          1. if you do not treat her as an ally.

            Not doing that. I’m treating her as someone who for various reasons isn’t seeing where the fight is happening.

                    1. 😀

                      For part of that I have a meta-lesson to work with: few things are a better learning experience than public embarrassment. If one is open to the lesson.

                      I have had many a learning experience here.

                    2. Ian– well damn I am too close to my berserker self and I have been doing a lot of meditating and breathing… but it is not helping. I’m not always this angry btw.

              1. I just loaded this page in another browser I’m not logged into wordpress in, to make sure my posts were showing up as me. They are.

                we don’t know you


          2. Hum. I suspect Ian and most of us treat Sarah as a rational, intelligent, person with whom we can reason, argue, and on occasionally stridently disagree and in the end, no harm, no foul.

            Me, I do thin Sarah needs to get out of the house (bubble) more, but, of course that’s her decision to make or not.

            1. Bubble is offensive. If I were you I would use something less insulting. Anyway she is usually rational, but both she and I are on the edge of berserker which is not rational and not fun for other people. I’d say walk carefully right now. This is meant to be a friendly warning.

        3. To be honest, I have no use for a Chicom-controlled “social media” site either, and never follow any links to Reddit.

        4. Actually, Reddit BANNED /r/theDonald and that’s when thedonald.win was born (tho I didn’t discover it until some while later). Now if only it would let me log in consistently… effing reCAPTCHA needs to die in a fire.

          And yes, there are people out there being active. Vincent James (The Red Elephants) mentioned today that there are crowds of Trump voters out protesting in Arizona and elsewhere.

            1. It did? did not hear that, only that it had migrated. But I wasn’t very regular on the old one.

              At the moment it’s lost my password and I can’t get past effing reCAPTCHA to reset it.

        5. For those of us who are technologically challenged, could you tell us how to reach https//thedonald.win/ site through the internet? When I try and treat it like an internet address, all I get is the site cannot be reached. Thanks.

      2. Someone on thedonald says:

        “You guys realize that if it weren’t for TD.W we’d all likely be in the dark? TD.W Community and the Mods are fucking killing it!!!! Hold the Line!! #StopTheSteal”

        Well… you don’t have TD.W, and you are in the dark. 😛

      3. It’s not the only site. The Conservative Treehouse (https://theconservativetreehouse.com/) is full of folks who are outraged but not surprised. The only variance in attitude seems to be between those determined to fight this through the legal and political system, those resigned to taking direct action, and a few who seem resigned to trying to survive under a Socialist regime.

        1. Already came as close as I care to Door #3 during the end of my tenure in California. Hackles up at the mere description.

      4. You would be hailed as a fellow Patriot on TheDonald.win, Sarah. We are fighters who don’t compromise.

        We will not accept this as normal, we will not accept fraudulent results. It’s a fun place to plan, to strategize, to complain, to network, to pray a lot. It may be the seed to the new MAGA party.

        It’s where my hope resides. Americans who are old school, and were taught to be exceptional, and responsible, and that America is a bright shining light on a hill reside there.

  2. Yea I want to beat the neo-cons who want split government. They have been doing that for decades and what have we got NOW. A unmasked marxist takeover. I believe RIGHT NOW that NV’s election is now a complete FRAUD. They stopped counting and then all of a sudden a bunch of new ballots. Just now they are saying at least 10,000 of the votes are coming from people who don’t live here. TG that Trump is taking legal action in NV. This voter fraud has happened the LAST TWO big elections. There was a lot of complaints from the voters but they were told that they were conspiracy nuts. THE CULINARY UNION causes a lot of havoc here. No one here has gotten satisfaction from either the REP or DEM politicians.

      1. The “split government is okay” Republicans remind me of the remnants of the Wehrmacht in 1945: “Okay, the Russians have taken Berlin, the English have taken the Ruhr, and the Amis have taken Bavaria. But we’ll hold out in the Alps! You’ll see!”

  3. “you’ll eventually have to shoot your way out. In the dark, and half starved and frozen.”

    Sarah, you just summed up my life. Outside of the shooting. I just tried to get away instead, because the other side of the family had the guns. (Literally and figuratively.)

    I find myself in the unpleasant position of having just. Just. Gotten to a point where I should hopefully be able to see my way clear of EVER having to deal with the toxic members of my family again… only to see my entire country slide right into the narcissistic abuse trap.

    I strongly suggest people check out the raised by narcissists Reddit for information on gaslighting, lovebombing, and other tactics the progressives have used on our whole country.



    You’ll probably note how many survivors consider themselves “triggered” by Trump. Please try not to think too ill of them. It takes a lot to get past the beaten-in flinch reactions to the bombastic personality style and consider what Trump is actually doing, especially if you don’t have other info sources besides the MSM.

    I don’t know if I’m more depressed than you are. I grew up in a small town where my father had a social in with the wealthiest woman in town, her golden choir director boy, and hence he could do no wrong. So the rest of the town was quite willing to watch his kids, yes, literally freeze at times, so long as no one admitted anything was wrong. (We never starved, but the punishment I got on the playground because my family needed food assistance… you can imagine.)

    *Shrug* “It’s not our problem.”

    *Shrug* “Oh come on, he wouldn’t really make you work out in the cold laying concrete until you got frostbite. You were probably goofing off and did something stupid.”

    *Shrug* “Well it’s not like he hit you – and if he did, you must have deserved it.”

    Most people just go along with whoever’s got power. They don’t care about what’s right, just what gets them what they want.

    I refuse to yield to the Black Dog, but it’s going to be a long road dealing with this.

        1. Do you like axes? Shields? panic stricken enemies?

          I say come to Portland. Let us show these children the meaning of strife. Shieldwall, axes humming and whirling, the raspy grukk of the watching raven, the time to roar with laughter riving their little testudo.

          1. Eh. I tend to prefer the snipe from a half-mile away option when possible. I like long-distance panic-stricken enemies better.

            That said, a good shieldwall might make the survivors think.

            …Wow, that might kill them.

            1. Shieldwall is efficient. Roman, Macedonian, Northman … efficient.

              I’d still go for rushing them in as little clothing as possible, axe and spear in hand, laughing, letting the ríastrad come.

      1. Suppose I’m lucky. By the time I got to the point I thought I’d written something good enough to publish (after going the rounds with a rejected draft a decade before) I was also desperate enough to self-publish because I needed any money I could get my hands on. And I did. And kept doing it, even if I could only steal enough time to do about a book a year.

        These past 2 years have been insane, personally, but I am putting together the wordlbuilding draft and I will get it done. Maybe December, maybe not until Feb or so, but it is going to get written!

        1. Traditional pub was all gaslighting.
          What? Horrible cover, book delayed twice after pre-orders were in (and lost them all) and we didn’t do shit to get you in bookstores? Well, the book didn’t sell, so that means it’s a bad book and you’re a horrible writer.
          I suspect this sounds familiar to you.

          1. …Oh yes. So, so much. Ugh. Though for me it was more along the lines of, “So you got the degree and no one’s given you a grocery bag full of job offers? I can’t believe I raised such a failure….”

            1. I had a Journalism professor tell me if I hadn’t submitted 200 resumes I wasn’t trying. In 1977. No internet, limited to the classified ads and looking up corporate addresses. Although he did tell me he thought I was competent to be a reporter, which was something. Even if I was looking for work as a technical writer.

              1. hadn’t submitted 200 resumes I wasn’t trying. In 1977.

                Sounds familiar. Got the same lectures. 1978/1979.

  4. I believe we have the technology to detect and trace this kind of fraud – the only question now is whether it was implemented in time.
    My big hope is that it was, that all the bits and pieces of innovations I’ve seen around were developed for this very purpose, and that we’ll get to see a new, secure election system from here on out. I can’t imagine that there’s much more evidence that has to come in before all the various sorts of insurrectionist crimes get prosecuted.
    If the fraud was as massive as I think, then on the upside, that would mean that the country is in reality more unified than I thought. It was rigged to be a landslide for Biden, a “repudiation” of Trump, and clearly, it was not. Instead there were so many *real* votes for Trump that they had to scramble at the last minute and extend their deadline to manufacture more. We nullified a lot of fake votes on the 3rd. That’s worth something.

      1. That’s what makes me think the fraudsters were caught unprepared at the last minute – sloppy work dumped in all at once like that instead of mixing in the fakes evenly. Now all those ballots look suspicious.

        1. Part of the reason I know I’m not moving the goalposts in my predictions is that I said many times variants of this:

          “Trump will win with enough margin that they will not be able to fraud it, or if they do they will not be able to hide it”.

          I would have much preferred to go down the first path. But we still win on the second one.

          1. The problem is that the Left will take what’s done to combat the second, and their supporters will use it to justify some new form of fraud later on. The risk is that the actions taken to deal with the immediate issue is that it will delegitimize the whole thing over the long-term, kind of like how fixing the Florida mess in 2000 soured the views of many on the Left, who refused to admit that the USSC ruled in an appropriate fashion. They still see it as USSC meddling, and most aren’t aware that 1.) there were two USSC decisions -one of which was unanimous, and 2.) the USSC left the final decision to the Florida courts after providing some corrective instructions.

            No matter who wins the immediate dispute, the entire country loses a little in the long-run.

            1. No matter who wins the immediate dispute, the entire country loses a little in the long-run.

              No: the country already lost. We aren’t going along with what the abuser wants just because it would disturb the peace to say no.

                1. I haven’t trusted the political Left since I hit my teens. I NEVER trusted the media, except to follow their editorial policies…and I kept a damn close eye on those.

                  But I’m a Crank.

                    1. I don’t trust any political process, except to A) be a mess and B) constitute a step up from either rule by Aristocracy or rule by Bureaucrats. Maybe not a BIG step up, but a step up.

                      The great merit of representative government is that it is SLOW.when the lumbering beast starts to move in your direction there’s a decent chance you can get out of the way. An efficient government is an authentic menace.

                1. Same way that some poker players use “pot committed” to stay in hands they have no chance of winning or the odds are so slim that the amount in the pot still doesn’t justify throwing more money in.

              1. Bingo!

                The ‘peace’ was an illusion, created by a far less challenged MSM. But the Media got flabby, and couldn’t cope with real challenge. It didn’t help that most of the Republican Party had bought into the ‘Big Government can solve all problems’ narrative as far back as WWII, and only STARTED to recover some with Reagan (yes, there were precursors to Reagan, but they were FAR outliers).

                The Left is FAILING. Yes, they are still dangerous. But if Trump can take their fraud and stuff enough of it up their arse, they’ll have a hard time even coming close to recovering for years.

                See, I think even people who are still rooting for a Trump victory expect the man to ‘put it all behind him’ and go all collegial when he wins.

                I expect him to spend a good deal of time and energy kicking them while they’re down. Yes, it will look vindictive. But the Left always has been. They deserve it. WE deserve to see it.

            2. No matter who wins the immediate dispute, the entire country loses a little in the long-run.

              And that’s exactly what they want you to think so that you will quit fighting and crawl back into your hole and quit bothering your betters.

              They use the language of abusers – the riots will stop when Biden wins
              The threat of sunk costs – think of all the time and effort you will have wasted when this is done.
              Threats to others – by continuing this fight you’re just harming others.

              The only response should be middle fingers. Stand up. Say no. Never give up, never give in.

              1. I have seen it said that Nixon was convinced not to challenge the 1960 results and the Illinois fraud because it would hurt the country to go through that.

                That may well be the worst mistake he ever made.

                  1. But at least JFK was only beholden to the mob, and not the Commies, who he actually opposed. He could not get past the primary stage as a Democrat today, he would need to run as a Republican.

                  2. Both parties have frauded, in their time. The record of the Republican Party surging the Guilded Age has been a little exaggerated by the Fascist Left (that wanted, oh so badly, to replace them), but it wasn’t good. Which is why I hope some non-batshit Democrats can salvage something, soon. The Republican Panjandrums are probably only marginally better than Pelosi’s gang of crooks, and without effective opposition, that could change fast.

                    1. That is why we need at least two parties, both with TEETH. To keep each other at least marginally honest, and kick the cheating party in the balls. Unfortunately, today’s Republican party doesn’t have any.

                    2. Even if the GOP had teeth, they haven’t ever been able to pass much of anything because the left controlled the courts and could gin up any reason they wanted to strike anything down (usually “racism” of course). Now that we’ve had four years of lifetime appointments to the bench from the right, maybe the playing field will be a little more even or — mirabile dictu — tilted rightwards for once.

              2. I get the feeling that people think I’m suggesting that we don’t fight this. That is COMPLETELY INCORRECT. Yes, I firmly believe that we should fight it.

                However, I’m also noting that win or lose, the overall legitimacy of the electoral process gets damaged. Even if Trump’s legal teams provides enough proof of fraud that things work out in his favor, a good-sized chunk of the country will still believe that Trump cheated his way back into the White House. And it would take an awful lot of evidence to convince those here (including myself) that – in the event Biden prevailed – he hadn’t cheated his way into the White House. Either way, the long-term view of the legitimacy of the electoral process gets damaged. No matter who prevails, more people will start to consider non-electoral remedies going forward. The lines of division will get a little more hardened between the two sides. And that’s not a good thing for the long-term stability of the country – or the world, for that matter.

                Unfortunately, once the Left made the choice to pursue the presidency in this fashion, this long-term problem was set in stone.

                1. Junior, it’s been obvious to a lot of us that the electoral process hasn’t been worth a toss for 20 years or more, since unelected and unfireable bureaucrats and judges held all the power.

                  1. But what appears to be a majority of the population hasn’t come around to that view yet. Or, at least, a majority of the population is still willing to pretend that they work. Elections work because people act as if they work. If enough people stop acting that way…

                    After some thought, I’ve modified my position slightly. If the fraud can be excised thoroughly enough, then I think we’ll dodge a bullet in this regard. This election is already a mess. But if subsequent ones – at least at the national level – aren’t, then faith in the system might be renewed, and the rising generation of voters will be unaware just how bad things got. They’ll have stories, but they won’t have lived it so it won’t be as “real” for them. We’ll see how it works out.

                    1. 2008 for me. Barak’s donation fraud landed smack in my wheelhouse as an e-commerce professional. And watching him GET AWAY WITH IT unpunished was worse.

