I Was Going To Write A Post

Except I REALLY need to get back to my real job.  Yesterday kind of took it out of me, leaving me drained, and exhausted.

There was … stuff before, including a potentially lethal situation for one of the kids (it wasn’t but it looked like it, and I’m proud to say my sons seem to have listened to my stories of living in unstable times, because before I texted the instructions to “Collect your things; get out of there; keep situational awareness on the way out” he was already doing it, and texted back “getting.” before he got to the car and a fuller report.  Turned out the noises were from a police stand off some blocks away, but hey.)  Anyway, so yesterday’s horror just made it all worse, and reading page after page of idiots saying “good” or that it was “self defense” or similar twaddle made me sick with the sort of dull rage that has nowhere to go.

It’s not even the idiot’s fault.  Our media has now just resorted to making things up out of whole cloth, and people who have always been mainstream and trusted the news continue buying it all, wholesale. So they think the world is imploding, or something.  The same media that covered up Obama’s … well, I still don’t know if incompetence of malice, and told them every was wonderful is now panicking them and stampeding them towards a confrontation they’re NOT ready for.

I handled it on PJmedia, here, not that Charlie hasn’t handled it also, several times. He’s linked in my article, too.  They don’t seem to realize America is NOT alone in the world, and that the image of us they’re projecting abroad practically guarantees we’ll be attacked.  They’re making us look ripe for the taking.

And under the spirit of making my PJmedia posts do double duty, I’ve been promising you a deeper discussion of how the whole thing with Sad Puppies was a confrontation between different aesthetics, which the left — blinded by politics — made all about good and evil, maybe you should read this:

In the Kingdom of the Blind Marxist.

It’s important for us to understand the disconnect underlaying every dispute in the arts (and many in the sciences) where the left has lost sight of any other objective than bringing about “progressivism” and “social justice.”  They can’t even understand what we say, anymore.  They think we want to destroy them, not just their flawed, blinkered worldview which turns everything it touches to dross and ashes.

And now I’ll go and work on Guardian, if that’s okay.  See you tomorrow.


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  1. Well shucks — I was just prepping to post a link to the Blind Marxist (is there any other kind?)

  2. You have my permission to work on creating more stuff for me to read.

    Actually, sounds like a good idea in general. I’m still in shock over yesterday – both the shooting and the vile Leftist reactions to it. I think I’ll go write that novella which my beta readers tell me is needed to bridge the gap between Book1 and Book2. At least in that world I’m in control of the violence.

    1. I’m still in shock over yesterday – both the shooting and the vile Leftist reactions to it.

      Despite the fact that I’ve been expecting something like this for nearly a year, the actual reality (both attack and Leftist reaction) left me quite rattled yesterday.

      1. Me, too. And if the two policemen hadn’t been there as part of a security detail … horrible to think about how it might have played out.

        1. Since they have no shame, one of the ways that it would have played out might well have been Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at least for a short time while billions were funneled into the special elections.

        1. Looking at the comments over at your PJM article, Sarah, the folks trying to dismiss are seriously out in force.

          You hit a nerve, m’lady. They’re swarming out to discredit your words, because they’re dangerous words to their power, their control. Well done.

          1. Of course they are. And telling me I completely misunderstand Marxist critical theory. Note I didn’t call it that. I called it “earmarks of Marxism.” Marxist critical theory is as much bullshit as the rest of Marxism, but it’s a specialized, niche insanity. My article covers all of it.

            1. Investigator: Confess! You stabbed him through the heart with a three-inch knife!

              Accused: That’s a lie! I stabbed him with a two-and-a-half-inch knife!

              Investigator: Oh, well, … that’s okay, then.

      2. Maybe I really am more cynical than many here, but the reaction (both by Leftists and Rightists) didn’t surprise me in the least, and the only real surprise was the target. I guess it didn’t really rattle me because I was expecting it (well not that target, I expected a more visible target) and it wasn’t that serious of results (if Scalise recovers it will basically be a near miss, with nobody but the gunman being killed).
        If this is the worst that happens in the next couple years I will be totally shocked.

        Now just because it didn’t rattle me doesn’t mean all the talking heads claiming this wasn’t politically motivated don’t irritate the heck out of me. Was the gunman a mental case? From all reports, yes (although I would consider the fact that he supported Bernie Sanders sufficient evidence of that claim). But he was also an active political figure who worked on Bernie Sanders campaign and publically and often, denounced Republicans and had advocated action similar to what he pursued against Republicans. He stated himself his political views of such actions as his.

        1. If this is the worst that happens in the next couple years I will be totally shocked.

          Yep, me too. Any slightly more coherent attack would have resulted in a much much worse result. I expect copycats of this one, and unfortunately more cogent planners to be taking notes for their turns.

          …supported Bernie Sanders…

          Bernie Sanders as John Gill: “I had no idea my Nationalist Socialist movement would attract violent nutjobs!”

        2. Agree, not surprised at all. I’ve been expecting this to go hot for quite some time. I doubt this event will kick it off but as a society we have just taken some big strides down that road.

          We are in condition orange, Protect you and yours.

