My Brain Has Left For Warmer Climes

So I’m in the second night of sleeping very, very, badly — there are reasons for this, which don’t make a lot of sense, and which I won’t get into until a couple of weeks from now — and with one more on the horizon.

Then I woke up this morning to crazy infighting among my friends, one of those situations where you just want to sit down and cry.

And THEN I heard the news that one of the Huns, a young man, is terminal. There is this utter inability to do anything, couple with the wish to do everything.

It’s been a bad week anyway, since the 9th was the anniversary of our friend Alan’s death.  Yes, I know we are born to die, but lately this has been too much with us.  And when those taken are the best and brightest and still young, your mind breaks a little.

I’ve been sitting here, staring at the screen and wondering what to write about, and nothing is coming.

I think I”m going upstairs to iron clothes to the tune of MHI audiobook.  I hope you guys forgive me.

If it all goes well, this weekend I have some guest posts for you, and then will resume blogging on Tuesday, hopefully a little saner.

73 responses to “My Brain Has Left For Warmer Climes

  1. I like the MHI audiobook. It is great for mowing the lawn.

  2. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Take care. (Third time the charm?)

  3. This too shall pass.
    Better days ahead, so hang in there sweetie.

  4. Do what you gotta. We’ll be around.

  5. It’s not a good day. I’d like a do-over. Or something. I can’t play hooky and I have more work than I can possibly get done today and I just donwanna.

    But like you, I’ll take a deep breath, dive into the most urgent part of the mess, and just keep going on. ((hugs))

  6. Ouch overall. And I don’t know if you encountered him, but the fellow at Penguicon who went by ‘Ox’ (Not Orvan… though and his did take the ‘Ox fan’ ribbons, of course. They just saw them differently is all.) well, I got news of his funeral yesterday:

    It was jarring to discover he was only 45. I thought he was older than I am. He was not.

    The wind is here. It came with or just after the rain – a long, heavy, steady rain. It’s not exactly Winter, but it’s a fair warning. Hibernation starts seeming a grand idea.

  7. Reality Observer

    Urp. Major badness, there.

    As usual, take whatever time you need, lady. Blast us with the past, if necessary. We’ll still be here.

    And, like Cedar, it’s about time to kick some very local butt, and get myself off the ‘nets.

  8. Nothing to forgive. Your health and sanity are far more important to us than a daily post.
    I hope it is OK, but I plan on saying a little prayer for you.

  9. All I can offer is an e-hug and a virtual mug of hot chocolate from someone you don’t really know, but here it is anyway.



  10. Dang, that makes my week look light and airy (wreck, smoking garbage disposal, “interesting” thing trimmed off hide). Hang in there, kind thoughts headed north and toward our ailing Hun. I’ll try to have a guest something for you next week.

  11. Vegetate, sleep, read, eat, heal.
    We can wait, though you might miss something. ;o).
    Prayers offered.

  12. It’s only teh internets, Sarah. We will all still be here when you feel better. My condolences to you for your friend’s sake.

    Here in the Great White North it’s crappy rain and cold outside, a great day to be inside where it’s warm. Roof is tight, furnace is working, so things are looking good at Chez Phantom.

  13. Rest, heal, take courage anywhere you can, dear lady. We have your back.

  14. Take care of yourself – we’ll be here when you get back

  15. SheSellsSeashells

    Not that you particularly know me, but ❤ anyway, from another of the Occasionally Overwhelmed. And one more from my resident 9-year-old ThenaFan (having ThenaFun?…on second thought, pleaseGodno).

  16. I’ll keep you and the others mentioned in my prayers.

  17. The Other Sean

    Hang in there. You’ve got family, you’ve got friends, holidays are coming, and Obama leaves office in just over 14 months.

  18. Gotta go back into the hospital next week, as apparently THE wire my defibrillator needs to work has fallen out of my heart. Routine reattachment supposedly, but I might be off for a couple days.

  19. There’s nothing to forgive.

  20. Christopher M. Chupik

    Indeed, nothing to forgive.

    Some days, life just sucks. Take it easy. There will be brighter days.

  21. I read the statement that you hoped to return a little more sane next week…and I failed my sanity check. 🙂

    Take care.

  22. Take care of yourself.
    My last few days off have consisted of me laying wrapped in a blanket and claiming to be a burrito. The voices have all started talking at once and I can’t move my arms enough to take dictation.

    Prayers for you and the sick Hunter are on their way.

  23. No need to apologize. We understand how bad days can pile on one another (dealt with it myself earlier this year). Take care of yourself first, then you can take care of the rest of things.

  24. Take care Sarah, things will sort out and there will be sunshine after the rain.

  25. You have nothing to apologize for. Rest and get well.

  26. I am so sorry.

    Pack up all your cares and woes and pretend that they are the monsters that are being smashed in MHI.

  27. Sadness is the price we pay for love. When love leaves, a part of us necessarily goes with it.

    Take care of you and yours, Sarah and all you Huns. Thoughts and prayers from Southern Appalachia (smells like home made apple pie, I imagine).

  28. Sorry to hear, though I can sympathize with the many losses in recent years. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, or what, but it sure does seem that too many dear ones have cancer or other serious health problems. Sending prayers your way. Take care, Sarah, and get well.

  29. My Brain Has Left For Warmer Climes

    I would never let my brain do that. My mind is really too small to be allowed to wander on its own.

    (yes. I’ve used that joke before. I don’t care, I like it)

  30. I gave Vanessa my phone number. It kind of hit me hard since I am only a year ahead of her experiences.

  31. “Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on Earth.”
    ―Fyodor Dostoevsky

  32. Cinnabon Time.It kinda helps.

  33. Sara,

    This too shall pass, and we will be here for your return. Listen to Beethoven’s heroic symphony (3rd) – listen to the whole thing – don’t stop at the ‘funeral’ movement. Consider he wrote this when he was coming to terms with his loss of hearing – that it would probably be permanent and total. Then he wrote the symphony. Great triumph will come out of great adversity – but it isn’t always a fun trip. Hold on, fight what you can, endure what you can’t and you shall overcome.


  34. If you need a small chuckle, the Supreme Evil Lord of Evil(He whose Name must not be spoken by SJW’s) has a new post with His personal rules for attending cons with comments by His Vile Faceless Minions of course… Also a post with a link to a funny cartoon set featuring His House and minions.

  35. Hope you can get some sleep. No-sleep well and truly sucks. Feel better /hugs

  36. wanderingmuses

    Oh Sarah, like the others have said, you have no call to apologize. Take care of you. We’re not going anywhere and can amuse ourselves 😉

    • ” We’re not going anywhere and can amuse ourselves ”

      That may be what she’s afraid of.

      • Hey, that reminds me — I have a friend’s back hoe for the day and was thinking this might be a good time to recontour the area back of the lair … anybody recall what became of the set of plans for installing the bunker?

        • I don’t have those plans, but planning ahead… why don’t you dig some six foot deep holes over there? We’ll fill them in later, as needed.

      • I think it is. Which is why I’m off to Albuquerque (with no internet). Remember, I’ll change Fluffy’s litter on Monday when I get back, so y’all don’t have to mess with it. (Considering the mess Fluffy can make, he messes quite enough for all of Hundom.)

  37. And, alas, the news from Paris crowns all our days with bad news. . . .