                1. Speaking of post-election shenanigans. New Jersey’s dictator, Murphy, announced tonight he is likely to impose “new restrictions” but he won’t tell anyone what they are in advance. Never mind that the reason their are more reported cases of the CCP Virus because of more testing, and that while cases are close to 2000, the last two days are the first ones where deaths were above single digits (12 and 14, over 2k tested, but with lag figure that the positive tests were around 1400 at time the ones who passed caught it, and then add all the undiagnosed cases); i.e. restrictions being imposed for what is essentially mild flu at this point for everyone except the elderly and those with underlying conditions.

                  1. Psst. It was always a mild flu for everyone except the elderly and those with underlying conditions. It had a high-ish, scary-looking death rate at first because it was killing almost everyone it was ever going to.

                  2. Iowa.

                    No mask mandate.

                    Good all summer, after the city of Des Moines put in a mask mandate they had a slight bump in cases.

                    Colleges opened up, and gosh guess what the kids showing up had an unusual rate of testing positive and they’re all required to be tested. (with the quick tests, of course, can’t remember the false positive rate)

                    So they put mask requirements on in the College cities.

                    Now that people (especially kids) have to go in to where they’re required to wear masks, especially the college kids who HAVE to move around a lot to get food and such (no pantries)– our cases are going up.

                    So, what’s the response?

                    Some MORE cities are putting in mask mandates. -.-

                    Hm… let’s see… it strongly correlates with more positive tests afterwards, but yeah let’s do the mask.


        2. Less unprepared than not sufficiently prepared, as they really did not think Trump would get so many votes; they’re not used to needing to beat a landslide. But it’s pretty clear at this point that it was a coordinated effort across the board, with occasional fuzzy wanna-helps around the edges to make it look like amateurs.

          What might hang ’em is that so far most of the miscreants seem to be in that just-out-of-college age bracket (probably with fresh new degrees in Useless Studies) and I can’t see most of ’em holding up under serious questioning and the threat of major jail time, especially when it means a felony on their record.

          But first, arrests.

          [stumps off muttering that each one caught on video should have already been rounded up and good-cop/bad-cop’d]

    1. It’s always a surprise to a cowed populace, to find out that support for the leadership was NOT near-universal, and that MOST people had some objections/resistance. Only after the Kremlin or its like crumbles, do you find out that your uneasy feelings were based on reality.

      1. It took Russians a long time to figure out that each one wasn’t alone in their disgust for the regime. that’s how a totalitarian regime operates. Isolate everybody. Poles figured it out from the get-go. We’re seeing that here now. True conservatives are finally figuring out that they are not alone and that there are a lot of us out there. That right there is dangerous for the left.

        1. And they had us as an example/beacon of hope. Who is out there that would be that for us?

          1. Us. We KNOW what’s been lost. We KNOW what we’re aiming for. The sure knowledge that this is not right and that WE have the ability and power to fix it.

    2. From Byron York:

      Where things stand today
      Meanwhile, we now have a better view of who voted for the president, and who voted for Biden. Trump, for example, won narrowly, 50 percent to 48 percent, among Americans who work full-time for pay, according to exit polls. But that group was just 59 percent of the electorate. Among the Americans who do not work full-time for pay — retired, unemployed, underemployed, disabled, etc. — Biden won big, 58 to 41. Trump also won, 52 to 45, among Americans who have served or are serving in the U.S. military. But that was just 15 percent of all voters. Among the other 85 percent, Biden won, 52 to 46.

      The economy was the most important concern for the greatest number of voters; 35 percent said it mattered most in their decision on which candidate support. Among them, Trump won an overwhelming victory, 82 to 17. The top concern of the next-largest group of voters, 20 percent, was racial inequality. Among them, Biden won big, 91 to 8. The third-biggest concern was the coronavirus pandemic, cited by 17 percent of voters. Among them, Biden won big again, 82 to 14. Then came the issue of crime and safety, cited by 11 percent of voters. Trump won big, 71 to 28.

      One notable point about all that: The pandemic was not the most important concern of the largest number of voters. It wasn’t even the most important concern of the second-largest number of voters. It ranked third. When the exit polls first came out on election day, CNN anchors were openly incredulous when they reported that fact. After all, the news media, and CNN in particular, had made the virus the top story of nearly every newscast on nearly every day. And yet the voters had a more balanced view of the pandemic’s place among their concerns.

      Exit pollsters also listed four qualities of a president and asked which was most important for them in deciding how to vote. The largest number, 32 percent, said “Is a strong leader” was most important to them, and among that group Trump won big, 71 to 28. The next-most important attribute, “Has good judgment,” was cited by 23 percent, and Biden won that group 68 to 27. The third most important characteristic was “Cares about people like me, cited by 21 percent, and that was virtually tied, with Biden edging Trump 50 to 49. Finally, the least important characteristic was “Can unite the country,” cited by 19 percent of voters. Biden won it 76 to 23.

      Notable: All Biden’s talk about uniting this divided country, about uniting all Americans — it just wasn’t that big a deal for voters. They know the country is divided. They don’t expect to support the policies of the next president if they don’t support them now.

      Emphasis added.

      1. Oh, for the Love of Life Orchestra. Joe Biden – 47 years in elected office, his only career – won on the question of “has good judgment”?! The putz who’s been wrong in the long term on every foreign-policy issue of the last half-century?!! ARE YOU BLOODY FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!! Now isn’t THAT a sign of good judgment in itself!
        Quite frankly, I’m starting to believe what certain rabbis in Israel are saying about the birthpangs of the Messiah, because I can’t conceive of another meaningful interpretation of what amounts to … well, suffice it to say that I think our hostess is right. And I don’t see any other way out of this; it’ll take a miracle, and it might not show up for some time. Apologies for adding to the negativity.

            1. I’m not Jewish most of the time. (Look, my head is a complicated place, OKAY? I mean, there’s a reason younger son almost broke a leg tripping over our heritage while moving. (Menorah. In a big package, under the sofa, with a corner out.))
              Birth of the Messiah?
              Second Coming?
              I don’t know, the tradition I was raised in is not big on either, but I KNOW so to put it “there is a battle in the air.”

              1. John C. Wright posted a link to Archbishop Vigano’s fraternal letter to the people of the United States. It’s a good one. Sounds like he is right next to Sarah on the couch, and he recommends God’s title “the Lord of Armies” (“Hosts” is how we usually translate it), and Mary as “auxilium Christianorum,” Help of Christians, in the sense of auxilium as lightly armed support troops! Ha!

                New Vigano letter

                  1. Ha! For those who don’t know, the dangling sandal is supposed to be from Toddler Jesus running to his mom for comfort, as the little angels show Him the instruments of the Passion. (Not that He didn’t already know, but it’s one of those moments when His human nature had a hard time.) This is a “crossover” picture, as it’s an icon that has turned into a popular Western painting image.

                    Apparently there is now an allegation that the miraculous Roman image known as “Our Lady of Perpetual Help” is the same famous icon that was stolen from a monastery in Crete, which I have never heard before. I’m not sure how one would prove that. (Wood DNA? Soil composition of paint components? And even then, it would just indicate that it was an icon written in the same area, not that it was the same icon.)

                    Popular icons always have lots of high quality copies, because that’s a standard thing to sell to pilgrims or homesick folks from the area. So if a merchant family said they bought a nice icon in Crete and here it is, that would be the normal assumption, not that it fell off the back of a Muslim/European raider truck.

                    But let’s assume the monks are right. Given that “holy theft” and the finders-keepers, possession is 9/10 of the law stuff was a custom in the East as well as in the West, I’m not sure how one would even make a case for return, even if you could know for sure that it was the same. The usual legend is that, if the relics, icon, etc. doesn’t want to go, there’s a miracle that prevents it from being taken. If something is taken, it’s because the relics, icon, etc. wants to go. (And you note that the icon was moved along to a specific Roman church not by charitable whim, but because some little kid had dreams to that effect.)

                    Of course, this does mean that elite Greek ninja removal teams would also be totally fair. (Theoretically.) There is a sort of college prank logic to “sacra furtiva.”

                    1. “The relic wants us to move it” is a major plot aspect of The Relic Master. It’s a fun book.

          1. I know it makes ZERO sense and should not have even happened, but for a moment I misread that as “book of pants” and there was some bewilderment.

        1. Remember that there’s been a continual drumbeat about Biden and his supposed “wisdom” and “experience”. The experience that he would supposedly bring to the ticket was touted as one of the reasons to be upbeat about Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008.

          1. I think in some of those they’ve gotten a circular argument backwards. For example, on “Can unite the country” my guess is they first decided they liked Biden and only then found a reason: “He can unite the country!”

            As if that were even possible this side of labor camps. The people who answered that question by saying “Trump” were obviously just funning the pollsters.

            1. As long as I can remember elections, in every one it is pronounced that the Democratic Party candidate can/will unite the country while the Republican candidate is demonized as a bigot who is “the next Hitler”. It’s all nonsense and always has been.

          1. Hey, be fair! He told us about the massive fraud machine his people had built and you’ve got to give credit for honesty and accuracy on that one.

      2. In the age of mass early- and mail-in-voting and the shy Trump voter, how are we supposed to believe that Election Day exit poll results are any more valid than examining pigeon livers or the shapes of clouds?

        As a white man who wouldn’t tell a total stranger on the phone that I was planning to vote for Donald Trump, I sure as hell wouldn’t tell a total stranger in person that I in fact just did.

      3. Hard to see the retired voting against Trump. Not when he’s been a major influence in keeping the market up, even through the volatile fluctuations. 401s and pensions are heavily dependent on the market; and no retiree wants their nest egg savings to evaporate.

          1. remember though, that “Senior vote” contains a lot of nonplanar “seniors” like the fellow in Detroit who is dead since 1984 and requested his ballot on 9/11/20, returned it on 9/23/20, and others about as coherent with this reality as Joe himself and someone else filled in their choices.

            1. And include Fox in MSM.

              My folks are both 88; they were much more cautious and ready to believe.


    Only folks I’ve seen trying to pretend it’s normal are the guys who said they get to decide the election, rather than the voters. 😀

    Big nasty fight…which is also giving time for people to notice things like how Trump’s percent of the vote went up in the safe Dem states, but down in the battleground ones. At least, as of time of reporting, depending on if it’s before or after they “corrected” or “are re-evaluating” “anomalous numbers.”


    This ain’t normal at all. The Republicans are fighting back.

      1. This.

        I frankly expected the pattern set by the CA Republican Party – the “Oh, well, it’s the will of the people.”

        And this is not new: Richard Nixon had solid cases presented to him to challenge all the vote fraud that elected JFK in 1960, but he declined to file those cases, for decorum. And just look at all the credit that got him with the media.

        1. While there’s no doubt Nixon is unfairly maligned, it was not simply a matter of decorum. He did not want to give the Soviets an open window by disrupting American governance — and he knew JFK was staunchly anti-communist.

          He also knew downstate Illinois Republicans had done their best to manufacture votes, but that Richard Daley had simply out-played them.

      2. John James in Michigan is fighting, President Trump is fighting. Giuliani is helping to fight it. Even RINO Kevin McCarthy said he believes Trump was reelected. Mitch McConnell is talking about court intervention. The latter two may just be lip service, but it was more than I was expecting out of them.

      3. Dumped another $100 in the GOP coffers for the fight. I’ve only given money to political campaigns twice in my life, once in 2016, and in this election, and I’ve never donated post election before. I consider the donation to be the equivalent of a several boxes of 150 grain .308, a good investment.

    1. I will say that I am out of my mind.

      To some extent, fraud is normal. 1960 anyone?

      But the stakes have been raised on this by the communist terrorist arsons, and by the implicit and explicit promises of mass murder.

      The Democrats can either outright prove that the irregularities are not fraud, or they can concede. Their actions have left little hope for this not being fraud that would be immediately followed by mass murder. They pick any option other than those two, and they will mightily dislike what results.

      1. But the stakes have been raised on this by the communist terrorist arsons, and by the implicit and explicit promises of mass murder.


        1. Bob’s making sense, Ian and Foxfier are agreeing . . . okay, well, it IS 2020, but still unbelievable.

          1. >> “Bob’s making sense, Ian and Foxfier are agreeing”

            Another one for my bingo card! Now I just need those polydactal cats to achieve sapience…

          2. Well, I’m back to getting pissy about the ‘jokes’ about “Bob is normally always obviously crazy, on every single point, and only ever seems to approximate Truth when someone else is having a psychiatric episode and needs serious help.” So maybe I’m actually calming down.

            Whether actual joke or serious conclusion, it makes it seem like people are only remembering the more outrageous things I say, and not evaluating a ‘market basket’ that is a fair representation of what I actually have said here. I have always said stuff that is coming from a place of bloody minded fanaticism. But I have also pointed out things that are objectively inconsistent, where the talking points are not providing a truly just or reciprocal answer.

            That said, one of my modes of crazy is a degree of forecasting extreme situations, and concluding that I should psychologically prepare myself to carry out the most fanatic response in cold blood. So it is legitimately concerning when something like one of those extreme forecasts starts to appear, and ‘logical’ courses of action start pointing in very unpleasant ways.

            My original forecasts and conclusions may, in fact, have originally been insane, and that I’ve been more concerned over them may mean I’m more analytically prepared to say “No, I was wrong, and here is why” when a parallel situation includes a detail that I needed to figure that out. The people who just discarded my theories because they did not have my ’emotional realities’ and did not find the theories compelling don’t necessarily have that advantage.

              1. I tend to think of it as “When Bob is right the World is wrong” and, sadly, we all know that the World is often wrong — more so of late.

                1. N.B. – being called “wonky” by a wallaby ranks with being called ugly by a frog. The judgement may be valid but the source lacks credibility.

            1. *hugs Bob*

              It’s a caricature, don’t worry.

              But it does point to a thing about stress– Ian and I tend to snarl more when stressed, Nelson and I argue more, and louder, when stressed, BUT those are stresses where we’re on opposite sides. So when we’re not, it’s something big and stressful but we don’t disagree because otherwise we’d be fighting.

              I’m going to say this wrong, but I’m REACHING for a thing.

              Your performance art/humor gets less outrageous when you’re under stress. Because it’s IMPORTANT.
              You reach for the truth, and for some things you just can’t outrageous out of it– it’s important that you keep the spirit solid, exactly because the foundations are under attack.

