An Unscheduled Break

Those of you who are following Witchfinder will have to forgive me.  I will try to catch up sometime this week, but it’s possible I’ll have to skip.

Yesterday my body decided I needed an unscheduled break.  I’d like to point out I’m not actually ill.  Yesterday I felt like I might be coming down with something, but that seems to be mostly gone.

So, what is it?  I don’t know.  Could be nerves.  But yesterday my goals were as follows: write chapter, clean house, publish short stories, so I can put one for free, since Waiting For Juliette rolled out.

I think I checked two pages of the novella Whom The Gods Love.  That was it.  Oh, and I cleaned the kitchen.  It was like the smallest task took FOREVER.

I have no explanation for this.

So today I was trying to get to that chapter, but I have all the things that do NEED to be done and done today looming over me.

If you’ll forgive me, I’ll skip a week and resume next week.

Meanwhile — if you have something you wish to promote, please post in the comments here, there will be promo-post tomorrow.

67 thoughts on “An Unscheduled Break

  1. “The Glass Parachute” is a new science fiction anthology that includes one of my Tycho Under stories, “Not Another Vacuum Story”. I sat down one day to write a story about a Lunar explorer in danger of dying in vacuum; and my protagonist sat down in my head and said, “No. Science fiction is full of vacuum stories, going back nearly a hundred years. It’s a cliche. Instead, let me tell you about the time I almost died from too much air.” Of course I had to write that story to find out what he meant!

  2. OMG a break in the free ice cream service? I think I’ll complain to the ACLU or the Office of Stupid Grievances (some overlap).

    Take your time, Sarah. Your body’s saying something to you; all you have to do is listen. Read a book, look at the sky, hug a kid, love your husband, whatever. Come back when you’re ready; we’ll be here.

      1. Thirded, with one caveat: make that ‘…hug a kid or two, scritch a cat, …. When your existence is having trouble with the time continuum it is time to let it reset.

  3. Rest, recover, rest some more. We can well abide a slightly less immediate gratification in consideration of long term reading. Burning yourself out quickly is not in our long term interest.

    1. For once, RES is speaking sense! Don’t ignore or threaten with soap… for this comment, at least!

      Seriously, it seems you’ve been hit with a rolling train of stomach bugs, flu bugs, travel, headaches, and urgent things. Anybody’d need a day or six off after the last few months you’ve had! While we may like the free daily ice cream, you’ve managed to build a community here, and the community will still be here when you get back. Just ignore the puns, as the linguists will play while the moderator’s away…

      1. Are you saying we’ll be ducking more fowl wordplay? Oh gannet. Punning is a cardinal sin, after all.

        1. Are we all chickens here, must it always be bird puns? Surely somebody could goose there imagination, and pulling there head out of the sand see there are other species flying around. I mean we could be batting puns about rodents or marsupials around; instead of just playing possum.

          OK, I’ll clam up and quit horsing around, and go back to beavering away on my sadly neglected manuscript.

  4. Listen to your body. This daily blog thing, on top of everything else is a tough grind.

    So, clearly you should kick back and read my latest, in which I finally learn to abuse my main character and then emote all over the place. I mean, it can’t possibly be worse than the slush pile, right? Although, now that I think about it, I’ve been contribiuting to that as well!

  5. We’ll survive a little while without you, don’t worry. Melhoras! Oh, btw, the Oyster Wife stole my copy of DST and read it yesterday. She was excited when I told her that the sequel was coming out. I know where a chunk of my first paycheck from the new job will be going! 🙂

  6. Hope you feel better — I have been having one break after another this summer– with stomach flu, and then this that and the other, plus with the husband home– urg… So I don’t blame you… Take some time off… 😉 I do have some horror stories I put up this week (1 short story with 4 micro stories) called Ghostly Glimmer III.

  7. I have those all the time, which is why there are gaps of months between posts on my website. Just relax, take it easy for a bit, and then get back to what you want to do when you feel better. Like many of the other commenters, I’ll still be here!

    1. I surprised my wife by getting all the dishes done yesterday, and a few of the counter-tops wiped down. I didn’t manage to get the grill cleaned, or the stove-top cleaned. There’s only so much standing I can do before my back says “That’s enough”. She was still quite pleased. It was a belated birthday present from the day before.

      1. Tell your wife happy birthday from me, then, since if I read that correctly, we share a birthday. (26th).

  8. Sarah, take your time and get better. We can all wait as long as you need. To be honest, I don’t know how you do so many blog posts on a regular basis and still leave time to write. If I blogged once a month that’d be prolific.

    FYI, I just made one of my stories on Amazon free from now through Halloween:

  9. I’ve been wondering how you keep up. Now I know. You burn the candle at both ends. You may have noticed that the candle burns much quicker this way. When you have tons of “Got to’s” something has to give. Looks like you have. Hard on a person, it is. Time to kick back. I’m enjoying the Witchfinder. I can enjoy it later. I’d like you to be in some shape to finish it.
    It’s funny that you have no explanation for this. Everybody else here can explain it. You’ve whipped the synapses. The neurotransmitters are in short supply. In the South we refer to this as “They’s whupped”. Sounds to me as if you have cranked the handle a little to hard. Crank the handle a little softer. Be well.

