Almost Surely Post This Evening

horse explanation

Mostly because I’ve been sadly remiss with Witch’s Daughter.  BUT right now duty and honor (eh!) call me to laying down flooring in son’s new room.

Once he gets his diploma in order (GRRRR lockdown, universities, bureaucracy, argh!) and gets a job he might very well move across the country, and then I’d have to pay someone to do it, since I can no longer do this stuff alone. (Trust me, gals, after 50 your strength falls off a cliff, so make use of it while you can.)

So think of me with kindness as I deal with the — argh — flooring today.

I’ll try to post this evening.

PS – Greebo is not doing well. At this point I can only ask you join your thoughts and prayers to mine that it be quick and relatively painless.  I’m far more worried about his tendency to hide from me and not come up for pets or to sleep with me. I miss my cuddle boy. I’ve… well, almost reconciled myself to losing him. I know they’re ephemeral. But I’m also somehow losing his affection and our closeness before he’s gone.

Never mind. I’m being maudlin. He’s just… a very good cat.

To make matters worse his chosen successor whom he obviously gave orders to, aka Havey cat, does NOT silently herd me to the office. Instead he laments every minute I’m not in my office. And because the only word he knows is “hello” I’m being bullied by Hello Kitty.  Sigh.

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  1. Prayers for Greebo and you. I recently lost a most wonderful cuddle cat who wanted to spend every minute glued to me and it is very hard.

  2. There is really only one issue that matters: Is Greebo a happy cat? Does he have a good life, even if it might not be as long as you’d like? That’s all we can do — be good to our cats while we have them.

  3. Please forgive me for saying this. I think it may be time to put Greebo to sleep. I pray to God that he will be as happy as he can be for as long as he can be.

      1. You haven’t lost his affection. He’s just got to make sure everything’s properly packed for the journey. I firmly believe beloved pets go On to somewhere we can find them again, and I hope you find lots of comfort in the meantime.

        (FWIW, when one of ours died of old age, I was lucky enough to tuck him in on what I knew was his last night. He’d been very quiet and closed-off, but I got a look in his eyes, and all the love was still there. Just…streamlined for the trip.)

        1. Silver, the one we lost at 20+ last November, her last day was like that. A Saturday. Her boy had to work, a 2 to 10 PM shift. She started failing around 4 PM. Dad cuddled her. I cuddled her. As much as she could tolerate. She’d lay on the hot pad. We’d get on the floor and lay with her. The minute her boy walked in, and he held her, we knew she’d given all she could. She had blood in her nose. We took (okay drove like a bat out of heck) to the emergency vet. They made her comfortable & cleaned her up. Son held her while she purred & made the final journey.

          Thump his last night, he curled up like normal to sleep, partly on my pillow & on my hand. The next day he spent some time laying in his favorite spots outside, inside, and on my shoulder, head tucked into my neck. He didn’t cry in the carrier during the car trip. He knew. (I took a lot of pictures of his last days.)

          Does this help some, knowing this is true? Does it make sense when I say – yes, maybe?, heck No way! It’s complicated …

  4. I’m so sorry. Hugs for you and Greebo.

    I know it won’t be easy. Even with two new adorable kittens I still miss Thump so much. I wake up every night expecting him to be there trying to share my pillow with his nose in my hair & his paws patting my face, neck, & head making sure I’m here. Lil Bit has become a little more cuddly when the kittens are confined to their room. They are too little to allow full unsupervised run of the house. Lil Bit is still not a fan …

  5. Funny thing. About a week ago I played a game called Timelie (not a typo). The game is very vague about what was actually going on in terms of plot – there’s no dialogue or narration – but I’m pretty sure it’s largely about a little girl dreaming about a cat of hers that died. I beat it, looked up a few things about it online and then came straight here to check for new messages.

    And one of the first things I see is Sarah responding to a joke I made to tell me that Greebo was ill. I don’t believe in omens of that sort, but even so I thought the timing was creepy.

    I didn’t say anything then because I didn’t want to make Sarah worry more about Greebo’s health than she already was, but I guess that ship has sailed.

  6. Hugs. It’s never easy, and cats are so stoic. A dog will come up to you and whine Mommy, fix it. A cat will do her best to act like she’s just fine, and when she stumbles, will give you that look, I meant to do that.

    Our current cat is now fourteen and I’ve noticed she’s slowing down. Which means it’s only a matter of time before we have to make the same judgement call for her.

    1. The fact that dogs will come to their human for help is why I prefer dogs. Dogs are quite stoic too.

      1. Our Sara (the Lab-Aussie Shepherd) permanently lost a lot of motor control when she had seizures, but she does her best to ignore the occasional pratfall. If she’s in serious distress, she’ll cry, or she’ll have her minion (Angie the Border Collie) bark up a storm. OTOH, Angie is getting older, too, and sleeps very soundly. If I hear a bit of crying, that’s Lab-Aussie for “I gotta go, now, Dad!”.

        She never complained with the seizures, though I’m pretty sure she was out of it during those episodes.