              It’s like when that One Noisy Uncle gets quiet.

              1. I think it probably does not truly trouble me.

                It feels like a lot of the irritation is my usual desire to tediously argue something that I’m not 100% agreed on, and see an obvious flaw. (When it comes from someone I’ve met recently, who I’ve mainly clashed with, it may rankle a little.) 😀

                On the other hand, I have a contact who maybe doesn’t have all the mental function to be really aware of my negatives. I’ve gotten a lot of “You’re so smart”, and other praise, and after a while it feels like I haven’t been truly observed. Actually feels a little alienating. At one point, I had been getting a lot of positive feedback from various sorts, some that contact, some places I try to keep the crazy under my hat. I can recall that a “Bob’s nuts” from here meant a lot for me then, because it meant that someone was seeing the fuller picture of me.

                Core point holds, we are seeing a lot of stress and strange behavior here, so things may be deeply concerning to all of us, and perhaps even non linear generally.

                I’ve actually been trying to cut people some slack. 🙂 I may be able to afford to try harder.

                Been a difficult week for me, but functioning is feeling like a little improvement. I wish I could say I thought that reflected on the general situation, but…

                1. It feels like a lot of the irritation is my usual desire to tediously argue something that I’m not 100% agreed on, and see an obvious flaw.

                  Add in the “wait, this is a weak point” or “I can’t fully support this part” and I’m with you.

        2. I could take this year as vindication of one of my hobby horses, do a victory lap, and start blaming everyone on the right for not meekly going along when I first came up with a mad scheme. Which wasn’t feasible, and might have had nothing to do with the Democrats doing this or not.

          I’m too concerned about recent events to want to do much beyond stay on topic, try for sane, and leave off most or even all of the trolling.

          I’m not sure if this is my version of “when soldiers stop bitching…”

      2. This is the 21st century. It’s no longer enough for us to look for fraud; it’s now on them to prove there isn’t. And there *are* ways to do that… that they made a public point of avoiding.

        So be it.

        1. Criminal prosecution rightly puts the burden of proof on a prosecutor.

          That only holds for the part of this dispute that is a criminal prosecution.

          I’m potentially persuadable that Biden won a non-fraudulent victory, but I would need a lot of certain sorts of proof, and to be given time to make up my mind at my own pace. Demands for fast decision, or that I merely accept someone’s claim? No.

          Media and Democrats have spent a lot of credibility, perhaps carelessly. It is their own fault if they now find themselves coming up short.

          But Trump is untrustworthy? That is precisely why I might not believe /him/ if Trump says that one of these states with irregularities was fairly won by Biden.

        2. I’m talking about processes, not law. The mechanics of voting, and computer securiy. The burden of proof is on the implementors, not the users.

          “All good here, don’t worry your pointy little head about it” doesn’t fly in those scenarios.

    2. The grandmas whom I encounter dropping their kids off at school in the morning are openly pissed. Our only interaction is that. “How do they think they can get away with this?”

    3. Hubby was down at the convention center to observe vote counting today. Didn’t get in, but the lawyers did a whole thing so they have evidence for a lawsuit against PA. But, he also saw competing rallies between Trump supporters and socialists. The numbers were about equal he said. There is push back, and a lot of it, from Republicans. No, this is not normal, and I’m very happy to see that the Republicans have finally realized that “normal” has always meant bad news for them.

  6. I am thinking of “If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat: Crushing the Democrats in Every Election and Why Your Life Depends on It”
    by Hugh Hewitt

      1. Which is so plain sight that even the nice ladies I run into via kid stuff have been unable to contain themselves from fuming about “what ARE they DOING with all this really obvious, stupid cheating?!”

        I don’t even know what their politics are! THAT kind of “nice lady”! And I’m sitting here nodding and giving other sources to fuss along with them– because if you get the Nice Ladies pissed, you set your seed corn on fire and are rolling in it.

        1. To play Devil’s advocate, “How many divisions do those nice ladies have in reserve for an outright civil conflict?”

          1. The old ladies with the lighters and the bottles full of gasoline? Enough of the Panzer Korps burned alive in their tanks to teach them to be wary.

            The enemy in front of them, their families behind them, nowhere to retreat to, and absolutely nothing to lose. No matter how old and decrepit, it’s a mistake to take such an enemy lightly.

          2. On the stupid end, they’re the grandma that up until now has been very understanding about helping little Timmy go to his protests because of course he’s not one of those terrible, violent people.
            Which this seriously damages.

            On the not-enabling-evil end, they are the “oh, ****. Guys, my aunt Mary who is never upset about anything and hates politics is mad. We really want to lose those orders.”
            Be they marching orders, supply orders or construction orders.

          3. The family matron typically holds a very unusual spot in the family hierarchy. It’s true that you won’t find a brigade of grandmothers storming the enemy if things go bad. But it would be very foolish to discount the amount of influence that such women have among their descendants.

            1. Well, the Keldara grannies did some serious storming in ‘Unto The Breach’. The Keldara men scared the Chechens, but the grannies made them piss their pants!

      2. Ayuh. That’s it in a nutshell. I’m genuinely curious how this all will play out. Will the urge amongst the great majority of folks to hunker down and hope for the best overcome sheer outrage over the raw, brazen cheating and fraud and utter contempt for half of the nation shown by the sniggering liars in the Democratic Party?

        And that’s not even getting into the frightening possibility of uncontrolled, runaway Marxism. I’m not quite as pessimistic yet as others because simply springing that crap on the nation after decades of skulking in the shadows will in my cautious opinion result in vicious blowback by an unknown but considerable number of armed Americans.

        But it will be ugly. No matter what. I greatly prefer myself not to be dragged into a civil war. But if it comes to that, one suspects that many good folks will find that quiet planning and a curated list of high-value targets will go further than loud-mouthed threats that only serve to attract unwanted attention from the brownshirts.

        Let’s not go there unless absolutely, positively necessary. 😦

        1. Thought exercise: What would it take to get the Left to give in, without fighting an ugly hot civil war?

          1. if Trump is declared winner, they revolt, but if it’s done in the courts, they won’t have the military or the muddled middle with them.
            They fight like idiots. They’re stopped. The end.
            That’s the best case scenario RIGHT NOW.

  7. Lawsuit already filed in Nevada, by the way.

    And LOTS of lawsuits elsewhere, too– watch out for the media reporting about “the” lawsuit being dismissed, as they ignore the other several.

      1. *e-shakes Sarah*
        That’s what THEY thought, when they did all that BS on election night– AND IT DIDN’T HAPPEN YET.
        Instead, they tried, and it failed.

        1. Somehow, they thought Trump would react like Romney.

          Or he would go so over the top it would be easy to discredit him.

          They did not expect him to combine his best weapon, rallying supporters, with THEIR best weapon: lawfare.

          They honestly seemed surprised by the lawfare angle.

          They also seem surprised that news suppression isn’t working. They thought we needed full bypass surgery to get around them. However, on at least one of my blocked arteries the heart had started to build its own smaller network. My mom’s bypasses all collapsed, but not after her heart had completed building its own network, smaller paths, but much more numerous.

          That’s what Sarah did with this blog and the r/TheDonald community with Donald.win and so on.

          It is the “I fought; we won” battle in action.

          We are too many and too dispersed to silence us all.

                    1. I think I have MeWe somewhere. I so swore off wasting so much time on social media (one acquaintance went stupid, the other really is doing far better so I worry less for her), it took me a month or more to notice Twitter banned me for a tweet from 2011 or so.

                1. Seriously, I think this is like in Don Camillo. When Don Camillo is about to be so outrated he does something bad “the good Lord sends a fever that confines him to bed.”

              1. You might have. But things have been a bit distracted around here…

                I hope you continue your recovery.

          1. Also remember that the expectation was that, like Nixon before him, Trump would, indeed MUST, quietly step down to avoid the public shame to himself and the trauma to the country that would result from the indictments that would surely follow the Russia investigation and the Ukraine impeachment. After all, that’s what a GOP gentleman was supposed to do. Oops. Thank G-d Trump loves this country enough to go through all this misery for its sake, and at no profit to himself. Surprising that a high-rolling businessman ultimately cares so little about money — and the selfless “public servants” seem to care about little else. Just saying.

              1. A gentleman is gracious to *honorable* enemies.

                DJT is dealing with criminals and revolutionaries. And being far too gracious with them for my taste…

                    1. Actually I have to keep calming myself down because the poor dog is too stupid to run away from me. She is insisting on sitting on my lap.

                    2. Let’s just say for the first time in my life I get Robespierre and St. Just. Oh, maybe not the particular targets they were aiming at and the policies they were trying to implement, but the “action plan” to implement those policies and deal with those targets. Yeah.

                    1. Ammunition is in short supply already. The guillotine has been around for 130 years, and the French never got any complaints. 😛

                  1. Now there’s a novel idea!

                    I mean … alien species observing Earth see’s how America is burgeoning annnnd fear that, slow as alien bureaucracy is, by the time they can mobilize to contain humanity we are likely to bee too much for them. So – what can they do to slow us down, or even derail us?

                    So this disguised alien walks into a 19th Century London pub and strikes up a conversation with a German émigré drinking there …

                1. Point.

                  Trump’s “problem” is that he’s not holding to the polite fiction that those attacking him are gentlemen, after they’ve shown they’re not.

                  Which is confusing the heck out of the guys who in many cases WERE those kids who got to be rude while everybody around them was polite, for the sake of their relatives who were embarrassed.

                1. DJT was one of the supplicant class; rich, but not in the power structure. A mark to hit up for donations. The kind who get invited to gatherings because they’re rich, not because they Matter.

                  They probably never even *saw* DJT as anything other than a meat puppet until he opposed them. And they still can’t see him; all they can see is their own straw Trump, who keeps ignoring their signals, which only drives them into further fits of rage.

            1. Estimates I’ve seen on what it’s cost him run from a low of one billion to a high of 3 to 5 billion. He can afford it, but that’s still one helluva lot of love of country.

            1. You briefly felt much the same way when we lost the house in the midterms, as I recall. It wasn’t the end then, either.

              I will say that I think a national divorce of some kind is both necessary and inevitable. The republic won’t survive much longer as the current set of 50 states. But if it’s done the right way – if we let the modern confederates go peacefully (or kick them out) this time – the red parts of the country will make it.

              1. Like that, but more so, yes.
                A divorce would be temporary. In ten years they’d be trying to raid us for pillage.
                Also, I really don’t think they have the majority EVEN in blue states. I think it’s fraud, massive amounts of fraud. Oh, and disinformation.

                1. >> “Like that, but more so, yes.”

                  And you think your feelings prove something THIS time just because they’re stronger? You know better than that.

                  >> “A divorce would be temporary. In ten years they’d be trying to raid us for pillage.”

                  I’d be surprised if they even lasted ten before they had to start raiding, but what makes you think we’d just take them back? Once they’re a foreign country they’re not our responsibility any more and I don’t see us welcoming them back with open arms once they start ATTACKING us.

                  >> “Also, I really don’t think they have the majority EVEN in blue states.”

                  Agreed; they might have majorities in the deep blue cities, but probably nowhere else. Which is why I favor letting them secede by the county rather than by the state.

                    1. You really think a bunch of Jackson’s would out up with incursions? It would be fire, the sword, and conquest.

                    1. …Huh.

                      Oddly enough, this makes me think we ought to be looking at ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia for containment strategies. Those areas also had warring city-states with mostly-the-same culture going at each other tooth and nail.

                      Then again, I’m reading Hittite history ATM, so that may color my view.

                      On the third hand, reading about what the Hittites did to those cities they had to take is currently keeping the inner berserker to a low growl. (And apparently the Hittites were much, much more merciful than, say, contemporary Egyptians and Akkadians….)

                  1. Because if the US doesn’t take California back under your scenario, then China just might. And while it might be amusing to see the enviros get composted by Chinese bureaucrats when the former try to protest the latter going after California’s massive amount of natural resources (in ways that are most definitely not ecologically friendly), I don’t think it would be good for the long-term health of the US.

                    1. Under my scenario – or better yet, Reziac’s – It would mostly just be the deep blue urban areas seceding. Whoever takes them wouldn’t get all that much.

                    2. Foreign control on our doorstep would be a problem, but I think not insurmountable. Especially if their territory is reduced, as per my map to only the areas they actually hold — no resources to take, cuz they won’t have any.

                      And consider: we negotiate our own trade terms with China, which include “don’t touch this continent, or else; we don’t care WHAT they promised you.”

                  2. My response to future pillage is… what makes you think we won’t defend our borders? Now, if they want to play nice, maybe we’ll let ’em be Hong Kong for us.

                    Oh, and what makes them think they can carry away enough food to last those cities so much as a week, across hundreds of miles of hostile territory? using which fuel and heavy trucks? ain’t gonna carry much in that Prius, even if they had a clue how to get from wheat to bread.

                    Come winter, all we gotta do is stop plowing the passes. Donner averages somewhere upward of 20 feet of snow.

                  3. Matthew, while not Sarah (for which I suspect we’re both thankful, for our own respective reasons), I do think that they would, at least for a while… which only would encourage them to push even harder, as it has in the past.

                    Furthermore, while I agree that the commies will attack because they know (even if not consciously) that their sociopolitical beliefs fail in the face of any alternatives (why they censor non-leftists), I think it will be more along the lines of propaganda and attempting to corrupt the remaining state governments than raids. Oh, sure, there will always be wannabe Quantrills out there, doing like they’ve already been doing in Dem stronghold cities, but that’s not their most powerful weapon.

                2. And if the very messy, very public fight currently ongoing brings that out into the light for the mass public, they lose both now and for the foreseeable future.

                  It’s a hell of a roll of the dice, but they haven’t stopped spinning yet.

                  1. On the other hand, if they get away with such blatant, in your face theft of an election, hw long until we regain (if we ever do) faith in our elections?

                    After all, this is an open insult to the intelligence of the American people, aided and abetted by the MSM. It is the political equivalent of the San Francisco shoplifters opely stealig from shopkeepers with an attitude of “What’re you gonna do about it?”

                    Somehow I don’t think this is how Joe Biden “unifies” a divided nation — stealing from Trump what Hillary claims was stolen from her.

