Vote as if your life depended on it!

You’ve heard the phrase: make hay while the sun shines?

VOTE. Get out there and vote. Vote as if you life depended on it. If you are a regular on this blog, it probably does.

Vote if you’re in a deep red area and think your vote doesn’t count. Vote if you’re in a deep blue area and you think your vote doesn’t count. Vote if they call the election before you get out there. Vote. GET OUT THERE AND VOTE.

Yes the third box is woobly and leaky and the dereliction of duty of our journalists and educators (not to mention the invincible ignorance of both groups) means even non-fraudulent leftist votes are UNINFORMED. Which means we might not have a chance.

BUT it is NOT the fourth box. And we know what’s in the fourth. Pandora’s had nothing on it.

So vote while our flag is still there. Get your ass out there, stand in line if you have to, wear the face diaper if you have to, BUT VOTE.

According tot he suggestion of the Wallaby, this is an open thread for Election Day talk.

I probably won’t be back till tomorrow morning. Oh, who am I kidding? I tried that in 2016, and friends and kids started sending me texts around eight pm so I ended up crashing in on Steve and Melissa Green, and huddling in their living room, so I had someone to chatter nervously at.

I don’t know if history repeats itself, but if things are clear by the evening SOMEONE will text and I’ll know. Depending on the result, I might come here to chatter or just got to bed (I haven’t slept in weeks.) or to write a Don’t Jump Off the Ledge, We Need You, post. And pray not a repeat of 2012, where I was talking a friend off the ledge on my phone, another on private messaging, and two members of my own family in the house, all at the same time. This is not something you do to a depressive, btw. Force her to come up with and invent “upsides” to keep others from committing suicide.

I’m going to spend a few hours on my knees, praying to Himself the third box preserves the republic for now, and a fourth is not needed.

And then I’ll probably write a pride and prejudice variation, because it will keep me amused and doesn’t require a brain. (It’s fanfic. Not an insult to those who write it or read it, but it requires less brain than if I do the plotting and characters myself.)

And you mugs, GO VOTE. And then if you’re believers — or even if you’re not. The novelty might amuse Him into listening! — PRAY that when this election is done our flag is still there, and still stands for a Constitutional Republic devoted to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Go be Americans.

524 thoughts on “Vote as if your life depended on it!

  1. I already have. I got up early, and got to the polling place about 70 minutes after it opened. There was no wait. When I came out ten minutes later, a few Dems were putting up signs out beyond the limits. Alas, I’m only allowed to vote once, or else I’d go back a few times today.

  2. Some friends were going to vote on Thursday, so I went along with. I don’t think Texas is in play and I wish I could save my vote for when a party actually starts to reduce the national debt, but just in case they try to steal Texas, I did my part.


    1. keep the blame for the explosion of debt under Trump where it belongs: the dem instigated covidiocy.
      And then they have the nerve to point at it. As a mutual friend of ours puts it: Three things are unbelievable: the lion, the witch, the audacity of this bitch.

      1. Yep. Democrats blame Trump for the mess THEY made. In the same breath they blame Trump for the economic effects of the panic, AND for not making them worse. They blame Trump for their riots, AND for what he’s done to stop them.

        I can’t listen to Biden. Every word out of Joey’s pie-hole that’s not an incomprehensible jumble is a lie.
        Argumentum ad nauseum — to keep repeating the same bullshit until everybody is so sick of it they stop listening, then claim victory.

            1. I have already had the scariest thing ever happen to happen. For the first time in my life I openly and verbally told The Lord I accepted my fate was fully in His Hands. I admitted the measure of my days was His to determine and, if He weighed them already sufficient I was thankful for how good a life I’ve had.

              Today, a Harris presidency is scary, but we can survive it. We can build around; we can build over: we can build under.

              1. HUGS.
                Me? I’m afraid I can’t survive a Harris Presidency. This morning I woke up with eczema everywhere including my eyelids. And every joint in my body feels broken…..

                1. Sarah, we’re winning. Even if it’s not a blowout we’re winning, and we’ve got a president and a SCOTUS that won’t just turn a blind eye to fraud.

                  Turn off the MSM for a while and fucking breathe.

                    1. Hmm. Something odd’s going on in AZ:

                    2. Iowa voting radio guys just spent five minutes going absolutely ape, because ARIZONA IS STILL VOTING RIGHT NOW.

                      People are still at the polls.

                      Calling it for Biden is, per them, an obvious suppression call. Phrasing from the Democrat commenter. (WHO radio is prided on being very center, I find them sane.)

                    1. it’s not too late. the more we do now the better! It feels veddy veddy strange to say that to you. I borked my knee in addition to my arthritis so I know from pain the body.

                    2. She got an injection of the “cartilage replacement” gel which seems to be performing as advertised.

                2. Been praying for you, Mrs. Hoyt, your boys, and your parents. We’re in God’s hands. And he loves us more than you and I love our kids.

                  We might hurt a lot, but … All will be well and all will be well and all will yet be very well

        1. I liked the Babylon Bee article that said some Christian group was supporting Biden because he was speaking in tongues. And then people were arguing about what it translated ass. (misspelling intended!)

    2. Won’t happen unless and until the parties learn that they won’t be destroyed for first reducing the increase, and then reducing the total amount.

      1. I will *happily* vote for even a moderate loser that actually *cuts spending.* Tax cuts are nice. Tax cuts are great. But spending is killing me. Make it stop!

  3. Was there when the polls opened (because I trust vote-by-mail about as much as I trust an extra-sleazy used car salesman). Lots of people were ahead of me in line…. and more than a few of them had to fill out provisional ballots because their names weren’t on the rolls.

    I chalk that up in part to having four different districts at the same polling location but each district having to vote at a separate spot in said location (public high school, two districts in the gym and two in the cafeteria) and piss-poor signage and general direction about which district was supposed to vote where… but a lot of the folks who weren’t on the rolls and filling out provisional ballots seemed to be wearing Democrat-leaning clothing and other paraphernalia…. hopefully I’m just being paranoid…..

    1. I hit the polls about half and hour after opening. It was “busy”, but only because “social distancing” meant they had fewer booths set up and the poll workers out numbered the people voting.

      This was in a very blue section of deep blue Pima County, Arizona.

      (I wonder what it would due to Team Blue’s numbers if more people knew Blue’s presence in Tucson goes back to Tucson being a Confederate town?)

      1. Since I’m an old fashioned sort, I skipped the early voting and mail-in and assorted miscellany and went down in person to the local polling place. There were two or three people in line ahead of me and about 5 or 6 actually voting in the booths. God save the United States of America.

        I couldn’t stomach the Clinton crew last time around. And yet the Democrats have managed to field less competent and more corrupt candidates this time. It’s a good thing I don’t have to vote for a saint for President, because no one on the ballot qualifies. A competent Chief Executive will suffice.

    2. I got there before the polls closed. I start working before they open. And, for the fraud, I always vote in person and on election day. It’s more secure, and harder to manufacture malfeasance at the last minute if the usual parties find they’re running short.

      Even then, small town Appalachia was busy. About fifty people at the polls, give or take, at the small school I went to. That’s a lot for the end of the day, after all the hustle and bustle around here.

      It’s been busy all day long. Steady. Folks in cars coming by, going in, coming out twenty minutes or so later. Little kids running about. Old folks laughing and talking with each other. Young ladies looking pretty even in the cold, young men trying to keep their eyeballs in their heads.

      There wasn’t any nonsense on the ballot this time. No proposition this or that. Folks in the State capital had their noses rubbed in it but good last time, and the foolishness of some got enough attention that they are keeping their heads down, hoping to be re-elected. Fat chance, I say. The constituents around here get a might ornery when the representatives let the high vapors of the office go to their heads. We don’t like it. And thus new faces show up in the state capital. A good thing, that.

      No protests marred our polling day. Least thus far. One thinks that the usual suspects realize that there’s no national coverage in these little mountains. And lots and lots of guns. Last fugitive from justice through here was caught by a couple of farmers with shotguns, walking up to him off their front porch. And the closest protest was a good hour away in the city- about five kids with one tattered sign under an underpass far from the city center. They left when the locals shooed them off home.

      But my little speck of Appalachia ain’t the way everywhere else is, I know. There’s folks out there walking into danger. Some of them in uniform. Respect that. Others like you and me. Praying for ’em. I don’t expect there to be any sort of stoppage of the misbehavior that we’ve seen the last half a year or so in larger cities. It bothers me that folks tolerate that.

      And tolerate they do. Riots are not terribly complicated things. They don’t emerge fully formed from some foul goblin’s little head. They don’t happen often in places where they expect serious opposition and jailtime to occur. That’s a sort of tell in how to put a stop to them. Arrest ’em, charge, prosecute, sentence, and serve. Law and order works, folks, when it is allowed to do the job it is intended to do.

      I expect there to be tantrums of that sort no matter what. And more.

      But Himself looks after drunkards and fools, and these United States. That doesn’t mean I expect it easy. Quite the contrary, in fact. But honest work, now that I can get behind. There’s plenty of it to go around. Nigh infinite, in point of fact. Come the next few hours, days, and weeks, we shall win some and lose some. That is a given.

      What we shall not do is quit. Trump cannot do it all on his own. Shoulder to the wheel, lads. Live a good life. It ain’t over yet.

    1. Did the drop the mail in ballot in the box outside the muni building a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, NJ’s “in-person voting” is only by provisional ballots, which have even less of a chance of being counted than the mail in ones. And both are subject to fraud, the focus of which in NJ will certainly be in Cape May and Atlantic Counties where Democrats are seeking to oust Jeff Van Drew by any means necessary for switching parties due to the Democrat’s impeachment insanity.

  4. Will do– going to swap off with my dearest half-elf; Elf will go vote after work, and I’ll swap for his car and go vote when he gets back.

  5. i voted yesterday. I wore a bright red shirt and a Medieval Plague Mask. Hardly anybody was there. One of the poll workers liked the Mask, and took a picture.
    Bring out yer dead!

    1. [facepalm]

      Argh! I just got back from voting, but I didn’t even THINK to wear my plague doctor mask to the poll! I stopped wearing it months ago since none of my local stores are giving me grief over masks any more.

      Curse you for being a better troll than me! [shakes fist impotently]

      1. I wore a .45. And used my concealed carry license for the “State-issued photo ID” requirement. *And* I had my Voter ID card, which is a cheesy little paper card that comes as a tear-out on a postcard, that almost everyone throws away as junk mail. It’s such a rarity it always gets a second look from the poll workers.

        1. In Florida it’s a felony to carry a firearm in a voting location. Additionally mine is in a church, next to a middle and high school. Figured I didn’t want to open that particular can of worms. But 15 minutes after the doors opened, there were about 100 people in line. First time I had to wait for a table to open to fill the ballot out, then wait in line to put it in the scanner. I’m in a /very/ Red county, so it seems like the right people are fired up.

