Sorry This Is So Late

We had a house closing this morning.  The new owners of our former home seem quite nice (and very young) and I hope they enjoy the house very much.  In a way they seem perfect for it as we never were.

And now you guys know why my head hasn’t been on, while we tried to do all the last things for closing under new Federal regulations which add… layers… of stuff.

Anyway.  It’s done and we’re out of here for a long writing weekend.  (And I don’t want to hear from Sabrina Chase what she actually thinks we’ll be doing.)  When I come back (there will be guest posts the other days) I’ll answer goldport email, deal with patron issues and donations, and generally be back on business.  I should also have Darkship Revenge done or near done, so you betas can get ready to beta.

Meanwhile, it’s my first vacation in 2 years.  (Yeah, JUST writing is a vacation around here.)  So wish me luck, and you guys try not to tear stuff down while I’m gone, okay?

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  1. We just closed this past Monday on a house we purchased through a truly epic short sale. And for most of the last two months, my go-to expletive has been “Dodd-Frank”…

    • I closed on my house 33 years ago, and got writer’s cramp from all the reams of pages of forms I had to sign. I can’t imagine what it would be like after more ‘Federal Regulation’. Do they take your first born as collateral and make you sign the forms in blood?

  2. Wishing you luck.

    Us tear down things? Really! We only do that in preparation to build or plant something new.

  3. Yay to closing even if it was Dodd-Franked.

  4. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Have Fun!!!!

  5. Have fun storming the castle, IYKWIMAITTYD.

  6. Wayne Blackburn

    And I don’t want to hear from Sabrina Chase what she actually thinks we’ll be doing.

    Well, now that you’ve said that, there’s hardly a need for Sabrina to say it herself, now, is there?


  7. Bout damn time you slacker you. Both closing and Darkship Revenge. Gonna drop the beta on us right before the holiday aren’t you. Reminds me of my days doing proposal reviews when the bidders always delivered their document packages the day before a long weekend.
    Kidding aside, many congratulations on loosing the albatross, hope you wound up with enough to get you into that ultimate writer’s paradise you’ve always wanted.
    You and Dan have a great time on your mini vaca. We’ll look after things here and over on FB, trust us.

  8. O, my reputation… 😀 (Entirely deserved, of course, but where is the fun in admitting it? I like to think of my evil as a form of Art.)

    I know what you are doing, of course. Don’t bother to deny it.
    You and Dan are going kilt shopping. (Yay!)

  9. Boo!! Now she’s going to move away to Denver. Nice going Sarah, I hope you got a good price for the house.

  10. Okay! More books! Finally!

  11. Some good news for the end of the week, at least. Congratulations!

  12. When we bought this place we did an owner-carry and haven’t regretted it.

  13. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Hum, this is Friday the 13th. What can possibly go wrong today? [Evil Grin]

  14. Christopher M. Chupik

    Don’t worry, we won’t tear stuff down instead.

    We’ll use our plasma cannons instead.

  15. Huzza. Congrats on the albatross sale.

  16. What a relief to have that off your list! Congratulations! Hope the ‘writing’ is wonderful. Sending [virtual] champagne.

  17. Congrats.

  18. “new Federal regulations which add… layers… of stuff”

    Has anyone at UC Boulder complained of seeing swastikas drawn with smeared Federal regulations yet?

  19. If Dan has a mistress, I know exactly what he’ll be doing this weekend!

    (Hint: A doctor, a lawyer and a mathematician were arguing over whether it was better to have a wife or a mistress. The lawyer said it was better to have a mistress, so that if you had to break up, you didn’t get embroiled in messy legal battles. The doctor said it was better to have a wife, because it’s better for your long-term health….

    And the mathematician said it’s better to have both. “That way, when the mistress thinks you are with your wife, and your wife thinks you are with your mistress, you can sneak off and work on mathematics!”)

  20. The Other Sean


    When I purchased my house as the real estate market was still melting down, I remember signing paperwork for about 90-120 minutes. I can only imagine what adding more Federal regulations to the mix does. Ugh.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  21. Recently did a re-finance. What a nightmare!

  22. Have fun!

  23. The house sold!!! Great news.

    • Yes, for all of us.

      You know this means there is one less distraction to obtaining greater written output from our esteemed hostess! Hip hip hooray!

  24. BobtheRegisterredFool

  25. Congratulations!
    (BTW, wasn’t there something said about sharing photos of the result of all this wonderful refurb work you’ve been doing.. for those of us who also love old houses?)

  26. I’ve never sold a house… but I bought one six years ago. I called the realtor and told them I’d take it, they told me when they’d have the paperwork ready (I would have thought they would have done that before listing it…) and I rode my motorcyle down to the office. I signed my name in three or four places, handed them a foil-wrapped packet of hundreds, signed a few more forms, got a big folder of paperwork, and rode off. Fifteen minutes, tops.

    I expected them to gripe about cash, but the realtor said “a lot of people do that.” Since a lot of places around don’t take cash any more, I was moderately surprised.

    • A friend of mine sold his house in California a few years ago. The guy paid with a paper grocery bag full 100’s, (no realtor, sold cash on the barrel head) then asked that they not deposit them at the bank all at once. My friend told him, sorry, I need to pay my mortgage off, because I am buying another house.

    • Reality Observer

      Doesn’t surprise me. One reason that those “cash reporting” regulations on banks are absolutely idiotic (besides being dangerous). The cash economy is a cash economy – a banker never lays eyes on it.

      (I was with my Dad once when he bought a racehorse for $10K – I think it was a bit of an ego-boo that he only used ten bills…)

  27. Professor Badness

    Congratulations!! That’s lot of work over and done with.
    As to not tearing the place down, tell the gremlins that.

  28. Reality Observer

    Fantastic news! Did I miss it, or is the new house picked yet?

    If not, oh well, you only have half a fire to go.

  29. Congratulations! Great to have that off your plate

  30. Ding Dong! The house is sold. Which old house? The wretched house!
    Ding Dong! The wretched house is sold.
    Wake up – sleepy head, rub your eyes, get out of bed.
    Wake up, the wretched house is sold. It’s gone where the assets go,
    Below – below – below. Yo-ho, let’s open up and sing and ring the bells out.
    Ding Dong’ the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
    Let them know
    The wretched house is sold!

    As Mayor of the Munchkin City, In the County of the Land of Oz, I welcome you most regally.
    Barrister: But we’ve got to verify it legally, to see
    Mayor: To see?
    Barrister: If it
    Mayor: If it?
    Barrister: Is morally, ethic’lly
    Father No.1: Spiritually, physically
    Father No. 2: Positively, absolutely
    Munchkins: Undeniably and reliably Sold
    Realtor: As Realtor I must concede, I thoroughly reviewed the deed.
    And it’s not only merely sold, it’s really most sincerely sold.
    Mayor: Then this is a day of Independence. For all the Hoyts and their descendants
    Barrister: If any.
    Mayor: Yes, let the joyous news be told. The wretched old house at last I’d sold!

  31. So, she’s finally sold the house, and is moving on… and she’s writing this weekend….

    wait for it.

    It’s the start of a new chapter in her life.

  32. *image of a mob of angry SJW’s pounding on the door of a very confused young couple…*

  33. Good luck. Happy vacation.