Cosplaying Decay

I don’t think it came across on my Seventies post that it wasn’t “real”. The point is not that the seventies are returning, but that the people that be are hard forcing a replay of it, in appearance.

It doesn’t work with the people on the ground because “we’re running out of oil” is now seen to be a blatant lie. We remember when they shut down the pipeline and fracking. And we saw that both under Reagan and Trump prices and availability of oil came back, which means it’s not “we’re running out of oil.”

In the same way no one really believes the dooms that either were general opinion in the seventies, or I believed in because I was a little kid. (Could be either.) So what we’re seeing is a large scale replay with (natch) media amplification but the people on the ground are somewhere between unconvinced and ignoring it.

So they try to run with climate doom, and you know…. the last time — other than the commenter, and honestly, he might very well be from the for-pay troll farm — that I heard someone genuinely concerned about the doom, gloom, we’re all frying soon, was mid-nineties. Other than that, the climate doomers are stuck scaring little kids and talking about how the kids have climate anxiety.

So, why am I bringing that up?

Well, the seventies were a form of decadence. Has it occurred to you that the other forms of decadence in society are also cosplay? No?

Oh, please. Let’s talk decadence.

Yes, I do know that the US has lots of the signs of decadence of the late Roman EMPIRE. (Which the US isn’t.)

So, pull up a rock. Has it occurred to you that the left ALSO knows the signs of decadence you know, because it all goes back to Robert Graves’ book?

Yeah. Cool fact. The Left is also all in on “America is a decaying empire” because the USSR used this as a form of psy-war on both us and their people. Oh, you’re jealous of Americans who have family cars? Don’t be. Abundance leads to decadence.

You should — by now — be suspicious that our supposed “decadence” is exactly the same as ancient Rome’s supposedly was (what we have are accounts, some highly doubtful) despite the difference between our societies? Or that they’re both covalent with the “kids these days” taken up to eleventy?

But Sarah, you’ll say, we really have a passel of useless morons who just want to be taken care of, and there’s teh gay thing, teh trans thing, teh slut thing, etc. etc. etc.

Yeah. Every society has had that. Also, be aware of when things are pushed and echoed into massive by the press. Also, most of the useless morons in our society are made so by indoctrination in the schools. (And some get over it.)

But you know that the powers that be are actively and with malice aforethought pushing both drug addiction, homeless lifestyles invading everything AND transsexualism. Because to them, that’s what decadence looks like, and they know “capitalism” has to lead to decadence, so it can fall and emerge as the glorious socialist republic.

This is the same reason they are — as in the seventies — not punishing crime in cities, from petty to major. Because increased crime is “decline and fall” stuff. (And the morons who think it is race — besides the fact that the US thinks race is one drop of anything other than white, which is laughable — have the burden of explaining how the demographics changed since the lockdowns to that level. Let alone that it’s always culture, not race that’s a problem. Did we get a landing of extraterrestrials in massive ships? No? Then it’s the laws. And the morons at the top trying to hasten the decline and fall, so they can have their glorious socialism. Most of those morons, with some exceptions, are white. The ones who aren’t have credentials from the best schools, which are Marxist, and still mostly white. Take a powder. Think, for a change.)

So you know, letting homeless camp and poop in public. Not confining people who are too drug addled/insane to be a danger to themselves and others, allowing petty theft to be decriminalized (and it’s all petty theft, it turns out) or doing fast no bail turn around for all crimes?

It doesn’t actually increase the number of people doing that. It just makes them do it more/more publicly and without interruption due to being taken up for being dangers to themselves and others.

That’s how you get San Francisco, for instance (Where the demographics are still mostly white, for those following from home, and too stupid to actually think for themselves.)

You know this. You know all of this. So, no matter how attractive “Those darn kids” is, you shouldn’t be falling for the idea that this kind of thing is getting worse. It’s merely being encouraged, becoming more visible. Or more frequent because the people who were doing it can do it more often.

The left bases a lot of their attacks on books, or the memory of books other people read and talked about. (Hence using 1984 as a manual. The author depicts no consequences for the authoritarian stuff and they think it’s how things go. So, why not?)

You are not required to believe it.

You are, however, as a free individual, required to do things that will be visible to others and go against the narrative. Because that encourages others.

So, on the small things front? Politeness, dressing decently and cleanly, and holding down a job are the minimum.

The large things, well, you see the parents protesting the sexualization of children in schools. You see the boycott of Bud Light. And you see the viral nature of Let’s Go Brandon.

These break through the “decadence” cosplay and make it obvious it is a cosplay.

Go you, and do more of this.

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  1. Great perspective! It’s important to question the narratives we’re presented with and to consider whether they’re rooted in reality or simply echoes of the past. Taking individual action to break through the decadence cosplay is a powerful way to make a positive difference.
    founder of balance thy life

      1. Sounds right. You can have engine oil, offal, what-ever on you and still have your shirt tucked in, sleeves properly down or rolled, a collar that’s either not frayed or isn’t half-tucked under, and pants that are more material than hole. Stains are OK, looking like “a bum” is not.

        You know, look as if you value and respect yourself and your job.

        1. Oh, and not shuffling around with your pants pulled half-way down to your knees… 😦

          Which is Just Plain Stupid. Pants are the way they are because that is how they WORK. Wearing them half-way down to your knees as a ‘fashion statement’ interferes with normal function and you’re likely to fall on your ass.
          Jordan Peterson: “If I told you to cook in the bathroom and shit in the kitchen, that would be a new idea. Doesn’t make it a good one.”

          1. And don’t buy deliberately unfinished and wal around with your knees hanging out. (Personal peeve).

            1. I was talking about girls buying deliberately unraveled jeans and walking around with their knees showing. Why pay good money for, “distressed,” jeans when the judicious use of scissors will give a similar effect? If you absolutely must wear crap, of course.

              1. I like to tell my middle school girls, “Congratulations on surviving the bear attack!”

                They laugh. But a few of them say, “My grandpa says, rats or mountain lions not bears.”

                It probably doesn’t work as well when you don’t know the kids or have a jelly bean dispenser.

                In my day it was short skirts on girls and long hair on boys.


                1. I was eating in the restaurant side of one of my hangouts when I heard a young woman on the bar side started screechingly berating a casual acquaintance of mine. About the only word I could decipher was ‘racist’. When I inquired later about the incident, it turns out that the (white) fellow had jokingly called the (black) harridan “Termite Girl” due to the tattered state of her pants.

                  I don’t know when Termite became racist; probably about the same time as Water Buffalo . . ..

            2. I remember a kid with frayed jeans in high school shop class. Set his pants on fire welding and had to jump in the quench barrel to put them out. 😀

              1. If it was anything like the quench barrels I’ve seen, yuck. I’m sure it didn’t help him look more put together. Or smell.