          1. I have the “enhanced” CHCL, which allows carry at polls, most state and city offices, and other places.

            Since the old, restrictive laws have been rolled back piecemeal, normal concealed carry holders may not carry at polling places, but any random schmuck off the street exercising his new Constitutional Carry rights can, at least until some Karen realizes it and manages to lobby some “protection” in.

        2. >> “I wore a .45.”

          I carried too (concealed, of course). Hell, this is the day I bought my first gun for.

          Still hoping I don’t need it, though.

          1. We need to get our CCL. I probably won’t carry. I’ve discussed reasons why handling a handgun for me hurts. But if husband is going to have a CCL & carry, I know, that when we travel the gun won’t be on him. Which means when we stop for gas or at rest areas, I will be at the vehicle when he isn’t. Which means with a concealed in the vehicle, I have to be outside if I don’t have the CCL too. Not happening. Wouldn’t happen often as I deal with not only myself, but the dog (my SD) when we stop, so he is usually back in the vehicle first, but there is always that one time, in the right place, when it could matter.

            Might be too late. But those are the plans.

            Oops. I forgot. We still have to recover all our guns from the tipped boat incident …

            1. Mrs. TRX was the one who wanted a carry permit, out of the blue. I got mine too. We wound up taking the course separately. When I went through, the instructor said it was the first class where there had been as many men as women in several years; they were usually mostly-female, and they had women-only classes weekly, too.

              The State Police (who issue the permits) make various demographic data available, but interestingly, not the M/F percentages of licensees. And, of course, we don’t need no steenkeeng permits any more anyway; it’s only useful in one of the 40 or so *other* states that recognize an Arkansas CHCL.

              1. We’re in Oregon. CCL’s we can get have very limited number of states where the CCL is recognized. California is not one of them. Unless we could get a Federal CCL. However, I believe there must be a reason to get a Federal CCL beyond “want one”; we’d both qualify otherwise 🙂 Our biggest reason to have one these days is wilderness hiking & National Parks. Not illegal to carry with or w/o CCL depending on state, illegal to fire within parks. If it comes to that? Will take the fine. If forced to fire a weapon in a National Park, there will be a whole lot more to worry about than “fired a weapon in a national park”. It’ll mean we were attacked by a two legged animal. We carry Bear Spray for the other kind …

                Couple of things. We’ve been hiking wilderness & national parks our entire marriage, 42 years now (we still have the gear but backpacking is probably done). We’ve never considered packing a weapon until recently. This last summer there were a LOT more visible open carry in Yellowstone than the times we’ve been before. Who knows how many concealed there were. WY & MT residents can carry concealed without a CCL in their states, but non-state residents can’t (or can be fined if reason to be checked). Any US citizen can open carry (if they can get the weapon there, a lot fly in …).

      2. I wore my Division mask. No one seemed to recognize it.

        I did get a laugh when I wore it to Best Buy a couple of weeks ago.

        1. I don’t know to what Division you’re referring, but Amazon has a wide variety of 82nd Airborne Division* face coverings. I’m pretty sure most people would recognize that, though…. 😉

          *Though I was never assigned to the All Americans, I did spend six months in 1986 deployed to the Sinai Peninsula with a battalion (2-504th Parachute Infantry Regiment) from the 82nd.

          1. >> “I don’t know to what Division you’re referring”

            When he said that, my first thought was of this:

            My second thought was “Wait, they make masks like that?”

          2. It’s a video game reference. The game in question involves a wide-spread outbreak of a man-made infectious disease that wipes out most of the world’s population. I suspect most people won’t get it, or recognize the logo.

            The ones that do will likely find it amusing and appropriate.

  6. Checking in from one of the redder parts of NC. I found a 25-person line when I got there, 15 minutes before the polls opened. We had a minor kerfuffle about parking (fire station) and as I was coming back from moving my car, had some genial old dude ask, “Oh, you had so much fun you want to come vote again?” I restrained myself from telling him that *I* wasn’t a Democrat.

  7. Dropped off my early ballot in the approved box at the county building last week.

    Worked as a volunteer directing voters to appropriate windows for a day earlier in that week. Lines were constant, sometimes longer than others. I’m in what should be a reliably red (stupid press changing the colors) area. According to the actual poll workers there had been a lot of early votes, from one count well over half of the ballots that were sent out had come in more than a week before election day.

    Lots of prayer going up.

    1. I don’t give a damn what the media says. The Reds are Communists.

      They can ram their NewSpeak where the sun don’t shine.

      1. While I agree, acting on it will cause confusion among our friends (Was he talking about demoncrats or Republicans?).

      2. “Red” is for hostiles, “blue” is for friendlies. Just think of it in terms of wargames, remember which side the media is on, and it all makes sense.

  8. Voted on my way in to work.

    I find it ironic that cites like NY and DC are preping for violence when it is the far left that tends to act like spoiled 3 year olds when they don’t get their way. (not saying the far right won’t, but noting trends) So are they expecting Trump to win?

    I hope that, even though so much of America has turned their backs on HIm, that the Father will not turn his face away from us.

    1. I think they have put so much effort and emotion into the preparations, they will have to riot no matter what happens.

      1. Leftards have said flat out that if Biden wins, they’ll riot until he gives in to their demands. So… riots either way. I’ll take Crusader Trump over pay-the-danegeld Biden; at least with Trump now unconstrained by the need to win this election, some rioters might get a righteous ass-kicking.

        1. There was a dumb stock news article I saw opining that the uptick in Ruger and Smith & Wesson stocks were a predictor for a Biden win, to which I said “Boarded up Yet, Sonny?” : It’s either (more of) a run on guns if China Joe wins to beat the bans, or (more of) a run on guns if Trump wins and the threatened riots fire off and cities burn.

          So basically, both SWBI and RGR are a pretty good bet no matter what.

          1. Insty had a good point earlier; 5 million new people registered for gun permits and purchased guns this year; who do you think THEY are voting for?

    2. I wish I thought it were preparation for a Republican win, but I’m sure most of them would say they’re preparing for right-wing violence. Alternatively, although they probably wouldn’t say this, for all I know, they may expect celebratory violence — heaven knows there are college towns that get trashed when their team wins — or figure they’re going to be out of business soon so they might as well get a jump on it.

      1. “college towns that get trashed when their team wins”

        Good point. Some fool may get drunk and start shooting at the moon when his or her side wins.

        1. If I was running the school I’d shut their sports department down. But too many colleges are life-support systems for sportsball teams.

          I wonder if any of the colleges force their students to go door to door “selling” candy to buy goodies for “the team”, on pain of having their grades reduced? It was a thing in junior and senior high.

          1. My understanding is that sportsball teams (well, football anyway) are the financial lifeblood of their university bureaucracies… winning brings in the big donor bucks.

            Too much money, not enough sport.

            1. *Tremendous* amounts of money pass through the colleges. Tuition, fees, grants, endowments, gifts, fundraisers… Little of it seems to get accounted for. Funny, that.

            1. For who is like unto G-d? (I’ve been fitting my recitations in between classes and grading. It’s soothing. And adding Vienna. That hit MY corner of the city, may the shooter rot.)

              1. Everything has its purpose.

                Perhaps we are even in the end times and it’s time for the ultimate victory and ultimate life — after terrible times.

            2. Exactly, if they lose they’ll riot for a few days or months and maybe burn a building or city or two, but if they win they’ll spend the next four years focused on two things: ruining the entire country and ensuring us deplorables never get another chance to vote in someone like Trump.

          1. And, as the International Lord of Hate wrote in his first novel, “the dead flirt ugly.”

            (Hey, given that the metabolically-challenged are a key Democrat voting bloc, it does all seem to fit together.)

      2. Michael Yon has a source that provided this to him:

        “Oregon police chiefs: regardless who wins, violent demonstrations in Portland. Possibly Eugene. Trump victory — widespread violence primarily along I-5 corridor, metro areas. If Biden wins, violent demonstrations for “anger against Trump sins” in Portland, and possibly Eugene”

        1. As long as they keep it downtown, UofO district is fine too, Eugene. Head up River Road and points north … um, No. Keep if peaceful, okay. Any fire or damage … Let’s just say the area is “fired out”.

          Give the area a reason to believe that the fires were arson. I dare them. Real smart move (NOT). Right now it is being put on the power companies for not shutting down the grid as soon as the high winds hit Labor Day weekend. Which would have been too late … plus the area doesn’t have a history of fires being started by power lines + high dry warm winds (doesn’t get regular Santa Ana winds like way down south). Give people an inch to believe otherwise… Stupid (oh, wait).

        1. Saw three helicopters in formation over Eugene yesterday. Looked like Apaches but I am no expert.

          1. There were?

            Didn’t see or hear a thing … and we are close to the Airport! Less than 5 road miles. You’d think we’d hear 3 helicopters in formation. OTOH air traffic near us is background noise. Not constant but not infrequent either.

            *When the Blue Angels were here for the air show, X many years ago (I think 25 – ish), we sat in the backyard & watched them practice overhead.

            1. The big air show here in Cleveland takes place on a small airport right on Lake Erie. When I worked for Navy Payroll downtown, we got to see the Blue Angels practicing from the 17th floor or whatever. Rumor was they liked to buzz our building since they knew that’s where their pay (systems) came from. In any case, was cool watching the planes winging their way around the skyscrapers.

              1. “Down I-5” where?

                Beltline? Hwy 126? UofO Franklin? LCC & 30th (either exit)?

                Wouldn’t have heard or seen anything from north of Beltline between 99/RR/Irving/Irvington.

      1. a) Saint Augusto of the Whirling Blades may miraculously spare us his necessities.
        b) How much pricing of helicopters have you done? Even the cheap UAVs that can hold a man’s weight are not cheap. And maintenance is also an expense. I’m a wee bit flaky to come up with the cheapest practical alternative, but I’m fairly sure there are some good ones.

        1. There’s always the guillotine. The Leftists are constantly telling us to be more like Europe – I’d say separating our elites from their heads in the manner the French did would please them, then, right?

        2. Rope! It’s cheap, available without a license or background check, organic, and recyclable. Works just fine; just ask Mussolini!

          1. Actually, Home Despot stopped selling rope a few months ago, when that ‘noose’ nonsense was going around. I wanted some sisal rope to re-wrap the cat tree, but S.O.L.

            Well, there’s always — aw, hell, you need some rope to build a Trebuchet.

            I’ve got an axe…

            And a sledgehammer.
            “I’ve got a slug…”
            “Pray, does it talk?”
            “Nnnnot as such, no.”