  3. After reading the link (Blind Marxist) it occurs to me that it would be edgy and downright hilarious (in the tradition of West Side Story and many other shows) to redo Romeo and Juliette with Romeo’s family as Republicans and Juliette’s as Democrats. For added bonus, make the Montagues black or hispanic and the Capulets white.

      1. You mean annoy all the collectivists further. They come pre-annoyed.

        What gets me is the way the incidents where the Progressiifascists try violence and get clobbered (or shot) for their pains don’t seem to be making an impression.

        Hey! Progressives! You’ve never had much talent for violence. Oh, there have been exceptions – *cough* Black Panthers *cough* – but the flyover country people you hate so damn much play rough sports and shoot for fun. Most of y’all are scrawny and have low pain tolerances. This isn’t going to end well for you.

        Mind you, when you go full tilt bugshit and attack an Open Carry march, I’ll find the results entertaining as hell.

        1. Gonna disagree on the Black Panthers exception. They were never much more than a group of gangsters with better marketing. As a coherent militant arm they achieved less than the Weathermen (albeit with comparable killing themselves off.)

          What the Left excels at in the field of violence is temper tantrums. Sure, they call them riots but if it were not for The Powers That Be providing overwatch the Black Lives Matter movement wouldn’t matter.

        2. Eh, I don’t know that I’d call Michael Moore scrawny… or Rosie O’Donnell… or Whoopi.

          Nope, I’ll have to take exception to that, I would say that a higher than average percentage of Progressives are the opposite of scrawny.

    1. I saw a production of R&J at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where the adults were in traditional dress and the kids were in modern dress… and it was quite clear that it was the young hotheads who were keeping the feud going, because the elders had basically gotten exhausted with the whole business. (This is actually supported by the text, when Romeo is recognized at the Capulet’s party and Juliet’s father has the attitude “he’s a good kid; we don’t need to do anything.”)

      1. I always thought it was pretty clear that the alleged Montague-Capulet feud was just an excuse for the young thugs who wanted to be violent anyway. Yeah, Montague and Capulet might hate each other and brandish their swords, but “an airy word” is all it is. Meanwhile, the people who seem most invested in the feud are those with the least connection to it: the servants from the beginning, Tybalt (who’s a nephew of Lady Capulet and thus probably no blood relation to Capulet), and even to a certain extent Mercutio (no relation to either family, but unwilling to let Tybalt leave without a fight). Even if Montague and Capulet had been the best of friends, it seems likely that they’d have come up with some other excuse for stabbing each other.

        1. Though to do him justicen he really was worried about Tybalt starting something, and he figured to make it less likely by taking him down a peg.

          One of the *other* points Shakespeare was making. Elizabethan rapiers were clumsy thingsn and only favored expertise up to a point. Tybalt’s win was almost an accident. And they were also horribly lethal, though not immediately. A body thrust with 17th century medicine? But it took so long for Mercutio to bleed out, nobody realized he was serious when he called for a surgeon…

          1. Elizabethan rapiers were clumsy things

            Compared to a modern foil or epee, maybe. Compared to a broadsword or an arming sword, much less a greatsword, not so much. The “clumsiness” of any sword has to due with its balance point. Have a nicely weighted pommel, keeping the balance point as close to your hand as possible, and a rapier, even the 42″ or 48″ bladed monstrosities that were common in period, was fast and efficient at its primary job — putting the pointy end in the other guy.

            1. Oh, yeah. It was *defense* they were lousy at. That scene in TWELFTH NIGHT, with “Ferdinand” and the local bully talking big and carefully not fighting? Shakespeare was having fun with the rapier’s propensity for producing double kills, and the characters being all too aware of it. HAMLET and ROMEO & JULIET

              One of the results of the later, shorter spadoons and smallswords was the rediscovery of the parry.

              1. “HAMLET and ROMEO & JULIET”…were covering the same ground without the humor.

                Sorry ’bout that.

              2. Yes, a lot of double kills with a rapier, but parries are possible and it doesn’t take a lot of effort to move the tip off line. What you’re not going to do well with a rapier is block.

                Yes, Virginia, there’s a difference between a parry and a block.

          2. As a rapier fighter (42″ rapier is what I use) I must state that they are not “clumsy” if you understand how to use them well (which means no whipping them around like the modern, light epees and foils). Rapier is not about the modern “beat” parry of foil– it’s about closing the line and counter-thrusting. It’s the art of Defense (hence the origin of the word “fencing”.
            That’s not to say that a modern epee fencer isn’t going to win the fight — double kills were indeed common in historical rapier duels…and the equivalent double touch in modern epee fencing is the same thing.
            But Shakespeare (as a product of his time) echoes what Silver and other swordsman of the time thought about rapier users — length and bravado can sometimes substitute for skill. George Silver, as a good Englishman, argued against the use of the foppish, Italianate rapier. Perhaps he was right, perhaps not — people still argue over the merits.
            But still… having a couple inches of steel thrust into your body was often fatal. Alas for Mercutio!

              1. Hmm… I don’t know the weight. I do know that I am either going to (a) switch to a shorter blade (40 inch) or (b) try a slightly heavier pommel to balance it out.