          2. I have often wondered what would happen, if I told one of those beltless , droopy-pants guys … that it was a signal in the prison system that you were willing to have sex. Nasty, p__is in a__s sex …
            Yeah, never do it, in real life. But I still snicker nastily, when I see one of those beltless, pants-drooping-showing-his-underwear idiots in public…
            “Ya know what you are signaling, kid?” It’s not what you THINK you are signaling…”

            1. I’ve heard that it’s meant to reference getting booked into jail, where they take away the belt for safety reasons, leaving people with saggy pants. Either way, it’s just plain stupid.

              1. As a style, completely stupid.
                AFAIK, the practice started in the LA County Jail in the 60s. Uniforms were issued on incarceration, and the food was 8th Amendment bad and sparse.
                Guys who had been there a few months or more had lost much weight, worked out, and fought. A lot. The oversize sagging pants were a sign of a badass.
                This translated to the street gang bangers trying to show how bad they were. It went on from there to the current insanity.
                I was living in Orange County at that time.

        2. Make An Effort.

          I’ve gotten respect in worn blue jeans and a t-shirt over folks in slacks and a collared shirt, because mine were Took An Effort and theirs weren’t even “I hung it up in the bathroom when I showered.”

    1. I hate new clothes and wear my stuff until it falls apart. My favorite is my “holey jumper” that’s more hole than jumper. The wife told me that I’m doing it to spite my suburban neighbors as I wear very good clothes very badly. That’s certainly part of it. Much of it is that I wear coat and tie to work and am one of those who never opens their top button, — I’ve been told more than once that “I clean up well” — but she’s right, most of it is my middle finger to the suburban toffs. I absolutely love defying their expectations.

      Sorry. I’m incorrigible.

      1. I’m retired and rural, so appropriate clothing has a looser expectation than when I was working and in the city. Going-to-town (or even local church–haven’t been to a service in the city for years) entails decent cargo pants (said pockets for reasons) and a good-condition Carhartt or Dickies shirt. I have button shirts, but dislike them, and there’s a dress shirt somewhere in the wardrobe. Don’t want, usually don’t need. Neckties are in a tote.

        On the property, in $TINY_TOWN or dedicated messy shopping trips, the older, worn clothes get hauled out. For nasty jobs on the property, I have some clothing declared to “never to be washed again” in the shop. Those might have interesting holes, though the ones damaged by battery acid are gone.

        I have nicer pullover shirts, but found a pocket works a lot better for me. The flip phone goes there, as does a pen and the shopping list. If I have to go to a smart phone, I’d look for a belt case or phone holster.

  2. “Chintz is luxury.” As revealed when the failure mode is surplus to the point that the dollar store gets invented to try to sell off the failed surplus. A bit of “Trailer Park Chic” (how’s that for an oxymoron?!) beats starving. That’s when the failure mode is scarcity.

    1. I have always liked that.

      “This thing we made isn’t absolutely perfect, so we can’t sell it for full price, but it would be a shame to just scrap it.”
      “Eh, so sell it somewhere else for less”

      I get all my dishes at dollar stores

  3. I like your classification of it all as cosplay, since there is an awful lot of that going around. That said, there are several parallels to the seventies, (e.g., demographics, the number of young people, the generational turn over of leadership,). Add to that politico-military failure, inflation, and general malaise and … well it rhymes.

    Of course, these issues are all the failure of “elites”. Seems to me that the best way to go forward is to ignore them.

  4. “So they try to run with climate doom, and you know…. the last time — other than the commenter, and honestly, he might very well be from the for-pay troll farm — that I heard someone genuinely concerned about the doom, gloom, we’re all frying soon, was mid-nineties. ”

    Sadly, not the case for me. I don’t know how broad or deep it runs, but I know the belief is present around here.

    1. Same where I live. There’s bound to be people like me who see through it, but whoever they are, they don’t seem to be letting on. Belief in the climate doomsday cult is virtually mandatory in the places where educated and sciency people congregate, and its proponents are both numerous and loud.

      1. As a Designated Idiot– they do the “shut up and ignore you” thing if you oppose, usually, too.

        Most folks just don’t want to fight.

      2. By designated idiot, I mean– the stuff that “nobody is so dumb as–” for manners?

        I did that.

        Teacher dressed in full orange on Saint Pat’s? When she gave me shit, I gave it back.

        When the science teacher talked about “invertebrates” when he meant vertebrates for an entire class? I pointed that out.

        When the psychology teacher claimed to have no idea why a sequence of ten variables vs a sequence of 23 variables was easier to remember?
        I ruined his last day big reveal and went “Um….there’s more than twice as many options?” on day one.

        1. How’s this for brain breaking: An Irish Baptist willing to beat ten fecking kinds of shit out of him for being that stupid. Or a Unionist. spits Either way, his ass should be grass. Fecking Tan.

        2. I’ll admit to wearing an orange shirt when I was young and dumb. It wasn’t an Irish area, and I was one of maybe three class Odds. I try to stay away from blatant colors on St. Paddy’s day. A green dyed river and the green stripe down State Street was more than enough for me.

          Any Irish ancestry would have been an er, acquired bride, if any of the Danish ancestors on Mom’s side had gone Viking. I have very little information about Dad’s side; though the odd scoundrels balanced with prominent preachers. I don’t have enough information to build that Venn diagram. 🙂

          1. Wearing orange, outside of some neighborhoods, is mostly just “being a twerp” level silly.

            Getting angry at someone who is wearing green, for wearing green, when you’re wearing orange– and being shocked that they know the history and will argue it with you, that takes some special.

            1. Wearing all orange (as opposed to just a single random orange article of clothing) on St. Patrick’s Day implies that the person in question knows who the Duke of Orange was, and why he’s unpopular in Ireland. Very bad move. And if done in the US, suggests someone who’s being a smug twit, and assuming that the low brow neanderthals around him or her won’t get it.

              1. In the US, it may just mean they know “the icky Catholics wear green, orange is the opposite of icky Catholic green, I’ll wear orange.”

                Which, yes, is still smug twit territory– and/or waaaaay letting someone else having fun mess with you.

              2. Oops. It was the Prince of Orange, not Duke.

                William III, Prince of Orange, married Mary II, and kicked out her father Catholic James II in the Glorious Revolution. When James instigated an Irish uprising to get himself back on the throne, William sent him fleeing at the Battle of the Boyne, and then crushed the rebellion.

                I believe this is why orange is considered Protestant in Ireland.

            2. Locally? Orange is for north of here. Green is for here and south. (We are south of Beaver country, and live in Duck country. Not that I am likely to wear orange. But I will wear black with Benny Beaver on it, in Duck country. Just saying.) Now as far as St Paddy’s day. Eh. Wear very little green. But that is me being contrary.

