Greebo is still alive

It occurs to me you might be worried. Havey cat is. You have to understand, they’re best buddies, and this is ripping Havey apart.  He keeps screaming at me and leading me to Greebo, so I can fix the problem.  Sigh.

Greebo is very dehydrated and sick and I don’t know if he’ll survive the night. If he does, I’m taking him in tomorrow morning, and seeing if they can stabilize him and if perhaps the anti hyperthyroid cream on his ear will keep him… well…. a few more months. Probably not many, but every day is a gift.

In the middle of the night he came up to the bed and curled at my legs (not near my face, because then I might notice how sick he is) and slept there till morning.  Which means I almost didn’t sleep, afraid to turn and hurt him, and waking now and then to pet him.

The reason there was no Witch’s Daughter yesterday is that I was falling on my face tired.  Today there was no promo because…. well, today I have gotten the bedroom in the basement apartment painted and ready for younger son. We still need to deal with shower and bathroom in general.  I wasn’t going to paint the bedroom, just do the floor and varnish…. BUT — but.

You see,t he paint in the unpainted areas of this house (mostly the basement and my bedroom is a chalky white on texture.  That means it’s mostly dirt and cobwebs.  I’m not doing his living room or his dining room, or even the kitchen, but the bedroom was truly horrendous.  So, it’s now painted.  He’ll be able to move into it Tuesday afternoon.  And then he can organize his space and be on his own…. except for the shower, and for helping us do the flooring in the three remaining rooms upstairs.  Probably this weekend.

However, after tomorrow, I should be able to resume A writing schedule.  I have three ideas on the white board to write up for PJ and three novels needing to be finished.  And frankly paint and varnish cost money 😛 Not to mention that Greebo — I hope he lives that long — will probably cost us $500 this month.

Also, frankly I have an open letter to Jared Polis, self assumed tyrant of Colorado on his mask order and what it reveals about that pusillanimous disingenuous and self-admiring maggot burning a hole in my mind.  THAT will probably run here tomorrow.

I know he’s admiring himself in his Hugo Boss uniform in his room of mirrors, and I suspect he doesn’t realize that there’ 75% of chance this ends very badly for him.  If his fellow self-proclaimed communists manage to get power, they’ll get rid of him, because he’s too stupid and not connected enough to be the new ruling elite. OTOH if it goes badly for them…  Well, I hope he has plane available to run off to a banana republic.
Of course, I hope the real Americans win.  And I hope we just laugh him out of office. I wouldn’t want any harm to come to him. I want him to live to find out how much we — and everyone around him — consider him a jumped up fool and laugh at him even while we spit, because he’s too vile not to spit after saying his name.

I wouldn’t sully Benedict Arnold’s name by putting Polis’ next to him, Benedict Arnold was a smart and honorable man with a fatal weakness. Jar-RED Polis is a puking mass of weakness, malice and lust for undeserved power in something vaguely resembling a man’s shape. However, it’s possible that future and uninformed citizens of Colorado will link the two names.

Because he’s no Coloradan and no American. His kindred is Castro and Mao and Pol Pot. And while his mask order is a small step in that direction, in the magnitude of how unnecessary it is, and how adversely it affects the state he purports to govern, you can tell it is a step he longs to take, and in his mind he wishes all Coloradans had but one mouth, that he could suffocate us all.

In his heart he knows he was frauded-by-mail into power and that we never wanted him. He spies and schemes for ways to get back at us.

Which proves what a fool he is. Because he has no clue the anger burning in people.  And not just those of us whom masks send into respiratory distress.

I bet you he was the kind of bully who cornered weaker kids in the playground. And we’re all paying for the fact none of those kids ever turned on him and popped him one. He might have learned to be human before the left handed him power he thinks is limitless.

But more on that tomorrow. As you can tell right now I’m just in the grip of the red veil, which does not make for good prose.

I’ll go make dinner and tend my cat.  And tomorrow afternoon, I’ll write.