    2. Actually, make Romeno a transitioning MtF trans and Juliette’s family radical feminists.

      The violence is more believable there 🙂

  4. Mighty fine idea, getting back to work. Like the farmer said when the flood washed his house away, “The cows still need feedin’.” Well, cats, spouses, and kids these days. Y’all take care. This little world and the peanut gallery will be here when ye get back.

  5. I still don’t know if incompetence of malice ..

    There is an element of malice in covering up incompetence in a leader. As I noted t’other day, the real scandal of the Obama Administration is the MSM’s malfeasance.

    The tragedy of yesterday was not the attempt by a lone nutter to do bad, it was all the people glorying in the vicarious violence and exhorting others to do more. Imagine, for a moment, if a “right-wing” extremist shot up a mosque and the conservative side of the aisle heaped on him the kind of praise, justification, encouragement and sick jests we’ve seen following James Hodgkinson’s actions.

    1. The problem, of course, it that you’re going to see that. Anders Brevik’s great mistake was being a few Leftist atrocities too soon.

      We are faced with a political environment in which an attempted mass murderer, who failed only because of his own astounding incompetence, is getting PRAISE from a whole faction. They’re calling Anders Brevik’s evil clone a hero.

      Any rational human views the likes of Anders Brevik, Jared Lee Loughner, James T. Hodgkinson and Michael Zehaf-Bibeau as the same. They are deranged, murdering assholes. People like that need to die, on the spot, at the hands of their intended victims. There is no middle ground.

      But no, the exact same people who point to Brevik and Loughner as proof of the eeeevile of the Right are praising Hodgkinson as a brave freedom fighter of the Resistance.

      How soon people forget that this is -exactly- how the Balkans blew up in the 1990s, how Rwanda blew up in 1994, and how the Middle East has been blowing up since the 1950’s. Syria is happening right fricking now, and this thing here is exactly why.

      You get a couple more like Hodgekinson, and let the media lionize them, and we are going to see some serious shit.

        1. I am more and more of the opinion that this has been their goal.

          Make us afraid to give them the crown for it is better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven. So if the only way to power is to turn a relatively good place in Hell….

          Well, you have to break a few eggs to become a tyrant.

      1. This.

        Although I will point out that while the media claims Brevik is a “far right extremist” he identifies as a national socialist. Which is rather far left.

        1. See, that’s one of the things that having near-complete control of the media grants you–Control over the narrative.

          The KKK and the South Africans who espoused racial superiority? The majority of what made them “them” were economic policies and ideology that were clearly socialist, just restricted to whites. And, in exactly the way they managed to shift National Socialism (Nazi, for those of you who forget precisely what that acronym stood for), they’ve managed to shift the definition such that the KKK and the apartheid advocates are somehow “right wing”. The reality is far from that, just like with Breivik. In actual fact, he’s about as “right-wing” as the people he claimed to be fighting, and that whole incident ought to be characterized as left-wing infighting. The only real differences between Breivik and the people he killed? He wanted to restrict the goodies to his own kind, and get rid of the other parasitical interlopers who were horning in on the Norwegian economic trough.

          Precisely like a lot of the failures that found the KKK attractive…

          People really ought to do more research into these things, before parroting the mainstream media party line. Breivik was assigned the “right wing” position he has strictly on the basis of “othering” him, and to discredit him and the right. The reality? Go down the list of what he wanted to have happen–Do you see anything there that is consonant with free-market thinking and freedom? Nope; it’s all the same as the existing socialism, just restricted to “native Norwegians/Europeans”. These people are all redistributionalists, and statist–Because, that’s the only way they can see getting ahead: Rob everyone else to make up for their being losers.

          1. People need to remember that in Europe “Right-Wing” and “Conservative” do not mean what they do here in the states.

            The ultimate right-wing conservatives in Europe would love a return to the (not so) limited monarchies of the 19th Century. An idea which is an anathema to an American Conservative (okay, maybe not the Alt-Right twits).

            1. Yup. In Europe, statism is assumed; “left” and “right” only mean international vs. ethnic/nationalistic statism. The American version of “right” meaning individualism isn’t on the European spectrum at all. Their and our political axes are orthogonal, not parallel.

          2. History tends to elide Stalin’s exiling national socialism from the socialist kaffeeklatch, but yes, that is when “Fascism” became right-wing, the right wing of the Socialist turkey.

            1. Yes, it was Stalin who proclaimed that. Nazis were only right wing once they attacked the Soviets. Stalin knew he would use that as a cover for ever having a treaty with Adolf. I once asked several folks discussing “Hitler’s moving to the Right” and asked what changes were made in policy that made up the change from Leftist Philosophy to Right Wing.
              Yeah, no one answered that and the forum thread died.

        2. “National Socialist” = NAZI = Fought Stalin = Anti-Communist = Far Right

          Statists are simple people with simple thoughts.

          1. I think it is more correct to that the left was hollowed out as an echo chamber for Stalin’s cult of personality.

            There was originally a wider range of socialists, communists, and other leftists. Soviet intelligence effectively picked winners and losers, and helped factions that said their lines stay organized and coherent longer.

            Stalin was in the habit of making friends, then murdering them, and having his echo chamber say that said ‘friends’ had always been secret right wingers.