        3. “Drooling Comrades, from the sky.
          Dumb Comrades, who fall and die.
          500 more, we’ll drop today,
          Per the plan of Pinochet.

          “Pinochet inspires us all,
          but he’s thinking way too small!
          US has a faster way,
          Shove them from a C5A!”

          Stop thinking small, Bob, or we’ll never get done.

      1. They’ve *been* doing that. It has been at least fifteen years since I first read about HOAs and public schools declaring the Stars and Stripes was a “hate symbol” and banning it.

        1. Any school that says the American flag is a hate symbol should be immediately banned from receiving any federal funds

      2. It’s why Team Obama was so anxious to help Iran’s nuclear program and to ship pallets full of hundreds of millions in cash; they share the same goal as the Mullahs: “death to America”

  9. When my husband gets off from work we’ll both go today. They have to let you vote if you were in line by 7:00.
    We’re in a small rural area in a red state, but I still want to go vote.
    I will gladly use my vote to nullify a fake vote that would otherwise contribute to the popular vote they want. Those dreams of abolishing the electorate must be utterly crushed.

      1. Parking lot was Packed.
        Not many folks inside for voting though. Steady stream but no big lines I was able to fill, get ballot and then had to wait a few seconds for the guy in front of me to read in his ballot.

        I noticed that many of the Trump signs here also have the Dem running for Sheriff signs. Especially the “Vote Law And Order” with a shield badge shape and Trump’s name smaller than the normal signs. forwhatitsworth. This is a very purple to blue area.

  10. If Trump can pull this off, it means that a critical mass of voters has developed herd immunity to the nonstop propaganda that plagues our modern world. Think about that for a moment.

    It’s far bigger than Trump, or the current issues. It means the Left posessed a means of control only dreamed about by Hitler or Stalin, and yet overplayed their hand to where they lost it.
    Their Hubris will have led to their defeat. A truly Historic and remarkable day.

      1. The world is already changing. The Fascist Left is desperately trying to reverse the change. The question is, how much of a mess can they make while failing?

      2. Republicans also need to keep control of the Senate. Without that, none of his nominees will ever get confirmed, and the House impeachment insanity will be compounded by Senate going along with it; even if they can’t convict under the Constitution, they will use it to deligitimize him by claiming a “majority” voted to remove him from office and then stating they will do nothing unless he and Pence leave office so Malignancy can become President.

        Indeed, I would not be at all surprised if Democrats push their paramilitary to openly go for outright assassination. Their rhetoric already certainly is heading that way.

          1. same here; well except for the Board of Ed, which was all Democrats as candidates-it was between the establishment Dems, who are noxious, and the DSA folks who are utterly noxious.

            1. I actually filled in the “write in” spaces with “None”, where a democrat was running unopposed.

              1. Nobody can balance the budget.
                Nobody can rein in the bureaucracy.
                Nobody can clean up the corruption.
                Nobody can be trusted.
                Vote for Nobody!!

          2. I did. First time since I was 18. I wouldn’t vote Democrat for dog-catcher in a 2-person town.

          3. Ditto. Straight Republican ticket or abstained. Well to be honest abstained there was only the incumbent on the ticket, no noting of affiliation, plus write in option. Mostly Judges. Wouldn’t know them from a worm on the ground, or who else to foist the position on; may as well be someone who wants it. But I don’t have to vote for them.

          4. Only non-R vote I made today was for Judge of Probate, as there was only a D running.

            Naturally, I selected write in, and wrote down Mickey Mouse. Makes me wonder how many total votes the mouse gets for all races nationwide.

  11. -27°F. right here, right now, on this election day morning. Will that have a negative effect on me or anyone else getting to the polls today?

    Seriously, if you think it might, you don’t know Alaskans!

    Four more years!!

  12. Voted a while ago. Decided I didn’t want to make Nov 3rd a potential single point failure.

    On a different subject, I was trying to figure out a short explanation of what cultural marxism actually was, and this is what I came up with.

    Basically, Free Market is the economic system that operates from the assumption that the individual is the entity best able to know what their ‘happiness’ is and how most effectively to pursue it. Associations in this are strictly voluntary, and entered into by individuals who feel it would best advance their happiness.

    Classical Marxism assumed that it is the class best able to identify and pursue ‘happiness’. Basically your spot of the economic ladder is the best tool for identifing what you want/need out of life, and that that group is best able to pursue that happiness as a unit.

    Cultural Marxism takes that idea and extends it to immutable characteristics. Basically, it operates under the assumption that your racial, ethnic, gender, or other immutable characteristics will define what your happiness is, and that that can only be pursued by people with the same or similar immutable characteristics.

    I.e. All Blue Receiver Puppetteers have a common set of interests and happinesses, that must be the focus of all Blue Receiver Puppetteers, and that these will, of necessity, be different from Green Female Puppetters.

    Thoughts? Or am I wildly off base here?

    Thank you,

    Harry Voyager

      1. That sounds about right, with the added innovation of zillions of different births one can sort of put on like suits, so long as you tie the party line…

    1. Cultural Marxism is an attempt to reposition Marxism for a world where the Upper Class Elite are the Marxists, and want to stay on top. Class War doesn’t work for them because it would paint a target on their backs.


  13. We voted early in our Richmond VA suburb. Early voting was heavy all across VA. Went by our local polling place around 10:45 while running errands; it was almost empty. VA is shown as reliably blue on most election maps but there is an undercurrent of unhappiness over the Dem governor and legislature pushing gun control this year.

    1. They’re not just Democrats, they’re Bloomborg Drones. Bloomborg bought a whole state government in 2018 specifically to impose a gun ban in Virginia.

      1. Apparently Bloomberg couldn’t buy Florida.

        There should be an accounting of how much money the Dems spent this year … and whence it came and how little it bought.

        I gather the Dems had a dark money PAC called Think Blue to funnel money from Silly Valley (and possibly places West) into campaigns. Next election the GOP needs to create a PAC called Think Red, White & Blue.

  14. I started my day reading Sarah’s story,”Teach the Children”and crying. I had to delete the collection; too scary! God defend us. Then went out to vote! In person, of course, because this is Pennsylvania.

          1. True. I started re-reading “One Second After” and had to stop. When the author wrote about the silence from the freeway, I -got- it. Post lockdown silence and the hang time before the crash. Very disturbing.

  15. Been there, done that, confirmed that my mailed ballot was “accepted” on an appropriate date (so it’s definitely mine, or at least was when it arrived).

    Trump banner is hanging in the front window, for lack of a better place to put it. Because I had to show the world *something*.

  16. Voted this morning. There was a line, but not terrible, and the only weirdness was the lady who insisted on trying to give my ballot to the Dragonette (who wanted to tag along) despite it being MY ballot.

    Hubby voted early, as he has a doctors appointment after work.

  17. As if my life depends on it? Pfagh It is more important than that. I’m voting as if my liberty depends upon it.

  18. Dropped off my Glorious Gavin’s Peoples Bear Flag Republic Socially Distanced Ballot at one of the library drop boxes, took a photo of the box with my phone to timestamp my drop-off, and a couple of days later received official tracking confirmation that my ballot was received and passed muster last week, as did my wife’s. Even got an official email stampy image:

    I also registered to track my elderly Mom’s vote progress and have been paying close attention that no one has helpfully voted on her behalf, and so far so good.

      1. Unless you are here you seriously have no frelling idea…

        The back of the English language official State Voter Information Guide pamphlet (112 pages including cover on Propositions 14-25) has little blocks in all ten of those languages (English, Khmer, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, Tagalog, Hindi, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese) saying all California voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot.

        The back of the English language sample ballot & County voter information guide booklet (92 pages including cover, local Propositions G, H, I, J S, T & RR), has a select-your-language list on the back of 14 languages that leaves Thai out, but has a fill-in-the-blank for any they missed (English, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Nepali, Punjabi, Spanish, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Vietnamese, and Other).

        If I am not mistaken, China Joe is a native Other speaker based on his use of “Trunalimunumaprzure” in a sentence. Kamala is clearly a native Cackle speaker, possibly the Hideous Evil dialect.

        1. Fill-in-the-blank language? What fun!

          Ancient Egyptian.
          Mabrahoring. (language of Hell in Zelazny’s ‘Dilvish, The Damned’)
          Vulcan, Andorian, Klingon or Romulan.
          Bajoran or Cardassian.
          Elvish or Dwarvish.
          Goa’uld or Jaffah.

    1. If things go as usual, Biden will have a slight lead during the day, then pull ahead strongly in the evening. Shortly before the polls close, the media will declare him the winner and start screeching for Trump to concede. When the polls officially close Trump will have 500+ electoral votes. In previous years this would be met with silence or a demand for recounts in selected counties, which as far as I know have never changed an election, but it’s traditional or something.

  19. Dear Lord,

    They say you look after fools, drunks, and the United States of America. Please don’t stop. We need your help.


      1. All the retirees from the Northeast who bring their awful politics with them combined with massive fraud in Phoenix (fraud was the margin of victory for the Dem in the Senate race in 2018)

      2. From Razorfist:

  20. Lord, You chose this people to teach the blessings of Liberty to the world. Like unto the people You chose to teach the world about Law, we are a stiff necked people. Your choices puzzle and amaze me, but of course, You know best. We pray that you help us through this difficult passage. Win or lose this battle, some of us will continue the fight.
    Thy will be done.

    1. *nod*
      I voted– Washington, knew it was useless– weeks before, meant to go to bed. Ended up staying up, writing, trying Nation Novel Writer month.
      Blamed it on being 8 months pregnant, and depressed because my sister was newly dead, missing Elf, and what a topper to 2016, you know? Getting a president who truly, deeply, honestly hates the military. Viciously. And I couldn’t even have a drink.
      Fussed with my email.
      Listened to Coast to Coast AM, or at least the channel it was going to be on….

      And then heard something, read something, that made me go look for more, out of sheer WTF.

      I don’t think I fell asleep until like 2AM, utterly gobsmacked.
      Happy, but gobsmacked. I wasn’t expecting we were GOOD, but it was a less bad result.

      1. Yeah. I went out with my wife that evening. We were walking through Target and I checked results because I’m a glutton for punishment and wanted the confirmation that Hillary was going to win. And that’s when I saw that Florida was called for Trump. And he was ahead in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. At that moment I thought he had a chance. Then the numbers didn’t change and I knew Trump had pulled it off.

        We stayed up watching the returns, got to bed later than we should have. But it was all over but the screaming, not that there hasn’t been a lot of that over the last four years…

        1. We went out with son at 7 pm for “one last American meal” in this case, burgers, fries and sugary soda, f*ck the diet, we were going to die, anyway.
          In the middle of it, son got a text, looked up and said “Mom, they’re now projecting Trump to win.”
          Me “Uh?”
          By the end of dinner at 8:30 mountain, he was CLEARLY ahead.
          I couldn’t stand it, so I went to the Vodkapundits, and sat there, until it was OBVIOUS. And then I came home, posted goodnight Irene at Insty’s and went to bed. I don’t remember if I posted here….

