Let The Joker Go Wild

Okay, we’re in a pickle.

We are in risk of losing the republic. And if we lose it it’s going to be very hard to claw our way back. It could take centuries. So I’m going to suggest we don’t lose it. I’m going to suggest we refuse to stop being Americans. In fact, I’m suggesting we become so American they can’t hold us, and have to vomit us forth whole.

They want us? They don’t know what they want. They want to be our rulers? Do you know that the US is the only country in which presidents age 10 years per year in office? (Which means Joey the pedo, Xi’s turtle boy, will be a mummy in two months.) And do you know how much more they’d age and how much harder it would be if Americans, instead of trying to be good and cooperative and productive citizens, just went out of their way to be obstinate pains in the ass?

This is something we the people can do. Something that doesn’t depend on courts, or institutions, and which is not the fourth box. G-d knows it might yet come to the fourth box (the magic eight ball tells me “it’s almost inevitable”) but perhaps not. And if it does, maybe we can be in a position of strength when the music starts to play.

And yes, I’ll explain:

If the election results stand, despite obvious, obscene, skirts-up fraud on the street, in front of G-d and everyone (And please tiresome trolls, go here and read this, and learn to count above five. And stop trying to comment. I’m just going to spam you. Tell Comrade Xi he doesn’t pay you enough. Even better, kick him in the balls. Be a little American, you. Learn from Hong Kong.) and if they sit Gropey China Joe and Commie LaWhorish, I expect war by July, but it could take a year or more. Only because our side is slow to anger. On the other hand — and the left might want to remember this — we are ACTUALLY very thorough when we flip over. Y’all cosplay revolution. We just get pissed and steamroll everything. Remember that. It won’t be pretty.

The problem is if they have at least nominal power, they will have at least some of the armed forces. Which means the conflict will go on forever. Unless we soften the hell out of them, first, and give them nervous breakdowns. (Which is not as hard as it seems, since most of them are extreme neurotics.)

If OTOH Trump carries this in the courts, the left is going to try to amp up the sort of shit they’ve been doing for the next four years and burn the country down and destroy our economy, unless we let them have their little red wagon and fifty scoops of commie cream.

One way or another, we need to fight them. We. Us. Right now. On the ground. And not with bullets.

I confess until this morning I was in flat despair over how to do it, until Larry Correia, bless him, threw off an off-hand comment:

“Yet while I watched this, Twitter kept deleting the accounts sharing the file list. They’d block somebody, and then ten minutes later someone else would share it and get blocked too. In the half an hour or so I scrolled through dead voters the people sharing the list kept vanishing. It was kind of amazing to watch real time. But one would get blocked and somebody else would take their place.If the thing that saves America from turning into a cyberpunk dystopia run by ruthless tech oligarchs… is 4chan… I’m gonna laugh because I truly did not see that coming. : )”

Larry Correia

I’m not sure about the history of 4chan BUT it is an American thing. Sure, it’s all over the world, but it works like America only crossed with where the devil goes potty, of course.
Like them we’re autistic, we’re broken, we’re irreverent, we’re unique among the nations of the world. And that’s what we need to play to.

A lot of you play various forms of RPG. I don’t. Not because I disapprove of it, but because I never had the patience to do it and because the one game I played “felt” too much like writing, and NO ONE pays me to play these, while they pay me for books. (If you want to pay me to play RPG I’m willing.)

But I think those of you who play RPG will agree: The monster always has a flaw. It might be a stupid flaw, like you need to hit it on this one dime-sized spot behind the left ear. BUT THE MONSTER ALWAYS HAS A FLAW.

And here I must smack all of you, and me too, because we forgot to be Americans these last four years, and we tried to fight the monster on its terms. That’s the way to lose. That’s the way to ALWAYS lose.

For four years, while we held the presidency and one house, we acted like losers, and screamed because we let the bureaucrats pull our strings and get under our skin. NO MORE.

The left’s flaw is a mile wide. No, seriously. We don’t see it, because we don’t fully understand them, the way they don’t understand us. We’re better at predicting them, but we look at them and go “How would someone get so fucked up.”

Well, that’s a subject for an entire dissertation, but what you need to GET this are two keys:

a) They are more social than us. FAR MORE SOCIAL. They take their cues from where they perceive the herd to be. And they’ll accept all sorts of bizarre things, for the warm fuzzies of belonging. They’d rather be miserable with the group, than happy alone. They might not understand “happy alone.” (Even though they have an image of themselves as low heroes. ALL OF THEM. Go figure.) This is why there are no decentralized movements on their side. There must be a leader to follow. To be outside the group is their biggest fear.

b) They never had to think about their positions. To stay on the left, because they’ve controlled the culture so long that to be on the left, all you have to do is coast along, taking what professors and authority figures tell you as revealed truth.
This means their opinions are very vulnerable. We read their sites — though it needs blood pressure medication — but they want ours shut down, because they can’t stand any intellectual challenge to a system they didn’t reason themselves into. And they can’t let go of the system, because it would destroy them to be outside the group.

Their flaw is composed of exactly that. They can’t imagine anyone not acting like them. They think the things they do cause them to be liked and belong, or to intimidate some horrifying — but always laughably weak — other.
IOW they take themselves VERY VERY VERY seriously. They’re important people, doncha know. And the rest of us would be like them if we were as smart as they are.
Their biggest flaw is their self importance, their utter seriousness, and their stupid inability to see that others are different from them.

Look, Zombie Biden and his handler Roundheels McClownLaugh want to take us into — duh — a Chinese like system of credits and silencing, and gullags and the whole panoply of horrors of the Fascist mind.

Do you ever wonder why Fascism took so well in Germany and China? Compliant population. (Communist terror is different, but that also requires a different type of mentality. And yes, the idiots think they’re communist, but as we found out under Obama, they’re mostly fascist.) That’s cultural. And we don’t have it. Though we’ve been much too nice for too long.

So, be American. See, I was in Portugal when checking speed by radar was introduced. The entire extent of their non-compliance (and Portugal isn’t precisely law abiding, itself) was the blinking lights of drivers on the other lane to warn you. In the states? My husband had a little thing on his dashboard that warned him to slow down because radar was being taken.

Someone had designed this thing to circumvent enforcement measures. SOMEONE HAD SOLD IT. It was in every catalogue at the time. And the populace GLEEFULLY embraced it.

All of the fascist (well, commie too) enforcement and spying services call for constant surveillance, total vision into what you do on line, and who you hang out with, and what you read.

What actually is wrong with you people with tech knowledge? I need a software spoofer that shows them every day first thing in the morning I visit the Daily Worker. At noon I read the Nation. And I post comments at whatever the heck antifa uses to organize.

I’m sure a few of you geniuses can do that.

What about those who aren’t very techy? What can we do?

Well, you know, kiddies, the problem we face is that most of the populace SIMPLY doesn’t follow politics. They don’t. They just see a digest and THINK this means that it’s all above board, etc. I mean, they see the election map and think it’s real, and that it must be absolutely true.

So? Make doggerel verse. Find out how to rhyme something with Commie Lawhorish and laptop from hell, and election fraud. For extra credit make a stamp or stickers. Put them on phone poles. Put them on bus stops. You have to use a public toilet? Put it there. Let the knowledge penetrate from below. It doesn’t even have to be very funny. People tend to startle-laugh at those who speak the forbidden.

Oh, and Joe Lying and Commie LaWhorish are going to lock down the country and take the economy down for three months. Which should finish us off.
Don’t let them finish us off. Seriously. This can go anywhere from refusing to obey stay at home orders (do you know how easy it is to fake the essential work papers? I mean most are printed on a home printer. And you can put a phone # on them that’s a buddy’s who will vouch for you.) to creating an underground economy. This is hardest, btw. for distributing food, but we’re more or less managing it now. Find a local rancher or farmer. And create networks of friends till you find one.

And while this might seem like an odd time to start a business, it is the perfect time. For instance younger son and I are going to start a non fic, subscription only site, where there will be something every day of the week (Off on weekends) by one of us. And I’m goinng to make a subscription only site for my earcs for fiction. Some of you have said you’d subscribe to the daily output? Well, you might end up reading three novels in chunks, at once, but you’ll be able to do it.

What can you do that you can make money from? Most Americans have more hobbies than you can shake a big stick at, from handywork to oh filk. (BTW a filk about Commie LaWhorish and Zombie Joe and the election heist would be hilarious. Also, who knows, people might pay or send you a tip for it.) And if the stores are going to be closed, we can spin our own, right? DO IT. START NOW.

Have you ever seen a two year old who doesn’t want to go somewhere being carried by a parent? The parent is almost ten times that kid’s size, but if the kid is determined, the carrying can become living hell.

That’s what I want you to do. They want power so badly, and they think we’ll be compliant sheep?

Borrow a motto from Hong Kong and be like water. Be funny, be fluid, move from thing to thing, frustrate their attempts at tracking and controlling us.

Start NOW. Start by disseminating the story of Grand Theft Election in cartoon and song, in meme, in funny rhyme and dramatic play that reveals just what corrupt and ridiculous the hell spawn who’d rule us are.

Be the first kid on your block to give the left a “curl on the floor in the fetal position crying tears and snot” mental breakdown. Do it today.

No power on Earth can make you be compliant and gentle and sweet.

So don’t.

BE AMERICAN. With both feet. And as hard as you can.

917 thoughts on “Let The Joker Go Wild

  1. And pray.

    Because it’s good to have the Boss on your side, even if He’s very by the rules. He’ll keep you from being (as) dumb.

    1. He’s very by the rules, but He has to love us at least a little bit. Otherwise our improbable, slightly insane nation wouldn’t be here.
      It’s okay, G-d. You watch our back, and we’ll proceed to being MASSIVELY entertaining.

        1. I look at the Giraffe, and my gut reaction is to think of the sliders in any image manipulation software; “I wonder what happens if I push this all the way to the right?”. Lots of insects strike me the same way.

          1. You could look at Australia as God deciding to give us a break by putting all the really nasty deadly things in the one place that they can’t swim away from. And then we f***ed up the Plan by going there anyway.

      1. OF COURSE He’s very by the rules! They’re HIS rules.

        But whenever He closes a door He opens a little window.

      2. 1. He loves us more than you love your boys.

        2. He also wants to whop us upside the head* all more. Because #1.

        * Not theologically sound. YMMV. Mind the gap.

    2. Further to our kind hostess’s comments about finding her book of Psalms yesterday (I think…), might I suggest praying Ps. 108, 55, 136 (order intentional), and the other Maledictory Psalms?

  2. Look at degoogling your phones (and if you’re the IOS type, know you cannot ever be free of that plague of tracking, so look elsewhere if you want any form of privacy) or getting a Linux phone, or the cheapest burner that you can stick in a faraday if it is the type the battery is not able to be pulled.
    The left needs to learn that a lot of us are the type they do not want acting like them when they lose. Like anarchists, we are much better at it than they are, we just DON’T LIKE DOING IT.
    and so help me, through if’n it comes to it

        1. Twitter and FB are fine for sticking pins in the lefties. Too subject to bans and shutdowns to use for reliable communitcation.

      1. Some years ago I worked on a peer to peer email and bbs system I called “gulchnet”. It owed a lot to FidoNET and Usenet but with encrypted channels and peer-to-peer trust relationships. Maybe it is time to dig up the source code and have another look.

        1. I think it is. Our strength is distributed. You guys form your own groups, or go it alone. BE UNGOVERNABLE and confound those who would trace us is the ONLY directive.

          1. Be ungovernable. But, to the extent it’s compatible with preserving any desired anonymity, try to make sure the entire country hears about your unruliness, your refusal to submit, how you are having such fun being a rebel, and an account of what you are rebelling against. Americans LOVE good rebels.

          1. The security model was intended to be based on peer-to-peer trust relationships so it was a *lot* like FidoNET over UUCP.

        2. I quite agree. &, since I’m way off in the boonies, I’d like to see something like Meteor burst communications (MBC) included so one can throw and receive packets of data when peers are far beyond line of site.

          1. I will look up Meteor. I originally had a provision for “sneaker net” transfers so burst transfers shouldn’t be too big a deal. A channel is a channel…

          2. There’s always IPoAC (RFC-1149) 😀

            (IP over Avian Carriers, to wit, packet transport by homing pigeon. Proposed on April 1 1999)

          1. In a way. The discussion at the time was about individuals, communities, and homesteads keeping in contact with each other in a secure fashion and under the oligarchy radar. They called these small divisions “gulches” after the famous place in Atlas Shrugged. However, the atmosphere in the forum was more Hardyville than Galt’s Gulch.

        3. There’s open source software called RETROSHARE. It allows you to host your own network of email, chat and other forms of communication with trusted peers. Might be worth looking into.

          1. I did not know about that one. Based on the description it looks at least a little like what I was working on.

            Thank you.

      1. considered a pine. thinking maybe a Brax modded Motorola (Lineage) as well, I like the look of that pro1 but being a cheap bastard, rather go cheaper

      1. the Pine Phone drloss linked is an alpha I’ve heard decent things about, but mostly from Overseas people (It ships from Poland). All the others I’ve seen are hacks and can be hit or miss.
        There are some that are made that installing is easier Like this one (like an older version of the pro1 shown above) ship with old Andriod installs and you are to upgrade it yourself.

        Degoogled phones are more common right now, and many apps still work fine, but the tracking is far harder as long as you never use Google’s apps or Facebook. They last longer on a charge as well, as the activety of them is far lower than a full Gapps android with Zuck’s Datamining and personal information gathering services.
        Any andriod updated since, I think May, maybe earlier depending on version, is tracking you and who you come close to. Unless it has a removable battery turning it off does not turn any of it off. My phone, I turn WiFi and Bluetooth off and when I walk into my house it will be connected to my network and my headphones without me turning it back on.

  3. Mrs. Hoyt. Long time lurker and have bought many of your books. Check out locals.com for subscription website support. I have no affiliation! Not spam! Might make your overhead easier! And a company started by Dave Rubin to get around big tech censorship of creators such as yourself. You own all of your content and can moderate to your taste not theirs. Seems like it would be perfect for you and your son’s endeavors. Sometimes your writing depresses me and sometimes it inspires me but it always makes me think! Time for the USAian uprising!

      1. Speaks by of reccys can you good souls recommend an e-book reader (one I do NOT have to jailbreak to replace my Kindle? One that will make reading the Mad Genii books easy to do.

  4. Came back here because of a fun thought.

    Recall the ‘orcs are racist in DnD’?

    There was something I had not remembered at the time: I like “Warhammer 40k Orks are basically Americans”.

    Consider our cultural traits.

    It is a defensible theory to conclude that we were made and put on Earth for two reasons. 1) In order to fight. 2) In order to win.

    I feel this may parallel your point.

      1. You know for a while I wanted to say Joe shouldn’t go anywhere without protesters chanting “thief”, but that’s too uninspired and lefty.

        Got to work on something more appropriate.

              1. If he gets so far as an inauguration, it should be drowned out by MAGA parades all over the country. And pants burning rituals in front of CNN, FOX and the NYT.
                Signs saying “You’re not the boss of me” ALSO encouraged.

                1. Hey, maybe we can recycle all those signs the leftards used that read, “NOT MY PRESIDENT”.

                  Goose, gander, delicious sauce.

                  Also, the outfit I got my Trump 2020 KAG banner from originally screwed up and sent me one that reads “TRUMP 2020, NO BULLSHIT”. I’d been wondering what good THAT was… suddenly it seems appropriate. Now considering where best to put it on permanent display.

