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  1. My grandmother bless her soul would say to that “Boy, go bring me the castor oil and a spoon”, I would not bring her the castor or spoon and find a place to hide and it was amazing how quick the my ailments went away. Why was that even allow to be made let alone to give to children back in the day.

  2. My mom’s ritual progressed from pepto-bismol to paregoric. Neither ever worked.
    Rest is good. Fluids are good. Get better.dd

    1. You’re lucky. My uncle was a Wyeth rep, so my mom always had access to Phenergan suppositories. They *did* work, but the humiliation and discomfort was never worth it.

      1. Glad to hear. One thing to keep a watch for, given that this is happening not too long after the the kitty poop clean up adventure is Giardia, which can cause symptoms similar to stomach flu and can be picked up by humans through contact with infected poop (and would also explain kitty’s bout as well).

        1. There’s also Listeria going around, thanks to the grocery store hardboiled eggs supplier having an oopsie. They did a recall, but it was a little late.

          The Listeria fun is that symptoms appear 5 to 25 days after exposure. So if anybody has been unable to determine what the heck he ate….

        2. Giardia, coccidia, or cryptosporidium (more likely to occur if the environment has been purged of coccidia, and can be very hard to diagnose). And yes, kitty’s bouts could well be such parasites.

    1. I hope so too!

      A friend had it for a week. Apparently somebody came to Christmas a few days after recovery.

    1. To be fair, though contracting stomach flu isn’t exactly wise, following the “not dying” branch on any decision tree is generally the optimal choice.

      This is true even when you’re suffering a hangover at the “I feel like I’m going to die, and I’m afraid I won’t” level.

  3. Oh, hard luck. Get well soon, and don’t worry about the blog. We probably won’t trash the place during your absence.

  4. The aardvark is considering chicken soup. Or possibly T. Rex soup. . . he claims it’s even better for the flu.

        1. [For those who might somehow not have heard, many of the early ATMs in WI were named ‘TYME’ and thus asking where a/the “TYME machine” was was not quite what it sounded like.]

  5. Hang in there. Feel better soon.

    (Possible duplicate post, but you can’t send good wishes too often )

  6. The flu is here too! Been down for a couple days. Can’t talk. Swallowing hurts. Breathing is… an irritation. I went and bought a bunch of sick food when I felt the first twinge. Then I went and shoved the driveway for 2 hrs and got wet. 😰🤒

  7. The good news is I’m (probably) not dying.

    You don’t die, you just feel like you’re going to. ICK pretty much sums it up. Well, writer, after all.

    Take care of yourself, as long as it takes.

  8. On a completely unrelated note: Sarah, I don’t know if you care or not but I’ve been meaning to mention that the sidebar still uses your old picture.

  9. *waves hand like he’s some sort of Jedi*
    You feel fine, you want to go for a walk…

    Seriously, get well soon.

  10. It’s going strong, alas, down here. The kids are already getting tired of “wash your hands and use soap” on the morning announcements.

    1. I had to figure out post-care for an upcoming medical scan. Logistics and horrible weather say it’s not a good idea to go home after the procedure (only 40 miles, but we’re in a continuing winter-weather advisory period). Staying at a nursing home overnight crossed my mind, followed by the memory of losing a fellow church member to norovirus at that place. Same time of year, too. Nope, don’t wanna do it.

      Mercifully, the doctor said I could stay at a nearby hotel, and they have a shuttle that will get me to the med center and back.

  11. Me, my cats (Greebo, Licorice, and Bastet), my treefull of squirrels, and the spiders that live in my sinuses (aCHOO) all wish you to Get Well Very Soon.

      1. Mine is big, gray, and deranged… All 3 are sibling strays, adopted from my windowsill in an October downpour 10 years ago.

  12. Some kind of stomach bug hit me late Friday night and left me weak all Saturday. At least I’m in good company.

    1. It’s all over the country. In retrospect I started late Friday, and I’m still out of it today.
      (In retrospect: I started feeling really dizzy and felt I was overtired.)
      Honestly, I should have realized something was wrong when I woke up and was too fuzzy to write a post, but nooooo.

      1. If you were too fuzzy to write a post, you were also too fuzzy to self diagnose, so stop beating yourself up (that’s our job).

      2. Blame it on the politicians.

        Hey, y’all are getting hit about two, three weeks after we did– and it started hitting in Iowa about a week before Christmas.

        All those campaign folks going home for Christmas spread it; probably picked it up at Thanksgiving, too.

    1. Aye, been there done that. Extreme dehydration and desalination are no small problem for the body to deal with, even if you’re otherwise healthy. So in turn, in the proud Balkan tradition of offering home remedies whenever someone in sight so much as sniffles, my own tried-and-true method is to wait until the morning after the Great Purge, and then periodically take quarter-teaspoons of salt, swish it around with just a little water until it absorbs in my mouth, and after an hour or so, move up to a gulp or two of coke. I reckon sweet tea would also work as a substitute for the latter.

      For full recovery, mix a 10-second microwaved egg, half a cup of beef stock, half a cup of tomato juice, a dash of Tabasco, and a teaspoon of paprika and black pepper each. I dunno if it works because it’s full of antioxidants or vitamins or such, or simply because no disease wants to be in the same body as that little splash of edible napalm, but it’s been a lifesaver on quite a few occasions. Also works as a hangover cure, in that it gives you a whole bunch of other unpleasant and distressing sensations to worry about, to the point the usual headache and nausea fade away in the background.

      At any rate, get well soon.

      1. There is a Mexican restaurant that I usually go to when I’m recovering from this stuff. Unfortunately corn chips are RIGHT OUT right now. (They’ve been out a long time because we’re low carb, but I used to have them on this type of occasion, because weirdly they don’t give me a sugar rush.)

  13. Worse I had was a cold that started after Christmas. I was wondering whether it was a cold or just dehydration causing the sore throat until I started to cough.

  14. A test of your vocabulary and writing skills. Can you make your description of your illness so good that it induces illness in others; and how many can your get to succumb?

    Yes, I’m feeling somewhat evil today. Pulled a muscle in my back fencing yesterday and every so often it likes to jab that one and a half inch serrated cheese knife in and twist just to let me know it’s still there.

  15. It’s been through 3 out of 4 of us here this week. Fortunately, this year’s strain seems to resolve within about 24 hours, which is something (I’m on the East Coast so Colorado experiences may vary).

    1. here it can vary a day to a week. TX seems to be worse.
      I’m not…. uh… upchucking today, but I am still “unsteady” as in, feeling nauseous when I eat anything not beef (why are you going to ask? I don’t know) and VERY tired.

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