Ain’t Gonna Work Today

For reasons of something burning like cities in my wake.

I am both outraged that sixty years of age could happen to a nice girl like me, and very conscious that there was only one other option.

So, there is that.

BUT I’ve started the traditional sale — what you didn’t know it was traditional? — between my birthday and Christmas. Yes, it will include newer stuff. Yes, you can buy each of these (if you want) and have it delivered to someone’s kindle on Christmas morning and think of the savings.

I’ll update the sales book at the end of my post every day. Today’s is: Draw One In the Dark and I THINK it’s still 99c.

But also, because none of us are feeling very sanguine and well, 22 has been a h*ll of a year, I’m giving you a free antho.

Go here, and download. No DRM.

Be aware that it has typos. In my defense I was left unsupervised.

And sorry it’s so late. EVERY single piece of software fought me tooth and nail. Now one son is here, and I’m going to go talk to him.

Have fun. And I hope you like your gift.

122 thoughts on “Ain’t Gonna Work Today

  1. Supporting authoresseseses I enjoy, even though I dislike shifter stuff in general.

    Libertycon or burst.

      1. I will vouch for that, no shiny vampires, wolf clans (alright MAYBE there is a wolf clan/clade). Just lots of folk in a small Colorado town violating the laws of conservation of mass/energy left, right and center. Ps don’t mess with any spider monkeys you find, and you’ll be surprised by package delivery services… I now patiently await All Hot…

      2. Belated Happy Birthday, Sarah. You are about 4.5 years behind me, I turned 65 this year. the best is yet to come.

    1. Different take on the Shifter genre. I just read all 4 in the series straight through. Worth every penny. My problem isn’t Shifter series in general I like them. Loved Sarah’s take on it. My problem is Amazon Kindle. Prefer general ePub. But it is what it is.

    1. Oh, I wish… Feels more like uphill, in a blizzard, with a headwind. For two and a half years now.

      Anyway, happy natal day to you, Sarah. May there be many, many more. With working brain and fingers to type with!

      (Huh. Didn’t remember that you are just barely a week older than $SPOUSE$.)

      1. (And she just dropped an earring down the master bathroom sink. Which I just found out I don’t have a Stilson large enough to get the gooseneck fittings off. Sigh… Off to Harbor Freight for me. Open my present later…)

    2. Ah. That clarifies things!

      For some reason I read this as cities were burning in her wake, and not quite sure what exactly had happend.

      Which does lead me to wonder what exactly a libertarian Godzilla would actually look like? All I can picture is a Godzilla sized thing that’s trying to avoid people continually being herded into cities through sheer government incompetence.

        1. I think a libertarian Godzilla’s first “visit” would be to Davos during the World Economic Forum’s big annual meeting; with visits to all the “climate conferences” next on the list.

          One can hope.

          1. Do those Davos snacks taste better with mustard or Béchamel?

            Fear not the marker of 60!

            I bear nearly 25% more than your announced total, and aside from all the doggone pills, overall it’s the best part of my life.

          2. Better a libertarian Gojira than a librarian one which is what I first saw. I imagine it would throw dense incomprehensible tomes like Ulysees, The Fountainhead, Moby Dick etc. Of course Far better an Objectivist Gojira who would just be GoGault.

          1. One of the families in our church has an FFL – and they are extremely worried that they are gonna go out of business, particularly with the staties (osp) seemingly acting against the law and just shutting all things down beginning the 8th

            1. I haven’t heard that, yet. But the family you mention would be in a better situation to know. Does not surprise me in the least. So, not only a challenge to #114 coming up, but class action lawsuits against the state … Oh joy.

              Makes me kind of glad we have kept putting off doing the whole firearms safety classes (don’t thing my 12 year old self hunter safety class counts, although a lifetime safely handling should; doesn’t, should) for CC. Hubby got the class done, but then didn’t get the paperwork done, a few years ago. At least, other than a couple of purchases (ish, hubby won one) going through the background check (yes he had a background check, yes he passed, but list does not show actual purchase), we shouldn’t be on any lists (it has been 3 or more Decades since either one of us has taken out a hunting license; fishing, yes, hunting, no). Besides both were lost in the canoe accident.

          2. I don’t see any fresher outrages in northwestobserver dot com, but between the two you mentioned, yeah, that’s a blood pressure trigger. [One wonders if those were really elected in the problematic counties. NWO said only 4 counties passed 114, and one assumes Tina the Tyrant-elect got those four. Haven’t bothered to look at the county breakdown for Guv.]

            I have the anthology in the desktop and will do the cable transfer later. Thanks, Sarah!

