It’s Memerific

Yeah, yeah, I know, but for various reasons I’m late on everything and developing a sore throat too. (Mostly because the guy I sleep with has been keeping crazy hours, and after 37 years, I’m really bad at sleeping when he’s not in bed, BUT I personally don’t function well on less than 6 hours a night.)

So, I’m stealing this explanation:

And now, some news from clown world, in which the Babylon Bee is the best paper:

Democrats Vow To Arrest As Many Political Opponents As It Takes To Defeat Fascism | Babylon Bee

Say it with me “Damn it, Bee.”

Now we’re done with that, always remember:

And while on it:

Also news from the parallel universe in which they were stupid enough to arrest Trump this week:

Of course, if they did that, it would end this way. Which frankly would be an improvement for Manhattan at this point:

MMGA — Make Manhattan Great Again!

Meanwhile, in the clownworld timeline:

However, kindly remember you’re American and act like it:

And then, you know, for those of you who pilot rigs across this great nation, I have bad news. (I blame Canadians.)

And our diversions are interesting too:

Frankly, I need this novel. Holly Chism, are you free?

Socially conscious gamers:

I don’t know. I think it’s about perfect.

I have enough problems with the name “Nora” which means “daughter in law” in Portuguese. Also, a type of well. No, seriously.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk meme-ing.

Till next week (tomorrow is promo post) keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.

120 thoughts on “It’s Memerific

  1. For those of you that use the Screen-reader Window Eyes, there are images underneath most of the comments, just trust me. No, I don’t know what they are, JAWS isn’t that good. Shark jokes may now commence.
    This has been your daily postings from a blind American on the internet.

    1. This one was a twitter thread picture, but I’ve heard LawDog sing it to the tune of “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands”:

      If he’ll drive you to the criming, he’s a Fed
      If he’ll drive you to the criming, he’s a Fed
      If you can’t get there without him
      And you don’t know much about him
      If he’ll drive you to the criming, he’s a Fed

      If his friend has got the weapons, he’s a Fed
      If his friend has got the weapons, he’s a Fed
      If you’re running off your mouth
      And his buddy lives down south
      If his friend has got the weapons, he’s a Fed

      If he’s got a stupid haircut he’s a Fed
      If he’s got a stupid haircut he’s a Fed
      If his haircut’s tight and high
      Fits better with a suit and tie
      If he’s got a stupid haircut he’s a Fed

      If he says you don’t need OPSEC, he’s a Fed
      If he says you don’t need OPSEC, he’s a Fed
      If he wants you to repeat it
      Where the chat room won’t delete it
      If he says you don’t need OPSEC, he’s a Fed

          1. It was the repetition that clued me in. People don’t typically repeat the same line over and over again except in a song. (Or for rhetorical emphasis that usually ends up being counterproductive, because they’re being annoying rather than compelling.)

        1. Yes, he did. His expert witness beat it like a rented mule. The DA got his ears pinned back. LawDog was much relieved, and the celebration afterwards was muted but epic.

          1. First I’ve heard about this. Any link to the story/video, especially the end of the trial?

              1. Thanks! I especially liked the comments (well, the rational ones, not the one from “FinnG”).

        2. Beat it so bad that even Yahoo News had to print the part where the judge basically said “did you guys even look at the freaking video? NOT GUILTY.”

      1. If you work for the Fibbies you’re a Nazi
        If you work for the Fibbies you’re a Nazi
        If you violate their rights
        With Entrapment in your sights
        If you work for the Fibbies you’re a Nazi.

  2. If that group chat meme doesn’t describe Discord, especially when a subject grabs your attention or Fox and Ian have one of their Not Sibling arguments, I don’t know what does!

      1. Staying with saying the obvious;
        Sobriety is for quitters.

        1970’s motto
        Drugs are for those who can’t deal with reality, Reality is for those who can’t deal with drugs
        It’s all yin and yang-ish.

          1. I don’t know, computers were a lot more fun in the 1970s. Now that I have outgrown my geek phase, I wish I could find good drugs.

  3. Point 1: For the first time in my life, I admire Donald Trump’s trigger discipline.

    Point 1a: I’m surprised I beat Larry Correia to that observation.

    Point 2: I think Dan Simmons did write that novel. Well, Dan Simmons, so it was two novels.

    Point 3: I have strange newfound respect for George Lucas’s character naming skills.

    Point 3a: On WordPress, “strange newf” autocompletes to “strange newfound respect.”

  4. The window cracked and blew out. He was sucked out and falling at 30,000 feet, A great hand appeared in the sky beneath him, catching him in it’s palm carrying him down and gently setting him on the ground.

    He exclaimed; “Oh joy, now I understand the true memeing of life!!”