44 thoughts on “Greebo is still alive

  1. You all are in my heart and prayers, as always, but with a special emphasis tonight.

  2. We’ll still be here, tomorrow and next week. Every minute you don’t spend with Greebo is gone forever. He needs you a lot more than we do.

  3. So sad to here Greebo’s condition is deteriorating.

    Have you tried getting Greebo to drink the water from canned tuna? We did that with our cat Sparky when she was getting dehydrated and wouldn’t drink when her kidneys were failing and it helped for a while.

    Many thoughts and prayers for Greebo.

  4. I see you’re managing to keep priorities straight: family, money, blog readers.

    Wait, that can’t be right? Something in your life of greater importance than US!

    As for your governor, it is always my hoope that they live to sup the bitter bile of electoral defeat and are forced to sit watching the success of their opponents. Death comes too easily for them.

        1. Well they did. It was an excellent example of first degree mass murder for financial gain (Look at how many elderly they won’t have to pay for next year.).

    1. Is the other party bothering to oppose him, or are they just going to stand up a token candidate to fill in the blank spot on the ballot?

      The GOP has gifted many offices to the Commies that way,

  5. Sarah, I’m so sorry.

    “I have done mostly what most men do,
    And pushed it out of my mind;
    But I can’t forget, if I wanted to,
    Four-Feet trotting behind.

    Day after day, the whole day through —
    Wherever my road inclined —
    Four-feet said, “I am coming with you!”
    And trotted along behind.

    Now I must go by some other round, —
    Which I shall never find —
    Somewhere that does not carry the sound
    Of Four-Feet trotting behind.”

    1. wonderful, Kipling has a poem for every situation. I’ve got a cat who clearly got some canine genes somewhere, as she follows her favorite person around the house and the yard outside.

  6. Just donated to help out with Greebo. I’ve been hanging around pestering the community you’ve built for years now, so I figure I owe you that much at least.

  7. The tragedy of the animals we love with and love is that we outlive them…or worse, they outlive us. I have always felt that when we pass, they will be waiting for us. And in my case, isn’t THAT going to be an interesting concatenation of cats and bulldogs! Of course the dogs will be spending most of their time with my folks.

    May Mama Bast grant Greebo what he needs, be it time with you or passage to The Summerlands.

  8. Not to mention that Greebo — I hope he lives that long — will probably cost us $500 this month.

    I hope you have him a little longer. (((Hugs)))

    Tell me about the cost of veterinarian care. $2500 since May 1st, and that doesn’t count the $200 discounts. (First $100 discount took us over a year to accumulate. Second one took two months.) Not all of that spent on trying to save and stabilize Thump and the new kittens, just most of it. We do have another cat and dog.

    1. It won’t help with anything they already have, but get ASPCA pet insurance. We got it for Nemo, and it’s more than paid for itself.

      ACL surgery. Type B Lymphoma in Nov 2018. They’ve paid for 90% of about $8k in chemo bills. Nemo is still alive, healthy, and happy, even though he’s still being treated. If we hadn’t bought it, we’d never have been able to afford it, and he’d be dead now. The premium level we got is costing $133 per month.

      1. If somebody stuffed $133 under a mattress every month for a cat’s lifetime of 18 years, it would add up to over $28,000. If invested, more. 4 1/2 years of premium payments would add up to 90% of $8,000 in vet bills.

        Most insurance costs more than it’s worth.

        1. I have suspected that pet insurance did to vet bills what medicare did to the cost of medical care. They offer to pay vets very handsomely for procedures with the caveat that all get charged those same amounts. Precisely why we no longer have a dog–simply can no longer to pay for routine visits much less anything more. Bill the cat is barely affordable (and is right now not feeling the love because on a diet).

