Watch This Space

I’m writing a story — see cover below but I’m being yanked away to “more house stuff” which will take time, so let me take care of some business.

As you might have guessed “house stuff” on the buying end this time has made me a very bad shipper of things to subscribers.  The good news is you’re still in time, and I’ll try to send some stuff this week.  The bad news is that I’ve had no time to do t-shirts, posters, etc. (Sorry, I’ve barely been home.)

So, for now, think of this as a place to get books to give difficult relatives.  Let me know what you want in terms of stuff to give to relatives, and help me lighten up the brag shelf pre-move.

I regret to say I’m almost out of darkship thieves, but I do have the others in the series (at least some) as well as some (not many) of the later musketeers (not the first), and a veritable metric boatload of musketeer vampires (Sword and Blood) and No Will But His.  (And probably a bunch of Plain Janes, too.)

Anyway, let me know.  As well, let me know if you want any of my indie ebooks, because I can send those.  Send requests to the Goldport Press Address.  I HOPE to be here all day tomorrow to deal with this.

Now running.  Note, cover below is made from pictures from Pixabay — two free photographs — run by filter forge.


UPDATE: GRUMBLE.  Because my editing apparently worsened resemblance to Hallo, I was forced to spend $1 to get a figure for this cover, but it’s also more accurate.  Except for the gun.  BUT I’m going to spend my time finishing the short not editing the gun.

Sorry, was dealing with cat stuff.  Now will commence the finishing.  THIS is the new cover.  (GRUMBLE.  A WHOLE DOLLAR)onafardistantshorecoverYeah, the title has also evolved.  DEAL.

56 thoughts on “Watch This Space

  1. House Stuff always takes precedence above bloggery in the interwebs. For that matter, so does Family Stuff and Profession Stuff. We will abide in our common version of peace.

    Speaking of piece, I’ve noticed the mosaic constituting the floor in the dragon’s corner has gotten more than a little worn and was wondering if this would be a good time to replace the tiles with these glowy pebbles I recovered from the bed of that used reactor?

    1. Are you trying to cause the dragons to grow even larger? And take a perverse delight in knocking down Japanese buildings?

      1. Well, I’ve heard that Fluffy’s big in Japan. (Trivia: As of 2006, Tokyo hds been leveled over 1200 times in films, manga, and anime.)

    1. Everyone tell sme this. Resemblance is PURELY coincidental. I used a picture of little action figures (I think transformers, really) lightly changed then run through filter forge. 😛 The fact I don’t play games means I didn’t catch the resemblance.

      1. That’s … definitely not coincidental. I ran a search on Pixabay. Someone clearly took a bunch of pictures of Todd McFarlane action figures from the Halo series. They even have shots of classic Halo weapons: energy swords, etc.

        It’s uncoincidental enough that the nerd in me can identify the gear components of the figures on your cover. The lead figure is wearing a Grenadier helmet with Command Network and Uplink modules. His right shoulder is using the air assault shoulder pad, while the left is CQC. The chest plate is a UA chest piece. He’s holding the classic Halo assault rifle.

        The figure to the left of the cover is wearing a generic CQC armor set in its entirety, armed with a DMR. The figure on the right is wearing what looks like (it has been blurred a little) regular Commando armor.

        A quick google for “Halo Mcfarlane Reach Grenadier” found the exact figure used in that cover image, minus a few of the specific parts you can swap from other action figures (helmets and shoulders are interchangable) here:

        In fact, it looks like the uploader bough this set, which gave him the extra pieces:

        Sorry to say, but that’s definitely not a coincidence, even if you weren’t aware of it. Those are Spartan action figures, and the uploader was lying through their teeth if they said they weren’t. Very much so copyrighted content.

        I understand that you might not have made the connection, but when I can log into Reach and build that exact cover image with those exact armor pieces, there’s no arguing they aren’t easily identified as Halo material. You might want to take a second look at your cover.

      2. Don’t feel too bad. I still have no clue what Patrick’s talking ’bout.

        The only games I play are cards and board games. 😉 [I’m wicked at Clue.]

      1. Yeah, it’s definitely a set of Grenadier Mjolnir armor from Halo, flanked by a CQC and Commando pair. There’s no getting away from that.

          1. Hey, just be glad you found out before it was finalized and out. There is a very lively Halo book collection, which means someone at Microsoft would have noticed.

            It was an honest mistake, and you’ve got a varied enough readerbase that your fans were able to point it out before anything happened. Win win, and now you know to watch for unscrupulous individuals uploading copyrighted stuff in that manner.

