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  1. She’s Alive! She’s Alive! [Very Big Crazy Grin]

    Take Care Sarah. 😀

  2. Days tend to do that.

    Rest up the rest of the day. Hope you, Dan, the kids and DIL, and extended family overseas, are all fine.

      1. LOL.

        My original comment didn’t show up (in a timely method). Couldn’t respond to that with just the “.” or the usual “forgot the check”. So, you know ….

  3. Pain is the final proof we’re alive in spite of all the stuff people (including ourselves) throw our way.

    God bless you and keep you safe.

        1. Cheez Whiz and Sociables for me, went from a relatively svelte 215 to 255 in 6 months. Took 6 years to reverse but no smoking since May Day 2000.

  4. My day started out sideways.

    Full day of work…

    No sleep in, no binging…

    My whole weekend is gonna be fuzzy.



    Possibly alack.

  5. Every day above ground …

    And, Ms now-UN-birthday girl, my mom at 80 used to say ‘If I had known I was going to live so long, I would have taken better care of myself!’

    So, take care of yourself, please. All you other unbirthday people, too.

  6. Going sideways happened to me once in my 1976 Monte Carlo, but there wasn’t much of ditch between the road and the field next to it so I drove out. My dad still spotted the mud under my bumper later. I don’t remember him getting too mad at me.

    Also in my dad’s ’67 GMC pickup on a dirt road with my mom with me when I hit some sand. It was exciting for a minute or two. We came to a stop crossways the road.

    It be like that sometimes, as the kids say.

  7. I’m alive too; although my day was totally shot as my wife semi-impulsively got a new 10-week old kitten. Gort is an orange tabby with bengal striping and 4 little white socks. And he’s a real cuddle puss and a LOUD purrer.

    1. Adorable cuddling loud purring 10 week ginger kitten are a good way for days to go sideways. Congratulations Gort, on being acquired by a new household of servants.

    2. A kitten AND of the orange cat tribe. You are in serious trouble… And I think the proper incantation is “Mike Barada Nikto” After Gort totally exhausts you. Hopefully it will nap with you until you are resuscitated.

  8. I hear ya. Grand plans vs. Life, et cetera. Just FYI, I’m going to be radio quiet this week. Ya;ll have a great Thanksgiving.

  9. Spouse is mad and sideways since her family blew up the traditional Thanksgiving and her friends blew up Friends-giving which is regularly scheduled for the Saturday afterwards. These are events engraved in stone for years.

    Biggest issue wasn’t scheduling conflicts, but how in an age of instant communication, nobody can communicate like Grown-Ass-Adults anymore, and she found out at the last minute that several parties had their panties in a wad and were being passive-aggressive about scheduled commitments.

    The bright side is that I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars at the store nor days cooking. Instead we can relax at another friend’s house. Friend is a trained chef and has been eager to cook for us. I also don’t have to deal with any family drama til the Christmas break. Silver lining indeed!

    1. We are going through the pains of holiday tradition shattering too. It has been coming, as our children grew up and have found significant others, and started having kids. This is going to be the first planned Christmas with just the three of us. It is going to be weird.

      I suspect we will be going the route of extend family gatherings on the off season holidays or special birthdays (just had almost everyone together for mom’s 88th birthday).

  10. My favorite episode in “Timeless” was when the team goes back and foils a Nazi plan with Ian Fleming’s help. Ian Fleming is, in this show, exactly like he portrays James Bond.

    When the team gets back, they are telling their story and the team lead, Denise Christopher, scoffs at them and tells them they’re just repeating the plot from a James Bond movie.

    In their new timeline, there is a new James Bond movie that they’ve never seen, starring versions of them, with Bond played by Sean Connery.

    If you did go sideways, I hope we get awesome time shifts like that one. Have a happy Sunday!

    1. There was a made-for-cable movie about Fleming’s real-life exploits in WWII (juiced up a bit, of course, but also restrained by the budget). Originally titled The Secret Life of Ian Fleming, later they added Spymaker to the front of that, for the home video release.

      It starred Jason Connery, son of Sean. And, as I recall, was decent fun. So… almost?

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