      2. I was uncertain. Who would win, and even whether I wanted Trump to. (Though I voted against Clinton.)

        I was pleasantly surprised at how pleasantly surprised I was when I looked at the news.

        Meanwhile, I’m working on a NaNoWriMo even as we speak. My heroine is being ordered to wash black wool white. . . .

    2. Wellllll, I was pretty hopeful for Trump, but also pretty resigned.

      Also, this year I didn’t have to get past a female red wolf/coyote (animal-type) to go vote. No canine attempted voter suppression of any kind, when I did my early voting.

    3. I remember all to well. Went to bed with a sense of dread but also a “the world will go on” attitude. My sister got me back up around 11:30 to tell me that Trump had won.

      I literally feel to my knees in relief. And thanked the Father.

    4. I was watching The NY Times needle. It had moved Trumpwards about the time I went to bed. Got up next morning around 5:00 and Trump had won. My knees actually let go and I started to giggle. Went to work, very pro faced of course, Number one son sent me the Hall of the Trumpenking video. Watched it several times. Giggled some more.

      I don’t normally giggle, but I did that day.

      1. Even then Democrats tried to subvert the electoral college and tried to fix things to undo the election. This time around will be far worse. I suspect that Michigan, Minnesota and PA in particular, will try to send Biden electors even if the voters chose Trump, with the goal of at throwing it into the House if they cannot subvert the electoral college vote outright. They have already proven based on what they did in 2016 and beyond that there is nothing they will not do for power, and I expect them to do exactly that.

    5. Yeah, I was resigned during the day, and I delayed even looking until pretty late – and then “Oh, my. Oh, my! Boy, those anchors look really, really sad! OH MY!! Look at That! He Did It!”

      1. And then for no reason whatsoever and certainly not related to then-current events, in a fit of sudden movie nostalgia I started singing this catchy tune:

    6. I suspected Shrillary was gonna lose, but it was just gut feeling. I knew what the Polls claimed, but I heard about one hell of a lot more enthusiasm for Trump. I didn’t watch the election coverage (I knew damned well what they would say before the tallies started and didn’t need the ulcer). I was delighted that she lost, but not confident Trump would be anywhere nearly as good as he has been.

      In my view, this time it’s a question of can the Democrats pull off enough fraud AND GET AWAY WITH IT? I don’t think they can. I think that in the coming days enough of their shenanigans will be exposed to secure a Trump win. Indeed, I think that even if Trump wins decisively enough that post election fraud is not an option, Trump is vindictive enough to pursue the fraud ANYWAY. And put the Democrats in a world of hurt.

      I also think that if Trump wins decisively enough, we’ll see the riots put down HARD. And I think the Social Media clowns have overplayed their hand badly, and there will be repercussions.

      Hang tough.

      1. It appears that Biden is preparing to declare victory tonight with the support of Democratic Party media and social media propaganda arms notwithstanding the Democrats prior claims that results would not be known tonight; he also is planning to assert that he is in charge of the government even before inauguration:

        In essence., the Democrats are going to pursue a coup and do not care what the outcome of the election actually is.

        1. I don’t see Biden being able to claim tonight, not with Pennsylvania and Georgia having halted their count for the night. Trump may claim Michigan & Wisconsin tonight (he is running ahead of his 2016 performance) which could put him over the top.

          Leave us pray!

            1. Pennsylvania (apparently only Philadelphia) halted for a shift change, apparently. They still have a ton of mail-in ballots to count. Results likely to not be available until around noon.

              Georgia I don’t know/recall/believe. Like PA it is in a heavily Democratic county — Atlanta suburbs. Still, it would take a great many votes to erase Trump’s lead.

    7. In 2016 I figured it was too volatile to call – I could imagine anything from a Hillary blowout to a Trump blowout to a narrow win for either side.

      Today my heart & gut say that Trump is going to win, beating the margin of fraud. But my head warns that the margin of massive fraud gives Biden/Harris a better than even chance. And then it warns that things are going to be stranger that even Odds can imagine, after tonight.

  21. Voted this morning. Line out the door., and up the street. Rarely have I ever had to wait more than a couple minutes to vote, this time it was close to an hour.

    This morning on Pandora, I heard an ad for Biden, saying he was the only one who could bring this country together, etc. Right, as if he’d even last a month in office.

    And which party is supporting riots again?

    1. I give him 18 month at the outside. And that is what scares me. People are voting for a man who we have good reason to believe will not make 2 years, let alone a full term.

      Scarier thought, won’t that put Pelosi one step closer to WH?

      1. The only way the Speaker of the House comes into play is if both POTUS and VPOTUS are out simultaneously. If Kamala gets past the detail and Mrs. Biden and smothers Joe with a pillow, she succeeds as President, and a new VP has to be nominated by the new President and confirmed by both the House and Senate – see Nelson Rockefeller in 1974 when Gerald Ford succeeded Nixon for the process.

        1. Thanks.

          You’d think I’d remember, but I was still young when Nixon stepped down. I just remember that Ford was never elected by the people.

          1. Well technically Ford was the only VPOTUS and POTUS to never be elected by the Electoral College, but yeah, he was only ever elected by his Michigan House district – the fact that he was Speaker when Nixon nominated him is perhaps one of the things confusing the “…and then Pelosi becomes President!!” folks.

            Ford was nominated as the new VP by Nixon and confirmed by both houses when Agnew resigned, and then succeeded as POTUS when Nixon resigned, but Nixon could have nominated Joe the Dogcatcher as his new VP, and if confirmed Joe the Dogcatcher would have become President.

            1. Ford was House Minority Leader, not Speaker – remember the Dems held the House from the 50’s (IIRC, 1954) until 1994.

              1. You are correct of course – which further indicates how historically uninformed and incoherent is the “Impeach Trump, then Pence, and OMG Pelosi for the WIN!” crowd.

                1. They could get that if they can impeach and remove President Trump, and then impeach and remove Vice President Pence before a new vice president is selected. But since they’d need 2/3 of the Senate to vote to convict/remove first President Trump, then Vice President Pence, WITHOUT insisting on a new VP first, it seems at least as far-fetched as most of the Left’s other pipe dreams.

                  1. They will use bogus 25th Amendment fitness claims which don’t need 2/3rds of the Senate to go along; or simply outright murder.

                  2. Twitter is not the world, thank God. I think an awful lot of the unpleasantness in life recently is reacting to random tweets by people who know nothing. These people have always existed and have always been stupid and unpleasant but they were not forced on me. Now with Twitter and 24 Hour news to be filled, the ratio of signal to noise is completely out of whack. I know they don’t know but every one is just another grain of sand in my shoe.

                    1. Cut it loose. It is just a couple of weeks shy of two years since I canceled my twits account and I have not missed it.

                    2. Yeah, but part of their power is subscriber counts – if available-eyeball-counts were dropping they would get a lot of pressure from the investor side to be less obvious, at least.

                      I do think making editorial decisions on content should kick anyone right out of being treated as a common carrier in the law.

      2. 18 months; I give clueless Joe 18 days; even he knows it, as he keeps referring to the Harris/Biden administration. Democrats aren’t even trying to hide the fact that Biden is a Trojan horse and Biden, as mentally infirm as he is, has clearly picked up on it.

      3. I’d be surprised if he lasted 18 weeks. I would consider18 days to be not outside the realm of possibility. Now 18 hours would stretch my credibility, a bit.

      4. We already heard Kamala refer to the Harris Administration; so we know what’s in their plans, just not exactly how they plan on implementing it.

  22. I voted last Monday. For all the good it will do here in deep blue Taxachusetts. Even here in the ‘burbs on the North Shore the Overall vibe is blue. And that’s before you start counting the cites.

    Oddly on a drive the other day I noticed hordes of Biden+Harris signs in nearby Boxford. Makes not a bit of fricking sense. Median household income is nearly $120000, a starter home (<1200 sq ft basically a simple cape) is is $750K. These are the rich folks that will be tapped (amongst others) to make equity happen like Ms. Harris wants. Are they experiencing Stockholm Syndrome? Or are they really that naive/stupid? Or do they think that its all going to come out of Exxon Execs pockets? Mostly lawyers and investment bankers, maybe they think they can buy an indulgence from the Woke folk religion?

    1. Or are they virtue signalling and will vote their conscience no matter what their signs say?

      1. The few I’ve interacted with (we shared a regional high school with them so met many when my
        girls were in High School) really are classic limousine liberals. I think Ms Dimmock further down the comments has the right of it they’re gentry liberals and this is some kind of Nobless Oblige. I really don’t think they’ve paid good attention to what happens to the nobles in these kinds of revolutions (CF Czarist Russia, late 18th Century France).

    2. Love your avatar. It is not often we see Tregonsee.

      “Are they experiencing Stockholm Syndrome? Or are they really that naive/stupid? Or do they think that its all going to come out of Exxon Execs pockets? Mostly lawyers and investment bankers, maybe they think they can buy an indulgence from the Woke folk religion?”

      I suspect these people believe that they will be untouched. After all they can move their money to offshore accounts to lower their taxes, or put it in S corps.

    3. I have the same question about all the Biden/Harris signs around here (just outside downtown Denver – we only had a little bit of rioting this “far” out). This is NOT an inexpensive neighborhood and they are on front lawns, not apartment windows. On the other hand, these are the people who are always voting to increase taxes, so perhaps they have money to burn.

      1. It’s because Democrats have brainwashed them into hating themselves and hating the USA.

      2. Yeah, I drive through there on the regular, on our way to Pete’s. I think it’s the highest concentration of Biden signs in the nation. Most of them are either college professors or doctors.
        A tiny house there is 800k. I know, we priced them. Eh.

        1. Hey, don’t blame the docs! Well, actually you probably can. Most I know are voting blue. 😟

          1. Most doctors I know probably bleed blue they’re such Prog-Soc Liberals. Hate guns, love big gov telling people what to do (except doctors of course), really big on spending other people’s money, and think they know it all.

            1. Until Medicare for All hits them in the Ass-ets and they find out they are working for slave wages. Oops, sorry. Those that can will retire soonest.

    4. I suspect most of them think they are the “Right Thinking People” who will be deciding what happens to whom to bring about the “Great Equality!”

      After all, they are the experts. Everybody needs them…

    5. I believe the term is, “gentry liberal.” They are of the gentle class, and true gentlefolk are liberal. It’s a sign of their class, their sophistication, their compassion and empathy for the less fortunate. It is a symbol that proves they have Arrived.

