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Happy Saturday, everyone! Nothing in the way of news or announcements here, other than the kickoff of the latest efforts to cure puppy-related sadness. So go read some books, leave reviews, and share the best you find with your friends, family, and random passers-by! As always, future promo entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

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Michael Kingswood

Robbed Blind

Glimmer Vale Chronicles Book 4

A stunning robbery threatens to bring Lydelton’s economy to its knees, and it is up to Julian and Raedrick to find the culprits. With the year’s first trading caravan in town and the missing funds needed for vital transactions, time is of the essence. Fortunately, the Constables have assistance in the form of a team of Royal Marshalls, in town for a prisoner transfer. But they have an agenda of their own, and Raedrick and Julian must tread carefully to avoid revealing the secret of their own past.

With few leads and little time, the Constables will need to use all of their skill and wit to solve the case and save their adopted home from ruin.

You can get a free copy of Glimmer Vale, the first book in the series, at

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Rob Steiner

Citizen Magus

Journals of Natta Magus Book 1

Remington Blakes, a magus from a 21st century where magic powers the world, has a big problem.

His former mentor, William Ford, stranded him in ancient Rome without a memory as to how or why. Well a guy has to eat, so he’s forced to eke out a living as a magus-for-hire among Rome’s plebeians. He calls himself “Natta Magus” since his real name sounds too Germanic to the discriminating Romans.

So when Natta learns that Ford has conjured daemons to kidnap a senator’s young daughter, he jumps at the chance to track Ford down. Natta chases him to Rome’s Germanic frontier to not only rescue the child, but learn the terrible secret behind why he left Natta in Rome.

CITIZEN MAGUS is the first book in a new fantasy series by the author of the Roman sci-fi/alt-history CODEX ANTONIUS saga.

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  1. Thanks for the promos – remember to review the books (after you’ve read them) and help them move up the rankings that draw those internet eyeballs to them.

    1. If you click on the cover image for a book in the promo post, it will take you to the Amazon listing for it, if there is one. Sorry I’ve never pointed that out; I’ll make a note of it in the next promo. Thanks!

  2. Um, I’m not quite certain how to put this without stepping on toes or paws.

    Teaching Fluffy how to play spin the dreidel was really cool. But now Fluffy is playing against a firebird, and they are getting irked about the chocolate coins melting and Fluffy’s having a tantrum. Anyone know where the big fire extinguisher went?

    1. The big fire extinguisher? Do you mean the big extinguisher or the extinguisher for big fires?

      Either way, check the fireplace — the Salamander Corps has been supposed to stand by in there, ready to take control and consume any fires that occur. I thought we had one of their fire-teams permanently assigned to Fluffy-duty?

      OMG – did somebody miss the coal restocking, causing them to go out on strike?

      1. Sorry if we ran low. This large fellow in red stopped by, begging for some. Said something about DC putting a serious strain on his stockpile. I gave him half the stack, then forgot to put in a new order with Hephaestus & Co. The guy left muttering something about just letting Krampus’s gang loose on them next year. Didn’t look very jolly.

        1. OK, that makes sense then. I wondered about the coal pile, and didn’t think we’d suddenly gone into “green” energy, the fusion generator for the beer fridge(s) notwithstanding.

    2. the aardvark brought out some of his non-melting chocolate coins to replace them. They seem content now.

      1. Good. Because replacing the drapes gets to be a challenge, what with trying to match the colors so Sarah doesn’t notice any changes.

        1. You better hope she doesn’t see that post. This is HER place. [Nervous Grin]

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