      2. It would have been interesting to have reported Hodgkinson had survived, been arrested and being held for trial, with a website established to collect funds for his defense.

        And to have kept careful note of all contributors to that fund.

        1. The Venn diagram of those who donated to the fund for the cubs of that mountain lion they killed a few years back after she ‘et a jogger would likely be an interesting thing to behold…

          1. It has been many a decade since I studied on such things, but do not Venn diagrams require at least two categories?

            1. Post in haste, repent at leisure… There was supposed to be a connecting bit of verbiage between your group of donators and mine…

              1. Our minds must think alike, I had to go back and reread your post after RES commented to realize that you didn’t mention the connect between donators.

    2. it was all the people in the vicarious violence and exhorting others to do more. identifying themselves as dangerous and warning their neighbors to stay armed and ready in their presence.

      Fixed that for you.

    3. I believe hostess was debating whether or not Obama were malicious or incompetent, not the media. It’s a given they manage to live in a spectrum with incompetence at one end and malice at the other.

      1. Obama hardly mattered, it was those enabling him, egging him on and papering over his corruption* that matter.

        *N.B. – not all corruption is financial.

  6. Don’t blame you Sarah.

    No insult intended to the people commenting on yesterday’s post, but I had to start avoiding the comments.

    My blood pressure was going sky-high. 😦

    1. None taken.

      I’ve had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a while. Nothing to do with yesterday’s fire or shooting, just medical type crud.

      Today is going to be a better day.

      1. In a weird way yesterday was kind of a relief…I’ve been waiting for this for years but the waiting is over. I don’t like that it is started but for long time the only way out is through.

          1. Not all my life…since about 2010 or so.

            Believe me, I would have been happier to go to my grave without seeing it but the weight of waiting is gone.

                1. They’re already doing that. You just haven’t noticed, because it’s below the radar. Why else do you suppose they’re doing all that HUD-driven “Spread the vibrant inner-city culture” thing in the suburbs?

                  Don’t watch the speeches; watch what they do. With dangerous men, the thing to do during an encounter is watch their hands, not the eyes. The eyes lie.

                  Likewise, with politicians? Don’t watch the speeches–Those are just for public consumption and cosmetics. Look at what they do, the people they give power to, and what the policies those power-holders make. Obama was never the problem–It was the Koskinens, the Lerners, and all the other fellow-travelers he enabled and put into position in the bureaucracy.

                  Likewise, don’t vote for the guy at the head of the ticket; vote for the people they’re going to be putting into power. On that basis alone, Obama and Hillary were really poor bets, and proved to be disasters. Trump? So far, with the exception of Sessions, who I’m coming to have my doubts about, he’s been an amazing selection. Remains to be seen how that works out, though, because I’m starting to think we’re not going to clean out Washington DC short of a wholesale vermin extermination. Ah, well… It will be entertaining. For a given value of the word…

                  1. “With dangerous men, the thing to do during an encounter is watch their hands, not the eyes.”

                    On some the eyes are the tell, on others something else. But if you don’t know the man and his tell I’ve found the most effective thing is to not concentrate on any part of him, in fact I find that looking past or through him is usually the most effective, your peripheral* vision and subconscious will pick up the tell faster unless you know exactly what to look for.

                    *Peripheral may not be quite the right word, you are not necessarily looking at them with the edges of your vision, just your not really focused vision. I’ve found if you focus on any one thing you tend to miss any premovement tells by anything you aren’t focused on, but at least for me, if I’m not focused on anything I can usually tell when they are going to move, and what they are going to move, before any movement is consciously visible.

                    1. …if you don’t know the man and his tell I’ve found the most effective thing is to not concentrate on any part of him, in fact I find that looking past or through him is usually the most effective, your peripheral* vision and subconscious will pick up the tell faster unless you know exactly what to look for.

                      Written like someone’s read through Miyamoto Musashi once or twice.

                  2. I would say that even as rhetoric, talking about extermination with regards to DC isn’t a good way to phrase it. Also, hi, Fred!

                    1. I would think what he stated was a fairly obvious fact. Now whether we are willing to go to such extremes is another thing.

                    2. George Washington was never referred to as “Father of his Country” in King George’s court. If the Founders thought America was worth their sacred honor to get, what are we willing to do to keep?

                    3. If someone is planning to kill you planning to kill them right back doesn’t make you as bad as them.

                      It makes you ready to survive.

                    4. In government? No one to my knowledge. In the opinion press several leftists have exhorted the killing of Trump voters or at the very least stated the killing of Trump voters is justified…same for Republicans.

                      Am I not justified in viewing them and those they influence as people at least considering killing me?

                    5. There would seem to be a requirement for, at minimum, a preponderance of evidence supporting their plans to eliminate you, otherwise you are in danger of falling into the same abyss as the person you imagine is planning to kill you.

                      Otherwise, you are simply agreeing with the jackass who argued Hodgkinson was acting in self-defense. That is a mirrored hall prudent people best avoid.

                    6. Random chance dictates that at some point you would eventually say something with which I could publicly agree. Not only agree but emphasize your point.

                      Heat death of the Universe to follow.