              1. U of Illinois has school colors of orange and blue. Many years ago, some kind (for values of sadistic) person had an orange sport coat with blue piping made and given to the then-new football coach. No idea if it was ever worn to a game.

                I saw the picture. In color. My eyes finally recovered.

                Flyover County is largely green and yellow, and that’s not only the Ducks, but the Deeres. 🙂

                1. On our family farm, we used Allis-Chalmers tractors — which were all painted a particular shade of bright orange. After 20 or 30 years, the paint faded to a dull orange-red.

                  I don’t think the color had any religious or political significance on the farm, Allis-Chalmers just made good tractors. Sadly, like many great American companies, they’ve gone out of business, undoubtedly due to government meddling.

                  Now, we can speculate about why Allis-Chalmers painted their tractors bright orange, and why John Deere picked green… 😛
                  At my house, the ‘things that go bump in the night’ are cats.

                  1. I haven’t been following the brand, but at least in the early Aughts, Agco-Allis was around. The local Kubota dealer also had A-As, and the orange color was remarkably close. I was wondering when Kubota started doing bigger tractors until I saw the label. At that time, the Kubotas in stock were tiny; 25HP on down. Cute, but rather more expensive than my Yanmar made Deere.

                    OTOH, I see Kubota is now doing larger tractors. Around here, it’s Deere and for the less affluent, New Holland. Some Catarpillar Challengers (rubber belt tracks), though the big operation that used a lot of them got acquired by a Deere outfit.

                    1. Looks like Agco dropped the Allis branding entirely, and wound up with the Challenger line (from or in partnership with CAT, I don’t know).

                      The last time I worked at Deere, the joke was that the Yanmar partnership existed to keep Kubota from making enough money to compete on the bigger stuff.

            1. I had only associated green with Ireland, not Catholic Ireland. I get confused about the orange. Thought it related to William of Orange, the Dutch guy. Or Syracuse.

              Last time I thought about Irish schism I was worried about which Irish whiskey to drink/buy/give. An Irish boss explained to me:

              Jameson’s for the Catholics
              Bushmill’s for the Protestants
              Powers for the People

              So I guess Powers is the safe choice. To drink.

                1. :laughs: That was in the first Erma Bombeck book I read!

                  Mom had so much trouble explaining pregnancy tests before there were those little sticks, because we were never big-town enough for it to be a thing….

                2. What is seldom mentioned is that in the “rabbit test” no matter the test result, the rabbit was ‘sacrificed’. It always died. Except on that one episode of MASH, of course.

              1. :snickering:

                My very Scottish, prickly grandmother drank Jameson’s. My mom’s family (irish and catholic) drink Bushmill’s.

                Maybe it’s one of those “when folks came over” things?

                … or maybe my family are just booze hounds too polite to complain about politics when there’s more relevant considerations, such as “someone else bought it.”

              2. Just don’t mix Absolut with your Powers.

                Personally, I prefer the US Constitutional system of strictly enumerated Powers, so I don’t imbibe too much.

                1. I’d really just know what to try. Not being Irish. I’m not involved except with my taste buds. And my driving skills of course. Best I found is called Knappogue Castle. But once a fellow let me have a drink of some kind of Irish whiskey out of his flask and it went down like milk. I couldn’t believe it. My interest in the distillates of Eire stems from that moment.

              3. Or, we could all just remember that THIS IS AMERICA and all that Old Country s*** should have been dropped the second your great-great-granddad’s shoes touched Ellis Island (or wherever).

                Wear whatever the f*** you want on St. Patrick’s Day. The person giving you grief over it is automatically the bad guy no matter which side they’re griefing for.

                1. Yes.

                  My family has a hecka weird green fixation on Saint Pat’s for fun.

                  A ton of folks do “wear green on Saint Pat’s day or get pinched” and haven’t so much as walked past a Catholic church, much less being Catholic.

                  Someone going hard core making it serious, is AN ATTACK.

                  1. The C of I and Presbyterians are Irish too, much as I’d like to deny it even though my ancestry is half and half.

                    1. My dad’s mom is Church of Scotland.

                      She is (like 15 years dead) probably still scandalized at her grandkids being all Catholic.

                      The teacher Chose Badly for many reasons. 😀

          1. Ireland is known for the, ah, contentious nature of their religious disputes.

            The flag is green and orange with white because it means “peace” between the two.

            Saint Patrick’s is the “celebrate being Catholic” day– so, deliberately choosing to flip the bird at that? It’s an ass move. Trying to use positional authority to scold American children for wearing green on Saint Patrick’s day, when it has become a cultural game, is more so.

  5. Yes, I do know that the US has lots of the signs of decadence of the late Roman EMPIRE. (Which the US isn’t.)

    ….wait a minute, America also has a lot of the signs of decadence from the NOT decaying Roman empire- that is, “they weren’t as stupid as the neighbors.” What with there being a route to become a citizen and all.

    So, isn’t it more “No duh America has some of the same signs as Rome, we stole their good ideas and mixed them with our own”?

  6. I missed the decadent seventies, I was busy rebuilding after the ’67 flood and later watching an 800 mile (800.3 miles actually.) forty eight inch pipeline being built, literally (This is probably the fourth time in my life I wrote the word ‘literally’, oh well…) through my back yard (It goes through my back yard to cross under the Chena River.).

    Actually I guess I’m missing much of the decadent, despondent, debauched, deplorable twenties. Yep we have bums, or if you prefer, homeless, in Fairbanks and North Pole, yep we have far more than our fair share of crazies (Hey, it’s the end of the road here, once they get here they can’t go much further, but with an Alaska population density of 1.2 persons per square mile, it really don’t affect me none.

    The law of the land, or more correctly the mad king’s writ, is just as nonsensical here as elsewhere. For example, under Alaska law I could be DUIed arrested, fined, incarcerated required to have a breathalyzer installed on all my vehicles for being on my riding mower or my tractor, on my own property if my blood alcohol level equals or exceeds 0.08%. However as my property’s a mile away from pavement no other folk’s houses even visible from it, it’s rather unlikely the cops will catch me drinking three and an eighth beers (Just checked the body weight/drink/blood alcohol chart) while mowing on a hot day.

    None the less, of course I’ll “break through the “decadence” … and do more of this.”

    1. I kind of missed the decadent 70s, too – being in the military and all. And being stationed mostly overseas.
      The one thing I do feel, is that I spent my life cleaning up after the hippy/Boomer generation. All the fall-out from sex-drugs-rocknroll … I’ve had to deal with the fallout effects. Starting with being a volunteer to help resettle Vietnamese refugees in 1975,

      1. Yup. That “we’re the clean-up squad” is a hallmark of the Baby Buster decade group.

  7. I would suggest a small addition to the list.

    Be ready to give witness to the faith that is in you.