          1. We’ve ran the numbers. Sure $2500 in two months is a lot. But we’ve had 4 cats and a dog in to see them for that cost. Plus a year’s supply of Revolution Flea treatment for one of the cats (okay kittens, when big enough will use that supply too). Thumps treatments, & test, including last trip, was $700. I was surprised we weren’t told of the kitten package this time around. Last time, five years ago, it was $800 – All visits, no matter how many, tests, shots, boosters, medicines (including flea), and neutering costs. Just found out that the clinic we use has been bought by a conglomerate VS being sold to an up & coming partner (how it was transferred before). That’s $4800/year for our 3 animals (before kittens), suspect that is why. Normally we don’t spend anywhere near that per year, even counting flea/tick medications. Kittens next boosters are in 5 to 6 weeks. Then they’ll be neutered & spayed. Then it’ll be a year before they have to be seen again.

            I like our veterinarian. She *listens. I know the costs are reasonable, or at least comparable, until something goes wrong. Even with the last dog with her heart condition, but I didn’t get her medicines from the Veterinarian, believe it or not … Costco at the No Insurance rate. But, I will be the first to admit that most chronic illnesses requiring expensive, repeated treatments, will be a no go. Stabilize and improve, like we tried with Thump, yes. But not heroic tries. Which is why we didn’t try home hydro therapy or even investigate kidney transplants (of coarse it can be done. It has been done on cats far longer than it has been done on people. Who else do they experiment treatments on?). The first would have been just an expensive delay to keep him with us. The second would have been a very expensive life changing delay for him. It broke my heart. It will every time. When our veterinarian retires depending on the replacements we might have to look around again.

            * When we first came to the area I took my dog to the veterinarian my parents had used when we were kids. Once. I wasn’t listened to. I told them she couldn’t tolerate steroids because of a liver condition. She was given them anyway and I wasn’t told they were a steroid derivative. Our old veterinarian, a 120 miles away, when I called to tell what had happened calmed me down and said would have prescribed the same thing, but would have warned me of the possible consequences. Clinic called me back with suggestions for a new veterinarian in our area. Up shot was the veterinarian in question had listened, but hadn’t made it known that he had heard me and taken it into account. Our current clinic, either does this normally or our file is marked. Any treatment is thoroughly discussed. We know the choices, consequences, and we know what the veterinarians don’t know.

        2. The problem, of course, is that those bills show up well before 18 years; 9, in our case.

  9. We have a cabinet with four small boxes. Right now Deb and I are spending time with our bad old man Java. He’s pretty much running out his string but we’re giving all the time he’s got; he’s our last cat from California. In the end, they’re worth it. Right now we’re happy because Chance has decided to become a big brother to Kitten Mija, who was too energetic for the older cats.

  10. I’m afraid to say with minor modifications, your description of your governor applies to Despicable Kate Brown, Tzarina of Oregon. She uses a publicity photo that give that vibe of “I like babies, preferably roasted with some sage.”

    Recall petitions are due to be turned in late this month. We’ll see what kind of low-life shenanigans they play this time.

    Hugs for you and pets for Greebo. Our Sara is hanging in there, but we figure it will be slow, then sudden decline. Ain’t it always?

  11. “Jar-RED Polis is a puking mass of weakness, malice and lust for undeserved power in something vaguely resembling a man’s shape.”

    C’mon, tell us how you really feel!

    Seriously, how are so many people blind to these people. We don’t need lizard people to rule us. Our politicians are reptilian to the bottom of their slimy, three-chambered hearts.

    1. On behalf of the real Lizard People, I take offense at your comparison! Might I suggest lampreys, slugs, or leeches?

      1. Leeches have a medicinal use. (In fact, they are still used in some surgical procedures to encourage blood flow or to drain excess blood from tissues.) I vote for lamprey for comparison purposes.

      2. Do you have something against invertebrates, to suggest they have comparably poor character?

  12. with pets we are like Gods with the power of life and death over them … if we are callous we run the risk of giving death too soon … if we are caring we run the risk of giving death too late … I pray for you and your cat/companion/friend …

  13. Wanted to click like on almost everything above …. prayers, continue with your priorities, we will be here.

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