      1. I suspect that what they arrive via will be a tumbrel if they’re not careful and a bit more observant…

    6. Even though you may not swing your state, you can at least add to the popular vote to make that point of attack less feasible to the enemy.

    7. Same here where I live. They think they’re the ruling class and don’t think they’re the rich. Idiots. net/net they think Biden will lower their taxes. The best thing Trump ever did was get rid of the local tax deduction and, thus, tax the rich. It cost me money since i live in one of the highest property tax areas and pay NYC tax too but it’s worth it to rub it in their faces

    8. They really are that stupid. Or more to the point, they’re too lazy to do the research and think for themselves. That’s what makes the MSM so dangerous.

  23. I arrived just before the polls opened … still pitch dark and ffffffreezing … joined the end of the line down two sides of the building, around the parking lot dingle, back along the animal barns (fairgrounds!) … my wait was about 90 min, the final 15 were indoors. The atmosphere through the whole thing was …. I want to say Sacred. Everyone there was as pleasant and quietly cheerful as I’ve ever seen any assembly of humans. There was absolutely NO talk of anything remotely partisan; all the remarks were on the length of the wait and suchlike, but no bitching, just commenting. The elderly and handicapped were being assisted as they presented themselves, with cheer and tact, and no one in line was disturbed in any way by waiting a few more minutes for them. The staff were competent, cheerful, thorough, and energetic; they inspired me to look into volunteering in the future. After I finished and left the building, I observed that the line at this point (+90 min from opening) was noticeably longer than when I joined it. People are voting. May the Lord save us once again.

    1. Everyone there was as pleasant and quietly cheerful as I’ve ever seen any assembly of humans.

      Republican or Democrat, everybody knows that after today there will be NOT ONE SINGLE campaign ad interrupting your television viewing.

      Except in Georgia.

  24. Passing the voting place in Tiny Town at 9:30 this morning, not many cars in the lot – but it’s a tiny town, and early voting, that parking lot was busier than church on Easter Sunday. Got my hair cut, and of the 4 women there, 2 were first time voters – and all had voted early, and all voted American.

      1. *nodnod*

        Even if you can’t post a response right now– and don’t stress it!— I know I’m thinking of you, and praying for you and yours.

          1. Of course I’ll get well.

            Can miss all the fun just starting.

            For those who know horses (I don’t) I was just informed my heart has a couch trot the beating is so smooth.

      2. And I came to say I never thought one of their cheat to win states would be Georgia, but that is a suspectious water leak.

      3. And I came to say I never thought one of their cheat to win states would be Georgia, but that is a suspicious water leak.

  25. As I noted on the previous thread I voted this morning. Though I must report there was not any heavy sort of line: I suspect lots of early voting and I also noticed that I had a bunch of possible polling places when I confirmed the address (a nearby school) of my usual polling place. I’m guessing they’re trying to keep the scare wrt Covid-19 by allowing people to go to different places to vote. Hopefully this does not facilitate fraud, but you never know.

  26. As I commented before, I voted early.

    Just for fun I glanced through an article giving predictions from pundits on both sides (didn’t bother keeping the link). It was funny how pundits from both sides are predicting HUGE wins for their side. Nearly all predicting over well over 300 electoral votes for their guy, and all but one predicted their side would sweep both the House and the Senate. Has everyone gone delusional?

    I’m hoping for a Trump win, of course, with a very close second wish of the Republicans keeping the Senate. The Republican Senate is probably the more important since if the Dems manage to take the Senate it doesn’t matter who is elected. They’ve already shown they will impeach for any and no reason.

  27. I dropped off my ballot, yesterday afternoon. Received the “we got your ballot” email this morning. I’ve been flying a flag for the past couple of weeks(*). I don’t feel comfortable with a Trump sign, but these days I figure a flag is basically the same thing. On the other hand, I do have a LGBT (Liberty, Guns, Beer, Trump) sticker on my parked-outside truck and nothing has happened.

    (*) Don’t tell anyone: I occasionally forget to take it down in the evening.

    1. See above where it’s mentioned that some farmers had their harvester burned because they flew an American flag from it.

  28. Upstate NY representing! Not a great deal of hope for the statewide, but couldn’t sit it out. And maybe the state legislature can at least go divided again, they passed a lot of crazy crap after capturing both houses in 2018 @_@

    1. I will send the scraps of flag asap, btw, I REALLY wanted to have them to you guys before the election, but between bad weather and bad health, they’ll be late.

    2. Wonder how all those people the BLM/Antifa crowd harrassed in NYC, Buffalo and Rochester are going to vote?

  29. I will vote tonight, after my wife and sister-in-law get home from work. I’ll be dropping my mail-in ballot off at the polling location. I spent the morning in prayer, while working. Mostly praying that God’s will be done and that any fraud on either side be caught and dealt with. He is a God of truth and justice, so I pray He lets the truth be revealed, no matter what.

    1. I’ve been trying to pray, but G-d help me, my head won’t settle.
      I’m asking G-d to spare us from communism, if at all possible, and help us thwart the wiles of the evil one.
      Either way I FIGHT on.

      1. Like St. Therese said, the Father is like your dad. Sometimes you can hug him. Sometimes you just play around at his feet or under his chair. You both know you’re together.

  30. Deep blue part of LA County. Got to the election location around 7am right after it opened. The line was short. I was back in my car and leaving within 15-20 minutes. The line at the entrance was about the same length when I left.

    I hope this means low turn-out by the Left. Wait and see!

    I hope Prop 16 gets utterly destroyed. That’s the one that rolls back the laws that prohibit preferences by public entities.

    1. That and 22 passes – even if it’s Uber-centric and not a general rollback of the stupid gig-killer law, Proposition 22 is a slap in the face of the supermajority, and that’s always a good thing.

    2. Is that one to raise business property taxes on the ballot? haven’t seen if it got that far yet.

      1. Yeah, that’s 15 – the one with the most deceptive from the AG.

        There’s also 19, which “adjusts” the Prop 13 family transfer property tax exemption for “High Value” homes or farms worth $1m more than the assessed value (so basically, every farm in California, and most of the homes in the SF Bay Area and other high-cost areas in the state).

        These are the first two shots at getting rid of the Proposition 13 constraints on property taxes in CA, basically because they see the tsunami of the unfunded pensions coming and could not possibly raise income taxes any further.

        1. Most deceptive _title_ from the AG:


          1. 16 is perhaps worse – the proposition to once again allow quotas and racial discrimination in CA activities – so basically the “There Are Too Many Asians Admitted To University of California And State Colleges And We Are Not Allowed To Alter That By Quotas” is titled “ALLOWS DIVERSITY AS A FACTOR IN PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION, AND CONTRACTING DECISIONS. LEGISLATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.”

            1. In 28 years as a CA voter, I saw exactly TWO ballot props that weren’t either tax hikes, power grabs, or shoveling money to special interests. So, now it’s the special interest of “anyone who ain’t white, which now includes Asians.” Cuz you know this ain’t just about “diversity” — it’s about funneling funds thataway.

              1. Yeah, they did include “contracting decisions”, so that’s pretty clear – gotta be able to direct that state money based on race.

            2. Simple solution. “Citizens of California have precedence for acceptance to all University and State Colleges. Foreign students will only be allowed to comprise 1/10th of the total student body.” Okay, next problem!

              1. The issue isn’t foreign Asian students. The issue is California resident and citizen Asian students getting screwed by diversity requirements so that they don’t get into schools regardless of their merit, because the schools want to show how diverse they are.

                1. Yup. There are a *lot* of Asian-Americans in Southern California. In Southern California, for decades now I’ve been seeing Open/Closed signs that are bilingual in English and Spanish. I’ve now started to see a lot that have switched out the Spanish for Chinese. The affirmative action quotas quite frequently – particularly for college enrollments – put Asians in an even more restrictive category than Whites. And the Asians aren’t happy that the state’s UC school system – that they’re paying taxes for – does everything that it can to keep their kids out..

                  Officially, any sort of racial preference is banned in all state and local entities in California. Unofficially, it’s well-known that the entities in question find ways to work around this using things like “from economically disadvantaged communities”, and other tortured criteria that just happen to work pretty much as if there were actual racial quotas in place. But using race as an actual determining factor – no matter how small – is still banned. This was done by a voter ballot initiative back in the ’90s, so the legislative bodies can’t just overturn it. The voters have to do it.

                  In something that I find darkly ironic, the ad that I’ve seen most often for it is a flip through of a bunch of different faces of various minorities. And there are more Asian faces than from any other minority group, even though passing 16 would probably hurt Asians.

                  1. And given that California long forbade Chinese or Japanese immigrants to become American citizens, and basically had tons of laws discriminating against them, this renewed prejudice against Asian-Americans is not acceptable.

          2. Thanks. Yeah, the old “funding for public schools” BS. When I was voting in CA, got to where as soon as I saw that, I knew someone was about to get fleeced.

  31. Voted first thing this morning in extreme southern Tennessee. (How extreme? Our house is two blocks north of the border).
    Line extending outside the annex. Got in quickly because the “A-D” clerk came open first and I got to jump the line. I’d guess between 25-30 people in line to either get their voting slip or actually vote. Waited maybe 10 minutes, voted and the line hadn’t shrunk.
    The only signs outside the polling place were Republican.

  32. 1. Done been did.

    2. Was NOT scheduled for tonight. Was told to come in anyway. They looked at the workload and at the crew… and well, it’s figured one ox can outdo BOTH Mr. Putz AND Ms. Yutz – and likely take less time. This is one very strange time when ox NOT so slow. Do NOT try to think about. It make OX head hurt. Go party with centaurs instead. Less painful.

      1. Still better. Even if you don’t remember anything after. Maybe even if you do.

        The workload.. was NOT at the low-end of the projected range.
        Mr. Putz called in, claiming illness.
        Ms. Yutz managed to get her rump sent home after only two hours.
        Ox put in six hours… and $DEITY was thanked rather than ox… ox not argue.
        Ox at least know, NEVER go up against $DEITY. Which? ANY.

        Had been hoping (though not expecting – even ox not THAT slow) to pour some celebratory bubbly.
        Instead, the Retox Cocktail seemed FAR more fitting. As did a good slug of Malört.
        Really, no matter WHERE you are on the “political spectrum” was there EVER a more “Malört morning”?

  33. Voted this afternoon. Brought a couple of boxes of fresh brewed coffee to the local candidates and sign wavers out front of the polling place. Opinion seems to be an overwhelming number of people giving the GOP-side the thumbs up, with only a few buttheads giving the middle one. Hope it continues until closing.

    Dear God. Please bring us an early Christmas present of Donald Trump for 4 more years as President!