                    1. Fortunately, I’m deep in MAGA country. Main concern is that the language might be too offensive to hang in public.

              2. Emulate the media scum and always put your point one or two steps prior to your question:

                “Joe, when you stole the election and knew it succeeded, how did that feel?”

                  1. To expand: “China Joe!” is humorous and biting but not expressly aggressive, and j-school media not paying attention could think it’s just his name and thus in his favor, but eventually someone will listen closely and tell him, resulting in people chanting his name causing him to get more and more pissed off looking more and more insane.

                  2. “When the basement lights up
                    in a sleepy little home
                    up around Scranton town
                    China Joe’s not rising for another day
                    counting out Hunter’s yuan.”

            1. All good. But needs beats, rhythm, and mind f*ckery. Try “I’m a Democrat and I’m ok” to the tune of the lumberjack song. There’s a stupid lot of possibilities for the bent mind to mock, belittle, and have a mad old time.

              1. It’s already out there, ready for deployment:

                Young man
                Walk away from the hate
                We’re all human
                And we don’t segregate

                Just like women
                Help make America great
                We are all
                In this

                Are red, white and blue
                And they stand for
                Every on-ne of you

                And together
                Here’s what we’re gonna do
                We’re gonna make
                America great


                Everybody sing
                M A G A
                M A G A-ay

                Let them hear our voice
                All you girls and boys
                Stand up and make somе noi-oi-oise

                M A G A
                M A G A-ay

                Thе American crowd
                Patriotic and proud
                Shout it, shout it out loud

                [Verse 2]
                That’s why
                When it comes time to vote
                Just remember
                We’re all in the same boat

                We’re together
                We’re united folks
                And we won’t
                Divide us

                No man
                Walk away from the hate
                We’re all human
                And we don’t segregate

                Just like women (yeah yeah)
                Help make America great
                We are all
                In this

                Everybody sing
                M A G A
                M A G A-ay

                Black, white and brown
                From every city and town
                We don’t let haters keep us dow-ow-own

                M A G A
                M A G A-ay

                The American crowd
                Patriotic and proud
                Shout it, shout it out lou-oud (woo hoo-hoooooo)

                M A G A
                (doodoo doodoo doodoo doo doooo)
                M A G A-ay

                Let them hear our voice
                All you girls and boys
                Stand up and make some noise (make some noi-oise)

                M A G A
                (doodoo doodoo doodoo doo doooo)
                M A G A-ay

                The American crowd
                Patriotic and proud
                Shout it, shout it out lou-oud (hoo hoo-hooooo)

                M A G A
                (doodoo doodoo doodoo doo doooo)
                (ahhh, yeah-e-yeahhhh)
                M A G A-ay
                (you know-ow)

          1. False King Joe or Fake King Joe is what I’ve started calling him on Twitter. Probably won’t catch, but hey, it’s something.

            1. If the efforts to challenge the Democratic Party’s rampant fraud are unsuccessful than every time Trump is introduced it should be as “the rightful President of the United States who was denied a second term due to widespread fraud by Democrats”

            2. Fraud King Joe was a blithering old soul.
              And a blithering old soul was he,
              He called for his sharpie, and he called for his ballots
              And he called for his diddlers three.
              Every diddler he did a diddle,
              And a very fine diddle did he,
              Oh there’s none so rare, as can compare
              With King Cole and his diddlers three.

        1. Show up with bags/boxes of ballots, shouting, “We’ve got more of your ballots, Joe.”?

          Or dress up as USPS messengers declaring, “Ballots for Joe Biden! Ballots for Joe Biden! Freshly minted ballots for Joe Biden!”

          1. “Bring out yer votes! Bring out yer vooootes!”

            Bonus points if you can find a wooden wheelbarrow and a bell.

              1. I really can’t use a plague doctor’s mask. I’d be like Dark Helmet, though that might have it’s own effect.

                Anyone get the feeling that if the Dems manage to put Biden on the throne he’ll last less time than President William Henry Harrison?

        2. Try a variant of one of their favorite chants: “Ho, Ho, Ho and Joe, Just how far will you go?”

      2. I plan to take certain actions of I ever see Kammie the Whore’s picture up in the foyer of any military medical facility in the usual gallery of the chain of command which usually adorns those foyers. But only if I can get away with it undetected. Which I think I can – they don’t have cameras in the foyer that I can see, and the reception desk usually is unoccupied, or if it is, the occupant is looking the other way.

        1. I pray you never will, but logically you can expect to inside one or two years.
          (What logic has to do with it….)

        2. You are a bad, bad woman, and we love you for it. 😀

          I’d be tempted to leave used condoms lying around, as a reminder of how she got there.

          1. Nah. Unused. Sends the same message but is less cruel to the janitor who has to clean it up.

              1. That’s almost as cruel to the janitor, though, since he doesn’t know that it’s not a real used condom and he’ll still be grossed out by having to touch it. No, what I’m picturing is an unused, still-in-the-wrapper condom taped (with scotch tape) across the glass covering the portrait. Doesn’t do any property damage (scotch tape comes off of glass cleanly without leaving residue), doesn’t cause the janitor any grief or hassle to clean up, but still sends the message.

          1. Ok… it would be utterly awesome if the underground Army of Kek secretly left a packaged condom anywhere where the Kammie-Whore was likely to appear, and she and her people were likely to find it.
            (Innocent look)
            It’s just a suggestion.

            Seriously, this woman has really gotten my goat. It was bad enough that we of the female persuasion were told, over and over again, that we should vote for Hilary because she was the spouse of a successful politician. Ok, so now and again, successful male politicians had married able women … but now we’re supposed to be all-in for Kammie-Whore because she shagged a successful local politician?

            No. Just no. This was NOT what Susan B. Anthony had in mind.

            1. So you are saying that as a woman, you did /not/ sign up for “a woman should be strong and independent, successful without a man in her life, because of sexual favors given to a more powerful man”?

              Because a dude who got kicked out of a fraternity for being too creepy would not see any contradictions in such feminist theory.

      3. I propose the Green Banana Game:

        China/Dementia Joe is inaugurated?
        Go buy a bunch of green bananas.
        See which lasts longer.
        Make public. (But no need to announce yourself as yourself.)

          1. Just like Union work slowdowns – “work to order” – do it *all* *exactly* by the book. Perfect compliance, NO rules broken, but… not the desired result.

            That’s withOUT “Oh, when you said $X, I thought you meant $X-alternate_definition. You’re unclear.”

      1. Every time, they maintain that THIS iteration of Leftism will do it right, and everyone will fall in line.

    1. >> “I cannot challenge a word you’ve written.”

      Wait. The WALLABY doesn’t have a smart-ass retort to something?

      Alright, I’m calling it – 2020 bingo is over. Whoever had that on their card wins, straight up.

    1. We need to throw ourselves at it with everything we got, but I think it will.
      I think they will be broken when we’re done with them.
      This is actually being run by an international cabal, and they don’t GET Americans.

      1. You *are* reading Anonymous Conservative, right?

        Yeah, he only has circumstantial evidence… but he has so *much* of it, I can’t write his ideas off as paranoid fantasy.

          1. AC postulates a multi-generational, hidden “cabal” of loosely-coordinated and sometimes at-odds groups who usurp political and corporate power structures and manipulate them for their own purposes. Your basic Bilderburger/Illuminati scenario, except he stays on top of the news and points to likely actions. He’s very matter-of-fact instead of being the kind of paranoid alarmist who usually comes up with stuff like that.

            It’s unfortunate that some of his commenters are pants-on-head nutz, and I don’t agree with some of his postulates, but I’ve found myself checking his site every morning to see what’s new. He comes up with a *lot* of interesting things that I don’t see in my regular news.

              1. That’s it in a nutshell.

                “Bureaucrats in a working system don’t need to conspire. They’re like spiders sitting at points on a community web. If one of them starts doing something for the good of the web, it’s because conditions seem to call for it – and those same conditions will also move other bureaucrats, whether they know the whole story or not. It’s as if the vibrations travel along the strands of the web, and the rest of them, following their nature, start doing what most be done – all without any direct spider-to-spider communication whatsoever.”
                — Gordon R. Dickson, “The Last Master”

                Substitute “red diaper babies” or “old money” and it still applies.

      2. They are already broken and fighting each other because they lost House seats.

        We don’t need to break them. We just need to make the two halves fall apart, like in a Looney Tunes cartoon.

        1. They are also broken because there are still house races where they are losing: CA25 is one where the Republican Naval Aviator F/A-18 combat pilot veteran Mike Garcia has just pulled ahead – that’s the seat vacated by the throuple female who still couldn’t keep it in her pants, where Garcia won the special. It is still really close and so still not final, but Garcia is ahead now.

          And CA48 in Orange County was solidly flipped back to R by Michelle Steele.

          And CA39 where Young Kim flipped that seat back to R.’

          These are in California, so this is a big deal.

          And it’s driving the ones remaining in congress nuts.

          1. Oh, good. I saw a headline Wednesday stating that the Republicans lost all of the races in Orange County, CA, again. I’m glad to hear that’s not looking like it’ll be the case.

            1. The media has been wishcasting full blast for the past 72 hours. Just because reality is not living up to their wishes is no reason for them to stop now.

            1. Republican run states and municipalities. should declare themselves to be sanctuary cities for fossil fuel procurement and use, and also sanctuary cities from socialism. They should to the same as to any gun control laws or speech restrictions Democrats impose, especially those imposed by decree.

              If Democrats can blatantly disregard federal immigration law without consequences (one of the few enumerated powers that is expressly given to the Feds), that disregard should be ramped up to 11 to a regime that was empowered solely through blatant fraud in a handful of states and cities run by the Democratic Party at a statewide office level.

              1. Hypothetically, Trump could issue a certain number of ‘fuck you’ executive orders on the way out.

                Deferred Action for Murderers of Aliens would seem as legitimate and irreversible as DACA.

                1. Opening the machine gun registry back up by executive order would be a fun way to get the Dems’ goat.

                  1. just open ownership back up and get rid of the registration. Or make any self made weapon legal for the maker to own nation wide. P80 Glock 18 anyone?

            2. Note that this reversal of inevitable arrow fortunes in spite of all those 4 am ballot discoveries (I guess the fraud contractors were not paid to mark the down-ballot races?) resulted in the Dem caucus call of Queen Nancy opening with “Everything is Awesome! Gotta Go! Buhbye!” and hanging up, followed by the entire remaining Dem caucus shouting and crying and tearing wide strips of bleeding flesh off of AOC and the Commie Crew, insisting no-one ever speak the word “Socialism” ever again. This explains AOC’s “making a list” twits – she has to generate some R traffic that she can use to change the subject inside the caucus before she bleeds out on the floor of the virtual caucus room.

              1. The fact that they won’t use the word socialism doesn’t change the fact that they want to impose socialism, no matter what Orwellian terms they come up in lieu of it.

                1. I suspect that some of the Dems in the more moderate districts would be quite happy to forget about it. But even if they are, they help keep a Speaker in power who is definitely not interested in moderation.

      3. Remember that they were fond of Resistance cosplay, not Resistance. That’s not something to emulate.

        1. No.
          The problem is that they weren’t resisting ANYTHING. I mean, what was there to resist?
          BUT we’ll be resisting the theft of our country, the green nude heel, etc.

          1. More toddler-esque resisting of social rules and common sense. “Why can’t I have a pet snake and a pet gerbil in the same cage?! They *like* each other!” Kind of stupid.

            Resisting of law and order, to be sure. Of course, a good bit of that is plain old criminal scum under thin skin of dim dem talking points. Not abnormal, these days, just low crimes instead of high ones. You know. Looting and burning instead of bribery and treasons.

          2. That they were not getting their own way in every respect. Because once they are thwarted in anything, they are victims.

    2. ensure readiness, operation, and sighting
      just in case
      I’ve a red/green dot and an unpowered sight that I need to fire with this weekend (long taking a vacaday mon.)
      So far they’re just bore sighted, but even in a carbine, .45acp has a hell of an arc
      and I found some misplaced .308!. just 15 rounds though.

        1. Nothing that fun, 1911 ccu. I’ve an old Llama frame in need of grip scales and the sights of the slide were a bit knackered. MechTech and hardened leather.
          A Mauser in 7.62×51, with a nice chamber and barrel certainly isn’t a carbine and certainly my Schmidt/Rubin which is an 1889 is over 51 inches long but with handloads to keep it living, it is supposedly just a bit over .7.62×39 in hitting. (170gr lead, filler-up with Trail Boss) but certainly fails as a SHTF weapon, yet no one wants it poking holes in them. but it would be the worlds longest carbine(~_^)

          1. That’s .30-30 territory; “git-r-done” ballistics for well over a century. And you can always shoot some full power 7.5 Swiss if you need some long range “up yours!”

            A quick glance at the 7.5 loading page shows most variants are around 2600 ft-lb. That’s noticeably stouter than 7×57 Mauser. Which took a lot of big game, back in the day…

            1. I have some mil-surp swiss, but the 1889 does not respond well to it, so it’s ammo of last resort. The 1889 design was for black powder then was accepted for use with a semi-smokeless so it is not a design that can stand the higher pressures .GP11 generates for very long.

  5. Oh, yeah. Take that whole civil disobedience thing and turn it on their heads. They will never know what hit them. Over, around, under, through. And improvise, adapt, overcome. Given that a large number of the remaining friends I have are academics, I plan on laughing a lot. I’m already getting a lot of concerned head-tilts and insanely stilted language in response to some of my FB posts (since I’m still allowed there, I’m being as disruptive as possible for as long as possible…dropping posts and then not checking back in for several hours. They all scream themselves hoarse and my conservative friends step in as well. It’s fun!) I’ll go back in briefly this evening and see what’s transpired, drop a response, just one Vasiliy, and then leave again.

      1. We (defined as everyone who hates and fights against the gramascians) have always been at our peak when having fun mocking the left in ways they can’t ignore.

        Witness the 2016 campaign.

        Witness gamergate.

  6. I have really liked the iconography of some of the takes on the “4am vertical line” graphs. They’d sticker VERY well.

    On my end, I’m a cartoonist. (I even experimented with agitprop in a lockdown comic, but got depressed and stopped when it was sillier than even my comic was implying and no one seemed to notice how crazy that was. I need a network to help me keep my head up, I suspect.) I’m gonna hafta think about how I can use that best…

    1. BTW this is COMPLETELY an invitation to anyone who has something they REALLY want to see but don’t have the art chops for. I might not either, and I might not draw it, but… let me know. selela7 at yahoo, caitlinwonder-girl at deviantart.

      1. Buy some sticker paper (and printer?) and go to town; I figure the printing companies won’t want anything to do with, and would want us to own the copyright anyway. 🙂

  7. Don’t let yourself be gaslighted:


    “Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ignored President Donald Trump’s wild claims of widespread election fraud, sending out a sober tweet Friday morning,” the lead paragraph claimed.

    But the very next paragraph — which is a quote from McConnell himself — directly refutes what was just claimed.

    “Here’s how this must work in our great country: Every legal vote should be counted. Any illegally-submitted ballots must not. All sides must get to observe the process. And the courts are here to apply the laws & resolve disputes,” McConnell wrote on Twitter. “That’s how Americans’ votes decide the result.”

      1. I don’t think they comprehend what they have done to themselves yet. I expect lots of stories over the next years talking about how they can’t figure out why everyone shots “Liars!” or starts signing the pants-on-fire song whenever they see a news crew set up.

        Ideally, they would start getting hit with something like the “Oh, and Epstein didn’t kill himself” that started being tagged into live interviews on other topics. Nothing hurts a pompous self-inflated bastard like embarrassment.