                    7. What he said, and what I agreed with was “we are not going to clean out Washington DC short of extermination”. We aren’t, politicians and nonpoliticians alike can talk about draining the swamp all they want, but I see no way it is ever going to happen short of an extermination type event.

                      That doesn’t necessarily mean either of us (I can’t speak for Kirk’s thoughts, only my own) think this is a good idea or are advocating it. But what I am stating as fact (I believe it is a fact, although basically unprovable) is that short of an extermination type event, we are going to have to live with Washington DC being a cesspool. Possibly we make it less toxic through less extreme means, and find that acceptable, but as long as it is full of politicians (which it will be, as long as it is the center of government) it is never going to be clean and clear.

                    8. Cleaning out DC, even through an extermination type event, would provide naught but temporary respite as the conditions which attract the vermin there would remain unabated.

                      There is no magic bullet which absolves us of from Franklin’s dictum: A republic, if we can keep it.

                      We cannot keep what we neglect.

                    9. I have no idea how viewing that as fact makes us as bad as our opposition. I don’t know how it makes us bad at all, as a matter of fact.

                    10. Please explain, using small clear words, how KILLING EVERYONE is the only solution. That DOES make us as bad or worse than their solution of just killing us.

                    11. Draven,
                      We seem to be talking past each other here. As RES points out, probably much more clearly than I did because it was clear in my own head even cleaning out DC with an extermination event would only be a temporary respite, because as long as it is the center of government it will continue to attract vermin.

                      I’m stating that there is NO way to clean all the vermin out short of that, I am not advocating nuking it from orbit (although some days I swear that doesn’t sound like as bad an idea as it does on others). It is NEVER going to be clean, if we don’t want to use such extreme measures (and I sincerely hope we never have to, because it will mean the end of our republic as we know it, and chances of rebuilding something as good or better are slimmer than a snowballs chance in hell) we need to try and keep the toxicity as low as possible, so the dose doesn’t kill us. But it is NEVER going to non-toxic as long as it is the center of power for our government.

    2. By the time I first heard more than the breathless report that a shooting had occurred the ‘sensible’ gun law advocates were out in force.

      It took only a couple of comments on their part before I was screaming at the TV. What!!! Do I want the government to discern which social/political opinions disqualify me for gun ownership? HELL NO! Can’t do this to myself. Moreover I shouldn’t do this to The Spouse.

      I shan’t let myself be pulled down into their cesspool.

      1. The only sensible gun law is concealed or open carry to protect yourself from the Left.

        As I type a Karen Handle appearance is in some form of lockdown due to the distribution of envelopes of white powder.

        It is probably nothing but that it was still done in the context of yesterday tells me all I need to know about the Left at this point. They want the fear. They are happy with the killing.

          1. I had honestly thought that strain had blown enough of itself up in the 70s in the US (see the excellent book Days of Rage) but I appear to have been overly optimistic.

              1. It is much like kudzu: a non-native opportunistic species which grows uncontrollably unless ruthlessly cut back and which inevitably strangles those plants it relies on for support.

            1. It always appears, because the leftists are by definition people who hate freedom for others. The people who hate freedom for others are either power-hungry or terrified. and both kinds are alway ready to explode.

              1. The left will also reappear because they appeal to people’s fears and desires. They promise that the government will be your wise and generous grandmother and grandfather, only even better, and that there will be nothing to fear once you let the brightest and best run the country for you.

                Every new generation has to be taught. We best carefully teach our children and grandchildren the whys and wherefores of true liberty and responsibility. You can be sure that the left is willing to train them in their ways.

            1. This has always been true (well not always, because they didn’t always have guns, but all political power boils down to the ability or the belief in the ability of wielder to project force) regardless of the type of government.

        1. Wasn’t an appearance. It was her private residence and several if not all the people on her street.

          1. I knew it was several people on the street but when I typed this WSB was reporting a residence she was appearing at.

      2. yes, and nutjob had a FOID and bought at least one of his firearms in a state and area where ‘sensible’ gun laws are in full force.

  7. I don’t want to kill my neighbors. I just want them to learn the benefits of minimal government and maximum personal responsibility yield greater freedom than the mess we’re currently suffering under.

    1. I don’t want to kill my neighbors. I couldn’t afford it. I hear that the property values in neighborhoods where that kind of crime has occurred plummet. What would that leave for the family when I get put in jail?

      Anyway, yeah: I just want them to learn the benefits of minimal government and maximum personal responsibility yield greater freedom than the mess we’re currently suffering under.

      Happily, I’m pretty sure that we have people on one side of us that hold that opinion.

      1. On the other hand, leaving a colony of termites and/or other vermin in place and spreading can do an equivalent amount of damage to your property values.

        The problem, I suppose, comes in when you have to make the determination that “neighbor” has flipped the state to “vermin”. What will your criteria be, and what are you willing to do about it?

        Also, you have to factor in the reality that those “neighbors” are potentially vermin that can think and plot, themselves, so… What do you do if the vermin decide to clear you out?

        It is a mess, once a society decides to go down this path. See “Yugoslavia, former Republic thereof”, and “Rwanda” for examples–And, recognize that an awful lot of decent people of good will got caught up in the machinations of the mendacious, and that an awful lot of “neighbors” did for each other.