    1. And please let me not sound greedy, praying for a Republican House and Senate to go with.

      1. And if TheOtherSean has been naughty this year, can you bring him a fracking kit instead of a lump of coal?

  34. Heading out for church to go pray, with a stop in the cemetery for the Poor Souls. Maybe it would be appropriate to ask for help for all the involuntary voters in Purgatory, and vice versa.. Might get some St. Gertrude-like numbers….

    1. Btw, forgot to point out the other day that if you can’t get to a church or cemetery for any good reason, you can pray for the dead from your house, work, etc. and still get the partial or plenary indulgence for the dead, every day in November. Short mental prayers totally count.

      Weather is beautiful here. It was chilly in the morning, but now it’s up to 62.

      1. I don’t do it for the indulgences. I do it because we shouldn’t forget those who have gone.

  35. Voted mid day in a conservative enclave in Northern Virginia. No line, no wait. I was hoping more conservatives would come out, maybe they are at work, I hope.

    1. Voted first thing in a definitely non-conservative area in Northern Virginia. A short line this morning, but no discernible line throughout the day. The most amusing was the back and forth between the Democrats about Amendment 1, which would change how congressional districts are drawn. The party couldn’t come to agreement on whether to endorse it or not–National-level Ds are opposed, but many local-Ds wanted to support.

    2. And within seconds Fox calls Virginia for Biden. The Northern Virginia Federal employee power block is just too much to overcome.

        1. I’m still thinking you’re wrong Sarah. 56% reporting, including 2/3s of the DC districts, AP has called the race for Biden… and Trump’s up 52.4% to 46%. I think AP called too early – the lead’s over 160,000 votes at present.

          And that’s just Virginia. WI, MI, PA, and FL are all leaning Trump. Be not afraid. I suspect any fraud they would pull to overcome things at this point is going to be so blatant it’ll pull the house down around their ears, and it’s not like the Donald isn’t going to call them on it when they do get caught.

      1. Hey, all the people Brett Bair goes to cocktail parties with told him they were voting for China Joe, so it’s pretty much given.

  36. Something that occurred to me this morning…I’m not sure we’re going to have the full results tonight. Unless it is a major landslide. Several states allowed mail in ballots with today’s post mark, meaning they won’t be in until Friday (?).

    I maintain that is going to be the most highly contested national election we have ever seen – regardless of who wins.

  37. (Aboard space cruiser USS Liberty, CAPT Hoyt)

    “Open fire.”

    “Ma’am! Vote-on torpedoes, away!”

  38. We dropped our (*3) ballots last night at county office voter box. We saw 3 others doing the same, but they only had one ballot each.

    * Mine, Hubs, & son’s.

  39. Hours on your knees? You’re more pious than I am. I like the Rosary. It’s form and repetition help keep me from panic. There. Is. Always. One. More. Bead. To. Pray. God bless you, Ms. Hoyt. The guy gets bad press, rightly so, but his words are in my mind: “Now may God bless you all. May He defend the right. For it is evil things that we shall be fighting against – brute force, bad faith, injustice, oppression and persecution – and against them I am certain that right will prevail.”

  40. Markets were up sharply today and yesterday after being down 5% last week. Best day since July. Energy stocks were flat today but up sharply yesterday and oil prices are up sharply today. Interest rates are soft . The dollar is down sharpish.

    What all that says is that the markets think there will be a clear result. What they don’t tell you is a clear result for whom. Some analysts are saying Trump, but no one knows.

    Today is the feast of Saint Martin De Porres OP. My grandmother had a particular devotion to him. If you’re looking for someone to pray for us to, you could do worse than him.

    1. The markets have been volatile since COVID. But I suspect it’s the Trump effect that has been sustaining them. I will place a bet that if Biden-Harris wins tonight, tomorrow will see a world record drop in all the markets.

      1. Maybe. Markets don’t like uncertainty. An outright Biden win can be dealt with. An uncertain result, particularly with unrest, not so much.

    2. St. Martin de Porres got stray dogs and cats and mice to share food bowls without hurting or scaring each other. (Also he could teleport and bilocate, but the food thing is impressive too.)

  41. Was at my usually very quiet polling place this AM before they opened at 0600 and line was around the building, although I was still in and out in about 20 minutes. Praying this means good things about conservative turnout as my non-northern VA suburban precinct is small but heavily Republican. Seriously, I have voted around mid-day some years and been voter #13, and even in presidential election years I have been at the end of the day to only have had 100 and some folks there before me.

    Did have a lovely little moment of joy when the Dem poll worker got made to move to the mandated number of feet away when she set up on the walkway to the entrance playing funereal music right where she could be a real nuisance. She mouthed off to the two obvious Trump supporters in front of me when they politely mentioned that the law mandated she remain at least 40 feet away from the door, but changed her tune quickly when the Chief Polling Station Officer showed up to point out the same.

    OTOH, Aunt lives in much more rural district and the woman in front of her in line got called out for having already requested a mail-in ballot which she said she’d “probably just thrown away, I’m not sure”. They did tell her to go home and see if she could find it and told her that without it she could only cast a provisional, but I’m not sanguine.

  42. I enjoy your blogging, although I’ve never read any of your books, Sarah. I’m married to a first generation Portuguese-American. (No, she’s not hyphenated.)
    God DOES answer the prayers of those who don’t believe in Him, at His discretion, usually to draw them to Himself!

    1. Interestingly, the one time I did door to door get out the vote, we came across a Portuguese-dad (you know what I mean) family.
      I ended up telling them the place to order Portuguese foods. And turning the entire family out of doors to vote….

  43. First in line at 6:00 a.m. to vote at my polling station….and I voted for “Truth, Justice and the American Way”.

    Drove home, and put together a light breakfast: double espresso with a bit of heavy cream, three eggs over easy and slice of home made banana nut bread. My personal trainer came at 10:00 and mercilessly kicked my butt for 45 minutes. Shower. And finally I had time for some quiet meditation; to pray and give thanks to God for the wonderful blessings he has lavished upon me, my family and America during the past 65+ years.

    The fate of our nation precariously hangs by the single vote of a fireman in Pennsylvania, a nurse in Michigan, a dairy farmer in Wisconsin, and an office manager in Minnesota. I pray that they too love our country enough to go to polls after a full days work and vote. Amen.

  44. I took Eldest to cast his first votes. Next door neighbor manning the polls said she was sorry we hadn’t come by Hallowe’en. I said some of the kids have a cold. She’s 88 and intends to stick to poll working until she dies.

    I voted for the man who took the time during his primary campaign to call my dying uncle in 2016 to see how Uncle was doing.

    Kind of annoyed that two state legislature positions had only D. candidates running.

    1. Only had 1 office where the Democrat was the only candidate on the ballot, Register of Probate. I’d run for it just to give them competition; but I haven’t the foggiest idea of what that job entails. And a couple of positions where the same person was listed for both GOP and Dem, one being the country DA, which I’m very sure I’m not qualified for, never having studied law.

      1. We had one position with only a Dem running– it’s the guy my husband got into a force protection geek-out with.

        If he’s a Democrat, it’s of the Regan Democrat flavor.

      2. I only noticed two offices on the ballot with only one candidate. The Republican candidate for County Engineer and Democratic candidate for County Coroner were both running unopposed.

  45. Went to poll 1/2 hour after opening, In & out, though a friend working as judge there said there was a crush right at opening time. Fasting and praying ongoing.

  46. Just got back from voting– some 400 people voted there today, per teh counting machine. Five people in line ahead of the Princess and I.

    Was mildly obnoxious in the Teaching Moment thing, she wanted to make small talk about the gym it’s in so she got a mini history lesson about WWII, the Baby Boom, and the logistics of dealing with a LOT more kids being born and making it to school age.

    Three and a half hours to polls closing.

  47. Heh. As if anyone here needs such advice:

    Scott Adams


    When you vote today, pick the leader whose supporters are most likely to pull over in a dangerous neighborhood to help you change a tire and least likely to loot your store.

  48. Beloved Spouse & I voted mid-afternoon, went to lunch, came home and napped.

    No line as we walked in although we were advised it had been a good turnout day. We had paper ballots — it seems the electronic machines we’ve voted on the last decade or so were wearing out and no loger could get parts for repair.

    We’re in a purple part of NC, where the votes for national office tend red but local offices skew blue.

  49. Swore off the Interwebz all day long, just wanted to drop in and wish you all a happy election day.

    Incidentally. Remember 4 years ago when most of us were “Okay I’m holding my nose for Trump because the alternative is Hillary.” Remember that? Chief among the nose-holders were The Phantom and Sarah Hoyt.

    How times change, eh? Trump’s still the same orange-spray-tan skirt chaser he was 4 years ago, he hasn’t changed at all. What changed is the Left. They’ve gone full retard.

    Also, because I know they’re lurking, a big wave to Bonnie McDaniel and the rest of the fruitbat brigade out there in Freakazoidia Land.

  50. I left work at about 1400 hours local time to vote. When I arrived at the voting center* a few minutes later, it was in a trough between the morning, lunch and after-work peaks, so there was no line at all. One of the poll workers** told me that, earlier in the day, the line wrapped around the building.

    All in all, a good experience, and now I’m channeling the first two syllables of Stephen Green’s nom de blog.

    *My county allows voting at any of several voting centers within the county, rather than requiring voters to cast their ballots at the polling place that serves their precinct.

    **Not to be confused with the “pole workers” favored as baby mamas by Crackhead McStripperbang.

      1. They’ve called Kentucky and VA and are projecting FL for Biden.
        In which case, we’re DONE.
        The covidiocy worked.
        I’m going to get very drunk for the next three months.

        1. Fox’s election desk caller is a Democrat who made contributions to Hillary and other Dems. I would not trust their calls tonight.

          1. Apparently Kentucky has been called for Trump by the AP, and Miami-Dade in Florida early returns are showing better than usual for Republicans. It will take massive fraud I believe for Trump to lose Florida.

        2. VA still has a lot of people waiting in line; the early call may be to try to trick them into going home and not voting.

        3. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the MSM, including FOX News. I’m watching Decision USA 2020 with Tracy Beanz, Larry Schweikart, and Rich Baris, and they’re suggesting it is way too early to call them based on counties reporting results so far. In fact, they’re suggesting the president’s margin of victory in Florida may be double 2016.

              1. I don’t think that map is accurate as it shows states called for Biden to be Trump and vica versa

              2. Mouse-over the map to show the actual numbers.

                The map show Virginia in blue, with Trump having 58% of the votes after an estimated 25% of them have been counted.

