Quick Update

Greebo is still alive, and will hopefully remain so till 2:15 when we have an appointment at the vet.

They don’t think it sounds like hyperthyroidism returning (both the speed of the illness and the fact he’s throwing up great big GREEN spews.)

So it might be an easily curable infection and all this might recede as a weekend that lasted half a lifetime for me, as I haven’t slept much.

Or it could be something worse. Or a weird presentation of hyperthyroidism.

BUT I’ll hope for something that can be cured with antibiotics.  And I’ll hope to get my grumpy old editor back on the job. It’s clear his chosen replacement (TM) isn’t up to it.  Mostly he scolds me for letting Greebo get sick and flops about dramatically being fussy fuzzy Havey.

Anyway, just wanted you to know.

28 thoughts on “Quick Update

    1. I’m sorry.

      I hope it was anticipated because they were the same age, old, well past the age you would have expected to lose them. Doesn’t help, I know. Not until much later. We always expect that miracle.

  1. Thoughts and prayers, dear, thoughts and prayers four your whole household, that it might remain whole a while longer.

  2. sending you good thoughts. I know when Foxy had pancretitus, she vomited for hours. I was a mess. She was a mess. She survived and is now a happy doggy.

  3. Hope Greebo makes it all right. Sounds like Havelock needs some editor-training…

  4. Em got through her colonoscopy successfully. They did find some polyps, which the doctor is having biopsied, but he is pretty sure they’re the same as the benign ones she’s had before.

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