    Not necessarily religious faith, although that too, but one reason why you don’t believe that people should be allowed to steal, or terrorize other people, or why the climate is changing but it isn’t a catastrophe. Why refunding the police is a disaster for the poor. How it is racist to think people of color cannot avoid committing crimes.

    Like a little elevator pitch for each item. Just in case it comes up.

    There are way too many people who have never even heard that there is actual evidence contrary to what they have been propagandized about.

    Plant a seed. It’s not up to you to convince anyone. Just plant seeds as the occasion arises.

    1. “ …always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect…”

  8. Most of Marxism is cosplay.
    I’m not just talking about self-described socialists carrying around Apple products. I’m talking at the fundamental level.

    If you are a Materialist, who believes everything is driven by Class Warfare, raised within socially enforced paradigm of upper-class twits who believe the same…
    Well, the more you commit, the more you’re going to have to get over the concept of morality being valid, realize that your place is precarious, and psyop the “divide and conquer” thing as hard as you can amongst those who would overthrow your comfy life. .

    Marx was full of crap in too many ways to count.
    But if the upper class subscribes to his ideology?
    Class warfare becomes inevitable.
    They will, and must, force the issue.

      1. It’s amazing how slickly* “Question Authority” and “Speak Truth to Power” became “Don’t You Dare Question Authority” and “Speak Power to Truth”.

        (*) Slime is a fair substitute for slick.

  9. There’s a local scuba guy who spends his summers cleaning up the rivers (and, hilariously, reuniting a lot of people with their lost phones once they’re properly and safely dried out.)

    He just posted a rather heartbreaking cleanup of an island in the river that had been used as a homeless camp. Among the items retrieved were seven “freebie” phones and a large amount of needles. It took him and his cleaning buddies multiple canoe trips to get the garbage to shore at a location that county crews could do the pickup.

    As a documentary on the issue said, “It’s not a drug problem. I don’t want to say it’s a drug problem. It’s a METH problem.” Probably fenatnyl now, too.

  10. I swear, when wokists get to the end of 1984 they’re all like: “Man, that was an inspiring book with a positive message and a feel-good ending!” (laces up boots)

    1. Mostly because they’re all such total narcissists that they literally cannot imagine themselves as Winston, only as Big Brother, because obviously they deserve that kind of power.

      1. Like the reincarnation fans who somehow never remember being peasants who died of [malnutrition, disease, childbirth, spitted-on-a-spear; take your pick of these and many more], but were always [royalty, nobility, war leaders, great teachers, great scientists; again, take your pick]? That sort of cluelessness/ignorance?

        1. Even royalty could die of disease, childbirth, spitted-on-a-spear and even malnutrition. They didn’t know diddly about nutrition. Napoleon famously suffered from gout because ‘vegetables are for peasants’ and they didn’t know any better. It took them years to connect scurvy to a lack of fresh fruit in the diet, and even then they didn’t know why it worked.

          We used to teach 4th graders more about the world than scholars knew 500 years ago. Now we teach them not to think.
          They’re the Experts! They only sound stupid to you because you’re not as Educated as they are.

          1. “Even royalty could die of disease, childbirth, spitted-on-a-spear and even malnutrition.”

            Sure, but that wasn’t my point.

        2. There’s a Conan the Barbarian story where the heroine is forced to relive her past lives. Lots of drudgery, slavery, and oppression.

  11. I lived through the 70s. Graduated from high school in 1980. It was a miserable, depressing decade.

    I’ll add that it’s harder to find a decent job than people think. I’ve been in the market for the last eight months. Not that it worries me – I retired from the Federal Government with 41 years’ creditable service – but I’m a member in good standing of Workaholics Anonymous. On the other hand, I’m being picky about what I apply for.

  12. It’s not fun at the “looking for a job” level.

    Trying to find a new job has been incredibly difficult as everybody wants you to do 3.75 jobs-including front-facing jobs like sales and cold-calling-in addition to your job. They aren’t willing to take a chance on someone-I applied for a marketing job and I got screened out because I didn’t have a personal, “professional” social media profiles and my writing blog wasn’t “upbeat and cheerful.”

    Got screened out at the first level of an engineering writer position because they wanted an engineer who can write, not a writer who can figure out engineering stuff.

    The only job that has asked for call-backs is gas station “team leader”. A little bit of research is that everybody that works the counter is a “team leader.”

    I’m not in any risk-savings, MediCal, and no real expenses other than the urge to escape the sick house that my family is right now.

    I just need to write faster and get something that pays, has benefits, and a short commute.

  13. Truism, Everything Liberals/Communists/Socialists/Marxists, touch turns to shit.
    Truism, Its always someone else’s fault your glorious socialist plans failed. Normally your opponents, the press helps in this lie.
    Truism, Cosplay would be cool if Cosplayers learned what deodorant was.

    1. We can greatly reduce leftist rioting if we announce in advance the use of water cannon spiked with soap.


      1. I am told that at least one fur con there was someone playing a Hygiene Fairy. The wand ended not in a star, but a bar of soap.

        MOST folks at fur cons don’t need that reminder. A few… standout individuals.. need it very, very badly indeed.

        1. Not just fur cons. A mailing list that I was on a very, very long time ago had an acronym fir one particular kind of regular anime con attendee: FSHGIASS – Fat Sweaty Hairy Guy in a Sailor Suit. Yes, this was at the height of Sailor Moon (which had nothing to do with the mailing list I was on). Yes, lack of bathing was a trait of these sorts of individuals.

          1. I forget the name of the tune, but one snippet of it was a modified line from an old commercial:

            Aren’t you glad you use Dial? Don’t you wish GenCon did?

            [I’ve never been to GenCon, so I can’t say…]

              1. I’ve never been to GenCon, but I was sorta almost at Origins, once. I was passing through Columbus and decided to stop at the North Market for lunch – along with thousands of Origins attendees who’d walked the couple blocks from the convention center. A number of them should have showered. I was grateful the food aromas drowned out the body odor once I got inside. Sheesh.

                    1. Oh, that’s simply unpossible! Nature loves us! Especially grizzlies, leopards, Great White sharks…

        2. I have seen a lot of discussion of how to remind con attendees that you need sleep, eat, and shower when attending cons.

          1. The 521 rule. In any 24 hour period you should have at least 5 hours of sleep, 2 meals, and 1 shower. And you can’t substitute them for each other.

  14. I saw this John Stossel video on Yoo Toob about Asao Inoue advocating for some truly stupid notions in education:

    I’m going to do a bit of Fisking on ol’ Asao here:

    “We must stop saying that we have to teach this dominant English…”

    “If you use a single standard to grade your students’ languaging, you engage in racism.”