            1. That’s too far, because they can claim it’s a death threat.
              Pants, though….. if they try to complain people will laugh at them.
              “But….. they burned pants at us!”
              “So? You’ve been burning flags, but pants are a step too far?”

              1. I hesitate to encourage the use of fire in protest. Not because it’s rude (screw their sensibilities), but because it’s been done too much. It has desensitized us to arson and the throwing of firebombs at police. Not enough for their purposes, but seriously, every goddamned Antifidiot who thre a Molotov Cocktail or fired a firework at cOPS should have been SHOT. Both actions are assault with a deadly weapon, and should have been treated as such.

                I suppose I’m being a wimp about this, though.

                Any Leftist statues we could topple?

                  1. They burn the US flag all the darn time, to the point it was ruled to be speech. Fair is fair – pants are speech too.

                    1. Why not? Pajama-boy pants that can burn forever would be a good metaphor.

                      But how to combine pants-on-fire and pants-on-head in one gestalt?

                1. A: No, you’re not. It’s completely reasonable, to normal people, to use deadly force in that situation.

                  B: There’s the one of Lenin in Seattle …

                    1. Can you imagine the shrieking outrage if the Establishment Left woke up one morning and Che was smashed to bits?

                      Won’t be me, though. I swore off going into New York when the FIRST attempt was made on the Towers, back in ‘93.

              2. Are piñatas okay?

                Filled with little “Orangeman Heads” made of marshmallow (gunnies?) Because he’s been living inside their heads rent free?

                1. Anybody have a good recipe for Orangeman Bad iced sugar cookies? Frosting of yellow hair, orange face, red tie & blue jacket optional?

                  What would the corresponding Biden cookie be? Kale Krumbles?

        1. There was a NYT article doing a breakdown of all the groups that voted more for Trump than last time “despite him attacking them at every chance”.

          For all the data the author was completely uncomprehending of what they were looking at.

            1. They’re so certain they have the correct answers (can’t say, “right, y’know, it might trigger them) that when people don’t respond with grateful obedience they start asking why people vote against their own advantage.

          1. Never wear a face diaper, go wherever I want, whenever I want. Our church is the same, no one cowering, services as full or fuller than ever. I’ve taken to teaching all the little kids how to shake hands, both with me and with each other… 😉

        2. Instead of “Handmaids” how about we get women of a certain age to dress up as fracking outfits and put them in cages, symbolizing Biden’s putting mother-frackers in regulatory cages?

      2. Definitely. I get annoyed when I see someone who should know better quotes an article from Politico or CNN or similar claiming some GOP person did something and believes it without question.

    1. Very good, thank you. All I’d seen, even out here in the free range, was how McConnell had cucked.

  8. Hm – I just tried to post something rude here in Bing-translated Chinese characters addressed to the Chinese rat bastard communist (but really fascist) spies reading this from their dull underlit cubicles in Beijing, where there are no women and the air is routinely worse than in Northern California this past summer, along the lines of “Xi is Emperor Winnie the Pooh and his pets are China Joe and the Ho”, and WP won’t let it through – first time generated a “Cannot Post This” and a second attempt after reloading the page just vanished into the ether.

    WP Delenda Est.

    1. I’ve had two replies to stupid leftoids on disqus disappear when hitting post then similar stand-alones not show up, while minorly ranty all they really were was”Would you be fine with Trump suddenly getting 100% of the voted from 100,000 ballots suddenly delivered at 3AM?”, “Can you do Math?” and “Is this REALLY the way you want everyone to treat an election now?” and this is on Twitchy and PJmedia
      I decided to go hang gutters on the garage, then loaded some test round for my .45 and finished off the special light loads for the Schmidt-Rubin

  9. I firmly believe that if the people we know who are really computer savvy would work at it, we could really hit them hard in their pocket books. Monetary transfers between half a dozen foreign institutions to muddy the waters, and then a steady drain out of their coffers. When they have to scrape together sofa change to pay the electric bill, they’ll start paying attention.

    1. That too, but that borders on things we don’t talk about in public or in insecure communications.
      SO, delete this comment, then find some tech savvy people and put the worm in their ear.
      For extra points, donate the money to Trump’s legal fund.

      1. Just FYI, Signal talks big about secure communications, but they failed hard on several of their claims. I would rate it as “better than cleartext”, but I wouldn’t trust it with anything critical.

        1. For every security problem, there are high tech solutions and low tech solutions. The more complicated one tends to have more holes. Those can be fixed with more tech, but it’s a perpetual arms race, like between firepower and armor.

          1. “The more they o’erthink tha plumbing, tha easier ’tis to stop up the drain.” — Chief engineer Montgomery Scott.

    2. Issue there is all the international monetary surveillance that went in to chase AQ – they really closely watch for weird money moves nowadays.

  10. The Left has another weakness, and it runs parallel to some of what you described above. As Lorne Michaels once noted, the Right can laugh at itself. The Left cannot.

    1. Nobody on the Left could have written ‘Mississippi Squirrel Revival’. They can’t even effectively laugh at their enemies. All they can do is be Mean Girls and pretend it’s humor.

      1. Or my favorite, “Surfin’ USSR”:

        “We got a Soviet sub, she’s a ’79.
        Got a nuclear reactor and she runs just fine.
        We’re loyal to the Party and the Party line,
        but a sailor’s gotta have a little fun sometime.”

        “Now here we are (surfin’ USSR)
        Malibu, U.S.A., with all the movie stars…
        Yeah I’m gettin’ kinda tan,
        gettin’ good on guitar…”

  11. Sorry, I think this is way too gradual and requires a unity of purpose that is just not how Conservatives act. We need to stop them now and we need Trump’s leadership to call up the people power he has. If this goes on into next year, the Marxists will start picking off influence leaders, jailing dissidents and criminalizing opposition. We are not going to get out of this without violence and it might as well start now if we have the leadership to call us up IMO.

    1. It requires absolutely no unity of purpose. I’m playing to OUR strengths. No unity.
      Ah. I’ve just unleashed the hounds.
      If you say gradual, you don’t know my people.

  12. I had to laugh at the Insty link to the story where the Michigan AG is publicly begging constituents to stop calling up the AG staff and telling them to shove a sharpie up their … backsides. I am certain her making this statement will not result in a massive multiplication of such calls. Yep, totally will cut them down.

    Basically, the other side, convinced they are the smartest person in the room, are morons.

    1. THIS. I just found that at Ace and thought “THAT’s PERFECT. No way the AG comes back from saying that. The ridiculous is NOW firmly stuck to her. At the same time a lot of people who didn’t know about sharpie gate are now looking it up.”
      So, go you and do like wise.
      DIAL IT UP TO ELEVEN. Have fun.
      Remember there’s such a thing as burner phones. Go enjoy yourselves.

      1. Subsequent call: “Hello, Michigan Attorney Generals Office? Yes, hey, I accidentally shoved a Sharpie up my rear, and I thought you might have some advice on the best way to get it out..”

        1. That’s already happened so much that they had to put out a press release saying essentially “quit being mean to me.”

      2. Reminds me of the family story about my not-remotely-sainted aunt, who lasted more than a decade as an ICU nurse. She had a doctor dress her down, loudly and in public, for “overstepping her authority”. Took it quite meekly. She even smiled, for a given definition of “smile”.

        The next time he was listed “on call”, she phoned him. “Doctor? This is Aunt Nurse. Tell me, in such-and-such a situation, if I did so-and-so, would I be overstepping my authority? No? Okay, thank you.”

        She repeated these gentle queries every fifteen minutes. On the dot. All night.

          1. Has to be. No serious professional should *ever* take the nurse, the secretary, dispatch, or the aides for granted.

            That way lies hell, and all it’s imps and demons!

          2. IIRC, he was still drying behind the ears, and she was an 8-year veteran. Of the Intensive Care Unit.

            (My grandmother and my aunt were both ICU nurses. I learned early on to never 1) upset them or 2) listen to their jokes. Especially that last.)

  13. it’s worth noting that a UV LED or two in the brim of your ballcap or stetson will wash out your face, making facial recognition software worthless. Most of them work on a 3 volt system, which is simply two AAA or two button batteries in series. If building this takes you more than 15 minutes, and you’re near western Washington, come find me. It’s easy.

    1. And there’s no ball cap maker building these in yet?

      Or into the front edge of a hoodie?

      All you need to do is strobe them on different frequencies, which should vary in time domain as well (PWM is a wonderful thing). Since they are not on continuous batteries would last forever. I’m not a EE and I could probably get that circuit running.

    2. Um, you mean IR LED, surely?

      Easier to come by, cheaper, and they don’t make everything nearby that’s fluorescent light up. 😉

      1. Making things nearby is exactly the point….. like your face. That’s how it washes out your face for the camera, by causing the naturally fluorescent organics faintly light up.

  14. This is what I meant yesterday when I said their power from this will taste like ash in their mouths.

    They want the power to say and have it happen. No one will have that power over that many Americans for that long. We’re too ornery.

      1. Respect they have never earned.

        Submission is for The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost.

        We’re Americans. We can’t be ruled. Hell, we can barely be governed when we consent.

        1. The gods I worship don’t demand that I kneel. I’ll be damned if I do it for some trumped up bartender, or a guy deep in dementia, or someone who BJed her way into office.

          1. Barely controlled? Ha! That’s the tragicomic part. We are SELF controlled. Unlike the Fascist Left’s street theater goons (Occupy Witless, Antifidiots, Black Lives Mutter, what have you) we control our outliers, pick up after ourselves, and don’t assault RANDOM people. The Left doesn’t understand the difference, and won’t until it’s blatantly obvious to a blind stone.

        2. and some of us don’t submit, even for the Trinity we don’t believe in, and we also don’t go in for their even worse religion of the lazy sack o’ excrement white racist arse

  15. There is also the technique.. I forget what it’s called … when you have to cooperate with the gauleiters, but you do it completely by the book and literally until their heads explode. Requires fast parsing of commands and the ability not to get angry and to be autistic levels of literal.

        1. Beat me to it.

          I may have been know to use such a technique when dealing with petty bureaucrats (corporate, academic and .gov) with high regard for their authority.

          I don’t think a single one ever caught on

    1. Bothering By the Book.


      Goes along with, Could Say It But.


      “Alright, listen closely. [grabs notepad and pen] I’d like to help you [hands his client notepad and pen], but I can’t. I’d like to tell you to take a copy of your policy to Norma Wilcox on — [taps notepad urgently] Norma Wilcox, W-I-L-C-O-X — on the 3rd floor, but I can’t. I also do not advise you to fill out and file a WS-2475 form with our legal department on the 2nd floor. I would not expect someone to get back to you quickly to resolve the matter. I’d like to help. But there’s nothing I can do.” — Bob Parr, The Incredibles

  16. I had started a partial list:

    1. Get off platforms and onto your own hosting where you pay the bill, preferably overseas. I your blog is on wordpress.com or blogspot.com they can stop you, even if you have your own domain. If you’re paying for the server it is harder.

    2. Blog, even if it is just a list of links every day to things. Keep the stuff they want down up.

    3. Get a mail drop network and keep checks on everyone. Someone isn’t online, do an in-person check. Someone disappears get that word out.

    4. Resolve now that if they come in the night, you’re not going quietly even if they seem legit. Make them wake the neighbor and take an honor guard with you. Remember what Solzhenitsyn said about burning in the camps. We’re Americans; thugs fear us, not the other way around.

      1. I own all of my domains, and my host is a local small business, whom I have known and dealt with for more than a decade. I guess it’s back to old-style blogging.

        1. I own all mine, but hosting is through a moderate-sized hosting company. They may be vulnerable.

          I’m looking for an overseas replacement, preferably one that uses methods other than a CC, such as an international banker’s cheque (read “fancy, expensive money order”) or digital currency. CC will be our weak point and the left is already adept at using them.

        2. Insty often notes going Social Media and away from the blogs was a major mistake.
          Noticing some word salad from me (you should have seen what this looked like before a reread), so know I am a bit tipsy folks.

    1. A few things for folks to check into (the computer literate will already be aware of these, but may not use them):

      TOR — The Onion Router, not the publisher. Makes it harder to backtrack internet traffic via multiple hops.
      VPN – Virtual Private Network(s) – simpler than TOR, various providers, including overseas.
      Duckduckgo – non-Google/Bing search engine which doesn’t keep your history
      Incognito mode – on the Chrome browser – no cookies, etc (if you can believe Google), but you might be better off using a third party browser under a different account (ie, not your usual login)

      1. Or Chromium, which supposedly has been stripped of Google’s worst offenses. There are other Chrome-based browsers, tho since I only use it for Youtube I haven’t kept track.

        1. It was, at the very beginning. And then they started taking money from advertisers to let certain ads go through.

          The family-friendly word for that is, “dirtbags.”

            1. Firefox, Ublock Origin, and NoScript. Firefox isn’t *quite* malware yet, but it has a bunch of highly questionable “options” turned on by default, which keep changing every release, so you have to keep on top of it. Use a different DNS than the one my ISP provides. If you install one of the “login managers” you can clear your cookies regularly, which reduces cross-site tracking. (most “automatic login” on web sites is cookie-based)

              I also have a highly-tuned hosts file and a Pi Hole. The Pi Hole does essentially the same thing as the hosts file, but it works for all the machines on my local network, which simplifies things, plus it has a really nice user interface that shows you what it’s doing in realtime.

              I’m pretty hardcore on ad blocking, from the days when I had metered internet access that was billed by the minute. You develop certain habits when the meter is running… I’m not *quite* at the “cut off my nose to spite my face” level, but there are many popular sites I avoid because they only work with Javascript enabled, and they use Javascript to shovel down ads. And I have no real qualms about blackballing “content delivery networks”, most of which are just fronts for spam sites. That means noticeable chunks of major web sites are often invisible to me, because they chose to host their “content” on a known spam server.

              Mostly, I despise web trackers. Some commercial sites, there might be a dozen or more embedded in *each* page. And not all of them are put there by the webmasters; too many ISPs have “partnered” with tracking companies and insert trackers dynamically into the pages they serve, a more subtle thing than the simple ad redirects Verizon got caught doing a few years ago.

              You’ll still have to keep a copy of Chrome or one of the “clean” Chromium builds to use for sites that are built so as to be dependent on Chrome. Shades of the browser wars of the 1990s…

      2. Be aware that more and more sites can apparently detect a VPN in use and simply won’t let you through while it’s activated.

  17. I like this strategy. They hate and loathe and are puzzled by Bad Orange Boogeyman. He says all the things that need to be said to call ’em on all their… oft-seditious crappery. And/or puncture their pomposity.

    So, give ’em a million, a dozen million, a hundred million Bad Orangey Men and Women. While, in or out of office, the original article is also still loose out there, and most likely far from silent. (Note he will also have ~2 mos. more in office, no matter stuffed ballot boxes or courtroom drama or anything like.)

    The following might sound either facetious or figurative or both, but it’s not. Given the truly-diverse nature of the assembled company here, could anyone get in touch with the “good guys” in the Ukraine, the ones who sent that grafting jackbooted jackass Poroshenko packing? Humbling as that would be, horrifying as the current state of affairs is to any “real” American — come on, guys, we know that the Ukraine did it, with all their disadvantages, can it really be credible that we, the scary ornery feral Americans, cannot??

        1. Actually I’ve only ever SEEN one. older guy at the zoo, I was smiling at him like a loon, before he frowned at me, and I finally said, “I love your hat.”
          At which point he grinned.
          HOWEVER I have a Reagan “I smell hippies” t-shirt. Just got it as an early bday gift.

