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  1. Always glad to see the best of the memes channel among the other things you found!

  2. This led off the Powerline Week in Pictures-absolutely brilliant (if pic doesn’t show but only the link, click the link-Powerline has been tetchy):

        1. I got around the Powerline block on a different meme by finding it elsewhere –

      1. Dunno where they get a 101 because it is actually a 403 which means the server understands the request but refuses to authorize it.

        1. Powerline is hosted on Cloudflare, which is flaky. I’ll have days where it won’t let me in after repeatedly asking me to verify that I’m human.

          Of course, Cloudflare is also fairly woke and was involved in shutting down Parler, so they may just be throttling Powerline and the bloggers haven’t noticed / done anything about it.

  3. Some years back, the Onion (when it was still funny) had a story “Internet goes down for Eight Hours. Productivity soars!”

  4. On #2, I have long advocated for taking a chainsaw to the federal government and pruning off 95% of it.

    Then decide how much more to cut.
    Never underestimate the stupidity of government. If you always expect the government to do the stupidest things you can imagine, it will rarely let you down. Indeed, from time to time the government will exceed your expectations by doing unimaginably stupid things.

    1. There are days when I like Robert LeFevre’s formulation: Aim for zero. If you actually manage to get there and find that you need a government for something, I can start one with a phone call.

    1. The Persian Empire lasted roughly 300 years.
      The British Empire lasted roughly 500 years.
      The Roman Empire lasted roughly 1400 years.
      Imperial China lasted roughly 2000 years.

      Cats? Cats are forever.

    2. Those ruins aren’t going anywhere, but the cat is only going to hold the cute pose for so long before he spreads his legs and starts licking his genitals.

  5. Ah yes the sci fi /fantasy sword.

    Schrödinger’s sword; either, or, none, or both fantasy & sci fi until you open the book.

    The tranny/fanny/why/sci/sigh/fie/woke genre, sword surgically removed.

    OK, OK, needs work but was my thoughts as I read it. 😉

  6. I must have a Secret Santa Cat. I found a dead rat outside my back door this morning. 😀

    Both of my cats were in the house all night so it wasn’t them.

    1. And I thought -I- had a shitty end to an otherwise great today….

    1. Although I honestly think this would make for a great campaign. Particularly if you had players who preferred wizards, paladins, and/or clerics, because all of the above will receive special attention.

        1. Ah, yes. An excellent example of why one should think twice, then again, before touching/fiddling with/using any legendarily powerful magical artifact.

          1. “That skull is a rather odd thing to use as a doorstop.”
            “Oh, that old thing? That’s the legendary Head of Venca.”
            “Dude! Seriously?! But it doesn’t really look all that old.”
            “Well, you know how dried bone gets more brittle. I replace it every so often with a foolish adventurer’s head when they steal the old one.”

            1. Addendum to the Rules for Traveling Adventurers:

              Do not touch anything until a mage you trust has cast ‘Identify’ and assured you that it is safe. Once you have received that assurance, do not touch. If you absolutely must, touch with one finger, preferably a finger you consider expendable. Before doing anything with the potential to break the item, consider whether you can afford to pay for it. Also consider whether you are likely to be transformed into its replacement, tortured and/or murdered for your transgression, or enslaved for a thousand and one years to repay your debt.

              When in doubt, DO NOT TOUCH!

      1. Somehow the Cthulhu for President logo on the shirt doesn’t show in the image.

        1. No. There was a logo of Cthulhu for President on it, but the logo didn’t carry over to the image link here.

  7. Let me clear it up for you. Sci fi is when you have a sword made of light because the author believes that’s possible, and fantasy is when you have a sword made of light because the author believes that’s impossible. Hope this helps.

    “Okay, so my ship’s ‘sword made of light’ is a 50 terawatt average power anti-ship laser, short-pulse Q-switched for better energy transfer to the target. Now am I talking SF, or fantasy, here?”


    “For the other guys, that’s horror, pure Lovecraft-grade horror.

    “Though unless they can run pretty fast, likely a very short story.

    “For you? I have to switch genres a bit more here, but my best answer is somewhere about halfway between the ‘Hallelujah Chorus’ and ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ — assuming you ‘speak’ majestic-choral-orchestral, that is.”

  8. “I pledge allegiance
    To the Press
    Of the Deep State of America
    And to the Bureaucracy which it defends
    Government Almighty
    Above the law
    With no limits on power at all”

  9. WRT the man bun meme, I can read the question, I just don’t have the hair left.

    1. I’ve only had longish hair ONCE in my life (leading up to the Bicentennial so I could look the part for a choir to celebrate in pseudo period garb). That slightly less than shoulder length pony tail was greasy, hot, and my hair has a mild wave to it that made it kind of bushy and wild without a fair bit of attention in the morning (which annoyed a high school freshman boy who was also adding shaving to his routine…). We did our performance late June of 1976 and that pony tail was gone before I went on vacation with my buddies family across the July 4 period as that hair was such a royal pain. and yes right now I have more hair than say Telly Savalas did, but only marginally so. Though I’ve seen balding hipsters with pony tails at the back a la the Comic Guy from The Simpsons.

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