        Speaking of minions, potty break time.

  7. Looks like Chell might be hanging out somewhere nearby…

    (referencing the image at the top)

  8. I’m being bullied by Hello Kitty.

    Y’know, I’ve always suspected that cat of being a bully. Something about that jaunty bow just seemed threatening.

    Thoughts and prayers for Greebo and for you.

      1. The AK47 is simply good sense, but the bow is an obvious effort at disguise …

  9. “Don’t Call Me Shirley!” 😆

    Yes, I just had to say that. 😉

  10. I often think this is how immortals must feel watching their human companions age and eventually die.

    1. Why the heck would anyone want to be immortal? Long lived is good, but I think that immortality would be a curse. 100-150 years of active, healthy life is what I would like. To outlive one’s family, and culture would be a curse for me.

  11. The entire Hello Kitty phenomenon baffles me. I mean, there is apparently a licensed Hello Kitty VIBRATOR. AND THE ‘apparent’ refers to the licensed part, the vibrator absolutely exists. And it has for some time, and is massively popular in Japan, so if it wasn’t licensed wouldn’t the intellectual property holders be having a conniption? Women in Japan Have Hello Kitty WEDDINGS. Supposedly a LOT of women.

    But there’s a lot about Japan that baffles me.

      1. Most people are just being sarcastic when they call them Barbie guns. 😛

        1. I saw a turquoise and tan Walther today. No! Just no. At least the Kalashna-Kitty has some “Because I want to, so eff you” to it.

          1. Maybe to accessorize with your clothes? I agree that fashion shouldn’t be a part of armaments. Although a well-made weapon that is more than utilitarian might be pleasant. I’m thinking of the wonderful British (Purdey’s) shotguns.

        1. Years ago, I was part of a small gaming group that included somebody who wanted an idea for a really good prank to play on a fellow warhammer player. The gut he wanted to prank had an army he was really proud of consisting of a race of rats (don’t ask me, I don’t warhammer). Since there was a HUGE dog show in town that week, I suggested he go but up some pewter figures of terriers, and paint them warhammer style.

          He never did manage to give me the detail of how that worked out. He kept getting uncontrollable giggles.

    1. But there’s a lot little about Japan that doesn’t baffles me.


      A great deal of Japanese culture seems accessible but proves to be akin to Churchill’s observation about the English and Americans being two peoples separated by a common language.

      1. The Japanese are strange. I think most of the Asian cultures are quite, different than European ones.

        1. The thing that gets me about the Japanese is that they have adopted a thin veneer of Western European culture…and in addition to being thin, it fits oddly. They have a lot of tropes that LOOK superficially like Western tropes, but on examination…don’t.

          I mean, Hello Kitty is superficially like, say, Minnie Mouse or Strawberry Shortcake (gag). But I absolutely cannot imagine either property having a LICENSED vibrator.

          1. The Japanese have ADAPTED Western/European culture, in their own unique ways. Hey, it works for them.

            By retaining their own cultural identity and values, they make the world a more interesting place. They gave us Akira Kurosawa, Hayao Miyazaki and Rumiko Takahashi.

            1. As I recall, the Japanese film establishment didn’t think too much of Kurosawa. I believe the charge was “too western”.


              I watch some anime – less than I used to, but that’s true of everything. And I don’t DISLIKE the Japanese. I just think they’re odd. Maybe even odder then we credit.

          2. Their plotting is weird. It’s clear it comes from a different tradition from the Western culture.
            This is part of the reason I think it’s vain for publishing houses to court the kids raised on Japanese cartoons. Their sense of a good story will be completely different.

    2. I had an Anime Addict as a college buddy (“Crack is a cheaper habit”). He explained that, in Japan, porn-versions and related knock-offs are often treated as “flattery” and “free advertising”.

      1. 1. Porn and sex stuff is traditionally a Yakuza-protected industry.I

        2. The Yakuza also control music venues and a lot of nightclub-type businesses. So upsetting the Yakuza might not be great for your social life.

        3. Getting your publishing company involved in an embarrassing sex-related court case would not be a great career move, and your corporate lawyers might refuse to do anything about the case.I

        4. Somebody in the other side would turn out to be somebody in your company’s nephew or cousin or college roommate.

    3. Kinda reminds me of the Christopher Anvil novella (or long short story) “The Underhandler.” Humans fight alien alliance to a draw and the Underhandler negotiates an armistice with the humans. The aliens agree to remove all their weapons (some are bio-pests like super-scorpions) from the Earth and will protect the Earth for a period of time while this is done, so Earth will have no military for decades. The theory is that relieved of the pressure to defend themselves, the humans will turn decadent. (There are complications; good read.) See Analog, circa 1990 (+2, -5 years).

      I kinda wonder if something like that has happened to Japan; their military was crushed; they almost starved to death (+/-, not sure how close); they got atom-bombed twice, and they were occupied. And they haven’t really been defending themselves since 1945, although the growing threat from mainland China seems to be reversing the trend.