          1. I have two — one came from “Free Trump Hats” (just pay inflated shipping; they also have banners) and the other I got at Trump’s local rally from one of the vendors, since the official hats were sold out. Had to have one regardless. (These rallies were keeping several gypsy vendors in business, mostly selling hats.)

      1. Next Halloween is a way off, but imagine six-year-old kids ringing doorbells i their little blue suits with their red ties and Orangeman Bad masks with MAGA caps.

    1. They hate him for the same reason they hated Reagan; he calls commies what they are, commies and makes it clear that commies=evil.

  18. I think we should begin discussing how finally allowing living-impaired Americans to participate in our national politics is just the latest step in protecting everyone’s civil rights. We can also discuss policies that would ensure that living-impaired Americans continue to have access to good healthcare, education, and employment.

    I mean, if our current new President is not only more popular than Obama, he’s popular enough to win the living-impaired vote, then we just need to buckle down and accept the rulership of our living-impaired populace since they way outnumber the currently-breathing.

    — G.K.

    1. I like “breathing-impaired.” OTOH my brother has COPD, so that’s not in completely good taste.

        1. Non-metabolic Americans also works. 😉

          Still, “living-impaired” is my favorite since it works well with the current crop of PC-ness.

          — G.K.

        2. Non-metabolic. Their metabolic processes are ‘istory!
          The Grave Brigade.

    2. I’ve got it, the Dem’s are just paving the way for the vampires and other undead to come out, to make sure they still have civil rights!

  19. Fly a flag (they hate the flag)

    Wear a Hawaiian Shirt (Boogalo Boys) You don’t have to belong to show your lack of taste.

    Circle-Slash with a Camel in it. Make it a sticker and put them everywhere (We know what it means)

    Faraday bag for your phone. Just randomly put it in when you’re out and about. Let em wonder what you were up to and where you went when you were off the grid.

    How about a Biden-Xi 2020 sticker for your car? For that special car with the coexist sticker? Any Prius?

      1. Zombie guy.

        That’s the reason they are ending “Walking Dead” – it would be too close to an Oval Office show.

              1. Hmm… The last part feels a little too wordy. I’d take out the China Joe part and just say “the Biden white house.”

                1. So you can go to https://imgflip.com, click on “create” up top, search for a descriptor to search for and then pick your image (search for above was “zombie”), and then you can put in your own words.

                  Knock yourself out.

                  I will always be using the word pair “China Joe” until further notice. Of such universal repetition are real memetic viruses made.

                  1. >> “I will always be using the word pair “China Joe” until further notice.”

                    It’s unnecessarily wordy and dilutes the zombie joke. Memes need to be quick and to the point.

                    But thanks for pointing me to the site. I’ll give it a shot:

                    1. That doesn’t match how the song went. Though for some twisted reason your suggestion did cause this idea to pop into my head:

                      The younger crowd won’t get this one, I suspect.

                    2. The “Well hello” line is from “Well All Right” by The Andrew Sisters. It’s not sung to any particular tune, though, as it doesn’t match the song.

                      Like I said, I’m not entirely sure what my brain was doing there. It may need work.

                    3. Yes. 😛

                      But the responses in the right-side panels weren’t really meant to rhyme. Just to fit the people involved (Biden knows nothing, Kamala would crack down on those insulting her). I could probably make it rhyme with some work, but it still wouldn’t fit the tune.

                      This one’s probably a failure, but at least I can blame RES for it. 😛

      2. Make a youtube video of an actor made-up like Biden doing what starts as the old American Express commercial, asking “Do you know me?”

        “Because I’ve forgotten.”

        1. Give the camel absurdly long eyelashes, those creepy empty black eyes, and waaaay too much lipstick.

    1. If you don’t have a Faraday bag, use any cloth back… with a cookie tin. Those are for sale all over this time of year, and are Perfectly Innocent purchases – and they even throw in some cookies.

    2. Depending on your phone, Faraday-bagging can kill the battery as it keeps upping the power trying to get a signal. Try putting it in airplane mode first.

      1. Stick it on their wussy plastic bumper with super glue. They’ll destroy their own bumper trying to get it off.

  20. I’ve been lurking here for a while and the comment that we need a modern-day version of In Der Fuehrer’s Face face got me thinking about some other songs by Spike Jones. This kind of came to me so figured I’d post it here. Maybe somebody who filks can polish it up a bit.

    Hope you find it amusing.

    All I want for Christmas is my hard drive back.
    Sung to All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.

    Everybody stops and stares at me
    My hard drive is gone as you can see
    I know just who to blame for this It’s Rudie not me
    But my one wish on Christmas Eve is as plain as can be

    All I want for Christmas is my my hard drive back
    With my foot job pics
    And my stash of crack
    Gee, if I could only have my hard drive back
    Then I could have a Merry Christmas

    It seems so long since I could say
    We need another 10% for the big guy
    Gosh, oh gee, how happy I’d be, if this would just go buy buy

    All I want for Christmas is my my hard drive back
    With my foot job pics
    ANd my stash of crack
    Gee, if I could only have my hard drive back
    Then I could have a Merry Christmas

    1. I want a zombie communist for Christmas
      Only a zombie communist will do
      No anarchists
      Or RINOS or wusses
      I only like Commie zom-u-nusses!

  21. She’s making a list . . .

        1. Photoshop AOC over Dorothy in the field of poppies.

          Caption it “Oh, I’d while away the hours, vote canvassing the flowers, if I only had a brain.”

    1. Also, what ARE they going to do to us they weren’t going to do anyway?
      NEVER leave a man with nothing to lose. Or a woman. They will fight back with all they have.

      1. For all their complaining about how Trump is divisive, they seem to think “punish people for voting against us” is sure to bring the country back together . . .

        1. THAT is exactly what they think.
          They’ll make us confess to thought crimes first.

                1. I have my own lists … of personalities of both the so-called entertainment persuasion, and of the straight so-called “news” variety. They are people whom I now hate with such an undying passion that I would not cross the street to piss on them if they were on fire. I’ve been formulating this list since Anderson Cooper (spit!) made a crack on air about the Tea Partiers and “tea-bagging.” Although Jane Fonda’s been on it since forever, ever since the mid-1970s when I worked Vietnamese refugee resettlement, and Cat Stevens, ever since he came out in support of the fatwa on Salman Rushdie sometime later. But those were the only two on my personal sh*t list for decades. Now it’s a huge, luxurious list…

                  1. Now, now… I credit Jane Fonda with opening my teenage eyes to what the Left really is (or why I outgrew the juvenile liberal stage at unusually tender years).

                2. You cannot “unify” the country by initiating a purge.

                  Besides, they’ve already purged their own industries.

              1. As the text did not manifest in my WP window:

                Any R now promoting rejection of an election or calling to not to follow the will of voters or making baseless allegations of fraud should never serve in office, join a corporate board, find a faculty position or be accepted into “polite” society. We have a list.

                Emphasis added.

                What the Hell does Jenifer Rubin know about “polite society”? She’s been selling out conservatism and her integrity at the Washington Post fo a decade.

                  1. I suspect she’s just mad because the GOP rejected her advice, discernig her for the Judas Goat she is.

                    Her anger contains more than a smidgen of “woman pundit scorned.”

        2. The list also includes all judges appointed by Trump. It appears that their alternative to packing the Courts with new Judges will be to solicit and facilitate the murder of existing ones so they can replace them, presumably using recess appointments.

    2. She purports to believe that the mockery of her degree is classism. Her opinions can go study and get a real degree. Still won’t respect them unless they do good work.

      1. I still wouldn’t respect them. There’s no decent degree that can fit in that privileged pin head.
        And it absolutely is classism.
        Aristo, aristo, a la lanterne.

              1. Home, home for deranged
                Where the zombies and donkeys will play
                Where Gropey is heard
                Sniffing Kameltoe turds
                And the votes are a’growin’ all day.

                Well, that sucks, but hey, 30 seconds.

    3. Favorite reply:

      “conniving little Stalinist beanie baby” is great.

          1. Lol. Notice that she specified any “R” not any “person”.

            Because it’s only a crime w en we do it.

        1. LOL, I had the same thought. A list? Oh, now it’s easy to tell the good guys!

          And, something about..

          ..,makin’ a list and checking it twice,
          Kalamtoe is coming to town!

      1. The Nazis did exactly that, hunting down all those who opposed their democratic takeover of the Weimar Republic and sending them to ‘work camps’. Arbeit Macht Frei!

        If only that dingbat had ever been taught any history…

        1. She might be perfectly aware of historical evil. She sees evil history as an instruction manual.

    4. … and checking it twice
      Gonna find out
      Who’s naughty & nice
      AOC is coming for youuu …

      (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

  22. Claire Wolfe has a whole bunch of ideas about this sort of thing. Her books are available on Amazon.

      1. Let a thousand Sabos bloom … anyone want to do a Kamala – Camel, with huge lipstick and inflamed female parts and a suitable motto?
        Asking for a friend.

    1. I’ve started replying to the various shrill calls for punishing, er, “holding accountable” those who dared to support Trump with:


      A rather obscure Firefly reference, and I doubt anyone’s made the connection. Ah well.

        1. Well, sure people here would get it. On Twitter? Not as likely. Though at least none have screamed at me “threatening” them or whatever.

        1. Yeah, but I’ll probably not do something like that in real life. Poor Kaylee probably had a mess to clean up in that engine pod and if I tried it with a USAF transport’s engine the ground crew would probably beat me up or to death. 😮

  23. One of the craziest things right now is listening to the exact same people who have spent the last four years screaming that election fraud put Trump in office who now act like the very idea of election fraud is some nutty fringe idea like a flat Earth.

    1. And, having spent the last four years cosplaying about living under an authoritarian fascist state as the brave resistance, are now publicly making lists for government roundup and punishment for ‘voting the wrong way’.

      “That word, you keep using it…”

      1. Speaking of, I got my mitts on an early 1940s dictionary, and got curious if fascism was in it.

        It is. Means pushing a centralized government system fostering strong nationalistic policies and exercising absolute control over all activity, censorship, and suppression of opponents.

        Happened to go look up nationalist– the definition, there, as a part I haven’t seen before.
        The folks pushing nationalizing industries and stuff.

          1. Closest is Corporative, n, centering absolute authority in one corporate body consisting consisting of representatives of major industries, such as employer-employee groups, each of which controls all phases of its own field of endeavor.

    2. The thing that made them so upset about 2016 is that they underestimated the amount of fraudulent ballots they would need to create to steal that election even after using the the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., to target, spy on and persecute their political opponents. They lost even after putting the fix in, and they were going to make certain that could not happen again. Thus the censorship and the use of the CCP Virus as a pretext for fraud by mail.

  24. Their three biggest flaws are their self importance, their utter seriousness, their stupid inability to see that others are different from them, and their belief that words can shape reality.

    I’ll come in again.

    1. Don’t forget their utter reliance on centralized decision makers. Destroy or discredit those leaders, and the whole herd falls apart like an arch with a knocked-out keystone. Find and cultivate the retired spec ops vets among you. Even if you never need to get kinetic, they’ll have LOTS of fun useful advice for you.

  25. I’m truly tech-ignorant, tho i spend most of my day alternating between interwebz and work. I also need to replace my phone, as my trusty mechanical-keyboard slider texting phone won’t be supported by TPTB much longer. I was steeling myself to go to a flip-phone and texting from a numeric keypad, however … Linux phone? Can someone please recommend what i should look for — i only voice and text now, tho maps would be mighty handy … ???

    My college kid is going to help me transition to Linux on my laptop over Christmas break.

    I can hardly wait for your new site-with-son, Sarah, please hurry it up! 🙂

    I’ve been procrastinating getting my flagpole replaced, so it will happen in 2021, i promise you that.

    And I”m paying cash more and more often. A large grocery run isn’t really feasible for that, but maybe i’ll figure it out.

    As for inauguration day, i’ll be at some parade or rally somewhere regardless of the anointee, you betcha.

    1. See my post up-thread about Linux phones. If you’re on a budget and know someone who’s a bit tech savvy, you can pick up a used Oneplus One phone for pretty cheap and get Ubuntu Touch on it fairly easily.

      1. [looks on ebay] Starting at $40, and seems like a reasonable unit, but GSM which here means some Sprint reseller, and I can’t even get one bar with my old GSM phone. Tho I wonder if it would run Plasma Mobile?

  26. Oh, well, look at that. The GoFundMe for buying up databases and cross-checking for voter fraud just got shut down. Who’da thunk it. Surprise surprise.

    1. We were doing that yesterday at the Trump Satellite office. They had downloaded the database and we were checking every voter. It was happening in every office in NV. Have you thought to check with an office around your area?

  27. I’ve over 12 inches of new snow since last night, so I’ve been out plowing.

    None the less, I have made time to put up a few posts to make democrats grate.

    1. I read that the protesters on Hong Kong were using one called Bridgify. But I vaguely recall reading something that made me say “Hmm…” about Bridgify a few months later.

    2. This gives me the odd notion that unsecured public WiFi could be a good way to disseminate information…idea being you want anyone to be able to discover it, so no barriers. I’m sure I just thought up insanity, but consider that it wouldn’t be too different from no-login BBSs.

      Speaking therewhich, hoard those old computers. Even the most elderly can run a dialup BBS and distribute mail packets.

      1. The mesh networking apps make secure phone to phone connections and then each phone makes more phone to phone direct connections with any other phone running the app to connect further – basically it’s distributed self reforming network, so there’s no need for cell towers or network connection points to connect to, as the mesh network gets created and maintained and extended on the fly.

        A form of mesh networking was leveraged in Houston a few years back to relay text messages along from phone to phone until someone had a working connection to the net, which got messages like “Help, we’re trapped in the second floor at 123 Pine St, 4 people and a dog need rescue” to the dispatch volunteers for the Cajun Navy folks in their shallow draft boats.

        And in HK when the authorities shut down the cell towers, as various regimes have been doing to control protestor comms in Iran and such, the ability to mesh network phone-to-phone made a huge difference. Basically to stop mesh network apps the authorities have to jam huge chunks of the spectrum, which screws up their own comms.

        These apps are valuable tools – as long as there’s confidence the code is clean, so look for open source code listings.

        1. Good info. How many people have to be running it before it’s viable? doesn’t seem like it would have a lot of range.

          1. It depends on various factors. Range is discussed in some of the write-ups at the link above. Most of them will tend to work best in a city, as the high population density makes it much more likely that someone in range will have the app, which will allow that person’s phone to forward the message in an attempt to locate the intended target of the message. But even a low density is fine with a little forethought and preparation. If you have people with the app stationed at designated spots, then there are guaranteed relays to send messages speeding along to their targets.

      1. Still checking but right now I lean toward Fire Chat. A possible problem with Briar; it only works on android devices, so any peer with iPhones would be out of the loop.

          1. Alas, it appears Fire Chat may no longer be available, researching it I wandered through;

            The android version may be available from google play ;https://web.archive.org/web/20200222040318/https://play.google.com/store/apps/details

            & the Apple version, maybe, from Apple’s app store: https://web.archive.org/web/20200222040314/https://apps.apple.com/us/app/firechat/id719829352

            I said ‘may be’ and ‘maybe’ as fire chat may be, maybe not supported any more. As far as I can tell, the folks that wrote the original code are no longer in business.

            1. Frankly, anything you get from Google Play is potentially compromised. They insist that all the software meet their “standards”… and that probably includes a hack in Google’s favor.

  28. Not a good joke– but maybe someone can make this better–

    J & K walked into a bar.
    On seeing them, the bartender said,
    “hey, we don’t serve hoes here.”

      1. “Do you serve Democrats here?”
        “No. It takes forever to scrub out the residue, and besides, who would want one?”