                1. Wolf Blitzer just called Trump’s VA lead impressive. Apparently 4 key bellweather House races, where Dems currently hold the seats, are all favoring Republican’s right now. If those seats flio, and the top of the ticket vote was also for Trump, Trump likely takes VA,

        4. Fat lady is still warming up. It looked pretty bad for a while last time too, so not giving up til it’s over.

        5. NYT is now calling KY for President Trump. MSM, but it’s a statement against interest, so I’ll buy it.

        6. Fox news called Florida for the Democrats immediately after “most” of the polling stations closed– which means nobody could stand in line behind who is there, remember.
          Half an hour before the “we hope to have some early results out” marker.
          Just pray harder.

          1. The panhandle is still open, and many of the county numbers being reported to date are absentee, mail-in, and early voting. The Venezuelan and Cuban immigrant population in the southeast is supposedly breaking more to the Trump side than before, but election day votes aren’t all tabulated yet.

            1. CHeck out the New York Times map that RES linked– they’re even pointing out that Biden poured a LOT of money in there.

              And now I am stopping looking.

          2. Meanwhile Matt Yglesias, Democratic Party shill, says Miami Dade was much weaker for Biden than even the low expectations that they had. Sounds like Democratic Party media is expecting a comfortable Trump win in Flordia.

          1. I thought that the press organizations had all agreed to not call Florida until after panhandle closed because of the 2000 disaster that the early call helped ratchet up; did they decide to ignore that this year?

        7. From the pre election email, I think opposition info warriors have infiltrated Decision Desk, so I will probably be ignoring them.

          Which is probably my only easy source of all the details, so I’ll probably stop paying attention for a couple hours, and come back here then.

        8. With how many precincts reporting? What percent of the vote has actually been counted?

          Of course they’re going to call every state they can get away with for Biden; it’s a tried and true method of suppressing voter turnout.

          1. NYT link RES has answers that.

            Gotta admit, I’m impressed.

            It’s advertisement to get you to get a sub and read their commentary, for those wondering their angle.

            Some of the stuff will be blue, then you click on it and it says 1% reporting, and it’s massively more Trump than Biden so WTF, but the state as a whole will have percentages from waht’s reported. /shrug

        9. Trump will win Florida when the panhandle is counted. DecisionDeskHQ has now called it for Trump. Others will follow.

        10. IF the map stays as it is right now, Biden gets about 230 EVs (plus probably Nevada — d’ya really believe “no results yet” ??) and Trump wins, even without Virginia. (Their EV count only includes states already called. I just added ’em up to check.)

          Iowa, which according to a researcher Newt interviewed has 40% bogus registered, just flipped pink as I was typing this. Imagine what their totals would look like with clean rolls…

          We totally fucking need to zero out the voter rolls and start over, and if it takes something like Real_ID to enforce one warm body, one vote — it’d be better than the escalating fraud.

          It’s really telling that the D.C. vote is 92% for Biden.

  51. I’ve always voted because I always thought it mattered. I have only ever missed one election and that was after the birth of my daughter, via C-section. However, it has never mattered more.

  52. Dropped my ballot off (and my wife’s and sister-in-law’s) a couple minutes ago. Now we wait.

  53. Went walking this evening – amazing sunset. One of the best in quite a while. My route took me past one of the polling places at around 1800 CST. Still people arriving to vote, all cheerful looking. Two people standing by the parking-lot pull-in (well past the 100 foot limit) had big American flags and were waving to those arriving. A few people passing by honked and waved.

      1. With 55% of the votes in, a.1% difference is nothing. Take a deep breath. The MSM is trying to make as much noise as possible to discourage Trump supporters.

      2. Lots of rural Texas still not reported in yet. There is time.

        I get a kick out of how one thing I’m watching has already called Mo for Trump, but another still has Biden as leading. AND nobody seems to want to actually call Florida.

          1. Trumps now in a (narrow) lead in Texas, the Biden lead in Ohio is dropping steadily, and CNN just had to walk back their call that Virginia is going for Biden – possibly due to all the college students who aren’t around this year.

          2. No worries, Biden is only ~100,000 ahead in TX, and most of the big Democrat centers are already in. There is a lot of more rural territory in TX that hasn’t reported.

    1. Our envelopes aren’t even normal. We don’t have the inner envelope, so when you open the envelope, you see who we voted for. What’s the chance those votes get counted?

        1. Just looked it up. A federal judge has already ruled that there is no right to a secret ballot.

            1. Maybe, but he may be right about the law. What we need is not an impeached judge, but a federal law, or an amendment guaranteeing the secret ballot.

  54. Wow, that’s even worse than NJ. At least we have the inner envelope. Even with that its not truly anonymous. I really wanted to be able to vote in person this year, but with the provisional ballot nonsense, doing so would have been pointless.

  55. Got my sippin’ bourbon, got my drawing of an electrocuted gopher (final Ninktober: Electric), and am ready to see what I missed when I was workin’ & whotnot.

  56. Fox News – Britt Hume is reporting that (just as in 2016 at about this point) the Betting Odds have just completely flipped, now running 60-40 in favor of Trump.

    Something has happened; nobody knows exactly what. Probably analysis of in-person voting turnout; knowledgeable people look at how turnout is running and where, and how key districts are voting. For example, the Philadelphia suburbs are notorious for influencing the state’s decision.

    Remember: betting odds do NOT determine elections.

      1. Trump now up tp 65% in betting odds. Yuan is tanking. Stock Markets are acting as if they think Trump will win.

        Heh. No telling what they’re seeing but it’s causing to put their money on it.

  57. Heh. This just popped up on Instapundit:

    SEEN ON FACEBOOK: “Trump is leading the popular vote. I know the Dems will respect that.”

  58. Let not your heart be troubled.
    Do you know even a single person who voted for Trump last time, who won’t do so this time?
    I doubt it.
    Do you know anyone who voted for Hillary last time that’s going to vote for Trump?
    I’m pretty certain of it.

    The plural of anecdote is not data, but it’s a damnsight more accurate than what the mass media is shoveling.

    I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain.

    1. The problem with PA is that Trump is going to need about a 500k+ lead to overcome the fraud from Philly.

    1. Ohhh, you mean Biden is losing the election in that district. I was envisioning something a little more…vigorous.

      Matter of fact, I think I prefer my first interpretation. Give ‘im a few whacks for me!

  59. Looks like Dem House seat held by Clinton crony Donna Shalala has been flipped to the Republicans; it is in Miami-Dade. Looks like Fox’s claim as to Dems increasing House majority was premature.

    Suspect that fraud is the only way Dems keep some of their Cali House seats, particularly as I suspect that a lot of Asians will vote against Dems due to the ballot proposition that would allow discrimination against Asians.

    1. Mute and/or fast-forward. My cable box can rewind live TV up to an hour on 2 channels. I can watch 2 hour-long shows in less than an hour and a half by switching back and forth a few times.

  60. The yuan is tanking.
    My husband is online with CNN (on the, “know your enemies/get several viewpoints,” principle). I decided to top off voting with giving blood, and I’m just not up for listening to commentators of any stripe. The one he’s got now sounds like he’s on speed.
    Meanwhile, Doug Jones appears to be out in AL. He would never have gotten in if the AL Republican party hadn’t committed ritual suicide by backing the wrong primary candidate when Sessions became Attorney General.

  61. Democrats spent over $100 million trying to take down Cocaine Mitch and another $100 million on Lindsey Graham.

    All of it wasted.

    1. It wasn’t wasted. The professional Dem grifters got paid….

      Oh, you mean the Dem machine isn’t primarily meant to employ grifters? They’re supposed to get out there and kill babies, and steal taxpayer money, and burn loot murder?

      Well, yeah, there are some fundamental conflicts between factions of the party.

  62. Can’t wait to see the AntiCourt packing articles tomorrow.

    I want Cocaine Mitch to introduce a bill next year, just to watch the freakouts.

    1. Republicans still need to keep the Senate; not clear they will even if Trump wins, simply because far more Republican seats are up this year than Dem seats.

  63. Fox News reporting that the Republican Senatorial committee is claiming to be out-performing their model. They’re thinking they can hold Tillis in NC and Collins in Maine, with possible pick-ups in Michigan with John James and Jason Lewis in Minnesota.

    Trump seems to be holding (and increasing support) among blue-collar Democrats.

  64. Fox News just called Arizona for Biden, the first state to change parties.

    It is also likely that McSally loses her senate seat – so one pick-up for Mark Kelly (Gabby Giffords’ husband, so loss on 2nd Amendment) and apparently owned by the CCP.

    1. Fox News calls are not reliable at this point; their election desk is run by Dems and Never Trumpers and they have gone the way of Drudge as far as the election goes. I think Arizona is likely a premature call; note how quickly they call races for Biden in competitive states but not for Trump (see Florida and how late their call was for him)

      1. Fox made their projection without a single ballot cast today included. Utter nonsense. Apparently the NY Times is going to be more reliable tonight on reporting results than Fox. Who would have thought?

      2. Au contraire – Fox News calls for Biden are unreliable; Fox News calls for Trump are likely very reliable.

    2. AZ GOP chairwoman says that the number don’t include today’s in person votes in Maricopa County.

      1. An Arizona’s governor just ripped Fox News for calling AZ when none of the in-person votes and quite a few mail in votes have yet to be counted.

          1. I think we all knew that the Democratic Party’s game plan was to fraud their way into power with the assistance of media and tech oligarchs.

              1. I expected it, So many useful idiots around these days because they are too young to remember the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union and have been brainwashed to think the commies were the good guys in the Cold War.

                Very glad to see Trump is going to fight the effort to steal the election. No doubt any effort to publicize it will be banned by Twitter/Facebook, et. al, and that the Democratic Party’s response will be to unleash the full fire power of their paramilitary arm in the hopes that they can win power through terror and force.

                This is going to get very, very ugly.

  65. Have the riots started yet?

    I am leaving the idiot box off today. There is nothing I can do to change the election results, and obsessively watching them would gain me nothing. Tomorrow I will find out what happened.

    Then the legal(ish) wrangling will begin. Last week Biden bragged that the Democrats have assembled the most comprehensive election fraud organization in history. For once, I believe Komrade Joe! (Check for soaring pigs, just to be sure)

    Looks like Joey forgets what he’s supposed to say, and not supposed to say, and just spews it all out at random.
    “It’s only a model.”

    1. I saw reports that the DC police were proactively pushing police into and disrupting designated rioter assembly points, preventing Burn, Loot & Murder and Fa from organizing in police free sanctuaries.

  66. Is Biden a better candidate than Hillary?

    Yes, lots of us voted against her, but a lot voted for her, mainly on the first woman President line.

    Who voted for Biden?

  67. NY Times must really think Trump has a good chance of winning as they are starting to slam the electoral college yet again.

      1. Maybe their Democratic Party masters gave them the details on the fraudulent ballots yet to be submitted in key states.

  68. Does anyone know if there is a good site for the Secretaries of State reports on the election?

    1. ducksearch: usa today 2020 election yourstate
      and from the USAToday site you’ll get a pretty good running overview, tho so far I haven’t found a way to get to other states other than a new search.