    The hand, now directly above him, turned palm down and then,

    1. Funny story. When I was spending the night in a motel out in the sticks I was bored, so I picked up the local Yellow Pages (TM) and started flipping through it. I discovered that the entries under “Escort Services” were not what a city dweller would have expected, they were for the services that escort oversize loads on the Interstate. See what can be learned when you are addicted to reading?

    2. Then the dude in the back

      Said “everyone gets crack!”

      And it turned into a Lot Lizard Blitz

      Lot Lizard Blitz

  5. Attack of the Clones meme: Well, that’s a better excuse than usual for Christopher “Omnilingual” Lee’s look of chronic disapproval at the bad movie he’s in.

    Last meme: Also known as the Audie Murphy Doctrine.

      1. Eh. There was a different quality to his hauteur when he was in a film he actually approved of (compare the LOTR movies to the Star Wars prequels, or Horror of Dracula to the sequels).

        1. Honestly, I’ve seen him in Jess Franco movies, and the later Hammer Horror films, the Captain America TV movies of the 1970s, and other stuff most people would be embarrassed to be in. The worst I can say is that he was a bit stiff in The Howling II, and maybe in Dracula 1972 he was more detached than usual. Lee was a pro, in my opinion, and never looked down on work.

              1. Yes! Rhapsody is one group he recorded with, in German and in English. Dang, he had a magnificent singing voice (operatic baritone if I recall correctly.) [And yes, I worked it into a story, because why not?]

                He was like Michael Caine – they both argued that if you don’t answer offers to do less-than-great films as well as great films, eventually you won’t get called to do any films, and you’ll starve.

  6. The left can’t meme. That’s why the fake photos of Trump getting arrested were changed into hilarious pro-Trump memes in minutes.

    Also, Fetterman is not Fetterman, which is causing great hilarity on Twitter today. How dumb are they to try this on us?

  7. So Biden is a biologist now? 😛

    I mean, how can you tell they’re women? A Supreme Court Justice doesn’t know. Maybe they asked a three-year-old?

    “That one’s a woman. That one’s a creepy old man in a dress.”

    Sen. Blackburn missed a golden comeback at that hearing: “So you do stipulate that the word ‘woman’ is defined by biology?”

    1. “Are you a woman? How can you tell? Is it just what’s in your file? What happens if it got written down wrong? Are you now a kumquat until you go through the convoluted legal process of changing it?”

      1. Was having a Jeff Foxworthy inspired moment.

        You might be a woman if you’ve passed something the size of a bowling ball out your bottom.

        You might be a woman if you have a vagina that wasn’t stitched together in Frankenstein’s Lab, err, a hospital.

        You might be a woman if every cell in your body is missing a Y chromosome.

        Feel free to come up with more.

      1. “911. What is your emergency?”

        ” Carpet cleaning.”

        “…er.. What?”

  8. Attack of the Clones meme: I wonder who came up with the names, and if whoever it was spoke Portuguese. “Let’s see if anyone catches this one! Heh. heh.”

  9. That 4th one reminds me of a scene I want to write for a character when the cops try to arrest her on bogus charges and it just doesn’t go well. They try to put her in half a dozen different kinds of restraints and she just keeps politely handing them back. “Here, I think you misplaced these.”

    1. During covid times, when everybody was at home, we had a scenario a little bit like that in the superhero campaign I ran for my (adult) kids using those cool old-school Marvel FASERIP rules. Having received evidence they didn’t know was fabricated, the police very sneakily arrested all the heroes one by one. No one resisted, because they figured it had to be some kind of misunderstanding that’d be cleared up PDQ.

      With the heroes jailed, the bad guys unleashed their evil battle robots on the unsuspecting city. Bwa-hahahaha!!!

      Well, the heroes happened to include a girl who could transform into any kind of animal no matter how large or small and a guy who could simply disintegrate any material short of adamantium. Jailbreak wasn’t a difficult exercise, but did leave some large holes in the walls when disintegrator guy decided there wasn’t time for the group to finesse their way past guards and locked doors.

      The battle won, the police (being very unhappy about the jailbreak) wanted to put the heroes back in jail again. Shapeshifting girl turned into a T-Rex and held out her tiny T-Rex arms for handcuffs. Disintegrator guy just busted up laughing.

      That was a hella fun gaming session. (Now I’m jonesing for more of that campaign…maybe I can spin it up on Discord/Roll20.)

    1. I suspect it’s less “social media” than everything else they started pushing.

      2010 or so is when they started pushing really hard for the “trans” thing. Wasn’t too long after that when the YMCA in Seattle put in their “you aren’t allowed to notice” policy, and when a mom complained about a large, intact male with a beard coming into the locker room during little girl’s swim-time change over, they kicked out the mom.

      1. (It’s hard to disentangle, since the tend to USE social media– but if it was just social media, then the targets of abuse would be having a bigger negative result.)

