An Appeal

I’m writing a post, which will be up soon.  It’s been a very weird day.  Until I get it written, though:

To all my fans and friends:
I’m very careful about which gofundmes I boost. Usually only those of very close friends where I know the need is real.

Oleg is a very good friend, one who has helped me unstintingly when I was in trouble.

Furthermore, Gremlin, his cat, is more like a child or a friend or a brother of his than a “pet.” I’m not sure Oleg will be okay without Gremlin.

The bad news is Gremlin got out and got attacked and the wounds went septic. Gremlin is — quite literally — between life and death.

This is going to be very expensive — says she who once spent the 10k she’d saved for a car saving a cat’s life in similar circumstances — and freelance photographers are not great on STEADY income.

If you can at all, please help. And if you can’t help monetarily, keep Gremlin and his human pet in your thoughts/prayers.

This is the fundraiser for medical expenses.

26 thoughts on “An Appeal

  1. About 5 years ago, I was helping Oleg take Gremlin to the vet. Oleg drove, and I held the Very Unhappy Cat bundled in a towel. We got to the exam room, and the vet tech unwrapped him, weighed him, and took his temperature (a most undignified procedure!)

    He jumped off the exam table, and before the vet tech could retrieve him, spied a drawer that had been opened to retrieve supplies. He hopped in, braced his paws on the inside frame, and shut himself in the drawer. He was done. 0/10, Do Not Want.

    That is the Gremlin I know and love – the feisty bugger who cuddles up to models until he’s part of the photo shoot, leaves fur on parts between the setup and the macro lens being adjusted, turns a lightbox grey instead of white, and yet somehow makes everybody’s day brighter and happier. Except for the skunk incident, which we Shall Not Discuss.

    Never name a cat Gremlin. He’ll live up to it. I don’t think we ever did find that Ruger Mark III recoil spring…

    1. As I said — did I? — we spend the price of a used car to pull Pixie cat (BEST CAT EVER) out of similar straits. He then lived another 11? years.
      Yeah, I did threaten to put a license plate on his butt and make him go “vrrooom” but…. we saved again, got a worse car, life went on. Living things are always better than non living.

      1. My spouse toted up the money we spent one year on one of our dogs, and realized that he had cost more than maintenance and operation of our airplane that year. We’ve never regretted the money spent to keep the critters healthy.

        1. Which is why we bought Mr Nemo insurance from ASPCA. Between knee surgery right after LibertyCon last year, and a so-far successful treatment for canine lymphoma (Type B), it’s been worth every penny. We’re paying 100 bucks a month for more or less the Cadillac plan, and his lymphoma treatment would have been an easy 3 grand; so far we’ve paid about $500 out of pocket.

      2. The worst round I’ve been yet with Italics is a bladder infection, but since I put him on the prescription food (so expensive, but worth it) he hasn’t had any trouble. Since his brother went missing last fall, he’s not allowed outside anymore. I know he probably wouldn’t get into trouble, since he’s nowhere near as adventurous as his brother was, but still. He’s pushing ten, and he’s so dang lazy he never has been particularly fast. Don’t want to risk it.

  2. Done and on my FB with a note that all the friends who offered vet help in the past and it turned out I didn’t need it could give that dollar now.

  3. I’ve never met Oleg, but I’m familiar with his work. Also have mutual acquaintances here in Minnesota and around the internet.

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