    1. Actually the weird thing is that I’m not feeling sapped. There’s just a great mental silence. I think it’s hormonal…
      BUT I’d love a weekend away with my husband. Unfortunately money-wise that will have to wait. (I suck at staycations. I just end up ironing or cleaning hte house.)

      1. I always know when I’ve been working way too hard, because I start looking for hotel stays under oh… $75. Right now I’m just going “oh, maybe” not intensively browsing hotels. (And if I went away everytime I do that it would be about a weekend a quarter. It’s more like once a year…

        1. When we lived in Panama City Panama (yep in the jungle), I would take the hubby to a hotel about once a quarter because it had air conditioning. There was no air conditioning (too expensive) in the city. It was great. I wish that I had the money to do that now. –just get away every three to four months sigh.

          1. yes. Just a couple of nights every three months… We have this dream, you know, if the writing pays off, buy a condo somewhere, like Denver (unless we’re then living there) and go there a weekend a month to write — which isn’t even a break, but would be. Just the two of us, writing… (sigh.) Walks in the park…

              1. Yeah – you love your husband and he loves you and your idea of a good time is a private getaway to do work you love. Where would this country be if everybody thought that way?

              1. The ultimate dream is to have a winter house on the Oregon coast. Winter? Yeah. Rainy, mildly cold is like the winters of my childhood. the unreasonable freezing we get here isn’t.

                1. The house I grew up (actually helped build half of it when I was about twelve) in on the Washington coast may be for sale in the next year or two. Of course, I would recommend Oregon, because nobody here deserves to have to deal with Washington state government; rainy and mildly cold is a perfect description of the weather however.

                2. We’re city people, so coastal / country retreats don’t appeal to us. Now, give us a little apartment in Paris,a fresh croissant and coffee every morning at the cafe across the street, fresh fruits and vegetables in the store and daily visits to the patisserie… I don’t know how much I’d write under those circumstances, but a rough estimate would be: lots.

                  1. Kim,
                    You’re assuming I’m country-people. I’d have to be near a medium sized city on the coast. I like Lincoln City because it has enough cafes, etc, from being a touristic place. BUT I do like walking by the sea in the rain. Call me strange…

                    1. Sarah,
                      I don’t think the word “city” means what you think it means. To us, Vienna is about as small as we want it. Lincoln City might have “city” in its name, but it ain’t London, Paris or Budapest. Hell, it’s not even Chicago. For perspective, we think Seattle and Portland are hick towns, and Dallas just barely scrapes into “city” status (manly because of its nonstops to Europe. (Yeah, we’re Europhiles, sue us.)
                      Medium-sized cities are places like Frankfurt, Barcelona and Edinburgh. (Okay, we MIGHT compromise on the last one — we love Edinburgh.) Wouldn’t want to live in Germany, though, even though I speak the language. Paris is our #1, London #2, Vienna #3… and all the rest are so-so. (Rome is behind Chicago; we’re not THAT Europhile.)

                    2. I grew up in Porto. I liked it. I wouldn’t mind living in NYC. I have a prejudice against furrin places having seen quite enough of them growing up. However, Dan, given the choice, would live in the middle of nowhere. So, we compromise.

                    3. OK, you’re strange. But so is Kim. Where I live, I can barely see my neighbors, and I like it that way.

                    4. I’m with Wayne and Dan, if I can see neighbors they are entirely to close (okay, so I sold my parents 10 acres and they built a house a 100 yards from, but they’re family). I spent several years living out of hotels working, and then the boss finally rented a house in the middle of town. Since I left that job neither hotels nor houses in town hold any appeal.
                      By the way I have spent quite a bit of time around Lincoln City, but the only time I have actually been in it was to get gas. And I think Kim is talking about a different Dallas than the one next to Lincoln City 😉

                    5. Oh, I know he is. We went to LC for a workshop last October, and I found myself enjoying the weather which is cold enough for cozy, but parts of you don’t freeze off as they might in CO…

                    6. I get Kim’s thing. Daddy is entirely a city person. Lives in center city Philadelphia. His idea of a good vacation is London or Toronto.

                      Me? I really like to visit cities, take advantage of the museums and such, but I prefer elbow room for living. Maybe that is an effect of living in a college neighborhood for twenty years. I used to dream of being able to post: ‘If I can hear you I can shoot you.’

                      The ocean in the winter if magic, in part because most of the tourists are gone. Two of the best walks I have taken on the NC coast have involved Hurricanes well off shore, one with Daddy when I was ten, the other with The Spouse a month after we married. Mountains (as we have them on the east coast) are gorgeous anytime.

