Much Better. Promo Tomorrow. State of the Writer


The title of the post says it all. I’m much better. I’ll do your promo and challenge vignettes tomorrow.

Right now, I’m trying to do three overdue short stories, and … well…. catch up on everything I didn’t do yesterday.

Not completely well, yet, and feel like sleeping rather a lot, but that’s acceptable. So, I’m going to try to do the shorts and hope I can get through them.

Probably not, to be honest. Probably going to finish them by mid week.  Which is annoying because that’s also, probably, when I’ll be sending Other Rhodes to the betas, which I meant to have done…. oh, on the 1st.  I feel like this year is already at least six months long.

Well, this too shall pass, and as RES didn’t put it but implied, it was my own stupid fault for thinking stomach flu was a good decision. 😉

I still have no clue what to do about Euclid.  We’re well into the land of mixed signals. Yesterday, for the first time in several days, he asked for second dinner (and got it.)  Today, he’s just sleeping, and had maybe a mouthful of food.  Sigh.  I don’t know what to do. Other than love him, pet him, and keep waiting for a clear signal one way or another.

Ah well. I scheduled a ridiculous number of books for this year, and if at least half of them get done, I’ll be okay.  And short story invites — warning to everyone out there who might ask me — from now on get accepted (if at all. Unless you’re Hank or Correia or Ringo or someone else who pays on delivery) on a conditional basis.  As in “Your theme sounds interesting. Tell me the due date, and I’ll try” because last year, through a confluence of being sick/the family needing me/and having accepted more invites than are good for me and not wanting to disappoint anyone, I ended up blocking myself from novels, and not doing anything for months (because I didn’t have ideas for the shorts, but they were due) then spending two weeks frantically writing short stories. Let’s admit this is not good for anyone, myself or the editors. So, in the future the policy is “Tentatively interested. Perhaps.” UNLESS of course, you pay up front, or I’ve worked with you in the past, and the story really INTERESTS me.  For instance, this anthology has…. uh…. blinks…. paid more than I expected. (And it’s on sale for 99c, so this is a good time to get it.)

Actually that’s how I got myself into that particular fine mess, because though 6 months delayed, the “no pay upfront” anthos are paying as much (or often more) as the traditional short story market.  On the other hand, as my husband reminded me this weekend (the poor man is not only the voice of reason, he’s also often my conscience AND my um “artistic guidance” [Uncomfortable with this term, because I’m not sure I’m an artist so much as a craftswoman, even if what I work with is words and pictures] It’s a lot of jobs) I am indie.

Or, as he put it, after 20 years in the Egypt of traditional publishing, often being required to make bricks without straw (and a few times with no clay) and whenever they were due, I’m now free. Now whether I’m free to starve in the desert remains to be seen, but at least I shouldn’t have to produce something arbitrarily on a theme that’s not in mind at the moment just because it’s impacting someone else, and I promised.

He has a point, which is why — though not refusing to write more short stories, because eh, they’re good promo and also they pay twice, as eventually I assemble a collection of that year’s shorts — I need to be more selective in accepting invites.

I see this is has turned into a state of the writer post.

The state of the writer is still mildly urky, but mostly exhausted, with a chance of some writing, though so far not a ton, and great annoyance at having to manage herself.

You know how it goes, working for yourself is great, but the boss is a b*tch/bastage. Eh.

Sometime this week I’ll bring out paper of Deep Pink, and then there will be a contest for signed paper copies. Might do some other books, too.

For now, though, I think I need a nap.

28 thoughts on “Much Better. Promo Tomorrow. State of the Writer

  1. It is said that the one thing worse than “Too Much Work” is “Not Enough Work”. 😉

    Take Care Sarah! 😀

  2. Naps have the right of way. I’ve been turning down invites to write shorts in other peoples worlds. I have more novels in mind than I can ever finish and they pay better.

    1. THAT’s the thing. I still need to do some for promo, but not a ton. I’m not going to set an upper number, since I’d like to work in some worlds again, but I AM going to be very picky. 😀

  3. Rest and take care of yourself. Promo and vignette challenge can wait until tomorrow.

    And you just sold another copy of that anthology. I clicked the link out of curiosity, discovered it was on 99 cent discount, and bought it.

  4. Euclid Other than love him, pet him, and keep waiting for a clear signal one way or another.

    All you can do.

    Nap. May I suggest a cuddle nape with Euclid?

    Hope you feel better soon. That is nothing worse than the icky’s.