    Same old tired Leftroid assertion, supported by neither facts nor logic, that treating everybody equally is racist, and treating them unequally based on color or ethnicity is not racist. And, ‘languaging’? Really? Even Otto Corrupt knows that’s not a real word. The word ‘language’ is strictly a noun, not a verb. You really should learn how to use English properly. There are actual words which express the concept you seem to be struggling towards, such as ‘diction’ and ‘parlance’.

    “That standardized English tends to exclude many groups of people.”

    Another baseless assertion without evidence or logic. One common language allows everybody to communicate without unnecessary misunderstandings.

    “No matter what other people think, your languaging is good the way it is. You got here with it. I think to me that feels very compassionate.”

    Still no evidence, no logic, but you ‘feel’ that it’s ‘compassionate’. Have you evaluated the results of such ‘compassion’ lately? Children raised unable to speak or read the common language of our society?

    What you’re yammering about is not a language. It is a patois, a pidgin dialect; a simplified corruption of the language it was derived from, lacking the breadth and depth of meaning found in the original.

    I guarantee that elitist F*KS like you are teaching their children that ‘dominant English’ you disparage.

    “White people like you, just like you, who came before you, have had most of the power, decided most of the things, built the steel cage of white language supremacy.”

    The Americans who came before us built the freest, richest, most powerful nation this world has ever seen, raised billions out of poverty, abolished slavery, defeated the Nazis, crushed communism — and this to you is a bad thing?

    “That is the largest annual conference of my field. I was the chair of that. And I read that rhetorical situation as a moment to make a statement. You actively promote white language supremacy, which is the handmaiden to white bias in the world, the kind that kills black men on the streets.”

    Uhm…evidence? Plausibility? I’m not seeing any. Sounds to me like you’re just talking out of your ass.

    “What I’m getting at is the logics that go with white language supremacy, and what I call habits of white language, or HOWL.”

    There you go with the nonsense words again. Logic is a single concept of organized thought directed to arriving at conclusions based on facts, evidence and provable connections between them. And, ‘habits of White Language’? Which ‘White Language’, exactly? English? French? German? Latin? Greek? Erse? Gaelic? Dutch? Spanish? Russian? Swedish? Danish? Finnish? I could go on, and on.

    “White people can perpetuate white supremacy by being present.”

    Wow, we ‘perpetuate White Supremacy’ just by existing? Daaayum, that is one scary superpower!

    “The point is a Marxian one. Who owns the means of opportunity production in the classroom?”

    Mmm, nobody? The principal ‘means of opportunity production’ is free thought. Do you claim to own people’s thoughts? I suspect that you want to.

    Oh, and you go on about abolishing high school honors classes, of course. They’re bastions of white supremacy. Except, they’re open to everybody.

    Language is the tool of communication and thought. You would foist upon people a lousy tool, of low quality and reduced functionality, which limits not only the ability to communicate, but the ability to think.

    You try to conceal it with sophistry and misdirection, but the unspoken assumption behind your arguments is that black children are too stupid to learn standard English. I say they are smart enough to learn anything they are properly taught. Which one of us is the racist, again?

    I notice that you are using standard English to make your specious arguments — because they can’t be clearly expressed in the gutter lingo you’re advocating.

    You missed the point of ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. Controlling people’s thoughts by denying them the words to form forbidden concepts — ‘Badthink’ — is wrong, and evil.

    1. The Reader doesn’t think he missed the point of 1984. He, and a lot of the left, believe that the actual title is ‘1984 – A Users Guide to Destroying Western Civilization’.

    2. Ha! I was in the same grad program as Asao. (Well, not exactly…he was rhet/comp, aka crazy town; I was in British lit.) He went by Ty back then, but he was all about the same stupid shit. One of those “teachers” that had students assign themselves whatever grade they thought they deserved. And then, I’m pretty sure, adjusted it downward at the end of the year for anyone who hadn’t been sufficiently enthusiastic about his methods.

      He did accomplish one thing, with the help of his fellow travelers, and that was to give me a very solidly founded distrust of “progressives,” which eventually led me here.

    3. Actually, a patois is probably just as good for communicating with your neighbor as the main language dialects. What it isn’t as good for is communicating with non-neighbors.

      I’m told that the War Department standardized on American Midwest because it was easier for speakers of other American dialects to understand when broadcast over loudspeakers. That persisted into the era of American media dominance, and so now either BBC English or American Midwest will let you be understood pretty much anywhere any English variant is spoken (Woke English excepted).

      Encouraging students to stick with Ebonics (or whatever the local dialect may be) relegates them to a language ghetto. It cuts them off not just from the heritage of English culture, but from communication around the world as well.

      1. I read John McWhorter’s Woke Racism last month, and he fulminates as only a language-lover can about the horrible effects of two generations that can’t read at a useful level. He talks about the pain of watching adults sounding out street signs, or trying to, because of the “whole language” garbage that was inflicted on them. “Teach people to be literate and have basic math” is his #2 priority. #3 is train more people in the skilled trades and stop shoving college at everyone. I disagree with him about #1, but we’re probably looking at different things (he’s looking at incarceration rates for minor drug offenses. I’m looking at the cartels and others bringing wholesale quantities of hard drugs through my state.)

        As if whole word wasn’t bad enough, now there’s fad for teaching word endings first, then starting sounds. Yes, kids are trying to read English right-to-left, and can’t sound out words at all. [very rude screed in Cat]

        1. o.O

          I can understand why a fad would develop about focusing on the beginning and end of words, since that’s what people tend to do anyway when they speed read. But the end before the beginning? That makes no sense, particularly with all of the tense stuff that gets tacked onto the end of verbs.

          1. Sampling the start and end of a word is reasonable–the buffering white space lets your eye parse out quick chunks of the word without having to keep track of where in the pile of letters you are.

            This falls down horribly sometimes. When trying to guess my stop while riding the train in a German-speaking area, I tried to read the station names as they flitted by. Of course they were many meters too long for my non-German-acclimated eyes to follow. I had to guess by the first part of the name, because the last part was almost invariably “strasse”–no help at all.

        2. They are. They’re called “Word Families.” And they pretend they’re teaching phonics using it. [unhappy mommy growls]

          1. Understand.

            I’m not much help. I have problem speaking words I’ve read, but improperly sound out. If I hear it, it makes sense. But I cannot do it myself. And yes, I went through “phonics” of the ’60s. In fact parents were told I “could not read” when I was devouring books at home above grade level. I could explain the content. But read a sentence aloud? If I slowed down the reading, a lot, usually. But that is difficult for me to do. I read ahead, then get tangled up. Add in words I can’t pronounce and the fun ensues. And, I am not a kid anymore (for a very, very, long time).