              2. The thought occurred to me on the way home from work today that the “wargaming” thing that we heard about a few weeks ago that included a surprise secession by blue states scenario might have been put together for this exact situation. Trump proves enough fraud to beat Biden, but certain Democratic governors (Newsome would almost certainly have to be on board) declare that they don’t believe the arguments presented by Trump, and they’re refusing to acknowledge his position of authority over the country – and more importantly, over their states.

                  1. Who would have thought that you would get Red Dawn for real in Colorado, and it would be one of our own government officials that would be imposing communism and hunting down those who wish to remain free.

                1. It was put together EXACTLY for this type of situation; Succession and asking for military intervention were predicated specifically on Trump exercising his legal right to ask for recounts and to challenge the results (the way Al Gore did in 2000 FOR THIRTY SEVEN DAYS, but it’s different when Democrats do it). In essence, the John Podesta (i.e. Democratic Party leadership) scenario is that any effort by Trump to challenge the fraud by Democrats would be denounced as a coup by the Democratic Party’s media arm, the Antifa/BLM mobs would be unleashed, and the military would be asked to remove Trump from office.

                  The fugliness of what is going on has just begun.

                2. If it happens, I hope Trump just says “Wayward sisters, go in peace.”

                  Imagine if he just officially declares them to have seceded, boots their representatives out of congress and invites hard leftists to emigrate to their new homeland. Half our problems would just evaporate.

        1. Speaking of Faux News, did you see what that idiot Trey Gowdy said today? something to the effect that nothing is proven and we shouldn’t assume widespread fraud. It’s laying all over the place in plain sight, and PV has ’em in the act on video; it would be stupid to NOT assume there’s more we can’t see, and until it does indeed result in overturned results and arrests, we don’t care that legally proven is not the same as obvious for all to judge. “Nothing has been proven” is the first step to memory-holing it.

          Anyway, that’s how he went from merely making my teeth itch to assuming everything he says is meant to undermine us. And the comment section was full of “last time I ever watch Fox.”

            1. I don’t normally, other than sometimes Tucker or Hannity via Youtube, but it came up on my feed so gave it a look. I’d almost forgotten how much I dislike his whole manner. Now I know why… perfectly sound instincts warning me off.

                1. Wondering when Tucker, Hannity, and maybe a couple others break out and start their own news network. Instant audience.

                  1. I suspect they would go to Newsmax or if the commie fraud succeeds whatever new network Trump starts up to keep up the fight against the commies.

                    1. The Newsmax web site started up during the Clinton Administration, along with Worldnet Daily and Drudge as part of the “Far Right” resistance. It was founded by Chris Ruddy who had built a following because of his reporting for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (owned by Richard Mellon Scaife) on the death of Vice Foster.

                      As a result, the site and magazine (there was a brief dead tree version) have a taint of unreliability … although one might well surmise the taint is actually for not adhering to MSM narrative. Thus it is easily dismissed in arguments — far more so than ever was Fox News — no matter how well-grounded its reporting.

                      I don’t know about the streaming service as I don’t stream my news, but as with all such things samples are available on the tube of you:

      2. 48 hours ago I would have agreed.

        Now I am not so sure.

        Still figuring out how to store Molotovs on the walker, but not loading yet.

        1. Still figuring out how to store Molotovs on the walker, but not loading yet.

          I know that wasn’t meant humorously, but LOL that is a funny image.

          When we get through this you will have plenty of extra material for the writing.

        2. Shouldn’t be a problem, a buddy of mine that’s been using a walker for over 30 years (silly bike accident) always has a drink bottle & a pee bottle hanging thereon (Hey, when you’re walker walking slow, you never now when you’ll…). Only problem is remembering which is which, same would be true with the M. cocktails. 😉

        3. HUGS.
          I’m making my own preparations. Because I have to, or I’ll just crawl into a hole and pull it in after me.
          But I’m holding the berserker in. Because if she comes out to play, it will get bad. Very bad.

    1. A bunch of Nevadans tried to fight something similar about four years ago. It went nowhere. Couldn’t get anyone to look at it. There were busloads of hispanic tourists coming into NV to gamble and vote. They were paid to come there and called it a tour. If they could do it once, they would do it again… no doubt.

      1. The whole “republicans aren’t allowed to gather evidence” consent thingie went down after that, didn’t it?

        Going off of the stuff Trump did in paying attention to all the other complaints? He paid attention.

        1. Yes, I think the Dems acclimated to the consent-decree environment and so kept being more and more blatant – and now it’s gone.

          And He Fights.

              1. I’m sorry. I’d think ALL sane people would be about where I am: fit to be tied. Except my husband, who is trying to keep me from berserking.
                Instead I find blogs I REGULARLY read and link going paws in air, kill us last.
                If you guys don’t buy me a battle ax and send it to me, you’re not good fans….

                    1. Traditional, fantasy, practical…?

                      A good camp ax is lightweight and strong. A fantasy ax tends to have crappy metal and tends to be unbalanced as F. Traditional is expensive, but doable. I’ve a project in that vein that ain’t done yet.

                      The nine pound has decent balance and chops well. Needs a better haft and counterweight to make it faster. Didn’t think I’d be needing to finish it up soon. Bah. Stupid politics.

                    2. a Tactical Battle Ax from Amazon. I bought them for all my guys, but I didn’t want to spend the money on one for me, last Christmas. I think much as you describe.

                    1. They hated Reagan bigly back then, too.

                      And they’ll never forgive him for kicking the crutches out from under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

                  1. Tangentially, I got a random tweet from them pushing the Constitution Party candidate over Lindsey Graham, the weekend prior to the election.

                    I was somewhat amused when they used “RINO” to describe Graham. Not because I don’t think Graham isn’t, but a bunch of bitter ex-republicans denouncing someone as not a real Republican? I had to laugh.

                    And even if the Constitution Party was “all that”, being endorsed by the Lincoln Project ensured that I wouldn’t be voting for Bledsoe. Anyone supported by people who think giving the Democrats complete control over the US government is a good idea is not supported by me, period.

                    1. Whoops, just now realized I fumbled. Text message on my phone, not tweet. I don’t even have a Twatter (not a typo) account. 😛

              1. Hubby was supposed to be a counting observer today…he and several others couldn’t get in. Trump campaign lawyers were there as well. There’s a lawsuit now. There are other Rs in the counting hall in the convention center, but they had to get a court order to get them to 6 feet away (social distancing). They were being kept at 20-100 feet away. Total b.s.

                1. Brian McCafferty, a poll watcher, and registered Democrat, was on Tucker Carlson Thursday evening, discussing the goings on in the ballot counting in the Philadelphia Convention Center:

                  His tweeted video of this got the Twitter account of [PhillyGodfather ® Sports Bettor (@phillygodfather)] shut down.

                  The Trump campaign’s lawyers got a court order requiring the poll-watchers within meaningful distance but the order was ignored by the {hilly Board of Elections personnel.

                  1. And the Philly Sheriff refused to enforce the order as well. Essentially a conspiracy by the elected officials of PA and the Democrats to deprive people of their fundamental civil rights. Hit them with Federal indictments.

                    1. The problem, of course, is that once the invalid ballots are entered into the vote-stream there is no way to determine a valid count.

                      City and State should be subject to severe Federal fines, up to and including forfeiture of eligibility for Federal funds.

                    2. A suitable penalty for ballot counting sites which do not comply with legal requirements for bipartisan poll watchers might be that ALL ballots “unpacked” during such periods of noncompliance are not legal and must be removed from the count.

                      It is harsh, it harms third parties — but those third parties, by not holding their officials to suitable standards, are bringing this upon themselves.

                    3. And deputize 100 PMCs as US Marshals and send them to secure the ballots and shoot anyone who tries to stop them. Fuck Them. War.

          1. To which I respond, “So, you ADMIT you did it.”

            New version of old question: “Have you stopped cheating the vote?”

  8. Good news, Sarah, you have help! Your buddy, the International Lord Of Hate, has just posted:

    The Fuckery Is Afoot

    …in which he lays out exactly why what we are seeing is indeed enemy action, and in no way coincidence. Is it a conspiracy theory? Well, it is — IF you remember the formal definition of a theory: an explanation for something that encompasses all known facts and has withstood every attempt to disprove it.

    Gravity is ‘only a theory’, after all.
    My grandpa voted Republican until the day he died — but he’s been voting Democrat ever since.

      1. If push comes to shove, I won’t be a pregnant woman, but an old guy with a walker shot dead protesting election threat should go viral.

    1. Hope you’ve got your 4th box, tried to buy .308 WIN the other day, tain’t been available for months.

      & yep, I do have a 4th, just figured I needed a 5th & 6th.

            1. Yeah, but can you get primers? I understand that’s the bottleneck for both reloaders and commercial makers.

              1. That’s a sticking point if you’re getting to the game late, yes. And. Um. There are other options for primers. In a pinch. That actually work. Ignition compound in matches.

                There’s sources out there to walk you through the process. Like so many things, there are multiple ways to reach your aim.

      1. BTW, the “fourth box” refers to the four boxes to preserve freedom: soap, ballot, jury, ammo…

  9. I admit to having made “history suggests your fears are probably exaggerated” noises on the Internet … but it was to some gaming acquaintances who appear to think Donald Trump is the Devil.


  10. They can only win if we quit.

    Never quit.

    We win.

    Simplistic? The heart and soul of Victory is being the one who doesn’t quit.

    Never quit.

    1. There are many things in like that are presented in a very simplistic way.

      Then when you dig in you find endless factors that complicate the picture and make the initial story look naive.

      Then when you finally synthesize everything together…….. it cashes out as the original “simplistic” version.

    2. We must fight this with foppery and whim. Since our opponents have no sense of humor and it will drive them crazy.

      “Sure we demonized you guys for years before the Election, but now we need Unity!”
      “So What?!”

  11. Just had a thought — we know the FBI and the Justice Department are full of worms and termites, but what about the U.S. Marshals? Haven’t heard a word about them yet.

    Has Trump got a reliable source of officers and investigators he hasn’t been talking about? What have the U.S. Marshals been doing these last few days?
    Gentlemen! You can’t fight in here — this is the War Room!

      1. With the support of the FBI, DEA (human traffickers often are involved in drugs, too) and various other three-letters, as well as state agencies. Usually not ATF, but that’s only a “usually.”

        *glares at various conservative groups* Getting very, very tired of the agency mania where they latch on to one agency, ignore the rest of the press release, and then complain about how “why can’t the FBI do this?” when they’re literally listed as the group #2 on the press release, they’re just not in the headline.

  12. I’ll be honest, if people ON MY OWN F*CKING side don’t stop patting their backs about how great it is that we have a divided government again, I’m going to rip their arms off and beat them to death with them.

    Divided government is better than Blue government — which is sorta like saying accidentally shooting your neighbor’s dog is better than accidentally shooting your neighbor: you’re still gonna pay.

    Of course, as re-taking the House was never truly realistic we could have re-elected Trump and we’d still have achieved divided government.

    Moreover, for the Never-Trumpers this is actually the worst result. A narrow Trump defeat achieved through massive blatant fraud is about the surest way of guaran-damn-teeing Trump will run again in ’24. And there sure don’t seem to be anybody on the Right who could block him. So instead of Trump serving his second term and retiring they get Trump tweeting out daily criticism of Biden, Pelosi and GOP leadership for four years and then running in 2024.

    Meanwhile, China gains ground, Putin & Iran recover (thanks to oil prices rising) and the world laughs at the senescence of the “World’s Oldest Democracy”

    ‘Disgrace’ and a ‘mess’: Africans taken aback by US election turmoil

    As King Pyrrhus said, “Such victories as this I need like a hole in my sandal!”

    1. To put it another way – Cocaine Mitch is in every respect a better outcome than Chucky Schumer.

      And Ice Cream Nancy is looking to be standing on quite shaky gelato.

      Both of these are good things.

      But at the top: He Fights.

      1. I feel the need to, again, report that I do not trust and never will the facile words of Vitchy Mitch and Grahmnesty. They may have surprised me in the past four years. They have indeed said things I agree with. I maintain the stance that they are weak reeds to depend on. Better than out-and-out Socialist fellow traveler useful idiots? Sure.

        But lets not kid ourselves. These are not our friends.

        1. Concur. Need continuing proof. These folks go there on government pay and magically get rich – someone is paying for something.

          But Schumer.

    2. Not sure accidentally killing your neighbor’s dog is a less dire circumstance… what if your neighbor is John Wick? 😮

  13. And is isn’t just Trump that is refusing to back down:

    We have far too many on our side who want to surrender and loudly shout over everyone else about it. But many of us have learned the lesson that we must fight.

      1. I had to laugh at that headline. “Republicans Sound Alarm” in place of “Republicans Pounce!”

        1. …the “Colonel Bogey March,” a WWI British marching song. Though most Americans would identify it as “part of the soundtrack to ‘Bridge over the River Kwai'”.

          original lyrics:

          “Cheer up, and the same to you!
          Good luck, in every thing you do!
          Cheer up, the skies will clear up!
          And Britain’s boys will come home once again!”

          and a WWII variant:

          “Hitler has only got one ball,
          Goering has two, but very small;
          Himmler is very sim’lar,
          And Goebbels has no balls at all.”

      2. It’s updated to say the county will manually recount and report tomorrow.

        That’s one smaller county, but it’s a crack in the fraud wall.

        1. Yes, and it attacks the “there’s no fraud” crap that’s been flying around. I’ve had lib friends tell me that with a straight face. Then you show something and get “oh, well…” then you show another item…”Um…” then they change the subject. I keep hammering at the cracks.

          1. I no longer have lib friends.
            I mean, some probably think they are, but they are lib acquaintances, to be kept in full view, where the knife can’t be slid in.
            And consider my background and my training and my profession.
            You have no idea how saying this HURTS.

            1. Oh, I’ll lose most of my college friends, who have been good friends for almost 40 years. I might even lose family members. It remains to be seen.

            2. I just lost three friends who I’ve known for over seventeen years. We were all diagnosed with Wegener’s at the same time and put together a support group. They have now dissolved the group because me and another member are voting Trump. How could they be friends with us when we harbored such evil racists? Yea, it hurts my heart and got me going. I’m also losing a few family members to this madness.