  5. Saw the Instapundit link and bought it. Review in a few days, as I have both necessary projects and other books I am reading.
    And it’s a beautiful night to sit outside in the warm breeze and watch the moon ride through the scattered clouds.

  6. Sigh. Another one to add to the list. (Just had an unexpected tuition bill for the wife, which means rebuilding reserves for a couple of months.)

    I will eventually drop some more manna upon you. (The clinking kind, not the original – which, by all research, causes digestive issues on the other end of the process.)

  7. Probably going to finish them by mid week.

    Mid-week is pretty good when you’re middlin’ weak.

  8. It is very easy t take a great many things for granted, to pay more otice to their flaws than their strengths. In reading a reminiscence upon the passing of Roger Scruton, the great philosopher of conservatism, I cam upon this useful consideration of the garden which Sarah has developed and maintained at A2H:

    Toward the close of our podcast in 2017, I said to Roger, “You strike me as basically content, and not someone who fears for the future. Like any thinking person, you have concerns, but you strike me as someone who is not panicked about the world.”

    “Well, it would be nice if that were true,” he replied. “I do have moments of panic, but I think we can’t rectify everything. The world is outside our control. All we can ever do is create around ourselves communities of mutual affection and mutual understanding. And to attempt constantly to rectify things is to risk making them worse. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to our utmost to rescue people from error and delusion. But . . .”

    But we should not knock ourselves out trying to remake the world. Leave that to the Communists (and oppose them without let-up).

    Emphasis added.

    Sure, we get a bit weedy at times but it sure is a nice place to sit and chat.

    1. I gotta get a new keyboard.

      It is very easy to take a great many things for granted, to pay more notice to their flaws than their strengths.

      My apologies promptly proffered to Hundom Assembled.

      (Errr … I am correct in thinking some assembly is required?)

      1. Required? Nonsense. Around here, considering the… nonstandard sorts of people, dragons, tanks, cats, and assorted beings that post? Methinks there might be a few pieces left over. Or extra pieces snuck in. Most likely both, actually.

        1. “assorted being(s)”

          * ponders *

          Nothing derogatory, nor outright erroneous.
          It works.

          “nonstandard sort(s)”

          * ponders *

          An apt description.

          I will say that I am most decidedly NOT leftovers (nor main course, etc. Dessert.. we shall not ‘go there’. You’re welcome – er, so to speak.) and nothing is ‘extra’.

        2. Methinks there might be a few pieces left over. Or extra pieces snuck in.

          That would explain the odd gear and loose nuts.

          1. $SISTAUR once said that, once upon a time, I had a few screws loose. She went on to claim that the screws had all fallen out and that now I am just nuts.

            Fortunately, being mythical, I am used to stories that are… not exactly in alignment with direct observation. Or even credulity.

  9. Haven’t tried stomach flu for awhile; but when I was sick as a dog from chemo, a shot of ice cold Welch’s Grape Juice cut through the nausea better than the prescription meds.


      1. Ohhh, bread? Look who’s uptown! 😎

        At my grandparent’s Baptist church, saltine crackers were the Body. I got my first lesson in the Lord’s indifference to form vs content there.

        1. At the church I grew up in, we had these strange little… cracker pellets?

          I’m afraid actually find it kind of disquieting to take Communion with tasty bread. On the one hand, I can see using the good stuff as a way to honor him. On the other hand… I don’t know, it’s distracting.

          It has to be largely an issue of of acclimation, because I do actually like grape juice but don’t find its use disconcerting, whereas actual wine is usually “eow that burns! Okay focus on the meaning…”

  10. No room for dispute my darlin’ girl, you are the queen of procrastinators and your kindly ol’ Uncle Lar ain’t having any of it. Thing is you always have very good reasons for your sluggardly ways: family, cats, cleaning, stomach flu, all indisputably truth. But my buddy Euclid and I know better. Mama is just a lazy git and has to be “encouraged” to sit her fanny down and produce paying copy. And I’m far away and Euclid’s been feeling puny of late.
    Still not having it. Been a year since your last book, and that a short one. Solid effort though, reminded me of RAH with that journey to hell in a land cruiser by the way. But that’s last year’s news even if paper hasn’t hit the market as of yet.
    So, while my good buddy is getting his health back the task of being a shameless nag falls on my shoulders. Good thing that I’m quite wide and able to bear the load.
    And just so you know, this is going to be a fantastic year, with a ton of product up for offer and without question a festival of Schadenfreude coming by year’s end.

      1. It was all the way back in 2019.
        In case it has escaped your notice we are now in 2020.
        Anyways, at my advanced age, a month, a year, hardly any difference.

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