            1. I’m curious as to the breakdown per county – we can always just look at the county and see end results, but the percentage per would likely be more helpful.

              1. I am curious too.

                One thing has been all over the news is even the local Lane County Sheriff is saying “Enforce the clip limit?” Wait, they’re serious? Good luck with that. Not happening.” Lane County! State Police have the same attitude. I’m sure if a high capacity clip is found in a firearm used in the commission of a crime then D.A.’s will tack on charges. Otherwise … not so much.

                Then too. How can “1) Require gun safety class. 2) Require a permit to purchase a gun. 4) Limit clip capacity. 4) ….” (I forget, but there is more.) Which is 3+ items on one measure, is okay. Yet, “1) Remove Income Tax. 2) Add Sales Tax”, two items on one measure, is not okay. Oregon constitution allows citizen initiatives submitted by signature. But it requires ONE item per measure. Which is why the second example is 100% true. But measure 114 should be in violation.

                  1. Hey we’re the cognoscenti in Portland. Rules are for thee and thine, not me and mine.


              2. Oregon Sec of State’s site has the results

                Each item has a county breakdown available.

                Governor, TtheT won in Benton, Clatsop, Hood River, Lane, Lincoln, Multnomah and Washington.

                114: Almost the same, but not Clatsop. Lots of very close votes in purple counties (Deschutes, for one), but Multnomah was the troll in the room.

                In other news, several counties are voting to try to secede from Illinois. Is Friday a hint of the future?

                1. Didn’t several east side Oregon counties vote to secede (to Idaho)? Granted a Yes vote does not mean it happens, legislature has to vote to sign off. That will happen about the “5th of never”. Besides, they’d just be running headlong into Boise = Portland, and the same problem. State of Jefferson is probably a better bet. I’m in Lane County, and not likely to move east side. We have talked about Sisters area, but that is way above our price tag, if it was just barely before, it is way above now (so is Redmond these days). I like being an hour from mountains, and an hour from the coast. Even though we really don’t go to the coast very often, or at all, anymore.

        2. I feel for you. WA is going the same way. It’s amazing how fast a good place can go downhill once the progressive machine gets its hooks in.

  2. Happy birthday, Sarah. And in time for your birthday, The Babylon Bee is back on Twitter, having never backed down from the tweet that got them suspended.

    1. She may have picked up some habits from her Hobbit friends.

      Hobbits give presents to their friends/relatives when they have a birthday. 😉

  3. Happy Birthday 🎂 Thank-you for the gift and sales. Now to check which books I have. . .

    1. Hey, Sarah, where shall we send his points to D. Jason memorial flowers, and what sort of casserole should we bring to the wake?

  4. Happy birthday young lady!

    Based on my own personal experience, let me assure you the next twenty three years after passing sixty are darn good years, they aren’t bad at all.

    If, of course, you picked the right parents and grandparents. 😉

  5. Happy birthday and early happy Thanksgiving. Regarding age, I’m one year behind you and I can’t believe it has come to this either. Wasn’t 1970 five minutes ago?

      1. Haven’t you said that he has to supervise you to “protect everybody else” rather than for “your own protection”? 😈

      2. Hmmm around here that is the cat’s job. My void kitty Hiccup will come into my office (which used to be my younger Daughter’s Bedroom) and will jump on the bed and sit in the sun (room faces almost due south) and supervise me. I wonder who is paying him. If Spouse and Elder Daughter are out the tiger cat (Stoick) takes post outside my office mostly to make sure there is still one creature in the house with thumbs that can open canned cat food.

        1. Kat the border collie supervises outdoor work. She’ll step into the shop, but I haven’t let her near the metalworking area with the Swarf of Doom. (Makes note to get the Big Vacuum in there.)

          She’s not adult enough to be left to supervise in the master bedroom. We fear for my CPAP gear, not to mention bedding and pillows. Maybe in a year.

          1. I lost a CPAP hose long ago to Tyger (now chasing hoses on the other side of the rainbow bridge). I put the mask on and between the hose and the hissing at the mask it set him off as a young kitten and he bravely attacked and defeated the clearly dangerous hose that was threatening his second favorite person and way to close to his first, my wife. I ended up duct taping it until I could get another one from Amazon…

            1. See? There is a reason, besides the then RV and lack of power, that I chose the mouth piece instead of the CPAP. Puppy and Kittens. Even the mouth piece is at risk from the adult cats and dogs, per warning from the dentist. But that is prevented by keeping where they can’t reach it, when I am not using it.

  6. Fröliche Geburtstag! Have a wonderful natal commemoration, and don’t worry about the smoke detector in the kitchen going off.