      Don’t know of any bulk-congealed SoS site, tho.

  69. Iowa called for Trump on Fox News — margin matching the Des Moines Register poll — making Joni Ernst a probable hold. Almost guarantees GOP holds the senate.

    1. Fox News just called Minnesota for Biden – the Iron Range could not beat the margin of fraud in Minneapolis.

  70. Just thinking about all the stuff going on and it makes me thing yet again that days like today are ones where I really miss Dr. Pournelle.

  71. Decision Desk (the PJ Media partner) just un-called Alabama for Trump, setting him back to 195 EVs. There is no obvious reason for them to do that. Alabama is 63 / 37 for Trump with 80% votes counted. WTF?

      1. Sarah, you may know who to follow up on this with, but the proof is right there on the PJM Live blog.

        Stacy Lenox at 8:19 PM EST posts a screen shot showing that Florida was called for Trump, and it incidentally shows that Alabama (next door) had already been called for Trump. (This is not a surprise, BTW. Alabama votes Republican by the same margins that California votes Democrat.)

        Tyler O’Neil at 12:28 AM EST (three HOURS later) posts as screen shot showing Alabama with stripes, showing that it was not called. Jeff Reynolds at 12:40 AM EST posts another screen shot showing Alabama with stripes again. It was fixed soon after that.

        I noticed this when Trump’s EV count went from 204 to 195. That didn’t make sense. It took a while to find the reason. Still don’t know the explanation. Perhaps someone fat-fingered a command. Perhaps someone had orders never to let Trump appear to be leading. Maybe the PJM mothership can investigate?

    1. WTFF? 63% of 80% gives Trump 50.4% if EVERY SINGLE REMAINING VOTE is for Harris-Biden.

      Which, in this election, would not be impossible.

  72. Yeah, I’m going to bed soon.

    Haven’t been paying close attention. My forecasting is very cautious; looks like it could be Trump.

    Basically, I checked the Redstate stuff a few times.

    A bit sad I’m not following it to the point I can say that “Florida Man Wins Against Baidou Jiangshi in Popularity Contest” or “Baidou Jiangshi Cheats Florida Man of Popularity Contest Victory”.

  73. OMG. There’s a series for kids. Of movies. About young Philip Lovecraft. With Nyarlathotep and Cthulhu and so forth.

    I finished watching the election coverage on The First on Pluto TV, and that’s what they had on one of the kids’ channels. The freaking Necronomicon and all.

    Cthulhu Babies, basically….

    1. Okay, it’s called Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness, and it’s a computer-animated movie based on a graphic novel. The producer, Sean Patrick Reilly, apparently hired his entire family to do voice work, along with Mark Hamill and Christopher Plummer.

      Seriously, the brainmelting is correct, but this is more disturbing than the two anime with “cute Lovecraft.” This is more like “Portrait of the Artist as a Young Goth.”

  74. I voted, I prayed for Mrs. Hoyt and all the Huns. I love you guys and hope someday to meet some of you.

  75. I’ve now seen two tweets in Razorfist’s Twitter feed – one from Razor himself – referring to Arizona officials being caught in a sting only for the tweet to have evaporated by the time I click on it. Sounds like someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and Twitter’s desperately trying to cover for them.

    1. Not a shock; they are allowing Biden to claim that he is “on the path to a win” while censoring Trump’s statements saying the same thing. Also, Philly stopped counting for the night and will resume tomorrow (presumably so they can manufacture enough votes to steal PA) and other states Trump is leading that have Dems running the state are apparently doing the same thing.

      This is going to get very fugly. Expect the first lawsuits to be filed in the morning and the Democratic Party paramilitary riot machine to really get into full swing.

      1. In fairness, Biden is on a path to a win, holding several important states within the margin of fraud. Trump, OTOH, tweeted out a True But Unpalatable assertion, like “Who built the cages, joe?” and thus must be suppressed.

  76. Fox News reporting Montana is in Trump’s column (big yawn – 3 electoral votes he was expected to claim) but: it also looks like the GOP will hold that senate seat and pick up the governorship.

    Chick Schumer is likely gnashing his teeth.

  77. I swear, this election will be the death of me yet. It’s been a very weird year and electoral cycle. Formerly red Arizona is threatening to become yet another extension of California while Mr. Trump apparently again picks up Michigan and Wisconsin along with Pennsylvania even after the massive ballot fraud in Philadelphia? What the hell is going on with this country?

    Don’t answer that. I’m tired and need to sleep. Maybe PredictIt will be back up in the morning. It’s been crashing all night. 😦

      1. Yep and if Democrats steal the election, people are going to start “disappearing” as well,

  78. My crazy day is over; I’m hitting the rack. The cats are already zonked out. Will see if the world is still here in the morning.

  79. It now seems as if the GOP has gained House seats — not enough to take control but putting it closer for 2022.

    I’ve yet to see anything about whether they’ve recouped any of the California seats “harvested” in 2018.

    1. It appears they were unable to retake any of the seats lost in Orange County, have not heard on any of the other seats. With ballot harvesting going on, I suspect that getting those seats back is a lost cause. Frankly, I expect ballot harvesting to erase the big leads for rejection of the racial quote requirements and the overturning of part of the economy gig worker law.

      California is essentially a socialist banana republic no different than Venezuela or Cuba

    1. Doesn’t look like there’ll be any more action tonight. I’ll leave you with this:

    2. And they closed with “The Washington Post March”. Is that kicking them when they are down or what? Bravo Mr President.

  80. With Election Day going into overtime, this opens the window for some very entertaining possibilities – such as the Durham Report dropping or perhaps a serious investigation into the Biden Family Money Laundry – before the Electoral College results are known.

    I wonder what the DOJ poll watchers might have found.

    1. One other thing that could happen in that interval occurred to me: approval & release of an effective WuFlu vaccine, in time for Thanksgiving and preventing Biden claiming success with it.

  81. I saw this

    and wondered if Cubans got that idea from all the MSM reporting about “White Hispanic” George Zimmerman back in 2013.

  82. Turns out at least part of the problem with Arizona is poll workers making Trump voters use sharpies instead of pens to mark their ballets, causing those ballots to be invalidated:

    Razorfist’s Twitter has been informative tonight.

    1. *Whistles* That sounds like a huge problem and basis for a class action suit. The question seems to be whether the poll workers came up with that themselves or were “advised” to try it.

      Of course, the Democrats having demanded that we “Count every Vote!” will doubtless denounce this vote suppression and insist those votes be counted.

      In related news, apparently Pennsylvania Dems were caught “curing” invalid mail-in ballots received, primarily to favor Biden.

      Republicans file suit in Pa. to block mail-in voters from ‘curing’ ballots
      Nov. 3 (UPI) — Pennsylvania Republicans filed a lawsuit Tuesday in federal court, alleging that election workers in Montgomery County north of Philadelphia were counting mail ballots early and allowing voters to “cure” ballots with problems.

      An expedited hearing is scheduled for Wednesday at 9 a.m. in Pennsylvania Eastern District Court in the case filed by Republican U.S. congressional candidate Kathy Barnette and Clay Breece, chairman of the Republican Committee in neighboring Berks County.

      At issue are at least 1,200 “spoiled” ballots that arrived before Oct. 30 at the Montgomery County Board of Elections. The ballots had signature problems, or lacked a secrecy sleeve, which election workers could determine without opening the envelopes.

      Election workers were not allowed to start opening envelopes and canvassing mail-in ballots before 7 a.m. on Election Day.

      Election staff members were contacting voters with spoiled ballots and telling them that they needed to come to the county and either fix their ballot, or vote in person on Tuesday, the suit alleges.

      It also claims that Montgomery County is treating problem mail-in ballots differently than Berks County, where bad ballots aren’t counted.

      “Pennsylvania voters should not be treated differently based on the county where they are required to vote,” wrote Andrew Teitelman, the lawyer who filed the suit.

      The suit also complains that because of COVID-19 health protocols, poll watchers are being constrained to “a tiny holding pen at the edge of the room,” or “relegated to a remote ‘overflow room’ that has two 40-inch flat screen televisions.”

      President Donald Trump predicted in campaign stump speeches that the vote in Pennsylvania would not be completely tabulated by Tuesday night, and promised to take the fight to the courts. The Trump administration sued and lost over signature matching on mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania.

      Joe Foster, chairman of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee, told the Philadelphia Inquirer on Tuesday that staff members at polling places always have helped voters make sure they are casting their ballots correctly.

      Wallaby Wemarks: n reference to Mr. Foster, I am sure they have. Even when they cannot vsit the polls themselves.

      1. [sigh]

        And all this is probably just the beginning of what will come out by noon. Poor Sarah’s gonna blow a gasket over this stuff when she wakes up.

  83. Last night, the New York Times tweeted the following: “The role of declaring the winner of a presidential election in the U.S.falls to the news media. The broadcast networks and cable news outlets have vowed to be prudent. Here’s how it will work. [mini-url which now leads to a completely different article on the election]”

    I didn’t think to copy and paste the whole thing, just the bits that seem to arrogate to the NYT the power of kingmaking for the benefit of character-limited social media, but here you go:

    Lede: A Federal District Court judge on Tuesday ordered an immediate sweep of 12 postal districts searching for undelivered ballots after the Postal Service said in court that some 300,000 ballots it had received had not been scanned for delivery.
    He said he was particularly concerned about ballot delivery in districts where there has been slow processing of ballots for days, including Central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Detroit.

    Concluding paragraphs (I skipped a LOT in the middle and some of it may have been relevant):
    Mr. Trump had spent much of his last day on the campaign trail Monday attacking the Supreme Court, accusing it of putting “our country in danger” by ruling to allow Pennsylvania to continue accepting absentee ballots after Election Day, at least for the time being.

    In Kenosha, Wis., the fourth of five rallies across four states, Mr. Trump told a crowd, without basis, that the justices had made a “political” decision that would lead to cheating by his opponent, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. His comments followed an angry tweet in which he charged — without providing any evidence — that the court’s decision would “allow rampant and unchecked cheating” and “induce violence in the streets.”

    1. In Kenosha, Wis., the fourth of five rallies across four states, Mr. Trump told a crowd, without basis, that the justices had made a ‘political’ decision that would lead to cheating by his opponent, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. His comments followed an angry tweet in which he charged — without providing any evidence — that the court’s decision would ‘allow rampant and unchecked cheating’ and ‘induce violence in the streets.’

      In other news, President Trump also claimed, without evidence, that “the sun rises in the East,” “two plus two equals four,” “Miller Lite tastes great and is less filling,” and “all men are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

      Independent fact checkers have been unable to verify any of those assertions.

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