  29. Not sure what I can do, currently. Except refuse to comply with whatever crap they try to impose.

  30. FWIW, I can filk. I can filk the HELL out of stuff when I have a jumping-off point and a tune to work with. GIven a little more practice, I wouldn’t need the jumping-off bit. Anybody need lyrics help, give me a yell. 🙂

    1. For some reason, I was thinking just this morning that I had missed a couple of obvious opportunities to filk Springsteen’s “57 Channels (and Nothin’ On).”

      57 States, Campaignin’ On about Obama.

      57 Genders (and Somethin’ Wrong)

  31. “Oh, and Joe Lying and Commie LaWhorish are going to lock down the country and take the economy down for three months. Which should finish us off.
    Don’t let them finish us off.”

    Here in southern IL we have restaurants ignoring the latest state lockdown. I had lunch at one today.

    1. Good to hear that Southern Illinois is refusing to comply with Pritzker’s attempt to treat the entire state like Chicago. (Back in the late 90’s I lived in Carbondale and Herrin, and have fond memories of those days.)

    2. Commie LaWhorish

      Thanks for the handy pronunciation mnemonic. “Commie-la, not Camel-ah”

  32. If you think the left is nuts now, wait until Trump starts pardoning people on his way out if he is pushed our of office by the Democrat’s massive fraud.

  33. And let them not hear from just Simon Jester. There is also The Harlequin.

    (I know that the Harlequin was caught and eliminated, but did he actually lose? mrmee, mrmee, mrmee, mrmee,)

  34. It’s been noted on Twitter that for people who’ve “won,” they’re awfully angry.

      1. Exactly. Losers haven’t gone quietly away accepting that it’s their own fault for losing because they are such shameful creatures. Losers are having the gall to fight about it. The nerve!

        1. They hate people who resist being turned into serfs whose entire lives are directed by the state.

  35. If you want to pay me to play RPG I’m willing.

    Yes. Yes I do. Not kidding and you have my e-mail address. You will need to be a person living with a disabiliry will, LatinX immigrant and speak commintern until I run the bureaucracy gauntlet, but then we’re golden.

    Let me know your cost (e-mail is on the gravitar), your fandoms, and if you can do Thursday afternoons or Tuesday evenings PST. I mayn’t be able to **afford** you, but I’d hire you in a heartbeat.

    1. I’ve had “Thank God and Greyhound” (Roy Clark) in my earworm all day. Gotta be something to that…

      Meanwhile, a patriotic version; cue Lee Greenwood:

      I’m proud to be a Deplorable
      Cuz at least my speech is free
      My country is a basket case
      From bogus victories
      But I’ll gladly stand up next to Trump
      And vote for him today
      We’re gonna help him beat the fraud
      And save the U.S.A.!

      [slightly adapted from my 2016 version]

  36. Simon Jester is a great reference for sci-fi people but…. The ones we need to reach will need a more modern pop culture reference. It’s very simple, easy to remember, and millions will recognize it: V

    Remember, remember, the fifth of November……

    1. Remember remember the Fifth of November
      The mail-in vote-fraud and plot
      The vote-stealing harpies,
      ‘Fixed’ postmarks, and sharpies
      Must never be forgot

      1. Hail to the Thief who’s been chosen for the nation,
        Hail to the Thief! We deplore him, one and all.
        Hail to the Thief, as we pledge exoneration
        In proud rebukement of a great, ignoble call.

        Yours is the aim to make this grand country weaker,
        This you will do, that’s our strong, firm belief.
        Hail to the one selected by the media,
        Hail to the President! Hail to the Thief!

      2. Oh, WP, are you playing disappearing post games again??? Slightly revised from prior effort:

        Hail to the Thief who’s been chosen for the nation,
        Hail to the Thief! We deplore him, one and all.
        Hail to the Thief, for he stole the election
        In sad fulfillment of a great, ignoble call.

        His is the aim to make this grand country weaker,
        This he will do, that’s our strong, firm belief.
        Hail to the one elected as the fraudster,
        Hail to the President! Hail to the Thief!

      3. “Remember, Remember
        the 3rd of November
        NeverTrump treason and plot.

        I see no reason
        why NeverTrump treason
        Should ever be forgot!”

        Guy Fawkes 2020

  37. perhaps write a song like this

    ♫ Joe Biden’s Magic Ballots
    Appear spontaneously
    At least in states where democrats
    knew just how many he needs ♫

    ♫ Little Joey Soros
    Loved that Rascal Joe
    And bought him him pols
    and secs of state
    to help to prop him up ♫


    ♫ Joe Biden’s magic ballots
    Appear spontaneously
    at least in states where democrats
    knew just how many he needs ♫

    ♫ Oh Joe Biden’s magic Ballots
    appear spontaneously
    unlike the crowds that didn’t show
    they pop up ma-gic-ly ♫

    ♫ Oh Donald Trump folk traveled
    by caravan and boat
    to anyplace where he would go
    but for old Joe they don’t ♫

    ♫ But Democrat Princes
    didn’t show a care
    as long as they controlled the count
    the votes they would be there ♫


    ♫ Joe Biden’s magic ballots
    Appear spontaneously
    at least in states where democrats
    know just how many he needs ♫

    ♫ Oh counts they aren’t forever
    some day they have to stop
    and in Michigan and Wisconsin
    Joe knew he needed lots ♫

    ♫ So on election night it happened
    When Trump votes they showed up
    They totaled up the numbers
    And it looked like he had won ♫

    ♫ They’re heads were bent in sorrow
    but not the official ones
    now that they had a solid vote
    they knew how much to stuff ♫

    ♫ So on and on they counted
    Till numbers came their way
    And suddenly the counting stopped
    Once Joe could shout “Hooray!” ♫

    ♫ Joe Biden’s magic ballots
    Appear spontaneously
    at least in states where democrats
    know just how many he needs ♫

    ♫ Oh Joe Biden’s magic Ballots
    appear spontaneously
    unlike the crowds that didn’t show
    they pop up ma gic ly ♫

    1. On a related note … based on a kids’ church derivative of “Louie Louie” I’ve had a little experience with, “Pharaoh Pharaoh” … no need to limit the fun to those at the top!

      ♫ Cuomo Cuomo
      Oh Andy – let the people go!
      Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
      Now Cuomo Cuomo
      Oh Andy – let the people go!
      Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah ♫

      When Winnie the Flu came into your state
      You and DiBlasio were rather late
      Couldn’t look like racists at Chinese New Year
      So you didn’t do much and got bit in the rear.

      ♫ Cuomo Cuomo
      Oh Andy – let the people go!
      Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
      Now Cuomo Cuomo
      Oh Andy – let the people go!
      Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah ♫

      Once you got around to it, you sure liked the taste
      Of exploiting a crisis for you not to waste
      But you lock down Broadway while refusing to frack
      And then whine about the tax revenues you lack

      ♫ Cuomo Cuomo
      Oh Andy – let the people go!
      Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
      Now Cuomo Cuomo
      Oh Andy – let the people go!
      Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah ♫

      Now you’re riding a tiger that you can’t get off.
      Because the spikes will make you look like a dummkopf
      To “follow the science” you insist we comply
      But today our response is LIVE FREE OR DIE!

      ♫ Cuomo Cuomo
      Oh Andy – let the people go!
      Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
      Now Cuomo Cuomo
      Oh Andy – let the people go!
      Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah ♫

      (First draft – could use some work)

      Now for something a little more developed, but generic …


      1. Oh, and “Dim Bulbs” immediately spit up:

        Dim bulbs, they’re out of their minds
        Their votes for you are way out of line
        Run away, Joe
        You’re much too old, Joe…

        …and I’m sure something nifty can be done with the rest of it and Gropin’ Joe’s handy habits.

  38. Keeping up with the idea of malicious compliance, think of the simple things that can be done. Don’t shame people or put up a big fuss about masks……carry a tape measure with you and have a complete melt down whenever anyone gets too close. We want them to laugh at the rules, so be the joker. The first laugh may be AT YOU, but if done absolutely by the book and to the exact letter of the proclamations, it will be the proclamations that eventually get the attention. Encourage others to break the rules by following the rules absolutely.

    If you’re really lucky, someone will want to talk to you about it and try to convince you that you’re over reacting. That is your opening to talk about blind obedience, tell them WHY you’re acting the fool, and recruit them to the cause of malicious compliance.

  39. If / when it becomes clear that Biden will be the next president, Trump could try an aikido move …

    “All right, Mister Biden, you will be president in two months, but the country is facing a national emergency now. You claimed all through the campaign that you knew how to stop the COVID-19 epidemic, and that I was doing it all wrong. Now’s your chance to prove it. I invite you to give a speech as soon as possible, hopefully this very afternoon, explaining your plan and giving your orders that will stop the epidemic. I will instruct my staff and the various federal medical agencies to follow your orders unless they are clearly deranged. And starting tomorrow morning, every American death from COVID-19 is your fault. I’m sure the news organizations will continue to count them as eagerly as they were counting them during the campaign, because if they don’t, we’ll all know why.”

    1. He’ll counter with “I’m not able to carry it out until the Senate has confirmed all of my people and put them into place.” That’ll also allow the Dems to shift blame onto McConnell if things don’t immediately get better after a hypothetical President Biden moves into the White House.

  40. If you really want to have fun with malicious compliance, think about the absolute gridlock that would come about if people actually started obeying the speed limit exactly everywhere they went. Not 1 mph over or under. Precisely on the speed limit. Again, this is intended to get people not just used to the idea of breaking rules, but wanting to break them. Encourage others to be ungovernable by being absolutely, perfectly, within the rules.

    Take the idea and run with it.

    1. I don’t want to get people to “want to break rules.”

      They already do that, right up until they get smacked because the rule they chose bites them. The first big out-of-office job I had on my ship was packing up the belongings for the guys who would never see them again, because somebody decided rules are stupid and can be broken at will.

      He’s in jail for mass murder, by the way. Which doesn’t do much for the families who got back moldy seabags.


      The problem isn’t rules. The problem is that they’re trying to hijack lawfulness– they’re acting like that kind of idiot game master who goes “ah-ha! The paladin is lawful good! So I have a rule that’s lawful evil make an evil law, and you have to do it!”
      Uh, no, doesn’t work that way….

    2. Declare ‘Days of Gridlock’. Everybody available converge on downtown and drive around the vicinity of city hall slowly for a couple hours, then disperse. Rinse, repeat.

      No laws broken. Obey if directed away and circle back around.

    3. This actually happened…

      I can’t remember the name of the guy who did it, but he was causing the traffic planners to pull out their hair trying to figure out why there were massive traffic jams on the Washington Turnpike (iirc). Eventually he wrote a smug, self-righteous letter to the editor of his local paper. The Feds paid him a friendly visit a short time later and explained exactly what the consequences of his actions were. The traffic snarls cleared up immediately.

      1. I was on the DC Beltway in Virginia, circa 1994-ish. Traffic stopped, then it took over an hour to move about two miles. The problem: a car pulled over on the shoulder, completely off the road, with the hood up. Each car on the Beltway would pull up, come to a complete stop, and stare for a while before creeping away.

        WTF? I mean, if it was blocking a lane, or on fire, or maybe it was a Lamborghini, slowing down a bit to get a good look would be defensible, but coming to a complete halt to stare at a stranded motorist? Nobody has breakdowns on the Beltway?

      2. Unfortunately, he was also in charge of kidney and something else at the FDA and did not approve a single treatment. Thus, no one died from the treatments.

  41. I just had a wicked thought — there should have been a scene in ‘Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners’ where thousands upon thousands of corpses rise from the New Orleans graveyards on Election Day and shamble to the polls.

    “They’re counting our votes anyway; we’re just here to make it official!”

    Maybe in Larry’s next book, a curse that causes all those dead Chicago voters to rise up and have their revenge on those taking their votes in vain…

      1. That has possibilities.

        “Mr. Mayor! Mr. Mayor! Your dead voters are here, and they’re pissed! They’re kind of hard to understand, but I think they’re groaning something about executing a permanent recall.”

      2. Tom Stranger: “You’re covered for interdimensional events, but you brought this on yourself by abusing the dead in your own dimension. You didn’t pay for the extended coverage, so I regret to inform you that I must deny your claim. This is between you and the zombies. Good luck!”

  42. I’m glad to see you’re getting your fighting spirit back. I was planning to push your buttons until you got fighting mad at me if thats what it took to snap you out of it, but I’m REALLY glad I don’t have to. 🙂

    >> “the one game I played “felt” too much like writing”

    Okay, now I’m curious. Tabletop, or computer? what was the game?

    >> “If you want to pay me to play RPG I’m willing.”

    Are you talking about becoming a let’s player? You might be able to make some money at that if you’re entertaining enough, and I could help steer you to games that suit you.

    Let’s see… Something with an interesting story, a lot of writing and not-too-difficult combat might be your speed. “Planescape: Torment” is a classic and would fit that bill.

    Remind me: are you one of the people here who said they don’t handle horror well? If you’re not, System Shock 2 is quite the experience. It’s more action-oriented than Planescape, so we could see how that works for you.

    Outside the RPG genre is interactive fiction (all-text games) and its modern descendant, the visual novel. You (or others here) might even be interesting in writing some. I won’t have time until after the holiday rush is over, but I was planning to write on that topic for you guys.

  43. There are many small businesses (landscapers, pool cleaners, plumbers) who could just refuse their services to anyone with a Prius or a Biden sticker. Plenty of work for most of them around here anyway. Barbra S’s toilet clogged, oh well…. Jane F’s car broke down, so sad… the a-hole in your neighborhood…. just too busy to fit in…

    1. That assumes that small businesses will be able to survive the horrorshow that the commies will impose; starting with insane labor rules and wage mandates, much higher taxes, “diversity” quotas (just look at California’s mandates for board of director and executive team composition for corporations) and IRS audits and regulatory persecution for any who dare speak out against the tyranny. It will be Obama’s IRS, etc., on steroids.

  44. Well Sarah, thank you for that.

    Once upon a time, my late best friend & I wrote anywhere from 1-4 original songs *per week* – we loved working thru the creative process together, and since he passed I’ve been in mourning both for him and for that constant stream of weekly creativity.
    Were these songs the best ever?
    Hardly – they were written solely for our own entertainment. But my oh my, were some of them oh-so *hilarious*, because we’d frequently see who could be the most (lyrically speaking) horribly inappropriate.
    The worse, the better.

    But… honestly, you bumped something in my head with this (I’m not sure exactly what, but there was a… real resonance… when I read it.)
    I think that in this coming week, I shall make a real attempt to dust off the Snarkmaster 5000 Deluxe, grease up the Abominable Lyriconator, and make sure the timing, and tuning are both *properly* set for the Verbal Atroci-meter.

    If this works like it *feels* like it will work ATM, I will owe you more thanks than I can readily explain…

  45. Vladimir Bukovsky. I read him accidentally when I was 26. Unforgettable skill at bringing satraps and apparatchiks to their knees. By being a giant pain in their ass.

  46. There was a posting over on GAB that I think is quite germane to this discussion. I’ve cleaned it up and paraphrased it a bit but here it is:

    Stop (Expletive deleted) whining like little (Expletive deleted) No one said it’s going to be easy and you can “win” this by (Expletive deleted)and sharing memes.
    Stop counting on others to do the job for you. Join your local gov organizations. Go after seats. Solve local issues. Get (Expletive deleted) active. Take those stupid HR jobs and start hiring conservatives. Undermine every leftist (Expletive deleted) that works with you. Show how incompetent (Expletive deleted) they are. Stop being “silent majority” and become the (Expletive deleted)vocal one.