              1. Extended family. Well that is what the scroll or hide feature is. I don’t discuss President Trump or Sleepy Creepy Joe or his successor with them. I remember extended family holiday, particularly Thanksgiving, and summer end family reunions, to the point, when I could, I opted out; not that I got away with it until married … I get away with it, because I’m not considered “talkative”. The other side of the family, not a issue, all Trump fans; any non-Trump fans are pulling a “me”.

                Immediate family … well we’ve agreed we can’t make mom cry … She said we can hate each other after she dies. Won’t come to that. May not like one another choices but family is family. Or “I can beat up on my sister, but you can’t.” syndrome.

                Facebook groups. Well other than Sarah’s Diner, or some where politics = immediate hand slap & post shutdown, I’ve dropped. Sure, most fandom groups prejudiced leaks through but they aren’t specifically bad talking. Some, despite the rules, I quietly exited.

                I have to keep a presence on FB because of the Family Cemetery Site which I manage. I shutdown a political post early in the group. Just said “Sorry, site isn’t meant for this. It is meant to discuss details & issues regarding the cemetery. Please delete. Thank you.” Very quiet site. Generally only has activity throughout May.

              2. Cyn, I’m sorry. That sucks. Hubby and I just had a conversation about possibly losing friendships. More of a risk for me, I think, than him. I’m pretty sure I won’t lose family…mostly…hopefully. Like I said, time will tell. But, I’ve got this group. I’m good.

              3. That’s on them, ennit? Basing such decisions on such a trivial matter.

                As the song says,
                I won’t lose a friend by heeding God’s call
                For what is a friend who’d want you to fall
                Others find pleasure in things I despise

                I like the Christian life.

            3. > some probably think they are

              Friend: someone I can exploit to my advantage.

              They’re not using the same dictionary you are. Literally, now that the dictionary compilers are going NewSpeak.

            4. Most of my progressive friends are more or less aware that I’m not one of them, but apparently I’m social enough and charming enough that they haven’t denounced me. Yet. Most of my interaction with them is on Facebook, where I pretty much only post about food and gardening, or at the goth club, where I’m too busy flirting and dancing to talk politics.

              Since my divorce and teaching myself to cook, I’ve been hosting Orphan’s Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and I have a No Politics rule, which I enforce against everybody, even the conservative/libertarian/dissenter people whom I agree with.

            5. “And when you are sent to Heaven for doing what you see as God’s will, and I am sent to Hell because I did not, will you come along with me, for fellowship?”

    1. Someone I love and respect, a right-winger, is trying to sell me that it’s really a good thing, because we need to reunify as a country at some point (“we can’t keep letting cities burn”) and a President and a legislature who need to get over their differences to get anything done is how to do that.

      And I respect this man a lot–more than anyone, and I mean I think I’m bound to honor and obey him besides. But that’s bullcrap. To go along with this overwhelming fraud, to pull the blanket over our heads to make the yelling stop… it’s the peace of the grave, and leads no other place. The legislature and courts is only a barrier if you respect the law.

      And as he liked to tell me, power is a shadow on the wall–it only matters insofar as you can convince men you have it. (And to extend the metaphor, it’s better to make the challenge before he thinks he has an army…)

      I mean, seriously? Give in to stop the cities burning? You’d think he wasn’t the man who taught me about danegeld to begin with.

      So yeah, I think my job today might be to get my own houses in order.

      1. The Democrats/left’s idea of “unity” is the same one that the CCP has; single party rule (by them) and no disagreement with the party line shall be tolerated, with those who are not sufficiently expressive of their love for the CCP being sent off to concentration camps. Their idea of “education” is Maoist struggle sessions. Their idea of free elections are ones like Iran or the Soviet Union, where only those who are sufficiently orthodox in belief are eligible to run and the outcome is predetermined so that the favored of The Party/The Clerisy always win.

        Their mottoes are “Freedom is Slavery, War is Peace, Ignorance is Strength, and Conformity is Diversity”. Any time they get caught for their shenanigans it is the evil minions of Emmanuel Goldstein and Eastasia (or is it Eurasia that is now the enemy…..oh wait…..there is ONE thing they won’t flip flop on; the modern American left’s perpetual enemy will be Jews.

        1. And we know how well people with our ancestry did under their forebears in Germany.
          Not only no but F*ck no. If it comes to that, I go out on my own terms and take an escort with me.

          1. If I am going to go out, because they want to ship me off to be “re-educated”, I choose to go out like a Klingon.

        1. Antifa is the same group as the black bloc rioters who hit Clinton era Seattle and other cities where economic forums were held in the name of “destroying capitalism” and is the same group that has been terrorizing Europe for decades. They are not new. What became new under Obama was their embrace by the Democratic Party and their incorporation into the Party as its paramilitary arm.

      2. Have you mentioned that the riots will stop as soon as someone starts shooting the rioters?

        1. If Seattle is any guide, the riots will stop when there’s bad weather. Which really shows how serious their commitment to the most importantest cause ever is, doesn’t it?

      3. One of the common follies of the smart is that intellect tends to fall in love with its own theories, and seek to make them fact no matter the evidence otherwise. *shakes head* I used to think I was smart, too. And I am sorry that your friend has fallen into that trap. One hopes he finds his way out, one way or the other.

        There is nothing good in the riots and the burning- fractions of a city to be sure, not whole cities, but each is a person’s life. It cheapens their loss to think such callow surrender is the answer.

        It is also a failure of intellect to discount the value of strength. Of arm, of character, of will. Not only *can* we stop the riots and misbehavior, we should be honor bound to *do so.* Peace and stability are necessary to the economy both big and small. Thus *allowing* the assaults, the molotovs, the crimes is very much *wrong* in the basic, fundamental sense.

        One thing can be said for the current state of affairs. It illuminates where folks stand. And some are found wanting, sadly. Some folks are fine people when things are going well, and the wolves stay far away. They just aren’t the ones you want at your shoulder when things are tough.

      4. > (“we can’t keep letting cities burn”)

        They chose it of their own free will. Well, their rulers did, at least. Let them burn. I’ll chip in a couple extra cans of gasoline.

        Cities are a relic of pre-technological society. With modern transport and communications we don’t *have* to live like too many hamsters in a cage.

        1. not true. many people don’t like the prospect of sitting in a car for an hour in order to get to their work. Jobs where people, you know, produce physical items often require them to be physically present at the location. you know, the jobs everyone keeps saying we need to get back….

            1. and, some people, believe it or not, like living near otehr people, and like not having to drive an hour for large scale social activities either

    2. Each house chooses the bona fides of its members.

      Someone needs to make sure Cocaine Mitch knows about the Bloody 5th in Indiana in the 80s.

    3. Needless to say the media doesn’t blink an eye at the optics of Democrats committing blatant vote fraud to keep a black man out of public office in favor of a white man.

      1. Of course not. For the same reason that they didn’t blink at the prospect voter fraud to keep the first Asian Female out of the House of Representatives in favor of a white man two years ago (and probably two days ago, as well).

  14. Oh, by the way — Normal got defenestrated by the Left four and a half years ago. His sister Abby has been impersonating him ever since.
    Frederick: “Whose brain was it?”
    I-Gor: “Abby somebody.”
    Frederick: “Abby who?”
    I-Gor: “Abby…Normal.”

  15. Just as an exercise, what say we design standards for all Federal elections, to be enacted by Congress and establishing a minimum standard or guidelines for states to enact as safe harbors.

    Start with elimination of motor voter, clear out the voter registration roles down to zero and require re-registration with two forms of Id such as is required for nearly ANY job you take in America.

    Eliminate register & vote. Voter registration is locked at sixty days before voting starts, open records checkable online, registration appeal period of thirty days, ending thirty days before start of voting. Possibly make that ninety and sixty if processing period seems burdensome.

    Voter rolls purged (checked by both parties) within ninety days after every general election; any registered voter who has not voted in three consecutive general elections is struck from the rolls.

    NO mail-in voting!!! Ballots may be mailed out but must be returned in person, at designated sites, supervised by representatives of each major party. ABSENTEE ballots are separate, specially coded as absentee, must be specifically requested and returned in sealed/signed and witnessed in specially marked envelopes. ALL ballots not cast on Election Day must be received by 1700 the day before and counted before ballots cast Election Day. “My ballot is in the mail” has the same truth value as “The check is in the mail.”

    Ballot tallying procedures must be uniform across all states. Counting monitors must have meaningful access and process must be recorded on video for potential review — records to be kept for one year.

    Voter ID required at polling places, fluorescent green ink on left middle finger (or other suitable body part for those lacking such fingers) required.

    This is merely a beginning, subject to revision and expansion, of a constructive effort to address America’s long-standing voting failures. Results may be prepared and used by Sarah for a PJ Media or Instapundit post.

    1. Addendum: your franchise is a valuable and dangerous asset and deserves the same care in its use and exercise as any firearm. That it is a right is all the more reason it be adequately protected and used in accordance with defined procedures.

    2. Yes, this is merely an expansion of Sarah’s 22nd paragraph above. The one beginning

      Honestly, I think the only thing that saves the republic, right now? Is a hard reset. It’s the Supreme Court saying “uh, no. …

      What of it?

      1. Agree wholeheartedly. Wondering how to deal with people like the one who accused me of being heartless because what about the disabled? Did I want to disenfranchise them by making it difficult for them to vote?

        Such easy “compassion.”

        1. … heartless because what about the disabled?

          Well, what about the disabled? How does any of this prevent their ability to vote? They can register, they can get photo-ID, they can request absentee ballots, they can get their signature witnessed. So what, precisely, is the complaint? Name the problem and I expect we can find a workable solution; if you cannot or will not name a specific problem then you’re just throwing sand in the gears to protect your ability to commit fraud.

          Frankly, I doubt there are enough disabled persons to make a difference in most elections, at least not until you include the morally disabled.

        2. All fraudulent votes disenfranchise me. And that makes me very angry and I currently hope that those who don’t repent get to feel the full wrath of God, Old Testament style (or 3rd Nephi style if you are Latter-day Saint like me).

    3. In many developing democracies (yes, I’ve worked in a few), the ability to review voter rolls is key to establishing confidence in the election. In these countries, it’s also a way to make sure the voter knows where to go to vote.

      Actually, a lot of what you outline is pretty common sense, and held up internationally as best practices. Why we don’t have it is beyond me…

      1. We used to. Then Clinton got Motor voter in, because minorities. And you couldn’t ask for proof of citizenship because that was racisssss.
        And now people are supposed to have their votes harvested, because otherwise you’re intimidating them. and…..

        1. In California, the local Republican party has found out that ballot harvesting doesn’t work with Republicans, because Republican voters tend not to trust strangers who show up at their door and say that they’ve come to take the household’s ballots to the voting center. Instead, the Republican party set up secure ballot collection locations, where the ballots could be collected under the watchful eyes of Republican operatives, and then later taken en masse to the voting centers.

          The Democrats claimed that it was illegal, of course.

        1. Yep. Because the dems DON’T want it. if we had that, it would destroy their chances of EVER winning elections.
          They might actually have to GASP do what the voters want, instead of lording it over us.

  16. Ok. I’ll put this out publically. I don’t know if we can do this legally, but it’s an idea.

    Have the military run the vote. Put all Reserve and National Guard on Actice Duty for the day. Have a Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel run each state with a General Officer in charge of the entire thing. Everyone vote on a single day, no mail in ballots, except from overseas. Military rules for chain of custody for all ballots, with the polls and the counting being done by soldiers, overseen by senior NCOs and Officers, but observers from both parties being allowed to watch. The military oath is to support and defend the Constitution and this is part of that task.

    1. The risk here is that Generals, who are all political, would use this control for their own ends. See: Praetorian Guard.

      1. I agree. I don’t want a General involved at all. But I think it’s too big to sell as a job for a Colonel. That being said, I would trust a Colonel to do it better. Hell, I could do it. But I’m not a Colonel and can’t be in charge due to regulations.

        1. I’d contend O-5 Lt. Col / Commander is the highest rank that could pass for not being political – O-6 is basically past the main gating test for possible flag rank, which means sufficiently political except in rare circumstances or active time of war.

          Either way, the military should stay away from politics.

          Just frelling prosecute the vote-stealing civilians for breaking the laws that are on the books. Selective prosecution is not something the military can parachute in and fix.

          1. Well, I guess they could – an airborne assault followed by a few drumhead courts martial and subsequent firing squads would take care of those people pretty quick – but that would be A Very Bad Day Indeed.

        2. I submit that there is /one/ Colonel who could . . . . (Paging T. Kratman, Col. T. Kratman, please report to the Voter purging command center.)

      2. Staff officers aren’t going to stand around at the polls. They’ll send a lieutenant and some newguys out for security detail. The lieutanant will find a desk and a chair somewhere, and the newguys would be the ones doing the work.

        Those are much less likely to be contaminated by creeping socialism in the military. Some of them would probably still have some idealism that hadn’t been ground off yet. And not much to lose by going public if they saw something skeevy going down.

        1. And if the General wanted to adjust the outcome, he’d appoint clued-in O-6’s for the swing states, and they’d arrange for social climber O-2s who knew the score, and NCOs who were equally briefed in to help the JOs manage the details – and bingo bango unexpectedly the General’s cousin wins!

          There’s no angelic class of folks to put in charge of this.

    2. Use retired military — there are more of them and their available time is somewhat more amenable. Nobody over Colonel exercising any active control — general officers can manage coordination and such. Use National Guard, call up/reactivate retired for the requisite time period. Make sure all get properly paid, too.

      Keep in mind that we’ve many a Lt. Col. Vindman out there.

  17. Sarah, I want you to get two books.

    First, get Expanded Universe and read about why the KC machine fell. They got away with the fraud for years until they just plain went too far.

    You are seeing plain went too far. They might even succeed, but their power will be like ashes in their mouths when they try to use it. This isn’t “oh, we have divided government”. This is “truth and reconciliation, really, you wan what army?” This is “yes, you stole it and you get to wear the pretty clothes for four years and then you will go away and write books at best”.

    Second, get Starship Troopers and read about Johnny’s part in Operation Bughouse. Read about how out of it he admits he was and how panic and adrenaline made him miss things he needed to do.

    Sarah, that is you right now. You’re freaking as the Bugs come out of their holes (wow, is that an accidental, but apt metaphor) when we need to form up.

    But you’re not a recruit just seeing the elephant for the first time. You’re a senior and experienced NCO. We need you need to keep us files in order on parade.