            1. You were probably speed reading. Most people when they read silently look at the first syllable and the last syllable, and ignore everything in between. They figure the word out based on that, and go with the most likely option. Then if the reader belatedly realizes that the word doesn’t fit, there might be a backtrack and a closer look. But otherwise…

              And it generally works.

              Reading out loud typically causes you to slow down and look at the words more closely.

              1. I was speed reading. Now that I’m retired, I’m not so much speed reading. I still read faster silently than I can read aloud. But it isn’t as bad as it used to be. Pronouncing certain words is still a problem. And no, going to a dictionary to see the proper pronunciation “diagrammed” does not help. (Might if I worked at it, but at 66? But, why? Good that my career didn’t rely on my verbal skills.)

        3. You have to be very highly educated to attain the pure, distilled idiocy of someone like Asao Inoue.

      2. WLW and WGN standardized Midwestern US English as the media language, long before the War Dept.

        Don’t forget those giant radio transmitters.

        1. 50,000 Watts can make a big imprint. We’d drive by the WGN transmitter when visiting my uncle, and WGN would overload the radio. Dad’s favorite station, so no interference.

          I heard of Texans listening to the 1960s Top 40 on WLS out of Chicago. It might not have been quite clear channel, but other than a director tower to point the signal north-ish, there wasn’t anything else to direct the signal.

          WCFL had the power, but I believe had 4 towers, and they had to fiddle with the propagation pattern at night. My first attempt at an amplifier brought in their 1 MHz signal better than the first attempt at a tuning circuit. Hey, I was 12. 🙂

          The 5,000 Watt country station near my home dropped power a lot at night. That frequency was busy.

        2. Yes — except, most of the news media (and film industry) pre-war was still using the “Mid-Atlantic” accent. It wasn’t until postwar with Cronkite and Sevareid and Huntley/Brinkley that midwestern turned into Network Standard.

      3. It is, however, very good for talking in front of outsiders.

        In a realistically medieval D&D campaign, Comprehend Languages would be the most valuable spell.

    4. “Oh, and you go on about abolishing high school honors classes, of course. They’re bastions of white supremacy.”

      These days, they’re often bastions of Asian supremacy, which for many of the marxist idiots is even worse.

      1. Honors heck they want to get rid of accelerated (8th Grade) algebra. San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) did this starting in 2014 fiddling so that theoretically everyone can get to pre-calc senior year. Results? High achiever bailed either to private schools or used private money to get additional math education on the side. Classes in Freshman Algebra and later advanced math were NOT covering all the topics to get people who just don’t have the skill or interest caught up (when possible). To Quote Gomer Pyle “Surprise Surprise!”. Elder daughter is fighting this in her middle school pointing out that without Senior year Calculus it is HARD to get into High end or engineering schools. This GREATLY disadvantages poor talented kids as they can’t afford (or parents don’t understand) the extra tutoring or private schools. It appears that the brahmandarins think Harrison Bergeron is a design model…

        1. This is just a continuation of Obama’s “No child left behind” policy which, in reality, has become “no child gets ahead”. I believe America is completely doomed and I want to escape.

          1. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

            Part of our strength is exactly that we do have room for people to do utterly moronic things like this– and it only hurts the local area.

            Children escaped.

            Thanks to homeschooling, even if it’s state wide, children can escape.

            1. While other countries don’t even understand homeschooling. I’m completely flabbergasted why he thinks the rest of the world is better.

              1. They don’t allow failure.

                That is, at the heart, what America’s strength is– we are allowed to be absolute dumbasses, IN ISOLATION.

                So, if you’re not allowed to fail, then- clearly, you’re right, huh?

          2. No child left behind was Bush. Not that it makes much difference.
            AND LOL. If America is doomed, the rest of the world is already gone.
            Again, please stop running without having any idea of the world.

            1. I’m living in a country where the Federal Government has classified me as a domestic terrorist. Where large quasi military raids are done in the middle of the night on people who are obviously non-violent. A country that has been torturing people whose worst crime might be simple trespass. A country where I am expecting a knock on the door in the middle of the night. Damn straight I want to run.

              1. Yeah. wait to see what other governments do. They don’t declare. You just disappear.
                Also, who the effe told you the government is America?

                1. I am very familiar with the “quasi-military raids.”
                  To the tune of knowing what the folks screaming about such have been ignoring being inflicted on the neighbors, since at least the early 90s.

                  A significant chunk of my childhood was lost to “don’t get vanished by the Cartels”…. in Nevada.

                  My sympathy for “I don’t like the results of my limitations, limit them MORE, daddy!” is so low it makes stuff crack on contact.

                2. Okay. I believe the 2020 elections were totally fraudulent. Joe Biden says that make me a domestic terrorist. I believe that parents should be allowed to speak at school board elections, the Department of Justice says that is domestic terrorism. I refuse to bend a knee to Black Lives Matter, so I’m obviously a white supremacist, which both Joe Biden and the FBI says makes me a domestic terrorist.

                  1. You are under the assumption anyone cares for Joe Biden’s opinions or that they have the force of law.
                    Yes, bad stuff could happen to you due to Joe Biden’s goons. The chance being that you’re not, you know, Tucker Carlson or Donald Trump are still VERY LOW in comparison to random bad things anywhere else because you look funny or used the wrong greeting.

                    1. The Pretendent’s (ventriloquists’) opinions may not have full legal sanction, but they have whatever force the DOJ, FBI, ATF and DHS can bring to bear against ‘Enemies Of The State’ and you have little recourse if the Eye Of Sauron focuses on you.

                      Hence all the many people quietly not drawing its attention.
                      When police arrest violent criminals to protect innocent people, they are Jackbooted Fascist Stormtroopers.

                      When police arrest innocent people at the behest of corrupt politicians, they are National Heroes.

                    2. Yeah, well, I’ve been dancing in a top hap with sequins for 10 years, and intend to continue doing it. Cocking a snook at the fascistic government.

                  2. A great deal of equivocation panic vanishes when you have to actually substantiate your characterizations.

                    Thus- SUPPORT YOUR ASSERTIONS.

                  3. Any of these make you any different than anyone else who comments on this list (the FBI infiltrators exempted)? With Sarah and others who have their own blogs at the top? I don’t think so. Grow Up. They aren’t after You.

                  4. I am unimpressed. They’ll come for me and my husband before they come for you, by light years. Why? Army taught me Russian… China’s already got my social, has had it for a good while thanks to idiot leaks. I’m on pretty much every list they have and have been for a while… including the list of “THOSE smart asses” for using all the buzzwords, online, in completely innocuous conversations. Married to a marine who’s on AT LEAST as many lists as I am for a variety of different reasons. And I’m NOT expecting a knock on the door and I’m not dumb enough to run to another country. Even with all that we’re too small fry.