      1. Perhaps so but creating more memers doesn’t necessarily exclude positioning more Conservatives as dog catchers, professors and HR people as well.

          1. Admittedly quite true and it’s getting far easier for the powers that be to identify, make and flag us. I just tried to past a link to the ‘Joe Biden’s votes violate Benford’s Law’ article, Facebook won’t let me post the link at all (https://gnews.org/534248/) and twitter kicked me off for 12 hours for trying to post it without any explanation.

            Alas we are paddleless and up the creek if we allow them to control all the major communication channels.

        1. I was a faculty member…I left this spring. The only other conservative I knew of in the college of arts and sciences is a gay man (professor of Italian). Imagine the hell he lives in…they KNOW he’s conservative. (There are conservatives in the business school, but we didn’t mingle much with them). Being a conservative professor is very difficult. And, I taught political science.

          1. thinking back, 5 of the most conservative folks I’ve known were gay guys.
            My cousin and his partner
            some guys my sis cleans house for in Texas
            and a flamer who also has a Class3 FFL and a crapton of full auto weapons.

            1. African-Americans long expressed preference for the South where at least the haters didn’t speak sweetly to your faces and stab you in your backs.

              Conservatives believe your rights are inherent, from your Creator, not granted by the State to members in good standing. Given that (and the fact that gay men frequently are not readily identifiable as that and thus overhear what people say “among us”) the preference is not outlandish.

              When have you ever heard a conservative attack a person’s identity, declaring that “If you believe [variable], you ain’t [Black/Gay/a woman/Hispanic/other]?

                1. The more “liberal” the city (i.e. the more leftist it is) the more racist it tends to be.

                    1. Here in Seattle, the riots, ahem, mostly-peaceful protests are about 95% white/5% black and are concentrated in boho/hippie/techbro Capitol Hill (location of the CHAP/CHOZ). As far as I know, there has been exactly one protest in a black neighborhood, and that was marching around screaming through bullhorns at all the homeowners allegedly “gentrifying” the neighborhood. I live four blocks from extremely multi-ethnic White Center, which even ten years ago had regular shootings, and there hasn’t been a peep of for-real peaceful protest, much less any kind of violence or property damage.

              1. “Oooh, Oooh, Oooh.”

                *Raises Hand*

                “I was thinking something along those lines the other day, and just haven’t said anything yet.”

                Really, the thing I worked on seems like it would only be useful for trolling, and not even trolling with tactical or strategic purpose.

                Recall that I’ve been skeptical that homosexual activity, a behavior, necessarily has a single mechanism with a single neat theoretical model. If one speculates about multiple mechanisms with a multi-model theory, one could further speculate that conservative homosexuals are best understood with a different model than liberal or leftwing homosexuals.

                Problem is, if true, what practical difference would it make in terms of decision-making?

                1. Less a help in decision making than a approach: some people are individuals, some are eager to belong in a herd, and their sexual activities don’t enter into it.

                  Homosexuals tended to accrete t the Left because the Left was less openly hostile to them, but as the Right has a) shifted libertarian, b) given up its battle over traditional morality c) other stuff the “What you like to schtupp has receded in significance. The same dynamic occurred in the post Jim Crow South: once Democrats stopped pandering to racism they had nothing to offer Southerners except inertia voting.

            2. My 2nd-generation Mexican-American gay-married fashion-photographer neighbor with three adopted kids is more conservative than I am.

            3. Armed gays don’t get bashed.

              *looks at Israel, and how the progs responded when they weren’t good little victims*

              Maybe that’s the ‘problem’…..

              1. His also rather flaming co-worker was stunned and flabbergasted. “What do all the rednecks say when you go to the gun range?”
                “Nice AK! Can I shoot it please? Pretty Please?”

          2. Weirdly, about half of my CLOSE male friends are gay conservative males.
            I wonder how large the demographic actually is, since most are more closeted as conservatives than anyone ever was as gay.

            1. Yeah, I wonder too. We have a friend here who’s not an academic, but is from TX. He’s about as gay redneck as it gets. Scares the hell out of people.

              1. DO YOU KNOW how many big guys have hugged me and whispered in my ear, “Thank you for making Nat and Luce fighting men?”
                Enough that my gay adopted little brother has offered to take that bullet for me. 😀

  47. I think a re-reading of “The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress” is in order. Does anyone know where we can find a good emergent AI system with a sense of humor? If not, we’ll just have to make do!

    parabarbarian, I’ve been wondering about how to develop such a network myself; I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s wondered about it. I have also wondered how to create a decentralized Facebook; it took years to realize we already have one: it’s called the Blogosphere, and it’s my understanding that it works best if we can have a good RSS Reader (although I never used one myself).

    Finally, I recently encountered another point: we shouldn’t let ourselves be driven away from Facebook, et al. We *need* to be in the public sphere, after all! We need to remember all those factoid infographics that would include “Epstein didn’t kill himself” at random spots. I saw a recent infographic that had five facts of Halloween, with the fifth being “Big Tech tried to censor the NY Post”.

    Finally, part II, we need to remember to do all this, even *if* Trump pulls off this election. The Leftists aren’t going to let up, even if they win! And we need *everyone* to know about the fraud and how to stop it, regardless.

    I don’t have the energy for all this, though! I hope I can push forward, regardless!

    1. I’m running into so much denial about the fraud. Like flat-out denial. “No credible sources are saying…” and posting NYT links or CNN links. The level of denial is frightening. I need some good memes to post just to piss everyone off and make me laugh. I’m still planning on dropping memes and then logging out for 24-48 hours. Drop another meme…and so on.

      1. Jefferson Davis memed making the same statements about Lincoln Biden is wrt Trump?

      2. I don’t fancy making this but I can give a description:

        Two large, mafia-stereotype thugs, wearing shirts bearing the legend “Philadelphia Vote Recovery Union” facing the viewer. Behind them an untidy mound of boxes of “ballots for Biden” and a number of discarded sharpies.

        Caption: You din’t see nuthin’, unnerstand!

  48. A Democrat and a Republican walk into a bar. The Democrat orders a Biden Boilermaker, the Republican requests a Tequila Trump. The bartender serves up two Boilermakers.

    “Hey,” says the Republican, “This isn’t what I ordered!!”

    “Sorry,” says the bartender. “There must have been a glitch with the cash register. This is what you get.”

  49. Interesting …

    Vote Tabulation Software System With A “Glitch” Giving Thousands of Votes to Biden is Used in 30 States
    The vote tabulation system with a “glitch” that gave thousands of votes to Joe Biden is used in 30 states. The failure to correctly count the vote via the software system has morphed into a potentially big problem. Also, there are questions of whether the so-called “glitch” was intentional or a failure of the system.

    National attention began when a local politician in Michigan discovered a county that went heavily for President Trump in 2016 suddenly went blue (see our previous article below). Former state legislator Tom McMillan noticed the change and told authorities. There is a recount in Michigan right now because of this huge flip of thousands of votes from Trump to Biden. The same software is used in dozens of Michigan counties.

    Sidney Powell explained how the ‘glitch’ would change votes across the country:

    .@SidneyPowell1 Likelihood 3% of the vote total was changed digitally by using Hammer program & software program, Scorecard Would have amounted to a massive change in the vote that would have gone across the country & explain what we’re seeing pic.twitter.com/RNBGqHcTHi

    — CONNIE’S CORNER (@CRRJA5) November 7, 2020

    “Dominion” software is the “glitch” in Michigan and in other swing states:

    The election software system in Michigan that switched 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden is called “Dominion.”

    It is used in 30 states including:


    Every single major swing state. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. pic.twitter.com/R6s2RnVmEF

    — Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) November 7, 2020

    The software is in 65 counties in Michigan.

    1. When I [searchengined] for “software glitch that reversed votes in thirty states” the following items appeared:

      Michigan GOP Identifies Software “Glitch” in Voting System …
      According to the Michigan GOP Chair: Dozens of Michigan counties used the same Dominion voting software that caused 6,000 votes in one county to switch from Trump to Biden. When corrected, the votes were reassigned to Trump. Press Conference: . Additionally, it appears all of the key states like Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia…

      HUGE! Corrupted Software Used in Michigan County that …
      Dominion Software is used in 47 US states including ALL OF THE BATTLEGROUND STATES. The Dominion software “glitch” ONLY took votes from President Trump and Republicans. Dominion is used in 30 different states. Dominion is used in EVERY SWING STATE! ☑️Nevada ☑️Arizona ☑️Minnesota ☑️Michigan ☑️Wisconsin ☑️Georgia ☑️Pennsylvania Via Kyle Becker reported: The …

    2. I’m skeptical about what Sydney Powell is saying for two reasons.

      First of all, a 3% adjustment doesn’t explain what we’re seeing in the problem states. It’s wholesale “statistical improbabilities” on a massive level, albeit very localized to certain locations. That’s more than 3%.

      Second, in one of the two counties in Michigan where the software got flagged as a problem, it was identified by the Republican candidate when he noticed that the tallies said that only two people voted for him. And he had six people in his family who voted. A closer investigation revealed a very large number of mis-tallied votes, which forced a recount by hand. Again, it was much more than 3%.

      Note that I’m not saying that there weren’t problems with vote tabulation software. We *know* that there were problems with vote tabulation software. It’s been confirmed in Michigan. But 3% seems awfully low.

  50. “During a conference with Pennsylvania state senate and house Republican members, Pennsylvania House Speaker Bryan Cutler urged Gov. Tom Wolf (D) to start an audit to make sure that the votes casted were legal.”

    No word yet as to whether the governor has stopped laughing.

    1. My understanding is that both legislative bodies in PA are controlled by the Republicans. If the governor mishandles this in a way that insults those Republicans, then they do have options.

  51. Quote of the day, from an article discussing the former Jerrold Nadler intern dubbed Phlegm Fatale:

    NYC coddles the privileged, pain-in-ass anarchists who spit on cops
    … as Joe Biden inches slowly toward his magic number, is that a goodly number of 2016’s sore losers intend fully to become 2020’s sore winners, should it come to that, so nobody reasonably can expect peace and quiet. Preening self-righteousness is like crack; once you’re hooked, it’s hard to give it up.

  52. Thank you Sarah! My plan exactly! Spent an hour this morning reporting every lefty post to the Twitter and Facebook Police… 10 new email addresses and I’ll do it again… Just heard that an Automatic Center Punch ($6.99) can be used to verify the integrity of car windows – test on a car with a “Biden” sticker, Print 100 stickers with a picture of a screw and slip on lefty cars (I “screw” Biden…) there is a whole world of fun out there!

    1. So is constant anger. Especially if the addict thinks it’s righteous anger.
      BTW, Glenn Reynolds has moved to the New York Post and has a column out. He notes leftists need to feel morally superior, meaning they MUST have people to look down on as moral inferiors to prop up their self-esteem.
      For Res.

      1. Glenn Reynolds … notes leftists need to feel morally superior, meaning they MUST have people to look down on as moral inferiors to prop up their self-esteem.
        For Res.

        For RES???? My self-esteem needs no props! It has hot air enough to float a dirigible!

    2. A few months ago, some prankster in Oregon (I think) spotted a group of Antifa members parking their cars on the way to go cause mayhem. So the prankster in question put Trump bumper stickers on all of the vehicles.

      After the prankster had left, other Antifa members noticed the cars in question…

  53. There are several Leftist sites that are publishing names and addresses of Trump donor.

    They got that information from the FEC and OpenSecrets.org. That information is also available on Biden donors. Make sure to get a copy for your area.

  54. Sara Hoyt, I enjoy your posts on Instapundit. I’m an old guy. 80. Yeah, really old. I’ve read SF since I was 13, and even taught an SF based Composition course throughout the ’80s in the Community College where I worked. Still, I’m pretty sure I never heard of Filk. But, now that I think I know what it is, I realize I may have actually written some Filk. Just before the election, some friends and I in the Nashville area (pro musicians) recorded a song I wrote to the tune of the old gospel/folk song “This Train Is Bound for Glory” (made popular in the ’40s and ’50s by Woodie Guthrie, Pete Seeger and other “socialists”). I made a slide show video with the recorded song. Is this Filk? Or must it somehow be linked to SF? Here’s the youtube link…

    If this is Filk, I’ve got more. And I may have found a new calling to keep me busy during my last two decades (knock on wood).


    Already happening, a little bit. I’m starting a business to sell my artisan creams and soaps. I’m also grabbing my nice, fat sharpie and heading out to every metal telephone pole, every bathroom door, within 20 miles. I’m going to write in permanent ink “TRUMP IS POTUS.”

    Refuse to comply. Then smile and ask a question. It’s the questions that send them over the edge.

    God bless you, Sarah.

    1. Ibram X Kendi – isn’t he the Anti-Racist Baby nitwit? (I apologize to all nits for an unfortunate slur on their level of intelligence.)

    2. Proves both who utterly insane they are and how determined they are to turn the USA into Oceania and to put anyone who disagrees with them into mass graves.

  56. Don’t have my caricatures how I want them yet, but “Election fraud? Nooooo… we redistributed your vote to make the results more equitable!” keeps popping to mind. Preferably over KamalaSmirk.

    Also a Biden “Good? Bad? I’m the guy with the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

    Probably an Occasio-Cortez “Don’t forget to report all fascist sympathizers to your local re-education camp!”

    Sharing in case someone else can use it before I manage to improve my caricatures. Or after. 😀

    1. Occasio-Cortez as Smirky the Bear, with the motto, “Only you can prevent Trump voters!”

      Or photoshop her over Joe McCarthy –

      While captionig it with this quote:

      I have here in my hand a list of two hundred and five people that were known to the Secretary of State as being members of the Communist Party and who nevertheless are still working and shaping the policy of the State Department.

      , striking “members of the Communist Party” and inserting “supporters of Donald Trump.”

    2. Refurbished votes.

      [cue the used car salesman]
      Gently used votes — previous owned by a little old lady from the 1800s.

    1. They were trying to do that on Tuesday.
      Biden of course is taking failure (so far) to take the Senate, losing seats in the House, and a “win” purely through fraud in key states as a “mandate” to impose full communism (and in his speech last night, he clearly indicated he intends to go full commie).

      1. He will not enjoy his “victory”, and that’s even before the inevitable Harris switch.

        1. Harris is even more of a commie than Biden has been acting, so Harris replacing Biden is no help.

          1. Biden can’t even pronounce “communism”. It would come out as “cubamanaso”.

      2. They *might* get the Senate. Both seats in Georgia are up for a run-off, and iirc the Senate will be tied if the Dem candidates win.

        As for the House, last I’d checked (and admittedly it’s been a while) there was still a possibility of the Republicans taking it (albeit by a narrow margin).

        As much as I don’t want to see it happen, it would be hilarious if the Dems took the White House only to end up facing a hostile House, Senate, and Supreme Court. Except, of course, that the Dems generally seem to be able to find one or two Republicans in both the House and Senate that are willing to “come around”.

    1. Make that ‘Buggy computer programs…’ and you’ll have it.

      Or should that be ‘Buggered computer programs’?

    2. The left loves the idea of society being run by algorithms because they assume they’ll control the algorithms.

  57. A thought.
    A great way to help in a small but effective way.
    If you can, make your big purchases of items in the next three months. Durable goods. Etc.
    The economy is roaring back, despite the Wu-Flu. I expect it to teeter come soon. But I want to see it drop like a rock first quarter of 2021. Fix and mend don’t replace. Buy used if you need to. And for Heinlein’s sake buy local. Get off of amazon.
    Identify our allies’ businesses and support them. They made this tribal. It’s time we started acting like it.

    1. If you can find durable goods.

      My parents boiler broke in March. It’s now November. They have no heat or hot water. No one can sell them one. Oh, it was just two-and-a-half years old.