    We need you to. Dr. Pournelle needs you to. The Lieutenant needs you to.

      1. It might be a low blow, but if I’m going to be in the skirmish line, I want the best NCOs leading the guys manning the main line. If I have to be an asshole, Sarhe can bring it up later in Hell.

        I am told the Devil has tables for all of us if we have the courage to take our seats.

      2. You’ve been here before, true. But last time, did you have a bunch of heavily armed Huns at your side?

        Let’s face it, if the dance starts, it will be because someone at a low level decided “screw it” and goes Gavrilo Princip. It won’t be a thing of conspiracies and organizations, but a mad melee with individual and small group initiative.

        And in that case, dearest Portage, there is no way they survive. They aren’t set up for it.

        And seriously, in a country of 330+ million people and upwards of a billion guns, *someone* will take the shot.

      3. >> “And that line is a low blow.”

        Feel free to resent me for it too, then. Because my next attempt to snap you out of it would have been to remind you that despair is a sin and ask what Pournelle and Heinlein would think of you for acting like this while Trump still fights. I had the exact line already written in my head. Herbn just had the same thought and beat me to it.

        You are not yourself right now, and I don’t think I’m the only one who’s starting to find it unnerving.

  18. BTW:

    Trump campaign lawsuit alleges former Nevada residents voted illegally
    President Trump’s campaign announced Thursday that it will file a federal lawsuit alleging that as many as 10,000 people cast a ballot for Democratic challenger Joe Biden but no longer live in Nevada, where the former vice president has maintained a narrow lead.

    The suit wants the state to take measures to ensure that every “legal” vote is tallied, the Reno Gazette Journal reported. …

      1. A comment I saw:

        This shit is huge.

        The very fact that so many people are here telling you to give up and run away, and, not coincidentally, the vast numbers of silent GOP politicians should be a huge clue as to how big this is going to get.

  19. The only thing that I know is this-

    *Crazy Years. Only thing I can think of.
    *Trump hasn’t given up, hasn’t acted like he isn’t winning, and there’s far too many people with cameras and too many ways for the signal to get out. How much of this fraud wouldn’t have been seen four, eight years ago?
    *I’m hearing nominally “I hate Trump” people saying that this election looks hinky. And, if they’re willing to get out from under their TDS to admit that the other side hasn’t been playing nice…
    *The Media and the E!Democrats have to win, because it’s the only way that they can survive. They screwed up the election this time around and don’t let them get away with it.
    *We aren’t at “boogaloo” territory. Yet. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wait until the last minute, just in case.
    *If/when Trump wins, expect to see some of the entertainment industry-especially large scale event owners like Disney and various sportsball groups-try to figure out how to untangle themselves from the woke policies that are driving away paying customers.
    *Hold all these people’s feet to the fire.

    Worse case? We have the Senate for at least two years, so no big changes in the courts. House numbers have changed, and any Biden administration will hopefully be so stupid that we can get more House seats.And there are far too many people that will view any Biden win as illegitimate and that makes any attempts to do anything harder.

    And, this is the time to start firing up the brains of the E!Republican party. I’m looking to volunteer somewhere next year-in California, no less!-to see what I can do.

    But, that’s for later. Right now? Keep fighting. Go after and keep going after the votes and don’t let them bury you under “that’s wrong/un-civil/OrangeManBad and we need to count all the votes.” And, establish, hard that if they think you’re such a terrible person…why should they be in your life?

    1. They’re trying to take the Senate. Currently there are now two seats that are suddenly “in contention”. Taking both of those would put the Senate at 50-50.

          1. Don’t know yet. Working on that idea.

            Game’s not over until Trump concedes and I refuse to be panicked. Panic is probably what cause the Wisconsin and Minnesota “bumps” in vote counts and that was their bridge too far.

              Let’s say exploratory groups are being formed all over (I heard of a few already) and I WANT them to read this. It’s a bit of a manual.
              No, we don’t have a supercomputer. BUT we’re not restricted to 1950s tech, either.

                1. I envy you. Follow it up with a chaser of Red Planet and for a glimpse of the future they want for us, Starman Jones.
                  I envy you because you have Heinlein to read for the first time.

                2. Influential, but The Puppet Masters is a better read and has held up much better over the decades than some of his other work.

                  The infection in The Puppet Masters was aliens. Here in this 2020 timeline, I’m still keeping an open mind about lizard people…

                  1. The only thing that really stuck out at me agewise for those (especially ST) was the use of hypnosis as one of the background technologies.

                  2. IF the left were controlled by puppet masters from the moons of Jupiter, how would they be any different? including their deathly enmity to US going to space?

              1. I read Podkayne of Mars and didn’t really care for it. But I’m will to give Heinlein another try.

                1. Almost nobody liked Podkayne of Mars. Try The Puppet Masters, Double Star, The Door Into Summer, Revolt in 2100, or Methuselah’s Children.

                  Note those were written sixty to seventy years ago. Back when there wasn’t a whole lot of SF on the market, and most of it was pretty bad. It was easier to shine then, and Heinlein connected well with a lot of readers. And he wrote quite a few juveniles – good ones – which made Heinlein fans for life… and he *ruled* that market for decades. But that market is full-up now, and an adult in 2020 isn’t going to see things the way we did back then. Later, he changed style completely and started writing long preachy books that move slowly by modern standards, and while there are a few people who read all of his stuff, most of his fan base is split between Early Heinlein and Later Heinlein. In between juveniles in his early years he wrote some excellent stories, but they tend to get lost between the juveniles and the potboilers.

                  Of the juveniles, I still like “Have Spacesuit, Will Travel” and “Tunnel In the Sky” and others, but again, I don’t think a modern adult would be impressed. Different audience, different time, and all that.

                  1. Revolt in 2100, or Methuselah’s Children.

                    Splitting hairs, because internet ( 😉 ): later PB publishings of Revolt include MC.

              2. Unfortunately, thanks to a certain video game trailer, TMIAHM is now permanently linked in my head to the Dead or Alive song “You Spin Me Right Round”:

                Yes, there are times I hate my own brain.

  20. Let me add I’m as mad as everyone else and the whole, “Divided government is a good thing,” schtick strikes me as whistling past the graveyard. Did note on our way into town that some Trump signs have come out since the election. (It’s Alabama. He won there and in TN anyway). Also good news that Doug Jones will depart and we get the ex-football coach as a Senator.

    And yes, the folks on Twitter I see who fall into the, “Don’t like Trump but basically levelheaded,” category who are poo-poohing the idea of fraud because, “it’s just too large a scale, it’s really more likely to just be incompetence,” are keeping my blood pressure up. And I don’t need more stress.

    1. See, I would have assumed that mere incompetence would have been less widespread than malice.

      On the other had, sufficiently advanced incompetent is indistinguishable from malice, the harm done will be the same, and they should be howling for the complete removal of so many incompetents.

  21. LOL! The Media has already shrunken their credibility to pasties & a G-string. If they’d gone any deeper in the tank for the Dems they’d have violated all standards of public decency. As for blaming the GP … well, the Tampa Bay Rays blame the Los Angeles Dodgers for the Rays loss of the World Series, but that was the Dodgers’ job, wasn’t it?

    DCCC Chair Blames Media and GOP For House Democrats’ Massive Losses
    … DCCC Chairwoman Cheri Bustos on private call to House Dems: “I also want to say the thing we’re all feeling: I’m furious. Something went wrong here across the entire political world”
    … If the current trend continues, House Democrats could hold the slimmest majority since the New Deal.

    Wallaby Weactions: I’m no expert on such things, but I suspect that blaming your opponents rather than accepting responsibility for failure is not conducive to improvement.

    1. Heh – “Our opponents winning is why we lost! And I am furious about it!!”


    1. No tweeits from Hunter in reply? I know I saw Sarah’s shocked face around here somewhere…

      1. Hunter would reply but he seems to have misplaced his laptop.

        He can’t do it on his phone because all they’ll permit him these days is a flip-phone.

  22. “New normal” is an oxymoron. New cannot be normal. It’s new. What makes something “normal” is it being an established pattern. “New”, by definition, is not an established pattern. It might become normal (for better or worse–after all once women living to the ripe old age of “died in childbirth” was normal. Once people dying in job lots from smallpox was normal. Once living as peasants under repressive masters was normal–and, sadly, may become so again) but it is not yet normal.

    Which is a long way of saying “c4c”. 😉

  23. I’m from UK and trying to understand what’s happening with the us election. here Trump is portrayed like a sore looser who won’t concede and there is no way to understand where and if there was a fraud.
    Where can I go read or could you explain?

    I think there’s something fishy: polls massively wrong, Trump’s increased support with minorities, the #walkaway trend from democrats leaving their party etc

      1. I will add to what Sarah said this: There are a lot of stories that the British press will at least cover that the US MSM won’t touch.

  24. Joe and the Ho – yes, nothing could state the contempt I feel any more than seeing that opportunistic slag’s picture on the wall of the military clinic that is my regular health provider if all goes as the progs want it.(Military facilities usually have a gallery of pictures in the entryway, of the chain of command; it’s a military thing and yes, I was thrilled to the core when the Obummer’s picture was replaced by The Donald) — which is what will happen, if this attempted coup is not fought tooth and nail.

    1. Vomitous. Everyone who thinks the Donald is a bad representative of our country?
      Should consider the effect of Round Heels McClownLaugh in the role.
      And that’s before we get to her outright evil impulses and her negligible intellectual capacity.

      1. I am certain if we do have her in office that when I encounter one of those good-hearted people who voted for Biden because they just wanted peace and quiet and are then saying, “But…..but I never wanted THIS,” I am likely to respond, “But you asked for it.”

      2. Anyone have any idea what Jill Biden’s policy preferences are? I suspect that she will fight Harris and other Demos forcing her out of her position as de-facto President in her role as Joe’s caretaker.

        1. I think Pelosi’s “We need to start talking about the 25th Amendment” thing just recently was created with Biden in mind. I don’t think the House (which might not include Pelosi in a leadership role after what happened to the House Dems on Tuesday) is going to let him stay in long past the inauguration.

          And that assumes that he even makes it that far. There are some rumors circulating that he’s far, far worse than he appears in public.

          1. All talk about Pelosi being forced out. They kept her after they got crushed in 2010 and made her Speaker again in 2018 as her reward for losing the House under Obama.

            1. There’s a lot of really pissed off representatives right now, and a lot of it has to do with spending priorities. The view among House Dems at the moment is that seats that could have been saved weren’t, because (among other things) the Dem leadership was too busy spending ridiculous amounts of money with pie in the sky ridiculous stuff like trying to get McConnell unseated. Pelosi brings in a lot of Big Tech cash. But if the view is that she’s misspending more than she brings in, that might not matter.

  25. More and more, this whole… uh, situation reminds me of the recent movie and book Darkest Hour. Not so much the details of the events, the movie is set right around the start of Winston Churchill’s time as British Prime Minister in World War II — but in its atmosphere of shock and despair and especially the (from a far distance) amazing fatalism, rationalization, or even eager-sounding embrace of doom and disaster. (Which is well summed up in our reaction to the words “Neville Chamberlain” now — except it was in no way, shape, or form limited only to him or even to his party back then).

    To the point any thoughtful moviegoer is more likely to react with something like, WTF?!? than any, okay, I understand. (Hey, folks, these are actual Nazis and your big question is how to surrender? Hello, are you still asleep?)

    Easier to say that from a distance of 50+ years than zero seconds, of course.

    Fortunately for us now as for Britain then, we already have someone at our version of 10 Downing Street who “gets it” and is doing about everything visibly possible to counter the onslaught of evil (yes, it is) and the tidal current of mesmerized or wanna-be collaborative despair. Starting with calling it right out and challenging the fraud(s) in court, likely far more (FEC? DOJ?) coming soon. Neither man was perfect, but, deo volente, ours will be good enough too.

    How fervently I wish I could suggest some 2020-esque version of Churchill’s Operation Dynamo, the “boatlift” largely manned by ordinary citizens that, no exaggeration, basically saved the British Army. But the right response to this might involve just as much direct action by some of us, now as then. I can say that it’s not simply watching as the British Army is annihiliated, or as the “most important election of modern times” is stolen, frankly and blatantly and boldly, right before our very eyes. Or mumbling Chamberlain-esque tripe

    But I know if I had a boat, I’d be checking it over right about now, just in case.

    The big difference between then and now is the fundamentals of the situation. The “Blue Wave” never happened, the Red Wave was real, the Democrats did not take the Senate and lost seats (maybe about half their majority margin) in the House. Democrats’ reaction is a lot more like stunned sad shock than any sort of celebration. Not that you’d know that from the “media” (I watched the election on the Internet, went to uncoverdc dot com and justthenews dot com, listened to Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, etc. My ten or so minutes of MS-Moronism portrayed a wholly, uh, alternate world.)

    If you have a couple of hours, and this movie or some online access of it, maybe it could be something of an antidote to the incoming psychological tide, so cold and so dark, apparently as irresistable as a Nazi blitzkrieg.

    Or just go re-read Churchill’s “We will fight them on the beaches” speech.

    Winston Churchill was a British subject born to an American mother. Who in the end died an American citizen. We know about Donald Trump too.

    As a very wise and heavily burdened woman said recently… go be Americans.

  26. Fox may have been infiltrated by the enemy, but they’re not fully subverted yet. I briefly watched Neil Cavuto pretend to be ‘fair’ by nodding along with the Democrat party hacks without asking any tough questions, but I just saw Lou Dobbs and he’s spitting mad, demanding answers, and action.

    Lou asked an interesting question. Attorney General William Barr has not appeared in public in two weeks. Why not? Is he hiding or…could he be busy? VERY busy? As in, preparing evidence and testimony to take the Democrat party apart like a Thanksgiving turkey? We can only hope.

    I will see what Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery and Laura Ingraham have to say, and I definitely want to hear from Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday.

    Our voices have not been silenced yet. May they never be.
    You can’t have the government take away the freedom of only the people you hate.

    1. I was very disappointed by the Kennedy show. I will not be a fan. She had on three Democrat partisan hacks, and just sat there smiling while they called all Trump supporters a bunch of liars and delusional sore losers. “There is no election fraud, nothing to see here, ignore the man behind the curtain.” She didn’t even hint at the question that HAS to be asked: The Democrats are violating state election laws, federal election laws, and court orders. WHAT are they hiding?!

      Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham did ask the important questions, and talked to people with first-hand experience of the Democrats’ illegal actions. They called for investigations, and meaningful action, including criminal charges for criminal acts. I saw the beginning of Shannon Bream’s show, and she looked to be off to a good start.

      So Fox still has at least a few honest voices, a few people willing to stand up for our rights and our laws.
      There is no shortage of people convinced they can create the perfect world. They just have to eliminate all those imperfect people who don’t fit in it.

  27. JSolomon Reports just reported that many of these States are not counting the military vote. WTF although this is not a new fraud because it has been happening to the military for decades now especially the ones who were not stationed on US soil.

  28. Remember, as Dr. Pournelle said, despair is a sin. I’ve pondered and questioned why that is. I’ve decided that despair takes our will to move for change. Despair and despondency link together to thwart our efforts.

          1. Because lugging them both around is kind of obnoxious, and unless both are chambered the same way (via custom chambering of one or the other) you run the risk of grabbing the wrong mag for the weapon when it really matters, and the second or two to grab the right one may be one or two seconds too long.

  29. Don’t go dissin’ mescaline, please. Once you get past the ‘puking your guts out’ phase, it can be a lot of fun. Or so I seem to remember. From 40-some years ago. I might have been on drugs.

      1. I don’t know. Some of the federal court stuff I’ve tried to wade through (pun intended – water law cases) . . . mescaline, PCP, and LSD might be required for it to make complete sense once they try translating “engineer” and “Spanish surveyor” into Legalese.

  30. The vote-counting headquarters for most states are located in the state capitol, which is almost always a Democrat blob, even in an otherwise Republican state. Their employees are drawn from their local population. See the problem?

    How can we fix it?

  31. Here is a happy (albeit unlikely) thought: The GOP could finish with enough House seats to sway a couple moderate Democrats and win a vote for Speaker — it happened here in NC a few years back.

    No, it is not likely but it is not an impossibility.

  32. Donald Trump Jr. is in Georgia, declaring that the “I think the Democrats are used to this from a Republican party that hasn’t had a backbone. You’re not going to see that this time around. That party is gone, and anyone that doesn’t fight should leave it ”

    Georgia also reports 8,889 absentee military ballots yet to come in.

  33. Some light in the dimness:

    “In the view of Democratic data scientist David Shor, 2020 was the party’s last, best chance to win a Senate majority for the foreseeable future: Red-state incumbents Joe Manchin, Jon Tester, and Sherrod Brown held onto their seats in 2018 — with the help of a historically Democratic national environment — but are unlikely to be so lucky when they are on the ballot again in 2024. Thus, the party’s best hope was to eke out a majority in 2020, while it still had votes in unlikely places – and then, to use that majority to award statehood to Democratic leaning territories like D.C., Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, thereby mitigating the coalition’s structural disadvantage.

    On Tuesday, Democrats likely missed their shot. . . .

    Extrapolate from current demographic trends, and Democrats don’t take the Senate again until 2028 or later.

    Emphasis added.

    1. Maybe Manchin finally switches parties, as the Democrats have pretty much gone on record as hating the people from his state and their major means of employment.

    2. Tester held onto that Montana seat through 14,000 votes that appeared by magic, just enough to ensure there’d be no court challenge (libertarian candidate having willed his support to the GOP candidate, and the potential of precedent for awarding said votes). AFTER the whole rest of the state was counted, the two most techie counties’ results finally appear. Yeah, I believe that.

      Manchin, change your damn party affiliation now, if you dare. You know you want to.

      1. I currently watching TheDonald exploding with GOP politicians who are speaking up against the fraud.

        Also people like Candace Owens launching their own lawsuits targeting other parts of the leftist’s infrastructure.

  34. I think some of it isn’t cowardice, but rather the animal brain taking over. For an animal whom is male, bending to the “winner” in order to have a place and keep peace within the band — is natural. For a female animal, it is suddenly finding the winner and his lieutenants attractive.

    Humans are not monkeys, but they do monkey things if you freak them out enough, suddenly enough, to.flip some.brain switch. And then they stop being rational.

    If the monkey switch is on, there are ways to turn it off, I guess, but I don’t know what they are.

    1. *Wry* We’re Odds. Our monkey switch is, if not broken, seriously warped.

      And while that gives us more of a chance of seeing through the whole “dominance posturing in place of logical speech” gabble that passes for politics and news these days, it also means we need more time to react, as we have to think our way through how other people just react to crowds.

      Meaning we’re standing there saying “How can you be so stupid?” just as they’re thinking the same of us – don’t we know we’ve marked ourselves out as the ones the Head Monkey has to make an example of?

      Thank goodness for force multipliers. And pre-planning.

        1. The other problem with the monkey switch is that, if Boss Monkey is a human, he isn’t bound to stop hurting people, even if they do give the right signals at the right time. An actual Boss Monkey will in fact accept his new monkey-male underlings in their place, and happily have sex with the new monkey-ettes. A human Boss Monkey will be happy to use the monkey switch when useful, and just kill people whenever it’s useful or fun.

          So if you’re a human, and you somehow feel that the monkey switch makes you safe and gives you defensive power over Boss Monkey… you are wrong.

      1. Yes– The words that are coming out of my mouth is How could you be so stupid. Then I get called a bully. wow… only now I yell and I am now a bully. F*the lot of ’em

  35. John Hindraker at Powerline posted the following recently re the Trump appearance at the White House this evening:


    Of note: “Trump has been fighting for four years, and he isn’t going to stop fighting now. “, and
    “There is a lot there, and I won’t try to unpack it all. Just two comments: First, I might have missed an error of some kind, but as I listened to Trump it seemed to me that everything he said was true. “

  36. They’re trying to flip Georgia as we speak — what was still a substantial Trump lead this morning with 99% counted is now down to about 2500 votes still at 99%, and I heard that the GA Sec of State had declared for Trump, so where is this coming from? (as if we don’t know…)

    1. Trump, always more aware than he’s given credit for, complains of the magical shrinking margins:
      (And he’s looking a lot more ….definite… than he did at 2AM on the 4th. Disappointment has given way to determination.)

      1. You know at least Hell is run by someone who rules over people who are there as the result of their exercise of their own free will and choices. The Hell Democrats intend to create and rule over has no free will involved whatsoever.

      2. Between PA and GA almost 400,000 votes have magically appeared over the past 48 hours, something like 98% of ’em for Biden (yeah, right, when the whole rest of the vote went 53% for Trump even *after* the early fraud was injected), and as of this morning Pennsylvania and Georgia (300,000 votes, POOF) have both flipped to Biden.

        If Trump’s legal teams can’t reverse this bullshit, I predict that civil war the left wants so bad will start in Georgia.

        It’s become clear that the only things Democrats respect are bribes, and fear. This won’t end until every dishonest counting house has been firebombed and every perfidious election official hangs from the nearest tree.

        /B/i/d/e/n/ Harris will never be my President.

  37. Evidence of fraud comes in many forms. There is direct evidence, such as catching somebody manufacturing ballots. Then there is circumstantial evidence, such as this:

    It is a violation to count ballots absent observers, thus every vote counted in that period is presumptively fraudulent.

    1. Boxes of ballots delivered secretly in the dead of night, all for Biden, none for Trump. That’s impossible enough, but not a single vote for any minor party? Not one write-in vote? In AMERICA?! Utterly unpossible!

      That’s proof of fraud, to a statistical certainty. “As unlikely as a machine making #6-32 hex nuts ‘accidentally’ turning out a cash register full of money.”

      Nope, they believed their own lying polls, the Trump-slide caught ’em with their pants down, and in their panic they screwed the pooch. Now they’re trying to cover it up.
      Bonus points if you recognize the quote!

  38. Add one more ally to the cause:

    President Trump is simply suing to stop the counting of bogus votes
    As the American public waits, confused and ­annoyed that there is no presidential winner, Democrats insist that we should just be patient. That the turmoil is normal. It’s a bald-faced lie.

    The post-election limbo is a deliberate creation of the Democratic Party. In the months leading up to the election, the Democratic National Committee and allied groups blanketed swing states with armies of lawyers filing suits to challenge voter-ID laws, signature-verification laws and, more than anything else, deadlines for mail-in ballots — as if elections should no longer have deadlines but instead be staged as a rolling, never-ending process.

    The Biden-Trump contest was held under a set of rules foisted on an unknowing public and likely to tilt the election.

    The pretext for all these changes was the pandemic. But the fact is, this nation has elected presidents in a timely way during world wars, polio epidemics and many other emergencies without doing away with Election Day finality.

    In what seemed to be a coordinated effort, the media told Americans not to expect a winner on Election Night. If President Trump is ahead on Nov. 3, we were told, it’s just a “red mirage” that will be clawed back and undone once all the mail-in and late-arriving ballots are counted. CNN stopped talking about Election Day and switched to “election season.”

    Now that’s where we are. Trump’s lead in battleground states is shrinking as the counting proceeds. Mid-morning on Nov. 4, Trump vowed to seek a ­Supreme Court ruling on which ballots are being counted. When he said it, the left erupted in outrage. Rep. Adam Schiff said the president was acting like “a would-be despot.” That’s a hoot. Despots trash the rule of law — Trump is appealing to it.

    Trump has a strong case that some of the ballots being counted in Pennsylvania, Minnesota and other battlegrounds are illegal. In fact, Pennsylvania and Minnesota have already been ordered by courts to segregate ballots arriving after Election Day.

    You won’t hear this on CNN. …

  39. So had to be in plant today for some stuff and ran into a group of guys talking about the insanity of the WI, MI, PA vote count and the “magical surprise ballot brigade” Completely random group of factory workers and techs.

    I found it rather reassuring that, basically random people I’m running into know that those States are having their vote stolen. None of us know exactly what to do about it; our state had a real vote, and there’s no question it was legitimate,

    I think most people know it’s a fraud. Even inn the left a lot of them know, though most of them have adopted the idea that the means justify the ends and simply don’t care, but they do know.

    I also suspect that if this cycle, we are able to litigate out the fraudulent areas, even if that inspires left wing tit for tat, that will be a healthy development for the country, because it will force districts to have solid and credible voting systems.

    The newsies are trying to gas light the public, and from what I am seeing on the ground, they have failed.

          1. Exactly — in metros, someone being “busy” (up to no good a la election fraud) is ignored as just more incomprehensible activity, while out in the sticks it will be noticed and investigated. Plus there’s simply more numbers to work with, and more oblivious people who are used to ignoring stuff.

            But yeah, likely most metros are less blue than it looks like. Lived 28 years just out of Los Angeles and my eyeball estimate is outside of the Hollywood Zoo and the poor-black and yuppie enclaves, most of the area is fairly red. Now, if you’re talking about San Francisco or Boulder or Missoula… blue is the color of the day.

            Was also interested to see that today’s biggest swath of red in Central California is a near-100% Mexican region.

    1. The only way the compromised states ever again have an honest election is if only a warm body is allowed to vote and single vote is enforced (reportedly the 3-day-purple-finger works well enough), the count happens on the fly and if you can’t vote today, or by a certified absentee that must also be counted today, too damn bad; and suspicious men with guns enforce the count’s accuracy, one ballot at a time.

      They told us the old mechanical voting machines were subject to being rigged… had nothing on what’s happening today.

  40. Twitter is now banning official Republican Party accounts that are tweeting about the Democrats’ vote fraud. Per Megan Fox at PJ Media, GOP Nevada Twitter account has been erased by Twitter and they have been banned.

  41. Headlines from https://townhall.com/tipsheet/

    USPS Carrier in PA Claims Higher-Ups Instructed Workers to Backdate Ballots

    Keith Olbermann Demands President Trump Be Arrested and Removed from the White House

    WATCH: Woman Recalls Learning Her Deceased Grandmother Voted

    Battleground State GOP Sends Thousands of Voter Fraud Cases to the Department of Justice

    WATCH: Nevada USPS Worker Allegedly Offers Stacks of Ballots to Undercover Reporter

    PA Secretary of States Tries (and Fails) to Explain Her Old Anti-Trump Tweets

    Wallaby Weaction: Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

    1. The NY Post is also running somewhat slanted headline:

      Downcast Trump makes baseless election fraud claims in White House address

      Panic-stricken Trump Jr. calls for ‘total war’ in clueless tweet

      The might have used “unsupported” rather than “baseless” in that first headline, and the second could have quite easily eschewed the adjectives “Panic-stricken” and “clueless” without becoming less accurate.

      The Post ought understand that it will never gain the Liberal audience and alienating the Conservative readership in this era of easy switch to different news sources is suicide.

  42. Newt Gingrich suggests that the Pennsylvania state legislature (both houses of which are Republican majority) has authority to repudiate the vote and select Republican electors.

    1. Newt is correct. Here’s a good presentation, let us count the ways that President Trump can still win under the law:

  43. “I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”
    Translated from the Russian. As uttered in 1923. by Josef Stalin, as quoted in The Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary by Boris Bazhanov, published 2002.

    Most commonly quoted, “It’s not the people who vote that count, it’s the people who count the votes.”

  44. It needs to be made clear to all Republican office holders that this is NOT about Trump, it is about ballot integrity. If they ever intend to try for higher office their actions in this situation will be critical to any support they might hope to receive.

    I repeat: It is not about Trump, it is about honest elections.

  45. Yes Mam this is normal. They always fight us. They always gaslight us. We got on boats with no clear destination to escape them and they followed us. They have always hated us, cheated us, gaslit us, and tried to screw us. And we have always responded the same way.

    We are not portagee, we are not english, we are not russky, we aint polacks or philippino, we aint frogs or dutch or krauts.

    We may have come from them, but we aint them.

    We are something different.

    Yeah, They are still here. They still try. They still think they can control us. And meybe they can control some of us.

    But the core of America aint a piece of paper.

    It’s “Fuck you, get off my lawn”

  46. Once fraudulent or illegal ballots are co-mingled with others it’s impossible to sort them back out again. And the 2004 Washington court decision in the Gregoire/Rossi fight basically was “Sure, you’ve proved that felons and dead people voted, but can you identify which specific ballots are fraudulent? No, didn’t think so, because secret ballot, duh. So too bad so sad, you lose.” So that’s why the fraudsters always want to delay until they’re done counting for the lawsuits, to create a fait accompli.