                    You see I actually UNDERSTAND some of the fundamental differences between the US and elsewhere. Unless you bring that sweet, sweet, US money, you’re not just an outsider in most places but you’ll quickly be the HATED outsider because you’re foreign which makes you an INVADER not a guest. You think you have no connections here, wait til you get THERE. You’ll just POOF one day and not only will no one care no one will even notice, or worse they’ll think ‘good riddance’.

                    You’ve met other countries when they’re being polite when you were a GUEST. I’ve met other countries at 2 am on a train and it’s ugly. Other countries are ‘You’ve been here for 4 generations and you’ll never be a citizen, and if you die good riddance. Otherwise, you get the scut jobs.’ Note… that was GERMANY. Not some backwater some where. Other places were worse. Yes, eastern Europe included, perhaps especially. They’ve had to clan up to survive the last century or so. You’re not part of their clan and you won’t be a guest and you won’t be rich. They’ll let you fail and the sooner you do the better in their mind. You MIGHT get someone charity minded… maybe.

                    Europe is falling apart. I could see the EU falling apart as far back as ’03. I’m surprised it’s lasted THIS LONG. Some of the countries are very artificial constructs. What do you think will happen to an obvious foreigner when these countries start getting squirrely, especially if someone gets a knife in Putin and Russia gets sucked into internal squabbles for a couple of decades and so the pressure is off there?

            2. Also, “no child left behind” was the reason we found out how bad the sexual abuse in schools was.

              If churches had the “employees harassing and assaulting people” rate that schools did, there’d be new crucifixions.

          3. As Our Hostess noted this was initially Bush the Younger. Truthfully the Massachusetts version (which preceded NCLB by maybe 4 years) actually was doing some good. The model of a set of requirements of what the students should know, with a test based on the requirements provided lots of information and initially let/forced some school systems to focus on issues. The idea of being able to place repeatedly failing school systems in receivership actually seemed to help some. Problem is people started teaching to the test and gaming the system especially once school districts started adding incentives for the teachers if grades went up. The brahmandarins didn’t like that the failing systems were almost uniquely in corrupt blue cities(e.g Lawrence, New Bedford, Not Boston mostly because Magnet Schools like Boston Latin dragged the averages up) pointing at their corruption and inefficiency. They also didn’t like that the schools were required to provide per student costs and it let parents shop around. It also made it clear that even avoiding high achieving school systems (e.g. Boxboro home of viscous squads of Tiger Moms 🙂 ) per student spending had little effect on outcome when.

            As for leaving precisely where do you intend to go? The Anglosphere is a mess, The US is probably still the sanest because of a written constitution and some attempt to adhere to it. Africa? Sub Saharan Africa is being Africa, the northern parts aren’t much better. Arabian Peninsula? Unless you are a Sunni Arab with a Wahhabi bent it gets very unhealthy very fast. Traditional Europe? Germany and France are the least screwed up and that is damning with faint praise. Eastern Europe? Poland and Hungary might be ok for now, but they have a hungry (if faltering) bear on the horizon. And alas Pournelle’s iron law of bureaucracy and the fact the generation that lived in in the Solidarinosc period are my age (60+) or older. Their youth don’t remember the bad times, that is something Dad or Grand dad natters on about. I give them 10 years tops. Asia? Much of it is still pretty messed up (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar) from a mix of remnant communism and leader worship. Korea and Japan are nice, except they have their own nasty neighbor and are culturally VERY xenophobic. South America? Maybe Brazil before they tossed Bolsonaro and went back to Lula (in perhaps the same fashion we ended up with the current administration) the rest is nearly as crewed up as sub Saharan Africa. A lot of this is because the DAVOS types control the financial strings. There are some fighting it, but the wealthy traditionally liberal/conservative billionaires are less numerous and have a tendency to go Galt (eF it I got mine). To steal from Tolkien in LOTR

            “‘I wish it need not have happened in my time,’ said Frodo. ‘So do I,’ said Gandalf, ‘and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”.
            I don’t like the prospect of ending up a martyr nor do I like the thought of my daughters or (highly theoretical) grandchildren doing so. I guess the best I can do is imitate Samwise Gamgee and soldier on.

    5. Millions of non-white non-Americans learn proper, standard English. And when they encounter Americans of any color who speak lower-class English dialects and use poor grammar and don’t even understand that they are wrong, or how to fix it, they judge those Americans to be low-class, ignorant idiots. Any American of any color who advocates NOT teaching minorities and the disadvantaged proper standard English (even if only restricted to formal environments) should be understood as attempting to deliberately handicap such persons, and treated accordingly.

      1. And not to be a jerk, but if I decided to emigrate to somewhere where English WASN’T the dominant language I would expect to learn whatever language was the dominant one and make every attempt to speak it as properly as possible, it just seems like common decency to those that let you in.

          1. If I manage to emigrate, I will work on learning the local language. Considering the region I’m interested in is involved in a war, both directly and indirectly (look into the situation in Georgia, for the indirectly part), I don’t see much reason to put effort into learning the local language until things settle down.

            1. I see far more reason to learn the local language. This is insane. Again, I ask you to refrain from being an innocent sacrificial victim abroad.

              1. Well Sarah, I think Matt was talking about “not learning the local language” because he wasn’t going to visit Georgia At This Time.

              2. Which local language? Georgian? Belarusian? Moldovan? Polish? Hungarian? Ukrainian? Estonian? All of those countries are within driving distance. I don’t know where I’m going to wind up. Russian is usable in most of them, but seriously frowned upon.

                1. Worse than that. Which dialect do you learn? It’s not straight forward in most places in Europe which the ‘high prestige’ dialects are and they’re not going to tell you. Why should they? Who are YOU to them beyond an outsider they don’t want anyway.

                  1. Perhaps he’d understand the “dialect” issue if he could listen to the (mostly mutually incomprehensible) variation found on one small island, an island on which everyone, aside from a minority, allegedly speaks the same language. That language, of course, is English, and the island is Great Britain.

                    And maybe he should be made aware that most people in the area he seems to be interested in probably speak most of the languages he noted; Americans are nortorious language illiterates. And no, I’m the same; a remnant of French, acquired when I spent a summer in France in the mid-50s, not as a tourist, gave me most of what I still know. Being able to talk to one’s cousins is fairly important to an 11-year-old.

                    1. Americans are nortorious language illiterates.

                      Americans probably wouldn’t be if they spoke a different language across the nearest state line.

                      Europeans would probably be language illiterates if they spoke $PICK_ONE from Lisbon to Warsaw and Palermo to Narvik.

                    2. THIS. And before y’all think Europeans are really much better: MOST ARE NOT.
                      When I came ehre as an exchange student I had 3 years of English. Many of the people iwht me had up to 8. I was the only one who understood/could make make myself understood.

                    3. What you say is correct, and I suspect that any population in a large nation with no nearby other-language neighbors would have the same “problem”.

