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To people waiting for today’s Witchfinder chapter – it will be up but probably this evening.  No, I have no good explanation but I woke up feeling seriously under the weather.  Not sure why, but with whatsgoingaround I’d rather not take chances.  I have the chapter sketched, and I’ll finish it tonight, but meanwhile I have some brainless stuff on the slate, some publishing and a very light house cleaning which might clear my head.

However, yesterday I got copies of Darkship Renegades, which means the book is shipping… which means it’s time to start the Blog Tour.  In case you don’t realize this, btw, preordering is REALLY important.  These days chains look to Amazon to see what laydown to have, etc.  At least that’s my understanding.  I don’t have much hope of bestseller list with this book, but if you think it has a chance, you should DEFINITELY preorder it, preferably from Amazon.

Anyway – What I’d like to ask is to do a blog tour to promote the book, though the posts don’t necessarily NEED to be about the book.  (It’s good for them to have a tenuous tie in, at least.)

I know some of you have already contacted me.  Some of you might even be thinking I blew you off.  (It is no such thing.  While this has not be a year to compare to 2003, it’s not been very great either, between wild fires and stupid health tricks…  its being an election year hasn’t helped either.)  The truth is that I have the scheduling ability of cheese (very soft, not aged cheese) and at the moment, for obvious reasons, I don’t even have a part-time assistant.  Also, with indie publishing I’ve added another level of work to an already full schedule.  The end result is that at times I’m foggy on my own name.

So, to get around that, instead of having it come to normal email, if you have a blog that you don’t mind having me appear in for a day, email me here

So, what if your blog is really small?  Doesn’t matter.  I mean, if you have more than say a dozen readers or if you have fewer and don’t mind my also echoing it here.

So, you say, what if the blog is about something having nothing to do with books?  Well… ask me if I can do it.  Chances are I can.

But, you say, what if this Sarah woman scares people in your blog?  Well… I can be very non-scary.  Genial, in fact.

But, you further say, why should I let you?  I have no clue?  Glamour?  Amusement?  Or perhaps the ever-present tit for tat, if you’re an author who will at some time have a book to promote.

I would prefer not to blog-tour until after the election, or at least not very hard, but if you really wish it and I can keep it to one or two a week, I think I can do it.

Oh, yeah, you can also interview me if you prefer…

So, anyway, send invites here:  I’ll go through them and we’ll work a time out.

And now I’m going to do cat boxes.  (This time hopefully without dropping the … er… down the stairs.)  AND I’m going to drink massive amounts of caffeine.  Doesn’t fix the symptoms, but it helps mask them.

30 thoughts on “The Magical Science Fiction Tour

  1. Book was properly ordered when Bain first put it on the schedule and is now awaited. Thank you.

        1. Oh. Well… this series has the oddest fandom. DST immediately made the top in a list of sf romances. I don’t know if this one will, of course. But the whole series has a significant number of romance readers. And yet, it’s not REALLY a futuristic romance, so… it’s a little odd.

  2. I hope you feel better soon. All that you have to do on top of being miserable sick is not fun. I ordered both books in that series, but it will be strange to read a paperback book instead of my Kindle. Most paper page books I read now are research books.

  3. My daughter ordered a couple of your books for me, but I haven’t gotten them yet. She won’t tell me which ones, so I’ll have to wait. You’re welcome to blog on my website ( to all six of my readers any time you wish! I’m in the process of updating my links to my novels, and including a cover photo. I’m surprised how much HTML I’ve forgotten, not having used it much lately. It’s coming back – slowly.

      1. Ah Sarah, when you pre-order a Baen book from Amazon or B&N, they don’t ship early. You can only get a Baen book *early* if you go into a Brick & Mortar Store. While Baen allows it, the on-line book stores apparently is afraid to send the books out early.

        1. I don’t know, I can’t think of a book that I preordered from Amazon, that I DIDN”T get before the listed release day. Also can’t think of a book I preordered that wasn’t Baen. 😉

          I’ll have to go check my mailbox, and see if Renegades has showed up.

  4. Thanks a bucket full – I now have “Doing Blog Tour” and “Cleaning Cat boxes” inextricably linked in the data storage.

    I’ve already told Amazon to send book me, or at least that’s what they thought when I checked to confirm.

  5. Hi Sarah
    Re your SF novels they look interesting but no Kindle edition no sale for me.
    Regards from Australia

  6. I’ve thrown Renegade and Thieves into my cart. Will complete my order a little later tonight after my bath and I’ve completed an argument with myself over whether or not I’m allowed to add anything else. xD

  7. I emailed you my blog link to the gmail address you listed. I think I have about 20 subscribers but it tends to get a few more views from posting it on facebook and twitter. I mostly blog about writing, conventions and related stuff. I need to get into a regular blog post schedule, because I’m terrible about not posting on a regular basis. I hope you can get over whatever is ailing you and have a good weekend. I plan on ordering Darkship Renegades at some point, and I’ll try to pre-order it from Amazon. Really looking forward to reading it. Take care.

  8. Coming out from lurkerdom to ask which is better for you: an e-book bought from Baen or a hard copy from Amazon. The only reason I haven’t preordered is because I read e-books almost exclusively these days. My preference is to go through Baen, but if I need to order a hard copy, I’ll suck it up. 🙂

    1. Sigh. I don’t know. If there’s a chance of making a decent showing then selling a lot early through not-Baen is important. Does this book have that kind of legs, to maybe hit the outlaying edges of bestsellerdom? Maybe. I don’t know.

      1. Hardcopy ordered on Amazon. Very glad to do it for one of my favorite authors, but seriously? The publishing industry is really messed up. (I know, preaching to the choir.)

        Good luck with the book! I am really looking forward to it.

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