        I got to talk to a Yezidi girl who translated for us in Iraq, and she told me they had a wonderful relationship with the local Muslim neighbors in her village–When Saddam had come looking for their tribe, the Yezidi had taken them in and hidden them from the secret police, so she felt that they had a good relationship going…

        I’m not entirely sure because I don’t truly want to know, and haven’t done the research to find out, but I think the village/town she came from was one of the ones where the ISIS types came in and slaughtered the men, and took the women and girls into captivity as sex slaves, with the local Muslims helping guide them around to find the Yezidi where they hid–Some of those hiding places went back centuries, because of other periods of Muslim persecution, and it was only recently that they’d been shared with the Muslims.

        “Neighbors”. Feh. I don’t condone the occasions when people feel the need to “do something” about them, but I do understand why it’s sometimes just rational self-defense. An awful lot of what we decried as “war crimes” in the Bosnian thing actually fell under this category. Some didn’t, however, and that’s what I meant by “decent people of good will” getting caught up in things not of their making.

        1. You’re right and that is precisely what terrifies me. Also the competing drives to “get it over with” and “wait to make the targeting and need more obvious”.

        2. That is horrible. And it’s almost certain that some of the neighbors who dimed out their Yazidi fellows did so under threat of their own lives. It is impossible to discount how effective that strategy might be against a bunch of suburbanites whose toughest life challenge is a badly-made latte or having to pay for a sitter because Hayden’s nanny moved to Jacinto.

          God willing, we find hidden reserves of strength if the test should come to us. Because I lump myself in that suburbanite category. A few years ago, I could have shrugged and laughed because what would I have had to lose anyway? Now I have a wife and a child. I don’t know if I could watch them made to suffer while some Antifa bastard oh-so-sweetly promised that they’d stop if I only told them where that awful Mr. Jones had run off to.

          1. Mhmmm… I’m not so sure about the “…under threat of their own lives…”. Testimony I’ve seen seems to indicate that the Muslims who did the “guide ISIS to the hiding places” routine were doing what the average Democrat was doing when they drove the Japanese out of their farms and so forth during WWII–Looking for economic gain, and the additional fillip, participation in the sex slave trade.

            You want a reason why I refuse to give up my right to bear arms? Take a long, hard look at what goes on in the disarmed areas under these situations. It’s not the government that you need to worry about dealing with, it’s those pesky “neighbors”. In Slovenia, the JNA tried to confiscate the local equivalent of the National Guard armories for “safety”, and the Slovenes rightly took that as “Yeah, we’re getting fitted out for shackles, today… Not.”.

            It’s just messy. Humans are inherently nasty, brutish creatures in general, and if you put your faith in “the general” being decent and doing the right thing…? You’re gonna be disappointed. Which is why the wise feral ape looks around, and trusts not in the strictures of society being his ultimate surety of safety and well-being.

            Frankly, about the only reason I haven’t gone completely feral myself is that there are still enough of you decent types around to make it worthwhile. If it looks like y’all are going down, and gonna be swamped by the really nasty and inimical ferals? I’m throwing the rulebook out the damn window, folks.

            Yesterday makes it clear that we’ve come a full ratchet-stop closer to der Tag, I’m afraid. Keep your powder dry, your fields of fire clear, and be prepared…

          2. “I don’t know if I could watch them made to suffer while some Antifa bastard oh-so-sweetly promised that they’d stop if I only told them where that awful Mr. Jones had run off to.”

            That particular moral conundrum is less difficult to solve than you might think.
            Avoid it.

          3. Unless it was a very unusual neighborhood (likely populated with Kurds) they wouldn’t have needed to be threatened. It would be easy enough to find out about. Those things got BRAGGED about when I was in Iraq.

            1. What I found interesting was that the Yezidi boasted about sheltering their Muslim neighbors from Saddam’s attentions, while the Muslims have apparently been quite vocal about how they dimed out their former saviors to the ISIS filth.

              Make of that what you will.

              “Moderate Muslim”, my sweet bippy. The only difference between the two is that the “moderate” will be the one running the slave auctions, clucking at how “awful” it all is, while they count the money in the till.

              Anyone doubting me should do a quick search on the “moderate” Kuwaiti, Salwa Al-Mutairi, who let the mask slide off back in 2011 about what “moderate” Muslim women think about their fellow women that happen to be infidels.


              Consider the implications, there, and ask yourself why so many Western “feminists” are pro-Islam, and how figures like Linda Sarsour can be the subject of feminist adulation and acclaim. Do the math–I have.

              1. From what I’ve heard third hand, it’s not even “Inshallah, they had guns, what else could I do?” Instead as you note, it’s “Of course I told Daesh where they were – the Yazidi aren’t Muslim.”

              2. Consider the implications, there, and ask yourself why so many Western “feminists” are pro-Islam, and how figures like Linda Sarsour can be the subject of feminist adulation and acclaim.

                Purblind provincial stupidity.

          4. “Antifa bastard oh-so-sweetly promised that they’d stop if I only told them where that awful Mr. Jones had run off to.”

            Why would you believe him? Serious question. His kind have never shown any qualms about lying to get what they want in the past.