      (Space heaters, yes, we’re not stupid. But no furnace.)

      1. I’ve been having SUPER fun trying to get brake backing plates for an AMERICAN truck. A Ford. One of the most common vehicles there is.

        Guess what: all those aftermarket parts? They come from China. And the Genuine Ford parts? Lots of those come from China too. China got shut down for Corona for 6 months, so you can’t get common parts for common vehicles. Aftermarket is toast.

        Nope. Can’t get it. I feel like I’m chasing a windshield for a 1964 Buick, but all I want is BRAKE PARTS for an F-250.

        Finally broke down and ordered them from the dealership. ~$400+ for the drivers side, ~$500+ for the passenger side. Oh, but they come with the brackets too, so that makes it a great deal, right? For backing plates! It’s a STAMPING, for f- sake! Arrrgh!!!

        So yeah, if you want a phone or a washing machine, now would be the time. Later on, who knows?

  58. Peter Grant’s post in his blog today reminded me of the state legislatures’ plenary authority regarding selection of presidential electors. Perhaps it is time to pressure the Republican legislators of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc., who are in the majority in those states, to use that authority and select electors themselves if integrity of the vote in those states cannot be adequately assured.

  59. Am I the only person thinking of the backstory of Weber’s People’s Republic Of Haven? 😡

  60. A few (very) assorted links, now that I’ve come out of an unplanned ~12-hr sleep…

    First, the Rich Higgins memo has now risen to a whole new level of relevance. Written by an NSC staffer, who basically got fired because of it, it shortly and starkly describes this same leftist, globalist, whatever conspiracy against President and country, as seen by a national-security strategist and insider.

    unconstrainedanalytics dot org slash wp-content/2018/09/Political-Warfare.pdf

    see also the ~1h interview with him at uncoverdc dot com’s podcast, from a few months earlier in Covid Summer,

    radioinfluence dot com slash2020/7/15/dark-to-light

    Sccond, Giles Milton’s wonderful recent book “Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” — about the origins and operation of Britain’s World War II Special Operations Executive — might be quite informative and/or inspirational.

    Third, if you want or need to catch up on just how filthy the whole ‘Spygate’ mess really was, Lee Smith’s “The Plot Against the President” is a good book and now (so I hear) an excellent movie. If there’s anyone in your life who needs a good strong dose of reality right now, this ~1.5h movie might just do it (and allegedly will soon have a ~4.5h “director’s cut” version too).

    Note, you can still buy books at a bookstore for cash without any ‘footprints’ unless you use one of those ‘loyalty’ programs.

    And last I have to (re-)recommend that Larry Correia post over at Monster Hunter Nation. It does a very good job of highlighting how unlikely it really is the Joe Camel Team have actually won… anything.

    Fraud! Glorious fraud,
    Joe’s gotta win sometime,
    Dead rise and go vote,
    Media walkin’ the party line…

    (and if there are any BidNHarris signs left, “Fraud!” in big red letters might make a very tasteful and effective commentary.)

      1. Larry had a Facebook post up last night (or more accurately very early this morning) that read (paraphrasing), “It’s 1:39am. I need to go to bed.”


  61. Here is an initiative to keep an eye on

  62. @ drloss, thank you for those links … i will be learning laptop linux soon … will keep those for phone phase 🙂

  63. One more voting, uh, anomaly this mad week in Pa.

    “Rate of rejected mail-in ballots almost 30 times lower in Pennsylvania this year than in 2016

    In 2016, the state rejected about 1% of mail-in ballots; this year it is running so far as 0.03%”

    From: justthenews dot com slash politics-policy/elections/pa-26000-mail-ballots-should-have-been-rejected-year-less-1000-ultimately

    “Mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania so far this year have been accepted at almost 30 times the rate predicted by historical rejection numbers, raising potential questions in a state in which Democratic challenger Joe Biden is maintaining a lead of just several thousand votes.

    A county-by-county review by Just the News of accepted and rejected mail-in ballots throughout the state of Pennsylvania show that, when added up, the state only rejected 951 of 2,614,011 mail-in ballots this year, or a rate of 0.03%.

    That is significantly less than the historical rate of mail-in ballot rejection, which generally hovers around 1%. For first-time mail-in voters the rate can jump as high as 3%. …”

    So, based on astronomically high levels of mail-in voting (2,614,011 2020 vs. 266,208 2016, or very nearly 10x), we should have expected a rejection rate of between 1 and 3%, likely far closer to the second — and instead we observe a 2020 rate of one hundredth that second rejection rate. (Much the same way Wuhan Fever was supposed to kill 3% but really kills about 0.03%.)

    Perhaps we should ask Larry Correia and his fine forensic “nose” — does this one qualify as election-statistics red-flag #951 or so?

    1. And once again, the emphasis of the campaign is on someone not named Joe Biden . . .

      1. For a fact, his ‘victory speech’ wobbled between gloating and a bit baffled.
        Or maybe he just forgot what he was talking about.

        OTOH, Kamaltoe looked like the thieving bitch who’s just stolen someone’s husband as revenge for some imagined slight. Seriously, that’s what her lunatic grin made me think of. Damn right she was in on the fraud.

      1. How about the main character in Brandon Sanderson’s ‘Legion’ series? One vote for each of the imaginary characters in his head?

          1. In honor of Remembrance Day, November 11th, Five thousand Valkyries show up at Arlington:

            Memorial Day

            The sun rose on a bright, clear Memorial Day morning in Washington DC. Despite the early hour, preparations for the military honors, the ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, and the parade were well under way. Had been for several days, in fact. There had been a lot of uproar in the military and civilian sides of the government thanks to the invocation of Code Omega, and they wanted to show the world they had their act together.

            General Ashford Burke was up early, his staff had been up even earlier getting his dress uniforms and assorted kit ready for the day’s events. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Burke was an Army man with long service, and unlike many of the other top officers, he had seen combat, up close and personal. Desert Storm had been his baptism of fire, and though it was many years in the past he remembered it well. It was because of those memories that he always had his kit squared away, always arrived early to any event or function, and always knew where the exits were.

            Today he was giving the eulogy at the cemetery, in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Unlike most years which were not all that well attended, recent events had made a lot of government people consider their mortality and the nature of war. The officials in charge expected a healthy turnout. Many were thinking about the honored dead and not so much about the Memorial Day sales. On balance, the General thought maybe he liked the sales better.

            As he was buckling his baldric and settling his not-entirely-ceremonial sword (he kept his sharp, very much against regulations), his chief adjutant hurried into the room.

            “Sir, there’s been a development.” The man was clearly worried, this was bad news.

            “Development? Well, spit it out man. Terrorist attack, bombing, shooting, bad tacos, what?”

            “Giants, sir,” said the adjutant. “Hundreds and hundreds of them. Armed to the teeth! It’s an invasion!”

            “Oh, them. I wondered when they were going to show up.” The General went back to straightening his uniform. “What are they doing?”

            “Marching, sir. They arrived in an aircraft as big as the Smithsonian! They’ve formed up in ranks at 3rd Street and they’re slow-marching down the National Mall. They’ve got bagpipes, sir!”

            “That puts them arriving at the cemetery before our ceremony starts. Good timing,” said the General with approval. “Their formation will take up whatever positions they want, and everybody will have time to settle down before the procession. Which will go forward as planned,” he added to the adjutant. “We’re not changing a single damn thing. Pass that along to our commanders. And tell the Park Police not to shoot at the giants. They are civilians, not an invading army. Besides, it’ll probably just piss them off.”

            “Uh, sir, shouldn’t we be getting you and the other Joint Chiefs to a secure location?” asked the adjutant nervously as he texted the orders on his secure cell-phone. “They’ve all got chain-guns over their shoulders like rifles! And there’s bagpipes!”

            “You said that. You saw what happened in Amsterdam,” replied the General calmly. “If they were going to start with us, they could pick me off right here in front of the mirror. From orbit. No, this is something else. They’re sending a message. I’m going to go see what the message is. Probably a joke, from what I’m told about the giants and their leaders.”

            “A joke, sir?” wondered the adjutant. “What’s funny about armed giants and huge armed aircraft on Memorial Day?” Clearly, he failed to see the humor of the situation.

            “The giants have been using humor as a weapon lately,” replied the General, taking one last brush at his lapels. “They showed up for Dodenherdenking, Memorial Day in Holland, three weeks ago. They made a very tasteful addition to the ceremony. Overall, I approve. Saves on ammunition and casualties. However today the joke appears to be on us. Therefore, we should try to have some dignity and play along with the gag. Otherwise we look like pussies.”

            “If I remember the Holland situation, they sent four giants to stand guard around the Cenotaph in Amsterdam,” said the adjutant. “They did the same thing in Canada, they’ve been taking turns there for months. This is a little different, sir.”

            “The USA is the biggest dog on the block,” said the General a little whimsically, taking up his hat. “We get a bigger honor guard. Nice to be acknowledged like that, don’t you think?”

            “It would be nicer if they called first,” said the adjutant darkly, giving the General’s shoulders a brush.

            “Oh, they did,” said the General calmly. “I’ve been getting message traffic about this for a month. Official Washington is a bit slow on the uptake, so nobody took it seriously. Now here we are, scrambling to catch up as usual. How do I look?”

            The adjutant took in the General’s uniform with a practiced eye. “Television-ready, General. Break a leg, sir.”

            “Let’s hope they go for subtle, dry humor and not the rubber crutch,” said the General, squaring his shoulders and heading out the door. “I’m getting a little old for slapstick.”

  64. It’s way too late now, but WHY didn’t Trump have armed Federal agents standing by to escort election monitors into those Democrat vote-counting dens? Each with at least a dozen sets of handcuffs, and gags, and full authority to USE them on anybody that interfered?

    That would have gone a long way toward putting a stop to the monkey business.

    1. FBI is pretty much a Democrat fiefdom, that’s why. So’s the Justice Department. How’s that Durham probe going?

    2. I forget where I saw this but the law specifically bars armed federal agents from polling places o election day. There is some degree of pushing the letter of the law to have sent them in afterward.

      1. Didn’t we used to send Federal agents to enforce election laws in the Democrat-infested South?

      2. Pretty sure I put in a link; basically, the DOJ is sending agents to the counting centers now, but couldn’t then.

        1. It’s far too late for that. They should have been there during the election.

          Trying to figure out which votes are true and which are fraudulent is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end.

          They can crunch numbers and take statements all they want, but the only fix is to clear the voter rolls and start over from scratch. Anything else is just a guess.

    3. Given that he’s watched “armed Federal agents” aid and abet for 4 years, which ones would he trust?

  65. And a message to our Federal Law Enforcement monitors:

    Look what you’ve done now. Don’t you feel ashamed? You know China Joe will be Weekend-At-Bernied through the swearing-in, but after that you know you’ll be working for Kamala, so go ask CA law enforcement how much she had their back.

    Your pension is not worth your soul.

  66. Okay, I know fiction right now might be weird; but ever since I (finally) woke up I’ve been thinking about this vignette scene, so I (obediently) went ahead and edited it around again.

    Boy, do I wish this was off topic. But it is, alas, so… not!

    Maybe it’ll even be, like, uplifting or helpful or something for someone.


    Paul Regan sipped contentedly from his steaming mug of Earl Grey tea, warm and comfortable as he seldom was, even as the dusk and chill of deepnight continued to gather companionably around them.

    Most planets, he knew, lunar eclipses were rare and special, if they happened at all. But here on Betancourt Prime, they were a daily commonplace over half the world, as the sun hid behind the sky-fixed circle of Betancourt Secundus.

    Good boys and girls, he knew, were probably already asleep in their beds for siesta-noches, getting some badly-needed rest in the middle of what would have been (and was, on Farside) a 23-hour daytime. Deepnight was short and warm, compared to longnight; but also darker, because the bulk of Secundus far above was near new-phase, not half- to full-phase as it was the 23 hours of longnight (and thus near as bright as an annular solar eclipse on Earth). You were supposed to miss it entirely, though, never mind it happened every day. Never mind it was also about the only time you could really see the stars.

    Good boys and girls, he’d long since decided, sometimes missed a lot. Like the tea he was drinking, native-grown black tea mixed with oil of bergamot (an odd little citrus he’d never seen), and tonight also a hint of his grandfather’s Marquesan high-Highlands whisky. A rare treat, and another brief preview of manhood (or so he thought of it). Because for all his age, all his experience as a mercenary and his childhood on Old Earth, his grand-Da Donal was one of a bare few in his life who, even occasionally, treated Paul as almost a man.

    And one of the ways he did that was to find mutual silence companionable. Just as another was to continue a suspended conversation as if the hours or days in between its installments had not been there at all.

    “When I was very young, in the aftermath of the Second Great London Fire, you know they took the sky and its light mostly away from us. Built the Levels around us, where we lived, held the sky reserved to the other ones, the Eloi above us.” (The names had never been official, and such a division of people never really intentional. But both had probably been next to inevitable, too, given the 19th-century book in the first place and the realities of 22nd-century Britain in the second.) And his native accent, from his later childhood as a Morlock deep in the dappled but heavy shadow of the Levels, came front and center again — long-steeped London with a bracing dollop of whisky-Irish, and mulled long with more than a pinch of India and Araby.

    “But people like me and you, boy, we were born to be able to live in the shadow, in the twilight, in the night. Like our namesakes in Mr. Wells’ old book, the dark ones that made the bright ones’ world turn. Even if to do it we had to live, as the old song has it, in ‘factory smoke and acetylene light’ while they lived in the air and sunshine far above — they likely thought it a curse on us. But to us mostly a blessing.

    “Your mother does not like it so much, that I might say such things to you. Even less does she like what creeps up on her from the back of her own head, that stealthy intuition she tries to disown, that tells her you might not even ever need to hear them from me, to understand them all for yourself.

    “And there’s nothing wrong with her that she wishes it so. The world would be so much the kinder, gentler place, if it were so. Perhaps in some ways, her ways, even much a better one.” And he took a short sip. “But not as it is.”

    And his voice shifted back again, towards his everyday-usual, a bit.

    “Did you read that poem I gave you, last week?”

    And young Paul Regan felt something oddly like an electric circuit being completed. Or, maybe, like the stories of those old masters in Tibet before the Invasion and the Scattering, right before the turn of the millennium, of how they’d become Realized or Enlightened at last. (“Do you hear the dogs down at the monastery, barking in the evening?”) As if the world behind the world, now, was some little bit nearer-by than commonly.

    (part 1/2)

  67. (part 2/2) [because I know Wort-Prez]

    So it did not surprise him much when he answered, himself without first truly meaning to do it so, in verse and a tone of voice very much like Donal’s:

    “Now here I stand before them
    Some of all the men I’ve killed,
    And were there women among them
    Won’t tell the butcher’s bill;

    “No graves with stones with names
    For dead such wholesale made,
    All detail murdered to the keeping
    Of the silence and the shade.”

    And he skipped a handful of stanzas down to the end of it,

    “The rebellious lords were grateful
    Their pay as good as gold and more,
    Their bonuses bitter, sweet reward
    For setting so many souls to soar;

    “Full blessed be those who lay here ‘waiting
    And old mercenary’s deep lament,
    Who died so such as I could stand here
    With much respect and no regret.”

    And Paul felt his own voice, his own self, shift back to something more familiar, from wherever, whoever, he’d just been instead. “And might that be you, once upon a time somewhere, grand-Da?” As soon as he’d said it, he almost tried to hesitate, retroactively, as if he should’ve thought before speaking. But then again, as whatever eerie spell faded a bit more, he realized that other part of him — would not. Would not have let him do.