      If the above hypothesis is true, then in ten or twenty years Japan will be getting less weird (from our point of view).

      And I remembered you and Greebo earlier in prayer.

      1. Anvil was a sadly unappreciated writer. I still get a chuckle out of “Pandora’s Planet.”

        1. It’s already pretty special. I suspect it’s outdone Murphy as the symbol of things going sideways in the most pear-shaped way.

          1. My current favorite moment-of-bewilderment is the person on Twitter last night: “Okay, who had ‘neophyte witches hexing the moon’ on their 2020 bingo card?”


                The accusation made by a Twitter user – that a group of new witches tried to hex the moon – has gone viral as hexing the moon, according to witches’ lore, could bring bad luck for all life forms dependent on the moon’s energy.

                Such life forms could include humans and that’s especially the case since, according to that Twitter user, the goddess of the moon has a twin-god-brother who is responsible for health and medicine – during a pandemic.

                If nothing else, accusations of the hexing have sent many members of “WitchTok” into a panic over what the attempted hex could mean for humanity, while everyone is still trying to figure out what exactly a hex is.

                So… bunch of folks being fools are, well, being fools.

                  1. Yeah, either they don’t believe it, and they’re being rude, or they do believe it, and they’re being malicious.

                    Not a lot of good options, ehre.

                1. Story fodder!!!! *scribble, scribble, note, note* I’ve been thinking it was about time for another “stupid coven trick” in one of the books. “Goooooooooooaaaaaaaa*gasp*aaaaaaaaalllllllll!” **

                  ** For those of you not familiar with fútbol, there’s a sort of contest among the Latin American announcers about who has the most impressive call of “Goal.” Last time I checked, one of the guys on Univision had the unofficial title.

                2. ….

                  Okay, yes, if I believed in the Greek gods, I would not be going out of my way to tick off Apollo….

                  1. Heck, I categorically don’t, and I wouldn’t go out of my way to do so. That would just be rude.

                    I save my rudeness for situations where it might do some good, not for screaming rude things at the sky.

                    1. Kind of like, “I don’t bestow my rudeness on just anybody. They have to work for it!”

        2. I *really* *really* hope so.

          Depending on what happens, and how hard the Left decides to keep pushing, 2020 might come off looking pleasant in comparison.

          I suspect that this fall is going to get very uncomfortable for pretty much everyone.

  12. Trust me, gals, after 50 your strength falls off a cliff, so make use of it while you can.)

    Can confirm. Don’t believe the nonsense that staying “fit” will save you. I was Strong like Ox.

    Will pray for your Friend in Fur, Mrs. Hoyt, when I say my God-blesses at bedtime. “Mr. & Mrs. Almeida” are there every night as well. (I figure the Supreme Being can sort it.)

    I’m truly sorry this has been added to your season of loss.

    1. It happens for men, too, though it varies with age and conditioning to begin with. When we moved up here, I was 51, and the constant activity built up my strength. I built the pumphouse/solar system over a couple of years, then went on hiatus last year for foot surgery. That upper body strength said went away, and I’m not sure it’s “see you later” or “good bye”.

      Point driven when I was erecting a wall yesterday. I partially framed and sheathed it just enough to keep it square, but still it was 14 studs and a sheet and a half of 1/2″ plywood. Mechanical assistance wasn’t an option for this wall, and $SPOUSE’s back is more fragile than mine…. The first part of the lift (to waist level) went OK, but I sensed a bit of trouble when I had to step up on to the floor decking. Got it done, and the rest of the lift, but a couple hours later, my lower back was flaring. (If I’d been able to do an overhead lift before stepping on the platform, it would have been easy. That lift wasn’t going to happen…)

      Walking/sitting/hell, just moving was *interesting* last night, since the right side muscles were arguing with the left side as to which ones had the right to flare at which time. Went to bed in pain (Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen helps), but woke up sort-of OK.

      I want to do another wall today or tomorrow, but I can use the tractor to do the lift on that wall. The end walls are small in comparison, and won’t be sheathed until they are up. I don’t want to think about the roof yet.

        1. Yeah. I told Marshall Dan and I moved an entire house of furniture (including heavy pieces we still have) in two days while I was pregnant with him. NOWADAYS I can’t lift the medium-heavy pieces.

          1. It’s been done, actually. Old tires filled with dirt. I don’t care for the flammability portion, but it’s one way of dealing with old tires.

            (Somebody tried using ground up old tires for some kind of fill material. Unfortunately, the steel in the belts is slightly exothermic when it rusts, and given the right conditions, you can have burning fill material.The asphalt road built on top of that fill had a distressing tendency to melt. And catch fire.)

            1. Yeah, most people won’t believe that steel burns. You can set steel wool on fire with a 9-volt battery. There was also a Ripley’s Believe It Or Not article about a boxcar full of fresh steel lathe turnings that caught fire when snow blew into it.

              1. You can set steel wool on fire with a 9-volt battery.

                Chemistry instructor or Scout leader “what to use to start fires” hack demonstration. Or if this can be done you can learn to use one match to start your fire.

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