    2. They don’t value “freedom” other than to choose breakfast cereals and TV programs, and certainly don’t want any more personal responsibility. As Americans, it’s their constitutional right for everything to be someone else’s fault. They’ve been told what to do and what to think all of their lives, and most of them would be perfectly happy with that, if they could ever wrap their minds around it.

      It’s not that they don’t share the same values as you – which they don’t – but that their entire basic programming is different from yours.

      The things you likely value, being a participant here – honor, loyalty, truth, nation – are, for them, either alien concepts or things to point and hoot at.

      1. Don’t forget their most cherished freedom: kill the unborn. I think they would even give up the freedom to watch “Breaking Bad” for that one.

      2. They don’t value “freedom” other than to choose breakfast cereals …

        Chuck Schumer does not agree with the freedom to choose breakfast cereals:

  8. Because this seems to have become my job.

    There is writing, paragraphs of it, in fact it even has links. It has a title and it makes sense. It is where a post by Sarah A. Hoyt should be. People are responding to said piece of writing. This IS a post.

              1. All fruitcakes have nuts. In some the nuts are present, in others the nuts are merely metaphorical. But as the Platonic Ideal fruitcake has nuts, having nuts is an essential element of fruitcakiness. (Fruitcakivity? Fruitcakedom?)

                1. See, you’re starting to edge over into quantum fruitcake theory, here…

                  The question of whether or not the fruitcake has nuts in it really can’t be determined until you collapse the wave by cutting into the fruitcake. Until that point, it exists in a state where there are both nuts, and no nuts. Once you’ve made the observation by cutting into it, the state is flipped to one or the other…

                  Now, some would take the heretical position that the observation point is when you unwrap the fruitcake, but as we all know, nobody actually does that. The truly deranged believe that you can determine the nut-state of the fruitcake when you purchase it, or have it gifted to you, by the simple act of reading the label. However, as we all know from observing the quantum state of the chocolate-chip cookie, the pictures on the package and/or the ingredient lists are never to be trusted. You simply cannot know these things, whether we’re talking about the “chippiness” of a chocolate-chip cookie or the “nuttiness” of the fruitcake, until and unless you actually either cut into or bite the baked goods…

                  Confusion is understandable, however–This is a very new area in quantum baked-goods physics, and a lot of the theory is yet to be well-understood…

                  1. Unless my neighbor made it, in which case you may rest assured that it is, in fact, the very Platonic Ideal of Fruitcake, casting its shadow on the back wall of The Cave for all lesser Fruitcakes to strive to emulate.

                    1. Which means somewhere there must be non-platonic fruitcake. I don’t even want to contemplate fruitcake that is fruitful and multiplies.

                    2. There are some schools of philosophy which hold that there is really only one fruitcake (that one being perforce the platonic ideal) and that all observed instances of fruitcakes existing are mere projections of that one. And since fruitcakes are never actually opened and cut but are merely regifted to the next designated recipient, the exact nature of the ur-fruitcake is never fully known. But be very careful; if this school is correct, attempting to cut the projection you seem to possess could have catastrophic consequences.

                    3. According to that school, no. It likely partook of some aspects of fruitcakeitude (use whatever descriptive term you prefer), but could not have been an avatar of the One True Fruitcake in that it was creatable and edible without untoward repercussions.

                    4. Years ago I had a boss whose wife made, as Christmas gifts to his underlings, a delicious poundcake laden with fruit and soaked in brandy and rum.

                      I am undecided as to whether that was fruitcake, yet utterly convinced that soaking cake in brandy and rum improves the cake whether or not it enhances the liquor.

          1. This is my really long and only tangentially connected comment leading off far into the wilderness.

            1. This is my multi-paragraph rambling comment that takes a multi-day hike across state lines, only to come back to a spot that kinda, sorta looks like where we started. Deja-vu! *grin*

      1. I was going to write a comment to this post, but I haven’t had the time to read the comments here, or to even catch up with all the comments from yesterday’s post…

  9. Writing is good.

    In fact, as politics is downstream of culture, writing things that are fun and entertaining, and happen to include your worldview, is perhaps the best solution. Undermine the current madness, one book at a time!

  10. For the price of one post, I get three? That’s better than a 2 AM TV ad even promises!

    Please do continue to link when you post over there, though – they only rarely get “above the fold” on PJM. (It seems that more and more apologia does – I had been thinking of just giving up on yet another “conservative” site until you started up again; Charlie was just not quite enough to keep me there.)

      1. Best mind working on commentary today. Even when I disagree I know how he got there.
        And if you’re not subscribing to Bill Whittle.com and watching Right Angle, you SHOULD be.

      2. I don’t remember seeing him as often as I used to, either.

        Oh, Tom Knighton, of course.

        Guess I can’t give it up after all. Although I’m going to have to give up on the comments – there is the one leftist idiot there that thinks an avatar of a sociopathic rapist and murderer is just dandy…

  11. “By the time the Soviet Union collapsed, we had whole careers – whole generations — of literature and art critics invested in Marxism that many of them weren’t even aware was Marxism.  They just thought this is the way literature and art had always been evaluated.”

    This is one of the biggest things we have to overcome. We have an entire generation of leftists who can’t cope with differing opinions. And the result is the frothing-at-the-mouth madness we see now.