                      And FWIW, many in the US Southwest speak Mexican (“sort-of” Spanish 🙂 ); it’s not USians per se, but circumstances. But it doesn’t change the fact.

                    4. Yeah, but that is pretty much the way it works. Since English became the lingua france (lingua anglica?), primarily IMHO because “the sun never sets on the British Empire”, no one here has needed to learn any other language to operate internationally, which is both good (convenient) and bad (fosters a rather naive and parochial mindset). But whatthehell, the same was once true of French (franca) and (a good bit earlier) Latin.

            2. Unless you have located the Valley Of The Keldara, and have skills and attitudes that would make you welcome there, I’d recommend against moving to Eastern Europe. Hell, some of the locals are leaving.
              Man does not live by bread alone, but he won’t live long without it.

    6. “That standardized English tends to exclude many groups of people.”

      Hey, I can think of three groups. Idiots, morons and imbeciles.

  15. If now is supposed to be as decadent as the 1970s then where’s the sex life I had then? For that matter, what the hell happened to Mensa?

      1. In my experience, I really enjoyed the various Mensa gatherings and events in the 1970s & 1980s, now they are just an example of wokeness and covidiocy. So many people who used to be capable of critical thinking as well as happiness are now trapped in the misery of modern progressivism.

    1. I went to a few Mensa meetings in the 80s and met a few interesting folks. However, I also met a lot of flakes. My unscientific observation was that there was a strong correlation between education level and a belief in woo. It was scary that a person who made it through graduate school could still take astrology seriously. Or think that Uri Geller was the real deal — Even an amateur like me could see he was using sleight-of-hand. It seemed to me many embraced their gullibility thinking it made them appear more intelligent and thoughtful.

      I stopped going — obviously — and I suspect the woo may have changed (the covidiocy or global warming/cooling come to mind) but the silliness is still there. The hardest cult to see is the one you are in.

      1. The woo always changes, but it’s always there. Check out some info about Ouija boards and seances among the English middle and upper classes at the turn of the century. The 20th century.

  16. Speaking of the ’70s, I was shocked to discover that the President of the Philippines is once again Ferdinand Marcos. I was certain that he was dead.

    And it turns out that he is dead. The current president is the former president’s son, Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

    1. Don’t feel bad Junior. I saw that go by on the news and did a WTF double take too until I looked it up.

      1. To recall a phrase used to end the SNL “news” before the show turned to dreck: “And finally, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is…still dead.” 🙂

  17. Google (and several other IT bigs, such as Apple) got a visit from the Good Idea Fairy.

    “The company said that the passkey technology will allow billions of Google users to sign into its websites and apps the same way they unlock a device. That’s through a fingerprint, face scan, or a device PIN that can verify their identity.

    Services such as Docusign, Kayak, PayPal, Shopify, and Yahoo! Japan have already deployed the technology.”

    Aside from the fact that a PIN is just a password, I’m sure it’s just a coinkydink that while the courts have ruled that you can refuse to provide a password or PIN under the 5th Amendment, they have said there’s no way for you to refuse the cops holding you down and scanning your finger print or scanning your face to unlock your devices.

    1. That is easy. I don’t use face recognition or finger print. Tried the latter. Always ended up reverting to password or pin. Phewy. Removed the option. That was on an old device so current one shouldn’t even have it saved. Neither do hubby or son. They just never bothered.

      1. The people doing this have already dropped passwords as an option. When enough people protest by saying that a PIN is a password, they’ll agree and drop that too.

        1. Mom uses both fingerprint and face recognition. But she has a pin backup. The pin comes in handy when *we are working on something and rather than having to hand phone to her for either face or finger print, I just use the pin. (Pin also helps whenever because I’m her executor for the estate. OTOH her phone is also on sister’s family plan, so there is always that. Access will need to be made so pictures can be backed up, and the phone reset.)

          (*) Translation. Mom: “How do you do this?” and I don’t know so I have to figure it out, because “I don’t use an iPhone” didn’t work (I don’t. Sometimes “ask your grandchildren who use iPhones” works.). But while figuring out where (whatever) feature is located, the stupid phone times out.

    2. That may be a reaction to users complaining about dual-factor authentication. I hear that at work a lot: If Okta is so secure, why do I need a password at all?

      1. My phone is password/pin protected because I do not want anyone to have direct access to any of the banking apps to start directly working on them. Hubby doesn’t have any of those apps on his phone. I do. So when we travel I don’t use wifi to access them through the computer if we need to report a CC stolen, or whatever.

      2. $WORPLACE went to using Okta…. that very week there was a Slashdot story about Okta being compromised… Made an impression. Just NOT the one they hoped.

  18. In the 70s I enjoyed decadence and threw some of the most loved and decadent parties. The left stuff… not so much enjoyed. (spit)

  19. If they really had the facts and “the science” on their side with regard to climate (or anything else) they wouldn’t need to lie and suppress the speech of those who disagree with them, or threaten dissenters with jail (as a number of Democratic Party Congress-critters insist on).

    Everything they proclaim is simply a pretext to grab more and more power. Period. The rest is window dressing.

    1. Somehow the Cthulhu for President logo on the shirt doesn’t show in the image.

  20. The notion that the west is lapsing into decadence has been a commonplace for at least 200 years. Remember that Napoleon dismissed England as “a nation of shopkeepers.” In the run up to WW I the Germans denigrated the decadent “civilization” of the wester democracies (especially France) as opposed to the noble, organic “kultur” of Germany. The Nazis sang the same song with a biological deterministic twist. America was a money grubbing, pleasure seeking, racially mongrelized nation. As you point out, the Soviets used the same tired theme – capitalism leads inevitable to decadence and decay.

    Regarding the Nazi experience, there is a well known picture from near the end of WW II. Some German kids are looking down from an overpass on the autobahn. Below them are two American divisions side by side on both roadways moving east into Germany. On the median is a mass of German POWs marching west into captivity. One account quotes a remark made by a German officer to one of his captors: “Now we see how a rich man makes war.” Decadence indeed!

    Today our internal enemies are working to realize decay right here. I believe that all they are accomplishing is to prove that true decadence and decay are the result of their own anti-liberal, totalitarian policies.

  21. Most of what people think they know about “decadence causing the fall of the Roman Empire” comes from lurid novels or sword-and-sandal movies. The Roman Empire lasted, in one form or another, for over two thousand years. If the US lasts that long, we’ll be around till 3976 or so…with our last capital, Seattle, falling before the Scientologist hordes, and the last POTUS crying out: “The city is fallen, but I am alive!” casting off his regalia, and leading his Secret Service guard in a desperate suicide charge into the thick of the enemy, disappearing from history for good.

  22. “At times like these, it helps to remember that there have always been times like these.” — Paul Harvey

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