                    7. My attitude toward large urban centers is pretty much the same as that help by the Huns & Visigoths.

                    8. One of the best things was watching a thunder storm over the sea on the Oregon coast. The truth is as much as I love Colorado (particularly Denver) I miss the ocean.

                    9. I do miss the ocean too – Now if I could find a huge mountain and an ocean beach I would be really happy 😉 Course I wouldn’t get anything done because I would be sitting all day watching nature. lol

                3. My problem with the Oregon coast– not enough sunshine 😉 We go up there every once in awhile to be around something different from the desert.

                4. I could never live anywhere where the humidity consistently gets above 50%, which is why I live in Colorado. Now, a nice mountain cottage in Ouray, or Grand Lake, or even Marble, would be ideal. I wouldn’t go there once or twice a year, but would live there year-round. I know the winters are harsh, but I can handle that.

                  I grew up in Louisiana, and while I’d love my children to have had the freedom I had as a child, I don’t think I could stand to live there now. Too many bugs, too many relatives, and too many crazy laws! I might be able to relocate to Wyoming or New Mexico, but that’s about as far as I’d be willing to go.

          2. We save like mad so we can have a get away at least every quarter. Otherwise we would never see our grandchildren or son.

  10. My short story ebook, The Fetish, which is set in the same universe as Burnout: The mystery of Space Shuttle STS-281, is a 2012 EPIC Award Finalist in short story category!

  11. You should definitely take breaks when you need them. Perhaps consider taking weekends off? It is possible to burn out and very hard to recover from, especially as one gets older. Not worth it.

    We’ll forgive you for not writing some posts or witchfinder chapters.

    1. I was hoping to use the tipjar for that, but the aforementioned economic difficulties mean it has gone to exciting things like brake jobs on the car… Oh, yeah and tuition. (Always tuition.) The kids WERE supposed to get jobs, but the job market… (makes a gesture.)

  12. There is no need to continue to wonder how Sarah does all she does. You see Sarah is, due to the unusual circumstances of her birth, an intersect of numerous worlds. The various Sarahs out there leak in from time to time, providing much material. I have deduced, from her present suffering of time anomalies, that right now more is going out than coming in. Perhaps it has something to do with the electromagnetic effects of all those campaign adds on the air.

    (Hanging out with you folks is having deleterious effects… 😉 )

    1. uh uh. I’ve often thought that due to the circumstances of my birth I am, like Diana Wynne Jones’ Chrestomanci the only one of me in the multiverse. I’m not sure what that makes the kids.

      1. Ah then, the focus get sharper, it is the shadows of the various yous which are not that feeds you. Obvious, understanding this now, it is the electronic interference.

  13. You may remember, from your Physics classes, you did take Physics didn’t you?, that the faster you go the harder it is to go fast…that’s in air. I was only inferring that your pace might be a touch extreme. That you might shift into a lower gear and just do 27 things at the same time.
    I must have it bad. I bought Darkship Thieves today. I haven’t bought a sci-fi book since R. A Heinlein died. He spoiled me for all the other authors. Witchfinder convinced me you know what you are doing. Let the creative juices flow…maybe a little slower.
    I love your blogging on Instapundit. I do hope Glenn will keep you and the other guest bloggers on. It definitely improves the site and it was stellar before.
    Be well. Not an order, just a wish.

    1. I got scolded today — I tried to post posting would be late today because I had a routine doctor’s appointment and didn’t come up with something to write about before the post, so… — and will go and get a flu shot tomorrow. Apparently the flu is lethal this year and I have weakened lungs from TB as a child. (I.e. I have “the lungs of a five year old child” — to which the kids always answer “in your desk drawer? The one you keep locked?” Everyone is a comedian.)

      Can I try for 28 things? Pretty please? 😉

      1. You have ignited both my ‘mommy’ and my ‘caretaker’ genes. As I cannot come and do something practical, like clean your kitchen for you, I will say: Only if you do not count by groups and several of those items fall into the category of self care. We all enjoy your work, your wit, your observations and, selfish lot that we are when it comes to words, want you to take care of yourself so we can continue to do so.

  14. If it’s not too late for plugs, I’d like to promote Jeffrey K Hill’s The Beggars of Azure. Kim actually mentioned him a while back as an author and potential editor and I’ve just now gotten around to reading the book, which I found to be thoroughly delightful. Part mystery and part romance, it mixes the mundane and the fantastic into a wonderfully confounding yarn that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go until I finished it. Highly recommended!

  15. I can forgive because I’m not reading it yet. I can’t do this chapter by chapter thing any more. I’ve tried with other stories and it just doesn’t work for me. I get too invested in characters to manage it.

  16. Go for 28. In 4th gear…not in overdrive. My 66 year old lungs sorta wish they were 5 year old lungs. Shoot, I’d settle for my 30 year old body back. We can dream. It costs nothing. The price is right.
    Be well…just a wish.

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