          2. Years ago (sometime in the 1980’s) when the first Transformers cartoon was still newly airing, a young kid from up the road some asked what some items were. “Transformers.” (Of the sort used to energize gas discharge ‘neon’ lighting tubes. 120 VAC in, ~15 kVAC out). Kid stared at them for a while and finally asked, “What do they turn into?” Yeah, we are of different worlds.

      1. Oops, “Of course you’ve NOT been at home…”

        And if Fluffy should find a couple jerks in a red Subaru wagon trying to pawn off some electronics that mostly don’t work (since they didn’t steal the power cables, antennas, etc.)… well, I think Fluffy should play with them, as rough as Fluffy likes. [Yep, smashed a window, grabbed the obvious ‘goodies’ utterly failing to know how they worked. Angry bull is angry.]

          1. I have not, alas. I see that needs to be rectified. No idea who they are or were. The bad thing is the GPS might work stand-alone and if they don’t wipe it, home is set. There are some precautions being taken. The kind that make loud noises and holes remotely.

          2. Oh, that’s one of your stories! I kept thinking of it lately, but couldn’t remember where I’d read it. Thank you! I had somehow missed that it was part of the Darkships continuity. For those who haven’t read it, you can find it here. It’s quite good.

        1. Yahoos (in the Swiftian sense as well as current) hit a red pick-up at the end of the block Saturday night. And then left the door open, so it rained and snowed into the vehicle. (Not mine.) Must have been “rob the red car” weekend.

          1. Wonder if some rap artist just put out a new album, encouraging “Smashing through the windows / on a red horsepowered-sleigh, Oh what fun we go, stealing all the way!”

          2. In my case it was robbed BY those in the red car. My vehicle is black. Not my first choice of color, but not bad in a Minnesota winter.

            And, aye, Yahoos indeed. I do far prefer the company of the Houyhnhnms.

            The window is at least covered by insurance (they’ll have someone around to replace it in the morning) which someone called a silver lining. I’d like to line a couple Yahoos with something else. A very thick lining of Strontium-90 might a good selection.

    1. Well, maybe not all. I recall when with USPS (I’m feeling better now.) that the ‘Christmas rush’ was not that bad. What was nasty was all the after-Christmas sales catalogs. Bed loaded for shipping, not even on pallets, let alone anything with wheels. I have moved a ton of them. Not exaggerating, mail is weighed and at least one load I moved without power assistance was 2000+ pounds, net.

  2. I think I need to stop watching this space, or nothing will happen. Its like the watched pot and boiling, right?

        1. Nothing to apologize for. I’m just distracted and having trouble concentrating right now, so a story seemed a welcome diversion. Your cats are way more important, though. Have you considered making cat videos? I hear they’re what really powers the Internet.

        1. There is a piano place in Van Nuys that i have been past that has been having going out of business sales seemingly annually since i move to L.A. 16 years ago. Someone explained their trick, and i think its a pity they cant be caught on it.

          1. Truth in advertising — they are going out of business; pretty much all companies do, eventually. It isn’t their fault if a) people don’t ask “When?”, b) don’t compare prices* to determine whether the deals being offered are actually bargains, and c) ask about service after the sale, warranties, repairs and other possible post-purchase concerns.

            *Especially easy to do, these days, particularly if your phone has smarts.

            1. oh, their trick was, ‘go out of business’, ‘sell to family member’… ‘go out of business’

          2. There was a place in the local mall like that. cheap knickknacks. The fun thing was that many businesses did go out of business there and you could tell the difference — this one, the inventory and square footage never shrank.

        1. I meant to reply to your comment on “Watch See Space” here, but I got it all in the wrong space… where am I supposed to be watching? How??

          I don’t even understand what a Banach space is, much less when See Space becomes one!

  3. Watch C Space? But… “In the mathematical field of functional analysis, the space denoted by c is the vector space of all convergent sequences (xn) of real numbers or complex numbers. ”

    Um, help?

  4. Well, it’s kind of fun to watch the sausage getting made.

    Scary, too – I’m desperately trying to meet the goal of two shorts out by the end of the month. I will have one of my cover artists free next week (at least, if I can keep her from eating too many of my sugar cookies – I don’t want them to look like Picasso after a pipe of crack…)

  5. I like the sharper, crisper look better. Being able to see a face is better too. I’m not sure how goggles and what I think are night vision goggles would work in real life, but she seems to make it work so okay. What do I know; I never got to play with NVGs.

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