    1. The USSR is defunct as a political entity, but its culture and ideology live on, right here in America.

      Looking back at it, it looks like they were hugely successful at the “soft war” of disinformation, opinion shaping, and propaganda. The Cold War probably obscured how much progress they had made.

      They came damned close to winning the Cold War, a quarter century after they ceased to exist as a polity.

      Their “useful idiots” and fellow-travels are still marching in step, but they’re no long able to do it in secret. They’re being called out and opposed now, and every day the number of their opponents grows.

      1. They don’t care if we go extinct; they’d be happy enough if we returned to the political closet. They don’t mind that we disagree (less hands to distribute the spoils) so long as our disagreement is ineffectual.

        Heck, they even find us useful for their five-minute hates to keep potential apostates in line.

  12. Thank you for not posting this post. I need to be working, but I’m screwing around on the Interwebz.

    But in the interests of never giving a sucker an even break, I want to take another swing at the empty SJW pinata.

    Quoth the Hoyt: “They think we want to destroy them, not just their flawed, blinkered worldview which turns everything it touches to dross and ashes.”

    That used to be true. I did not want to actually destroy them, once upon a time. I found them confusing, and I wanted to point out that the stuff they were saying was factually incorrect. Having pointed that out, I was surprised when they would double down and scream the mistake louder. But I got used to that behavior, because they did it every time. Taxes, guns, medical care, the weather, fashion, music, and finally Science Fiction novels, my last refuge. There is no thing which they will not co-opt as a bludgeon to beat me up.

    It took me a while to realize that they have decided that I and everyone like me needs to die, because Reasonz.


    So now, in light of this new evidence, I really do want to destroy them and all their works. I’d like to define “destroy” in this context, for the weak minded SJW reader. Unlike DemocRats and other Progtards, I don’t want to see my opponents dead. I’ll settle for denounced and excluded from polite society.

    Because I am a civilized man, not a totalitarian-loving progtard barbarian.

    1. Don’t want to see them dead, but if it’s what they demand as the only way to keep them from ruling over us, willing to do so…

      1. Yeah, that’s one of those hellish nightmares I’ve seen damage other men. Lots of brave vets, I’ve known a few. My grandfather always sat in a corner. Strongest part of the house. WWI put its stamp on him.

        I will cheerfully go my whole life without seeing that.

        1. I’ve never been in combat, or been stamped by it. I do, however, always sit facing the door at restaurants. Unless I’m with one of my sons who are on active duty…. because it would be useless fighting them for the seat.

          1. My daughter – who encountered combat a time or two in her deployment to Iraq – has always picked a place for us at author events near an emergency exit to the outside. And a place from which we can see the rest of the room.

          2. This just makes common sense to me, I don’t know why it would take combat to cause one to use common sense.

            For that matter I have to wonder how much WWI would have caused this, most participants in WWI did no fighting in buildings. Nor unlike in some other wars or many civilian situations did they often have to worry about the enemy sneaking up on them in public venues.

            1. Plenty of fighting in “buildings” – lots of construction in trenches. And that construction is subject to explosions and overloads (from tanks trying to drive over it). And, trench fighting was worst where you had to round a corner, it seems.

      2. I want to seem them wake up, blinking in the sunlight, wondering what the heck they were thinking – and that well before any bodies pile up.

        1. They’re really not too likely to wake up, like that–They’re having too much fun visualizing the piles of dead bodies, which they presume will be those of their perceived enemies.

          The wake-up buzzer only gets their attention about the time reality intrudes, and they discover that the piles of dead bodies include them and theirs–Ask any of the Alia Izitbegovic flunkies and fellow-travelers from back in the 1970s when all the ground work for Bosnia 1990 was getting done. I had a long talk with a guy who survived that whole period, and even he had come to realize that they’d been lobbing lit torches into a half-empty gasoline tank. Point to be made, here? I met him here in the US, sans a bunch of his friends and family, who were filling mass graves back in the “old country”. He didn’t have a lot of nice things to say about ol’ Alia and his circle of Muslim “theorists”.

            1. I sympathize. I, too, would rather convert than crush our opponents, but hey, I am willing to be flexible.

              I think History demonstrates that a great way to open the minds of the many is to open the heads of a few.

          1. The Kent State “Massacre” effectively ended the antiwar protests of the Vietnam era. When it was an excuse to cut classes, smoke dope, feel important and score with folks of dubious hygiene there was an attraction to the marches. Once it became obvious that there was a risk f being taken seriously a lot of people included themselves out.

    2. Polite AND political society. As in no voting and never holding an office of trust or profit. FOR LIFE!!

        1. Maybe, through an unlilkely but thrilling series of events including a fight with monsters on a train while passing through the Chunnel, Grant could lead (OK, follow) the Fado Negro team through the Guardian building in London while fighting a particulary destructive set of monsters. Then Franks shows up and we re-enact the Clark v Zod stuff from Man of Steel.

          OK, probably too cinematic for a non-canonical side story, but still…

    1. Hrmm…

      “There are unconfirmed reports from anonymous sources that Rupert Murdoch and The Guardian are in supposedly secret negotiations…”


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