    The only proper remedy is a do-over, which would probably be a tough sell to a court up to and including SCOTUS (imagine the cries of raaaacisssm). But lo and behold we have a recent precedent: the Harris-McReady-Bishop House special election in North Carolina last year: https://www.courthousenews.com/election-redo-in-nc-tests-republican-support-ahead-of-2020/

    Well, except for the well-established legal principle that laws are only to be enforced against Republicans. Forgot about that one.

    1. Except that with mail in ballots you CAN tell. Especially if you enforce the actual voting laws rather than a Soros SecState’s opinion.

      Looks like insisting on mail in may just bite them.

      1. Are mail-in ballots a different format than in-person ballots? I haven’t heard that anywhere. And even so, once they’re all in a pile (and separated from their envelopes) how do you tell the good ones from the bad ones? And don’t tell me they won’t separate them once they’ve “validated” the name and signature.

        1. Yes. Mail in ballots operate under different standards. For starters, they come with a return address.

          1. Not once they’re out of their envelopes. And if you think the fraudsters didn’t immediately pull them out of the envelopes after “validating” the signature on the envelope not the ballot and throw them in with all the other ballots, I have a nice bridge to sell you.

      2. In my state, the ballot must be RECEIVED by 8pm Election Day to be counted (regardless of how it arrives at the courthouse). But for those that do postmarks… ANY ballot mailed on the day should be regarded as fraudulent… now that we know they’re not smart enough to backdate ’em to before Nov.3rd.

        Unfortunately once they’re out of the envelope, that chain of provenance is severed and there is no way to know which are which.

        1. … they’re not smart enough to backdate ’em to before Nov.3rd.

          Project Veritas has captured whistleblowers asserting that USPS employees have been hand-stamping – with back-dated cancellations — mail-in ballots.

          1. Buikd the case log. This is not actionable as far as overturning this miscarriage but it builds the argument for reform.

            Another PA USPS Worker Explains How Voter Fraud Allegedly Took Place
            Project Veritas on Friday released a new video of a United States Postal Service whistleblower in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania that claimed supervisors and other higher-ups are ordering carriers to backdate ballots that were received after Election Day.

            According to the whistleblower, a supervisor instructed carriers to collect any ballots found on their routes. They were then to be placed in the plastic carriers, dumped in another plastic tub down the road and sent for counting.

            “Ballots in Pennsylvania have to be postmarked by eight o’clock on Election Day November the 3rd or they will not be counted, according to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court,” James O’Keefe said.

            “Yes, sir,” the whistleblower replied.

            “So ballots collected on or after that date should not be counted and you’re saying that your postmaster, or their supervisor, William Wood and James Malia, in a standup meeting, they said to separate those ballots and collect them?” O’Keefe asked.

            “The postmaster and the supervisor did not say they were going to, were going to backdate them,” the carrier explained. I was firmly of the belief that they were going to be backdated. I was definitely concerned.”

            According to the whistleblower, USPS employees are continually reminded of the Hatch Act, which prevents government employees from being involved in political activity.

            “You know, you can’t talk about politics, you can’t influence people,” he said. “On one occasion the postmaster, James Malia, had attacked a carrier who expressed support for Trump.”

            The whistleblower said he believes Malia was given the directive from a higher-up.

            When James O’Keefe reached out to Malia about the directive, the postmaster got defensive and referred Project Veritas to talk to the USPS public relations department.

            The fourth video was dropped after a USPS carrier in Erie, Pennsylvania overheard a conversation earlier in the day where his postmaster instructed carriers to allegedly backdate newly-received ballots. Project Veritas released a third video of a United States Postal Service worker in Traverse City, Michigan, coming forward to expose their supervisor, Johnathan Clarke, potentially engaging in voter fraud. The second video released Thursday afternoon allegedly shows a USPS worker in Las Vegas, Nevada, talking about handing over a “handful” of ballots to an undercover journalist. The blank ballots were collected because they were allegedly sent to the wrong address.

            1. See above.

              Former Democratic Governor Rod Blagojevich Calls Voter Fraud a ‘Time-Honored Tradition’
              Former Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich says Democrats are stealing votes in Philadelphia and says voter fraud in big Democrat-controlled cities is a “time-honored tradition.”

              “If the question is, ‘Are Democrats stealing votes in Philadelphia?'” Blagojevich began, “my answer is, ‘Is the Pope Catholic?’ It’s a time-honored tradition in big, Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago and my hometown, Philadelphia, to do precisely what they’re doing.”

              According to Blagojevich, voter fraud is likely happening in other Democrat-controlled cities too, such as Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Las Vegas.

              Blagojevich explained how the Democratic apparatus allegedly operates to steal votes.

              “They control polling places, they stop votes when their candidate’s behind, and then in wee hours of the morning, in the dark of night, the stealing starts,” said Blagojevich.

              The reason the mainstream media is looking the other way, according to the former governor, is because the most important thing to them is defeating Donald Trump.

              Blagojevich is the former Democratic governor of Illinois who was impeached following revelations of several pay-to-play schemes. Nevertheless, a former player in the Democrat’s political machinery is just the type of character who can help spill the beans regarding corruption and voter fraud.

    2. At this point we should be yelling that the election is tainted and the votes are fraud. In a third world country with “UN” observers, a new election would be called. SOB we are such pussies here.

      1. Absolutely a new election is called for because this one was bull****. But quis custodiet ipsos custodes? The US Marshals can’t be everywhere, and we know that e.g. the Philadelphia county sheriff won’t enforce the law. And calling a mulligan is very hard to justify Constitutionally, unless someone can make a very strong argument about denial of civil rights and equal protection (that I’m pretty sure has been tried before and never succeeded).

        It’s looking like we’re going to have to pull out the obscure provisions of the law, like one state calling shenanigans on another when the Electors are counted. But that will require extraordinary courage from our mostly spineless red-state Congresscritters, and the media and other enemies will tar us with the same brush that we used to throw shade at the Democrats’ “faithless elector” gambits last time.

        Or maybe we hope that the good people of Pennsylvania, Michigan, etc., pull a new Battle of Athens in multiple states at the same time. Yeah, that’ll work.

        I’m not hopeful. Maybe the nation will be outraged at this and do the right thing, but that’s not the way I’d bet.

        I’m an old grognard wargamer and rpger. Almost every ruleset has at least one loophole that the playtesters missed, that an unscrupulous player can use to break the game. Usually the remedy is to agree between gentlefolk that it was a mistake and exploiting it is unacceptable, but the ultimate remedy is to refuse to play.

        I really really REALLY don’t want to flip this table. None of us is prepared for what happens next, no matter how many cases of 5.56 we may have in the back of the closet.

  47. From news reports, shortly after the polls closed, the governor of Oregon sent the National Guard in to Portland to deal with Antifa. They’re working with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Department.

    In Minnesota, the State Patrol arrested more than 600 “protesters” who were blocking I-94 in Minneapolis.

    Looks like the Brownshirt purge has begun…

    1. Better late than never. But we’ll know it’s more than a holding action when every damn one of ’em gets shipped off to Gitmo.

    2. Yup the SA always gets it in the neck from the SS in the end. and the Bolsheviks go find their hammers to deal with the Mensheviks. Its end game of being a useful idiot.

  48. Chris Christey, that rhino from joisay, is already blathering about the lack of reaction from Trump

  49. If trump is actually worried about fraud he can declare a state of emergency and call another election in 6 months/a year.

    People on the dark net say “this is THEATRE. whatever the outcome and whatever fraud is uncovered is part of the script. If voting was real, they wouldn’t allow it. Period.”

    I don’t believe that, but then why is not Trump fighting harder?

    1. Why are you listening to the blackpilled? Even if they happen to be correct about a particular instance, their method of belief formation only allows for worst case situations. You may as well follow the output of a random number generator.

  50. I’m learning to detest (more) the Traditional Conservative Value of “things are a little bumpy and I don’t personally have all the answers, therefore it is time to unconditionally surrender”.

  51. The fighting might be too late at this point. Once the ballots are separated from signatures how do you prove fraud? It’s only where there are over 100% voters vs registrations that you can try to invalidate.

    Why weren’t republicans overnight at every station? Outside if not allowed inside, with cameras?

    And if there were other means of fraud why not try prevent them too?

    On one hand is like everyone was expecting fraud, on the other is like nobody did anything about it…

    To counteract fraud on this scale, organisation on a similar scale is needed.

    And if that failed, massive outpouring of support for trump is needed, Something that can be seen from outer space: go out, protest, have every house that voted for him display that etc

    If everyone that voted for Trump goes on the streets now, peacefully, there is no need for violence, Trump has the means to declare a national emergency, otherwise MSM will keep saying he is a sore looser and the world will believe them. Trump can’t fight this alone.

    1. Simple. poll watchers were not allowed in… First sign of fraud. Plus even with a court win, the poll watchers were not allowed into the counting area.

      1. That invalidates the whole election. the way I see it. You can’t unscrew that mess.

        Toss the whole thing away and do it over.

      1. The election is over; now it’s the state courts, and then the Supremes. The only way Biden wins is if the Supremes decide there was no fraud.

        The only way we lose is if DJT gives up.

        1. The only way Biden wins is if the Supremes decide there was no fraud” sufficient to change the outcome of a given state.

          Let’s not fool ourselves. By engaging in massive fraud across multiple states they have made overturning this significantly more difficult. Even where clear evidence of malfeasance has occurred it has to be significant enough and massive enough to justify over-turning what over half the country sees as a legitimate election decision.

          AND we know the MSM will be denouncing this every step of the way, presenting one-sided arguments about Trump’s refusal to accept the “clear Voice of the People” is proof he never was fit to be president.

  52. In my inbox:

    We are gathering volunteer attorneys who wish to work on protecting the vote in MI, WI, AZ, GA, and PA to ensure honest and legal election. If you are interested email us at info@actforamerica.org subject line: “Volunteer Attorney”

    As the election continues and the legal battles begin, please encourage anyone that has evidence or a firsthand account of suspicious activity to submit their account here: https://defendyourballot.formstack.com/forms/voter_fraud

      1. They should have had multiple burly male former-Marine poll watchers with law degrees and pre-filled affidavits and lapel cameras streaming to Vimeo at each and every blue city ballot-counting house. At every election since 2000, if not since 1960. Okay, maybe not the streaming cameras part, but the best version available at the local tech level.

        1. What’s wrong with a few burly female former Marines? They can be nicely intimidating, AND they can hit the…biologically female enemies without being open to certain accusations. In fact, such an incident would tie the Leftoid Narrative up in knots!

          1. That works too. 🙂

            I added the “former Marine” part afterwards. Mostly I just wanted a couple of people who couldn’t be physically bullied out of a room by SEIU union thugs.

  53. I didn’t think I could get any angrier. I just saw a Mitch McConnell live stream on FB and he was not standing up for Trump. He said he hadn’t seen any irregularities with the vote. Now he may have meant KY because the press conference was there. He said he was pleased. Hell there were tons of unhappy people yelling in the chats of fraud. Nothing was said. He has no backbone (yea, jelly-fish mitch) and he has already bowed to the DEMS. I want his life to go off the rails now. There is no LOYALTY to this man and to many others in the Republican political party. May they find what they deserve… and I mean it in the Chinese curse kind of way.

      1. I was so angry this morning that I did something. I ended up at a satellite Trump office doing some ballot checking. I was there more than four hours. Exhausted, but feeling better.

  54. On the somewhat bright side, today’s Mandalorian episode made “And also with you” a canonical answer to “May the Force be with you.” Okay, it is a dark time, but that made me snrk.

  55. Well, then, if declaring national emergency is not an option, the courts are limited in what they can do And the Republican rats are leaving the Trump ship the only remaining option is overwhelming outpouring of popular support for Trump.

    The majority voted for Trump and if they vote with their presence too it will be impossible to ignore.

    When there is an attempted coup, in history, people go out in the streets, that’s the only way to stop it. A deadlocked country demanding a revote or prosecuting fraud will have to be listened to.

    You may not feel that you have much power, but it’s clear Trump has gained even more support than 4 years ago and that the majority is with him, so the power is in numbers.

  56. In theory, some of the GOP pols may be remaining quiet in hopes of preserving credibility should they take part in deciding the thing politically later.

    In practice, I think the dominant strain of Republicanism at least since WWII is collaborationism.

    I don’t have any inspiration for remedies that aren’t bad.

    I think the best I can think to say is “Pray for guidance, and that people will come to know the remedy that best serves His will.”

  57. It looks like everyone wants to shut Trump down


    “ This week, however, both Fox and the Post have turned on Donald Trump (in line with every other major title) in refusing to support his claim, early on Wednesday morning (4 November), that he had won the 2020 presidential election and that the late-counted postal votes going to Joe Biden were a “fraud”. ”

    “ Murdoch’s apparent refusal to intervene is part of a pattern. Political allies enjoy the media tycoon’s support only for as long as they are useful.”

    “ As Donald Trump is discovering, the allegiance of the Murdoch media was never to him, but to the power he held, and the value it represented to their audiences.”

  58. John C. Wright pointed out that 5 Rosary decades = 1 Hail Mary for every state.

    I feel so stupid that I never saw this before…but it is cool. More USAianism.

  59. The allegiance of the Murdock media is not with their supporters/viewers either, there are probably just seen as fools that will switch and bait on how Murdock tells them…

  60. One of these things is not like the others,
    One of these things just doesn’t belong,
    Can you tell which thing is not like the others
    By the time I finish my song?

    Two of these things belong together
    Two of these things are kind of the same
    Can you guess which one of these doesn’t belong here?
    Now it’s time to play our game (time to play our game)

    Hillary Clinton: this election was stolen from me by Russian collusion!
    Stacy Abrams: this election was stolen from me by voter suppression!
    Donald Trump: this election is being stolen from me by Democrat vote fraud!

    Did you guess which thing was not like the others?
    Did you guess which thing just doesn’t belong?
    If you guessed this one is not like the others
    Then you’re absolutely…right!

  61. Good stuff Hoyt. I need to hear and see others who haven’t given up yet! The Commies have not heeded history and the words of the Japanese General who said “We have woken up a sleeping giant and filled him with a terrible resolve!”

    Time to spit on our hands, sharpen the swords, hoist the Jolly Roger, and begin slitting throats! HL Mencken

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