I left the house at 9 and expected to be back before noon.

Partly because I expected the house hunting to have to be postponed. We’re way over the bag limit.  No.  Actually we are semi-snowbound, so I expected to not be able to go out.

But the roads were okay, so we were out all day.

I’m trying to write a Holiday gift for you guys, but I can’t promise it will be up today.  Might be tomorrow.

80 responses to “SORRY TO GO MISSING

  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Glad to hear that you’re OK. [Smile]

  2. No worries, lass. ‘Tis the holiday season. There’s a not-quite-imperceptible shrinking of time around now. It’s what happens when you try to pack thirty hours into twenty-four (or less).

    Take care of you and yours. We’ll abide, never ye fear. The huns may be a rambunctious, boisterous lot, but we *usually* have things put back in, more or less, their right places once you come back, right folks?

  3. Shhhhhh! I added whiskey to slow them down.

  4. When house hunting, for a clean, humane kill, choose the right ammo. No Howitzers under 102 mm.

  5. Reality Observer

    Didn’t get here earlier today, forced myself to make up for a very bad writing day (well, very bad day period) yesterday. Still have my Christmas music cycling through.

    Sigh. Now the mind is wandering.

    “Twelve something something.”
    “Eleven something else.”
    … et cetera …
    “Three Sad Puppies making a list.”

    “And a Hoyt story in a blog post.”

    It’s going to be a long night here…

  6. I was on the verge of inquiring

    Where oh where has my Hoyt post gone?
    Where oh where can it be?
    With its content cut short,
    And its comments gone long,
    Where oh where can it be?

    but saner minds interposed.

  7. Patrick Chester

    *calls off the search party*

  8. What is the bag limit on houses, anyway? You kill it, you clean it?

    • I think she already did the cleaning part, on the old house. Now she gets to do the killing.

      • So it’s reverse with houses?

        Makes sense, I guess. Except there usually seems to be cleaning both before and after.

        • Cleaning houses is like cleaning toddlers. It’s a process, not a goal to be achieved.

          • To be fair, this is also more or less true of adults. You might be able to reach higher peaks and even plateaus, but it just keeps coming up again.

            (Not unrelatedly, having had enough breakfast to wake up properly and knock out the first morning deadline, I should really shower before I have to actually leave the house.)

  9. Don’t forget to check out that link i posted:

  10. there’s a new cat among dragons story out!

  11. It is okay to go missing from time to time. Sometimes the writer has to live life. Forgetting to live your life could be problematic, no?

    On Mon, 14 Dec 2015 00:50:20 +0000

  12. *pokes nose into room* Remind me again. The Smoking Lounge. Is that where one goes to partake or where one emits vapours? Or what the lounge does of its own accord? Or did we move one of the BBQ rigs indoors because of the snow?

  13. I forgive you even though you worried me out of ten years growth.
    I shall have to accept that I will now pass at 100 instead of 110.
    Seriously sweetie, not the time to give the appearance of having gone missing. ISIS operating in CONUS, the CHORF starting to act up, the lib/progs positioning themselves to steal next year’s election, we find ourselves in the midst of interesting times.

  14. hope you bag a great house!