Today I must clean, which is annoying.
And I have to write, because this week wasn’t good.
So, today, be like Greebo. Take care of business….
I am not dead. Love you.

31 thoughts on “Busy

    1. The aardvark is bringing out bonbons to tide us over until Fluffy’s BBQ is ready.

      Also the sea serpent in the minion pool is doing a clam bake.

  1. For just a second…I thought that was a haiku.
    Best thoughts and wishes for you today!

  2. Woman, you have a life other than keeping us amused?


    You do?


    Who’d ‘a thought it?

    1. Rusty pilot seminar. Including coaching my darling South African husband on how to drive in snow on the way there…

      Trade you?

      1. Training smelly young men how to do dirty, difficult, and dangerous jobs while also being presentable and courteous to customers. Also dealing with silly/stupid customer complaints. Trade you both, please!

      1. No worries, lass. You’re doing good service to the future. Leading young minds to knowledge and teaching the skills that learning and research needs is valuable. Even if it may seem more like herding farm animals some days. *grin*

      1. Either, or both. The nuclear carp is currently a very short half life, though, to keep clear of the regulatory burden. Tends to splatter a bit on impact.

  3. Meanwhile, on Twitter, the British Socialist Party came up with a genius meme.

    For those curious, the picture of the line is of the NHS. The other one is a Pennsylvania hospital.

    1. How does nobody call them on their bullshit? Not to mention their out-and-out lies.

      How can health care be a ‘basic human right’ when it requires somebody else to labor on your behalf? Didn’t we used to call that slavery?

      Maybe they’d like to explain why the waiting list for an MRI is three months in Canada, and three hours in the U.S.
      Under Capitalism, man exploits man.
      Under Communism, it’s the other way around.

      1. Oh, go to the tweet and read the comments. LOTS of people call them out.

        Ratio’ed. 2.7K comments to 394 likes at the moment.

        1. I stay away from Twitter. It’s full of twits.

          And, 2,700 comments? I’ve got better ways to spend four or five hours. Like reading ‘Penric’s Progress’ by Lois McMaster Bujold, which I’ve just finished. Next on the list is ‘Gunpowder & Embers’.

          1. Then you shall just have to take my reassurance that many, many, many people called them out on this.

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