    “Mostly, perhaps. Surely not me alone, there’s a deep and wide wake of people that trade leaves behind it, and so many of them you know and never forget. But if you’re asking, young Paul, whether I’ve been there and done that, yes I have, and if you’re asking whether I wrote that, well don’t say so but yes I did.”

    And the silence took them, both, again for a while, as they drank, together but for their own part and with their own thoughts.

    “You mother, which is to say also your father, would not like you reading that.

    “And you’ve been raised, by her and others and for most of your life, to be what old Thomas Paine called a summer soldier and a sunshine patriot, to live in the bright sunshine of life and the warm light of rightness. As if the night that I and a lot of people with me grew up deep in the belly of, would and could never come. But it does come, whenever it wants or needs to and however it pleases, it does calmly and irresistably come.

    “And when and if it comes, all their sunlight world and all its habits — may no longer signify.” And he raised his glass again, as before; except this time, and judiciously, he drank.

    “But you’ve got it in your veins, as I said, the old Morlock blood, and the DNA in it codes for everything you need to be a winter soldier and a cloudburst patriot, just like the old American Deplorables, just like the old British Tommies that beat les Sales Boches a century before, just like me and the people like me, after, that worked the Morlocks’ work in the Levels, then killed the killers far better than they could do us out among the worlds.

    “Ever you need it, if despite all hope and all prayer you do — at need, it’s yours. Part of you. Pre-cooked right from the factory, all ready to rock and roll. Never a doubt.” Donal Regan’s voice sounded like he was a young man, that formidable and volatile young man, again. And in the dark light of midnight, a deeper darkness looked out from his gray eyes, like soft murder.

    That, and all the mid-eclipse dark everywhere about Paul, called up an irresistable echo from way down below.

    “There’s this old vaudeoclip they played for us in school, from right before the turn of the millennium, grand-Da. A Swiss psychologist named Carl Jung, they asked him right at the end of his life if he believed in God.

    “And he said this back: ‘I don’t believe… I know.'”

    “I’m still not sure how to believe in things yet, grand-Da. But somewhere deep down, already, I know.”

    Donal Regan smiled at his grandson, like an eagle’s cry in a wide black sky.

    “And that’s enough. For such as you and me, now and always, that’s enough.”
    The rims of their glasses touched, tea and whisky they drank.

    And a spark passed. Dark as cold workaday grim murder adrift in a beautiful star-spangled ocean of night.

    And yet also, and brightly, inexorable as the dawn.

  68. (part 2/2)(try #2, because WPDE)

    So it did not surprise him much when he answered, himself without first truly meaning to do it so, in verse and a tone of voice very much like Donal’s:

    “Now here I stand before them
    Some of all the men I’ve killed,
    And were there women among them
    Won’t tell the butcher’s bill;

    “No graves with stones with names
    For dead such wholesale made,
    All detail murdered to the keeping
    Of the silence and the shade.”

    And he skipped a handful of stanzas down to the end of it,

    “The rebellious lords were grateful
    Their pay as good as gold and more,
    Their bonuses bitter, sweet reward
    For setting so many souls to soar;

    “Full blessed be those who lay here ‘waiting
    And old mercenary’s deep lament,
    Who died so such as I could stand here
    With much respect and no regret.”

    And Paul felt his own voice, his own self, shift back to something more familiar, from wherever, whoever, he’d just been instead. “And might that be you, once upon a time somewhere, grand-Da?” As soon as he’d said it, he almost tried to hesitate, retroactively, as if he should’ve thought before speaking. But then again, as whatever eerie spell faded a bit more, he realized that other part of him — would not. Would not have let him do.

    “Mostly, perhaps. Surely not me alone, there’s a deep and wide wake of people that trade leaves behind it, and so many of them you know and never forget. But if you’re asking, young Paul, whether I’ve been there and done that, yes I have, and if you’re asking whether I wrote that, well don’t say so but yes I did.”

    And the silence took them, both, again for a while, as they drank, together but for their own part and with their own thoughts.

    “You mother, which is to say also your father, would not like you reading that.

    “And you’ve been raised, by her and others and for most of your life, to be what old Thomas Paine called a summer soldier and a sunshine patriot, to live in the bright sunshine of life and the warm light of rightness. As if the night that I and a lot of people with me grew up deep in the belly of, would and could never come. But it does come, whenever it wants or needs to and however it pleases, it does calmly and irresistably come.

    “And when and if it comes, all their sunlight world and all its habits — may no longer signify.” And he raised his glass again, as before; except this time, and judiciously, he drank.

    “But you’ve got it in your veins, as I said, the old Morlock blood, and the DNA in it codes for everything you need to be a winter soldier and a cloudburst patriot, just like the old American Deplorables, just like the old British Tommies that beat les Sales Boches a century before, just like me and the people like me, after, that worked the Morlocks’ work in the Levels, then killed the killers far better than they could do us out among the worlds.

    “Ever you need it, if despite all hope and all prayer you do — at need, it’s yours. Part of you. Pre-cooked right from the factory, all ready to rock and roll. Never a doubt.” Donal Regan’s voice sounded like he was a young man, that formidable and volatile young man, again. And in the dark light of midnight, a deeper darkness looked out from his gray eyes, like soft murder.

    That, and all the mid-eclipse dark everywhere about Paul, called up an irresistable echo from way down below.

    “There’s this old vaudeoclip they played for us in school, from right before the turn of the millennium, grand-Da. A Swiss psychologist named Carl Jung, they asked him right at the end of his life if he believed in God.

    “And he said this back: ‘I don’t believe… I know.'”

    “I’m still not sure how to believe in things yet, grand-Da. But somewhere deep down, already, I know.”

    Donal Regan smiled at his grandson, like an eagle’s cry in a wide black sky.

    “And that’s enough. For such as you and me, now and always, that’s enough.”
    The rims of their glasses touched, tea and whisky they drank.

    And a spark passed. Dark as cold workaday grim murder adrift in a beautiful star-spangled ocean of night.

    And yet also, and brightly, inexorable as the dawn.

  69. If you are able to, get a backup generator/stand alone generator for electricity before Harris bans them. It will be needed once they start rationing electricity like California is already doing.

  70. Since everybody is cranky (me too, btw) I’ll just leave this here. Under Pressure, with David Bowie and Annie Lennox. I’ll make your neck hair stand up. Made me cry.

  71. Does anybody think The Donald is going quietly into retirement? I’m seeing multiple speculations about his post-presidency.

    Many are speculating about him emulating Grover Cleveland (successfully) and Teddy Roosevelt (unsuccessfully) and running for the White House again.

    The editors at the NY Sun speculates about the Trumps filling the vacuum caused by withdrawal of Fox News and the Murdoch Media Empire by building his own media monster.

    And Power Line directed attention to this item at The Other McCain:

    Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
    by Smitty
    First and foremost: #StopTheSteal. We do not deserve to have the Left piss down our back and tell us it’s raining.

    In the alternative case, we’re in better shape than 2008. The leadership vacuum that crippled the Tea Parties is filled by Trump.

    A fully weaponized, free range Trump is going to destroy the Left. Watch him:

    1. barnstorm the country for two years
    2. rally Tea Parties and local Republican Parties to staff the elections with plenty of observers
    3. run for the House in his Florida district
    4. become Speaker of the House
    5. with a veto-override majority
    6. and then proceed to un-jack our election laws


    1. They are going to arrest him on bogus charges and he will then be Epsteined/Bulgered while in custody. They have no intention of letting him rally opposition to their “fundamental transformation of America”.

      1. Yup. The Left has made no secret of its willingness to bend and even destroy pretty much everything in its attempts to go after Trump. And even if Pelosi and Schumer were inclined to let Trump go quietly into the night (assuming that’s what Trump wanted to do), their base is howling for his blood.

        Pelosi’s not the one making posts about putting lists together of everyone and anyone who supported Trump while he was in office.

        1. She hasn’t denounced it either, the same way that she refused to denounced the blatant Jew hatred of Omar and Tlaib.

          1. I’m not saying that she has denounced it. My point is that this nonsense is coming from the ground up. And the Democratic leadership has had trouble ignoring its base, no matter how crazed that base gets.

            1. Has the Left driven them barking mad, or were they drawn to the Left because they were already batshit crazy?

              1. A bit of both — they create a feedback loop by which they exacerbate their worst impulses. You see a similar dynamic on the Right although it is alleviated by an absence of a bubble.

            2. Pelosi and her ilk need to be held to the same standard that they impose on others. Trump actually denounced white nationalists on multiple occasions and still gets treated like he is a KKK member like Exalted Cyclops Senator Robert Byrd, Democrat and mentor to Hillary and whom Biden eulogized…..oh wait, Byrd is still lionized by the Democrats.

              1. They are held to the same standard as the one they impose: aything negative said about Republicans is calling out hatred and anything negative said about Democrats is racist, sexist and mean-spirited.

            1. He’s wrong.
              If you email me, two initials last name at mail of heat, I’ll send you the post I’m writing for PJ.
              IF we hold fast, we’ll be fine.
              Sure, there’s the augean stables to clean. But we’ll be fine.
              PRAY Trump doesn’t give up.

              1. Ooh, I thought of a good one:

                “My name is Donald John Trump. You stole the election. Prepare to die.”

                (Preferably with that still from where Count Rugen has stabbed Inigo and he’s collapsed against the wall.)

              2. He’s a worst-caser without being blackpilled, a weird place but I think works well as a warning.

                I don’t think the Left are quite to putting us up against the wall, despite their public fantasies. But in four years, they very well could be. Still, I note that Trump always wears a bulletproof vest, even at pressers. And am grateful for the Secret Service, who do not seem to be compromised at any level.

                And yeah, the single most important factor is whether Trump keeps fighting this, and being the leader to rally ’round. I’m thinkin’ a bit more of himself speaking or rallying might go a long way as encouragement, but he’s got to be careful not to say anything that could go against the cause in court.

                My email will come from Rez at the land of Gold and Doom. 😀

                  1. BTW speaking of mirages and smokescreens, Montana just voted itself solid red for the first time in living memory (normally the DC types go one way and the governor goes the other).

                    Watching the count was interesting, tho… I think the Dems (having spent close to $100M on us) were a little too sure they’d win, so the early tallies were tilted hard blue (mostly from districts I contend were held back in 2018 to ensure Tester’s win). But as the night wore on our guys crept ahead, and that was that. And the count was over before anyone could disrupt it.

    2. I’m seeing multiple speculations about his post-presidency.

      Looking at the folk on the other side, I’m seeing two possibilities for Trump post-Presidency (if it’s this time around): Prison or exile trying to avoid extradition and/or assassination (c.f. Trotsky).

      Yes, I do think that’s how the other side is going to play it.

      1. You already have the Attorney General of New York claiming she’s going to have him arrested the second he’s out of office. She’s not very specific about what kind of crimes she thinks he has committed, other than beating Hillary! in the election, but she has already committed NY state to making an arrest and prosecuting.

        You have the Squad and other Democrats urging people to attack his family. They’ve already physically attacked one family member and some White House employees.

        They sounded their deguello. Let them choke on it.

        1. Wait, what family member got attacked?

          Had not heard about NY AG’s insanity (egads!) but yeah, I think there’s going to be some of this. Tho finding charges that don’t read like “Welcome to the Gulag Processing Center! Enjoy your stay” will be a stretch.

          1. One of the female ones, on an airplane. Oh, and I forgot about Peter Fonda demanding Trump’s son Baron be locked in a cage with pedophiles and raped to death.

            Some of this stuff goes back to the first year of his term.

            1. Those Fonda kids weren’t raised right… Yeah, I’ve heard some nasty fantasies about Barron. Methinks he’ll remember when he’s out there in the world.

                1. Oh, from what I’ve seen, Barron is entirely his father’s son. That young man misses nothing.

        1. You know, I’m suddenly reminded that she was the idiot most heavily pushing busing as a means of addressing “racial disparities” in K-12 schools. That was one of the most singularly hated and despised government programs that has existed in her lifetime.

          1. She’s also involved in the mass incarceration of black males, which is something the Democrats pretended to care about a few months ago.

            1. Yeah, and even apparently condoning the use of falsified evidence to do so. IIRC, those are the two primary things that Tulsi Gabbard used to destroy her in the Dem debates.

              1. And for which the response to Gabbard’s doing so was Team Hillary declaring that Gabbard was a Russian agent.

                1. Speaking of Russian agents, where did they all go? I was assured by the MSM that they’d be working overtime to hack the election in Trump’s favour. And we all know the media is never wrong. Ever.

  72. ….and Democrats are apparently planning to move people en masse to Georgia to vote in the runoff elections, as anyone who moves their by December 7, 2020 can vote in the runoff elections for the Senate:


    Also, Upchuck Schumer attended a large rally in Brooklyn today (because its okay when leftists gather in violation of NYC’s rules that are aggressively enforced against Jews and Catholics), where he declared that after winning the Senate that Democrats would “change America”.

    If they do this, its time for a national divorce.

    1. We need to illustrate what ‘change America’ will mean. We need to splash that slogan across images of gulags, concentration camps, mass graves, and every communist shithole in the world. Images of the riots, looting and arson they have brought to our own cities. We have to show the Useful Idiots what they are enabling, every day, until it sinks in below the level of their minimal awareness. We have to get them to ‘feel’ it, since they have been so persistently taught not to think.

      1. Pictures should depict the Uighur camps operated by Biden’s sponsors, labeled internment camps as “Trump Supporter Re-education Facility #$”.

        We already know what they mean by “Polite Society” — we’ve seen it replicated in Venezuela, Cuba, the USSR, the Third Reich and ante-bellum South.

    2. Betting odds question:

      Let’s say the billions of campaign expenditures, temporary new residents and Big Tech gaslighting meet Georgia repugnance at being bullied by Yankees to split the senate races leaving the chamber 50-50.

      Who switches parties first: Joe Manchin or Mitt Romney?

      Keep in mind that several senate members likely get Cabinet appointments (e.g., Liawatha) come from states with Republican governors itching to appoint replacements.

      1. Romney switched parties ten years ago, just didn’t bother to tell anybody.

        We should also make a big stink about how much money that Hero Of The (Left) People, Fauci, has got invested in the military bio-warfare lab in Wuhan that cooked up the virus, and let it loose.

      2. For Romney formally switching parties in Utah would be political suicide. Even he votes with the Dems, he will remain a Republican, which if Manchin flips would give Republicans the committee chairs and majority leadership, and thus a lot of the procedural power.

        1. Romney is old enough that he likely won’t run for reelection, so political suicide won’t much matter.

          1. I don’t think so. Failed presidential candidates don’t run for a single term in the Senate. I think he anticipates having some sort of political future beyond his first term, though I don’t know what it might be.

      3. If they can import new voters so they can vote for Democrats in the election and can do their Fulton County Fraud again, what the people of Georgia vote for will be irrelevant.

            1. Tchah! Bleedin’ optimists, you are.

              I expect they will be vetting our promotions of field grade officers.

          1. And Iran will have nukes and will all likelihood use them to achieve its goal of “wiping Israel off the map”; and then they will turn those nukes on the USA.

            1. While Israel doesn’t admit it, they are widely believed to have nukes themselves. If Iran goes there somebody will get wiped off the map, but it might not be who they think.

              1. They do have them. But if Iran launches a first strike, the fact that Israel is able to launch a retaliatory strike will not save the lives of those in Tel Aviv, Haifa and every other city that gets nuked. Israel is a very small country land area wise.

                Iran knows that Harris along with the EU will not only not do anything in response, but will blame Israel for being nuked and will then break out the champagn