I left the house at 9 and expected to be back before noon.

Partly because I expected the house hunting to have to be postponed. We’re way over the bag limit.  No.  Actually we are semi-snowbound, so I expected to not be able to go out.

But the roads were okay, so we were out all day.

I’m trying to write a Holiday gift for you guys, but I can’t promise it will be up today.  Might be tomorrow.

80 thoughts on “SORRY TO GO MISSING

  1. No worries, lass. ‘Tis the holiday season. There’s a not-quite-imperceptible shrinking of time around now. It’s what happens when you try to pack thirty hours into twenty-four (or less).

    Take care of you and yours. We’ll abide, never ye fear. The huns may be a rambunctious, boisterous lot, but we *usually* have things put back in, more or less, their right places once you come back, right folks?

    1. What? *pushes stuff under the couch with a hind foot* Oh yes, absolutely. No worries at all. Everything’s under— No, don’t adjust the coffee maker!

        1. No offense intended to TXRed, but this Dragon is careful about drinking coffee that somebody else brewed. [Polite Dragon Smile]

          1. So Red Bull to go along with red beef?

            I hope you’re not insensitive enough to give a dragon a Monster drink. That might come across as judgmental.

      1. After all the trouble we went through to get the warp bubble *just* right over the percolator, I should hope not! Fold space fields tied to the Dimension of Caffeine are Not To Be Messed With!

            1. I’m not a member, but I’ve been meaning to apply.

              I just have to download the application form. Once they get it online.

          1. Don’t like yodeling? You need to develop appreciation of Riders in the Sky,

            featuring Ranger Doug, Idol of American Youth!

            1. Then you’ll be ready to move up to Randy Erwin,

              after which you might want to explore such material as Back in the Saddle Again with Korean Yodeling Group “Echorus.”

                  1. Tsk – Engineer humour, cats and outre musical styles: it’s the Unified Field Theory of internet video.

                  2. Perhaps you would be happier with the lovely Suzy Bogguss’ rendition of a Patsy Montana classic?

                    Cain’t beat that with a stick!

  2. Didn’t get here earlier today, forced myself to make up for a very bad writing day (well, very bad day period) yesterday. Still have my Christmas music cycling through.

    Sigh. Now the mind is wandering.

    “Twelve something something.”
    “Eleven something else.”
    … et cetera …
    “Three Sad Puppies making a list.”

    “And a Hoyt story in a blog post.”

    It’s going to be a long night here…

  3. I was on the verge of inquiring

    Where oh where has my Hoyt post gone?
    Where oh where can it be?
    With its content cut short,
    And its comments gone long,
    Where oh where can it be?

    but saner minds interposed.

          1. To be fair, this is also more or less true of adults. You might be able to reach higher peaks and even plateaus, but it just keeps coming up again.

            (Not unrelatedly, having had enough breakfast to wake up properly and knock out the first morning deadline, I should really shower before I have to actually leave the house.)

  4. *pokes nose into room* Remind me again. The Smoking Lounge. Is that where one goes to partake or where one emits vapours? Or what the lounge does of its own accord? Or did we move one of the BBQ rigs indoors because of the snow?

    1. Which one?

      Mind you, with all this non-Euclidean architecture, they may be the same room in different time periods, but they function as different ones.

    2. I think that’s where the vampires not smart enough to get in their coffins go for the day, isn’t it? The one we have to vacuum ashes out of every evening?

  5. I forgive you even though you worried me out of ten years growth.
    I shall have to accept that I will now pass at 100 instead of 110.
    Seriously sweetie, not the time to give the appearance of having gone missing. ISIS operating in CONUS, the CHORF starting to act up, the lib/progs positioning themselves to steal next year’s election, we find ourselves in the midst of interesting times.

          1. *I* wasn’t worried.
            Side effect of “Up to twelve inches of snow by Monday morning”, you understand, is not having time to get to internet Sunday and therefore not noticing anyone not showing up in the usual haunts. (Panned out to about six, so far, but it’s still coming down.)

                1. We had some rain last night. Locals have told Leonardo DiCaprio that this has NEVER happened in the Los Angeles area before and it’s proof of global warming.

                2. I need to mow my lawn again. This is not supposed to be something you would do in DECEMBER around here. Mowing in this area should stop no later than mid-October! 😛

                  1. “Mowing The Lawn”?

                    Nice thing about living in an apartment is that’s somebody else’s job! [Very Very Very Big Grin]

                    Note, shoveling snow is something else I don’t have to worry about. [Wink]

                    1. Two of the things I put up with as the price for not having people living so close that I can hear their television.

                1. Still coming. The minions were moaning about how they hate snow because today is a shovel twice (at least) day. Then I showed them the local downhill ski area’s facebook post and now they love snow again.

            1. Seven inches (forecast was less than one) over 24 hours, with a quarter inch of straight rain as a lead in. The road into the school was interesting. The school parking lot was, shall we say, sporting. Now it’s just wet.

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