    1. Oh cool, HalleFrickinglujah. She’s not my favorite, but it will be amusing to hear my coworkers heads explode on Monday.

  7. As Glimfeather told the other owls in CS Lewis’ The Silver Chair “You’re a chick! An egg!” I’ll be 63 in a month+ (Christmas Eve), and I can say is things are really good, in a new way, even as your body gets to be more of a nuisance. Honestly, I wouldn’t change my next 20+ years for anything.

    And happy Hobbit birthday! Thank you for the gift.

  8. Happy Birthday, young lady! (I hit the three score mark last month. 😀 )

    And Mrs. Hoyt, you are a gift, indeed a gift that keeps on giving, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  9. Happy Birthday! I’ll catch up with you in March!
    Remember, the only thing worse than getting old is not 😉
    And hang in there, we are expecting to get many more years of wear out of you!

  10. Happy Birthday Sarah! Your birthday, and we get the present. What a racket! I love the cake with the insanely twisted candles. Don’t worry about 60. After 60 is only 50 in base 12.

    1. Ummm I get 0X3D for that. I suppose that’s the “ish” part. Just say you’re not yet 0x40 !! Of course for 0x40 there’s a Beatles song…

  11. Happy Birthday Sarah. And as George Burns famously told Johnny Carson “it beats the alternative”. Burns was in his mid 90s when he told Carson that.


  12. 60 is no age at all! Thank you for the free gift, and I cannot believe you passed up the chance to say “By Grabthar’s Hammer, what a savings!” 😉

  13. The Reader wishes you a Happy Birthday Sarah, and thanks you for feeding his habit with your sale.

  14. Happy Birthday, youngster.

    I turned 3 score and 6 in October. Mom turned 88 this last Monday. A big get together will all the kids, spouses, most the grands (missing one and her spouse), and great-grands (missing 3). Of the missing, 4 were because family illness, and the last was because had to go to other household at noon. OTOH, one cousin and his new bride made it.

    Only downside of getting older already hit about 50. Not much different as I hit 60+.

    Good news however, IRA’s and 401(k)s can be tapped without penalty. And Roths can be tapped without either penalty or interest. Just saying …

  15. Happy Birthday Sarah, and thank you for the gift. 2.5 years older than you. The fun is just starting!

  16. Welcome to the sixties. Been there just over a month myself and am finding out hat it’s not as bad as they say.

    go mbeimid go léir anseo arís an bhliain seo chugainn

  17. I’m 70 and doing fine, Deo gratias. Still active, hopeful and (occasionally) in my right mind.
    Thank you for the lovely anthology, can’t wait to dig in. But gifts should be exchanged. Allow me to offer you a bit of doggerel.

    Let not our nation be forgot
    beneath the tyrant’s pall,
    for below that awful grief
    our souls remember all.

    When in darkness shines the light
    of Columbia’s mighty heart
    and silent echoes ring out still
    which never more depart.

    With sorrow and chagrin,
    anger and burning rage,
    we bring the tyrants down
    then justice serves our Age.

    Until the day the People stand
    triumphant once again:
    freedom strong, faith secure,
    love of Liberty to defend.

  18. Don’t worry about 60. Been there. Done that. Ten years on, except for a little disagreement with my heart about four years back, it hasn’t been bad.

    Here’s to many more years of pissing off the people who wish you were dead.

  19. It’s weird when you’re the same age as old people. It was just a couple weeks ago when I was 21 and someone told me I’m 68. I think they’re lying.

  20. Contemplating some book re-arranging and discovered a copy of, “366 Days of Celebrations, or a Year’s Worth of Reasons to Throw a party. Having looked up our birthdays, I checked Nov.18.
    Yesterday was Loy Kathrong, the Festival of thr Floating Leaf Cups, in Thailand, St Odo of Cluny’s feast day….and the birthday of Mickey Mouse.

  21. I know we said it elsewhere but the kitties and I want to leave a Happy Birthday comment here, too!

  22. Bom dia natal! Or at least that is what my portuñol thinks it should be. Congratulations young lady, it is all a mater of mind over same and ignoring the little bothers.

  23. I knew it would be a word salad, portuñol is the language us Uruguayans use to speak with the hordes of Brazilians that flood the country every summer. Mixture of Spanish and Carioca (Portutuese from the Rio de Janeiro area). In doing business in Portugal and Brazil I quickly found out that there is quite a bit of divergence between the two. I guess the Spanish nacimioento is where I grabbed Natal to mean the same – IE day of birth. In any event, you are 10 years my junion, so a young whippersnapper no doubt. I wish you many more and decades of writing. All the best.

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