  10. I’ve seen memes you NPCs wouldn’t believe. Leeroy Jenkins on fire behind the shoulders of not-feds in the park. I watched antifa litter in the dark near the autonomous zone in Portland. All these JPGs will be lost in hard drive crashes, like gears in the brain. Time to diet.

      1. Please hold…

        … aaand saved.

        Genderswapped Uncle Iroh meets Chosen One, goes on an adventure, and threatens to tan the devil’s hide. I have a feeling several people here would enjoy that as much or more than I would!

  11. First day of homeschool is usually “field strip and clean the AR-15” and “nighttime challenge and password” .


    1. First lessons I really remember my parents teaching me (reading doesn’t… It doesn’t count) were the Four Gun Safety Rules. With a corollary: “If you find this somewhere, don’t touch it, come and tell Mom or Dad about it.”

      I’m proud to say those lessons stuck pretty well.

    1. First, you are aware that the Babylon Bee is a satire site. Nothing on it should be seen as Actual News. 😉

      Second, the problem IMO with Trump images in the news that they can be carefully selected and/or altered to “reflect” the aspect of Trump that the poster wants the viewer to have. If the poster sees Trump as a Bad Guy, then that’s what the Trump images will show.

      1. The Bee isn’t straight news? No way. (Grin)

        It’s prophecy. (Grin)

        That smug mug appears elsewhere. Just imagine it with the outfit and hat.

        He is speaking in Waco, TX shortly. Newsmax is covering it. Note, the Waco siege occurred 28 Feb – 19 April 1993. That can’t be a coincidence.

        1. Jimmy Akin did a two-parter on Waco, which was useful because he’s also a theology guy. I mean, yes, very weird beliefs and not super-great practices, but they were on the sunny side of legal for their county and state. They also didn’t break federal law.

          I have to say, I was shocked at just how badly the Branch Davidians were treated, and how badly the various Feds managed to beat themselves up while attacking other people.

        2. It is prophecy!

          “JUPITER, Fla. – The Babylon Bee has had nearly 100 joke headlines turn into prophecies after the stories eventually came true, the CEO of America’s largest right-leaning satire website told Fox News.

          “The problem isn’t that our satire is too close to reality,” Seth Dillon told Fox News. “It’s that reality is too close to satire, so our jokes keep coming true.””

      1. ” If the price of collateral damage is high enough, you might be able to get paid for bringing ammunition home with you”

              1. Howard fits right in here:

                *In higher, more respected works of fiction (like science-fiction paperbacks) only the astute reader would know by now that…. Less-than-astute readers would stumble along saying “howcome he said that?” or “I still think there should be noise in a vacuum. My vacuum makes noise.”

                Fortunately, this is not a high, respected piece of fiction. This is a comic strip.* June 3, 2001

                  1. I have had to compartmentalize.

                    I have no idea at all what his politics might be. I have to try not to care much, beyond not giving money to people and places with whom/which I disagree. That’s one of the reasons I have not yet been to Portland, even three years after moving to Oregon.

                    (In that regard, I have about 6 different anti-advertising extensions running in Firefox; some sites complain ‘please allow advertising’ and I literally can’t do that for some because I don’t know which app is blocking that site. But I try to avoid giving any ‘clicks’.)

  12. The first part of fixing any problem in properly defining that problem.
    The second part of fixing a problem is choosing the right tool for the problem.
    The third part of fixing any problem is choosing the proper caliber.
    Remember it is hard to get a 20 mm. in your back pocket and the collateral damage is a bitch, although it does have very good range and penetration…..

  13. Need the Trump meme where he hulks out and trashes DC. Hey it could happen. It is after all the crazy years, where anything can and will happen. Let’s hope the aliens don’t try and land on the white house lawn until Biden is gone, I’d be so embarrassed trying to explain that bit of insanity and why we haven’t done anything about it.

  14. I told C about your Trump memes, and she said, “He was my shoe I was throwing into the works.”

      1. That might actually have interesting effects, writing while your internal censor is disabled.

      1. Any discussion?


        All for?

        The Ayes have it.


        Mom asked what a Meme VS Cartoon was. I showed her this one and the last one. She chucked, a lot. She also said little sister (mine) had told her meme’s were cruel. I showed mom the one I am (pretty) sure that little sis would say was cruel. Mom allowed, “yes, she would” OTOH still funny. I just said I label it “LOL … Ouch.” (Little sister lost her humor at Standford. That I can’t mention to mom. Parents were pretty proud sis got the scholarship.)

          1. these things happen, even in the best of families…

            Sigh. I know. I’ve mentioned she is the liberal one of the 3 of us girls. She even voted against President Trump, Twice ….

              1. Well the company she worked at for 25 years before taking the Golden Parachute, plus the subsequent new employer, didn’t think so. But politically. Yes, Stanford sucked out the common sense anyway.

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